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Doodling in Math: Snakes and Ropes
Palestinian Authority Police shoot Breslover Chassidim near Kever Yosef; 1 killed, 5 wounded
Whitewashing the U.N.
Fogel family’s murderers arrested
The New York Times Goldstones Israel Again
Syrian 'special security' snipers shooting soldiers who refuse to fire on protesters
Naama lifts Rockets to victory
Wine to use on the seder night
Negev teen is critically injured after school bus is hit by anti-tank missile from Gaza
I'm going to go check on the soup
3 year old Jonathan conducting
Google Exodus
Mayor Cory Booker's Dvar Torah
My Big Black Jewish Wedding
What is Beneath the Temple Mount?
South Koreans studying the Talmud so they, too, can be geniuses
Bin Laden sets alarm bells ringing
Response to a neo-prog
PA TV accuses PMW of "incitement"
Is this the face of a terrorist?
University of Johannesburg cuts off nose to spite their face
Amnesty: Egyptian army tortured, abused women arrested in anti-government protests
Tamar Fogel interview
RIP, Pinetop Perkins
Bombing of Bus near Jerusalem Convention Center :(
Grad rocket lands near Ashdod
Falk hits bottom, digs
The Liar as Hero
פורים שמח
Missing soldier's mother dies, still not knowing his fate
Paramedics in Neve Tzuf (where relatives of Fogel family are sitting shiva) save life of Arab baby
Mendel's Tree
The Prime Ministers: An Intimate Narrative of Israeli Leadership
Football and coexistence
UN SG's office condems remarks of UNHRC Special Rapporteur
Boycott Israeli goods ad on Palestinian TV - sponsored by Spanish government
The Next Jewish Miss America?
The Israeli Way of War
13-year-old arrested for using a permanent marker while in class
Metropolite of Piraeus: Hitler was an instrument of world Zionism, financed by Rothschild family
Assange lawyers upset over leak
Light up and be a hero
What really happened when Jacob met his brother Esav
Art at the tip of a pencil
Stoners arrested in Jerusalem
'Hiccup girl' charged with murder
IDF kills two terrorists involved in Beit Haggai murders
World's largest Etrog
Amazing dog dancing merengue
Turkey Accused of Using Chemical Weapons Against Kurds
American Imams visit Auschwitz and Dachau
Zoabi's "democracy"
IDF and Lebanese Army Exchange Fire
1 Jordanian citizen killed, 4 injured in rocket attack from Sinai on Eilat, Aqaba
Funny, he doesn't look Jewish
Rabbi with beard a rare breed in reserve brigade
Oliver Stone is an idiot - part CLXVII
President cues Lew to cure budget blues
Queen Rania rejects offers to publish a Hebrew version of her book about openness and multiculturalism
IDF exposes Hezbollah's scope of activity in south Lebanon
Till death do us part
Israel's northern border heating up?
Courageous woman's war on racist graffiti
U.S. to deport 'Son of Hamas'?
Zionist horse kicks Erdogan when he's down
Joining the Jackals
Saudi woman beats up Hai’a bully
No Regrets
Bogie Ya'alon: The War of Independence hasn't ended yet
Let's Stay Together
Sidsel Wold: Journalistic ethics? I never let them stop me
British Advertising Standards Authority: Western Wall not part of Israel
ABC ...
The Silver Lining in Poor U.S.-Israel Relations
Statement by Gita Sahgal on Leaving Amnesty International
Babini: Jews were responsible for the Holocaust
MJT's interview with "Reza Kahlili"
Yom Hashoah commemoration begins in Israel
Gaza-based "human rights organizations" finally speak out against rockets targeting civilians
PA names Ramallah street after Hamas terror mastermind
Gag order lifted: ex-IDF soldier accused of espionage for leaking passing classified documents to journalist
No Denying White House Animus Toward Israel
UN web site publishes organ harvesting blood libel
Hillary: Hamas controls Ramallah
From Skinhead to Orthodox Jew
Gilgul finds a purrfect home
Please don't let me be misunderstood
Bigus Dickus rejected as Pakistani ambassador to Saudi Arabia
Hitler's Children
Canada redirecting Palestinian aid away from UNRWA
Pigeon: Impossible
The Impossible Quiz
More violence on Temple Mount, as "Arab youths" pelt police officers with stones
UN passes resolution to bar Jews from Temple Mount
He had a dream ...
CJ: Rush Limbaugh racist quotes - fake, but accurate
Understanding the Goldstone report
Fisking Goldstone's NYT op-ed
Richard Goldstone's daughter: 'My father is a Zionist and loves Israel'
Israeli scientists get under your skin
Treasure trove of Bar Kochba-age coins found in caves in Judean Hills
What Carter Missed in the Middle East (a lot!)
Marc Garlasco - HRW's Anti-Israel "expert" by day, Nazi war memorabilia collector at night
Ahmadinejad's Imam: Islam Allows Raping, Torturing Prisoners
Bird Flu Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
US Joins Condemnation of Israel for Evicting Arab Squatters
Iranians rape virgin girls before executing them so they won't go to heaven
Hamas: Mossad supplying aphrodisiac gum in order to "corrupt the young"
They just want what the Jews have
Sunday Times: Saudis to allow IAF to fly over kingdom on route to bomb Iranian nukes
US soldier kidnapped by Taliban
Chutzpa: Iran asks Interpol to arrest doctor who tried to save Neda
Britney Spears to star in sci-fi Holocaust romance?
Morocco hosts a beauty contest for "most beautiful ass"
Daniel Kurtzer; now, and then
The Malice of Mondoweiss
New York City Synagogues Targeted in Anti-Semitic Attacks
How to play Hava Nagila on violin
Tweets for Gilad
Lament In Oslo
Would Obama consider an extension of the *mechitza* at the *Kotel* 'an illegal expansion of the Old City Jewish "settlement"'?
"We’re not beasts! We’re not like them!"
Ilan Ramon's son earns his wings
The definition of "natural growth"
Poll shows that only 6% of Israelis think US administration is pro-Israel
What Frank will be doing on Sunday
El Baradei: 'By destroying Syria's nuclear reactor, you hampered our investigation of the reactor we didn't know about'
*Senator* Burris: "The Pentagon has research labs?!"
אם אשכחך ירושלים תשכח ימיני
Protesters say Hamas helping Iran crush dissent
Carter to ask Obama to remove Hamas from terror list
Everyone is going to die, some sooner than later. It's how we choose to live our lives that matters.
Carter: "I am in love with the Palestinian people"
'Outpost tourism' draws thousands of visitors
The sheer improbability of victory
Who knew this was part of UNIFIL's mandate
Poll finds Israelis want Netanyahu to reject Obama's demands
Father of wannabe terrorist: "He’s not guilty of any crimes in the eyes of Allah. He’s guilty of U.S. laws."
Brigitte Gabriel's open letter to President Obama
BDS Movement targets Trader Joe's
Zionist snakes
Carving up Jerusalem
The Exodus Obama Forgot to Mention
North Korea sentences 2 US reporters to 12 years hard labor
Doctor's son 'kept suicide vest and turned his bedroom into bomb factory'
Obama's deceptive Muslim advisor
The Settlements Canard
Minnesota: We don’t need no stinking math
“The shot that changed West Germany” was fired by Stasi spy
Dana Bennett was murdered by a serial killer
*Har Habayit Beyadeinu*!
Another NYT columnist caught plagiarizing
'No Jews Allowed' at Austrian hotel
Message in a bottle - from Auschwitz
Celebrity singing FAIL
Norwegian Media Retaliates Against Author Of Book On Nordic Anti-Semitism
Banned in Beirut
British airline wipes Israel off map
This little girl can sing!
Axe-murderer arrested
IDF releases findings from Gaza war investigations; Israel-bashers immediately cry, "Whitewash!"
Yom HaShoah
Israeli discovery could lead to the cure of human deafness
Haifa bombing victim dies after 7 year battle with injuries
Somali pirates hijack US ship
Russia deporting Rabbis
US to join UNHRC
New Member of Knesset Haneen Zuabi: 'It would be good if Iran has nuclear weapons'
Closing the circle
Police prevent neighbours from risking their lives to save family from fire
1,500-year-old Mosaic Floor Unveiled in Ancient Synagogue Ruins
UN notes rising violence against women in Gaza, blames ...
Islamist sentenced to death in Yemen - for sending e-mail to Olmert
"Man" arrested in bomb threat against Jewish school
In Loco Parentis, Or Just Loco?
Obamateurism of the Day
Some fascinating Churchill anecdotes
From bad to worse
Amos Harel slanders IDF
Iranian blogger dies in prison
*Mentsch tracht, Gott lacht*
This is CNN
Bonuses Expected at Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac
Obama administration gives Gabi Ashkenazi the cold shoulder
UN officials say references to Israel have been dropped from Durban II draft
Seven Arab Children
Israeli scientists searching the ocean floor for a super antibiotic
The Deadly Futility of International Law
Illegal Construction in Jerusalem
American ISM rioter has some sense knocked into his head
Rabbis forgive Pope
Teen kills 15 in rampage in Germany
Purim: The silent film
Ya-Allah! What will they ban next?!
Hillary undermines Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem
"Wealthy Arab man seeks smart, beautiful Israeli girl to join harem; ready to pay dowry in camels"
US pulling out of Durban conference
Iran-Israel nuclear endgame approaching?
An Interview with Paul Berman
A Night with Geert Wilders in New York City
Hate Speech At SFSU
Peres: Europe hindering peace
Archaeologists find seals from King Hezekiah era near Har Homa
US State Department to announce $900 million stimulus package for Gaza
"Gas the Jews"
Durban II draft document 'getting worse'
Tutu wants Obama to apologize for liberation of Iraq
The Prophet of the New Russian Empire
Peres: I was wrong about Gaza disengagement
Jewish nose may save lives
For the first time since the Inquisition, cheese from Portugal gets Kosher certification
A whole new level of *Eshet Hayil*
15-year old arrested and beaten for throwing shoe at Salaam Fayad's car
Geert Wilders and the Fight for Europe
The writing is on the synagogue wall
British, French nuclear subs collided in Mid-Atlantic
I admit to bibliophilic envy
Arsonists in Australia still setting new brush fires
Ignorance and bigotry on display at The View
Human Rights NGOs: We Don't Talk About Hamas's War Crimes Because They're Too Blatant And Savage
The Story of Ella Abukasis
UN: "Clerical error" caused us to falsely accuse Israel of shelling school
Rivky Holzberg's Shlichus Lives On
It's Raining
Bill Gates tires of releasing software bugs; releases the real thing on unsuspecting crowd
R' Noach Weinberg ז״ל
Thoughts on the Operation
About those Israeli "war crimes"
How Can the World Be Blind to Israel’s Existential Threats?
Military Judge Denies Obama Request to Suspend Hearings at Guantanamo
Heated debate between Erdogan and Peres at World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland
So, it seems that Israel _didn't_ actually fire any shells inside that UNRWA school
Gunshots fired near US embassy in Yemen
Pope lifts excommunication of Holocaust-denying priest
Top EU official: Hamas bears full responsibility for Gaza war
R' Avraham Ravitz ז״ל
New book: Mengele created twin town in Brazil
A manipulative distortion of history
Phillips: Miliband worst Foreign Secretary ever?
Robert Reich: Keep stimulus money away from skilled workers and “white male contractors”
President Obama's first call was to "President" Abbas
Dutch court: prosecute Geert Wilders
Norwegian diplomat equates Israel with Nazis
Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu: My father sent Rachel Imeinu to save soldiers in Gaza
Well, that didn't last long
Hamas "fighters" taking out their frustration on Fatah
'Senior Israeli officials': withdrawal from Gaza to be completed before Obama inauguration as a "gesture"
Hamas, IJ declare cease fire
Bill Moyers: Jews are genetically-coded for violence
Globular clusters
Palestinian sources: 'Iran unit' of Hamas has been destroyed
Ali Waked: Israel, Hamas agree on 2-week truce
Yawn. UN condemns Israel again
US Airways plane goes down in Hudson River
And Then They Came For Me
"Leading Welsh rabbi": Gaza = Warsaw Ghetto
**Who**'s using phosphorous shells?
Report: Hamas agrees to ceasefire in Gaza
Four More Katyushas Explode near Kiryat Shmona
Critically Wounded Officer Went to War the Day after His Wedding
IDF using a human shield
It's never too late
Why Children Die in Gaza
Hamas raids aid trucks, sells supplies
Bush Rejected Israeli Request for Bunker Busters to attack Iranian Nuclear Site
Islamic Jihad siezes empty IDF hotdog packages
Dr. Mads Gilbert: apologist for terror
UN halts Gaza aid shipments after driver killed by Hamas sniper
Jimmy C: Israel broke truce to attack "defensive tunnel"
When Elvis met Nixon
Injured Fatah veterans rooting against Hamas
Operation Cast Lead's Qana moment?
North Yemen Jews threatened, harassed
Heavy clashes between IDF and Hamas reported in north Gaza
1,000 people pray for Israel in Harlem church
Ynet: Ironically, it's 3 years to the day since Sharon fell into coma
Waging War the Israeli Way
Mayor Bloomberg visits Ashkelon, Sderot
Man Discovers Neighbor Is His Long Lost Sister
The despicable UNRWA
Cities in Central Region Prepare for Rocket Attacks
IAF targeting top terrorists
Third toddler wounded in rock attack as fifth-column unrest continues in Israel
IDF YouTube Channel
Dov Ber Holtzberg ז״ל
Ban ki-Moon condemns Israel's 'excessive use of force'
NYT: Jordanian Islamists = Hippies
Topsy-turvy week continues: UN Condemns Hamas; Meretz Wants Military Action
Lebanese troops defuse rockets aimed at Israel
Hamas declares official end to "truce"
German police arrest suspect in 1945 massacre
Southern Israel under rocket attack again
They threw shoes at him - and he didn't seem to mind
Falk sent packing
Facing Jihad Conference in Jerusalem
Democracy, Israel-style
UN General Assembly chief tries to block Israeli envoy's address
Dear God
Rabbi Grossman sings thanks for the survivors of terror in Mumbai India
Tibor Rubin - An American Hero
Surivivor of Bataan Death March, 88, Celebrates Bar Mitzvah
וכל נתיבותיה שלום
The Rescuer
Architectural plans of Auschwitz death camp found in Berlin
Sharia :(
IDF makes successful preemptive strikes against tunnel and mortar crew
Cool Stuff
Those diabolical Zionists
Anyone have a good zucchini recipe ..?
From Beirut to 9/11
Terrorist murders 86-year-old man in Jerusalem
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
ומי ימות
Allen West demolishes opponent in first debate
"When a child's life is at stake religion and origin play no part"
Another Brit Behaving Badly Abroad
Excavations along fence route yields rare archaeological find
Jewish soldier in Fort Benning says he was beaten, discriminated against
IDF closes Joseph's Tomb to "punish" "settlers"
Talk about messing with the wrong guy ...
Man falls to his death after cops taser him
At least 15 injured in Jerusalem terror attack
Booth children's respite from mom to continue a bit longer
IDF Soldier blinded in acid attack at checkpoint
The speech that Sarah Palin would have given today at the Dag Hammarskjold Plaza protest
Tutu: Palestinians paying the price for West's Holocaust guilt
16 killed in attack on US Embassy in Yemen
Wacky Bakri threatens Macca
Oh, yeah - just like a concentration camp ..
Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?
The strategic agreement that never was
Funnye, you don't look Jewish
Pure gold emerges from fire
Small plane lands on Garden State Parkway
Visual proof of the siege
Hitler fan who justified killing American soldiers awarded £14,000 for hurt feelings
A New Strategy for the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
You can tell a lot about a culture from their museums
Greek Youths Urinate on Holocaust Memorial
Gaza kids 'training to kill Jews'
Israel to sell snow to the Swiss
NASA Technology Illuminates Dead Sea Scrolls
Refugee Program Halted As DNA Tests Show Fraud
153 dead in fiery Madrid airport plane crash
Jordan releases 4 terrorists convicted of murdering Israelis
Welcome home
Miracle baby in Nahariya
Jerry Wexler passes away
My Infidel Jewish Doctor
James Hoyt: mail carrier, spelling bee champ and American hero
UN enjoys excellent cooperation with Hizbullah
Reuters rooters
Girl may sue over mall's dress "discrimination"
Media closes eyes to illegal Obama campaign contributions
Jordan confiscates Israeli tourists' Jewish paraphernalia "for their own safety"
la merde hits le ventilateur
The T-Man's got the blues
'Disengagement' Soldier Begs Forgiveness
Finding your Waterloo in Canada
You Still Can't Write About Muhammad
British minister vows to keep "settlers" out of embassy events
Only religious Israeli Olympic entrant ready to kick some heads
While Diplomats Dither, Iran Builds Nukes
U.S. revokes visas of 3 Palestinian Fulbright scholars
Israeli Police Admit Collaboration in Bedouin Ambush of Jewish Hikers
Persecuted by the Pentagon and FBI for being an Orthodox Jew
Hello martyr, hello fatah
In the sewers of Lvov
Man arrested in lakeside ambush on 3 Wisconsin swimmers
Israeli envoy condemns funeral of Croat Nazi
Jews Arrested for Entering Jewish Home in Shuafat
Iran Planning Nuclear Strike on US?
