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Fred O'Glake Is Dead
For Zorkie :)
Syrian Human Rights Website Has An Awesome Arabic Font
Tired Gay Succumbs To Dicks
RIP, Radio Shack
Andrew Sullivan Is Retiring From Blogging
Syriza Wins Decisive Victory In Greece
Boehner's Bartender Turns On Him
Meltdown At The New Republic
Most Hysterical Reaction To A Stuck Backspace Key... Ever.
Turnabout in Bolivia as Economy Rises From Instability
Since 2007, White Evangelicals Have Shrunk From 22% Of American Population, To 18%.
Woman Throws Up In Front Of Pentagon, Claims To Have Recently Traveled To West Africa, Causes Four-Hour Shitfit
RIP Sears
Supreme Court Declines Appeals; Marriage Equality Is Now The Law In Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin
Clear Channel Is Dead. Talk Radio And AM Radio Will Be, Soon.
Off-Label Use For Potato Masher
Brown Snow - Not For Giggling
Scotland Independence Referendum Fails
It’s Official: President Obama Is The Best Economic President In Modern Times
Half A Thong Is Better Than None
Jeff Bezos Names Founding CEO of Politico to be Publisher of Washington Post
Fox News Celebrates Diversity
What The Jetsons Didn't Tell You About The Future
In 1976, Reason Magazine Published A Special Issue Devoted To Holocaust Denial
Greece Advances To Round Of 16
Heritage Foundation Promotes Greater Understanding Of The Muslim World
Allen West: Obama Has Abandoned Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl
Answers.com Fails the Self-Awareness Test
"Despite What Facebook Thinks, These Are Not The Woman's Breasts", And 23 Other Photos You Need To Look At Really Closely To Understand
The Story of Barack Obama, as Told by Conservatives
Greek Prosecutors Focus on Corruption at the Top
Privatization Made Folks Like Carlos Slim Rich, And Other Lessons From The Failure Of The "Efficient Markets" Theory
Unskewed Obamacare
The Reverend Moon, Yet Another "Family Values" Hypocrite
Michael Medved Slips Into Premature Senility
Ethno-Linguistic Map of Ukraine
Two-Twenty-Four - Je Me Souviens
Wisconsin National Guard Puts The "FUN" In "Funeral"
Joe The Plumber Is Now A Union Member, At Obama-Saved Chrysler
This Is How Schizophrenics Describe The Color Salmon-Pink.
CVS Will Stop Selling Cigarettes By October 1
Joe Biden Had A Very Good Time At The SOTU
Could Mark Steyn's Slander of Michael Mann Mean The End Of The National Review?
Dinesh D'Souza Indicted For Violating Campaign Finance Laws
Oklahoma Ban On Gay Marriage Ruled Unconstitutional
For 58% Of What Goverments Spend On Financial Aid For HIgher Education, All Public Colleges Could Be Free.
So Much For That Moderate GOP Presidential Candidate.
Obamacare = Sharia!
5 Sad Ways A&E Became the Walmart of Television Networks
Very Bad Dogs
Barbara bRANDen Has Died
Animals vs. Mirrors
If Looks Could Kill
Pople Drank
CNN Reporter Using Internet For First Time Crashes Healthcare.gov
Clear Channel Burning Cash To Delay Reckoning
Goats In The News, Tuesday 3 December
Be Kind To Iguanas - Don't Menstruate
Guess Who's Back In Jail.
Funny Crashes #39 - Rob Ford Edition
Does Copper Enable Tumor Growth?
GOP Congressman Interrupts Climate Hearing To Ask Whether EPA Chief Enrolled In Obamacare
Who's Left At The New York Times?
Best Flash Mob Ever
This Is How You Buy A Used Car If You're From Sheffield
Idiot Who Toppled 170 Million Year Old Landmark Claimed Disability In Lawsuit One Month Earlier
The Hater's Guide To The Williams-Sonoma Catalog
Did 60 Minutes Just Have Another TANG Memo Moment?
At Least TIME Didn't Call Chris Christie "The 800-Pound Gorilla"
Kmart Is Dying
Junk Health Insurance
Wolf Blitzer Tells Michelle Bachmann To Dumb It Down
"I, for one, am grateful to live in an age when 'dudes being dudes' is a man kicking his crying hairdresser out of his car."
Shepard Smith’s Office Romance: A 26-Year-Old Fox Staffer
New Jersey Is Now A Marriage-Equality State
What Really Went Wrong With Healthcare.gov?
Dick Cheney's Heart Is Wrapped In Tinfoil
Pennsyltucky Update
My Reaction To This Headline Is Confused Ambivalence.
The Human Race's Alternative Ending
While the Republicans in the House Were Going Bananas Over Obamacare, Obama Was Chatting with the Iranian Prime Minister
Let Pensions Die. Build Something Better.
A Nice Summary of the Past Five Years
Jewish CEO Of AIG Wisely Avoids Comparing Outrage Over AIG Exec Bonuses To The Holocaust
Slut-Shaming: This Is How To Do It.
Go Home, You're Drunk
A Brief History of the United States of America
Conservative Crack Update: Matt Drudge Asks, "Why Would Anyone Vote Republican?"
Jerome Corsi: "Sex Is Not Supposed To Be Fun"
Terrorist Saves DC Boaters From Rogue Cop
How to Charge $546 for Six Liters of Saltwater
Sickle-Cell Anemia and Fried Chicken
Steve Ballmer Announces Retirement, Microsoft Stock Jumps 6%
29% of Louisianans Blame Obama for Poor Federal Response to Katrina
Daily Heckler: "The Obamas Bought A Dog That No One Else Can Afford, From A State With 8.8% Unemployment, But They Still Have No White Dogs."
Ted Cruz Has A Birth Certificate Problem
Hot Dog Legs
"I Wish Cotton Was A Monkey."
Limbaugh: "If You Believe In God, Then Intellectually You Cannot Believe In Manmade Global Warming"
"The Heart Of A Tiny Dog Is Bursting With Hate."
"Our readers may not grasp just what it takes to be called a right-wing kook in Front Page Magazine."
Catholic Imagination
Incredibly, AOL Dial-Up Is Still With Us
Pennsyltuckian Kills 3 At Town Meeting, Is Shot With Own Gun
Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos Will Buy Washington Post
What If Aliens Mistook Cars For The Dominant Life Form On Earth?
Poop Ships From Hell, Meet Poop Plane From Hell
New York City Police Chief Arrested For DWB
Traffic Sign Spoonerism
Cumulus Radio Network Will Drop Limbaugh And Hannity At End Of Year
George Zimmerman's "Heroic Car Crash Rescue" Appears To Be A Fraud
The North Pole is in the Middle of a Lake Right Now
I Am Very Embarrassed By My Reaction To This Headline.
Pennsyltucky Update
Goodbye, Miami
The Seat of Her Majesty's Government, Turks and Caicos Islands
Huge Storm Melts Nearly One-Third Of Arctic Icecap In Just Two Weeks
Nate Silver Is Leaving The New York Times For ESPN
Train Wreck
Worst Yelp Review Ever
Gold, Platinum, Other Heavy Metals Formed In Collisions Of Neutron Stars
Dave Chappelle's Blind Black Man Interns For SC Senator
UK and Colombia Recognize Same-Se
Michele Bachmann Aide Arrested for Theft From Congressional Office Building
U Can't Get Out Humin Ha Ha Ha Woof Woof
When Lord Mountbatten Painted The British Navy Pink
Rasmussen Poll Says Blacks Are The Most Racist
Final Act
All Cats Have Aspergers Syndrome
The Hillbilly Highway
53% Of Sexual Assaults In US Military Are Male-On-Male
Food Network Dumps Paula Deen
Madam, The Fetus In Your Soft Drink Is Masturbating
"Mr. Rouhani, who has emerged as the default candidate of Iran’s reformists, will not be allowed to win."
Federal Judge Bans Volunteer Internships At For-Profit Companies
The Good News: Supreme Court Bans Patenting Human Genes
How The Supreme Court Could Rule On DOMA And Prop. 8
Obama Is Checking Your Email!
How The Washington Post Botched The NSA Scandal Story
It's OK For White People To Steal Bikes
Where The Phrase "Lucky Duck" Comes From
Adam Koresh, er, Kohesh Calls Off "Million Gun March"
Bachmann Won't Run For Reelection Again
"Every citizen of the United States, who is of legal voting age, shall have the fundamental right to vote in any public election held in the jurisdiction in which the citizen resides."
Every Day Is Caturday
Our F**kupable National Anthem
The Earth Did Not Become Flat Until 1828.
Stockholm Rioting Continues For Fifth Night
Yahoo! Buys Tumblr, Promises To Make It The Next Geocities
Timeline of the Far Future
Darrell Issa's Criminal Past
Marriage Equality: Brazil Joins The List
Whoops! "Benghazigate" Turns Into Sherrodgate II
RNC Florida Director of Hispanic Outreach Quits And Defects To Democrats
Bloomberg News Used Its Terminals To Spy On Subscribers
Did Reagan and American Evangelical Groups Enable Genocide in Guatemala?
Paramedic Who Responded To Texas Explosion Charged With Possessing "Destructive Device"
Naughty Aussie Couple Photobombs Google Street View
US First-Day Infant Mortality Is 50% Higher Than Any Other Industrialized Country
Map: More Than Half Of Humanity Lives Within This Circle
Limbaugh and Bain Team Up To Kill Clear Channel
"It';s my lifestyle. It's the path in life I've chosen. It's taken me some time to understand my place in life."
Bloomberg Refused Second Slice of Pizza at Local Restaurant
FY 2013 Deficit May Fall To Half Of FY 2009 Deficit
And Yet Another "Downfall" Mashup
Howard Kurtz Fired By The Daily Beast After Incorrect Jason Collins Column
NH Man Loses Life Savings On Carnival Game
Bush Didn't Know The Difference Between Switzerland And Sweden
The Softer Side of MS-13
Michelle Malkin Links Grover Norquist to Boston Marathon Bombing
Masterpiece In A Mug: Japanese Latte Art Will Perk You Up
First Red Meat, Now Boffins Determine That Eggs Role In Heart Disease Might Not Be From Cholesterol
Romney Campaign Intern: "do u want ur family and everyone in DC to see ur tits?"
Man Arrested For Taking Too Many Free Samples
Unlearning Libertarianism in 2 Hours
Gold Falls 9% In One Day, 28% Since August 2011
Yanks Shocked To Learn That Brits Have Diverse Opinions On Thatcher
It's Tough Being Different
Yoga: Cat Vomit Pose
The NRA Is Having A PR Problem
NRA on the Defensive After Al Qaeda Spokesman Praises America’s Lack of Background Checks
My people what have I done to thee, answer me! I led thee out of Egypt, but thou hast led thy Savior, and nailed Her to a cross.
More Goats Yelling Like Humans
Red Meat Protein + Bad Gut Flora = Heart Disease?
The Case Against Intelligent Design
Perverted Advertising
Disneyland Cracks Down On Undocumented Characters
George de Mohrenschildt
Ex-Muslim Joins Ex-Ex-Gays In Denouncing Ex-Muslim Movement
If Someone Draws A Dick On Your Face, It's Not A Good Idea To Commit Aggravated Assault On Him
Ben Shapiro Suddenly Hates Rich People
Historic Kent State Massacre Photo Was Proto-PhotoShopped.
For the First Mensiversary of 2/24, Some Shockingly Inappropriate Funeral Music
Secret Service Agent Almost Shot Ahmedinejad In 2006
Modern Conservatives' Attention Span Stops At Five Words
Michelle Shocked, Tired Of Being A Left-Leaning Attention Whore, Is Now A Born-Again Ex-Gay
Voles Get Deliverance From Inbreeding
The Washington Examiner Goes The Way Of The New York Sun
"The level of sheerness in some of our women's black Luon bottoms falls short of our very high standards."
Yet Another "Stand Your Ground" Tragedy
Hidden Costs
Dirty Francis?
CPAC "Racial Tolerance" Event Goes Just As You Expected It Would
Likud-Yisrael Beytenu, Yesh Atid, Jewish Home Form Coalition
Black Irish
Limbaugh: "The Neocons Are Paranoid"
Ahmadinejad's Scarlet Letter
Does Salt Trigger Auto-Immune Diseases?
The Un-Myers-Briggs Test
TimeWarner Is Now Warner, and Time
Great Fire of Smyrna, 1922
Did Speaker Job Offer Neigh A Boner?
Israel Still Without A New Ruling Coalition
"Only someone seriously off his game, someone who thinks no one’s going to call him on transparent BS muffs it like this."
Now That Nearly All RINOs Are Gone, Club For Growth Names Nine New Ones
Next Door Neighbors Are 7.5 Miles Apart By Car
Anti-Death Penalty Ad Hits You Right In The Gut
Amazingly Stupid And Patronizing InstaPundit Headline
Poorly Lived; And Poorly Died; Poorly Buried; And No One Cried
Radio Shackallhackal
Why Priests?
Sour Grapes Jenny
The College of Cardinals Just Got Much Gayer
Friends of Hamas
Tea Party Plans For The Future
Apple Badmouths OLED Displays While Scrambling To Catch Up
Germans Have Never Heard of File Cabinets
Swan. It's What's For Dinner.
Pussy-Whipped Husband Fail
In Russia, Cam Dashes You
Nerdfight In The Twitter Corral
Meteorite Explodes Over Siberian City of Chelyabinsk, 500 Injured
Hearing A Different Drummer
Like Ovarian or Pancreatic Cancer, Tea Party Grew Slowly And Symptomlessly For Seven Years Before Becoming Deadly
Hawker for "Heart Attack Grill" Dies Of A Heart Attack
Team Mascot Fail
Pope Benedict XVI Will Resign On February 28
Beyonce's Ermagerd Moment
Donald Trump Provides Legal Proof That His Father Was Not An Orangutan
Pedigree Collapse
Latest Insane GOP Holocaust Comparison: Regulations On For-Profit Colleges
Yet Another Not-So-Ex-Gay
Hannity Shaming
Java, 1995-2013
Jim Nabors Marries Longtime Male Partner
An Unfortunate Side-Effect of the Disappearance of Newsprint
Fire at Brazil Nightclub Kills 245
Hold Me - Obama Scares Me
The Most Naive Person On The Planet Is Far, Far From Gay
A Bundle of Collateralized Debt Obligations Nicknamed "ShitBag"
"Cleanses Toxins"? That's Why God Gave You A Liver And Kidneys, Dumbass
Israel Election Results
It Sucks To Be Small
Five Injured In Accidental Gun Show Shootings On ‘Gun Appreciation Day’
USA Today Dumps Gallup
Remember 7 Years Ago, When We Were All Laughing At The A380?
Mark Wahlberg and Zac Ephron Have Extra Nipples
The Walrus Workout
US Sneaks Researchers Into Bolivia To Protect Officers of the Armed Forces of Evil Height
Scumbag Brain
Bill Gates Shorts Steve Ballmer, Makes $7 Billion Profit
Clarence Thomas Speaks First Four Words In Seven Years
"Won't The Federal Government Simply Blow Up Your Town?"
Just When You Thought Gun Nuts Couldn't Get Any Crazier...
"The Administration Does Not Support Blowing Up Planets."
Love Is Innate; Hatred Is Learned
UK Still Has 13,000 Black-and-White TVs
Al Roker Has A Google Problem
Ted Nugent Compares American Gun Owners To Rosa Parks
This Is What HuffPo Calls "User-Generated Content"
White Children Play At Own Risk. Hispanic Children Subject To Arrest
"The Station" Nightclub Fire - From Flash To Inferno In Less Than Two Minutes
Obama First President Since Eisenhower To Win 51%+ of Popular Vote Twice
World's Shortest Escalator
Al Jazeera Buys Current TV
LG Releases Next-Generation TV Set - 55" OLED
Andrew Sullivan Moves For Fourth Time In Six Years
Kitchen Service Dogs
Madam, Please Grab Your Pussy Before It Falls Off Again
Wilkomm Heim, Präsident Bush
This Is Why You Buy A Seat Right At Home Plate In Wrigley Field
Your Loved Ones Bought You Gift Cards Because They Were Afraid You'd Spend Cash On Drugs
Thomas Sowell, Drunk -Great Uncle At The Christmas Dinner
Wayne LaPierre Is Too Crazy Even For Ron Paul
The War On Christmas Is Just A Battle In The Jewish War On Christianity
Sorry, Honey Boo Boo. :(
"Chicks With Pasty Butts" Doesn't Mean What You Think It Does
New York Post: 2nd Amendment Is Obsolete
NRA Goes On Lockdown
RIP, Sen. Dan Inouye
"Global Warming" = Apocalypse Denial
"Today's Long-Distance Dedication Is To A Little Donkey Named Doodle."
Yule Goat Burned Down For Third Time In Past Four Years
Ukraine Parliamentarians React Badly To Surprise Moob Inspection
Bailout of AIG Yields $22.7 Billion Profit To Taxpayers
Want A Mojito In Oslo? Get An Effete Swede Migrant.
The First Non-Presidency Of The Twitter Era
Canadian Monkeys Are The Best Dressed Monkeys
San Diego International Airport Is Very Busy.
This Year, Only 49% Of Republicans Think That ACORN Stole The Election For Obama
Munchausen By Internet
Fox and News Corp. Are Divorcing
Midgets for Coolidge
Turkey Chili Is A Dish Best Served Cold
Smack My Bitch Up
Remove All Your Clothes And Touch Yourself And Beat An Effigy Of Your Mother
If People Were Like Cats And Dogs
On To GOP Victory In 2016!
Retail Death Watch: Will JCPenney Survive The Holidays?
Patton Wuz Murdurd!
A Very Special Thanksgiving Message
You Are Invited To Su's Anal Bum Party
'Unskewed Polls' Founder's Three-Week Experiment In Sanity Comes To An Abrupt End
Cenk Uygur on the Situation in Gaza
Is Clear Channel Going The Way Of Hostess?
A Sad Day For Donkey Rights
The Times Airs The Post's Dirty Laundry
Matt Drudge Was Against Saying "Betraeus" Before He Was For It
Yet Another Map of the 2012 Election Results
Petition To Deport Everyone That Signed A Petition To Secede From The USA
The End of the Twinkie?
Strike? At Walmart?? On Black Friday???
Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfriends!
Did Petraeus' Mistress' Husband Write To A NY Times Advice Columnist About His Situation?
Nate Silver: Gallup Is Nearly Twice As Awful As Rasmussen
America's Sadly Lost Opportunity
Petraeus Resigns After His Dick Betrays Him
Ridiculously Photogenic Syrian Soldier
State Initiatives and Referenda in 2012 Elections
Drunk Nate Silver
Romney's Downfall
"Glitch" Wipes Out Nearly 1,000 Early Votes In Black Florida Neighborhood
Ikaria: The Island Where People Forget To Die
Another Car Brand Is Gone - RIP, Lancia.
Data vs. The Horse Race Pundits
Che Che's Daughter Found
Rasmussen and Gallup vs The Rest
Great Timing, Dinesh
Rod Stewart Sets The Record Straight
Romney Campaign's PhotoShop FAIL
Paul Ryan Is A Misunderstood Teenager
Romney's Blimp Goes Limp
Japanese and Kenyans Like America Better Than Americans Do
RIP, George McGovern
Federal Appeals Court Rules DOMA Unconstitutional
More Good Unemployment News
Newsweek Will Publish Its Last Print Edition On December 31.
Romney Didn't Ask For That Binder. It Was Handed To Him.
AOL Outsources All Of Its Video Content To Google
Virtual Boom-Box
Skydiver Breaks Sound Barrier
RIP, Arlen Spector
Obamaphone... Meet Romneyphone
Walmart's First Ever Strike
GOP 9/11/12 Truthers Blow Cover For CIA Base In Benghazi
Chavez Re-Elected
GOP Loses Its Biggest Talking Point
Drudge, Daily Heckler and Hannity Bombshell: Grant Is Buried In Gran'ts Tomb
American Airlines' Management Screws Its Employees And They Return The Favor To Its Customers
Photobombing Stingray!
Romney Campaign Jumps On The "Chronic Lyme Disease" Bandwagon
QR Codes for Headstones
Virginia Man Kills Family And Self Over Fears That Obama Would Be Re-Elected
Bethesdans Menaced By Owls
Canada Uses A Single Rank System For All Its Armed Forces
Romney Loses NASCAR Fans, America's Dumbest Blogger Goes Nuts
Retro Tech: Pop Tops
Mitt Romney Wishes That Airplanes Had Windows That Opened
Romney's Fundraising Advantage Disappears
These Post-Vatican II Liturgy Updates Are Getting Out Of Hand
Good News From Libya
Rachel Carson Killed More People Than Hitler
Ecce Mappe
Taking Clint Eastwood's Metaphor A Bit Too Far
Chick fil-A Says It Will Stop Funding Anty-Gay Groups
Romney Says He Doesn't Care About Half Of Americans Because They Pay No Income Tax
Thou Sayest That I Am King of the Jews
Update On Bloggie's Favorite Refugee From The Bush Regime
Bryan Fischer: Republicans Are Going To Lose Because They're Not Conservative Enough
Geert Wilders' Party Loses Half Its Seats In Dutch Election
Producer of Anti-Muslim Film Had Been in Federal Prison for Bank Fraud
The Ultimate in Scrip
Does Romney Have A Problem With Southern Whites, Too?
The Most Dishonest Thing Fox News Has Ever Done?
Fire The UN And Replace Them With These Dogs
Staples Won't Let Their Sales Staff Sell You A Computer Without An Extended Warranty Or Other Crap That You Don't Want
The Julia Tuttle Causeway Sex Offender Colony
Paul Ryan Quietly Requested Obamacare Funds
Best Headline of the Week
Stanley Kubrick's Obsession With One-Point Perspective
The Reverend Moon Has Died
There's Just No End To Paul Ryan's Shameful Lies
Clint Eastwood Speaks To The Tea Party Base
Salute For Harry!
Video Of Bus Running Into House - Silver Spring, MD
Extreme Gardening
Funny Bible Typos Through The Ages
Meeting With Local Native American Leaders "Dishonors Custer", Says RNC Senior Official
NYPD Accidentally Shoot Nine Bystanders Before Killing Gunman
Dog Shaming
War On Trans Fats Already Yielding Benefits
Skinny Dipping In The Holy Land With The Tea Party
27 Days After Aurora, A Fourth Mass Shooting
More Mitt, from Bad Lip Reading
New Wisconsin Tornado Siren
Danny Tarknanian (TB) Is Blacker Than You
Goggle Buys Frommer's Travel Guides
Mass Shooting Near Texas A&M Leaves Unknown Number of Casualties
Romney Steers Towards Victory By Nominating Most Hated Man In Congress
About Obama's "Sealed Records"
Obama Now Nine Points Ahead Of Romney
Romney Campaign Plugs Romneycare
US Magazine Sales Down 44% Since 2007
Dueling Banjos - Director's Cut
Virginia Tea Party Fantasizes About Obama Being Beaten By Slaveowners
Fox News Questions Gabby Douglas' Patriotism
Wikipedia Down Two Hours This Morning
Best Buy Founder Gives Up On Stock Market
Up To 20 Shot In Sikh Temple Near Milwaukee
Historic Heatwave In Oklahoma
UN General Assembly Votes To Condemn UN Security Council
Was Glass-Steagall Repeal Really Key To 2008 Collapse?
Pew: Obama 51%, Romney 41%
Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) Is Offended By Science
The Coming Flood Of Same-Named Couples
8.7% Of All Facebook Users Are Fake
Reid Says That Romney Didn't Pay Taxes For Ten Years
Microsoft Announces That Hotmail Will Be Re-Named "Outlook"
Romney Aid: "This is a holy site. Show some respect and kiss my ass."
What Goes Up Must Come Down
They Warned Us That Allowing Same-Sex Would Lead To This
So Much For That "Obama Alienated The British By Returning The Gifted Bust Of Churchill In A Fit Of Spite" Talking Point.
How Justice Scalia Spends His Free Time
Baikonur Gopher!
Meet Aunt Faggot Palin
Is Romney Buying Twitter Followers?
Tony Robbins' Motivational Walk Across Hot Coals Injures 21 Participants
Tips for keeping your kids safe this summer. Very, very safe.
Mr. Wizard Is A Dick
NASA's First Years - Baptism By Fire
Romney Campaign Attacked Opponent For Refusing To Release Tax Returns In 2002
How Starbucks Is Turning Itself Into A Tech Company
Grim Fairy Tales
MSNBC To Lose First Two Letters
How Not To Tow A Car
AGW Deniers Compare Michael Mann To Jerry Sandusky
Joe Paterno Loses His Halo - Literally
Surfing Goats
"Incorrect Attachment Was Included In Previous Message. Attached Please Find Correct Attachment."
Former Arizona Governor, 96, Asked, Three Times, To Prove That He's In This Country Legally
It's Hard To Believe, But All Of These Images Are Rated "G" And Not Photoshopped
New Anti-Depressant/Anti-Anxiety Drug Released
Artificial Landslide In Switzerland
San Diego Fireworks Display Suffers From Premature Ejaculation
Did Justice Roberts Write BOTH The Majority Opinion As Well As The Dissenting Opinion For Obamacare Case?
The Weather Channel Buys Weather Underground
GOP Teen Idol Ditches Toryboyism, Joins The Cool Liberal Kids
Tom, Kat, And Now Anderson Reveal The Blatantly Obvious
Just What The World Needs - Pentacostal Gypsies
Rep. Jean Schmidt Has Premature Oba- macarerepealgasm
Roberts: Justices Need To Wag More, Bark Less
The Truth About "Fast And Furious"
Colorado Springs Is On Fire
Laughter Banned After Causing Mental Agony, Pain And Public Nuisance
The Gay Old Party
Supreme Court Overturns Much Of Arizona Immigration Law
Wikpedia Rushes In Where Angels Fear To Tread
Are Apple Store Employees Underpaid?
Still More Silver-Stealing By The Colored Help
Amazon Has Showrooms. (They're Called Best Buy Stores.)
Sandusky's Adopted Son Says That He Was Abused
List of Fatal Dog Attacks In The United States
Getting the Rhythm Method All Wrong
All Massachusetts Presidential Candidates Look Alike To Me.
Dancing On The Moon
Half A Century Of Civil Rights, And The Colored Help Is *Still* Stealing The Silverware
RIP, Rodney King
Into A Den Of Kittens
Whither Newspapers?
American Acclimatization Society
Exercise Machines Are For Cripples
Yet Another Article On The Death Spiral Of The Washington Post
Muslim Brotherhood-Liberal Elitist Proofreading Conspiracy BUSTED!
Why Do Conservatives Think That DDT Is The Only Pesticide That Ever Existed?
Rand Paul Alienates His Base
Karl Rove's College Years
Yummy 15-Minute Recipes
Nixon's Legacy
Latest To Tiptoe Away From The Republican Reservation - Alberto Gonzalez?
Mr. Moon Is Such A Kidder
Romney Crack-Up Watch: Obama Deliberately Slowed Economy So He Could Pass Obamacare
Well To Hell
Packen Is Furiously At Work, Registering Dead People And Illegals
Most-Recent Al-Qaeda No. 2 Killed In Drone Strike
The Opposite of a Lemming Plunge
Working-Class Whites Think Obamacare Will Help Only Those Less Fortunate Than They
For Mexican Marxist Muslim Infiltrators: How To Be An American
Citizens Preparing For Ghoul Onslaught
2012 Republican Convention - Entertainment Program Revealed
Republicans Go For The Young-Adult Vote
"Trucker's Tan" Illustrates Sun's Role In Skin Aging
Facebook Has Lost $25 Billion In Market Capitalization In Two Weeks Since IPO
How Dinosaurs Became Birds
Guns Now Kill More People Than Cars In 10 States
John Edwards Acquitted On 1 Charge, Jury Hung On All Other Charges
Federal Appeals Court Rules "Defense of Marriage" Act Unconstitutional
Snake-Handling Pastor Profiled In WaPo Article Dead of Snake Bite :(
The Scale of the Universe
Tartuffo Runs Across China
Naked Zombies In Miami!!!1!
Allen West Defends Three Provisions of Obamacare
Thomas Sowell Complains That Too Many Americans Are Born Black Nowadays
Not Everyone Loves *The Help*
Biden: Plumbers Just As Qualified As Venture Capital Managers For Presidency. Joe the Plumber: "Waaaah! Elitist!"
Melungeons Demystified - Revealed To Be Mixed Sub-Saharan African + Northern European
Fisticuffs in Ukraine Parliament!
Marion Barry, Apologizing To Asians For Insulting Asians Previously, Insults Роlасks
Michael Fumento Is Latest To Leave The Conservative Reservation
New Orleans Times-Picayune Ends Daily Publication
American Thinker Uncovers Obama's Floating Hand Problem!!!1!
Morgan Stanley, Other Banks Underwriting Facebook IPO Shared, But Did Not Release Negative Info
Teabagger Thinks That Twitter Is The Same As Private E-Mail
Apple's "Double Irish With A Dutch Sandwich" Tax Avoision Strategy
This Year's Congressmen Talk Like High School Sophomores
Just Admit That That There Is No Such Thing As "Bad" Publicity, Mr. Mayor
Animal Stacks!
Norway's Recidivism Rate: 16%
NAACP Endorses Marriage Equality
US Citizen Held In Angola Prison For Five Days Without Food Or Water
Washington Times' Arnaud de Borchgrave - Serial Plagiarist
Has Anyone Seen George Zimmerman and R*d*n Together At The Same Time?
Lazy Legless Marine Beagle Has No Job
Meg Whitman Finishes The Job That Carly Fiorina Started
You Can Fool Wikipedia, But You Can't Fool Reddit
Federal Deficit Is Now Lower Than When Obama Took Office
The Late Devonian Extinction Event
For Gun Nuts Who Are Tired Of Being Asked "Are You Happy To See Me?"
Google Map of San Andreas Fault
"When Phyllis Schlafly is forced to concede that not all feminists are ugly, it’s clear that something has gone awry on the right."
Culture war looms as Israel pledges to end ultra-Orthodox military exemptions
Conservatives Read Just Headlines
Guatemalan Boffins Discover That The World Won't End For Another Millenium
Lapdog, Meet Lap-Elephant
Girlfriend of "Female Genitalia Boy" Arrested
National Review Editor-at-Large Jonah Goldberg Caught Padding His Resume
Obama Republicans
Tanorexic Mom Action Figure!
AIG Bailout Yields $15 Billion To Taxpayers
Prison Break!
Never Let A Wrong Number Go To Waste
Sham Paris
All's Well That Ends Well.
The Shmoo
Coroner In Breitbart Murder Died Of Arsenic Poisoning On Same Day As Whitewash Autopsy Report Was Released
Romney Campaign Spokesgay Quits After Two Weeks
Is Egypt About To Legalize Necrophilia?
*The Rite Of Spring*
Religious Affiliations of the Presidents of the United States
Nokia Bonds Are Now Junk, Per S&P
Huskies Arguing
Oliver Sacks Meets Henny Youngman Meets George Zimmerman, Or Something.
Mean Texas Baseball Fans Attack Again
Eternal Flame FAIL
Making Sense Of Bathroots And Ponds That Fall In Doorways
Most Easter Lamb This Year Was Halal!!!1!!
The Evolution of the Dog Whistle
Possible Lead In Disappearance of Etan Patz 33 Years Ago
"No Smoking" Sign = Yellow Star Of David
ALEC Hoists The White Flag ON SYG, Voter ID Laws
WaPo/ABC - Romney's Personal Popularity Poll - UNFAVORABLE
Dirka Dirka Dirka Muhammad Jihad Won't Fool A Baboon
We are all disappointed in you.
"Sadly, Mr. Moon Must Send His Regrets."
Fox's Roger Ailes: "Soledad O'Brien's Parents Named The Girl After A Prison. Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk."
Tennessee Heads For The Victorian Era At Warp Speed
Romney Is Least Popular Republican (Presumptive) Nominee Within Own Party
More On That "Anti-White Hate Crime" In Toledo
Zimmerman Prosecutor's Affidavit of Probable Cause
Gawker's Fox Mole Comes Out
The Love Story That Didn't Make It Into The Movie *Titanic*
How Bolivia Lost Its Hat
Zimmerman Will Be Charged
Allen West: Johnny Iselin's Commie Count Was 29% Too Low
Brits Rally To Push Back The American Invasion
Santorum Suspends Campaign
Free Speech Circumcised Under Obama Regime
George Zimmerman Has A Website
AOL Sells Nearly Three-Quarters Of Its Patents To Microsoft
Everyone Needs A Hug
Fox News Affiliate In Orlando Calls Neo-Nazis "Civil Rights Group Patrolling Sanford""
RIP, Mike Wallace
“The average person today would be bored to tears on the *Titanic*”
Derbyshire Fired From *The National Review*
*Rear Window* Time Lapse
Text From Dog
If Accosted By A Strange Black In The Street , Whine That He's Allowed To Use The N-Word Freely, While You're Not
Welcome to the World, Azawad
The Anti-Grimm
Non-Jewish Conservatives Tell Jews They Should Be Outraged By Liberal Jews Making Jewish Jokes
Coke And Pepsi Withdraw Support From ALEC
May I Have A Separate Plate For The Maggots, Please?
