discarded lies: friday, march 23, 2018 1:34 am zst
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hyperlinkopotamus links by evariste:
A glossary of Boontling
Pointer Pointer
Who the fuck is U2?
Why so many Koreans are called Kim
Should we all take a bit of lithium?
iPhone 6 and Android value
And yes it hurts that Apple has to compromise
Famous Outfits
The inside of a Redbox kiosk
MSN Messenger is shutting down after 15 years
Your foot is as long as your forearm
The secret world of fast fashion
How the Napa earthquake affected Bay Area sleepers
La Paz and El Alto connected by cable cars in the sky
An American doctor experiences an NHS emergency room
Salmon cannon fires 40 salmon per minute
The capitalist gangsterism of Pro Wrestling
How bad is California's drought?
Explain television remote controls to me like I'm 5
Lord Kitchener wants YOU
Disappearing Burgers: Why So Many Chefs Make It So Hard to Order Their Most Popular Dish
The 1986 Apple Collection
7 celebrities you never knew were graphic designers
A traditional city primer
German animal name flowchart
How turbans helped some blacks go incognito in the Jim Crow era
As many as 8 species of bacteria found to consume pure electricity for a living
Can Classic Moral Stories Promote Honesty in Children?
IRC logs from the beginning of the Gulf War (1991)
33 years ago, the NYT published this article
They came, they sawed
The day we set the Colorado river free
Is Prison Infectious?
Words only men know, words only women know
Starbucks to pay college tuition for thousands of employees
Shanghai, then and now
The Daily Show takes on Google Glass
Kids react to old computers
D'Souza is so so sorry he got caught, your honor, forget that stuff I said about Obama persecutioning me
Tricking the uncertainty principle
Ukrainians Unhappy
Battle of the Fingerprint Sensors
271 Years Before Pantone, an Artist Mixed and Described Every Color Imaginable in an 800-Page Book
After Technology Destroys Capitalism
What happened, Salon?
Game of Thrones Helper
Free: British Pathé Puts Over 85,000 Historical Films on YouTube
Gabriel García Márquez Dies at 87
Libertarian Police Department
Obamacare sign-ups on track to hit 7 million
Fred Phelps is dead
Barack Obama battle of wits with Zach Galifianakis
RedState, Breitbart, and Pajamas Media took Yanukovych's money to echo his talking points
Designing a washing machine interface for men
Becoming Pavarotti
Children explain how spanking feels to them
Bella Abzug
Tyrone Hayes, my new favorite scientist
Russian Engagement Photos
What's it like to see Dolly Parton in concert?
Lessons from McDonald's clash with older Koreans
HEB, the smartest supermarket you never heard of
Teabaggers love Galileo analogies
"Dr. King ended the terror of living in the south."
How Netflix reverse-engineered Hollywood
Dogs poop in alignment with the Earth's magnetic field
Untier of Knots
The Etymology of Shorty in Hip-Hop
Tartuffo Christmas Time!
Kim Jong-Un may purge his aunt next
NSA spied on World of Warcraft
Nicholas Winton finds himself in an audience full of people he saved from the Nazis as children (1988)
Nintendo looks to be in very bad shape
Two wolves
Pink Martini live in Portland
Germany bans elective cosmetic surgery on minors
How competing for tenure is like competing to be a drug lord
Headline Smasher
World's Most Exquisite Libraries
Happy Thanksgiving! Map of thanksgiving flights over the US
Disabled woman denied entry to US after border agent cites supposedly private medical details
China and the soaring price of Bitcoin
Punctuation is evolving? Periods are angry now.
What does the Fox say?
So you think you can type?
Programming your gut microbes like a computer
Rand Paul plagiarizes Wikipedia all the time
Data proves Obamacare not responsible for rise in part-time jobs
Coffee Jerks
20th century headlines rewritten to get more clicks
Map of the internet in 1969
Stephen King's Family Business
Wal-mart to start hiring full-timers again
Chewing makes advertising ineffective
What's it like to be a mathematician?
Prison Gerrymandering
Ted Cruz was a smelly, terrible roommate
The Brainwashing of my Dad
"I confess, I wrote the Arsenic DNA paper to expose flaws in peer-review at subscription based journals"
Yes, you can be fired for being a brony
Steve Albini's letter to Nirvana
Robots vs Anaesthesiologists
Cable wakes up and realizes: cord-nevers are even scarier than cord-cutters
Why Popular Science is shutting off comments
The Ghost Rapes of Bolivia
Greece to ban Golden Dawn
Death of an Adjunct
France bans child beauty pageants
The tech industry: one or many?
JK Rowling writing screenplay, *Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them*
Fake Chemistry Professor
Breaking Bad, the anywhere-but-America edition
Civet coffee: why it's time to cut the crap
First biological gear found
17 losing designs for the layout of telephone buttons
Crime doesn't climb in San Francisco
Virginia Butt Slasher gets 7 years
Study: BMW drivers really are jerks
George Zimmerman's wife files for divorce
Microsoft buys Nokia
I Hate Strong Female Characters
Microsoft will appoint an activist investor to its board
Jumpy the amazing super dog
Ask Ayn
Dishwasher cooking
Consumer PC market will collapse quicker than anyone thinks
The truth about Marissa Mayer: An Unauthorized Biography
Canada testing stealth snowmobile to sneak up on Russians
Europe's satellite/telescope, Gaia, is about to map the entire Milky Way galaxy
5 terrifying statements in the leaked climate report
An Inventor Wants One Less Wire to Worry About
Student loans aren't hope-they're despair
40 days without booze
I'm 13 and none of my friends use Facebook
Every Second on the Internet
Designers redesign homeless people's signs
Lambeth Walk: Nazi Style
Meet Paulo Machado, who has been in the hospital for 45 years
Europeans can't believe how US biz treats workers
Blind couple to marry after guide dogs fall in love
For Medical Tourists, Simple Math
Obama spanks ITC, vetoes import bans of iPhone 4, iPad 2 won by Samsung
Tablets found to improve reading speed significantly
Swiss voters about to approve a guaranteed basic income for all
Bradley Manning verdict 1pm tomorrow.
Anthony Weiner penis texts were not consensual
Aerial photo of 160,000 Syrian refugees in Zaatari refugee camp, Jordan
The irrelevance of Microsoft
A Universe Full of Planets
Beer labels in motion
Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines
What we have is a locust economy
UK moves forward with posthumous pardon for Alan Turing
Cancer's deep evolutionary roots: it's like Windows Safe Mode for cells
18 obsolete words we should bring back
Eight Inches of Horror
San Jose State suspends Udacity online courses
We're being enslaved by free information
What's it like to have a photographic memory?
Farhad Manjoo tries switching to Android, runs away crying
When will this persecution based solely on Orson Scott Card's virulent hatred of gays end?
North America had native dogs before Europeans arrived, and they're still around
Orange is the new black, Netflix is the new HBO
Don't worry darling...
Why do athletes slap each other on the butt?
Explaining the Apple eBook price-fixing suit
Quinoa should be taking over the world, here's why it isn't
5 consecutive quarters of declining sales marks grim new record for PC biz
Oklahoma City hospital posts surgery prices online; creates bidding war
They really did murder Google Reader
Good News, Everyone!
From Elephant Poop Coffee comes Elephant Poop Coffee Beer
NYC homicide rate down 25%; less than one murder a day for the last six months
Freedom: The Big American Lie
D-Wave quantum processor scientifically validated
Ignored study: "there is too much finance"
Financial sector thinks it's about ready to ruin the whole world again
Effect of deep brain stimulation on motor symptoms of Parkinson's
Who will be president...of the internet?
What's it like to be an octopus?
Evidence for geological trigger for Cambrian Explosion
Tea Party down to 8%
Check out Mona Lisa's boobs
I invented "Fucking Magnets, How Do They Work?"
The useful, infinitely profitable 0-byte program
Dolce and Gabbana are two dudes named Dolce and Gabbana. They are going to jail for 20 months for scamming Italy on taxes
Minuteman founder Christopher Allen Simcox arrested for molesting three girls younger than 10
Root cause of juvenile diabetes found
Politico: "Thinking is too hard"
Timelapse of a super cell near Booker, Texas
List of the best writing about iOS 7
I know what you think of me
The cord-cutting fantasy: cable TV is socialism that works
Getty Critics
Lucas & Spielberg: movie studios will implode
Rupert and Wen Gi divorce
Toy Critic Pug
Chief of Australian army regarding unacceptable behavior
Scientist figures out how big-ass "Sailing Stones" move themselves across Death Valley
Ancient Roman concrete reverse-engineered
Sympathy for the Luddites
Bach, Toccata and Fugue in D minor, organ
The Vagina Bomber caught
White skin mutation happened twice independently (Asians and whites)
WWDC 2013 Expectations
The real reason for the Second Amendment: slave patrols
The best reply to "I've got nothing to hide"
Teardown and explanation of Apple's MagSafe connector
Petition to change policy to allow pediatric transplants of adult lungs based on medical necessity
Putin and Putina divorce after 30 years
Whistle, a new way to understand your dog
Erick Erickson is derpy, just like the whole GOP is derpy
IMF is fully off the austerity bandwagon, will admit mistakes in Greece
News Corp's new logo is...great!
Why Finnish babies sleep in cardboard boxes
Macklemore - *Thrift Shop*
Prairie dog language decoded, and they're talking about you
Video footage of 1939 New York in full color
I was a liberal mole at Fox News, here's all the inside dope
SHTF in Turkey. Turkish Spring?
Dustin Curtis reviews Google Glass
The Dark Side of Sea Otters (NSFL do not click not even the comments)
Judge allows Patriot Coal to loot 20,000 families' pensions
Mary Meeker's Internet Trends 2013
Mr. Money Moustache
FOP: the disease where you grow a second skeleton
War on Drugs still going strong, as parents sue school district for letting cops entrap their special-needs son to create a pot bust
Obama pulls the curtain on the Global War on Terror
Physicists entangle two photons that don't exist at the same time
VW's new XL1 diesel-electric supercar
Obama Prom Photos, 1979
Apple design kremlinology
World's first emergency face transplant is a success
How to say GIF
Conversational Search goes live in Google Chrome
Tesla may repay government loan tomorrow, 9 years ahead of schedule
Japan is back!
The Fake Harlem Shake
For sale: a video of Toronto mayor Rob Ford smoking crack
The ancients weren't just moderns in funny costumes
How a working-class couple amassed a priceless art collection
Taliban ends war on polio vaccination
The most succinct word in any language
Putin warns Obama of world war over coming bee apocalypse
Ariel Castro was looking for a fourth girl to kidnap when he got fired
Disabled couple fights for the right to live together
New cancer cures insurance won't cover
Kansas wants to sterilize women who have abortions
Horse slaughterhouse will open soon unless Congress acts
10 years later, Star Wars Kid speaks out
Antibiotics could cure 40% of chronic back pain patients
Did Roberts and Scalia kill the Republican Party with *Citizens United*?
So Jerry Seinfeld called us to talk about coffee
The Republican House is a parallel government for a fantasy nation created in talk radio land
N.K. escapees to ask U.N. to determine fate of relatives held in concentration camps
I cried the first time I held a Nintendo 3DS
NeXT is your iPhone's daddy
China's People's Daily newspaper mocked over phallic new HQ
Evangelicals pushing death penalty for gays in Ethiopia
Athens mayor kicks Golden Dawn out of Syntagma square
What if we never run out of oil?
Downton Abbey casts first black character
Sohel Rana is now the most hated man in Bangladesh
Jeffrey Katzenberg's legendary Disney memo
Pizza price war rages in Manhattan
Put your diet on autopilot
The Secret Faith of Washington
Slash: a new word to watch
Duck yeah!
Colbert on Austerity's spreadsheet error
Alex Jones dating site
Why sleep deprivation lifts depression
Physicist build first-ever "magnetic hose"
Rush Limbaugh admits StopRush campaign has hurt him, as his advertisers dwindle to penile enhancement scams and pyramid schemes
Study: the MacBook Pro is the world's most reliable Windows PC
Leonardo da Vinci's rule of trees: the branches, put together, are always as thick as the trunk
Elvis impersonator celebrates dismissal of ricin case
The Austerity movement is crumbling
Scott Rasmussen: Republicans need to get over so-called "makers and takers"
The rise and fall of AMD
The Paris Time Capsule Apartment
Bioengineers build open-source language for programming cells
What's Tylenol doing to our minds?
New app helps Icelanders avoid sleeping with their relatives
Letter sent to Senator tests positive for ricin
Mindblowing Vedic Math Tricks
Adjective order in English
Do Not Touch
Psy's new video
PC shipments post steepest decline ever in a single quarter
USPS wil keep delivering on Saturdays, for now
Ron Johnson out at J.C. Penney
Putin undresses topless protestor with his eyes
The economic story of the year: the stock market versus the labor market
English aristocracy getting its first black baroness
British grandmother Lindsay Sandiford sentenced to death by firing squad in Indonesia
Margaret Thatcher has died of a stroke
Colonial Williamsburg, where the Tea Party gets schooled
Reasons My Son Is Crying
How I busted a thief who tried to sell my camera on Craigslist
Democrats trying to turn Texas blue
Wombat feces is square
TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington accused of rape, serial abuse of women
Why are we still talking about LucasArts' old adventure games?
Muscular strength is independently associated with both risk of death from all causes and cancer in men
Facebook Home
Cretans throw Golden Dawn MP in the sea
Hungary no longer a democracy
Mitt Romney called Tesla Motors a loser, because he's a loser
Eurozone unemployment hits 12% (19 million people)
Rabbi Herschel Schacter has died
Major world cities, as they would appear at night without light pollution
Kim Jong Un is gonna nuke Austin
Everything Wrong With *The Hobbit* In 4 Minutes Or Less
Lawrence Auster has died of pancreatic cancer
Many Too Small Boxes and Maru
1971 Gay Marriage Bureau Takeover NYC
US Army planning in case of a failed nuclear state in North Korea
Leahy & Paul introduce bill undoing mandatory minimum sentences
FYI, Researchers Are Growing Organs In The Lab
Thanks Obama!
When you had to wait for a hint to come by mail
Why we eat grains: thermodynamics!
Koch Brothers' vehicle ALEC pushing bills to end farm animal abuse videos
Henriette Lacks Goes Rogue
The new face of austerity: EU seizes 10% of Cypriot account-holders' bank accounts in bailout deal
The Daily Currant is outstanding!
Cardinal Bernard Law knew Geoghan was preying on children since 1984; did nothing
Conservatives and Sewers
Twitter troll's remorse as boxer he taunted shows up on his doorstep
CPAC gives more speaking time to Trump and Palin than to Paul, Perry, Jindal, Walker, Rubio, or Ryan
The Good, Racist People
GOP policies force teachers in Grand Rapids, MI onto food stamps
The Great Senior Sell-Off could cause the next housing crisis
9th Circuit rules that the 4th amendment applies at the border
Mining web searches beats FDA's current warning system for side-effects and drug interactions
Costco backs bill raising minimum wage to $10.10
When Ian Fleming picked my grandfather to steal Nazi secrets
Wannabe Popes: Shortlist of Top Contenders
Andy Ihnatko switched from iPhone to Android
2010 Microsoft wrote some checks that 2013 Microsoft can't cash
Roku 3 says, "have some dignity, goddamnit"
American Cardinals parachute into Vatican City like management consultants
Syrian rebels tear down giant gold statue of Hafez Assad, beat it with shoes
Fake bishop sneaks into pre-conclave meeting at the Vatican
Rush Limbaugh's most loyal advertiser is a scam
Wal-Mart disaster deepens: shelves empty as sales decline
Life in jail for Thessaloniki mayor, treasurer, and general secretary for stealing €18 million from workers' pensions
White House requires open access to taxpayer-funded research
Deutsche Bank knew for years that its commodity speculation was wreaking havoc on people in poor countries, lied to German parliament about it
DOJ admits it threw the book at Aaron Swartz to save face and justify the arrest
The founder of Ferrari insulted this mechanical genius and tractor company owner, so he started Lamborghini
Awesome people hanging out together
Sex Pigeon
Things Fitting Perfectly Into Things
Meet the designer of the Bill Cosby sweater
Some Chinese are souring on being North Korea's best friend
What Jon Shafer learned from the failures of Civ V
The end of bottom-posting
Awesome description of the street kid subculture in San Francisco
HP switches to Android for upcoming mobile devices
Opera adopts Webkit
How a fetus's face forms
Fox News dumps Dick Morris
The Secret History of Silicon Valley
IBM memo that allowed female employees to get married
"Retina": only Apple could make this brand work
Canada retires the penny
Fox News ratings fall to 12-year low
The core of Paul Ryan's appeal: he's what stupid people think smart people sound like
Netflix wants to turn into HBO faster than HBO can turn into Netflix
That time when Davy Crockett helped Andrew Jackson beat the crap out of a failed assassin
Assad's mother defects
As teenagers leave and parents join at the same rate, Facebook growth stalls in NZ
Aleksey Vayner dead at 29
The Aphorisms of Yogi Berra (An Inquiry into a Sample of Vernacular Philosophy)
School's new armed security guard forgets gun in school bathroom
Cubans no longer have to get permission to travel anywhere
Remember Aaron Swartz
Holland vs. The Netherlands
Jerry Brown and the Democratic supermajority turn California's finances around
Port truck drivers unionize despite threats, finally get a living wage and pensions
Who came up with the trillion-dollar coin idea?
Aaron Swartz commits suicide at 26
That time The Oatmeal's house burned down and blew up
Automatic Email Signatures Are The Worst Thing In History
Killer slugs from Spain eating all the mice
100 days of rejection to a better you
90-year-old Saudi buys a 15-year-old second wife fair and square, gets chiseled out of it
US basically cancels scofflaw tax haven parasite states' business model with the stroke of a pen
Only 645 West African lions left. Get yours now before they're gone forever!
Microsoft reports burglary. No Microsoft products stolen-just their iPads
IMF chief economist apologizes for austerity
How I Fell in Love with a Schizophrenic
Quotes from Steve Harvey's book about men and women
Fascinating suicide note
Order of the Occult Hand
Hannity lost half his audience after Obama's re-election
A self-made man looks back at how he made it
On People Who Make Other People's Funerals About Them
Louis CK on my favorite pastime
David X Wong goes on blowing my mind being right about *everything*
The Media is an accomplice in the shootings
More on the total feeble-minded incompetence of the Mitt Romney campaign
Outrageous HSBC settlement proves the drug war a joke
This offer is impossible to refuse
After midnight, loud-ass TV ads are banned
Ravi Shankar has passed away at 92
A Russian guide to everyday Americans
San Francisco: get over yourself and go big already
"Explain space travel like I'm a neolithic farmer"
Are butterflies and caterpillars two different animals in one?
Jon Stewart: Stop acting like this election has suddenly transformed bosses into “reluctant assholes.”
Charlie Crist is a Democrat now
Why Apple got a made-in-USA bug
University of California unveils shitty, soulless new logo
Rescue doggies learn to drive cars in New Zealand
Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice Is A Year-Old Lie
Duchess of Cambridge's fetus already tweeting @UnbornRoyal
Congratulations, Palestine!
Syria goes offline, hell breaks loose, rebels press the fight
Man regrets tattoo
Debtpocalypse 2012
Wal-Mart's New Permanent Reality
Trying to hire high-skilled workers at rock-bottom rates is not a "skills gap"
Monstrous Discrepancies
Hacking My Vagina
World's Worst Taxidermy
What if you came back from heaven and no one believed your story because it's retarded?
Exactly how alcohol fucks up your sleep
Marco Rubio: "fucking magnets, how do they work?!"
Republicans admit Hostess closing by vulture capitalists was about killing unions
How KGB Bar got its name
Runaway slave responds to letter from owner's wife
Betty Ford: "Jerry, something's wrong here. You just became President of the United States and I'm still cooking."
Why Coke cost a nickel for 70 years
Number of small dogs per 1000 people
All GOP Rape Philosophers Defeated
Romney's bureaucratic, bumbling campaign vs Obama's scrappy, entrepreneurial one
John McAfee McAntivirus on the lam in Belize, accused of murdering his neighbor
Who did Obama call to gloat about destroying White America on Tuesday?
Jewish Problems
Puerto Rico finally pops the question
Android Gaming Stinks
Scientists recover audio of oldest American recording
When a daughter dies
Macroepigenetic approach identifies high fructose corn syrup as a factor responsible for the autism epidemic
Binders full of women
Cancer patients may misunderstand goal of chemo
I harvest hearts from living donors, ask me anything
Prince Roy of Sealand has died
Typical Apple Journalism
"We found a meaningful number of carrier retail locations had not sold a single Blackberry in over a month."
Fatherless Boy Acts Out
Obama does a Reddit AMA
JFK's Harvard application
Neil Armstrong has passed away
UN is not planning to invade Lubbock County, Texas
Gangnam Style, Dissected
The Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness
The Naked and the TED
Vanity Fair explains why Microsoft have been such losers for the past decade
Michael Fagan, the original bedroom intruder
Chilling insights into Holmes’s life in Aurora by a former police officer
Turkish villagers’ 400-year-old "bird language"
The world will lose its coral reefs, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it
Sociopath survivalist makes chilling video before killing wife, daughter
Syria’s torture centers mapped, torturers named
Study: nearly all chimpanzee research scientifically unjustified
Chrome now world’s favorite browser
Sudanese begin mass demonstrations against Bashir regime
Katie Holmes divorced Tom Cruise because Scientology was too creepy
Google scientists use 16,000 computers to model a human brain. It teaches itself to look at cats on YouTube.
Dead Egyptian waiter's funeral becomes celebration when he is discovered to be alive and woken up
Pain Squad app eases children’s cancer treatments
The End of RIM As We Know it
The complete 14 Batman window cameos
The fullest facial transplant yet: with jaws, teeth, and tongue
Android or condom?
Juliane Koepcke's plane crash survival story
Teacher's letter to her students: "A test you need to fail"
Frustro, the impossible typeface
Right-wingers discover Sandra Fluke's boyfriend is an East-coast *Jew*
Who said it, Mitt Romney or Mr. Burns?
I think my dog has claimed our new puppy as his own
Why anti-authoritarians are diagnosed as mentally ill
Faces of the Fallen: a few of Assad's victims this year
Wikileaks releases Stratfor documents
Teller tells his secrets
Israel uses reciprocity to increase organ donation by 60%
Scientists confirm Alan Turing's 60-year-old theory of why tigers have stripes
The old Reddit switcheroo
American cops seduce your teenagers to trick them into felonies in the War on Drugs
Was Kim Jong Un just assassinated in Beijing?
5-year-old analyzes logos
Vonnegut's muse
What if Hollywood had to use tech the way we have to watch movies?
What's on your designer's mind?
How Swedes and Norwegians broke the 1 percent's back
What age & sex does Google think you are?
Why eating fat doesn't make us fat, and what does
Google goes evil
Ron Johnson is giving JC Penney some of that Apple magic
The right wing's lightbulb obsession
How the infographics scam works
Air France flight 447: what really happened?
NYT agonizes: "should we point out the truth when people lie?"
Stewart killing it on Wednesday
Bad news about the Helvetica kettle
Social network analysis to uncover and convict a slumlord conspiracy
Why did humanity almost hunt sperm whales to extinction?
She doesn't wear pants and that's okay.
People who didn't get what they want for Christmas
Japan's lost decades: a myth?
Last American troops leave Iraq
Rest in hell, Kim Jong Il
Christopher Hitchens has passed away
How do I tell my socially awkward friend I love him?
Mint makes their 404 page a personal for a single employee
Help! I can't stop humping my wife even when I'm asleep!
A hilariously awkward story about cookies by Douglas Adams
Chrome overtakes Firefox globally
Old age, or B12 deficiency?
Do you have Trypophobia?
Bucket man on Bourbon St
My Tram Experience
Mammals? We all get a billion heartbeats
Asimov: "there is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there always has been"
It's time
China to cancel college majors that don't pay
Catholic church's paedo investigator responsible for safety of children at 120 churches caught with child porn
What do we need to know before going to Paris?
Oppenheimer's letter of recommendation for Richard Feynman
Telco and cable monopolists pay no taxes, get Treasury to pay *them* $114 bn in 2 years
The Myth of Shareholder Capitalism
Babies don't feel pain: a century of denial in medicine
Successful Black Man meme
Planes overhead (Wolfram Alpha search)
Best business cards-Nov 2011
Rick Perry does Letterman's Top 10 List
Half of Chinese millionaires want to leave
Only old people win Nobel prizes any more
Why the cheapest maple syrup tastes the best
Hospital joke
Wikileaks is dead. Now what?
Do a barrel roll
Inside the Republican war on voting
Entire internet weighs as much as a strawberry
A eulogy for Steve Jobs by his sister
Step Right Up
Personality disorders: why won't people just "get over" them?
TIL the Munich Post published the Final Solution 11 years before the Wannsee Conference
Long lines at Microsoft store opening
Hear Nokia's annoying new default ring tone for all its smartphones
Herman Cain wants to electrocute immigrants
Who killed video games?
Dead Presidents on Dead Presidents
On Style
Politifact in print
Webcam 101 for Seniors
For six decades around the world, Koch has gotten rich by bribing officials, trading with a terrorist state, fixing prices, neglecting safety and ignoring environmental regulations
Teabaggers try to take away Maine college students' franchise
Jordan, too: King Abdullah signs on the dotted line
Inside Scientology High
Tony Baloney is outta control
29-year-old woman hears herself for the first time
The French Dream Is Dead
Awesome teacher breaks up a fight and looks cool and bad as hell laying down the law
A history of violence
Rick Perry makes more sense than ever
Game of Thrones
Best fast-food joints overseas
A decade after the genome project, biological science is poised on the edge of something wonderful
Me Gusta
The age of mechanical reproduction
Muslims responsible for 1 out of every 294 terrorist attacks in Europe in 2009
Recipe for every Android phone review, ever
DADT is finally over
Apple worth as much as Google and Microsoft combined
Why does my spinach suck?
Brutal conditions for workers in Amazon's warehouses
Cold War-era US spy satellites declassified
I can be a frog
Confusing, surreal memo from Netflix CEO
Politico's Way
RIM enters death-spiral
The Bolivarian revolution, sadly, is not funny
Teaching wolf pups to howl
Portal, the excellent first-person puzzler, is free until 9/20 for PC and Mac
James Carville: "Obama should flip out immediately"
60 completely unusable stock photos
Netflix stock plunges as subscribers quit after price hike
Tony Judt's last interview
Why "does that make sense" doesn't
Congress finally overhauls patents
How Stanley McChrystal's JSOC became Al Qaeda to defeat it
TSA agent sues woman for $500,000 because she complained about the violent violation of her vagina x 4
Are jobs obsolete?
Founder of Project Gutenberg dies, at 64
Pan Am
IRS: snitch on tax cheats, make money!
Uninsured 24-year-old Cincinnati father dies of tooth infection
Christine O'Donnell's book sells 2,000 copies
Earth's 7 billionth person will be born on or before 10/31
The bacteria in your gut are altering your mood and mind
The mob was already waiting for James Zwerg by the time the Greyhound bus eased into Montgomery, Alabama
What Gaddafi's fall means for his evil minions in South America, Asia, and Africa
Abercrombie & Fitch pays Jersey Shore cast members to stop wearing their label on the air
The PC's not dead, 'e's only restin'.
Software is eating the world
Dr. Michele Bachmann was never a doctor, spent years pretending
If you count the iPad as a PC, Apple just became the unit sales world leader
Mom talks to her on the phone as four bears eat daughter alive
Pre-human Cretans were sailing across open water 130,000 years ago
It's a fat guy taking a champagne cork in the nutsack
What is business waiting for? Time to hire.
$80 Chinese Android phone takes Kenya by storm
Everyone Else Hates The Tea Party Too Now
Warren Buffett: Stop Coddling the Super-Rich
New leukemia treatment exceeds wildest expectations
The Blackberry shift from executives to the urban poor
Mark Cuban's plan to create jobs
Meet Istanbul's new traffic lights
Buy Bloggie
Michael Wolff on the Mob-like structure of News Corp
Robots don't complain, or demand higher wages, or kill themselves
Collection of Obama image macros
That truck driver you flipped off? Let me tell you his story
Caffè Pagato
Two CIA prisoners in China, 1952-1973
Will Young Men Ever Grow Up?
World War II: Before the War
Every week, half a million Americans get a smartphone
*The Economist* tears Republicans a new one for their irresponsibility and economic illiteracy
98 year old gay concentration camp survivor tells his story
Honest warnings
Google gonna buy Hulu
Self-control, lack of self-control are contagious
Big tech org charts
Dutch ban kosher, halal slaughter
Brands remixed as their own competitors
Nokia Swipe
Question for Paul Ryan
GOP's lies about voter fraud are falling apart
Mans robs bank for $1 to get some healthcare in jail
Republican Barbarians Slash FDA’s Food Safety Budget
Mayor Bloomberg calls for major immigration reform
20 most commonly mis-pronounced foods
A year of the moon in 2.5 minutes
A pulse is no longer necessary for life
GOP ultra-psycho Michele Bachmann’s greatest hits, including: "maybe the cancer will cure Melissa Etheridge’s lesbianism"
Angry Birds Live!
Wisconsin Supreme Court sides with Republicans against workers
Jefferson's original draft of the Declaration of Independence denounced the slave trade
Aha Moments
Gabrielle Giffords Now
Teabaggers Hate Good American Beer
Apple's Magnum Opus
A history of Sarah Palin whining about "gotcha questions"
Can you run a country based on eloquence alone?
Sitting Is Killing You
Ask culture vs Guess culture
"Math" or "Maths"?
Jon Stewart's ratings are now higher than all of Fox News
Kids who spot bullshit, and the adults who get upset about it
What keeps Meir Dagan up at night? Netanyahu, not Iran or the Palestinians
Avoid These 11 Crappy Kitchen Gadgets
Gaithersburg woman earns college degree two decades after total amnesia
The Great Switch by the Super-Rich
The Flying Men of Yungas Valley
Battleships: awesome, but ridiculous
Gruesome martyrdom of Hamza, a 13-year-old boy tortured to death by Syrian soldiers, fans revolutionary fury
Voters loathe the entire crop of teabagger governors
Revolutionary reversible male contraceptive procedure developed in India
Malta votes to allow divorce
Your commute is killing you
The longest cell in the history of life
Rescue dog Javier saves another doggie trapped in Joplin's rubble for days
Dark movies are ruining the already-ruined theater experience
1 in 3 Russian prisoners is a businessman
Ratko Mladic Arrested At Last
What to do to keep your family safe in a tornado
Qatar is the real Soros
USA in 14-year state of emergency as stupidly-named Patriot Act is renewed 4 more years
Chris Matthews calls Sarah Palin "profoundly stupid"
Who Doesn't Want You To Be A Millionaire
Why Jeff Bezos won
Megyn Kelly & Fox News helped Sen. Ensign cover up his crimes
Libertarianism is a techno-geek disease that makes you stupid
The rise of "logical punctuation".
McCain tells Bush apologists to stop lying about torture and bin Laden
Disaffected Asians in the USA
Cat ears controlled by your brain
US unemployment rate by educational attainment
Stolen Camera Finder
House GOP unanimously passes anti-abortion bill that redefines rape & institutes IRS rape audits
Bin Laden neighbors say his compound has been under Pakistani surveillance since 2005
Floridians are going to have to start pulling up their pants and stop having sex with animals soon
China’s nuclear tests, 1964-96
WSJ unveils its own Wikileaks clone
The Last Post
Chinese nuclear fusion research roundup
Wall Street’s favorite calculator
When will the record industry start paying attention to customers instead of thieves?
Rummy rains on torturers’ parade
Limbaugh: "Thank God for President Obama"
Huckabee, Bachmann demand that Jews stop hogging the Holocaust
Notes on the death of Osama bin Laden
How Mengele got away
TomTom snitched on you to the police, for profit
Feds make a federal case out of Amish raw milk
StillTasty: the ultimate food shelf-life guide
Microsoft misses estimates as people choose iPads over netbooks
Eat Healthy for $3/day
WI GOP hired a Utah con-man to run their recall petition drives
New tenant steals old tenant’s identity
Netflix now bigger than any cable company in the USA; 7% of all Americans subscribe
Did Farmville kill the daytime soap opera?
Great little just-so about a talking desert snake and a lost and thirsty man
The people who live in the tunnels under Las Vegas
Wandering German Carpenters
In a time before Photoshop, manually retouched models
25 abandoned Soviet monuments that look like they’re from the future
The Y Report
Illustration of Julian Assange in the Russian magazine *Snob*
Massey blames regulators for losses last year, hands outgoing CEO a lucrative retirement package
Jump Math, new pedagogical technique, eliminates the bell curve
4 Biggest Corporate Hits of the John Roberts Court
"I pay, you pay, why doesn’t B of A?"
Castro resigns from Communist Party leadership, calls for liberalization
Pat Tillman was murdered
Project to raise money to send M. Night Shyamalan back to film school
Nazis welcome at "family-friendly" Kentucky machine gun festival
Tea Party Death Watch: Politicians and media nearly outnumber tea partiers at SC tea party rally
bhenchod sutta na mila
Wedding proposal in a crossword puzzle
Cute Roulette!
Remember when Reagan raised taxes on corporations to make them pay their fair share?
Sam Houston’s prophecy to Texas on the eve of secession and Civil War
A 9-Volt Battery To The Scalp Can Make You Smarter, More Creative
Understanding the symbolic language of the icons on your gadgets' on/off buttons and switches
Why black folks vote Democratic
Once and for all: there was no such thing as black Confederate soldiers
Horse dreams dashed, German teen turns to cow
Scott Ritter convicted
Trevor is a kid who likes to dance in front of Apple Store computers and post it on YouTube
Ihnatko mongers rumors of an Amazon tablet
Insurers secretly gave Chamber of Commerce $86 million to defeat reform
Duke rape accuser Crystal Gail Mangum is now a murderer
No universal language features: Chomsky was wrong. Languages don’t obey many rules
Headless flies respond to light
A hungry judge is a hanging judge
Are you following a bot?
Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Part I
Great debate about Apple’s increasingly muted UI color tones
Peter Florjancic: Slovenian inventor extraordinaire
United States of Thug: TSA pats down, drug-tests a 6-year-old girl
Literary comparison of *The Wire* to Charles Dickens
9th Circuit: Arizona’s SB-1070 is unconstitutional
Student Loans as the gateway to American debt slavery
With AT&T, T-Mobile’s customers will pay double and get half
Florida House deregulates hair braiding, interior design
When did girls start wearing pink?
How to get a real education
Nate Silver: Wisconsin error points to incompetence, not conspiracy
Why Americans get PTSD but Brits don’t
Vatican mag sez hackers are doing God’s work
Before I Die
Magical Chinese hard drive with infinite capacity
Dish Network buys bankrupt Blockbuster’s assets
Koch brothers pay climate change skeptic for a debunking study…don’t get their money’s worth
*American Thinker* upset because they are putting black people on stamps
Patent troll goes after Alzheimer’s researchers
How to write clear, concise, and direct sentences
Perfect Brown Rice!
"I am a 91-year-old bodybuilder"
Wisconsin’s high stakes Supreme Court election has national implications
McDonald’s will hire 50,000 people on 4/19
Eman al Obeidi speaks to NPR
Geothermal power is radioactive in origin: Earth as giant nuclear furnace
Anthony Weiner KILLS at the Congressional Correspondents’ Dinner
How Slavery Really Ended in America
Canada: who is it and what does it want?
I *love* my $9 glasses!
Sophia Chua-Rubenfeld gets into Harvard
Dehydrated tomato products prevent prostate cancer in rats
Percy Lavon Julian
My non-speaking autistic son will be Oberlin’s first
Obama has his OWN computer
Al Jazeera’s Twitter Revolution Dashboard
Stanford wants to open an NYC campus
My Mom Reviews the iPad, Her First Computer
Americans smile all the time as if they are plugged in
Universal property of music discovered
RIM: the inmates have taken over the asylum
Religion may become extinct in 9 nations
Was Einstein *really* a poor student?
Economic Ebola: why friends don’t let friends get into finance
William Koch: Koch Oil is "organized crime"
Yemeni leader’s own tribe demands he step down; protests in Syria and everywhere
How self-control pisses you off
Detroit is dying quickly: lost 25% of population in 10 years
Deeply insightful take on the NYT’s new paywall scheme
Top army officer defections diminish Yemen dictator’s power base
Color-Coded Global Penis Size Map
Scott Walker finds a cushy state job for GOP senator’s mistress
Analysis: Death Panels, Fact & Fiction
Drunk on licensing fees and patents, Microsoft has become a joke
Inventables: it’s like a Home Depot from the future
Businessmen end AZ immigration bullies' reign of stupid
Egypt goes to the polls
Koch blocked by Wisconsin judge
Video of Japan’s six main channels, as the quake hit
Biggest "Super Perigee" Moon in 20 years will rise on March 19th
Iran will intervene in Bahrain after Saudi troop deployment there
Koch industries is pumping massive amounts of pollution into an an Arkansas waterway
Netflix bids to enter original programming business
US sentences 5 Somali pirates to life in prison
Ghost towns of China
Jamaican Banana Fritters
How the GOP dumbs down the deficit debate, with Obama’s help
Why the right attacked unions, ACORN, and Planned Parenthood
Americans won’t touch strangers, the French won’t talk to them, but Brits will neither touch nor talk to them.
*Lancet*: ADHD can be food-induced
Nearly identical anti-labor bills pop up in several states
100,000 in Yemen’s streets demand Saleh’s resignation
Lots of Americans are bringing up Pearl Harbor on Facebook today.
Wheeled Bags Are Of The Devil
What part of legal immigration don't you understand?
One person in the Obama administration is willing to call the DOD's abusive treatment of Bradley Manning out
BP's oil spill is still killing Gulf Coast residents and making them sick
Dissection of James O'Keefe's dishonest, unethical editing
Middle East: Gas Leak in the House
Puberty in One NSFW Minute
Japan struck by massive quake
McKinsey's corruption problem, plus: why do companies *really* hire management consulting firms?
FTC puts patent trolls on notice
Charlie Sheen Is Not Filial
Rep. Markey: will GOP repeal the law of gravity?
British catch Iran arming Taliban with rockets
Sleep is more important than food
Liberated #AmnDawla documents: Mubarak was behind 2005 Sharm el Sheikh terror attack
Illinois abolishes death penalty
Charlie Sheen's history of violence toward women
Pro-life Nebraska Law Forces Woman to Carry Non-Viable Pregnancy to Term
Egypt's State Security falls to protesters
Al Jazeera interviews Anonymous
Fossils of Cyanobacteria in CI1 Carbonaceous Meteorites
The social distance that threatens the core of American democracy
A virus so large, it gets viruses
People reacting to a little girl dressed in white, left alone in a hotel corridor
Cafe Noah: film about Jewish Arab musicians' struggle to keep their music alive
California Teabaggers scream racist abuse at Muslim citizens raising money for charity, make death threats
Neil Gaiman on copyright, piracy, and the Web
Charlie Sheen quotes as New Yorker cartoons
Mother of all Android malware arrives
Anonymous goes after Kochs
40 Million Year Old Frozen Mite Sex (Lady Mite On Top)
House GOP votes unanimously to protect Big Oil's free taxpayer money
High-profile actors with serious scientific credentials: Natalie Portman, Hedy Lamarr, and more
Best Wisconsin Protest Signs
History flies past hapless Al Qaeda morons
Freedom talk as a cover for right-wing authoritarianism
Time-lapse of the Milky Way at Lake Tahoe at Night
This is what it's like for an innocent man to spend 30 years in jail
TED: just another club for rich pricks
Your Thrift Habits (1948)
NYC taping wife-beaters' jailhouse intimidation/wheedling calls, using it against them in court
Defecting Libyan generals assign special unit to hunt down Gaddafi
Zach Anner interviews Oprah Winfrey
Enough with the wait times, already—and a few other false pieties about US healthcare
Scott Walker booed by patrons, asked to leave Madison restaurant by owner
Harvard scientists create $200 bedside cancer detector
Outraged Child Killers to Protest Against Bill Gates For Calling Them "Child Killers"
Google and Apple as mobile co-belligerents
How far away is the Moon?
Almost all Libyan diplomats demand Gaddafi step down, ask int'l community for no-fly zone to stop killings
Protestors take control of Libya’s second city, approach capital
Why Borders cratered, but Barnes thrives
OK, America’s Greatest Word
Back to the Future: re-enacting old photos
Mubarak tried to order a tank massacre in Tahrir Square on January 30th
Nokia Plan B
Mubarak used last 18 days in power to secure his fortune
For some states, a *100-degree* weather change next week
The Best Questions for a First Date
It’s official: Voice (phone service) is now worthless
How one man tracked down Anonymous—and paid a heavy price
Scumbag Steve shows how to handle internet infamy
The Most-Emailed NYT Article Ever
What not to wear, if we're to have a debate in Parliament
A 12-year-old explains the internet birds & bees to her mother
Protons taste sour. Sour is the flavor of protons.
AOL and Huffington Post, who really deserve each other, are getting hitched
CPAC boycott over inclusion of gays flops
Tiger Mom’s daughter responds to the uproar
The internet has finally run out of IPv4 addresses
25 favorite recipes from The Minimalist
Google objects after sting catches Bing stealing Google’s results
Jesus Phone ascends bodily into Verizon
"It sank. Get over it."
Great Volkswagen commercial: "The Force"
The future of cheap Androids is now
Skin stem cell "gun" rapidly heals burn victims
How come spaceships are never upside-down in Star Trek?
The Hilarious Everything Bagel
What’s broken in Greece? Ask an entrepreneur
How Facebook killed (most) spam
Carpooling goes the way of hitchhiking
Canadians just became the world’s biggest internet losers
Why Apple is Sony’s spiritual successor
Why can’t we watch Al Jazeera in the US?
Odysseus’ Option: precommitment devices as an alternative to willpower for behavior change
Why everything you hear about medicine is wrong
And now, Yemen
US companies’ hiring plans at record highs
The piece of paper that fooled Hitler
Mexican chef Josefina introduces Israelis to Mexican food
Chik-Fil-A’s deep ties to anti-gay organizations exposed
Apple, the bank
Yahoo is firing again; Google is hiring more than ever
Warning Signs in Experimental Design and Interpretation
Link between processed food and depression
Roger Ebert's New Chin
Starbucks's new cup size: "Trenta"
The State of the Web: Winter 2010
Memory Walk: great trick to memorize sequential information
What the Founding Fathers thought about forcing private citizens to buy health insurance
Great profile of Martin Peretz
The Monkeys You Ordered
"How I Screwed Yasser Arafat out of $2 million (and lost $100 million in the process) "
The end of the Comics Code Authority
The World According to (Some) Americans
The resilience of Persian culture and spirit
Human Planet
The Slave Power
Behind the myth of the “happy hooker,” hides a horrific human rights abuse.
Murdoch's News International has become too influential for the good of society
China bans zoos from having circuses. No more monkey fights, no more pulling out baby tigers' teeth, and no more feeding live animals to predators.
Nothing Happened
Smoking gun 1997 Vatican letter orders pedophiles to be protected from the police
Creepy Eric Schmidt is out as CEO at Google. Did he jump or was he pushed?
A life's work: Vivian Maier's lost photography
Gabrielle Giffords can stand with assistance, has tried to speak, and is using an iPad
LBJ Buys Pants
FBI: Bomb planted along MLK Day parade route in Spokane, WA
The Leave (Apple's bench without Steve)
Border Collie knows 1,022 words
A Very Israeli Arab Novelist
Is this the end for Israel's Labor Party?
University of Phoenix enrollment down 42%
Amazing Stuxnet worm was joint US/Israeli effort
Michael Steele's reign overthrown as Rancid Priapus elected RNC chair
"From year to year more and more Haredi youth will join the army and go to work. This is what is already happening, and it will change everything."
Fall of Tunisian dictator Ben Ali marks first time street protests have overthrown an Arab dictator
Age of surveillance: the fish is rotting from the head
Cops: Photos Show Loughner Wearing Red G-String, Holding Glock
Girl falls in mall fountain while texting
Pixelatrix Games: 1,500,582 gamers served!
Branding should have a backbone
Palin 'hit with dishonesty bullets from .357 Magnum of unfairness'
Bing beats Google in 20-search shootout
BMJ: Wakefield planned secret businesses to make money from his antivax fraud
FDR escapes assassination in Miami
Women Laughing Alone With Salad
The Incredible True Story of the Collar-Bomb Heist
MySpace lays off half its employees
Jerry Brown confiscates 48,000 cellphones from state employees
Man follows shoppers around, pretends to be describing them on the phone
Tom DeLay gets 3 years
South Sudanese jubilant as they prepare to vote for independence
5 Bad People With Great Resumés
German intelligence knew Eichmann's new identity and hiding place as early as 1952; didn't share
Raising Kids the Chinese Way
Google's search engine is becoming useless
Evolution, the Alien God: There's No One To Argue With
Facebook is already much more profitable than anyone knew
Olive oil: the Italians have really fucked us. Greek is the best.
Year without soap or shampoo report: "it's awesome."
Picasso's influence on the Finder's icon
Julian Assange wants to sex you up
Alireza Pahlavi, deposed Shah's son, takes own life at 44
When smart people are bad employees
Things Never Said About Restaurant Websites
Chrome claws its way to 10% of the browser market
How the Fed funds America's wars with inflation
On the eve of war: Saddam Hussein alternately wheedling and bullying US Amb. April Glaspie as he prepares to invade Kuwait
Dating Denial of Service Attack
New blood test detects cancer cells at 1ppb
The Psychological Unity of Humankind
A skyscraper could fit in this just-discovered Vietnamese cave
Anonymous Gaza youth manifesto makes a stir
Forking Etiquette
The Old Hoodoo
The 21st century will resemble the 12th
Increasingly, the Dutch have a four-day workweek
Your $60 terabyte drive would have cost $1 trillion in the 1950s
George Clooney teams up with Google to spy on Sudan with satellites
Holy Trinity (Cuisine)
Man quits job, goes to law school, makes a living suing spammers
Impending smartphone price collapse means the extinction of non-smartphones
Sarbanes-Oxley broke the stock market, which is why you can't buy shares in Facebook or Twitter
Michael Jordan has a Hitler mustache
What happens when you steal a hacker's computer
Secret Santa success caps banner year for Reddit
Iraqi man kills daughter recruited by Al Qaeda to be a suicide bomber
What Christmas was like for slaves
Solitary jailhouse lawyer argues his way out of prison
The Son of God is the Sun
An iPhone lover's take on Windows Phone
Reid, Dems working on filibuster reform plan
Paul Rand's unused Ford logo from 1966
2002: "Apple is contemplating ... an 'iPhone'"
CalPERS challenges Apple, 47 other corporations on board election rules
Soul Kitchen
Rape rampant in US military
Jorge Videla, ex-dictator of Argentina, is jailed for life
Apportionment Day only comes around once every ten years, so we are going to grit our teeth and pretend to enjoy it for the sake of the family
Logistics Research: A 50 Years' March of Ideas
Heilmeier's Catechism
Chinese netizens force father of the Great Firewall off the Chinese Twitter
Why honor killings are an expression of narcissistic rage
Everyone in Europe is sick of Germany and also would like to borrow some more money
Harry Potter actress's father enjoined by court from killing her for next 12 months
Stockholm suicide bomber's father-in-law denounces him: "Sweden gave us a home and treated us well"
Get well soon, Tartuffo!
dar williams — *the pointless, yet poignant crisis of a coed*
Vi Hart is doodling in math class
Auto-pilot iPad app limps your plane home safely
Why don't Android phones use the GPU to accelerate the UI?
No more pot tourism in Amsterdam
Assange rape charges are rape-rape
*Sicko*'s depiction of Cuban health care is a crock of shit
Polar bears "have been forced" into mating with grizzly bears—boffins
Word Lens: astounding augmented-reality iPhone app that recognizes and translates words on-the-fly
Great Facebook profile
Super Mario Bros get the Grand Theft Auto treatment
Rubberbandits — *Horse Outside*
Tajazzle Gives Your Vagina The Confidence It Needs
Testing the efficiency of outrageous helmet adornments in repelling magpie attacks
The Skeleton Key
Verizon striking out in smartphones: Android isn't helping them that much against the iPhone
How to handle lawyers threatening you
The Last Question
No evidence of time before Big Bang: boffins
*The Atlantic* turns a profit, thanks to its website
Google ad: Search Stories
Entire foetal genome floats in the mother's blood
Best of MIT hacks
Being too clean causes allergies in teenagers
The Uncertainty Plague
Freedom by giving stuff up
Orwellian Homeland Security messages coming to Walmart, hotels, malls
Memories and Salt
What's really wrong with Blackberry
1 killed, 2 injured in terrorist attack in Stockholm
The South's Secession Commemoration
10 weirdest animals discovered in 2010
Supervillain patent troll Nathan Myhrvold starts filing lawsuits
Apple can't locate Steve Jobs, owes him some money
Google activates 9 million Android phones per month
Read A Book
The Big Picture: Carmel Wildfire
Google Nexus S
Umberto Eco on Wikileaks
China clones, sells Russian fighter jets
GE goes with what it knows: Making Stuff
African poverty is falling much faster than you think
How to Exist for a Day
The miraculous decline in deaths by fire over the last 100 years
Fox News accused of violating campaign finance laws
Obama pardons various Chicago hoodlum acquaintances of his
Hispanics will go rogue, ditch Obama and Dems if DREAM act doesn't happen
Illinois introduces marriage-lite civil unions (for both straights and gays)
Evidence that Assange rape charges are trumped-up
More details emerge about Stuxnet, the amazing weaponized computer virus used to attack Iran's uranium enrichment project
LIFE: The photo that brought AIDS home
Amazon explains why they kicked Wikileaks off
House Dems pass middle-class tax cut
Medical researcher discovers integration, gets 75 citations
Why Google's Maps are so much more readable than Yahoo and Bing's
Awesome creepy ad for Google TV
After Secrets: missing the point of Wikileaks
Woman confronts subway flasher pervert, puts it on YouTube
Elizabeth Smart storms out of court during testimony
The not so secret (any more) US war in Pakistan
Two Muslims, playing against stereotypes
When did giving birth become so traumatic?
Please read: A personal appeal from the outlaw Josey Wales
Siprnet: what the hell is it?
Julian Assange's motivations, in his own words
Plato on anonymous trolls
SubZin: search for movie quotes, find out where they're from
Gay Pirates
Wikileaks revelation: China may be ready for One Korea
Big NASA news conference on 12/2 to discuss an astrobiological finding
Why Wikileaks damages democracy
How Obama raised $60 million by running a simple experiment
The truth about California
Nabokov's unpublished love letters are released by his son
"Through such radical notions has Germany thrived"
Hospitals harm 1 in 6 patients: study
Lost Roman legion found in China
Where's Molly? 47 years later, her brother Jeff finally finds out
TSA Bumper Stickers
How to draw an owl
Undercover journalists risk their lives to tell us North Koreans are fed up
Why Amazon Prime is an existential threat to retail
The Death of RIM
First-ever photograph of a single hydrogen atom
15-minute writing exercise closes the gender gap in university-level physics
Fred Hoyle: "We exist, therefore we are stardust"
US scientists significantly more likely to publish fake research
Predator Theory—who are the rapists?
Schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and multiple sclerosis are the same thing: a retrovirus that every human being carries in our DNA
A new kind of light: physicists chill photons into a blob
Slideshow: a visual history of credit cards
Gate Rape
SF writer Frederik Pohl has a blog
Ghosts of Amsterdam
AMC theaters showing public disservice announcement from Safe Minds, an anti-vax group
UCF prof Richard Quinn reacts to discovering rampant cheating in his class
Man saves American chavette from sinking car
Obama: "get used to the TSA sexual assault regime"
Tenerife Airport Disaster
Airports can opt out of TSA screening
Aussie comic duo Hamish and Andy interview Hillary Clinton
Keeping Fear Alive: The Effort to Undermine Confidence in Social Security
Glenn Beck's symphony of anti-Semitic dog-whistles
Kitsch in high places: George W Bush's official portrait
Jimmy Wales is staring at you on Wikipedia because the data show that it works
Rookie G-Man Nabs Swine Flu Bandit In Flagrante Delicto
Anti-reform GOP freshman: "Where's my free health care?!"
Dr. Richard Bing, one of the last surviving Jewish scientists who fled Nazi Germany, dies at 101
Trial of Elizabeth Smart's abductor is underway
*Righteous Anger at the Wicked States: the Meaning of the Founders' Constitution*
Tamil Nadu's poor have a custom of ritually murdering their unaffordable parents
Ciabatta bread in one minute
All the lonely people
Haters gonna hate
Tea party is "a religious revival for an America that never was"
Parkour for Lazies
The Sinclair Method: treating alcoholism with a pill
Exciting filing in software patent lawsuit
WinPhone 7s start coming out
November 17th is National Facebook UnFriend Day
Guinness has a NINE THOUSAND YEAR lease on its Irish brewery
JFK: 32 unpublished photos from LIFE
Smart youth voters shunned GOP in midterms
Ultimatum to Obama and all Hostiles, Surrender or Die!
Shirvell ("Chris Armstrong Watch") fired by Michigan AG
The Nile delta, as seen from the International Space Station
Up in smoke
Federal judge blocks Oklahoma's Sharia ban
Harriet Ann Jacobs
Preparation: how Reid crushed Angle
Can't find your phone?
If historical events had Facebook statuses
Italian-designed space-saving furniture
Monster Raving Granny!
Bullet-proof Popemobile may not be gay kissing-proof
Much like me, the iPhone is easily confused by daylight savings time
The Airport Security Grope
British election overturned because of "false statements"
La Dolce Vita turns sour for Italians
*Fortune*: What really happened between HP ex-CEO Mark Hurd and Jodie Fisher?
Friday's jobs report, charted
Live crab vending machine in China
The mystery of the tainted cocaine
Hardheaded Canucks order removal of "weeping" Virgin Mary statue
Ground Zero II: nuke your favorite place and see what happens to it
Abd el-Kader and the Massacre of Damascus
How the Yellow Pages changed the world
George Carlin on the American Dream
Prostitutes of God
Who Follows Whom on Twitter Among World Leaders
December issue will be last US News & World Report sent to subscribers
Touring the abandoned Six Flags New Orleans park
*I'm Here*—short film by Spike Jonze
JAMBOX by Jawbone
The big judgments that Facebook has received are causing some spammers to think twice
Bruce Schneier joins Federal lawsuit to suspend deployment of body scanners at US airports
Washaway Beach cabin falls into Pacific Ocean
Thanks for the memories, Alan Grayson!
People are Awesome
Gay agenda hits setback as Indiana gay students denied cupcakes
Don Draper's Whats
Porn tech support
7: the last Windows ever to be widely deployed?
iPad competitors all offer less for more, can't match Apple
New TSA rule: if we can't take pictures of your genitals, then we have to touch them
Capital One makes you a different loan offer depending on what browser you're using
Another Greek accomplishment: the worst sports riot in world history, over 30k dead, in 532 AD
Why do right-wingers insist on calling George Soros-American since 1961-"foreign"?
ABC's decision to invite Breitbart is a political act that lends undeserved credibility to a fraud
Ali G town Staines in name change proposal
Nate Silver: 5 reasons Dems (probably won't, but) could beat the polls and hold the House
Study: fructose composition of HFCS higher than claimed
Why San Francisco's Fire Department builds its own wooden ladders
All that killing does give you pause.
Dick Morris: "I am no longer pretending to make sense"
Jon Stewart interviewed President Obama on Wednesday
Megachurch pastor comes out
*Paris Review* posts all its interviews online: treasure trove from the 1950s to the 2010s
Two choices in life
Arpaio gets in on the "voter fraud" racket
Unwanted penis tattooed on man's back
Tariq Aziz sentenced to death by hanging
NC 11-year-old turns his parents' weed in to the Drugs Inquisition
Man says cocaine in his buttocks isn't his
Just click Teleport
*Schwarzfahrer*: Oscar-winning 10-minute short film
The GOP's Worst Ideas (slideshow)
What creationists and climate change deniers have in common
Please send cover letter and résumé
Local newspaper sues you if you read more than one article
Republican Woman
Human ventriloquist's dummy
Apple announces MacBook Clear, the first computerless laptop
*Only Human*
Our 7-year-old is running away. We'll miss her.
1991: Juan Williams apologizes for being a creep to his female coworkers at the *Washington Post*
Stewart Lee on the proper naming of dead women
Why most published research findings are false
JK Rowling's plot spreadsheets
Bloomberg Game Changers: Jon Stuart Liebowitz
Joseph Stiglitz calls for jail time for corporate criminals
The end of x86?
Google to bring Dead Sea scrolls online
Complex life probably only evolved once
8: The Mormon Proposition
Gay Saudi prince found guilty of murdering his servant in London
Amazon to launch "Kindle Singles"
Article 11 of the Treaty of Tripoli
Trashy celebrity news less profitable than hard news for newspaper websites
Idiotic Republican ad tells Latinos not to vote
Chaz Chonson humiliated to share billing at CIF with Robbie Spencer
Rent is too damn high dot org
Cuban pilots flew 150,000 Jews from Arab states to Israel
California Highway Patrol salaries
Apple has first $20 billion quarter; sells 14 million iPhones, 4 million iPads
Conservatives, outraged by her criticism of O'Donnell, attack Meghan McCain's breasts
American children demand more access to their parents' iPhones
Awesome anti-Rand Paul ad
Benoît Mandelbrot dies
The Russian masterpiece you've never heard of
Men and women are largely equal in mathematical abilities
Bloomberg Game Changers: Steve Jobs
British government asks councils to quit giving tax breaks to Scientology
China's premier: "Democracy and freedom are irresistible"
The tools you really need to maintain your home
Colbert, Oprah crash Jon Stewart's show
Why rebel groups love the Toyota Hilux
The man behind Grey Goose vodka
Sculley: "Apple's big mistake was hiring me."
Insane Clown Posse come out of the closet as evangelical Christians
Physics shows that cell phones cannot cause cancer
Important mathematical habits of mind
Obama more popular with Alaskans than Palin
The Solitary Life of Cranes
I have to tell you what happened to me
Australian woman faces 7 years in prison for getting an abortion
It pays to hire women in countries that won't
As the book wanes, it becomes even more prominent in its absence
With Windows Phone 7, did Microsoft actually bring a gun to a gun fight?
A traffic jam is a bunch of rooms
Frank Sinatra: The Coffee Song
Alexandros Grigoropoulos's killer gets life in prison
The roots of plant intelligence
Typing speed test
Amazing, 125-year-old Polish Catholic church in Detroit
Japanese juggling
Captured: the Pacific & adjacent theaters during WWII
Why you damn well better vote
Solomon Burke, RIP
Chicago by race
Hippotube is now Hipposlut
So we Heil! Heil! Right in the Fuehrer's face!
Ohio teabagger candidate spends weekends dressing up as a Nazi
Memo to Bruce McMahan, Daughter-Seducer
Hitler Hops
Jon Stewart at work
The boy who mistook my iPhone for his mom
How TE Lawrence created the Taliban's battle strategy
Lost Herschel Evans recordings found; being held hostage by idiotic copyright laws
Almost all of China's leaders are engineers
Microsoft, Adobe chiefs meet up to discuss countering Apple, merging
Federal judge affirms constitutionality of health care reform
*Men's Health* stopped writing new cover lines in 2004
What Chicken McNuggets really look like
Top reasons why you got unfriended on Facebook
Evo Morales knees a political opponent in the groin
Rabbis clamp down on ultra-Orthodox women wearing burkas
Memoirs of a bullied kid
Weighty raging controversy tears America apart
Fundamentalist Kentucky parents ruin kids' educations, torment an amazing teacher and run her off, and drive down test scores
True, ghastly extent of Marshal Petain's antisemitism is discovered
Pakistan's military pushes for a government shakeup in wake of 20 million made homeless by floods
Many organic eggs are scams: factory farms in disguise
A field trip to pick cotton in Alabama
They learned it from watching you.
US military orders less dependence on fossil fuels
US Navy bombs Guam with dead mice
Music sounds like people, moving
Is Rahm even eligible to run for mayor of Chicago?
Ack! Final *Cathy* strip ran yesterday
The Athenian Constitution
Butts arrested in Boob murder case
Osama bin Laden calls for action on climate change
Why Germans work smarter than Americans
Nothing to Install
2.3 million people came to state courts without a lawyer last year
Hans...are we the baddies?
Deleted Facebook, MySpace postings are discoverable in court
British Library puts 280 Greek manuscripts online
Scientists discover teabagger-free planet near Earth
There Was Definitely A Point During That Stoning Where We All Thought, 'Is This Weird?'
Germany finally finishes paying WWI reparations
Ahmadinejad returns home to chaos; the new sanctions are working
Abdel Halim Hafiz—Sawwah
NYT explaining why email is crap (1985)
Danny Hillis's innovative approach to finding ways to treat cancer
Can you love a child of rape?
Happy Petrov Day!
The tricks behind nature documentaries
Maricopa County auditors find that Joe Arpaio may have stolen up to $80 million in taxpayer money
Will world leaders come out against Wall Street's operating a gambling ring on the world's food?
Queen tried to use state fund for the poor to heat Buckingham Palace; was rebuffed
Johann Hari welcomes the Pope to London
Creationist gibberish to be excised from Florida textbooks after complaints by scientists
Stephen Colbert standing up for immigrant farmworkers in Congress
Dickens in Lagos
How to raise boys who read
Fun with passive-aggressive office signs
Stuxnet malware is a weapon out to destroy...Bushehr?
Eileen Nearne, WWII spy, dead at 89 after wartime heroism and a lifetime of cultivated obscurity
Sicilian civil society stands up to the Mafia
NYC's underground grilled cheese
Middle Passage
Michael Emerson's Ben Linus character sounding creepy reading a children's poem
A blind man explains what the iPhone means for him
Anthony Bourdain: "So you wanna be a chef."
California Uber Alles: Jerry Brown is back!
*Economist*: Down with compulsory corporate "fun"
Tell them it's hell: the real war, 1939-1945
What Ernest Hemingway, Toni Morrison, and R. Crumb have in common
How did Lake Nyos suddenly kill 1,700 people?
HIV's ancestor has been in monkeys for 32,000 years
Shooting them through the head is more humane: Gregg Easterbrook on the death penalty
How Mao killed 45 million in 4 years
Entire world marinates in Israel's racism toward a Palestinian convicted of raping a Jewish woman "by deceit". Months later, the facts come out.
Mild memory loss is not a part of normal aging
Egypt's largest newspaper publishes crudely photoshopped picture showing Mubarak leading the pack
Pope's astronomer denounces creationism, intelligent design
Steve Martin finally got himself a Twitter machine
The many iterations of William Shatner
Medical student won't perform non-consensual pelvic exams on anesthetized victims
The Internationale in Arabic
Italy: the bordello state
The secret of self-control
The pocket notebooks of 20 famous men
This is how it feels to be under a nuclear attack
FiveBooks: the best five books on everything
Reid promises Lady Gaga a vote on DADT
The Luckiest Bastards Alive
Meet Jackie Evancho, a 10-year-old opera singer/angel from heaven
3 Vegas cops murder a West Point grad in front of his girlfriend at Costco
I said "Dude, you *have* no Koran" and ran off!
A fig is not a fruit
The anthropology of trash
Why Americans don't like their President's God
Microsoft is complicit in the persecution of civil society advocates in Russia
Army guys get out of their Jeep, take it apart, and put it back together in under 4 minutes
"Germany Identity" returns to celebrate literally *years* since the last time they started a World War
Twitter is a rapper's delight
I just found out that Edward Abbey has long been dead
World's worst billionaires
Meet Terry Gou, the man who makes your iPhone
Iranian opposition claims to reveal new secret nuclear site
Ramadan 2010 at the Big Picture
Could America's universities go the way of its auto companies?
Fisk: the lie behind mass 'suicides' of Egypt's young women
China's UN diplomat in drunken rant against Americans
Former North Korean soldiers launch group to topple regime
Castro gets results—Chavez: "we love and respect the Jews"
Castro: Cuban Communism doesn't work (Second part of Jeffrey Goldberg's interview)
Why Greeks can't trust their fellow Greeks
What an NFL training camp is really like
Read the Wall Street Journal for free
Kanye West's Twitter apology manifesto, all in one place
Dutch fertility clinics get egg on face after accepting "for whites only" Nazi sperm donation
Soldiers to US: "More dip, less AARP and L. Ron Hubbard!"
Repressed memories don't exist; nothing but "a pernicious bit of folklore"
End of Belgium: Flemish prepare to divorce Walloons
Negative Twenty Questions
The boss is rolling up behind you, and he's a robot
960th try was the charm for Korean grandma, now licensed to drive
Iran's state-created stock market bubble will end in tears
I tracked down a man who killed 14,000 people
Why do Americans hate the semicolon?
How to deal with death in space
Steve Jobs on branding and values
Man blows himself up trying to kill a spider
NotIronic.com: things that are not ironic.
For some, classical music is more effective than talk therapy in treating depression
Young, single women out-earn men in most big US cities
Tim Bray's theory of what tablets are *for*
Nonlocality as Evidence for a Multiverse Cosmology
Sleep deprivation can cause mental health problems
India's red rain contains lifeforms not seen on Earth
Sweden to reopen Assange rape investigation
Devastating Vanity Fair profile of Sarah Palin
Hipster Shrugged
Notes from the Stall
The OED may never be printed again
Drunk baboons giving Cape Town residents hell
Mexico fires 9% of its police force
A gift to the world: the Khan Academy
A nuclear dash for thorium could kill off fossil fuels overnight
Regrets of the Dying
Six massive secret operations that are hidden all around you
It is time for Eric Holder to act on prison rape
11-year-old rape victim gives birth in Mexico after being denied abortion
The Simon Cowell-ing of America
Death Mills
Kodachrome film test, 1922
Breastfeeding: join the Boob-olution!
Joshua Tree under the Milky Way
Chopin's small miracles
The making of Winston Churchill
Sammy Davis Jr. Suntory commercial
Satoshi Kon's last words
Fast, cheap infusion technique
Tom Cruise should be nervous
Microsoft billionaire Paul Allen turns patent troll, sues everyone in the world except Microsoft
Is urban loneliness a myth?
3 Colombian teens on Facebook hit list have been killed in 10 days
Demand for Non-Immediate takedown: Notice of Ridiculous Activity
In Philly: dastardly "Cupcake Lady's" crime spree brought to an end
Canadian neighbors of gay couple confront harassment by obnoxious religious freaks
Owner wants stolen Molesto-van back
The rate of radioactive decay is influenced by the sun
How to prevent corporate politics from arising in your company
Meditation improves brain areas responsible for reward processing, decision-making
John Cleese on creativity
Indian businessman buys defunct East India Company, revives it as a luxury food store
Inside the secret world of Trader Joe's
zorkie's new game, *The Legacy*, is out!
