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Yes or No
It was only a matter of time
22 Funny Greek Expressions (and how to use them)
Netanyahu, Man of War
"We're not paying and screw you"
RIP Demis Roussos
One "he said", fifteen "she said"
23 ridiculous products you need to survive America’s “Ebola apocalypse”
More Americans have married Kim Kardashian than have contracted Ebola
RIP Sausage
Zimmerman Family Values
The Greek Robin Hood
Low-Carb, More Fat: The best way to lose weight
Homophones and their Gay Agenda
Jesus wants you to have guns, not dildos
Scenes from the Theocon Collapse
Hodor, the Ultimate Troll
The Politics of Hate
Teabagger Douchebaggery
There was a revolution and we missed it!
Buranovskiye Babushki
The Gathering Storm
Sister Act
Young Liberals Own the Future of American Politics
A very smart cookie
Miley Cyrus Is Officially The Grossest Person in The World
What The Hell Just Happened In Kansas?
The Future of the Tea Party
RIP Pete
Far more Americans see GOP as extreme and uncompromising
White People Crazy
The Welfare Queen
With great respect, Marge Simpson
Woolies and Soweto Gospel Choir: Madiba Tribute
100 Years of Breed “Improvement”
The Weird, Wonderful World of Right-Wing Art
The Collie Walk
The misbehavior and demotion of William Windsor
In rural Kentucky, health-care debate takes back seat as the long-uninsured line up
One Woman's Dangerous War Against the Most Hated Man on the Internet
Fined For Posting A Negative Review Online
Wah-Wah-Weigel: Liberals are meanies!
Obamacare hysteria: Don't believe the canceled insurance hype
28th October, OXI Day
'The Daily Show' Gets GOP Spokesman To Admit Voter ID Laws Are Racist
Where anti-Obama fanatics get their ‘facts’
Fox News contributor loves Obamacare, Fox News commenters have a cow
Ghosts of the Confederacy Out in Force as Fringe Rules GOP
A Real Hollywood Martyr
Conservative Finesse
The American Golden Dawn
Obamacare vs Affordable Care Act, which would you prefer?
This is what the Republicans were afraid of
The Reign of Morons Is Here
Madam, your government is drunk
Mr Hitleropoulos and his fascist bullies
Why Republicans are desperate for a shutdown
Angered By The NSA, But Confused By Acronyms, Brazilian Hacker Defaces NASA Websites
Pope Francis Criticizes 'Obsessed' Church Focus On Abortion, Gay Marriage, Contraception
The Butler
World War Z
Best Nameday Ever
In Seattle, the terms "citizen" and "brown bag" are now offensive
Madam, your toilet is hacked
Life in a Toxic Country
"Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen..."
Touching Strangers
Thank Republicans for Gay Marriage in Minnesota
The World's Most Homoerotic Homophobes Are Now Mounting a Giant Pole in Tiny Pink Shorts
Worst Album Covers of All Time (NSFW)
Poor rich Greeks, they'll have to pay for their bodyguards out of their own pockets
Poor Rush Limbaugh, he's more persecuted than the Taliban
“Don’t fall for it, young people, you don’t need insurance. You’re gonna be young and healthy forever.”
Fifty Shades of Handcuffs
House GOP always on the ball
Doubling McDonald's Salaries Would Cause Your Big Mac To Cost Just 68¢ More
Drunk Canadian Swims to America
Weiner's Wiener for the Win
You had one job, CNN!
Zombies in Australia!
We Don't Need No Education
It's All Greek To Me
Eric Holder: 'Stand your ground' laws create 'dangerous conflict'
Snowden asks Russia for asylum
Supreme Court strikes down DOMA
A "tasty morsel" of a spy
RIP Tony
The Tragic Fall of the White Race in America
ERT is dead: A blacklisted person's lament
Toddlers Killed More Americans Than Terrorists Did This Year
That was then, this is now
Plants vs. Zombies 2 - It's About Time
House Republicans To Defund ACORN Again, Even Though It Still Does Not Exist
Now panic and freak out
The Bling Ring
Mom gives bullying daughter a unique punishment
At least 20 children are among the 51 people killed in Oklahoma storm
Republicans agree to stop using the word "scandal" in every sentence if Obama resigns
Pat Buchanan Calls For ‘Southern Strategy' Against Latinos, Immigrants
Tea Partyers boycott Fox News for being too “left”
Cleveland Man Charged With Rape and Kidnapping
People with way too much time on their hands
Athens mayor sues neo-Nazi MP who punched a 12-year-old girl while trying to assault him
Andrew Breitbart’s Circus Maximus
How the Internet Accused a High School Student of Terrorism
A pretty shameful day for Washington
Boston Marathon Bombing: A Media Soup of Guessing and Misinformation
Why, Hostgator, Why?
The Straw Hat Riot
What Ali Wore
Being White (and Racist) in Philly
Happy St. Patrick's Day!
The South still lies about the Civil War
Michele could cure Alzheimer's in ten years, if only we cared!
More Sarah Palin Than Ronald Reagan: CPAC’s Paranoid Style
How to turn on your panda
The days of smuggling are over at last
Photos of Children From Around the World With Their Most Prized Possessions
Habemus Papam
Nine Retailers with the Worst Customer Service
‘Fox & Friends’ Hosts Pretend Man Is Actually Thomas Jefferson
Racist, anti-semitic, violent - the true face of Golden Dawn
Hugo Chavez is dead
A look inside the monstrous North Korean gulag system that Dennis Rodman will never see
Benedictus XVI in comic sans
A Siberian Winter
One determined young man and one business owner with a big heart
Loca the Pug
Ghosts of the Tea Party
Yahoo Going Backwards
Mississsippi newspaper's awesome response to bigots and haters
Adolf Lu Hitler, not to be confused with Adolf Hitler
The real reason Pope Benedict resigned
How bad is the Republicans' demographic problem? See for yourself
Norwegian Reality TV
Grave Encounters
What's It Like to Wake Up From a Tea Party Binge? Just Ask Florida!
Pistorius affidavit at Pretoria bail hearing
Venezuela's Chavez makes surprise return from Cuba
I chase him. I bite him.
Tenn. man quits job after finding ‘666’ stamped on W-2 form
Happy Valentine's Day, Bloggie!
The Dorner Party
How to make the American & Canadian border more interesting
The cruise from hell
Imagination Library
Ron Paul, UN Hater, Asks UN To Take RonPaul.com Forcefully From Ron Paul's Biggest Supporters
The GOP, Fox political purge
The Strange Story of Sarai Sierra
Nutella isn't a health food
The rabid hate directed at Trayvon Martin
The Israeli ad you won't see at Super Bowl
U.S. Gun Deaths Since Sandy Hook Top 1,280
Alabama 'survivalist killer' wants a reporter sent into underground bunker to tell his story in exchange for releasing 5-year-old hostage
RIP Barney
Republican party spent years getting the rural white vote by demonizing hispanics, wonders why it can’t get hispanic vote now
Facebook is too liberal for the Tea Party
The NRA vs. America
The Rise of the Permanent Temp Economy
Newtown First Responder: ‘One Look, And Your Life Was Absolutely Changed’
Texas, where science and history have become ideological battlegrounds
GOP prepares comeback: ‘We can’t come off as a bunch of angry white men’
Who’s a dinosaur?
The 8 Most Extreme Moments of the New Congress
Orly Taitz needs help
In malpractice case, Catholic hospital argues fetuses aren’t people
John Boehner: Obama On A Mission To 'Annihilate The Republican Party'
New Mexico Bill Would Criminalize Abortions After Rape As 'Tampering With Evidence'
The reddit wars
The History Of The Prepper Paradise Known As The Citadel
Sworn in again, Obama lingers for last look
Colin Powell: 'Birther Nonsense' Is 'Killing The Base' Of The GOP
Conservatives Don't Like This West Point Report on America's Violent Far-Right
Your comprehensive answer to every Sandy Hook conspiracy theory
15 Scientology Revelations From Lawrence Wright’s ‘Going Clear’
New Jersey Governor Christie slams NRA ad as "reprehensible"
Game Change
The 23 Executive Actions Pres. Obama Just Signed To Curb Gun Violence
NRA Releases iPhone Shooter After Blaming Video Games For School Shootings
This man helped save six children, is now getting harassed for it
Revolutionary Language
Colin Powell Calls Out The GOP’s Racism Problem: There Is ‘A Dark Vein Of Intolerance’
Il Pulcino Pio
"Israel must choose between extremism and Zionism"
Save the Lewpty-Lew!
Opponents Play The Hitler Card On Gun Control, Supporters Say It’s Not Gonna Work This Time
Glenn Beck: Alex Jones is a 'crazy person'
Short skirts, bad stars and chow mein: why India’s women get raped
Insane Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones Is Worried About Black Helicopters Taking His Guns Away
The Big Con
Tea Party Hits Record Level Of Unpopularity In Public Opinion Poll
Monica & David
Romantics Anonymous
So what was all the squawking about?
2013 Banished Words List
Happy New Year, Bloggie!
One Pound Fish
The cost of fringe-driven politics
The Craziest Republican Legislative Proposals Of 2012
Why 45 beers and Fox News don't mix
Tea Party, Its Clout Diminished, Turns to Fringe Issues
Thanks to the NRA, violent felons find it easy to regain gun rights
Guns don't kill people. Video games kill people.
The Arms Race of Stupid
More Guns, More Mass Shootings—Coincidence?
Terry Jones Drowned Out In Times Square By New York City Crowd Singing 'All You Need Is Love'
The Queen of Versailles now on Netflix Instant
Tea Party Group Blames Connecticut Shooting On Teachers, Unions, And Sex
11 things harder to get than guns
Waiting for the good guys
"We can't tolerate this anymore"
Twelve little girls and eight little boys
Just another normal day in America
Rick Santorum moves up in the world
Here we go with the holiday stupidity again
Brown Friday
If You're Greek, Someone Probably Just Stole Your Identity
Breivik's very own Abu Ghraib
Thanksgiving By The Numbers
Everybody Must Get Stoned
Yelling "Nazis!" at the wrong crowd
Greece's Horrible Citizens
Pro-Life GOP Rep's Abortion Scandal Escalates
The 6 Most Bizarre Freakouts Over Obama's Re-Election
Tea Party Learns Its Painful Electoral Lesson: That Mitt Romney Was Too Moderate
Hey Eugene
What right-wing racism?
Curse of the Tea Party Enthusiasm
The 6 Best Overreactions To Obama's Win
What a great election!
What's that, Republicans?
Greek government orders arrest of journalist who published names of tax evaders
Majority of Americans harbor prejudice against blacks
Fear and loathing in Athens: the rise of Golden Dawn and the far right
Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock are not outliers
“The Revisionaries”: Texas schoolbook battle — crazier than you thought
Attention Whore Wants Attention
Mitt Romney Is Dolores Umbridge
CEO Asks Employees To Help Company ‘And Yourself’ By Donating $2,500 To Romney
Koch Industries, other CEOs warn employees of layoffs if Obama is reelected
Timothy Kurek, Straight Christian Man, 'Comes Out' And Pretends To Be Gay For A Year
Golden Dawn, the Greek Taliban
Scott DesJarlais, Pro-Life Republican Congressman And Doctor, Pressured Mistress Patient To Get Abortion
The CEO Who Built Himself America’s Largest House Just Threatened to Fire His Employees if Obama’s Elected
Last Words
Charlie Fuqua, Arkansas Legislative Candidate, Endorses Death Penalty For Rebellious Children In Book
President Romney and his team viewing live video of raid on Big Bird's compound
Tea Party Rep. Paul Broun: Evolution and Big Bang Are “Lies Straight From the Pit Of Hell.” Why Yes, He Serves On the House Science Committee With Todd Akin
Arkansas Republican: Slavery Was a Blessing For Black People
Halloween Costume Win
Chevy dealership sells car for wrong price, has buyer arrested
The slippery slope of marriage equality
Terrible Taxidermy
Trump's excellent advice to Romney
Moses, Meet Steve
GOP Volunteer Calling FL Voters: ‘I Don’t Know if You’ve Done Any Research on Obama… He Is a Muslim’
The "Obama Phone" Facts
White Babies For Obama 2012
No health insurance? No problem. Romney says freeloading in the ER is now all good. 
27-Year Old In Greece Arrested For Blaspheming A Monk On Facebook
Proof that cats are better than dogs
Obama unleashes secret campaign weapon
Now that's chutzpah
Happy Rosh Hashanah
Mitt Romney Condemns Anti-Muslim Film, Echoing White House Position
'Supersized' drinks on the way out in NYC
What we need is a really big stadium...
What does Mitt Romney have to do with killing Osama bin Laden?
Primary Greek tax evaders are the professional classes
29 years old and a $100,000 in debt
Republic of Kinney
That's one way of telling your children apart
The Hidden Face
Fact-checking Bill Clinton on the economy: all true
In defense of fact-checking, as the untruths grow
Republican Party Platform 1956
Four Reasons Everyone Should Thank Unions On Labor Day
Mother sets fire to her daughter's gloating rapist
A dad's love for his son
World War Z
The Woman Who Needed to Be Upside-Down
RNC Delegate Offended By Presence of "Mexican" At Disney's Epcot Center
Short on facts, big on chutzpah
In modern GOP, the old South returns
sTORI Telling
Navy SEAL Outed By Fox News Now Targeted By Jihadist Websites
A very dedicated surgeon
Breivik declared sane and sentenced to 21 years in prison
Rightwing Evangelical Gets Play Banned in Wisconsin State Park
Anti-Gay Louisiana Pastor, Convicted Of Obscenity For Masturbating In Public
Assad's War on Syria's Children
Elderly woman destroys 19th-century fresco with DIY restoration
Texas judge calls for "armed revolution" if Obama is re-elected
When it comes to the crazy, the parties aren't equal
Todd Akin's "Legitimate Rape" Comment Was Not a Misstatement. It Was a Worldview.
TreT, the Amazing Ukrainian Parkour Dog
The Hunger Games
The Parent Rap
Andrew Shirvell ordered to pay $4.5 million for harassing gay student
You don’t often get to see that much gibberish combined with that much hair
The creeping creep
Gustavo Lacerda's portraits of people with albinism
It's Official: Western Europeans Have More Cars Per Person Than Americans
Animals with Misleading Names
Papa John the pizza cheapskate
Europe's Far Right
Mitt Romney Takes a Stand
Canadians approaching, get your gun out
Canadians, why have you been keeping this a secret from us?
What right-wing violence?
Some of the Craziest Events in Olympic History
55 Perfectly Timed & Hilariously Epic Photos
Vermont man arrested after crushing five police cruisers with giant tractor
Believe In Yourself
Olympic Parent Freakouts
A Canopy of Colorful Umbrellas in Portugal
Congress: 60 Bills To Rename Post Offices, Zero To Save Struggling Postal Service
Death at a Funeral
GOP Rep: Contraception Mandate Is An Attack Like 9/11 And Pearl Harbor
Man who lost hand to alligator charged with unlawful feeding
Socialized medicine gets rave review from Mitt Romney
Life with Murder
Time to face facts on gun control
What the Queen was thinking during the Opening Ceremonies
Mike Huckabee Organizes ‘Chick Fil-A Appreciation Day’ To Defend Restaurant’s Right To Be Anti-Gay
Vicente Fox: Legalize drugs to fight cartels
“If anyone knows how to authenticate a 50-year-old Hawaiian birth certificate, it is the Arizona County Sheriff.”
Immigrants in Greece have suffered 300 violent attacks since April
The Romneys Are Different from You and Me
Unhappy with her mugshot, Georgia woman calls 911
Tea Party favorite doubles down on bigotry
Conservative newshound uncovers huge scandal
Catching Hell for Hiring a Muslim
Creative Adventures in a Tiny World
The Harsh Reality of Canadian Socialism
Louisiana State Rep Gets First Amendment Reality Check
Sarah Palin's Incredible Shrinking Act Is Almost Complete
The Romney Standard
Homes With Crazy Paint Jobs
The Cyclops Child
Fighting the right: conservatives find Republican party line hard to follow
13 reasons why this is the worst Congress ever
European healthcare is the monster hiding under Republican beds
Church of Scientology asks followers to censor Web comments
End Of A GOP Teen Dream
In A Post-Birther World, GOP Embraces New Conspiracy Theories
Happy Independence Day, America!
Cain TV
My mother the chair
Every dog this Wednesday
Most famous dog in the world gets his own bar in Madrid
People Who Say They're Moving To Canada Because Of ObamaCare
And then I says to her I says "no, I got your nose!"
The Canadian's Diary
"The Loch Ness monster is real" and other truths in Christian textbooks
In Darkness
Greece's super-rich maintain lavish lifestyles and low profiles
The trend that must be stopped: Skrillex hair
My Big Fat Gypsy Mansion
Golden Dawn promises to raid hospitals and kindergartens to throw immigrants and their children out
Is shooting people causing you legal problems?
A lesson on how to deal with litigious Internet trolls
The love that dare not speak its name
Majoring in Eligibility
Golden Dawn's Golden Boy Wanted For Assault
Stop eating each other, people!
Someday (Somewhere, Maybe Somebody)
Tactical Adventure Medical Preparedness Outdoors Necessity (T.A.M.P.O.N.)
And you thought working for Ferkakta Times was hard...
In U.S., 46% Hold Creationist View of Human Origins
40 Of The Most Powerful Photographs Ever Taken
We Need to Talk About Kevin
Teabaggers will believe anything
Why Does the Laziest Country in Europe Work the Most?
A finely-honed bully machine
Romney’s pants on fire
Bill Maher: What Exactly Has Obama Done That Has Made Conservatives So Angry?
I hope he gets to trololo soon
Glenn Beck in Exile
Robert Mugabe named ‘international tourism ambassador’ in latest UN absurdity
The Welcome Signs of Pawnee, Indiana
TV Networks Say You're Breaking The Law When You Skip Commercials
Kansas tax act most regressive in nation
Japanese chef cooks and serves his genitals at Tokyo banquet
We interrupt reality to bring you Arizona
This is the Mayor. Hire this woman.
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
The Woman in Black
"Blacks Out!"
God's Hate Preacher
GOP ‘Appalled’ Over Obama Granting Castro’s Daughter Visa, Ignores Trips Under Bush
Walking stereotype makes strong argument for free birth control
The Mystery of the 'Free Puppies!' Scam
Birtherism as Rube Bait
Psychiatrist who championed 'gay cure' admits he was wrong
Welcome to the Most Racist Election of Our Time
The Salsa Dancer
And here's your roasted fetus good-luck charm
If this had happened in the States, they would have been kicked off the plane
America’s Women Can’t Be Trusted
Arizona Goes Birther: Secretary Of State Says It’s ‘Possible’ Obama Won’t Be On Ballot
The 30 Best Anti-Westboro Baptist Church Protest Signs
Good old GOP, always with the times
The Possession (Trailer)
Bitterness Governed By A Bitter Man
How common is your birthday?
The Real Fraud: Second ‘Non-Citizen’ In James O’Keefe Voter Fraud Video Naturalized In 2011
Is the world outpacing the U.S. on health care?
12 Most Extreme Cases of Tanorexia
15 of the best dog photobombs
GOP Rep: It should be legal to fire employees for being gay
God Help Us
The world's prison capital
Germans Can't Fathom US Aversion to Obama's Healthcare Reform
Majority of Americans approve President Obama's support of gay marriage
The other man on the podium
5 Myths About Canada’s Health Care System
Gas Mask Man
Happy Mother’s Day, U.S. moms! You’re No. 25!
What Mitt Romney stands for
The end of a nightmare
Single Mother Bristol Palin Tells Obama Same-Sex Marriage is Wrong Because Kids Need a Mom and Dad
Republican ex-Congressman Tom Davis: Gay marriage opposition ‘not a comfortable place to be’ for GOP in the long run
Justice Department Sues Sheriff Joe Arpaio Over Alleged Latino Abuse
Ultra-Orthodox Shun Their Own for Reporting Child Sexual Abuse
Obama declares support for gay marriage
GOP Group's Newsletter Calls For 'Armed Revolution' If Obama Is Reelected
Gay rights in the US, state by state
The three big races tonight
Three Greeks, Two Opinions, Zero Cooperation
U.S. releases first clues from new al-Qaida bomb
Second Male Masseur Files Lawsuit Against John Travolta, Claims Actor Tried to Make Him ‘Touch His Anus’
South Korea seizes capsules containing powdered flesh of dead babies
He should have used that stun gun on the principal
The history of the Golden Dawn
Swiss politician offered friend's wife and daughter to cannibals
Greece election results mapped
Au Revoir, Nicolas
Scenes from the 138th Kentucky Derby
Shoe Design, 1939
A Clever Way To Make The iPad Keyboard Better
Open up your legs and let the government in
Osama bin Laden is alive and well, playing cards and drinking mai tais with Elvis and Marilyn
Happy Cinco de Mayo
The John Edwards Saga
Ahnold laments the GOP's small tent
Fascism rises from the depths of Greece's despair
'You're pretty, Piko-chan." And very smart!
We Are Doomed!
Republican Fear Factor
What happened to "finders keepers"?
Arizona mass killing: Border militia leader J.T. Ready identified as shooter
You think your child might be gay? Beat it out of him!
Hillary Clinton rejects acting offer...for now
Religion riskier than porn for online viruses
Belgian Nonprofit Proves Texting And Driving Is Dangerous By Making People Text and Drive
New Jersey mom accused of putting her 6-year-old girl in tanning bed
Obama Has Every Right To Crow About His Decision To Go After Bin Laden
Goodnight Moon Colony
I wish they were my grandparents!
Rupert Murdoch unfit to run company
Dan Savage vs. the Bible (and Some High Schoolers)
Why Obama Owns bin Laden
The Whitewashing of Arizona
Chen Guangcheng's amazing escape
RFK assassination witness: 'There definitely was another shooter' "
How did Rumsfeld get all those troops to Iraq? By teleportation, of course!
Greece's island of the blind
Mother ordered to bring son down to alley to be shot
Is It On Instant?
They cannot, they must not quote Dr. Seuss. Not in the school. Not in the hall. Not in B.C. No, not at all.
The myth of the "Liberal Media": "President Obama never enjoyed a single week of more positive than negative coverage"
Popeye Village
The 11 Most Badass Last Words Ever Uttered
Terry Jones, helpful as always
Homophobic? Maybe You’re Gay
Let’s just say it: The Republicans are the problem.
I Want to Hold Your Hand
Europe’s far right marches on
Egypt 'necrophilia law'? Don't believe everything you read on the Internet, kids.
Now apparently it’s a “slam” to say Paul Ryan likes Ayn Rand
"They cut off my arm. They cooked it, while they were drinking our mandro, and ate it with the rest of the beans and rice."
Werner Herzog’s Note To His Cleaning Lady
“Victoria’s Secret” catalogue, 1979
Portraits of Greece in Crisis
Dad secretly records son's torment at school
Woman Fired After Giving Up Kidney to Save Boss’s Life
Hypocrisy alert - House Republican freshmen are begging for earmarks
One stolen soda refill, and you're out
Orly Taitz Losing Senate Race, GOP Racism Against White People to Blame
Leave it to a woman to keep the boys in line
The Case of the 22 Lewd Chinese Women
Black Cat Auditions
"It costs a lot of money to look this cheap"
Survival of the fittest
J. Edgar
Do Welfare Moms Work As Hard As Ann Romney?
Who caused the Secret Service hookers and blow scandal? Well, gays in the military, of course!
Romney: "It's a vast left-wing conspiracy"
Has-been musician is under investigation for death threats against the President
Michigan lottery winner charged with welfare fraud
With the help of Virginia Foxx, R-N.C., for-profit colleges are massively ripping off U.S. taxpayers
Florida GOP Legislator Abandons Job Creation Idea
Americans Favor "Buffett Rule" by 60% to 37%
Why Did Obama’s Bipartisanship Fail?
Breivik Faces Justice
The end of the Minutemen: Tea party absorbs the border-watching movement
Herman Cain still holds rallies
Happy Greek Easter, Bloggie. Watch out for bombs.
North Korea's Failed Missile Launch
Murder, hate crime charges in Tulsa shooting spree
Double Dutch Dog
The novel saved by a police forensic team
Catholic League: Rosen ‘Had To Adopt Kids, Ann Raised 5 Of Her Own’
Canadian Currency Going Digital; Marks of the Beast Imminent
Newt Gingrich grumbles about the fair and balanced news channel
The Iron Lady
How Wealth Reduces Compassion
Michigan teacher claims she was fired for organizing Trayvon Martin fundraiser
Daily Caller genius: I don’t feel bad for black people anymore because I think a black person stole my bike
Kinkade's world of parody
The Courageous One
Greek TV is never boring
Bosnia's victims 20 years on: survivors of a nightmare with no reckoning
Denmark, quit being so damn happy, you're getting on our nerves
How an armed vigilante became Canada's folk hero
Happy Easter, Bloggie
Black pedestrians targeted in Tulsa shooting spree
Armed Neo-Nazis Now Patrolling Sanford, Say They Are "Prepared" For Post-Trayvon Martin Violence
About the pensioner who committed suicide in Athens so he wouldn't have to forage for food in the trash
Texts from Hillary
27 Hilarious Detention Slips
‘Ridiculously Photogenic Guy’
The hate crime that wasn't
Alone in a Crowd
A kinder, gentler Klan
The Choice in 2012: Social Darwinism or a Decent Society
Worst Casting Choices Ever
Terrible New Law Requires Women to Give Birth to Nonviable Fetuses
Trolling Could Get You 25 Years in Jail in Arizona
Santorum Claims California Universities Don’t Teach American History
Use this technology responsibly
Japan's 1,000-year-old warning
NYC Bans Food Donations To The Homeless
Cancer v. the Constitution
Josh Powell spun web of lies about day his wife vanished
Payback Is a Bitch for Abortion Clinic Protestors, Thanks to a Brilliant Landlord
6 Times The Onion Had People Completely Fooled
The Real Boundaries of the Bible Belt
National Organization for Marriage Goal: “Fanning the hostility.”
