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Another day, another wilding
Varieties of Religious Experience
Varieties of Religious Experience
Spengler on confronting radical evil
Four stages of a scientific discipline, revisited
ACLU files lawsuit aimed to end the patenting of human genes
The thoughtcrime bill cometh
The door is open. Step across the threshold.
Commoner punished for claiming nobility
A brief history of failure
They can't be fucking serious, can they?
J.G. Ballard, the author of _Crash_, dies at 78
Solitary Mang
Genome-wide association studies: failure or success?
Easy Living Fueling Left-Wing Extremism, DHS Says
In Silicon Valley, recruiting clashes with national interest
A dissenter speaks
Harvard Islamic chaplain supports death penalty for apostates
HIV cell-to-cell transfer, captured live
John McCain, small man
Only $100 trillion? Why so niggardly?
"An enormous talking car with a cavalry mustache."
What really happened
"In a world of legalisms, resistance is futile."
American Jews reject open-borders propaganda
The first use of a taxonomic tree
President Obama and an illegal alien
Subprime crisis and illegal aliens
SWPL food is bad for you
A case for memorizing poetry
Guess hoo
Shocka: Obama still determined to push for amnesty
The deadly jive of diversity
Lock eyes from across the room
Ze'ev Jabotinsky: "The Four Sons"
Misleading headline of the week
The rise of Muslim gangs in Australia
Cautious optimism about Netanyahu
Why the children isn't learning
Single gene controls ants' social niche
Natural selection avenged!
Natural selection disproved!
Copy number variations in African- and European-Americans
A werewolf problem in central Russia
National pride and national achievement
ACLU takes up a non-spurious cause
The SWPL president
The shadow diaspora
Why yes, I am
The church of globalwarmism consolidates its fortune
Particular culture, universal truth
An Asian questions Asian intelligence
Madoff's Merkin
An enemy of our enemies
The Jeffersonians of Shelbyville
An overlooked candidate for Obama's cabinet
The patriotism of Bob Dylan
Arms race before humanity
“Justice and the Loyalty Oath: A Socratic Issue”
Genetic signatures of recent human evolution
IBM: making profit by destroying value
The big takeover
NRO's twerp-in-chief: let the Mexican trucks in
The essence of male discovered
The Nano Song
Budget hole bigger than previously estimated
Yet another failed outreach
Pyongyang on the Potomac
SPLC reports on PWC
"The Chernenko of American liberalism"
Britain today
Afghanistan today
"The talented tenth"
Viruses and the tree of life
Life under black rule
Israel's balance of delusion
A crook is reinstated, cronyism cited as a reason
First "undocumented militants", now "man-caused disasters"
Fire extinguishers banned as fire risk in Britain's housing projects
Why Republicans can't buy them love
Don't just do something, sit there
The new "model minority"?
Muslims behave like Muslims in celebration of Mohammed's birthday
The decline of autozygosity and its implications
That Stymphalian bird the spring
The deer-in-the-headlights-in-chief and his cult
European-Americans and free speech
WWII in maps
NAAAH sues Wells Fargo, HSBC over "racial profiling"
HCBD: the debate continues
Michael S impersonates Michelle O
Traumatic insemination and sexual conflict
On curmudgeonry
Geert Wilders's Freedom Party leads in the polls
Six reasons why healthcare is so expensive
Charles Darwin, subversive
Nicolas Bourbaki, Kozma Prutkov's French cousin
Bioweapons before humanity
On being translated into Russian
A new era of pork
BNP attacks Red-Green antisemitism
Darwin did it
Home mortgage relief for millions of nobles
The formula that killed Wall Street
Naked Strong Evaluation
Despite recession, Obama pushes amnesty
16 nobles sue Arizona rancher for "inflicting emotional distress"
Separationism penetrates mainstream discourse on Islam
I will show you fear in a handful of dust
The status of women under anarcho-tyranny
Geoffroy's lobster and the unity of type
George Jonas: moderate Muslims are inconsequential
According to Israeli Jews, Christianity is the closest religion to Judaism
Adulterous Spanish woman ordered to pay husband €200,000 in damages
DNA duplication and the descent of man
Educrats: ruining it for everyone
The straight dope on propanolol
Chandra Levy was murdered by an illegal alien from Salvador
Michael Steel confirms unflattering stereotypes
Prominent cancer researcher murdered in her Atlanta home
A dispatch from the life of insects
Twerpish thuggery at yours truly's alma mater
The real cowardice
Next up: weltschmerz
Distributed Republic celebrates President's Day
The first American dictionary
President Blasé
The Wrong Man is half-right
Geert Wilders's House of Lords speech
Theodosius Dobzhansky: "Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution."
Virtual fence virtually useless
No nipples allowed
The outsourcing of national defense continues apace
A new voice of the resistance?
The shape of things to come
Most assuredly
Nicholas Wade on the relevance of Darwin
Discover Magazine discovers human biodiversity
Skepticism is in order
Oh, for fucking fuck's sake
Kirsten Gillibrand learns to love the Big Brother
We're disinclined to aquiesce to your request
The siren song of _Maculinea rebeli_
Does the empirical nature of science contradict the revelatory nature of faith: a discussion
And the cup of schadenfreude runneth over...
Friday fossil: Titanoboa and paleophidiothermometry
New thinking on coiled-coil protein structures
Mutation Patterns in the Human Genome: More Variable Than Expected
The meaning of Sarah Palin
Christian Bale remix
Procrastination as perfectionism
A liberal's evolution
Statistically Significant Other
"Doctor Death" cheated justice in 1992
Fossil of the week: Protuberum cabralensis
The educrats are thirsty
Monday afternoon melancholy: All who carried
A man of his word
The future market for designer babies
"When it comes to immigration, only extremists call for moderation!"
Rarae aves
Why the US military needs its Space Command
The dark side of better education
The gods of biomechanics
Why was there no Chinese Newton?
A new linguistic perspective on the Russian gas crisis
Pat McGroyne's home address
A five-part interview with Gregory Cochran
Obama to defense workers: Drop Dead
Reality is a cruel lover
Friday night disturbia
The inverted world
The upside of simultaneous hermaphroditism
Barack Obama wags your steak
The connectome: it's all in the wiring
John Updike on laboratory science
Biased voting in networks!
Triceratops Combat!
John Updike, 1932-2009
Sarkozy: a Manchurian diversicrat
President Hussein addresses his constituency
The perfectly ordinary persistence of bad ideas
Recognizing faces
The Understanding Heart
The patron saint of fatherlessness
The Library of Babel
The perilous dream of a Yiddish nation
A few things about Osip Mandelshtam
The portrait of Bernie Goetz as a nerd
Deconstructing Barry
Gasoline's combustibility proves a total surprise
Ashkenazi genetic signature in European America
Alan Keyes won't let the lying dog sleep
Race, immigration, and the election
Having led a horse to water, researchers try to force it to drink
Thursday night DDT: An Old Martial Song
Le hopey changitude in Lutetia
"No, you can't have a pony"
Sarkozy: "Arabic is the language of hopey changitude"
More alike than different
From robber baron to robber patron
The intelligence of chess and painting
Mirror neurons and their clinical relevance
Dear Black America…
An antidote to classless grotesquerie
The promise and perils of personalised genetics
Monday night astrobiology
Vladimir Putamen and the Russian Man
The costs of prohibition
Slim pickings
Stop making sense
Sunday night superfluidity
Less of a Good Thing
When lesbians go straight
The hitchhiker's guide to human genome
The language according to Ambrose Bierce
Protect or be damned
Disconnects, inconsistencies, and double standards
President Zebrafish
In bed with nobody, under no one’s command
The limits of naturalism
James Delingpole's Obamacritique
Martin Gardner's theodicy
The Wrong Man and racial profiling
The natural order of things, thangs, and thongs
The Pattern
Screaming Shapes & Seven-Dimensional Donuts
The madness of Gunnar Heinsohn
A brief history of breastfeeding
The bloodiest labor dispute in American history
The wrong man
Jews and mass immigration
Sailer: the future won't be boring
Manufacturing disaster
Parting of the Ways
McGee status report
True love and fMRI
Steven Pinker on personal genomics
The unending rose
A good job, if you can get it
The oldest hatred lives
Only Gratitude
Conservatism and orthodoxy
Gutting national security
Geert Wilders to IDF: kol hakawod
U.S. Infrastructure Overwhelmed by Influx of Immigrants
The nature-nurture debate and sociology
That Party at Lenny’s
The Linguistic Diversity of Aboriginal Europe
How to build a brain
A Brief Essay on the Sad Lack of Imagination in Invertebrate Oriented Erotica
"We really don’t need more of this shit"
A new thinking on immigration
Police raids Memorial's St. Petersburg HQ, seizes archives
How the US can help Israel
The end of white America
Kim Joon's bodypainting nudes
Obama’s Other Pastor Problem
The West's cultural continuity
A debtor nation?
Auster's open letter to Buchanan
The diversity deduction
The quickest way of ending a war
Watchmen hire watchmen to watch over them
The return of biracial twins
The real man of the year
Life in the Ruins
Pro-Hamas demonstration in Fort Lauderdale
2008 in review
Useful idiot's war on boobies
I don't resemble this remark
Episcopalians and Bicyclists
The death of global warming
Mexican irredentist calls on President-anoint to break the law
Joseph Brodsky Urbi et Orbi
Happy New Year from Agata Kristi
The most antisemitic country in Europe
An interview with Helen DeWitt
The powerful and underutilized linguist’s tool
Samuel Huntington 1927-2008
Cause attacked by effect
An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge
The freedom to be unequal
14 injured at Chanukah Wonderland on Long Island
The Flight to Egypt
Merry Newtonmas
A preposition is a terrible word to end a sentence with
Merry Christmas from Alaska
Peace on Earth at Missile Silo 571-7
TCEAL7 regulates cellular transformation
Obama's science and technology picks: a mixed bag
The biggest chump
An unadulterated falsehood
White IQ by Presidential elections, 1976-2004
Five alien Muslims (but I repeat myself) convicted of conspiracy to commit mass murder
Rocks in the Cold Water
The insanity of the insanity plea
Obama's Science Adviser pick: not Michael Hart
New Haven firefighter denied promotion because not black, sues city's ass
Three days and 18 hours
Obama's Labor pick: yet another La Raza racketeer
Racketeers at the helm
Two parents for the price of none
The shoe thrower begs pardon
The 10th anniversary of Operation Desert Fox
In defense of the Boomers
The Gitmo Chic
The Chicago Way in New Mexico
Reprehensible and derelict
Ecuadorean immigrant murdered in Bushwick
A good start
Obama taps a veryrealscientist for DOE
USA Arts Nabokov interview
A Pillar of Finance and Charity
Illegal aliens cost Texas, hospitals $677 million a year
A case for secession
Australia does a Zimbabwe
There goes the 'hood
Seven questions worth asking
Rudolph the Jewish-American Reindeer
Giving dozy bintage a bad name
President Hussein
Because Firefox is too Navajo
"Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two makes four."