His Fake Beard Fell Off And The Whole Plot Started To Unravel
Another Month, Another School Shooting
GOP's "War On Women" Will Cost Them Several Swing States
Mitt Romney Would Make A Better President Than Obama, Because Romney, Unlike Obama, He Did Not Have A Transvestite Nanny.
Another Revealing Brainfart From Santorum?
Canada Will Withdraw Penny From Circulation At End Of Year
Fox News Lost 17% Of Its Viewers In March
Lead Investigator In Martin Killing Wanted To Charge Zimmerman With Manslaughter
Sorry, Corporal Klinger, No Section 8 For You
Gun Ownership Declining Almost As Fast As Smoking
100th Aftershock From Virginia Earthquake
File Under "Things You Wish You Could Un-Know"
Moon, Venus and Jupiter Conjunct Tomorrow And Monday Nights
Captain Kirk Visits Planet Teabag
The Crazy Is Strong In This One, Guv'nah.
Santorum Endorses Obama
Toulouse Shooter Is Dead
The Killing of Yoshihiro Hattori
Kitchen Tools You Never Needed
60 Years Ago Today: The First Rock Concert
Breitbart Reporter Ambushes Bono Impersonator
Fox News Contributor Sandy Rios: Secular Jews Have Been 'The Worst Enemies of the Country'
Rick Santorum Decides That He Hasn't Alienated American Catholics Enough Already
A Decade's Worth Of "Oh No! [Insert New Fad Vice] Is Seducing Our Teens!"
St. Charles Co., MO GOP Caucus Shut Down After Confrontations Between Paul Supporters and Organizers
"Invisible Children" Gets Unwanted Visibility
Wisconsin GOP Loses Senate Majority After Recall-Targeted Republican Resigns
"American Exceptionalism" Coined By Joe Stalin
A Ride on the Space Shuttle's Solid Rocket Booster
Encyclopedia Britannica Will End Print Edition
The crappy in-program proofreader on my discount word processing program is a secret liberal plot to steal my freedom to write terribly.
Easy Oil Is Gone
Limbaugh Update: His Syndicator Cancels Ads For His Show
Sudden Crusade Syndrome
American Airlines: Something Special In The Air (Or Water)
New View of the Challenger Disaster
Joe The Plumber Is GOP's Candidate For Marcy Kaptur's House Seat
More On The Koch/Cato Kerfuffle
Tonight Hannity Will Reveal Who Is Buried In Grant's Tomb
Kucinich Unelected
Family Planning In Iran
The Tyler Clementi Case: More To It Than Meets The Eye
Republican Sex Scandal #4,367
The Gore Effect, Explained
More Fun With Auto-Correct
Another "RINO" Quits
The Little Train That Ran Away From Home
They Warned Us That Legalizing Gay Marriage Would Lead To This
Sheriff Babeau, Meet Commissioner Gandara
Hamas Abandons Assad
Allan West Upset That He Has To Spend $70 To Fill The Tank Of His Hummer
How Big Is K2?
Another Interesting Twist To Marco Rubio's Bio
Another Sign That The United States Has Become A Third World Country
Detection of "Faster Than Light Neutrino" Apparently Caused By Loose Cable Connection
Györgi Ligeti's *Atmosphères* Performed By Orchestra
Obama Appeals To Union Thugs By Posing In Front Of Wisconsin Local 1848 Emblem
Senior Citizen Texting Code
Do Age-Yellowed Eye Lenses Impair Circadian Rhythms?
Rick Santorum Excommunicates One-Eighth of the American Electorate
Latest Fucking Awesome Conservative Hypocrisy Scandal
The Beautiful Growl of the A320 on Takeoff
Kitteh Attempts CPR On Dead Buddy :((
"ClimateGate" Shill Gets ClimateGated
Suicidal Swiss Janitors In Outer Space
Man Eating "Heart Attack Burger" At "Heart Attack Grille" Suffers Heart Attack
Worst Insomnia Cure Ever
Another Sign of the Coming Apocalypse
Reagan's Phony WMDs
Red America: Dependent On The Federal Government
Slow News Day On The Eastern Shore
How The Vatican Almost Embraced Birth Control
Nicholas Cage Has A PR Problem
Obama's Wars
Russian Train Light Show
The Hour of the Wolf
Russian Jokes
The GOP's Make-Believe "Europe"
The Closer Romney Moves To Nomination, The Less Americans Like Him
Meet The Six New Dog Breeds
US Constitution Loses Appeal Around The World, Canada's Gains
Fluorescent Purple Family Sized Flaming Bag of Douche - Meet The New Boss of the WSJ
Unemployment Rate Drops Another 0.2%, to 8.3% in December
Romney Family Member Sought Asylum In Canada
Mapping Stereotypes
Answering the Question, "So Just Who Would Be Stupid Enough To Contribute To Jon Huntsman's Campaign?"
It's Going To Be Harder To Buy V1agra In Virginia
Newt Gingrich's Work Ethic Worse Than That Of Mike "Meathead" Stivic
The Family Drove To The Animal Rescue League, And Left Angry And Empty-Handed. Then They Went To A Pet Store, And They And Their New Pet Came Away Happy.
Why The "Nominate Gingrich And Make Obama's Head Explode" Strategy Will Fail
America's Coolest and Cutest Criminal Sentenced To Six Years In Jail
More Santorum Hypocrisy: This Time It's Malpractice Awards
Did TransCanada Exaggerate Number of Jobs Created By Keystone XL Pipeline?
Starbucks Alienates Mormons Even More
Mitt Romney Paid 13.9% of 2010 Income of $21.6 Million in Federal Income Taxes
Bolivian State-Run Airline Flies High
Mitt Has A Perry Moment
Eastman Kodak (Finally) Files For Bankruptcy
Gingrich's Second Wife Tells All To ABC
NMA: Capt. Schettino, Most Hated Man In Italy
Yahoo Co-Founder Jerry Yang Leaves Yahoo Board
Wisconsin Democrats Submit One Million Signatures To Recall Walker
The Sanest Republican Candidate Faces Reality At Last
Utrecht, NL Wins The War With The Automobile
How To Talk Like A White Girl Talking To A Black Girl
"It Is All Over, The Rice Is Leaving The Pilaf."
A Day In The Life Of A Metrobus
"Her Fake Penis Was Concealed And In No Way Interfered With Her Ability To Do Her Job."
*One Life To Live* Dies
Burma Signs Cease-Fire To End 65-Year-Old War With Karens
Driving a 1929 Duesenberg
At Last, Republicans Provide A Real Case of Voter Fraud
Rick Santorum is a Shill for the Coal Industry
Dogs Against Romney
Totally Drug Resistant Strain Of Tuberculosis Emerges In India
Best Christmas Lights of 2011
Best Buy's Death Spiral
Antidote to the Republican Debates
Author of *America The Beautiful* Lyrics Was A Progressive Lesbian Feminist
CVS, Walgreens In The Mid-South Refuse To Sell Emergency Contraceptives To Men, Suggest That They're "Rapists"
Lost Search and Rescue Dog Found and Rescued
2012 GOP Debate
Krugman: Nobody Understands The National Debt
A Trip Through The Informal Economy
Deaf-Friendly Architecture
The Sexual Orientation of Food
Uneducated People Are Now A Protected Class
The Southpaw Advantage
Los Angeles - Driving At The Speed of Sound - And Still Getting Passed By Some Asshole
And Yet Another Closeted Homosexual Republican?
F--K Me Gently With A Chainsaw
Siri Loses Her Patience At Long Last
Oh Noes! They Stole Banana Sam!
TIL When And Where Bus Drivers Go To Tinkle
Washington DC Homicides Drop 77% Since 1991
Latin America's Fertility Rate Falls By 2/3 In Past Half Century
More Details of Newt's First Divorce Released
The Occupational Hazard of Acting That No One Talks About
Naughty Monkeys
If (Now Mostly Former) GOP Candidates Swapped Hair
Protestants Declare War On Christmas
More First World Problems
Occupy Moscow!
Whoopsie... RWC Won't Be Able To Vote For Gingrich Or Perry
From Scroll To Codex To Screen
The Closer
Kim Jong-Il Looking At Things
The 2012 GOP Presidential Nomination Process In Nine Minutes
T-Mobile's Alimony: 39 Times Cost Of Libya War
In GOP House, Spite Takes Higher Priority Than Creating Jobs
Maps Of Cities Showing Land Occupied By Parking Lots
Washington Post-ABC News Poll: 49% Approve of Obama, 47% Disapprove
Fold or Crumple?
Saab Ends Two-Year-Long Farce, Will Liquidate
RIP, Vaclav Havel
Feast of The Ass
Oil Sands
MN Senate Majority Leader Resigns In Latest GOP Sex Scandal
Crosby's Molasses - Definitely Not Appealing To The Jerry Sandusky Demographic
Update On Those Two Muslims Who Are Following Me Around Everywhere, Waiting To Topple A Brick Wall On Me
Andrew Breitbart's Big Judaism, er Journalism
How To Parallel Park
Eating Saint Lucia's Eyeballs
Blackwater - Why It's More Than Just A Bogeyman of the Left
Newt Gingrich Gives Invented Person Advice On How To Construct An Invented State
Kansas Tea Party Group: Half-Black, Half-White President = Skunk
Obama Leads Romney And Gingrich Even In South Carolina
High School Yearbook Photos of the 2012 Candidates
Gingrich's Top Three Flip-Flops
Beck Falls Further Down The Crazy Tree, Calls Gingrich Supporters "Progressive Racists"
Swedish Yule Goat Burned Down Yet Again
What's The Difference Between A Rat And A Teabagger?
Land O'Boobs
Two Shot And Killed on Virginia Tech Campus
Hungarians Are Smiling.
So How's Netflix Been Doing?
Flexible Spending Accounts Encourage Rather Than Reduce Wasteful Spending
Blaming Halliburton Again
Yet Another Tea Party Sex Scandal
World's Most Expensive Car Crash
"How Is He Doing Question Mark How Are You Doing Question Mark"
Pam Geller's Next Outrage
Unemployment Falls To 8.6% as 120K Jobs Added
Republican Politician Gay Sex Bust #32451
American Airlines Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
Bad Lip Reading Takes On Ron Paul
Gingrich: Fire Unionized School Janitors, Replace Them With Children
The Manhattan Street Grid Extended To Every Point On Earth
A New Look At Reagan And The Air Traffic Controllers' Strike
Sister Mary Corporate Responsibility
Dear Supercommittee: Please Stop Reimbursing Pension Costs For Highly Profitable Defense Contractors
Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me
Freak Tornado in Cochabamba, Bolivia Kills 15,000 Chickens Babies
Saif al-Islam Qaddafi Arrested At Niger Border
The Conservative E-Mail Mill
What Oscar Ortega and WorldNetDaily Have In Common
Will 2012 Be The End.... Of CDs?
Was Permian Extinction Caused By "Runaway Greenhouse"?
White House Shooter: "Hi. I'm Jesus Christ."
Syracuse U. Basketball Coach Accused of Molesting Ball Boys
New Investigation In Death of Actress Natalie Wood in 1981
Occupy Flash
GOP Running Mate Found
Virginian Mistakes Gun Trigger For Seat Belt Release
B of A Gets "Brandjacked" on Google Plus Page
Judge Who Granted Bail To Sandusky Is Second Mile Volunteer
Majority of Americans Now Support Individual Mandate
Suspect Sought In Gunfire Near White House
Gloria Cain: "This Is Not The Sexual Harasser You're Looking For."
24 Things People In Other Countries Suspect About The USA
Snake Handling: A Dying Tradition
"Software" Exonorates Cain, Implicates His Accusers
Excellent Summary of the Sandusky Case
Paris Station Names, Interpreted Literally
Thousands of Pages of Complex, Arcane Regulations... Brought to You by the Folks Who Supposedly Suffer under Them
The Ultimate In Sock-Puppetry
Muslim Intervenes In Amish Terror
Ernie Bushmiller's Perfect Symmetry
Perry: "Still Alive"
More Animals Being Dicks
Crosswalk Placement FAIL
Dover AFB Dumped Ashes Of Unidentified War Dead In Landfill
Santorum Sponsored Sandusky For "Angels In Adoption" Award
Conservatives On Cain Scandal: Mark [Koch] Block Must Go!
RIP, Bill Keane, Creator of Family Circus
Whatever Happened to... Elian Gonzalez?
RIP, "Smokin'" Joe Frazier
Naked Man Arrested At Dulles Airport, Held For Observation
Cain's Support Dips After Accusations
Photo Caption Needed
What Herman Cain Might Not Know About The "Chilean Model" For Social Security
NMA Video of Greek Debt Deal
Open Warfare Between OWS And The Tea Party?
RIP, Andy Rooney
A Murmuration of Starlings
Drinking Water in Zero Gravity
Roughly 40 percent of students planning engineering and science majors end up switching to other subjects or failing to get any degree.
Cain Accuser May Release Statement Later Today
Eric Cantor Gets Drunk-Dialed
Here Be Cannibals
God Cruelly Dumps His Latest Flavor Of The Month
Sadly, This Is Not Packen's Job, Come Monday
NY Foreclosure Firm Held Homeless-Themed Halloween Party
Herman Cain Tells White Audience He's Gonna Dance, Make Love, and Fix Snacks for the Highlander Marathon
Video of 7.2 Magnitude Earthquake In Eastern Turkey
Toronto Mayor Latest Victim of Teabaggers Disease
Ambien - It Lets You Wake Up Refreshed And Feeling Better About Your Life
God's Flavors of the Month - a Graph
10 Arrested in LIRR Disability Fraud Scandal
Life Without Stimulus
Continuity Errors Are Not Permitted
Tunisia's New "Islamist" Government, Unlike The Tea Party, Promises "Dignity" for Gays and Atheists
Ride The Cain Train
John McCarthy, Creator of LISP Computer Language, Dies
Norwegians Like It Sour And Bitter
There Is Concern In Peru For Alpaca Smuggling
Sick of the Sinful Luxury and Needless Speed of the Pelopponesos Railway? Antidote Here.
NJ Mayor (R) Has No Idea How Rentboy.com Got Photo Of Him In Blue Calvin Klein Underwear
American Stinker Whines From The Rear
US Troops in Iraq Will Be Cut To 150, But 5,000 Contractors Will Remain
C'mon, San Francisco. 4.0 Ain't An "Earthquake". Wimps.
Sure, It's a Happy Day for Libyans. But for Squirrels, It's the Second and Final...
New Decoy Website Launched To Lure Away All Moronic Internet Commenters
Marco Rubio's Parents Immigrated 2.5 Years Before Castro Took Over
ETA Ends Armed Campaign
Sirte Falls, Qaddafi May Be Captured
Today's Goat News
We Need A President Who Can Sing Negro Spirituals Like "To Dream The Impossible Dream"
Living a Lie in the Closet in the Air Force Academy
Road Trip: Angola
Is Colon Cancer Caused By A Single Bacteria?
Sesame Street YouTube Channel Hacked, Replaced With Porno
Happy Bullets Give Libyans A Sad
Another Myth Busted: "The Gas Tax Means That Roads Receive No Government Subsidies"
Gas Station Safety Message FAIL
TN Guns-In-Bars Law Sponsor Arrested for DUI w/Handgun
Del.icio.us Floating Belly Up
Tonight's ThinkProgress Liveblog of GOP Debate
First Boy Scouts Were Infiltrated By The Gays, Now It's The Muslims
Restaurants in the DC which are reported to serve meals to well behaved persons irrespective of race (1953)
Occupy Wall Street Makes A Really Bone-Headed Move
Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street To Merge
Tartuffo Gets His Own Airline
Tea Party Whines Pathetically About Occupy Wall Street
Farm-Raised Tilapia Worse Than Bacon?
CEO Pay: Grading on the Curve
Break Your Wife's Heart, And You Just Might Break Your Dick
It Is Illegal To Be A Prostitute In Siena, Italy If Your Name Is Mary
This 1960s Nostalgia Is Getting Out Of Hand
Filipino Officials Caught Photoshopped Into Typhoon Relief Photo
Kodak Falls Another 54% Amid Bankruptcy Rumours
Magic Used Inappropriately At School Board Meeting In Massachusetts
Ted Nugent: The 1950s Were The Golden Age For African-Americans. Then Along Came Rosa Parks And Ruined Everything For Them.
US Capitol Police Investigate *The Onion* After Truthy Hoax
Romney: US Should Re-Consider Relationship With All Of The Rest Of The World
James Dean and Sal Mineo Acting Fruity
Qaddafi Found?
Nancy Grace Suffers Wardrobe Failure
Privilege Denying Dudes Hold 'Diversity Bake Sale' At Berkeley
Video Shows Inside of Washington Monument As Quake Strikes
Cain Wins Florida Straw Poll
*The Car*
The Consumerist's Articles On Best Buy
And Yet Another Video Of Bolivia's "Camino de la Muerte"
Conservative Media Joins Primatene Mist Hysteria
Federal Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals Imitates Wisconsin Supreme Court
Once Again, God Tells GOP Candidate He's His BFF, Only To Smite Him Several Weeks Later
Yet Another Attempt To Link "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" To Virus Fails
Yahoo! Not Even Bothering To Look For New CEO, May Be Ready To Wind Down Company
Think Progress' Live-Blog of GOP Debate
QR Codes Go High Fashion
Walgreens Will Not Accept Tricare for Military, Retirees After December 31
Taking "Geeks On Call" To The Next Level
GOP Leaders Ask Fed To Keep Unemployment High
Former Afghan President Burhanuddin Rabbani Assassinated In Suicide Bombing
Don't Eat That Samoa! The Diabolical Secret Agenda of the Girl Scouts
Bachmann: Obama Just Sat On His Hands And Let Mubarak Fall
Contractors Cost Twice As Much As Federal Workers
Dishwasher Without The Motor, Plumbing, Or Soap Dish
Obama's Thugs Issue Warning To Wisconsin Social Media Users
NMA's Biography of Rick Perry
Silly Teabagger Forgot To Update His Talking Points
Meet The FBI's "Terrorism Expert"
Dylan Avery Tiptoes Away From Troofers
Night Of Heaven
"Let 'Em Die?" Question Was Close To Home For Ron Paul
Think Progress' GOP Debate Live-Blog
First It Defeats Ken Jennings on *Jeopardy!*, Now, It's Denying Healthcare To Americans With Pre-Existing Conditions
The Jumpers
The Cranky Redskins Fan's Guide To Dan Snyder
"Love Has Found Its Way Home"
Perry's Creative Funding For Firefighters
Well, Lookie Here... *Someone* Isn't Wearing His Patriotic American Flag Lapel Pin
Robert Gates Does Not Care For Netanyahu Very Much
2 Out Of Every 10,000 Murders In America Attributed To Islamic Terror
Talking Points Media Offline For 8 Hours in DOS Attack
Bank of America May Lay Off 40,000
Just for RWC: Tubing Down US 29 in Fairfax
Catalan Nativity Scenes Are Very Naughty
Redskins' FedEx Field Shrinks By 7,000 Seats
Google Acquires Zagat
When Rick Perry Praised Hillarycare
What's Worse Than Being Caught In Bed With A Live Man Or A Dead Woman?
A Belated Birthday Present For RWC :)
Why Does God Hate The National Cathedral?
Saab Finally Files for Bankruptcy
Idiot USA Today Columnist Doesn't Understand How Marginal Tax Rates Work
Gun-Toting Bystanders Bravely Take Initiative And Prevent Massacre
Yahoo Fires Its CEO
Ed Rollins Slowly Backs Away From Bachmann Campaign
Capital Beltway (I-495) at 1000 MPH
Social Security Administration Deals With Terror Threats
The Right's Strange Obsession With Triclosan
Israeli Government Demolishes "Outpost" Near Nablus; Settlers Respond By Burning Mosque
New Tea Party Talking Points Released: Now Obama Is "Capitalist"
MMFA's MJ Rosenberg Really Really Doesn't Like Netanyahu
Nnn-nnn-nnn, Doctor - You Didn't Wash Yo Hands
European Politician Decries "Shitty Little Country"
When Steven Seagal and Joe Arpaio Hook Up, It's Dogs and Chickens Die
Congressional Pages Pass Into History
Kucinich, Bush Asst. Sec. of State Offered to Help Qaddafi
Drill, Baby, Drill! Except In Allen West's Backyard, Of Course.
Privilege Denying Dude
Mother Arrested For Letting Her Daughter Ride Her Bike To School
Beck: "What's So Bad About 'Colored'"
Can an "Education Reform" Movement that Demeans and Trivializes Teachers Succeed?
New York City Gets Teased
Al Qaeda #2 Atiyah Abd al-Rahman Killed in Pakistan
Anthony Weiner, Meet Roberto Cornholio
Swedish Real Estate Developers Betting On Saab's Demise
Watch The Recording Industry's Demise - 30 Years In 30 Seconds
44 Years Ago Yesterday
Boffins Find Diamond Planet Orbiting Pulsar
WMDs Found In Qaddafi Bunker
Steve Jobs Resigns As Apple CEO, Named Chairman
Joe Farrah Rushes In Where Pat Robertson Fears To Tread
Two Young Chechens Save The Lives Of 23 In Norway Massacre
Meanwhile, War Breaks Out Between Pammycakes and American Crapper
Michelle Bachmann, Perfectly At Ease
"The Republican Party Should Be Ashamed Of Themselves"
Georgetown U - China Basketbrawl Gets Taiwanese Animation Treatment
Endgame in Tripoli?
The King Is Dead
The Guns of August
Umm... Thank you for sharing that, Allen. Now please take off that dress.
Is Wal-Mart Fading?
These Negro Flashmobs Are Out Of Control
Greeting Card FAIL
Europe Moves One Step Closer To Marxist One-World Government
Google Buys Maker of Android
Jihad... Coming To A Neighborhood Near You
S&P: Default Skeptics Fueled Downgrade
Rioting Between US, Australian Troops Kills One, Injures Six (1942)
Bolivians Are Laughing At Our National Debt
Someone Else Noticed How Long CVS's Receipts Are
Al Gore Has Attack of Tourette's Syndrome
Chart-Based Trading Behind Big Market Swings
Canadian PM Harper Sits On His Throne
NOM Calls For Peaceful Solutions To New York Gay Marriage Crisis
Whole Foods Serves Up Dhimmitude
Will 2012 Congressional Elections Be A Repeat of 2006, 2008 and 2010?
How The S&P Downgraded The Government - And Itself
Opening the Door to Sodomites Around the World
The Beginning of the End of Paper Receipts
This Is What Happens When Wisconsin GOP Officials Lose Focus And Try To Do Too Much
Chris Christie Loves Teh Shariah
Traffic Engineers With Too Much Time On Their Hands
Another Senseless Killing In Norway
(One-Time) Readers of *The New York Times Magazine* Whine About Palin Coverage
Marc Andreessen Is A Conehead
Elephants Reunited After 20 Years
RIP, Bubba Smith
8% Of Newt's Twitter Followers Are Real
Senate Passes Debt Bill With 11 Hours And 18 Minutes Left
Deluge... K/T Extinction Event... Same Difference
Gabrielle Giffords Returns To House For Debt Vote
Santa Claus Found Dead In NYC Hotel Room
Bolivia, Chile, Argentina May Become "OPEC" Of Lithium
Outrage of the Week: NY Times Runs Photo Of Bearded Brooklyn Jew On Front Page
White Man Enslaved By Negroes Bravely Speaks Out
Fox News Anchor Wonders If The Moon Goddess Has Abandoned Us
Tea Party Rallies Against John Boehner
So How Light And Thin Is The New MacBook Air?
Rep. David Wu Resigns
Walker Requires ID To Vote, Then Shuts Down 10 DMV Offices In Democrat Districts
Biking Through Turkestan
Co-Founder of Mattel, Inventor of Hot Wheels Dies
Bawer vs. Bawer
WWB (Walking While Black)
Al Jazeera Norway Live Blog
Breivik Plagiarized Unabomber's Thesis
Two Days Later, Conservative Media Still Can't Face Fact That Norway Killer Wasn't Muslim
Bathroom FAIL
How They Teach About Terrorism In Central Ohio
Best of "Damn You Auto Correct!"
Amy Winehouse Found Dead At Her Home
The Tea Party Will Be Completely Gone By Next Spring
Today's Weather Forecast: Dirqah Dirqah Dirqah Muhammad Jihad
Romney Attacks Obama Over 1994 LA Earthquake
Breaking: Bomb Blast In Central Oslo
10 Brands That Will Disappear in 2012
Was News Corp. Behind "Climategate" Hacking?
MSNBC Cans That Fat Arab Dude
News Corp.'s "Non-functional" Board
Allende's Death Confirmed As Suicide
93 Years Ago
What Ever Happened To The Old RKO Cinema On Elm Street?
Red State Launches Secondary Boycott On McConnell
NOTW Hacking Whistleblower Found Dead
You Don't Need A License To Practice Mental Health In Minnesota, And Marcus Bachmann Doesn't
Lil' Paco - Ten Pounds of Fury
The Decline and Fall of *The Wall Street Journal*
Bachmanns' Church Gets The Reverend Wright Treatment
Southwestern Bolivia Receives Up To One Meter Of Snow
"We Can't Elevate Manatees Above People. That's Against The Bible and the Bill of Rights."
Medal of Honor Kitteh
California Woman Avoids Lorena Bobbitt's Mistake
Hammered by Parliament, Murdoch Withdraws Bid to Purchase BSkyB
And McConnell Did Evil In Sight Of The Tea Party, So They Smote Him
Marion Barry's Solution To Both The Housing Crisis And The War On Drugs
Obama Administration Implements Standards For Health Insurance Marketplaces
Paul Ryan's Dinner Companions Identified
Happy Birthday, Neptune!
Ponies Behaving Badly
GM Just Can't Stop Making Trucks, Whether The Market Wants Them Or Not
Clinics Owned By Bachmann's Husband Practice "Ex-Gay" Therapy
RIP Ford
Rep. Ryan Gets In Touch With His Inner Working Stiff
More on those "Weird Old Tip" Ads
Murdoch's *News of the World* Will Cease Publication On Sunday
Prince William Co. VA Mother Charged With Murder In Toddler's Hot-Van Death
Fox News Twitter Account Hacked, Announces "Assassination" of Obama
Canine Boffin Charts Monthly Economic Statistics
America: Like It Or Unfriend It
Give Me Liberty... Or Give Me A Darwin Award
Jim Hoft, Meet John Kerry
Yiddish Hillbillies
Israeli Software Deciphers Bible Authorship
Five Goats, Five Sheep Guide Blind Horse
Pam Geller Has A Close Call With Cognitive Dissonance
To Catch A Cheater
Hugo Chavez Joins "The Club"
Strauss-Kahn Case Falls Apart
Afghanistan War Deaths Mapped, 2004-2009
Maryland's Choice: Inappropriate Touching Or Skin Cancer
The South Wants To Secede
Cable TV Converter Boxes Are Energy Hogs
JFK Airport Flights Disrupted By Turtle Sex Fest
Holiness and Decency Replaced With "You Can Fly As Long As Your Peepee Is Covered"
Wisconsin GOP Loses Recall Candidate
Seagull Steals Camera
Debt Ceiling Deal = Beginning of End of Tea Party?
Black Youths! Run For Your Lives!
Russian Plane Crash Kills Five Boffinskis Who Assisted In Design Of Iran's Nuclear Plant
CNN Tries To Make Fox Look Like A Serious News Agency
Al Gore Promotes Eugenics!!1!
Wisconsin Justice, Recall Survivor David Prosser's Creative Way Of Arriving At Judicial Consensus
"I'm Human Like Everybody Else"
Another Day, Another Predator In NoVA
Sweden, The Last Dying Gasp Of Socialism...
KAYAK Explore
Yet Another Article On Hoarders
A Rail Trip Through The Western Suburbs Of Paris
Taibbi on Bachmann
US Airways: Saggy Pants, No! Skimpy Manties, Si!
The Decline of Employer-Based Health Insurance
Rational Choice Philosophy
Rabbit-Proof Fence
"Barack O'Bully Wants To End Israel"
The Conservative Movement Is An Elaborate Money-Making Venture
Arab Spring Spreads To Canada
Leaked: Jindal's State Employee Healthcare Privatization Plan Would Increase Costs
And The Good Lord Gave Man Reason... Just So MENSA Twerps Could Win Flame Wars
Cairo Traffic
*Ferris Bueller's Day Off* Released 25 Years Ago Today
Republican Congressman's Solution To Debt Crisis: Bill Iraqis For The War!
"Removed From N*gg*r Hill Cemetery, by US Govt."
Gingrich's Top Aides Resign En Masse
Ghosts of Guatemala's Past
Plessy & Ferguson
Palin Fans Trying To Re-Write Wikipedia Bio Of Paul Revere To Match Palin's Version
Germany's Anti-Chaos Crusaders
Guess What, Neanderthals. E. Coli Outbreak Originated Inside The *Heimat*
"I don't mean this in a racist way, but..."
Saleh Leaves Yemen For Saudi Arabia
Gates vs. Palin
Born Just Minutes Apart, Identical-Twin Franciscan Friars Die Just Hours Apart
Jack Kevorkian Dies At 83 Of Natural Causes
Jill Abramson Will Succeed Bill Keller As Executive Editor of The New York Times
Boffins Debunk Latest Viral Connection to "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome"
Red States Punished For Obama's Sins
Today's Phrase: Ethnic Biblioclasm
January 2010 Haiti Earthquake Not So Deadly?
Andrew Sullivan's Forced Male Genital Mutilation
*Grease* and *Taxi* Star Jeff Conway Dies at 60, Following Drug Overdose
Mitch Daniels Sends His Regrets
Update on the "Don't Tase Me, Bro!" Guy
The (Other) Birther Conspiracy That Just Won't Die
2012 Election Cancelled
Spanking Your Way To Success
B*g*l Syndrome By Proxy
Virginia Goth Doesn't Quite Grasp Concept Of Public Roads
Whoopsie! United Re-Uses Flight Numbers Of Flights That Crashed On 9/11
The Rainbow Stops Here
Blackwater Founder Sets Up Mercenary Army In UAE
Nursing Homes Whine About Being Forced To Provide Health Insurance To Employees
How's Your Messiah Doing Now, Donks?
Dan Adler Gets Shit Done
Pammycakes Shocked That *Independent* Columnist Who Interviewed Her Didn't Say Nice Things About Her
Huckabee Sends His Regrets
Birds of a Feather
Louisiana Destroys The Villages To Save The City
Today's Toilet Pictures
Six "New" Gaming Innovations That Are Way Older Than You Think
Only In America - Having Health Insurance, But Not Being Able To Afford To Actually Use it
The Time Lady
Work At A Hedge Fund - Get Taxed Only 15%
20 Celebrities Who Used To Be Hot
Useful Additions To One's Vocabulary
This Is What Happens When You Hire The Tea Party To Make An Ad For A Democrat Candidate
Library Of Congress Unveils "National Jukebox" To Stream Free Music, Historic Recordings Online
Meet The Workers Who Made Evariste's iPad
Virginia Hearts Obama
Before Abbottabad, Bin Laden Lived In Town Just 25 Miles Away, For Two And A Half Years
Other Things Osama's Neighbors Complained About
New York City Choses Nissan For Next-Generation Taxi
Did Wikileaks Almost Blow Bin Laden Hit?
Five Myths About Osama Bin Laden
Are Wisconsin Republicans about to get hoisted on their own "vote fraud" petard?
Time Warner Shrinks Some More - Sells Off Music Group
Alcoholics Unanimous
20 Years Ago Today
US-Mexico Border Wall
From The Abottabad Tourism Board
The Pope's First Miracle?
Twitter Sohaib Athar Unintentionally Liveblogs Bin Laden Raid
Peru: Mario Vargas Llosa Endorses "Populist" Ollanta Humala in Presidential Runoff
Black Box From 2009 Air France Crash Recovered
Umm... Thank You For Sharing That.
Trump's Bloodlust
American Civilization Ended On March 28, 2007
Dogs With Shoes Think They've Just Had Their Paws Amputated
Cow Steals Milk From Local Wal-Mart
Difference Between Similar Terms And Objects
Wisconsin GOP Senator #6 Recall Underway
Sharia Sanity from Ron Paul
No-Hit Pinata
Excuse Me Stewardess, I Speak Teabag.
Rob Pegoraro Leaves The Washington Post
Disgusting-Mail Mystery Solved!
St. Louis Airport Shut Down By Tornado Damage
Warning to Pirates: Batman's glider cape will have the aerodynamics of a piece of cardboard riddled with bullet holes.
Main Street America - The Cure For Tea Sickness
Things That Have Become Obsolete This Decade: The Television Armoire
Nevada GOP Sen. John Ensign To Resign To Spend More Time With His Bitches And Ho's
9/11 Responders Will Be Screened Under FBI's Terrorism Watch List Before Receiving Benefits. Thanks, Republicans!