American taxpayers help bridge shortfall for Arab countries not fullfilling their pledges to Palestinian Authority (and Hamas)
Olmert pardons more murderous terrorists
IDF kills terrorist responsible for Dimona attack
Liberals who are niggardly of sense or knowledge tar "tar baby" as a racist term
Obama's $845 billion 'Global Poverty Act' forwarded to Senate floor
Kristof's "Tough Love" - Hating Israel More Than Loving Palestinians
Freed psychopathic child-murderer Quntar vows to kill more Israelis
Leo Thorsness
Israeli official: U.S. intervention in minor Palestinian issues could damage ties
Gillerman's final speech to UNSC: “Whatever you decide, Israel will be victorious”
Another NBN flight brings 210 more olim from N. America
Another bulldozer attack in Jerusalem; 16 wounded
Daring Muslim Quarter rescue saves Jewish mother, 8 children from abusive Arab husband/father
The Zionist Freedom Alliance: Pro-Israel Revolution on Campus
The Guardian's disgusting biography of a terrorist
Latest Palestinian Authority Libel: Prisoners are used for Nazi-like medical experiments
Jesse Jackson apologizes after he is overheard saying he wants to give Obama the Laura treatment
Yad Vashem and Hillel Kook
550 Metric Tons of Yellowcake Removed from Iraq
Tal Wilkenfeld
Iranian Official: Tin-foil Hat Saved Ahmadinejad From Zionist Hair Rays
Kristof: Never Mind the Terrorists
Frankly, I'm suprised the "truce" lasted this long
What a catch by the ballgirl!!!
Is this finally the end of the Olmert Government?
France condemns antisemitic attack that left teen in a coma
Condi: Truman to blame for Mideast conflict
Post-racial, for real
Fantastic Icebergs
Treasonous Cop Still on the Payroll
The Irony Is Lost On Terje Roed-Larsen
Now this is hate mail
IAF takes out Shalit kidnappers
Iran pulls $75 billion out of European banks before they are blocked by sanctions
Democracies Can't Compromise on Core Values
Who are you calling stupid, fool?
What the UN calls "good governance"
Abducted Jewish Girl Finally Coming Home - 55 Years Later
Jodie Evans, Code Pink co-founder and OBL apologist, Joins Obama's Campaign
One can only hope this rumor is true
Why Is Bush Helping Saudi Arabia Build Nukes?
This guy should be put against a wall ..
IEA says $45 trillion needed to get out from behind the "global warming" eight ball
Obama takes Uncle Joe to task over conference call
State Department doesn't get it at all
Turkish Court Upholds Ban on Shawls
Lou Rawls!
Duggard Galls
Nazerath Illit police pool funds to bail out elderly man in debt
Robert Kennedy's 1948 Reports from Palestine
'Insult' may cost Reform Jews UN observer status
Koby wins again
Mostly, it was his pride that was hurt ..
Questionable moments in parenting
Wicked vandalism
Blaming Bush For The Disappearance Of The Jewish Community Of Baghdad
ירושלים של זהב
The Old Woman and the Flag
Dore Gold: The Golan Heights and the Syrian-Israeli Negotiations
Ahmadinejad gets an unexpected boost from Barack Obama
Al-Dura libel judgement overturned on appeal
8 Seconds at an IDF Checkpoint
IDF Doctors Heal The Enemy
UN Hatemongers to Investigate U.S. "Racism"
Text of Pres. Bush speech to Knesset
Jon Voight visits Sderot
Italy Honors Israel in Turin Book Fair, Ignores Howls of Protest
NY Post names Olmert's "Laundry Man"
Meet the new boss, same as the old boss
A Baby in Front of a Firing Squad
Torah that was saved from the Nazis is rededicated in honor of Holocaust Memorial Day
Sounds of music in a city more crowded than Gaza
70 Year Old IDF Ex-Paratrooper Defeats 3 Arab Burglars
Oy, vey - not again! :(
Sex and the Suicidal Muslim
Bush nominates friend of terror supporters to federal bench in Detroit
Swiss ethicists condemn flower decapitation
"They didn't respect [Jewish] people while they were alive and they don't respect them when they are dead"
You know she will be the butt of many jokes
Putting things in perspective
Kicking A Friend - Columbia Trade Bill Killed
Hamas seizing half of all fuel sent to Gaza Strip
Richard Falk calls for commission to study neocon's role in 9/11
Hope that no one notices; if they do, change direction ..
Palestinians plotted to poison restaurant patrons
Western Wall "too controversial" for Bush to visit
Stammering State Department
Hateful, scary things
Two Israelis killed as terrorists infiltrate Nahal Oz
Two-faced baby venerated as a god in India
Shocker: Megalomaniac Holocaust-denier is also a Troofer
Useful idiots and the politics of envy
"Moderate" "Palestinian" newspaper honors Sbarro terrorist
Seeing Israel... through African eyes
Your federal government at work ... for Palestinians
Subtext: America stole Arab land. Reparations! Law of return! Legitimate resistance for our homeland!
But don't question their patriotism
Sodom and Gomorrah and Biblical Archaeology
Terrorist wanted to take his child on suicide mission - but his wife said no
Emanuel Ringelblum and the Oyneg Shabes Archive
I guess he'll be ready if he has to spar with his congregation
Pope to visit New York synagogue
Obama: The pro-death candidate
Woman bites dog
Jerusalem Municipal Court Judge: stores and restaurants are not public places
German News Agency Paying Arabs to Riot in Silwan?
Palestinian police officer murderer sentenced to 55 years
US exports to UAE often wind up in Iran or Syria
3rd graders (!) arrested in plot to attack teacher
Israel to redistribute A.B.C. kits to the public
Screen Cleaner
Israel and the Palestinians: Has Bush Reneged?
Tributes paid to 'God's postman', who gave away £2m before dying in a road accident
What would you do ..?
Attempted terror attack thwarted near Shilo
Missing N.Y. Pastor Found in Ohio Strip Club
PalArab clan reconciliation leads to two deaths
Qassam damages Kibbutz nursery school; no physical injuries this time, B"H
Another film to cause Netherlands Muslims to seethe and sue
Another woefully ignorant "Expert on Islamic Law"
Baghdad Jim McDermott really was an agent of Saddam Hussein
Stupid INS
UNHRC replaces Dugard - with someone even worse
Israel turns down Carter-Annan mediation offer
Man declared brain dead says he feels "pretty good"
Rice's Betrayal Of Israel
Mastermind of Park Hotel Massacre captured
A Peek at McPeak
Saddam's Terror Links
Al-Zawahiri urges Muslims to "Attack the interests of the Jews and the Americans"
Take Action: Urge Swiss to Cancel UN Nomination of Jean Ziegler
How mixed up can you get?
Cops catch car thief, are rewarded with donuts
Dutch Christians joining Muslims to criticize Wilders' Qur'an film
New Saudi Miss Camel to be crowned
The Gaza Prison Camp
Murderers 'Escape' Palestinian Authority Jail
US ambassador: Jews will just have to leave Jerusalem
Condoleezza Rice's 70 Percent Solution
Critically Wounded Merkaz Harav Victim Awakens
Father Michael Pfleger: the white Reverend Jeremiah Wright
Merkel visits Israel; says rocket fire on southern Israel and settlement building make negotiations harder
Saudi "scholar" - don't know much about history ..
Op-ed in Palestine paper: Israel should be able to fight back
Jihadi Website Supplies Instructions for Anthrax Production
Facebook transfers Jews to "Palestine"
Breast cancer 'master gene' breakthrough
Ban ki-loonmoon slams Israel at Islamic summit
First-Temple Building Remains Found Near Temple Mount
Eduardo Propper de Callejon honored as a Righteous Gentile
Abbas slams "barbaric crime"
But do you remember your second first kiss?
IDF kills terrorist who "Palestinian sources" say was mastermind behind Mercaz Harav massacre
Judge sides with CAIR against Michael Savage
Gaza girls in Israel for heart surgery
Planned Parenthood Is a Problem
BBC Fabricated Terrorist's Home Demolition Report
Is Governor Rod Blagojevich a man of his word? - Is the sky green? Is the grass blue?
Mary Ann caught with dope
British soldier awarded the Military Cross for fighting off 150 Taliban
US drops China from list of top human rights abusers
Getting Stoned in Israel
Another politician taken down in prostitution-ring bust; Tehran police chief caught in bed with 6 hookers
Florida bat mitzva girl donates party gifts to Sderot kids
WTH is a "lull agreement"
Belgian government and banks to pay Holocaust survivors $170 million
Bush administration: building homes for Jews in Jerusalem is "unhelpful" to the "Peace Process"
Whither Israeli Arabs?
Glykeria attacked for 'collaborating with Zionists'
Faith Through Tears
When words of consolation fall on deaf ears
I feel to puke
Wafa Sultan takes on Egyptian Islamist Tal'at Rmeih
Waris Dirie Reported Missing
NYC pub bans "Danny Boy" for St. Patty's
California court threatens homeschoolers
Army recruiting station at Times Square bombed
Israeli Appeals Court: free speech is not just for leftists
Kever of R' Yehuda Bar Ila'i
Math Test Saved Lives of Petach Tikva Second Graders
UN "Human Rights Council" holds moment of silence for "martyrs in Gaza"
1 in 200,000,000
US follows Israel's lead; targeted strike kills terrorist
"Israel has a right to defend itself, but .."
RIP Buddy Miles
Israel's disproportional response
Bestselling author fabricated Holocaust "memoir"
Snapped Shut
A Danish Illustrator's Life in Hiding
Medical Chutzpa in a Brazen New World
Enraged Somali Muslims Plan Rally After Friday Prayers in Support of Barack Hussein Obama
Knesset members under fire
Ricin found at Las Vegas hotel
Today's delicious irony
Would-be suicide bomber - 17-year-old girl - arrested in Jerusalem
Birds of pray
Saudi Vice: Undercover
Bush Names US Envoy To Islamists
Jewish HS basketball team in Denver may forfeit playoff game due to Shabbos
Caring For Your Baby
"I'd Rather Be With God Against Man Than With Man Against God.."
EU fines MS $1.35 billion
New John Dugard report: Palestinian terror 'inevitable consequence of Israeli occupation and laws that resemble South African apartheid'
Denver law students fight for terrorists' rights
Columbia University's Israelis
To Die in Jerusalem
Bunny threatens cartoonist
Stars Show Support for Sderot
More Obama fact-checking. Plus - change we can believe in!
More Sderot children wounded by rocket shrapnel
"It's the time you have that matters, not the time you don't have"
Obama tells a whopper
Operation Gratitude
New civil court court in Belgium, established by "human rights organizations" and "intellectuals", to try Israel for war crimes
14 Al Aksa Martyrs Brigade terrorirsts "escape" from prison
Rough Justice: Psycho Crackhead Who Shot Six NYC Cops Gets Shanked
Columbia U. noose professor sanctioned for plagiarism; claims she’s a “victim of structural racism”
Israeli government blocked US embassy move to Jerusalem
In Charlie Jordan's memory
Four months in jail and 30 lashes for walking dog in Iran
NATO troops in Judea / Samaria would be a really bad idea, IMO
Too bad Sam Brownback isn't Israel's Foreign Minister
Woman "falls and injures herself" after officer turns off police camera
Livni: I think of the tears of the paratroopers at the Western Wall as I negotiate away parts of Jerusalem
US State Dept awards $494K grant to "promote dialog" - to Muslim scholar who refused to sit on panel with IDF veteran
This is really sick, twisted, and disgusting
How Rachel Corrie really died
It's that time of the year again...Pesach
Reductum Ad Absurdum
Off the Marc
Palestinians torch Joseph's Tomb again
Sex Week at Yale
Historic Peace Meeting in Hevron
Feeling the Hand of God
Principal revives Bronx school
"Riyadh doesn't deserve its bad reputation"
In the midst of devastation, a miracle
Romney dropping out of race?
Adam Pearlman Gadahn killed in Predator bombing?
Muslim outrage as UK actually shows a little backbone
International law is not a suicide pact
Son of Concorde: London to Sydney in just over four hours at Mach 5
Diskin: Hamas took advantage of breached Gaza fence to smuggle in more advanced arms
Soldiers moon "peace activists"; Tibi: this is Abu Ghraib, IDF-style
Shocka - MoveOn.org endorses Obama
Louise Arbour softens support for pan-Arab "rights" charter that calls for Israel's destruction
Israeli embassy in Mauritania attacked by Islamic gunmen
Scientologists trying to missionize traumatized Sderot residents
Erykah Baku in Tel Aviv: "Farrakhan's not an anti-Semite. He loves all people."
Conservatives Need to Rally for Romney
Great Photos!
Sir Moses Montefiore's visit to Morocco, 1863
Barack Obama: Inflexible Jews to blame for Mideast conflict + more troubling connections
BBC: "Militants targeting settlements" - within green-line Israel
Gaza buried in flour
Hamas counterfeiting Egyptian currency for buying spree
Israel apologizes to The Beatles
Obama woos Jewish vote
Vermont town to vote on just how irrelevant they are
UN Watch Exposes Moral Inversion at UNHRC Emergency Session; Cuba Lashes Out, Threatens "CIA-funded" UN Watch
Anger Management Teacher Loses Temper, Breaks Student's Finger
Tom Cruise Judaism/Scientology Video
That missed step can be a killer
Boy, talk about shooting yourself in the foot ...
Dutch FM to lobby for Israeli membership in EU
Great "Hashgacha" Story
Hamas staged some 'blackouts,' Palestinian journalists admit
Canada first to show moral fiber by pulling out of Durban II
Hunter endorses Huckabee ... WTH?
"Almost like a hate crime"
Does Oxford Think It Ok to Honor a Man Who Calls Anne Frank a Porn Star?
Amy WineCrackhouse
Bizarre Brooklyn Bomb-maker confesses to spray-painting swastikas
In another move towards equality, Saudi women may soon be allowed to drive (Jews into the sea?)
Sweden funds important greenhouse gas study
The audacity of truth
A little whale with that crow?
American wives in Saudi Arabia
Why not?
The Victory of All the Generations
Sounding the alarm about repeated acts of 'government-sponsored' anti-Semitism in Venezuela
CNN Reporter as Terrorist Enabler
Bush: US should have bombed Auschwitz
Fired For the Truth
Cultural differences
Talk about being in the right place at the right time
Human chain around Jerusalem on eve of Bush visit
Olmert the charlatan
Glykeria to release album entirely in Hebrew
7 teenaged girls in prison for nearly two weeks for entering a 'closed military zone'
Anti-Zionist activist to head British Film Festival in Israel
Fayyad whines about successful IDF operation in Shechem
Iran hangs battered wife
The Way Forward
Idiotic Olmert statement du jour
NYT: Free Market is a 'False Idol'
Terrorists claim to have fired Qassam from West Bank
Tight-lipped on the Temple Mount
Why it's good to have a fat-arsed housewife around
Egypt allows Iran-trained terrorists and Saudi cash to cross into Hamas-land via Rafah
Hillary wrong, wrong, wrong about elections in Pakistan
P-3s Grounded: “This Is Serious.”
I agree that somebody is "detached from reality"
At Huffington Post, terrorist murders are really profound metaphor-opportunities
Syria To Launch Bio-Weapons Against Jewish State If The US Attacks Iran
From Holocaust to Redemption
Lies, damn lies, and B'Tselem's statistics
Homa Arjomand: Protecting Women and Children From Sharia
U.S. Special Forces On Standby To Safeguard Pakistan Nuclear Arsenal
Are doctors the final arbiters of "quality of life" - even against the wishes of the patient and his family?