Strictly boobies
The supreme nuance of Camp Hussein
The Jerry and Barry show is back on the road
The death spiral of the GOP
Late and Unlamented
The Eye of the Storm
A reactionary theory of world peace
Obama "couldn't be more excited" about a La Raza-ite joining his staff
Durban II: SSDD
Chinese race racketeers locks horns with Mexican race racketeers over Richardson's nomination
ISI official was behind the Bombay massacre
Konstantin Vaginov online
Grey Tracks on the Grey Snow
Kilkenny Cats of Palm Desert
How freedom dies
Why indeed
The rise of the ray gun
Gentleman of Fetters
Secular Right: Reality and Reason
NYC Bus Driver Stabbed To Death in Bedford-Stuyvesant
Immigrant calls for immigration ban
Jazz pianist murdered by rapper in LA
Evidence of sexual assault in Anne Pressly's murder
Refugee fraud in Mogadishu North temporarily halted
Jews with guns: truth and Hollywood
The age of idiocy
From sociobiology to biohistory
There is no other way
The shortest war in recorded history
Yes, he could
E.O. Wilson: Lord of the Ants, Disturber of Peace
Wal-Mart worker trampled to death by the Black Friday herd
A message of optimism
"First, outsource all the lawyers..."
No, Solus Wasn't Here, Either
Nationwide Nature-Nurture Study Set to Begin
New Wild Boar Village is the city that never sleeps
Shocka: Congressional Black Caucus seeks racial quotas
The campaign that never happened
A Legitimate Issue
The evening cup of schadenfreude
Without Apology
Reid: "I don't expect much of a fight at all."
Were American Indians the Victims of Genocide?
Survey: New Orleans ranks highest in crime
The roots of recession
Shocka: Obama has a pro-Mexican transition team
Separate and unequal
Shocka: no public school for the Obamalets
Larry Summers to head the NEC
Barack Obama is your new school, street, park, and mountaintop
Rene Magritte is 110
Condoleeza Rice: parting shots
The plan isn’t foolproof
Brigitte Gabriel pwns NYTimes twit Deborah Solomon
Obama's AG pick: yet another corrupt Clintonoid
The Kindergarchy
Trippy Anniversary
Silicon Valley slave murders two overseers, a bystander
Romney mulls political future
William Ayers, the rapist
Charles Murray pwns NYTimes twit Deborah Solomon
Melanin envy sweeps through Europe
Italian Eloi sets out to get herself killed in a Muslim land, and succeeds
A solution to the Guantanamo problem
The husband of Adrienne Shelly sues her murderer's employer
Yet another Obama's dubious accomplice
White guilt is dead
A day late and a dollar short, McCain defends Palin
Mama Robinson to move into the White House
Racial newspeak gets a boost in Arizona
Hawaiian apartheid bill gets a boost
President-elect stimulates the economy
Taliban are given license to kill
Summers Makes Sailer's Inner Streicher Sulk
Electing a New People
It's all about power
Leveraging negative capability
What it means to be a white minority
The New York Sun 04/2002 - 09/2008
Non-Western minorities and the West
Taranto: Obama is pandering to xenophobes
Ask not what you can do for Obama...
The ratchet slips free
Election fraud in Ohio
This Time, It’s Personal
Election Day
Torturous yet cogent
Derb reviews SWPL
Thursday Night Jazz
A portrait of the politician as a young bullshit artist
"Imperialism, Immigration, and Insolvency"
An agonizingly difficult decision
The New Case Against Immigration
Sarah Palin speaks on immigration
"Respected Sir: My name is Colin Powell..."
Race to the bottom
From the Inverted World to White America
A Republican learns lessons, is rewarded at the polls
Give this man a Nobel
The ignoble failure
The big enchilada that brought down the house of cards
Barry O's war on science
As good a reason as any
"We are in a crisis, and that crisis demands an unviable short-term solution."
The beginning of the end
So, was getting out of Iraq worth it?
Shit, it looks like these clowns are serious
The fast-track we can believe in
I question the timing
PWC: attrition is working
What kind of columnist is niggardly with sense?
What kind of celestial body is niggardly with light?
Minaret ban is on the ballot in Switzerland
Gorbachev vs. zombie. No, seriously
Failing upwards
Asian-American lobby keeps eyes on the pie
Respected Sir...
Klinton to Kenyan: "Kiss my keister"
Obama's Obfuscatory Oration
Navrozov on Rozanov
Why indeed
An election that still matters
"Bachelors, if you wish to be remembered, borrow irresponsibly"
The global equivalent of an O.J. Simpson acquittal
Kiss My Chakra
2009 TSX: as bad as it looks
_De mortuis aut nihil aut bene_, but WTFF?
Islam walks free
Nader denigrates BHO's negritude
Bombing Serbia retroactively justified
Obama's benign twin
The inconvenient truth shall set us free
Hamilton Heights rapist found guilty
Chris Cannon comprehensively creamed
Belgium is a Muslim state
The Most Dangerous Woman in America?
V-STAR: the flying Humvee
"The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism": a review
The College Paradox
The Silent Movie
Cheap grace
McCain holds a stealth meeting
A languid sibilant thong
Quebec court out-quebecs itself
McCain: "I don't see how you can ever have enough nukes."
The link between high IQ and sexual bizarredom
The Global Bell Curve
Race Realism and the Defense of the West
Thirteen Ways of Looking at Joseph Brodsky
The border fence: it does work
Euro Fords in the US?
The right car at the wrong time
Israel, the land of rebirth
"Offense was taken by Chicago's Bronto-American community"
The larger consequences of Iraq
The New Heart
National Review courageously battles strawmen
Reunited, and it smells so bad
Tracking evolution
The Happening: 90 minutes of straight paranoia
Descriptivism vs. Prescriptivism cage match continues
Rape, torture, attempted murder, ...and small talk
Not really a mystery
Tuesday night anger music: "Black-and-White Dances"
The Dog that Didn't Bark in the Night
Bush: "I don't see how the Arab world can ever have enough nukes"
Nathan Sharansky defends identity
Holiday in Hellmouth
Unilateral disarmament
Oh, for fucking fuck's sake
The Eternal Return
US to disengage from UNHRC slimeballs
Jim Webb is having a ball
Sunset on Mars enthralls
GM is on top
Robert Allen Zimmerman succumbs to Melanin Madness
Mexican agent to visit PWC
Kevin Rudd announces his Australia-killing plan
The next Saturn?
James Watson continues to backpedal
Swiss voters reject naturalization laws toughening proposal
Child Blissfully Unaware
Rice: "For the first time in my adult life, I am really proud of my country."
While They Are Bringing Sake
NYC Salute to Israel Parade defiled by degenerates
"The herd of independent minds"
Obama disowns pastor, church, black community, and white grandmother
In Russia, the waltz is anger music
Japan refuses to get the memo
Send in the robots
Who's afraid of evolutionary science?
In a shocking development, Ha'aretz sides with a self-hating Jew
Then it's not wrong to DISFAVOR him for that reason, either
Buchanan: still a Hitler-loving scumbag
Without preconditions
An American triumph
The female face of jihad
Melanie Phillips artfully tiptoes around the inconvenient truth
Camden: No to islamization
NR twerp: McCain should pick a Democrat
Joseph Brodsky, 1940-1996
A liar and a moron
Bush keeps burrowing into the rock bottom
They'll be able to put up a better fight next time
It's time to drive the new Maxima
It's time to cross this river on foot
Olmert denies intent to surrender Golan Heights
American breakfast
The end of America
Verona mosque is torn down, to be replaced by Orianna Fallaci Square
Agriprocessors: a criminal enterprise?
Bush: Israel from Nile to Euphrates
The winning message
Deport the WSJ editorial board
He describes hi
Shmuel Katz, having been proven right many times over, dies at 93
How Lebanon was lost
Melanin vs. principle
A Muslim moment
Rome entombed in its Ruins
Moscow, October
Educational romanticism and its discontents
Nunc Dimittis by Joseph Brodsky
Guitar Described as Beautiful Love
Barney Frank awards $15 mln. of your money to La Raza
Minnesota state Rep. Mindy Greiling sides with jihad
Geert Wilders: "We want to have nothing to do with the Mussolinis and Le Pen and others like them."
The Weekly Substandard hoists the white (so to speak) flag
A revised Freudian novella of the inferential dynamic of paternity
Derb on disintegration
Clinton makes case for white appeal
SciAm valiantly struggles with inconvenient truths
The platypus: evolution at work
Daniel Pipes continues to disappoint
Against the darkness
Team Unfortunate Accident as the Sandpit Generals
We're fed up with you too
Saletan keeps struggling with the truth
The main problem with BHO
Psychoanalysing Israelis
Racial solidarity and the voice of reason
The true felicity of the great adventure of learning
The eternity after eternity
Onward, Bodhisattva
Hard to be a Jew
Once, always
Hawaiian rage boyz seize public building
Palestinians unsheath the weapon of fatal hilarity
The Jerry & Barry circus: a recap
Sun-Times columnist: Attacking racism is racist
Coulter unsheathes her misericord
Where science leads you
Obviously, they are doing it wrong
Albert Hofmann goes on the ultimate trip
I agree with ADL
Prius X
In a shocking twist, NYTimes shills for the Brooklyn madrassa
Petulant, delusional children
I wish this interview were available in English
Politics and the English Language, 1946
VDH: half-right
Nabokov as a poet
Derb: ID is anti-civilization
HRC and BHO's precious bodily fluids
Akvarium foreva
An unintentionally apt self-description
Please do
Quartet "The Dancing Sullivans"
The Original of Laura to be published
Another shot of pure Sully-roin for Frank
Petraeus to Be Nominated to Lead Central Command
Virtual fence RIP
"Like a shot of pure heroin to an addict."
"Even a nonbeliever might find it useful to model himself after God."
Oddly phlegmatic Chinese protesters fart in France's general direction
Yet another reason to send VW na khuy
McCain pisses off some of the right creatures
The Vegetable Tango
In honor of le Maitre's 109th birthday: the first review of Ada
The shape of things to come
Britain's "equality honcho" blames the messenger
Yet another conservative commences loving Big Brother
A foreign government head infringes on American sovereignty
The new nuclear deterrence
Screw it, screw it, screw it
PC in the USAF
One good-looking sedan
There is no mechanism for reform"
BHO artlessly feigns Judeophilia
Election Day
White lies about dark crimes
Boris Strugatsky @ 75
Daniel Pipes goes gelatinous
Missing Rush Limbaugh
One down, four to go
The unbearable lushness of Russian
Yet another racial pressure group emerges in "post-racial" America
I see right through your Jewish SNPs
Happy 60, Happy 40
Obama grudgingly dons an alien flag
McCain promises more of the same
Islam and the Europe's Right
Once again, Germany out-Germans itself
Killed by the usual suspects
Death by Chocolate
Seven things about BHO you never wanted to know, but weren't afraid to look up
Get over your fucking self
Moscow Romance
Zero is too many
Death by Rules of Engagement
Marine murderer apprehended in Mexico
Late-night creepitude, with echoes of H.R. Giger and "Brazil"
Afanasy Nikitin Boogie
L.A. mayor surprises no one
Callow, worthless men, both black and white
Your tax dollars hard at work
Roman Army set to recruit Visigoths
Michelle O. celebrates diversity
Pushkin and Nabokov
Obama the schmuck
When the Pain Ends
The Principle of Desuetudinal Persistence
"The problem with muddling through is that one may not like what lies on the other side of the muddle."