World's Oceans Are 30 Percent More Acidic Than They Were At Start Of Industrial Revolution
Scott Adams' Ever Worsening PR Crisis
Conservatives Now Complaining That Mainstream Media Gives Too Little Attention To Palin
Vintage Ads
Birthers Are Too Crazy Even For Jan Brewer
Overpopulation of Stray Dogs in Cochabamba, Bolivia (VIDEO)
Sudden Crusade Syndrome
Peeps Show V
Multi-Vortex Tornado in OK
Democrats' Diabolical Plan To Allow Republicans To Pass Budget Too Radical Even For Them
Michael Moore: America Is NOT Broke
Why Is The GOP Proposing To Replace Medicare With Obamacare?
Human Language Had Single Origin, In Southern Africa
Hacker Gains Root-Access To WordPress
Montana Governor Vetoes... Nay, *Incinerates* Tea Party Bills
Content Farmers With Pitchforks
Pontius Boner
The Race To The Bottom Continues - Obama's "Brain Surgery"
Congratulations, Andrew!
USA's Military Spending Is 43% of World Total; Has Doubled In Past Decade
Humala Wins First Round of Peruvian Presidential Election
Pam Geller, You're Next
From Red To Green
The E-Book Business Seems Determined To Make The Same Mistakes As The Music Industry With DRM
Enriching A Few Corporate Insiders At The Expense of Shareholders... And Everyone Else
Gunman Kills Several In Dutch Mall
Climate Boffins Raise Arctic Temperature Anomaly To "Zerg Rush OMG OMG OMG" Level
Meet The New Commodore 64
America's Dumbest Blogger Leads The "Vote Fraud" Charge In Wisconsin
Low-Budget Steeplechase
Boffins Hope To Eliminate The Heartbreak Of Introversion In Our Lifetime
Jerry Falwell's Liberty University Receives More Federal Funds Than NPR
Republicans 10-Year Plan Includes Privatizing Medicare And Abolishing Medicaid
Assad Portrait and Statue Destroyed in Dar'aa
Unlike USA, France Gives Its Overseas Territories Full Citizenship and Representation
The Guardian Announces Major Expansion In USA
Rich Mediterraneans Eating Badly
Americans Think That Public Broadcasting Accounts For 5% Of Federal Budget
The Republican Civil War Begins: Rand Paul Mocks Gingrich, Fox News
NH GOP Leader Calls Catholic Bishop Critical Of Spending Cuts "Pedophile Pimp"
Huffington: "Mr. Sulzberger, Tear Down This Wall!"
WI Dems File 1st of 8 Recall Petitions Against GOP Senators
Brazil's Slow Break With Iran
Unemployment rate falls to 2-year low of 8.8%; employers add 216K jobs in March
Arsoles Are Aromatic
Drinking Styles, American And Bolivian
Charges Initiated Against Pope For Crimes Against Humanity
From the Kenyan to the Jamaican
Surprising Details About Gandhi's Life
Captcha Software Helps Convert Old Texts Into Searchable, Sortable Computer Files
Biden Kidnaps Reporter And Locks Him In Closet!!1!
Ammo Factory In Yemen Explodes, Killing At Least 80; Locals Loot Leftovers
Arizona Unveils Food Stamp Replacement Program
Gingrich: My Passion To Screw America Helped Me Understand How To Impeach Clinton
Bomb Wounds Vacaville, CA Resident Reaching For Sunday Newspaper
Boffins Discover Why Public Cellphone Calls Annoy Us
RIP, Geraldine Ferraro
Libyan Republic Interim Transitional Council Has A Website, In English
The Well-Regulated Militia, In Action
President Visits Tomb of Archbishop Romero in El Salvador
Archeologists Uncover 4,000 Year Old Sumerian Fart Joke
Air Traffic Controller At National Airport Falls Asleep, Two Planes Land Unassisted
Breaking Through The New York Times Paywall
How Teens In Ferkakta Get High
Newt Gingrich Libya Flip-Flop
RIP, Elizabeth Taylor
How Japanese Drivers Say "Thank You"
AT&T Will Acquire T-Mobile
Captain Obvious Works For The Spartanburg, SC Police Department
Ancient Greece Menaced by Giant Giraffes
Six Ways Fukushima Is Not Chernobyl
Bear Turns Porch Into Den
Hotel Photo Fakeouts
NY Times Will Go Behind Paywall On March 28
The Green Mile, Canine Version
What If The Largest Countries Had The Biggest Populations?
CIA Contractor Saved By Sharia
Concerns About GE Mark 1 Reactors Go Back Four Decades
Karma...It All Comes Back To You
Wisconsin GOP Bars Democrat Senators From Voting In Committees
Tsunami, at Street Level
Bueller Noir
Meet America's Happiest Man
Al Jazeera Staffer Killed in Benghazi
The Most Beautiful Truck Crash, Ever
RIP, David Broder
Scott Walker Wants To Shut Down State-Run Life Insurance Program
Health Update from Paranoid Parrot
The Ultimate Version Of Deferred Compensation
Michael Fassbender Is The Sweetheart Of The Stable
Google Takes On Content Farms
Cradle To Grave To Shoebox"
Will Tea Party Demographics Mean Doom For Texas GOP?
Global Warming Brings Palm Trees To Madison, Wisconsin
Townhall's Ben Shapiro Is Latest Victim of Robin-of-Berkeley Disease
NoLa Anti-Gay Crusader Caught Fapping In Playground
Minute(wo)man Gets Death Penalty
Frank Rich Will Leave NY Times for New York Magazine
From Tunisia To Egypt To Wisconsin to... IDAHO???
Sullivan Leaves The Atlantic For The Daily Beast
A New Way To Park
Huge Landslide in La Paz, Bolivia Leaves 4,000 Homeless
The End Of Disk Drives
GOP Wants To Stop Abortion But Not Premature Births
Arizona Senate Leader Uses Legislative Immunity To Avoid Domestic Violence Arrest
Corgi Defends Family From Noisy Ghost
Reagan: Union Membership Is "One of the Most Fundamental Human Rights"
Guess What - You Have More Money In Your Wallet Than What BofA, Boeing, Citi, Exxon-Mobil, GE and Wells Fargo Paid In Federal Income Tax
Homosexuality - Not Just For Liberals
How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?
Guess What Ex-Congressman Chris Lee and Scumbag Steve Have In Common
Mob in Madison Feeds Walker Alive to Lions
Charlie Sheen Founds Alcoholics Unanimous
Map of Control of Libya
Reid vs. Ensign on Nevada Whorehouses
New Enrollments At For-Profit Kaplan University, WaPo's Cash Cow, Drop 47% in 4th Quarter
Illinois, Sanctuary State For AWOL Democrat Senators
Taking Facebook Stalking To The Next Level
Bolivia's Last Circus Lions Brought To USA
Washington: The Blackest Name In America
The GOP's Post-Tucson Traumatic Stress Disorder
George Soros - He's No Koch Brother
Businesspeople With Briefcases Balancing On Wires Or Ropes
Young Americans For Liberty At War With Young Americans For Freedom
Is There More To The "I Didn't Tell. It Didn't Matter" Story? Or Less?
Runner's High: Marijuana, Not Opium
Borders Files For Chapter 11, Will Close 30% Of Stores
Two Legs Good, Four Legs Bad
Canada Has An Immigration Problem: First Randy Quaid, Now Michael Moriarty
Idaho Nullificationists Poised To Kill Medicaid
Everything Can Change In Just One Instant
Ron Jeremy Challenges Olympia Snowe
Borders Prepares To File For Bankruptcy
Massive Mutiny in Madison Monday Morning?
"Something That Gets Passed Around"
New York Times About To Expose Boehner Affair
Henry the Midget Murderer Arrested In El Salvador
Tort Reformers On Collision Course With Tenthers
Deutsche Börse (Frankfurt Stock Exchange) in Talks to Buy New York Stock Exchange
Rep. Chris Lee (R, NY-26) Resigns After Gawker Exposes E-Mail Exchange On CraigsList
AFA's Brian Fischer: Native Americans Weren't Entitled To Their Land Because They Weren't Christian
Tea Party Good For Something At Last. House Votes Against Renewing Patriot Act Provisions
Fantasy Federal Budget
The Minard Map
Rep. Jane Harman (CA-36), Blue Dog Coalition Shrinks By One More
Tom Cruise's Plastic Surgery Fail
Funniest Acts of Wikipedia Vandalism
I Was Gonna Lead A Revolution, But Then I Got High
Wikipedia List of Rogue "Security" Software
The Shocking Dangers Of "Smart" Electric Meters
Breitbart Flunkie Says Journalists Attacked In Egypt Are Getting What They Deserve
Five Myths About Ronald Reagan's Legacy
Palin Files For Trademark For Her Name, But Forgot To Sign Application
GOP Freshman Ann Buerkle (NY-25) Doesn't Understand The Concept Of Employer-Provided Insurance (Let Alone Taxpayer Funded Insurance)
For-Profit Colleges Get 90% Of Income From Government; 25% Of Students Default Within 3 Years
The Weight of the World
70% of Streets of La Paz, Bolivia Are Too Steep For Vehicular Traffic
Fort Hood: Once Again, The FBI Dropped The Ball
If You Plan To Burglarize 40 Houses, Don't Leave Your Cellphone Behind, Charging, In One Of Them
Et Tu, Rummie?
Best Auto-Corrects From January 2011
Minorites Account For 85% Of USA Population Growth In Past Decade
Healthcare Repeal Fails In Senate
Where Lenin Got His Name
Eat Turkey, Humiliate Glenn Beck
BBC Meets The Tea Party
Left-Leaning Social Service Groups Are Hip To Pimp Walk-Ins
McConnell Tries To Force Healthcare Repeal Vote By Making It Amendment To FAA Funding Bill
Tea Party Turns On Scott Brown
Jordan's King Abdullah Ousts Prime Minister, Cabinet In Wake Of Protests
The Individual Mandate, 1792 Version
Maryland's "Road of Death"
Want To Leave This World As Hercules Did? Go To Crestone, Colorado
GOP Debt "Solution": Pay China Interest, Stiff Social Security Recipients
The Religion of Brotherly Love, Again
When Did A Law Ever Stop Potty Accidents?
Sartre Was Wrong. Hell Is A Priest On The Moon.
Bolton Disparages Egypt Protests And Defends Mubarak
Meet Washington's Ice Cream Guy!
Reverse-Enema Offers Hope For Gastrointestinal Disorders
Even Apple's Customer Support Phone Robot Is Awesome
Three of Five Freshman Senators Who Ran Under Tea Party Banner Decline To Join Tea Party Caucus
World History with Professor Palin, Part XVI
Gas Explosion in Siberia
Colbert Absorbs Then Rejects Olbarmann-Powers Like A Pompous Kidney
This Whole Business of "Being Tried As An Adult" Is Getting Out Of Hand
Scores Killed In Bomb Attack On Moscow's Domodedovo Airport
The Gore Effect, Explained
I-95/Capital Beltway Shut Down In Largo, MD By Water Main Break
RIP, Jack LaLanne
Gay Republicans Demonstrate That Their Willingness To Work Against Their Own Interests Is Boundless
Keith Olbermann: One Angry Man (2008)
Is Beltelgeuse About To Go Supernova?
Romney Shuns Tea Party
House Votes To Repeal Healthcare Reform
Episcopal Church Is "No Longer Christian"
Obama Approval Rating Now 54%; Palin Approval Rating 30% (ABC/WaPo)
An Afternoon With Mister Rogers
Supersize The House?
"You're 10 Minutes Late. We've Already Buried Your Daughter."
RIP, Sargent Shriver
Up To Half Of Americans Under 65 Have "Pre-Existing Conditions"
The Battle Hymn of Sarah Palin
American Crapper: The Tea Party Is Being Zhivagoed
Oprah Invites Hundreds Of Fans To Be Buried With Her In Massive Mausoleum
Car vs. Tram
Gun Laws Across The World
Chris Wallace Takes Another Step Towards Leaving The Reservation
Evariste, Franco, RWC Promoted From Girly-Man Virgo To He-Man Leo
Melting in Andes Reveals Remains and Wreckage
America's Dumbest Blogger Doesn't Understand Difference Between Close-Captioning and "Prompt"
Did President Reagan Suffer From Alzheimer's Disease While In Office?
Old Posts Disappearing From Sarah Palin's Facebook Page Even Quicker Than On...
More Tea Party Nonviolence
Indictments Handed Down In Crime of the Century
Rep. John Dingell (D-MI-15) Reads Through Litany Of Violent Rhetoric, On House Floor
Palin Claims Accusations Against Her Are "Blood Libel"
Latest Kook Right Talking Point - Obama Praising Sarkozy = Damning Britain
Blackwater To Defend US Diplomats In Jerusalem?
Toxic Trickle Out Of Alaska
Democratic Congresswoman Shot In Tucson
Barcelona Joins European Rail Network
"Sieg Heil. WOOF!"
Five Instant Classics From The 112th Congress
Five Myths About Why The South Seceded
Two Republican Congressmen Cast Multiple Votes In Spite Having Skipped Swearing-In Ceremony
Minister Who Took Parish From Episcopals To Anglicans In Protest of Pro-Gay Policies Fired For Porn On Work Computer
Pancreatic Tumors May Germinate for 15 Years Before Turning Deadly
Boehner To American People: "Now's A Good Time"
GOP Picks and Chooses Which Parts Of Constitution To Read
"Keep Calm And Carry On" Parodies
Starbucks Joins Seattle's Best In Disappearing Recognizability and Aesthetic Appeal of Corporate Logo
Ahmedinejad Is Bitch-Slapped Puppet of the IRG
Beck Will Be Off The Air In New York And Philadelphia In Less Than Two Weeks
GOP's First Order Of Business: Deem And Pass
The Fascinating Etymology of "High Tea"
Most Over-The-Top Headline in NY Times
Nerdy Molecule - Explosive, But Also Keeps Mexicans From F**ting
The Coventry Carol
After Sun, Scott McNealy Aims To Make K-12 Textbooks Open-Source
They Beat Their Swords Into Plowshares
Fun With Sad Keanu
Just for RWC: Provisions of Health Care Reform Act Which Take Effect January 1 2011
Dog Howling At Tornado Siren
Vacant DC!
The Confederate Constitution - Tea Party Wet Dream
Estonia Will Join Eurozone In Just 19 Hours
Final Roll Of Kodachrome Film Will Be Developed Sometime Tomorrow, In Parsons, Kansas
Global Warming Doesn't Mean That You Can Take Your Clothes Off In Winter
Barney Frank: 'Cut NATO Spending, It Serves No Strategic Purpose'
4Chan Victim of DOS Attack
It Truly Is A Wonderful Life
"Off-Duty Culture" In Prince George's County, Maryland
2010, Most Nontroversial Year Ever
Mommy and Daddy, Thanks To President Obama, This Is The Best Christmas Ever!
Aluminum Christmas Tree With Color Wheel
20 Things That Became Obsolete This Decade
They came for the Atheists, the Secular Humanists, the Muslims... but I was a Methodist, so I didnt' speak up.
Should Rich Get Subsidy For Donating To Charity?
Information Technology Brings Changes To Law Firm Offices
Shaq Is Now Maestro Shamrock
The Roland Burris Mausoleum
Lion Cubs!
Delicious Is Not Long For This World
Sappiest TV Show Ever
Beatrice Arthur Was A Truck Driving Marine
Senate Votes To Overturn DADT, 65-31
Criminalization of Minor Infractions Hurts Local Economies and the Poor
Bruce Fein: "American Exceptionalism" Is Un-American
RIP, Blake Edwards
She sifted seven thick-stalked thistles through a strong thick sieve
Bradley Manning Being Held In Solitary Confinement
The 50 Most Popular Passwords On Gawker
Montgomery County, Maryland Judge Rules That Chickens Can Be Pets
Assange's Extremist Employees
Now It's Italians' Turn To Act Like Brits And Greeks
Is Justin Bieber Spoken For?
Because Skin Is The Best Canvas To Show The Spirits' Orbs Of Energy
The Reason That G-d Created Man
Facial Symmetry
SWAT Teams Search For Unlicensed Barbers
The Boston Committee Against Hoarding And Profiteering
Boehner Cries, AGAIN
A Drive Through The Prairie
Fox & Friends Turns Benedict Arnold In The War On Christmas
Video of Metrodome Roof Collapse
So Far, One (Unsuccessful) Attempt To Burn Down The Yule Goat
Cuban Cars
Bolivia LOWERS Its Retirement Age
Why Obama Has Lost His Edge
Czech Republic Tests Gay Asylum Seekers To Make Sure That They Are Actually Gay
Fox DC Managing Editor Forbad Staff To Use Term "Public Option"
Obama's Job Approval Exceeds Reagan's For Months 11 Through 22 of Term
Jeffrey Goldberg Wants Israel To Improve Fire Services; Jim Hoft Asks Why American Jews Hate Their Homeland So Much
Wikipedia Supporters Stage Counterattacks Across The Internet
Redskins Suspend Albert Haynesworth Without Pay For Rest Of Season
Sprint Will Phase Out Nextel Service Within Four Years
Yosef: Forest Fire Is Divine Retribution For Not Keeping The Sabbath
Wisconsin, From Death Trip To English Pub Utopia
Feliz Januca from the Castros!
Tea Party Targets Another GOP Veteran - Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas
7 Funniest Non-Human Twitter Users
Acetylene Factory Explosion
A Century After The Great Baltimore Fire, Only 18 Out Of USA's 48 Largest Use Standard-Sized Fire Hydrants And Hose Couplings (PDF)
Tea Party Founder Wants To Disenfranchise RWC and Evariste
Body Scanner Makers Doubled Lobbying Cash Over 5 Years
50 Things Every Guy Should Know How To Do
History of the World, Part II
The Pernicious Feedback Loop of Bar Zoning Restrictions
The Gay Sharia Conspiracy
US "Taxes" German Donation To Afghan Army
Tea Party's Origins Traced
Google Acts To Ensure That Complaints Don't Automatically Give Sites Higher Ranking
Virginia Lawmaker Says That Pat-Downs Are Part Of "The Homosexual Agenda"
RIP, Leslie Nielsen
In America, Prepared Foods Are For The Poor, Raw Ingredients Are For The Rich
Tea Party Targets GOP Veteran Richard Lugar
Were The Pilgrims Really Reformed Socialists?
Dogs Don't Understand Basic Concepts Like Moving
Krugman On The Fed's "Qualitative Easing"
The Simpsons Predicted 9/11, Nearly Four Years Before It Happened
Pope: Condoms Are OK For Male Prostitutes
The Ad That Was Too Crazy Even For Sharron Angle's Handlers
116 m-high Building Turns to Sand in Mid-Air
FDA Bans Darvon (Propoxyphene) Due To Risk of Heart Arrhythmia
Pope Says Universal Healthcare Is A Human Right
China Built 15-Story Hotel In 6 Days
K9 Death Panels In Arizona
More Proof That Asthmatics Are Flaming Drama Queens
Taiwanese Animation Site's Latest Feature: PG County MD Corruption Scandal
Obama's Marxism Bears First Fruit
Fox News Pundits Show Some Sanity When Camera Is Supposedly Dead
AFA Spox: Medal Of Honor Has Become "Feminized" Because It Was Given For Saving Lives Rather Than Ending Them
Frum Knocks Another One Out Of The Park
Who's Your Mortgage-Daddy?
Damn You Auto Correct!
Ten Centuries of European History In Five Minutes
Today's Bit of Good News
Why Did The WaPo Just Put "Advice" From Fox Concern-Trolls On Its Front Page?
NASCAR - Not Just For Heterosexuals Anymore
Paranoid, Attacking, Alienating, Unhinged, Wrong, Invasive... A Day In The Life Of The Tea Party
Chris Wallace Tells Mike Gallagher To 'Man Up'
Happy 10th Anniversary, TPM!
Prince Georges County Executive, Wife Arrested In Bribery Scandal
"The similarities between the way Bush recollects quotes may be a case of remarkable random chance, or..."
Add Another Line on the Chalkboard: Palin to Soros
Newsweek Will Merge Website with Daily Beast
The Obama Republicans and the McCain Democrats
Ooooh, You're A Poivoit, Mistah Edephant
The Stroh Violin
Joe Biden: Boozy, Brash, Slick and Oversexed
Worst Sentences, Evar
After 45 Years, Rabbi Steinsaltz Is Finished
In the Kitchen with Marilyn Monroe
Americans Think That Illegal Immigrants Account for 17% of US Population
Can Republicans Fulfill Their Promises At The State Level?
Antarctica Route 1
The Intra-GOP Civil War Is Underway
Obama Declines To Visit Sikh Golden Temple in Amritsar, India - Because He Would Be Seen Wearing A Turban
Death Toll In Iraq: US/Coalition Forces, Iraqi Government, Civilians, Enemy/Insurgents
How Was This Year's Campaign Money Spent?
Why Were Nevada Senate Race Polls Off By 8 Points?
It's Good When Your Girlfriend's Dad Has A Sense Of Humour
Edison Pena, Rescued Chilean Miner, Completes New York Marathon in 5:40:51
All 95 Candidates Who Pledged Support For Net Neutrality Lost On Tuesday
Chihuahua vs. Chicken
Google Maps Error Leads To Nicaraguan Invasion
Did Oklahoma Voters Just Ban Judges From Considering The Ten Commandments In Court Cases?
"If You Just Said 'Silver-WHAT?', You've Got Company."
Kiss Your Dreams Goodbye Sarah. Here is the Tea Party candidate for President.
Cable Loses Subscribers For Two Consecutive Quarters - Poverty, or Internet?
More On Those Robo-Calls Telling MD Dem Voters To "Relax" And Not Bother Voting
Parsing the Myths of the Midterm Elections
This Week's Dumbest Criminal
MSNBC Suspends Keith Olbermann Indefinitely For Donations To Democratic Candidates
Man Dies From Caffeine Overdose
Astronomers Discover Giant Cosmic Turd On Collison Course With Earth
So How Did The Tea Party Candidates Do?
Majority of Dead Candidates on Ballots Win This Year
Wikileaks' Next Target: Russia?
Man Up, Boner. Beck Is Already One Crybaby Too Many
Animals That Make Christine O'Donnell Cry
Bush: I'm The Dissenter
Constitutional Studies at Moron U.
Republicans Just Won't Stop Screwing The Poor
WTF Has Obama Done So Far?
Moonies Sell Washington Times To Execs They Fired
GOP Leaders Fear That Palin Nomination in 2012 Would Lead To Obama Victory
California's Most Interesting Ballot Initiative That I Never Heard Of
Teabaggers' Attempt To Sabotage Murkowski Write-In Could Hand Race To Democrat
Another Teabagger Walks Away From An Interview
Kentucky Town Where 3/4 of Residents Receive Government Assistance Think Obama Is Destroying America With Socialism
Summing Up Two Years of American Politics In Six Minutes and Ten Seconds
The Bird That Won The Darwin Award
Teabaggers Sabotage Alaska Write-In Ballot
The Blue Dogs Lose. Who Wins?
"Liberal" Gene?
Private Prison Industry Helped Draft AZ SB1070
I Found You A Monkeh... But I Eated It
Counting Down The Top 40 With Glenn Beck
RIP, Paul T.O.
GOP In Danger Of Becoming "Minor Party" in Colorado
Dogs With Moobs. Oy...
How The Heck Did Rock Hudson Get Away With This?
Chemical Spill At St. Paul's Cathedral, London
Christmas Gift Idea for Cat Owners
New Apple Friend Bar Gives Customers Someone To Talk At About Mac Products
Federal law prohibits revealing how often a dealer sells guns that end up seized in crimes
This Year's Macaca Moments
Red Dawn Is A Subversive Anti-War Film
Sony Will End Production Of Cassette-Model Walkman
Tea Party Jesus
Chickens on the Highway to Heaven
Randy Quaid runs away from home
Newsweek: Obama Approval Ratings Up Sharply In Last Few Weeks
Wikileaks, Round 2
Bush Thinks His Biggest Failure Was Not Privatizing Social Security
The Thomas vs. Hill Kerfuffle Just Got More Interesting
"Voter Fraud"
Good Juan Williams Fired Because Of Bad Juan William's Remarks
And Yet Another 70s Icon Passes
Fox Blocks Access To Its Websites For Cablevision Customers
Sarah Palin Autographs American Flag
OMG... It's Shariacare!
Whitman Accidentally Rick-Rolls Herself
Several Days After Previous Fiasco, O'Donnell Still Hasn't Bothered To Read Constitution
LED Bulbs Get Warmer
The Case Against Tory-Boy Marriage
Ask Joe Miller Questions, Go To Jail
Angle To Hispanics: Those 'Illegals' In My Ad Weren't Hispanics, They Were, Umm... Terrorists!
The Etch-A-Sketch iPad Case, And Other Fun But Unknown Devices
Cruelty-Free Deer Hunt
Will Recovery Trigger Turnover Storm?
RIP, Barbara Billingsley
When I Was Your Age, Conspiracy Theories Involved People Dying
Prequels? Just Say No
Conservative PACs, As Transparent As Ever
Over 300K Have Signed Up To Attend 'Rally To Restore Sanity'
Did The FBI Miss Yet Another Opportunity To Prevent A Terrorist Attack?
Weirdoes In Bedclothes Announce Minority Voter Harassment Effort
Strangest Sentence In The English Language
Fox News Viewers Are 66% More Gullible Than Non-Viewers
How They Not Only Survived, But Stayed Healthy
Why Dost Thou Seek The Living Among The Dead? Woof!
Contrabassoon vs. Contraforte
This Is What Happens When You Don't Read The News For Your Entire Life
Dump Java?
Fat-Assed Housewives Under Threat In Mauritania
Paladino Hates Gays, But Not Their $$$
This Is Not A Tea Party Story, But Should Be
'Lake Pirates' Case Takes Macabre Turn
The NY Times, Geller and the Shortcomings of Objectivity Journalism
And Yet Another Republican Immigration Hypocrite
Yet Another Teabagger Jumps On The Anti-Gay Bandwagon
City In The Air
Shit William Shatner Says
Another Victim of Obamacare
Pammycakes in the NY Times
Chinese Build Mecca Rail System
Alternate Fuel Vehicle: 1911 Stanley Steamer
At Last: Apple Will Offer iPhone on Verizon
"He won a customer service award after drastically reducing wait times"
Fox Reporter Who Covered Cordoba House Arrested For Sexually Assaulting 4-Year-Old
Joe Miller - Welfare For Me, But Not For Thee
This is what Wikipedia editors spend their days arguing about
Google Street View Is NOT A Tool Of The Brazil Tourism Bureau
Lou Dobbs Hired Illegal Aliens
GOPs Past Leaders Would Be Today's RINOs
Make Them Get Married, Like The Rest Of Us (NSFW)
Whether In Nevada Or Louisiana, Illegals All Look Alike
MAD's Al Jaffee - Creator of Chabad Kids' Comic Hero
WaPo's Howard Kurtz Leaves To Join The Daily Beast
"They Don't Like Animals", She Said Of The Humane Society
Next, Zinedine Zidane Will Run For President of France
If Firefighting Were Like American Healthcare
Kagan Recuses Herself From Half Of This Year's Supreme Court Cases
Pammycakes Is The Latest Teabagger To Say No More Interviews
That Mike Is Really Filling Out
Are Federal Workers Unhappy Because They Know How Much Their Co-workers Are Paid?
Joseph Sobran Dies At 64
US to Guatemala: Sorry About the Infection
The Nevada Tea Party vs. The Tea Party of Nevada
England Faces Dire Threat From Welfare Queens On Twitter
Ecuador President Briefly Held Hostage By Rebel Police
The Shih-Tzu War Claims Another Victim
Why Is The Huffington Post Endorsing Homeopathy?
The Blockbuster Museum
Tom Paine the Socialist, Che the Murderous Failure and Five Other Misunderstood Historical Symbols
Meg Whitman Knowingly Hired Illegal Immigrant Maid Until 2009
Defending Us Against Bubonic Plague Is Not High On Kitteh's Priorities
IRS Will Stop Mailing Paper Forms
Frederick County, Maryland Is Stink Bug Central
America's Best Airline Buys America's Worst Airline
There Is No Such Thing As A Black Gay Republican
Scott Adams Quotes
Boffins Tackle An Age-Old Problem
Here Come The Stink Bugs
Attention, Zucchini Haters
Thirty Years Ago This Week
Right-Wing Blogs Haven't Heard Of Sukkot
Creating A Language
Healthcare Reform Starts Today
Blockbuster May File For Bankruptcy Tomorrow
Cabbie Stabber Has Trouble Remembering Which Victim Group He Is A Member
Tired of Feigning 'Objectivity', NY Times Writer Leaves for HuffPo
The Twelve Steps, First Draft
The Popular People's Diner Is Now Open For Business
Newest Member of The Party-In-Exile: Karl Rove?
DC Police Shoot Dog At Street Fair
The Negro Motorist Green Book
Mexican President Blames Mexico's Crime On USA's Guns And Demand For Drugs
Moose Wants To Be Christian Bin Laden
The Mosque That Was IN The World Trade Center
Two Killed At Oreos Factory
The Sitzpinklers Have Won. Stick A Fork In Us, We're Done.
What To Do With Old Catholic Junk
Tired of Your Dead-Tree Library?
In The Future, Hoarders Will Fill Their Homes With NYTimes.com Bookmarks
Ron Paul: Teabagger Plant Was Actually A Liberal Planted Plant
RIP, GE Lightbulbs
Rick Santorum's Santorum Problem
Other Countries Had Sharper Recession But Much Less Job Losses
Visiting Europe? Don't Plan On Eating A Gourmet Meal Whilst Sitting In Between Railway Tracks
Many Americans Suffer From Reverse-Anorexia
Is The Amazon Basin As Pristine As It Appears?
RWC and Aridog, I Just Took The Pledge
A Quick Loop Around Toronto
Washington Times On Hydration And Morphine Drip
Would Your Kitchen Pass Inspection?
The Reason Why Sarah Palin's Facebook Posts Are Uncharacteristically Coherent
Bjorn Lomborg, EX-Climate Change Skeptic
Blackwater Won Contracts Though A Web Of Shell Companies
Old Coots Like Reading Negative Stories About Young Whippersnappers
Another Victim of Obama's Assault On The Constitution
'These languages compel me to inform you about the sex of my companion whether or not I feel it is remotely your concern.'
Japan Shines A Little Light On Its Capital Punishment System
Where Did The Money To Rebuild Iraq Go?
Cabbie Stabbie Teabaggie After All?
40 Years Ago Tuesday
Former RNC Chief Mehlman Announces He's GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY
The Family Behind the Tea Party and the Cato Institute
Plague In Peru and Bolivia - Four Dead and Dozens Infected
NYC Cab Driver Stabbed By Passenger Who Asked 'Are You A Muslim?'
Ron Paul Defends Cordoba House
DNA Analysis of Hitler Relatives Shows Non-'Aryan' Roots
The Continuing Insurance Crisis
When Right-Wing Kooks Aren't Extreme Enough
It's Not Good To 'Look Muslim' When You're Near An 'Anti- 9/11 Victory Mosque' Rally
Hipster Job
The Second Middle Passage
Glenn Beck Shamefully Circumcises Old White Peoples' First Amendment Rights
Troops Say That They Were Punished For Skipping Christian Concert
That Church At Ground Zero
France Begins Massive Deportation Of Roma
Michael Vick's Dogs Find Happy New Lives
Churchill's Other Side: 'A Lot Of Jolly Wars Against Barbarous Peoples'
Gingrich On The Islamic Threat
Intel Buys McAfee. 'Our Loss Is Their Loss'.
The Tea Party's Love/Hate/Stupid Relationship With Saul Alinsky
Building A Ferrari V12 Engine
The Conservative Crack-Up Continues: WND's Joseph Farah Turns On Ann Coulter For Supporting 'Sodomy'
Dr. Laura Ends Radio Show, Blames [censored]s
Votes for the Civil Rights Act of 1964, by Party and Region
Beck's Park51 Moment
AZ SB1070 Protest Interrupts Diamondbacks-Nationals Game
Pee Wee Herman: I Never Masturbate With My Left Hand
This Is Your Lucky Day
Oh Noes! They Indicted Alvin The Turtle!
'I wish I knew how to quit you, Barry'
190 mph in a 75 mph Zone. That Will Be 5 Points And $962,000.
The Gingrich Crack-Up
Ben Quayle, Family Values Candidate
Former Sen. Ted Stevens Dies in Plane Crash
Gates: DoD Will Cut Budget For Contractors By One Third
Michael Moriarty Hits Another Branch On His Fall From The Crazy Tree
AA: Sober? You Couldn't Have Done It With Out Us. Drunk? Nobody's Fault But Yours, Loser.
Tonight's Music
Since You Were Asking About Maine, Cam...