Six Simple Strategies for Achieving Misery
'Myths and heroes'
Like-minded neighbors
Abu Ala's bodyguard killed while resisting arrest
Michael Kidd: Baruch Dayan Ha-Emet
Iranian Jewish Dhimmis: Reports of Iranians immigrating to Israel an 'outright lie'
Robin Williams follows in Bob Hope's footsteps
Haaretz editor told Condi Rice: 'Israel needs to be raped'
"Miracle" - mortally wounded soldier fully recovers
Nadav - "Corruption"
Muslims abandon babies, Jews are blamed
Letters From Heaven
Escaped tiger shot to death in SF zoo after it kills one man and injures two others
Judge Roy Moore revisited
Sari Nusseibeh shows his true colors
No - you shut up
Ron Paul: American Civil War a mistake, Ronald Reagan a "failure"
David Raab's salt shaker
The IDF's best friend
Not Just Another Gush Katif Video
Happy Birthday, dear zorkie!
Boulder Daily Camera editorial: eiruv is a hazard to wildlife, cars, little old ladies, and cats
The real reason Israeli soldiers don't rape Palestinian women
So much for "scientific consensus"
UN approves $4.17 billion 2-year budget
A Jewish mother's idea of a wedding invitation
Ynet: affixing mezuza is an "outrage"
Bush disses Israel
Hamas began daily broadcasts from the Temple Mount on Asara B'Tevet (yesterday)
IDF unable to stop Kassams
A Zionist Muslim's Prayer for the Jewish People
Homeless Heil-Hitler-Hund
Haredi Holocaust remembrance
Dutch business venture tries to kick-start Palestinian economy by rewarding vandalism
The 2007 Splodie Awards
Did she think she was being naughty, or nice?
Israel has video of Egyptian border policemen helping terrorist smugglers
Fifth column... what fifth column?
Saudi king 'pardons rape victim'
Money for nothing
The Good Bed
Did King Solomon’s Navy Discover America?
Rationalizers vs. Rationalists
It was mostly his pride that was hurt ..
Hamas' little Hitler
PA officials admit problems
Sderot yeshiva fights despair with faith
Sderot mayor Eli Moyal agrees to remain in office after meeting with Ehud Barak
Interview with M. Zuhdi Jasser
Another heart-warming story from Israel
Return to Kever Yosef
For the first time ever, Israel-sponsored resolution passes at UN
Ramatkal Gabi Ashkenazi: 'Gaza operation unavoidable'
Ahmadinejad Joins The Blogosphere!
Grampa’s Menorah
Another great "only in Israel" story
Pres. Bush honors Daniel Pearl in annual White House Hanukkah Reception
Eyes in the Sky
Edward Said, Fabricator and Plagiarist
Muslim clerics light Hanukkah candles
The aging face of evil
You Owe Us Bigtime: The Distortion of Palestinian Aid Politics
NBC Reverses Course, Agrees to Air Troop 'Thank You' Ad
Eyes Wide Open
Muslim gunmen target Christian in Gaza
From Cairo to Bensonhurst
Congress knew about the destroyed CIA interrogation videos four years ago
Rice criticizes Israel for plans to build homes in Jerusalem neighborhood
Sgt. Jill Stevens: Not Just Another Pretty Girl With a Gun
IDF disarming Jews in Judea and Samaria
The Flaws In the Iran Report
Amazing Dance
2,000-year-old palace uncovered opposite Temple Mount
Launch of advanced Israeli satellite, slated to monitor Iran's nuclear program, was cancelled due to US pressure
No Reports Of Rioting Jews Yet...
FBI/Police to Share Stage with 9/11 Skeptics & Terror Supporters at Radical Islamic Conference
The CAIR Bears
Riyadh Reorients to Moscow
Israel releases 429 Palestinian "captives"
Ido Zoldan was murdered by 'Palestinian police' - possibly with weapons supplied by Olmert "goodwill gesture"
State Department Sophistication Came Very Close To Triggering An All-Out African War
The Price of Annapolis: Lebanese democracy
Israel's latest land-grab against Syria
Natan Sharansky on the Annapolis Process
The Hammer and Tongs behind the Hugs of Annapolis
Thousands of Sudanese rally for intolerance
'Envoy to press Israel to take risks'
Report Obscures Muslim Murders of Christians in Kano, Nigeria Riot
My cab ride to Beirut
Palestinian negotiator says Olmert has already agreed to cede Temple Mount
Is that a bomb strapped to your forehead?
Condi is nuts
150,000 Witness North Korea Execution of Factory Boss Whose Crime Was Making International Phone Calls
Former security guard at Andrews AFB accused of concealing ties to Islamic supremacist imam
Bush, Olmert meet privately again, regarding Iran
No Lasting Peace
US holding back reports critical of "Palestinian Authority"
British schoolteacher in Sudan faces up to 40 lashes for letting her 7 year-old pupils name a teddy bear 'Muhammad'
Arafat's Deputy
Al-Aqsa commander killed in IDF raid in Tulkarm
Mr. Palestine?
Such brave "men"
'Stand With Us' Stands against Campus Anti-Zionism
Syria: Golan Heights on Annapolis agenda - even if we don't attend
"I thought I just ate too much turkey .."
MK whacks a hack back
"Honor killings" on the upswing in "Palestinian" territories
Another suicidal "gesture" from Olmert
A Joyous Simcha
Lamb invited into den of of wolves
Israeli man murdered in pre-Annapolis terror attack
Israeli Cabinet votes to free 441 terrorists ahead of Annapolis conference as another "good-will gesture"
Hezbullah's woman in the FBI and the CIA is now married to a State Department employee
13 year-old designated driver charged with DWI
Jews expelled from Arab lands hold deeds on 100,000 sq. km. - five times the size of the State of Israel
"Jews for Ron Paul" Exposed as a Fraud!
"Dear Sh*t head, pay up the $16.39 you owe, or we'll sue"
Brit in Beersheba
Monument for a Murderer
Condi promises Syria that Golan is open for discussion at Annapolis
"Now, where did I leave my car ..?"
Retired judge takes the law into his own hands
Another Chinese toy recall: Aquadots = date rape drug
Was this guy stoned, or what?
Rabbis warn Bush: Annapolis summit may provoke God's wrath
Israel's anti-Zionist leaders
Collusion in persecution and expulsion of Jews from Arab lands in 1947-48
Israeli Foreign Ministry: IAEA 'acting as an obstructive element' in efforts against Iran's nuclear program
Police use terrorists' love of media attention against them
Dissident democracy
Hillary: Triangulation on Israel?
Barnard approves tenure for Nadia Abu El-Haj
Checkpoint shooting you won't read anywhere else
The 90th anniversary of the Balfour declaration
Today's Arab fantasies
Who's responsible for latest mortar / rocket barrage from Gaza?
MachsomWatch idiots endangering lives of Israeli Jews
Enola Gay pilot Paul Tibbets dies at age 92
Anti-Semite/Holocaust Denier Mark Weber Invited To Speak At The University of Oregon
U.N. Scientist Rejects Nobel Prize Share, Denounces Climate Alarmism
Lebanese TV: Jews Use Drug Trafficking to Control The World and Subjugate Other Nations, as written in "Protocols .." and the Talmud
Mukasey nomination in jeopardy?
UN: We Failed
Toddler Dies in Hot Car While Mom Works at Hooters
Chabad camp offers shelter, peace amid fire chaos
Music video on Fatah-Controlled 'Palestinian Authority' TV Promises Elimination of Israel
Another reason sanctions won't work against Iran
IAEA chief lashes out over Israeli raid in Syria
"Humanitarians" destroy Jewish vineyard
RIP Maria Castagna - helped Jews escape Nazis in Prague
Iranians study nuclear physics in Britain
Were California wildfires caused by Al Qaeda arson?
Debka: Evidence that Bashar Assad was personally involved in North Korean nuclear deal
Two Jewish professors at Columbia targeted
Righteous Dutch family honored
Orthomom (and free speech) Wins! Yay!!
Hizballah's Friends declares me a “terrorist”
Condi: Two-state solution in jeopardy
"Kill Jews everywhere"
Rudy endorses Bosox
Hillary Clinton would distinguish between 'good' terrorists and 'bad' terrorists
Croat Nazi Rocker to Tour North America
Bush admin to transfer "unprecedented" $410 million to Palestinian Authority
Fred Thompson Lays Out Policy on Illegal Immigration
Bruce Springsteen's kibbutz violinist
Archeological Link to First Temple found
Another one to file under: 'These people will believe anything'
Irani Vice: I Wanna Hold Your Hand
US demands Abu Mazen appoint murderer of Americans as his deputy
Olmert sounds alarm: Iran has crossed red line for developing a nuclear weapon; it’s too late for sanctions
Sleazy school days
Why Israel isn't invading Gaza
The Value of Chasya's Life
Fatah Men Tried to Kill Olmert, Released From Jail by Abbas
I must be a very bad person
Spare a Thought for Belarus
OJ bloggers call with Congressman Eric Cantor
The Nazi Roots of Uri Avnery
Mubarak's health declines rapidly
Monty Python's Upper Class Twit of the Year Award
Swastikas on NYC Synagogue, High School, Hatzola Ambulance
Hamas obtained 200 tons of explosives from Palestinian Authority
Russia developing new nuclear weapons?
Warning letters delivered to thousands of Jewish families in Iran advise them to leave the country without delay
Who will be blamed for doomed conference's failure?
"Islam guarantees justice for all"
Proof That the Temple Mount is Jewish
Rumors that Samir Kuntar may be part of prisoner swap deal
Maureen Dowd endorses Rudy
Muslims rioting in Amsterdam
May I have this dance?
Orthomom on Ann Coulter
In East Jerusalem, residents say they would fight a handover to Abbas regime
Misoziony at a San Francisco art gallery
The roots of Condi's skewed thinking
Tallis, Tefillin, and Tailgating
Afghan Suicide Bomber Kills Own Family
Who's killing Palestinian kids and who's saving their lives?
Al-Qaida in New Jersey
Dugard: PA terrorists are like French resistance fighters in WWII
Now is the time to toss out overdone Rice
Some post-October 12th book recommendations
Neocon sorcery exposed!
Salami and Shiites
One Rabbi, six hundred soldiers, a Torah and more
NYT: Israeli strike against northern Syria last month targeted a partially built nuclear plant
David Irving At Oxford And The Cheapening Of Debate
Jewish teens rescued from lynch-mob after kidnapping in Jerusalem
Ynet To Shut Down English Website
Abbas demands return to 1949 Armistice lines
Rosh Hashanah in Baghdad
Bar raises bar; hires barrister to bar paper from baring details of barf-worthy interview
Sam Brownback endorses Elon plan
Fatah editorial cartoon: Praying for peace death of Americans
Dennis Ross still hasn't learned from past mistakes
'Hey, man - got change for a million?'
Ahmadinejad more welcome at Columbia than at Tehran University
The Best Police Force in Iraq
Grad-type Katyusha Hits Netivot
French priest documents WWII slaughter of Ukrainian Jews
Leftists Photographed Staging "Settler Harassment of Arabs"
Cool Balloons!
Neo-Nazi attacks continue throughout Israel
Saudi divorces wife for being alone with an unrelated man - the host of the TV show she was watching
Sukkot begins tonight
Nerds to auction themselves to women
Bush blasts UNHRC
Offensive Dutch
IDF arrests Hamas suspect hiding in Nablus weapons cache - under pregnant woman's bed
Quarry for Temple Mount's Giant Rocks Found
Israeli dates shock Moroccans
Nadia Matar released from prison after being arrested at peaceful protest
Suspicious surveilance of Bay-area firestations
Shechem Operation Catches Suicide-Bomb Cell and Fatah Terrorists
The Next Iranian Revolution
Taking liberties with history
French Court Orders Release of Hidden Al Dura Footage
"The student's religion was not immediately known"
Jimmy Carter: Iran not yet a realistic threat to Israel
Jewish Genetics
Barak presents Condi with more dangerous unilateral gestures
Frolicking Nazis
State senator sues God
Ride the SLUT
Louise Arbour decries bigotry in Europe
Nadia Abu el Haj's next scholarly pursuit
The real Iron Fist
Dennis Kucinich Casts Lone Vote Against 9/11 Remembrance
Sounding the Shofar in Auschwitz
In The Blink Of An Eye
Qassam injures 25 soldiers
Sawaha al Anbar
Cindy Sheehan to speak at Michael Lerner's "synagogue" on Rosh Hashana
Ancient tunnel discovered in Jerusalem
IDF thwarts planned Tel Aviv suicide bombing
Jew-Hatred and Jihad; The Nazi roots of the 9/11 attack
Yet another government falls prey to cyber-attacks "involving China"
Beware the Irish Conspiracy?
Rabbi stabbed in apparent spontaneous attack Friday night in Frankfurt
Correlating Palestinian Aid and Homicides
Former US Senator James Abourezk: Dershowitz is a "snake", Americans are racists, and the "Zionists" were behind 9/11 attacks
The University of Radical Political Indoctrination
Why isn't The Path to 9-11 out on DVD?
Terrorist tool
What chutzpa!
Syria says it fired on Israeli aircraft
Shops on London's Edgware Road now "off-limits" to women?
There are no words
Walt, Mearsheimer and the Peace Process
Hamas and Fatah accuse each other of defiling Islam
China: Reaction to safety problems is itself a sickness
'IDF youth programs like Jihad camps'
"International" terror-enablers post video of their 'heroism'
80,000 illegal weapons hidden in W. Bank
The New Anti-Semitism
Really Cool
Ahmadinejad claims 'Zionists' behind Swedish cartoon
Olmert Offers Judea, Samaria, Division of Jerusalem in Draft Accord
NYT Editors think “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” is a constitutional right
Zionists usurping Arab foods
Barak Orders IDF Redeployment From North to Placate Syria
King Champions "Green Collar Studies"
Olmert agrees to reprieve for Church of Nativity terrorists
The Future of Iraq
An Israeli company drills for oil in algae
Jewish Woman To Stand For Parliament In Morocco
Another lynching narrowly avoided
They wait for us to run again
Misinterpreting the Mideast
What ev really loves about his Apple
Some interesting perspective on the ADL's "Armenian genocide" statements
Chemical Ali 'threw my sons from a helicopter'
Judge rules Rebbi not guilty of assault, but says he excercised poor judgment in defending himself
The ghost of Kitty Genovese in St. Paul
Slow of conscience
Shmuel of Arabia
How About an "Arafat Standard" for Hillary Clinton?
Genesis of an Anti-Semitic State
An Israeli Response to the Walt-Mearsheimer Claim
How the West Lost the Cold War
Israel's Education Minister wants to cut Jewish studies from curriculum
Israeli reporter 'terrorizes' Lebanese singer
Racist Beating in Germany Alarms Jews
U.N. "concerned" Israel hasn't done more for Abbas
Fatah "Militant": U.S. Training Was Key to Intifada's Success
CNN's anti-Israel Warriors
Miles Levin loses battle with cancer
Tunisians condemn peace contest
Hamas's coming victory over Fatah in West Bank
No, I said 'get some beers and get naked' ..
The day the lights went out in Gaza
Kirk Douglas' Jewish Identity
Haveil Havalim #130
An Israeli in Beirut
More Holy Woman
'Palestinian Authority' says 110 more terrorists granted amnesty; Olmert's office denies claim
Kurds: Fond memories of Israel
Staggering Summary of Journalistic Malpractice
Wisconsin Man Buys King's Crown
Falafel for the falafel people
Al Gore’s Zero Emissions Makes Zero Sense
Al-Jazeera Interviews: U.S. is Behind All Tragedies in Darfur; U.S. Civilization Feeds on Human Blood
Iranian court orders five former Argentine officials to Iran to answer charges of working against the country's security
"Faster than the speed of light" ..
Jazz legend Max Roach passes away at 83
The "Naqba" Offensive
Walt and Mearsheimer get sanitized by the NY Times
Poland Pulls Out of EU Jew-Bashing Conference
Fatah legislator indicted
A Really Inconvenient Truth: Kyoto Protocol Destroying Ozone Layer
Nazi war criminal dies at home
Balance of Terror
Giuliani Commits to Ending Illegal Immigration and Securing Our Borders
Unusual diplomacy
New “Salman Rushdie” in Italy?
The Crazy World of Colonel Gadhafi
Scientology brainwashing in Israeli summer camps
Former Insurgents Face al-Qaida Wrath
RIP, Scooter
A six year old wizard
New principal for the Khalil Gibran International Academy in Brooklyn
UK blocks Israel arms deals
Why is the bathroom in the office?