New Black Panther Who Offered $10,000 Bounty for Trayvon Martin's Killer Is Arrested
In the Land of Blood and Honey
What happens if the Big Boom happens
Zou Bisou Bisou
Right-Wing Hate Groups Exploding in Size and Reach
If you don't have anything good to say about anyone, come sit next to Karl
Longform collects the most moving, delightful, and vicious obituaries ever written
Rest of the world, from Greece: You're welcome
Thug in a Hoodie
The Right Goes Nuts Over Obama's Trayvon Comments
The real meaning of MPH
Six Months After Repeal, Military Says DADT Died Quietly
The Barbarism of the Health-Care Repeal Crusade
French counter-terrorism fail
Sanford Police Chief Steps Down, Says He Has Become A ‘Distraction’
Romney's Etch-A -Sketch
A very disappointing Polanski film
Glenn Beck's Website Calls Trayvon Martin "The Aggressor"
What I love about America
The Controversial Florida Law at the Heart of the Trayvon Martin Case
The Great Greek Potato Movement
Russian troops in Syria to support Assad
Feds open Trayvon Martin investigation
French police suspect neo-Nazi former paratroopers in Jewish school, soldier shootings
Make Caramel from Sweetened Condensed Milk
Santorum promises to focus on hardcore issues if elected
43 Increasingly Precise Netflix Custom Genre Recommendations
Former Tea Party spokesman Michael Kobulnicky arrested in sex assault case
Politicians Swinging Stethoscopes
When reality doesn't match your campaign speech, you alter the reality
The Curious Case of Trayvon Martin
Why the Jury Found Dharun Ravi Guilty of a Hate Crime
Antibiotic Resistance Could Bring 'End of Modern Medicine'
‘This American Life’ retracts Apple episode, says Daisey fabricated parts
The Dutch Euthanize Their Elderly, and Other Scary GOP Lies About Europe
Good bye Til, we hardly knew ye
Ugandan Gay Rights Group Sues U.S. Evangelist
GOP: Old, white and in trouble
Unbelievably Stupid Law Would Declare Single Parenthood Child Abuse
Santorum to Puerto Rico: Speak English if you want statehood
“You're a Good Friend to the Ladies, Dad”
Fluke-obsessives embarrassing themselves For the Cause
How the Ghost of Jerry Falwell Conquered the Republican Party
Congress’s war on the post office
Greece: five public fund employees arrested over multi-million scam
Colbert Prefers GOP Candidates’ ‘Knowledge-Free’ Speeches
Arizona bill grants employers the right to ask for proof that contraceptives are being taken for non-contraceptive reasons
Santorum sweeps South: wins Alabama and Mississippi
"Vote for me, I know nothing and hate the same things you do."
Dick Cheney cancels Toronto trip, says Canada is too dangerous
Doonesbury goes to the Shaming Room
O’Reilly: Next Time You Hear a Politician Say He or She Will Bring Down Oil Prices Understand It’s Complete [Bull Shit]
The majority of Southern GOPers think President Obama is a Muslim
Fox News: High Gas Prices Not the President’s Fault, Unless It’s Obama
Plaintiff challenging healthcare law went bankrupt – with unpaid medical bills
What It's Like to Get Attacked by Rush Limbaugh for Food Reporting
It's Always A Conspiracy: Derrick Bell Edition
Bad Romance: Women's Suffrage
Getting along like monkeys and kittens
Parents Forget Child, 3, at Chuck E Cheese, Find Out on Evening News
The real winner of the Republican primary is Barack Obama
Rush Limbaugh and the poisoning of the GOP brand
More Sluts Getting Their Just Reward
Never dreamed I’d be protesting for women’s rights in 2012 in America
Rick Santorum: America is falling apart because of single moms
How Ayn Rand became the new right's version of Marx
Santorum in '93: More Government Needed in Health Care
"Politicians can't be expected to pick their nose and get away with it"
Limbaugh And The Right-Wing Nervous Breakdown
Rick Santorum will unmarry *ALL* the gays
Why an MRI costs $1,080 in America and $280 in France
Cyprus allows hardened criminals to go free
Thousands of people "just waiting to die"
Grand Ayatollah or Grand Old Party?
When in Doubt, Call Them Nazis
German tax collectors volunteer for Greek duty
iPad Games for Cats
What Ails Europe?
Chronicles of a Paranoid Nation: the Deciduous-Infrastructure Factor
'89 Percent' of Syrians Voted to Keep Assad in Power until 2028
Shakespeare Banned in Arizona
Conservative Chickens Come Home to Roost
Santorum: Democratic Party An Orgy Of Sex And Homosexuality Preying On Lust
Jeb Bush, RINO
Extreme Air Conditioning Repair
Netflix movies to watch before Feb 29
Sibling Rivalry
Jon Stewart Rips GOP's Obama Fear-Mongering: 'Y'all Have Lost Your Damn Minds'
"When the woman answered the door, she looked at my daughter and said, ‘We don’t support Girl Scouts because they support abortion, which kills babies."
The GOP's biggest problem is the ideological bloodlust of its base
Rick Santorum could take Republicans down with him
War Dogs
The Electoral Wasteland
A little massage, a little poop on the back...
Moochers Against Welfare
How The GOP Went Back To The 1950s In Just One Day
"Half Head Man" Explains Why He Has Half A Head
Big Government Republicans in Virginia Vote to Outlaw Contraceptives, Require Vaginal Probe for Abortion-Seekers
‘Sovereign Citizen’ Sues Prosecutors For Grammar-Based Conspiracy
Americans Overwhelmingly Favor Contraception Coverage Mandate — Including Catholics
The Unhappiest Nation in Europe
Rick Santorum Wants Your Sex Life to Be 'Special'
Happy Valentine's Day, Bloggie!
Canadian Politician: You're Either In Favor Of Letting The Gov't Spy On Your Internet Usage... Or You're For Child Pornography
Fox pundit says that women in the military should "expect" to get raped
Athens is Burning
Whitney Houston dead at 48
WBC hate group plans to protest Charlie and Braden Powell's funeral
Rick Santorum is concerned about women and the men who love them
CPAC: A Who's Who of Nuts and Bigots
Railing against the 'Fourth Reich'
Catholic Church silent on child rape, taking to the streets over "intrinsically evil" birth control
Dear Sir or Madame
Mississippi Rep. Wants The Gulf Of Mexico Renamed The ‘Gulf Of America’
"What a big head you have!" said the donkey to the rooster
Jesus versus the GOP
Court: CA gay-marriage ban is unconstitutional
U.S. Embassy in Syria Closed, Diplomats Evacuated
The Disappearance of Susan Powell
Employed but not paid
Woody Harrelson and the No-Good, Very Bad Reddit AMA
Tea Party saves America from the U.N.
No Smoking in Arabic
Inside the new hate
Just protecting freedom of porn
Colbert v. the Court
The Republican Myth of Obama's "Entitlement Society"
Santorum is all heart when it comes to sick kids
East is East
Komen Foundation Pledges to Restore Planned Parenthood Funding
Giant trans-dimensional humanoids take over hotel swimming pool
Classified Hoarding
Polo Club Founder Adopts Girlfriend Amid Civil Suit Over DUI Death
Cardboard cut out Ayatollah Khomeini “inspects” Iranian military
What you can learn about black Americans from our Republican presidential candidates
The most depressing song of all time
Alabama State Senator Thinks Increasing Teacher Pay Goes Against A ‘Biblical Principle’
Finding the Real Penis Hackers
Ayn Rand's philosophy with ceremony and ritual added
In defense of Romney
A conservative worries: Will Gingrich return America to the days of King George?
Dog in a Box
Letters of Note: To My Old Master
Mom sues media for "sexualizing" her daughter
Super Bowl Viewers May Not Be Treated To Images of Dead Fetuses During Game
An Epidemic of Racist Dog-Whistling (and Not Only by Gingrich)
Welfare Drug Testing Bill Withdrawn After Amended To Include Testing Lawmakers
American Muslims say they reject separate ‘sharia’ law system
Germany wants Greece to surrender control of its budget
Take-off to Bollywood
Israel Isn’t Going to Attack Iran and Neither Will the United States
Why New Photo ID Laws Mean Some Won't Vote
Canadian Space Program
Newt's Lunacy
Mr. Daisey and the Apple Factory
Looking for a thoroughly depressing movie? Try "Asylum"
Moscow Subway Dogs
The Snoring Dormouse
President John Tyler's grandchildren still alive
Rick Santorum explains the evils of a university education
Tea Party Groups In Tennessee Demand Textbooks Overlook U.S. Founder's Slave-Owning History
Is Gingrich’s Hard Line on Palestine Paid for by Sheldon Adelson?
As Gingrich’s fate rises, so does Obama’s
Westboro Baptist Church Plans To Protest Joe Paterno's Funeral
Greece releases list of top 4,000 tax debtors owing a combined 15 billion euros
Clinton's infidelity--grounds for impeachment. Gingrich's infidelity--will make him a good president
Romney, the heretical homophile
British police spend over $50,000 to find out the time
Stewart & Colbert definitely not coordinating on Super PAC
The Evil Marketing Genius of Paula Deen, the New Face of Diabetes
Costa Concordia captain "tripped and fell" into lifeboat
Walmart needs a Chloe
Virginia lawmaker: Children with disabilities are God’s punishment to women who previously had abortions
Wikipedia joins Reddit for Jan 18 shutdown
Movies from an Alternate Universe
The Wreck of the Costa Concordia
Joe Paterno’s first interview since the Penn State-Sandusky scandal
Republicans and Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Stephen Colbert must be stopped!
10 reasons the U.S. is no longer the land of the free
Six months in labor camp for N. Koreans who didn't cry at Kim Jong Il's funeral
Be Vewy, Vewy Quiet
The Debt
Kiss your Twinkies good bye
Republicans turn their back on the Enlightenment
“I will take the rock in my hand and squeeze it, and from the water that comes out of it, I’ll make pilaf to feed my daughter."
You think you can spin?
George Will endorses Rick Santorum and Stephen Colbert approves
Unreasonable school administration impedes student's future career in pole dancing
SOPA Is a Symbol of the Movie Industry's Failure to Innovate
Tax inspectors hit the jackpot in Italian ski resort
The GOP’s peculiar vocabulary of race
Haredi rioters stone non-segregated buses in Israel
Weekly Standard sends out bigoted anti-gay email
From the Mouth of Santorum
In a perfect world
Orangutans to Skype between zoos with iPads
File-Sharing Recognized as Official Religion in Sweden
Living with a Lion, 1970s
Poor horsies
This is What Happens When You Give Thousands of Stickers to Thousands of Kids
Top Five Electoral Outcomes Journalists Are Secretly Rooting For
Snake Wine
Happy New Year, Bloggie!
This Simple Trick Lets You See the Blood Vessels In Your Eye
Poor bigots are struggling for money
Snow path
You know it's going to be Romney
McDonald’s Closes All Their Restaurants in Bolivia
Help me, Bloggie
Hugo Chavez accuses the US of giving Latin American leaders cancer
Happy Brawling Day!
Greek economic crisis turns tragic for children abandoned by their families
While Drafting SOPA, the U.S. House Harbors BitTorrent Pirates
Greece’s Tax Evasion Prosecutors Quit
Photoshop catastrophes: the year in review
How Tartuffo feels about my iPhone
Former Turkish PM admits that Turkish secret agents intentionally started fires in Greece
Hate Mail Alert: Mike Huckabee On Ron Paul’s ‘Fanatical Believers’ And ‘Decent, Patriotic’ Barack Obama
Ron Paul builds campaign on doomsday scenarios
The 8-Year-Old Girl Who Woke Up Israel
Why a Young Turk Loves Santa
Two girls kiss, Tea Party Nation has a hissy fit
Complaints Choir of Chicago
Merry Christmas, Bloggie!
Tales from the Golden Age
Trump takes his toys and leaves the sandbox
Lee County Deputies Tied Suspect to a Chair, Gagged Him, and Pepper-Sprayed Him to Death
Justice Department Blocks South Carolina’s Voter ID Law
On Behalf Of All Gays, Man “Apologizes” For Destroying GOPer’s Marriage
Reasons Not to Upset Reddit
Dutch TV hosts dine on fried human buttock, belly
The Paulian Conspiracies
25 clever ideas to make life easier
Gulag of the Mind: Why North Koreans Cry for Kim Jong Il
Fox and Sarah Palin Freak Over White House Christmas Card
In the holiday spirit
Tough Year for Dictators
Greek economic crisis drives up suicide rate to highest in Europe
Fetal Abduction
A Wannabe Dictator-in-Chief
It's the Radical Right, not Islam, that is the Greatest Threat to the American Way
Did We Win the Iraq War?
Feds say Arpaio violated civil rights
American public to Congress: Get out. All of you.
Sister My Sister
A mugger with good taste
Occupy Shuts Down Ports in Oregon and Keeps Hundreds of People from Being Able to Work
Fox News decrees that 8.6% > 8.9%
Newt, Mitt, Bibi and Vladimir
Six To Eight Black Men
Romney's Nemesis
Shit Girls Say
The Hidden Mother
Breitbart to Beck: You're a Liar and a Coward, "Dead to Me"
"The Undefeated" now on Netflix Instant
Plants vs Zombies
Lowe's pulls ads from 'All-American Muslim' after 'ordinary' portrayal protested
Breaking: Norway Runs Out of Butter
Up-Inspired Floating House
Decotora Trucks
Hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your husband cause the atheists are rapin’ everybody out here
25 Dangerous Situations And How To Escape Them
Obama's War on Religion Escalates
What do you do when you throw a debate and no one shows up?
GOP State Rep. Bob Nicholas Arrested For Kicking And Beating Mentally Disabled Son
Rick Perry and the Politics of Resentment
Santorum: We Don’t Need Food Stamps Because Obesity Rates Are So High
Air Force dumped remains of 274 troops in landfill
Breast cancer, health insurance, and an apology to President Obama
Rick Perry's Anti-Gay Iowa Ad Divides His Top Staff
The Dumbest News Stories of 2011
Black Voters Told, 'Relax, Don't Vote'
Why smart conservatives suddenly hate Newt
The GOP's Crackpot Agenda
Tennessee family home burns while firefighters watch
Welfare Queen and King
The Royal Road to Romney
The Roller Coaster Conspiracy
Why Does Ron Paul Hate Shih Tzus?
'Tis the War on Christmas season, fa-la-la-la-la
Kittens Watching Ice Skating
Birtherism is alive and well in the GOP
The Manchurian Muppets
Chinese government cites self-immolation as an act of terrorism
Hillary Clinton compares parts of Israel to Jim Crow south
What children’s drawings would look like if they were painted realistically
The 45 Most Powerful Images Of 2011
The Hidden Potential of Autistic Kids
Two historic speeches by Xenophon Zolotas
Hilarious account of a legal bank-robbery
Swiss government study: downloading leads to sales, so we're keeping it legal
Virgin goes in, whore comes out. You can't explain that!
Santorum: Insurers Should Discriminate Against People With Pre-Existing Conditions
Cain Launches ‘Women For Cain’ Website Where Supporters Attack His Accusers As ‘Jealous,’ ‘Husbandless’
Netanyahu Government Suggests Israelis Avoid Marrying American Jews
Gun Ad Likens Obama To Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot
Stephen Fry in America
Would you let this woman be your plastic surgeon?
Who is the real RINO?
Conservatives Are Abandoning the Cain Trainwreck
What It Looks Like Inside Amazon.com
Georgia Woman Claims 13-Year Affair with Herman Cain
Euro Zone on the Brink: A Continent Stares into the Abyss
What’s a polar bear worth to you?
Troops Convinced Marines Chief That Gays in the Military Aren't So Bad
Gag Order Silences Parents of Boy Charged With Sexual Assault for Playing Doctor
Voters Stream To Polls In First Democratic Elections in Egypt
Godspeed, Curiosity!
Last Dictator Standing
"Dear Jenny: I Fired Your Mom and Put You to Work to Help You 'Rise.' Love, Newt"
U.S. ranks 28th in life expectancy (lower than Chile and Greece) while it pays the MOST for health care
Pepper Spraying Cop
Happy Thanksgiving, Bloggie!
Parents Sue D.A. for Charging Their 6-Year-Old Son With a Felony After He Played Doctor With a 5-Year-Old Girl
This Thanksgiving, Beware The Sharia Turkey
Blind to Extremism: How Germany Overlooked the Threat from the Right
Herman Cain: Thank God My Arab Doctor Wasn’t Muslim!
Law firm That Hosted Foreclosure Costume Party To Layoff One-Third Of Employees
Georges Moustaki - Le Métèque
Birthers Attempt To Remove Obama From New Hampshire Primary
Diary of a socialite named Muffie
LOS INDIOS - Cancion Del Mimby
Incredible Pavement Drawings by Julian Beever
Strange bedfellows: Nancy Pelosi, Ron Paul join SOPA opposition
15 Tea Party Caucus freshmen rake in $3.5 million in first 9 months in Washington
Greece is owed $81 billion in unpaid taxes
Congress declares pizza a vegetable
Poll shows most favor recall of Wisconsin governor
Congress’ approval problem in one chart
Tea Party Nation Founder Calls Cain ‘Simply Clueless’, Tells Him To Quit
"If you have never been stared down by eight expectant, spray-tanned children in liquid eyeliner and ornate hairpieces, you have not seen what I have seen."
The GOP and electoral suicide
WTF, English?
That there’s still even “debate” over whether the United States should engage in torture is a national embarrassment
America’s meritocratic, watchdog news media
Generous minimum wage a myth in Greek labor wasteland
No Snacks, No Class
Inside the Russell Pearce recall
Veterans Day
Joe Paterno Fired: Penn State Students Riot in Protest
So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish
Toronto: Tea Party mayor on the rocks
What happens in Arizona doesn’t stay in Arizona
Netanyahu: hero at home, pariah abroad
Conservatives suggest that Blockhead should drop Block
Ohio Voters Reject Anti-Union Law
Appeals Court Upholds Health Care Reform
Sharon Bialek, meet the right-wing hit machine
Republican Faith in Magical Realism
Do you think twice before unfriending someone on Facebook?
The Only Leader Who Understood Greece's Real Problem is Resigning
Never Happened
Chevy True Stories | "My Dad's Car"
Rotten, ammonia-soaked shark. Yummy!
Papandreou wins confidence vote, will form coalition government
Just released on Netflix Streaming
18 Arrested in Wisconsin Assembly for Using Cameras; Guns Still Allowed
Tea Party Supporters, All Class
Third time's a charm!
Creep family-law judge beats his disabled daughter with belt
Alabama car dealership derided as "Taliban Toyota" by a competitor has been awarded millions in damages for slander
Kentucky Governor Turns His Back on Jesus
Meet The Senior Citizen Militia Members Arrested In Georgia Bio Attack Plot
The Tea Party Pork Binge
What right-wing violence?
Glenn Beck-endorsed fraudsters charged with theft
Jesus in a nut
Case Closed: $16 Muffins Never Existed
Papandreou Is Right to Let the Greeks Decide
Herman Cain: Oh, THAT Sexual Harassment Settlement!
Greek PM conspires to give franco the heaves
Things Longer Than Kim Kardashian's Marriage
Larisa, the capital of the Porsche Cayenne
Not Your Grandma's Halloween Costume
Fact Check: GOP lawmakers spin funding tall tales
Class Warfare: The Middle Class Is Losing
Koch-backed skeptic now agrees that climate change is real
The Tea Party is busying itself with very important issues
As Republicans Spread ‘Politics Of Division,’ They Hypocritically Accuse Opponents Of Doing The Same
Protesters force Thessaloniki parade to be cancelled
Home Affairs: How To Tell Your Friends From The Japs
Greek PM says 50 percent haircut means debt now sustainable
Americans’ Approval of Congress Drops to Single Digits
Group That Took Out Glenn Beck Calls on MSNBC to Fire Pat Buchanan
Mississippi to vote on a constitutional amendment that would declare a fertilized human egg a legal person
When even Pat "Gay People Cause Hurricanes" Robertson is telling you to tone it down...
‘I Refuse To Be Intimidated’: Birther OathKeeper’s Trial Heads To Jury
Evil Karl Rove Strikes Again
Political Cartoons 2011 Republican Debates
The Class War Has Begun (And It's Already Over)
The incentive behind GOP obstructionism
Riot Granny
The 147 Companies That Control Everything
Available Jobs Discovered in America
Santorum says he'd die to prevent marriage equality
Alabama’s Shame: Jewish Deli Owner Defends Documented Latinos, Receives Threats, Abuse, Boycott
Watch "The Walking Dead" Season 2 Episode 1 here
Pat Buchanan laments the end of America
Disconnect grows between GOP voters and GOP lawmakers
Poor Bullied Santorum
Animals being dicks
A new app is born
Heartless cop kicks our beloved Loukaniko
Of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1%
Tea Party shows how "pro-life" they are
Israel expects Shalit return Tuesday
Why the Tea Party Failed to Produce a Credible Candidate
Vote: What’s Iran’s Next Insane Terror Plot?
Sign Dining
Iran Directed Washington, D.C., Terror Plot
Romney Advisers Helped the White House Draft Health Care Reform
6 B.S. Myths You Probably Believe About America's 'Enemies'
Herman Cain’s Foreign Policy, in One Word: ‘Ubeki-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan’
Rich People Create Jobs! (And five other myths that must die for our economy to live)
Unemployed seek protection against job bias
Riots erupt as Christians protest in Cairo, 6 dead
Santorum Says Gay Soldiers ‘Cause Problems For People Living In Close Quarters,’ Endorses Ex-Gay Therapy
Quite the values they have at the Values Voter Summit
Ingraham Suggests Cain Would Be The Real First Black President Because Obama Has White Relatives
The GOP's way of increasing job opportunities
How Greece Could Escape the Euro
Settlers' mosque-burning campaign expands into Israel
Palin's One-Man Iowa Operation Can Finally Stop Spending His Savings On Her Non-Campaign
Steve Jobs dead at 56
A puzzle on the house
What if America truly were a Christian nation?
One-legged woman's Hallowe'en costume
From tax evasion to bartering
The Cooch
And on the eighth day, God created little brothers
Texas drought could last 15 years
The United States of GOOD Sandwiches
A theater full of bikers and two empty seats
A Tea Party Darling’s Offer on Social Security
Why the U.S. Should Support Palestinian Statehood at the U.N.
Next time you use a public bathroom...
Wildlife photographer captures lion rescuing helpless cub from falling to its death
Congress gets a stark reminder on food safety
Americans reject the right’s bogus `class warfare’ charge
The Man Who Brought the Potato to Greece
If at first you don't succeed, try and try again
The Onion predicts the future again: Al Qaeda tells Ahmadinejad to stop spreading 9/11 conspiracy theories
By all means, let’s keep arguing over `class warfare’
L.A. Prosecutors Display Photo Of Michael Jackson Dead On Hospital Gurney
Roger’s Reality Show
The Second Coming of the Ottoman Empire
North Korea agents use poisoned needles to assassinate activists abroad
'When Will They Take a Stand Against Their Own Crazies?'
Austerity, strikes, and bouzoukia
Super Creative Product Packaging Designs
Excellent Ads
Health costs pictured as food prices, for shock value
West Bank Story
Blockbuster announces streaming service to compete with Netflix
Rick Perry is a Communist
Texas GOP Rep On Cuts To Family Planning: ‘Of Course This Is A War On Birth Control’
Costa Rica may gain one more citizen, besides Limbaugh
Greek Crisis Exacts the Cruelest Toll
Tea Party Favorite Andrew Breitbart Fantasizes About Killing Liberals
Behind the poverty numbers: real lives, real pain
Multi-Millionaire Rep. Says He Can’t Afford A Tax Hike Because He Only Has $400K A Year After Feeding Family
Sheriff Joe Arpaio Assigns 'Cold Case Posse' To Investigate Obama's Birth Certificate
The 7 Deadly Homemade Weed Killers
Austerity, Italian Style
Roche Keeps Drugs From Strapped Greek Hospitals
In the Tea Party's America
Republicans are skeptical of everything the government does—except when it executes people
Amish Outlaws
Record 46.2 million Americans live in poverty, 49.9 million have no healthcare, Census Bureau says
Pakistan prepares for the future
Germany Plans for Possible Greek Default
Catholic Mom is Scared to Leave the House Because of All the Gays
Why Congress Won’t Pass A Jobs Bill: ‘Obama Is On The Ropes; Why Do We Appear Ready To Hand Him A Win?’
A Coat for the Homeless
The Mall of America Is Watching You
New York GOP's exploitation of 9/11 with some bigotry thrown in for good measure
Let’s Cancel 9/11
Zombie Caterpillars Rain Death From Treetops
Dip it, burst it, fill it, eat it
When a Chomp or a Slurp Is a Trigger for Outrage
Key elements of Obama's $447 billion jobs plan
Americans flee to Canada for economic opportunity
Fear of a Republican Muslim
U.S. Army vet pleads guilty to planting MLK parade bomb
In Their Own Words: GOP Candidates And Science
The Great Prosperity and the Great Regression
Tonight's GOP Debate
Who are the most Islamophobic Americans? Take a guess.
Allen West’s limited view of history
Insurers' rate quote practice is unfair to consumers
Another one of Mossad's sneaky plans to destroy Iran is exposed
The Fatal Distraction
Offensive Flip-Flops Lead to Arrest Warrants
The Price of 9/11
Apple employees are not to be trusted with Apple products
As Recently as 1979, A First Grader Could…
Islamophobia Inc. Targets GOP Muslims Too
Bon Appetit!
Greek Culture Gets Tattooed
Rick Santorum, Victim of Gay "Jihad"
Children sue mom over birthday cards and college care packages
98% of Florida welfare recipients pass drug testing, $178 million spent on testing
Greek flash mob takes over Ottawa
New York is prepared
Court frees U.S. teen jailed 10 years for oral sex
Sad Tea Party freshman hates his stupid new job
The money behind the bigotry
Like being hugged by a thousand babies
Hurricane Irene, as seen from space
What's fueling Bible Belt divorces
Glenn Beck, don't come back
"Mr. Flamingo, what did you do during the earthquake?"