Cairo Synchronizes Muezzins Citywide
The GOP vs. The Constitution
Montgomery Synagogue Vandal Arrested
Massey Energy CEO Blankenship - No Shame, Just Plenty Of Blame For Government
Fox News: They All Look Alike To Us
Fox Knows Its Audience
US GDP Growth Rate
Washington Post Sells Newsweek To Founder Of Harman/Kardon Audio Company
Teabaggers Annoying American Families Visiting Colonial Williamsburg
Atlas of True Names
Ten Countries Where More Than Half Of The Economy Is Off-The-Books
Porsche 707
'Cross-Border Mexican Drug Cartel Raid' A Hoax
Dearborn To Be Site Of Fourth Holiest Shrine Of Islam
Latest Fashions In Russian Beachwear
Did We Escape A Second Depression?
Catalonia Bans The Bullfight
Look Who Stands To Gain From Arizona Immigration Law
Day Laborers In Russia
Just Another Afternoon on ABC Radio
Which Is More Violent - The Quran... Or The Bible?
Whistling Straits, WI, Here I Come!
Britain Plans Its Own Healthcare Reform
Breakfast Cereals You May Remember
Quicken Abandons Its Own Website
Last Roll of Kodachrome Developed
RIP, Daniel Schorr
First They Came For The Democrats, But I Didn't Speak Up. Next, They Came For The RINOs...
Is Ballmer On The Way Out?
Your Daddy's SUV Is Now Your Grandma's Station Wagon
Zombie Attack in New Hampshire!
Yet Another 'Ally' Geller & Co. Didn't Vet Very Carefully
BP PhotoShops Fake Photo of Crisis Command Center, Posts on Main BP Site
AZ Sheriff in John McCain's 'Build The Danged Fence' Commercial Appears on White Nationalist Radio Program, Invites Listeners To Join His 'Posse'
Trent Lott Latest To Join The Party In Exile
Mind-F**k Leads To Murder
Blog Host Blogetery.com Shut Down Over Possible Al-Qaidah Links
Most Homoerotic Sports Photos Evar
First Shots Fired In Tea Party Revolution
Canadians: Stick With Poutine. Leave Pizza for the Yanks.
Michelle Bachmann Forming Tea Party Circus
Advice for the Pensionless Generations: The Paychecks Stop
Get Back In Touch With Fred! (So What If He Died 5 Years Ago.)
Coming To An Airport Near You - Chinese Baby Planes!
Adopt a Pompeii Mutt!
Now Even China Is Getting Outsourced
How's That Firewall Working For Ya, Rupie?
KS Bait: Sperm Gene Dates Back To Precambrian Time
Ordaining Women Is The Moral Equivalent Of Pedophilia
Mixed Race Day
Dick Cheney's Situation More Serious Than A Quick Read Would Indicate
Summary of Ongoing Deepwater Horizon Investigations
Paul the Octopus, Meet Luisa the Dramallama
Argentina Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage
Nearer My God, To Thee
Washington Post Launches Co-Branded Business Section With Bloomberg
Sign Fails
Ah, Sweet Pathos
Violent Crime In Arizona Down - Except Joe Arpaio's District, Which Is Up 58% Since 2002
Congress Shuts Down An Agency
Boehner And Cantor Are Now RINOs
George Steinbrenner Dies At 80
Georgia, Other States' Seccession Declarations Explicitly Mentioned Slavery As Motivation
BP Condemned To Not Learn From Its Own Mistakes
The Crack-Up Continues: Tea Party Turns On NRA
YMCA Follows NPR, KFC and RWC in Name-Shortening Trend
DC Government Converts To Celsius - Will Reduce Perception Of High Temperatures
'Barefoot Bandit' Caught In Bahamas
Oh No! Sniper Loose At World Cup!
50 Years Ago Today
15 Years Ago Today
Obama's October Surprise: Nuke America!
More Proof That Soccer Is Gay
15-yo Gitmo Detainee Threatened With Rape By 'Big Black Guys And Nazis'
Amazing Device Turns Your Black&White TV Into A Color TV!
Jinnah and Jefferson
IMF Suggestions To Help Balance Budget Threaten Teabaggers' Favorite Programs
Arthur Laffer Is A Kook
25 Cases of Unintentional Porn (SFW)
Federal Court Rules Part of DOMA Unconstitutional
First KFC, Then RWC, Now NPR
Very Bad News For Germany - Paul The Octopus Picks Spain To Win Today's Semi-Final
LiLo Experiences Accountability For Her Actions, Possibly For First Time In Her Life
Wonder Woman Has Gone To The Dogs
Tired Gay Succumbs To Dicks
MN GOP Candidate: Cut Minimum Wage For Workers Who Earn Tips!
Connecticut Priest In Rentboy Scandal
The Surprising Origin of the World's Most Popular Carnival and Circus Song
1971 Gulf Oil Commercial
Boehner's Boners: No Such Thing As Bad Publicity
And Yet Another Case Of Drunk Naked Fugue
Yo, Chestnut, Imma Let Ya Finish That Hot Dog, But...
Today's Hilarious Poll Result: 8% of Russians Think Russia Will Win World Cup
For *Clash of the Titans* Fans
Crazy Cat Ladies: Your Country Needs You In 2014!
Why I'm Happy That The Gas Station Down The Street Switched To Sunoco
Draft of Declaration of Independence Said 'Subjects' Instead of 'Citizens'
'The People Who Did This Are Not Clowns'
Tomorrow, We Celebrate The Day We Kicked Mexico Out Of America
Michael Moriarty Has Gone Off The Deep End
Tom Paine the Socialist and 7 Other Misunderstood Historical Figures and Symbols
If This Doesn't Get RWC To Like Soccer, Then Nothing Will
RNC Head Seems To Think That Afghanistan War Started on 1/21/10
Ballmer Infant Found Abandoned In Dumpster Behind Motel
Tibetans Are Evolving
Happy Canada Day, Canadians
Economies In Latin America Race Ahead
Will Lindsey Graham Be The Next To Join The Party In Exile?
Mom Lets Tot Run Naked In Street, Complains When Pic Of Him Appears On Google Street View
How's That Golf Game Going?
Accused Russian Spy Listed Address As "99 Fake St"
Nigerians: Chopped Liver of the World, We Are
The 24 Types of Libertarian
*Please Remove Your Shoes*
Whoopsie... Kos Found Himself A Pollster Less Reliable Than Rasmussen
Michelle Bachmann Thinks We're Too Connected To The World
An Interesting List
Guess Who's Joining Keith Olbermann's Show.
Born After 1965? Boehner Has A Present For You!
Fox vs. Arizona?
David Frum: The Shunning Begins
''It's safe to say the people yelling 'Bull[expletive]! This is bull[expletive]!' didn't feel like their $45 was well spent.''
The Automotive Equivalent of Crossing a St. Bernard with a Pug
Latest Poll Results On Obama's Place Of Birth
Supreme Court Strikes A Death Blow To 'States Rights'
South Dakota Hates Crazy Cat Ladies
Rooney As Sampson? Loses Powers After Waxing Chest
Japan Is A Delightfully Weird Country, Part XVIIXX
Fox News: 'The Boss Is Coming! Look Sane!"
Best Wishes For A Speedy Recovery
Jimmy Carter, ChiComm Stooge, Sabotages Katrina Recovery
Belgian Police Investigate More Priestly Sex Abuse - Pope Deplores [drumroll]... The Belgian Police
Vuvuzela Hater Goes Bonkers On Honkers
Is The Party Of No Intentionally Undercutting Economic Recovery?
Police Taser Bedridden Granny After She Takes 'Aggressive Posture' In Bed
Justin Bieber's MILF
Every Goal of the First Round of the 2010 World Cup
RIP, Ford Crown Vic and Lincoln Town Car
Reporter Whom WaPo Hired To Cover Teaborg, Fired After Caught Trashing Them
Republicans Attack Babies. Apple Pie Next On Their Hit List.
Colbert Invites Americans To Do The Jobs (Other) Americans Won't Do
Team USA Coach: Stop The Flop!
Bob Etheridge, Meet Meg Whitman. Just Kindly Don't Beat The Daylights Out Of Each Other.
Rubio Defects From Health Care Reform Repeal (HCRR)
Which Party Spends More?
Downward Facing White Person
World's Naughtiest Drawbridge
"Rhode Island Is The Diseased Genitalia of New England'
12 Pedestrians Killed By Train Near Barcelona
I Always Thought Al Gore Was the Elmer Gantry of the Environmentalist Movement. Maybe He Really Is?
Hoft's Latest Cry From The Asylum: Obama Is Replacing Churchill Bust With New Yorker Cover Pic Of Him
Tea Party Closes Up Shop
Woo Hoo!!! USA Advances To Octavo-Finals
Rep. Steve King (TB-IA) Was For Stimulus Before He Was Against It
Judean Tea Party vs. Tea Party of Judea
Where Every Day Is Valentine's Day
Texas GOP Platform Proposes Reinstating Sodomy Laws, Making Gay Marriage A Felony, And Banning Pornography And Strip Clubs
The Myth of the 'Internet Kill Switch'
This Is NOT The People's Diner
11 Brands That Will Disappear In 2010
Meals On Wheels
'Nice to see your home fans boo you. That's what support is.'
The Very Angry Tea Party
No Blood For Spermaceti!
The Party In Exile
RIP, Manute Bol
Scotland Is So Depressing, That Even...
The Bible - The Shocking Truth
Congress Has Gone To The Dogs
Carly Fiorina Offshores Jobs, Takes Stimulus Funds, Then Claims Stimulus Isn't Working
While The World Is Watching The World Cup, Norks Diabolically Force Capitalism On Their Country
Why I Am A Footie Fan
Latest Fox Lie - 'Obama Gives Back Major Strip of AZ to Mexico' - Debunked
Minutemen Founder Being Bounty-Hunted By Former Minuteman
El GOP De Texas Manda Que El 'American English' Es La Idioma Oficial De Texas
Watch Out, South Carolina! North Carolina Is Gaining The Upper Hand In The Crazy Wars
NHS, You're Not Really Helping The Folks Across The Pond In The Battle For Universal Healthcare
Alive And Well And Working For The Washington Times
Another Republican Caught In Gay Scandal
Did GOP Operative Help Alvin Greene Win Primary?
Deepwater Rig Was A 'Ship', Registered In The Marshall Islands
Universal Health Care: Even Rwanda Has It
Macaque Males More Than Just Baby-Daddies
You Can Exhale Now - Oklahoma Has Launched A Pre-Emptive Strike On 1% of Its Residents
There Is No Such Thing As A Senseless, Inanimate Object
Teabeckers Bravely Fight Against Genocide Of Their Kin In Sunbelt Cities
Typo of the Year
He Let The Morning Fade Get Him
Attack On Electric Transmission Line Causes Blackout In Cochabamba
WND: Who Are You Going To Believe - Us, Or Wikipedia And Snopes?
Don't Taze Me, Panth!
Take Back America! Stop The Out-of-Control Growth of Government While We Still Can
Men's Health Magazine To Be Re-Named 'Men's Abs'
Kyrgyz Mobs Torch Uzbek Villages, Slaughter Residents; 75,000 Flee Country
FAA Bans Flights To Hide Obama's Oil Spill
Paypal Shuts Down Pammycakes' Account
American Thinker: 'I Know You Are, But What Am I?'
Dog Don't Hunt? There's Hope Yet
And Yet Another FBI Clusterf**k
Colbert Offers Helen Thomas A Chance To Save Her Reputation
South Carolina Democrats Bravely Fight GOP's Monopoly on Crazy
Denial Denial
The Mull of Kintyre Test
California Parents Stop ChiCom Infiltration In School Curriculum
China Helps Greece Rebuild Its Economy
Has Dorothy Rabinowitz Joined The Kooks?
Why Bloggie Will Be Left Behind At The Rapture
Traffic Lights Go Out One By One, No-One Notices Or Cares
BP's Own Internal Investigations Reveal Shameful History Of Ignoring Safety Risks
Declassified State Department Documents Show That Nixon Administration Encouraged 1971 Coup In Bolivia
Did Apple Cause May's 'Flash Crash'?
Helen Thomas Retires
The Ames Room
Conservapedia Article on Relativity
Homeopathic Dilution, Explained
Straight Men Ditching Homophobia Because They Don't Want To Be Mistaken For Closeted Gays
Glenn Beck's Latest: Promoting Book By WWII-Era Anti-Semite And Nazi Sympathizer
Most Insensitive APB...Evar
When Swans Ataaaaaaack!
Maytag Designs A Washing Machine For The Venezuelan Market
The Deadly Potomac Claims Two More
Just When You Thought Sarah Palin Couldn't Possibly Say Anything More Stupid...
What Do Pepsi and The World Cup Have In Common?
Another "Comedian" Strikes
Obama Proclaims June GLBT Pride Month, Usual Gang Of Idiots Seethes and Whines
Cash for Clunkers, Illustrated
More BP Lies - Clean-Up Crew's 'Food Poisoning' Actually Caused By Oil-Removal Chemical
Claudia Schiffer's Menstrual Show
As Venezuela Stumbles, Bolivia's Morales Seeks A More Independent and Pragmatic Foreign Policy
My Town Is A Lovely, Delightful Insane Asylum
Beck Demands To Know Why Fox News Is Not Held Accountable For Flying Planes Into WTC
Golden Girls Star Rue McLanahan Dies At 76
A Bukkake Gone Horribly Wrong
Defense Contractors No Longer Evaluate Their Own Work In-House
It's Official - Mercury Is Dead
Democrats Overcome Stupid Republican Effort To Use "Porn" To Derail Jobs Bill
He Makes More Money Selling Magazines Than He Ever Did At Intertrode
IL Republican Race: Birther vs. Repressed Gay. Par For The Course.
Teabeckers Issue Fatwa On Joe McGinniss
Beck: Snopes.com Is Yet Another Tentacle of the Soros Octopus
He Paid A High Price, But He Stopped The Devil At Last
Socialized Banks, Auto Industry, Health... Now Socialized Oil
Emoticons For Your Car!
Teabaggers Claim First Casualty
Pigs on 'oliday
In Honor Of The Fallen
Randroids Ask, "Did You Plug The Hole Yet, Daddy?"
Palin Never Complained When Joe McGinniss' New Residence Used To Be A Halfway House
Is It Possible To Be Christian AND Libertarian Simultaneously?
Why Have Only Six Medals of Honor Been Awarded For Service In Iraq And Afghanistan?
Another Congressional Candidate Caught Lying About His Military Record
In Los Angeles, Moobs Are Rated 'R'
'Top Kill' Fails
Pat Buchanan's Website Features Claim That Mossad Was Behind 9/11
RIP, Dennis Hopper
Make Your SmartCar Sound Like A Big-Block V8
G-d Is Not All-Seeing And All-Knowing
Beck: Putting The Common Good First Leads To Death Camps - A Jew Should Know That
Continuing The Kennedy Tradition
RIP, Gary Coleman
Is Ford Finally Going To Put Mercury To Sleep?
Who Needs A Shofar?
CNN Apologizes For Implying That 103-Year-Old Woman Is 'Punk Ass Nigga'
Thessaloniki Held Hostage By Incursion of Thousands Of
Meet The Next GOP Congressman From North Carolina-8th
Breaking News - US Is Going Metric, At Last
Want To Go To Switzerland, Wales and the Red Sea? You Don't Even Need To Leave California
Obamza Prioritizes Booze Over Kids' Education
Who Says Nothing Ever Happens In Augusta, Maine?
Rand Paul: Louisville Is Still Segregated; Therefore Civil Rights Act Is Both A) A Failure; B) Unnecessary
Best Front Page of the Year, If Ever
16 Vintage Soap Ads You Would Never See Today
FBI Had Probed Bob Novak's Leaks Previously
Teabecker Canard About Mexico's 'Hypocritical' Stance On Illegal Immigrants Is Two Years Out Of Date
Surprisingly, This Has Nothing To Do With Republican Politicians Speaking In Favor Of Abstinence And Against Gay Marriage
Did Blumenthal Actually Say That He Had 'Served In Vietnam'?
Cyclist Landis Admits Doping, Accuses Armstrong Of Same
Bolivian President Morales Apologizes To Gays For Saying That They Were Caused By Eating Transgenic Foods
MRI Brain Scan - A Real 'Lie Detector' At Last?
Germany Bans Naked Short-Selling
Indiana Congressman Resigns After Admitting To Affair With Aide With Whom He Recorded Video Praising Abstinence
CT AG and Senate Candidate Accused of Lying About Vietnam Service
Rush Hour In Utrecht, Netherlands
I Found A Job!!!
RNC Joins Arizona Boycott
Miss Dearborn Generates Lates Right-wing Kerfuffle
Getting Effeminate 4-Year-Old Boys To Butch It Up
Last CBO of Bear Stearns Rips Its Last CEO
What To Do When You Hear That Sickening Cracking Sound
Beavis Found In Russia
A Sad Day For Metalheads: Ronnie James Dio Dies At 67
Greek Crisis: First They Came For The Germans, But I Wasn't A German, So I Didn't Speak Up...
Shakeup at Wikipedia in Wake of Porn Purge
Stupid Republican Political Game of the Week
Funniest Celebrity Health Crisis of the Year
Is Hello Kitty Being Taken To The Vet For The Last Time?
Maine GOP Delegates Shocked to Find Copies of Constitution in 8th Grade Classroom
Teabeckers Want To Roll Back Democracy In Order To Save It
Buchanan: With Kagan, 2% of Population Will Control 33% of Supreme Court
Bomb In Thessaloniki Courthouse Injures 1
Don't Tell Sen. Inhofe, But The US Army Has Already Gone Gay!
Obama Gives Stewart and Colbert A Run For Their Money
Chavez Laughs Too Hard, Poops His Pants
Dissident Thai General Shot In Middle Of Interview
Is Your Dog Normal?
Toons Go To War!
Dammit, You Kids! Get Off That Slide! This Is The Last Time I'm Gonna Tell You!
(White) Sheriff of Pima County*, AZ Calls SB 1070 'Racist, Stupid'
Crist: I Was For My Conservative Record, Before I Was Against It
'Nora O'Donnell, The White Ho', And Other Funny Freeze-Frames
You Know, There Is Something To Be Said For Journalism School, After All
Tasing - America's New Favorite Sport
Dazed Expressions of Children Watching TV
Paul Robeson Sings For The Rest Of Us Today.
Utah Republican Convention Ousts Sen. Bennett
Wee Ooo!! Wee Ooo!!! Staten Island Ferry Crashes Into Dock (Again)
Lord Jesus Christ Run Over In People's Republic of Massachusetts
Full-Body Scanners Claim First Victim
Catholics Have Immigrants, But Episcopals Must Find Other Means To Grow Their Church
Communist News Network Merging With Communist Broadcasting System?
Doing WHAT?!? While Ohio Burns
Washington Post Looking To Sell Newsweek
FBI, Like TSA, Clusterf***ed Times Square Bombing Case
Last Year's Hudson Crash Leads to 133 Safety Recommendations
Co-Founder of Virulently Anti-Gay Family Research Council Caught With Male Prostitute
Al Gore's Environmental Hypocrisy?
Brought To You By Monsanto: Roundup-Resistant Weeds
Gorilla Glasses
Mississippi Congressman - Oil Spill Is "Like Chocolate Milk"
Talking Robot Mouth
The Myth of the 'Sophisticated Investor'
10 Most Unfortunately Named Foods
The Washington Times Is For Sale
Doctors' Administrative Costs For Filing Insurance Claims Four Times That Of Malpractice Insurance, Awards and 'Defensive Medicine' Combined
Chrysler Turbine Car
Photo of Apollo 13 Damage
It's Official - Ted Nugent Is A Fruitcake
Chavez Tweets!
Al-Qa'idah... PowerPoint... Same Difference
Hail To The Chiefs!
Reagan, Clinton, Bush - Guess Who's The Tightwad?
Arizona's First Case of DWH
Can H1N1 Vaccine Cause Guillain-Barre Syndrome And Other Problems?
Non-Problems That Don't Need Solutions
Can't Seem To Find The Right Desk Chair? Here's A Solution
Grand Canyon Bookstore Sells Book Saying That Canyon Was Created By Noah's Flood
First They Said "Back To Africa", But I Didn't Speak Up
WellPoint Targets Breast Cancer Patients, To Cancel Their Policies
Massey Reminds Employees That They Owe Their Soul To The Company Store
Cadillac Almost Built an OHC V-12 in the mid-60s
The Aging Beauty Queen And The Corpse
Just Like Rosemary Woods, U-MD "Loses" Critical 2 Minutes of Video Showing Police Beating of Student
Will Arizona Become The First Birther State?
The Sullivan-Yardale Convergence
Chrysler's Chevorcchianni To Reveal Future Strategy Tomorrow
I Can Has Ivan Teh Teribel?
Networks Good, Networked Networks Bad
Tea Party Expels Controversial Kvetcher
The Graveyard Within The Cemetery
This Form Of "Eugenics" Results In Survival Of The Least Fit
NYC Doormen's Strike To Start Wednesday Morning
Sam Adams Creator Wants Holiday on April 19 - "National Patriots Day"
If This Doesn't Drive You To Tea, Nothing Will
Mickey Mouse Bombs France
Old McDonald Had A Farm...
List of Airports Closed By Iceland Volcano Ash Cloud
Pablo Cruise - Love Will Find A Way (1978)
A Subtle, Wan Smile Slowly Appears On The Faces Of Millions Of Southern California Residents
Breaking: SEC Accuses Goldman Sachs of Fraud
Hate Cilantro? You're Not Alone
Photos of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan Following Revolution
Millions At Today's Tax Day Tea Party Protest in DC
I Want To LMAO But I'm Afraid I'll Get Hit By A Thunderbolt
PG County Cops In The News Again
The Always Down-To-Earth, Humble, Sarah Palin
Sarah's Wages of Quitting - $1.3 Million per Month
Laffer Still Promoting His Voodoo - On Beck
Five Myths About China's Economy
Kooks Spooked By Silence
Rep. Cao Betrays His White GOP Donors By Trying to Represent His Constituents
Did Kissinger Look The Other Way When Chile Assassinated Orlando Letelier?
Protest Warrior for the 2010s
Unemployment Claim Denied? Chances Are, Talx Is Responsible
"Invisible Hand", My Foot: Adam Smith Distrusted Corporations Just As Much As Governments
Are Americans Migrating To Kentucky?
Does Triclosan Do More Harm Than Good?
Bush Knew That Hundreds Of Guantanamo Inmates Were Innocent
Sikh Men Hit The Catwalk!
Yet Another Obese 50-Something White Male
Sleep Deprivation: Quick Remedy for Depression?
United States Airways?
Don't Plan On Driving on I-40 in Far Western North Carolina In The Next Several Weeks
Hummer Crash Compilation
How Big Is The Indianapolis Motor Speedway?
Why I Always Buy The Cheapest Cellphone Available
At Last, A Place That Makes Winnipeg Look Like The Tropics
Kaliningrad Oblast - Europe's No-Man's Land
Ricky Martin Reveals Something That He Thinks Is News
The Strange Case of Ahmad al-Halabi
The RNC Isn't Planning A Junket To Iceland Any Time Soon
I'll Pass on The Bitter Lemon, Thank You...
New York - Got A Problem With That?
Andrew Breitbart, Poster Boy For Distracted Drivers Everywhere
OK, I Hate Anime Too, But This Goes A Little Too Far
"America has had its share of disastrous chief executives. But few have gone as far as Bush did in trying to repair their worst mistakes."
Communists Get $8 Billion In Citibank's Return To Capitalism
The Devil Finds Work For Idle Hands
haha sily huminz! u save energee? we WASTE it just to spite u! hoo hoo hoo
Malpractice Insurance, Awards, and "Defensive Medicine" Are Less Than 2% of All Medical Costs
Romney Was For Universal Health Care Before He Was Against It
Fairfax Flasher Convicted
IE8 Takes Only Slightly Longer Than Rubik's Cube To Hack
Tea Party Movement Spreads To Dogs
Ferkakta Pet Shop Opens For Business
The Second Civil War Spreads To The Census
Getting Urban Kids Used To The Idea Of Being In Jail
Teabagger Who Hasn't Been Employed Since Middle Of Bush Term Needs Someone To Blame
NY Times Article on Russian Turd Water
Frum Loses Job At AEI After Criticizing Republican Strategy
"I Have To Pee"
Bush Wipes Haitian Cooties On Clinton
Here Comes The Groom...
Is There A Legal Case Against The Health Care Act?
ACORN Throws In The Towel
American Airlines = RWC's Momma
Consumer Reports Guide To Health Care Reform
And You Thought YOU Had A Problem With Stalkers...
AMA Endorses Health Care Reform Bill
Uh Oh... Looks Like Sale Of Volvo Might Be In Trouble, Too
Is Eric Holder The Administration's Weakest Link?
Why We Reform
Discrediting the Legislative Process
Retired General Blames Srebrenica Masssacre On Teh Gay
Biden Prays for the Soul of the (Still Alive) Mother of Irish Leader
Oh Noes! They Shot Jefe!1!! YOu bastards!!!
Dresden Bombing Death Toll Far Lower Than Originally Thought
Most Poorly-Chosen Headline Of The Year
Blockbuster Facing Bankruptcy
What Happens When You Permit Interstate Competition in the Absence of Federal Regulation
Powerline Eagerly Awaits Collapse of Healthcare System
Bolivian President Morales To UN Anti-Drug Officials: "Chew Coca, It Will Make You Healthier and Smarter"
1967: Romney Would Leave Mormons If They Prevented Him From Working For "Social Justice"
Did Recession Start With Democrat Takeover of Congress?
Assemble A Server In Less Than A Minute!
Psychopaths' Brains Wired To Seek Rewards, No Matter The Consequences
Does Universal Healthcare Discourage Abortions?
San Diego "Runaway" Prius Driver Has Interesting Background
Interesting Observation On The Gospel According To John
Evil Canadians Steal Mild Winter That America Deserved
Guns Seized By Police End Up Being Used To Shot Other Police
Millions in Bangladesh, Kurdistan, East Timor, Southeast Asia and Many Other Places Breathe A Sigh Of Disappointment
First They Came For the Wolves, But I Didn't Speak Up...
OxyContin Made Teen Heartthrob's Heart Stop Throbbing
My Congressman Will Run Against A Corporation
Drudge Accused of Accidentally Hosting Content On His Site
Ford Unveils Police Interceptor
Texas Board of Education Votes To Remove Thomas Jefferson From Required Curriculum
First Documented Case of Wolves Killing Human in Alaska?
Must Resist Urge To Make [] Joke...
3 Years After Losing Congress, GOP Declares No More Earmarks
Colbert: Non-Sexual Groping
OMG!!1! Obama Is Going To Ban Recreational Fishing!
It's A Good Thing That His Name Wasn't "Eric Frotta"
Fly DonbassAero, And Leave The Drinking To Us
Actor Corey Haim Dies At 38, From The Usual Cause
Massa To Beck: "I Really Should Be Fracking You"
Todd Palin's Snowmobile Racing Team Sponsored By Citgo
Charlie Crist's Shameful Metrophobia
Poor Glenn Beck - Today He's Getting Bitch-Slapped By Michelle
Will Rush Limbaugh Follow David Drucker's Example?
Beck Denounces Geert Wilders as "Fascist", Is Denounced In Turn By Pammycakes
What Has 40 Legs and 36 Breasts?
Wannabe Fat-Assed Houswives in New Jersey, Beware!
Corker And Alexander Place Hold On Aviation Funding Bill To Prevent FedEx Drivers From Unionizing
Rep. Massa's Swan Song
Another Happy Childhood Memory Destroyed By Evil Pedants
The Hazards of Using Facebook for Self-Promotion
Test Drive A Toyota Today
Adam Gadahn Captured
Death Panels - Not Just For Old Coots Any More
Why You Don't See Oily Lines Down The Middle Of Highway Lanes Like You Used To
Low-Riders From The Start
How Will The End of Print News Affect YOU?
Court Denies Former Detroit Mayor's Appeal of Restitution Order
Live By The (Green) Sword, Die By The Green Sword
Italian Kid Re-enacts Giuseppe Zangara's Farewell Speech
Al-Qa'idah Is Slipping: Crazy White Folks Take The Lead For Terror In 2010
Alcohol Turns You Gay
RNC: When All You Have Is Cartoons, Every Problem Becomes 'Socialism'
Better Bread With Less Kneading?
Inhofe Investigates Climate Scientists' Theft of a Quart of Strawberries
Hey! This Isn't 'The History of Looney Toons' Seminar I Signed Up For!
Maryland Has 4.5 SWAT Raids Per Day - Only 6% Are For Barricades, Bank Robberies, Hostage Takings, and Emergency Situations
Crash Blossoms
Revived, Reorganized SAAB Heads For The Finis Line
Killing People To Save Them
Bondage, Semen-Stained Women's Panties, Cheney-Hatred... Just Another Day At Fort Detrick
Microsoft Announces Updates To Windows Phone
A Night At The Ferkakta Cathouse
Pleasant Dreams, Seattle Residents
Toyota Acceleration Problems Caused By Lead Un-Poisoning?
Glenn Reynolds To Enter Army-of-Davids-Paradigm-Addiction Treatment Facility
Kirstie Alley Overcomes Butter Addiction
Help! My Penis Is Too Long!
8.8 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Chile
Proof That Alan Shepard Was A Muslim Agent Provocateur
Blackwater Workers Took 500 Assault Rifles Intended For Afghan Police
Hate Tea? Join A Coffee Party!
Frank Gaffney Sees Crescents Under His Bed
South Dakota House Requires Schools To Teach Astrology
How The US Allowed Taliban To Escape
GM Sends Hummer to the Great Garage in the Sky
Europe's Booze Belts
'She Gave The Child A Ginger Hug'
HotAir: Advocate For All Things Gay
Implosion, Chicago-Style
Runaway Toyotas - Electronic Problem Found?
After-Effect of Italian 'Cash for Clunkers' Program Shuts Down Fiat Production for 2 Weeks
Interesting Analysis of Austin Plane Bomber Manifesto
Only In San Francisco
WaPo Tells You How To Haggle Like A Jordanian!
one partner, without testicles, will always scream at the other, who has them, for no apparent reason.
Teh Gay, Muslims, and Fox News = Trifecta!
Datsun 240Z... DIESEL?!?!?
Obama Acts To Promote Nuclear Power
Obama, Brown 41 are 10th Cousins
Largest Mass Lynching in USA History - Was Italians
Caral, The Western Hemisphere's First City
Philadelphia Native American Riots
Can Humans Run Up To 40 mph?
Twitter: Just Right For Annoying Cellphone Users
In Bolivia, Six Bus Accidents in Three Weeks Leave 69 Dead, 130 Injured
Update on Landrieu "Bugging" Incident
Today's Animal Photos
Justice Alito - A Kinder, Gentler, *Sotto Voce* Joe Wilson
SOTU: Republican Response
Traffic Accident in IBClandia
Goofs in *Die Hard 2* (1990)
Pigs' Heads Left At Malaysian Mosques
ACORN Video Producer Arrested in Attempt to Bug Lousiana Governors' Office
Bush and Clinton Make A United Appeal
I'm Worried About The Beaver
Dick Commits Sexual Abuse
RIP, Mac Mathias
Blackwater Defendants Had Been Less-Than-Honorably-Discharched From Military
Nancy Kerrigan's Father Dies After Fight With Her Brother
'Holy' /= 'Safe'
Digital Talking Books
Khipu - The Inca's Talking Threads
Drunkest Guy Evar - GAME VERSION
Weirdest Mass-Murder-Suicide Ever
Paul Harvey - The Rest of the Story
List of Stage Names
"Charter" Schools in Sweden
Most Popular Passwords
Goldilocks Goes Multicultural
Dogs with OCD?
Air America Shuts Down
Supreme Court Overturns Part of McCain/Feingold
Defense Contractor Prints New Testament Verses On Military Gunsights
Massachusetts Democrats For Regime Change In Iraq Before They Were Against It
Exercise Tiger - D-Day's Disastrous Prelude
The USS Iowa Disaster
Brown: "Tea-What?"
Drudge's Heart Goes Peter-Peter For Scott Brown
Shooting Spree Near Appomatox, VA - at LEAST 8 Dead
Are Diamonds Floating On Uranus?
Why G*d Smites Us With The Gore Effect
Smart (Cars) Did Worse Than Chrysler Last Year
Somewhere, A Chihuahua Is Weeping
Security Breach, Then Trip To Paradise
Can Morphine Lessen The Severity of Traumatic Stress?
Insert Joke About Teacher's Unions Here
New York Times About To Retreat Behind Firewall
RIP, Chanel
At Long Last, Let There Be Peace On The Internet
More Security Hysteria - Duck Hunters Shut Down Texas Nuclear Plant
Is The Murdoch Family Turning On Roger Ailes?
Challenges To Reviving Agricultural Sector In Haiti: US Sugar Cartel, Rice Subsidies
Another Chuck E. Cheesecake Factory Disaster
The Health Risks Of Being White
Pig-Friendly Pork
RWC Has A Restaurant [multiple exclamation points deleted]
Interesting View of the USA Interstate Highway System
Satellite Images of Port-au-Prince, Before and After
Bolivian President Morales Meets With Syrian President, Denounces Obama's Foreign Policy
First The Nobel, Now The Doomsday Clock
Satellite Image of Port-Au-Prince
Fat-Arsed Housewives Collapse Building; Supply It, Then Deny It
Former UN Arms Inspector Scott Ritter Busted, AGAIN
Why Haiti Keeps Getting Hammered By Disasters
Good News for the Housewives of Bloggie!