World's first digital camera was a 1975 skunkworks project at Kodak
Pan-roasted corn
Gizmodo editor Brian Lam loses his phone in a restaurant, gets it back
Scott Adams tries to build an eco-friendly house
Meet the YouTube stars making $100k+ per year
Advice from America's worst mom
HuffPo writer hoodwinked by ChristWire
Americans persuade Israelis that Iranian nuclear threat is not imminent
World is running out of helium
Welcome to the new decade
Outrage over plans to build library next to Sarah Palin
Red Army to capitalists: "*Beat It*"
Flying to the edge of space in a U2 spyplane
BMW's art-cars: 1975-2010
How Monsanto has caused 150,000 suicides of Indian farmers
Dogs improve office productivity
Wall Street is using satellite surveillance of Walmart parking lots to gauge economy's state
Last full US combat brigade pulls out of Iraq
Neptune finishes first orbit around the sun since its discovery in 1854
Indyk: US more likely to bomb Iran than Israel
*Your Lucky Day* (short film)
*Black Swan* (trailer)
Apple and RIM carve up 65% of mobile profit share
Saudi men outraged by frivolous polyandry satire
The Chinese animated news does Sarah Palin
Portraits of Stephen Harper warily eye each other
Artisanal pencil sharpening
How black people use Twitter
Priceless Russian seed bank faces destruction
How to deal with your teenager
Morons think their kids can get rashes from the school's wifi network
Zagat survey names Five Guys "best fast-food burger"
Why Russians don't get depressed
Rally held to bring back "Jinnah's Pakistan"
*The Next Three Days* (trailer)
Protestors gather at Google HQ over net neutrality betrayal
The real reason Mark Hurd was ousted from HP
Israeli millionaire builds a mosque in France
Building muscle doesn't require lifting heavy weights
The Thinking Person's Guide to Autism
iPad is a quiet revolution for autistic kids
Journalism Warning Labels
How to take a walk
Duct-tape farm entrepreneur in India
Super Delicious Ingredient Force
Multiple personality bilingualism
"My fellow conservatives, think carefully about your opposition to gay marriage"
American UBS banker details how he helped billionaires cheat the US on taxes
Inside America's kidnapping capital
Words: a short film
Cooking diary with gorgeous web design
The Ballad of Steven Slater
Cadillac's CTS-V Coupe makes German rivals look like taxis
The illustrated guide to a PhD
Why did Tasmanians stop eating fish?
Dahl's darkest hour
Legionaries of Christ likely to be dismantled
Stephen Colbert, out of character, interviewed by Tim Russert
Arpaio in trouble with the DOJ over immigrant abuse
EPA rejects claims of flawed climate science
Why Cordoba?
Gallup: US underemployment rate is 18%; 28% among young people
Million-Dollar Murray
Interview with the Enola Gay's navigator
"Little Britain: how the rest of the world sees us"
Infographic: Wikipedia's lamest edit wars
Uribe files case against Chavez in International Criminal Court
Justice served in Brooklyn
HP's CEO ousted over expense account fudging
Sad attempts to get noticed: "Surprise, It's Columbus."
New color photographs of Depression-era America
Frum: Is Obama a Socialist?
Google goes evil, conspires with Verizon against the internet
Kiko the dog hailed as a hero for chewing off Jerry Douthett's big toe
70% of college freshman have Macs
Mayor Bloomberg stands up for religious freedom
The ghosts of WWII's past
New Yorker cartoons captioned with Kanye West tweets
Stewart & Colbert address the simmering facial hair controversy
White Whine
Greek terrorists threaten to turn Greece into a war zone, take credit for murder of Sokrati
Auto-Tune the News: *Bed Intruder Song*
Teaching Koreans to cuss in English
Jieddo: 3,600 people in a new Manhattan Project work to defeat IEDs
UN tribunal: Hizbullah bigwig behind Hariri assassination
Android saves Motorola's bacon
Steve Ballmer: "blah, blah, blah, blah"
Photos: Colombian prison life
Shaken baby syndrome is bogus
White baby very surprised to find out her parents are black
Jon Stewart on Sherrod's firing
Amazon's new Kindle is only $139
Wikileaks outs hundreds of Afghans who worked as informants for the US military
My baby is a meme?
Moron parents' refusal to vaccinate causes whooping cough epidemic in California
Mugging outside ninja school goes poorly
Pre-Cambrian fossils good news for obscure English naturalist's theory
Reverse-engineering the In-N-Out Double-Double, Animal Style
"Why I started Coffee Party USA": a positive alternative to teabagging
The Decade in Pictures
45 years ago today: Bob Dylan gets plugged in
Saudi Arabia sends husbands text messages when their wives leave the country
Smallest penis contest
Infiltrating Microsoft and Barclays? What a waste of spies!
Alain Goraguer - *Le Bracelet*
Chinese billionaire philanthropist gives it all away
Sweet attack ad takes on Bobblehead Fiorina for teabagging sympathies
Homeopathic insemination
DC schools fire 241 teachers over poor results
Italy struggles to be shocked at another Catholic sex scandal. It's priests in gay clubs this time.
America: too many laws, too many prisoners
"If none of us survives, at least this will remain"-chronicle of the Holocaust from inside the Warsaw ghetto
Dell fined $100 million for falsifying earnings
Former Nokia exec has just the plan to turn around its flagging fortunes
Cow Clicker: the ultimate Facebook game
Photos: Oil spill in Dalian, China
Shirley Sherrod's dad, Hosie Miller: casualty of a forgotten war
Morris Moel's extraordinary immigrant journey
Hikikomori: Japan's 1 million troubled shut-ins
Judge Jeffrey Spinner is terrorizing mortgage banksters into behaving themselves
Batman versus Shark
Bill Murray does an interview
Apple's quarter: Macs up 33%, iPhones up 61%, profit up 77.5%
Impersonations by Kevin Spacey
Room-rental site Airbnb is staving off foreclosures and keeping scores of homeowners in their homes
Taiwanese animated news take on Antennagate
Arguing with an Ibex
Why French women age gracefully
Researcher Wendy Lower: German women's role in the Holocaust exceeds previous notions
Bernard Henri-Levy on the UAE's sharp turn against Iran
Bros icing bros
Depression could be a chronic inflammatory disease
Sibling polyandry a dying way of life in the Indian villages of the Himalayan valley
The Feynman Algorithm
A doctor's letter of advice to patients with chronic disease
The iPhone Antenna Song
Yukari Iwatani Kane, Apple's mole at the *Wall Street Journal*
Operation Sabotage: the West's secret war on Iran's nuclear program
No homo, that's gay.
Palin climbs non-existent peak in failed attempt to look like mountain woman
Espresso: the God Shot
Parasites may explain regional differences in intelligence
Apple to hold iPhone 4 press conference on Friday
New Bloggie, New World!
Roman Polanski gets away with it again
Grampa and grandma play a jolly piano tune
Saved by her husband's poop
Son's DNA sample leads to arrest of his serial killer father
it's a big ocean: Indie BP spill reporting
Pet owners: Hartz flea & tick drops kill cats and dogs
Zach Anner, baseball coach
Lewis Grizzard-if it ain't broke, don't fix it
All hail the four-chord song!
Alma (short film)
Wikileaks collects $50k to defend Pfc. Bradley Manning but doesn't help him at all; will shut down website
"After school, I go to my daily rape"
90 beagles rescued from their lab cages on the 4th of July to stand on grass for the first time in their lives
Soros: Germany's failure of nerve and leadership is dooming the eurozone
Cop Johannes Mehserle found guilty of "involuntary manslaughter" after murdering an unarmed, compliant, handcuffed man
Why do so many anesthesiologists become addicts?
The global terrorism of Al Qaeda, BP, and Goldman Sachs
Why intelligent people fail
Nelson Mandela's first-ever televised interview
Christian Book Touting Manly Aggression Inspires Violent Fundamentalist Meth Trafficking Cult
Drowning doesn't look like you think
Iran outlaws mullets
The Egg
Remarks by Jeff Bezos to Princeton's class of 2010
Auto safety has hit a plateau; time for robots to start driving us around
Great Daily Kos thread about why liberals should love the Second Amendment
UPS was founded by two teenagers with a bicycle and $100
Ugaritic gives up its secrets to a computer program
GM is now selling more cars in China than in the US
Brazilian task force frees over 4,500 slaves after raids on remote farms
Internet sales tax loophole may be closed soon
Red-headed Stranger
Photogallery: Punjab, Pakistan
Nabokov in Berlin
Dancing man wearing a horse mask cooks wild mushrooms
Why did so many successful entrepreneurs and startups come out of Paypal?
Release the Kagan!
How Germany's sixties Molesto-left tried to sexually liberate children (by molesting them)
The end of the iPod era
The more pay bosses get, the worse they treat people
How Goldman Sachs's gambling starved the world's poor
New Hippo!
Richard Feynman explains how trees generate themselves out of air and sunlight
Where's Da G's?
iPhone 4: Ihnatko's review is in
The bizarre saga of Carvel ice cream and Lindsay Lohan
Newspapers called waterboarding torture for eight decades, then stopped when Bush did it
Solitude & Leadership
Cat Lasssie doesn't care.
FDA will crack down on antibiotics overuse in agriculture
Dell: "Math is hard! Let's go computer shopping!"
Julian Assange's personal enrichment project, Wikileaks, fails due diligence review
Principles for Quotations
Apple of my Eye: a short film shot and edited entirely on an iPhone 4
*The Economist* interviews with Pixar's Ed Catmull
What's it like for children who enter puberty at 9 years old?
Inside the Taliban schools where child suicide bombers are brainwashed
Edith Shain, nurse being kissed by a sailor in Times Square in 1945's iconic photo, has died aged 91
Steve Jobs introducing the Macintosh, 1984
AA's secret: 75 years later, we're still not sure why it works
Times of London retracts entire "Climategate" story
Michael Vick's doing fine; his dog, not so much
Interview with Jonathan Ive about designing the iPhone 4
10-year-old sets new underwear world record
MySpace is the new Geocities
Myths about American entrepreneurship
Trend: Americans are walking and biking a LOT more
Scientists: Creativity and schizophrenia are very similar
Dimitry Medvedev visits Silicon Valley, gets a Twitter account
YouTube trounces Viacom in court
McChrystal out; Petraeus in
Strom Thurmond's son gets bitch-slapped by a black man, and Nikki Haley wins in S.C.
Judge who overturned drilling moratorium owns stock in drilling companies
Meet Davis, CA's crying girl scam artist
Google Voice for All*!
Adobe Lightroom 3 is the most significant advancement in photo noise reduction ever
Chinese fungus that invades & destroys insects is first oral remedy for multiple sclerosis
Photoshop vs. reality: Redbook magazine cover
Old Wall Street discusses New Wall Street
Strom Thurmond's son about to lose a Congressional race to a black man
Bob Herbert: the courage to leave (Afghanistan)
*Soccer* is boring, eh?
Papandreou hits his stride as a European leader
Orangutan language decoded
5BX: Royal Canadian Air Force's no-equipment fitness program
Pretzel M&Ms? SWEET.
VP Biden responds to Rep. Joe Barton's idiotic BP "shakedown" comments
Zach Anner Rolls Over Austin
Mike Snow-*The Rabbit*
Meet the only two people who hate Toy Story 3
Canadian cops face criminal charges in Taser death of man
Majorities in Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon support military strike on Iran
Vortex cannon knocks brick walls over with smoke rings
Two NK players tried to flee, perhaps punished
Fantasy futuristic 70's consumer electronics
LGBTQQIAA: this is really pushing it.
In real life, General George S. Patton was a contemptible bigot who viewed helpless Jewish refugees as "lower than animals"
Missing bike: no reward.
Utah AG announces murderer's execution by firing squad over Twitter
Ted Haggard predicts end of Religious Right in series of tweets
What's war good for? Maybe a lot.
David Ogilvy
World Cup preview
Joe Barton Would Like To Apologize To...
Sushi is a scam
China refused to sell fighters to Kim Jong Il
Mike Rowe ("*Dirty Jobs*") has some advice for a boy scout
Happy Bloom's Day!
Fox News: "hackers want to turn on your blender"
Stuff white-collar criminals say in email
Forget chess. IBM's new supercomputer can beat humans at Jeopardy!
Erdogan: "It's impossible for a Muslim to commit genocide."
Teenage girl and boy beaten, electrocuted to death in India
"I'm Comic Sans, asshole."
Cheater, cheater: an English prof rethinks plagiarism
Top 50 words that stump NYT readers
Iran sending "aid ships" to Gaza
Cameron: Bloody Sunday killings were unjustified and unjustifiable. Sorry.
Billionaire plans "Fox News North" for Canada
Salesman, 84, has saved at least 160 lost souls from jumping to their deaths
Banana equivalent dose
Comedienne Carla Zilbersmith's message from beyond the grave
Fast food: Ads vs. Reality
Evolution of the World Cup ball
Nevada's GOP governor is possibly worse philanderer than Sanford
Most terrorists are morons, not masterminds
US discovers $1 trillion of minerals in Afghanistan
6 weeks of space shuttle Discovery's launch preparations in 4 minutes
Press finally turns on Ballmer
The Science of Gaydar
How to get banned from AmericaSpeakingOut
"I have cerebral palsy, which is the *sexiest* of the palsies"
In 1998, England's World Cup team tried to sneak as many song titles as they could into their TV interviews
Kristof: why America needs a king and queen
Forgotten history: American soccer was huge in the 1920s
We may not have world peace, but by God internet activism has forced Subway to start tesselating its cheese
Masha Terentieva
Amazing progress is being made in the fight against cancer
Insightful take on Lost, from an insider
Lost, reimagined as an 80's point-and-click adventure game
Can stock market timing gurus do any better than flipping a coin?
How to write a Malcolm Gladwell bestseller
The Iranian Twitter revolution that wasn't
Letter from John Maura
Colbert raises $100k from Bing to help clean up the oil spill
The best free antivirus is Microsoft Security Essentials
BP stock at 14-year low
The facts in the case of Andrew Wakefield, in comic form
The Oldest Living Things in the World
Paul Lung's unbelievable pencil art
European Muslims' Jewish friend, Job Cohen
Shanghai skyline, then and now
If more businesses operated like Goldman Sachs
Multiplying Roman numerals
Inmate Madoff: "Eff my victims." Also: "I'm the real victim!"
The Wilhelm Scream
Paul Volcker says time is running short to grapple seriously with our national challenges
The surprising truth about motivation
How time perspective affects you, your family, your nation, and civilizations
How to make perfect McDonald's fries at home
BMG: Drumbone
Police are attempting to criminalize the act of recording police abuse
The rise of the Order of the Assassins
SproutRobot sends you seeds and tells you when to plant them
Complaints that get results
A personal letter from Steve Martin
California bans plastic bags
Pricetag placement fail
The Cressbeckler Stance
Bud Selig won't overturn ump's blown call, costing Detroit Tigers their first perfect game
HP CEO says he didn't buy Palm to get into the smartphone business
BP's dismal safety record far outstrips other oil companies
All about the Dutch way of soccer
McDonald's French ad about a gay teen..."come as you are"
12 things good bosses believe
Mark Twain riding in a car
What is intelligence? Isaac Asimov essay, with a joke
Google bans Windows from its computers after China breach
Stratfor's George Friedman analyzes the flotilla and the war of public opinion
What makes denialists tick
With 2 million iPads sold in the first 59 days, Apple has created yet another billion dollar business out of thin air
JLG: Ballmer just opened the second envelope
The bizarre injustices of Turkey
English Defence League planning more street violence in UK Muslim neighborhoods
Bottle-feeding can cause higher levels of postnatal depression
Why Craig McCaw is the deal artist of the decade
Outrageous Wikipedia hoax stays up for five years; Dairy Queen runs an ad campaign based on it
Could Tolkien actually write?
Pop-locking Dance-off: Man vs. Dog
Toddler stuck behind couch: "And now I need some help Daddy please"
Breakthrough Ebola cure may point the way to stopping other viral diseases
Memorial Day: one holiday, two countries
Worse Usenet Post Ever
Once upon a time in Afghanistan: a photoessay
Botswana's amazing Ronnie
May: a horror film
Diaries of a D.C. gay man in the 1920s
Deaf 8-month-old baby reacts as his cochlear implant is turned on for the first time
Study shows that lobsters and crabs feel pain
V-lock: a clever keyhole design
Parasitic hookworms seem to cure allergies, asthma, and even more autoimmune disorders
The Three Christs of Ypsilanti
GQ's Alex Pappademas embeds with the National Enquirer
The Big Caption
Colombia set to elect world's most awesome President
Ronald McDonald: the VH1 documentary
Japan gasses 70% of the dogs in its pounds
GOP's new website is cause for mirth
2-year-old Indonesian smoker has 2-pack-a-day habit
Doctor of the Year
McCain's hilarious anti-Hayworth ad
Susan B. Anthony's crime: voting "while she was a woman"
Entrepreneurialism at 14-year high
How American corruption works
Why Facebook is making so many mistakes
iPad destroys prospects of netbook market
How to draw a 2-D, 3-D, or even 4-D function
HP's Palm acquisition causes Microsoft shakeup
Net worths of the Presidents: Washington to Obama
Bill Clinton is running Haiti now
16 items Wal-Mart only sells in its Chinese stores
Revenge on a bike thief
Danish bus riders wish their driver Mukhtar a happy birthday
In Bangladesh, children are sold into prostitution, then forced to take steroids meant for cows to look curvier for customers
Cornelius Ryan, reporter
Hunt's ketchup removes HFCS from entire product line
Comic explains schizophrenia
GM posts first profit since 2007; sales up 40%. Chrysler also looking ruddier.
Austrian straight couple demand same civil union as gays
Taxi kills dwarf gay crusader
Turkey worships goose
f.lux: auto-adjust your computer's color temperature to the time of day
Instincts you need to override to survive when you're in a car crash situation
An innovator leaving Japan
The early 1900s, in color, all over the world: selections from Albert Kahn's amazing collection
Wolff on the embarrassing NYC section that Murdoch added to the WSJ
Aaron Sorkin flick will add to Zuck's woes
Dozens of parole-violating criminal morons arrested in California fake amnesty ploy
UK dox finally get brave enough to declare homeopathy witchcraft
Nothing funny about Rekers
Dutch physicist claims time is not real: it's created by our brains in order to cope with gravity
Soviet posters recreated with Barbie dolls
Seven signs he's into you
Pencil versus Camera
Fake Science
Tricks to play on your brain
Gymnopedie No. 1
Even Reagan wasn't a Reagan Republican
For Real by Okkervil River
Ratatat - Party With Children
World War I: the comic
The Rules of a Gentleman
Stolen iPhone prototype search warrant affidavit released; contains Tidbits of Interest
2 PA judge-prostitutes who took bribes to jail innocent kids caught discussing perjury, kickbacks on tape
Meet Warren Buffett's son Peter
Columbia, MO SWAT raid nets two shot dogs (one of which was caged) and a pipe with some resin in it
Thinking is fun!
Oracle's Larry Ellison dishes about Sun's crummy management and his plans
Sitting straight bad for your back, suggest boffins
Facebook TMI search
Glenn Beck has Nazi Tourette's
UK to scrap ID cards
DADT statement from milblogosphere
Laura Bush is pro-gay marriage *and* pro-choice
Facebook's bewildering tangle of doodads for managing your privacy
Lafayette, Louisiana's fiber network is up and running, despite years of lawsuits from the cable and telco monopolies
Rekers resigns, takes widely heterosexual stance
Obama approval rating turning around, at highest point since October
How inmates get inside prison guards' heads to get drugs, sex, money, and alcohol
Air force finally looks ready to retire the U-2 "dragon lady" spy-plane fleet
What does Mitch McConnell look like?
2009's tax bill is lowest since 1950
"It feels purple, so it's Barney!"-why little kids suck at lying
Stewbeef forced to backpedal on ascots
Capitalists, Commies, and Frenchies march arm in arm in Red Square to celebrate defeat of Nazis
Israel's disciplined, frugal Teva Inc fills more American prescriptions than Pfizer, Novartis, and Merck combined
BP's troubled history of safety problems
Europeans agree to give selves a $1 trillion bailout
South Korea finds evidence North attacked it with a German torpedo
President Obama nominates Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court
Lions: Africa's magnificent predators (photo-essay)
Both Europeans and Americans can learn much from Kaiser Permanente
Exactly what business is Wall Street in?
24 Hours of Mom in 3 Minutes
Why cul-de-sacs are evil
Le Technicien: wonderful Canadian short film
Homemade miniature cannon destroying various things
Complete reels of *Metropolis* found in Argentina
Are Goldman Sachs Ferengi?
3 Foods with Amy Walker
Trailer: "Waiting for Superman"
Conan O'Brien stops by Google
11 best fake Chinese Harry Potter books
Bloggie: Four Years in Five Minutes
Labor Department reports strongest job growth in 4 years
The Chemical Brothers - Swoon
Stupid tobacco industry tricks: circumventing EU ban on sports sponsorship
Things Rekers said to Lucien when he thought the Miami New Times wasn't listening
Regrets about hobbies started but never finished
Even Britain's yellow press is more ethical than Gizmodo
Give the American people what they want!
iPhone, Gizmodo, and moral clarity about crime
Every single night of the year, an amazing 600-man effort keeps Disneyland spotless and clean
Pit of Despair
I laugh more often now, I cry more often now...I am more me
If TSA was running New York
Polar bears are fucking grizzly bears
How Wired figured out the identity of iPhone thief Brian J Hogan
Interior border checkpoints are both ineffective and illegal
"Zero grams trans fat" labels are a BIG FAT LIE
Horrifying Aztec corn infection huitlacoche – named after raven poop – is discovered to have significant nutritional benefits
Could Catholics take the Eucharist during Prohibition?
Very insightful writing on Greece by Walter Russell Mead
Fun with security questions
1969's internet was way better
High fructose corn syrup peddlers find public more skeptical of their lies
The Weaver, the Princess, and Goldman Sachs
Damien Walters, Parkourist-Savant
Ultimate Protection Cat
Family portraits of all 56 ethnic groups in China
Juries more likely to convict unattractive people
Happy May Day!
LIFE: never before seen photos of Hitler's bunker and a decimated Berlin
Stewbeef covers the UK's election debate
Watch as Dutch marines capture Somali pirates, from one marine's helmet-cam
US police thuggishness causes diplomatic incident with China
Vedic multiplication technique
Author Jeffrey Lewis's amusingly cranky website
FBI in criminal probe of Massey Energy
Roger Ebert hates 3D movies, and so should you
Healthcare improvements coming in ahead of schedule; insurers abjure abusing loopholes and renounce rescissions
Newegg gets personal with your mom
Meet Brian J Hogan, the iPhone thief
WTFCNN: it's CNN vs. your choice of real news site
Hey, remember when South Park mattered?
How do S&P, Moody's, and Fitch have *any credibility whatsoever?*
How do military docs deal with a soldier impaled by a live RPG?
Thoughts on Flash
In Finland We Are Bath In Sauna With Cats
Catholic priest sex-tape horror in Brazil
Jon Stewart takes on Apple over the Gizmodo warrant
North Korea's true ruling ideology is essentially a Korean Nazism
Crazy new theory claims the author of the plays attributed to Shakespeare was...*William Shakespeare*!
iTunes takes greater than 25% of total US music sales
Yawn to rev up your brain
The Art of Beer Cooler Sous Vide
The Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer
Ze Frank - Chillout Song
Kim Jong Il understands women's struggles
In Soviet Facebook, Zynga Farms *You!*
Why it's so hard to imitate Apple
Interview with one of the soldiers from the Wikileaks "collateral murder" video
Something Awful on Gizmodo buying a stolen iPhone
By every measure, complete drug decriminalization in Portugal has been a resounding success
Geek whose campaign spurred 10 Downing St to issue posthumous apology to Alan Turing explains why he acted
Cats of the US Navy
The States That Never Made It
Russian scientists show that genetically modified food makes hamsters lose the ability to reproduce
Morality can be altered by magnets
Rupert Murdoch's lowlife minions continue trashying up the Wall Street Journal
Bromance, East London-style: Chillin wiv da man-dem
Official blueprint of the Holocaust: 1942
Steve McQueen, American badass: in photos
Grass-fed beef: MUCH BETTER
Lincoln's missing bodyguard
Pomplamoose: making a living on YouTube, with no record label
Young farmer who accidentally blew off his jaw, nose, and mouth undergoes world's first full facial transplant in Barcelona
Chris Ware's amazing rejected 2010 Fortune 500 cover illustration
Super slow-mo Apollo 11 moon shot launchpad video, with excellent narration
Child-beating Bishop Mixta submits his resignation to Pope
A cellphone for grandma
Anorak gets Android running on iPhone
New Toys!
Sir Ian McKellen teaches acting to Ricky Gervais
Peter, Bjorn, and John - Young Folks
For just $5000, your Mini will pretend to have a crew that sit there and chatter at you endlessly
Scott Brown: Obama a good man; too much partisanship in Washington
Mr. Microphone
EVERYTHING is cabbage! (Alton Brown)
The Day Einstein Died
Why the teabeckers' phony fiscal conservatism deserves nothing but contempt
Have conservatives achieved epistemic closure?
Catholic church admits priests are routinely raping nuns in 23 countries
tv gets no respect, but outsells TiVo
PETA kills about 5 animals per day
Hilarious interview with the mayor of Johannesburg
With huge profit increases at Google, Intel, and AMD, tech sector ramps up hiring
RIAA & MPAA have failed to understand the cultural earthquake beneath their feet
Motorcyclist spends 26 hours in jail for filming cop-hole who pulled a gun on him for no reason
Beard Trustworthiness Spectrum
So You Need A Typeface
Lower Merion school district records and emails between their creepy employees reveal thousands of webcam images of other people's kids' private moments
Social Security, the Amish, and You
Tracy Morgan on the Daily Show
Celebrity Photobombers: Michael Cera is quite prolific
Prince George's county police-thugs beat up a student for no reason whatsoever: caught on tape
Obama orders hospitals to give gays visitation rights, medical power of attorney
MIT student develops $3 suction device that radically cuts healing times from wounds
This dude is a lot more serious about SimCity than you are
Sony's weird dumb new VAIO strategy
The patent system—based on defective theories about how the world works—is broken; it cannot be fixed, only scrapped
M.I.A. - *Paper Planes*
Catholic Church in deep crisis worldwide
Australia arrests Chinese coal ship crew that damaged Great Barrier Reef
Why Southwest's baggage strategy is genius
Who funds climate change denial?
Dean Kamen's new prosthetic arm for wounded soldiers is amazing
It's not just Comcast: European telcos also think Google owes them a living
Report on Microsoft's slave laborers in China
Easy now no need fi' go down
CS4 Crash Reports
Donovan McNabb: 'I'd Like To Thank The Ungrateful, Over-Expecting,Oftentimes-Racist Fans Of Philadelphia'
Eww: did Terreblanche fuck his murderers?
Was Pole Prez Kaczynski a bully who caused his own crash?
Blind people love the iPad
On Yom Ha-Shoah, everything in Israel stops for two minutes
Excellent interview with Capt. Phillips of the Maersk Alabama about his Somali pirate hostage ordeal
Manga Bible
How Larry Lessig fucked up the crusade to save the public domain
Mass incarceration of nonviolent black men is destroying the black family
A consultant turns down the hush money, tells us that consulting firms are scammers
Vasili Blokhin, Stalin's butcher
It's over for Palm; puts itself up for sale
Everyone Hates Performance Reviews
Usain Bolt is a mutant from the future
Civ V: what we know so far
Meet Magnetar, the hedge fund that destroyed the world
Dutch nurse, sent to prison for life in 7 murders, is exonerated 7 years later
How the 5 Guys Burgers and Fries guy did it
Colombia jails Catholic pedophile priest
That's Not My Name
Everything's amazing, nobody's happy
How much faster can NFL players run than mere mortals?
Decades before Kinsey, a Victorian survey of women's attitudes toward sex
Betraying J.D. Salinger's trust
Rachel Maddow tears apart Breitbart & O'Keefe's fraudulently edited ACORN tapes
2009 Exxon Mobile profits: $45 billion. Tax bill: zero.
Tom Coburn (R-OK) defends Pelosi, slams Fox News
Court rules against FCC on net neutrality
Art direction in iPad magazines
Playing chess with Kubrick
Al Qaeda getting ass kicked by Obama's drones
Google tries to prevent suicides
Great April Fool's Day moment from a high school music teacher
Eleusinian Mysteries were a snake, an egg, a dildo, and some sunflower seeds in a box
Gregory of Nyssa's *Life of Moses*
List of sexually active Popes
Somersett's case: on English soil, no man is a slave
A little kid teaches you to parallel park
Neuroplasticity is the most important change in our understanding of the brain in 400 years
How our regulators were in on the banks' heist
Crist asks Feds to investigate Florida Republican party
Neat fire trick: did you know that candle smoke was still combustible?
Ratzinger implicated in shielding even *more* pedophile priests
A closer reading of Roman Vishniac's photography
John Paul Stevens announces he will retire while Obama is President
Optical illusion: Angry or not?
Rachel Maddow on ACORN, Climategate, and the GOP's unmooring from reality
Goldman Sachs: "we're not guilty"
Any other Cerebus fans in here?
The Cavuto Mark
Abu Zubaydah not such a high-value detainee after all
It is a motherfucking wasp.
Employers added the most jobs in 3 years in March
Boys will be girls
Consumer Product Safety Commission wants thousands of homes with Chinese drywall gutted
Politifact tracks Obama's campaign promises: looks like he's doing pretty well
USPS: 5-day delivery schedule will soon be official
Susan Boyle bursts into tears as hundreds of Japanese fans throw her a surprise birthday party
Germans abandoning Catholicism in droves, at 3 times the usual rate
First jury-less English criminal trial in 400 years concludes with convictions and long sentences
Airman Roachclip, Ashley P.
Protocols of the Elders of Metal
Have you learnt your Hadzidakis?
New Bloggie News
Saudi morons to behead Lebanese TV host for witchcraft
iPad: the first reviews are out
How the large hadron collider works
Should you buy a Monster cable? A flowchart.
Teabaggers destroy Minutemen
Father who punched daughter's rapist gets harsher punishment than the attacker
Tango Variations (I don't understand Starbucks music)
Texas would rather kill a prisoner than give him a DNA test
Volvo is *Chineeeese* now
Gen. Sheehan apologizes for anti-gay Srebrenica remarks
Carly Fiorina invites Jewish friends to nosh on some chametz for Pesach
Explained: Farts.
Federal judge rules against gene patents
Explained: why modern novels are as long as they are
Close-ups of sleeping insects covered in dew droplets
Mug shots of drunks from Edwardian England
Where they worked: Mozart, Schiller, Keats, Ibsen, Dickinson, Cheever, Pollock, Demosthenes, Wolfe, Hemingway, Hugo, and Wharton
Why Africa's conflicts never end
Cantor was pretty much lying: he was never threatened, it wasn't his campaign office, and the office was not "shot up"
Pope ignored repeated pleas from US bishops to stop priest who molested 200 deaf boys
Socialism-hating militiaman Mike Vanderboegh lives off government checks
"The idea just came to me," says modern-day Prometheus
GoDaddy exits China
Kafka's castle is collapsing in Russia
"Content-aware fill": an amazing new Photoshop tool
Why can't Microsoft ship a good browser in a decent timeframe?
World's greatest thief gives up all his secrets after Winnipeg's finest cops finally finger and collar him
Sergey Brin talks about why Google had to leave China
Princeton researchers show that HFCS prompts considerably more weight gain
Google exits China
The Toynbee tiles
Arkansas cops taser 10-year-old girl who didn't want to take a shower
The heroic effort to restore *The Godfather*
How Pelosi and Obama teamed up to bring healthcare reform back from the dead
Wal-Mart vs Whole Foods grocery taste test
Handsome Men's Club
Jean-Louis Gassée explains how fucked Palm is
Acne drug prevents HIV breakout
The story of the Russian Jewish mathematician who proved Poincaré's conjecture
One of the most brilliant and courageous figures of WWII was a homosexual
T-shirts of SXSW
*Boy Scouts* protected child molesters for decades
Millionaire Fox personality Sean Hannity is running a charity scam, preying on your sympathy for the children of fallen soldiers
Bruce Bartlett on taxes: teabaggers have no idea what they're talking about
World's only immortal animal is a goddamn jellyfish
Parkinson's victim attacked by teabagging rabble has two master's degrees and a PhD, was a nuclear engineer and a college professor
53-year old Floridian babysitter jailed when she's caught on camera beating up an 11-month-old baby
Strip search scam calls seem to have stopped after one man was arrested and tried for it
Viacom used 18 different front companies to upload videos to YouTube that they are now suing over
Vitamin D is better flu prophylactic than vaccines
Killing breast cancer by freezing it
Kreep Korrupt
Amusing Heineken prank on 1136 soccer fans
Teabaggers harass, humiliate Parkinson's patient
Is it time for a special prosecutor in Lehman fraud?
Walter Russell Mead: what explains the success of the Jewish lobby?
Insurer targeted HIV patients to drop coverage
DHS defends Americans from Canadian pizza
Lazy food sales increasing
French game show recapitulates Milgram experiment, Stanford prison experiment
Pope remains silent as abuse allegations hit close to home
USA cancer deaths in broad decline
What do you do when a friend goes woo?
What happens when a mother gives her baby the silent treatment?
Boffins identify crummy gene that prevents mammals from regenerating limbs
What's the deal with teal and orange?
Evidence that bird wings are modified forelegs that once had toes with claws on them
Then and now: Gordonton, NC
Android OS upgrade clusterfuck
Labour prepares to abolish Lords
Gallery of regrettable churches
John Krasinski's car breaks down
Sweden's fearsome Black Cobra gang in daring cupcake heist
Why are carrots orange?
President of Detroit's school board can't write a coherent sentence
Pope Benedict was directly implicated in pedophile priest coverup
It's a magnetic fluid being pulled up via a screw
The way to stop prison rape
Dale Carnegie's summary of "how to win friends and influence people"
Explaining the massacre in Jos, Nigeria
China wants to build high speed rail connecting Beijing to London, India, and Singapore
DC-area Muslim women fight for desegregation in their mosques
Racist abuser/brother murderer/turnstile jumper has fabulous mustache
Phony soccer injury montage
Aerobie Aeropress
Man vs. Afghanistan: great Robert Kaplan article about what we face there and how we're dealing with it
The day Worthing sea-front was invaded by infinite teddy-bears
Healthcare vote in the next 10 days
Fouad al Rabiah: the man Liz Cheney doesn't want you to know about
Are Toyotas trying to kill old people?
20 five-second movies
EU agrees to bailout deal for Greece
Does Greece over-spend on its military?