Suha Arafat loses Tunisian citizenship
Liberty Science Center Promoting Islam
Maybe Israel would have been better off with Peretz after all ..
Huckabee's visit to Yad Vashem stirs Republicans
Footage of Friday's Old City Terrorist's Attack Shows Security Guard's Heroism
PRC brags of targeting Israeli reporters
Teen-aged Yeshiva Students Win International Robotics Contest
Vandals Demolish 30 Meters of Security Fence; No Arrests Made
Border Crackdown Is Working
This week's episode of Saudi Vice
All charges dropped against Justin Sharratt
CBS finally responds (and so does Amber's sister)
Take it from this old KGB hand: The left is abetting America's enemies
Terrorist caught red-handed then released
Kassam Rocket Hits Ariel Sharon’s Sycamore Ranch
Another Blog Birthday - NewsBusters Turns Two
Olmert hits bottom, keeps digging
Mearsheimer makes excuses for Iran
British Justice
The Farce of our Kosovo Mission
Ma'ariv Helps Hizbullah Psy-Ops
Bat mitzva girl donates $100,000 to build special-needs-accessible playground in Israel
Weizmann Institute Researchers Identify Mechanism Behind Spread of Cancer
"Excuse me sir, but - do you know there's a monkey under your hat ..?"
You knew this was coming ..
I have seen the horror
The Hammer
Britain's Jewish community outraged by lenient sentences given to convicted anti-Semitic thugs
Qassam shell kills 2 Gazan children, injures 5 more
'Hamas forced professor to convert'
Another Jewish cemetery desecrated in Poland
Elite IDF Soldiers Face Trial After Refusing to Expel Hevron Jews
The Boston Globe's Poems to Guantanamo
Dead Sea Keeps Missing Boy Alive
UN Security Council expresses deep concern over fate of kidnapped IDF soldiers
CAIR Executive Director Placed at HAMAS Meeting
Beauchamp Investigation Concluded
Olmert approves American plan for big new Palestinian town on West Bank
Why are Christians silent?
Miracle on the collapsed bridge
Grim milestone reached
Good eggs from the West Bank
A "panel of embittered, suffering or enraged Arab women" - now that's entertainment!
Condi Endorses 'Arab Peace Plan'
President Bush's Broken Promises
Hizbullah was within 10 days of surrendering last summer before being saved by UN, Olmert, Livni
Now he only has five more terms to serve
Cobra takes down terrorist
The spinnin' don't stop when you leave the cradle (of civilization)
Condi: Arms race will not destabilize Middle East
Global outcry over continuing genocide in Darfur
Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Political Correctness
The IDF's miserable hasbara failure
Olmert Government Destroys Synagogue Next to Joseph's Tomb
It's ... Captain Underpants
Hidden in Thunder
All the news that's fit to distort
Israeli company helps reduce US dependence on Saudi Arabia oil
They went to the gallows singing 'Hatikva'
Ann Coulter Suggests ABC Hire Hillary to Replace Rosie on 'The View'
More anti-Semitism at TPV
Givat HaEitam
Condi says Israel must end "occupation" of "West Bank"
German Government funds anti-Israel NGO
New Pew Survey: Sharp Decline in Support for Suicide Bombing in Muslim Countries
Syria occupies 4% of Lebanon. World yawns.
Hezbollah blames Israel for attacks on U.N. peacekeepers
Jewish Agency Breaks With Nefesh B'Nefesh
The protocols of the BBC
The N.Y. Time's War Against the Jews
Journalism is ...
CSMonitor calls Israel's creation an "injustice"
PA ambassador to the UK, Manuel Hassassian talks out of his ...
Fearing Muslim ‘radicalization’ in prisons, feds remove Torah-related books from prison chapels
The Elders of Zion-haters
Carl Crunches Some Numbers
British researcher claims to have located Rommel's sunken gold
Harry Potter and the Early Delivery
Forward this e-mail to five friends or ...
The BBC's Hezbollah lovefest
Vets for Freedom Speak Up
To President Bush: Certain statements you made are misguided
Tim Butcher and Gisha's Propaganda Campaign
Free the soldiers rally in NYC - let my people go!
Confirmed: UN Mediator in Kosovo was Bribed
New video about Nahal Hareidi
Proposed Palestinian State: US Asset or Liability?
From Golden Stalks to Golden Grains… And Back Again
Alan Johnston: "I returned home with most beautiful memories of Gaza"
Anti-Zionism by 'progressive' Jews
Iran TV Shows American Hostages
Bush to lean on Israel for more "concessions"
CSM gets ISB exactly WRONG
WND: Al-Qaida infiltrating America as patients
The Israeli Economic Miracle
We Must Rid Ourselves Of Peres
Nahoul the Bee Replaces Farfour
Alistair Horne: Iraq war a Zionist venture
ElBaradei gives Iran another 6 months to develop their nukes
Israel to permit planner of Maalot massacre to travel to Ramallah
A Divine Victory for Misinformation
Summer 2007 Is Eerily Similar to Summer 2001
Genarlow Wilson and the N Word
On Just What Not to Do: The Honor-Shame Logic of Walt-Mearsheimer
France: Hizbullah not a terror group
World Bank blames Israel for Gaza situation
Egyptian MP: We won't allow Jews to desecrate our universities and brainwash our students
Why Men Shouldn't Babysit
Debka: One year after war, Hizballah has 50% more missiles stockpiled
A Zionist spy in Beirut?
US Congress to Hold Hearing on Jewish Refugees From Arab States
Feiglin: The danger is not from Gaza
Ahmad Jibril confirms what most of us already knew: Arafat died of AIDS
RIP Lady Bird Johnson
Waqf archaeological dig on the Temple Mount - with a bulldozer
Tape of Rydzyk's anti-Semitic rant embarasses Poland's leaders
UN changing its mind on Shebaa Farms
Woman convicted of bigamy after entering into civil union with another woman before her marriage was annulled
"Moral, intellectual and political blindness"
Jimmy Carter - controlled by aliens?
Just when you think you've seen it all ...
Network of Expatriate Treachery
With tensions rising on Syrian border, worry of shortage of gas masks
Iran smashes Zionist squirrel spy ring
Fighting campus anti-Semitism
Just what Israel needs - another political party
Archaeologist says he's found Miriam's Well
Israel’s Security Chiefs See Olmert as Jeopardizing Prisoner Release
Another peaceful weekend in the territories
Avigdor Lieberman - good Iranian muslim ..?
Shots Fired as New Outpost Destroyed
The Great Lower East Side Pickle War
I question the timing
Is there any equivalence between Marwan Barghouti and Nelson Mandela?
In Hamastan, if you go to work on Thursdays you will be fired (upon)
At what cost was Alan Johnston freed?
Wow. Criminals start young in Oklahoma
GCC: Turn back the clock
UK Warning: Look Out For People Doing Things
So, why hasn’t Michael Yon’s report on the al Qaeda massacre of women and children in Baqubah been picked up by the legacy media?
Libby pardon makes hypocrites of them all
Shoeless George Bush
Hamas threatens to shell Palestinians wanting to return home to Gaza
One Person Can Make a Difference, and Did
Kamp Krispy Khalid in Khamastan
Hamas-linked student group at Haifa University
AP Boycotts the "M-Word"
American defense attache LTC Thomas Mooney found dead in Cyprus
Glick returns from Sheva Brachot in fine form
Who killed Col. Yosef Alon?
Do robots drive you up the wall?
Michael Yon: Baqubah has gone quiet
Prostitution in Islam's holiest city
Gwynne Dyer: Don't "obsess" about Terrorism
Science pwns ManBearPig
Mount Cheesemore
'That female is our child's murderer'
Patient in life-support fight awakens
Olmert: ‘A country cannot protect itself ad infinitum, because there would be no end to it’
After winning 15-year court battle to evict squatters from his land, man has to pay police to enforce ruling
The Anti-Terror Campaign That Succeeded
How to clean up the slums
Condi: Hamas a 'resistance movement'
It's gonna take some time till Israelis figure out baseball
Obama's assumptions and beliefs vs. reality
Hamas captures Fatah's collection of blackmail sex tapes
Lithuanian Torah Dedicated on U.S. Naval Ship
UN says Lebanon-Syria border open to smuggling
Sharm Scorecard
Oppenheimer: If we stop being so mean to Hamas, maybe they won't want to murder us all
Dersch: Fink lost tenure not only for his non-scholarship, but because he's a sexist boor, as well
Hamas releases audio of Gilad Shalit
First Olmert "gesture" to Abbas: $562 Million
From a Dog's Point Of View
Zahar's Hamastan
US House votes to deny all aid to Saudi Arabia
Kudos to Cotler
Maybe she could wear it on her toe ..
Ivy League Professor Bets Al Gore $10,000 He’s Wrong About Global Warming
Criminal contempt motion against Nifong to be filed
Abbas Over Easy
Senate tells Condi to hold Egypt responsible if they want our money
40-year-old (ex-)teacher marries 16-year-old student
"How ironic that Israel is rescuing us from our Muslim 'brothers'"
Jerusalem Haredim Accuse Police of Collective Punishment
The Ratings Always Drop Twice
Qassam barrage resumes now that civil war is over in Gaza
Passenger in car that struck girl is beaten to death by angry mob
Hamas' conspiracy theory of the day: Dahlan assassinated Arafat!
NYT gives Haniya adviser op-ed space to explain 'What Hamas Wants'
Report: Russia delivering jets to Syria
Blaming Bush for Gaza
Prof. Aumann: There is no leadership crisis, but rather, crisis among the people
Italy's Jewish community protests as convicted Nazi returns to work
US to replenish PLO weapons supply
UNHRC Places Itself Under Permanent Indictment
5-year-old girl finds searchers after being lost for 2 days
Demonstrating, yet again, that we Jews can be our own worst enemies
A Non-Jew Becomes President of Israel
Things to bear in mind in WA: "embracing while driving" is a misdemeanor
Gays march for basic rights - like having a child together
Hamas blows up Palestinian family, blames Israel
al-Reuters: Muslim, Christian and Jewish extremists are all the same
Ex-Nazi (and former secretary-general of the UN) Kurt Waldheim dies
My Father, the Hassid
Tom Shales: Dan Rather can't be sexist because Liberals just don't talk like that
Another Assassination in Lebanon
Peace Now Compares Suicide Bombings, Hevron Mother
Pure, unadulterated evil
Fred on Leno
UN Report Lays Blame For Pal Civil War On ..
Terrorists take break from civil war to fire rocket at Israeli school
Hee Ah Lee - The four-fingered pianist
Debka: Russia supplies Iran with nuclear fuel
Dennis Miller has a few choice words for Sen. Harry Reid
9 dead so far today as latest Gaza ceasefire takes effect
Lamest Protest Rally ... Ever
The trouble with relying on fences (and gadgets)
The Three Ex-Terrorists Speech at UC Irvine
"Daily Kos a right-wing Zionist cabal"
Time Out's Michael Hodges: An Islamic London would be a better place
Another toothless Jerusalem resolution passed by Congress
Scientology trying to infiltrate Israeli summer camps
Israel may allow Fatah to receive arms
Forty Years Later, Doing Nothing Is the Best Policy
Suspicion: "hostile elements" in Britain deliberately tainted Israeli-imported basil with salmonella
The Truth About Syria
Fatah al Islam to announce branch in "West Bank"
Tony Blair calls for end to boycott
Holocaust denier establishes party in Japan
Another one who shouldn't have been a parent
Alice Walker's Commencement Speech at Naropa University
"Human rights" organizations show their true colors
New Jobs For 'Tommorrow'
For Zion's sake
Johnston Video Released
Guest Post By Duncan Hunter on LGF
Funny Truck Photos
Two Yassam policemen found guilty of brutality against "disengagement" protester
Disabled boy dies of wounds suffered in Qassam attack last week
Bob Dylan: "Where's the Global Warming? It's Freezing Here."
Qassam hits Sderot apartment building
Only in the apartheid state of Israel
Time to change course
Shimon Peres: moseir ..?
Eichmann Passport to Argentina Issued by Red Cross in Geneva
Not again :(
Evil Occupation
Bugi: Disengagement Led to Lebanon and Gaza Wars
Another war brewing in Jerusalem
Carter failed tell Reagan about Israeli concerns with Osirak
Mazuz versus Herzl
How to End 'Islamophobia'
Amir Peretz finally ready to attack
Muslim Cleric Declares Fatwa Against Hamas for Having 'Jewish Characteristics'
Two Kassams hit Ashkelon
Israeli Doctors' response to British boycotters
Leader of Coptic church calls Jews "Christ-killers"
Vandals target Anne Frank Memorial in Boise, Idaho
Iranian crackdown on improperly veiled women gets bloody
Al-Qaida recruiting black Americans for suicide operations against the homeland
A Schtickel Elitist?
US Ambassador Jones: 'Be Happy We Didn't Execute Pollard'
Belated celebrity for Irena Sendler
A7 Photo Essay: The return to Kever Yosef
Turning The Corner In Iraq
World Bank Justice
Before the Six Day War
$40 a cup for what?!
Toon Time
A memorable Bar Mitzva
Man in deep doo-doo over ticket protest
You've got to be kidding
Palestinians Shoot 15 Human Shields
'Doctors Without Borders' Gave Terrorist Entry Pass to Israel
Israel finally hits back
AFP gets it spectacularly wrong
Haveil Havalim: The Derezzing
At Tufts University, quoting from the Koran = Harrassment, "Intentionally Putting A Negative Spin On Islam"
Islamberg, NY
I wish this fool would stay home and keep her mouth closed
CiJ fisks Siniora
Iran says "the Zionists" were behind 1994 Argentine bombing
The Khazar Myth and the New Anti-Semitism
The fallacy of requiring proof
An interview with Fiamma Nirenstein
"We have our own ways to educate our children"
Why Did Dental Students Cheat on Exam? It's All Bush's Fault!
Olmert blames IDF command in Winograd Commission testimony
The Plight of Muslim Wives in America
Soros moves against Israel
Drunk driving test
Police Suspected of Fabricating Pre-Amona Briefing Video
Democracy was ripped out from under them
Do you think we should tell them ...?
Beinish goes on the offensive
Sympathy for the Devil
The case for strikes against Iran
Bill Clinton: If Israel would be wiped out by a nuclear bomb, the main victims would be Muslims
KLM accused of helping Nazis flee
“Better a Thousand Israeli Invasions…”
Herod's tomb found
UNDOF Commander: Go back to sleep, Israel - there's a 'peaceful atmosphere' in Syria
Scary Daddy
Azeri Journalists Sentenced to 3 Years in Jail for Insulting Islam
"A figment of imagination"
The latest 'eco-crime' ..?
Jimmy Carter at Berkeley
From the e-mail bag: Neat stuff. Great pictures.
“Postmodernizing” Archaeology at Barnard
How Egypt celebrated World Press Freedom Day
The fruits of Hizbullah's victory
Florida Deputy Suspended After Arresting Woman Speeding to Hospital to See Dad
IDF cancels segregated combat units, effectively barring Hesder boys from Golani and Paratrooper brigades
Wally Schirra, RIP
Syrian Build-up on Israel's Northern Border - the Strongest Since 1973 War
South Africa invites Haniyeh to visit
Many Gazans prefer occupation
Imus may not go quietly
They probably would have had better luck if they had brought this suit in Europe
Another anti-semitic attack in France
Meet Fred
Boy, I'd hate to see what a bad day looks like ..
Harsh and unhealthy editorial attitudes
Iranian Holocaust-Denial Documentary Series On Iranian TV: 'Merchants of the Myth'
US Army cracks down on bloggers
Japanese tourists singing Hebrew songs in Israel
Before elections, Amir Peretz said, "I Know nothing about security"
Chavez Takes Over Venezuela's Last Private Oil Fields
EU delegation meets Hamas despite boycott
Israeli kidnaps baby elephant
Belgian MEP: 'I Want to Strangle' Israeli Ambassador
New Channel 2 Poll: Olmert would receive zero percent of vote for PM
Ted Kennedy On The Rocks
A Promising Career at the Independent
Fatwa against PalArabs emigrating
Syria has at least three major ballistic missile sites, built with Iran's assistance
Another Troubling Obama Influence
Anti-Israel ad campaign set for Washington subway
From the: "it takes one to know one" department
7.50 euros a tail :(
IHT newspaper distributed in Israel includes ad seeking bids for construction of nuclear plants in Iran
Koufax Drafted By Miracle
This is a little too conspiracy-theory-ish for me ..