This Pony Is Older Than I Am!
After Being Laid Off From Tech Support, Bikram Finds New Calling
Photos of Destruction in Haiti
Pesticide-Resistant Crops = More Pesticide Contamination In Your Food
Michael Steele Has 2 Years of Amnesia
A Naughty Sheepdog and a Confused Chicken
Sign Language - A Teacher's Friend
Denmark Leads The Way In Digital Health Care
Merry Tase-Mas!!!
Union Leaders Threaten To Withdraw Support For Democrats
Did Crotch Bomber Have Round-Trip Ticket?
Oliver Stone Walks A Mile In Hitler's Shoes
Governor Karolos Khristodoulou
Traffic Fines in Europe Tied to Personal Income/Wealth
The Playoffs Have Started. Be Careful, Guys
Krauthammer, Others Debunk Hysteria Over Interpol Immunity Provisions
Newest Addition to the Bloggie Menagerie
The Awesome Diversity of Teh Crazee
'Buy, Buy, The World Is Going To Die!'
Venezuela Electric System Could Collapse In 120 Days
Who Rents What, and Where, From Netflix
Unions Oppose "Cadillac Tax"
KFC Franchises Fight Chain For Extra 20 Grams Of Fat Per Serving
Six Cylinder Engines Fading Away?
AnyLabTestNow - Turning Doctors Into Bypassed Middlemen
RIP, Second Mom
Another Incident Involving Christmas Violence and Underpants
'Orgasms Are Involved, In Amongst Other Incomprehensible Nonsense'
Blackwater Wins One, Loses Another
Steele Preparing To Flounce Off In A Huff
Black Indians in the United States
What To Do When The Natives Start Getting Restless
Johnson/Sullivan Disease Case Reported In Kansas City
Holocaust Museum Killer Flees Gore-Effect Strangled Washington For A Warmer Place
Dodd Will Retire
True Love...
Gore-Effect Denialists Get Hit With The Crabby Stick
Living Proof That Mikey Rourke and Jocelyn Wildenstein Are More Than Just "Friends"
The Taliban Just Killed The Humans Who Guide Our Drones
Around the Hindu Kush, 30 Is A Magic Number
Britain and Ireland Paralyzed By Gore Effect
Homicide Rates by Country
Obama's Socialism Comes To China
The Wizard of Oz - Shorter Version
What Would Have Actually Happened If The Government Had Been Behind 9/11
Under Obama, DC Homicides Fall To 1/3 Of Toll During Reagan-Bush Years
Pablo (the 19 lb. orange tabby) Governor of CA in 2010!
The Fruit Machine
Washington Post's Annual 'What's In, What's Out' List
Judge Dismisses All Charges In Blackwater Deaths
In San Clemente, It's Sunny And Delightful
How The Heck Do You Expect To Sell A Newspaper With No Sports Section?
Bad News For Fox: Sexting Is Unfriended
Gunman Kills 4 In Helsinki Mall
Suddenly I Feel Like The Fountain of Youth
Meals Served In First Class
Cool Image of Berlin
French Gymnast Springs A Leak
Margaret Mead Hoax A Hoax?
Fire Destroys Prince Georges IHOP
Is "Normal" Body Temperature Really That?
The Bitchez Who Keep On Boxin'
This Week's Cathouse Bust
Dennis The Peasant's 2009 Blogging Awards - The Bad
Vice-President of Bolivia Discusses Women's Issues
Democrats Drunk With Power
'Medieval Warming Period'? Or 'Hockey Stick'?
Fashion Magazine Turns Heartthrob Into Deformed Midget
It's Starting To Feel A Lot Like Christmas...
'Neo-Con' = Any Jew Who Disagrees With Sullivan
12 Things That Became Obsolete This Decade
Tsin Tsqaro - another version
The Next Plague?
Too stunned to comment, Franco tosses bottle of rum and mutters vow to self.
Janet Napolitano: Foreign Travelers Can Sit In Their Own Piss
College Takes A Digital Siesta
Sweden's Yule Goat Burned Down For 12th Year In A Row
List of Names for the Biblical Nameless
BMW and Volvo Drivers, Please Stay Off The Road Today.
How The CRA, ACORN, Frank and Fag Brought Down The Economy
Senate Passes Health Care Reform Bill 60-39
Can Touching Your Toes Test Your Arteries?
...developed along with the Fiat Baboon and the Alfa Romeo Buzzard
Madoff Gets Crap Beaten Out Of Him In Jail
RIP, George Michael
Ferkakta Health Care: No Complaints Allowed. Just Enjoy The Time You Have Left
The French Pretender
RIP, Harlem Boys' Choir
Alabama Congressman Parker Griffith Switches From Democrat To Republican
Strip This House!
Mis-Aimed Prayers Cause Sen. Inhofe To Miss Healthcare Vote
Terror Alerts Were Based On The Equivalent of Dowsing Sticks and Ouija Boards
What Can Brown Do For You?
Bolivia's Morales: "The Negro Is Bush's Best Student"
Incandescent Christmas Lights Fade From The Scene
Andy's Much-Needed 8-Hour Coffee Break & Siesta
Deep in Health Bill, Very Specific Beneficiaries
DC Cop Brings Gun To Snowball Fight
This Weekend's Snowstorm Now Has Its Own Wikipedia Article
The Decade's Worst Ideas
Gore Effect Paralyzes Environmentally-Friendly Transportation Systems
I Love This Locomotive
How Floranista Will Help Us All Lose Weight!
Cba's Dream Vacation
Yet Another Blue Dog Throws In The Towel
Obama Moves George W. Bush And Richard Nixon A Step Closer To Sainthood
Keillor: Zionist Reindeers Destroying Christmas
Fairfax Flasher Convicted
Who Killed Saab?
A Naked Weather-Vane Blowing Ceaseless In The Gale
RIP, Saab
The Down Side of Energy-Saving Traffic Lights
Why England Is More Fun Than The USA, Part XVIIC
The Gore Effect, Pt. XXXCVII
I've Been Eating Sushi All Wrong All These Years
Another Abandoned Baby, This One With A Much Happier Ending
Is Chile Ready To Abandon The Developing World/The South/The Third World?
S&P Downgrades Greece Credit Rating From A- To BBB+
Snowboarders - Squish-Toys for Skiiers
Stealth Plot To Get Mercedes Drivers To Use Public Transit
Steele Makes GOP The Party of Tea
To Ask Where You Were Supposed to Have Landed an Hour Ago, Please Press One. To Report an Air Emergency, Please Press 2...
Daily Dish, a "One-Man" Blog. What's Wrong With This Picture?
Georgia Tourist Crash White House Breakfast - By Accident
Oral Roberts' Sad Prediction Comes True (22 Years Late)
Censored Looney Toons & Merrie Melodies
The End of Socialism's 1.2 Year Reich
Bloggie Winter Festival Venue Chosen!
Craven AT&T Takes The Fall For Apple's Failings
Wake Up In The Netherlands, Sh*t/Shower/Shave In Belgium
Guess What - 'Pre-existing Conditions' Could Still Be A Problem
40 Awfulest Celebrity Pictures
A 38-State Nation?
Revolutionary New E-Mail System
LFG Dictionary Flushed Down The Memory Hole
How A Few Private Health Insurers Will Control Health Care
Tan and Lean Bush Pwns Nobel Committee
Zac Efron Gets Some Unwanted Publicity
Japan Starts Own 'Cash-For-Clunkers' Program, Detroit Says 'Unfair!'
Supper Klub? *U* Is Teh Supper, Humin
This Is Not A Hostel Room - This Is A Condo
How To Talk To A Steelers Fan
Glenn Beck is a Gold Bug
Will Greece's Woes Drag Down The Euro Zone?
Today's Word: "Stooper"
Copenhagen Climate Summit In Disarray After Leaked Proposals
Soap Operas Go The Way Of Newpapers
Shedding Light On Tremor
Lymphoma Survival Rate Tied To Vitamin D
Former Washington Times Opinion Editor Files Suit Against Paper
Update on AirTran Incident
Reason Magazine Columnist Likes French Healthcare System
“Canada is suddenly changing into a place that loves guns and armies and war"
Dont' F**k With SeaWorld
Fools & Money, Audio Division
Taiwan's "2-28 Massacre"
ROC Territorial Claims
APUs - A Great Way For Trucks And Buses To Save Fuel And Make Less Noise
The Hippo Goes To Bolivia!
Gazans Fleeced in Hamas "Tunnel Credits" Scam
Dennis On The Earth-Shattering All-Important Topic of the Week
If (Straight) Men Designed Wedding Gowns
Villagers Rushed To Help In Russian Train Attack
Healthcare Update for Dances, Aridog and Luther
Monsanto Controls 93% of Soybean Seed Market, 80% of Corn Seed Market
Ooops, Scratch "Peufiatslergeot". Now It's "Mitsugeot".
What Do Tiger Direct, Circuit City and CompUSA Have in Common?
Profile of the Lone Republican Who Voted for "Socialist Medicine"
Jesse Ventura Loses The Last Of His Marbles
Washington Times Lays Off Up To 40% Of Staff
The Name of This Business Makes Me Indescribably Horny
How The F@#$ Can You Mistake A Funeral Home For A Bank?
Fritz Henderson Forced Out as GM CEO
Mildly Weird Story of the Day
Hugo Chavez Hates Pedestrians
"All of them had hair of gold, like their mother, but they didn't sleep alone."
I've Heard of 'Self-Hatred', But This Is Ridiculous
Ferkakta Health Care System Battles Swine Flu
Republicans Are Like That Insane Ex-Girlfriend That Follows You Around, Whining
Did GM Cook Saab's Books?
Sarah Palin's Diabolical Plan Succeeds
Hippos 1, Crocs 0. Someone Call Stephan Pastis
NYPD Trying To Determine If Anyone In NYC Reads Newspapers Anymore
Mexicans Send Remittances To Poor Gringos
"Obama Is White Power In Blackface"
Tea Party Leader Wusses Out On Plan To Burn Pelosi And Perriello In Effigy
The Leonidas Squadron - Germany's Kamikazes
Washington Times Closes Down
Turkey Joins The High-Speed Rail Club
In Addition to Abortion, RNC Healthcare Provider Also Offers Death Panels
Catholic Church Will Stop Providing Services To Illegal Immigrants If DC Legalizes Gay Marriage
U.S.S. Cordoba
Ooops, Wrong Hero...
Insane Stalker Says "She's OBSESSED With Me"
Washington Times Takes Blame For Americans Going To Hell
Awwww... Poor Thatcher
Oh, Noes! They Arrested Mr. Garrison!
British Airways and Iberia Plan To Merge
Washington Times' Bloomberg Terminal Screen Says "Service Cancelled For Non-Payment"
Lou Dobbs Deported
"Orly Taitz's Bitchy Craziness Is For Whatever Reasons Right For Me In A Lot Of Ways"
Lou Dobbs Will Leave CNN
Strange Times At The (Washington) Times
Ladies, Don't Let Your Men Handle BPA
Muhammad Executed
Just for Zorkie...
So This Explains Why All My Friends in Farmville Have Been Asking Me For Fertilizer Lately
Useless FBI Knew of Hasan's Terror Contacts, Did Nothing
NY Times Discovers D**d S** Scr*lls Sockpuppets
Humans Not Necessarily Meant To Eat Lots of Fruit
Chrysler Gets Something Right, At Last
Today's Shocka: Cash For Clunkers "Green" Goals A Flop
Obama Just Can't Win, Chapter XXXVI
Farewell, Sarbanes-Oxley
The Berlin Wall - Then And Now
Yemen Fighting Spills Over Into Saudi Arabia
Cat Owners, If You're Moving to LA, Leave the Silk Furniture Behind
Broader Measure of Unemployment Now Exceeds That of Reagan Years
Fun Game To Improve Your Typing Speed
Famous Oswald Photo Is Genuine
America's Complicated Relationship With Illegal Immigrants
And To The Republic, For Richard Stanz
Land of Opportunity?
100 Things Restaurant Staffers Should Never Do
Chrysler Is Not Toast, Because Their Leaders Say So
Paraguayan Leader Fires, Replaces Top Military Leaders For Fourth Time In Fourteen Months
IKEA Gives In To The Dark Side
SEA-TAC Airport: Welcome Home, Microsoft Employees
Today's DtP/TOP Update
Dodge: The "D" Is For "Delusional"
Drug-Free Treatment for Asthma?
EU Lisbon Treaty Moves Forward After Czech Leader Signs
Wal-Mart Cares About Its Workers Health
GM Decides To Keep Opel
America's Lost Train Stations
Bill Clinton Agrees With Many Conservatives
The Ultimate Wigga Credential
Stanley Will Buy Black & Decker
Tarzan Doesn't Need Jane Any More
The 5 1/2 Hours of Chaos That Ended Decades of Tyrrany
Bicycle Rental, The French Way
Delaware Is The New Switzerland
Happy Halloween: Flying Doggies vs. Bloggie
Flying Chihuahua... Awwww...
WaPo: Obama Administration Out-Maneuvered Hugo Chavez
I Could Use Some Of This Right Now :(
"Old GM" Not Quite Dead
Trucker Plays With Gearstick, Blows Load
If I Drive Away Real Slow, No One Will Notice
Judge Dismisses Birther Suit
Cristiano Ronaldo Sings!
Health Care Delusions, Left and Right
Tonight's Idiot Driver
FAA Still Too Slow To Notify Military Of Air Emergencies
Canadians, Grab Copies of the National Post While You Can - They May Be Valuable Years From Now
Obama's Depression - Economy Grew In 3rd Quarter
Redskins Stadium Bans All Fan Signs
Tennis Star Seized With Desperate Urge To Clean House, Make Bed
Chrysler Unveils First Model Produced Jointly With Fiat
Update on the GOP Website
How Health Insurance Companies Dug Their Own Graves
This Motorcycle Uses As Much Gas as 2 1/2 Priuses
This Website Has Raised A Critical Issue That Has Kept Me Awake For Three Nights Straight.
Man Shoots Estranged Wife, Her Boyfriend, Then Himself... All Survive. Doofus.
Drunkest Guy Evar - Benny Hill Remix
Ferkakta's UN Representative Addresses General Assembly
China Saves South America, USA Drags Mexico and Central America Down the Toilet
Republicans Shocked By Purges and Litmus Tests
The Interesting Life and Death of Cancer Cells
E=mc(2) could be so much more if understood in a spoken rhyme set to a bass-heavy groove and expressed in a transiently popular dance move.
Fiat Will Dump Several Chrysler Models, Import Fiat 500 & Alfa Romeo
Obama's Country Club - Where Is Howell Raines When We Need Him?
Who Cares If It's Ramadan? It's Time For A Picnic!
37 Years Ago, Federal Funding Helped End "Death Panels"
Where GM's Bailout $$s are Going
Another Victim of the American Healthcare System
Igoumenitsa Photos
The Dog Ate Your Mortgage
Update On Naked Guy In Virginia
Still More Ferkaktamobiles
Electronic Medical Records Not A Cure-All
How The Heck Did This Guy Get To Be Second Aryan?
Is Ford Preparing To Drop Mercury?
Massive Explosion and Fire at Oil Refinery in San Juan, PR
The Chaco War
For Queequeg: White People Need White Friends
26 Years Ago Today
The Anti-Tsarist Revolt
"They Became Distracted During A Heated Discussion Over Airline Policy"
Will EU Let Opel Die?
Does Government Involvement In Medicine Stifle Innovation?
Venezuelan Police Cut Out The Middleman
Musicians Demand To Know Which Of Their Own Created Crimes Against Humanity
Drunk Guy Buying Beer - Silent Film Remix
Outside of the Ultrarunning World, This WouldBe Called An Atrocity
How Being Naked In Your Own House Can Put You On The Sex Offender Registry
If MediaMatters Had Published This, [] Would Have Swallowed This Hook, Line and Sinker
NY Times: "That Dog Is Just Too Gay!"
Pope Sticks It To Henry VIII
Helen Thomas To White House - STFU & STFD
Google Voice Mails Found In Public Search Engine
Central Mexico Hit By Dengue Outbreak
Interesting Times Ahead for Opel
Hopefully, This Has Absolutely Nothing To Do With C.J.
Mexicans Just Don't Deserve The Same Rights As Hard-Working Americans
...Censors Comments on Global Warming Article
Obama: Death Panels For Short People
Balloon Boy Dad's Wacky Ideas
Suicide Bombing Kills 20 {rubs eyes} in IRAN
Charges Will Be Filed In Balloon Boy Saga
The Internet Has An Important Message For You
Life Coaches Are The Root Of All Evil
This Trabant Goes 0-60 mph in 2.73 Seconds
CIA Still Cagey About Oswald Mystery
Halloween Is On October 31. Didn't You Get The Memo?
Have Boffins Finally Found The Elusive Magnetic Monopole?
"No Longer Weird"
People of Wal-Mart
Iranian Uranium Has Impurities That Wreck Centerfuges
Rush Should Have Been More Like These NFL Owners
Former CNN Anchor Bobbie Battista Moves To The Onion (SERIOUS!!!)
Republicans Are Now FOURTH Place In Voter Registrations In Nevada
A Very Serious Story That Is Nevertheless Just Too Damned Weird
Freedom Pokes From Behind The Clouds In Winnipeg
A Blow For Freedom: Michigan May Legalize Fuzzy Dice and Air Fresheners
CakeWrecks.com Featured in NY Times
Trabant Drag Race
WSJ Surpasses USA Today As #1 Newspaper In USA
Obama's Depression - Dow Rises Above 10K Briefly
Forgotten Song from 1980 That I Can't Get Out of My Mind
Ferkaktamobile Commercial (in German)
Republicans Inspire Confidence, Ala GM and Chrysler
Transportation Secretary LaHoud Is Insane
Obama's Shameful Taqqiyah
Using IEDs For The Good Of Mankind
Coal Smoke Scrubbers Cut Down On Air Pollution By Converting It To Water Pollution
Did Aspirin Contribute To 1918 Flu Pandemic Deaths?
Dog-Murdering Asshole PG County Sheriff Wants To Be County Executive
(Genuine) Mayans Say That New-Age Doomsayers Are Full Of It
American Grass-Roots Democracy in Action
Mexico Finds Huge Lithium Reserves
The State of Florida's Outrageous and Unbearable Racism
Washington DC Subway, Now Galt's Gulch
Evariste Gets A Speeding Ticket
USA Today Circulation Drops 17%
Obama Says He Will End "Don't Ask Don't Tell"
Nice Tie, Mr. Weatherman
Althouse vs. Sullivan - Bring a Tub of Popcorn
Chrysler's New Hope?
Are Shabbat Elevators Kosher?
Would a Nobel Peace Prize Winner Attack Iran?
Tonight's Music
Althouse on Sullivan's Baby Bump Obsession and Comment Policy Hypocrisy
Is "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" A Real Disease, After All?
Virginia's Next Governor Mma-mma-mma-mma-macaca
Final Half-Hearted Attempt To Make Federal Workers Earn Their Pay Dies On The Vine
Teh Crazee. I Haz It
Feds Strip Arpaio of Authority to Make Immigration Arrests
For Mauretto: Stargate, Italian-Style
Jubak: Time For Capitalism To Pay Its Way
Found the Perfect Job. I Start Monday.
How Bearded Nuns In Daisy Dukes Help You Live Longer
Sorry, Canadians, But The World Likes Us Better Now
Bush Lied! Banks Fried!
The Life-Expectancy Gap - What Is The Real Culprit?
Quique the Head
I just assembled an office chair. It said, "Limit 225 lbs." There is a reason for that.
Proof That 9/11 Was An Inside Job
Obama Announces That USAF Has Destroyed Iranian Nuke Sites
Like Carter... Or Gorbachev?
Did TSA Kill Chicago's Olympic Bid?
Allah vs. Beck
How Chris Dodd, Barney Fag and ACORN Forced Financial Institutions To Underwrite Subprime Loans
Tim Blair Joins The Pile-On
Are GE and Vivendi Preparing to Sell NBC Universal... to Comcast?
Health Care: The Swiss Model
Rifqa Bary - Rescued "Apostate", or Unbalanced Teen Manipulated for Political Reasons?
RIP, Saturn
French Favor Punishment for Polanski
Saab, Back In the Days When Swedes Were Still Vikings And Didn't Give a Bleep About the Environment
30 TV News Bloopers
Anti-Government Protesters Demand Better Government Services
AOL Time Warner, Now Time Warner and AOL, Soon To Be Time, Warner and AOL
Electrical Sockets - How They Got To Be That Way
Ah... This Explains Both [] and Sullivan
Venezuela Bans "Family Guy"
If Sullivan Sounds Like He's Stoned...
Dennis The Peasant On The Usual Subject
Sarkozy: That Fistbump Is History
Bolivia Liberates the Lions
Lurch Sings!
Qaddhafi's Translator Can't Take His Insane Bullshit Anymore
Hey!! You're Not My Mommy!! Mooo!!!
Barista, There's A Hair In My Latte
Interesting Article on Civil War Snipers
Evariste Picked The Wrong Time To Endorse Kos
Bloomberg: Do As I Say, Not As I Do
Get Off The Bus! Not Owning A Car Can Make You Fatter
Looks Like Our Friend Won't Be Leaving Canada Anytime Soon
Christine Somers Is Bat$h*t Crazy, Part MXCII
Ferkakta Opens Express Train from International Airport to Ferkakta City
What Does Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol" Get Wrong About Washington? Just About Everything
Egypt Pays A Price For Killing Its Pigs
T-Mobile to Customers: Paperless Billing or Pay $1.50/Month
Boffins Gone Bad Want People To Stop Reading Bloggie
Talk Show To Chef from Hell Gordon Ramsay - "Do You Actually Still Cook Anywhere?"
A True Friend...
..But Did She Bring Him Milk And Cookies Afterward?
Chilling Findings in Report on Federal Prison Sex Abuse
Johns Hopkins Tries New Approach to Off-Campus Crime
USAF Suppresses Robot Mutiny in Afghanistan
One Injury, Ten Countries
Government Never Runs Out Of Ways To Annoy
Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Those Disgusting Little "Cheese Balls" That You Cough Up Occasionally
Too Many Fat Asses In This Town
Funniest Nickname For A Criminal Evar
My Favorite Video Game Sound Track of All Time
Health Care Around The World
The Health Care Debate Takes A Very Strange Turn
'Yo, Stove? Phone here. Let's Get Cookin'!'
Teh Crazee - I Haz It!
Depression - Not Bug, But Feature?
Animals Making OMG Faces
The Perfect Hotel For Air Force Couple When They Visit New York
Virginia SPCA Exec's Dog Dies After 4 Hours In Hot Car
Tweeting on Facebook - The Next Reese's?
Obama Ups The Ante Against Iran
Panetta in "Profanity-Laced Screaming Match With Obama", Threatens To Quit
Albania Has Trains? Who Knew?
Virginia Tech Killer's Records Reveal Lack Of Treatment
"Clunkers" - Stealth Plan To Kill Auto Dealers?
Baldwin on Vick: Squeezing Cows Nipples Is Same As Killing Dogs
Did Fiat Buy Chrysler For the Mexican Market?
RIP, John Hughes
Punishment for Uppity Priests: Getting Wished to the Nunfield
Everybody Loves Serbia
New York Plane/Helicopter Crash Caused By Ded Kitteh
I Ate Ribs For Lunch. My Frisbee Game Today Sucked. Not A Coinkidink?
HuffPo Exposes White House Deal With Big Pharma
Darth Vader Turns on Grand Moff Tarkin
Six and a Half Months Into Obama's Term, Bush's Recession Is Ending
Mark Twain's Surprising Political Views
Stay Classy, Britney
Wussy Germans Too Scared To Kill "Clunker" Engines
Feds Garnishing Some "Clunker" Payments To Dealers
Ferkakta Broadcasting System Is Pleased To Bring You The Following Extended Commercial Break
Are Top Ten "Clunker" Purchases Actually SUVs and Pickups?
America's Sex Laws: Unjust and Ineffective
Small Plane, Sightseeing Helicopter Collide Over Hudson River
The BMW Look - From Detroit?
Clueless Troofers Accidentally Block Google Searches Of Their Site
Murdoch Sells *Weekly Standard* To Owner of DC & SF Examiner, for Price of 222 Clunkers
"Auto Scrappage" Not Uniquely Americanly-Stupid
Guess What? None of Top Seven Gas Guzzlers Are Made in the USA
Bolivia Has Biometric Voter Registration. USA Still Has Stone Knives and Bearskins
Smart Tipping - What Bored, Stoned Dutchmen Do For Fun
On Second Thought, Fat European Tourists SHOULD Wear Speedos
[PARIAH ALERT] Palins Divorcing
The Tailfins of 1959
An Alarming Trend That's Not Going To Help Japan's Plummeting Birthrate One Bit
Indian Muslims Follow Michael Jackson's Child-Rearing Techniques
Cop Gets Instant Karma
Can Schizophrenia Be Nipped In The Bud?
A Tough Week For Stormy
Surprising Properties of Body Fat
Did Incas Benefit From Global Warming?
Swedish Missiles in FARC Hands, Thanks To Venezuela
Swedish Lesbians Suck Sperm Banks Dry
Wee-Ooo!! Wee-Ooo!!! Alexandria, Virginia Police Chief Arrested for DWI
Should Doctors Be Salaried?
"They'll Know You've Arrived... When You Drive Up In The New 1958 EDSEL!"
Artist At Work
0.2 mm of Rain and 10 mph Winds Send Iquique, Chile Residents Running For Their Lives
Biden's "Diplomacy"
Interesting Medical Blog
AP Learns From The Success of the RIAA
Harpists Give Music For the Final Journey
The Reason Why The Pittsburgh Cop-Killer Went Nuts
The Recession - More Like the 1973-75 Recession?
"Medical Home" - Buzzword, HMO-Redux, Or Promising Healthcare Paradigm?
Parents Spanking Teh Gey Out Of Missing Pre-Med Student
The NASDAQ Index
"Fuck You, Fat Ass!"
VA Tech Killer's Psych Records Suddenly Found At Home Of Campus Shrink
Among many others, a Wheaten Terrier, a Jack Russell Terrier, a 12-pound Miniature Dachshund and a five-pound Chihuahua.
First Communion on the Moon
Naked Cowboy For NYC Mayor!
The Internet Is A Scary Place
Chihuahuas Save 3-Year-Old Girl From Mountain Lion
Capital of Hugo Chavez's Socialist Paradise Is Latin America's Most Expensive City
A Supposedly Tough Sheriff
Zionist Occupiers Destroy Dozens of "Illegal" Homes, Leave Over A Hundred Homeless
Barbara "Don't-Call-Me-Ma'aam" Boxer Tells Black Man He Should Agree With His Race's Chosen Representatives
7/20 Truth!
Kitten Huffing
Scratch A Safety Nazi, Find A Dick-Tator
Palin: "bear mama sez just keep boxin' bitchez"
Walter Cronkite Dies at 92
Hurricane Wilma Has A Hot Lil' Kid Sistah!
For Only The Third Time In History, Fire Collapses Steel
Holocaust-Denying Troofer Runs, Unopposed, For Citizen's Association Board
And Once Again, I'm Having A Totally Pointless Argument With A Troofer...
Donated Your Kidney To Loved One? You Just Gave Yourself a "Pre-Existing Condition"
When You've Lost WorldNetDaily, You Might As Well Pack It Up
Extreme Fighters Try To Make Themselves Look Less Neanderthal
First in War, First in Peace, First in Hogging the Credit
Deval Patrick Forces Agency To Execute Up To 20% Of Staff
Er, Who's The One That Needs The Wake-Up Call?
Fire In Brooks' Eyes, Fire In Brooks' Thighs
Paperless Health Care? One Hospital's Long Journey
50th Anniversary of First US Deaths in Vietnam
Ikea's Not-So-Politically-Correct Side
Does The USA Tax The Rich At Higher Rates Than The European Welfare States?
It’s Her Birthday – She’ll Love What I Got Her At Home Depot
A Yummy Sundae... With Lots of Fudge
How cba and Family Survive The Bitterly Cold Manitoban Winters
Could Obama's Campaign (and Life) Have Ended A Year Ago?
Another Obama Ass-Peek Caught On Camera
The Clintons' Hospitality Can Be Deadly
They Saved Jacko's Brain
Obama, Stuck On St...
A Day Late And A Garment Short
How "Idiot", Once A Neutral Term, Evolved Into "Differently Abled", An Insult
Ace Is Now "Ankles"
Jack Is Dead, Chrissie Is Sober (But Bats**t Crazy), So It Must Be...
The Irresistible Urge To Fart In Church
Obama Leaves USA, Never To Return
Elephants 505, Humans 143
Yet Another Bitch Sets Up Marion Barry
Iran's Clerics Defy Ayatollah, Call Election Results Illegitimate
Maureen Dowd Wants To Make Absolutely Sure That You Know That Sarah Palin Is Crazy
First The Washington Subway, Now A Deadly Crash on Disney World Monorail
Ed Rollins Limpwristedly Backstabs Sarah Palin
Time to Click and Drag Car Sales into the 21st Century
Obama: Who Will Rid Me Of These Meddlesome Leftists?
WordReference.com Now Translates German, Russian, Greek, Polish, Romanian and Turkish
The Real Reason That Radio Matt Left Washington State
How To Lose Web Traffic And Alienate People
Anaesthetic Found In Michael Jackson's Home
One Disadvantage of Using Automatic Debit
Canada - Never, in The History of Human Endeavour, Have So Few Stewarded Resources for So Many
This Week's CPS/Zero-Tolerance-Mentality Idiocy
India Court Legalizes Bonesmokin' and Fudgepackin'
Thank G-d You're OK, Bloggie! We've Been Worried Sick About You!
Drinking Allowed Even For Mormons!
GM's Early Retirements Emperil Pension Fund
Panel Recommends Ban on Narcotic/Acetaminophen Combinations
My Competitor Gets Hacked
In Germany, You Can't Just Knock A Hole In A Wall By Opening A Door Carelessly
Car 1079
America's Pastime - Comparing Presidents To Hitler
British Courts: Only Non-Jews Can Decide Who Is A Jew
Cop Tasers Fellow Cop
Will The US Congress Follow Japan's Brave Lead In Fighting Global Warming?
I Wonder What Role THIS Guy Had In Obama's Healthcare Plan
Train Control Circuits Had Been Malfunctioning For Five Days Prior To Fatal DC Subway Crash
DC Subway Crash Probe Finds "Analomies" in Electronic Control System
And Yet Another Seriously Metrosexual Neonazi Busted
The Miraculous Beatrice Nebraska Choir Fire
Arabica vs. Robusta
The Secret of South Carolina BBQ
Kittens: The Tragic Collateral Damage In The Struggle For Human Freedom
You Heard It Here First: SC Governor Snuck Away To Hike Nude On Solstice!!!
Goodbye, Kodachrome
DC Metro Train Crash Kills At Least 4
RIP, Pretty Boy
RTs Galore!
Why I Don't Have a Physician at This Time
Harper's(!): Barack Hoover Obama
Hugo to Mahmoud: BFF!11!!
Pelosi-CIA-Waterboarding Inquiry - Down the Memory Hole!
Another of the Bumper Crop of Stupid, Power-Hungry Cops in Maryland
Kristoff: Drugs Won The War
Bush's 3rd Term Update: Obama Withholds Visitor Logs
Golden Ears... Gold Whop Whop Whop
ADD Drugs May Cause "Sudden, Unexplained Death"
Does Anyone Know Where I Can Get A Money-Market Account In Yuan?
Winnpeg Police Caught Manipulating Accident Data At Red-Light-Camera-Intersections
IDF Boeing 707 - What A Beautiful Sound
Chastity Bono To Undergo Penis Graft
"Tase Me, Sonny!"
Even Toronto Drivers Suck In The Snow
On Mancrushes And Backbones of Eclair
*Pearls Before Swine* Creator Has A Blog
Bloggie Chews On Wires. Bloggie Goes Boom. San Francisco Goes Dark. Poor Bloggie.
Closed Car Dealers Want The Right To Sell Crappy Cars That They Hate
The iPhone Just Became Seriously Uncool
Fox News - Bing Brings Porn To Your Children!
Gay Runs For His Life
This Car Gives Stinkeye To Other Drivers
Is Administration Closing Down Car Dealers That Donate To the Republicans?
...Because The Department Of Homeland Security Has Been Such A Resounding Success
Former South Korean President Commits Suicide
UAW Gives Other Unions The Kiss Of Death
Bolivia Prohibits Use of Animals in Circuses
The Sphincter That Strangled The Nazis
Roger Simon, The Next Daniel Pearl
Biden Reveals Location of Der Cheneybunker
Leave Your Audubon Guide At Home, Just Bring Your iPhone
Canadian "Socialism" Cheaper Than US... Whatever The US Taxpayers Are Paying For
Ticketmaster Scalping Unit Sells Non-Existent Seats for 3-4 Times As Much
Sadly, The World Book Never Had This Article
This Is What Passes For "ZERG RUSH! OMG OMG OMG" In My Town
Plane Eaten Alive By Giant Insect!!!