God has 99 names, Qaddafi has 112
Breast ironing
The real grand bargain, coming undone
Jellyfish Tank
Timeline of Qaddafi's fall
Authoritarianism, Fear Of Change, Libertarianism And Nativism
Ireland's Ghost Towns
Guess who wants to raise your taxes
Woman’s yard sale to pay medical bills gets shut down
The GOP candidates have no time for your "science," scientists
'West Memphis Three' -- Convicted Of Killing Boy Scouts -- Free After Serving 17 Years In Prison
Russia's Cruellest Month: "It's no wonder that Wikipedia has an entry for Russia's August Curse."
Mean media won't let up on Bachmann "gotcha" moments
Warren Buffett says the super-rich pay lower tax rates than others. Politifact says: True
Call him crazy
The Mennonite Rapes: In Bolivia, a Trial Tears Apart a Religious Community
First responders excluded from 9/11 ceremony
I Love You Phillip Morris
Bird Nests, From Tract Housing to Skyscrapers
Crashing the Tea Party
Another birther moron in uniform
A Perry/Palin ticket?
List of Riots in London
The Horror of Homeowners’ Associations
From Jesus’ socialism to capitalistic Christianity
Lazy Days
The Mystery of Herman Cain and the Donna Summer Lyrics
GOP lawmaker who voted for a ban on gay marriage caught on gay rendezvous
Our dog, the Tea Party metaphor
Shock over 'respectable' lives behind masks of UK rioters
Fact-checking the Iowa Republican debate
Greek superstitions: The good, the bad, and the downright strange
Florida's anti-Obamacare governor pays $360 a year for state-funded health insurance
Ladies, the Apocalypse is coming and it's our fault
London riots 2011 suspects: Photos released
UK riots: Before-and-after images of the devastation
How do you argue about the size of government with someone who hates the government but cashes a government check?
Allen West Claims S&P Downgrade ‘Has Nothing To Do With Increasing Revenues’ — S&P Disagrees
Why let facts ruin the story? Norwegian comments on US coverage of the Norway terror
London riots: the third night
As Verizon Demands Huge Cuts To Worker Benefits, Its Profits Soar And Its CEO Gets $18 Million In Compensation
Geller: Obama leaked the names of the SEAL team as payback
Herman Cain Takes Weeklong Beating From Conservatives After Apologizing To Muslims
The hypocrisy of "states' rights" conservatives
‘Almost Alice’ The Illustrations of Maggie Taylor
A Sad Thing
No Western country has ever treated a witness as badly as poor Fjordman has been treated
Obama Turns 50 Despite Republican Opposition
How Bush Killed Bin Laden: Mike Huckabee’s 9/11 Educational Video
Gary The Kit-Kat Fish Forced To Go On Diet
A Who's Who of Rick Perry's Prayer Rally Endorsers
Greek austerity news continued
Michelle Bachmann's charter school banned Disney's Aladdin for promoting witchcraft
Herman Cain, Stealth Jihadi
20 Things That Kill More People Than Sharks Every Year
Pretty Food
The revival of myths about stable slave families is not a harmless gaffe, but a sign of deliberate amnesia
Gallup poll reveals common ground for Jewish and Muslim Americans
Despite insurance, medical bills push family to bankruptcy
The Tea Party, the debt ceiling, and white Southern extremism
The far-right rises in Greece
Ramadan Massacre: Videos Show Horror of Syria's Deadliest Day
Two countries that love America more than America loves itself
Honk for Grandma
"A reminder that we must always be wary of those whose love for the Jewish people is born out of hatred of Muslims or Arabs"
5-year-old calls 911
Pyramid Head
The Vidocq Society: Solving Murders Over Lunch
Much Ado About Nothing
Offensive Samosas Banned in Somalia
The Tea Party: Same Old Authoritarian Conservatives With a New Label
"The problem with American politics right now is Republican extremism, and if you’re not willing to say that, you’re helping make that problem worse. "
While cutting millions in state spending, Ohio legislators add $400M in tax breaks
Conservatives are all about limited government
Allen West, RINO
Army: AWOL soldier admits to Fort Hood attack plan
IKEA's Virginia workers vote to unionize
GOP - Special Victims Unit
Tea Party Rep. Joe Walsh sued for $100,000 in child support
Michelle Obama and McDonald's in conspiracy to kill Pajamas Media blogger
Want to Start Your Own Business? Better Try France
The price of publicly opposing anti-Muslim bigotry is higher than the price of fueling it
Source Code
Pat Buchanan: Norwegian Right-Wing Terrorist ‘Breivik May Be Right’
The Joy of Dullness
Republican Presidential Candidates Skip Latino Group Conference
James Murdoch Is Doomed: Phone Hacking's Continued Fallout
Blogging Hate: Anders Breivik's Roots in Right-Wing Populism
Europe’s Extreme Righteous
Profits up, jobs overseas
Spencer and Geller have a cow because Greece is building a mosque
Dear God, Please End Your Presidential Endorsements
Gay couples get married in New York, world keeps turning
The Undefeated Defeated By Empty Seats
Norway attacks: Utøya gunman boasted of links to UK far right
Gay barbarian horde glitters Bachmann clinic
Bi Bi Almost Goes Bye Bye
The Republicans exit history
Las Vegas resort sues Tea Party Nation over hotel bill
Idle Kingdom
Karl Rove continues his evil ways
Gay Conservatives to HRC: “Shut Up” About Bachmann
Expect conservatives to have a cow
Obama Supports Repeal of Defense of Marriage Act
Greece Threatened with Widespread, Long-Term Poverty
Tea Party Nation: "We Must Stand With The Bachmanns" Against Gay Rights
Dos Gardenias
Remember Prussian Blue?
21 Things Your Burglar Won't Tell You
The Bystander Effect
In memory of a friend
Fox News has a lot of Choot-Spa
Every time Herman Cain opens his mouth, something stupid pops out
Muslim hate crime victim asks TX court to spare life of white supremacist who shot him
TIL that Bill Cosby's son was murdered by a Ukrainian immigrant
When Planking Goes Wrong
Taco Bell Employee Quits in Best Way Possible
Verizon Tells Customer To Get A Lawyer & A Subpoena To Get An Itemized Bill
Boehner says Obama's economists figure stimulus cost at $278,000 per job. PolitiFact rating: FALSE
WSJ publisher quits in phone-hacking scandal
Casey Anthony has a lot of choot-spa
How good is your gaydar?
Debt crisis taxes cozy Greek Church-state ties
Sarah Palin Movie Debuts to Empty Theater in Orange County
Republicans listening to Erick Erickson, of course
FBI opens investigation on News Corp.
Who would be offended by this?
If this doesn't bring Americans to their senses, I don't know what will
Conservative Groups Rally Behind Bachmann’s Ex-Gay Clinics
An Eye-Opening Adventure in Socialized Medicine
Most popular baby names in Europe
More religious violence from the usual suspects
Romney rejects pledge opposing gay marriage
Fake Democrat Candidates Lose All Wisconsin Primary Races
Netflix to increase prices starting September 1
Town Council Gone Wild
We do need a prayer rally to protect us from the demonic Statue of Liberty
Under the Same Moon
The 19 Most Hated Companies in America
Louisiana decriminalizes oral and anal sex
The making of Edgar Müller's "The Crevasse"
The World's Tallest Thermometer and the Mad Greek
Kid meets husband and husband for the first time
Sikhs, Muslims, they all look the same to bigots
Cypriot defense minister resigns after blast kills 12
Gay activist goes undercover at Bachmann's clinic
It's important to instill the right sort of values in your child
9/11 victims 'may have had mobiles tapped by News of the World reporters'
Angelcots: Food Of The Gods
Somehow, the Unemployed Became Invisible
U.S. withholds $800 million in aid to Pakistan
White Supremacist Stampede
Incredibly dangerous apples
Prime Minister of Australia stops same-sex couples from getting married in New York
One-armed man arrested for clapping, mute person for shouting
James Murdoch could face criminal charges on both sides of the Atlantic
Conservatives, Republicans More Likely to Take Bible Literally
"Leave the practice of medicine up to doctors, and trust women to make the best decisions for themselves and their families"
Half of US social program recipients believe they "have not used a government social program"
Police brutality at Toronto's gay pride parade
Bachmann signs anti-porn, anti-sharia pledge
Reduce the budget or keep Social Security?
Orrin Hatch: The 'Poor' Should Do More To Shrink Debt, Not The Rich
How cork is made: an illustrated guide
The Mother of All No-Brainers
Verdict reached in Casey Anthony trial
Srebrenica Victims Win Lawsuit Against the Dutch
Permissive parents: Curb your brats
The Saltine Challenge
A Werewolf Mystery
Happy 4th of July
The Least Free Places on Earth, 2011
What failure to raise the debt ceiling will look like
While just 1 percent of Americans are millionaires, 66 percent of senators are millionaires, as are 41 percent of House members
Someone is in desperate need of anger management classes
The polls are in: Americans do support higher taxes
Hail to the Housewife
Kansas’ War on Abortion
The Tale of the Floating Chinese Officials
Stephen and his Super PAC
Syntagma Square, June 29
A very sad day for teabaggers
8 Signs Your Governor Has a Koch Problem
Bachmann Against Medicaid Except When Her Husband Benefits
Don't piss off the crow, he'll never forget it
How Canadians Know You're American
Tacky, tacky, tacky
Understand our antelope
The living are being ruled by the dead
In major test, appeals court upholds Democratic healthcare law
Hide your kids, hide your wife!
The Real Story Behind Glenn Beck’s Hellish Outdoor Movie Nightmare
Ohio House Passes ‘Heartbeat Bill,’ The Most Radical Anti-Abortion Bill In The Nation
Greece in Debt, Eurozone in Crisis
48-hour general strike in Greece
Tea Party Nation's Anti-Gay Campaign Continues
Fact-checking Michele Bachmann
Magnetic underpants and the power of Jesus
Serial husband doesn't want his marriages muddled by gays
Guys in funny hats want to play with the federal budget
First World Problems
Teabagger TV
Churches that take state funds must play by the rules on gay marriage
6 Shocking Ways Robots Are Already Becoming Human
Greece and the euro: The brewing storm
30 Creepiest Trees on Earth
Sharia in Massachusetts
Gay Marriage Approved by N.Y. Senate
"Princess Bride" Grandpa Peter Falk Dies
Half Of World’s Refugees Are Running From U.S. Wars
Jews, Muslims File Suit Against Proposed Circumcision Ban
Actual News Headlines Vs. Fox News Headlines
Supreme Court: Data Mining Of Prescription Drug Records Is Free Speech
Greece: Shock, outrage, and half-assed measures
Blogger jailed over critical restaurant review
What American English sounds like to non-English speakers
7 Hotly Debated Movie Questions That Totally Have Answers
When Economies Fail: Inside Greece's Great Urban Exodus
Loukanikos has his own song
Perfectly timed photos
The Onion is seeking a Pulitzer, any Pulitzer
A life well-lived
“Bigots and homophobes please put your literature here”
"Wonder why many minorities have problems with G.O.P.?"
"Gay people not allowed to swim here"
Maryland Closes Nightmare Unpermitted Kids’ Lemonade Stand
Leave Chris Alone!
Irony alert: Buy KFC's 800-calorie soda to support diabetes research
A summer obsession
UN backs gay rights for first time ever
Commercial Flight in the 1930s
House of Snakes
Greek government in coalition talks
Aptostichus stephencolberti
How to tell the birds from the flowers - A manual of flornithology
Federal judge upholds Walker's ruling to strike down California's same-sex marriage ban
More than 60,000 Americans were forcibly sterilised as part of a eugenics movement that finished in 1979
House Republicans Cut Food Assistance For Low-Income Families While Protecting Azaleas
The Tea Party's Economic Emphasis
Open, and Revolting, Anti-Obama Racism at Fox
Who elects these nutjobs?
GOP Primary Debate
Gay girl in Damascus is a married American man in Istanbul
The newest conspiracy theory: Weiner is a secret Muslim
A climate change wave of hate
Religious minorities suffer violent attacks from Bulgarian nationalists
Colbert Defends Breitbart's 'Accidental' Release Of Weiner Photo
Prison Math
God Caught Backing Multiple GOP Candidates for President
Roger Ebert, Lawbreaker
Minimalist movie posters
Tenn. law bans posting images that "cause emotional distress"
Poll: Egyptians Don't Want Theocracy
Best promotion of a movie theater
Greek austerity plan draws 80,000 to Athens square
It’s an outrage! Rainbow flag hoisted in full view of America’s Family Foundation
Our Fantasy Nation?
Wave At The Bus
Paul Ryan’s Ayn Rand Problem
Victim blinded in a post-9/11 hate crime now fights for his attacker's life
Kid Sells Kidney for iPad 2, Regrets Transaction
Shariah in Florida: Blood money paid to avoid prison
Anti-Abortion Groups Push To Outlaw Contraceptives By Redefining Personhood
Still hoping for a secular miracle
GOP wants to end Medicare but demands that TV station yanks ad which claims that GOP wants to end Medicare
The Googliest author
Friday Fun Facts
Blagojevic wanted to appoint himself to Senate so he could go to Afghanistan and capture Bin Laden
A teacher creates a recess running program in her school and test scores go up, discipline problems go down, and 99% of the kids choose to participate
Distinguished Member of Congress
Georgia passed strict immigration enforcement law, now wonders why it has a farm labor shortage
How The Year 2000 Was Envisioned in 1910
Rand Paul, Supposed Defender Of Civil Liberties, Calls For Jailing People Who Attend ‘Radical Political Speeches’
The Sky Is Falling - 42 years of predictions about the imminent bankruptcy of Medicare
Five myths about America’s schools
Mexican union thug at work
An alternative to socialized health care
The 50 State Conspiracy Road Trip
The anthrax killings: A troubled mind
If this was my child, I'd sell it
To cut or not to cut?
Stories from The Onion as interpreted by Facebook
It's Friday again!
Sleeping with the fishes
Greek protests without riots
Birthers desperate for Trump to rejoin the flock
Banned from the House *and* from Walmart
Republican Asks Women To Plan Ahead For Rape
Not all policemen work in big cities
Dove Ad Casts Spotlight On Madison Avenue Racism
How Roger Ailes Built the Fox News Fear Factory
Children of recent immigrants are America's science superstars
Casey Anthony blames her father for her daughter's death
Eight Kinds of Conspiracy Theorist
Nearly Half of Americans Are ‘Financially Fragile’
Qaddafi's last American friend
Herman Cain displays his vast knowledge about the U.S. Constitution
More Solid Proof That Obamacare Is Working
Focus on the Family: "We've probably lost on gay marriage"
Tea Party calls security on seniors at townhall meeting they're not allowed to attend
The Birthers are now going after their own
The No-Vacation Nation
The majority in France see ex-IMF chief as setup victim
Fantasy Island
Apocalypse believers shocked after appointed hour passes
The lighted frog
Westboro Baptist Church raises $44,000 for gay men's group
Bush-Era Tax Cuts Will Be Largest Contributor To Public Debt
The Spencer Scholarship Plan
CDC Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse
The Myth of a Lazy Southern Europe
Jersey Shore 101
Obama restates continuous American policy on ME, right wing goes nuts
The Week O' Newt: Half Campaign, Half Destruction Derby
Where our next war will be
Wisconsin Governor Walker moves to ban hospital visitation rights for same-sex couples
Santorum: What does McCain know about torture?
IMF Chief Arrested on Attempted Rape Charges
Greece goes to the dogs
Like son like father
Sir Nils Olav, Colonel-in-Chief
GOP Congressmen Would Like Democrats to Please Stop Mentioning That They Voted to Kill Medicare
Ladies, it's never too early to start your daughters on Botox
Five Tea Party leaders who are nicely compensated for leading the allegedly leaderless movement
Greece will crash, so build up the buffers
Rand Paul: If You Believe In A Right To Health Care, ‘You Believe In Slavery’
Wisconsin Assembly rejects requirements for communities to disinfect their water
Claiming undeserving credit
Florida State University sells its integrity for $1.5 million
Why American health care costs so much
Bashar the Butcher
Illegal immigrants paid $11.2B in taxes last year, unlike GE, which paid zero
Tea Party Leader: We'll Take The Debt Ceiling Hike If You Put Gay Troops Back In The Closet
US ranks 17 as clean tech producer, China is No. 2
Happy Mother's Day!
The week's craziness
Despite economic growth, India lets its girls die
The Truth About American Exceptionalism
The Dyatlov Pass incident
Ice Cream Show
How to lose friends and alienate people
Bin Laden's refuge
Another poor and struggling Congressman connects with his constituents
Trump, Birtherism, and Race-Baiting
Tornadoes devastate South, killing at least 281
A Gay Girl in Damascus gets a visit from the security services
The Birther Disgrace
A Teahouse in China
The futility of reasoning with crazy
Tea Party's Hopes For Atlas Shrugged Trilogy Foiled By Terrible Reviews
Vermont falls victim to socialism
Happy Easter!
The Green Man
Welcome to Michigan, the land of Dickens
There is no gay in Tennessee
Tea Time with the Posse: Inside an Idaho Tea Party Patriots Conference
A U.S. doctor discovers Canadian health care
U.S. Ranks Dead Last In Overall Social Spending
Trump Warns Cantor Not To Give Up Birther Fight: 'People Love This Issue'
‘Pro-Life’ Alaska GOP Kills Health Bill To Insure Thousands Of Low-Income Women And Children
Borders puts 6,000 people out of work, rewards executives with millions in bonuses
Another Racist Orange County Republican Email: President Obama and His Parents Are Apes
Empowering ignorance for political gain
Who cares about jobs, we have gay marriage to defeat
This is what happens when we let the inmates run the asylum
We cut $75 million in homeless veteran benefits and promised $27.4 million for NASCAR sponsorships
Obama Urges Cuts and Taxes on the Rich
Mail a coconut
Christian conservatives display their usual compassion and tolerance
Video Game Pioneer Jerry Lawson Dies
Canada's New Democratic Party promises national broadband and net neutrality
War on the Weak: How the GOP came to view the poor as parasites—and the rich as our rightful rulers
Top American Evangelicals Will Miss Ivory Coast’s Captured Dictator
"In the U.S., they treat teachers like pizza delivery boys and then do efficiency studies on how well they deliver the pizza."
First they came for our Aqua Net
What are the hardest languages to learn?
Aetna CEO: I would be turned down for health insurance
Incredibly Bizarre Animals with Unusual Human Faces
Ban Interracial Marriage? 46 Percent of Mississippi Republicans Say Yes
Palin unfavorable rating reaches new high
The Chernobyl Legacy
Anti-Gay Marriage Strategist Declares Support For Marriage Equality
WND foils yet another attempt by President Obama to fool real Americans
The government is about to shut down over Planned Parenthood
Service Chiefs Testify They Have Not Run Into Problems In Implementing DADT Repeal
This is your captain screaming
After Promoting Birther Conspiracy, Donald Trump Vaults Into First Place In Presidential Primary
Fair Game
Paul Ryan's Absurdly Optimistic Budget Projections Draw Widespread Ridicule
The Military's Secret Shame
FDA opens up competition for pregnancy drug
Alaska GOP turns to fringe blogger as Islam expert
Top 7 worst website names
Wisconsin GOP goes bonkers
Unfavorable View Of Tea Party Hits Record High
State of Web Design in Greece
Fox News executive admits his attempt to link Obama to socialism was a lie
American workers got what they deserved
Money talks, bigotry walks
Funny Pictures Of Pregnant Women
One more incredible video of the Japan tsunami
Rapes of Women Show Clash of Old and New India
Scott Walker Kills His Wisconsin Union Busting Bill By Publishing It
The Glenn Beck Channel
Gov Hurts
An Incurable Condition
Little Otik
Threats cause Iowa community to cancel controversial anti-terror training
What the right means when it calls NPR "liberal"
Lost your kid's stuffed toy? Reddit will find it for you
Union thug sells shoe collection to help fellow union thugs
Welcome to Debtors' Prison, 2011 Edition
Bryan Fischer: Muslims Have No First Amendment Rights
How television created and then killed Sarah Palin’s political prospects
Hugs From Libyans
Pole Dancing for Jesus
Meet the Republicans’ Devastating Triple Threat: ‘The Joe’s’
Why Martians Became Extinct
Republican Priorities
Huckabee Supports Bringing Back DADT: ‘Soldiers In The Foxholes Make The Decisions’
Tea Party darling's homophobic rant
2,405 Shot Dead Since Tucson
Elderly Gay Man Stoned to Death in Pennsylvania
A Law Against Lying on the News--Why Canada has one and the U.S. doesn’t
GOP Bill Would Force IRS to Conduct Abortion Audits
Latino Voters Have 'Widely Negative' Views Of GOP
U.N. Approves Airstrikes to Halt Attacks by Qaddafi Forces
The Tefillin Terror Threat
Latest James O'Keefe NPR Tape Immediately Proves A Dud
Donald Trump rides the birther train
Rush Limbaugh Seizes Opportunity to Mock Japan
The GOP’s penny-wise, pound-foolish spending cuts
Still Life Paintings by Luciano Ventrone
$10 drug now $1500 after FDA grants monopoly
Why Japan Will Prevail
Daily Show Nails Peter King's Hypocrisy For Supporting Irish Terror Group
Kim Jong-il looking at things
Wis. GOP strips public workers' bargaining rights
White Supremacist arrested for MLK Day attempted bombing
From Irish Radical to Muslim Inquisitor
Bills Republicans have blocked since Obama became President
Republicans improve their priorities once again
Inside a troubled fundamentalist Mormon sect
What Have The Unions Ever Done For Us?
Tea Party, meet Reality
Ken Jennings does an AMA on Reddit. His nick? WatsonsBitch.
Anti-union bill passed in Ohio
Never Let Me Go
What Huckabee will be campaigning on (and losing)
Charlie Sheen v Muammar Gaddafi: whose line is it anyway?
Polling Evangelicals: Cut Aid to World's Poor, Unemployed
Tea Party Vision of Statehood
African mercenaries in Libya nervously await their fate
Media largely ignores massive Wisconsin protests on Saturday
Anonymous Hacks Westboro Baptist Church Website During Live Confrontation
Gadhafi hold whittled away as Libya revolt spreads
Fake "Koch brother" calls up Wisconsin governor
Chicago gets its first Jewish mayor
Taxes are for little people
Bahrain Antoinette: Let Them Eat LOL :)
Libya using fighter jets to kill protesters
10 More Websites Glenn Beck Doesn't Trust, Other Than Google
Revolution Week
“Sesame Street” is fair game, but the Daytona 500 is untouchable
Diet Coke and Mentos
Huckabee: Abortion issue trumps all
John "Where Are The Jobs?!" Boehner: If Jobs Are Lost As A Result Of GOP Spending Cuts 'So Be It'
Defector admits to WMD lies that triggered Iraq war
Anti-government protests spread to Iran
The 25 'Best' Quotes of CPAC 2011
I'm Outta Here!
Everything Is Infiltrated
Completely Impossible Pictures
Arrest warrant for Pakistan's Musharraf
Keep Your Government Hands Off My Government Programs!
New Tea Party Magazine Explains "Top Colleges Turn Kids Into Stupid Leftists"
The Apostate
The Big Picture: Chinese New Year
Arizona Proposes Secession Bill
George W. Bush Worried That America Is Becoming 'Nativist'
Working mom responds to Gwyneth Paltrow's advice to working moms
Egyptian protesters' makeshift helmets – in pictures
Why Egypt revolt threatens al Qaeda
Architecture gone wild
Stairway to Heaven (Climbing Towers)
Egyptian Public’s Views Toward United States Are Much Improved
The Invisible Man: Liu Bolin's amazing camouflage artwork
GOP senator favors cutting US aid to Israel
Mubarak says government will resign, he'll appoint a new one
Ayn Rand took government assistance while decrying others who did the same
Colbert on the Tea Partiers fighting "social engineering" of school integration
Sergio Leone remix of truck-eating bridge
400 rabbis protest Glenn Beck’s use of Holocaust imagery
Two protesters killed in Egypt
America Is Losing Its Edge In Innovation
Trial of Arizona Minuteman accused of killing 9-year-old girl begins
Glenn Beck's Ranting Sparks Death Threats Against 78-Year-Old Sociologist
Theoni V. Aldredge, Costume Designer, Dies at 88
Countdown is down and out
Tunisia's Sudden Press Freedom
Myth of the Hero Gunslinger
Bruno, Borat, Saddam
Fox News Most Distrusted Name in News
Slight Uptick In Pedestrian Deaths Is Apparently Michelle Obama's Fault
Game Made By 14-Year-Old Knocks 'Angry Birds' Out Of Top Spot
The Mariana Trench Shown To Unsettling Scale
Q and A With Tea Partier on Health Care
Pharmacist Denies Anti-Bleeding Medication Because Woman Might Have Had an Abortion
Disabled Kids Walk With Jesus, Lefty Journos With Satan
Bangladesh arrests leader behind 'beggar amputees'
List of Misquotations
The 28th Most Dangerous Man in America
Being Poor Can Suppress Children's Genetic Potentials
After Giffords Shooting, Other Threatened Politicians Decry Arizona's History Of Extremism
Climate of Hate
The Identity Preserving Balaclava Project
When Insurers Put Profit Before People
The Great Slavic Swinging Baby Mystery of 2011
More Small Businesses Offering Health Care To Employees Thanks to Health Care Reform
Rare Greek dialect alive in Turkey
The European approach to teens, sex, and love, in pictures
'Tea party' freshmen embrace status quo
First infiltrated by the gays, now infiltrated by the Muslims
Deadly warning to Pakistan liberals
Gay-Straight Alliances At Public Schools Have The Religious Right To Thank
Obama’s Approval Rating Jumps To 50%
Day 983 of my captivity.
Christopher Hitchens: How To Make a Decent Cup of Tea
The Girl Who Played With Magnets
Spain's Lost Children
Happy New Year, Bloggie!
