discarded lies: saturday, december 16, 2017 11:20 am zst
Is it good news? Nope, just fucking carrots
hyperlinkopotamus links by evariste @ large:
In Brazil, everyone gets cancer for free
Who was Wong Kim Ark?
Now that Cosby's going down like the Confederate flag
Holmes endgame approaches
The Cosplay Caliphate
Obama eulogizes Rev Clementa Pinckney
Tired Supreme Court Succumbs To Gays
How the fake bomb-detector scam worked
Everyone running away from the Confederacy at top speed
Top 10 life lessons from books of the past
The village and the girl
Poll: Americans Starting to Worry About Climate Change Now That It Affects Their Lawns
Secret Reefer Tapes of Louis Armstrong
Death to Joker Tsarnaev
My first week without an Apple Watch
What part of "No, Totally" don't you understand?
Journey to the center of earth
Chinese Ghost Cities that came alive
RIP the Marlboro Man
Everybody hates green bubbles
The mystery of Mingering Mike
Flipped Iceberg: Shooting in Antarctica
Barack Obama's first NYT profile, 25 years ago
The $3500 shirt
Medieval sex flowchart
Why Saudi's taps are open
King Abdullah will fly sorties against ISIS
5 American habits I kicked in Finland
Apokries in Skyros
We Are The World turns 30
The Wrath of the Killdozer
Fake Service Animals
Joe Hutto accepted by wild Mule Deer
How France strangles Africa
North Korean Spring
The Strange Life of Lord Timothy Dexter
Snowsky Does Zorkie
How the Colombian army sent a secret message to FARC hostages in a pop song
What the world will speak in 2115
The End of Gangs
Patients do better when cardiologists are away at academic meetings
Why American Jews eat Chinese on Christmas
Ayn Rand reviews children's movies
Zorkie Does Skyros
How we "email" hardware to space
When the Irish invaded Canada
Thought Experiment
40 maps that explain the Roman Empire
The pernicious myth of "if you can speak, you can breathe"
Rat Park
Why we hate Uber
North Korea's food shortages explained
$1 billion photo shoot: 5 Airbus jetliners
How speakers make sound
Smart Pipe - it's my anus; it's the portal to a beautiful new future
Once upon a gemstone
The Sixth Stage of Grief is Retro-Computing
RIP Tom Magliozzi
Dropping a bowling ball and a feather in the world's biggest vacuum chamber
ISIS plants a flag on a hilltop. US bombs the fuck out of it
Catholic bishops want to revise approach to gays, divorce, cohabitation, and contraception
The Empire Reboots
What you're actually getting at outlet stores
Former GOP official suggests executing Ebola victims
Samsung forecasts 60% fall in Q3 profit
Guillotine Nazis used to execute the White Rose has been found
AIDS pandemic origin traced back to 1920s Kinshasa
Unemployment rate now below 6%
Beautiful Chemistry
On why the modernization of Mecca is not such a bad thing
Piracy cases at the Old Bailey
Why Germany just got rid of college tuition fees
How to tell when a robot has written you a letter
Tactile maps of Greenland
The Crooked Ladder
US troops blow up the swastika at Nuremberg
Everything that's wrong with 9/11 Brand Tweets
93 tons of iPhones just landed in Chicago
Jack the Ripper finally identified
Shakespeare: original pronunciation
The Anthropocene
The V838 Monocerotis Star Still Has Astronomers’ Heads Exploding
Joan Rivers, RIP
Vice is chasing hard news
Russia demands Bulgaria stop vandals from turning Soviet monuments into American superheroes
Peter Dinklage, phoning it in
Reversification: how money talks
Stop the JerkTech
The story behind football's innovative yellow first down line
North Korea Ominous
Woman frozen alive in LA hospital
Fake bureaucrat is a Chinese Robin Hood
MeFi does Game of Thrones
Shakespeare's dictionary found
When HG Wells interviewed Stalin
“Everything From 1991 Radio Shack Ad I Now Do With My Phone”.
The mouth of strange women is a deep and wonderful property of computation.
The continuing collapse of the tv/cable business
Every death in Game of Thrones
Ballmer on Ballmer's Exit From Microsoft
Ear Rumblers, Assemble!