Your brain on black nationalism
Sonnet 66 in the original Klingon
The soul has the power of the nuclear bomb
Patient Eye Live
Indoor gardening tips
The prospect of McCain's presidency gets loathsomer
Absolut English-language ad sells reconquista
$48,000 for a Prius competitor?
Muslim Brotherhood To Hold Parade In Binghamton, NY
The election dilemma
Malice, not incompetence
The OIC takeover of the UN is complete
Mexicans: immune to Republican Hispandering
British police makes clear whose side they are on
Muslim gang torments nursery school
Anna Politkovsky's murder investigation gets murkier
Black Tories dress like thugs, go into drama-queen overdirve upon being treated as such
Sweden is full
VFR opens the can of worms
Muslims bringing wine to Mormons
Dispatch from the Eurabian Front
Do not think
Arizona border patrol: "The fence works"
Alice Walker tries to top her own "Earth is the n!gger of the world" line
Derb nails messiah
RK on RK
Radio Free Kabul
Death from above
Can buy us love, apparently
You win a while, and then its done, your little winning streak
Shocka: mass immigration produces zero economic benefit
Affirmative-action SecState hops on the race-baiting bus
Friday night vintage anger music: The Khaki-Colored Globe
You say it like it's a bad thing
Who's hungry?
Romney further reveals lack of political wits
Powerline limp-wrists "Fitna"
The Northern Bloom
Underneath the uplifting tone and folderol
"At least you don't get any worse."
Yet another revisionist douchebag neo-anused by New York Sun
Alert the Internet! Historical inaccuracies spotted in a PC Hollywood pulp
Still another country, still the same problems
Steve Cohen: "Being white is a chink in my armor"
Dozy bint defends gym hijabs
A tired old clown as a man of destiny
Soul? What soul?
Different country, same problems
I find the use of the "N-word" counter-productive
A bound man
The Snowstorm
Another helping of thick, viscous white guilt from down under
Balkan item of the day
White Man's Logic
I Cannot Drink Anymore
Reason #1,253,904
Krauthammer hammers Obama
Ford Flex in New York City
Thursday night anger music: Borodino
Derb and non-transcendent truths
Black preacher against transracial messiah
30 years of the Panama Canal surrender
The blizzard is our heaven
ACLU sues majority-black schools over poor graduation rates
Michael Mann's SL500 commercial
The Severance
A sort of slippery sleight-of-mouth
Into the Zone
The next Maxima: uglification continues
David Lynch @ iPhone
Manchurian destroyer gives a pass to Manchurian destroyer
Vintage Aquarium: "Коммунисты мальчишку поймали"
Derb waxing optimistic
"Inhabited Island" adapted for the screen
Race injected into the campaign, with a vengeance
And God created gluteal cleft
The Fourth Hurdle
Vintage DDT: "Assembly Line"
Pastor Poisonous
“Pour faire remarquer moi”
Thursday afternoon DDT-thong
French court puts a price on inconvenient truth
"A brave and groundbreaking attempt by the corporation to devote 0.003 per cent of its airtime to issues which bother 92 per cent of its licence payers"
Romney eager to join McCain freakshow
The usual suspects charged in Eve Carson murder
The music lifts us up where we belong
"Choice" my hairy ass
Bush: defiantly clinging to delusion
The false bottom of the Danaid's barrel
The naked truth about computers (NSFW)
The original Klingons are getting restless
Bernard Lewis: defiantly clinging to delusion
The empire of ugliness
White flight in Australia
The Powerline impudence
Polygamy in New York
"Suspects: usual"
A la recherche des hommes blancs perdue
"All the intellectual pathologies that have attached themselves to the modern environmental movement like barnacles to the hide of an elderly whale"
The future chronicles of the Obama regime
Tonight's anger music: 'Counter-revolution'
Joshua Lederberg 1925-2008
55 years ago today
Like douchebag grandfather, like douchebag son
Powerline frolics in thick, viscous sycophancy
The difference between a transvesbreaste and a homoloveual
Это был воскресный день, но мусора... отдыхали
Derb reviews "Abraham's Children"
EU humiliates Britain's corpse
Russian philosophy students gone wild. Literally. Very NSFW, naturally
To the elections in Russia
Cake or death?
Mohammedans and Womynists, together at last
Former Prisoner of Zion Yuri Edelstein: "I am glad that there is the general perception that to be pro-Israel is pro-Likud."
Iraqi interpreter enlists in the Army
Remembering Judah Folkman
Norway creates world crop seed bank
John O'Sullivan sings kumbaya (off-key)
White Night, Dark Times
Chinese submarine fleet leverages capabilities
Apoptosome regulation and its role in chemoresistance
Kristol to Hillary: Fight euphoria with fear
Anti-islamic blogger Ronald Barbour commits suicide
Fjordman against civilizational treason of David Lewis
The Princeton Story of Michelle O
Untidy freedom in Belgrade
Coulrophobia in Iraq
Thanks for the coffee
Barack Obama is your new baby
Old but topical: Serb(s) against Arafat
My semicolon is not a diode
A constant in Barack Hussein's life
Loi Bykanakh
In Russia, the moon eclipses you
Plausible or inevitable?
Kremlin: on the right side of the "Palestinian issue"
Kosovo: postmodernism as politics
Cindy Mac: "I have ALWAYS been proud of America"
Quadriplegic-abusing thugs-in-uniform suspended
Australian Aborigenes like the taste of thick, viscous white guilt, demand refill
El sueño de la razón produce monstruos
Hussein/Michelle: good cop/bad cop
The brightest and the heaviest
I wish you were here
An Auster classic: the paleocon pathology
Let the fickle world bend around us
Bandar the bully, Blair the blackguard
Obama sans frontieres: "Burn, American money, burn!"
An Auster classic: So you think open borders are good for you
Romney angrily rejects my possible 2012 vote
Kevin Rudd, NYTimes frolic in thick, viscous white guilt
Well, I thought it was funny
A case for the endless war
Every 4 minutes
Carol Iannone: so close yet so far
Nowhere to run
Premonition of Civil War
Spielberg locates remainder of own soul
All is lost
Israel's Interior Ministry plans an Arab settlement in Galilee
The next BET award presenter is born
Fanatics rethink fanaticism
Glimmer of insanity in John Bolton's eye?
Glimmer of sanity at the Pentagon?
Malicious incompetence or mission impossible?
Will McCain give the circus away?
Is McCain getting swiftboated?
FBI, CIA leverage capabilities, celebrate diversity
Goldman Sachs and the angry inch
McConnell: "Hey, just kidding about that 'no nukes in Iran' stuff"
PowerLine: forgot nothing, learned nothing
It is a mystery!
Bottom news of the day: Nader beats McKinney to the toroid hole
Against the day (a musical interlude)
Treason at Pentagon
"Corruption and malice above, misery and degradation below"
Howard Zinn, enemy of civilization
South Africa takes another step down the Mugabe road
Winograd member admits (cretinous and treasonous) political motives
Polish government circles Britain's corpse
In Ukraine, the tank drives you
Rock-n-roll's Dead, but We're Still Alive
The origins of the mortgage crisis
A classic column from Derb: Onomastic Diversity
Civilizational treason of Mr. Lewis
"Where's None-Of-The-Above when you need him?"
Geniune shocka of the day: Human biodiversity realism at The Economist
Mandelshtam and Underwood
Moscow Yiddish Theater, 1919-1948
Dry thunder, no rain
Muslims assault Jew, Jew charged with assault
You Are Not Alone
David Lynch PSA
Giving pimps a bad name
Lying, but true to herself
894th out of 899
No blood needed for oil
In the Hispanicized America, the open-borders candidate wins
In Russia, the camera shoots you
A curious phenomenon of the French-speaking Russian poet
Leonid Gaidai is 85
Vasily Aksyonov is in critical condition
A Not-So-Little Drop of Poison
"Vote for Romney--the only candidate who's not an obvious enemy of America!"
Cloud, Castle, Lake
Another Auster classic: A Fatal Complementarity
Two doors short of a great car
Spengler on Obama
McCain's "Hispanic outreach director" is a Mexico-firster
Sixty Four Years Ago
MoDo twists the knife
"A story that speaks for itself"
Who is Hesham Islam and what the fuck is he doing at the Pentagon
Vladimir Vysotsky is 70
What is it with Africa and revolting sex practices?
Shocka: BHO's foreign policy advisor is an Israel-hating islamochristian
Into the Valley of Death
Diversoids: forgot nothing, learned nothing
LDS (not to be confused with lysergic acid diethylamide) and one-worldism
Don't just do something, wait there
Self-interest wins over hatred
Luring furry dollies to the life of vice
If you believe they put a man on Mars
Giuliani's instincts
In Russia, the hip hops you (NSFWhatever)
All-you-can-eat Carla Bruni
"Compared to Paulistinians, mosquitoes are song birds."
A scene from our liberated Iraqi ally
Too much of a good thing
Israel aims to wipe out oil
Burn, Laura, burn?
Afghan journalism student sentenced to death in accordance with the Afghan constitution
Reason is profitably employed only among the reasonable
Ashura in Queens
Blair Witch meets Godzilla
The history of a divorce
The unsurpassed blackness
Darwinism, creationism, and the defense of the West
"Don't call it racism. Call it reality."
Marine murderer flees home
The amazing disappearing hate crime
Michelle Malkin wants a "fellate this!" candidate
Huckabee takes the abstinence pledge
The sullen, dim flame of desire
Anytown, USA
The face of the enemy
Life is given us for joy
The answers are all too clear, unfortunately
Ashura on Park Avenue
From the New World with love
Your daily dose of couch-jumping
Cor longa, vita brevis
The last testament of George Macdonald Fraser
"We have nothing to hope for but hope itself."
Shocka: Oxford bishop a dhimmi
Attack on US Embassy vehicle in Beirut kills 4 Lebanese
Papist perfidy down South
The 'as if' diplomacy of the 'as if' president
Lingua latina non verpa canina est
Phone companies hate arr freedoms
'Just like Tawana Brawley, only white'. And raped
And you thought Bush-Mexico love affair was bad?