The New Voodoo
Mistakes of the Dwyer Family Christmas newsletter
Outgoing GOP Congressman Denounces “Obama Hatred” In The GOP
Odds of cancer from TSA scanners about the same as terrorist blowing up your plane
Whatever happened to the "ground zero mosque"?
Ruth Gordon winning Best Supporting Actress for "Rosemary's Baby"
"Yes, it was that bad"
Primero Hay Que Aprender Español. Ranhou Zai Xue Zhongwen.
Poll: Most Americans Support Health Law Or Want To Make It More Progressive
Judith Miller: From the Times to the nuts
Rosie The Riveter Dead At 86
Park51 opponents launch Justin Bieber boycott
The Poorhouse: Aunt Winnie, Glenn Beck, And The Politics Of The New Deal
Why Did You Buy Me That?
"Secession and the Confederacy was all about treason on behalf of slavery, and we have to call it what it was."
2010 moments of pure crazy
Latest Right-Wing Freak-Out: Obama Wants To Give Manhattan Back To Native Americans
Conservative groups boycott CPAC because the dreaded gays were invited
Help! Theyre making me write a book!
How To Run Snitches Inside Terrorist Groups
The birthers' obsession
Cuban medics in Haiti put the world to shame
Jon Stewart's advocacy role in 9/11 bill passage
The Big (Military) Taboo
Now taking nominations for the most annoying song of 2010
The Year Kenny Loggins Ruined Christmas
John Rabe
Merry Christmas!
More proof that we're living in the end times
What do Mitterand, Nazis, the Mossad, and UFOs have in common?
Notes from Chris: Hilarious Experimental Urban Art
OCD Santa
There is a Qur'an written in Saddam Hussein's blood and no one knows what to do with it
Bin Laden’s Lonely Crusade
Colombian Army Ambushes Guerillas With Stealth Christmas Tree
Errors in the Encyclopædia Britannica that have been corrected in Wikipedia
Inheriting the Hoard
40% Of Americans, Majority Of Republicans, Reject Evolution
Ailing Greece Struggles with a Flood of Illegal Immigrants
Worst Responders
The Tears of John Boehner
Black segregation in US drops to lowest in century
Mugabe and the White African
Kosovo PM is head of human organ and arms ring, Council of Europe reports
Allen West calls for censoring U.S. media
Richard Holbrooke, U.S. Diplomat, Dead at 69
The Covert War Against Iran's Nuclear Program
You farted in Publix yesterday
Yad Vashem: Forbidding rental to Arabs is a blow to Jewish values
Lego Antikythera Mechanism
Tea Party Economics
"If they put Jews into gas chambers in the Soviet Union, it is not an American concern"
Madoff son commits suicide
Hitchens Blasts Tea Party: 'The Mad Ideas of Exploded Crackpots And Bigots'
Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and Julian
Celebrate Christmas or else!
Looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right
Elizabeth Smart abductor found guilty on all counts
When Brits became Greeks for a day
In Latest Compromise With GOP, Obama Agrees He Is a Muslim
The Dark Lord of Coal Country
Texas Company Helped Pimp Little Boys To Stoned Afghan Cops
Elizabeth Edwards dies at 61
The Quaid Conspiracy
Old men are having sex
Reality show stars commiserate about "media scrutiny"
The bitter orange war
How many dinosaurs can fit into Noah's Ark?
Everyday Normal Guy
Dark Shadows
U.S. State Songs
Repealing Common Sense
Tea Party Caucus Takes $1 Billion In Earmarks
Chinese politician ordered attack on Google after Googling his own name
Republican priorities: Tax cuts for the wealthy more important than unemployment benefits
Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple
Pentagon study dismisses risk of openly gay troops
10 Anti-Gay Myths Debunked
Gerhard Schroeder accuses George W Bush of 'not telling truth' in memoirs
Wikileaks sparks international diplomacy crisis
Troops buck historical trend by saying gays OK
Mon Oncle
Amazing 8 Year Old Owns Adult In Dance-Off
Beware the pencil weapons of mass destruction
Score another one for intelligence
North Korea prepares for war
You Don't Treat Me No Good
FoxNation readers need to enroll in Satire 101
Jury in Texas convicts ex-House Majority Leader Tom DeLay in money laundering trial
The Shadow Artist
Sarah Palin: We've got to stand with our North Korean allies
Canada's austerity measures: no booze for bureaucrats
Americans pay too much for health care
Vin americanii!
Vatican: Condoms for all!
Netflix price increase: pay 18% more for the same service
Happy Toilet Day!
When ignorance becomes a movement
Sarah Palin says she could beat President Obama in 2012
Insurers gave $86 million to defeat health care reform
Bristol Palin must be a terrible dancer
One Hundred Naked Citizens: One Hundred Leaked Body Scans
Mob in Athens abuses Muslims as they celebrate Eid
A Step Closer To Idiocracy
A French Hero
This land is dark, dank, and void of hope
Deadly terrorism existed before 9/11
Say No To Socialism
If you don't believe what you're preaching, should you still be preaching it?
Twelve-year-old girl attacked because of her name
TSA - Your Naked Photos Are Safe With Us
Chinese petitioners confined in mental wards
Babies eating lemons for the first time
ADL Condemns Glenn Beck For 'Offensive,' 'Horrific' Attacks On George Soros
To All Who Have Served
Iraq's Christians Vow to Survive — With Muslim Help
A Map of the World
Socialists win regional elections, Greeks support austerity measures
Let's put this guy in charge of energy policy
Bush: "I’d have endorsed Obama if they’d asked me.”
Ball Droppings
Paper Art
Trashcare reeks of socialism
Barack Obama's Indonesian Tranny Nanny
Our Banana Republic
Fugitive Pieces
Reading Lights in WWII Japan
A Visual Guide to Income Inequality
Shawna Forde, Minutemen leader, racist, murderer
Dog and Dolphin
The miraculous rejuvenating power of airplane bathrooms
McConnell Already Threatening To Make The US Default
Glenn Beck Fantasizes About Obama Being Assassinated In India
Anti-Gay Groups Score Big in Iowa
4 parcel bombs found in Greece; 1 wounded
God, Earth and Anti-Science Idiots
Tea Party Movement Alienating Young Voters
Leave it to a Greek to upset the status quo
Dead Drops
How the Republican Congress will abandon Tea Party ideas and legislate toward the center
Photos from the Stewart/Colbert rally
Debt Collection Firm Accused Of Setting Up Phony Courtroom
We don't need facts, we have gloom and doom
Saint Glenn of the Unhinged
Cease and Desist
Abortion doctors put on "Wanted" posters
6 Secret Monopolies You Didn't Know Run the World
Russia jails two ultranationalists for 15 racist murders
I really hate Gawker for making me do this, but ... I'm going to have to defend Christine O'Donnell
Mom kills baby for interrupting Farmville
Top 5 Worst Rand Paul Supporters
E.U. deploys border guards to Greece
Republicans want to repeal health care reform but offer no alternatives
My Opponent Knows Where Washington Is On A Map; I Don't, And I Never Will
La Marche
Myth and Reality
10 Best Political Cartoons For This Halloween
Meg Whitman endorses Jerry Brown
Husband confronts abortion protesters
Gauging the scope of the tea party movement in America
NPR receiving calls from irate "long-time viewers" who threaten to stop "watching"
There is a man in Chihuahua and she's a woman
Crocodile on plane kills 19 passengers
Republican House Candidate Calls For Violent Government Overthrow If GOP Loses Election
Pictures of Muslims Wearing Things
All Terrorists are Muslims…Except the 99.6% that Aren’t
Why Obama Administration Lawyers Fight For A DADT Policy Obama Opposes
The consequences of not offering a good health care plan
A bizarre "olive branch"
A Tea Party of populist posers
'Hang them': Uganda paper publishes photos of gays
Savage Messiah
The Lazarus sign
Personhood Colorado and "The Angel of Death"
The Dark Side of Proposition 19
Glenn Beck's timeline of American history
First a Muslim soup, and now a Muslim mayor
Gay kids in foster care
The Peanut Gallery, Now in the Dugout
Sephardi leader Yosef: Non-Jews exist to serve Jews
The World's Jon Stewarts
Don't cut benefits, don't raise taxes, just magically fix it!
How Tea Partiers Get the Constitution Wrong
Five times we almost nuked ourselves by accident
Obama! The Musical
Truly Awesome Pumpkins
Iran infuriated by film about stoning, just fine with real stoning
Car-eating Bunnies!
GOP candidate criticizes state health care for others, praises it for herself
The last Soviet-style economy in Europe
The Lonely Funeral
Arguments that would've confused our ancestors
Add Venezuela to our list of countries to bomb
Stephen Fry on Trolling and Online Stupidity
The Mis-Informant
Bloggie prays that we always pay our server costs on time
Carl Paladino is right about gay pride parades and wrong about gay marriage
Europe's Capital of Antisemitism
More Tea Party Hilarity
First miner is out!
Federal judge orders 'don't ask, don't tell' injunction
Forget the Birthers; Here Come the DNAers
Another patriot falls victim to liberal conspiracy
Phantoms in the snow
Rich Iott: Who Are We To Judge Nazis?
Why Superman Hates Facebook
Byron Williams attack follows numerous right-wing terrorism incidents in recent years
An alarming state of affairs
March of the Emperor
Hey Bullies: It Gets Worse
Chauffeured By Google
My Jesus Carries A Crowbar
Best Jobs in America
Michigan Man Arrested With Bomb Materials, Loaded Gun, Bullet-Proof Vest and Picture Of Obama
Mickey Mouse discovers that Donald Duck/Glenn Beck mashup is a government conspiracy
Behold the rabbitduck
Far-Right Supporters Throw Molotov Cocktails At Gay Pride Parade In Belgrade, Serbia
The Week's Best Late-Night Jokes
The Twittergate Conspiracy
Toddlers and Tiaras
Glenn Beck loves promoting antisemitic authors
Bullies attended dead girl's funeral, walked up to her casket and laughed at her
Such lovely neighbors
Budding pirate needs help with school mutiny; Captain Sparrow shows up to offer support
Sharron Angle: Muslim law taking hold in parts of US
200-Year-Old Echoes in Muslim Center Uproar
Glenn Beck Mocks Fire Victims, Reaches New Depths of Awfulness
Sarah Palin is fighting against "a culture of death"
Top Evangelical David Barton: Maybe Government Should 'Regulate Homosexuality'
Security company ad tricks people into thinking their houses were burgled
Tea Party Is Much Like the Religious Right -- Only More So
Meg Whitman, hypocrite
If you do this in an email, I hate you
The Ministry of Propaganda has seized control of the Politburo
8 Priests Arrested for Something Other Than Touching Kids
Kitten on a 9,000 mile journey
Photographer Jason Lee's adorable pictures of his daughters
Why Johnny Can't Program: A New Medium Requires A New Literacy
British schools where girls must wear a full burqa
The Very Useful Idiocy of Christine O’Donnell
Park51 design unveiled, American Thunker and Atlas Shrugs go apoplectic
Donald Duck Discovers Glenn Beck
You Must Forward This Story to Five Friends
Elitist Nonsense
Tourists in Vegas Tormented by Death Ray
The Governator Decriminalizes Pot
What to do with grandma's and grandpa's swinger tapes?
Michigan Attorney General Defends Creepy Gay-Student-Harassing Assistant
Locked and Loaded: The Secret World of American Militias
Disabled Man to Tea Party: 'Reforming Social Security Would Cut My Lifeline'
"Young conservative filmmaker" James O'Keefe is a sick creep
Seventeen bullets in a song
Are there any universities Christine O'Donnell has not attended?
Drone attacks in Pakistan foil terror attack on UK, France and Germany
Tea and Crackers
Atheists and Agnostics, Jews and Mormons Score Best on Religious Knowledge Survey
Operation Rescue founder instructs his "fellow Tea Party activists" how to pull their own Koran-tearing stunts
$93,000 cancer drug: How much is a life worth?
A burial in Tibet - Not safe for work or for the faint-hearted
Let Me Watch This!
Ten of the greatest optical illusions
Same party, different name
Would An Earwig Really Crawl Into Your Ear?
Who Will Protect This Congresswoman From Her Vietnamese Tormentors?
Downhill With the G.O.P.
We should do this too and name ours Freedom Water
Mentally handicapped Danes, including children, were lobotomised until 1983
Stephen Colbert to testify as an expert witness during a U.S. House committee hearing on illegal immigrant farm workers
Rotting Food Time Lapse
Doctors Confess Their Fatal Mistakes
Another anti-gay crusader accused of being secretly gay
Watch the Brand New Harry Potter Trailer
Innocence Lost
Sharron Angle has a very strange idea about freedom of press
The nasty politics of 10 percent unemployment
For lack of a sane immigration policy
Never Say No To Panda
Dad arrested for doing the right thing
The Gandalf And Magneto Twitter Machine Scandal
Terminator Arrives in New Jersey
Obama To Tea Party: 'Identify, Specifically, What Would You Do?'
Blog Del Narco, the anonymous tracker of Mexico's ultraviolent drug war
Voice Recognition Elevator in Scotland
So a Comedian Sits Next to Former GOP Chairman Ken Mehlman on a Plane...
We No Speak Americano
Surely you don't want to be alone in there
No idiocy is too extreme to be taken seriously by the Tea Party crowd
Molly Noris, 'Draw Mohammed' cartoonist, goes into hiding
Selection of a DNA aptamer for homocysteine using systematic evolution of ligands by exponential enrichment
Bearded Lady Reunites With Long-Lost Son
Off to get my Blog Editor Dress
Clash of the Titans
Washington woman admits acid attack was a hoax
What to do when body parts fall off
Tea Party cannibals
Palin Advises Christine O’Donnell To ‘Speak Through Fox News’
Ed Koch and Al D'Amato slam Paladino's nomination
Seven out of ten Greek college graduates want to work abroad
You're Rich. Get Over It.
2010 Primary Results: Tea Party Versus The GOP Establishment
The secret, decoded text of Obama's speech to children
Who watches the watchers?
French Senate passes ban on full Muslim veils
The 25 Most Baffling Toys From Around the World
"America, You Gotta Have Our Back"
To read or not to read?
Temple Grandin
Greek protests are back, it must be autumn
Glenn Beck's anti-gay army of God
Muslims in America increasingly alienated as hatred grows in Bible belt
The science of sexy dance moves
Top Social Conservative Bryan Fischer: 'Handle Muslims Just Like We Handle The Neo-Nazis'
Fidel Castro to Ahmadinejad: 'Stop Slandering the Jews'
Inside the strange world of "Hoarders"
Afghans protest US church's plans to burn Quran
America’s History of Fear
A 170-page instruction manual on how to molest children
Montana Tea Party President finds the murder of Matthew Shepard amusing
Why 'Islamophobia' is less thinly veiled in Europe
Charting the Emotions of 9/11 — Minute by Minute
Perhaps being trapped in the mine is not so bad after all
Was it rape?
Palestinians renovate Christian church so monks can have a new roof to fight over
What to do about Hamas? We'll just pretend it's not there
Barbour To GOP: ‘Quit Acting’ Like We Can Deport All Undocumented, Search For ‘Common Sense’ Solutions
"Are you aware that you're dying?"
The Future of American Food: Deep-Fried Beer
Republican Orrin Hatch Stands Up For Cordoba House
Tennessee Mosque Received Threats Before Fire
Obama ends Iraq combat effort: Time to turn page
Bollywood Jesus Comes To Israel
Baghdad Residents Mourn Departure of Former Enemy
Obama's goal: End Iraq war, then win Mideast peace
Taliban is delighted with the opposition to Park51
The Japanese Tea Party
Top 7 insane homeowners association rules
Testicle Taste Testing
Stabbed cabbie out of work, worries about feeding family
Wikileaks founder is a freeloader who bangs his groupies
NYC mosque debate will shape American Islam
Riot police battles EDL
Videos of 11-foot-8 trestle eating 12-foot trucks
Apostle Beck
A brutal yard sale
A Filibuster Fix
The Democrats' Recession Problem
Thousands rally in Jerusalem on Gilad Schalit's birthday
Reddit Tells Conde Nast to Go to Hell
Are Wikileaks Activists Finally Realizing Their Founder Is a Megalomaniac?
Dog Days
Mexico massacre investigator missing; blasts hit TV and police stations
Taliban attacks another girls' school with poison gas
Carter frees a hostage
Video of the trapped miners in Chile
Ground Zero Mosque Mania Gets the Taiwanese Animation Treatment
Mexico's Shame
Glenn Beck's Non-Political Political Rally
Pakistani Taliban threaten foreign aid workers
The Ghost Writer
The Daily Show Takes On The Mothership of Jihad
Woman who put cat in garbage bin, is under police guard
Meet Bruce Majors: The Tea Partier Advising Beck Rally-Goers To Stay Off The Green And Yellow Lines
Vandalism at Madera Islamic center called hate crime
The Tea Party's "Educator" and most highly regarded individual
Maverick Vs "Free Money!" Huckster
Danger! Bus Parking For Beck’s 8/28 Rally Is Outside The Recommended ‘Safe Zone’
Bloomberg once again defends religious freedom
Brick Stone Vs. The Westboro Baptist Church
Fight radical Islam by turning off Fox News
Cambodia's Acid Attack Victims
The Mother of All Traffic Jams
Mark Williams' New Line On NYC Mosque: Mayor Bloomberg Is A 'Judenrat'
"Constitutionalists" don't really like the Constitution very much
33 miners in Chile are alive, but will be stuck for months
California apologizes for mistreatment of Italian residents during WWII
The most isolated man on the planet
The Councilwoman, the football coach, and the hilarious use of Photoshop
Anti-Islam Protest in U.S. Bolsters Extremists
Rape investigation of WikiLeaks founder
This Exists: An Anti-Ground Zero Mosque Country Song
Why Doesn't the World Care About Pakistanis? Because they live in Pakistan.
War Fears May be Overblown as Iran Brings its Nuclear Reactor Online
Police arrested in northern Mexico mayor's killing
Behind the "Obama is a Muslim" myth, stand the usual suspects
Mad Hot Ballroom
Sexy Mermaid Jonah and other biblical coloring book disasters
The Strange World of Sharron Angle
Tweedledim defends Tweedledumb
Flight attendant takes baby being slapped by mom
McDonalds' "Come as you are" campaign has finally taken it too far
And on the seventh day he skateboarded
The Moral Cowardice of Harry Reid
Sister Mary Pedantic Gets Booted From Starbucks
Why Catholics should thank anti-Catholic bigots
Where have you gone George Bush, our nation turns its lonely eyes to you
How the "ground zero mosque" fear mongering began
America's "Nelson Mandela" Vows to Keep Fighting After Supreme Court Denies Birther Appeal
My Dog: An Unconditional Love Story
Birthright Citizenship: A GOP Achievement
Jerrold Nadler: "We do not put the Bill of Rights to a vote"
President Obama: "Muslims have the same right to practice their religion as anyone else in this country."
Unsuck It
Happy Friday the 13th!
Reporters Without Borders to Julian Assange: ‘‘A bad precedent for the Internet’s future’’
Dinosaur man: playing creationists at their own game
Anchor Babies And Terror Babies
The beard is off!
Amnesty International, Human Rights Groups Ask Wikileaks To Censor Civilians' Names
Mosque controversy is just the beginning
Flight Attendant Pops Emergency Chute, Escapes Plane at JFK
The endless dispute between the French and the Germans
Victims of Afghan massacre gave years of service
Ted Olson To Chris Wallace On Marriage Equality: ‘Would You Like Fox’s Right To Free Press Put Up To A Vote?’
Conservative Christians protest mosque built on the hallowed ground of Bridgeport, Connecticut
Obama’s “Socialist” Revolution Comes Up Short
Palin vs. PolitiFact
My cousin, SpongeBob
TSA is keeping us safe from snow globes
Iranian facing stoning speaks: 'It's because I'm a woman'
Neo-Nazi Official Patrolling Arizona Border Lauds Violence
Terrorist hunter should stick to making sandwiches
Cancer patients quit life-extending drugs in recession
Fareed Zakaria: "I believe we should promote Muslim moderates right here in America. And why I'm returning an award to the ADL."
Mark Williams Is Back In The Tea Party
The Taliban's New Target
Russia's wildfire disaster
Iraq: Requiem for a Profound Misadventure
Why did no one object to the "Pentagon mosque"?
Senate confirms Kagan as 112th justice
The consequences of gay marriage
27% Of Americans Doubt Obama's Citizenship -- Including 41% of Republicans
Tea Party Nation Asks: Has An Illegal Immigrant Taken Advantage Of You?
California's same-sex marriage ban overturned
Topic of Cancer
Videotape the police pulling you over, face sixteen years in prison
Senate tackles serious threat: Pot brownies
Greek Government Hauls in Billions in Back Taxes
Confessions of a Tea Party Casualty
Evangelicals Condemn Planned Quran Burning
Mosque vandalized in Texas
Cops: Murder suspect wanted to start a coup
Mistaken as an Iranian Martyr, Then Hounded
How Pakistan Helps the Taliban
Bristol Palin: The Neverending Soap Opera
Baby baiting
Brazil offers haven to Sakineh Ashtiani
WikiLeaks suspect had civilian help
Anti-Mosque Sentiment in America: Lessons from Europe?
Florida 'Church' Demonstrates How Christians Should Burn Koran
Fool's Gold: Inside the Glenn Beck Goldline Scheme
This is what Fox News does to its audience
Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief
The GOP’s Hispanic Voter Gap
David Cameron calls Gaza "prison camp"
Mexican prisoners let out to kill, then go back to prison
Breaking: Multiple Ranches in Springview, Nebraska Taken Over By Tunneling ChiComs!!!!
Tony Hayward is being sent to the gulag
Mr. Lady Liberty: "The army only promotes the terrorists and the communists"
Tennessee Lt. Gov: Religious Freedom May Not Count For Muslims
The "price tag" policy is really stupid
Sarah Palin's Fifty Nifty United States
Jean Gregoire Sagbo Becomes First Black Politician Elected In Russia
The internet is flat and we're about to fall off the edge
"Home, Work – Work, Home"
Hugo Chavez is obsessed with Simon Bolivar
German Love Parade Kills 15
The Rodent's Last Post
Media refuses to burn Breitbart
Rachel Maddow's Mega-Takedown Of Fox News' 'Scare White People' Tactics
It's a Mad, Mad, Zsa Zsa World
White House apologizes to Shirley Sherrod
David Frum: Shirley Sherrod and the shame of conservative media
No guns please, we're Catholic
Saudi fire-eaters play with fire
Sokratis Giolias, journalist, gunned down in Athens
The Meth Capital of America Is Scared of a Mosque
How the Internet Beat Up an 11-Year-Old Girl
Tea Party Federation kicks out racist Mark Williams but makes no mention of racism
Funniest Last Words
I Write Like
Georgia cops fired after repeatedly tasering 57-year-old schoolteacher who had called for help
Baby Eating Watermelon
This week in crazy: Whoopi Goldberg
Yuri Shevchuk keeps rocking in Russia
Glenn Beck: "If Liberation Theology was true, Jesus would have made the Jews pay for what they did"
A very lazy boxer
TPM takes "Hope 101" at Beck University
Get the Mr. Lady Liberty Action Figure!
For the first time in three months, no oil is leaking in the Gulf
Memo to media: Pamela Geller does not belong on national television
ACORN hoax victim files lawsuit against O'Keefe and Giles
Shahram Amiri back in Iran, hope he stays alive
Snitching: the other patriotic activity
No racism here, move on
Iowa teabaggers put up billboard comparing Obama to Hitler
The Book of Eli
GOP candidate: Obama won't let us find Jesus
The Gleaners and I
Republican senator says he backs birther lawsuits
Andrew Napolitano: Bush and Cheney Should Have Been Indicted for Torturing, for Spying and Arresting Without Warrants
The other religious war
Headless bodies and other immigration tall tales in Arizona
White supremacist who wanted to assassinate Obama wants tattoos removed before going to prison
She's Jewish and she's smart which means...
Gulf Coast Governors Leaving National Guard Idle
Mel Gibson's Explosive Racist Rant
Bob Inglis: GOP leaders let demagogues set tone
Jon Stewart asks: "What kind of Presidential asshole would use the space program to build a bridge to peace?"
Sharron Angle's Advice For Rape Victims Considering Abortion: Turn Lemons Into Lemonade
Human rights activist tries to stop death by stoning for Iranian woman
Big Bang Big Boom
Glykeria - Misirlou
The jailbreak
Figuring out the psychology of "Keep your government hands off my Medicare"
Stewart: Blame Clinton, Not Bush
Tea Party Jesus
Steve Martin Tour Demands
Rupert Murdoch, Mayor Bloomberg Lobby For Immigration Reform, Path To 'Legal Status' For Illegal Immigrants
Terrorist Attack in the heart of the Greek Police ministry – 1 Dead
Leonarda Cianciulli, the "Soap-Maker of Correggio"
Fox still making blatantly false claim that U.S. has "not accepted" international help in Gulf
Christian group slams Obama salute to gay dads
For Neda
‘Yes to coriander, no to Kassams’
Oil Spill to End Today Thanks to Louisiana Official Day of Prayer
Dutch police may employ undercover agents disguised as religious Jews to expose and arrest violent anti-Semites
BP CEO's yacht outing infuriates Gulf residents
Worst Mom Ever Enlists Children to Costar in Raunchy Amateur Video
Worst President Ever Denies Payments To Dead People And Felons
Hillary Clinton lets the gato out of the bolsa
Blues Brothers Blessed By Pope
For the first time US cars top foreign brands on quality survey
A camera so simple, a turtle can use it
Perez Hilton facing child-porn charges?
"Spies of the Balkans"
Greeks are lazing off, Israelis pick up the slack
BP agrees to set aside $20 billion for spill claims; dividends suspended
Mayonnaise and Library Rage: It's Quite a Pickle
God Smites Touchdown Jesus
France removes Hamas TV from satellite provider
American on mission to kill bin Laden arrested
BP cut corners in days before blowout
Beyond Organic
"Mom, can I take the cat with me on my jihad mission?"