Bourbon Family Tree
Golden Dawn's leader arrested; warrants for arrest of 5 of his 18 MPs
Unsold inventory piles up even higher at Wal-Mart
Guess who's dead?
Anti-vax teabaggers took away our Lyme disease vaccine, causing untold human misery
World's last telegram to be sent July 14 in India
Can meditation be bad for you?
Kim Jong Il's sushi chef
A portion of the Supreme Court thinks innocent prisoners' lives are expendable
Racist ricin maniac's wife wants divorce
Will Smith makes Scientology movie
It's long past time for an international minimum wage
Oklahoma man shoots himself in the balls
Bernanke Rage: a hedge fund teabagger phenomenon
This won't hurt a bit.
North Korean: I used to have nightmares about Americans
Tesla Motors: a little bit Apple, a little bit Google, and about to be huge
India experiments with giving some of the poorest villagers an unconditional minimum basic income
Dog is really good at balancing things on his head
When Fidel Castro tried to cadge a $10 bill off FDR
Stretching before exercise considered harmful
What it's like to be a Redditor
Nixon's Treason
Jackie Robinson telegram to LBJ
Google Glass: a whole new level of creepy
The Most Terrifying Button on Facebook
McNuggets come in four shapes
Italy votes to be run by some blogger
New PVZ plant: "marijuanapult"
Apple destroying text messaging business
I don't want to be around well-meaning ordinary people with guns
Carmen Ortiz strikes out
Lance Armstrong confesses
Portraits of Albanian women who have lived their lives as men
Tenth-Grade Tech Trends
The most futuristic things that came true in 2012
Grapefruit is horrible.
Virgin Mobile discovers lame rape jokes not so hilarious, brah.
The new iTunes rocks my world
The Shabbas Goy of Norquist-pledge-kosher Tax Hike
Dole/Kemp '96
Andy Borowitz calls the winner of the 2012 election
Mind-blowing interviews with Romney supporters at rally
Egypt's Ghalia dishes budget cuisine and therapy to Egypt's poor
The Nixons
Milwaukee Police News
96 Minutes
The Truth About Pussy Riot
Energetic Hungarian Nazi Leader Discovers He Is Jewish
Whites believe they're victims of racism more than blacks
The Amazon Prime of groceries
Dominique Moceanu's legless sister, Jennifer Bricker
One Millihelen
What do *Japanese* people think is weird?
The Effect of Peanut Butter on The Rotation of The Earth
Gorillas seen destroying poachers' snares
Dust Veil of AD 536
Amazon introduces Yesterday Shipping
Mitt Romney's LinkedIn
Joan Didion–"On Self-Respect"
Obama campaign airing brutal anti-Romney ad in 9 states
English farmer's heart-shaped meadow, a tribute to his wife
Netflix's train wreck year: the inside story
The myth of mental illness and the end of psychology as we know it
A dust over India
Supreme Court upholds Obamacare
Photos of aftermath of forced late-term abortion spark rage in China
List of unexplained sounds
The sad state of diabetes technology in 2012
Why is intelligence so important today, and why are smart people so dumb?
Here comes Microsoft's XPad
Ronald Reagan's letter to his son on the eve of his wedding
Apple turns over its entire inventory every five days
Yahoo! CEO lied about college degree
Hilarious smack down of Wall Street analysts by Dediu
Thinking in a second language makes your decisions more rational
Forbes marks 4/20 with a call to end the war on drugs
Toryboy Michigan Republican mocked and scorned by town hall seniors for supporting Ryan budget
*Dictionary of American Regional English* finally completed
Negged back
Moroccan girl takes her life after being forced to marry her rapist
Hand-dryers: America's still got it!
The Ghost of the Colonels
Dediu: tablets should outsell PCs by fall 2013
Eisenhower memorial misses the man
The Oatmeal tried to pay for Game of Thrones and this is what happened
Brainstorming doesn't work
So you need a typeface
Stop These Correction Nazis!