A history of Kim Jong Il feigning interest in mundane things
Child slavery in Scientology
First female black legislator in South Carolina freezes to death in her home
Europeans ban Wall Street criminals from government bond sales
Nation shudders at large block of uninterrupted text
Is Indie dead?
Fuck the Karate Kid
HIV/AIDS denialists who subsequently died of AIDS
Roger Ebert teaches you to cook *everything* in a rice cooking pot
CIA spiked a French village's bread with LSD in 1951
How Edison's patent abuse created Hollywood
OK Go dumps EMI, starts own label
Debunking the myth of Lady Jane Grey
Nobel prizewinning Nigerian political activist calls England a cesspit
Management secrets of the Grateful Dead
Barkley, Shut Up And Jam
Ant colony filled with cement, excavated to reveal its structure
Meet His Majesty Norton I, Emperor of the United States
Meet the *real* Pope
First gay marriage in DC
Jon Stewart's heated Marc Thiessen interview
Richard Feynman's letter to his wife, Arline
Congresswoman calls for 5% paycut for Congress
Conservative judge Jim Gray explains what's wrong with drug prohibition
Are climate change deniers unpersuadable? (Plus: a Hippocratic oath for scientists, and some other ethics reform ideas)
The genius in all of us
Why Tim Geithner deserves some respect
Creepy video game addiction psychology
Anatomy of an urban thug
The washed-up actor who impersonated Monty to deceive the Nazis
David Foster Wallace's commencement address at Kenyon College, 2005
Biblical longevity
How the cure for scurvy was lost for fifty years
Daily Show's best Demetri Martin moments
How conservatives have thrown away two of their best insights
The 55-and-up set are starting lots of businesses
Get some sun! Low levels of vitamin D linked to wimpy yoofs
The global war on baby girls
How Watt's steam engine patent delayed the Industrial Revolution by decades
What happened to *The Exile*?
Meet Zimbabwe's Jewish tribe, the Lembas
A westerner on the incredible soulless weirdness of Japan: it's like a real-life video game that sucks
Twitter: the Criterion Collection
Berkshire Hathaway's letter to the shareholders, 2009
How to deal with your teenage daughter's suitors
The Tonight Show crowd hated Palin, but NBC added a laugh track to cover that up
Music video as a series of tableaux vivants of famous paintings
We are all Richard Nixon now
Apple sues HTC over patents
Leaked health insurance reform timeline
Legislators in 16 states propose bills to ban credit checks as a prerequisite for employment
Hear Roger Ebert's new voice
Edward Tufte doesn't seem to like Windows Phone 7
Lindsey Graham challenges fellow Republicans on climate change denial
Headline of the day
California a greater risk than Greece
Britons spread VD in Australia
APA prepares to unleash fashionable new lineup of plagues on mankind
Is Charlie Crist the worst governor in America? (Probably yes)
One of the judges who convicted Eddie Slovik and sentenced him to die looks back with regret
Spearmint tea stops hairy chicks from growing moustaches
German woman writes ground-breaking memoir of rape by Russians in the waning days of WWII
The lie Merck told to get the FDA to approve Vioxx despite heart problems surfacing in clinical trials
How Ireland lost its faith
US Secret Service uses a 1980s mainframe that is down 40% of the time
Ze Frank explains what's happened in Afghanistan since the war was declared
Will El Baradei run for President of Egypt, and will Mubarak let him?
Federal Reserve investigating Goldman Sachs over helping Greece hide its deficit
Iran moves entire stockpile of enriched fuel to an above-ground plant
Ahmad Chalabi is a being a huge pain in the ass again
What's so great about depression?
Ayn Rand's infatuation with a murderer who butchered a 12-year-old girl alive
How much original work is done by journalists?
The Waffen SS man who is buried at Arlington
Why aren't Palm's webOS smartphones selling?
Canadian doc may have performed seven mastectomies on healthy, cancer-free women
Cocktails are back
Autobiographical essay on the sexual abuse suffered by Joel Johnson at his stepfather's hands
Why did Air France flight 447 crash?
Gazelle: sell your old gadgets, painlessly
Which supplements really work?-interactive graphic
Oakland tells police not to write tickets to rich people
NATO flushing out remaining resistance in Marja
Proust was a neuroscientist
Lawrence Wright: Secrets of the Writer's Craft
Brzezinski claims he and Carter goaded the Soviets into invading Afghanistan
Toyoda apologizes in Congress, cries
Guidos, douchebags face perfectly fair discrimination
Wall Street's Swindles
Management is dumb because business school is a joke
C-SPAN dot motherfuckin' org: the WINNER of the Health Care Summit!
When Montana reinstituted speed limits, traffic fatalities went way, way up
Nikola Tesla's letterhead
Uribe makes Chavez cry
An NYC-centric history of restaurant reviews in America
NBC's incompetent Olympics coverage annoys absolutely everyone
Scott Brown, 4 other Republicans vote to end GOP filibuster of jobs bill
The roller-coaster chase for a genetically targeted cancer cure
President's health care meeting on Thursday will be live-streamed here
Glenn Reynolds is basically a troll
Bob Barr speaks truth to CPAC, and gets booed
Esquire profiles Roger Ebert
Evan Bayh explains why he left the Senate: it was because of partisan lunacy
Air Force senior interrogator rebukes Cheney on torture
Russians 'very alarmed' by Iran report
Marines seize a Taliban headquarters, complete with photo IDs, chickens, and rocks
Bernie Kerik gets sentenced to 4 years
Antidepressants work by triggering neurogenesis in the hippocampus
It's Theodore Roosevelt in 1900, crossing a river on *mooseback*
Why the Feds are convinced Bruce Ivins was the anthrax mailer
Young Pakistani-American lawyer heroically fights Wells Fargo and keeps a family in their home
Google gets Fed OK to enter energy business
Why you shouldn't eat out on Valentine's day
How deep is the Marianas trench? A scale representation
Prosecutorial misconduct is a systemic reality in America
Former Senator Simpson blasts partisanship
Civ V announced; coming this fall.
Wingnuts flip out because President Obama put his feet up on the furniture
Movies: the piracy experience vs. the legit DVD experience
PA school district sued for spying on students at home using webcams on students' laptops
Greece can default and it will be fine, but the US and Britain are *really* screwed
ShadyURL: don't just shorten your URL; make it suspicious and frightening
Supervillain patent troll Nathan Myhrvold uses over 1,000 phony companies to hide his extortion
Regional Tartans of Canada
TSA protects America from disabled 4-year-olds going to Disney for their birthday
In 8 states, motivated students to attend college after 10th grade with a push from Gates foundation and stimulus funds
Earth: 7 billion people, 5 billion cellphones
43 simple ways to simplify your life
The Adventures of Barack Obama and Abraham Lincoln
NYT in turf war over iPad edition pricing
Crazy chick has been writing a blog since Jan. 1 about her friend who no longer wants anything to do with her
Sean Gleeson is blogging again!
Taliban's #2 captured in joint US/Pakistani operation
Cheney dictated the pro-torture legal opinions he wanted to DOJ's lawyers
Windows Phone 7 is here, and it's amazing: Microsoft introduces phone software that's like nothing else
BNP to admit non-whites
Warren Buffett: Squanderville and Thriftville
Canada turns to China after Western firms shun its oil sands
Legal advisor for Idaho Baptists in Haiti is fake lawyer; may have been Ecuadorean child prostitution ring's leader
The pain of leaving your church
Microsoft showing off Windows Mobile 7 tomorrow
Australian grandma to get new bum after beating off attacking shark
If you could see America through China's eyes
The French-influenced CERN dialect of English
Make love, not porn
Kevin Smith kicked off Southwest flight for being fat
Dead-on, hilarious Tom Cruise impression by Jerry O'Connell
Alzheimer's, atherosclerosis, diabetes, and even *Down Syndrome* are the same thing.
The 6 most statistically full-of-shit professions
The spiritual effects of the unemployment crisis
Hipster Puppies
"He'd come to realize that men and women approach the problem of weight in strikingly different ways, almost like two species. Men aren't socialized to think about it, as many women are."
Biggest offensive against Taliban since 2001 begins
White House may actually articulate a specific position on health care
Jenny Tonge spreads organ stealing blood libel about Israelis in Haiti; gets sacked
Haiti: the Americans have it under control
Clever Indian approach to corruption: a zero rupee note to bribe officials with
Top 5 health insurance companies posted 56% gain in profits in 2009
Bank of America forecloses on losers' home
Daily Show interviews Republicans on Hawaiian healthcare
Hitchens on Trotsky
America on the rise
Other Malaka of the day, Feb 10th: Daniel J Mitchell of Cato
Wells Fargo steals half a million dollars from a man because his certificates of deposit are too old
A murder in Japan exposes the seamy underworld of for-pay homewreckers
On the fraudulence of graduate school in the humanities
NBA's bookworm foreign players highlight how moronic American culture has become
Homeschooling German family gets asylum in US
Malaka of the day, Feb 10th: Holman W Jenkins Jr.
How Toyota lost the plot
Why former employees say Microsoft can't innovate
South Carolina introduces $5 registration fee for persons planning to overthrow the government
Was Socrates the first troll?
Bill Gates unimpressed with iPad
Key Climategate figure Michael Mann exonerated of wrongdoing
Chomsky: modern education is ignorance
The goddamn little shits start lying when they're only six months old!
Music industry morons discover that a 30% price hike in the middle of global economic catastrophe is bad for business
Learning the grammar of sartorial style
Paul Ford, editor of Harper's, on freeloaders
Stephen Colbert: "Sarah Palin is a fucking retard. Get it? You see? It's satire!"
Effectively, Greece is now an EU protectorate
How Goldman Sachs helped Greece mask the true extent of its deficit
Take it from Gabrielle Bouliane, and don't you *dare* waste your fucking time
Did bankers' bonuses *cause* the financial crisis?
Bernard-Henri Lévy cites the authority of a fictional philosopher, and makes a laughingstock of himself
Amnesty International suspends an employee for complaining about its partnership with a terrorist
Meet the 88-year-old mayor of Mississauga, a thriving, debt-free city with $700 million in the bank
Stephen Fry: Is the Catholic church a force for good in the world?
2 soft drinks a week double the risk of pancreatic cancer
"An Education": a nastily antisemitic British film that is the darling of Sundance
Awesome political attack ad...for a *coroner's* race in New Orleans
Greece: "After pillaging the country, they flee with their ill-gotten gains at the very mention of the word tax"
China's hawks demand cold war with US
Obama to hold televised healthcare meeting with Republican and Democratic leaders on 2/25
Handegg: America's sport
Our coed universities are turning into women's colleges
The auteur theory of design
Did Goldman Sachs deliberately destroy AIG?
Behind the scenes with Henry Paulson at John McCain's moronic campaign suspension stunt
Microsofties on introduction of iTunes Store, 2003: "we were smoked"
The French notion of customer service
13-year-old describes her Taliban family's pressure to become a suicide bomber, and how they sent her younger sister to die
WND's Farah gets in a slap-fight with Breitbart over his birtherism
Blogging is for old people
Real-life Sara Crewes abound, as the torture-murder of one 12-year-old slave-maid outrages Pakistan
The case against layoffs
FDA will fix misleading Nutritional Facts serving sizes
You can *think* yourself into being younger
American workers are pretending to be from the third world on freelancing sites to get work
The personalities of chickens
The problem with meritocracy
Richard Shelby places an unprecedented hold on *every nomination*
How Adam Gadahn became an Al Qaeda freakazoid
*The Economist* ably fisks Kristol's moronic DADT article
Former exec explains what the hell is wrong with Microsoft
Comcast unveils horribly stupid new name, logo: now they're "Xfinity"
Gay Israelis have been serving openly in the military for *seventeen years*
Guide to the hottest controversies between Goldstone and Israel
Gunfighter's dilemma: do you draw first, or second?
Paul Ryan talks some sense about health insurance reform
Carleton Fiorina's crazy-awesome attack ad
The Jaipur foot: $28 returns dignity and mobility to land-mine amputees
Holland bans bestiality
Iran accepts nuclear fuel deal
GOP vs. the military
20 years ago today, FW de Klerk shocked his countrymen and the world, and ended apartheid
None dead in massive homeopathic drug overdose
Smoke Monster from *Lost* gets own show
Admiral Mike Mullen to Senate: repealing DADT is a matter of integrity
Crime of the Century
Arab society's crunch points
Fish oil may be a prophylactic against schizophrenia
Texas prosecutes 13-year-old for prostitution, lets her 32-year-old pimp off the hook
Rolling Stone interview with Steve Jobs, 1994
The bizarre world of "ex-gay" conversion therapy
Huffington Post falls for teenager "Stefan de Rothschild's" hoax
Bill Watterson's first interview in 21 years
Phelps gang: "God Hates Twitter"
The golden age of French cinema is *right now*
Rules for Writers
Israel takes remarkable steps to address its organ donor shortage
One reason why students hate algebra
Grizzled veteran Army interrogator explains his contempt for the Cheney-Rumsfeld amateur hour torture regime
Prop 8 backers self-destruct in Federal court
Shortly after his daughter's death from leukemia, her father sang *Hallelujah* in her memory
Testimony of a Red Cross volunteer among Hitler's murderers on the Eastern Front
Industry's reaction to iPad is future shock
Vax-autism link liar Wakefield, two others may be banned from practicing medicine
Every news report ever
Lamebook: fails, TMI, and other highly questionable things people post on Facebook
Unhappy Hipsters
Amount of actual action in an NFL game: *eleven* minutes
Howard Zinn dead at 87
Joe Walsh (Eagles, The) sends a cease-and-desist to Joe Walsh (R)
CIA man retracts waterboarding efficacy claims
Female teachers transmit math anxiety to female students
China to jail dog-eaters for 15 days, fine them $700
Average Republican: "Fuck the uninsured"
Fox News completely ignored Haiti
Wife's Lunch Notes
Apple has best quarter ever. Again.
Rush Limbaugh begs for death's sweet release
Alice Herz-Sommer, 106 years young, really knows how to live
"I want to make beautiful things, even if no one else cares"-Saul Bass
Kingsley Amis's metaphysical hangover cures
Johnny Cash's letterhead
After 21 years of peace, Haggis reignites conflict with America
Gary Brecher on Tibet
Why India is a better bet for multinational investment and sales than China
Scientology morons are in Haiti touching people
Bail bondsmen's greed, fraud, and lobbying keep thousands of poor people in jail; meanwhile we all pay, and they steal
I'm on a deserted island. How can I tell which plants are poisonous?
Balls needed to pass health care reform
William Zinsser explains the art of writing well in English to foreign students
Rupert Murdoch finishes politicizing and ruining the *Wall Street Journal*
The Law of Jante
*Ren & Stimpy* creator John Kricfalusi writes a generous letter to an aspiring young fan
New Yorker profile of Neil Gaiman
Why Apple does "show and sell" while everyone else does "bait and switch"
The crisis of juvenile prison rape in America
China's tragic, abusive "boot camps" for "internet addicts"
What makes some teachers great? We're betting $4 billion in stimulus money that we can find the answer
Senate health reform bill is more conservative than Clinton, Nixon, and Truman's plans
Coakley's Vagina for Senate
British banker held hostage by Qatar
Haitians have earned the right to be regarded with dignity
The best picture in the world: 8-year-old Haitian rescued after 8 days under rubble
Report: Hamas supposedly ready to accept Israel's right to exist
WSJ: Apple's tablet to upend textbook, magazine, news, and television industries
Patate Lesse
Wife pulled from the rubble 6 days after quake thanks to her husband's unwavering love
Believing you can get smarter makes you smarter
Photobomber's manual
TSA pays a blogger to mock people harassed by the TSA
Early returns: Brown looks like the winner in MA Senate race
Syria's Mufti: Islam commands us to protect Judaism
Were the 3 Guantanamo "suicides" actually homicides?
A culinary tour of Beirut
Do judges systematically favor the interests of the legal profession?
Checklists: best friend of airline pilots and investors
Stray dogs of Moscow
Ronald Tackmann's ingenious prison breakouts
Neanderthal's blog is here
Michael Steele, Sarah Palin: Tea-Carpetbaggers
The day the Klan messed with the wrong people
Will Smith's secrets of success
Specter on health care reform: "the pressure was tremendous on [Republicans] not to participate"
Clinton Bush Haiti Fund
Paying doctors to wash their hands
Much ado about nothing in Terminal 8
Why men use prostitutes
The girl who conned the Ivy League
How many times does your boss have to masturbate on or around you before you quit your job?
What is the Chinese economic model?
Levin: Obama's transition date led to spike in Afghan recruiting
Jimmy Kimmel turns the tables on Jay Leno
Etymology of Zork
Government employees, America's version of nobles
Black Widows of Al Qaeda
Nexus One hands-on review
Teddy Pendergrass has died
Self-control is contagious
LA is currently the safest it's been in 50 years
Study: lost sleep can't be made up, it's just lost.
Failed state? California should declare independence
Kerala-style pickled shrimp
"The prospect of cancer does not worry me"
If M.C. Escher made a font
Google declares war on China
US Secret Service "hands ready" position
ex-Gitmo guard reunion with ex-inmates after finding them on Facebook
Kurt Vonnegut's letter home, upon his liberation from POW camp
Is the filibuster unconstitutional?
Green sea slug is part animal, part plant
Michigan tea partiers to national tea party: "buzz off! hands off our auto industry"
Inhofe "very proud" there's never been a gay or a divorce in the recorded history of his family
Printers are Evil
Microsoft to wait until 2011 to introduce Windows Mobile 7
10 people you meet while traveling
Ted Olson's opening statement in Prop 8 trial
Entrepreneurs are arbitrageurs, not risk-takers
Why we love men
Why we love women
Pyramids built by well-fed, tax-exempt, respected workers, not slaves
Avatar: Pocahontas in Space
America: Doomed, or Doooooomed?
Phil Greenspun goes to Berkeley
What job interviews are like for women in Greece
Smart new approaches to crime deterrence
Answer The Freaking Question
Erik Naggum on Atlas Shrugged: the whole principle underlying it is a massive failure to deal with disagreement
UCSF pediatric endocrinologist Robert Lustig explains to you why fructose is a poison
Let's play Terrorball!
How Doug Engelbart taught kids to ride bikes without training wheels
Abdul Mutallab sang like a canary, provided actionable intelligence
Dick Lugar rejects Cheney's Obama critique
Zeppelins make a comeback
Cows always face north or south when they're eating
Tech support cheat sheet
"Arbeit Macht Frei" sign recovered; it was stolen on behalf of a rich British Nazi
Newspaper articles are written for people who have been hiding in a cave for the last two decades
Sarah Palin to headline Tea Party Convention
History of the Ming Dynasty
8% of human genome is of viral origin; may be to blame for mood disorders, schizophrenia
Nil by mouth: Roger Ebert can no longer eat or drink
Coalition making most of the same mistakes in Afghanistan that Soviets did
Darfur: how a genocide turned into a clusterfuck
Ahmadinejad's website hacked
Steve Ballmer prepares to unveil piece of shit
Were they "French" or "Muslims" torching cars on New Year's Eve?
Why Apple will never make printers again
Inside Obama's war on terror
When your Roomba breaks
A look at the world's most difficult languages
The disingenuousness of Glenn Reynolds
Understanding Asian parents
Transatlantic accent
Japan finishes *second* lost decade
Aughts yielded naught
Ayn Rand: the bitch is back
Obama's best economic policy of 2009: the stress tests
What's it take to make a font?
Enterprise vs. ZipCar
"He was the one person on earth I wanted to die, and instead I've helped to save his goddamn life."
Gravity wells
Norway solves MRSA superbug infection problem with heavy restrictions on antibiotics
Visualizing the decline of the major colonialist empires
Khamenei's escape-to-Russia jet put on standby
10 words you need to stop misspelling
Blane Nordahl, burglar to the stars
Rove calls quits on a second marriage
Obsessed man talks about the art of making Neapolitan-style pizza
Mistresses of Tiger Woods march on Washington
Thorium: nuclear power without waste or proliferation
Domino's: "sorry we've been feeding you dogshit all these years. Here, try a real pizza!"
Why US airlines are safer than foreign ones
Reuel Marc Gerecht on Ayatollah Montazeri
"Ceausescu looked in my eyes, and he knew that he was going to die"
Behind the scenes of Nigeria's kidnapping business
Health care: how Republican intransigence got them *nothing*
Alex Steinweiss: inventor of the modern album cover
How egoless leadership makes organizations great
UAE racial pecking order
How to handle Annoying Bluetooth Guy
Breitbart's ACORN scoop continues to crumble
Living against your body clock can affect your health and well-being in myriad ways
Play Globetrotter XL!
Roy Halladay's stupendously classy farewell note to Toronto
Michelle Bachmann, socialist welfare queen: she's on the dole to the tune of a quarter million dollars
How China gutted Copenhagen and humiliated Obama
Point/Counterpoint: Climate Change
Two seats, one big girl: how different airlines handle their larger passengers
Point-Counterpoint: 2012
How a "sushi-eating testicle" saved *Avatar* in Egypt
Why Duke Nukem Forever never got finished
The way it smells after it rains? It has a name.
Many of America's biggest churches are greed cults
iTunes is the new Comcast
GE is abusing UK libel law to silence a Danish academic who is pointing out that its product is killing and maiming people
It's a cat riding a Roomba and swatting at a dog.
What is DRM doing in my garage?
That's Not Art
So, anyone seen or planning to see *Avatar*?
Over-confidence in own impulse control leads to lack thereof
Sketchy Santas
Idiot stockbrokers continue to ruin your life–and other stories from the *Daily Mash*, which is like a UK version of *The Onion*
Cheap, tasty recipes
Guard Dog Fail
Strikes enough to fill an entire Greece!
Panasonic Lumix GF1 field test: 16 days in the Himalayas
Saudi scum to flog 75-year-old woman 40 times for violating sex segregation
What English sounds like to foreigners
Banksters promise Obama: "we'll step up now"
The Art of Menus
What made white people that way?
Where should I eat? (Fast food edition)
Jenny Sanford files for divorce
Violent Missouri rapist Jetton (R) fought repeal of state ban on gay sex
What about the oyster guy?
Philadelphia adopts mediocre new logo
"I lived in a van down by Duke University"-a tale of radical frugality
Meet the admirable lunatic who is walking from the source of the Amazon to its mouth
Netflix doesn't care about the hearing-impaired
Chinese news animated reenactment of Tiger Woods's argument and car crash
Huckabee issues mealy-mouthed, weasel-worded statement on Clemmons
Murdoch's big balls (and tiny brain)
Who's a fraidy cat?
Man arrested for refusing to bite dog
Total weenie discovers his father is none other than *Charles Manson*
Multiple sclerosis cured: it turns out it was a vascular disease all along, not an autoimmune disorder
Self-portraits during treatment for breast cancer
Santa's tweeting, and he's loaded
Auschwitz's commandant's daughter tries to humanize her evil pop
A thousands–of–years—long human pursuit is fulfilled at last: we have a good blue pigment.
Nixon bowed to Chairman Mao
One Billion Africans
Xenophon is Xenuphobe
Marine reservist attacks Greek Orthodox priest for looking like a terrorist
Rhode Island governor vetoes burial rights for gay couples
Thank You
How to eat a chicken wing
What was the Western hemisphere like before Columbus?
Oklahoma students not actually as dumb as conservative educational think-tank and fraudulent pollster painted them
A new dawn for Beirut?
IEA whistleblower: we're much closer to running out of oil than our estimates claim
What difference does the Yankees' payroll make?
Ian Fisher: American soldier
Support for same-sex marriage in the US by state and age
Stopping the short-sightedness epidemic
Cuteness is addictive
Why we buy extended warranties
The lost tribes of Eurasia
The unemployment rate for people like you
Lemaricus Davidson gets death sentence for double rape/torture/murder
Alcohol activates cellular changes that make tumor cells spread
Jon Stewart does Glenn Beck
"So come on down to Cullman and get yourself a mobile home. Or don't. I don't care."
New ocean forming in African desert
"My dad, Master Sergeant Joe Myers, is in Iraq right now."
Republicans unveil their useless health care plan
What explains Israel's tech miracle?
Iraqis relying on $80,000 magical sticks to detect bombs
The Byzantine Empire offers lessons for the American
Caslon, Baskerville, and Franklin: revolutionary types
Polar bear kills two terrorists
Tribune Co. to AP: "it's time for a trial separation"
Can our shameful criminal justice system be reformed?
Story of a Snitch
Buffett buys BNSF railroad for $44 billion in big bet on US economy
Bruce Bartlett explains what the Great Depression and the GFC have in common
Ford reports positive cash flow, nearly $1 billion in third-quarter profits
Just how smart are dolphins? Pretty smart!
FBI probing Arpaio for abusing his power
Soviet war paintings
16-year old girl who killed her abusive pimp gets life without parole
Is Earth an uninhabitable planet?
4 prisoners facing execution or serving life in prison who are probably innocent
PA Supreme Court throws out thousands of juvenile convictions issued by scumbag judge Mark Ciavarella
Obama pays respects to the fallen at Dover AFB
How drug companies and corrupt doctors are scamming the public
Schwarzenegger sends the California State Assembly a message
Former drug czar Barry McCaffrey is still out there telling lies
Scientology's new angry, unstable pitchman
Want 50 Mbps internet in your small town? Threaten to roll out your own
Little girl, dying of brain cancer, leaves her family hundreds of love notes
Why can't naked mole rats get cancer? And put on a pair of pants, for chrissakes.
WSJ editorial page's lies about the public option
A graphic history of newspaper circulation declines over the past two decades
Senate reform bill will have public option
The kindest cut: surgeon restores sexual pleasure to victims of female genital mutilation
Former British ambassador to Uzbekistan describes gruesome torture, boiling alive of people on CIA's behalf
Yuppie idiot hikers wasting time and money, endangering rescuers' lives for non-emergencies
*Crash* director Paul Haggis quits Scientology
Windows 7: the Ars Technica review
Google speaks Dog
Should insider trading be decriminalized?
Erik Johansson's fantastic photo manipulations
War on Drugs photo essay
Pollution in China photo essay
"The things I saw beggar description"-Eisenhower's letter from the concentration camp at Ohrdruf
What is J Street?
What lies behind Ireland's economic miracle and GM's financial crisis is demographics
My White Friends
Al Franken takes a shill to school
Killing Kasztner
Starting a business isn't as crazy and risky as they say
Insurance company tells woman her rape is a pre-existing condition
Administration plans big pay cuts for execs at bailed-out firms
Ballmer is dead meat
Bruce Bartlett advocates higher taxes, a VAT
Goldstone defends himself in the Jerusalem Post
Scientists give flies false memories
39 year old father enlists so his wife can get cancer treatment
Two S.C. Republicans: DeMint "is watching our nation's pennies" just like a rich Jew
Apple's Q4: record results again
Greek comic book about Bertrand Russell, 20th century mathematics is surprise bestseller
R. Crumb draws the Book of Genesis
Odious whore Seth MacFarlane turns his show into an infomercial for Windows 7
Obama ends persecution of medical marijuana patients
Next year, the Pentagon will buy more unmanned than manned planes for the first time
Our burglar class now rules the national economy, and no one is trying to stop them
Diamond Dave's Ninja School
Thousands of African children being tortured, murdered for "witchcraft"
The new GOP.com
The Snatchback
Why Human Resources doesn't care about you
Senator Franken is my hero
Are student loans the new indentured servitude?
¡Space aliens, jealous of zorkie and humiliated that no one wants to play their games, attack zorkmidden's homeland with UFOs!
One *MILLION*, twenty thousand five hundred and ninety *FOUR* people have now played zorkie's games
Eddie Izzard's "Death Star canteen" skit, in Legos
Greedy Rupert Murdoch claims Google is stealing from him. So why doesn't he stop them?
The biggest energy innovation of the decade just snuck up on us
"I didn't tell. It didn't matter."
Microsoft celebrates upcoming "Pink" phone by deleting T-mobile customers' contacts, calendar entries, todo lists, and photos
To keep Hamas out, Israel tries Iraq-style counterinsurgency in West Bank
IJ says Hamas preventing it from launching rockets
30 GOP senators vote for impunity for Halliburton gang-rapists
The cult of the vintage Honda motorcycle
Christopher Smart's poem about his cat
Should teenagers get life in prison without parole?
Somali pirates are complete morons
French culture minister paid "young boys" for sex abroad
Oklahoma to plaster your abortion all over the internet
Bob Dole supports health care reform
NY state trying to shut down a doctor with an innovative health scheme
Football is destroying players' brains, and the NFL doesn't care
The criminal odyssey of human smuggling profiteer Sister Ping
California closer to outright legalization of pot
Macs in 12% of US households
Frist supports Obama on healthcare
Two Republican candidates for governor of Calif. donated to Democrats
Last public guillotining in France (video)
HRW sets up an underground railround to spirit targeted gays out of Iraq
Obama's accomplishments (SNL)
What's it take to be a Secret Service agent?
The Olympic Spirit
CBS employee charged in Letterman blackmail attempt
Stunning photos of the moment of conception
Elizabeth Smart says she was raped 3-4 times daily
Suicides' toll on train engineers
How a librarian helped a troubled boy turn into a distinguished judge
"There was once a nation that suffered through brutal socialism - forced equality, redistribution of wealth, salary caps, forced charity, and income tax."
Glenn Beck's phony tears
Newsmax moron John L Perry calls for military coup against Obama
Ana Vidovic, guitar artist
Monsters of Megaphone
Sarah Palin completes waste of trees
SNL spoof of Obama's "Everyone but Fox" media blitz
EU pulls out all the stops to snatch Irish voters' brains
Two retired Baltimore homicide detectives explain what's wrong with policing today
NY Post publishes completely wrong story, and Powerline need a constant struggle to see what is in front of their own nose
Safire dead
Umberto Eco mourns the art of handwriting
"Ukraine's Got Talent" winner is incredible sand animator
The pioneering, crackerjack British police work that exterminated the Thuggee
Carly Fiorina's nephew can do HTML reel good.
The Children's Crusade
You don't have to be crazy to be the world's best ultra-endurance athlete, but it helps
Rowan Atkinson: *Invisible Drum Kit*
Indian child bride's revolt inspires schoolmates, nation
America's sex panic is devouring our young
Double amputee tasered by deputies for "resisting arrest"-he was just trying to avoid the officers throwing him out of his wheelchair on the ground
Republicans still in love with Huckabee for some reason
Awesomely bad engagement photos
"there are almost certainly a significant number of innocent people in prison today who were wrongly convicted of shaking a baby to death"
The most useful rope knots for the average person to know
Retail walk-in medical clinics as good as real doctors, ERs, urgent care centers
The Referendum
Chinese flipping out, easing One Child policy as they contemplate a geriatric society
IDF, US military to simulate Iran missile strike on Israel from Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Gaza
Medvedev: Israelis promised us no attack on Iran
Japan will probably have a death penalty moratorium
Judge to Orly Taitz: "Why shouldn't I fine you $10K?"
Queen Elizabeth's leaky roof will cost like $1 billion to fix
Egypt swimming in trash
Is Michael Jordan a dick?
FCC will mandate network neutrality
Finally, someone finds a good use for poodles
Douglas Adams's widow gives Artemis Fowl author job of writing another Hitchhiker's Guide book
Meet Max Fuchs, the cantor who sang the first Jewish hymns to be broadcast in Germany since Hitler's arrival
How the British government hid cash, maps, and escape kits in Monopoly board games sent to its POWs in Germany
"Learning Styles" theory is foggy-minded tommyrot
"Come visit Denmark, our women are slutty!"
Obama abandons Bush's missile folly
Fodder For Your Nightmares
Even the blind can use the iPhone (video)
Area furniture store has radical "blacks welcome" policy
Analyzing George Soldini
CFL bullshit
Swedish scientists prove you don't need fossils for oil
What immigrants say now about life in America
Khruschev's secret speech denouncing Stalin
Friedrich Hayek supported universal health care
Australian teenager faces jail over abortion
9 million North Koreans starving
Caster Semenya 'is a hermaphrodite'
Uruguay legalizes gay marriage
10 Downing Street apologizes to Alan Turing
Gross Republican sex scandal of the week
Nathan Myhrvold's Evil Genius
China alarmed by US monetary policy; can't raise rates unless we do, but needs to
10 Awful Obama Tattoos
Sinead's Hand
The Iraqi who saved Norway from its oil
Criminals at Pfizer plead guilty to felony in fraudulent marketing of Bextra
Latest LA wildfires are arson; homicide investigation opened
Gormless psycho soldier gets 5 life sentences in Mahmudiyya rape/murders
1 million strong against socialized fire departments
% of women who believe it's okay for their husbands to hit them
Levi on Sarah
Astounding XBox severe hardware failure rate: 54.2%
No more Reading Rainbow
How Texas executed a legally and factually innocent man in 2004
Atlanta mother records autistic son's abuse by schoolteacher
Glenn Beck warns against dangers of OLIGARHY
Argentina just decriminalized marijuana use
World's most terrifying, awesome bridge
More slaves today than at any other time in human history
Letalvis Cobbins convicted of first-degree murder in rape/torture slayings of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom
Drug companies are desperate to know why placebos are getting more effective
Snow Leopard: the first operating system that's universally accessible out of the box
Dog humiliated in front of entire park
Shit My Dad Says
Lincoln's Emancipation
I'm OK; the bull is dead
Iranian boy tells of prison rape ordeal
Fisk: for the truth about Lockerbie, look at Tehran and Damascus, not Libya
William Calley apologizes for My Lai
What's so great about *Kind of Blue*?
Mexico legalizes drug possession
Did Fox tell Beck to take a week off after taking heat from advertisers?