Arizona's Next Immigration Target: Children of Illegals
Angle’s Scientology Problem
Learning to live like neighbors
Vor (The Thief)
La Paloma
Republicans Jubilant About Gulf Coast Coverage
Another good person from Madison, Wisconsin
Marriage, a Basic Civil Right
RAND analysis: Health care reform best option of 2,000 policies
Chavez invents cure for insomnia
Wikileaks Founder Hunted By Pentagon Over Massive Leak
SC GOP Senator Censured for Racist Comments, Says He ‘Could Care Less’
Tea Party is shaping Republican Party
Cameron backs Obama regarding oil spill
10 tragic moments in food propaganda
Arizona Mayor who called gay troops ‘lacy-drawered’ and ‘limp-wristed’ compares himself to Washington and Lincoln
Sharron Angle's world of paranoia
Hamas rejects Israel-approved snack foods for Gaza
What happens when BP spills coffee
New York's Tourist Lane
Couch Cushion Architecture; A Critical Analysis
Orly Taitz, Mickey Kaus And Fringe Candidate Comedy In California
"Ground Zero Mosque" protest ends up, predictably, with racially-motivated hatred
Sleeping Beauty
Shutter Island
Time to end the marijuana charade
Van der Sloot confesses to murder of Peruvian woman
Roger Ebert writes about the Prescott mural
Iran Threatens to Break the Blockade
A frenzy of polygraphs in South Carolina
GOP bad dream: Birther on ticket
Pro-Israel groups must adapt to the new world
A dog and his baby
Egyptian men married to Israelis will lose their citizenship
"Does God wreak apocalyptic wrath on members of one’s own party—or only on the opposition?"
'The Unemployed Will Not Be Considered'
The Orangutan and the Hound Dog
Artists asked to lighten skin tone of minority children depicted in public mural at Arizona school
SC GOP senator: "We’ve got one raghead in the White House, we don’t need a raghead in the governor’s mansion."
Hamas raids, closes NGO offices
Obama calls for rolling back tax breaks for oil companies, use the money to develop clean energy
What does a starfish do when you turn it upside down?
New Israeli Tack Needed on Gaza, U.S. Officials Say
Inside Hungary's anti-Semitic right-wing
BP Is Trying To Hide Dead Animals, Since The Ocean Will Eventually Wash Away The Evidence
More Than Half Of Tea Party Supporters Say Gays And Lesbians Have Too Much Political Power
A spectacular dive in the world's deepest blue hole
Feds open criminal probe of Gulf oil spill
Egypt opens Gaza border crossing, Hamas refuses to let Gazans through
Once a food critic, always a food critic
Health care repeal is falling flat
Afghani child brides flogged for escaping forced marriage
US military rejects calls to take control of oil spill
Who riots over a handball match?
Because it's summer
Female Marines in Afghanistan
Bus Safety in China
Iron Baby Against Evil Bunnies
Anti-Fakellaki Ad in Greece
US weighs military option in Pakistan
Former 'Family Values' Legislator Comes Out In Favor Of Gay Rights
1.3 million malicious online ads viewed daily, security research finds
The Neighbor's Revenge
House approves repeal of gay ban in military
M.I.A is all class
The Jewish singer who brought Turkish and Greek music together
Eggshell Art
The GOP's Rand Paul Problem
It's Complicated
Arguments Against Repealing DADT Grow Increasingly Unhinged
There is something more embarrassing than having your country default on its debts
The Pentagon's 26-Page Brownie Recipe Finally Revealed
Kiss-and-tell blogger revels in attention
FBI details surge in death threats against lawmakers
Tea Party Poems: The spoken verse of Sarah Palin
The next step for Arizona's nativists: Ignore 14th Amendment, deny children of illegal immigrants birthright citizenship
Boys convicted of attempted rape: branded criminals for 'playing doctors and nurses'
Lost -The End
The fifth estate: A rogue rodent
Four year old covers Mika
The Duchess of Corruption
Mugshot of Igor Stravinsky, arrested for "tampering" with the Star Spangled Banner, 1940
Anti-Government Protester, Teenage Son Identified As Cop Killers Slain In Shootout
Senator who fears government "takeovers" favors the government taking over BP
Actors and directors at Cannes call for Jafar Panahi's release
Nevada voters will not be able to go to the polls wearing a chicken costume this year
Despite Record-High Deportation Numbers, Kristol Says Obama Is ‘Reluctant’ To Enforce Immigration Laws
Rand Paul and the limits of the 'tea party' revolution
Polly and Hermione: Best Friends
On a Visit to the U.S., a Nigerian Witch-Hunter Explains Herself
The InfoLadies of Bangladesh
20 Worst Drinks in America 2010
Hezbollah promotes itself through 'jihadi tourism'
13-year-old US pianist plays with Iraq orchestra
In Greece, Anarchy Yields to Soul-Searching
Opera en el Mercado
Embassy caterer among 6 arrested in NY bomb plot
Libertarianism is kookoo
Austria hires Druids to cut road accidents
LOST re-enacted by cats in 1 minute
From the 'N-word' to the Washington Times
Two more police officers killed, two wounded in shootouts with apparent white supremacists
Rand Paul: Obama Sounds 'Un-American' For Criticizing BP Over Gulf Oil Spill
Historic Wall Street overhaul passed by US Senate
LifeLock CEO’s Identity Stolen 13 Times
Glenn Beck's Golden Fleece
Has anyone seen Dane?
Kevin Costner to the rescue
Jewish group condemns Gingrich for comparing Obama's policies to the Nazi and Soviet threats
Rachel Maddow demolishes Rand Paul
On gays in military, U.S. stands alone
After the deaths of four people, it's time for the hoods to come off
El Vética
Moscow Zombie Walk
Life is not worth living without an egg cuber
Hurt Locker producer: criticizing our lawsuits makes you a moron and a thief
Tea Party Leader: Allah Is 'Monkey God'
Rage Machine - Andrew Breitbart’s empire of bluster
Texas schools board rewrites US history with lessons promoting God and guns
The heart and soul of the right
The Hurt Locker
Fed Up, Greece Lists Tax Dodgers
Latest stupid craze to hit Britain
The history of M&Ms
Gulf Spill Could Be Much Worse Than Believed
Complicit in Corruption: How German Companies Bribed Their Way to Greek Deals
40 years later: US drug war has met none of its goals
Stars & Bucks Café
Flip Flops
Alabama Gubernatorial Candidate Attacked For Supporting Evolution
Seven more kindergarten students killed in China
Oil Spill Hearings In Congress: Companies Blame Each Other, Refuse Responsibility
Schwarzenegger: I Was Going To Speak In AZ, But I Was Afraid They'd Deport Me
Republicans Defend Slavery to Attack Kagan
Athens unveils its first Holocaust memorial
Back to Work: The new jobs report is great news. Why are economists still so glum?
Cute Turkish commercial featuring Greeks and Turks
Spinaloga: One of Europe's last leper colonies
In Haiti being an orphan can be better than having a family
“Why Afghanistan Matters” photo contest
If You’re One of America’s Greatest Anti-Gay Crusaders, Does a Little Trip to Spain With a Rent Boy Really Make You Gay?
Kanellos, The Greek Protest Dog
Indonesian Mud Snacks
The Majority Of Arizona Latinos Oppose State’s Immigration Law
A Sampling of Chinglish
Stewart Takes On EVERYTHING: Mocks Rekers's Rentboy Romp, BP, Greece, And More
Everything is big in Canada
Greek parliament approves austerity bill
Rekers Rentboy: Actually, We Did Have Sex
Right-Wing Extremists Take On Local Law Enforcement, Lose
Brazil Bishop likens gay rights to pedophilia
Northern Arizona University to Monitor Students with Chipped ID cards
Captain Kirk as Canada’s Head of State?
Argentine House of Deputies approves gay marriage
Massey CEO Blankenship Says His Critics Are 'Evil'
What are they advertising?
Breast On Virginia Seal Covered Up
Crime statistics don't support rationale behind Arizona immigration law
Your WTF of the day
Chinese reports say 5 children hurt in new attack
The Lowden Plan: A simple health care plan anyone with a few thousand live chickens can use
Ken Blackwell, Author Of 'Blueprint,' Tries To Convince Jon Stewart That Obama Is A Tyrant, Fails
GOP Candidate: "I can microchip my dog, why can't I microchip an illegal?"
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
Stewart Hammers Arizona Lawmakers For Immigration Bill
Writer goes undercover at Christian gay-to-straight conversion camp
M.I.A. Releases Graphic, Explicit, Dishonest Propaganda (NSFW)
"Liberal Fascism"
The Revolution Will Be Commercialized
Hamas publishes disgusting video about Gilad Schalit
The Tea Party's Toxic Take on History
Star Wars on Grandma's Plates
Maybe Spain is getting ready to face its past
The party of no credibility
Chandi's got talent
Jon Stewart has something to say to anyone threatening death in the name of religion or politics
The Hills Are Alive With Haggis
Call It Democracy
The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan
A Violent Sandinista Power Play in Nicaragua
Steele: African-Americans 'Really Don't Have A Reason' To Vote GOP
How many chickens does an MRI cost, doc?
McAfee antivirus program goes berserk, freezes PCs
Tea Party darling investigated for ethics violations
The Blind Side
GA Woman To State Judiciary Committee: DoD Implanted A Microchip Inside Me
McVeigh's message to the families of his victims: 'Get over it'
Fox talkers say critics of Tea Partiers' unhinged attacks just want to 'silence' them
The Opera Singer
The Palians and the Paulians
Happy Independence Day, Israel!
Exotic Edibles Quiz
The Right-Wing Revolutionaries
Taliban say buildup under way
Rick Perry, Texas, and the Appeal of the Past
Dying Breed
White Power Fizzles in LA
Politifact brings truthiness to 'The Colbert Report'
Rage Grows in America: Anti‑Government Conspiracies
Domestic terrorists as big a threat as al-Qaeda, says FBI head Robert Mueller
How To Survive The Apocalypse: Some Things You Need To Know Before The World Ends
Bring Them Back
Meet the "Patriots"
Two words that explain the Greek crisis: 'fakelaki' and 'rousfeti'
Another victim of Israeli apartheid
Jon Stewart: "America's Shape Wars"
Even if you don't want an iPad, at least get one for your cat
"Grassroots" my foot
What do you know? Clinton was right
If It Isn't On YouTube, It Didn't Happen - Part II
Reports show more Americans feel economic recovery
Yes, 47% of Households Owe No Taxes. Look Closer.
Clash of the Teatans
Arizona passes strict illegal immigration act
So, you wanna go out some time?
American Family Association To Muslim Americans: Convert To Christianity Or Leave
The Carter Family - Wildwood Flower
Okla. tea parties and lawmakers envision militia
The dogs of war
Massey Energy CEO Called Safety Regulators ‘As Silly As Global Warming’
Fox News discovers there's racism and paranoia in the tea party rallies
The Comeback Country
Anti-Semitic violence doubled in 2009
Southern Discomfort
The GOP’s Lackluster 2012 Field
Far-right party poised to make gains in Hungary
Sarah Palin Network
Accessory didn't work out? Just FedEx it back
The Funniest Protest Signs From 2009
Anti-Israel TV show angers Palestinians
David Vitter prefers a pretty face for President than a smart one
Robbie Maddison - Isthmus of Corinth Jump
Charles Barkley gets his racial insults mixed up
For The Love Of Humanity
Sarah Palin's Playground
Priests abuse children at the same rate as everyone else
Workers strike over ban on drinking at work
Teabeckers push GOP to far right
The other dynamic duo
Wisconsin DA threatens arrest of sex-ed teachers who follow the law
Catholic church accused of covering up pedophilia? Blame the Jews
Michigan Militia plans ‘open carry’ gun tea party to ‘take the stigma out of the word militia.’
Obama calls nuke terrorism the top threat to US
Japan's "Monster Parents"
A toddler's first encounter with an iPad
Virginia Governor Declares April To Be "Confederate History Month"
In quest for hard news, CNN asks if "homosexuality is a problem in need of a cure"
Senator threatened with murder for supporting health care bill
Cleverest women are the heaviest drinkers
25 dead in W.Va. mine blast, worst since 1984
When ninjas attack
The Internet's Fact-Checkers
In South Africa, Murder in Black and White
Steele: You hate me because I'm black
How the GOP Purged Me
Reagan vs. "Reagan Conservative" Sean Hannity
Anti-Census Fearmongering: GOP Tries To Walk It All Back
The Real "English Patient"
Have fun with someone else's iPad
This Is How Vampires Must Shave
The Hutaree Arrests and the New Militia Movement
'Death Panels' Revisited: Studies Show Seniors Seek End of Life 'Comfort Care'
Little Girl Finds Obama Incredibly Boring
42 dead in Baghdad suicide attack
Taking Up the Dr. Seuss School of Catholicism
A curious history of the C.I.A.’s secret interrogation program
The Evangelical "Mainstream" Insanity Behind the Michigan "End Times" Militia
Belgium Moves Closer to Europe's First Burqa Ban
Myths and facts about the IRS expansion
Frum on the Colbert Report
RNC: Bondage, lesbians. DNC: Bondage, lesbians, helicopters
Obama says Beck, Limbaugh fuel 'troublesome' political climate
Doctor tells Obama supporters: Go elsewhere for health care
So many nuts, so little time
Glenn Beck is right to fear Dorothy Day
Army officer joins birthers, defies order to deploy
Post-Palin Alaska has largest debt burden in US
Some right-wingers ignore facts as they rewrite U.S. history
Jon Stewart Shows C-SPAN How To Handle Racist Callers
Police chief: Stun gun use on 10-year-old not needed
Single Lady Devastation
The four best lies about the new health care law
The Little Mermaid goes to China
European bishops urge victims to go to the police
Who is the father of healthcare reform: Obama or Mitt Romney?
N.J. teen sold stepsister, 7, for party sex
Is the European Union Exporting Torture Devices?
Suicide blasts in southern Russia kill 9
Iranian nuclear scientist has defected to the U.S.
America's most famous math teacher dies at 79
RapeLay, the new popular rape game
Unlikely duo teams up for kosher, halal
He's ba-aack!
Fox News, health care, and the right-wing nervous breakdown
Welcome to Glennbeckistan: Where the Tea Party Rules and Tea-hadis Roam
The Creepiest Children's Books Ever
Christian militia part of growing trend
Father Of Dead Marine Ordered To Pay Legal Fees Of Westboro Baptist Church Protesters
Who will protect us from the Antichrist now?
Hag Sameach!
A dangerous business in Iraq
The Hills Have Thighs Controversy
Tea partiers are just conservative Republicans by another name
Forbidden Images
Congratulations Greek terrorists, you've achieved a new low
So you think you're good at multitasking?
@ at MoMA
Hoping for an Easter miracle
"The Tea Party mantra of 'Take back our country!' is racism cloaked in patriotism"
Six Questions for an Evangelical Leader Who Became an Orthodox Jew
Do You Love Me?
"Shut up stupid human, I love you too"
Eurozone agrees on bailout plan for Greece
Extra Security For Members Of Congress After Activist, Tea Party Threats
Tea party blogger places coffin outside Democrat Congressman's home
The Box
Dancing to a different tune
Poll: Tea partiers like GOP
The backlash: Reform turns personal
University of Ottawa to Ann Coulter: Go ride a broomstick
German 'gang of retirees' sentenced in kidnapping
Republicans scoff at Frum, demand more temper tantrums
"Kill the bill": Fox's year-long open activism against health care reform
Have you stocked up on your survival seeds?
Flashback: Who Wrongly Predicted Health Care Reform's Death
Colbert Slams "Terrorist" Dogs
Laziest People Ever
Cindy Sheehan joins in the Obama hatin'
A Guide for Those Traumatized by Right-Wing, Fear-Mongering Lies on Health Care Reform
Police: Arrest in NJ Walmart racial comment case
Poll: Israelis view Obama favorably despite row
Poor sleeping puppy tormented by water bowl
Iowa Congressman And Glenn Beck Agree: Sunday Health Care Vote Is 'An Affront To God'
Jon Stewart: In Dodd We Trust
How To Annoy Glenn Beck In Five Minutes Or Less
The Dumbest Things Beauty Queens Have Ever Said
GOP Congressman Calls For Revolution Against U.S. Government
Free Nazia Quazi
Blind soldier uses tongue device to see
On the road with a Romanian trucker
In the midst of financial crisis, Greeks spent $7 million on a sex tape
Six Iranian protesters sentenced to death
Bring it on, Ayn Rand geeks
Greek Choice for Eurovision
Are you cheating on your partner with your dog? You're not alone
A visit to Paris
When a Family Tragedy Turns Into a YouTube Sensation
Why Does Glenn Beck Hate Jesus?
Bald Canvases
No statute of limitations on hot-tubbing
The furry front line in the bedbug battle
The story of a Katrina hero
Ladies, stand up and pee like a man
Pakistan's Acid-Attack Victims Fight Back
Greek riot number...too many to count
Praying with Lior
"The Devil is in the Vatican"
Britain confronts debt of Greek proportions
Keeping New Jersey cozy and warm
"There is nothing so holy you can't offend it."
From Colleen LaRose to Jihad Jane
Howard Stern: Gabourey Sidibe Is 'Enormous,' Will Never Work Again
Confessions of a terrorist sympathizer
The Devilish Grandmother
The Stoning of Soraya M.
An upcoming wave of Greek immigration (link in Greek)
Christians massacred in Nigeria
Skiing in kilts
New York Chef Serves Breast Milk Cheese
Obama appeals for public support on health care
Old lady with cane spoils producer's Oscar evening
Roy Ashburn: 'I'm Gay'
Sarah Palin risked death panels to get healthcare in Canada
The ten weirdest physics facts
Defectors Say Church of Scientology Hides Abuse
The coolest man in China
Right resists link to Pentagon incident
The magic of scotch tape
US Awards Companies Defying Its Policy on Iran
Six Historic Acts of Revenge That Put 'Kill Bill' to Shame
The US partisanship divide over the years
Obsolete Occupations
Bacon is not a suitable construction material for rockets
McCain's DADT Support Letter Signed By A Bunch Of Dead Guys
Fearmongerers discover Greek pastime
The GOP's army of washed-up celebrities
Turkey recalls US ambassador over Armenia genocide resolution
Jon Stewart's "Fair and Balanced" take on Fox News
Greeks giving the finger to Germans
Google Responds To Privacy Concerns With Unsettlingly Specific Apology
Is your washroom breeding Bolsheviks?
The Other DADT
Greek Bishop Complains to Queen Elizabeth About Elton John
This too shall pass
Proof that money can't buy good taste
Little Johnny's Big Day at the Airport
Must be pretty good pizza
WTF stories of the week
Sheikh issues fatwa against all terrorists
Royal Marine told to cover up regimental tattoo because it was 'offensive'
Lying rape accuser going to jail
Orange County doesn't give a damn about water conservation
Hamas leader disowns son who spied for Israel
Christianity's Modern-Day Martyrs
God delivered him from evil and placed him in Albion, Michigan
Why Won't They Use the "M-Word" About Joe Stack?
A Lethal Obsession
Huffington Post blogger falls for Bill Cosby email hoax
Chile earthquake death toll over 700
Hamas leader Mabhuh was drugged and suffocated
Liberals and atheists have higher IQs
The Most Ridiculous Figure Skating Outfits From The 2010 Olympics
Paul Lung's fantastic drawings
A rodeo clown with a chalkboard speaks for modern-day conservatism
The cat lift
Shamu is big business at SeaWorld
Class is too boring?
1.2 million people will lose unemployment benefits next month unless Congress acts
More Israeli names match new Dubai suspects list
What $175 and a parrot get you these days
The Palin Show
Strippers would like to compete in Olympics
Not much room in the Republican tent
Italy convicts Google executives over video showing a handicapped teenager being bullied
Son of Hamas founder was top Israeli agent
Drottningen och jag
Another victim of Argentina's dirty war comes home
At what age are we the happiest?
Small dogs originate in Middle East, says gene study
First it was too long, now it's too short. Will Goldilocks ever find the right size?
A Mediterranean Soap Opera
Michael Steele, the Imperial Chairman
The Most Expensive Photographs Ever Sold
Jews leaving Swedish city after rise in antisemitic attacks
Another Republican Governor points out Republican hypocrisy about the stimulus
Anthem Blue Cross: State Regulator Finds More Than 700 Violations
Over 50 Turkish commanders held over coup plot
Toyota boasted saving $100M on recall
The Opposite of Photoshop
The Coca-Cola Rabbi
What if the news industry were like our unreformed health care system?
Enemies of the State
Petraeus Takes On Cheneyism
Schwarzenegger Rips Romney, GOP For Stimulus Hypocrisy
The Society for Librarians Who Say "Motherf*cker"
"We await you, merry gnome!"
Palin grandson is socialized medicine victim
Gays, gay marriage foes spar at CPAC
"Ronald Reagan would not have been welcome at today's CPAC or a tea party rally, but he would not have wanted to be there, either."
Bush Official Criticizes Obama For Killing Too Many Terrorists
The Navy's Fleet of Uber Classified Super Ultra High Tech Ship Cleaning Robots
Fewer people falling behind on home loans
Mount Vernon Statement: the contradiction at the heart of this conservative fusion
"It would be called terrorism in Iraq"
Don't Mess With Old People--Case Study 894,244
Dubai hit was not a botched job
"I went to bed with pneumonia and woke up a murderer"
The stimulus bill that worked
Questions For NBC, the Network That Prevents You From Watching the Olympics
J.P. Morgan offices bombed in Athens
The Jihad Against the Jihadis
Guide to today's conspiracy theories
Greeks, Arabs conspire to make trouble again
Joe the Magic Plumber
Has Dick Cheney been abducted by aliens?
The world's most romantic word
Fried butter, doughnut burger and baconnaise
Professor charged in 3 fatal shootings on Alabama campus
Andes Teletransporter
Detroit is ending a 'shameful practice'
Unpatriotic Microsoft refuses to sell Xbox to the Army for three reasons
A Serious Man
Glenn Beck is worried that America will follow Greece into crisis
Top ten annoyances at work
Baby knows: Marlboros are the best
The Challenge of Parking
No wonder Shabaneh has prepared his grave
Dear God, Please Save Venezuela's Electric Company
A non-offensive shade of yellow
Black Helicopters Over Nashville
GOP tries to mock Democrats with lame Valentine's Day cards
Brooklyn Terrier Mugged; Doggie Coat Missing
Terror Prosecution Statistics Criticized by GOP Were Originally Touted by Bush Administration
Charlie Wilson dies, his war lives on
When healthcare coverage is insurance in name only
Don't Mess With Old People--Case Study 894,243
The country where smoking is a human right
Exonerated man, accuser forge rare bond
Palin Considering 2012 Run, Defends Limbaugh's Use Of 'Retard'
Killing Sinatra Killers in the Philippines
An Everlasting Piece
Haitian lawyer for jailed US missionaries fired
Sleeping inside a cheeseburger
The phobia that can no longer dare speak its name
The Paranoid Style in American Politics
The mirror that makes you invisible
Eleven-year-old gives birth to baby boy
Sarah Palin slaps Rush Limbaugh on the hand for 'retarded' remarks
The Stupidest Country Lyrics Of All Time
Shape of Jobs to Come
The Tea is Boiling
Strikes bring Greece to its knees
Life in America is about to change for the better
Getting Lost in Tehran
Mexican drug cartels turn rehab centers into recruiting operations
An Iraqi interpreter's experience with the U.S. military
"Voodoo Histories": When smart people believe dumb things
Stewart tells O'Reilly he's voice of sanity on Fox
Antisemitic acts soared in France last year
A Bald Discount
A ridiculous waste of money
8: The Mormon Proposition
Anika's Odyssey
Detroit's Frozen House
Flying Penguins
Greek PM tightens austerity program
Parents gave children to missionaries in Haiti
Americans Don't Know Much About The Tea Party Movement, But They Like It Anyway
Jenny Sanford airs dirty laundry
Tipping Point
Prom Night in Mississippi
Lost Secrets
Bin Laden Concerned About Global Warming
A Permanent Hilarity
Greece needs a Shabaneh
Bloggie Commenter Loves Chicken
Gayle Haggard: My husband is cured of the gay
Hamas blames unguided missiles for killing Israelis
Haiti relief: Where the money is going
Attention desperate ladies: John Edwards is single again
Jewish cemetery desecrated in Strasbourg
Toyota halts US sales of Camry, 7 other models
Bashing Israel for saving Haitians
Not 'Hey, you take care of them, these are your citizens'. No. Not at all.
Clumsy Lady Rips Picasso's 'The Actor'
Should the Census Be Asking People if They Are Negro?
'Chemical Ali' executed in Iraq
Arrests in synagogue attack
The Trouble with Barack
'From Osama to Obama'
Forbidden Lie$
John Edwards finally admits he knows who that baby is
Death toll upped to 200,000 in Haiti, aid still in shortfall
Sanjay Gupta, reporter, doctor, and all around nice guy
All the missed clues about Abdulmutallab
FBI's Most Wanted: Gaspar Llamazares
Doctors and nurses abandon earthquake victims, on U.N. orders
The new fashionable diagnosis for toddlers
Bankers apologize, keep the cash
Saint Elizabeth and the Ego Monster
RIP Miep Gies
How the Israelis do airport security
Small bomb explodes near Greek parliament in Athens
The world is about to be cured of its attachment disorder
He's not too black and he can speak white
FOX News Guest: 'Strip Search All 18-28-Year-Old Muslim Men At Airports'
Greeks Paint Tower Bronze
Living on Nothing but Food Stamps
Man opts for jail over New Year with relatives
Rapture Update: The world will be ending on May 21, 2011 and not on April 1, 2012 as previously thought. We apologize for the inconvenience
Blasphemy laws around the world
Former Gitmo detainees help al-Qaida grow in Yemen
Somali arrested at airport with chemicals, syringe
So long and thanks for all the fish
Declassificationgate runs ahead
A must read for young, hip terrorists
Keep hands visible, no reading allowed
Evangelicals, Israel, and the End of the World
2009: Things a Greek woman wants to forget
Grandma Millie and Grandma Fran
Father of Detroit would-be bomber warned US
'Exodus' captain dies at 86
An old Romanian couple
Single-payer health care plan dies in Senate
Nothing says 'Merry Christmas' like a gift-wrapped dead baby
Arab women need to stop thinking of themselves as victims
Preggo lady rescues cop
The house of my dreams
West Bank Is Tense After Arson at Mosque
Stephen King will not donate $13,000 for troops to go home for the holidays because 13 is an unlucky number
What do you do with the corpse of a president?