Sandmonkey Goes Silent
Lawyer's Price For Missing Pants: $65 Million
Another secret Israeli weapon
Senior al-Qaida operative captured in Iraq
"I don't dwell on my age. It might limit what I can do."
Cellist Mstislav Rostropovich dies at 80
The Palestinianization of Europe
Promoting Hate
Israeli forest to be named in honor of Coretta Scott King
A Democratic Muslim
Coalition Forces take out al-Sattar
Military Graves in Tzfat Vandalized One Day After Memorial Day
Fatah terrorists celebrate deaths of US soldiers
"Zionist brain seeks to woo Abbas to bend to the usurper plan"
New State Comptroller report recommends AG prosecute Olmert for criminal offenses
Anarchy in Hamasistan
Fatah-affiliated group claims they tried to assassinate an Israeli MK in March
Alleged Tamil Tigers Terror Leader Arrested In Queens
Downtrodden Turkmenistan Jews cast their eyes toward Israel
The mathematics of beer-bubble behaviour
Offended by Holocaust Remembrance posters, Williams student retaliates with tasteless "parody" posters to "provoke dialogue"
The Song of the Sun
Zionist pigs attacking Palestinian Arabs
Arab mob surrounds and threatens Israeli families celebrating Yom Ha'atzma'ut near Haifa
What is it with these crazy Houston gunmen?!
Israel Independence Day 2007
April, 1948: How the Arabs left Tiberias
Abu Izzadeen & 5 Others Arrested in London
Brown University Hypocrisy Conference
Hamas launches rocket attack on Israel on Independence Day
"Why I am not a moderate Muslim"
Hinson acquitted
UNESCO's Landmark Decision Decision About A Landmark
U.S. Officialdom vs. Middle East Reality
Maybe those melons got too close to some cucumbers ..
Israeli Hero: Lt.-Col. Emanuel Moreno
Our Soldiers
Anti-Semitism at IDF base
Thank God some terrorists don't know which way is up
Iran May Be Fueling New Missile War On Israel
Virginia Tech Israeli Hero's Wife: Light Shabbos Candles Tonight to Honor Liviu Librescu
Lawyer drags his ass into court
The friendly fires of hell
Israeli Teens Find Top Secret Documents Left Behind by IDF
French rabbi attacked in Paris train station
The Doha Debates come to Oxford
Va. Tech gunman sent material to NBC
Righteous Gentile Andree Geulen-Herscovici Granted Honorary Israeli Citizenship
Muslims forcing Christians in Baghdad to pay Jizya
Hizbullah: We Have Jurisprudent Permission to Carry Out Operations on Israeli Civilians From Ayatollah Khomeini
Colonel McCormick spinning like a dervish
Strict gun laws in Japan don't save Nagasaki Mayor
Iran Recruiting Israeli Jews as Spies
Yossi Beilin: The last thing we need to add to the Palestinian Authority is more weapons
Tehran arms Lebanese Hizballah militia with air defense missile wing as part of war build-up
Yom Ha'Shoah blog roundup
Le Pen expresses regret
On Holocaust Memorial Eve, PM Olmert Meets With Holocaust Denier
In Death's Shadow
Typical Israeli driver
The Dersh vs. The Fink
Ba'al and the Palestinian Arabs
These people will believe anything ..
Hamas Issues Islamic Call For Genocide on PA Television
The Islamic Mein Kampf
EU Says No to Aiding Palestinian Unity Government
Rep. Gary Ackerman = mensch
Fred Thompson says he has lymphoma
Nes gadol haya ..
NY court unblocks Palestinian bank funds
Kabbalist Elder: "evil decree" of war looms over Israel
Pappe still full of crap
Abu Gosh mayor Salim Jaber accepts seven Noahide laws; is denounced by council opposition
Matzah-flavored ice cream?!
Another Jewish cemetery desecrated in France
Iranians pelt British embassy
Rosie O’Donnell: Bush Built the Grassy Knoll
How to Win in Iraq
Greece bans team sports
Yet another diabolical Israeli plot
'A courageous friend and ally'
Another South African anti-Zionist anti-Semite
Your house as seen by:
PA Arrests Arab for Selling Property to Jews
Bill Clinton: Carter's book not factually correct and not fair
Those diabolical Zionists are at it again
Father of missing soldier Tzvi Feldman passes away
How US Aid to Abbas will be used
Kollek was a moseir
ZOA poll: Americans Oppose Giving Land To Palestinians By 5-To-1
97-year-old great-grandmother makes Aliya
Fake Bomb
IDF finally strikes back in Gaza, after seven Kassams were fired this morning
Bank of the Intifada to Join the U.N.
The American Embassy in Palestine
U.S. Navy flexes muscles in Persian Gulf
Rosie: Captured Brits a hoax to provoke war
Village shuts down matzo bakery inside school bus
Gaza sewage flood destroys Bedouin village
UN Watch's Hillel Neuer slams UN Human Rights Council
EU funds anti-Israel NGO
Widow attends massacre trial wearing Mohammed cartoon
Olmert agrees to open-ended talks with "moderate" Abbas based on Saudi initiative
Homesh, First!
NYT: It's ok to give in on "right of return", because most Palestinians won't use it anyway
The fight against neo-Naziism in Germany
kianb will not be surprised by this
Ban Ki-moon pays homage to dead terrorists
Seeing Clearly
The Coalition of Punks
"Why sleep when you can be up all night drinking beer?"
MSU students protest virulent anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism at their college
Iran seizes 15 British Navy personnel in Iraqi waters
Arab Girl Wounded by Arab Stone-Throwers
Ready To Disappoint
Farrakhan on Al Jazeera
"Olmert Is A Danger"
Rocket almost lands on Moon
Condi reduces request for funding for Abbas
Iran warns it may ignore nuclear rules
Unpatriotic punks vandalize Army recruiting center in Milwaukee
How the Hamas Regime Will Gain International Support
Lies, Half-Truths and George Soros
Exhibit on deported children at the Paris City Hall
Future Jihad
'Your money and your life'
But, but - I didn't mean to attach that screenshot ..
Bugi: Conflict with Iran inevitable
Florida Judge busted for smoking pot
Beit HaShalom - Peace House
The New Blood Libel
First-Grader Brings Crack Cocaine to Show-and-Tell
War Crimes?
Terrorist blows himself up in Gaza
Supreme U.S. commander in Europe calls Israel 'model state'
Israeli-Arabs caught fighting with al Qaeda in Iraq
Do you need more proof that Shimon Peres is delusional?
The Slanted Economist
Police guards assigned to protect German Jewish leader were apparently neo-Nazis
Gazans try to bite the hand that feeds them
Analysis of Ken Roth´s Defense of HRW´s Policy on Israel
French group tries to stop Jerusalem tram project
Bronfman Pushes Israel Singer, Longtime Adviser, Out of the World Jewish Congress
Why is the continued existence of the Jewish people necessary?
Potential suicide bomber caught in time in Sinai
Limor Hatuel Gives Birth to a Daughter
Khalid Sheikh Mohammed admits responsibility for 9/11
Islamicization of Antwerp
Peace Now lied on their report? Who knew?!
JerusalemOnline has videos of AIPAC Policy Conference
Young Taiwanese political activists revere Hitler y"s
The silliest thing to come from the Israeli government this week
Another senior Iranian officer defected/captured?
Saudis: Israel must accept our terms with no negotiations
Ok, so maybe Albert Speer wasn't a "good Nazi"; can we still call him a "moderate" ..?
Ernie is Dead
Hamas members were paid with part of the $100 million transferred to Abbas by Olmert as “good-will gesture”
Three Bedouins Arrested For Raping 11-Year-Old in Arad
UN to place Israel on Double Secret Probation
French "performance art"
Hamas is seething
Obama: Nobody is suffering more than the Palestinian people
Reuters: Christians are fleeing PA areas because of the oppressive Israelis
Olmert ready to give up the game
The Jeep Ride
Terrorists killing each other in Gaza again
Telegraphing bias
Carter seeks peace "based on justice for the Arabs"
Pensioner threatened with prison for putting windblown sand back on the beach from whence it came
AFP: Syria deploys thousands of rockets on Israel border
Israeli Diplomat: "Abu Mazen cannot be depended upon"
Your Blessings, O Azhar!
Their mothers’ love
So - until now the IAEA has been giving nuclear technical aid to Iran?!?!?
One dead, 7 injured in Rafah stampede
Deal for Gilad Schalit in the works?
Safronov killed for investigating Russian arms sales to Iran and Syria via Belarus
Illinois state bureaucracy vs. ingenious innovator
Scholar, activist silly twit lectures in Beirut
Hitler in Kosovo
UK Islamists Want State-funded Muslim Schools Because Brits Are “Racists”
Gold-medal skater embraces her Jewish roots
World Bank criticizes Palestinians
OMG! What's worse than trying to get a two-year-old to smoke pot ..?
Finally, a smart move by Condi!
State Department parroting NGOs
China bans opening of new internet cafes
Improved Iranian surface missiles for Palestinian Hamas and Jihad Islami bring 250,000 more Israeli civilians within range
Syria is positioned to launch a biological attack on Israel or Europe should the U.S. attack Iran
Saudi gang-rape victim sentenced to lashes - for meeting a man who is not her relative
Millions in USAID funds going to finance Islamic schools in Gaza
Hamas does its part to fight global warming by recycling
Poll: Israel has mainly 'negative influence' on the world
Hillary Rodham's hidden thesis
Municipal regulation in Nice requires apartment renters "not to be Jewish"
MKs: Keep Arab Minister Away from Space Secrets
Terra incognita
Druze, Circassian forum: Israel should remain a Jewish state
Our Worst Ex-President
Liquid explosives from foiled al Qaeda airline terror plot are found in Lebanon
Milka's Art of Giving
New exposé reveals systematic nepotism and cronyism (i.e. corruption) by Ehud Olmert when he was a Likud minister
A need to look the monster in the eyes
Iran Plans To Nuke Europe, US
Has the UN envoy actually read the resolution he is supposed to report on?
Boys will be boys ..
MKs Examine Desecrated Ancient Mt. of Olives Cemetery
ADG Security
Korean comic autor will change offensive chapter, but insists that Jews really do control the US
Farrakhan recommends anti-Semitic conspiracy books to his followers
Mashaal warns of 'open battle' with Israel, hatred of US
UN experts find 'no evidence' Israel used depleted uranium in 2006 war
Ruins of Gush Katif synagogues transformed into terrorist military base
Hans Blix: West is "humiliating" Iran
Erez Levanon Laid to Rest
Arab tribes attacking each other in Darfur
The Choice on Iraq
UNIFIL has become a group of human shields
Jewish kindergarten in Berlin defaced with Nazi slogans
צה״ל operating against terror infrastructure on Shechem
Ahmadinejad admits Iran is out of control
Korean-Americans protest anti-Semitic comics
Miracle in Winnipeg: Car lifted off toddler, no major injuries
Syria bolstering forces, possibly moving closer to Israeli border; Peretz: "Shhh. We don't want to get them upset."
Jewish-Muslim cooperation on Temple Mount
Hillary Shaves Head to Grab Limelight from Obama
The gang that couldn't shoot straight
France finally honors Righteous Gentiles
Murder of Jewish college students leaves their communities stunned
How long till France surrenders?
UN Training PLO Forces in Gaza to Amass Along Israel Border
Purim In Dachau
Le Pen dismisses 9/11 attacks as 'an incident'
A Moroccan in Israel
Oh, those intransigent Israelis ..
"Islam and the Pakistani society has great respect for women and law"
Suicide bomber arrested near Tel Aviv - attack narrowly averted
World protests border fence 4-7 km beyond border
Asteroid on collision path with Earth
Edwards: "Perhaps the Greatest Short-Term Threat to World Peace Is the Possibility That Israel Would Bomb Iran's Nuclear Facilities"
Debka: US troops may attack nuclear and military targets in neighboring Iran when a high-casualty attack is traced directly to Tehran
"Extraordinary bad taste"
Peres: Hizbullah presence in southern Lebanon is merely political
Polish member of the European Parliament publishes antisemitic booklet
A Family History Like Too Many Others
Orthomom, Greenbaum and Google
Empire State Building shooting attack ten years ago was a terrorist attack after all
Head of IDF Intelligence: Hizbullah is Stronger than Before War
NJ police arrest suspect in Elie Wiesel attack
Israeli Police Commissioner Moshe Karadi Resigns
Georgia Legislator: Evolution is a Jewish Conspiracy
The forgotten evacuees
Condoleezza Rice sings Abu Mazen's praises
School board member files frivolous lawsuit over blog comment
Where's Noah when you need him?
Raed Salah incites riot
Through A Child's Eyes
This Rabbi Can Rock
Happy Apartheid Week
"How do you explain to children that Arabs uprooted trees they planted with their own hands?"
Olmert invites Turkey to be the mashgiach over construction near Temple Mount
Saudis to purchase nuclear option, advanced missiles and spy satellites off the shelf from Pakistan and Russia
Giuliani finally confirms candidacy
Daniel Pipes takes on Brandeis University President Jehuda Reinharz
Organized baseball coming to Israel - the last excuses for not making aliya are crumbling
Don't try this at home!
Meir Amit: Ahmadinejad should "be made to disappear from the arena"
DEBKAfile: Switzerland submits a proposal to Tehran for solving nuclear program crisis - over Washington’s objections
Israeli ministerial committee discusses approval of new Greek Orthodox Patriarch
Jewish general led Indian army in brilliant victory in 1971 war
Sheikh Ra'ed Salah accuses Israel of building Mugrabi bridge to enable military attack on mosque
Jewish cemetery in Bucharest desecrated
Peres Awaits Practical Results of Mecca agreement
Syrian guerilla terror organization says it is holding missing Israeli soldier (Guy Hever?)
Mobilize Now
N. Korea rewarded for long-time non-compliance
Israel Apartheid Week goes global
Convergence plan implementation begining?
Muslims Announce 5 New Holy Sites
Jewish History in Iraq
Anti-Semitism on the rise - in Tel Aviv
Synagogue rededicated in "Chachmei Lublin" building
Who Will Save the Baby?
2 Italians stoned to death on Cape Verde
France targeted by al-Qaeda
Don't send us home to be murdered
Muslims riot on Temple Mount, despite police precautions
Rockets Strike Western Negev and Ashkelon
Married Lawyers Face Trial for Payment Demands After Wife's Affairs
French UNIFIL troops complain of abuse by Lebanese villagers acting on Hezbullah orders
Australian NK rabbi says his kids were expelled from school
Senior Israeli Official: Foreign Sources Arming Hezbollah, Hamas at Alarming Rate
Delegation of New York City Council members experience a rocket attack in Sderot
These moderates are in fact fanatics, torturers and killers
British Embassy Funded Security Fence Study
Jerusalem Arabs Riot, Kassams Fired, After Old City Excavations
Rampant Egyptian Anti-Semitism Joins Anti-Israel Militarism As "Worrying Trend"
Riyadh informs Washington that a Palestinian unity government under its auspices will not uphold previous agreements with Israel
Blood libel on Lebanon TV
Truth Emerges in Hamas-Fatah Draft Agreement
Heart to Heart
Imam prays to stop ‘oppression and occupation’ at Democratic National Committee meeting
New Evidence Ties Former Soviet Spy's Death to American Hiroshima
It's the lash for dancing in Saudi Arabia
The Faithfulness Factor
The force is not with this Wookie
Down on Shai Dromi's Negev Ranch
Olmert consents to minaret on Temple Mount at site denied to Jewish petitioners for Synagogue
John Whitbeck in CSM: The demand that Hamas recognize "Israel's right to exist" is unreasonable, immoral, and impossible to meet
Palestinian W. Bank residents: 'We don't deserve a state'
Arabs, Israeli-Leftist "Activists" Destroy Jewish Orchard on Tu B'Shvat
Yes, I've gone nuts
The Deputy Speaker of the Knesset Supports a War against Israel
Who is holding Galid Shalit?