Apparently I can't visit Israel
The Japanese-American pact for impunity for rapist US servicemen
KFC introduces disgusting new sandwich
Kanadakis are your new drug dealer
Ingrid Michaelson plays the mouth trumpet
Australia: Car Seizure Law Used to Take Bike from Little Girl
Aubergini authorities haul man in for questioning over Eurovision vote
Israelis sour on Rahm
Après Moi
Bernard Baran spent 22 years being repeatedly raped and beaten in prison; he was innocent all along
Groin Injury Troubles Gay
Game theorist predicts Iran will never get the bomb
C.S. Lewis's theology of animals
Cali judge puts kibosh on Santa Ana's red light camera scam
Verbal Self-Defense tips
Who is funding the Taliban? *You are.*
Thug cop Wiley Willis, brutal woman beater, reinstated
Cheney: "My puppet stopped obeying me and I'm mad"
Original supply-sider explains how Bush wrecked the economy
How does a nation that might close down a business for a single illness from a suspicious hamburger tolerate the carnage inflicted by our hospitals?
In Somalia, 13-year-old is gang-raped and then stoned to death
Documents reveal Bush/Rove White House deeply involved in US attorney firings
California won't accept own funny-money IOUs
Investor's Business Daily thinks Stephen Hawking is an American
GATES: Thou detaineth me because I am a Moor!
Scientology introduces creepy staff uniforms
Bandar Bush arrested after failed coup attempt
My new ad
Wal-Mart picking on Girl Scouts
Don't mess with Crete!
Bush's version of Cash for Clunkers
The Guy I Almost Was
The Smoking Gun unmasks a criminal, sociopathic phone "prank" ring
More Scientology defectors come forward with accounts of violent abuse
Travolta, despondent over role of cult's callous ideology in autistic son's death, may leave Scientology
Ukrainian band's delightful cover of Hot 'N' Cold
Tracing the parallel histories of megachurches and corporate America
Poor, high-immigration El Paso is one of the safest big cities in America
Cops beat compliant suspect, plant drugs on him
Wikileaks: serious nuclear accident may lay behind Iran nuke chief's resignation
Chickenhawks Ralph Peters, Bill O'Reilly slime American POW
Journey into Kimland
"I'm a black man turning white on television"
Is Barack Obama an American citizen?
Insightful comparison of the dystopian fears of Aldous Huxley and George Orwell, in comic form
The hypothesis that consuming saturated fat causes heart disease is a 50's relic that has never been proven; in fact, it is most likely dead wrong
Why Goldman Sachs's culture works
Mobile, AL cops taser deaf, mentally disabled man with IQ of a 10-year-old
Yahoo committed seppuku today
Identity theft, China style
Women are getting more beautiful; men are still ugly and smelly
Forensics is mostly handwaving and pseudoscience
Skip Gates: the real issue here isn't racism
Chinese workers beat boss to death over threat of 25,000 layoffs
Evolutionary psychology falls apart under scrutiny; its claims about *everything* are proven wrong
How Southern India became an IT powerhouse
Black people don't know how to tip...
North Korea steps up public executions of Christians
Idaho police-thugs sodomize man with Taser
The last British survivor of WWI trenches has died
Hellfires send a Bin Laden back to hell
NYT correction of the century: 7/17/1969
Microsoft profits down 29%; sales down 17%
22 year old English alcoholic denied liver transplant by docs
The nightmare of French socialized medicine
Michael Jackson stories from people who worked in the studio with him
Inside "The Family", the creepy Calvinist power-cult that enables dictators and adulterous politicians alike
How France eliminates nuclear waste
VW to acquire Porsche
Muscle fatigue is all in your mind
Hawaii's successful experiment to cut parolee recidivism
Gyros: The Terrible Truth
Tom Wolfe explains why everything fizzled after we put the man on the moon
What will Michael Jackson look like in the year 2000?
Narcotecture: Kabul's incredibly ugly "Poppy Palaces"
"We Bring Fear": the real Mexico
Caloric restriction: a life-extension racket
Citing *Bilski*, judge tosses a software patent
London Stock Exchange to abandon Windows
Life sentence for Ilan Halimi's murderer
Jay Leno has a 3-D printer to fabricate parts for his rare cars
Make-believe maverick: meet the real John McCain
Obesity emerges as risk factor for dying of swine flu
Meet Joe Cassano, the creepy bully who drove AIG FP off a cliff
How insurance companies blackmail companies into firing sick employees
United, You Broke My Taylor Guitar
Government mandate spurs innovation in incandescent lightbulbs
No drinking allowed except by heterosexual teetotallers
Getting up close and personal with an ant
How Jenny Sanford kept her dignity
So...how many people did the US torture to death?
Japs may abolish cash to fight deflation
Catching up with Jim McGreevey
Margie Profet's unfinished symphony
How math killed Lehman Bros
Dana Milbank to Nico Pitney: "you're such a dick!"
70,000 people riot in China, and 30,000 police put the riot down
Billy Mays found dead in his home
Burger King outrage
Limbaugh blames Obama for Sanford
Sooner or later, your wife will drive
McCain's hip-shooting onanism demonstrates why he would have been a foreign-policy disaster had he been elected
Thomas Friedman clogged my toilet
Pat Buchanan talks sense about Iran and Obama
A doctor's view of Obama's healthcare plans
Agribusiness must be stopped from the non-therapeutic abuse of antibiotics
Patients with inoperable prostate cancer recover after single dose of new drug
Iranian regime sprays protestors with chemical weapons from helicopters
70-year-old woman fights off four teenage predators with a frying pan
Pixar grants dying girl's wish to see *Up*
One in four South African men admit to rape; 1 in 10 have themselves been raped
"My husband's other wife"
Blood glucose linked to self-control
Healthcare CEOs: "we will use any excuse to cancel your insurance when you need it most"
Behind Iran's coup are the apocalyptic Hojjatieh death-cult
"Too big to fail" means "too big to exist"
FDA pulls Zicam from shelves; makes you lose your sense of smell
North Korea's new owner tries to assassinate own brother
Rorschach test
10 million Iranians will march @ 4 PM tomorrow?
News, everyone! More Futurama episodes coming!
Why GM's cars' interiors are so crappy
Lynndie England, as trashy as ever, is peddling her shitty biography
Al Qaeda struggling with donation slump
The fable of the dragon-tyrant
The Herbivorous Ladylike Men are Changing Japan
Iranian election is a transparent fraud
Canada to stop producing medical isotopes
Toyota Prius is still hot
Iranian situation is potentially explosive
Strange, magical days in Iran
Pompeiian graffiti
Lawyers plan $100 mln class-action to punish RIAA's filesharing extortion campaign
Is France is about to admit that aliens are among us?
Obama administration seeks ways to tame outlandish corporate pay
At the intersection of biology and quantum physics, boffins are starting to understand photosynthesis, the sense of smell, even why green tea is an antioxidant
Young Iranians can't afford to get married, and it may bring Ahmadinejad's government down single-handedly
Rosenhan experiment: psychiatry isn't science, it's pretty much a scam
Oppo candidate's feisty wife demands apology from Ahmadinejad, threatens to sue
Obama's Cairo speech is already undermining Islamic extremists
"Pakistan has awakened!" shout angry vilagers as they kill Taliban and torch their houses
Don't treat your kids the way your job treats you
7 reasons why the 21st century is making us miserable
Lebanon votes today; will Hezbollah win?
In first, African-American woman becomes a rabbi
The disadvantages of an elite education
Why California's government is such a basket case
Congo is rape-hell for women
How mathematicians invented the computer
The health benefits of the hunter-gatherer lifestyle
Ideas for fixing college
Rep. James Moran (D-Va.) goes after excessive erectile dysfunction drug advertising
Changes in stair design could help fight obesity
Obama: the best thing for Detroit since Henry Ford
Stories of women helped by Dr. George Tiller
The human capital bubble bursts
Tech giants throw tantrum over the end of a tax scam
Palm Pre is looking good
Does TV delay child development?
China gearing up to celebrate Nothing Happened In Tiananmen Square Day
Why do NYC cops sodomize people with batons so much?
Texas cophole tasers 72-year-old great grandmother
Pakistani court frees mastermind of Bombay atrocities
Prime is the new subprime
Spain's "World Court" to be restricted
Occupation: schoolgirl moonlighting as a prostitute. Country: Holland
In California, American Indian Public Charter school spits in mainstream education's eye
Common Solecisms
Dutch journalist repeatedly raped by Taliban: "they are not monsters." They gave her tea and biscuits!
24-year-old douchebag is North Korea's new owner
China cuts all diplomatic ties with North Korea
China's economy stabilizing
GM declares bankruptcy
Bing has launched
Doorknobs, receipts, and that chintzy feeling
Pakistan: victory over Taliban is near; fighting may end within days
PJ O'Rourke on the end of the American love affair with cars
Meta-analysis of surveys finds widespread fraud among scientists; medical and pharmaceutical researchers are the biggest scammers
Want really good advice? Take notes conspicuously
Germany to crack down on company-looting execs
Iranian hardliners in a panic over upcoming election; Ahmadinejad buying votes
New HIV microbicide developed that can be mass-produced
Fasting beforehand improves the efficacy of chemotherapy
Amateur citizen-spies uncover North Korea's secrets
Inch-wide single-celled creatures found on ocean floor
Woman goes in for a kidney stone, ends up having all her limbs amputated. Incredibly, the jury let her doctors off the hook
Everything you always wanted to know about female ejaculation but were afraid to ask
"Despite the fact that half the world menstruates, most people overlook the serious repercussions of a lack of affordable sanitary supplies in developing countries."
Teach your kid to argue
Wikipedia bans Scientology
Roxana Saberi interview on her stint in Evin
Why North Korea will continue to be a pain in our collective asses
What's behind In-N-Out Burger's success
Planned Parenthood covers up for sexual abusers. 20-year-old Lila Rose is *doing* something about it, and three states have launched investigations
Quadriplegic sues police chief for denying him a firearms license
Aktion T4
Snow Rollers
Microsoft trying to rebrand its way out of abject failure in the search market
Porsche is fucked
Solar PPA: making solar power pay for itself
Taking vitamins curbs exercise benefits
Top 50 dumb things Fox wants to alarm you with
Scientists hope to take first photo of a black hole
Ignore media & GAO alarmism; GPS isn't going anywhere
Argentina, the superpower that never was
Usury Country: the birthplace of payday lending in Johnson City, TN
Retired Archbishop of Milwaukee Rembert Weakland: "we didn't know that child abuse was a crime"
Female bullies at work
The case for working with your hands
Stayin' sharp with contract bridge
Tsutomi Yamaguchi, double A-bomb survivor
Researchers figure out why Down Syndrome stops cancer
Why it's so expensive to be poor
Canadian detective nabs US pedo thanks to beer clue
How I bet my last dollar on a horse
5 things Wolfram Alpha does better than Google
Daimler takes 10% stake in Tesla
Confessions of an introverted traveler
Forensics charlatanry busted: "bite-mark analysis" is hokum
Happiness is being old, male, and Republican
16 most horrifying human growths
GQ profiles Rummy's disastrous stint as SecDef
Prosecutors blocking access to DNA testing
Study: people who have been to jail are deterred from future crime by longer sentences hanging over their heads
Financial secrets of the world's poorest people
What American and Chinese bankers have in common
Easier email for the older generation
The Codex Seraphinianus
Meditation: why bother?
Steele's brainstorm: "Gay marriage will burden small business"
Dell builds shitty, condescending "Della" website in clumsy attempt to market to women
China's Stupid Revolution
Fake official-looking "photography licenses" to show rent-a-cops
FTC finally cracks down on car-warranty robocalls
A captive Senate rejects a cap on usurious credit card interest rates
Obama's Drug Czar calls for an end to "War on Drugs"
US healthcare lobby, with a corporate criminal at its helm, spins up to scare you about Obama
Breathalyzer's source code revealed in court-and it's a piece of crap
Sony posts first full-year loss in 14 years
Researchers create self-assembling RNA in the lab, showing how life could have come about
Google rides to the rescue of remaining Hotmail users
Facetards still stuck on stupid on Holocaust denial
Craigslist shuts down "erotic services" prostitution section
UAE arrests torture tape sheikh
How Davids beat Goliaths
Facebook welcomes Jew haters, as long as they're not lactating
Colombia's astonishingly depraved "Escándalo de los falsos positivos"
Cop refuses to help 911 caller with dying father who said "fuck"; of course, the police file spurious charges against *her*.
A cup of chai
Why can't you concentrate?
How the French are coping with the economic crisis
Texas police-thugs steal black motorists' cash, cars; threaten trumped-up charges if they refuse to forfeit
Elsevier published 6 fake journals
"How I sued Jason Fortuny"
The Harlem Miracle
Murdoch to do us all a favor, hide his crappy content behind a paywall
Murder charges for innocent man who defended his home from police-thug invasion
Sean Hannity is on top of the important things, like what Obama ordered on his burger
"So Americans should get over ‘socialism.’ This system developed not after Karl Marx, but after Martin Luther and Francis of Assisi."
Record label thugs surprised to find that the 30% price hike they demanded in the middle of a recession is costing them money
Andy Grove: the patent system has the same flaws as derivatives
America's first face transplant patient revealed
Why B&H's business is going gangbusters
Really? This is what they want on the cake?
Chinese student activists remember Tiananmen
Egypt, pigs, pandemic, and tyranny
Southern Africa's San bushmen are the world's most ancient race
Merck creates phony peer-reviewed journal
How the tech industry's age discrimination creates an artificial labor shortage
There is no such thing as nuclear waste
How Bayer knowingly infected countless Asian and Latin American hemophiliacs with HIV after their tainted product was banned in the West
Cops ruin 21 students' lives over 6 ounces of pot
College is a scam: they don't teach much and you don't learn much
Now the bastards want to *lithiate* your water
Albert Einstein teaches Jerome Weidman to appreciate JS Bach
Acupuncture: a WHO review of clinical trials
Slap your troubles away with Slap Chop
Ontario takes on Ticketmaster's abusive price-gouging
China treats female North Korean refugees as "livestock"
Swine flu: brought to you by NAFTA and Smithfield Farms
Junk DNA in human genome can fight HIV infection; scientists figure out how to unlock it
NATO to target Afghan poppy fields
Zodiac Killer's daughter comes forward; his name was Guy Ward Hendrickson
Cab driver calls NYPD to help a drunken woman home safely; instead, they raped her
More reasons why Mathematica's programmable graphical prowess blows Photoshop out of the water
What's a luxury and what's a necessity? America is changing its mind about microwaves, TVs, dishwashers, and more...
GM kills Pontiac, Hummer, Saab, Saturn
Rules no one teaches you but everyone knows
World's best headlines: BBC News
Gaza-bound Iranian arms ship is sunk near Sudan
Inside the baby mind
Crybaby Charles Johnson bullies his even-lamer banished offspring with legal threats
Palestinian village welcomes Israeli shoppers
Sri Lanka close to crushing Tamil Tigers; has beaten them back to a 5 square mile area
Why NPR is thriving
Your inbox is obsolete
Calculating square roots by hand
The Jaguar and the Fox
David Li, the actuary who accidentally blew up the world economy while trying to figure out why spouses often die in rapid succession
Look at this fucking hipster!
Brutal torture tape implicates brother of UAE's crown prince
Transparency is bunk: what we need more of is Journalism
Apple's second quarter: revenue, profits up in the middle of the worst recession in memory; best March quarter results in company history
Science: Bacon sandwiches cure hangovers
The Bible has lots in common with ancient Sumerian and Egyptian religious texts
Now he's Joe the 99¢ Scammer
A twit interviews Twitter's founders
Doubling down in the face of economic adversity is how Kellogg came to dominate its market
Abu Zubaydah and KSM were waterboarded 266 times, for no intelligence benefit
Internet service providers are lying, greedy scum; their costs are decreasing even as they hike prices and introduce miserly bandwidth caps
Microsoft to rename search engine from the execrable "Live Search"
Microsoft email: "you asked us not to email you, so we're emailing to ask you to change your mind."
Why being smart won't get you laid
Oracle rescues Sun Microsystems
Jackie Chan: "Chinese people need to be controlled"
Vice returns to Baghdad
Jason Fortuny slapped with $75,000 judgment
California's country club for pedophiles
Pakistan is the new Iran
Russia deploys the Black Sea fleet
5 insiders speak out about Area 51
Russia declares victory in Chechnya
Baptist pastor assaulted, repeatedly tasered by Border Patrol thugs. He wasn't even crossing any borders!
John Madden retires
Man Gets On Bus
Google is the new Facebook
Child labor in Bangladesh, in photos
The Bush Six
Protesters' plan to dump tea is prohibited
Spokane to *detonate* squirrels
Wal-Mart's Black Friday negligent homicide
Accessibility to the face
Microsoft's 81% profit margin
When cops brutalize citizens, it's always a "struggle", never an "assault"
How Ford avoided the Detroit meltdown
Dance your way to successful ageing
More evidence that human beings were designed for endurance running
What's wrong with saying "sorry"?
Child murderer's husband threatens police over unveiled mug shot
Hot new video game consists solely of shooting people point-blank in the face
Pirates: what would Thomas Jefferson do?
Medieval Canon Law prohibits impotent Catholics from marrying
Hellhole: solitary isolation of prisoners is abusive torture, and it's out of control in America
Marines forced Saddam to watch-repeatedly-his portrayal in South Park: BLU; present Matt & Trey with signed photo of Saddam
New discovery may end transplant rejection by organ recipients
Free SolidWorks!
Obama prepares Congressmen for clash with Israel
Russia's depopulation bomb
Roger Ebert pens a mean, hilarious letter to Bill O'Reilly
Reznor urges musicians to dump labels
The dark side of Dubai
Mini-documentary featuring the last Jew in Afghanistan
Harvard's Muslim chaplain calls for the execution of apostates
Huge quake in Italy kills 100, leaves 50,000 homeless
France's white-only liberation
US recession shows signs of lifting
Over Turkish objections, Anders Fogh-Rasmussen to be NATO sec-gen
Dubai: how not to build a city
Why prostitution is an affront to human dignity
Irradiated food gives pregnant cats neurological disorders
Phoenix police-thugs raid blogging critic's home, steal all his equipment
Afghanistan legalizes marital rape
Behind the scenes at Netflix
Zimbabwe death camp photos
Ugly, generic-looking Tropicana rebranding leads sales to plummet 20%
Pot kills brain cancer
Scumbag judge who took bribes to send kids to private prisons claims judicial immunity
Bob Sheppard, voice of Yankee Stadium since 1951, may retire (aged 98)
Cure cavities with nutrition
Baseball coach lends 2 Ferraris to teenage boys, with predictable results
Aggro cop who delayed NFL player from dying in-law's hospital bed: "you can't fire me-I quit!"
AG Holder drops prosecution of Ted Stevens over prosecutorial misconduct
(limited editions × low prices) + the internet = art for everyone
Wrong Tomorrow
First working diagnostic test for early Alzheimer's
GM's problems: 50 years in the making
What they used to teach you at Stanford Business School
They killed my patient. Then they tried to hide it.
Iraq preparing to execute 128 gays, in batches of 20
MySpace is dying
Guo Jin Min Tui
ShamWow guy, hooker arrested over brawl
Things you never knew had names
Power-tripping cop in traffic stop causes death of elderly mother
"No toilet, no bride"
Wall Street's coup
What's going on inside animal hoarders' heads?
Clever proposal to prevent future AIGs: "bounded limited liability"
Please Unsubscribe Me From These Socks
Teenager who shot stepfather dead after he raped her for four years is set free in Australia
Hungry Shrimp Eat Climate Change Experiment
Terrorist Recruitment for Dummies
Director of Harvard's AIDS Prevention Research Project: the Pope is right, condoms don't protect from HIV
Joe Nocera on Madoff's victims' culpability
Barclays gets gag order against Guardian over tax cheat documents
Pope: "we should have Googled Bishop Williamson"
How they figured out it was peanut butter during the recent Salmonella outbreak
After 35 years, Cheers lays off Eddie Doyle
Your HR department is worse than useless, can't do math or reason effectively about your workforce
"Pretty good haircut. The oils were a bit much...Don't go if you're not comfortable with another man's package grinding into your arm for 30 minutes."
Memo to retards at Symantec: your coverup was worse than the crime
Michigan police-thugs shoot unarmed college student in the chest in his dorm room during pot raid
Ferkakta salon owners in tizzy as NJ contemplates banning Brazilian waxing
Five nine-hour days, three men, the *Raiders of the Lost Ark* story conference
Madoff's World
Jim Cramer is a criminal sociopath who belongs in prison
Madoff will plead guilty tomorrow; faces up to 150 years
Bad Paintings of Barack Obama
Only portrait of Shakespeare painted during his lifetime found in a Dublin home
China set to militarize space
Chinese vessels harass US ships in international waters
We All Hate Quickbooks
Man with stupid beard sues you for laughing at his stupid beard
Berkshire's Profits Hath Declined 96%
Google is the opposite of TV: using it makes you smarter
How does Hank Greenberg feel today?
Vatican excommunicates mother, doctors of 9-year-old over abortion; rapist stepfather is welcomed in church though
How the US forgot how to make Trident missiles
Cancer metastasis enzyme found
Firefox reaches 100% market share...in Antarctica
Boffins: shifty-looking punters a bad credit risk
True US unemployment rate: 14.8%
Monsanto's many attempts to destroy all seeds but their own
Cephalopod Surprise
In final days, Bush administration reverses own wartime powers
At close of business tonight, our long national nightmare of Circuit City will at last be over
Having tried everything else, Sprint tries customer service
Do conservatives have nothing better to do than complain about a homeless guy's cellphone?
Obama to Drop Shield if Russia Helps with Limbaugh
New York Democrats close to repealing idiotic, evil Rockefeller drug laws
Criminals at Microsoft to finally stop lying, allow you to uninstall IE
Saudi foreign minister urges Arabs to stand up to Iran
Steve Ballmer tries, fails to explain why Windows Mobile sucks so much next to iPhone and Android
"Pluto is no longer a planet. It is a fart tent."
“Iceland is no longer a country. It is a hedge fund.”
Colorado school district does away with grade levels, grades
What I learned buying a rug in Turkey
Time is an illusion
British Muslims send death threats to Channel 4 over show about gay Muslims
Missing 5-year-old's family fear pedophile cousin took her
Iranian-American freelance journalist vanishes into Iranian prison
Bizarre 300-million-year-old brain found
Polygraphs are a scam
Foie gras is not torture, Village Voice investigation finds
Now it's official: missing link between HFCS, insulin resistance found
Biggest drop ever expected for PC shipments
Rich Morons Decreasing Own Income Due To Lack of Tax Code Knowledge
Do any of these fucks pay their goddamn taxes?!
Warren Buffett explains how the bailout is crushing healthy companies
Roger Simon manages to humiliate himself on *Air America*
Unemployed woman with cancer collapses from malnutrition while struggling to keep paying for insurance
Obscenely wealthy tax-cheating scum sue UBS to protect their names from the IRS
Eminem sues label for stealing his iTunes royalties
Most ancient English words identified
New drug provokes HIV to mutate itself to death
Skittles: Interweb the Rainbow
Pretending to be wise
75% of Bush administration can't get a job
In Baltimore, no one left to press the police
What LEGO employees' business cards look like
Hollywood ♥ recessions
Boffins from Japanese Energy Commission compare global warming science to astrology
John McCain's on Twitter
Exploring logo designs with Mathematica
Nokia may enter the laptop business (for some inane reason)
Drug cartels have brought Mexico to its knees
Dell Hell: stock down to 1997 low
Apogee dumps Windows
Christopher Hitchens and Michael Totten walk into a bar...
Sacco and Vanzetti
NYT gives Obama the same traitorous, amoral treatment it gave Bush
Abos demand government cash to get drunk, molest kids
Hershey's dumps 300 American workers; Peppermint Pattie will now be Hecho en Mexico
London police guilty of breaking laws in innocent Brazilian's shooting
Eastern European migrant workers shun Britain
Captain Save-A-Ho busted
Nate Silver: "Americans growing kinder to bud"
Folkstreams: a national preserve of documentary films about American roots cultures
Out tomorrow! *Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder*
An Ode to Voytek: The Most Badass Soldier in WWII
Marks & Spencer introduces £18 engagement & wedding ring set
CA Assemblyman Ammiano to introduce legislation to legalize, tax pot
Sasha Obama Keeps Seeing Creepy Bush Twins While Riding Tricycle Through White House
10 reasons why Windows Mobile 6.5 sucks
Google won't pay patent trolls' Danegeld; fights to the bitter end instead
ND House gives a fertilized egg all the rights of a person
Polanski still stuck in France, still trying to appeal
Prosecutorial incompetence at DOJ: Ted Stevens's trial has become a circus, and it's because the prosecutors are morons
Pepsi, Mountain Dew soon available in "Throwback" version with sugar instead of HFCS
Paramilitary SWAT squad charges, guns bristling, into parents' home because of teenage son's misdemeanor pot bust: Maryland
Bunch of ex-Presidents (Mexico, Colombia, Brazil) call for pot decriminalization
Egoless Teamwork: the No-Stats All-Star
How US Grant tried to expel Jewish people from Kentucky, Tennessee, and Mississippi-and Lincoln stopped him
Яolcats: English translations of Eastern Bloc lolcats
Bugs that made video games *better*
Conseil d'Etat admits Vichy France deported thousands of Jews in the Holocaust
Bill Hicks's final show before dying
George Harrison wants to be a pirate
This Is Sand
There is no such thing as magenta
Forbes: the government must take over the banks and wipe out the shareholders
Boffins stop the ageing process in mouse livers
"These kids are so lucky. Why can't we be free to do what we like, to have a fun and have hope for the future?"
Money can buy you happiness, as long as you use it to buy experiences.
Daily routines of interesting people
"I was driven mad by the Chinese education system"
Got a cold? Don't blow your nose, says Science
Frank Rich compares the GOP to a zombie bank
Foreigners flee Dubai's sinking ship
Microsoft to open own retail stores
Tesla Motors gets $350 mln from feds to build electric sedan
Fox News producer arrested on child porn charges
Just in time for Valentine's: boffins announce that foreplay is unnecessary
Ticketmaster merges with Live Nation to serve/rape you better
"How My Son's School Just Helped Me Buy Tires for My Car and a Bigscreen TV"
The Big Picture: the brushfires in Australia
Sony releases new stupid piece of shit that doesn't fucking work
The trust problem that no stimulus can help us with
How we kill geniuses
What did everyday life cost in Ancient Rome?
Optimizing college: start at a cheap state school, then shoot for a great grad school
Doctor who sparked vaccination/autism scare busted for changing and misrepresenting research results by Sunday Times investigation
Bolivia debuts fashionable new Constitution for Spring '09 season
PJTV finally figures out how to make Joe the Plumber look good...
"I reject your rejection"
CIA warns Obama that British Muslims are greatest terrorist threat to US
Technology is heroin
Oh shit! I see a black swan rising
Bullied boy brings a knife, stabs his bully
CEO: "Please Tax Me"
Creepy high school kid uses Facebook ruse to blackmail classmates into gay sex
Doctors testing artificial liver made with "immortal" human liver cells
Trauma patients who die, unable to stop bleeding, and the Canadian doctor who can save them
Windows market share continues to slowly erode
Therapy promises to cure HIV-infected patients by deleting a gene
Totten: Arab countries are in a de-facto alliance with Israel against Iran
Some Italian cities are banning kebabs and foreign food
How the RIAA rushed headlong into Harvard Law's buzzsaw
Mathematica Home Edition: $295
Joe the Plumber is the GOP's new strategist, or something
Outsourcing website oDesk: Americans surging vs. cheaper overseas talent
Comic book lettering traditions and tropes
Leave Steve Jobs alone
Game theory solves a Talmudic mystery
"We have a bunch of idiots on Wall Street that are kicking sand in the face of the American taxpayer"
Second-rate PC company wants to make third-rate cellphones
How right was Steve Jobs about music?
Jellyfish immortality is totally annoying
USPS wants to stop delivering mail one day a week
Mini-Madoffs popping up everywhere
A thoughtful critique of Libertarianism
How atheists misunderstand religion: a fascinating series of comments
David Brooks: "What life asks of us"
High fructose corn syrup industry giving you free mercury with purchase! Yay!
Geithner forces Citi to cancel $50 mln. jet order
Iceland's government collapses
Zune sales down 54%
Overpaid bankers correlate with depressions
President Obama's first weekly address
Greeks accused of inventing calculus
Barack Mad! Barack Smash Pakistan!
Microsoft defends return to DRM
Obama's Mac-savvy team lands in Microsoft hell at White House
James Lovelock calls most "green" stuff a gigantic scam
10 writing tips from Joss Whedon
Matt Taibbi tears Thomas Friedman a new one
Canal Ice helps Dutch rediscover selves
Mexican businessmen fund death squad to fight gangs
Airline employees abusing their power to get passengers convicted of felonies; one woman loses her children
Qaeda-tards kill 40 of their own men "playing Allah" with bubonic plague
Harper's Index retrospective of the Bush presidency
Put your hands together for the first African-American President of the United States...Condoleezza Rice!
How the brain enforces conformity and groupthink
Anti-Love Drug
The Week Garfield Died
Economist gives Bush a swift kick in the rear on his way out
PETA renames fish "sea-kittens"
Kanye West: "Bush doesn't care about buraku people"
Circuit City Schadenfreude Watch
UK surgeons told to adopt checklists to save lives
Aging pony-tailed fascist places fourth in internet popularity contest as hairline, power recede, thighs and belly expand
Chinese workers migrate back to countryside as factories close
Letterman's Top 10 George W Bush Moments
A Gaza War full of traps and trickery
Windows Hitler
Toyota Plug-In Hybrid Coming This Year
The literary qualities of the Presidents of the United States
Mitch Albom's love letter to Detroit
Palm Pre hands-on vid
2008 sees worst job losses since 1945: 2.5 million jobs vanished
Internet lets Iranians watch their mullahs having sex with prostitutes
One-piece flow (lean manufacturing) vs. batch processing
WSJ allows Randroid editor to use its op-ed page for public masturbation
Delete 10 Facebook friends, get a Whopper
Architecture: 5¢
How American Apparel runs its business
"India's Madoff" rocks outsourcing industry
Atheist: Africans need Christ to transcend their tribal fatalism
The War Nerd on the Gaza war
How to build the best paper airplane in the world
Americans have finally started saving money again, says WSJ
Sir Shambling's Deep Soul Heaven
Police Blotter Entry of the Day
Al Gore issues dire warnings of Global Slurpee
Michael Lewis on the SEC, Moody's, and perverse incentives
Paramedics play god, decide disabled man's life is not worth living and wait around while he dies
How Denmark reins the banksters in
Free Condom!
Chinese government moves to crush a call for reform
Free Dodge Ram, Dodge Caliber or PT Cruiser if you buy a 2008 Ram
Hamas's new strategy to defeat Israel
Nintendo has enough cash laying around in its couch to purchase all of Sony outright
Kristof on sex slavery in Cambodia
IE market share drops below 70% for first time in 8 years
How Permissive Action Links work
Branford Marsalis tells you what he really thinks about kids today
How Sony inadvertently helped a competitor and lost position in the videogame market
Alberto Gonzales can't get a job, considers self a "casualty of the war on terror"
Every Zune in the world turns into a lump of coal
Healthy eats for under $1
$170M company with no titles except “plant” manager
Why Tesco is Wal-Mart's worst nightmare
Jim Webb to introduce prison reform legislation
Robert Kaplan on the Greek riots
You're never too old to learn to play an instrument
Big Brother is too broke to watch you
The Fabulous Game of Mornington Crescent
Fairuz: Christmas Hymns
VHS is dead
Best and Worst Logo Redesigns of 2008
The truth about pornography
Haile Selassie was awesome
Sarbanes Oxley's effect on US IPOs
Toyota facing first loss in 70 years
Drew Peterson gets engaged to another victim? Or not. Or something.
Saudi court rejects 8-year-old's divorce plea from 58-year-old married man
Brit repo men get power to beat you up and take your stuff
Mandarin: "Be nice to the countries that lend you money"
China unveils world's heaviest laptop, fastest timepiece
How to purchase a child sex slave
HuffPo is underhandedly stealing other people's content
Intelligent soldiers voted "most likely to die"
Fuck You, Penguin
Palm could be reborn in January
Employers hate WOW players
Yawning cools down your brain
Boffins: smart children grow up to be drunks
Lynching in the United States
Alzheimer's disease may be caused by herpes type 1
Good news: my sperm are awesome!
Morons on Carleton University student council experience blowback
Inside the world's most annoying economic crisis
Mathematica 7 is fucking incredible
Kristof on acid burnings
Earth to Dalai Lama: "Shut Up"
Bush administration fucks the vets one last time
Gates to stay on the job with Obama
Atlantic's digital music sales now account for more money than its physical CD sales
First-ever decline in online purchasing
The French café is dying
Boffins prove "broken windows" theory of policing is correct
Goat. It's what's for brunner.
Phil Greenspun's economic recovery plan
eHarmony forced to offer gay matchmaking site by civil rights suit
Letter from a Honda employee
Mitt Romney: let Detroit go bankrupt
Deflation is here: CPI down 1%
Absentee votes deep-six Ted Stevens
Randroid Personals
LIFE photo archive hosted by Google
Horse Breaking
Why the Secret Service uses those cool codenames
Yang steps down as CEO of Yahoo
Donovan McNabb is a super-genius
Gym fodder: podcasts from Oxford University for your iPod
Obama sez farewell to his Blackberry
Salary history: Just say NO!
Letter from Iceland
Nate Silver signs 2-book deal for $700k advance
Obama to give weekly address to nation on YouTube
Saving US auto manufacturing
Malcolm Gladwell vs. Ayn Rand
Karma City
Federal Reserve: you don't need to know what what we're buying with $2 trillion of your money
Indonesia finally executes 3 terrorists for Bali bombings
$20 blood test for inflammation may save many of the half of all heart attack and stroke victims whose cholesterol is normal
Georgian scum were lying
Obama outperformed Kerry among almost all demographics
Gordo does Pammycakes
Plum ambassadorships no longer for sale to the highest bidder under Obama
4 black marines torture, murder their white sergeant and his black bride
Airbed & Breakfast
Computer Wanted
Focus physically changes the structure of your brain
Solzhenitsyn's farewell speech to his adopted Vermont hometown
Pope Johnson excommunicates Robert Spencer
The soul-destroying effect of an elite liberal education
Christian Science Monitor dumping print, going web-only
Overpaid Microtard, overseer of billions in losses, pooh-poohs iPhone sales
Detailed analysis answers the question of whether Republicans or Democrats are better for the market
Joe the Plumber is a tax cheat
Krugman Could Turn Into Massive Douchebag, Colleagues Fear
The dKos kids are tremendously enjoying Republican disarray, fear
Mystery of autism epidemic solved: Western mothers need more sunlight, vitamin D, cholesterol
Sarah Palin's a Joo!