Blah Blah Blah I'm Yours
Uganda proposes death penalty for gays
Ladies, raise your hand if you haven't slept with Tiger
How's a dog to get ahead in this life?
The middle-aged rebel's manifesto
A martini in a capsule
Screaming kids and airplanes
Efi Thodi - Facebook
The 100 Best Films of the Decade
The burning of the Judas
Iran's revenge on the doctor who tried to save Neda Soltan
Eat the damn penguin already!
What are you getting Uncle Sam for Christmas?
Military doctors worried that Hasan was psychotic
It's not that he liked eating his mom, he was just hungry
Who Is a Jew? Court Ruling in Britain Raises Question
Fort Hood Memorial
'Don't let my son become a pawn of Iran'
Praying to get off the bus
Creepy Little Darlings
Next time God wants you to express how you feel about 'the matter', ask Him for ID
French scientists manage to halt ALD
Spend your lunch break staring at the crippled girl
European court: No crucifixes in Italian schools
Woman calls 911 to report herself as drunk driver
Economic diversity replaces racial diversity
Bill Clinton and the Very Big Statue
Limbaugh: Obama Visit to Dover Base a 'Photo Op'
A one man hate wave
Kinky Boots
The End of Prohibition
The Stone Trees of Yakutsk
Americans finally get one extra hour of sleep tonight
Several good reasons to quit drinking
Horror Movie Quiz
Spain starts exhuming purported Garcia Lorca grave
Terrorists shoot police officers in Athens
Life in the Brazilian Embassy in Honduras
University students forced to wear oppressive t-shirt
Families of 3 American Hikers Held in Iran Say Videos Prove Their Innocence
A plan to oust sex offenders
Haggis Wins Oscar, Quits Scientology
Hotel owner tells Hispanic workers to change names
The Gray Man
Happy birthday to my favourite Frenchmen
Dallas police gave tickets for not speaking English
"Antichrist": Lars von Trier's voyage into madness
Newborn taken from mother for fear it will get fat
Arizona man runs down daughter because she's too 'westernized'
The hate crime that wasn't
Justice At Last
Heartless dog and mom ignore baby's tragedy
Feminism's freedom fighter
Paranormal Activity
Picking a fight: Obama vs Fox News
Israeli café chain boycotting Turkish coffee
Justice of the peace denies marriage license to interracial couple 'out of concern for any children they might have'
Four members of anti-terror caucus accuse CAIR of trying to infiltrate Capitol Hill
UK rejects Goldstone Report at UNHRC
'Romping, stomping patriot' turns spotlight on flag-banning apartment manager
Utensil of Mass Destruction
Questions and answers about Obama's Nobel surprise
Don't forget your homework and your toilet paper
A Marathon Runner
Dessert Wines
Ordinary Flu Shot May Protect Against H1N1
Thousands mob Detroit center in hopes of free cash
Just kill him, desperate father told gang who kidnapped his six-year-old son
New Greek government is as good as two-day-old, cold oatmeal
Criticism at lethal injection after botched execution
Comfort Movies
Gates of Vienna: "We told you so"
Europe turns right, Greece turns left
Democrat says GOP wants sick to just 'die quickly'
No good deed goes unpunished
Confessions of a home-schooler
Obama offers Iran 'serious, meaningful dialogue'
Iran Reveals 2nd Uranium Enrichment Plant
19-year-old Man Arrested for Trying to Destroy Downtown Dallas Skyscraper
World's Jews Conspire Against Book-Burning Censor
Terror plot: a failed replay of London and Madrid?
Why do people feel the need to air their dirty laundry in public?
A third of Mexicans would migrate to U.S.: survey
Accused of being racist, the nine-year-old boy who aimed his fingers at a Polish pal and said: 'Let's shoot Germans'
Your tax money at work
I guess the Prada collection was really bad this year
Iran opposition leaders attacked as mass protests hit regime
Ugliest dress ever
Rosh Hashana, Circa 1919
Mary Travers of Peter, Paul and Mary dead at 72
Carter: Wilson's outburst 'based on racism'
Human Rights Watch suspends Marc Garlasco
Eight Years After 9/11
Wal-Mart workers in China beat customer to death
The Cartoons That Shook the World (Minus the Cartoons)
National Designated Underpants
The Butt of Controversy
Out of Work, and Too Down to Search On
Obama's stealth plan for brainwashing children into studying
All your O are belong to us
Allô Papa Tango Charly
Bosnia's ethnic divisions are evident in schools
So is she or isn't he?
America's 10 Best Places to Grow Up
Lutherans to allow sexually active gays as clergy; green jello salad still a requirement at potlucks
Cocaine Nation
Bloggie Exclusive: Thieves steal Mr Papakyriazopoulos' chickens, police fingerprinting the chicken coop
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
How to fight drug-trafficking and boost your ratings at the same time
Couple behind child death that shocked UK unmasked
Some Russian herring for lunch?
Creepy Breastfeeding Baby Doll
Terrorists kidnap, torture boy to bully Iraqi policeman
Bad pedophile kitty
Russians don't need no stinkin' swine flu vaccine!
Superglue: Preferred weapon of Wisconsin women
UK police will don Burberry apparel in their effort to learn more about the isssues affecting chavs
Christians Burned Alive in Pakistan
The saddest cat wash you've ever seen
Terrorist 147th in line of people suing Sacha
Woman dismembers her own baby and eats it
Much to do about Gates
What to do with an old dead head?
Man forced to drink acid in honour crime
Louisiana Baby With 100 Small Rat Bites Bled to Death
The Gates Saga Continued
Cannibal willing to become a vegetarian for love
Pierced People Contest
Black scholar arrested, claims racism
'Angela's Ashes' author McCourt dies in NYC at 78
It's really tacky to wear a t-shirt with your own mugshot on it
University offers credit for learning how to open a window
Africans and African Americans
UK dispels misinformation that teen sex is not fun
Cats Control Humans
The 2009 Venice Biennale
New flu "unstoppable", WHO says, calls for vaccine
Children Recant Sex-Abuse Tales After Father's 20-Year Prison Stint
France to appeal Halimi trial verdicts
A little @$&#! is good for you
Pelosi: Resolution on Michael Jackson unnecessary
Caution - stray sperm in the pool, ladies keep your legs closed
Disqualified from the Grandaughter of the Year award
It's probably safe to say Peter King isn't one of the 1.6 million people who signed up for Michael Jackson memorial tickets
China Muslims Target of Deadly Riots
The world's longest fricassee
Palin attorney threatens legal action against blogger
Until you repay your loan, your soul belongs to us
I'll take Mecca for $100, Alex
Creepy Bleeding Billboard
Social worker posts sex ad for nine-year-old girl
Madoff hires consultant to help him find a good jail
Palin resigning as Alaska governor
When sex-ed could come in handy
Naked Office
Six Mousavi supporters reportedly hanged
Is Facebook an Israeli plot to control the world?
Hitchens on Nixon
No Garfield allowed, no exceptions
No gambling allowed except by mental patients and smokers
No smoking allowed except by mental patients and gamblers
Mark Sanford's 'tragic love story' overshadows his past affairs
Tackiest wedding award goes to...
Meanwhile, in Honduras...
Should Mark Sanford resign?
New porn star has fabulous hair
We've come a long way baby
Mother and Child Maliciously Desecrated
A face only a mother could love
The Help
Ahmadinejad opponents bracing for the purge
Paris Match Beaucoup Pwned
Mrs Madoff must part with her silverware
Obama will not show his repentance
Kenya's 'witch' lynchings
Gilad Shalit transfer to Egypt is imminent
Jackson dies, almost takes Internet with him
Khatami says "rioters" should be executed
Iranian ambassador: CIA involved in Neda's shooting
Michael Jackson Dead
Supreme Court Says Child’s Rights Violated by Strip Search
A most unfortunate time to get arrested
Leave Perez Alone!
Nothing Says "I'm a Dork, Marry Me" Like a Giant Lego Wedding Ring
The plight of Europe's Roma
Theocracy and Its Discontents
Iran charges slain man's family $3,000 for bullets that killed him
N. Korean ship carries weapons to Myanmar
Europeans pressure Iran to end protest crackdown
Perez Hilton is a human being and he doesn't deserve to be treated that way
Neda Soltani's Death May Have Many Consequences
Where are they now?
Iran arrests the daughter and four other relatives of former President Hashemi Rafsanjani
The Fight Over Evangelizing Military Chaplains
Happy Father's Day!
The Cantor and the Klansman
German officer who saved 'The Pianist' honored by Yad Vashem
Imelda Marcos at 80: Unashamed and bitchy as always
Slaughter of Foreigners in Yemen Bears Mark of Former Gitmo Detainee
FBI tried in vain to stop 'Deep Throat' film
Google honours the opening of the Acropolis museum
'Please give our regards to freedom'
France to study burqas
Terrified postmen threaten to boycott house after vicious attack by six-month-old kitten
Have a beer, abuse the waiter
In case you forgot, Barbara Boxer is a senator
North Korea may fire a long-range ballistic missile toward Hawaii in early July
Hamas rejects Carter plea to recognize Israel
Iranian Jew sheds light on life in the Islamist regime
Guard of Key Witness Killed Before Terror Trial in Greece
A Very Dull Knife
Mossad head: Riots in Iran will die down
Tennessee Republicans Strike Again
Man rapes 4-year-old girl and her 5-year-old brother, gets one year in jail
AP is catching on to Twitter
Iran State Radio: 7 killed in Tehran clashes
The consequences of being a dirty puppy
Serial killer in the making
Cop holds up ambulance while he scuffles with paramedic
The world's weirdest festivals
Operation Thunderbolt
Deadline Post-it
City adds creepy guy in ad to make it more inclusive
Funny Scots
Christian Man Raped, Murdered for Refusing to Convert to Islam
The politics of assassination
The Two Reverends
'His hatred of Jews and blacks ate him alive like a cancer'
Palestinian family kills its 15-year-old son after accusing him of 'collaboration' with Israel
Dave, it's time to let go
It's official, it's a pandemic
Strange statues around the world
The 10 worst subjects for a pop song
Guy keeps having babies
Nick Griffin was in a celebratory mood, until the eggs started flying
Another acid attack in Hong Kong
Bomb at luxury hotel in Pakistan kills at least 5
Closed Clinic Leaves Abortion Protesters at a Loss
Why Is the Right Doing So Well in Europe?
Things were slow for God this year, so He decided to get involved in California politics
Another pregnant woman cut open, baby taken
Good doggie! Drop it! No, wait, don't drop it!
Celebrities with dead fish
Sorry, the tribe is full
Hamas, Hamas, make me a match, find me a find, catch me a catch
Is the US Really a Nation of God-Fearing Darwin-Haters?
No parking allowed on Shabbat but rioting is okay
The World's Most Bizarre Tattoos
Injected with HIV by dad as baby, teen inspires
The Bluestein Family--I Once Loved a Lass
A novel solution to overflowing prisons
Parrot Flower
Arizona church should start selling ice cream
Madonna and Guy
Mexicans returning to Mexico outnumber Mexicans leaving Mexico
China rounds up dissidents, blocks Twitter
Oprah Winfrey Promotes Pseudoscience and Quackery
'Proud Hungarians must prepare for war against the Jews'
Bulgaria, Welcome to the Balkans
Christian, Son of Yehuda
Father knows the names and ages of all his children
Canon Employees Are Forbidden to Sit Down, Walk at Normal Pace
Can you tell the difference between an Israeli and a Palestinian?
Extremists behind anti-war protest driven off the streets by moderate Muslims
How to Make Terrorists Talk
Drug rehab Serbian-style
Stavros Flatley
Throwing money out the window
California high court upholds gay marriage ban
The Coke In Your Coke
Riots in India after Sikh killing in Austria
Awkward Family Photo of the Week
So jump already!
The Proclaimers - 500 Miles
2012: The New Magic Date
Thousands beaten, raped in Irish reform schools
Lettuce Tax
Gideon's Spies: The Secret History of the Mossad
David Horovitz: Obama lays down the law
Shut Up, I'm Talking: And Other Diplomacy Lessons I Learned in the Israeli Government
Judge rules family can't refuse chemotherapy for son
The Swine Flu Song!
Athens Riot #45,896
The secret love child of Malcolm X makes pigs fly
Happy International No Diet Day!
Wal-Mart avoids charges in trampling death of employee
Unwed Teen Mother Advocates Abstinence for Teens
Mad Pride
Biden's dream world of the Middle East
Student Wins Suit After Teacher Says Creationism 'Superstitious Nonsense'
Michael Savage won't be visiting Britain this year
Hiding And Seeking
What French People Do Best
Live and Become
27 suspected in death of Ilan Halimi go on trial
WHO raises swine flu alert level as virus spreads
Taliban extend hold, advance near Pakistan capital
Singing Puppies to Sleep
King family draws fees from DC memorial project
Pirate Bay founders sentenced to jail
Decades after the publication of "The Ugly American," the perception persists
Somali pirates hijack 4 ships, take 60 hostages
When Zombies Attack
Chag Sameach - Happy Passover
Why we haven't overcome racism and all its implications yet
The Patriotic Case of George Polk
The Bothersome Case of Charles Horman
Jasmine the Greyhound
Forget the scooter, this is the new official Ferkakta transport
La tigre e la neve
Bad Poetry Contest
Greek anarchists use Indymedia to coordinate attacks
Until the child comes back from the dead, she should stay in prison
Bashir travels abroad for some R&R
Palestinian orchestra shut after Holocaust concert
Critics call WTC tower name change unpatriotic
The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
“The Flavor of the Week! Black in White!”
U.N. passes proposal protecting Islam from criticism
Just when I joined Netflix, the Postal Service is crashing
Insurers offer to stop charging sick people more
Oakland police department stunned by day of loss
The fascist insect and the people
House votes to impose 90% tax on bonuses from firms that took bailouts
An Uphill Battle
An Outbreak of Autism, or a Statistical Fluke?
Congress threatens to tax AIG executives' bonuses
Happy St Patrick's Day!
Mukhtar Mai Marries Again
'Modesty patrol' mercenary gets 4 years
Real men wear tights
Old woman sentenced to 40 lashes for asking nephew to pick up bread
Ladies, I hope you had a wonderful IWD
Is a rational al-Qaida merely biding its time?
Good luck on your new life, hope you don't get deported!
Court issues war crimes warrant for Sudan's Bashir
Play Little Shop Road Trip
Shiite clerics and Sunni fundamentalists are our salvation from future 9/11s
Malaysia Agrees: Allah is not God
Heineken Walk in Fridge
Committed to boycotting Israel?
Islamists Gain Ground in Sarajevo
Russia: Famine that killed millions not genocide
Why No More 9/11s?
Jade Goody is not the only terminally-ill bride
California School Spends $10G a Year to Teach Spanish to Kids Who Speak Spanish
Prison break repeat shocks Greece
NAACP wants NY Post editor and cartoonist fired
God is less popular than Mother Teresa but more popular than Hillary Clinton
This one is too alto, that one is too bajo
Κοίτα μια νύχτα - Χαρούλα Αλεξίου
Humvee Traffic Driving in Baghdad
California legislature approves budget bill
Guess who's ranked as 'Best President' (Hint: It's not Churchill)
Pena Dobrava, you sex kitten!
Jane Eyre
Chavez Hijacks Valentine's Day
Swiss Police: Woman Made Up Racist Attack, Pregnancy; Likely Cut Herself
Because Nadya Suleman has not cost us enough money yet
Bishop arrested for horrific child abuse
Dog on a cold wood roof
The great Atlantic Ocean swimming hoax
St. Darwin's Day
Pennsylvania judges have been charged with taking millions of dollars in kickbacks to send teenagers to two privately run youth detention centers
The sordid saga is getting sordiouser and sordiouser
Turn your joystick into a joystick (NSFW)
We Are All Socialists Now
Great achievements in American socialism
UNRWA suspends humanitarian aid to Gaza
Ninety years old and having to go back to work
How to scar your child for life
You, you, and you, panic. The rest of you, come with me.
Meat-eating furniture
Joe the Plumber and Rush Limbaugh are the new leaders of GOP
Senior Executives About to Discover Wal-Mart
Would you buy a used car from this man?
An Evil Witch
The Spymaster of New York
Educating white people about Michelle Obama's hair
Terrorist thanks terrorist for terror
A Life Term for Rape at 13: Cruel and Unusual?
Honey, we are poor
'Erdogan-led Turkey can't broker talks'
Venezuelan synagogue vandalized
Spain will annul investigation
Millions of musicians are celebrating today
The Big Shoe
Please don't hug the sea kittens
Inauguration Speech
In McCain Country, Acceptance of Obama Grows
Liverpool St Train station
Another not-so-brilliant idea on the war on drugs gone bust
A birthday party and Bloggie wasn't invited
A kinder, gentler torture
Brave and Defiant
Why Israel Can’t Make Peace With Hamas
A female who is 10 or 12 is marriageable and those who think she's too young are wrong and are being unfair to her
We're going to protest whether we have anything to protest about or not
Company of Liars
evariste's kind of parenting
Hitchens on Warren
Grandma, what strong hands you have!
Time to learn Chinese
Anti-Israeli protests across Europe
Another sign that the economy is collapsing
Little Red Rabbi Banned in Sarajevo
A billion glasses
Track the Little Red Rabbi
Eighty-year-old woman needs her father's approval to get married
Mexico honors soldiers beheaded by drug cartels
Illuminated John Wayne stained-glass panorama on sale!
Next in Second Life: Riots
Say It With A Waffle
Gordon Says Goodbye
Follow us in merry measure
Why optimism is not always a good thing
The Greek version of "Oh Christmas Tree"
Panel warns biological attack likely by 2013
Inky Dreadfuls
Guess who bans Palestinians from Hajj
UNGA President recognizes solidarity with Israel, accuses Hamas of terror attacks
Bush pardons drug dealers and embezzlers
Bush and Olmert meet a final time
The State Department is about to get some balls
Obama's rise forces Brazil to look at racial divide
Obama and McCain, BFF
Meanwhile, in Congo...
Election spurs 'hundreds' of race threats, crimes
Clinton for Secretary of State?
Obama on Toast
Reporting While Drunk
I can't blame my professors for being a commie
More proof that if Obama wins the world will love the U.S.
A very mean Republican
Shocking Sign
Shipwrecked Walkthrough Banned in Turkey!
Colin Powell endorses Barack Obama for president
McCain's Last Chance
Paul Krugman wins Nobel economics prize
Milan Kundera was an informer?
Eventually, everyone gets tired of Al Qaeda
Herman's Story Revisited
McCain is to Wallace as Obama is to ____?
Bubbie and zaidie should ignore the grandchildren
I should think of this lady next time I complain about my cold
Third night of violence in Acre
So much for the 'Axis of Evil'
Is the European Credit Crisis Our Fault?
'For all his research, Stone never really understood the man'
EU tested by world economic crisis
ck killed a chicken
Hamas blames Buddhists for global crisis
'Russia committed to preventing Iran from attaining nuclear arms'
Bill O'Reilly trivializes Holocaust
Caspian Rain
PA bracing for Hamas 'hostile takeover' of West Bank before Abbas's term ends in January
Guess who loves Sarah Palin
House passes bailout bill
McKinney Accuses Government of Slaughtering Prisoners, Dumping Bodies During Katrina
House Republicans kill bailout
How to firebomb the publishers of books you haven't read
The Rat Killers from Alaska
'If the president of Iran wants to blast Israel at the UN, he can use American textbooks to do so'
US refused to support Israeli strike on Iran's nuclear sites
The biggest problem Obama has is the racism
Les Miserables
Whose side are they on?
Only nine hours of summer left!
Venezuela expels Human Rights Watch
Palin to be uninvited to anti-Iran rally
Rednecks, ratboys, and other white trash
Special agent from the United States Illuminati, badge number 0931
It's Livni
Anti-Jew, anti-Muslim attitudes rise in Europe
Poll shows partisan divide over reasons for lack of terrorist attacks in US since 9/11
Not antisemitic, just voluntary
Waiting for a Gorbachev
Pakistan Orders Troops to Open Fire on U.S. Forces to Stop Raids
There is no God but Allah and Bruce Willis is his prophet
Your billions at work
A 'sex club' for six-year-olds
Morales struggles to control Bolivia
Baby's First Stilettos
ABC Misrepresents Palin Quote in ‘Holy War’ Question
Poop! Poop More! Poop Harder!
NKorea's Kim may have suffered stroke
Goats in the City
France: 3 Jews attacked by Muslim group
Robin Hoods strike again
Greek Rural Postmen and Their Cancellation Numbers
Top 7 Myths, Lies and Untruths About Sarah Palin
GOP Convention
Obama is more experienced than Palin because he managed his campaign
A centuries-old tradition
Putin the Savior
Things look so much nicer with a castle
Monsieur Canibal
No Chicken for Russia!
Hindus attack Christians, churches burned, thousands left homeless
Russian-backed paramilitaries 'ethnically cleansing villages'
Unity and other changey, hopeful things
Russia is not afraid of anything
A Jailworthy Joke
How Crafty Health Insurers Are Denying Care
The Kentucky Fried Miracle
Russia needs another reform
Rice signs missile defense deal with Poland
Birth control battle weighs on Philippine economy
Not exactly a 'genocide'
The Shadow of the Wind
Gays make better spies
Fay is taking a vacation in the Caribbean
Caution: Offensive to blacks, Asians, the intellectually disabled, gays, and anyone who cares about panda bears
Buy one souvlaki and get a root canal at half price!
White Americans no longer a majority by 2042
The disappearance of Caylee Anthony
We are all Ferkaktans. Er...I mean Georgians.
Chinese fakery at the Olympics
A care home that really cares
Does a cloned Ike come with a Mormon in mink handcuffs?
A case of emergency
'Meet the Parents' is Zionist Propaganda
Alexander Solzhenitsyn dies at 89
Another beheading, in Santorini this time
Germans invade Greece, get taken to court
IOC admits Internet censorship deal with China
Liberals and gays stealing the jobs of white people
Savage Grace
A third of British Muslim students believe killing in the name of Islam can be justified
The beginning of a perilous peace
The Sopranos - Words Of Wisdom
RIP Prof Randy Pausch
Comcast Is Watching You
Talula Does the Hula From Hawaii
Lesbians Don't Have To Be Lesbians
What makes America such an indispensable power is precisely what makes anti-Americanism inevitable
Woman charged with peanut attack
Balkan Heat
Muslim fish are having a party in the Nile
If I see myself as a victim of racism then I must be one
More smart criminals in Texas
Washing the Snake
How will the deal with Hezbollah affect Gilad Schalit?
Obama not closing racial divide
Sudanese President Charged with Genocide
Republican Hypocrite Hates Gays (But Not All Gays)
Driving While Gay
President Bush Will Not Be Eating Puppies
Another Serbian escapes justice
So your ex wants to raise your children as Satanists...
You Don't Mess with the Zohan
'What's the difference between Hamas and hummus?'
Greeks Steal British Livers
Ingratitude: The New American Value
The Good Shepherd
Bush to attend Olympics opening ceremonies
The City of Falling Angels
Australians really put the 'fun' in funeral
Puppy offends Muslim sensibilities
Hamas extremely happy about Israel's deal with Hezbollah
First rabbis ordained in Poland since Holocaust
Moonlight on the Avenue of Faith
Gay is in, straight is out
Facebook hires Sister Mary Pedantic
What to do with Uncle Ivins?
Court rejects death penalty for raping children
And on April 17, 1178 B.C, he was having breakfast in bed
Let's welcome him with open arms
For when you feel to sing
Chavez threatens to ban Europe
A Monument to the Enema
I'm so glad I didn't give this guy my email address...
Next they'll sue over the Darwin fish
Grammatophobia strikes again
When dogs go broke
So how about that truce, huh?
Guy kidnaps ex-girlfriend to get ironing done
Because July 4th is all about boobies
How much are your hurt feelings worth?
Bigotry beats debate once again
'Manual scavenger' does not mean what I thought it meant
'We're sorry sir, your penis is too large for this plane'
Obama wins the nomination, world peace breaks out
Comrades! Put on clean underwear! McCain is googling for a VP
Bud Is Good, Weed Is Not
He's black but not too black
Russian Meatballs
Forget the panties, *this* is the real torture
'No one is above the law in Israel'
Uncontacted Indian tribe spotted in Brazil
Macedonia votes in shadow of violence
Turkey Slides Further Into Fundamentalism
Bad Karma To Blame For Earthquake In China
The Jews Are Coming! The Jews Are Coming!
Officials: Teens trained for suicide bombings in Iraq
Americans Are Driving less
Blabbermouth Strikes Again
'I married the Eiffel Tower'
Civil Rights Leader By Day, Child Molester By Night
'Wait, who’s Sirap?'
Battle of Crete
Colombia's top FARC commander dead
Lighten up, Russians!
Eurovision 2008
Jesus Saves
Israel terrorizes New Zealand
Obama starts search for running mate
What Luck?
Court says money discriminates against blind people
Bush calls Iraqi PM over Quran shooting
Oh Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry Shells How I Love Thee
France Admits Contacts With Hamas
US military: soldier shot at Quran for practice
Mobs kill 7 in anti-foreigner violence in South Africa
Abbas: I'll resign if no peace agreement reached this year
Obama and the Jews
Doomsayers decide that the end of the world is not here after all
Saudis spit on Bush, Bush says thank you
Come see the Conservative, just don't stick your hands through the bars
And a chicken in every pot
Indian village proud after double 'honor killing'
Solar Power Bra
Yikes! (Warning, graphic)
Ahmadinejad says Israel doomed
President Apostate?