400-500 of Axed GM Dealers Sold Only 35 Cars Per Year
10 Pictures That Troofers Hate
Et Tu, Stenny?
Oh Noes!!!1! AF Family Just Got an ASBO!
Andean-Italian Fusion: Inti-Illimani Performs Tarantella
The Titanic's Last Secret
The Lowest Voice I've Ever Heard
A Bittersweet Day
Dolly Parton Sings Stairway to Heaven
The Bioterrorist Who Became Governor of Kentucky
1 Million Have Fled Greater Afghanistan, Er, NW Pakistan Fighting
Top Pelosi Aide Learned of Waterboarding in 2003
"Patriot Act Victim" Update
Now GM Wants To Buy A Stake In Fiat
Just Say No... To Sour Mix
Arlington County, VA Declares Every Single One of Us Victims of "Child Neglect"
A Very Disappointed Hillary Clinton Returns From Visit With Afghan and Pakistan Leaders
Missed My Chance To Ski In Bolivia... Forever. :(
A Goose Is A Man's Best Friend
Harry Truman, Leader of the Freeway
The Fightin' Whities!
Megan McArdle on Obama, Hedge Funds, and the UAW
RIP, Jack Kemp
Happy Birthday, Lil' Sheba!
We Tells Den Informes About Viro of Influence. Den We Gives Den Viro Actual, Ji Ji Ji
See!?! The Perfidious Albioneses Don't Spend EVERY Waking Moment Plotting Against...
Yanni To Serve Up To 15 Years In Prison
Just Like A Black Widow, Time Warner Eats, Then Defecates AOL
Civil Defence Bulletin - brrrrrrr
We Didn't Start The Flame War
The Past Is Someone Else's Blog
Mr. Gorbachov, Tear Down This Kitty Gate
Ah... So That's From Where All Those Hilarious Captioned Videos On YouTube Come
Latest Idiocy from the CPS and their Ilk
Pentagon's Unexpected Duty - Catching Drunk Drivers
RIP, Bea Arthur
Detroit Faces The Elephant In The Room
RIP GeoCities, 1995 -2009
Dire Situation In Northwestern Pakistan
Ma, Ma, Donde Esta Mi Papa? Se Fue Al Palacio, Ja Ja Ja!
Devon Menaced As Hitlercows Invade Perfidious Albion
Chrysler Financial Execs Choose Current Pay Over Future Of Company
Feel The Love
The Horrifying Origins of the World's Worst Font
Railways in Sakhalin
Pets Who Want To Kill Themselves
0.7% of Chris Dodd's Campaign Contributions Come From Citizens Of His Own State
Weird And Scary $##t Going Down In Bolivia
Dow Up 2.4% In 3 Months Since Obama Took Office
GM Slightly More Awake, Smelling Slightly More Coffee
Why Are US Army Recruiters Killing Themselves?
Inner-City Asthma Epidemic Caused By Roaches, Not Air Pollution
2nd Anniversary of Fastest Train On Rails
Bush Bowed... And Kissed King Abdullah On Both Cheeks
F-14 Explodes After Breaking Sound Barrier
VA Murder Victim Was Tied To Bombing Of Chinese Embassy In Belgrade In 1999
"One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest"s Strange Notions On Mental Health
Washington's Last Classic Rock Station Goes Off The Air
1 1/2 More ex-Warsaw Pact Nations Join NATO
And I Thought The Generations In My Family Were Far Apart...
What's The Difference Between A Meth Ho And A Medicated 3rd Grader?
Apple Releases Version of iPhone Designed for Seniors
Boston Globe Going The Way Of Pontiac?
Jury Rules Ward Churchill Wrongly Fired, Awards $1
Sorry, Ike - A Gigantic Metal Turd Will Soon Be Dropped Next To Washington DC's National Mall
More Signs of the Apocalypse: I Read MoDo... and Laughed
RIP, Raul Alfonsin
Richard Meets Greogory O'Y
Soon To Join The Rotary Dial Phone and Vacuum Tubes - The Campus Computer Lab
Learn Gaelic
Media Reports On Suicide Can Be Fatal
Danish Parliament Approves Fehmarn Belt Bridge
SEIU Could Use "Card-Check"
Obama Administration Replaces "Global War On Terror" With An Even Stupider Name
Grrrr!! Doktor Thag Hate Komputar!! Doktar Thag SMASH Komputar!!
Hillary Hoists The White Flag...
Hernando de Soto on Toxic Assets
US Attorney Includes "Nigerian Scam" E-mail As "Victim of Madoff"
"Islamberg" Makes Me Think Of "Palestein"
When You've Lost Andrew Sullivan AND Frank Rich AND Hugo Chavez...
Sweden Declines To Bail Out Saab
And Yet Another Article On The AIG Crack-Up
When You've Lost Frank Rich AND Hugo Chavez, You Might As Well...
"We Do NOt Ordinarily Think Of Hitler As Someone Who Cultivated A Relaxed Management Style"
He's Lost Chavez... Might As Well Pack It Up
I Must Be Dreaming - Virginia Outlaws Cul-de-Sacs
The Deposit Vanishes
I'll Be The Best Psycho Girlfriend You've Ever Had!
Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Judged
Guess What... AIG Bonuses Were At Least $218 Million, Not $165 Million
Sugar Is Back!
Raw Milk For Bloggie DC/MD/VA Chapter!
Extreme Sheep LED Art
Scrutiny For Yet Another Obaminee
Habitat For Humanity, Michigan-style
Just Another Day's Commute In Mumbai
Bad Medical News
GM Execs Lift Spirits of Hummer Dealers
"I Work for the Government. How Cool Is That?!"
More On The AIG Bonuses
Swiss Secrecy Is Vanishing
RIP, Ron Silver
Intentional Assisted Living Communities
USDA Finally Bans Slaughter of "Downer" Cows
Peanut Allergies: Desensitisation Works
AIG Gets $17OM from Uncle Sucker, Turns Around And Pays Execs $100M In Bonuses
Europe To GM: Drop Dead
Sun Servers Have Solid-State Drives Integrated Into Motherboard
Forgotten Theaters of America
Live By The Metro, Die By The Metro
Yet Another Promise Broken
Back When America Was Great - Game Show Contestants Going Wild Over Chevy Vega
RIP, Father Time
Obama CIO Appointee Gets Vetted... by FBI
It's A Bird! It's A Plane! It's Simon Bolivar!!
Brady Campaign Caught Lying Again
Aging Miserably
Phoenix Sheriff Joe Arpaio Subject of Federal Probe
When Police Forget To Make Themselves Anonymous Online
Kill The Snow Plough!
Montgomery County, MD Police Seeking Disability Find System Weighted In Their Favor
Gays Too Precious To Risk In Combat
When Engineers Have Pets
Fatal Distraction
A Deer Walks Into A Greek Restaurant, and...
Signs of the Apocalypse - I Am Reading Paul Krugman
Canada's Banks - Healthiest in the World
New Drug Is "A Huge Step Forward In The Battle Against Exuberance"
Oh Noes! The Fwenches Just Killed Fred Astaire!
RIP Pontiac*. And Saturn and GMC and Hummer and Saab.
Today's Dose of Ambivalence
Excel Feature - Turning Genetic Sequence Numbers Into Dates
Kristof on Health Care
Arrest Warrant in Chandra Levy Case
Another Day, Another Police Atrocity In The Free State
Brazil Turns On Uranium Enrichment Plant
Joe the Plumber's Fame Clock: 14:58
From Win At Polls, Bolivia's Morales Segues To Scandal
Newest Addition to Stimulus Plan
How Much Water Does Pasta Really Need?
More on the Bathrobe Media Crackup
Paul Harvey Dies at 90
Enjoy Your Flight
La Paz Landslides Destroy At Least 50 Homes
Firstes Videos Since Bolivia!
SpermDonor B. Failin
The Devil Finds Work For Idle Tentacles
So Many Trees Die In Misery So That Your Precious, Spoiled Asshole May Live In Luxury
After Being Killed, Five Die
It's A Man's Life In The British Dental Association
Hirshbeck May Have Been Right About Alomar
TV Stations Rape Hispanics, Poor and Elderly
The Fraud of "Natural" "Herbals"
Meet The Real Villains of the Real Estate Bubble
MD Bill Would Bring Transparency To Use Of SWAT Teams
Obama Hope Poster Artist Is Graffiti Artist In His Spare Time
In This Train, the First Car Stops in One City and the Last Car Stops in the Previous City
A New Twist On Outsourcing
Field Trippin'
Locations in "It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World", Then and Now
Lesbian Communes Going The Way Of Convents?
"My Favorite Color Is Beige"
Why Would Someone COMPLAIN About The Smell Of Maple Syrup?
Has Anyone Ever Seen Dennis the P and Aridog in the Same Room at the Same Time?
A War We Can Believe In
Blockbuster Has Abandoned Us
Bill Lumbergh Found, 10 Years Later
England Asks: When Will Global Warming End?
You Knew This Was Coming, Didn't You?
LMAO Syndrome
Bolivia's Ace In The Hole
How TF Do I Search Old Pics In Nikon PhotoProject?
Which One Does Not Belong - George Obama, Michael Phelps, Larry Craig
One More Republican In The Cabinet Means No Filibusters In Senate
Expensive House, Melodramatic Family
Did Watergate Tapes Transcript Whitewash John Dean's Role?
Bathrobe Media Will Shut Down Ad Network
Dogs - Collateral Damage In The War On Drugs
The Rain Forest Can Heal Itself
The Mystery of Borderline Personality Disorder
FDA Recommends Ban On Darvon
Obamamoon Ending For Sullivan?
These Moms Make Germs Seem Less Scary
Geithner Selects Assistant Sec Treasury
Just 9 Days In Office, And Obama Has His First Jerry Ford Moment
If This Doesn't Drive Bloggie To Bush Derangement Syndrome, I Don't Know What Will
Casual Fridays at the White House!
"He won't be receiving a paycheck anymore, so it'll just work itself out naturally.
When Gitmo Is Emptied, Send Them The Demented Weirdos Who Created This Ad
The Gore Effect, Part LXXXVIII
Helen Keller Fail
Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan, and Wikipedia
Of All The Identities To Steal...
What Do Benny Hill, Dr. Who, And Eminem Have In Common?
Laura and Bigel, Sitting in a Tree...
Looking For Bargains During Circuit City's Liquidation? Go To Best Buy
I'm Sam Adams, and I'm Here To Seduce You
The End of the Tamil Tigers?
Washington DC's Purple Tunnel Of Doom
Danny Donkey's Inaugural Message
SmartCar, Stupid Driver
Pill For Multiple Sclerosis On The Way?
Chavez and Putin - Partners In Crime
Nodrog Interviews Laura
Obama Flubbed Oath - So He Could Secretly Re-Take It With His Hand On the KORAN!!!!
Dick Morris Didn't Get A Pony
Next for Horses: Patchouli and Beans
White People Shocked To Find Fecal Matter In Their Colons
Largest Gatherings In History
Japanese Think Of Everything
Guess Who Is The Newest Fan Of the Bush Family
Short Circuit
Don't Give Up Your Day Job, Wiggles
In McCain Himself, Acceptance of Obama Grows
Kitteh Spanks Back!
Six Words You Do Not Want To Hear
Too Weird For Words
For Those Stuck At Home On A Frigid Saturday
School Strip-Searches Girl Because of Allegation She Was Hiding Ibuprofen Pills
Bush's Biggest Failure: "Go Shopping"
Another Major Newspaper Bankruptcy
Obama, Meet Potemkin
Hugo Chavez Learns That It's Hard To Stick It To The Empire When All You've Got Is Sub-$40 Sour Crude
Iberia Suffers the Gore Effect
Now Obama Is Backtracking On Closing Gitmo
The "Priory of Sion" Hoax
State Department Doofuses Crash Their Email Server
When Mash-Ups Go Bad
Montgomery County, MD Notices Illegal-Immigrant Crime At Last
WalMarts in Utah, the Dakotas, Missouri and Michigan Are Notorious Gay Cruising Zones
Obama's Nominees Alienate Still More Liberal Sacred Cows
Detroit, Illinois, and now Baltimore
Obamanaugural Bubble Bust
The NIMBYs of 1837
Timothy McVeigh Sucked At Trolling
In Case You Were Wondering Why HHL Didn't Come To The Bloggie-DC Meetup
The Collapse of the Oil Bubble
Alpacas - Hoofed Mammals with Hygeine
Irish Roads
Hamas Is Running Out of Ammunition
Prosecco Wants A Place In The Sun
America's Mercenaries
Russia's H-Bomb - Made in the USA
"Why, Yes, As A Matter of Fact, We WERE On Crack."
This Is Not Me, Part XVIIXC
CNN Wants Stormi To Love Them
Vee Vill See You Van Christmas Tree and Raise You Van Yuleh Goteh
Creepiest Mom Evar
This Is Not The Omen You're Looking For.
December 26 2004 - The Day The Ocean Turned Into A River
Burning Coal At Home Is Making A Comeback
Lipodiesel, At Last
Now, Obama's Secretary of Commerce-Designate Is Under Investigation
Financial Workers vs. Auto Workers
And Now, The Ultimate Bribe For 60-yo Afghan Warlords
Another Obama First
Look What Santa Left In My Stocking
Tyson's Corner Macy's Open 108 Hours Straight Pre-Christmas
NY Times Sells Red Sox
Hugo Chavez Gets A Lump Of Coal In His Stocking
Federal Reserve To Create More Money
V the K Wishes Everyone A Merry Christmas
May You Have A Diverse and Inclusive Christmas
Only One Factory Left Making SUVs, In The Entire Country Now
Obama team probe of Obama team finds no Obama team impropriety
The Rev. Rick Warren Just Can't Win For Losing
Bush Pardons 19 More... Guess Who's Not Included
Chavez Still Tries Desperately To "Look Busy"
More Shameful Activity at Chuck E. Cheese
No Water In IBCLandia This Morning
The Sinister Origins of the Hokey Pokey
Detroit... Or Jail?
Firefox Not-So-Awesome Bar
Butter Holds The Secret To Cookies That Sing
List of Retronyms
In Bolivia, They're Rioting... Over Used Cars
Pottersville Is Much More Fun Than Stiff, Boring Bedford Falls
RIP, Nurse Chapel
Deep Throat Is Dead
Blah Blah Blah Barney Frank Blah Blah Blah
Is Steel's Revival A Model For Detroit?
Sullivan's Obamamania To Turn To Obama Derangement Syndrome
The Usual Mix of Paranoia, S##ts and Giggles
OPEC "Emergency" Meeting FAIL
My Hometown Welcomes The Apocalypse
PG County Cop Arrested For DUI 4 Times This Year
It's Not The Wages. It's The Work Rules.
Packen Got Her Own TV Show!
Will Google Buy The NY Times?
The Return of Numa Numa!
Update on Ecuador's Default
"On a completely unrelated note, Amanda still hasn't figured out why the Edwards campaign fired her. "
Here Is That Detroit Wage Graphic Y'all Were Looking For Earlier
Airbus... or Leaf Blower?
Quiz: What Do The Airports of Delhi, Hyderabad, Islamabad, Manila, New York, and Springfield (IL) Have In Common?
Ecuador Defaults
Not Quite The Golden Calf Scene In "The Ten Commandments", But Close
"Poop, Yule Log, Poop!"
Sometimes "Local Youths"... Is Nothing More Than "Local Youths".
Sullivan Fisked By His Own Guest-Host
Bear Grylls Injured In Antarctica
A Brief History of White People
Tribune Co. May File For Bankruptcy
Pakistan Air Force Pages Seymour Buttz
The Car That Will Save Detroit
The Long Faith-Based Nightmare Is Over
Big Three's Dealer Networks - A Major Obstacle To Cutting Dead Brands
Lt. Bubblebutt Has A Cousin Who Is A Traffic Cop In Ramallah
You Can Always Trust Your Drinking Buddies
Open Registration At The Other Plaice - 100 New Hatchlings
Sunny von Bulow Is Free At Last
Student's Turd Sandwiches A Hit With Classmates
Mr. Johnson, You're No Tons-O-Fun
A Gentle Word Of Advice To Microsoft Software Developers
Drunks For Obama! DC Bars Open 4 Days Straight For Inaugural
GM Gives Up On Pontiac, Saturn, Hummer and Saab
Happy Holidays From The Other Side of the Pond
Weird And Wonderful Road Signs
Not Exactly "Shut Up, C*mface", but...
Wee Ooo!! Wee Ooo!!! Do Another Leg Stretch, And You're Going Downtown
Subprime Loans... Or Oil?
For Some, January 20 Is Too Late
And That Dot Immediately to the Left of Free Baluchistan Is... Pakistan.
What Do CaJo And The Canadian Human Rights Commission Have In Common?
Wee Ooo!! Wee Ooo!!! This Train Has A Fire-Engine Siren On It
Hugo Chavez Realizes That Without Bush As A Bogeyman, He's Screwed
Presidential Pets
"They Got Angry And Called Me A Nazi And Couldn't Refute Any Of My Points"
2000 Former Michiganders Seen Headed South On I-75
The American Family Association Gives You A Great Way To Welcome The Obamas To The White House!
I Give Up. You Folks See If You Can Come Up With A Clever Threadline.
For The Insatiably Curious
"Nutritious, but it also has a wonderful texture and amazing cooking properties. Like fine wine and cheeses, complex and dynamic..."
PC Magazine Will Ditch Paper After January 2009
Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano Will Be Secretary of Homeland Security
In Case What You Were Wondering What The Washington DC Metro Considers More Important Than Actually Running A Transit System
Here Be Rats
Could A Default By Ecuador Topple Chavez's House of Cards?
ASBOed Heads Explode As Murdoch Makes Kissy-Kissy To Obama
Iraqi Cabinet Votes 27-1 To Require US To Withdraw By End Of 2011
'Meh' Is Officially Part of the English Language
Just For Zorkie!
Amanda Uses Her Nether Regions To Sit On Her Ass
What Happens When You Defend Song and Dance Man
The Re-Birth of Cardboard
Men Are Autistic, Women Are Schizophrenic
Ugh - This Possible Change Does Not Give Me Hope
Jersey City Councilman: "I Am Like A River To My People!"
Shorting The Goracle - Carbon Exchange Prices Collapsing
The Reason Why Biden Said Obama Is "Clean"
How McCain Lost Althouse
Singapore Expressways - Driving Through A Garden
Monkfight At the Holy Sepulchre! (Part XIVII)
Interesting Facts About Obama's Chief of Staff
This Little Kitten Sure Has Long Ears
i iz gud dogg. i can haz mor gasoleen?
They Like Us... For A Little While, Anyway
Why Wait Until January 20?
A Sweet Little Toy For Bigel. (Seriously, WTF?!?!)
Alaskans Root, Root Root for the Home Team!
The Air Force Family Needs A Pound Cow
US Snooze Still Exists? Guess What, It's Cutting Back To Monthly
My Scary Halloween Treat
Tehran Subway Pictures - Not Exactly Riyadh
Wikipedia Article on Ayers/Obama Controversy
Kate Moss: 34 Is The New 54
Al-Qaida Endorses John McCain
Some Weirdo From My Dad's Hometown
Don't Use Babelfish When Making Bilingual Street Signs
Very Strange Murder Case In DC
Montgomery County, MD Police in Disabilty-Retirement Scam?
Porsche's Purchase Of Additional 31% of VW Shares Creates Mother of All Short-Squeezes
The Economist Endorses Obama
Brain's Bigelaura Area Found
Perfidious Albionese Defeat Knockwurst-Nazi Speed Cameras
The Gore Effect Strikes Again
Party To Dump Senile Old Coot From Leadership
Who Says Nazis Can't Be Fabulous?
Can You Picture This Happening To Joe Biden? G-d Forbid...
The Elephant In The Lobby
Colombia Frees Another FARC Hostage, 9 FARCs Killed, 6 Wounded
Ahmedinejad "Exhausted" - Or Just Scared S**tless By Fall In Oil Prices?
Speaking of Stupid, Never-Ending Suits...
Computers That Boot Instantly?
Interesting Graphic of GM SUV Sales
Somewhat Ironically, The US Dollar Is Now A "Safe Haven"
Obama Meets With Dictators, No Pre-Conditions Necessary
Did you ever have one of those days where you just wanted to crawl out of your own skin?
Is The iPod Doomed?
Soon To Be Mrs. Bigel?
Old But Interesting Article On Oil Speculators
Tit For Tat In The Campaign Sign Wars
oh noes!!1! 16 pupz & onlee 8 nipelz!!
Woman's Career Gone to the Dogs
The Power of Water
Venezuela May Collapse If Oil Stays Below $94
The Reason Why Obama Won't Show His Birth Certificate - He's A SPACE ALIEN!!
Will GM Take Jeep and Minivans, But Vaporize The Rest Of Chrysler?
Newspapers Dropping AP - Faster, Please
Italian PM Is Italianly Blessed, Irishly Cursed (NSFW)
What Sucks About Being A Horse (Or Other Hoofed Mammal) - You Can't Scratch Your Own Butt
The Republicans Fight Classy With Classy
Proof That Chihuahuas Evolved From Rats
Murtha: My Consituents Are Racists Who Are Too Stupid To Vote For The White Guy
Rhythm, Cheney, Heart, Abnormal - Which Of These Words Do Not Belong?
SarahFail? :(
Too Cruel To Live, Too Fat To Die? Bye Bye!
In-Air Re-fueling A Bit More Complicated Than You Might Think
The Annoying Self-Centeredness of the Medium-Distance Runner
Washington Post Readers Are Terrible Parents
I saw a Sun Dog yesterday
Bailey Building & Loan Latest Casualty of Subprime Crisis
Jose Canseco Just Can't Get Enough Testosterone
Defense Attorney Invokes White Priviledge In Columbine-Like Case
The Sound That Phone-Sex Workers Do NOT Want To Hear
Gay Teen's Killer Is White Supremacist
Will GM Swap GMAC For Chrysler?
Interesting Article On This Week's Stock Market Craziness
Ganser syndrome
Why Hillary Voters Didn't Defect After All
I Don't Need Directions, I Ride The Bus
Miss Sullington's Strange Obsession With the Palin Offspring Continues
Blondes Continue To Perpetuate Their Stereotype
Will RWC Be Riding The Hershey Highway?
Awww... What A Sweet Petting Zoo
LA Train Crash Engineer Sent Or Received Texts Every 3 Minutes During Last Shift
People Who Just Can't Stop Going To Church - Blessings Are For Animals, Not Humans
"Too Many People Don't Understand The Seriousness of the Situation."
The Bailout Vote - The Graphic To End All Graphics
It's Official - Tuesday's Edition of New York Sun Will Be Last
writeln ('HELLO, WORLD!')
The CRA's Role In The Subprime Crisis - A Second Opinion
Where Children Come From
Haile Gebraselassie Finishes Marathon In 2:03:59
Congress Drops ACORN Slush Funds, Makes Other Improvements To Bailout
NRA "Agent" Infiltrated Anti-Gun Groups
Why Don't Brits Rinse Dishes After Washing Them?
Michael Stipe Uses Financial Crisis To Bury Announcement Of Something Everyone Knew 15 Years Ago
Moseying Through Abkhazia
Car Bomb At Syrian Intelligence Agency In Damascus, 17 Dead
NYPD Admits Taser Use Violated Guidelines, Sacks Emergency Service Unit Head
Wall Street Sneezes, The World Catches A Cold
It's a Gorfest!
How To Make Black History Month More Interesting
Bank Bailouts - Sweden Shows The Way
LA Commuter Train Crash - The Mystery Deepens
Clay Aiken Also Revealed That The Sky Is Blue
We Get Free Publicity From Losers With Too Much Time On Their Hands
For The Ladies - Why Your Toilet Seat Keeps Popping Up In The Middle Of The Night
Circuit City Lays Off 1 More Overpaid Employee
A Brief History of the Economic Crisis, 1999 - 2008
Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley Will Become Bank Holding Companies
It's Official - US Savings Bonds' Return Will Only Break Even With Inflation
The Short But Curious Life Of The Engineer In Fatal LA Train Crash
Next Generation of Chemotherapy - No Side Effects?
Bye, Bye, Ehud!
Doctors Find More Use For Orifices Than Andrew Sullivan
The Long Island Railroad Is Horribly, Unspeakably Dangerous To Its Long-Term Employees
Telegraph and Punch-Card Reader Operators Needed
US Bishops Moving Towards Supercessionism
More Secret Palin Love-Children Discovered
The Dangers of Credit Default Swaps
John Wilkes Booth's Very Strange Assassin
Are The Collapses of Lehman and the Price of Oil Linked?
B of A Will Buy Merrill Lynch
The Short, Happy Life Of A Flight Attendant
What Should You NEVER Do When Landing An Airliner With A Failed Engine?
Figure In Rosenberg Case Admits To Spying For Soviets
Another Obama Gaffe: The Reason Why McCain Doesn't Use A Computer
Galveston's Tiniest Residents Wave Goodbye
When Trolls Get A Bad Case Of Stockholm Syndrome
Biden Inspires Confidence
Will Russia Be Able To Put The Secessionist Genie Back In The Bottle?
Has Civil War Begun In Bolivia?
Senator Biden, You're No Oral Roberts
He Lost His Leg And Then His Head And Now He's Dead
The Other Plaice Has Yet Another Spinoff
Oliver Sacks on Bipolar Disorder
Don't Be Shy, Dennis! Tell Us What You REALLY Think
Do Loose Women Walk Loosely?
Is North Korea Getting Closer To Freedom?
Percentage Of Population (By Country) Living On Less Than The Typical ATM Fee, Per Day
Going to the End of the Line
Mossad Had Opportunity To Capture Mengele, But Sacrificed It For Bringing Eichmann To Justice
NY Sun's Days May Be Numbered
Googie Architecture - Back To The Future
This Ike Is A Bad Dog
Osama Bin Shoppin
Oh No!! Jefe Busted At Enchanted Forest!
This Does Not Fill Me With Confidence In Shaakashvilli
Taxi Ride From El Alto To La Paz - Down 500 m in 9 Minutes
Is This Another Reason That Russia Attacked Georgia?
Awesome New Bridge At Hoover Dam
Allende Should Have Used Macs
Larry Craig Gives Bob Byrd A Heart Attack
The Mexican Equivalent of "Tax Me More"
LOL At, Er... With Bush
Russians Move Beyond "South Ossetia" to Central Georgia
Bolivians Go To The Amphorae Today
Microsoft Sucks, Part CXMVI
Obama Salute on Star Trek/TOS!
PG County MD Police Have A History Of Shooting Innocent People's Dogs
And You Think The Metro Sucks?
Balloons 1, Fascists 0
Could The End Of Cheap Oil Be Wal-Mart's Undoing?
Washington DC Zoo Follows Bloggie's Cruel Example And Exiles Hippo
Can I Please Donate My Man-Boobs To Kate Hudson?
Hong Kong's Scary Old Airport (video)
Cool Neologisms, Or Proof That Teenagers Are Schizophrenic
Interesting Insights on GM's Implosion
Another Delightful Photo Blog
First Class for Botox, Coach for Skin Cancer
Rich on Obama - Why Wait Until January 20?
College Students of the World, Unite! You Have Nothing To Lose But Your Horrendously Overpriced Textbooks!
Fun for EE/CS Nerds - Building Logic Gates out of Dominoes
For Those Occasions When A Six-Pack Of Sam Adams Just Won't Do
Do Stockholders Need To Know About A CEO's Health Issues?
Hello. I Am Annoying.
Rude Blue Gerperson Moons Obama
Good Thing AFW's Pop Didn't Take A Ride On This Street
For The Richard Cohen Fans Out There
NY Times Debt Sob Story
Mean Little Kitty Rap Video
Mickey Rourke Follows Carrottop
The Right To Watch TV In Spanish With Rabbit Ears
HGTV's Design Star Has The Best Contestants!
Is The Oil Bubble Bursting At Last?
Peace Negotiations Resume
Obama Announces Who Will Be His Defense Secretary
My Gay Husband Wanted To Leave Me For His Puppy
IBC Travel City of the Week - Asmara, Eritrea
YouTube Recommended This Video To Me. Why?
David Lee Roth Joins Keef Richards and Eddie Van Halen
RIP, Tony Snow
Jaime Escalante, from Cochabamba, Bolivia
This is NOT from the video that we watched at Air Force House
Liberals Starting To Question Obama's Sweet Talk
Walter Mellon III Has A Buddy!
Obama, McCain See Who Can Kiss Latino Tushie Harder
Lehman Bros. Predicts NY Times Stock Will Fall 46% in 12 Months
Paul Newman Makes A Gingerbread Version of Oreos! Nom nom nom
Many Foreign Detainees Have US Arrest Records
The Sad Fate That Awaits Simon Cowell
AFW Was Out In The Sun Waaay Too Long, But Got This Beautiful Green Veil
Homosexual's Cramp Causes Collapse At Trial
Population Density Map Of The World
Bloggie Diet Plan
How To Take The Car Keys Away From Mom And Dad
"The Yellow Lazy River", by I.P. Frielie
John Warner Is A Senile Gasbag
Born On The Third Of July
Enumclaw Update
For RWC's Next Vacation
Bloggie Residents Are Losing Face (I Blame cba)
Courtney Love, Victim of 8/22/06
Fun With Hindi
What The Japanese Do Instead Of Fighting Blogwars
Europe's Birthrate Is One-Third of That Of The Air Force Family
Zeke Has A Little Buddy!
DNC Throws Both African-Americans And Southerners Under The Bus
Maria Kotarba, "Mom of Auschwitz"
Google Image Search for "Epic Fail"
Campaign Wear for the Racist Crackheads of Bloggie
I Need To Get One Of These For My Vista PC
Columbia Fires Noose Professor
This Is Why I Get Tired Of My Gay Cousin Sending Me Mini-Dildoes And Penis Pasta Every Year For Christmas
America's Stolen Anthem
Why You So Stiff, Mang?
Here's Your New Thread, Ev!
More Dubbing Fun With Star Trek
Guess What? Harry's Place Is A "Nazi" Site, Too
Immigrants in the Water (No, Not the Rio Grande)
All Come Worship The Saviour (Of Perfidious Albionese Cooking)
If My Giganticness Doesn't Scare You Sufficiently, I Will Scratch Your Eyes Out With My Dainty Little Hands
Must Sell House. Must First Erase Dead Wino From Lawn.
A Hastily Drafted Document
WHO Shatters The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS
Ducks Snore???
McCain Supports Security Council Seat for Brazil, Ouster of Russia from G8 in Favor of India
Tartuffo Spotted In Hong Kong Bridge Project!
Strangely Appropriate
Laura Bush Stumbles Into A Titan Video
UK Security Documents - For BBC Eyes Only
Was Bach's Toccata And Fugue In D Minor Originally For Violin?
Loser of 2004 Advises Loser of 2008
There Are Several Dozen Indian Women Dancing In Obama's Mouth!
This is NOT The Third Component of A "Three-Piece Suit"
Blah Blah Blah Abu Ghraib Blah Blah Blah
Verizon is Gay and Constipated
Blah Blah Andrew Sullivan Blah Blah
Does Obama Campaign Have An Iranian Agent Working On It?
DNC Will Count Half of FL and MI Votes
Obama Resigns From United Church of Teh Crazee
This Week's Bloggie Vacation Destination
The Times Re-discovers The Vapors
What DC Police Do As The Murder Rate Skyrockets
Algeria Gives New Jersey A Run For Its Money
I've Found My Dream City At Last
Cuba Dissidents Back Obama Pledge
Piggy Banks for the 21st Century
Subway In Winnipeg??
Bloggie DC Chapter Meet Pix!
Feecal The Little Chocolate Starfish
Another Sexuall-Confused Monarch Who Played A Major Role In The Spread of Monotheism
Native America Is A FNDKSH
Shokhet Rodriguez
Hillary: Michigan = Zimbabwe
Canada Wants To Build New Bridge To Detroit. Why??
If Ike Had Tusks
Our Troops Have Suffered Long Enough
Mr. Doo Doo Comes To America
Greek Home Improvement
wat im dooin wen ur at workk
Murdoch Says Media Hostility To Israel Has Anti-Semitic Roots
Answers To Pressing Questions (NSFW)
Discover Bosnia!
Germany Is A Good Country For Business.
Possible New Trans-Uranium Element Found - Almost As Stable As Uranium
Albania Adds Color
Mad Pride
War Dead Cremated at Pet Crematory
PhotoShop Disasters
In Just 5 Years, Even Morocco Will Have A Better Passenger Rail System Than the USA
Best Santa Evar
Dorian Grey Meets The Olson Twins
Animation of Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (video, 8:35)
McCain Patriotically Nude Like Obama
Eastern Bolivia Rebukes Evo Morales In Autonomy Vote
Eight Belles Euthanized After Breaking Both Front Ankles Running Kentucky Derby
Shock and Awe, Indeed
5 Israeli Tourists Die In Accident in Bolivia
British Labour Party Suffers Worst Defeat In 40 Years, London Race Still Too Close To Call
Miss Sullington's Visit To Planet Earth
I Weep For the Sheeps :(
Lesbian Labradors and Girlie-Boy Viszlas
Belly Dance
Today's Ursula Plassnik Post!