Radical Islam vs. Civilization
A New Paradigm
NYC Mayor Bloomberg dedicates MDA station in Jerusalem in memory of his father
CNN production on religion and politics in Judaism to be narrated by anti-Israel correspondent
Reuters Report: US May Back 40,000-Man Fatah Army
'Israel don't fret; if Iran nukes you Tehran will be razed'
Attacks on Britain's Jews hits record high in "Wave of Hatred"
Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows release date announced
Talk to the terrorists or we'll sanction you
Remembering the Holocaust: 6 Key Lessons
Another outrageous 'honour crime' in Karachi
'Progressive' Jewish thought and anti-Semitism
The Kennedy, Chavez & Chomsky Pipeline
Not One Thin Dime for Abbas
British Muslim Soldier Faced 'Beheading'
Rabbis who "threatened" IDF general to be probed
They would not listen
Adolescents burn Israeli flag, mezuzahs
"The 3 Ex-Terrorists" to speak in Ann Arbor Tuesday night; some Arab-Americans up-in-arms
Police Investigate Alleged Sex Act At Elementary School
About racism
Fear that Eilat bombing is start of new wave of attacks
Hulk Hogan learns about kosher
Israeli Defense Ministry responds to Eilat suicide bombing - by cracking down on "settler violence"
Spain: the European Iran
Debka: Iran's space venture a cause for great concern
Anti-Semitism on the rise world-wide
Jameel cited in JPost
יש אלקים
Kenneth Stein: My Problem with Jimmy Carter's Book
In search of the Higgs boson
Jimmy Carter: Too many Jews on Holocaust council
Omri blogs OneJerusalem.org Conference Call with Pastor John Hagee
Khaled Abdelwahhab poised to become first Arab to be celebrated as a Righteous Gentile by Yad Vashem
The Media and the Dysfunctions of the 21st Century
Woolsey: Palestinian state should wait "many decades"
4 Americans in Iraq downed in helicopter crash shot in back of the head, execution-style
Would Iran’s Mullahs Use the Bomb?
Ahmadinejad: The US and Israel will soon die (ח״ו)
Arabs seethe over Israeli vodka bottle
Gingrich at Herzliya Conference: "Three nuclear weapons are a second Holocaust"
via e-mail: Idiots in the news - 2006
Jewish Withdrawal from Judea and Samaria Back on the Table
Persian Jews from New York pay off Sderot residents' debts to shopkeepers
One Dead, Nine Wounded in Lebanon Battles
The Complete Rabbi Tatz Audio Library Now Available Online
Israeli Government runs secret agency to monitor and infiltrate opposition to withdrawal policy
Hamas warns Canada
Yemenite Jews flee their homes following threats by Muslim extremists
Bugi: Occupation is not the problem, concessions won't help, and a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will not bring calm to the Middle East
Jordan and Syria Refuse to Accept Refugees Expelled from Iraq
Berlin festival shuns Israel
Safire on Kvetching and Kvelling
Anti-religious MK under fire for Holocaust comparison
Israel Again Impatient to Make Peace - Even Without Partner
It's alive!
UK poll reveals striking ignorance of Holocaust
The dangers of TV
Jimmy Carter finds a defender in .. Yossi Beilin
Hamas alone is holding Gilad Shalit
Arab "convert to Judaism" arrested for aiding his brother - an Islamic Jihad terrorist
Extraordinary heroism
US To Give Palestinian Terrorists Cutting-Edge Weapons
Stumble stones
Former Chief Justice Aharon Barak: Husband who photographed his wife in compromising position with another man "invaded her privacy"
Ynet can't differentiate between politics and religion
Swedish Radio Islam to French Muslims: France is Being Run by Zionist Lackeys – Vote Le Pen!
Head of PLO Mission to the US speaks at Princeton
Halkin fisks Pfaff
Ex-President for Sale | Part 2
US Ambassador to Israel Richard Jones finally opens mouth - and promptly inserts foot
Don't mess with goodfellas
Yad L'Achim saves Jewish girls from their abusive Arab father
Virginia Senator: Blacks should "get over" slavery and Jews should apologize "for killing Christ"
State Prosecutor orders Israel Police to open criminal investigation against PM Olmert
Israeli ingenuity: water oil from a rock
Ha'aretz: Secret understandings reached between representatives of Israel and Syria
Ahmadinejad kisser's wife files for divorce
Rice Pushes Olmert to Remove Checkpoints
Thai Muslims: "We will kill all Thai Buddhists"
The Right Tool
Canada tries to expel smelly illegal immigrant from US
Terror Group Posts Video Appearing to Show Chemical Rocket Attack Against U.S. Base in Iraq
Eight "Asian" men attack 15-year-old schoolboy with a hammer
Man loses nose in circumcision
Take me under your wing
London mosque sells DVDs proclaiming the coming mass extermination of Jews around the world on a "day of judgment'"
ADL calls new far-right grouping of racist and anti-Semitic European Parliament members "a disturbing show of unity among bigots"
14 more Carter Center advisors resign in protest of book
“So This Is Our Victory”
Hajj 2007: no major incidents; only 610 dead
Fars News: "the system of cultural hegemony is seeking to eradicate love and affinity from man's heart"
Israeli MK addresses Fatah rally, says: "The struggle must continue"
House of Shomer Shabbos Blues Players
Debka: Second battle for Baghdad has begun
Don't Play With Maps
Oh, those "moderate" Egyptians
AP: Al-Qaida chief in Somalia Fazul Abdullah Mohammed may have been killed by US airstrike
Boy, I hope I don't get on airforcewife's bad side ..
Israeli Military Intelligence chief: Al-Qaeda operatives are flocking to Lebanon
Debka: US forces in Somalia launch biggest anti-al Qaeda crackdown since the Afghanistan 2001 invasion
Now Olmert is against unilateral withdrawal
British agent offered to bomb Hitler; turned down by superiors
A tale of two Jews - and one winner
Khamenei still alive, for now
From the 'What goes around comes around' Department
In His Hands
If They Remove His Anal Ulcer, Don't They Remove The Whole Man?
A Stone Not Hurled
Ollie's #2 (wo)man - an even bigger loser?
Report: Olmert To Fire Peretz as Defense Minister
Iran: New crackdown on Christians
And you thought David Irving is a loon...
Ellison, The Koran & Our Founding Fathers
Arab media: "Zionists" Executed Saddam
Gaza descends into utter lawlessness and civil war
Some perspective (mine)
There is simply no research-based proof that Holocaust education is an antidote to anti-Semitism
Another smelly story from the Middle East ..
Keeping faith with Fidel
CNN Apologizes For Confusing Obama With Osama
Slippery criminal gets away
New Saudi Video Game Allows Players To Kill A Jew For Palestine
Ausie Dave's Best of 2006: Top 10 Separated at Births
Iranians Are Friends of the Jews
'Extremism in Saudi Arabia does not stem from the Islamic religion' and other words of wisdom from BC Professor Dr. Natana DeLong-Bas
A sovereign Palestine? No chance.
It's not about Israel
Why America Can't Win the War Against Jihad
Devout followers of the Religion of Peace™ planned to blow up toys with explosives in India
Israel Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger attends funeral of elderly Holocaust survivor who was murdered in Australia
And in other news, Martians have landed in New Jersey, and the Loch Ness monster was seen strolling the streets of London ..
Muslims intimidate Christians in Nazareth, too
Beatles in Yiddish
Senior IDF Command has a 'fuzzy' Conference summing up the last Lebanon war
Peruvian photographer abducted in Gaza
National-Religious MKs met with Public Security Minister Avi Dichter
Smells like Nasrallah
Ed Koch's first entry in his new JPost 'blog': George Bush is my hero
The Sound of Silence
Hamas narrows it down: Shalit deal within days – or years
Emory Professor: I have decided I cannot be a Carter advisor since he is a liar and an apologist for terrorists
What happens when terrorism comes to a small town
Iran: Mahdi will defeat archenemy in Jerusalem
How Far Can You Run in 10 Seconds?
When Germans pull out
Council for [Whose?] National Interest
Interesting discussion of "The Dresden Option" on Treppenwitz
European Monitors subject Palestinians to humiliating waits at checkpoint after Haniyeh crosses to Egypt in car
Thirty-three years after the fact, State Department finally admits Arafat ordered diplomats' murder
Judaism in a Blogshell
A Day in the Life of a Girl from Hebron
2 teenagers seriously wounded in latest cease fire Kassam rocket attack
Glad tidings of peace processes
State Department Weighs Plan for Palestinian State
Who Kisses Holocaust Deniers?
Irving: ‘Mel Gibson Was Right’
The Eight Sheets of Chanukah
Demjanjuk loses his appeal
Fighting for Justice - A Survivor's Story
Le Pen: Anti-Semitism can be funny
Palestinian kassam attack scores hit on Palestinian home
Judge orders asylum family to be hauled back to UK then deported again
I'm Spending Hanukah in Santa Monica
Cyprus and Palestine
Senior Hamas leader: US arms shipments to Fatah will eventually be used against Israel
Baby sent through X-ray machine at LAX
Peace on earth, but hatred towards Israel
Israeli reveals: James Baker hired me to bypass US sanctions on Iraq
Debka: Assad Is in Moscow with Half-Billion Iranian Dollars to Upgrade Armaments
Shomron Expellees Return Home For Chanukah
Mahmoud is addicted
60 Minutes: Millions Of Nazi Documents Are Being Made Available To The Public
Looks like the French surrender. Again.
Iraqi MP Iyad Jamal Al-Din: "Blessed be America .."
Shocka: Jews far more likely to be victims of faith hatred than Muslims
Italian time
'Palestinian' Civil War Escalating
Ahmet Ertegun, RIP
"Jimmy Carter Was the Best Friend the Jews Ever Had"
The Bloody Rose
Rabbis Call for Excommunication of Neturei Karta Members Who Visited Iran
Japanese Fiddler on the Roof
Tehran Seeks Ways to Capitalize on Olmert’s Nuclear Admission
John Bolton backs call to bring charges against Ahmadinejad for 'inciting genocide'
Gunmen Kill Hamas Commander Judge
Jameel calls for a boycott on UPS
Bob Dylan plays Hava Nagila at a Chabad fundraiser (1989)
Israeli Supreme Court changes the law - allows PA Arabs injured in "conflict areas" to sue the State
Satmar version of the missing Yemenite children in Israel?
Pines-Paz Submits Bill to Outlaw Any Jewish Outreach to Minors
Carter's Maps: Worse Than Plagiarism
Brave Iranian students protest Ahmadinejad Speech
Ollie the Ostrich sticks his head in the sand
3 Palestinian kids dead in Gaza drive-by
Tutu mission cancelled
Ollie the real estate broker, ready to talk with the Vatican about control of Mt. Zion
Moshe Kaplinsky on Iran’s Threat, Hezbollah’s Plans and IDF Performance
More on James Baker’s Split Loyalties…
Arabs murder, Israel defends
Blood brothers
Does this mean 2/3 of Ukranians don't mind Jews being citizens..?
Declassified IDF Photos and Footage Proving Hizbollah's Use of Human Shields (In Violation of Human Rights Law)
Bibi Blogs!
Gas leak forces plance to make emergency landing
Kofi's Golden Parachute
Theatre of the Absurd
Israel "security council" unilaterally gives UNIFIL control over Ghajar
Dutch bank divests holdings in J'lem light rail, citing "settlement activities"
PM Olmert, FM Livini overrule DM Peretz, Public Security Minister Dichter - decide that "other considerations" are more important than Israel's security
Did Condi Rice commit a felony?
Rice applauds Israeli "restraint", calls for more concessions
Woman sentenced for shooting up her teen-aged niece and nephew with heroin in her mother's (whore)house
Hummer vs. Schoolbus
UN's Spokesperson for Suicide Bombers spews anti-Israel venom in Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Desmond Tutu to head UN mission to Beit Hanun
Revisiting (and Reliving) 1938
Olmert "slightly disappointed" by continued Kassam firings
Jimmah: Shalit Abduction "Probably a Mistake"
Glenn Beck presents "Exposed: The Extremist Agenda"
Anti-Semitic vandalism of Jewish school in Austria 'not surprising'
UN "Human Rights Council" passes two resolutions criticizing Israel - keeps its record intact of not censuring any other country for human rights abuses
New Australian MP: Syrian-Australian citizen who has sworn his absolute loyalty to Assad
Olmert: Willing to give up (real) land for real (fake) peace
‘It Is In Our Hands’ : The Aumann Doctrine, Unvarnished And Profound
Arafat's speechwriter
57-year-old woman suicide bomber injures 3
Richards' Rant -- Not The First Time
Debka: Israeli security cabinet finally decides it's time for a reall offensive in Gaza
Manly Man Beaten Up By a Cheerleader
Father Peter and Sister Mary Ellen of Michigan act as human shields for terrorists in Gaza
Red Dawn
Tzitz Eliezer passes away at age 89
Who's cutting down the olive trees ..?
Another Egyptian blogger arrested
Hava Nagila Like You’ve Never Seen It Before
New indications that Zachary Baumel is still alive, being held in Syria
Mom sues airline after she was kicked off plane for breastfeeding her child
Foreign Ministry Rejects European Peace Plan as 'Naive'
'This is governmental wantonness and abandonment of human life'
Happy 75th Birthday, Hubert!
Don't try to milk Lulu the cow when she's ill
Iranian newspapers: 50 percent of Israel already destroyed, prepare for 'great war'
Winning Combination: G-d and the IDF
Unusual buildings
I know I shouldn't laugh, but ...
Sacha Baron Cohen chooses the wrong New Yorker to pull his shtick on
Must-see movie for florrie coming out next week
Storm Troopers
A7 Photo Feature: Elon Moreh, Living in Abraham´s Footsteps
Hamas chief: Truce with Israel is over
Deputy Knesset Speaker meets Hamas 'foreign minister'
Iran Test-Fires Missile Capable of Delivering Nuke to Israel
Heavy Battles in Gaza, Four Kassam Rockets, One Soldier Dead
Something for France to be proud of (finally)
Risking his life by speaking out
US Troops abandon checkpoints on orders of al-Sadr al-Maliki
Boot To The Head
Secular Coercion and Sexual Harassment
Terrorist streaks to freedom (for now)
UC Irvine's Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Manuel Gomez "One Person's Hate Speech is Another Person's Education"
The Crypto-Jews of Brazil
Palestinian Interior Minister carries $2 million into the Gaza Strip
Exxon Mobil posts $10.49B profit in 3Q
Woman wallops intruder with cooking pot
Debka: Shock in Jerusalem over crude insult to Israel’s leaders from Russia’s Vladimir Putin
Academic wackjob of the day
IDF intercepts shipment of explosives from Gaza to West Bank
Report: Israel Fired Toward German Boat off Lebanese Coast
Clash at Gilad Farm
Drug raid yields Los Alamos documents
Galician blogger claims to receive summons for the "crime" of supporting Israel
Horrific details emerge in murder trial of three Muslims who killed a 15-year old schoolboy because he was white
More allegations of Olmert's corruption
Frum or Erlich
Jew-Hatred in Contemporary Norwegian Caricatures
The Girl with the Apple
Reporters find unguarded IDF armored vehicles near Gaza
Israeli Group Therapy Session
Weasel Watcher submissions
A smoking gun
IDF Returns to Philadelphi Route
Rule #1: Know your enemy
Wesley Clark: U.S. Support for Israel in War on Hezbollah a 'Serious Mistake'
Talk about manufacturing news ...
Gallic intifada
Those goofy French...
Even in death, Bnayah continues to affect people
A competition in rocket firing
The Miracles of Hanit
Israeli company develops biological hazard detector
BBC goes to court to prevent release of report critical of their Mid-East coverage
Arabs Riot Near Jerusalem To Protest Temple Mount Security Measure
Denmark Closes Embassy in Tehran After Attacks
Air Force Destroys Hamas MP´s Weapons Cache / Home
Latest humiliating outrage to provoke Muslim wrath
Israel turns over maps of minefields in southern Lebanon
US detects second N Korea 'blast'
Study confirms: Nazis made soap from human bodies
The murder of Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya
Irena Sendler recommended for Nobel Peace Prize
Halutz orders snap retirement of General for criticizing Gaza disengagement and Lebanon war
Debka: Hizballah Reoccupies S. Lebanese Bases
Your tax dollars at work
How pathetic is the United Nations "Human Rights Council"? Even Amnesty International and Kofi Anan say it shouldn't spend all its time focusing on Israel
Palestinian families move into homes vacated by Sderot residents
Tell Us, President Abbas, How Can We Help You Today?