The undead
I wish I was British so I could go to jail
Beer Passenger Safety
Reason enough to vote for Clinton
How not to cook sausages
China says up to 9,000 killed in earthquake
You think you're having a bad day?
Josef Fritzl: in his own twisted, depraved and chilling words
US pressing to deliver aid to 'paranoid' Myanmar
Who should MDs let die in a pandemic?
Hitchens: Is Michelle Obama responsible for the Wright fiasco?
Happy May Day
Hamas: Jews planned Holocaust
So You Want To Be a Scientologist
An Insult to Lesbians
Obama is outraged and appalled
The hottest brother in America
Daddy Dearest
Christos Anesti
Mike Hammond is one good son
More racial violence at Crown Heights
Will Sharon Stone play Virgin Mary?
$100 fill-ups arrive at gas pumps
U.S. athletes divided on politicizing Games
Bin Laden's deputy says Iran trying to undermine al-Qaida
Clinton defeats Obama in Pennsylvania primary
Lynchings in Congo as penis theft panic hits capital
Greek Meatballs
The Parting Glass
Monsanto’s Harvest of Fear
Are you my puppy?
Carter: Arafat fought for just causes
You thought you were safe hiding under the bed? Not in New Jersey!
My bitterness is a machine!
Traders bet Obama will win Democratic nomination
Absolut Vodka Pulls Reconquista Ad
It's albino season in Tanzania
No cake for you
United Church of Christ calls for nationwide race discussion
The Netherlands and Denmark fund hate journalism
National Cement of Venezuela
Greece vetoes Macedonia Nato bid
Unpopularity contest: Iran first, Israel second
At least flying penguins are cute
Three out of 10 US public school students do not graduate from high school, and major city school districts only graduate one out of two students
Airline hires temps to fill plane
Extreme Ironing
Right of freedom of expression is now abuse of the right of freedom of expression
Doctors support universal health care
Faith only needs two legs
Remove nipple rings before boarding
Tha Spaso Koupes
Highly trained medical leeches perform liposuction, breast implants, brow lifts, collagen injections, knee surgery, teeth whitening, and chemical skin peeling
Palestinian children are 'burned' in a model crematorium by 'Israelis'
Turks praise jihad to protest Cheney visit
Praying to the Big Wolf in the Sky
Banned Commercial
Greece returns to work after two weeks of strikes
The world's most incompetent ethnic cleansers
Outrage at Cartoons Still Tests the Danes
They tore her a new asshole...literally!
'Attention, Russian parents, guard your children from Jews'
For amputees, an unlikely painkiller: Mirrors
Michel Sabbah's last Easter
Martians for Obama
Peacekeepers battle Serbs in Kosovo
Holy Illinois Cornflake
Deliver Us From Evil
Funny Games
Defame Islam, get sued?
'Worldwide anti-Semitism on the rise'
When balloons don't want to be popped
Alabama building can't shake swastika shape
Dutch parliament bans sex with animals
Just another Hollywood leftist
Let sleeping students lie lest they wake up and sue you
The toilet saga, continued
When constipation strikes
By the time she's three, she'll be graduating from Harvard
Love Actually
Black civil rights activist is fighting to close KKK store in building he owns
Oh, look! Poor people!
Woman earns Silver Star in Afghan war
Would you like a kidney with that latte?
Another 'true story' that's fiction
Livni: If necessary, Israel will reoccupy the Gaza Strip
Ecoterrorism: five McMansions burnt in Seattle
Hamas pushing for ceasefire, didn't expect 'such a massive attack'
Women Lie
'Shoah' remark sparks uproar
'9/11 attacks made up, ' says French best actress Oscar-winner
Firearms, Ricin and The Anarchist's Textbook Do Not A Terrorist Make
The Monsters of Templeton
World Without End
The Septembers of Shiraz
Israel prepares world opinion for assault on Gaza
A car tire is just a bigger toy
U.S. border 'virtual fence' to be delayed
Cure for blindness: stick a tooth in your eye
Balkan chutzpah
'Down, down, Denmark but keep sending us money!'
Study finds immigrants commit less California crime
Oscars Talk
Hitler vs Frankenstein
Sotiria Bellou - Synnefiasmeni Kyriaki (Cloudy Sunday)
Poaching of doctors from Africa is 'international crime': Lancet
Libelous brat's whiny parents sue because their golden son experienced consequences
Belgrade's US Embassy set on fire
'Made in Italy' by cheaper Chinese labour
A Thousand Splendid Suns
Shih Tzu Happens
Iraq rounds up beggars and mentally disabled people from the streets of Baghdad to prevent them from being used as suicide bombers
Iran: Israel Will Be Destroyed 'By the Hands of Hizbullah'
Serbian backlash starts
The Kosovars are now independent
Do the Bobaraba
Iran: God loves nukes
Flame Wars: Mac Users are Pretentious Assholes, PC Users are Cheapskates
Welcome to Greater Albania
School shootings: quest for answers
Another heroic police officer picking on someone not their size
Several people shot at Northern Illinois University
Saudis to execute a woman for witchcraft
Iran: ‘Persepolis’ is more harmful than ‘300′
Israeli Apartheid Week very popular at Oxford
Plan to fingerprint all EU visitors
'We are not serving Jews, out of here'
Whites to be minority in US by 2050
Al-Qaeda leaders in Iraq admit: 'We are in crisis. There is panic and fear'
Stepfather blames abused 7-year-old for her death
Rowan Williams faces calls to quit
Turkey’s Parliament Lifts Scarf Ban
British athletes forced to sign contracts banning criticism of Chinese regime
The reason Cubans are not allowed to travel is so they don't cause traffic jams in airspace
Sharia law in UK is 'unavoidable'
Britain's welfare generation
Who, oh who, oh who will it be?
Masha and Dasha Krivoshlyapova
Quarter of Brits think Churchill was made up
Giants stand between Patriots and the history books
Al Qaeda said to focus on WMDs
Pakistani Taliban leader sleeps badly at night
Britain approves state benefits for polygamists
The Mayor and the Shih Tzu
Afghan Senate withdraws confirmation of death sentence on student convicted of blasphemy for downloading a report on women's rights
Clashes between extreme rightists, leftists in Athens injure 3 people
Funny church signs
Suicides by US soldiers spike
Proof that Britain is dumbing down
The Holocaust just calls for samba
Russia's most famous - and glamorous - female bodyguard killed as her Porsche is carjacked in Moscow
Poor Haitians resort to eating dirt
Beheading a Muslim soldier is not like killing people
Hunt for 'Dr Horror'
Romney, McCain call each other 'liberal'
Christodoulos, Archbishop of Greece, is dead
The Most Private Country in the World
Buttocks don't come cheap on American tv
'Hispanic panic' in Arizona
Kenya is becoming Rwanda
Stary Doktor
Attention, married people! Have a fight, it's good for you
Why Fidel Castro won't die
Poor Gazans, just for a few thousand rockets they get their electricity cut off
Saudi women get equal rights! (No, not really)
Saudi Arabia forces couple to annul marriage
Confederate Flag Ad Praises Huckabee
Now I gotta worry about Obama's uncle too?
What's 'pro-Israel' and who appointed anyone to cast judgment on the issue?
NASCAR not exactly Jew-friendly
Dozens in Texas town report seeing UFO
'When the Shark and the Fish First Met'
Man's Facial Tumor (Viewer Discretion Advised)
Hillary Clinton: my teary moment won me New Hampshire
Iran: Pentagon video, audio fake
Life in Sderot
Olmert, Need a Hug?
Why US Muslims live in peace
People of the Book
Naomi Campbell interviews 'rebel angel' Hugo Chavez
400K without power amid Calif. storm
Iraqi soldier kills 2 American troops
Obama vs Huckabee
Give the pug back!
Do New Hampshire and Iowa have too much influence over nominations?
50 killed as mob sets fire to Kenyan church
The Year's Weird News
Yehuda Poliker - Rembetiko
World outsources pregnancies to India
Qaeda Network Expands Base in Pakistan
La Mer with Ukulele Eric
The Year's Best and Worst of YouTube
Pakistan in chaos after Bhutto's assassination
Who's Behind the Bible of Mental Illness
It wouldn't be Christmas if Armenian and Greek priests didn't have a go at each other
Hindus attack churches on Christmas
Weathermen and Pig Spleens
The world's smallest Bible, inscribed by Israeli scientists
If Capt. Scott Southworth ever runs for President, he's got my vote
A Second Chance
Sometimes it really is better to not drive
Rice blames Sharon for 'discouraging her from promoting Israeli-Palestinian peace'
A Lowe's Christmas Story
Couple forced to take in criminal lodger after he tells court their house is HIS home address
Hamas cries 'uncle'
The Crying Dutchman
Another priest attacked in Turkey
Magical leg gone missing
Upside-down Christmas Trees
Terry Pratchett has revealed that he has Alzheimer's disease
Sderot's mayor resigns
Greece shut down today
What Dec. 11 means in Algeria
Anti-Arab prejudice among Israeli Jews
Leningrad Cowboys Go America
Chris and Michael must never marry
The satellite will give you a diagnosis and secret agents will cure you while you sleep
No farting allowed
Waking up during surgery
The 100 best films of 2007
Requiem for a Red Lobster
The horror of a stricken nation waiting to die
States get tough on juvenile crime, juvenile crime drops, states get soft on juvenile crime
Who Wants to Marry a U.S. Citizen?
Don't you dare look at Montel because he's a big star and he can 'look you up, find where you live and blow you up'
Israpundit: Why I hate Annapolis
The Rodney King saga continues
'It's a very fair verdict, she could have had six months and lashes and a fine, and she only got 15 days and deportation'
Robber, instant millionaire, robbed
Olmert talks apartheid
9 Telltale Signs You're Probably an Asshole
'Hillary haters' out in force
'You self-aggrandizing, two words not clear, sociopath!!'
'Is it always illegal to kill a woman?'
100 Notable Books of 2007
Hitchens on Romney
Origin of the Term 'Schmuck'
Dutch activist disillusioned with 'guerilla chic'
No Child Left Behind Left Geography Behind
'Righteous gentile' joins Polish government
Irving and Griffin at Oxford
Mormon smears turn Republican race sour
School bans Santa from wearing red because it reminds pupils of Coca-Cola
Man in Black: Scientology is no different than the Bible
Efi Strikes Again
Bangladesh cyclone deaths climb to 2,300
New Zealand wants only skinny immigrants
The Garcias are catching up to the Joneses
British taxpayers pay for 'virginity repairs'
Remember 'the most expensive dessert in the world?' The secret ingredient was mouse poop
Santas warned 'ho ho ho' offensive to women
Czechs back Jews with mass protest against neo-Nazis
VNN infiltrates International Jewish Conspiracy, ADL discovers invisotext
Juan Carlos - Chavez, 1 - 0
One out of four homeless are veterans
The Jewish Gift to Humanity
Oprah wept
Pakistan on a slippery slope
Fake Chinese web site watches for fake Chinese drugs
Swastika painted on Jewish professor's door at Columbia
Boy with matches started California fire
If Marx didn't have boils...
Egypt announces nuclear plant projects
Shop's 'Ku Klux Klan lynching' mannequins cause racism storm
37 arrested at World Series celebrations
Besa: A Code of Honor - Muslim Albanians Who Rescued Jews During the Holocaust
Will Bush really bomb Iran?
'Arab volunteers will be dubbed lepers'
Judas was really a bad guy
Do you believe in ghosts?
Mom forcefully had her 13-year-old daughter's genitalia pierced to make it uncomfortable for her to have sex
Nobody does disasters better than California
Turks, mad at Kurds, beat up Belgians
Yiddish makes a comeback
Global warming will cause post-traumatic stress
An 'infidel' in Israel
A 'tendentious, self-important, sloppily reasoned book that gives feminism a bad name.'
California Fires Force 300,000 From Homes
Turkey blames Jews for genocide bill
What to do if you're attacked by monkeys
Ladies, send your panties to Burma
Israeli forum calling for the annihilation of Ashkenazim
Those kids in Kansas
Bhutto states the obvious
Will Cheney go hunting with Obama?
Don't curse at your toilet, you may go to jail
Jumping the Queue
Who you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes?
Mutts and Moms Takes Mutt from Moms
The fire that looked like the Pope
Baggy Pants Ban
Priest gets a visit from 'hate crime' police for expressing his views on Muslim veil affair
Fear reigns in Burma’s city under siege
Coke vs Pepsi
Court orders apology for insult to dog
Good vs Evil or Dog vs Cat
Zionism's bleak present
Mearsheimer and Walt: 'US support for Israel spurred 9/11'
Rice: If U.S. recognizes Armenian genocide, there won't be peace in the Middle East
Muslim medical students are refusing to attend lectures or answer exam questions on alcohol-related or sexually transmitted diseases because they claim it offends their religious beliefs
Slain Pregnant Woman Was Alive While Baby Was Cut From Womb
U.S. Navy hospital ship finishes a four-month humanitarian mission
Suicide bombers head to Iraq from Damascus
What's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten?
Nigeria Asks if Bill Gates is a Mooch
Iraqi interpreters and aides who assisted British forces in Iraq will be allowed to settle in Britain
Who can stop President Clinton II?
God informs televangelist that lawsuits are real
Turkey blackmails US
Ahmadinejad: Let Jews move their country to Europe or Alaska
Happy endings only or your ass is ash
Crypto-Jews, Islamists and Israel's best friends
Prague bans march in its Jewish quarter
If a Japanese man gives you jellies, be sure to eat them!
Gazans fear Hamas, want peace with Israel
The world lets Myanmar down once again
UK union: no academic boycott of Israel
Jaws II: Brain-Eating Amoebas
'We welcome Rosie O'Donnell to the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade'
Suicide epidemic striking Kurdish women
'People in Iran are very joyous, happy people, they're very free in expressing what they think.'
Ahmadinejad's 60 Minutes of Fame
The Unkosher Feast
The last I remember...
Holocaust groups urge EU not to fund anti-Semitic station
Tattoo Regret
Much ado about the 'Jena Six'
Ahmadinejad rips U.S., U.S. rolls out red carpet for him
To burn or not to burn
At least Bloomberg won't be there
American family wants asylum in Finland
The National Star of the Internet
You can talk the talk but can you walk the walk?
The inner secrets of sausages
'My son is no Nazi - he is a childish sort'
It feels like insects crawling under your skin, but is this X-Files illness reality or all in the mind?
Barry Manilow terrified of a girl
'If I Robbed Him' - An exclusive excerpt from O.J.'s next book
Abizaid: World could abide nuclear Iran
Bloggie's not the only one who likes chicken
O.J. Simpson ordered held without bail
An Iranian 'Schindler's List'
Locavore discovers that it's hard being a farmer
Conservatives lead Greek vote
Disillusioned Greeks vote in cliffhanger poll
Albanian man takes revenge on the Dutch
Das Leben der Anderen
Leave Chris Crocker alone! He is just a human!
Youssif and family arrive in U.S.: 'Am I in heaven?'
A forgotten exodus
Helvetica: The Movie
IAF recently photographed nuclear facilities in Syria
Fidel returns from the land of the dead to inform us he's seen 'Loose Change'
Chinese method for crushing garlic
A woman accused over a fatal dog attack on her five-year-old granddaughter has been found not guilty of manslaughter
No guns or flowers allowed
Kate McCann declared suspect by police and booed by crowd
The Stalags
Hsu arrested in Colorado
Giuliani, Romney, Thompson
Young US Jews 'detached' from Israel
Finkelstein resigns
Chavez brings magic to Venezuela
The government is examining your poop
No abortion and no birth control allowed
Some Glykeria to sweeten your evening
In defense of Larry Craig
Mom, I got your cat. If you want to see her alive again, send me money.
Chinese Army Blamed for Pentagon Hack
Scientology faces criminal charges in Belgium
Reform Jewish leader tells U.S. Muslims that Islam is being demonized
The objective anti-Semites
How to be Greek
First they ban playing tag, then they ban breathing
Sderot kids to stay away from schools following morning's rocket salvo
Stewart Weiss responds to Rav Ovadia
Rudy Giuliani: Urban Legend
Last year's fires, this year's floods
Hamas is killing Hamas supporters
Swiss Sippenhaft
Everything Is Illuminated
After the fire comes fraud
Jewell, falsely tied to '96 blast, dies
Keep your $10 and give me $4 or I kill you
If they're not having sex in the bathroom, they're peeing in the sink!
Greek Conservative Government Burnt by Fire
Netherlands sets plan against extremism
Updated: 63 dead in Peloponnese fire
When luxury meant quality
In case of an anthrax attack, call Judi Giuliani
How can I love my Republican parents?
When your wife hates your job...
Turkey complains to Israel about Foxman
Breaking news: Old people are still doing it
What the hell are white people so happy about?
More than 440 anti-Semitic incidents in Australia this last year
Head of ADL's Boston office fired after publicly challenging the organization's position on the Armenian genocide
Perfume: The Story of a Murderer
Gays, Out!
New York is taking DEBKA seriously
Church cancels memorial for gay Navy vet
We're all friends
Nearly 80 percent of India lives on half dollar a day
'Boycott Israeli Universities? Boycott Ours, Too!'
With wives away, NY haredim find camaraderie at $10 a plate
Harry Potter and the French Teen Translator
Outrage over betrayal of Iraqi interpreters
Caroline Giuliani: Tell Mama I'm for Obama
McCarrots taste better than plain carrots
'Why should we live in shame?'
The Republicans don't know what to do either
Do you fancy being boiled?
Dating out
The Kos Convention
I love my phone so much, I wear it
Guess why you spend so much time at work?
Alert the internet! O.J. is a liar!
Harry Potter and the many Chinese authors
237 reasons we have sex
It's raining pork
UK academic boycott backlash grows
Flying imams & Reichstag analogies
Dorfield's Scary Adventure
Outsourcing grandma
Jihad deprogramming
Louis Vuitton model accuses U.S. of global disarray
Three cheers for the pilot
In case you thought my ASBOs go overboard
Does gravity worsen a hangover?
Men dig up dead woman in order to have sex with her
Which child to save?
There were 250 fires today in Greece
The Blue Screen of Death Tattoo
In Venezuela, Speak No Ill of Hugo
U.S. will continue to protect Al Qaeda safe haven
Unhappiest, unhealthiest and worst behaved
Chupacabra's Cousin
The Cat of Death
Two men arrested, admit defiling war memorial with swastikas
The terrorist *bastards*, they're using *cheese* now!
Tony Blair and the Sense of Possibility
They're finally free
India is still in the dark ages
Buddha is not fat, he's just big-boned
Why most terrorists are so incompetent
Aridog is in Germany!
Ten thousand security guards don't stand a chance against bloggie
Lego Man
Muslim heads stuck firmly in the sand
I'm in that fifth
Think tank: Jewish numbers (outside of Israel) in decline
The hospital with a heart
Yummy Steamed Buns
The trend toward delegitimizing Israel's existence as a Jewish state is growing not only in Europe, but also in the United States
China puts price on flies
Phyllis Chesler: Hollywood Airbrushes Jihad
Photographers with a heart
Female circumcision a problem in Britain
The most stressful profession
Next to be killed: Donald Duck
The Doctors' Plot
Two doctors held over bomb attacks
Zimbabwe’s Archbishop urges Britain to invade
Monks, Mystics, and Roses
Iraq Veterans Against the War
Moore raves about Cuba, Cuba ranks below the U.S. in health care
Idiot criminals of the week
'NYT,' 'Washington Post' slammed over Hamas op-eds
Poor scared kidnappers
How to make Greek coffee
In Italy, 'it's not politically correct to impose garlic on everybody.'
But how do they feel about Bloggie?
Hacker claims Harry Potter's alleged ending on Web
Father of the Iranian revolution
Suha's panties to appear on eBay?
Charity is as good as sex
A lawyer's guide to fatherhood
Japan to get nursing home for dogs
Next he'll try holding his breath for 10 years
Judge in love with his pants
But where can a person find Prophet Muhammad's urine?
In Britain, it's culturally insensitive to prevent murder
Eichmann was Jewish, Hurricane Katrina was a regional test for a Masonic takeover, and it's turtles all the way down
Italian senator calls ambulance to beat traffic
Palestinians blasted for media disguise
The indoctrination of Palestinian children
Darwin is the source of all evil
BBC promotes conspiracy theories about the attack on USS Liberty
In Britain you get beaten up for being a redhead, in Ireland you get beaten up for being too beautiful
The abduction of Yossele Schumacher
In Saudi Arabia, a view from behind the veil
British doctors are creating designer babies free from cosmetic defects
Ritalin use doubles after divorce, study finds
Clashing values in Jerusalem
South Korea catches up with the 80s
Pole wakes from 19-year coma in democratic country
Anger, unease 40 years after Mideast war
'From vein to vein'
Four charged in plot to blow up JFK airport
Swiss synagogue fire set deliberately
Fear and hatred push U.S. sex offenders to fringes
Sunnis revolt against al-Qaida
No freedom of religion in Malaysia
Yoko Ono eats dog to protest killing of fox
Straight pub wins right to ban gays
Keepin' it real
Poland deals with very serious issues
Dyslexia: real or scam?
When adults act like children
Chill out rabbi, it's only Bloggie
Venezuela, the socialist heaven
So how well do you know your horror movies?
Not Your Father's Pay: Why Wages Today Are Weaker
NY to get shoe store so big it has own ZIP code
Would you let your 13-year-old daughter wear this outfit?
Iranian-Americans, don't visit Iran
Best tourists in the world
April showers bring May flowers and June brings House
Iran protests 'Persepolis' screening
The Bastard of Istanbul
Has Britain gone overboard for missing Madeleine?
The Fight for Jerusalem: Radical Islam, the West and the Future of the Holy City - By Dore Gold
India's child-brides
Heartstring-tugging Greek commercial
Television evangelist Falwell dies at 73
The '300' weaponry crisis and its cascade effect on Greece's economy
French workers biggest whiners, Irish happiest
Rude Miami drivers
The perils of blogging in Egypt
South Africa's Minister of Intelligence is anything but
Bloomberg running for president
The best Eurovision song this year
Better care for the terminally ill leads to fewer euthanasia cases in the Netherlands
Dad who starved baby complains about jail food
Would you leave your child alone?
Ninety percent of pregnant women who are given a Down syndrome diagnosis choose to have an abortion
Gas station owner told to raise prices
Hamas enlists Mickey Mouse to preach jihad
What would you do if you were told you only had one year to live?
Iranian foreign minister boycotts official dinner with Rice because the violinist wore a pretty dress
Mourning man lies in own grave, and waits to die
The Top 25 Web Hoaxes and Pranks
BBC journalists lead bid against union's Israel boycott
Duck penises in an arms race
You should love your enemy, not God's enemy
Crayola Multicultural Crayons
The enemy in Iran
Saudi terrorist plot mirrored 9/11 attack
Registered sexual predator kills his girlfriend's two boys
This week's Greek riot here
Purification by cow urine
The N Couch
Enough reason to vote Republican
John Edwards has very special hair
Minnesota's Muslim cab drivers face crackdown
A disturbed student
So what's wrong with bribes?
Despite membership in the WTO, Saudi Arabia continues to boycott Israel
Finding a 60-year-old treasure
Ghosts are forbidden in Islam
Only Russian citizens can sell vegetables
Chavez thumps chest, stomps feet
A threat of cancer, a drastic decision
Freedom of press strikes again in Turkey
They called him Mr. Bean
Chavez to nationalize cement
Seattle of the Balkans
A Walk on Temple Mount
The Complete Bushisms
We only came third?!
Vatican threatens to boycott Yad Vashem
Pelosi's father and the Holocaust
Shocka! Iran helps Iraqis build bombs
Full of shit? Call Paris and Nicole
The Greek Cosmonaut
Horse. Gate. Bolted.
Turkey will block 'insulting' web sites
Miss Marple
Could you pass for Canadian?
The chametz police
Order your invisibility cloaks now!
Peanut Butter, The Atheist's Nightmare
Americans drink a bottle of whiskey with lunch? Who knew.
A little too late
Fire destroys Neturei Karta synagogue
Giuliani: Wife won't be Cabinet member
Happy Passover
Britain's humiliation continues
Ten of the best April Fool's Day hoaxes
China killed your dog!
Irish arts group: 'Reflect' on Israel ties
The mullahs are enjoying themselves
Blair: Ahmadinejad is a three-year-old
Oh, those magnanimous Saudis
Ahmadinejad's Adoring Masses
Mousie needs dentures
Lost Lab brothers meet at dog daycare
Fried husband, anyone?
France opens secret UFO files
Charlie Sheen to narrate remake of 'Loose Change'
This is not me, I swear
'Luckily, Japanese have yellow faces'
Texas really is biggest in everything
Jewish food is bad for you!
They didn't 'force' her to watch
Congress commends Greece for Israel friendliness
'Anti-Zionism is mask for anti-Semitism'
The Great Global Warming Swindle
Anna Wintour hates the word 'blog'
Now they picked the time for an inspection?!
Russian veteran battles antisemitic propaganda
Dugard may probe Israeli 'apartheid'
Air Passengers Need a Bill of Rights
Riots to follow
Mom's solution to cramped living
Compassion is another victim of the war on drugs
... All that and he's a free man
Turkish Jews should know better
Ukraine cleric demands return of Torahs
Man blows himself up in Internet cafe
If you could travel back in time you would go to...
Michael Moore Manufacturing Dissent
Borat the Boring
Bush Wages Unsung Battle Against Global Anti-Semitism
Baby Loves Disco
Someone won't be nominated for the Mom of the Year award
Hillary's Hallmark Sensibility
More than 40 hurt in Athens rioting
Miss Israel finalist quits after family’s honour killing plot
Glykeria & Dalaras - Tzivaeri
A unique snowflake
The last feudal state in the West
Europe's Israel problem
Small miracles
Bush sets out to woo neighbours
Possible marriage prospect for women in Georgia
Vermont towns seek to impeach Bush
Thallium poisonings in Moscow
Turkey Bans YouTube
RIP Mr. Gallo. You made some good wine
Dream thread
Attention homeschoolers! UC wants you
Happy Birthday, Gabo!