I Got My Wish - Sullivan's Head Exploded
Dean Blasts Pennsylvanians For Lack Of Support
Hillary: I'll Make Samson Look Like Andrew Sullivan
Illegal Immigration by Country
Andrew Sullivan Yada yada yada
The Annual Jerusalem Priest-Fight
Germany Outlaws Fortissimo
Bicycle Lift in Trondheim, Norway
The Pope's Close Encounter With Beaver
Did CIA Help Bring Chavez To Power?
The Last Meal On The Titanic
Leftists Against Kos
In Case You're Wondering What Happened To Fay And Matt
An Interesting Reason Why The Hildebeast May Eat The Messiah
Dealing With Death, 40 Hours A Week
Liberals' Invisible Homophobia
Breaking News! Ursula Plassnik Has A Bad-Outfit Day!!
This Futbol Team Fits In One Taxi
She Did WHAT?!?
Rev. Wright Used to Be Nation of Islam
The Stormtroopers Guarding the Torch
Tunnel Between Helsinki and Tallinin?
RIP, Charlton Heston
We Divorce Thee, We Divorce Thee, We Divorce Thee.
I Just... Can't... Get... Away... From Him!!!! GAAAAAAHHH!!!
If She Were Alive Today, She'd Probably Be On Bloggie
Paris Hilton Dances Like A White Girl
Will Mugabe Be Defeated?
Bloggie's Favorite Refugee from the Bu$hitler Hates Canada A Little More Each Day
The Continuing Saga of the Broken Laptop Guy
Obama Unveils New Appeal To White Voters
Washington DC's Innovative Healthcare Taxi Service
TO: Bloggie RE: He's BAAAAAACK!!!
Proof of the Theory That Richard Mellon Scaife Was an Agent Provocateur?
Miss Sullington's Come (so to speak) Undone
Rev. Wright's Poverty-Stricken Childhood
60% of Obama's Lead Comes from Cook County, Illinois
This Really Makes Me Want To Reconsider My Position On The War
From Andrew Sullivan's Very Private Collection
Hyperlordosis - The Runner's Dreaded Lurgy
Pope Provokes Seething
After The Last Supper, Jesus And His Friends Watched Elmo And Went To Bed
The Hollywood Squares, Uncensored
Dworkin, Dickenson, and...Testosterone???
A Haven For Those Touched By The Moon
Albanian Motorways (no joke!)
New NY Governor Admits To Being A Lesbian
Should America Have A President Who Associates With America-Haters?
Signs of the Apocalypse - I Agree with Something Robert Kuttner Wrote
American Bureau of Communists Continues to Shill for The Messiah
Was Enron Spitzered?
Yes, MSG, The Secret Behind The Savor
Opera Windbag Goes To The Reverend White's Church
For Those Of You Who Have Been On The Edge Of Your Seat, An Update
A Rare Bit Of Sanity From Paul Krugman - Is There Hope?
Seared...SEARED!!! Into Barack Obama's Not-Yet Born Memory
Miss Sullington Appears To Be Ignorant Of The Demographics Of Mississippi
Background on the Spitzer Investigation
A Very Naughty Blank
Just What The World Needed - An Equine Version Of Bratz
"The problem is, fancy running shoes have allowed us to develop lazy feet"
Saturn's Moon Has Rings, Too
Obama Swiftboated By His Grade School Friends
What's Grosser Than Gross? When You're Kissing Your Grandmother And She Slips You The Tongue
China's Latest Genocide: Cats
Chavez and Correa Blink At South American Summit
Interesting Runway In Funchal, Madeira
Bloggie Tops This Google Search
Sometimes It's Just Tough Being A Man (NSFW)
Condi and the Photo-Op Photo Presentation Photo-Op
DNC Looks For Way Out Of Florida-Michigan Clusterf**k
Embraer Super Tucano - The Plane With Which Colombia Hit FARC
A Comprehensive List Of Obsolete Skills
Coal Black and de Sebben Dwarfs
This Is NOT Hamentashen
Daniel Ortega's Approval Rating At 21% In Poll
The Sweetness of Northernness - Sap Time In Quebec
In-Flight Refueling Planes Outsourced To Perfidious Europe
Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child - Paul Robeson
Steve Ballmer Can't Hold A Candle To These Motivational Consultants
Have You Tried Rebooting Your Aircraft Carrier?
The Cruel, Cruel Air Force
Latin America's Interesting Reactions To Kosovo's Independence
Hillary Clinton Hit By Drive-By Media
No Blood for Colt!!!
McCain Reminds Obama Of Al-Qaida-In-Iraq's Whereabouts
The Funny Crash Compilation #7
Planet Unicorn Episode 6 - Christmas In February
And The Winner Is... LINDSAY LOHAN!!!
Imaginary Lover - Atlanta Rhythm Section
Who Knew That Unadulterated Bulls##t Could Power Translatlantic Planes?
Nader Announces Candidacy
Another School Shooting - This One With A Homophobic Angle
Microsoft Seems To Think It Bought Yahoo Several Months Ago
Talking Back To Adderall
Can't Fit Into That Dress? A) Get A New Dress B) Get Liposuction
The World Metro Map
Nancy Nipples Wants You To Buy Her Milk
And Yet Another Lame LFG Spinoff Blog
"Osama", er... "Obama
The Democratic Meltdown Continues
Suddenly, After Several Years Of Apathy, I Have The Urge To Listen To A Weather Forecast
Sleep At Work
John McCain Hand Turkeys
I'm Totally Ambivalent About This Story
Hillary Already Stealing The Election
The Obama Effect
Gay Story
Just Another Quiet Evening In Ohio
An Uncharitable View Of RIP Ford's Hometown
Intolerant Christianists Take Over Amsterdam
Pleasant Dreams Tonight, Folks
Mennonites In Bolivia
Just For AF Little Guy: Why You Should Never Swallow Bubble Gum
New Law Requires Waiting Period For Suicide Vest Purchases
Polycythemia: Could It Be Affecting Your Personality?
I Really Want To See This Art Museum
Good Thing I Didn't Stay In Bolivia Two More Days
Are Department Stores Passe?
Eric Breindel's Love Child Named Publisher of Washington Post
Britney: i can has innoutburger?
Microsoft Bids $44.6 Billion for Yahoo
Wee-Ooo!!! Wee-Ooo!!! Britney Goes Insane Again
And You Thought Your Community Association Was Nasty
Mindfulness Meditation (Florrie, you may find this interesting)
Hillary Tells Hispanics: "Yes You Cain't!"
How I Learned To Quit Whining And Love The NY Slimes... And Myself
Video on Tenerife Air Disaster
Venezuela's Internal Security Chief Is Son of Saddam's Ambassador
Rep. Christopher Shays Is Obviously A Football Fan
The Civil War In Four Minutes
Make Sure You Use The Appropriate Graphics For Your Argument
El Alto Clothing Makers Torn Between Evo Morales and Free Trade
Clinton's Commitment Problem
More Charming Background Details on Obama
Actor Brad Renfro Dies At 25
Romney, Clinton Take Michigan
WaPo Whines: "Daring" and "Dangerous" Books Lack Gender Equality
Guess What? Obama Is Not On The Michigan Ballot, And Write-Ins Are Not Allowed
Because No One Wanted To Buy Vodka Made From Pigs**t
Felafel of, by and for the Felafel People!
Flash Memory Now Available in 48GB
Two Daddies and a Baby-Mommy
Lancet Iraq Death Study Received Half of Funding From George Soros
This Is Not Me, Part LMCIII
Obama Narrowly Escapes Hillary's Attempt To Assassinate Him
Sullivan Finds A Soul-Mate
EMI Confuses Teens By Offering Them Shiny Round Pieces Of Plastic
Idiot Hippie Thinks He's An Indigenous Bolivian, Annoys Hillary in NH
Guess Who Has His Very Own Disease!
Clinton Fashion Disaster Roils African-Americans
Sidney Blumenthal, The Clintons' Road Warrior
And You Thought You Had A Bad Day
"Victim" of Voter ID Law Was Registered in 2 States
Dolphins, Man's Friend
Gore Effect Brings Death and Destruction to South America
Help Stamp Out Anorexia In Our Time!
Interesting Movie You Never Heard Of
Newsbusters Busts NY Times' Favorite Moby
Pee-Wee The Sockpuppeteer Goes Poof!
Hillary Finds New Heir
Admit It, You Really Wanted To Know The Answer To This Question
Netscape Bought By Church of Scientology
Eye! It Abounds Rotten Meat
One Peanut Allergy Death Debunked
Theory #2 - Musharaf Did It
Theory #1: Bin Laden Did It
Bhutto: Why I'm Returning To Pakistan
For Seafood Lovers
The Canadian Education System Is So Good... That Dogs In Vancouver Can Read
Naughty Monkey
Bestest & Wurstest Xmas Songs EVAR
Guinea Pig - It's What's For Dinner
Mitt Romney, Messican
Guaranteed To Make Bigel Cry
Santa Is Crucified For Our Sins
More "Zero Tolerance" Idiocy - Self-Defense Is No Defense
Microsoft, User-Friendly As Ever
PETA Kills Animals
With Less Than A Month Till Primaries, Harry Reid Shuts Down FEC
The Evil Side Of Christmas
New Software Review: Windows XP
Bomb Explodes In Ministry Of Justice Building In Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Want to Buy Singles? Go To Whole Paycheck
Heroic Disarmanent Activists Attack Nuclear Proliferation
While Bigel Was Cowering Under His Bed, This Heroine Risked Her Life To Save Others
Brothel Owners ♥ Ron Paul
Pelosi Was For Waterboarding Before She Was Against It
"Water-Running" Treadmill
This Is NOT AFW's New House
15 1/2 Months Late, 8/22/06 Hits Maryland With Savage Fury
Danny B Helps Perez Get In Good Enough Shape To Be Gay Again
Bolivians Attack Venezuelan Army Plane With Stones
Christmas Trees Think Of Nothing But Murder All Day
"Do you have an implausibly large number of 97-year-old black women living in Alaska as readers?"
You Might Be An IE User If...
More Insanely Wide Highways
Amtrak vs. Car - Amtrak Wins, For A Change
TNR's "Fact-Checker" Disappeared
Fox News = Clinton News Network
NYC Anchor Sock-Puppets On Call-In Show
The Dangerous Slippery Slope of Gay Marriage
The Somewhat Humourous Death of St. Teresa of Avila
In Case You Needed Any Proof That Bigel Is A Communist
Well, It Sure Ain't "Romney News Network".
The Gore Effect Freezes South America
The Satanic Secrets of Stairway To Heaven Revealed!
Spatchcocking - No, Tthilly, It Has Nothing To Do With Folsom Street
Excellent USA Today Article On The Obsolescence of Employer-Provided Health Insurance
Not Exactly Leonardo DiCaprio
Another Bad Omen For Hillary
Crater from "Tunguska" Event Found, A Century Later
I'm Calling In Sick Tomorrow
Hatch & Mukasey - "Mainstream Obscenity" Worse Than Terror?
InstaPundit Has An Annoying Fly Buzzing In His Ear Again
Pakistani PM's Nose Picked by 0.1m-Tall Midget
Prince Charles To Step Down
Idiots At NBC: Piracy More Serious Than Burglary, Fraud, Bank Robbery
OMG!!1 Global Warming Reveals That The Earth Was Warmer 7000 Years Ago!
Hard Working Mexicans Replaced by Lazy Slow Americans
RIP, Ford 150
Γγιβ ας ιουρ μανι, δις ιζ α κετςαπ
A Savior, A Dupe, Or A Pervert? Or Possibly All Of The Above?
RIP, Robert Goulet
In Case Anyone Was Wondering Why I Threw Out My YAF Button Last Night
When Fingers Meet Pussy
Soccer Practice (semi-NSFW)
How To Get Yourself On Georgia's Sex Offender Registry
The Netherlands Observes Devil's Night
Fun With Drunk Croat Drivers
Perverted Russian Statues
First Jewish Nazis, Now Serb Nazis
Pelosi Continues To Be A Pathetic Puppet Of The Bu$hitler Regime
My Opinion Of Mitt Romney Just Shot Up Several Points
Bolivia: Major Gonfrontation Between Government Troops And Locals At Country's Principal Airport
John McCain's Mom Needs A New Fashion Consultant... Or Something
Best Buy Has Sold Its Last Analog TV
All You Ever Wanted To Know About "Substances" But Were Afraid To Ask
Lileks Fisks The Guardian Fisking Olive Garden
Not The Hershey Highway
For Once, The Beeb's Programming Is Slightly Less Dreadfully Boring
Open-Sores Software
Bloomberg - Another Green With A Sasquatch-Sized Carbon Footprint
Signs of the Apocalypse: Maureen Dowd Pens A Column Actually Worth Reading. And Funny, Too!
More Stupid Chihuahuas
Fred Thompson, The Next "Great Communicator"
American Enterprise Institute - Heart of the Neocon Conspiracy!
The Laura Method of Voice Training
Kazan Subway - It Ain't The East Side IRT
Too Shocking For Drudge! You Heard It Here First!
Just Another Day In Gitmo... Er... Folsom Street
InstaPundit's Coverage of the Republican Debates, Brought To You By Delta Airlines
World's Most Isolated Roads - RIP Ford Will Love This Blog
O'Reilly Isn't Enough... Fox Hires Carly Fiorina
If You Want To Keep Your Medical History Confidential, Don't Have An Accident In New Jersey
Ask Not For Whom The R!ngtone Tolls
Peacekeepers Destroy Darfur Town, In Order To Save It
And Just When You Thought Britney Had Nothing Left To Loose...
100-Foot Tall Hillary Clinton Seen At Phoenix Airport!
C'mon... Why Do You NEED A Reason To Do This?
Cause of Global Warming Discovered - Shocking!
If You're Going To Wear Pants, You Really Should Wear A Belt, Too
RWC Is Just 2 Days Shy of Being a Thursday Babe!
Britney Rebounds From K-Fed Breakup
New Jersey Commuters Are A Bunch Of Turkeys
Airbus A380 Takeoff
San Francisco Supervisor Challenges Jew
There Was Almost A Repeat Of The Tenerife Disaster At Logan Airport In 2005
Google's Market Cap = GDP of Venezuela
Bigel's Hero Richard Nixon Was A FNJKAH
For The Ladies of Bloggie
Grozny To Detroit: Eat Your Heart Out
Picard vs. Vikram
The Shocking Truth About England's Favourite Pudding
I Need A Caption For This Video (rated "G")
AT&T Bans User Criticism In Its TOS (Sound Familiar?)
William Tell Overture
"$9.11 For Rudy"?? WTF?!?
New Jersey Is A Ef-Jay-Kay-Ess-Hache
First Rupert, Now Dubya
This Dog REALLY Hates Baths
It's Not A Good Idea To Jump Into Ponds In Russia
It's Not A Good Idea To Drive In Tunnels In Greece
It's Not A Good Idea To Drive In Right Lane In Turkey
Not Too Many Chemistry Majors In Toronto, I Guess
Worse Than The Red Line During Rush Hour
Cute Cat & Dog Montage
Does Anyone Else Here Remember This Band?
Elliot Spitzer Needs A Lesson in Probability & Statistics
Colbert On The Larry Craig Arrest
Who Needs Krugman For Free When You (Might) Have The WSJ For Free?
This Has Absolutely Nothing To Do With Code Pink
Suzanne had this horrible reaction when she had her anus bleached and had to go to the emergency room
Who Needs Primaries and Caucuses, Anyway?
NY Times Shareholder Equity Exactly Equals The Value Of Its Headquarters Building
Bono - Insanely Drunk With Power
Before 9/11, There Was 2/22
Brazil's Cluster Bombs
Hagel Cuts and Runs
Harry Potter and the Exceedingly Naughty Broomstick
Breaking: Al Gore Caught Committing Acts of Gross Indecency in Public Restroom
Yet Another Reason To Emigrate To Canada
Dying Bees: Global Warming GM Crops JOOOOS!
An Endorsement of Romney's Family Values
The New Name Of InstaPundit's Old Law Firm Makes Me Hungry
Opus Gets Censored? WTFingF?!?
Mother Teresa's Crisis Of Faith
Riding The Train In Mumbai Requires Upper-Body Strength
Victims of Global Warming Being Treated for Frostbite
Can Tonsilectomy Cure ADD?
Gangs Offer Boys What Schools Don't
Lebanese Parliamentarian's Name Makes Me Giggle
Did Collapse of "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" Lead to Burst of Real Estate Bubble?
This Video Is Very Silly
Idiots At Dvorak - Islam & Christianity Exactly The Same
Diocese of San Diego's Bankruptcy Shenanigans
Now Even Priests Are Following My Lead
A Razor That Fits: affordable bespoke shaving
Interesting Analysis of the I-35 Bridge
Murdoch: I Won't Meddle With the WSJ Any More Than Pinch Sulzberger Does With The NYT"
For Throbert, Solus, and Packen - Ilyushin IL-62's Have Four Hairdryers For Engines
Frederick, Maryland and Centreville, Virginia, 2027
Six Words That I Would Prefer Not To Hear On Any Flight
DC Madam, Eat Your Heart Out - Norway To Ban Johns But Not Hookers
The New York Subway - What Might Have Been
Chickens Come Home To Roost In RWC's Back Yard
How I Learned To Quit Worrying And Love Dubai
Bottom News of the Day: State Department Is Full Of WASPs
All in the Family
Telegraph: Bush To Cut And Run?
Danny Donkey Is My Hero
SprintNextel Disconnects Its Most Annoying Customers
LiveEarth/Sydney: "This is what happens when you let hippies organize an event"
Extreme Cold Mars Turnout for Global Warming Concert
Safety-Nazi Culture Strikes Manly Scotland - Illegal To Run To Catch Trains!
Most Absurd Junk-Science Piece of the Decade
Spaghetti and Burqas Don't Mix Too Well
Apple's Profit Margin on the iPhone - 275%?!?
This Building Should Be C@$trated
The New Fiat 500 - Not Bad! :)
Keep This Dog Away From Your Roomba, Zorkie
Chef Boyardee Ain't No Aunt Jemima
If I Were Mr. cba, I would be getting pretty damn nervous at this moment.
Al Gore III Busted for Doubling the Double Nickel... In a Prius (And Caught With a Nickel Bag, Too)
Fun With Delta
Iran's Gasoline Farce Continues - To Be Supplied by Venezuela
Universal Ditches Long-Term iTunes Deal
Grimly Funny iPod Ad Parody
Top 3 Accessories That Won't Work With Your iPhone
I Believe The Children
Cochabamba, Bolivia Holds First-Ever Gay Pride Parade
British Bishops Say Floods Are Allah's Punishment
The Inappropriate Yoga Guy (SFW)
Two More Arrests In UK Terrror Plot, On A6 Motorway In Cheshire
First Reviews of iPhone - Evolutionary, Not Revolutionary
Is This Mom For Real? (NSFW)
The 305
Dumb Ideas in Condom Marketing
Part of US Apartheid Fence Built On Mexican Territory
Cuban Doctors Fleeing Michael Moore's Paradise
Japan Is A Very Weird Country (Part XXIV)
Newsom - Bottled Water Causes Global Warming
The Hauntening
Democrats To Withhold Cheney's Salary Until He Clarifies To Which Branch Of Government He Belongs
Cameron Diaz, Little Miss Cultural Sensitivity
Blair To ConRevert to Catholicism?
Momma Finds A Date For Junior (PG, But Still Kinda NSFW)
Miss Sullington Is Unaware of Congress's Existence
Bush Approval Rating Falls To Twice That Of Congress
More Questions on Evacuation of Bin Laden Family After 9/11
Bigel's Beloved Mayor Ditches Bigel's Beloved Party
It's Not A Good Idea To Drive A Citroen 2CV On A Runway
UN Idiot-General: Darfur Genocide Caused By Sudan Dictatorship Global Warming!
At Fairfax middle school, handshakes, hugs, hand-holding and high-fives are grounds for detention
Episcopal Church Appoints First Muslim Lesbian Priest
Photos of 1957 Plymouth Belvedere Recovered From Time Capsule
Yenta With Nerves of Steel
Colombia Recognizes Same-Sex Unions
Palestinians Flee Hamas Occupation of Gaza, Build Refugee Camps in Israel
Forget Hamas vs. Fatah... It's Kirk vs. Picard!
Musharraf = Pakistan's Abbas?
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About "Irredentism"
Lott The Traitor: “Talk radio is running America. We have to deal with that problem.”
Takeoff from La Paz, Bolivia
Hannibal Lechter Freed Because He Hasn't Eaten Anyone This Week
WaPo - Hamas Takeover = "Failure of Bush Vision"
Colombia, Venezuela Relations Continue to Deteriorate
Bolivian President Plays "Protest" Soccer Match At 19,700 Feet Above Sea Level
El Salvador: The Unauthorized History
R.I.P., Mr. Wizard
This Message Just Gives You A Totally Warm, Fuzzy Feeling About The Russian Banking System
At First, I Thought "Angela Merkel Has Lost Weight"
Anti-Gun Rep. Jefferson Forced To Surrender Several Rifles And Shotguns
Deadman's Curve
Sheriff Baca's Troubling History
Paris May Go Back To Jail, Baca May Face Contempt Charges
Democratic CrackUpDate - Moore: Clinton Sold Out "HealthCare"
Cure For Kudzu? Goats!
Implementing the Sha'ul Plan
Al Gore: "I don't think that the skills I have are the ones that are most likely to be rewarded within this system."
Al Gore, Suuuper Genius
My Opinion of Elephants Just Went Down Several Notches
Update On Fat Man Overboard Cruise Ship With Young Male Cabinmate Incident
A Nice Saturday Afternoon With Andrew Sullivan
$50 On Glowworm In The Fifth, Please
This Is Why I Don't Wear Pants
Coney Island's Last Original Amusement Park To Close At End Of Summer
You Guys Wouldn't Do This To Me? Er, {gulp} Would You?
Founder of LA Group "No Guns" Arrested With Machine Gun, 2 Silencers and More
Thanks, Val Kilmer - Now I Feel A Little Better About Myself
France Says No To Illegal Immigrant Amnesty
Cell Phone Ban For Thee, Not For Me
Real Life vs. The Internet
Don't Sit Here
I Will Eat Jerry Falwell's Eyes, Turn It Into Poo, and Throw the Poo at You
Aerogels - Coolest Material In The Universe!
Daltrey to Gore: Who Hasn't Already Heard of Global Warming, Doofus?
Hallmark Scientists Identify Three New Human Emotions
Mexican-American Farmworker Organizer Tortured and Murdered in Mexico
Subaru Drivers Stricken By Deadly New Disease
Cool Illusion!
English Accents
Fear The Peacock
The Return of Oily the Geordie Chav! (subtitles not included)
The Lighter Side of Maintenance Logs
Superpapichulo: How To Avoid Gaydar
Romney Does His Best To Help Us Forget About Barak's Kansas Boner
Sarkozy Ditches "Realpolitik"
Jupiter As You've Never Seen It Before
More Food Anxiety - Popcorn Lung
Defeated Socialists Blame The Jews
Rioting in Place de la Bastille
India's Version of Burning Man
Sheryl Crow Thinks People Actually Want to Hear Her Mindless Babbling
AFW Is Top Story On Wiki!!!
Hillary Hates Women And Children, Is Joe Lieberman In Drag
Swiss Women Spooked By Metal Penises
Google Search Results for "Gay + Tinkle" (SFW!)
Find Your Antipodes!
Colombia Experiences Country-Wide Blackout
Help! My Annoying Co-Workers Have All Joined My Gym!
Text Of Pelosi's Communique To Osama Released
Mink Stink At Rail Link
Kansas Bans Local Mass-Murderer Sanctuary Laws
How Not To Load Artillery (Real or Faux?)
How To Hang A Picture
Liberals And Guns
Why England Desperately Needs Knife Control
Cheryl Crowe and Laurie David - Fight ManBearPig By Wiping Only Once
Karl Rove Disses Inconvenient Truth Producer, Sheryl Crow; Sanjaya's Handlers Diss NY Governor
The Nathan P5 - America's Train Whistle
Coupe DeVal Bans BoingBoing
Natty Hos Send Clinton Reeling Into NJ TP Guardrail
Corzine Accident Driver Found - WTF?
Chicago Is US Finalist For 2016 Winter Olympics
Pedants Attack The Goracle!
Civil War At Sheehan's "Peace House"
Influence of Tomato Paste Processing on the Linear Viscoelasticity of Tomato Ketchup
Happy Easter. And Pleasant Dreams.
Moonbats Learning to Hate the Main Stream Media, Chapter 2
Rosie Hates The Mainstream Media
Planet Hillary
On 25th Anniversary of Liberation of Falklands, British Foreign Secretary Regrets Loss of Argentine Lives
A Moment of Silence, Please - Spatini Spaghetti Seasoning Is No More
InstaPundit Agrees With Stormi and Me - Lodge Skillets Are The Greatest!
Satellite Dishes Are Banned In Iran
Popular Mechanics Replies To Miss O' Donnell
Spain's New Visa Requirement for Bolivians Triggers Collapse of Air Travel Between Countries
Texas Abolishes "Duty to Retreat"
Circuit City - Earn 51 Too Much Per Hour? Why, Pay Cut,, You're Fired and Replaced by Newbie, Obviously
Has This Ever Happened To You? NSFW
This Is What 9/11 Would Have Looked Like If It Had Been Pulled Off By The US Government
More Japanese Candid Camera Fun
The Human Cost of Mexicans
NY Times Praises Eunuchhood. Surprised?
Jehovah's Witnesses: No More Mr. Nice Guy!
Star Trek - Python Mashup
Another Global Warming Hypocrite
Maytag's Old Lonely Writes Wikipedia Articles
Painted Chinese Teat
The Ultimate Hampdance Remix
Letterman Regular Larry "Bud" Melman Dies
Cardinal Mahoney - It's The Cover-Up, Stupid
Kennedys Linked to Monroe Death? Cuckoo Conspiracy Or Not?
Al Gore's Grievious Wounding Of Our Green Mother
Just How Dumb Is Kos?
Stay Away From Fork Lift Drivers If You're In Germany
Feminist Idiot: Women Submit Less Op-Ed Columns Because They're Kind and Nurturing
I Want This Job
More Whack-y Stuff Happening on American Idol
Not Your Average Car Lover
Hillary Predicts That She Will Be Assassinated In 2011
Need To Set Your Clock? (But 844-1212 Is Busy.. Busy... Busy)
Wiki Article On The Copenhagen Squatter House - Interesting
Churchill's Views On Jews
2 Million Turn Out In Madrid To Protest Zapatero's Appeasement
When Mother Cow Goes Bad
Borat, Uncensored
Walter Mellon III As You've Never Seen Him Before!
I'd Sure Like To Know What Details This Guy Is Leaving Out Of His Story
Dangerous Tropical Fish Now Legal In Maine Restaurants
Super(ficial) Friends
SilkyPony Tries Jimmuh's "Malaise" Theme
Cellphone Companies Conspire Against Wi-Fi
Oh, Boy... It's Another "Truther" Thread Over On Dvorak
Signs of the End Times - Fed Chair Wears Brown Socks With Black Suit
The Hype Behind Second and Final Life
This Is Not Me, Either
Al Gore - Airport Security Gates For Thee, Not For Me?
Money Can Buy You Love - At Digg
MSM Continues to Turn On The Clintons
An Inconvenient Utility Bill
Re-Mixing Hillary
Skype Petitions FCC to End Cellular Firms' Hardware Monopoly
Sorority: No Dorkettes Allowed
De Cock Favors Circumcision
Chopper Down, Dozens Dead
Night of the Living Dead Bunnies
The New Republic Slowly Moves Away From Paper
Suicide Googlebombing
Britney Spears to Be Transportation Secretary In Goreacle Administration
Looking out the Subway Window and It's... Heidi?!?!?
Does Ike Have One Of These Chew Toys?
As Lindsay Checks Out, Britney Checks In
The Terrible Secret of Top Gun (Dialogue NSFW)
22-Week Premie Survives!
Frank Debuts His Skillet!!!
Brit Hume Gives It To Murtha
Suicide Bomber Kills Judge, 14 Others in Pakistan
Unbuilt Freeways - There's One Near You
The Never-Ending Strangeness of the Libby Case
Enema's Ex Spills The Beans
Chrysler Suicide Watch
The Joys of Being a Wikipedia Editor
The Gore Effect
The PS3 Follies
WaPo Idiot: Jewish "Settlers" Use Jewmoney To Occupy "Muslim Quarter" of "Arab East Jerusalem"
RWC Has Breakfast On The Road
Will Apple's iPhone Use VOIP?
Did You Use Non-Sony Cables to Connect Your PS3? Your Warrantee Is Now Void.
The Status of Sexual Minorities In Japan
WaPo Issues The Mother of All Corrections
WaPo Moron: Bush's Diabolical Plan To Raise Taxes Through Tax Cuts
For cba: Mexico's Tarahumara - A Tribe of Marathoners
Iraq: What Went Wrong
Are The Natives Getting Restless? A Mutiny In Cuba
A Fellow Nudist Commiserates {page OK, but rest of blog NSFW}
Travel To Bulgaria Suddenly Got A Lot More Interesting
30,000 Miners Take La Paz, Or Just Another Typical Day In Bolivia
NY Times Owner Predicts Eventual Demise Of Print Edition
Corporate Jet Traffic Returning From The Superbowl
Funniest Sound Clip Evar!
Ryan O'Neill Fires Shots At His Son Griffin
States Resisting Federal "Real ID" Program
Arab vs. Jew? I'm Rooting for the Arab
Bush and Pelosi Move Towards National Unity
Wikipedia Thinks Ashkhenazi Jews Are Mostly Descended From The Tribe of Benjamin
Forget Fitness Zone - I'm Joining THIS Gym!
Paraglider Attacked by Eagles
For Kevin - How To Unlock Your Car With A Tennis Ball
For That Embarassing Problem
McDonald's Coffee Beats Starbucks
New York - City Of Unbearable Excitement!!!
Rush Limbaugh Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize
Joe Biden Sinks His Second Presidential Campaign In Record Time
Sour Puss Now A Contented Kitty
Classical Composers' Tribute to Stairway To Heaven
Place Names With English Meanings
The Brick Testament - The Bible Story By Lego Blocks
Signs of the Apocalypse: NY Times Publishes Recipe for Whale Meat
Breaking News From Iraq From WLOL (video)
Colbert Explains The AT&T Mergers
Fart Salad
Sullivan Abandons The Sinking Ship Of Time, for The Atlantic
Brazil's Lula Doesn't Trust Chavez Very Much
Whatever Happened To That Dude That Wrote "Spirit In The Sky"?
Time Uses "Goatse" Image On Cover
I'm Not Going To The Same Nail Salon That Britney Goes To
An Excellent Summary of the Situation in Bolivia, From a Much Less Biased Source
Manitoba, Bolivia - "Reform" Raises Mennonite Anxiety
Democrats For Surge Before They Were Against It
Calling All Pendants: Prepare for the Permanent and Fatal Mangling of the English Language by the Chinese Hordes
Ask Mother Cow!
You Knew It Was Coming - Hitch's Dyslogy of Gerald Ford
Tensions Between Evo Morales and Governor of Cochabamba Prefecture Reach Breaking Point
Orlando Bloom Blows A Booger And Takes A Whizz
New Jersey To Allow Idiots To Vote
Tsar Alexander II Killed By Suicide Bomber?
For Stormi: 10 DECILLION Carat Diamond In Core Of White Dwarf Star
UK Police - Posting Pictures Of Escaped Murderers Violates Their Human Rights
Solid State Drives Up To 32 Gig Now
Just How Sucky Is UPS' Website? So Sucky That...
Nasty The Snowman
Barbara Boxer's 'Sister Soujah' Moment?
Evil Squirrel-Hating Spruce Trees Prepare The Second and Final...
The Jack Russells and the Diaper Pail, And Other Doggie Horror Stories
Merry Al-Christmas!
Paging V the K - There Must Be An Andrew Sullivan Joke Here Somewhere
The Perfect Briefs For Guys Who Like Teh Gay Spanked Out Of Them
NY Times Manages To Combine Xmas Shopping Hysteria and Global Warming Hysteria Themes In A Single Story
Nicole Ritchie Caught Actually Eating Something
DC Area Muslim Leaders Visit Holocaust Museum
The Dream Team
OJ Publisher Blames 'Jewish Cabal'
Rioting In Copenhagen - 300 Arrested
Was Polonium Incident Actually A Dress-Rehearsal For A Dirty Bomb?