Saudi Interior Minister: We Will Cut Off Tongues of Those Who Try to Distort Islam With Reform and Progress
Retiring General: Disengagement Led to IDF Failure in Lebanon
Gaza readying for war
Terror attack foiled
Mahmoud and Me
US blocks further sanctions against PA
Stephen Harper continues to impress
We should all be crazy like Reb Chaim
The deepening antisemitism in Venezuela - and the support some Democrats continue to give to Chavez
Army prepares to safeguard Palestinian olive farmers
These terrible events
UN in Lebanon finally (almost) takes a firm stand - to IDF
Neo-Nazi TV
Commemorating the 65th anniversary of the Babi Yar massacre
Israeli Military Intelligence: Syrian Front Now Cause for Concern
Third Night of Ramadan Rioting in Capital of Europe
Shlemazl on Jenny Tonge and British Antisemitism
Hebrew Crunk
English auction house selling Hitler paintings
Hezbollah moving rockets near Israeli border
British forces kill top AQ terrorist in Basra
Bolton derides Venezuelan FM's "street theatre"
Everyone's Jewish
Indonesia executes three Catholics for ... starting riots
Lebanon: We need missiles to defend against "the Israeli aggressiveness"
Man Arrested for Blowing Shofar at Western Wall
Columbia U. Withdraws Invitation to Ahmadinejad
The Spark of Return
"Youths" beat up two police patrolling Paris suburb
Gaza's Unreported Terror War on Israel Continues
Oh, how they love their children ..
UK: Police arrest youths suspected of anti-Semitic attack
Omri: Juan Cole is conceited, self-important, condescending, dishonest and pretentious - in short, a total douchebag
Arab/Muslim Media Allege Jewish Conspiracy Behind Pope's Comments
Gazan Muslims Form Group to Attack Christian Targets
Aerosmith dedicates song to abducted IDF soldier
Willie Nelson busted for possession
Open your eyes, smell the anti-Semitism
Shots fired at Oslo synagogue Saturday night
My Lebanon War Story
NAACP Sues Jewish Run Clinic for Closing on Shabbos
How to Dissuade Yourself from Becoming a Blogger
First woman to head Israeli Supreme Court is sworn in - unfortunately she is the protege of retiring justice Aharon Barak
Bugi Yaalon: Olmert, Halutz, Peretz should resign
Funny ad for Jewish kids' video
Italian senator: I am embarrassed of my current government
The soldiers of Israel-Hezbollah War
Car Bomb Detonates Prematurely – Attack Prevented
9/11 Heroes and Memories
Angel M. Pabon
The Rabbi and the Cheerleader
Outgoing Shomron Brigade Commander: We shouldn't have befriended settlers
R' Lazer takes on World of Warcraft
Well... I mean... Who Hasn't Had This Happen To Them???
Chaim Avraham Produces More Evidence Implicating UN in Kidnapping
Middle East Minorities Unite!
More idjits who think that mass murder is a joke - or a good idea for a video game
The Muslim Problem and What to Do about It
Dead body travels 1,000 miles on Amtrak
Independent credulously prints libelelous charges against IDF
Jewish man removed from airplane for praying
Hebrew influences in Nathan Bailey's 18th century English dictionary
GWB: This is the great ideological struggle of the 21st century
Well, you wouldn't want him to offend a customer now, would you?
Charles' jaw-dropper of the day: Raided Islamic School Trained UK Police in "Diversity"
Fatah terrorists policemen riot demonstrate
Shebaa Farms and UN Deceit
Firebomb Attack at Montreal Jewish School
IDF Officers May Face War Crime Charges in Europe
Light in All the Dark Places
Belgian Authorities Destroy Holocaust Records
Kofi Shrugs
Ya'alon: Resignation is the Responsible Thing to Do
US State Dept. Travel Warning
Don't foozle with homemade rockets!
WND: Hezbollah building bunkers near Israeli border
Only in Israel: Bride vs. Power Co.
Heroism During the War in Lebanon
The fallacy of kochi v'otzem yadi*
Glick: Israeli leadership's logical fallacy - territory is a liability
A Final Goodbye to the Original Dougie’s
El Salvador - only remaining country with embassy in Jerusalem - decides to move it to Tel Aviv
Jackie Mason sues "Jews for Jesus"
Rot Spreads
Israeli Police Officers Forcibly Detain Mother of Six
Remembering The Hebron Massacre of 1929
Dachaf Institute polls Israeli Arabs
Deciphering Photos of Palestinian Military Exercises
Elder of Ziyon: Fisking an Arab News editorial
Yuval Diskin: During the war, government systems collapsed completely
Circle Of Life
DEbka: Iranian-supplied electronic warfare systems surprised Israeli, US intelligence
Homeland security on the alert for terrorists trying to use commercial vehicles
Kadima Achora coalition coming apart?
Russian mathematician: 'Who needs a million dollar prize when the world is about to end, anyway?'
"We've got good news and bad news .."
3 Hizbullah terrorists killed, 4 IDF soldiers wounded in clash in S. Lebanon Monday night
Lulek: Child of Buchenwald
Bugi returning to Israel amid great speculation about his role in Israel's political future
Cash-Bollah: Connect the dots
Diskin: Gaza could become Lebanon
Antitank missile systems of the Lebanon war
Iranian army preparing for 'insane' enemy
PalArabs keep killing each other and blaming Israel
WV airport security scare and nobody CAIRs
Italian FM arm-in-arm with Hezbollah
Progress made on multi-national force - may be in place by .. November 4
Israel complains to Russia about Russian-made anti-tank missiles used by Hezbollah
Work accident takes out another 2-3 terrorists
"So I Lost a Leg; So What?"
How's your kavannah when you say Shema?
With 25% of community in active duty, IDF's Civilian Administration issues expulsion orders to Maaleh Rehavam
IDF commander: Olmert ordered us to stop
Lebanese general arrested for drinking tea with Israeli soldiers
Haifa Arabs prefer Katyushas to the treatment of their brothers in PA
Funeral for IDF soldier
Woman's life is saved by her bullet-proof breast
Kofi "warns" Olmert, Siniora
Oh how they hate occupation
"Grad"-type Katyusha fired at Ashkelon
Debka: Iran not happy with outcome of Lebanon war
Then I saw the missile hit the chopper
Video: Ahmadinejad on 60 Minutes
Israel Radio show crank call: Placing an order with Burger King in Beirut
The Muqata Sunday roundup
Ahmadinejad Tells Wallace One Thing, Iranians Another
The Numbers Racket
Nasrallah's Top Ten Objections to the UN Delay-Fire Agreement
Olmert Go Home
Nefesh B'Nefesh Chai!
Thanks to the reserves
Israel's leadership crisis
Some Beards Are Funny, Others Are Not
Israel in chains
US Muslims "bristle" after Bush names terror plotters
IDF and Police destroy foundations of Jewish home in Samaria
The World War on Israel
US pressure prompts delay of offensive
The most hypocritical people on earth
Tu B’Av with Moshav (Band)
IDF recovers arms equipment left in Lebanon during Ehud Barak's 2000 retreat withdrawal
97% of Palestinian Authority Arabs Support Hizbullah
Three Israeli backpackers denied entry into Fiji for 'mistreating Palestinians during military service'
IDF Demolishes Hezbullah Headquarters
UNIFIL: Ineffective; an utter failure; totally useless
Israel unleashes new secret weapon
Hizbullah drone shot down over Israel
DEBKAfile: Hizballah’s rocket offensive is orchestrated from a rear command located in the Syrian town of Anjar
Report: Kidnapped Soldiers Alive and Well
‘Lebanon - true Holocaust’ painted near Brazil synagogue
Five people reported dead in the last wave of Katyusha rockets - - 12 Victims in Critical Condition
IDF foils another would-be suicide bombing, ב״ה
UN Moving to Compel Ceasefire
Accoding to Debka, Mughniyeh's not dead yet. :-(
Reuters Doctoring Photos from Beirut?
Hizballa rockets reach Hadera area for the first time
EU enlists the fox to guard the henhouse
How to Tell You're Using Too Much Baby Powder
Jewish shops in Rome vandalized, defaced with swastikas
Olmert: Victory in Lebanon will Give Momentum to Convergence Plan
Volunteers Bring Joy to Northern Bomb Shelters
His dream was to serve in the IDF
Carter Lectures Israel ..
Israeli high court allows 'Temple Mount Faithful' to enter to enter Temple Mount compound on Tisha B'Av
Palestinians: Nasrallah, bomb Tel Aviv
Proposal to transfer Gilad Shalit to Egypt
Despite War, IDF Distributing Demolition Orders to Hilltop Community
Photos Pointing to a Hizbollah Fakeout in Qana
Rabbi's Home Attacked in Parramatta (NSW)
When you sleep with a missile, you may not wake up
French Foreign Minister: Iran plays stabilizing role in Middle East
IDF trying to account for eight hour gap between when missile struck and building collapsed in Qana
2 would-be bombers caught near Nablus
Israeli Military Intelligence: Imad Mughniyeh seriously injured or killed in July 19 strike
Gallery of supercilious antisemitic boycott letters
Israeli kidnapped, killed near Qalqilya
U.N. Employee Is Charged With Drug Smuggling
Al-Zawahri calls for holy war against Israel
Life under Katyusha fire in T'verya
In Syria there is an atmosphere of the eve of war
We have been weaving carpets for thousands of years
Shopping for Jews
I.D.F. Soldiers having fun
The pros and cons of an int'l force in Lebanon
Ancient book of Psalms found in Ireland
DEBKAfile Military Report: After Bin Jubeil, Israeli ground-war could get even harder
Amidst War, 650 French Jews Move to Israel in One Day
Former members of SLA residing in Israel are not surprised
Israel hits Nasrallah’s pocketbook
The Invisible Refugees
2 more Apache pilots killed in chopper crash, 20 IDF soldiers injured in heavy fighting in Lebanon today
War of the Captives
Israeli communists and traitors protest war
Spanish PM Zapatero's overt anti-semitism worries Spain's Jewish community
Arab Majority May Not Stay Forever Silent
Images Of War: Israeli Soldiers Pray Near Kiryat Shmona
Debka: Israel’s ground operations in Lebanon and strikes against Syria are clandestine and go well beyond official statements
Police capture would-be suicide bomber in Hod Hasharon (near Petach Tikva)
Solana urges restraint
In the cockpit
A glimpse at Tehran, or, "them and us"
Miracles abound in Safed
70 Katyushas in under an hour; miraculously, only one moderately Hurt
The Arab mind-set
Stand with Israel rally, NYC
3 more reserves brigades called up
Babi Yar memorial damaged
New blog: Live from an Israeli bunker
The Opening Round of Iran's War Against the West
Strong earthquake followed by tsunami off the coast of Indonesia's Java island - at least 80 killed, many more missing / injured
Debka: Nassrallah and top command are holed up in Hermel
Bush off the record
Galilee Diary
Useless idiots protest 'Israel's aggression' in TA
Condi backs Israel
R' Lazer: Big miracles are on the way, G-d willing
Telegraph's Con Coughlin has advice for Mr Olmert
Life Under Fire
New Hezbollah rockets can reach Tel Aviv and Be'er Sheva
Remember who killed 241 US servicemen in Lebanon?
The Nazi Pogrom on My Father's Seforim Library
War on Iran Has Begun
US vetoes UN Security Council resolution against Israel
France and Russia condemn Israeli response in Lebanon
Germany helps enable bigel option
Civil Rights Organization Leader in Administrative Detention
Jordan worried about West Bank rockets
7 explosions hit trains in Bombay, India
Dear Brethren, The War with Israel is Over
Rabbi Akiva and Intelligent Design
What would you have done..?
Palestinian Authority sources: Qassams launched towards central Israel from a village near Tul Karem
Russia offs Basayev
Arab blogs that fight for reform
A Bucketful of Miracles
Ahmadinejad clarifies ambiguity in previous calls to “wipe Israel off the map”
Four injured in Qassam attacks on Sderot on Sunday
Arab MK Admits: I Advised PA to Kidnap Soldier
Death sentence for not praying
FBI Uncovers Jihadi Plot to Bomb NYC's Holland Tunnel
Noah's Ark Discovered in Iran?
Israeli-Arab named new Israeli ambassador to Greece
It should soon be me on one of these flights, בע״ה
Bugi: Sharon's Gaza Disengagement was 'a disengagement from reality and a disengagement from the truth'
Parting with a Son - The Asheris Mourn Eliyahu
Distorted Imagery
Ynet: IDF forces enter north Gaza
Jewish music teacher in Belarus accused of illegally attempting to instill religious ideas in her students
Another Kassam lands in Ashkelon
Terror attack in heart of Israel thwarted
Back to Entebbe
From Yoni to Gilad
Eliyahu Asheri's murderers arrested
The foolishness of relying on Egypt
Hamas: We'll target schools
Annan meets with Ahmadinejad, "pleased that Iran showed a serious commitment to the process"
State Dept. ignores Palestinian terror
Did playing with the Dead ultimately kill him?
Careful what you hope for
Breslov hassidim risk lives to pray at Joseph's Tomb
Photo Essay: Funeral of Murdered 18-Year-Old Eliyahu Asheri
A tale of love and darkness
They're bobby-trapping donkeys now?
Indyk: "unrealistic" to expect US to recognize Israel's sovereignty over Jerusalem
Hamas Leadership Behind Bars
Israel's Loony Left criticizes Olmert’s “arrogant” approach in dealing with the kidnapping
A Yeshiva in 4-Wheel Drive
Ayaan Hirsi Ali Keeps Dutch Nationality
Not to be out-done, Fatah now claims to vave kidnapped a 62-year-old Israeli from the Tel-Aviv region
Fence of deception
Katsav: We got nothing from concessions
Pew Poll on "How Muslims Think"
Never forget
Possibly Another Kidnapping
'I can't cry any more'
Al-Aqsa Brigades threatens Chemical warfare if Israel invades Gaza
Another day, another miracle ..
Israel’s first Bedouin envoy
Fidel Castro to light Menorah
This is your brain on ...
Olmert apologizes
We don't need no thought control
US Embassy expunges 'Jerusalem, Israel'
Another moronic professor
Israel Loses Its Way in War on Terror
Popular Resistance Committees spokesman: We are prepared for each and everyone of us to be killed
Rabbis Sit With Sheikhs to Deplore Gay Parade in Jerusalem
What's better than coffee? Beer, duh...
Peace Now largely funded by foreign governments
The Heroic Harry Bingham
None of the facts have changed my opinion
Israeli-made targeting pod used to kill al Zarqawi
DEBKAfile - New Syria-Iranian pact means RG troops could be on the Golan border by the end of the summer
Hate Letters and Bombs in Orthodox St. Louis Neighborhood
Another milestone for Israeli wine industry
Qassam hits Sderot school
Olmert's plan for Jerusalem
India names Shashi Tharoor for UN secy-general’s post
Weapons given by Israel to Force 17 will be used against Jews
Cloud Monkey tries to retract foot from mouth
Five more Kassams in and Near Sderot
Israel's Cynthia McKinney
Israeli singer on his way to become next Latino superstar
Israel's "right to exist"
not-so-Bright on his way to China
I can't understand why people don't know the truth
Sting wants Moshiach now!
20 "settlers" arrested in Hebron "clashes"
It all began when Israel hit back
Will Olmert Give up Sderot too?
“That’s Not My Problem”
Civil war in Gaza heats up
Most injured GIs choose to remain in Iraq
5 killed, dozens injured in train crash north of Herzliya
Leyden: Friday's explosion was caused by a stockpile of Hamas explosives
Memo reportedly shows location of WMD
Olmert "ready to go"
Freedom of speech is for leftists only
Cute proposal video
Election mudslinging or anti-Semitic caricature?
"You are making enemies with the wrong people"
You knew it was coming - Darfur: it's the Jews' fault
Palestinians hand over kidnapped American citizen to IDF
An Open Letter to President Bush from Meretz, Tikkun, and Peace Now
If John Edwards supports it, it must be a good idea ..
No sons? Take another wife
Ahmadinejad’s aide: Filthy Jews spread disease
My computer is down!
Israel offers medicines, PA demands cash
Those Wacky MSM Photographers
The Wrath of Ka
Murderers of Ita Tzur and her 12 year-old son Ephraim caught by IDF
The Real Iraq
Cult leader denied entry into Israel
State Department employee suspected of dual loyalties, loses security clearance due to visit to Israel 23 years ago
Shin Bet Head Yuval Diskin: Global Jihad operating in Jerusalem
Bashar Asad, ophthalmologist
It must be something in the water
An Open Letter From an "Illegal Outpost"
What would you do if you inherited a mansion in Belgrade?
England Afraid to Fly Own Flag
There may actually be a reason for me to watch the finale of The Apprentice? Who knew?
Embarrassingly effusive
Shabbos in Vietnam
Quest of a Lifetime
What really happened on the Israeli-Egyptian border on Friday morning ..?