Sunday, bloody Sunday
David Frum keeps chasing the invisible pink unicorn
In Russia (Poland? Lithuania?), thriller thrills you
The return of sodium dodecyl sulfate
The gangs of Nairobi
Yes, he could
Freed Iraqis unappreciative of Iraqi freedom
Bush is running out of countries to be a bitch of
Dingdong, Distel, Durchblick
Could the admission that Iraq has been less than a stellar success be far behind?
Hitchens waxes (partially) sensible
Mexican patriots fighting future annexation
Hucksterbee: contrary to what you didn't think, I have no intention of ending the anchor-babydom
Boris Pilnyak and linguistic purification
Russian Orthodox killjoy: 'Kill the New Year'
The decline and fall of the American language: exhibit No_...
M. Night Shyamalan's AmEx commercial
The darkness behind the lesser darkness
Girl, you'll be a womang. Soon
Human biodiversity: breakthrough of the year
Fence? What fence?
I am confused. Why would they run from freedom we brought them?
Putting temps perdu to use
Dead Morose
Islamophobia in the Pentagon valiantly fought
Could clown, creep capture caucus?
What do OIC, Cuba, China, North Korea and Zimbabwe have in common?
Benjamino's Libido
Drink everything that burns, fuck everything that moves
Yet another entry in the "Stupidity or treason?" file
Diversity is strength: exhibit No_...
WTF is wrong with the 9%?
Yet another cuddly, sane RuPaul supporter
His bright materials
Vanessa Ferlito lap dance (possibly NSFW)
Treasonous idiocy at The Dallas Morning News
The biggest waste of 2007?
Powell must be getting tired of being proven right
The nature of the enemy
Geert Wilders named politician of the year
Last clown standing?
Happy New Year from the new, same as old, bosses
Bush to think positive thoughts
Shocka: Al-Quds "university" president is not so moderate, after all
"I will not dishonor my country's speech by leaving off the last syllable of words"
Giuliani's risky businesses
Oxford: less enlightened than Hamtramck
Subaru Forester: bigger and blacker
The twilight of the texts
The loneliness of the king
"New York is a melting pot; Paris is the City of Lights; there's nothing in Texas but steers and queers"
The case against RuPaul
Black Caucus acts predictably, but still infuriatingly
Three stooges to open the gates
Our square-peg, round-hole experiment in judicializing warfare
Continuing desecration of Patriarch's Tomb
The database of discursive douchebaggery
TNR hates "biracial" people
Derb and the bucket of warm Paul
Tancredo to drop out
"It's not hard to follow a reindeer whose rectum is leaking radioactive blood across the sky, is it?"
Ireland makes a stab at meaningful distinction
The incredible disappearing fence
Theodore Roosevelt on the ability to make meaningful distinctions
“I’m Not Going to Raise My Hand Until Chief Justice John Roberts Swears Me In”
Jackson to milk Tolkien dry
Unfunny consequences of the funnily-named bill
The gorgeous mosaic in Iowa
The unbearable essentiality of numbers
One less reason to dislike Romney
Princeton attack: real or hoax?
I am still not Hugh Fitzgerald
Hardly "confronts" and hardly "a rumor"
Mencius Moldbug: Why I am not a white nationalist
James Watson and "one-drop rule"
Immigrant activists walk
Dance me to the end of love
"Russians! Don’t leave, we need slaves!"
The origins of management-speak
Why can't we they all just get along?
Swedish army aims to please Laura
Hucksterbee: honest like Clinton, rational like Bush
Democrats: Ramadan good, Christmas ungood
The naked ape: the evolution continues
Shocka: 'minorities' hate whitey less than each other
"I would advise all of my male colleagues not to become pregnant"
Human-Neanderthal interbreeding: not as widespread as originally thought
The Donnell branch is to be demolished
Iraqi NSA: 'We need America! Yankee go home! What do you mean, I make no fucking sense?'
EEOC: this is America, speak Spanish
The three stooges on immigration
What answer will be blowin' in the wind?
The Bonfire is 20
The trends, they are a-changin'
Why do we hate Buchanan
Disadvantaged youths convicted of attempted murder
Germany defies Battlefield Earth
Huckabee defies Jesus of the Open Borders
Glick: the US double-crossed Israel
Romney: I ♥ family values from beyond the Rio Grande
The death by a thousand cuts: cut No_...
An introspective song from Gogol Bordello
There is a "dialogue"?
The A-train "beatdown" -- dawgs bite man
Bear his name, share his fate
"An old lyrical song"
Architect as douchebag
Interview with Nicholas Gurewitch
Ezra Pound's madness
Romney: I heart Islam
To serve animal
Auster: no reason to cut Bush slack anymore
Hitchens waxes Hellenistic
Drapes only, presumably
Start wearing purple
BG performs RS on DL
"It may very well be the most important film you will ever see"
The Voices
Casey demands more cowbell
Essay on fear
Mary and Joseph, illegal aliens
I wonder if they "believe" in evolution
Vladimir Nabokov, realist
Life is not a live sex go!
Aquarium's first TV appearance
Muslims grudgingly end Holocaust memorial day boycott
Life is crawling like a snake in the grass, while we dance around the fountain
Dozy bint mistaken for a Christian, with dire consequences
Your tax dollars down the Mexihole
Speaking the unspeakable in three parts
Jaques Barzun, a centennarian
Community activist disenfranchised for another 5 years
'With an iPhone, it's super-easy'
"That is the sort of question only a woman would ask."
Rage dayz caused by joy ride boyz
The rising sea
Cor tenebris
It's not 'radical islamofascism', Sue. It's islam
Rage boyz rage against Annapolis
Banieleu rage boyz rage on
Glick: UN is not the source of Israel's legitimacy
The biggest prick wins the erection
Words to live by
Mailer wins the Bad Sex award
'Hooded youths' turn to armed insurrection
Bostom has had enough of Melanie Phillips's cluelessness
Last state standing
Russian reggae reverberations
Hillary's "personal assistant" is a Wahhabi muslim
Blessed is he who has found his work
In Russia, nicotine is your brother
Buchanan: 'We are doomed'
Frighteningly insane
The Griever
The killer went down to Georgia
The worst of both worlds
It is a mystery!
Frighteningly sane
One should abstain from evil audacities and hopes
Let's not and say we did
I will show you fear in a handful of dust
Psalm 151
Tawana Brawley 20 years later
Only 12?
Seven score & four years ago today
NYTimes to white America: drop dead
No country for old men
Black moon nation
White trash nation
I've done questionable things
George W. Bush, fiscal conservative
Women seem wicked when you're alone
Today's first steaming cup of rage
Yet another taxpayer-funded charming lifestyle quirk
Racism row ruins radical right
Shocka: Hispanic congressmen's allegiance is to la raza first
Outmanned and outgunned
NY fucking Times fuckingly fucks up
Like being in a movie with a really bad score
Regression to the mean is a bitch
Rampant Sinophobia in the US Congress
In Russia, opium smokes you
Ex-shelter worker gets probation for extramarital affair
Translation Wars redux
D'Souza follows Islamic apologetics with Christian one
U can haz Gorillaz
The rebirth of Eurostar
Spitzer backs away from the licences for illegals plan
The Crawler
Ira Levin dies at 78
Derb derides Delaware's diversity derangement
Suicide-by-cops attracts the usual vultures
The Hastilow affair: the anti-Summers/Watson?
"Once Great: Britain"
"Lyrical terrorist" gets poetic justice
Nicholas Fehn, political comedian
The persistence of protruding proboscis
Blind pig stumbles upon acorn
How may I help you?
Weed kills
Three poems by Joseph Brodsky
Conservative Negro gets liberal treatment
TTAC reviews new Malibu
More individual consciences to be reasonably accomodated
VB in perspective
Diversity is strength: exhibit X
Yet another gay vegetarian antisemite unmasked
Burqa-wearer is refused a pole-dancer job
Hastilow in his own words
Dog the Bounty Hunter sold by son
"This barbaric, Teutonic, non-standard orthography will gain you no friends"
Five poems by Arseny Tarkovsky
The results of brilliant theories
TWAT 2007: the envelopes, please
Digitization and its discontents
Victor Grayevsky, secret agent mensch
An invisible knapsack filled with unearned assets
James Watson and the real inconvenient truth
Italy to expell criminal aliens; Al Independent: 'Fascist Italians mean to kittens'
Hastilow hastily resigns, having haphazardly spoken hazardous truth
The final (?) interview of Paul Tibbets
A nation is never conquered until the hearts of its women are on the ground
The next BET award show presenter
Pleasure to make your aquatint
2009 Sonata preview
Outraged in October
A severely underreported problem
Derb and Gideon Aronoff on Jews and immigration
Illegals to get NY driver's licenses
Nostalgie de la boue meets boue, flees
Madrid bombers walk
Misleading headline of the day
The debasement of the English language continues
You say it like it's a good thing
Scientists watch too much Cinemax
Molecular consequences of SOD2 expression in epigenetically silenced pancreatic carcinoma cell lines
Dawgs bite man. To death
"We'll destroy Israel after we save it"
Change for the ones you love
A well-placed Hellfire to follow
Oil ticks fret about oil
House of Representin' passes Hawaiian rage bill
Nigerian prince agrees with Watson, baits Jews en passant
Watson forced into retirement
"Greenshirt" thugs shut down Horowitz's talk at Emory
DREAM Act defeated in Senate
Hawaiian rage boyz to get their way?
Your tax dollars at (Sisyphean) work
HLF case to be re-tried
IFAW: clever ploy or useless farce?
The Nightmare Act redux
O Window in the Dark!
New Focus: as bad as it looks
Another High Quality woman heard from
Bush: the oil ticks are our friends
Jews to control the weather
Faces of the enemy
Patently peculiar Parisienne people
David Lynch's Nissan commercial
Meet moderate muslims
Why on earth are we letting this happen?
The paper that started it all
Truth costs Watson his job
The unbearable whiteness of noise
Science museum dreadfully miffed by science
NER makes wrong decision for the right reasons
One good-looking sedan
Brownback brownnoses
Yes, let us!
I am not shocked
Slackjaw rises from the ashes
Shocking! Controversial! Woman has sex with man
Mad tea party with Mr. Pink
Gentlemen, trash your engines
Almontaser strikes back
Robert Escamilla fights back
Could the Ancient Greeks have created the Scientific Revolution?
Erotic metaphors of Soviet civilization
English student regrets using the word "English"
The horrors of Japanese internment
Hirsi Ali offered asylum in Denmark
Gray: Gore's gimmickry guileful
"This doesn't mean you should keep the horse out of the city! That would not be in keeping with our liberal and pluralist Trojan values!"
A mind is a terrible thing to waste
Feed a picky eater
Commuting and its discontents
ICE springs into action. No, seriously
Only a theory, this time
The first refugee from Western Europe since the Holocaust?
Nutraceuticals: fiddlesticks or flapdoodle?