Greece apologizes to Albania
What, oh what should I do? (Doggie advice needed)
The Macaca Video
Sarkozy asks mayors to support Le Pen
Hamas bans Palestinian folk tale book
Israeli TV Advertisement of Greek Feta
The National Star of Greece, Andreas Evagelopoulos
UFO science key to halting climate change: former Canadian defense minister
Bill Maher Sorry the Assassination Attempt on Dick Cheney Failed
Ann Coulter calls John Edwards a 'faggot'
Conspiracy Theory Hinders Anti-Polio Effort in Pakistan
What is it about Germans and obedience?
AP gives Paris Hilton a week's timeout
Evangelicals' work in Africa criticized
A delicious Katyusha soup!
Arabs rape Jewish women for revenge
Dracula book gets pedophile off the hook
Anti-Semitic attacks jump in France
Greek church: Cameron is a zionist tool
Oscar Talk
Police officer jailed for refusing to protect Israelis
Thousands plotting U.K. attacks
The Evil Eye
Such brave men
The most expensive PS3 price in the world
In case you were curious about Harry Potter's penis... (NSFW)
Bringing out the gay in Jamaica
Punitive Shoes
Carter says majority in U.S. support views in book
Marie Antoinette
Celebrate Tyra Banks History Month
A parallel Muslim universe
Are you addicted to e-mail?
Three U.S. women freed in West Bank: Palestinian official
Islamic spies to snoop on lovers
Would you like some Jew-hating sugar with your coffee?
Blood Accusation
Police issue warrant for New Jersey man who attacked Elie Wiesel
Manly Men
Pelosi: Don't worry Iran, we won't let anyone interrupt your nuclear plans
Saudi prince to build luxury hotel in Tel Aviv
Why banging your sister is icky
Such lovely parents
Passengers left waiting on planes at a New York airport for as long as 11 hours
Hiccuping 50 times a minute for over three weeks
Israeli flowers 1 - British Jew-haters 0
'The Lark Farm' Wakens Turkish Ghosts
One 'bad apple' does spoil the whole office
Australia's water rationing
al-Zawahri: Bush, you're an alcoholic, a liar, and your mother dresses you funny
New study blames Belgium's elite for cooperating with Nazis
Mitt Romney, blood libel, and that old time Jew hate
UN is hopeful that Palestinian unity will defuse conflict with Israel (yes, really)
India urged to end caste apartheid
Several dead, injured in Utah mall shooting
Egyptian MP: Nothing short of nuke will 'work' with Israel
'Just because of 9/11...'
One in three Germans believes that the Holocaust 'is not different in principle' from Israel's policy toward the Palestinians.
The price of peace with Syria
Iran's Obsession with the Jews
Toronto Optician Goes Insane!
Ariel Toaff, promoter of the blood libel, says he's 'misunderstood'
'The moment you hate the Americans more than you hate Al Qaida, it's impossible to defend yourself from Al Qaida.'
Spanish prison offers family cells
Elie Wiesel 'roughed up' by Holocaust denier
Former US Marine captain held over Cambodia child sex case
Homeless paraplegic dumped on skid row: LA police
Standing up to the bullies in her midst
Anna Nicole Smith is dead
Happy Tsiknopempti, everybody!
Dr. Sumaya Alyusuf: Jews 'apes' and Christians 'pigs'
Iran's supreme leader calls for retaliation againt Israel
In Defense of '24': An Arab-American defends the real-life Bauers.
Another Nazi escapes justice
Breaking news: Drunks may not be as funny as they think they are
She's mourning! She killed Harry!
I don't know if I can handle this much excitement
Nuclearizing Iran Forging Antisemitic Alliance
Lenin, Stalin and Jesus
The zoo and you
German housing association tenants are obediently not using all the space in their apartments to avoid being evicted
Poland’s deputy prime minister accepts his second award from anti-Semitic Ukrainian university
Arab diplomat resigns after Iraq mission
Islamic Creationism Invades France
Parents behaving badly
Security alert shuts Boston's Charles River
'Forgive me, I beg you. I give in to your fury as an act of love.'
Coddled Frenchies need naps at work
Poland honors Irena Sendler
Sweden is the first country to open embassy in Second Life
Olive tree leaves spark frenzy in Greece
In the UK, if your child is fat, they'll take it away from you
Republicans are hazardous to your children's health
Michael Jackson 'needs' to become a Muslim
Working in Seattle
A doggie's life
'They brought shame on the Jewish people'
Happy St Xenophon Day!
Bleep bless you, ma'am
There's a reason it's called sloth
US Navy Presidential Ceremonial Honor Guard Drill Team
Man kicked off flight for Bush-bashing T-shirt
Which bloggie guys will be wearing leggings this year?
I'd fire her donkey too
Free haircuts in Brazil
Frappe Nation
packen, solus and I will go crazy last
Italy rushes to convict Nazi murderers
4-year-old decapitated; cops seek father
Yannis Kanellakis, mon amour. Not.
Why was bloggie down this time?
Once again, Canadians are victims of discrimination
Jews not welcome in Ireland, Nazis ok
Who needs a safety vest when you got a bra?
You say Sydney, I say Sidney
The Donald, Rosie and Iraq
'I don't think he needs help getting into heaven'
A mother's love
Finally! Someone else admits they don't understand David Lynch
Chilling traditional performance at the Odeon by Areti Ketime, aged 12
Johnny, sit down this instant or I'm going to shoot your head off
New highly scientific method for predicting car accidents
Convert them or kill them
For another $1, Nagin will be there too
PETA in Boratland
Adventures with Rabbi Stone
Programming language inventor or serial killer?
Ahearn: Pebbles from a 'Kindertransport’
I want to hold you so muts
Another thing Greece and Russia had in common this week
U.S. has most prisoners in world due to tough laws
If terrorists need more ideas, the Russians will happily provide
Carter: Jews are blocking the promotion of my book
Who didn't know this was coming?
I hope it helps her spelling skills
Sarkozy for President
My dream toaster
If she had family and friends, would she still want to die?
Mel defends Michael: You don't need to be drunk to hate Jews
We like Britain, we hate Syria, but what about Australia?
Turkey's stubborness will keep her out of the EU (which is fine by me)
Five hunters killed in Greece
Congo's fashionistas
Witnesses detail immolation attack on six Sunnis in Baghdad last week
OFF LEASH: On pleasant surprises
The Girl of Qatif
I wish all tv stations would follow their example
Winterval in England
I can't believe no one posted this yet!
Panera, don't make me hate you
Stormi, help!
Talk about thick-headed...
Most Greeks don't read bloggie everyday
Roomba should be paying me money!
German neo-Nazis attack Jewish memorial
Alcohol-based hand cleaners save lives
Borat banned in Russia
Must be the lutefisk
Another hypocrite outed
Breaking news! Doogie Howser is gay
Damn you, Nasrallah, look what you've done!
America and the Dollar Illusion
Boy's peepee saved by the judge
The Bobs
No Jews, Chinese, Koreans or homosexuals.
Greek landlords don't want Gypsies in their homes
A segregated religion
Paris Syndrome
Sex and Taboos in the Islamic World
Peres: Let's just bend over and spread them a little wider
Hamas is shocked that not everyone hates Jews
Teachers' strike in Greece enters 6th week
TV Songs for $500, Alex
Plane crashes into Manhattan building
Ahmadinejad feels bullied, the poor guy
Why die alone?
What, no beheading?
Feeding kids meat is child abuse (Guess Who)
Hot new trend: Name your baby after a TV network
Blame Jeanne Storm
Criminal 38 D on the run
British policeman refuses to guard Israeli embassy because he 'morally objects' to Lebanon war
How much did his underwear weigh?
Muslim youth group attacks tree
Texans will fry anything!
Twin Rat Terrorists; 11 months, adorable, full of fun.
Fighting between Hamas and Fatah kills 7
I hope he changes his mind
Whore for publicity
French teacher hiding from Islamist death threats
German court fines seller of anti-neo Nazi shirts
By including money laundering and prostitution, Greece is now among the rich nations in Europe
Greece Denies Dumping Illegal Immigrants into the Sea
Will divorce for work
Apartheid! Tear down this fence!
Islamic law rules you, too
Hard to believe but true: the British have been having sex for hundreds of years.
The hot date this year
A plea from Arab and Muslim intellectuals
For some people Bush is the Devil, for others, Hillary is the Devil
Too sick for words
How much time should you spend in jail if you let your 18-month-old baby take bong hits?
Norway says plot to blow up U.S. and Israeli embassies
Jason Jones & the Gay Translator {Harry's Place}
Greek sexy dance
Nearly eight decades after their tragic deaths, two of Theodor Herzl's children were buried Wednesday in Jerusalem
The Nazi guard that married a Jew
Goats Cheese Salad ... tomatoes, onions, goats, cheese.
Siblings reunited 65 years after Holocaust
Ted Turner says Iraq war among history's 'dumbest'
Village elders order trial by boiling oil
The 'couple of idiots in the North' won 7.3 percent of the vote in Mecklenburg
Mancation, schmancation. What fun is it without us around?
Happy Tenth Birthday, He'Brew!
Cherie Blair pretends to slap teenager, child protection officials report her to police
And now the real war starts
Infant taken after mom's throat slashed
United 93
Rabbit-Proof Fence
No more confession on school premises in Greece
Shot by Uncle Adolf
Five Palestinian churches attacked
The Dutch are the world's tallest people
Japanese: Jesus died here for your rice, aged 114
Greeks don't make very good ninjas
Lysistrata in Colombia
Kissinger warns of possible 'war of civilizations'
Immigration no threat to English use in U.S.: study
ev, don't even think about it
Gentlemen (and certain ladies) - Car thread!
They hate us but...
Ann Althouse on the President's speech
Canon by Funtwo
Anyone else watching this or am I the only one? And if you thought Helen was scary...
A mined border in the EU
September 11 remembered
Can someone please bitch-slap Jim Marrs for me? Thanks.
Hmm... Why don't I believe her?
Commandante Henrico
Police-Anarchists 0-1
What would we do without experts?
Released Prisoners Later Carried Out Fatal Attacks
Not enough vultures to eat the dead
Rove the Exorcist
Goats enforce speed limit
Welfare reform in America
It's alive!
Saudi Arabia: Chadians Barred From Schools, Hospitals
Hirsi Ali: Europe has double standards on Israel
Haim Avraham: UN collaborated with Hezbollah over abduction in 2000
Israeli paraglider lands in minefield near Syrian border
Malaysian astronaut to throw tea party in space. The Russians will bring the cookies. No word on whether dolls will be welcomed
British hospitals introduce Muslim gown
The saddest day of the year
Beware of the evil Jewish leadership hiding behind the media they control!
Europe nixes landing rights for El Al planes with IDF cargo
Quisling's mansion now houses The Center for Studies of Holocaust and Religious Minorities in Norway
For only $16 you too can play Second World War Death Camp
Oh, whatever!
You must see this movie: Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World
Don't mess with grandma!
Who kicks ass? Greeks do, that's who
Zanzibar Muslim leader: Ban Freddie Mercury party
Help me write the faqing faq!
'Arbeit macht Frei' - I don't remember where I read that but it's a good quote!
Proper Cow Etiquette (aka Please Don't Hug the Cows)
What should the Colorado DA have done?
Canadian Minister: Hizbullah Like Nazi Party
Dungeon girl lived on bread and cheese
Thanks to the U.S. Army, Amina can hear
Gene Simmons is too cool for shul
Greece One of the Most Expensive States in EU
El Salvador to move embassy to Tel Aviv
No wonder I can't understand what they're saying
Impatience burns within my stony breast!
Psycho killer raccoons terrorize town
It's the meltemia's fault
Jewhater Christodoulos meets 'Shiite leaders'
Using Nearly Nude Pictures, Child Sex Sites Test Laws
Hitler's beetle
Germany detains man for July bomb plot
Saturday morning double penis thread
Letter threatens to blow up Taj Mahal
German train bombs likely were terrorist attack
Bladder Inflammation Overturn
I never had any cool toys like that when I was three!
Reserve troops who fought in Lebanon urge government to continue operations until abducted soldiers released
Way to thank Houston
Everybody likes a big butt
Yeah, good luck with that
Why does this never happen to me?
Nobel Prize winner admits Waffen SS role
Hezbollah has fired 3,333 rockets so far
Air Force Family: Coping Skills
Under Fire, part 40
You know anybody who needs an 'anti-stupid' pill?
First it was forty dead, now it's one
Hezbolla rockets hit Haifa
Three killed in latest rocket bombardment in w. Galilee
Human Rights Watch: Hizbullah committing war crimes
packen, I finally saw 'The Syrian Bride'
One more reason to never use a public toilet
Italian plans beaches for Muslim women
Don't kill Harry!
Doctors offer to maim beggars in TV sting
Seattle murderer forced his way through a security door by holding a gun to a 13-year-old girl's head
Mothballs to be on the controlled substances list next?
Wrong psalm, guys
Albanians left speechless (and Franco isn't even there yet)
Every War Has Its Heroes
I did not eat the pygmies. The pygmies are alive and well.
Dear Mr Bilby, thanks for the laughs
Don't mess with Dutch nuns
Did Ahmadinejad ask Merkel to put Nazi boots on?
Sinead junior
No need to impose trade sanctions on Saudi Arabia, they made a promise
Which Harry Potter kid are you?
Nazareth brothers aged 9 and 3 killed
When even Saddam agrees...
Macaulay Culkin, drama queen, is scared of rockets and jellyfish
We're watching you
Sun Jar
Ah, but is it a Zionist heat?
Huffington Post: 'The United States can no longer afford Israel'
No More Kisses for Urinals
Goldman Sachs vs Goldmansex
I need a good-looking cop! It's an emergency!
I'm trying, but I can't imagine a long line of gay people drooling over this guy
CAUTION! When in Greece, do NOT watch the kittens!
They're not ready to make nice and neither is their audience
Shocka! Madonna is getting tired of Kabbalah
He drank, he had girlfriends, and he planned to blow up NY tunnels
Talk about a mitzvah...
joem, if you could please explain?
Oh no! We missed the African pygmy tribesman exhibit at the Bronx zoo!
What does one do with a broken willie?
Were they Manolos?
I wonder if solus rex owns one of these watches
Why do these weird things always happen in India?
The perfect ice cream for ev
Greece banned by FIFA
So, when do we get to slap North Korea around?
13% of British Muslims think that the four men who carried out the London Tube and bus bombings of July 7, 2005, should be regarded as 'martyrs'
'So, we will consider all white people the enemy.'
Jail...grandma ...grandma...jail... I'll take jail, sir!
Remembering Kielce
Profession: Wet Nurse
Watch out for those teenage girls at myspace...
'Honour killing' family jailed over shot bride
How to bring the troops home (and cut taxes too!)
See, there are weird Jews too...
Jews are docked 10% on their SAT and ACT scores for college entrance exams in California
Think of a certain country in the world. Change its first letter to name a well-known 20th century world leader. Or change its third letter to name another well-known 20th century world leader.
‘Witch child’ abuse spreads in Britain
Goat demoted from lance-corporal to private
Muslims address silence on Europe attacks
Patsy Ramsey died
I bet no one is gonna be on bloggie this weekend
I want this book (if only I could find it)
What it took to give birth to bloggie
If he looks like a monkey and he acts like a monkey...
Withholding Television Equals Child Abuse
I need a sword!
Lewis! You're saved!
Professional Jewhater Wendy Campbell educates Muslims about Jews and the Holocaust
Tante Marianne
The Antikythera Mechanism
Little penis thread
Spreading Hate, Destruction & Terrorism: The U.N.-NGO cadre
A Love Story
Lost in Miami
iPods more popular than beer
The Andover teacher who supports Hamas - and got his students to help
Not your average Jesus on a waffle
The only capital in the EU without a mosque is getting a mosque
Presbyterians: Divestment from Israel is a costly mistake
Those morally superior Russians
There's no terrorism in Greece
Thanks to ever-helpful Iran, Hezbollah can hit Tel Aviv with rockets
Veggies Only
Rules Are Simply Rules
George Bush is a very very bad man
Creepy Crawly Disease
California-France 2-0
Arutz Sheva pulling a joke?
Are people desperate for entertainment or something?
Those brave jihadis
People are nuts (in case you still had any doubts)
Oh no! It's Eurovision time again!
Kevin Costner has a scary penis
Princess Ayaan and the Grand Sorceress
What is happening in Brazil?
Can someone explain to me wth is going on in Burma? Thanks.
Terrible, horrible, no-good Israelis
Supreme Court upholds law that allows ultra-Orthodox exemptions from army
Mapping the Planet
US mothers deserve $134,121 in salary
Ah, young love...
As long as they're only killing Jews, it's ok, but this?!
A Tamil Tiger suicide bomber pretending to be pregnant blew herself up seriously wounding Sri Lanka's army chief and killing 10 others.
First the cartoons, then the brothels
Bye! (Aww...)
papijoe! Chuck Morse kicks butt!
Why did Israel not strike back?
An incredibly courageous life
A monster
The End Is Not Near
Ich liebe praeservativ!!
A big 'so what?'
You too can be an anti-traffic camera activist!
People show their true colors in chat rooms
Three men have been arrested on charges of performing castrations on apparently willing participants
The lonesome death of Rachel Corrie
Farrakhan goes to Cuba to learn about disaster management
Free the P
Mohammed Fayed wants to be a clock after he dies
So much for coexistence
Michael bin Petenpacken quoted in Jewsweek!
Worst movie title ever
Islamic Group Spokesman Charged with Threatening the Government in Denmark
One more reason to confuse Austria with Australia
A garlicky old porn star
Fury at 'anti-Semitism benefited Jews' claim
Hamas faces struggle to control forces dominated by Fatah
Toronto Star: Target Jews, stupid, not Canadians!
The world according to Mikey
Eat and Run
This mom deserved to be shot
American cartoonists join Iran's Holocaust cartoon contest
Theologians Under Hitler
Get some beer from the kitchen faucet
'An ugly isolationism with overtones of ethnic bias'
Five books I haven't read
Bush is not the only one courting the Saudis
Blind students are required to take driver's ed in Chicago
Red Ken: I don't hate Jews! I even employ them!
Women Demand Access to Greece's Athos Monasteries
Nuns take on librarians!
From devious diva: I want to change the world
Gold silver lotus root silk fries shrimp fucks
Students write with both hands, in two languages, at the same time
Labor: Abbas screwed us over
Must read: Never Forget. Never. Ever...
IDF: Gaza land operation inevitable
If your name is Slade, you may be inheriting a 13th-century manor house
Muslim community cleared of 2002 Gujarat train fire
ev! sushi is bad for you (but not the California roll, so it's all good :-)
Abbas will be freeing Zeevi's killer (funeral coming soon)
One glaring anomaly
Haniyeh is not immune
Australian butts need larger toilets
Calling 911 for fun a few hundred times
Nessie an elephant?
Oh Ann, you lefty, commie, jewhating, euronazi!
This is getting scary
Palestinians Vote to Strip Abbas of Powers
Nagin: Never mind that I'm a failure, vote black
Hamas Sets Up Standing Army in Gaza to Spread Jihad
Russia discovers the obvious
Israeli shipping line is partners with DP World
184-proof whisky
Russian Cannibals
A Most Unlikely Free Press Martyr: Yemen's Muhammad Al-Asaadi
Jewlicious: Hate Site of the Weak X
Ellas Devil, you're funny
David Bedein: An open apology to Steven Spielberg - 'Munich' an accurate reflection of Israeli reality
Weekly World News Quiz
When your wife really is a goat
Show dog searchers turn to psychics
Separated at birth?
If you're going to "watch" someone, please use a spellchecker
'Signs of Life' Heard in Buried School
post 9/11 "seabed lamp"
Don't mess with me Condoleezza. Don't mess with me, girl
Italy: raping a 14-year-old is not so bad since she wasn't a virgin
And you thought custody fights were bad...
Galloway: Saddam wasn't hated by the ordinary Iraqis, not at all. Well, maybe a little. No. Yes. Go away.
Weekly World News Quiz!
China's first penis restaurant
Greek Hiker Finds 6,500-Year-Old Pendant
I sincerely hope this is a joke
Let's all look like bread!
Iranian Leader Obsessed With Hate of Israel
They really love Jews in Lithuania...
A very gay gay nazi doll collector
Berlusconi compares himself to Jesus - Italians are thinking of rioting between dinner and dessert
I want nicer presents too!
What's the worst movie title ever?
Jailed for life for throwing slipper at judge
When Senators Fart
Beautiful San Antonio travelogue by RIP Ford
Maid in Japan
World's Smallest Political Quiz
Israel in midst of terror wave
Dumbest Criminal of the Month
Sailor Gets Angry Reply to Bottle Message
Muslims attack Danish embassy building in Jakarta
Weekly News Quiz
Man forced to marry four wives in six months
Amazing t-shirt folding machine out of cardboard and packing tape
Cooking with Vefa
Another one bites the dust
Whiskey is not kosher
RIP Mrs. King
Snoopy the Goon has an Israeli flag for Mr. Zahar
I'm so glad that wasn't me
In Europe, everyone speaks French (the wisdom of Paris)
A Shabbat message to Israel (Another Jewlicious Public Service Announcement™)
Fark - Photoshop the screaming Miss America
Time Machine
Weekly world news quiz
The Satirist's Guide To the Iranian Nuclear Crisis
The Uncertainty of Clouds (Albedo, We Hardly Knew Ye)
Priests, nuns, orgies
The most depressing day of the year (I'm glad it's over)
Horror nurse
Mommy, that dress scares me
Robot pets are good for you
West Bank's Hitler
A better banana peeling technique
Falling banana kills woman
Fun thread! Rescue Milki W
Lord have mercy, Ethny got a blog
Very cool Honda commercial
The most popular priest
Poe graveside tribute remains a mystery
Fun thread: Logic Puzzles
Holocaust Day 'too Jewish' in Cardiff
Israelis biggest patriots in West
Animals at zoos across Russia are being given shots, or in some cases buckets, of vodka to keep them warm
Stormi! Shoes!
How to misplace $275,000
Bilbo Baggins's house
This is very cool (Via Boing Boing)
RIP Shelley Winters
40 percent of the total Ashkenazi population are descended from just four women
Galloway is "a laughing stock" (at least he's good for something)
He didn't hate Jews, a video game made him do it!
Russia - Official indifference to antisemitism
Wonderful movie: The Brothers Grimm
Everyone older than 14 is required to carry a condom
Quaero - Be scared, Google! Be very scared! (Not)
Man gets life for raping 12-week old baby
Katrina evacuees add to Houston murder woes
The Prince and the Jews
The world's deadliest crisis (hint: it's not the Middle East)
Lame horror film I watched: Dark Water
Say hello to Ed Junior/Juniorette
Shin Bet: Hamas Victory in PA Poll Spells Deep Trouble for Israel
If Wal-Mart offered free babysitting and beer for $1.50...
joem, you'll like this: They were asked not to clap
The Dishonest Reporter 'Award' 2005
Britain's chief rabbi: 'Tsunami of anti-Semitism' sweeping the world
Poopy Coffee
I miss our dalits
Mr. Sevan, I Presume
Still no justice but better than nothing: Libya Court Overturns 6 Death Sentences
Shopper Pays for Marine's Engagement Ring
Woman Swallows Cell Phone After Argument
Office Christmas celebrations
Watching What You Drink? Check Your Glass
Muslims guard Jakarta's Christians
Investigator: Killings in Lebanon Linked
Letterman Lawyers Fight Restraining Order
You visit illegal websites
The weather that I miss
Every time you say 'Happy Holidays,' an angel gets AIDS
Scared of Santa
Muslim Editor Against Rampant Anti-Semitism
Five-Year-Old Terror Victim Recovers After Two Years
'An exemplar of mutually beneficial cooperation'
More antisemitic remarks from Archbishop Christodoulos
Tulane, a message to you, Tulane…
Freedom! We Want A Field!
An American basketball player in Greece
Saudi Justice
Harry Potter - Goblet of Fire
What will Arnie decide?
Lutefisk splits US families
I Will Visit Upon You Revenge (you must read this)
Hecklers Cause Coulter to Cut UConn Speech (via Althouse)
Reports: Shots Fired Aboard Plane in Miami
Woman Allegedly Hires Hit Man for Cheese
Calling a foreigner a "dirty negro" in Italian is not necessarily a racist insult, Italy's highest court has ruled.
The World's Easiest Quiz
If a married Jewish man is walking alone in the park, and expresses an opinion without anyone around to hear him, is he still wrong?
South Dakota had a tall building!
French Jewish thinker sued
Man fined for reading porn to six-year-olds
Death penalty run amok
Koko's nipple fetish
Attention evariste: Police seek truckload of cognac
I heart Fallaci
Valid elections in Egypt continue, as Egyptian police have restricted voting in areas contested by the opposition Muslim Brotherhood and detained more than 600 Islamists.
Robert Spencer: My trip to Israel (a thimbleful of cognac to Jerusalem Posts)
Greece is one of the safest places to live in America
Greece is the world's sixth largest cotton producer?! I had no idea. So how come and my favourite sheets are made from Egyptian cotton?
Before you complain about the cost of health care...
monkeyweather, you terrible person! It's NOT my cat!
One of my favourite writers makes a wonderful offer
f*** for forest (haraam, tres haraam)
testing, no need to click here
Jackson suicide rumor spreads virus
Depressed mother cooked baby on stove
a restaurant my grandma would appreciate: Restaurant Serves Food in Toilet Bowls
Boy finds snake in cereal box
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Biology Homework Help
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Biology Homework Help
This is really a great stuff for sharing. Keep it up .Thanks for sharing. [ Biology Homework Help ]/
Patricia Grant
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