New poll: European support for Palestinians 'crashes'
The Taxi Driver
Palestinian Authority cartoons denigrate the Statue of Liberty
Iranian professor: Tom and Jerry is another Zionist plot
James Woolsey: The folly of Israeli disengagement
Rocket Scores Direct Hit on Jewish Home in Sderot
Father of 'activist' calls ISM a "cult"
Poland's Chief Rabbi attacked in Warsaw
Ahmadinejad threatens Europe
Two Islamic Jihad terrorists killed by a car bomb in Lebanon
EU-confiscated money reaches Hamas
Olmert's "partner": terrorists are "our heroes"
Legoland champ triumphs in trial by fire--and ice
Why Jerusalem matters
A-Zahar spits on police office; then says, "teach him manners"
Congress Moves to Kick Hamas out of New York
Armageddonjihad: Don't even think about it
Tough love: It's up to Israel's friends to tell her the truth
Yellow Badge of Denial
The Dark Side of Paradise
Bill Gates investing in Talmud?
Who can stop Iran's genocidal plans?
Mr. Magoo: [Israel] cannot attack [Iran] without Washington’s consent
UC Irvine: bastion of "free speech"
Google survey: Muslims Are Sex-Starved Surfers, With Bestial Interests
Coalition whip Avigdor Yitzchaki: "Who needs Pollard bothering us now?"
Unexpected research breakthrough: biopsy increases chance for IVF pregnancy
Two terrorists killed, one injured, fourth captured in IDF raid in Shechem
Debka: New, Deadlier Iranian Weapons for New Batch of Iraqi Shiite Terrorists
Aksa Brigades threaten US, Europe if sanctions upheld
Bugi Ya'alon breaks his relative silence; compares Ehud Olmert to Neville Chamberlain
Pakistani General tells Iran: Take Israel Hostage
Michael Schiavo returns to the limelight
Arab Rocket Threat Reaches Judea and Samaria
Abbas Dips Into Investment Fund to Pay Bills
Sister Rose Thering, Nun who battled anti-Semitism, Dies at 85
The Story Everyone Has Missed - Saeb Erekat's got hair!
Neo-Nazi gangs assaulting Orthodox Jews in Petah Tikva
'Threats' shut Kashmir cable TV
Parliamentary report: British intelligence had surveillance on London bombers but stopped tailing them due to manpower shortage
Bomb attack targets politicians in Denmark
Paradise Now Up for German Film Award
Liberal Democrat MEP resigns after telling Jewish e-mail correspondent: 'I hope you enjoying wallowing in your own filth'
The Lost Torah Mantle
The Sound of Silence
Senior Tanzim Operative Murderous Terrorist Arrested
Glick: The IDF's suicide attempt
Emergency Military Aid Needed for Palestinians
Shocker: percentage of Orthodox Jews in America is growing
Palestinian Authority religious leader: Christian Zionists worship Satan
Olmert to present "convergence" plan to Washington
Study: Israeli surfers spend more time on the net than in any other country worldwide
Debka: Hamas and Fatah-Al Aqsa Brigades spend hundreds of millions on… guns
Israeli woman attacked in Berlin
Unspeakable evil
Israel foils plot to kill Palestinian president
IAF gets 5 more terrorists in training camp
This "animal" deseves Laura-style justice
Milford MA to ban illegal immigrants from jobs in restaurants
Because there weren't enough Palestinian 'security' forces ..
Another Amona looming, ח״ו?
Shocka - Brandeis pulls one-sided Palestinian artwork
How Denmark saved it's Jewish community from the Nazis
Shift in Sweden’s position?
Israel celebrates 58 years
International German Beard and Moustache Championships
The parochet
The Rabbi and the Professor
Not quite 'Swords into Plowshares' - but...
Wolfensohn formally steps down as Gaza 'economic coordinator'
Debka: al Zarqawi’s April 25 videotape was made in Syria
Jewlicious featured on Ynet
Canadian Court Rejects Petition Recognizing Jerusalem
Container With Gun-Scopes Intercepted on its Way to Gaza
Halutz: The 'world' will save us
min hashomayim story
This is your brain on ..
Communist chic
B'nei Menashe Soldier Honored, but ...
London Jews say lo to Ken
DEBKA 'Exclusive': Egyptian forces fighting the “Tora Bora Battle of Sinai”
Kadima coalition not yet a done deal
Zarqawi's Al-Qaida threatens Palestinian "apostates"
Official US Report Ignores Pakistan’s Anti-Israel Boycott
Ahmadinejad: 'We don't give a damn'
In The Shul
Jewish Names
Daniel Pinner to be Released from Prison
Nice shooting!
France: Fund the PA
Nachal Hareidi unit arrest Fatah would-be Suicide Bomber
Dreadlock Payos and Tye-Dyed Tzitzit at Boombamela Festival
Chabad Brings Chernobyl Kids to Israel
Two more bombs detonated in Sinai
Determined to Fight
Satmar Rav Dies (baruch dayan emet)
Darwin spared worst
A visit to the tomb of Joshua, on the anniversary of his death
ברד in SF, or - The sky is falling!
The Road to Neunburg
Tomb of Rabban Shimon ben Gamliel vandalized by Israeli-Arabs
Debka: Lebanese militias re-arming with the demise of joint American-French initiative
Olmert tell US Senators: Orders for Tel Aviv bombing originated in Syria, Iran
Straw lowers price for “normal relations” with Hamas
More Pesach miracles
Too late to stop Teheran diplomatically
The Hagaddah That Took on Hitler
Red cheeks for nudist who get his butt burned
At least they're not bitter
Iran Purchasing Israeli Vehicular Security System
R' Lazer's Emuna News Weekly
Jews continue to redeem Hevron
House Passes Palestinian Anti-Terror Act
5 brothers, including Doctor, murder sister in 'honor killing' in Lod
Hareidim in Boro Park riot after violent arrest of 75 year-old man for talking on his cell phone
Pinner sentenced to 2 years for firing into the air in self-defense
Ilan Halimi and the Responsibility of Society
Election irregularities take place regularly in the Arab sector
Corrupt kleptocracy vs. tyrannical theocracy
Palestinian Authority's interior minister: Hamas will no longer arrest terrorists
AG Mazuz Nullifies Agreement with Displaced Hevron Residents
Why We Love Children
Virtually Brain Dead
Gaza Casino Destroyed in IDF Bombing
PA FM Zahar: I dream of a map that does not show Israel
Matzo Man
Iran claims successfully test of upgraded upgrade Shihab-3 missile
Khalil al-Quqa, commander of the Salah e-Din Brigades, killed in targeted surgical strike
Left-wing agitators now using trees as their new weapon?
Try Victory
Katyusha Rocket Fired into Israel Tuesday Morning
Support for Hareidi Party Endangered
Lithuania: 85-year-old Nazi evades prison
Israeli election up for grabs
Israeli Intelligence: 79 Terror Warnings, 16 Specific Threats
Lazer's Emuna News Weekly
It's a Sin to Waste
Chabad House in Montreal vandalized; Police 'too busy' to investigate
2 Kassams hit Ashkelon; Halutz: Israel must remain "civilized" in its response
The Jihad of the Israeli Left
The humanitarian case for war in Iraq
White House Nonchalance
EU transfers $78 million to PA
My Grandfathers Diary of Hate
Sommelier Of The Brews
Harvard study: AIPAC makes US act against own interests
Flying Cow Leaves Two Police Cars in Flames
Amazing video of Chris Bliss juggling to The Beatles (HT LB)
Bird Flu Scare in Israel
Slate Gets Stupid on Matisyahu
European Human Rights Advisory Council to Host Hamas
Oh! The humiliation!!
PA Grants Murderer of 4-Year-Old Girl Honorary Citizenship
Foreign hostages in Gaza released
Arutz-7 Purim Satire Edition
Dr. Wafa Sultan now in hiding
(More) Jews Attacked in France
Straw: Israel and Iran Both Potential Threats
Hermann Goering rolls over in his grave
DEBKAfile: Shin Beit rounds up a Fatah-al Aqsa Brigades gang on the point of a mortar blitz on southern Jerusalem
Why an Ashkenazi academic is voting for Shas
Dichter and Kadima would "evacuate" major "settlements" if elected
The US media's message vs. the truth on the ground in Iraq
Olmert government permits DFLP delegates to travel to Damascus
Kassam Rockets Smashes into Strategic Installation
Seductive Star(fish)
The highway intifada returns to the West Bank
LB: The Eretz Yisroel series, part 4: Awakening
One more reason not to believe the polls
The Hero Within
Blind Guy With Nuts
Israel Signs Advertising Deal With 'Arsenal'
florrie - Lazer says plants have souls, but they don't like Led Zeppelin
Plaut: Israel's leaders fail to learn from history
5 Al-Aksa Brigades terrorists killed in Shechem
Halimi murder suspect arrested in Ivory Coast
Russian ship docks at Syrian port
Naveh stirs up tempest in a teacup
Daniel Pipes: Those Danish Cartoons and Me
My Life-Changing Encounter with A Kabbalist Elder
Yaalon: disengagement empowered Hamas
Plot to blow up Israeli ship failed
Mashaal: The Ayatollah's regime will have a major role in Palestine
Israeli Soldier Punished for Talking With Settlers
Russia to supply Hamas with .. helicopters (?!)
Hamas: “We are a nation that drinks blood, and there is no blood better than the blood of Jews"
Israeli Arab parties merge, call for Islamic rule in Israel
Kassams hit Ashkelon industrial site
Israeli Re-Education Minister Sheetrit mocks Religious H.S. girls
Jews of Tarapoto, Peru get their first Rabbi
Tu B'Shvat: Man is a tree
Cartoon Mania and Maniacs
Letter to General Naveh
Knesset OKs Amona inquiry
DEBKAfile: Mahmoud a-Zahar gravely ill with intestinal cancer
Hamas: Terrorism Brings About Israeli Retreat
TIPH flees Hevron after Arabs riot
The Bully's a big cry-baby, or, a taste of his own medicine
Now Olmert wants to talk to the settlers
Beirut Mob Burns Danish Mission and Attacks Church as Cartoon Rioting Continues
The Terrorist Mindset
Oprah's Choice
The Real Secular/Religious Divide
IAF strikes terrorist targets in Gaza
Hamas: Western Diplomats Secretly Meeting With Us
Amona: Police Come Out Swinging
Where did the billions go?
Spielberg: Jewish 'fundamentalists' are angry with me
Beilin: No compromise
The Bomb Squad
Why the Hamas Victory is a Good Thing
Ain't Democracy great..?
Does anyone understand Israeli politics!?
Mofaz Lied about Rafiah Crossing agreement
Dore Gold: Israel needs to get the message out about Hamas
Rav Kaduri wakes up briefly, says: "the nation will push [Moshiach] to lead it"
The real menace to society
Bibi turns left
Bugi: PA Won´t Recognize Any Borders
Jewish Nobelity
At least 15 wounded, 1 seriously, by suicide terrorist in Tel Aviv
Mother of 10 arrested in Hevron
Olmert Announces War on Outposts in Judea and Samaria
Film Depicting Human Side of Suicide Bombers Wins Golden Globe
Israel´s Jewish Population Surpasses That Of United States
Tense quiet in the battle for חברון
Uncommon Ground
The validation of Jewish anti-Zionism
Alito vs. Bloviating Senators
Jordanian 'Healer' Offers to Treat PM Sharon
Gaza Vacation
Am Yisrael Chai - Defending Sde Boaz
Mahdaviat - The Mystical Menace of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Footage to Show Arab Farmers Cutting Their Own Trees
Arab residents of E. Jerusalem to vote in upcoming PA elections
Evolutionary Creationism - Torah Solves the Problem of Missing Links
The Year of the Stroke
Artifacts Found in Temple Mount Rubble
After Sharon
Plaut: How to stop the rockets - move all the expelled Jewish settlers back to their homes in the Gaza Strip
Ehud Olmert: Israel´s Acting Prime Minister
Palestinian "Democratic process"
Two German minister try to contain radical Islamism
No "Blue Skies" Sderot
Munich - a distortion of truth and morality
Shopping in Israel
Yasser Abbas (via The Other Plaice™)
I hate the AP
Engelhard: Mute them, and it all makes much more sense
Drunken mugger vs. Bengal tigers -> inevitable conclusion
Palestinian Missile Attacks on Ashkelon Portend Environmental Catastrophe
Snow blindness
Another Hamas terrorist taken out in Jenin
Hamas coordinates with 'Brotherhood'
nauseating freak child molester antisemitic slime psycho to lose home
Back to September 10th
Moonbats on the march - disgruntled Dems in Lieberman-land
DEBKAfile: Zarqawi sets up al Qaeda branch in Gaza
Israeli Cabernets - Ready and Heady
A year of virulent anti-US hatred in PA Cartoons
How low can you go?
Israeli Gov't delays Hebron market evictions
Father of 5 killed in drive-by shooting in Hevron Hills
Horses for therapy courses
Torah im Derech Eretz
Joe Lieberman's finest hour
Palestinian cease-fire holds firm
Debka Analysis of Iraqi Elections - Sunni participation is a hopeful sign
Pakistan Today's Dr. Tashbih Sayyed - Against Rampant Moslem Anti-Semitism
Woohoo! Got 4 more!!!
Ahmadinejad's latest proposal: move Israel to Alaska
Palestinian chaos and violence Election news
Arab Farmers in Gaza: How Do Those Israelis Do It?
Israel's forgotten MIAs - a failure of political will
Jews and American (multi) Culture
Bedein: US pressure is on
Senior Hamas official killed in feud
Lazer Brody: Hempstead Whitewash
Another Syrian hit in Lebanon
Palestinian Authority attempts to revise history, Claims Western Wall is Moslem Property
Euro-ninnies trying to force Israel to compromise her security
Terrorists Using UNRWA Schools for Rallies
Academics Protests Nobel Prize to Israeli Professor
Yet another mine disaster in China
Ahmadinejad denies Holocaust, tells Germany and Austria to create a 'Zionist State' in their territory
Palestinian "Cease fire" continues apace
Anti-expulsion activist denied compensation
DEBKAfile: Al Qaeda to open a new front in China
Two killed in final day of Egyptian war parliamentary elections
Bedein: PLO bombs Netanya because it has not yet been "liberated from occupation."
The Five Lives Cut Short by Arab Terror in Netanya
Suicide bomber came to Netanya through one of the agricultural crossings in the separation fence.
Abbas says Netanya suicide bombing damages PA interests
More results from the withdrawal
Does race play a part in the disproportionate achievements of Jews?
Russia fires Atomic Energy minister; could possibly mean less restrictions on Iran's nuclear program
via The Other Plaice™ Green Party makes me see red
US, Israel resume strategic dialogue after a three-year hiatus
Kadima into madness
Democracy, Palestinian-style
The rise in hurricane havoc. A natural fluctuation or a product of global warming?
Dr. Schroeder weighs in on Evolution: Rationality vs. Randomness
"There is a solution for each evacuee."
EU Wants Israel to Divide Jerusalem
John Bolton forces through trail-blazing UN condemnation of Hizbullah
Faith: The secret of Jewish survival
Hesder Hero killed 4 Hizbullah terrorists Monday
Gingrich: "Iran is the most dangerous regime in the world"
Wife Swap "challenges a family's norms"; sends a gay man to live with Oklahoma husband
Inspiring, breathtaking photo of dawn at the Kotel on Lazer Brody's site
DEBKAfile: Iran gets around sanctions with Russia's help
Radical Islamic Leader of Israeli Arabs Visits Temple Mount
A Talis in Auschwitz (another unsubstantiated personal anecdote for Ruggedtouch)
Saddam Hussein beaten up in courtroom after insulting Shia Islam
Six "Settler" Girls Kept in Prison, Despite Court Orders
Israeli ingenuity: turning gabage (and olive waste) into oil
Ignorant Belgian player makes Anti-Semitic remarks during soccer match
Conversions of Bnei Menashe (one of Ten Lost Tribes?) halted for political reasons
Norman Podhoretz: Who Is Lying About Iraq? (via The Other Plaice™)
AP: Quick Trials for Rioters Bring Concern (boo hoo)
DEBKA: Fatah, Egyptian groups, part of coalition behind recent terror attacks
Jordan Cancels Anti-Semitic TV Series
monkeyweather: Kabbalist R' Yitzchak Kaduri says Mashiach is already in Israel
Avri Ran, Father of the Hilltop Movement
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