White Man's Time in Africa
Bloggie spa
Dead Britain to dig up its dead
Doris Lessing: 'I couldn't give less of a fuck'
All laws against all crimes should be abrogated immediately
No, no, and no
"You are not treading water hard enough!"
Guadalupe Hidalgo, reversed
Shocka: la raza trumps class
Sarkozy speaks racist truth
Only gratitude will be gushing from it
Vatican urges muslims to abandon islam
Hardly a revelation. Sadly
Pro-immigration left riots in Berne
Walking on water
Diamond Roads
Blade Runner redux
Mistaking a virtue for a liability
Or did we?
Anglosphere steals the Nobels. Again
Deja vu all over again
CE condemns Euro schoolchildren to eternal damnation
The envelopes are in
A deleted scene from "The History of Violence"
Halle Berry as Crystal Magnum?
American mayors defy American law
A good literary scandal
The 50th anniversary of looking down on Mother Gaia
Gentlemen, pick your engines
Indians: We are the new Jews
"I am a faith without reasons, I am a truth without a source"
The last of the palefaced
"I need this city's blood, I need its pity"
Sexy science 2007
All snarl and no bite?
Vancouver smoke-nazis roll over for their new overlords
Rudy the rude
Religion of pimps
Kasparov takes a swipe at the lords
Forget about it
A perfect storm of disgrace
The role of IQ in human history
NY Sun gropes blindly in total darkness
LA Times tentatively gropes its way towards the light
Tim Kaine even looks like a fucking idiot
The Danaids' barrel redux
Kasparov vs. Kremlin
Catholic hospitals to burn in hell like a Roman candle
The anguished oink of Pigman
New translation of the Book of Psalms
"I ku; you ku; he, she, or it ku"
A silver lining
See it, feelingly
Does race matter?
Chinese women prefer the white-devil look
Dead Britain gets deader
Love us when we're black
Conservatism is hard. Why you make me do conservatism?
Mexican family values strongest in the Western hemisphere
Pope to make interrupting emissions a moral obligation
The more depraved, the more innocent
Double shooting at the Delaware State College for Colored Students
Derb mixes sense and nonsense, arrives to the right conclusion
Camera lucida
Shocka! "Virtual fence" is a crock of shit
Nichevoki and pustogloty
Futuo ergo sum
Dumb white twerps find out what "Quod licet Jovi, non licet bovi" means
Breast story of the day (which is still young, however)
Entry from backside only
Bloomberg stirs fond memories of his predecessor
Mugabe indulges his commando fetish
Nordic sperm crisis in NYC
Auster on the Petraeus testimony
Brought to you by the bouncing boobies bulletin
The Rapid Eye and the Vulture
Seven-year anniversary of Georgy Gongadze's murder
What really happened in Knoxville
The sheetmetal and the skin
Rectothermal cryptoanalysis
RuPaul: not so conservafabulous, after all
Burning water revisited
Heh, heh, she said 'seminal'
Immigration can seriously damage your wealth
I am not Hugh Fitzgerald
EUrabia aims to import 20 000 000 more muslims
"Why would I want to know how it is if I know how it must be?"
The Northeast will rise again
Phallocracy pulls Wachowski back in
The other surge
Family values don't stop at the Ganges
"You just keep holding him by the ears! You're a very successful man!"
Reading and eating
Reconquest or abandonment?
September 12, 1683
The OGW against the USA
My belated outrage dwarfs the poultryphobia
VFR: Dell tried to fuck customers, fucked self instead
OGW heart RD
Vasily Aksyonov turns 75
A terrible beauty
Zany ANC's wacky antics
Diversity makes DC less diverse
Derb reiterates the obvious
The _other_ BDS
Calderon talks the talk
AG A.G. and the American Dream
Christianity and social suicide
New strategy for the Middle East
Dozy bint defends FGM
You look down and see a tortoise
The hunger
The new overlords reach out to an underrepresented minority
Exotic weaponry and you
The history of academic charisma
The once and future minority
The Surge™ is thirsty
Wild monkeys gone wild
The kingdom of despair
Auster on Derb: "He's a nihilist! He believes in nossing! Nossing!"
Underrepresented minorities just can't catch a break
Tancredo in Newark
“Racist, culturally insensitive and degrading.” Also true
This wouldn't apply to thongs, hopefully
The 10th anniversary of the "Dictionary of Global Culture"a.k.a. "Whitey? What Whitey?"
Gentlemen, start your seizures
Attrition works
"Reverse" my hairy ass
Achor baby mama deportation: a sinister (yet clumsy) plot?
For once, NYCLU does have a point
Joseph Brodsky: On Cavafy's Side
Bush grasps at rice straws
Forever, indeed
I have no idea who "Chuck Klosterman" is, but this takedown is pretty damn funny
Out of Swabia?
"Raging Bull" at 27
What IS the matter with Kansas?
When the Philosophers' Steamer sails away, the Ship of Fools docks
TigerHawk fisks CluelessDove
Daily intercourse across the cleavages
Somebody alert Ward Churchill
Free Kurdistan? Not so fast
Heart laid bare
The Southern front moves north
Krikorian on Giuliani's immigration proposals
The leafleting of Japan
Illegal immigrants aim to please
Border Patrol: patrolling the border? Not our job
A liberal mugged by reality monitors the death of Britain
You call that cleavage?
When you read this...
Next up: chastity belts to prevent rape
Reconquista: bad for reconquistadors
Better dead than white
MLK gets outsourced
Tonight's cartoon: Shiva vs. fly
Jew defends Savage from Latino-muslim assault
Gingrich to USG: you sicken me with your lies
AFW is leading the trend
Sapphic sympathies at TTaC
Eng -- patient
Elvis, the race-bait
Both foreign and domestic
Because one intractable ethno-religious problem is just not enough
Brooklyn madrassa to be headed by a "Jewish Orthodox feminist"
On both their houses
Exhibitionism, Russian-style
Crazy captchas
China offers a glimpse of our near future
Today's Russian cartoon: Treasure Island
Right thing for the wrong reason
Russian psychedelia of ambiguous sexuality
Hide and seek
Evolution of a full professor
Cliff Yablonski hates again
Solaris: the highway sequence
Coffee Art
American support is a kiss of death
The lovely bones
Giuliani: a super-Bush?
Escher happens
The coolest sci-fi animated film I remember
All it needs now is a cooler name
Britain is deader than dead
Aborigenes: child-abusers and damn proud of it
World domination and its discontents
FAQ on "No Iraqi Left Behind" bill
There will come soft rains, again
Left to right
Russian psychedelia
There will come soft rains
Apple, tree
Conservative Swede succumbs to weltschmerz
Race treason spreads among persons of race
Samantha Power rules the world
Black people don't like dogs
The Brooklyn madrassah: intifada in NYC
My week: HRC
The horseshoe's ends meet
The (labrys-shaped) key to gender equality uncovered
Has Hutchins been railroaded?
Burning yet inchoate rage
White idiocy
Gorby tentatively touches the line
Blade Runner -- the final cut trailer
Spielberg to de-riefenstahl?
UK conservatives: 'Integration is a two-way street'
Pathology in the Hundred Acre Wood
Daniil Kharms in translation
Prattling Panglosses of positivism
Water or "peace"
Top Ten science moments in "The Simpsons"
The unbearable whiteness of nerds
The question "Is this the US military, or is this the fucking prison yard?" answered
Antonioni goes on the ultimate l'avventura
What's not to like? Plenty
Yet another benefit of caffeine
American regional accent map
Sarkozy continues to disappoint
Technology solves islamic immigration issue!
Pot and psychosis revisited
The traitor
How to combat illegal immigration
A throne of lies
USSR in the '70s
Congress about to expand Visa Waiver loophole
Do appearances matter?
Prius Buttplug?
Bonobos exposed
Buchananites welcome their new Persian overlords
Reparations are in order
Speak pompously and carry a limp wet noodle
Auster's notes on _The Making of the Atomic Bomb_
The Kraken awakes
Bush demystifies oil
Giuliani: Pro et (mostly) contra
Bush bans speeding at NASCAR
Insanity at VDare
Brown to Britain: you'll swallow the mega-mosque and you'll bloody love it
The devil assumes a pleasing form
No terrorist left behind
Your name in cuneiform
Not white enough
No warlord left behind
Derb on means and ends
Counterinsurgency warfare as military malpractice
The writing on the wall
Dmitry Prigov dies at 66
Affirmative action, Iraqi-style
"Just because you can doesn't mean you should"
EMu president fired after covering up interracial rape-killing
"The best thing we can do for our children is not to have them"
Breaking! The Möbius strip unravelled!
They hate us, they really hate us
Next up - the world's most nondescript dog
Life and death of Adrienne Shelly
Too many people?
Muslim immigrant calls to deport all muslims from the West
Stephen Rosen speaks at ROTC commissioning ceremony
Beyond demonic memes
"How dare the peons presume to know what's best for them?"
USG is having second thoughts about "No Iraqi left behind"; clueless liberal is outraged
Bush is shocked, shocked to find that no fence is being built
Attack of the mixed metaphors
W: a moron or a lazyass?
McKinstry eats Brown for breakfast
Norman Podhoretz becomes Giuliani's foreign policy advisor
"If the fool would persist in his folly he would become wise."
Cal Thomas is da sage
Mark Steyn on the NHS
Derb on Heinlein
Unfree and unsafe
How it was sung in Odessa
Whatever you say, hon
Science, Scientism & Religion
"Better Green than Dead"
Kurdish Pride in Nashville
"Has there ever been a U.S. president who talked more loudly and carried a smaller stick?"
Boris Johnson to run for the Mayor of London
Giuliani and immigration
Rudyard Kipling's "If..." in the original Klignon
Italian Muslim: Long Live Israel
Suicide bill goes down, takes ardent proponent with it
AP idiot: bombers a bunch of unique snowflakes
"A joint effort by all of Britain's communities to find ways to avoid sudden disruptions to our shared values"
Bush does the (almost) right thing
Derb joins the surrendering side
Dangerous idiocy of the (past) week
Happy birthday, Oriana
Britain is dead -- exhibit 109750197
Auster can't resist stirring the shit
2008 Accord, naked and lookin'... not bad, actually
Become an instant Middle East expert!
Out of the Levant
The lie of "race-blindness"
A tale of passions and illusions
Four-letter words
Fred Thompson and the babe
The Danes' scrotal fortitude is unabated
Liberal values vs. liberalism
Withdraw and strike
Illegal aliens and public health
Derb links to Darwin Central
Dozy bint of the day
Snail, Zeb and Helix
I didn't think they even had those
Auster on bigotry
Russian emigre journals online
Chinese do the devil's work
Reconquista vs. diversity
I'm sure they have individual users' best interest at heart
Lileks on the Sopranos' finale
Amnesty-bill autopsy
They can keep him
The return of Tsuris
FDR's prayer, June 6, 1944
The Hispanic Delusion
The bill is dead, apparently
Or maybe the mice just stopped caring
Which one is the odd one out?