Michelangelo's Full Frontal David
Basic Instructions: How To Advertise Windows Vista
Texas now requiring proof of legal status before issuing or renewing driver's licenses
$800 Mac laptops coming on 10/14
Dell dumps American workers
OJ guilty in sports memorabilia trial, faces life
Talking to the Police by Prof. James Duane
Saudi cleric thinks two eyes are too seductive, advocates one-eyed veil
Diddy Obama Blog #24: "Sarah Palin scares me"
The Last Typewriter Repairman
Can NYC make a good Cheesesteak?
Branch Banking & Trust writes a hard-hitting letter detailing concerns about bailout
The art of maitre d' bribery
Achewood's Onstad interviewed on NPR!
Top Dems worried Biden will be a buffoon in debate with Palin
Management lessons from Grand Theft Auto IV
We are all Japanese now
Yes on California's Proposition 2 (prohibits cruel confinement of farm animals)
Sarah Heath (Palin) 1984 Miss Alaska pageant footage
Real Age: Dogs
Soddies worried about demand destruction: "Those who buy hybrid vehicles are not going back to SUVs."
China's African slave empire
"The cab ride I'll never forget"
Bailout deal reached
Afrikaners fleeing South Africa
Seth Godin's thoughts on modern air travel
The YouTube Comment Virus
Festival del Burro: San Antero, Colombia's celebration of having sex with donkeys
Amazing bread ad depicts 122 years of English history
Steve Ballmer: "We are morons. Please euthanize us."
WaMu CEO gets $20 million for 17 days of work
Islam is really, really boring
Microsoft iPhone ripoff OS delayed till 2010
This Modern World comic on the financial mess
EU introduces new "Blue Card" to attract skilled workers
Trailer for Oliver Stone's "W"
In Pittsburgh, crooked teachers cook the books, declare that 50% is minimum test score
First Android phone, HTC & T-Mobile's "G1", debuts; out 10/22
Blu-Ray losing market share even though HD-DVD is dead
What animals sound like to foreigners
Final game at the old Yankee Stadium
Interview with a hedge fund manager, part 1
Why you should hate the Treasury bailout proposal
Socotra Island, the most alien-looking place on Earth
Who wants to drive a supercar?
FBI tracks down Palin hacker, sitting in a puddle of his own urine: it is indeed the Tennessee Democrat's son
Back in Iraq, Jarred by the Calm
In Japan, girls are crazy over virtual boyfriends.
Think And Grow Fat
Freakonomics: the connection between indoor plumbing and obesity
Text of Geert Wilders' speech to the Dutch parliament
SEC to ban short selling tomorrow
3-month Treasury Bill yield falls to 0.02%, may have traded negative earlier today
Snapper: powerful free screenshot tool for Windows
Only An Egotistical Jackass Would Build A House Like The One Next Door
Sarah Palin's effect on the Presidential futures markets
Microsoft Firing Seinfeld
1000 True Fans
Roald Dahl, "one of the biggest cocksmen in America"
India becomes the first to convict a murderer based on brain scanning
"The theft of children from their parents by the State is now far advanced."
Chilean Chillun Are _Doin'_ It
Obama suddenly realizes McCain-Palin has been eating his lunch for a week
Chavez gives US ambassador 72 hours to leave
Death of OPEC?
Senator Herb Kohl asks cellphone companies to explain text messaging ripoff
Old Creepy Ads
People are designed to take naps
Microsoft to deploy army of "Gurus" to annoy/sell to you in Best Buy, Circuit City
Truman's Middle Initial
Fed takeover of Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac imminent
Sarah Palin cuts Obama's lead among women in half: Rasmussen poll
Reply for all! some. all! some, consarn it.
Diddy weighs in on the Palin pick, in "Diddy Obama Blog #16"
Google's upcoming new web browser, "Google Chrome"
In Lashkar Gah, the majority of female prisoners are serving 20-year sentences for being forced to have sex.
Sex ads on Denver Craigslist spike with Democrats' arrival
In stroke of genius, Google renames RSS to something people can understand immediately
Olympic statistics: GDP per gold medal; population per gold medal
"At last I feel human again, the same as everyone else who has a face, a smile, and an expression to communicate with"
Burned women in Pakistan (slideshow)
As you age, carbohydrates destroy the neurons that control appetite
Mexican gangs turn to kidnapping Americans for ransom
Terror Victims Sue Bank Of China for Ties with Hamas
Athlete Without Compelling Personal Drama Expelled from Olympics
Red-light cameras: a highly-profitable scam for local governments and insurance companies
Shai Agassi is an Israeli on a mission to end oil
Scott Thomas Beauchamp rehabilitation effort in Radar
"Pixar loves their films so much, we make them twice"
Abacus manufacturer "confused by fascination" with computers
Newsweek: Busharraf to resign, flee Monday (to Saudi Arabia, where else?)
Live Free & Design
21 Accents
No such thing as spacetime?
Are Mac laptops more expensive?
See the handwriting of prominent typographers
In Julius Caesar's father-in-law's villa, buried by Vesuvius, is the only preserved Greco-Roman library, and scholars are deciphering the charred papyrus fragments to uncover the lost classics
Real Artists Ship: why Apple doesn't do "concept products"
The War Nerd weighs in on S. Ossetia, Russia, Georgia
Oh my God, they killed Chef! You bastards!
Windows Mobile misses sales target of 20 million, trumpeted all year long, by 2 million
"The first thing to understand about the war between Russia and Georgia is that Georgia has lost."
Cake Wrecks
California Supreme Court rejects evil "noncompete" clauses
Murdoch's WSJ in action
What's Really Killing Newspapers
Knights Templar sue Pope
Greenspun: taxpayers should have the satisfaction of seeing the highest paid 100 Fannie Mae employees fired
US catches Pakistani intelligence officers red-handed assisting terrorist attack on India
Raped, beaten, shot, set on fire: "suicide", rules Army
Microsoft's "Pepsi challenge" for Vista: an arrogant experiment in insulting customers
Things Younger Than John McCain
Snoop through dead people's bookshelves
SwapTree: get rid of your old crap and get other people's old crap in return
Nightmare Playgrounds
Vista: the Ultimate scam
For first time in history, Dell makes an attractive desktop computer
The Hydrogen Hoax
Ballmer's right-hand botch-man, overseer of Vista and the Yahoo merger attempt, exits MS
"Oxford comma", meet "NPR stutter"
Secret of Longevity
John Edwards busted while visiting LA hotel with his mistress and their bastard
BMW to sell electric Mini Cooper in USA in Summer, 2009
Waffle House Wedding
Russians claim will station strategic bombers in Cuba if US missile defense in Cz, Poland goes ahead
Step by step, Picasso distills the essential bull
Sony's timid, frightful toe-dipping experiment in selling you a computer without crapware on it
Even in defeat, barbarian looter Icahn wins: gets 27% vote on Yahoo's board for shutting up; his stake is only 5% of shares
Tel Aviv, epicenter of Mediterranean cool
Seeds of a permanent underclass, in facts and figures: 1 in 5 16-17 year old Brits is a "Neet"
How two Italian brothers hacked Soviet and US early space-faring radio communications, discovered the covered-up deaths and heard the last words of the "lost cosmonauts"
Has Bush sold out Country for Party?
What they don't want you to know about door-to-door magazine sales
Sexually-transmitted books
Supreme Court may be ready to drop the exclusionary rule
Starbucks closing 600 stores; is yours on the list?
Fmr. Prez confesses Iran did Lockerbie
Omar Khadr, whiny terrorist bitch, cries with his shirt off and whines that "you don't care about me" to Canadian interrogators at Gitmo
Hundreds of super-rich American tax cheats busted by Lichtenstein whistleblower
Man, who inconveniently refused to leave his apartment so it could be torn down, non-suspiciously cuts own head off with chainsaw
Euclid's elegant proof that there are an infinite number of primes
Google continues taking share from MS, Yahoo
RAVE: My Life Since Getting Out of Prison
Bit.ly: the future of URL shortening
Are you really learning, or are you just learning what buttons to push to get the reward?
Yahoo reduced to begging Microsoft criminals to offer it the same $33 deal again
Sun shitcans 1000
Bush administration oversees nearly 20-fold increase in exports to Iran over Clinton admin peak
Idiot Minister Proves That Normal People Don't Like Bums
The iPhone App Store opens for business today
Shrtn yr gab with Thsrs
Southwest's market cap is almost twice that of its combined competitors
Fox News, heirs of Streicher, photoshop a Jewish journalist's photo to give him yellow teeth, a big nose, and a big chin
Amusing Fireworks Packaging
Visually witty Dunkin Donuts ad with a great TMBG song
He was ahead of ... Homosexual from the get-go and beat Homosexual easily, to say nothing of finishing .02 seconds faster than the record
On Islam, Judaism, Christianity, and Elephants: an essay of mine at Auster's place
Valve exec: "Rampant piracy is just unserved customers"
Amazon MP3's daily dirt-cheap music deal feed
'Till it's over, Over There
...But In Soviet Russia, Past Blasts You!
Fake Steve on Palm's abysmal financials
Advice for Yahoo: do what you're great at
Signs of Italian Vitality
Eat What You Want & Die Like A Man
Like any other Mac, iPhones retain significant resale value
Why is General Motors still in the Dow?
Won't you be my neighbor?
RIP George Carlin: dead of heart failure at 71
The 10 foreign cities most likely to arrest Americans
Iowa's Flooding, In Photos
Area Man Gets Windows Vista To Work With Printer
Firefox 3 is out!
Auster on Hitler's demonic nature
Ron Paul suspends campaign, launches new "Campaign for Liberty" organization
"You have to treat your employees like customers"
Ballmer's MSFT: 8 years of failure
McCain sends supporters to troll blogs, astroturf
Ron Paul, denied a speaking slot by Republicans, to hold parallel convention
NASA to send a probe to the Sun
Take Your Gun To Starbucks Day
Hitler's sole surviving bloodline, 4 brothers, live in New York state and have a mutual pact to let their genes go extinct
McCain's economic adviser is to business as McCain is to the border, y'all
Brain surgeons won't hold cellphones against their heads; maybe you shouldn't either
Hillary bows out
Shigeru Miyamoto, the digital Disney
In first, boffins observe, live, the assembly and birth of a virus in a living human cell
Microsoft's (and Yahoo's) corporate penis envy
Weezer's awesome new music video mashes up all your favorite YouTube microcelebrities
Jose Canseco, Pan-Galactic Douchebag
Music industry thieves trying to pick your pocket some more
Federal Judge affirms Doctrine of First Sale applies to software
Pig hires edgy new makeup artist
Ebert "loved" Indy
Shitterton: the village that dare not speak its name
Why Don't the Smart Kids Raise Their Hands More in Class? Because Less Is More
Apple's market share is 66%...of computers priced over $1000
Why Zappos pays new employees to quit
Wii outsells its combined competition in April
What are Icelanders so happy about?
Doctors discover that apologizing for mistakes reduces patient anger and lawsuits
In two incidents this week, Pakistanis mobs set robbers on fire [graphic]
Microsoft, Yahoo back in talks
Ricardo Montalban vintage Chrysler Cordoba tv ad
What, exactly, do IT consultants like Gartner and Yankee do?
Firefoxers: there's a release candidate!
Federal grand jury slaps Lori Drew with indictments in Megan Meier's suicide
50 years of DARPA: stuff you can thank them for
A brief, satisfying biography of prolific Jewish-Hungarian mathematical genius Paul Erdös
Planet Without Laughter
Corporate raider Icahn buys a chunk of Yahoo
The Babysitter's Here [Bloggie announcement]
Craigslist countersues eBay
Executive Function, your relative ability to control your thought and behavior, is almost entirely genetic in origin—boffins
Profits from Google Search to surpass those from Microsoft Windows in 2009
A simple formula to outwit yourself: if-then
Meet the "Babylosers": the living standards of the young European middle class have declined dramatically
Play Bowja the Ninja!
Yakko's World
News, everyone! Now you can run the same Microsoft software that torments you at work, in your car!
Blind bowler rolls twelve perfect strikes
Unflappable and dressed for trouble: NYC police detectives
Extracting hydroelectric power without dams, using freestanding turbines
Boffins: sitting up straight is bad for you
Why do Republicans hate airline passengers?
American Consumers Spend More Money On Cheese than On Computers
Facing down the ultimate nightmare for a chef: tongue cancer
The Mystic of Black
Ron Paul supporters retreat to gated "Paulville" communities to lick wounds, regroup, and plot rloveution
The Six-Lesson Schoolteacher
The perfect pop-song length? 2:42
The declining value of redundant news coverage on the web
In Colorado, one judge helps a fellow judge (millionaire) steal his neighbors' land
Why Yahoo shares only lost 15%
Kay Bailey Hutchison introduces bill to freeze biofuel mandates at current levels
How the SUV ran over automotive safety
Signs of the Times
Sanchez exposes Rumsfeld as a bureaucratic ass-coverer extraordinaire
That's A Very Bad Puppy!
Want to move your startup business to the US? Here's how hard it is
Fed, Treasury go after abusive credit practices
Interview with Larry Page (Google cofounder) on how to change the world for the better
It's all over for Yahoo.
Hiring Pregnant Women
Ohio grabs the pay day loan sharks by the cojones and squeezes hard
FDA: deadly Chinese Heparin contamination was intentional
3rd generation Prius tech to be "cheaper than a modern diesel"!
Slimy Burger King exec hides behind young daughter's email address to attack tomato pickers who work in slave-like conditions
Is the Army covering up rapes and murders of female soldiers?
The Sea Forts
Software that cements learning and helps you defeat fading memory
Why pilots make great entrepreneurs
Steep circulation declines at all papers except Baltimore Sun, WSJ, and USA Today
Here comes Uncle Sugar with your money!
Wesley Snipes gets a three year sentence for tax fraud, being a greedy, arrogant moron, etc
Gin is to the Industrial Revolution as TV is to modern times
Hashem Has Abandoned Us
Toothless old fool McCain already preparing to disembowel self, coronate Obama
Delicious Revenge
Firefix share hits 29% in Europe
Cramer reads the tea leaves and notices Apple's impending world domination
On seeing the 100% perfect girl one beautiful April morning
New Orleans, RIP
Language of the Perpetually Poor
Golden Eagles preying on goats, carrying them in flight and then throwing them off cliffs
VW reveals its first China-developed car, and it's an assymobile
How the criminal corporate class gets rich(er) by creating and then gaming artificial, useless performance benchmarks
Dell to charge you extra for speaking to North America-based English-speaking tech support
Tainted Chinese heparin killed patients in 15 countries; Chinese, with breathtaking gall, demand to inspect US plants despite this
FBI freaking out that counterfeit Chinese Cisco networking gear is all over the government's networks...and was built and infiltrated with Chinese government sponsorship
Bad news for the creeps in Redmond: Yahoo blows through earnings expectations
In a disaster, price-gouging is your friend
Japan's hunger is a warning to us all
How FedEx fucks its employees over and commits tax fraud
Chinese stock market down 50% in 6 months
How IKEA does it
New VW model targets 94 mpg, has gay name
Kids in the Hall on tour with new material!
Kellogg's cereal embarrasses self pandering to thug culture
Did Fernand Point write the greatest cookbook ever?
Who won the WGA strike?
Download YouTube videos as mp4s with this bookmarklet
Merck ghost-wrote Vioxx studies for doctors.
Adam Yoshida: "In the end, this race is hero vs. emo. It's no contest."
NYT asks Congress to go after fraudulent college textbook industry
Proof that traffic light cameras are a government scam
Miraculous injection cures Alzheimer's in minutes
Saul Williams has a list of demands
Credit armageddon over? In first, Wall Street fails to borrow as much easy money as the Fed was making available (on very favorable terms)
Bill Buckner's emotional return to Fenway Park
Maliki interview with CNN
Who won Iraq's "decisive" battle? The War Nerd cuts through the bullshit so you don't have to
Federal judge seizes Fred Phelps's law office, church building
Two airlines go out of business in two days
Insurance companies fraudulently forcing ineligible patients to repeatedly apply for Social Security disability benefits, at a cost to the government of $1200 each time
Megafires, and what Greece's 2007 fires can teach us
Caffeine protects brain. What part of NO DECAF don't you understand?
Apple is now the top music retailer in the US, ahead of Wal-Mart, Best Buy
Is America ready for camel cheese?
Elephant, rescued from abuse, draws a self-portrait
Boffins: Willpower is biologically finite in quantity
Malaysian bigamist's wives get on famously, divorce him to spend more time together
The Royal Mint introduces new coin designs for the UK
Free books! (Ad-supported PDF eBooks)
Evil bastards at T-Mobile think they own the color magenta, sue you if you use it in your logo
Your beer belly will give you Alzheimer's
Saddest Onion Story Ever
Can't have a kitty? What a shame. Come to a cat café and pet theirs instead!
Stair Porn-fun and unusual stairs
UK police advice in response to lawless youth: "don't go out unless you have to"...and more than 1 in 5, terrified, already aren't
U. G. Krishnamurti, spiritual terrorist
Woman refuses to sign arbitration agreement, is fired unfairly, is *still* forced into arbitration, and loses her pension. Just another day in the USA
Tramp stamps at Toys 'R' Us
Jag, Land Rover are now Indian-owned (Tata buys for under $3b)
Number of McDonald's vs number of payday lenders, state by state
Coptic father Zakaria Boutros's TV show is frustrating Islamic clerics and converting lots of Muslims to Christianity
How Moto's moronic, greedy leadership looted the company while destroying it
Double standards: UK gov chases out relatively tame video game companies, finances incredibly nasty and violent movie with taxpayer funds
April Fools' Day Truckers' Shutdown may have IWW, Hillary Clinton's support
Lost a finger? Grow it back.
A simple camcorder called Flip is one of the most significant products of the year
Who has worse customer service-Comcast or the DMV?
Great Pacific Garbage Patch is now twice the area of the continental US
Microsoft trying way too hard to be cool
Love in a Backward World
End of scarcity watch: burglary is rapidly becoming obsolete because material abundance in America is destroying its profitability
Cartoonists talk about how they draw the candidates
The cheapest American cars to operate are the rebadged Korean ones
Le Tabarnak is the latest dance craze in Montreal
Time for United's CEO to go?
Multiple Hezballah terror attacks set to avenge Mughniyeh this weekend
Nails Never Fails
Crayon Physics Deluxe is a delightful game/toy
Comedy is the real news in America
Because Best Buy are scamming scumbags, you must never leave the store without opening the box and inspecting the goods
Things You Are Not Allowed To Do In France
France, Germany working to prevent the Arabs and Russians from buying up Airbus
Hulu launches: watch lots of movies, tv shows, etc for free (very small amounts of commercials)
100 best last lines from novels [pdf]
Wireless neckband allows first voiceless phone call
World's longest-married couple reach 83 years together
Achtung hippie! Evil megacorporations own all your favorite brands
Fuck: haggling comes to America
Can a plant be grown in human flesh?
Spacecraft are gaining mysterious extra speed, indicating Einsteinian physics isn't enough. The race is on to explain it
US Navy finally realizes that Microsoft is bad for national security
Play used to be an activity, not an exercise in the admiration of objects. Our children are poorer for the change
Boyfriend of the Year
Happy Pi Day!
Cop walks with no jailtime after caught with 8742 child porn "mistakes"
Down for everyone or just me?
On the modern eradication of the ancient rights of juries
Finally, an attractive outfit for Muslim women
The Lady's Brunch Burger
5200-year-old Persian bowl contains world's oldest animation
State of the Union
Free shipping search engine
BMW to lay off Germans, hire Americans
Do you know these men?
Back of the envelope design contest: visions for the George W Bush Presidential Library
Lockhart's Lament on mathematics: it "is an art form done by human beings for pleasure!"
Javertian "legal ethics" keep innocent man imprisoned for 26 years
Ill-advised tattoo
See Mike Draw
Fake Heparin that killed 19 and injured 800 could have been from Waunakee, Wisc., Cherry Hill, N.J., or China. Hmm.
US box office receipts at all-time record for 2007
On Creativity
Great Fortune interview with Steve Jobs
Still waiting for caffeinated bacon, baconated grapefruit
In blind test, audiophiles couldn't tell the difference between over-priced Monster cables and...coat hangers.
CCR5-delta 32 is the best genetic mutation ever
Seth MacFarlane to disgrace the small screen with his 3rd animated shitfest
TPM wins journalism award, shows the lazy hacks at PJM how it's done
How would you like to get paid for your next job interview?
"Intellectual property" is a dangerously misleading phrase, and it's intended to mislead you.
GM chm'n Lutz: "global warming is a crock of shit"
Greece battles Albanian/Turkish/Balkan organized crime wave
Judge unseals Microsoft execs' internal emails on Vista
Syria: Mughniyeh slain by Israelis, unnamed Arab country, Palestinians, Lebanese, CIA, Mafia, Castro, LBJ, Teamsters, Freemasons
The first Photoshop icon
The unbearable creepiness of China's internet censorship effort
A meta-analysis of clinical trials shows that antidepressants are no better than placebos
Apple now #2 music retailer in US, behind Wal-Mart
Stick figure slideshow explains subprime mess to you
Ciao, Schiavo
Cool NYT infographic of box office receipts, 1987-2007
The mysterious Dyatlov Pass Accident of 1959
Things For Sale That I Will Mail You
Make your own dulce de leche
Payday loan sharks take your Social Security check, give you back a small allowance
Things That Make Me Think Of Solus Rex
Barack Obama Is Your New Bicycle
Going to Stanford is now free!
Bringo: stop talking to machines and talk to a real human
Auster: three cheers for Geert Wilders
Toshiba surrenders, HD format war ends
Pak voters reject Musharraf and Islamism, elevate secular, liberal opposition to power
Little old French ladies are doin' it!
Al Gore to the rescue?
Study damns Marine corps bureaucracy for getting hundreds of Marines killed
What aspartame does to rats, in photos: a private citizen's experiment
Bayer's corporate greed kills 22,000
Los Alamos boffins develop process for gasoline from atmospheric CO2
Toddler imitates daddy on the phone with the cable company
Starbucks is the new Blockbuster
A slip of the foot, and a priceless Stradivarius destroyed
Bush administration turns off the light, eats the third orange in the dark.
Yahoo's letter to the shareholders
Saturn's moon Titan has hundreds of times the hydrocarbons as Earth!
Bush sleeping on the job as China steals strategic industries
Cinder blocks for sale
Good metaphor for Microsoft merger with Yahoo
Schneier: those who give up privacy for security are likely to end up with neither
Asus EEE lappie for $299 ($50 off)
General Motors lost almost FORTY BILLION dollars in 2007
Blue Cross asks doctors to rat on patients so they can cancel their coverage
DOJ indicts Chinese engineer for stealing Space Shuttle secrets for China
In desperation move, Sprint to intro flat-rate unlimited cellphone minutes
Trader Joe's dumps China
NYT "Executive Pursuits" columnist is delighted to pay $800 to repair a three-day-old Dell laptop that Norton screwed up
WTF is "Scroll Lock"?
22 Japanese fighter jets intercept Russian strategic bomber violating its airspace
Yahoo's board to reject Microsoft's bid
The Hijab Police in action
How to survive in prison as an innocent man convicted of a sex crime
Sick cows tortured with forklifts before illegal slaughter
iPhone users 72% satisfied; iPhone #1 in planned purchases in next 6 months
How Bush begat McCain
Why Adult Swim Fails
Obama's subtle understanding of the Constitution
Marriage destroys genius (but also tames criminals)
Wachovia courts scammers' business, makes lots of money
Starting next month, DHS will force Americans to get permission before returning home from abroad
Patent Troll Tracker
Palestinians denounce shooting of suicide bomber as "inhumane"
Understanding the three-dimensional lie that is the Global War on Terror
RIAA shows true colors, demands 38% pay cut for songwriters on digital downloads (which have lower costs and a higher profit to them)
The "I Hate Romney" treehouse club-president, Giuliani, VP McCain, Treasurer Bush, Secretary Huckabee, Janitor Thompson
Google responds to Microsoft's hostile bid to take over Yahoo
Penthouse interview with L. Ron Hubbard Jr.
Meet a traitor: Robert Pelton
Why we should support Romney
Xpenser: painless, fast expense tracking
FSJ's brilliant analysis of the Microsoft/Yahoo deal
Time stops at Grand Central
A day in the life of a cat and dog
Starbucks to sell coffee for a $1
Moto may dump cellphone business
Wesley Snipes acquitted: "too dumb to know he was a criminal", says jury
A Middle East-Free Internet: Together We Can Do It
How Norway avoided the Oil Curse
Montel shitcanned; criticizes Fox for paying more attention to Heath Ledger than the troops, loses show
Africa defeats China: "they're gone...they ate their dogs and left"
The surge is over, but we're still stuck in Iraq for the foreseeable future
Watch out for the Sullivan nod
Dell closes its stupid kiosks
Lots of CDs and no time to rip them? Let Amazon do it!
Made in China: even when it's expensive, it's still junk
Things my girlfriend and I have argued about
The art of verbal intimidation: learn it and fight back!
Mohammad: the successful Hitler
An Auster classic: the Second Mexican War
Delegate Scorecard
Firefighters for Giuliani's Opponent
Multitasking is dumbing us down and driving us crazy
Romanian mouse gallows
How to stop fighting with your spouse about money
Middleborough's Alden: the ONLY original shoe and boot maker left in New England
A younger Jon Stewart interviews a younger Conan O'Brien
Drug warriors oppose life-saving nasal spray that reverses heroin overdose
HD-DVD sales grind to a halt
Ihnatko does Alcatraz
Who knew giving birth could be so much fun?
A rookie's guide to digital SLR cameras
Cow-Eating Trees in India
Payday loan sharks whine that they can't exploit military families any more with usurious interest rates
Sears threatens to metastasize
Sprint's customers flee en masse
Sit on your supermarket coupons for a month, and make bank!
PLA's aggressive punch-first strategy outlined
Moto loses $1 billion on cellphones, sales down 38%, units down 37.7%
Baptist scholar Graham Spurgeon's Biblical defense of abortion
Gates admits it: Vista sucks
AirBook: not just a lighter laptop, but a conceptual shift in personal computing
NBC's Zucker comes crawling back to iTunes like a bird on its belly
Empire of Lies goes kosher to lull you into misplaced confidence
World's Shittiest School District
The doctor will see your credit now
What happens when Google's parents leave town for the weekend?
On the AirBook: "In 2008, hardware is a type of entertainment"
Harlequin plagiarist ferreted out
Supreme Court inches America slightly closer to a police state
Just Eat Food
Why don't we do it in the barn?
Grill your sturgeon
China is stealing the world's fish
America stops spending money
The $2500 Tata Nano was finally unveiled-wanna see?
Vaccines don't cause autism. The end.
Current Blu-Ray players won't correctly play future discs
Radiohead's In Rainbows hits #1 on the charts
Reverse Lightbulb Jokes
How to afford anything
Are you sure you want tort reform?
Alzheimer's reversed with a simple injection!
Capt Thomas Casey's Children Fund
Microsoft readies iPhone ripoff
Gullyvornia Commissars to take control your heating & AC from Sacramento, with radios!
News, everyone! NetNewsWire and FeedDemon are now free!
France tops, US brings up the rear in survey of preventable deaths
Brown packing tape art
Circuit City sales down 12% in December
Tata's $2500 car: how they did it
Heartwarming family scenes at the zoo, from Nazi China
Slew of Apple product introductions a week before Macworld
IBD joins Democrats in calling for preemptive military strikes in Pak
Imprisoned pedo chokes to death on phallic metaphor
Paramount to be the last rat jumping off HD-DVD's sinking ship...Blu-Ray wins the format war?
Iran, a classic gangster/warlord state, is more akin to the mob than a government
In first, Chinese woman sues over brutal forced abortion of her almost-born baby, which left her barren at age 20
True Films: 200 Documentaries You Must See Before You Die
Ads for Gays
Guy builds his own life-sized Bender, brews beer in him.
The Huckster File
xkcd does rp
Against Intellectual Property
Has internet porn reduced rape?
Enviroweenies angry about Tata's $2500 car...how dare poor people want to drive cars!
Finally, credible competition for Ticketbastard
The place where 1/3rd of all suicides-by-train occur in Britain
Asustek: the most hated company in the computer industry
US Big Pharma: $60 billion for marketing, $30 billion for research
Ron Paul: end birthright citizenship, end visas to Muslims from terrorist countries
Chinese automakers gear up to fuck their Western partners
12/100ths of 1% of the population has spoken
Sony BMG to finally drop DRM on music
Bush hell-bent on letting Mexican trucks into US, despite Congressional ban
My Memories of Egypt, by Moise Rahmani
The Visa God
Finally: a vaccine to conquer the Flu for good
Windows is looking worse and worse to people who've experienced the alternatives
BBC's annual 100 Things We Didn't Know Last Year list is out
PA Supreme Court denies deceitful woman child support
Great Amazon.com customer service story: hires a courier service to save X-Mas
Scaife, the Javert who hounded Clinton and dogged his every step, financing all his enemies, is now his BFF. They bonded because neither can keep it in his pants.
Moron Feds kill lifesaving "checklist" program to spare bad doctors' feelings
Fat Possum Records
Bush did a Clintonian giveaway of technology to China while you were sleeping
Criminal irresponsibility: SF zoo has known for 60 years that tigers can exit enclosure at will
Fark's top wordplay headlines of the year
Pakistan shuns Iranian attendance at Bhutto funeral procession
Fatah leader loses mustache in power struggle with Hamas
Taiwan leader says PLA has finalized invasion plan for 2015
Apple share hits 7.3%
1/1/1808: US bans slave importation
He directed that?
8 year car loans becoming commonplace in parts of the country
$2500 car set to launch in India
iPhone firmware 1.1.3 adds fake GPS "locate me", traffic info, hybrid map view, pushpins, more
Helleno-Latin Mediterranean Axis Takes Over The Euro
2 year wait for a hearing aid on the NHS
790 Boeing Dreamliner 787s ordered!
The God who was a baby
Fallen global credit souffle may make 1929 look like a walk in the park
All of creation is a gift
From the horse's mouth: 50 answers to anti-Mormon questions
Smell the whole thing
China's industrial output exceeds US for first time
Secret of coffeeshop success: open your store near a Starbucks
Benazir's last moments, in photos and narration
Why Wal-Mart's video download store failed
40% off any book at B&N if you pay with Mastercard
Stupid fuck executives of Circuit City run company into ground, reward themselves with millions in "retention bonuses"
Warner starts selling DRM-free downloads on Amazon
The complete list of Chinese lead recalls in 2007-is any of this crap in your home?
Good news for alcoholic mice, Ted Kennedy
Sony, Nokia, Samsung flagship stores: a mausoleum, an aquarium, and a clinic. Apple stores: a gathering place, an event with buzz, service like Nordstrom's
Holga: the cheap, bad toy camera that photographers love
Degenerate French Orangina ad
a dose of Pakistani paranoia
Dell builds an iMac knock-off
"Why I started punching jerks again"
Got a useless gift card for Xmas?
October saw "record fall" in house prices: 6.7%!
Earth: just a giant living battery?
Partnering with China proven, again, to be suicidal
6 megapixels good, 8 or more megapixels baaad!
How should men wear a scarf?
Drawings that will change your life
$500 a barrel? No sweat.
Chevy: A Chinese Revolution
An exercise in alternate history from Hugh
Greek and Roman statues in their original colors!
The Best Christmas Song Ever
Push Presents: When you need a gift that says, "thanks for pushing my spawn headfirst out of your vagina, honey"
Enjoy this Soviet Christmas card collection, comrades!
Nixon on Reagan
Turning a sphere inside out: a fascinating short movie about topology
Giuliani peddles a new line of bullshit about those radios he didn't get the firefighters
Oncologist, given two months to live, devises own treatment plan and beats pancreatic cancer
San Diego's "Reverse 911"
The 4 things children really want for Christmas
Is your next computer a Zonbu?
First Morgan Stanley, now Merrill Lynch?
Diolkos: how the ancient Greeks invented and built the first railroad, in 600 BC
Will we get a FlashBook in January?
Whole Foods gives away groceries when computers malfunction
Huckabee is a gullible moron who frees murderers and rapists on the say-so of their prison pastors
Couple face Federal charges for shining laser at police helicopter
Stonner Kebab: it's a sausage...wrapped in doner kebab, battered, and deep-fried
Santa suits join the list of things that aren't made here any more
A catalog of Chinese assistance to the genocidal Islamic regime of Sudan
Sign of the Times...truly! (pdf)
Solar that's cheaper than coal: it's here!
Today's Two Minutes' Huckabee Hate
All I want for Xmas is some baffling postcards
Fuck birds. Squirrels deserve the food more.
Al Qaeda leadership takes short break from raping young boys to make a video (what, no Osama?)
We are all targets: why you should stand with Chris Dodd and against telecom immunity
Adventures in $40 eyeglasses
CNET Readers' most-wanted item is RIP Ford's phone! (Verizon's LG Voyager)
Microsoft's rapidly declining assets & shareholder equity
Who will buy EA?