The Eternal Optimist Goes To Heaven A Bit Early
What, No Prozac In the 23rd Century? Star Trek's Grimmest Statistic
NY Times' Joke-Telling Skills As Bad As Kerry's
A Newer, Lighter VodkaPundit (But Seriously, Glad He's Getting Better)
More Proof That There Are No Lawyers In Japan
A Fragile Ecosystem Is Being Destroyed
What Are The Saudis Up To?
Tofu Turns You Gay!!!
All Local Gun Laws Abolished In Ohio
What Kind of Cat Are You?
Did Time Negatively PhotoShop Hillary Photo?
Another Alarming Developing-World Traffic Cam
Pinochet Dies
Seattle Airport Removes All Christmas, Er, Holiday Trees In Response To "Complaints"
Bringing Your Body Just A Little Closer to Perfection
The Real Reason Cardamom Is Often Added To Coffee
Bush's Surrender Continues - Muslim Appointed to Replace Bolton
June 2003 Article on Mark Foley - Interesting in Retrospect
An Italian Angle To Dead Russian-Muslim Spy Case?
Well, It's Official - We Will Be Exterminated - And Jews Will Take Everyone Else Down Too
Yet Another Cruise Ship Hit By Projectile Vomiting and Explosive Diarrhea On A Massive Scale
Chavez Government Blocks US-based Telemundo From Covering Election
Idiotic TSA Sabotages Louisville Economy
Russia Pulls Ahead of France in Islamicization Race
This Panda Needs To Switch To De-Caf
First CatHitler, Now SantaHitler
Extra Large Toilet For Extra Large Ass
World's Weirdest Amusement Park
Evo Gets Stoned
Sounds Rather Impressive, But I'll Leave The Explanation To Solus
"Freedom To Roam"
Scotland May Secede Before Quebec Does
Alcee Hastings: Impeached Pelosi Flunkie, But Also A Friend of Israel
"It Was A Dark And Stormy Night..."
AMLO Swears Self In As Mexican President
Either The Cheese Mold Dream Just Kicked In, Or I Just Died And Went To Heaven
The Sound of 50 Hz Current
Chokeback Mountain
Flying Toilet (No, This Has Nothing To Do With the Airbus A380)
Grunting Lunk Sues PlanetFitness For Defamation
"We Don't Teach Long Division - It Stifles Students' Creativity."
MS Zune - Apple Can Breathe A Sigh Of Relief
Highland Scots Had Potato Famine, Too
This Part of Switzerland Looks a Lot Like Bolivia
Price Of Crude Falls To Within One Cent of Ed M's Magic Threshold!
Poland Faces Labor Shortage As Workers Go West
Did James Baker Really Make George Bush Cry Like A Little F****t?
Wikipedia Has Everything
Larry King Has Never Used The Intarweb
You've Been Spending A Lot Of Time On That Mountain With that Republican, Senator
Coolest Use For An Abandoned Steel Mill - Evar
Abramoff to Provide Testimony On 'Six To Eight Seriously Corrupt Democratic Senators'
Kerry Sobs Quietly In the Corner
Soros-Backed CREW Blasts Pelosi For Nominating "Unethical" Murtha
10-20?!? So's Your Mama
Liebermann May Still Be the Joker In The Deck
The Argentine Forld Falcon
Shamu ash-Shahid
Yet Another Reason For Max To Lie Awake At Night In A Cold Sweat
More Bad News For The Democrats
Democrat Victory Followed By Democrat Civil War?
Any Cool Body Will Do
Same-Sex Marriage Legalized in Mexico City
Best Political Cartoon of The Week/ Month/ Year
The Santorum Family Graciously Concedes
Why Sweden Sucks
Royal OB-GYN College Calls For Euthanasia of Severely Disabled Infants
Pamela Anderson's Androgynous Nipples
Time Travel: Wednesday Morning In Kosland Following Republican Victory
500,000 March Against Chavez in Caracas
More Un-Depressing Stuff: Heavenly Bodies
Don We Now Our Assless Chaps... Fa La La La...
Delusions of Grandeur and Reference
Need To Fly On Thanksgiving, But Tickets Are All Sold Out? No Problem!!!
Here Come The Great-Grandparents
Has Anyone Heard of .ogg? Which Media Player Do I Use?
"Devil's Night" Not Dead - Just Moved From Detroit To Saginaw
Kerry's Cover As Rove's Agent Blown, Will Be Disappeared Soon
Little Sheba The Hug Pug
US Investigates Voting Machines' Ties to Hugo Chavez
Beavers Beat Trojans
So THAT's Why English Has So Many Dangling Prepositions
Hung Erect, O My!!!
So What If He's A Sexist Fascist Who Worked Under Reagan. He's a Democrat!
World's Greatest Long-Distance Runner Does A Marathon of Marathons
Cause of the Deadly E-Coli Infestation In Spinach Found
How Dare Hewitt Hijack His Own Interview?
WTF? Webb Wrote (Underage???) Gay Porn?
Sullivan Conveniently Ignores Harold Ford's Statement on NJ Gay Marriage Ruling
Wikipedia: Not For Those Who Blush Easily
Pelosi: "My Family Is Very Pro-Life"
Why You Don't See Streakers At (American) Football Games (Semi-NSFW)
Andrea Sullington Is Under The Impression That InstaPundit (and the Rest of the Blogosphere) Takes Glenn Greenwad (and Herself) Seriously
Phony Blog That Outed Foley Tied to Human Rights Campaign
Hallmark Holidays
Sensitive? Or Just Nuts?
For V the K - Another Reason To Be Happy He Moved On To Greener Pastures
An Anti-Poverty Program That Actually Promotes Democracy?
How To Traumatize A Naughty Child
The Ladies of Bloggie Celebrate Simchat Torah
Democrats Woo Southern Baptist Convention
Dalits Abandon Hinduism By The Thousands
Good News For RIP Ford - El Paso Just Got A Lot Closer!
Your Buzzword Dictionary
GOP Pre-Mortem
How To Collect Alimony From Your Husband While You're Still Married To Him
Welcome to British Airways. Please Ignite All Non-Muslim Religious Symbols.
For AFW and MM - Resizable Shoes For Growing Feet!
CIA Responds to 2002 Overestimation of Iraq Nuke Progress by Severely Underestimating Nork Nuke Progress
Bad Bloggie! Very, Very Bad Bloggie!
Lightning Strikes Twice In The Same Place
Hillary Believes That Torture Should Be Safe, Legal, And Rare
Irony Of Ironies: Evo Morales "Just Like George Bush"
Sun Also Sets
Environmentalist Whackos Want to Institute Nuremberg-style Trials for "Global-Warming Deniers"
The Shocking Bowdlerization of "Big Rock Candy Mountain"
Sullivan's Shocking Homophobia
The Real Reason American Political Institutions Are Fkced Up
Sweden's 2nd Largest City Shut Down By Muslim Rioting
The Republican Crack-Up
Rahm Emmanuel Can't Give A Straight Answer On His Role In Foleygate
Another Reason To Hate IE
Revolt Underway In Iran? {LGF}
Washington DC Trivia Test!
DNC Supports The Troops (Canadian, that is)
What Do South Korea And Israel Have In Common
Jack Straw Demands That Women Take Their Clothes Off
Still More Foley Accusers Come Forward
Your Daily Feces Report
The Bogus Blog Behind Foley's Fall
Pirate Justice (Not For The Squeamish)
Collapse of Soviet Union Led To Fall In Level Of A Greenhouse Gas
Foley Conspiracy(?) Roundup
Brazil's First Lady Makes Brits Giggle
Tom Maguire Smells Something Fishy In The Foley Story Timeline
Victims of Guantanamo Atrocities, Like The American Poor, Becoming Fatter By The Day {IP}
Highway Collapses Near Montreal
Armey: "Being Christian Is No Excuse For Being Stupid"
For V the K - Ronaldo Does The Golden Mile!!!
Klausewitz Had It All Wrong - Politics Is Sex By Other Means
Baptists Fight "Cults"
Ending The Jihad (Between Esmay and Malkin, That Is)
News That Will Make Dennis The Peasant Cry
Top Aide To NH Congressman Caught Sock-Puppeteering
Venezuelan Opposition Candidate Debates With Recording Of Chavez
Now Webb Is On The Hot Seat For Allegedly Using the "N" Word
Interactive Smell Guide to the NYC Subway
Democrats, Republicans Tied In New Poll; Only 14% Believe Democrats Have Clear Plan For Iraq
I Guess He Won't Get A Chance To Ask Them If They've Ever Been Inside A Turkish Prison
The Death Of Osama
Oh Happy Day, ctd.: Ansar As-Sunnah Head Captured {LGF}
NY Slimes Shifts All Columns To The Left, No Justification Whatsoever
You're Cute When You're Angry
Sadly, Chavez Was Ahead of The News Cycle
Merry Fizzlemas?
Solus - If You Haven't Already Downloaded Google Earth, You MUST Get It NOW!
Ingredients: Red Insect Shit
The Increasingly Popular Iraq War
Revealed: The Secret Conspiracy to ABOLISH CANADA!!!
Yo... Einstein...
You Knew It Was Coming - Rethinking Chamberlain
For Max - More French Blame Islamic Extremists, Than Israel, For The World's Problems
Riots In Budapest - Hungarians Demand Leader Resign For Lying About Economy
Fox vs. Mike Judge
Lefties Lose Another Election - This Time In Sweden
Best "Multicultural Spokesman" Evar
Palestinian Muslims Attack Palestinian Christians
Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean
For You-Know-Who: "I Laugh, Therefore I'm Alive"
German PM Bravely Defends Pope's Critique of Islam
Japan Is A Very Silly Country, Part XCLVII {Dvorak}
Tohono O'odham Tribe Caught Between Illegal Migrants, Drug Traffickers, and the Feds
RIP, Oriana Fallaci
France 2/Al-Dura Update
An Ambivalent Cheer For Canada
Immigration Hardliner Defeats RNC Favorite in AZ Primary
In Memory of Mark Bingham
Little Hope For Improvement In Anbar Province
Bolivia Teeters On The Edge Of The Abyss
Greece's Impressive Riu - Antiriu Bridge
How Wrong Can A 5-Sentence AP Story on Guns Be?
ATTN: Laura - HP Hates Women, Must Be Castrated
98% of "Marijuana" Eradicated by DEA is Actually Drug-Free Hemp
Spectacular Rainbow and Lightning Photos
TV News Desperate to Stop Its Long Slide Into Irrelevance
Bulldyke Cows
UK Exports Equipment for Fighting War On Drugs - Result = Hizbullah Gets Night-Vision Gear {Dvorak}
Wikipedia List of Internet Phenomena
Very Strange Video Supposedly From Iraq
They Grew One
Sullington Was For The War, Before He Was Against It {title stolen from Chip Matthews}
The Addiction to Negativity
Do You Love Souza Marches and Rock&Roll? Thank The Turks
Paris Hiltion Update - Still Stuck On...
Q: What's the difference between a Democratic fund raiser and a toilet?
Castro Kidnapped, Huge Ransom Demanded
Green Helmet Guy Injured in Israeli Raid
Eyewitness Accounts of Trains Bringing Down The WTC
Chavez Can't Keep His Yap Shut, Admits Castro Is "Fighting For His Life"
Another WTC Conspiracy Thread, c/o Dvorak
Lamont's Heritage
More Fauxtography - Tyre Rescuer Does Double Duty?
This Is A Lot Cooler Than Just Throwing Out The First Pitch
Lieberman Website Hacked
More Background on the Qana Mortician/Propagandists and That Fishy Death Toll Number
More Photos From Adnan Hajj (The Reuters Beirut PhotoShop Guy) - Hizbullah Activists Bravely Guards Burning Pile of Tires
Travels In Hizbullalandia
What's The Real Deficit? {Sonicfrog, on GayPatriot}
Amazon Jumps The Shark {Dvorak}
Intra-Muslim Civil War Heightens - Saudis Fatwa Hizbullah
Stop The Presses! This is The Crisis of All Crises!!!
Megapixels or Megabaloney? {Dvorak}
Arab News (Kuwait): Hizbullah in "Quagmire"
"Mother-Of-Pearl" Clouds And Other Beautiful Meteorological Phenomena
DNC Mid-Term Election Strategy "Very Alert and Very Alive", Will Be Buried Saturday
AOL, "Very Alert and Very Alive", Will Be Buried Saturday
Mauro - Your Translation Urgently Needed - WTF is This???
Paris Seized By Christianists
How To Get The Most Salad For Your Buck At The Hut
Yet Another Weird Obsession of Madonna
LA Times "Jewish Center Shooter's Motive A Mystery"
Photos That Damn Hizbullah
The UN Can't Win - Rioters Ransack Beirut HQ {Drudge}
We May All Be Obese, But We're Way Healthier Than Our Great-Grandparents
What Do You Do When Your Penis Has Too Much Time On Its Hands?
Map Shows How IDF Has Totally Destroyed Beirut {LGF}
Zhirinovsky Finds The Grave Of His Father In Israel
Harry - "Royal", Indeed! (N Completely SFW)
Bizarre PhotoHope of Nude (?) Swimmer, On Family-Oriented Beach Website
Wikipedia Article On The Many Names of the Greek People
Meet George Michael's New Love (Warning: Some NSFW Items in Sidebars)
Astronomers Spot Star On Verge of Major Supernova {Arybhyata at SlashDot}
Hummer Uses Less Energy Than Prius? WTF???
Newsflash! Bill Maher Says Something Nice About Bush!
Sullington Tries To Up His Street-Cred By Beating Up On Day By Day
Sullivan Suddenly Realizes That Iran and Syria Are Allies And That They Are Both In Lebanon
Are You A Jackass Or Are You Just Happy To See Me? (NSFW, but no Nudity) {G*yOVision}
For Ev - More Reasons To Hate The Presidential System
Newest Sports Sensation {Dvorak}
Techno Ted (Stevens) Remix {Dvorak}
Awww... Cute Little Mercury Ion! I Name Him "Little Earl" {Dvorak}
9/11 Pentagon Attack Simulation {LGF}
Who Needs Skateboards When You Can Surf On A Cushion of Air?
Traffic Cam Got Me Dead to Rights {Sullington}
STFU Gallery
Al-Hayat Says Israel Gave Syria 72-Hour Ultimatum
A Brief History of Ice Cream
For More Secure Pr0n Browsing
Zidane Has His Own Video Game {Dvorak}
Laura's Right - Sully is a Conservative
Idiot Claims He Needs To Sunbathe Nude AND Bring His "Service Dog" (Rat Terrier) With Him, Due To Medical Complications of 9/11
Evil Multinational Neoconservative Conglomerates Give Patriotic Ex-Pat A Manly Frottaging
Egypt Blames Syria for Gaza Crisis
Got A Ho?
Stonehenge in NYC - Manhattan "Solstice" Tomorrow
Castro Donates 30 Doctors to Bolivia, They Promptly Defect
The Sun Is Shockingly Insensitive and Fails to Appreciate Diversity
How To Make Soccer More Exciting {Dvorak}
Where Men Are Men And Leprechauns Are Nervous {Dvorak}
Jackie O Sees The Need to Defend Our Borders - 46 Years Ago
The Kossacks are Revolting {The Other Plaice}
Boston Globe (Owned by NY Times) Orders Gay Employees to Marry Their Partners or Lose Benefits
A-Holes for Sale, Cheap
Tax Cuts to the Super-Rich Cause Deficit To...Huh???
Another Moonbat Academic Self-Destructs
Howard Dean Infuriated That NYS Supreme Court Agrees With His Most Recent Position on Gay Marriage
Airbus Clusterf**k Continues
Mossad Death Squad Beheads Archbishop of Canterbury
Gay Sex Causes Global Warming! (I Blame The Two Albertos)
Two Airmen to Wed In Spain
Coburn, Obama Want To Create "Porkbuster Google" {InstaPundit}
Starbucks in Qandahar! {InstaPundit}
Good News From Mexico (Knock Wood) - Early Returns Indicate That Chavez Flunkie Is Losing
At The Gates of Vienna Washington DC
Bloggie Avatar Maker
China Opens World's Highest Railway, Linking Lhasa to China Proper
USA Today Admits That It Can't Prove Verizon or BellSouth Turned Over Phone Records to NSA
NYT and WSJ in Catfight Over Treasongate
Major Israeli Websites Hacked {Dvorak}
Massive Rally In Eastern Bolivia For Autonomy and Against Communism
The Dangers of Suicide
US Navy Memorial Filled With Ty-D-Bowl
General Attacked by Maryam Al-Kayda Brigades
Royal Wind
No Blood for Coal! {MeFi}
Today's WaPo Features the Word "Penis" on Top of Front Page
OMG, They Made A Movie Out Of The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green! I'm In Heaven...
Andrea Sullington Agrees with Ed M, RWC, and Frank IBC - Last Night's Storms Were Amazing!
One Less Moonbat In the Democratic Party - Walter Mondale Calls For First Strike On North Korea
InstaPundit Called Homophobic For Ignoring Kos Gay Rumours
In Defense of Pr0n!!!
Exonyms and Endonyms
Damned If You Do... Being Too Clean Raises Your Risk Of Allergies And Autoimmune Diseases
LMAO - Murtha Cites Clinton's Perfomance In Somalia As An Example of Good Wartime Leadership {I.P.}
Kos-ola? {InstaPundit}
Jason Leopold Gets Trashed by His Alleged Source
Living on the Border(line)
The Fabulous Ruins of Detroit
Will Boston Ever Connect North Station and South Station?
Another Week, Another Laptop With Thousands of People's Personal Info Stolen
Breaking - LGFW's Mr. X Arrested
They Take The Jobs Mexicans Won't Take
High School Dropout To Teach At Princeton
Chechen Rebel Leader Killed
Weirdo Tries To Yank Cheney's Chain
If Schools Favored Boys As Much As They Do Girls
Corrupt WVa Congressman Hopes Pesky Investigation Will Go Away
Communist Role in Papal Assassination Attempt?
Company Owning LA Times, Chicago Tribune, Baltimore Sun To Be Taken Out And Shot
List of Works in Irregular Time Signatures
Mario Lopez's Naughty Bits
Soccer Blooper (NSFW)
WaPo Admits That Zarqawi's Demise Is A Major Blow to Al-Qa'idah And Iraq Insurgency
Getting It On With Blaupunkt
Mexicans Take Over House of NOLA Bum in NYC While He Watches Halle Berry
An Inconvenient Movie
Good News from Peru - Chavez Clone Defeated in Runoff
Bush May Withdraw Support For FMA
WaPo - The Chavez Touch - Replacing Bush As The Imperialist Specter
Protests and Violence Continue in Tabriz {InstaPundit}
Manual Portable Shredder {BoingBoing}
Brokeback By The Bell
Sudafed Update - The Drug Law... of Unintended Consequences
NY Times Stock - Same Price As 9 Years Ago {Sullington}
Look Up At The Right Hand Corner, and Praise G-d That You're Not On Google
The 25 Worst Tech Products EVAR
Of All The Things That Can Go Wrong At A Wedding, This Takes The Cake
Washington DC's Alley Homes - From Slum to Solution to Housing Crunch
Sullivan - Gore At Peace Now That His Parents Are Dead
Kerry Finally Gets Around To Countering SwiftVet Charges - 2 Years Later
LA Rep Jefferson, Movin' On Up, Switches Parties
For Lewis - Fisking Albany's Amtrak Station
After Moving Into A New Mansion, I Suddenly Find Myself Inexplicably Losing Interest In Visiting The Old One-Room Shack I Used To Live In. HELP!
Horny Old Coots
Backstory to Jefferson Bust - Justice Sec, His #2, and FBI Head Threatened To Resign Over Return of Papers
Driving in India - Even Crazier Than That Italian Cartoon Mauro Posted A While Back
No Mystery Why Al Gore Has Put On Weight of Late
Merry Fitzmas!
By Popular Demand - MAN BOOBS!!!
BBC Grabs Cab Driver Off Street, Mistaking Him For Editor of Internet Publication, Broadcasts Live Interview With Him
Poor Little Edgar - The YouTube Craze Has Gone Too Far
Interesting Illusion
For the Catholic Man Who Has Everything - The Electronic Rosary
NY Times Soldier Obit - Sergeant, an "Officer", Posthumously Awarded "Purple Star"
Are Illegal Immigrant Rallies INTENDED To Provoke Anti-Immigrant Backlash, To Help Chavez Ally Win Mexican Election?
OK, I Finally Found The Baby Footie Foto
Patrick Kennedy Was At The Other Plaice/DC Meetup Venue
Filipino-Canadian Boy Punished For Not Eating "The Canadian Way"
A Day At The Beach With Ricky Martin
More on The Goss - Cunningham Angle
Kossacks Smell Blood, Demand That Cheney Resign
Cynthia McKinney Denounces White Racist Cops' Treatment of Kennedy
Argentina, Brazil Also Confronted With Illegal Immigration
Bolivia Declares War on UK, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, and USA
Dana Priest's "Secret Prisons" Stories Change Over 3 Years
The Fab Four Million - Mickey Kaus on YouTube
Limbaugh Surrenders to Police in Drug Case
MiniKISS vs. TinyKISS - War of the Midget Tribute Bands
Put Down The Crack Pipe And Slowly Back Away, Senator Pelosi {Sully}
Flash Drive Indicates How Full It is by Blowing Up Like Balloon
Fart-Powered Missile Gets Patented
Jesus Was A Ninja
Swedish Geologists With Too Much Time On Their Hands
USA's Future Spiraling Down Into A Black Hole of War-Induced Debt
Another Kennedy Assassination Attempt
Only 10% of Howard Stern's Fans Willing to Pay to Listen To Him
First Anniversary of the Bloggie Schism at Krabala
From Gray Wolf To Gay Wolf
Peru Presidential Candidate/Chavez Flunkie Surrounded by Angry Mob As He Tries to Cast Vote
Awwwww... Poor Bloggie!!!
First Draft of McKinney Apology Found
Chavez Linked To Chicago Primary E-Voting Fiasco?
Max's Inspiration?
Does Immigration BOOST Wages?
Good News from Peru - Chavez Clone Slips in Polls (Election is Sunday)
Michigan AG Investigates Ford Foundation
How To Tell If You're In A Gay Bar (NSFW, but no frontal n*d*t*)
Another Sign That The End Is Near
Best of SNL - Schmidt's Gay
New Law Shoots Animals in Violin Cases
Pens Face Tax
The Chicago Fluffy Bunny Cotton Candy Transit Authority
Safe Sex Show
McCain Panders to Robertson and Falwell
Funny 404 Message
Red Cross Fires 3 Volunteers, Will Cut Salaries For Rest
Belarus Heating Up
Playing The Dozens (WikiPedia)
"Right-To-Carry" - A Right That's Actually GROWN in the Past 20 Years
Breaking: Belarus "Tien An Men Square" Stormed
Scramjet Shahid
"Drug-Free Zones" - Another Feel-Good Exercise with Mixed Results
32 GB Flash Drive Takes On Hard Drives
Critical Venezuela Bridge Collapses
Eavesdropping in DC
Where Your Tax $$$ Go
Iranians Flaunt Regime and Hold Burning Man Festival
GM Stock Same Value As 24 (Or Even 31) Years Ago
France Attempts to Allow Firing of Entry-Level Workers - Paris Brought to Standstill
BCC World Radio Competes Unfairly Aganist VOA
Social Misfits Introverts of the World, Unite
Theo Van Gogh's Other Side
The Battle Inside the Uterus (NYT)
They Will Soon Discover The Terrible Secret of Spaaaace
Driving in Moscow - You'd Be Crazy NOT To Drink
Things Are Heating Up In Thailand
Uh... I Think I Just Took Too Much Of My Asthma Meds
Saddam Lied. But Will HE Be Blamed?
The Counter-Revolution Comes On Little Doggie Feet
"Windows Is A Legacy OS"
Evo and Condi - An Item?
Reuters Says to Cheney: "Retire!" {Drudge}
CASA-MD to Minutemen: "I Regret Any Misunderstanding..."
The Shover Robot Human
Riots Erupt Over Brokeback Snub
Mrs. Nutcase?? Mrs. Nutcase?? Your Prescription Is Filled
Did Chavez Pull A Tonya Harding on Ecuador?
"Christian Action Network" Doth Protest Too Much
I Hate Everybody, Cuz They're All @$$holes Who Are Mean To Me. Oh, By The Way, Can I Get Tips On Getting A Social Life?
NY Port Authority Much More Dangerous Than Dubai
Haircut Tips
One Less Baby Bell - AT&T to Buy BellSouth
The Search for Illegal Immigrants Stops at the Workplace
Summary of Brokeback Spoofs
Brown, Blanco Both Clueless That Levees Were Breaking, Congradulate Each Other on "Job Well Done"
Chilean President-Elect Tells Chavez to Stuff It
Fun With Anagrams - DC Metro Station Names
The Perfect Gift for Stormah! (ht: Dvorak)
Jeeves The Butler Fired
Why Is This Beer So Warm?
Darren McGavin, Father in A Christmas Story, Dies
Another Blast At Another Imam's Tomb (1994)
Ooops, I Microwaved My Husband's P***s!!!
Wikipedia article on "Imams"
KFC, Taco Bell Phasing Out Cashiers? (Dvorak)
Thanks A Lot, Mom... Why Don't You Just Tell EVERYONE While You're At It
9/11 Notes - Interesting
Minnesota Cracks Down On Oil Industry's Windfall Profits
WTF? Japan To Ban Sale of 2nd-Hand Electronics (ht: Dvorak)
Why Is Ice Slippery?
Venezuela Running Out of Oil (!)
Nigeria Rebels Shut Down 1/5 of Oil Production
Ice Skaters All Falling On Their Asses
Bruce Bartlett's Defection
Wikipedia in Sicilian!
Iraq Wants To Join NATO?!?!?
Why I Enjoy Reading Sully Again
Japan's Alarming Demographics
Why I Hate Waterbeds (ht: Dvorak)
Can You Spot The Real Hillary (ht: GayPatriot)
Lots of Great Stuff From Taranto Today
Garfield WIthout the Words (ht: Dvorak)
Toilet Water - Cleaner Than Fast Food Ice
What Are Friends For? (The Final Prank)
The Collapse of the AFL-CIO Continues - 2 Major Construction Unions to Depart
Hunter Shot By Cheney Has Minor Heart Attack
AOL Finally Gets it Right - Uncensored (!) Chinese Portal
Separated at Birth?
Undercover Detectives in Prostitution Stings Are Happy Customers
99% of Iranians Boycott 27th Anniversary
The Democrats May Have A Viable Presidential Candidate. Let's Hope They Ignore Him. :)
US And Iran (Plus Cameroon, China, Cuba, Iran, Pakistan, Russia, Senegal, Sudan and Zimbabwe) Find Something On Which They Can Agree (ht: Dvorak)
Relations between Chavez and Morales Fraying ALREADY
In Case You Needed Any Proof That LA's "Transit" System Sux
Frist Backs Away From Bush
Bolivia: Coca Si, Cocaina No
Sully Spreads in Submission
Madonna Does Throbert-Crunches
Olympic Medalists To Receive Recycled AOL Disks Instead (ht: Dvorak)
Mohammed-Bomber, The T-Shirt
Interesting Anxiety/Depression Therapy
Bush Is Better Than Clinton And Laura Never Bothers To Actually Read Linked Articles
Happy Anniversary!!!
Happy Winter-Cross-Quarter Holiday!!! (Frank IBC's Grand-Unification Holidays)
Danish Cartoon - Wily Neoconservative Pretext for Invading Syria
NY Times Discovers That Sweden Discovers That It Has A Muslim-Immigrant Issue
Answers to Pressing Questions (ht: Beautiful Atrocities)
Naked and Dangerous (no images)
Interesting Analysis of the 2006 Elections
Santas in Speedos
Chavez' Interference in Peru Election Backfires
CIA Secret Prison in Takoma Park, MD
The End Is Near - Pepsi Surpasses Coke
Fuzzy-Logic Generated Error Messages
Electrical Grid in Iraq Better Now Than Before War (IEEE Spectrum)
Fun With Anoxia
2010 Pizza Order
End of An Era - Western Union Stops Sending Telegrams
The Brokeback Bowl
Quiz: Are You Gay Like Esera Tuaolo or Straight Like Evariste?
For DMT - Gene For Whitey BO Found (NY Times)
Another Mine Disaster in Bush's Canada
ABC's Woodruff and Cameraman Seriously Injured in Iraq Attack
Rove's Shocking Secrets Exposed (scroll to comments)
Court Rules Downloading and Burning Pr0n = Making Pr0n
Interesting Analysis of The Wizard of Oz
Who Need Beethoven and Mozart, Anyway?
American Jew Buys Canada
Chicagoans Stage Referendum on Wal-Mart, With Their Feet
Another (!) Bridge Collapses in Venezuela
UPN + WB - Products of Two Failed Mergers, They Will Merge
John Kerry Discovers the Blogosphere
Returning Abramoff cash 'taints' tribes, Sen. Moonbat Murray says
Evo "Crowned" as New "Inca"
Evo "Forgives US For Humiliations"
Venezuela Cuts Oil to Cuba, Because "because the island has discovered petroleum of its own" (BS Meter Goes Off Scale)
Evo Withdraws Oppposition to Free Trade Pact - Eat $#*t, Chavez
Code Pink(o) PhotoShops Iranian Freedom Babes As Iraq Anti-War Activists (PubliusPundit)
Bitter Dems Shut Down WaPo Ombudsperson Blog Over Claim That Abramoff Bought Dems Too
BuyTheCase.com - Online "Warehouse" Store
France Ignores Another Riot and Hopes It Would Go Away
Sully Gets A Make-Over (from the Fab Five?)
Dead Malls - Is There One Near You?
The NY Times Isolates Its Columnists Still Further from the Real World (scroll down slightly to "Bubble")
Bolivian Defense Chiefs Ousted Over Missiles
10-Day Forecast for Yakutsk, Sakha Republic, Russia
WTF?!?! Idiots at FDA May Ban Primatene Mist
US Bureau of Indian Affairs Internet/Email Shut Down for the Past FOUR F****G YEARS Due To Appalling Bureaucratic Clusterf**k
Recent IT Graduates Say College Was a Waste of Time
In Japan, thousands of boys and young men are retreating to their bedrooms and refusing to come out. Why? (NY Times)
The P**** Song (3:55, Haraam)
University of Antichrist (Don't Tell Chuck(le) about the Talking Bull)
This Photo Does Not Necessarily Send The Message Which The Photographer Intended (Calling V the K!!!)
What Happens When You Take Your Online Life Waaay Too Seriously
Nikon to Abandon Film (ht: InstaPundit)
Brazil to Bolivia - Haha, Try Nationalizing Us Now
Map of Major River Valleys of Eurasia
Ford To Unveil New Model
Weird and Disgusting Foods of the World
For The Person Who Has Everything - A Second Dishwasher
TOP SECRET: You CAN Get a SMALL Cappuccino at Starbucks
Caracas Cut Off From Its Airport
Invisible Illness?
Wal-Mart: Celebrate African-American History Month By Buying Planet of the Apes DVD
Baltimore Sun Columnist Michael Olesker Fired in Plagiarism/Fabrication Scandal
BM.com - for all your BM needs
Ev Is So Youththful, Vulnerable, Harmless and Needy
He Stole WHAT??? (ht: Dvorak)
"Your nephew, under our law, is considered unrelated."
Washington DC, Killer of Department Stores
Why Bush Doesn't Hold More Press Conferences
The Catholics Are Revolting (NYT)
An Amazing Opportunity for the Tort Mafia
Snoring? Sleep Apnea Robbing You Of Sleep? Go Play A Didgeridoo!
RIP, Santa. WAAAAH!!! You lied to me, Mommy!!!
"We're Jesuits; I don't think you could have found anyone in the editors' room who has seen a condom."
Conn. Statehouse Xmas Tree Dies From Idiotic Fire Regulations (ht: Dvorak)
The Greek Origins of Sufganiyot and Funnel Cake (NYT)
Church Sign Generator! (ht: Dvorak)
Evo Morales, Friend of Castro and Chavez, Holds Unexpectedly Strong Lead in Bolivian Election (early returns)
"Bus Rapid Transit" - An Expensive Farce
Priest, Lay Board at St. Louis Church Excommunicated
2 Vikings Charged in Boat Incident
For DMT: Scientists Find the Mighty Whitey Gene
Mission Creep - Feinstein Puts Language Restricting Sales of Decongestants in Patriot Act
An American Bobby Challenges Albionesia
I Have The Sudden Urge To Buy A Fur Coat
The Microsoft Bowl
Race Riot in Sydney
Runway, Snowy, Arrested and Held Without Bond
For Stormy - Racism = Mental Illness?
Latin America Elections Update (NYT)
Ex German PM Schroeder to Become C.o.B. of Russian Gas Venture
Russia: Freeing Hostages Takes a Back Seat to Killing Terrorists
Emu Invasion in Montgomery County!!!
Kerry's Cash Cow Ranks Near Bottom of Gay-Friendly Ratings
Peru's National Anthem - Sweet!
Buy This Bridge!
The Orioles' Glory Days
The Hard-to-Find Grocer
The Potomac - River of Death (but not this year)
The Race Machine (For Stormy)
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