Danaid's barrel nearly filled
Attendant idiocies
Heartwarming item of the day
May the best Tennesseean win?
Solzhenitsyn awarded Stalin Prize
MoD emasculates RAF jets to preemptively appease muslims
Does Middle East matters?
Languagehat misses the point
For That Special Someone On Bloomsday
Sisyphean task not completed despite effort
Wide is the gate and broad is the way
JFK plot is sudden jihad syndrome
Anchor Baby Boom in NYC
CU president (almost) does the right thing
There are no temporary workers, only settlers
Paris Hilton talking about partial differential equations
RoP snubbed by violent criminal
Gitmo detainee disenfranchises self
Sitcom politicians in wartime
British food tradition enriched by Third World immigration
Black Sun of Osip Mandelshtam
Towards a precipice
Nudity is the best policy
Boston islamists back down
Feel-ambivalent-but-mostly-skeptical story of the day
Steyn gets it right too
Our Friendly Neighbor to the South
Immigration and Usurpation
Arrogant elites
How could it come to this?
Genomic analysis of COP9 signalosome function in Drosophila melanogaster reveals a role in temporal regulation of gene expression
France throws money at the problem
NGO Nation
TBAG 2007
TWAT Awards: Six Month Update
Midwest Lutherans Largely Reject Violence
Yet another glaring inequality to be eliminated
Derb on the Bill
Hitchens: still an idiot
Kill Bill
Honda Sonata 5-series
Racist municipal authorities disenfranchise underprivileged community
Immigration bill DOA?
How to survive in a black hole
...because it never has anything to do with winning the war
The term "minority" is, thus, misleading
TIR-domain-containing adaptors in Toll-like receptor signalling
Because it worked sooooo well in 1986
"We could stand here and talk until the cows turn blue"
It makes it okay, then. NOT
The secret language of bloggie
Spielberg tries to save face, having sold soul
Derb on the Republican debate
Taste-wise, definitely
The Swiss wave their huge balls around
Tancredo gets it
Derb: None of the above
David Thompson on the Tufts show trial
Uncle Sap
Good news, dude
Iraqi brats flex muscle
La Raza-ummah alliance flexes muscle
The opossum genome
Lost-Cherry Hill
Giuliani to Pope: GFY
BHO: 'Take my Jews -- please!'
China gets better Cadillac interior
Only six years to go!
The Boulevard of Broken Balls
Pakistan лепит горбатого
Bright Sargasso Sea
The madness continues
...И отблеск марсианской сини в точеных фюзеляжах их
A little drop of poison
"If Darwinism is bad for conservatism, so much the worse for conservatism."
'And I got into combat...'
Would a 1,500-page novel that linked Bobby Thomson's home run, Lee Harvey Oswald, Mason and Dixon, Joseph of Aramathea...
Management-speak makes me reach for my misericord
That isn't a defeat
Coffee speaks. I listen
...and looks less appealing by the minute
Block that metaphor!
There goes 'Athens of the South'
What is to be done
I'm sure they don't really mean it
Buruma: still clueless
'Disposable Life'
The Renaissance of Hebrew and Maltese
Utter madness
Dogs engage in selective imitation
Cook your goldfish with wireless power!
Aint that the truth
Cavafy, a poet in history
Five lesbians walk into a theater...
'Uncrackable' proves to be anything butt
Predictable idiocy from the New Yorker
Way of the Spider
I've read science papers with shorter titles
A setback for an 'ape rights' scam
Molecular mechanisms of cardiotoxicity of tyrosine kinase inhibition
Yet another piss process
Pnin is 50
The revolution will be accessorized
Poor Britannia
21 poems by Joseph Brodsky
Apparently, BHO has a foreign policy agenda
Realistic about reality
Experimental demonstration of the tomatotopic organization in the _Cantatrix sopranica_
Solid-state nanopores
Rituximab inhibits the constitutively activated PI3K-Akt pathway in B-NHL cell lines
The first Russian novelist
First 7,000, now 25,000: the madness continues
The inconvenient Serbs
'If you _were_ a traitor, how would you behavior be different?'
BHO rejects middle-classness
Image-based multivariate profiling of drug responses from single cells
Because it just feels so damn good
Planet of the apes
Can we all get along?
The Jews of Alexandria
Your $176,000,000 (that's $176,000,000) at work
PBS: clueless as ever
Disenfranchised activists tortured by racist police
p53 in health and disease
Black Dog Petersburg
I wouldn't call him 'major'
Less timidity, more cunning stunts
Let's call 'em "allawhores"
An Arab repulsed by Arab depravity? Why, he must be crazy!
HDAC inhibitors as anti-inflammatory agents
Lovely folks. Let's give 'em a state! Wait, we already did -- and they hate us more than ever
Languagehat on Michael Wex's _Born to Kvetch_
The Four Sons
Good on ya, mates
In every generation
What's the Dutch equivalent of "Sir Robin"?
On weakness
Shall we help the man?
So close yet so far
That's not _quite_ what it means
Dozy bint of the week, the year and the foreseeable future
Predictable apologetics gets to a nauseating start
Host factors exploited by retroviruses
The book sounds interesting, but the review is cluelessly dhimmiesque
Hard read
No chance
The difference between a normal person and a scientist
Fitzgerald: the elites have failed
In Memory of Private Moyse
Puppets seek to 'protect' masters
Puppets seek release of masters
... Reports Seeing 'Dreadfully Distinct Tall White Fountain'
The Bard and Yiddish
A separate treason
A rhetorical question
It's definitely you
Hitler’s Antarctic base: the myth and the reality
Return of the cold fusion
Hugh is on a roll today
Frobes endorses Giuliani
BBC tries to hide the bloody shirt
Marina Tsvetayeva in translation
Mordecai Schaechter dies at 79
Spengler: and the truth shall make you crazy
BHO curves constitutional space
The Delphic Ε
Critical functions of N-glycans in L-selectin-mediated lymphocyte homing and recruitment
Fitzgerald: Immorality and cruelty
Pomographic illiterature
Ancient Greek acoustics
Cool video of the solar corona
Wag the dog
Seven poems by Sasha Chyornyi
Derb: two cheers for Celtic Tiger
If the second figure doesn't prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that dinosaurs and humans co-existed, I don't know what will
Morality: not so unnatural, after all
Harvard: more idiotarian than Villepin
Constitutive autophagy: vital role in clearance of unfavorable proteins in neurons
Geneva leg, I mean auto, show
Anne Frank's tree to be cut down
'Nature' misspells 'dimensional'
Philistines of Ashkelon
Gallic victory
D’Souza goes idiotarian
Welcome home, Colonel Angus
Celebrate the π day!
Against prescriptivism
History of a Disturbance
See the Other Side
Лолiта in the original Klingon
The effect of 4-week chilli supplementation on metabolic and arterial function in humans
Self-aware rats
Spengler talks out of his ass
Gall of the Hashemites
The Cost of Libby
Growth factor-induced MAPK network topology shapes Erk response determining PC-12 cell fate
"Forcible Suicide" = "I can't believe it's not murder!"
I don't see how you can ever have enough nukes: an update
For once, I agree
I question the timing
Chemical combination effects predict connectivity in biological systems
Gingrich out-polls Romney, without really trying
Alien vs. Predator: the race-pandering round
...foreign and domestic
A sentence too long
Obama to hold nose, beg for dirty Jew money
I don't see how you can ever have enough nukes
...and the wisdom to know the difference
Derb the Optimist
Once you go black
PC (pro-criminal) lobby to further undermine law enforcement
Fitzgerald: Israel cannot be allowed to commit suicide
Was, is, should be
Cars from movies
Still More on Negotiations
Open borders: the gift that will keep on giving
More on the human-ape dalliances
Mechanisms of sensory transduction in the skin
They probably also listen to techno
Balls: size doesn't matter
"Nature" welcomes their new overlords
Soluble protein oligomers in neurodegeneration
Yeah, we should really twist ourselves in pretzels over that Peking/Beijing bullshit
We evolved that way
Freedom fighters disenfranchised by the racist appeals court
You won this round, godless heathens
New World, the birthplace of culinary masochism
Below the thunders of the upper deep; Far far beneath in the abysmal sea...
Spengler: "Hopeless but not serious"
Salonica's Memory
Bat eats bird!
With a nice Chianti... (NSFW)
Sunday night light reading
The Spanking Song
Harvard's no longer circling the drain. It's fallen through
Say what you will, but most transcription factors show cell-lineage-restricted and stage-restricted expression patterns, indicating the requirement for tight regulation of their activities
The Age of Bad Ideas
GWB: Good intentions acting on bad ideas
Transporters for L-glutamate: Molecular pharmacology and pathological involvement
Not Your Father's Conservatism
Today, Europe, tomorrow...
Nonutilitarian delights
Other Cides
Actually, I'm indifferent to most of it
Derb: "Not just legal, but political idiocy"
A Historical Survey of Proposals to Transfer Arabs from Palestine, 1895 - 1947
Membrane receptor for Vitamin A identified
Russian chastushki. NSFW
Snakes on a plane
Andrew McCarthy: Fiat Iustitia, Pereat Mundus
The 72
A new small-ass synchrotron
Moonbat: Chinese belligerence is America's fault
Spitzer rolls over for la raza
China bans 'The Departed'
The Heart of Dorkiness
Translating Mandelshtam
The (entirely predictable) fruits of Iraqi 'democracy'
Disenfranchised activist enfranchised by the 9th circuit dhimmis
Moesin regulates stable microtubule formation and limits retroviral infection in cultured cells
The case of Napoleon Bonaparte
Flame warrior roster. Heh
Carrier Cell-based Delivery of an Oncolytic Virus Circumvents Antiviral Immunity
Derb on suicidal naivety
Bosom shrinkage renewes hopes of bagging
The Accord Coupe. Lookin' good
It exists, after all. Or does it?
2008 Ford Focus. Still cheap-looking
Two down. More to go?
Black-hats are at it again
Identification of key genes responsible for cytokine-induced erythroid and myeloid differentiation and switching of hematopoietic stem cells by RAGE
A 'rabbinic' grovel to Carter
Iran is playing both sides in Mesopotamia
But It's Thomas Jefferson's Q'u'r'a'n!
I still blame the you-know-who
Kitzmiller one year on
2008 Malibu. Discuss
Spengler: Another Bush in 2008?
The 'New' Anger
Will the United States Survive Until 2022?