Pay-As-You-Drive insurance: an idea whose time has come
SFSU forces College Democrats student group to sponsor Sean Penn appearance, in order to break campaign finance law
Sarko to create "Frenchagon"
The Best Cat Food
Louis Vuitton & Gucci-clad Chavez minister confronted while espousing so-called socialism
Murdoch already moved into an office and busy molesting the WSJ
Rape Trees: another Family Value© that doesn't stop at the "Rio Bravo"
"Well, Hillary, I'm looking forward to you advising me as well"
How Chinese and Arab money is stabilizing US markets
Kosovo Prez: Independence "days away"
Red Cloud's farewell address to the Lakota people
Dr. Walid Phares on the folly of creating an Islamic state in Kosovo
America's Ugliest College Campuses
UPS takes a leaf from Zoolander, eliminates left turns
POW edition of Monopoly during WWII was escape kit, with maps and real money
A conservative case for universal health coverage
Would you rather be at New Life Church or VA Tech?
Harvard takes another step closer to becoming a tuition-free school
Ass Backward on Paris's shared bicycle system
Greek parrot faces $650 parking ticket
Stay classy, Wal-Mart! Sells "junior" panties with "who needs credit cards" on the front.
Were CIA tapes destroyed because top Al Qaeda terrorists implicated Saudi Royal Family & Pakistan in 9/11?
All CompUSA stores to close after holidays
Florida AG angry over Obsession thuggery by PC administration, Muslim students at U of Fla
The first web server. It was one of Steve Jobs's magical machines
Chavez goes from depressive mode to manic mode
HGM: "normalizing relations with China was conditioned on acceptance of continued US arms sales to Taiwan"
Wanna see some typical Arab dictator TV propaganda?
The worst product in the world
Kitty Hawk's passage thru Taiwan Strait was raised middle finger to China
Fjordman: it's time to end the demonization of the Serb people
Willie Nelson: we have a lot to learn from horses
Huckabee pushed for rapist to go free despite victims' pleas
When Insults Had Class
Even pirates don't want Vista
Dear MetaFilter: Owls and hawks keep trying to eat my Chihuahua
10 Most Bizarre Scientific Papers
Did Morgan Spurlock find Osama?
Vatican's astronomer calls young-earth creationists pagans
Who needs Photoshop? Edit your photos directly on Flickr
The bitch's soul wasn't getting discharged. It took more than half an hour.
There must be more to the US backflip on Iran
Juan Carlos takes down second dictator
Six Apart frees LiveJournal from their stuffy dungeon
Apple's great, friendly, approachable product names one key to branding success
Body count comparisons: Islam vs. the Spanish Inquisition, the Troubles, the KKK, etc
For some reason, CIA is hiring ancient Greek linguists
Fred is Dead
The bitter homeschooler's wishlist
The eee PC, and the coming era of disposable computing
Stir-fried Wikipedia with Pimientos
Wood Pushing Melon
Farewell Moto: Zander shitcanned
Arrogant Microsoft exec: "Frankly, the world wasn't 100% ready for Vista"
Why Bush wants Hillary for President
Ian Smith eulogy: one of the great men who left an indelible footprint on the march of time
Rudy's mistress used the NYPD as her personal taxi service
Don't ever tell your kids how smart they are
Shadow Government Statistics
Who wants $100 for doing nothing?
Hecho En Mexico: Chinese cars
Euros furious with China over trade manipulation
M3 money supply and global liquidity are both way up (translation: here comes more inflation)
Thanksgiving inflation: 11% higher since last year
Monsanto doesn't want you to know that their competitors's milk isn't pumped full of hormones; it's nice to be able to buy your own state laws
It's a baby lamb jumping on a bed
Interview with a dinosaur
New Futurama movie DVD in stores today!
Ex-Wife Got Car
BusinessWeek, 2001: "Sorry, Steve, here's why Apple stores won't work"
Retro video game musical medley
Baby naming assistant that learns from your taste
Germany probes 50 firms in nuclear technology sales to Iran
Amazon files Mearsheimer & Walt under "Conspiracy Theories"
In this country, you'll pay and pay for health insurance, then get kicked out when you need it the most. Legally!
Worst Thanksgiving Meal Ever
Short opportunity: Pfizer. Management is clueless and is driving the company into the ground
Microsoft GMail redesign
The real reason for the dearth of women in science?
Ex-IMF chief economist: Chinese currency is 50% undervalued
What happens when the Netroots has to grow up?
Ian Smith is dead...so what's the verdict on him?
France: all newly built homes must produce more energy than they consume by 2020
US to arm Pakistani tribes against Al Qaeda
Mammograms: false positives abound; always get a second opinion...
DHS ignores thousands of illegal criminals, fights to deport useful, productive couple on a bureaucratic technicality
Why you should buy a quarter of a damn cow
Iran: Explosions at Parchin, where IEDs and cruise missiles are manufactured (also a uranium enrichment site)
Cutting Putin out of the loop: Greek-Turkish gas pipeline opens
How Iowa's greed means mass starvation for poor indigenous Guatemalans
Gift cards are for chumps (don't be one)
iMac vs. Dell
Orangutan, forced into prostitution in Indonesia, rescued
Ice-cold smackdown of an idiotic LA Times editorial
How to rip someone to shreds, excruciatingly politely
Inflation out of control in China
Ahmadinejad sends creepy letter to Sarkozy
Canada to US deserters: get out
When Alzheimer's victims fall in love...with someone else
Just because you have insurance, doesn't mean you'll get health care
Crackerjack British Nuclear Bomb Security
Jerry Seinfeld's Productivity Secret
Christopher Hitchens gets his crack and sack waxed...SRSLY!
FOX News Porn
Lou Dobbs might run for President
Nighthawk takes final bow at Dubai
To counter China and rogue states, Pentagon plans new space weapons
Murdoch: wsj.com will go free
* and # buttons, OMG OMG!
Lessig to feminists: Lay off men
Go around twice if you're happy
“Once you’ve figured out the weapon is gone, it’s probably too late.”
Bullying, lying adults harass a 14-year-old girl to the point that she takes her own life
Useful parts of internet destroyed by Texas truck driver
Bush is treating Taiwan shamefully
Careful, that's a sharp number!
MSNBC website redesign
The car of the future
Pat Robertson endorses...Rudy?!
¡Krugman exonerates Bush in the case of the shrinking dollar!
"Apparently the Windows Mobile 6 team learned absolutely nothing from Windows Mobile 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5."
Another glum spot in the economy: the only reason retail sales are up is because of food inflation
CBC kowtows to Communist demands to pull Falun Gong persecution doco
Bush State Dept gives up on Iran democracy project
Very interesting interview, with Wolf Blitzer and Ron Paul; next big fundraising day is anniversary of Boston Tea Party
Breach of Trust: Merrill Lynch uses shareholders' own money to pay for dodge to hide losses from them...nice one.
Wii shortage may finally be easing up, just in time for holidays
How to decide whether to learn a language
Al Qaeda operative's letter reveals they were behind the anthrax attacks...probably with Saddam's help
Eagles kick record industry to the curb, make exclusive deal with Wal-Mart to distribute new studio album
Just kidding!
Bankers ganged up to try and mug the public, are getting mugged themselves instead
FTC cracks down on Do-Not-Call list violators, seeks to make Do Not Call registrations permanent (they're currently supposed to expire after 5 years)
Vancouver is bleeding
Virtual tour of a Baghdad morgue (no photos, just words)
CAD$1.00 = USD$1.10
As US grounds F-15E, French Air Force steps in to provide close air support to our troops fighting in Afghanistan
In Pakistan, echoes of (the Shah's) Iran
Revealed: why you love watching horror movies
Vas Vas Vas...move over, Yatta!
Hitler's farts, meet Marx's facial boils
Obama nails Hillary for being a crybaby
The Ultimate Chickmobile!
Let's go squirrel fishing
Forbes confirms it: New Jersey is Dying
Incompetent Bush crony Karen Hughes finally resigns
Cracked's 5 most badass Popes
Breaking News: FOX News Overrun by Drama Queens!
Bring back the Greek Gods!
End of the Desktop? Japs stop buying PCs
Blockbuster circles the drain (stock might be an ok contrarian buy)
The truth about Rudy
Writers Guild of America goes on strike
Six Apart ruins LiveJournal: puts those irritating "snap" link preview things on it
Poland gets a new government; will probably withdraw its 900 troops from Iraq
Reader Q&A with NYT Deputy News Editor Philip B. Corbett
All about Eva Braun
Todd Goldman is a bitch
EMI willfully and maliciously violating King Crimson's copyrights
Republican Heterosexuality Watch
Dubai's gay rape problem
Idiotic socialist price controls lead to fuel crisis, shortages, riots in Chinese interior
Make My Logo Bigger!!! Cream
What I'm Dressed As For Halloween
Are you one of "the Working dead"?
Kansas City engineer with an 8th-grade education modifies motors to blow the lid off Detroit's conventional wisdom
The Cautious Cannibal's do/don't-eat list of diseases
Stupid shit people put on their resumes
Israelis grateful for the lessons of the Lebanon war
Why I never hire brilliant men
Moron TV exec Zucker: "Apple has destroyed the music business"
The Loudness War that's destroying our music, explained
Thomas Friedman's Unit Measured, Found Lacking
In Japan, douchebags are snapping up Hummer H1s
Why is Brazil's Lula so eager for nuclear submarines?
Israel finally accepts Hamasphilus Theophilus's appointment, after he pledges not to give Jordan and the PA a list of Greek Orthodox church-owned real estate
405-year-old clam: oldest animal ever
Average number of credit cards per US household
Now, douchebags have another way to fly the douchebag flag
Least Plausible Touchdown Ever
Religious right divided, in disarray, and no longer uniformly in lockstep with Republicans
High Fructose Corn Syrup is the devil
Asus's Eee PC: their answer to the XO laptop
Bad Bishops!
NFL apparently not a hotbed of Mensa activity
FOX News anchor or porn star?
This is the guy now running Microsoft. Any questions?
Ledeen: Russia actually hates the Iranians, is manipulating US and Israel into war with them.
Do we need very-long-term currency futures markets?
Would you bank with a Chinese bank?
Beijing's bagmen: big on Hillary
Remains of arson mechanism, ignited by mobile phone, found in Greece
The truth about dealership "service advisors"
Apple iPhone owner satisfaction levels off the charts; nearest competitor is 30% lower
Will Sony even be in business for much longer?
Nov 5, Ron Paul RLOVEUTION! (Same as Guy Fawkes Night!)
Bill Cosby's "Pound Cake Speech"
Tex-Mex without apology
Don't upgrade your Vista drivers too much, or you'll have to go through the humiliating ritual with Microsoft to get their permission to use your own computer
Dumbledore Pride T-Shirts
The boy who echolocates
Gee, I wonder why the Playstation 3 hasn't caught on.
China selling jets built on Israeli technology to Iran
Goldwasser and Regev are no more
Get away from it all
Limone you!
Beijing '08 logo creation process
Need a hiding place?
Apple is reaching a mindshare and market share turning point
Hamas filos Theofilos
Boobs for Xmas
"Provide us with the email address we should not contact"
Apple posts record Mac sales, profits
Firefox 3 to no longer look like ass on every platform
Nikon D3: field impressions
Hezbollah warns would consider US base in Lebanon "hostile act"
Lotus Notes advertising: at least they're honest...
Joe Arpaio and his thuggish, corrupt cronies attempt to sue an Arizona newspaper into silence, and subvert a judge
What's killing all the bees? It might well be our system of factory farming
How Iowa's greed creates more invading illegal aliens, and the Farm Bill fuels the obesity epidemic
My love, I cannot live without you
Han Chinese takeover of barren Russian homeland begins
Huckabee unacceptable
Bettina Brentano: they should make a movie about her
13 things that don't make any scientific sense yet
Brazilian wax driving crabs to extinction!
J.R.R. Tolkien & C.S. Lewis: A Legendary Friendship
Harry Potter is Christian allegory, says Rowling
Conceptual Terrorists Encase Sears Tower in Jell-O
Travel deals: .com is for suckers
Ethos Water: "Every Bottle Makes Us A Huge Profit"
Our fondest good wishes to florrie and her Tom in this trying time
Zawahiri canceled a planned 2003 cyanide attack on NYC subway: "we have something better in mind." What was it?
Rape of the Sabine Women
Childish Chinese retaliation for Dalai Lama DC visit: redirects Google, Yahoo in China to Baidu
Pimp My Card
Schmoozedays with Splodey
California's biggest crop—not what you might think.
Tying a stray dog to a corner of a room and waiting for it to die is now apparently Art
Radiohead makes $10 million in one week from latest album with name-your-own-pricing and no record label
Scared of needles? Then don't drive through fascist Arizona
Zappos is a classy outfit
Federal panel recommends shutting Saudi school in Fairfax County
Warfare by other means: the financial clampdown on Iran
FDA collusion in fraudulent fast-tracking of Chinese abortion-in-a-pill
Harry Potter Episode IV: A New Hope
The Derb suggests some demonstration sports for the Chinese Olympics
Commercials before movies, but after advertised movie start time: fraud!
Microsoft caught stealing fonts again
Yahoo lied to Congress about collaborating with Chinese repression
Native iPhone software development kit in February (from the horse's mouth, El Jobso)
Curitiba, Brazil's fabulous green city
Omri's going to law school! Seeks advice
Pedo, master of the swirly disguise, identified as Canadian teacher
Ten days to Mac OS X Leopard
Punched In The Face Just Before Eating
My kind of science: "ejaculate daily," recommend boffins
Vatican official has a wide stance
China personnel shuffles signal war clouds over Taiwan
Vicente Fox calls for North American Union
Target.com blind accessibility suit goes class action
Assuntina was a young Italian girl, who liked to imitate olive trees
The Murky Origins of Monterey Jack
Wanna see some DNA?
Doris Lessing on PC, 1992
John Howard seeks 5-peat, calls Australian Federal Elections; Nov 24th
Finally, Mexicans can enjoy good Mexican food that doesn't suck
Fallujah Yogi Marines
Who wants to buy Bloggie a new home?
What is it with dentists?
(fmr. Iraq cmdr) Sanchez blasts Bush
Benjamin Franklin thought "intellectual property" was bullshit, too!
Paris Sleeps—instead of a hotel room, rent a nice apartment
Awesome graphic of total acreage of various retailers. Wal-Mart is bigger than Manhattan
Masculine women want feminine men
Shirley, she's serious: teacher wants to pack heat in class (in Oregon! Bravo.)
Madonna is the latest artist to sever all ties with the dying record cartel
Justice! Russian penis-embiggenment spammer found murdered
Coulter: Jews need "perfecting" (aka Christianity)
Syria hires Baghdad Bob
Here come the iPhone apps?
Bill O'Reilly is a piece of human trash
Pedo, in swirly digital disguise molesting boys in hundreds of photos, unmasked when Interpol reversed his Photoshop effect...oopsie!
Do you speak Baboonish?
the fallen children of giants
Google practicing age discrimination? I believe it...
You never run out of money (because math is hard)
Apparently there's a reason it's not called Warner Sisters
Seeing-eye dogs, meet Seizure Response Dogs
Me and Mittens are thinking of making this the default, instead of olive & wheat. Bloggie?
North Korea is a country to be pitied rather than feared
Microsoft gives award to Tunisia's thug-in-chief
Discovery of his lost work reveals: Archimedes was working on calculus 2000 years before Leibnitz and Newton
Wannabe OU splodeydope's brother jailed for making threats to FBI
Increasing surrenders show Al Qaeda is losing hope, morale is devastated
Court makes patenting obvious crap more difficult...yay!
Fiddler: On Books
Who else is getting sick of the rampant stupidity of the authorities in this country?
I Had To Link To This...But Don't Tase Me, Bro!
Dick Lugar, condescending prick: LOST opponents are conspiracy theorists
Prince, NIИ, and now Radiohead...is artists giving away their recordings a trend yet?
Adam Yoshida assesses Ron Paul as a modern copperhead: he could cause a lot of trouble to the Republicans in '08
Exploit a French tax dodge to rent a car cheaply there
Lost Wallet ethics test results
Santa's Little Elves
Why don't you come on over, stop makin' a fool outta me!
PLA front company set to buy stake in 3Com as Bush administration turns over, hits snooze button
Reconciling atheism with spiritual experiences
Sony BMG thinks you're a thief if you rip your CDs
The Flintstones are adapting faster than the Jetsons
Alzheimer's: just another form of diabetes?
El Baradei, nuclearizing Iran's best friend
Dove ad: 'Onslaught'
Evilest TV prank ever!
"For the first time in history, we are seeing another nation (China) with newer fighters than we have"-USAF General
This is the best movie of a gorilla rocking out to Phil Collins that you will see this year!
Duncan Hunter introduces a bill to punish Columbia by cutting off every kind of federal funding
Spitzer shows his true colors...
"I'm sorry I broke your record, my friend", says Ethiopian marathoner
Mattress shopping? Look no further, my friends.
Phil Greenspun reviews Obama's Dreams from my Father
Nike designs shoes for Native Americans
Taiwan developing missiles that can hit Shanghai
I'm a pretty bearded girl...multimedia slideshow of a discovered secret stash of Taliban gay glamor shots
Give him his fucking money back, you thieves
Oskar Blues (makers of joem's beloved DPA) opening second brewery, doubling beer-making capacity
Jenna Bush is in favor of fucking
The antitrust case against Wal-Mart
Ahmadinejad @ Columbia: did a traitorous Brzezinski bring it about?
Rush Limbaugh appears on Family Guy, proving Jourdan right
Surprise! Pravda's idiotic Peru meteor conspiracy theory was wrong
Exercise: Just as good as drugs for depression
More murder charges against US soldiers
Vicente Fox makes fun of Bush for being a "windshield cowboy" who is scared of horses
Bibi Blabs
Mattel engages in a little Maoist self-criticism, apologizes to China
Democrats' new gun control bill falling apart in the face of their undisciplined disarray
Best article ever on the HD clusterfuck
Sarko's new French revolution
Persian wishes he was a Greek
Retailers are glum about upcoming holiday season
No Reaction
Unrepentant wife murderer Michael Schiavo euthanizes his PAC
Paul Krugman's new blog has world's most pretentious name
Former Spook deflates Iran's puffed-up plan to bomb Israel in the event of an attack
Should you use debit cards at all?
Porsche is taking over Volkswagen
Posthumously citizens
Russia to end war in Chechnya
Parasite Bill Lerach heading for prison
Thank God Abizaid's Gone
Olmert tries to peel Syria off Iran's backside again
Midnight tonite, the NYT tears down this (pay)wall
Kiwi girls can't find a man
Eat more cheese and drink whole milk to lose weight!
Al Qaeda's M&A team is on the make
The truth comes out about offshoring
Assad was planning a nuclear surprise for Israel; got a surprise of his own, instead
Fire Department Psychiatry
"As if every man you had ever danced with was dead": how the Surplus Two Million coped
Venezuelan health care is awesome.
zorkie's relatives from the village finally see her Bloggie!
How they teach at West Point
Taiwan flexes a little muscle
My bitterness is a machine
Winning is everything, right?
Shady Brady & Bill Belicheat
Destination-based elevator dispatching at the NYT's new skyscraper
Bush family corruption: WTF are "COWs"?
Did China know about North Korea's nuclear dealings with Syria and Iran?
Nintendo crushes Microsoft, Sony
Sarko wants France to rejoin NATO military high command
"I'm pretty sure I didn't order a missile"
It's official: Rice's appeaseniks have lost the Iran argument (thanks, Germany!)
America's Man-Bashing Media
The Other War in Iraq
Blackness accusations bandied about by Pot
Americans slightly less bearish on Iraq war, Bush
GE hands over tribute to the Middle Kingdom
Library Pron
Hedge fund operators, traitors against humanity, invest megamillions in Chinese totalitarianism apparatus.
Vista's sales pathetically small
Hmm...I can't decide who to side with.
Terrorist Logos: a survey
RWC vows revenge as China kills chicken
Students build a coffin for their dying teacher
In India, most spend their last days in excruciating agony
Are you ready to buy $7 "Ringles"?
LA's Lyingest Sign
The science of gangsta rap
Boytaur...you don't wanna know. But you will, oh you will. NSFA
The "standard practice of medicine" is substandard
Latest Bin Laden snoozer a forgery?
What is Gödel's Loophole in the US Constitution?
Marine barracks bombing victims win multibillion dollar award against Iran
Vanuatuans worship Prince Philip as the Son of God
"Human pincushion," because she was born the wrong sex
Slightly Fancier Reply!
Unique instrument: Croatian Sea Organ
RIP Madeleine L'Engle
Senior Iranian Qods Force agent captured in Karbala, Iraq
Indian firm to outsource to the US
Kim Jong Il reincarnates early...and he's a redhead this time!
Nevada's legal prostitution: the reality
How the media helped sink Al's ship
The best hand shadow puppetry you've ever seen
On farm labor shortages in the UK
K-9 handler, who left dog to die in sweltering auto, charged
The Time I Helped Some Jews
Wanna buy yourself a 13-year-old American wife?
Hobo Nickels
Larry Craig's Son Buys Ocean Front Idaho Property
Vick's dogs await their fate
A Toot And A Snore
Americans: the world's most productive workers
3-day Iran blitz plan goal: take out entire Iranian military, not just nuclear facility pinpricks
Iran demotes, replaces Revolutionary Guards commander Safavi
Canada nabs letter-bombing Muslim man
Interview with Michael Hertz, designer of the NYC subway map
Combat fatalities down 5th month in a row
There has been no income growth since 2000, and our unemployment numbers are all lies
Craig to resign tomorrow
RIP, Michael Jackson :-(
Cap'n Ed: Where does Hsu get the money?
JAIL TIME for employer who conspired to hire illegals
Larry Craig has a really good explanation for this
Meet Joel Salatin, a "beyond organic" farmer
Larry Science Theater 3000
FTC to BGH Mfgr: GFY
How badly have the Brits screwed up Basra?
China again using shell donors to try to get a Clinton elected?
The rules of engagement are getting our men killed senselessly
Who says romance is dead?
Miss Teen USA: she's no rocket surgeon
Countrywide are corrupt scammers (and should have been allowed to go under instead of being bailed out)
Arizona illegals deport selves before tough employment measures take hold
China blows smoke up Merkel's ass
Sheesh, what is it with Republican politicians and gay trysts in restrooms?
WSJ notices lolcats...is it over now?
Shopping is the gathering in "hunter-gatherer"
Listening Man
Jewy Mind Trick
More business geniuses discover the true price of "partnering" with China
Iraq corruption whistleblowers being punished...why?
What "tort reform" means: nobody to sue when Chinese crap injures or kills you
Couey sentenced to death
Vervet Underground insurgency threatens mankind
Danes pay Danegeld
Despite appearances to the contrary, Sino-Russian military cooperation may be in trouble
Will your insurance company believe you if your car gets stolen?
Hi Bloggie! Sorry about that!
Uses for your Michael Vick memorabilia
Mercedes asks EU to ban Chinese ripoff-mobile
Maliki teams up with Izzat Al-Doury: Ba'athist portion of the insurgency over?
What's in season? Month by month version
Obama runs out of steam
What percentage of your ancestors were men?
China, where murdering women is more profitable than grave-robbing for grisly "corpse bride" custom
Stick a fork in Vick, he's done
Iminalcray Astermindmay Odecay Ackedcray!
The real reason you aren't allowed to use your cellphone in flight
Hollywood licks the Communist boot
How dare they arrest this woman?
Real Journalist Shows Bloggers How It's Done
Sergeants' Iraq policy revolt
"Fucking Yankees", Reports Nation
Netflix hires actual Americans to staff call center
Millions of counterfeit diabetes test strips from China are in US pharmacies
Yvonne Ridley: why is this monstrous traitor still alive, and still allowed to cross Canada's borders?
What's Rove up to?
Dirty Don Young: why I can sympathize with liberals who distrust Republicans
Who wants to live in a dugout? (Me)
More proof that America is a Nazi state!
The Must-See Event of the Summer!
US to designate Iranian Revolutionary Guards as global terrorists
World's Creepiest Children's Book
Hatikva on a Hydraulophone
My Rattlesnake Bite
The 800 of Otranto
A little purple pill called Nexium, a billion-dollar scam by AstraZeneca
Bush, the biggest tax-and-spender in world history
Mexico's Narco-insurgency
Chinese man, owner of factory that made Mattel's lead-contaminated toys, commits suicide
Crazy Eddy, meet Crazy Ehud
Moshe Feiglin, the nationalist's candidate for Likud PM nomination
zorkmidden injured while rioting in Greece, flees to remote island lair to recuperate, lick wounds
In response to Chinese poison, Congress working to overhaul FDA
Why was the Iraqi Interior Ministry trying to buy 100,000 Russian-made Kalashnikovs from the Mafia?
Cheney in 1994: invading Iraq would have been a "quagmire"
China throws snit over Chinese-language FBI counter-espionage messaging in the US
China's Total Police State, built by American companies
Lindsey Graham: "Now I hate wetbacks"
Thrilla from Kerala?
Jennifer Granholm picks Islamist Medicare scammer to oversee Medicare
Feds pull funding; King-Harbor Hospital closes down
Love "Demonstrated"
PopSci in-depth look at China's ripoff industry
Great article about B-2s and their pilots
Al Gore dealt another setback: US temperature numbers revised significantly downwards
Derb splashes a little cold water on Spengler's face
China's Worthless Stooges
Interview with a Chinese food wholesaler
Israeli cabinet holds "very sensitive" Syria war meeting
Tyler Cowen teaches you how to eat like an economist
Why do they hate us? Rooskie edition
Creepy African stories
Is Capitalism Genetic?
If software companies ran the country
Egypt may finally lift State of Emergency, in effect for all but 18 months of the last 40 years
Excavating Alexander the Great's 4th century BC Kuwaiti island outpost
Univision to stage Spanish Presidential debates
A Suit That Fits: affordable bespoke tailoring
Takeshi's Castle
On Her Majesty's top-secret service
Lindsey Graham's exercise in furious immigration backpedalling
Golden Calf worship: some crazy Jews back at it again
Hot rock geothermal energy: plentiful enough to cover the world's needs 250,000 times over
Four Colors Suffice
Bircher article on Chinese poison
Bad news, fellas: she's making more money than you are.
Fla. State Rep. Bob Allen is hilarious
Thrilla in Manila
A new phase of the surge just began
This cup of tea is equally as delicious as it is Orwellian!
Oh Hadrian, come out and play
Freakonomics: Hedge fund questions, answered
Court order bars notorious child-stalking pedophile Jack McClellan from contact with any child in the State of California
The 20 worst heavy-traffic bridges in America
Court rules corrupt Congressmen are above the law
Al Qaeda to send wave after wave of their own men at our hordes of rampaging killbots
The Battle of Athens, an American revolt
Another way unscrupulous Chinese producers fuck us over: "Quality Fade"
Is your favorite bridge safe to drive? National Bridge Inventory search engine
Even Muslim employers don't want to hire women in burqas
Vinny, the Soviet Pooh
Johnny Law: it's good to be a cop (takes down home invasion gang that targeted single coeds)
New York Times declares we can win in Iraq, "are finally getting somewhere"
Yay! IRS, FBI raid Sen. Ted Stevens's home
Dogs demonstrate advanced understanding of government
Hamas does us all a favor, reveals CIA's irresponsible dealings with PA
The best part about importing crap from China? You can't sue anyone in China when it kills you
How the Norwegians saved the world from Hitler's atomic bomb
Glory days of the British Empire: how one determined soldier eliminated the Thuggee
Who makes RU-486?
Wife complains: Abu Hamza being bullied in prison
Mick Jagger, astute bidnessman
Scientologist millionaires are bad tippers
Can you spot all the soldiers? There's one in each picture
Treasury may limit Chinese government investment in US corporations
Chinese navy to build 2 aircraft carriers, with Russian help
China Confidential nails 13 theses to Bush's door
How bad is Fred Thompson campaign manager Spencer Abraham? This bad.
US deploys intelligence unit in Armenia to spy (?) on Iran
US submarine torpedoes North Korean vessel bound for Iran
Was Pat Tillman murdered? New details of his death come to light
Planet of the Goatse
How a feckless Bush administration failed to shut down Al Qaeda's Saudi bank
Ronald Reagan: Just Say No to economic immigration
Iran a lair for Al Qaida leadership
Buying ice cream in Israel
A few military-themed Motivator posters from Aridog [pdf]
A comprehensive catalog of Chinese perfidy in the Middle East
Peter King: whistleblower protection back in Homeland Security bill
Weekly World News closes down
Feds get ready to spend $5 billion to subsidize Chinese purchase of nuclear plants...WTF?
Typical Mac User
Govt's Haditha baloney case has essentially collapsed
On Tuesday, Ward Churchill finds out if he's fired
Strangers for Shabbos
Iran pledges $1bn arms deal for Syria; Olmert rolls over, shows belly, promises Golan surrender
What happens to disabled children in China
Nation's only remaining horse slaughterhouse allowed to reopen by court
Why Colin Finnerty?
Public Affairs officer at FOB Falcon responds to TNR story, refutes some of the claims
Unintended messages of chick flicks
Woman jailed in the UK over false rape claim
China bans its Muslims from traveling for Hajj
Haruo Suekichi, Watchmaker
The MacGyver Multitool
Two hours of rape and torture before Kurdish girl's honor killing in UK
France Will Never Forget
Suddenly, asthma seems a lot more appealing
Feinstein, Cornyn demand Bush commute Border Agents' sentences
Turks bomb Northern Iraq villages
RAF scrambles to intercept two Russian strategic bombers
Ahmadinejad meets Nasrallah in Damascus
Top Chinese auto ripoffs
Cigarette-Dispensing Donkey Toy
Plumber stumbles across Dallas weapons cache; tenant "travels frequently to Middle East"
The 120+ year old, effective cancer cure: infecting patients with streptococcus
Hell on earth: color photos from a WWI battle
At home with Hitler
Private exchanges: the end of the stock market as we know it
"And if you don't stop killing our troops, we shall ask you to stop again!"
Beware Sardinians bearing cheese
The stunningly irresponsible Wall Street Journal desperately tries to shield China from oversight
Reid to force Republicans to filibuster Iraq withdrawal legislation
Petraeus: If Washington would only give me another decade to beat the insurgency.
Young Poles falling in love with lost Jewish culture
A cancer cure, but because it doesn't make the oncologist money, you can't have it
Norks suspend Yongbyon...maybe
Bastille Day photos
China bans diethylene glycol in toothpaste
iPhone owners overwhelmingly happy, ascend bodily into heaven
Lobsters hate black people
You can't make a Joe a housewife
Phony diploma-mill graduates infest federal government
New York State's Dating Service Consumer Bill Of Rights (pdf)
NATO to Israel: "attack Iran alone, we can't help"
Some Hyphenated-Americans...
Venal Ted Stevens fears consequences of corruption probe
Man travels 193 miles in a lawn chair with balloons
Global warming or bad instruments?
Bill Gates, Panda-Hugger
There, there, kitty cat
Murdering little girls in loco parentis
Why they died in Fallujah
Photos smuggled out of Zimbabwe
Scott Adams, Hypnotist
Everyone's Getting Married Today
Chinese weapons being used against US troops in Iraq, Afghanistan
Colombians deal crushing electoral blow to FARC narcoterrorists
Murdoch devours Wall Street Journal
Greece designates anarchists as terrorists
A disgrace: how India treats widows
The mindset in China—a tell-all from a former restaurant employee
Europeans head to the beach, and you're at work.
The revolutionary new phone from...T-Mobile
Et tu, Peggy?
A Rosetta Stone for Tattoos
Massachusetts introduces mandatory health insurance
Until death do she part from your wallet
Requited Love
Chavez plotting with Ahmadinejad to retaliate if US strikes Iran
News Corp's WSJ buyout to end up a reverse merger?
Walk like a Fox: why shoes are nothing more than caskets for your feet
RIP, Rear Admiral Fluckey
Brutus is under-rated
Zimbabwe's teachers turn to prostitution
I just know solus rex is involved somehow
Wine can stop cavities, sore throats
How to get the ketchup out of the bottle!
Pope Benedict sells out Taiwan
Republicans ♥ Teh Gays
Empire of Lies seizes US food
Save the F-22 Raptor
Nifonged in Naragansett
Mika Brzezinski is my new hero—Live on the air: "I'm not covering this, OK? I'm done with the Paris Hilton story"
Autism cured in mice
Norman Mineta, Truther?
Wanna listen to XM for free?
Tony Blair's post-Downing plans
Thousands of America's best-respected corporations are running fraudulent job ads in the paper in order to prove no American will take jobs they've already decided to bring foreigners here to do.
Bush meets Hong Kong cardinal, irritating commies
"If I have ever seen a fish think, it was in that moment!"
Please don't kill me, Mommy
One day, your computer will be a big-ass table!
Opera Software Boardroom Coup Leads To Countercoup!
English needs vouvoiement—who's with me?
The humiliation of the cheese sandwich
Hell Money
Japan's Falling Birthrates Explained
Debbie Schlussel makes an even bigger horse's ass out of herself
Today's Special @ the Fayetteville Street Tavern (pic)
Behind the scenes: what was really going on when the USSR collapsed
Czech president, Vaclav Klaus, denounces global warming power-grab
The US Navy gets no respect.
How children lost the right to roam in 4 generations
Today's top story: you can't make breastcheese
Immigration sellouts are back with their bill again
The French know how to raise kids...have we finally found Aridog's true home?
Maybe they're just too blue to fly
Confessions of a panel of anonymous doctors
Zimbabwe pending para un bending
Pluto demotion led to hate mail from 3rd graders
A portrait of the modern terrorist as an idiot: we're giving up our liberties for this?
Congress's job approval rate: 6 percent lower than Bush's
What really happens in a gunfight?
Caution: speaking to a shrink is hazardous to your mental health
China threatens World War III over Bush handshake
NYC has finally discovered the joys of pork and fat
Even plants get along with their siblings, so why can't you?
Scientists prove the death penalty saves lives
Humane Society gets a new logo
Entire US intelligence budget inadvertently revealed by PowerPoint
WTF happened?!
A Patent Lie
Mary Winkler gets away with murder
China starts blocking US imports as "dangerous"
Microsoft bans Hitler from Xbox Live
China considers dipping into Strategic Pork Reserve to cool prices. Seriously! They have one!