San Francisco's overbearing red tape
Philly's Mayor Nutter: "stop being idiots and assholes"
Meryl Streep in *The Iron Lady*
The cognitive benefits of chewing gum
Siri vs TellMe
Science: Walking through doorways causes forgetting
New collection of remarkable business cards
The McRib as arbitrage
Undercover cop joins the 99%, deplores police
Arab league suspends Syria over crackdown
If US land were divided like US wealth
Despite peril of last-minute gay voters, Maine recklessly reapproves same-day ACORN voter fraud registrations
Rick Perry's humiliating debate collapse
Apple's operational excellence
Pick up your Amazon package at 7/11 for some reason
Avoid New Gear
Photo of bag-carrying ambassador charms China
Last Male Heir To Bloodline Watches Movie Alone On Laptop
Gaza Surf
Borders is dead
Georgia's new immigration law is turning good workers into criminals, and criminals into bad workers
Gay families even more disgusting than Michelle Obama
Walid Shoebat is a fraud
Treating students as gifted yields impressive academic results
Windows dips 5% as post-PC era descends upon us
Cutie Patootie
Least Likely Father's Day Cards
That time an 18-year-old German landed his Cessna in Red Square
What not to say to sick people
Samuel L Jackson narrates *Go The F•ck To Sleep*
Paw-Paw and Lady Love
Real-life Onion Headlines
Vermont passes single-payer healthcare for all
89 killed by tornado in Joplin, Missouri
Shirley Sherrod is back, baby!
US companies fired 2.9 million Americans while hiring 2.4 mln overseas during 2000s
Chilling Nazi trophy photograph: ‘Ukraine 1942, Jewish operation, Ivangorod’
Is Sugar Toxic? (Yes)
Glenn Beck loses tv show at Fox
GOP's embrace of DOMA will be uglier than they bargained for
The Art of the Police Report
Cats Adore, Manipulate Women
The Blind Man Who Taught Himself to See
Best of BBC's *Walk on the Wild Side*
Ancient Roman Cuisine
Visualizing the New Arab Mind
Microsoft and Intel's monopolies both died this week-the PC era is over
Vitaly "DecorMyEyes" Borker arrested for mail & wire fraud, threats, cyberbullying
Lookin' Ass Nigga
MLK Jr convinced Lt Uhura to stick with Star Trek in '67
Number of janitors in the US with PhDs is found herein
Sesame Street: "I love my hair"
Adolf Hitler Campbell's parents lose custody
10 Years
Daley won't run for Mayor again
If only Ophelia had a sassy gay friend
HTC's Android gamble is paying off, big time
Nokia goes Android and saves itself
US hit Peak Water in 1970, and nobody noticed
West Point cadets applaud Obama, but Fox News erases it
5 reasons it's still not cool to admit you're a gamer
How easy is it to create false memories through suggestion?
Jews for Jesus founder Moishe Rosen returns to Allah
Seaman's Manslaughter
SEC refers Goldman Sachs case to Feds for criminal prosecution
Evolutionary Psychology bingo card
Excuses, Excuses
Does our solar system have another star?
@michaeljordan is a very wry Twitter account
Autism's darker side
How the Pajamatards blew $100k on "branding"
NYPD fires cop who shoved bicyclist; faces 4 years for falsifying records
60% of voters on West Coast support legalizing pot
Prominent neocon Richard Perle sounds like an idiot
HTC accounts for 80% of Windows Mobile's sales
Moron cops keep arresting people who are legally taking pictures
Iranian, mutilated by acid attack, requests an eye for an eye-and the court grants it
Geography prof claims to know where Bin Laden must be
Natural settings help brain fatigue
Boffins tease us by dangling cure for the common cold in our snotty faces
Oil at 18-month low; oil ticks in panic meeting
Apple's iPhone business is now bigger than the Mac and the iPod!
Warren Buffett NYT Op-Ed: Buy American. I am.
Firefox bug splits up couple
McKnave: "My friends, Gwen Ifill moderating is no problem."
Test-driving a Tesla
$80 toy night-vision goggles: surprisingly good!
Motorola putting 350 person team behind Android
Matt Groening's Apple ad
Senate boosts funding for Frikkin' Lasers
Republicans supported, and Democrats killed, a bill in 2005 that would have averted the crisis
A Fit Punishment For Various Guilty Parties In The Current Economic Fiasco
Bonobos: Sexy *and* Smart
Oil down 21% from July top
Lieberman to speak at Republi-con
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