The Obama backlash has started
Fitzgerald: Egypt has no historic or legal title to the Sinai
Pushkind 1.0 Beta
State Dept.: (some) Jews breathing violates road map
Krieg ist Hölle
Karen Armstrong, clueless as ever
2008 Outback?
Derb's sing-along 2006
Nicotine and Behçet's disease
Shoulda listened to Spengler
Iran did it
More on Carter's Judenhass
Affirmative-action SecState: America is ready for affirmative-action President
Another congressman gets it
2008 Accord?
Joel Meyerowitz 'Aftermath': NYSun's Book of the Year
Rough beasts slouching
Company loves misery
Show trial concludes predictably
Spengler on Judaism, Christianity and the Christmas spirit
Big bad
Une Charogne
Protozoan encounters with Toll-like receptor signalling pathways: implications for host parasitism
Feel-ggod story of the day
2006 TWAT awards
Biochemistry and p0rn
Menstruation cured?
Pinochet: the best of the worst
More on the evolution of lactose tolerance
Pathway Interaction Database launched
Gehry invades New York
The Blight Before Christmas
"United 93" wins Best Picture of 2006
Is this what you really want?
Nabokov's Minyan
More cunning stunts
The MC4 receptor and control of appetite
Does this taste sad to you?
Spengler gives too much credit to Israeli leadership
Great tits!
Derb on eddicayshun
Derb on Iraq, Borat, immigration
Go ahead, try this at home
Antikythera Mechanism -- a 2000 years-old watch
Global variation in copy number in the human genome
History's greatest monster keeps digging
I never was PC to begin with
2008 Malibu interior. Discuss
The decline and fall of the Persian Empire
Derb: From Neoconservatism to Paleorealism
Is this cool or what?
Chimps go for goden oldies
Robert Altman dies at 81
Disenfranchised two in Gaza
Cat carrier -- only $16.49!
Do not trust the limper robot
The ultimate observer effect
Horrorfest 2006
I wholeheartedly second that
Chomsky is a fraud. Shocking, I know
Levantine nanotechnology
Life as orgasm
Spengler: Americans will learn, late and at cost, the way they always do
Dead Sea (toilet) stalls
The DEAD-box protein Ded1 unwinds RNA duplexes by a mode distinct from translocating helicases
Derb: a tough call
Protein tyrosine phosphatase enzymes: a review
That 70s Show
New York actress murdered by family-putter-food-on
The biggest, most pressing issue in genetics solved
I'll take the one in black
Spengler on Pamuk
A secret muslim? Or just a spineless imbecile?
When it's not Chinese spies, it's the meth-heads
Has anyone read this book?
'Nature' _seriously_ shills for Islam
Derb on Steyn
Review of the type III secretion injectisome
Georgetown is muslim territory now
Your great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother fucked a Neanderthal. Or did she?
Effects of HER2 overexpression on cell signaling networks governing proliferation and migration
The tourist map of literature
Nature shills for Iran, pt. II
World's most misunderstood religion™
Derb: the iron fist inside the velvet cliché
Giant terror birds!
Another day, another Chinese theft
English in three lessons
Receptor editing in lymphocyte development and central tolerance
Four poems by Boris Poplavsky
Pecunia non olent
Hamlet's soliloquy in the original Klingon
Spengler: The Iraq war has been a disaster for US objectives, but not for US interests.
Life on Mars remains possible
Ways to minimize the risk of reporting false positives in large-scale RNAi screens (in case you were wondering)
Recombinant Measles Virus Induces Cytolysis of Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma In Vitro and In Vivo
Realists and fantasists
Darwin online
Vasily Aksyonov latest novel
The first-strike Lunar base may not be as feasible as we'd hoped
Chasing the bomb
Whack your boss
My name is Red
The more you swallow...
Heh, heh, they said "Karlsruhe"
In vivo cell tracking by use of MRI
Girls will be boys
95 things that fuel Muslim extremism
Chinese (try to) steal another one
Big dog, little dog
Угон слона
Orhan Pamuk wins Literature Nobel
Buckley College Staff Meeting
How Canada can save itself (can it?)
Lancet pisses away what's left of its credibility
"Science" shills for Li'l Kim
I wonder if it's going to play here
Nutty professors retract anti-superconductivity propaganda
Derb's September Diary
The Love Van
North Korean blast seems small for a nuke
Gene transfer into embryonic stem cells
Yet another squirt of lubricant on a slippery slope
Nice car
Non Serviam
"We will be grimly extinguishing nations and sowing the ruins with salt"
Gimme some sugar, hon
I wouldn't call this chick "obese"
Mechanisms of resistance to small molecule kinase inhibition in the treatment of solid tumors
Naked in Paris, Part II
Naked in Paris
Regulation of T cell receptor-alpha gene recombination by transcription
Dumb Americans steal the medical Nobel
Unlikely, but interesting
Discrete continuity in genetics
Fix It Again, Tony
'Les Fleurs du mal' online
Black jihadist gets a slap on the wrist
Stormi's dream car
Conservatives against Intelligent Design
Non-conducting functions of voltage-gated ion channels
It's a white thing
The problem of Pakistan
Virgin boss aims to join the mile-high club
Hugh Fitzgerald's four questions
Spengler: Economics should have dispersed the Palestinian population more than half a century ago
Skin deep
Great design!
Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge 2006
The decline and fall of the Russian language
Любовь is a four-letter word
Turn down that damn noise!
Which is the correct tree?
Nerd? Geek? Dork?
Having your embryo and eating it too: a new approach
Spengler on the Pope vs. Islam
The 3.3-million-year-old toddler
I demand reparations
Blatant idiocy observed in academia
Blatant sexism observed in nature
As expected, the loser hang like grim death
Fresh from his defeat at Hizballah's hands, Peretz attacks softer targets
Given a finger, muslims demand the whole hand
The smell of burning flies
Target-rich environment
More good points, fewer idiotically assertive generalizations
Christ, what an asshole
A thing of beauty is a joy forever
Fjordman, anti-idiotarian
Ralph Peters, idiotarian
The Hirsute Kostroma People
Another hydrogen car (leave it to GM to give a stupid name)
'Nature' shills for Islam
'Nature' shills for Iran
Lenin and komissar: a fairytale
More on the Citroen diesel/electric hybrid
IRFs: master regulators of signalling by Toll-like receptors and cytosolic pattern-recognition receptors
Putting Prius to shame
Army bans firearms use
Having your embryo and eating it, too: a follow-up
Another day, another cheap ugly Chinese shitbox
EU tries to stick it to the US, is fucked by China instead
Noah's Ark's Left Behind
Noble lies and dangerous myths
Bottle and Potato Traced to the Source
In support of sodomy
BushCo to invade the Moon
"Intelligence community": Iranian bomb is 5 years away, go back to sleep
Jumonji C-domain-containing proteins and histone demethylation
Nuremberg prosecutor drinks the kool-aid
Женские Продукты короткого сообщения
Nuns and the G-spot
Dantesque dentists and other translation blunders
Fly on the wall
NSFW magic show
Chinaman vs. Perelman
Dept. of Education 'overlooks' heliocentricity
Nation's morality to plummet precipitously
More South Korean asswipes
South Korean asswipes
Have your embryo and eat it too
Sea of Isotopes' Island of Stability
Escape Jump and Bouncer Defense
Time to Slay the Hobbit?
Germline BCL-2 sequence variants and inherited predisposition to prostate cancer
Perelman declines to accept his Fields medal
Public Security Minister, Ex-GSS Chief, Succumbs to Stockholm Syndrome
Hezballah's creative destruction
On the value of the Diaspora
Planets are round
Peretz is eager to surrender
Worst car name ever?
Olmert: a uniter, not a divider
Combover tries to cover his flabby ass
Sense and nonsense from Richard Perle
The jackals smell blood
Let the devil take tomorrow
Tough talk
A cool thing, for a change
Wrong on all three counts
Derb on collective responsibility
Ruin your weekend further
Invertebrate Israeli "leaders" hand victory to Hizballah
All new/retro Camaro
Speaking of noxious asswipes...
Dog cancer traced back to wolf DNA
US, France to fuck Israel jointly
Rosiglitazone and Alzheimer's Disease (free access)
The fruits of the first PC war
Pipes: sudden jihad syndrome
Bush backstabs Israel?
"If you can hate and never tire of hating..."
Languagehat: The Fetishization of Orthography
Fossil embryos' privacy brazenly violated
It's Litani river, after all
Young fools, old knaves
Fitzgerald: Middle East Studies are nothing but insiduous fraud
Fitzgerald: Shaytan, Shaytan, Shaytan
I smell an Oscar
Zombie: Reuters photo fraud
Ask Spengler
What makes them think "the world" gives a shit?
Suicidal idiocy at the JPost
Another hippie delusion shattered
Scotland is a FNJKSH
A short historical reminder
Soviet Photo Daily
Arabs begin to chip away at UNSC resolution
Remote-controlled humans
The universe could be 2 billion years older than previously thought
Why not use napalm?
Pathobiology in focus: Transcription factors in airway diseases
Iraq: democracy on the march
Tepidly pro-Israel Muslims, stupidly pro-Hizballah Jews
Asia Times proves it's not fully Judaized yet
The other front: six activists permanently disenfranchised
Mathematician birthplace maps
Derb fisks Tutsy's bible
Guess whose side "the media" is on
Combover thirsts for international troops
Shitty Chinese shit
Retrograde transport from endosomes to the trans-Golgi network: a review (free access)
Ahmadinedong: Cease-fire is the first step towards Israel's destruction
France, defender of Israel
Hentai in space!
Charles V, "very alert and very alive", killed by uric acid five centuries ago.
Irredentist Scumbag Movement: no Jews should be allowed on Temple Mount
Irredentist scumbag assigned bodyguards
Brown dwarf survives being swallowed by red giant
Russian science fiction and fantasy cinema at Lincoln Center
Uzi Landau agrees: Combover needs to STFU
Orangutans are smarter than chimpanzees
Elite Yael unit clears the way for IDF
Grigoriy Perelman (not) to get the Fields Medal?
Spengler: the Middle East chaos can be used to our advantage
Atempting tu konduct kash tranzakshuns in an effishunt way
"The current system for classifying drugs is based more on policy considerations than on science." In a related story, water is wet to a significant degree.
I smell you from across the room
Can a biologist fix a radio?
No chance, bitch
Another 26 activists permanently disenfranchised
Nabokov and butterflies
Israel disenfranchises 12 blind kittens
Genetic basis of electrotaxis
Pakistan is planning to increase plutonium production
Titan's Lakeland
So THAT'S what they've been serving in the cafeteria...
The IDF's new definition of victory?
Derb, an optimist
Утка по-ливански: разбор полетов
Дорогой длинною
That should explain A LOT
Immunomodulatory effects of statins: a review (free access)
Gluttons for punishment
The new Sebring. Discuss
The Iron Wall
The dustiest shithole on Earth
When you're too fucking lazy to program your MP3 player yourself
Overrated hack goes off the deep end
I assume (for Derb's sake) Israel is not included
Therapeutic significance of restoration of endogenous cell death mechanisms: a review (free access)
Were they dancing on rooftops?
Senate passes stem cell bill
When Germany ruled Britain
Korean cowgirls
Dynamic imaging of the immune system: a review (free access)
Joyfully tossing a pebble
Derb takes on creationists. Again.
I still say it's only a theory
We do need thought control
Self-cleaning skies
Derb wants [us] to fuck robots
Uruk-hai reports from Gaza
Who the fuck is Lawrence of Cyberia?
Spengler: Puppies of war
What's that smell?
Taepodong-2: what (thankfully) went wrong
Primate segmental duplications: a review
Food-crop biofules: not so fast, hippie
NRO seems to get it
A good start
Spengler takes on Freud
The next nuke
Renault to merge with GM?
Tariq talks taqiyya
He's back
Van Gogh painted perfect turbulence
The fraud that is the "guest workers" amnesty
Fight for the future
Woolly blondes
When a regular limo is not assholish enough
Drug discovery in the ubiquitin–proteasome system: a review
Rat reefer madness
"You don't need to be apocalyptic, but it helps"
Ken Lay cheats everybody
Making the rabbit stew without needing to catch a rabbit
I'm shaking in my sneakers
2008 Dodge Challenger. Discuss
King Kong Down
Yet another slide down the slippery slope
Deceptive headline of the day
Who you callin' 'fruity'?
Academy agrees, disagrees with climate-change graph
Ass-resistant, no doubt
The smell of burning ants
The New York Sun review of Martin Gilbert's "Kristallnacht"
It has begun
Double-Tongued Word Wrester
Bloody fingernail message (write your own)
Advantages of asymmetry
The perils of brain-eating. Delicious as it may be
God's intentions defiantly confounded
Microbial fuel cells
An Evening of Russian Poetry
A remarkable life
Ordinarily, I don't like Mercedes, but this one looks pretty fucking good
Michael Winterbottom, idiotarian
Oldie but goodie: Cynthia Ozick on Gershom Scholem
Oldest known Azazel's work discovered
Bush to smite SoCal
NASCAR drivers charged with speeding
God's intentions further fucked with
Derb: "The sound of bubbles bursting"
Contact-dependent control of immunity: a review
Yet another reason for Operation Steamroller
God's intentions fucked with
Is Peter Weller in it?
"Yes! Yes, they laughed at me yes but now yes I will make them pay and yes!"
Devastated By U.S. World Cup Team's First-Round Loss, Nation Grinds To Halt
Pamela and the wimps
Today is Bloomsday 102
Watch your language
Will these fakes ever stop coming?
"Lesbianism is not as bad as homosexuality, in practical terms"
I can hear you breathing
"Would you like flies with that?"
Languagehat: Nevograd
Crocodiles are from Australia: who'da thunk?
A potential new way to have your embryo and eat it, too
Взбунтовавшийся пасынок русской культуры
Yet another globular cluster
The Language of Command (via Languagehat)
Derb: Apologizing for Iraq
DNA analysis helps to reunite families separated by the Shoah
Feel the fat
Robots to be able to touch themselves. Yes, I said "touch themselves"
Yet another satan-deposited fake unearthed
"The Jews are not the enemy: capitalism is"
Why sex matters for neuroscience
The best show on television begins its 3rd season, cocksuckers
Military personnel data theft: worse than initially claimed
Super Adult XIX (SFW)
Derb reviews Ramesh Ponnuru's "Party of Death"
"I want all my prosopagnosia"
The secrets of murine balls revealed
Chertoff to city: Drop dead
I actually like the way it looks
Robespierre: the mass-murdering nerd
Fascinating news for Stormi
Derb: Leave space for science
Derb: the fucking joke that is citizenship
Derb on Lolita, part II
...As so many other things
The hobbits of Indonesia
The New Yorker discovers Oriana Fallaci
Idiocy at The New Yorker
Waiters decide to forgo Jewish tips: part XIV
Nigerian investment opportunity!
More on invisiblity cloak
So that's why Stormi is heading there...
Abu Mazen, zionist (yeah, right)
Cool, dude
Atlantic's erogenous zone found
The Soviet literature resource
Blogs For House
NYC Subway new obligatory dress code
"Sarajevo Haggadah" is being republished
Full text of Combover's speech to the US Congress
Al Gore, movie star
Wanted: An unrealistic leader
Clues to Origin of Life
Got milk, airforcewife?
Derb on Lolita
Cell phones are evil
I have mixed feeling about this
Evil white corporation plunders African resources
Chromosome 1 sequence mapped
Your great-great-great-.....-great-grandmother (may have) fucked a chimp
Under the Sign of Saturn
Alexander Zinoviev, the author of "Gaping Heights", dies at 83
NRO: El Presidente fucks it up
Stay away from mothballs
Safe SUVs?
Hwang indicted
Decaf? More like "defaec"
Cool hot shit
Jew-loving Negro elected mayor of Newark
PC sells
Don't blame the cavemen
The Joy of Vex
Derb: We are the fools of the world
Pain in the ass
Deaf lesbian (and possibly apocryphal) parents vindicated
Alfa Romeo is back
"We live in a preposterous universe"
May that make you think twice before engaging in "breath control"
Who you callin' "sick", you limey fuckers?
Derb: Playboy is conservative
Lactic acid vindicated?
NYTimes: the paper of complicity in genocide (again)
Something useful (for a change) out of UC Berkeley
Yuval Ne'eman Dies at 80
Solution to energy crisis found
With some fava beans and a nice chianti
Schwarzenegger: not getting it.
Nerds with too much time on their hands
Or is the Rapture about to occur?
Sex sells -- ya think?
From flaccid to stiff
Lucid Mediterraneans
Bush taps Portman
Ya think?
Appetite-inducing item of the day
The incredible leaping egg (your tax dollars at work)
Derb: You Don't Know Jack Shit
Stay away from the light
Another round-eye stuck to
Blatant sexism in neurobiology
Not exactly a new idea
Evolution: reducible complexity
Globular Clusters VIII: Hostile Birth
The greatest puzzle in herstory solved
Wolfgang Bruno: Creating the Online Infidel Library
Have you stocked up on your back-up languages yet?
Satan-deposited "missing link" found
Cierre los ojos
Coming soon to a pelvis near yours
Doing the jobs the chordates won't do
"There will be shooting, but there will not be death or blood." What's the fucking point, then?!
X-ray vision closer to reality
Cold, dead hands
A related study challenges dances for the rain
Can they make it kosher as well?
Neurological basis of IQ differences
Oxygen and metabolic evolution
Someone I know, rejoice
Look like NYC subway tokens to me
Shocking immorality in nature
Blatant sexism in nature
I wonder if he knows what the word means
Everybody hates us
Another advance in unmanned warfare
Objects in the fog may move faster than they appear
More history of violence
Not to make light of anything, but isn't that a lovely graphic?
Hebrew Language Detective (via Languagehat)
The Fallaci Code (via LGF)
"Dark matter" may not be bullshit, after all
Brown and not so small
Порядок сменит хаос
DNA: now for stupid shit, too
Supercomputer builds a virus
Dog eat dog
Is that Dakota Fanning?
Yet antoher EU fiasco (US-funded, unfortuntately)
Who you callin' stupid, sapiens?
Try telling me again that we fought on the right side
The South Dakota bill that matters
Pop a pill, give a speech
Evolution of adaptive immunity
Humans continue to evolve
Ban coffee now
Vortex, Phantom der Nacht
Pen vs. Sword (via LGF, again)
They can have him
The revenge of the birds
Islam: 1, fashion: 0
Rhai Pethau i'w Dweud yn Gymraeg? -- Na wnaf.
Aren't you glad Bush froze the NIH budget?
Irvine, the fourth holiest site in islam
"Our island home is far beyond the wave; we will no longer roam."
It wasn't all just assfucking, then
Perpetuum mobile?
People Endorsing Testing Animals
I feel safer already. Not.
Arab-Jewish names
The good news: we're #1. The bad news: China is #4.
Everything's fine, go back to sleep
Big, furry beaver (SFW)
But is it ass-resistant?
The swift conquest of Europe
"Ariel Sharon of the American academia" resigns
That's "differently intelligent" for you
It's just a theory!
Of holes, big and black
Monkey business (can't think of a less cliched title, sorry)
Don't overthink it
Why fleas do it
Bill Maher: anti-idiotarian?
Contrary to what you might think, this has no bearing on the fact of evolution
But what about birds and bees?
Contrary to what you might think, I'm not particularly happy it had to come to this
Western music makes me want to take drugs and have sex. Or is it vice versa?
There's no Darwinian traffic cop
Rugby's hippocampus
"Dark energy" might be bullshit
"Hey, look man, I didn't mean to shoot the son of a bitch. The gun went off. I don't know why."
I'm not sure I'm happy about this
Not so fart
Mighty mice
Satan keeps on fucking with the faithful
Another Satan-deposited fake found
The last children of Nietzsche's last men
Nasty Piece of Work
Fitzgerald: IslamoChristians and Bethlehem
Flock of dodos
Energy Research
IDiots are at it again
Single stars more common than previosuly thought
Razib Khan (intentionally?) misses the point
Playing intelligent designer
Accentuate the negative
Bullshit vs. bullshit
Mad, but not all bad
Scientists behaving badly
Yet another step towards gender equality
Huge-ass 10th planet
Bush talks the talk
Tippitiwitchet explained
We got it all wrong
The Tao of Jack
Expatriate Manifesto
Half Jew
Getting Off at Baltimore
The latest helping of pretentious, unwatchable anti-American twaddle from Lans von Trier
Godless Heathens vs. Obscurantist Fanatics: a recap
Globular Clusters
All work and no play DO NOT make Jack a dull boy
In silico
The saga of Safire the Bloviator continues
Pumping Iron No Cure for Bookworms
Extension of Human Lifespan to 969 Years
Wlliam Safire, illiterate
Never trust a naked woman (definitely NSFW)
A perfect girlfriend (possibly NSFW)
Paul Berman, idiotarian
Free OED! (Until 2/13)
Jewish languages
Juan Cole is a piece of shit (as if more proof were needed)
More evidence of the Jewish control of the cinema
Racist monitoring of the peaceful religious sites
Don't marry
The racist horror that is the Patriot Act.
Godless heathens keep gloating in their heathen journal
Senate saves Alaska's state bird
Russian sadistic poetry
Score one for godless heathens
Religious fascism is "liberal"? (found via LGF)
Derb: Religious belief is a social good? Bollocks!
Dhimmi/Anti-Dhimmi of the Year
Love-the-world idjit: The Case for Open Borders
NOI thuggery
''Crescent of Embrace'' replaced by "Toilet Bowl of Reflection" (or something).
One State Plan
"Look, we're punishing them! Do you love us yet?"
Derb to kids: you are fucked.
Bleeding heart shills for the enemy.
Activist disenfranchised by racist jury.
I wonder if this one is worth a look.
Hoping against hope Speilberg doesn't fuck this up.
We'll end up as bear shit.
Some serious shit from Derb.
Racist jury disenfranchises immigrant.
Lose some.
Win some.
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