A diamond snail-shell bead is forever
Why hello, ladies!
Irreducible complexity reduced
Quit pussyfooting around and get to the point! (NSFW)
Wide-ranging Putin interview with G8 journalists
Incredible picture at Normandy
Is this an elaborate prank?...
CAIR, ISNA named in Holy Land Foundation Hamas funding trial
Thompson's contract barely edging out Giuliani's on the prediction markets
If France can do it, why can't we?
USDA prohibits farm from testing for mad cow disease...!
Chinese Seafood is raised in sewage, and the FDA inspects less than 1% of it
Look. Your baby's thinking "ga ga goo ga". That's it.
Speeding. What's Your Excuse?
South African female rape gang has men terrorized
Signs your country sucks: an AK-47 on the flag
A game theory analysis of whether you should leave the toilet seat up or down
USS Pueblo crew's middle fingers discredit Nork propaganda
What, no mellifluous? No perspicacity? No callipygean?
Bob Dylan scares children
Interview with Boeing's CFO about the Dreamliner, Airbus, and more
The Panda-huggers at Google get tough on the dictatorial regime of...Sweden
Girls and Boys
The Deadbeat Dad Myth
LASIK patients can now fly in the USAF
Welcome Home
This judge is a real breath of fresh air
Pope Joan
Orson Scott Card on oil, sprawl, and living well
Drive like the coppers!
Gandhi's hurry-up-and-die letter to the Jews
Puddles the Hippo euthanized at San Francisco Zoo
Supplier relations: Honda gets it right
Just how evil was Mao?
Three Gorges Dam: a disaster all around
Wanna test-drive a Toyota? Come to your Saturn dealership
Ahmadinejad sparks a stock market crash and a run on banks
Stormi's old base gets tough on threesomes
The virtuous cycle: education reduces divorce rates; marriage reduces poverty
Just another undocumented student trying to get by in Amerika
Capital One rips off deployed soldier, spouse
Diego Garcia's original inhabitants fighting to return
ABC News blows OPSEC, reveals covert Presidential finding against Iran
25 photojournalists, one camera: the Canon 5D
Dumbass of the Year
Kraft, Kellogg, and Cargill. Three good leads. Noted.
Robert Samuelson: China's trade policies are engineered to be predatory
Hepatitis C cure found
Conan visits Intel
Do the Pirahã prove Chomsky Wrongsky?
Inflation numbers are a fatuous lie, and inflation is much higher than we're led to believe by official stats.
Fuck China. Eat local food.
Pet food is a sideshow; why are the FDA and USDA so eager to collaborate with Chinese poisoning of our human food supply?
The effect of Chinese foot binding on women's feet
Tori goes after Bush in new album
Is agriculture a mistake?
solus, what do you think of nanobacteria?
Dear Anonymous Atheist Complaint Box
Fla. Dep't. of Killjoys forces fun bathroom signs down
Duncan Hunter: a President to watch America's six
Wolfowitz Out
Jatropha: the biofuel with real potential?
The amateur driver's guide to erasing traffic jams before you even get there
Greece is the champion!
To Let: My Ass
Bloomberg about to blow a billion running for President?
Chinese Tattoo Prank
There is no such thing as a "baby carrot"
9/29: Appeasement's Anniversary
Blues-Singer's Woman Responds
Make your photos look like they were colorized by an Old Master
Livin' large after Gitmo
this is the worst crazy sect I've ever been in
Every piece of plastic ever made still exists
A-Bomb: a billionth of a second after detonation
Gog, Magog in pact
Additive-laden garbage being passed off as soy sauce
Meet Steven Hazy, inventor of the airplane leasing business. You've probably been on a plane he owns.
Big bear scared of a little pussy
Babes of Chess
Kool-Aid Dills: abomination unto the Lord, or manna from heaven?
Parking Meter Alarm Keychain
Iraqi parliament demands timetable for withdrawal
2.5 million TV viewers have vanished in the past 2 months
Shoher on Winograd
Interracial couples invest more in their kids
Managua's crazy addressing system
Chasing a chicken-eating spider
Creepy running flowers of the ocean floor
"For Dummies" is for the birds
Who won Iraq?
Hyman Rickover, Father of the Nuclear Navy
Wikipedians arguing vehemently over Peter North's penis (text only, but probably NSFW)
"Suburbans" threaten France if Sarko wins
365 people dead in Panama thanks to counterfeit Chinese glycerin
Hello, Ladies
Jason McElwain...just watch.
VF's Michael Wolff on Rudy!: is he nuts? (well, yes)
Salt Lake's FM station K-BULL 93 are complete assholes
The Massachusetts IQ test
Don't buy any catfish, either. Thanks China.
We need Sarbanes-Oxley for Congress
UK local council elections: Tories 40% (gaining almost 900 seats), Labour 27%
Jourdan's New Blog
$14k/yr strawberry picker buys $3/4 million house
China Counterfeits Eggs.
Highlights from last night's Republican debates, by someone who didn't watch them
Mgr @ Chinese wheat gluten factory arrested
Gob-smacking Chinese ripoff of entire Disney theme park
Condi's State Dept working feverishly on behalf of Turkish Islamists
Vegan morons get life sentence for starving own baby to death
McGreevey to become a priest (!)
Buying used? Airbag scam could cost you your life
Striptease for Teacher
Bancroft family says will vote against Murdoch's offer
"The body on the cart is dead, but its trillions of cells are still alive"
Coke, too, once obeyed the Arab boycott of Israel
Rookie shortstop gets 13th-ever unassisted triple play
100% Edible Artistic Cakes from Russia
Dell to offer Ubuntu preinstalled at the end of May
Chinese poison grain: Canadian authorities care; Americans don't
A memorial for whom?!
Japs to buy 100 F-22s, have world's second largest air force
Stephen Hawking @ Zero G
You can carry a concealed weapon on campus in enlightened Utah
The stapleless stapler
Why don't they go back to the Library where they came from?
Classic Magazine Contrary Indicators
Presidential Campaign Logos, Reviewed
Moto's CEO Zander: "I hate my customers."
Chrysler prepares to sell you Chery's shitboxes
Lynching Jessica
The least s/he could do is preserve the eponymy.
Periodic Table of Visualization Methods
A Cost Analysis of Windows Vista Content Protection
Happy Kwanzaa!
In Praise of Joe Biden
Family planning advice
New study: Aspartame is definitely carcinogenic
Skybus: new zero-frills airline
Red département, blue département (French electoral map)
UChicago Troll Law Professor: Blame the Catholics!
Mexico City legalizes abortion; "a triumph of the left"
Plants do quantum computation?
Chocolate industry lobbying FDA to redefine "chocolate" so they can use cheaper, crappier ingredients in it
They've found a way to make American cheese even WORSE
Ebert: not a pretty boy no mo'.
Brilliant! Dell first to offer solid-state drives for laptops
Joe Katzman is now American!
Knee-knocking glass-bottomed floors
Even CEO can't figure out how Radio Shack still in business
It's also St George's Day today!
Cold War Map: Asia from Irkutsk
Smithsonian Paleoanthropologists are insufferable snobs
Hitler's plan for attacking the US homeland with winged, manned rockets
Diabolical restroom signage.
Iranian traitor faces only 21 months in prison
China "Scholars" for sale
Al's running...will 2008's contest be between Tennessee Senator Thompson and Tennessee Senator Gore?
In-depth interview with Aston Martin designer Henrik Fisker
Yale's tough response to VT shootings
"Morals police" being attacked by Saudis
Ever hear of the Bloodless Aroostook War?
Rerecording: beating the record companies at their own game
25 years, population more than quintupled, ZERO murders in "Gun Town USA"
MSNBC slams Jack Thompson
Dion Hinchcliffe, world's worst infographic designer?
Bush blatantly disingenuous to Pelosi about Syria trip
Nazis are people too: Ikhwan blogs show the "softer side" of Islamic supremacist scum
No, hotel key cards don't contain any personal information
Dell brings back Windows XP!
Xbox 360, failure in a box
"I really want to know how you can find this offer for free mortgage insurance to be erotically arousing."
Steampunk Keyboard
Pannable, zoomable Federal budget infographic
"Am I the only one who wonders how a person who borrows money he can't repay, buys a house he can't afford, and then stiffs his creditors, is allowed to play the victim?"
Shouldn't water be a lot more expensive in Phoenix? And cheaper in Seattle?
Someone is putting acid on playground equipment
How to stay in business for 1,428 years
Solana rails against US/Mex border fence. Who the hell asked him?
Man: hot and sweaty, a natural-born runner
You know what? The Bush administration is sleazy.
The single worst Powerpoint slide *ever*?
Guess who's coming to the VT funerals?
For sale: Useless Cat
Lost Orson Welles flick finally coming to the big screen
Menu Foods CFO sold half his shares, weeks before pet food was recalled (but after company was aware of deaths)
How many kittens does God really kill when you masturbate?
Did you know? Hugo Boss was designer, manufacturer of Nazis' military and SS uniforms
Map: Europe from Moscow
Pet food? I wouldn't feed it to a dog.
Legally gathering insider information for trading
The role of status-seeking in whites' ever-escalating cycle of Imus denunciations
Wear your damn seatbelt.
Grifo Magico
Why are you in a cubicle? Because the government subsidizes them with favorable tax treatment over real offices.
IKEA's brilliant rainy-day-umbrella gambit
The Sun, the Moon, the stars...is that what you're a-thinkin' that you are?
Where Chinese fur comes from (warning: graphic)
Pooch plays virtual soccer
Don't weep for Jew-hating Imus
Arise Raptor Arise
Microsoft caught stuffing the channel to make Xbox 360 seem like it's selling a lot better than it really is
Opera 9.2 is out, with a spiffy new feature: Speed Dial for your favorite blogs!
NC AG condemns Nifong for overreaching, positively affirms the innocence of the Duke students
RIP, Kurt Vonnegut (aged 84)
"You were a Kodak moment before, and you'll be a Kodak moment again"
You Thought We Wouldn't Notice: blog chronicling art ripoffs
Tales From The Interview: "I think I have a tick."
Business Cords
Adult stem cells cure diabetes; reporter can't resist taking jab at US embryonic stem cell stance anyway
Mexican Family Values
Romney: no vote from me.
Why Liberalism Still Matters (re: recent Circuit City story)
Grand Canyon Skywalk is a ripoff
Soviet mouse designs (also click the link in the story to see some Soviet laptops)
Lee's Surrender at Appomattox
Michaëlle's Navy accused of environmental insensitivity
Drudge Caught With Pants Around Ankles
China Confidential: State Department told Pelosi to wear that headscarf
The Alameda-Weehawken Burrito Tunnel
The China Bubble
Microsoft: "Me too!"
Throbert, check this blog out!
Know Your Rule 240 Rights
In Which A Visitor Is Shunned
iPod stops bullet, saves soldier's life
The France Of Breads
I sorta do this.
I'd write with it.
UN Secretary-General's Twitter
The DabbleDB 7-minute demo
Walter Mossberg buys a Vaio
If the Human Eye was a digital camera, how many megapixels would it have?
What prison is like in Austria
Alanis Morissette covers "My Humps"—hilarious. But also excruciating.
Who's a good kittycat?
I'm so clumsy, I'd be walking on eggshells around this thing.
Human Echolocation
Serfs Yearn For Czar
Why England Needs South Park
It's The Edge Of The World As We Know It...And I Feel Fine
Milk Hits Coffee
A personal trainer's extremely clever business card
No Choice But Olmert
Ask MetaFilter 4/1/07
Creepy trends in pedophilia
Here Come The Songs...It's All Right
Wikipedia's Dirty Little Secret
Cap'n Danger Baby Parachute
Short-sleeve scrimmage shirt
Chicago boat names—my favorite's the Ahoy Vey
Google Maps directions from Chicago to London (see step 20)
Crazy Eddie's $120 million ripoff: every fraud in the book, and then some
Fiddler on moderation
Shotglasses made of ice
It's not you, it's your apartment
If it ain't broke, fix it till it is.
Pope Benedict says Global Warming is real
In which a Car considers a Hypothetical
McCain's new gay marriage position
I'll take 12 copies shipped overnight
Shorpy, the 100-year-old photo blog
"Owner of a Lonely Heart" and "Smooth Criminal" on violin
Another reason to skip Vista: if you buy it, you'll have to buy an Office upgrade or else type your password into Outlook each time you check your email.
"Our reaction was, why don't your guys defend themselves?"—US commander on British
An MIT admissions letter, and a response
Brooksville, Fla doing its best to deter people from living there
Brit sailors to face Iranian "espionage" show trial
Learning from the French in Algeria
The Gun Is Civilization
Scott Adams has a field day with the deer sex guy
Hot-Or-Not Captcha...genius.
"A Time To Learn To Dig Foxholes"
xkcd: Blagofaire
3 ways to eat a shrimp's head
Remaining Duke Lacross rape charges to be dropped?
Why don't we do it in the Fiat?
Why Just-In-Time learning is better than Just-In-Case learning
Twins' brain scans, one with schizophrenia and one healthy
CD sales plunge sharply
Jerky for Our Boys!
Creative way to make a job-offer
Ricky Gervais in Kenya
Pet Peeve #114—I can relate.
Heavy Metal Comforts The IQ-Afflicted
RIP, Cathy Seipp
I'm moving to Japan
Pearl refused to be sedated before his beheading
Two-foot-tall-people logic
"Forever Stamps" approved
Meet Thierry F., Welfare Queen in an Alfa Romeo
Russian boffins: rains increase oil reserves
How do you spell Goebbels? Thank you public school system.
If you want to program in Erlang, you must grow a horrifying moustache
What really happened to Lilith
All Bill Gates's money can't stop him from being a whiny little bitch
Most important Digg article ever. Ever.
Great hobby. Don't miss the hover-title.
Freakonomics: why you should fill your generic scripts at Costco or Sam's Club
Remember Michael "Forsake the Troops" Crook?
Bill Marriott has a grand-daughter
MS-13 with IEDs on our streets?
I am just dying to know what the real story between Iran and Russia is
Short Men Sexy 4 Million Years Ago
Like Fucked Company for Vegas casinos
Evilest CAPTCHA ever—you have got to see this!
Boffins: exercise improves memory
Corporate treason: Halliburton to relocate HQ to Dubai
Simlish, motherfucker! Do you speak it?!
Wanna hear Hillary Clinton embarrassing herself in Selma?
McCain panders, but no one really believes him
Orange you glad you clicked this link?
WTF? Thanks I guess. Freak.
Couples Sleeping Apart
Libertas reviews 300
US Treasury warning businesses away from Iran
Condi Rice, Secretary of Bad Ideas
Windows 98 Security
Ink security tag disassembly
I'd do it.
Why don't we seek the death penalty for traitors any more?
Authorities' response to rape: the victim is punished, the rapist is not. No, it's not about Saudi Arabia.
Themes of Bush's casus Persian bellum begin to emerge?
Gingrich, a class act to the end
Fake Steve Jobs commemorates International Women's Day
Great t-shirt.
The First Annoying Vegan
Israel: missing Iranian was *the* founder of Hezbollah
Lateral thinking joke
'Shopping Thom Yorke
Meet the Iranian air force
Libby jury were mouthbreathing morons
ABC News: missing Iranian defected with family, is safe in Europe and cooperating with Americans
France bans citizens from filming or broadcasting acts of violence
Why all the new money SUCKS
Control Centers
Krispy Kreme donuts aren't thaaaaaat good...
Diebold may dump electronic voting business
The Happiest Monster
Human Intelligence graphed against Cat Proximity
Slut Has Unexplained Lesion
Iranian general vanishes in Turkey; CIA/Mossad abduction?
Do you understand the concept of gambling?
I want this tattoo.
Tree saws Audi in half
Best Buy built a fraudulent website to help employees fuck you over in the store
Japan's Unit 731
Girls of Engineering calendar
Iran, are you sure that was a space launch? Are you sure it wasn't...nothing?
Swiss annex Lichtenstein for Lebensraum
CBS's malcontent soldiers for 60 Minutes "a front group"; at least one has never been in Iraq
Here's a hate crime for ya.
Genetic engineering goes way too far...again.
How slow is your antivirus making your computer?
So long, hip hop!
Play "Sprout"
video: Steve H. interviewed on Fox
Guatemalan sinkhole swallows homes
Johnny Law, chasing crackheads
Starbucks Chmn. Schultz admits the Starbucks experience sucks
Whatever happened to LSD?
Roast Beef's flowchart
Animated New Yorker cartoons on your iPod
Steve H appearing on Fox tomorrow!
Genesis (Cyanide & Happiness)
Measuring just how slow Vista is
Don't piss off Harry Potter fans
Everyone except the bloggie team, feel free to start libeling people in the comments
Brazil v Argentina—typographic humor
Italy rebranded—lamely
Steve H. on James Cameron
Clocky, for those frigid Winnipeg mornings when you want to sleep in but you have a marathon to run
The Sentinelese are nobody to fuck with.
Where did the XP desktop background "Autumn" come from? Solved
Bill Marriott has a blog—and it's pretty good!
Vet in his 70s kills armed Costa Rican mugger in his 20s with his bare hands
Lifestyles of the Ad-Averse
What does Marcellus Wallace look like?
Gates @ CES vs. El Jobso @ Macworld
Aldrete-Davila was caught smuggling drugs again; judge threatened agents' families with jailtime if their lawyers discussed it
Why Frank IBC scares the IT department
Fighting Men!
A new proof that √2 is irrational
The fine print: Capital One "No Hassle" Rewards
Britney "Sinead" Spears goes for the French collaborator look
The Klucker and the Cop
Turn down that porn!
Olmert, poor Yorick
Iranians funding armed rebellion in Yemen
Pope meets with captive IDF soldiers' families
Ramos/Compean sacrificed on altar of powerful Mexico drug cartel?
"This generation is getting smarter"
Extreme places on planet Earth
Nazi tank manuals: a veritable laff-riot!
A Valentine's Day story
Everything belongs to China! China's ambassador to India claims Chinese ownership of an Indian state
Awesome 50's technology: in-car phonograph player
Beating Super Mario Bros. with your feet
Great (sometimes mind-bending) ads
Shitty Chinese iPhone ripoff
The worst episode of hyperinflation in history: Yugoslavia, '93-'94
Investing like Buffett's buddies?
Finally, a $1 coin that won't fail
Neo-Nazis seek Iranian backing for bizarre mission
The Kaplan Daguerrotype of Abe Lincoln
Iranian Weapons in Iraq: the presentation
Who the hell anonymously emailed me this? You will pay.
I'm peeing in my pants just thinking about it.
"Does she have to smoke?" (NSFW pic on page)
US shows proof of Iranian culpability in at least 170 deaths of US troops in Iraq
Giuliani shoots own Presidential aspirations in the face
"Former Spook" injects some perspective on helicopter casualties
Things that are outselling Vista
Czechs stop accepting North Korean slave labor on their soil
Who's up for some horse sausage? No, Enumclovians, not that kind.
Vermont bans driving while playing the flute.
Crazy Japbot eats snow, craps ice cubes
You can't say vagina in Florida. Say "hoohaa" instead
Combine 8 affinity cards into one, and stop sitting lopsided
Chicks love sweaty guys
An excellent observation on success
Unpopular Pop
Congress to Wal-Mart: stop selling Nazi t-shirts
Post-Summers Harvard starts circling the drain
O. Shoher: Baghdad will be no Fallujah for the Americans
Marion Barry proposes legalizing guns for 90 days, long enough for gun owners to register, then banning them again (and this time, they know who you dirty gun owners are)
Muslims to Sarko: Shut up, dhimmi!
"Firsts" in Jewish Coins
Dennis the Peasant on Amanda Marcotte
Mandy Moore: "I'm sorry for making such shitty music."
Jobs calls for an end to DRM
Commies continue desecrating traditional Chinese culture
When genetic engineering goes way too far
What did the ancient Romans eat? Certainly not pasta...
Unwind from watching Superbowl XLI with Puppy Bowl III
Ralph Peters on those retarded Turks
Mossad assassinates Iranian nuke scientist-I hope the first of many!
A little something about Tony Dungy
NFL wants to remind you that having friends over to watch the Super Bowl on a big-screen tv is a copyright infringement
Blogging is journalistic Marxism made real
Matt Groening interview on Futurama's comeback
Linux Genuine Advantage
China harvesting organs from live prisoners now
Abu Laban, seditionist, Islamic supremacist, and Mohammadoodle inciter, is dead
San Franciscans shocked as Mayor turns out to be straight
Washington's Farewell Address in modern English
Khomeini's fling with a 4-year-old
Animal Kingdom continues waging insurgency against Democrats
Obadiah Shoher: bring back Empire
Cat Washing Machine
The Enemy Agent & You
No one's lining up for Windows Vista launch event in San Francisco (except hungry homeless people)
CNN bought out by News of the World
The Lester Dent Pulp Paper Master Fiction Plot
Howard Veit explains Arab mendacity
THAAD works. Thank you Ronald Reagan.
The Beauty of the A-10 Warthog
Meet Chris Dodd, Panda-hugging sellout
The Dalai Lama loves the Macbook Pro
Phil Greenspun: What does Jew-hatred look like when it goes global? Jimmy Carter
Calvin Trillin reviews Lexus's self-parking system
Scipio on Dakota Fanning's Mother-also, Gary Glitter has hanged himself in jail
Timothy Birdnow on the State of the Union address
China's plagiaristic culture
The Secret Diary of Hillary Clinton
Blackwater sues families of lynched Americans in Fallujah for $10 million
Picasso & fakes
China Confidential editorial: bomb Iran now!
Ventriloquism is a one-way street
Yes, they do give you brain cancer
Carter intercedes with the OSI to plead for a Nazi SS man, proven to have murdered Jews at Mauthausen
China finally admits to harvesting organs from the condemned
YakTrax: tire chains for your shoes
The problem with Wikipedia
McDonald's subliminal advertising on Food Network
Jeff Tupper's self-referential formula
How to get a Sin City effect in Photoshop
Attention ladies: please stop stealing so much meat.
Like thrillers? Check this out.
Poop transplanting doctor: "Poop is an organ"
Jewish wine cabinet, haunted by a dybbuk
Rejected Caribou Slogans
What Duke's PC faculty and Communists have in common
You too can be a Mac fag
What is it with Democrats and botched jokes?
Clarkston, GA's brave mayor defends America from the menacing Soccer People
A plan for Iraq
On average, Microsoft thinks you people are under 18, and of "undetermined" gender
13 servicemen dead from helicopter crash
Duke Prosecutor Replacement No Great Prize—expect more of the same.
Trans-fats dangerous to female fertility
How to fly without showing ID
Sue the bums...literally!
What geniuses!
If you wish, you may open the window. Do not open the window.
Condi thinks the War on Terror is just another Cold War
Any of you ladies looking for an easy second income? eBayers are snapping up women's smelly old shoes.
Jourdan, bookmark this blog, in case you ever decide to start your own firm
The USAF is fucked
Buy a Chinese crapbox, pour money directly into the Chinese army's coffers
Top 8 Morons of '06
If Hitler was at Duke
The $15,000 Mercedes
Free Credit Report
German engineering vs. Arab technology
"Ape Force Family"
Hyundai has a bad Accent
French conspiracy theory: Republicans to force Cheney to resign, impeach Bush in favor of Hagel, his new Veep
Krauthammer: you don't have to be religious to tremble at the thought of unrestricted stem-cell research
CC: China suspects US will attack Iran
Iran's clock is ticking
Aussiegirl of Ultima Thule, RIP
S&P: the China bubble is due to burst
Dear person, I'm sorry I put a dent in your car.
Revealed: Vikhram from tech support is a slut
At Ft. Jackson, they're training for a pillowfight
A Canadian liberal commentator praises Harper's morality-based policymaking
Iran's Kissinger is in our hands...I hope he's getting a nice work-over
China Confidential: Bush will invade Iran
Dave Ramsey: Drive free. Retire rich.
Cellswapper: get out of your contract
She's got eggs, she knows how to use them
Princess Smoke
Astonishingly beautiful hotel being built in a Chinese quarry
David Byrne has a blog
The official Beatles canon, with analysis of all the songs
PvP comic on the iPhone-captures my feelings perfectly
Bulgaria builds concentration camp to hold Arabs
This world we live in...Judge to Isaac Schroedinger: "What's a blog?"
The origin of the = sign, plus how to read 16th-century books!
Writings of Elizabeth I
Antisemitism documentary on now in many timezones-turn on PBS
Cpl. Kelly Miller has two Mommies
US AC-130 Gunship mows down "a lot of [Al Qaeda] bodies" in Somalia
The Simpsonzu
Why Tyler Cowen hasn't mastered Chinese cooking
Reagan defeated the USSR? So what? Carter defeated Mars!
PBS program on antisemitism Monday night
Offensive Muslim supremacism causes a Texan to respond like only a Texan would dare...
Debunking Petraeus?
Blair, Reid get their payoff for calling off investigation into crooked Saudi royals
Zionists occupy moon to humiliate Islam
Duke faculty's scumbag behavior in rape case hurting basketball recruiting
In California, 1/4 of new companies since 1995 were started by immigrants, employing about 450,000 people
Black hole found inside the globular clusters!
"Tell mom she can come back home and we can finally sleep again."
Duke countersuits start flying...get ready for more. Serves 'em right!
The end of the Senate's "Candy Desk"
Cool bed!
The perils of using Microsoft's Windows Vista
China analyzes American foreign policy by looking in the mirror...if only we were this cunning.
Wii love Pr0n
Which fonts evoke Bollywood?
Paris Hilton at grave risk of Alzheimer's
No, she can't come to the phone...she's four.
Volvo C30: Thumbs up or thumbs down?
Tyler Cowen's meta-recipe for Indian food
The crazy Jews—they're growing fish in the desert!
Giuliani's road-map to the Presidency revealed
Fun fatwa of the day: Muslim husbands of Christian wives can forbid them from going to church, celebrating Easter
Ethiopian forces complete rout of Muslims from last stronghold in Somalia
Howard Veit has an interesting reflection on what could have happened if Nifong did his job conscientiously
America must never forget
Star of Thelma
Chrysler inks deal to sell Chery Shitboxes in US
Christ, what an asshole!
The bastards are trying to turn "effort" into a verb.
Specter's dismal track record of legitimizing tyrants
We appear to have Kim Jong Il by the balls.
Revenge of the Lambs
Michael Yon: Christmas all over the world
Dodge Viper V10
Troops shun John Cary's halp in Irak
Baker's secret multimillion dollar Iraq fraud exposed
How to tell when a relationship is over
Devastating exposé of NoKa chocolates
TSG has some World War II-era hanging footage
CNN, fretting for the past 24 hours about whether Saddam will suffer, and portraying Iraqi terrorists as just fighters who seek to spare innocents
China has no plans to discontinue brutal, infanticidal one-child policy
Diddy: sorry. Don't buy my dog-fur crap.
Chinese democracy.
Wal-Mart sells a Zune full of gay porn
Bratz: even worse than you thought
Decent little stainless steel espresso machine, 90 bucks & free shipping
Bill Gates wants to give you a Ferrari for blogging
12-year-old self-taught painter Akiane's Renaissance-quality visions from God
Betty and Veronica get a makeover
What GEICO and Craig Ferguson have in common-weird comparison, but it works
While Bush slept: China steals stealth technology
Chinese slipping tortured-to-death-dogs' fur into US luxury clothing brands
Johnny Law has a merry Christmas
Slate's Corporate Scrooge Contest
Pentagon bans HTML email, Outlook Web Access
What I gave your mom for Christmas
HP inkjet printer inks: $10,000 a gallon
Sperm volume jumps 35% in November
Tags left by Amazon customers on K-Fed's album
Free baby zorkie to a loving home
Craigsnumber - protect yr. online privacy with disposable, auto-expiring phone numbers
We Regret The Error
Amusing French armament: the weaponized scooter
Joe Barbera dead of old age, at 95
Interview about the new Futurama season: the whole original cast is back, and they're halfway through the writing
Pig-For-Name scheme attracts controversy
Fluffers Make Movies (NSFW/K)
Custom Love Songs
Autumn Omakase: free, gorgeous cookbook
Europe unfreezes MEK assets, may delist them from terror list. Iran fumes...
Playing what-if with Senator Johnson
Pop-up Menorah Cards
The Ku Klux Klok
David @ Harry's Place calls for destroying the Hellenist Entity
China's economic growth: powered by slave labor, built on apartheid, reminiscent of Nazism
Some British ditz marries Dennis Kucinich
Honey, I blew up the comments. They'll be back soon.
Your Pitiful Whining Has Been Heard
In Japan, an alternate history novel: 9/12
Texas legalizes hunting the blind
Sarah McLachlan sings Silent Night (free download on iTunes)
Greedy music industry scum now demanding a cut of bands' t-shirt sales
Remember what it was like before Southwest Airlines?
Sarkozy: finally, a Frenchy I like
Flaubert's Dictionary of Received Ideas
The Perils of Love
Flying Imams: "Pay us to go away"
Peanuts meets Marvel
glute-tube...this one's for solus
Revolutionary method of machine translation leaves Babelfish in the dust
Cynthia bint Kinney impeaches Bush, Cheney, Rice. Seriously.
Laura Bush & the 4 red dresses
bookslut: best book covers of 2006
Frederick Dorr Steele's horse illustrations
Send silly-string to the troops!
The story behind Paul Rand's UPS logo
Interview with the people behind DEBKAfile
Scharffen Berger Nibby Bar
On Flatworms & Learning
The Woz in a Datsun 280z commercial
Gaybuntu: for those who love Linux, Penises
Photographers: check out Monoslideshow
Check out the "correction."
Tabbed browsing in the 16th century
Get a Mac!
Curbly: DIY Design Community
Fat-Assed Humorless Canadian Meteorite, Older Than The Sun Itself, Contains Organic Matter
Yes, this is what we do in the Blue states.
Matt & Kim: "Yea Yeah" music video
Frenchies buy Lucent, crap all over one of the world's nicest logos
Berezovsky threatens Putin with coup
Chaz visiting with his Muslim brothers
Eating Out In Houston? Watch out for the BRAIN WORMS
"A nightmare for peaceful countries like Iran, China, Pakistan"
Polonium traced back to Russia
Chief Rabbi seeks to bar converts from making aliya
Welcome To The Internet
No blood for hydrogen!
If I ever see the King again, so help me...
When Pickles Attack!
Seinfeld: The Lost Episode
The masthead of the Times, then and now
MyTards buying fake friends to appear more popular
That's Not My Job
Steve H. on starlets' genitalia
Once-A-Month Cooking
Bush surrenders to North Korea
Free foreign language courses!
Chinese experts believe US to abandon Israel
Disembowelled and quartered-for teaching girls.
That explains it: LiLo is an American Chav
A fairly comprehensive catalog of the Chinese shitbox ripoffs (a couple will be new to you, but we've seen most of them)
Frist won't run. Good.
Borat: The Memo
Manipulative Today Show gets into the linguistic framing business
Mosques are the new Lubyanka
Citi rates NYT stock a "sell"
Let the cops do their jobs, you hippie bozos!
Michael Barone on what Gates's appointment portends
David Seah's Thanksgiving Turkey Meat Layer Cake
Bill Roggio embedding again, needs donations
The in-text advertising cancer is metastasizing
Winston Churchill, sci-fi nerd
Burma: China's 24th Province?
The Cook's Thesaurus
Great, free learn-to-read website for kids
Clintonite lawyer of Chinese traitor goes after Bill Gertz
Parents, it's never too early to ink your infants
Elephant paintings
Thank you, John McCain
In Australia, you can't name the enemy or you'll hurt their feelings. Or something.
I offer you some really great head
A new way to multiply
myjove is like YouTube for Science
Bruce Schneier wants you to teach your kids to talk to strangers
Douglas Monash: the little-told story of an Australian Jew, a military genius who turned the tide of WWI
OMG! National Helium Shortage!
BusinessWeek on Amazon's audacious new bet
17 inch MacBook Pro vs. Cambridge Z88
Hilarious Roberto Benigni clip
Anyone can do that.
Amazon EC2: simply amazing.
NYC, the world capital of cocaine use
Biological WMD found in Iraq
Bloggie Pedant Alert! "Quotation Mark" Abuse
The Nose Knows
Google vs. Porn Sites in Single-Word Search Results
A Telemarketer's Nightmare
Barking toads, the Toad Queen, Christopher Walken, and an idiot midget-disposal savant...
Mark Morford loves Al Qaeda's favorite computer
No Pardon for the Thanksgiving Turkey
She's just doing the jobs that American 13-year-old girls won't do.
Gates: not as realist as you think he am?
Playa-hata Obama apologizes for cockblocking incident
Arm-mounted Index Card Scabbard...nerdy personal productivity enhancer
Astonishingly beautiful, even revolutionary visual communication of boring data
Giorgio is an Italian guy who makes planes so he can fly his wife around Italy.
Hitchens on Sacha Baron Cohen's Borat
6 new bloggie themes!
Delusional Kerry: "I cannot take a hint."
When you use a Mac, you point-and-click with Bin Laden
Wikipedia Warnings
Great blog: 100 Years of Illustration & Design
Putin tries to murder another dissident
Cool Mom Picks
Parent Hacks
Self-referential aptitude test
ICRC may finally release millions of sealed Shoah files
Can we push it into Iran?
Sign of the Baker-Gates times: Saudi student numbers in our universities at an all-time high.
Meet Snowman, the jumping champion horse
Steve H: Stop picking on my neighbor, OJ
Another Chinese shitbox...hilariously, this one is original, and is supposed to be "stealthy" and "fashionable"
Michael Oren in the WSJ: Bush won't support an Israeli attack on Iran
Husband and wife both receive Purple Hearts
Hovering GIs
Don't fall for the Jury Duty scam
How the Republicans screwed the pooch
Voter ID opponents by day, vote fraudsters by night
How Europe beat China in the New World (with an unexpected space twist at the end!)
Say Cheese in 567 languages!
Fisher Price has an important role to play in the enterprise
Amazing lovingly drawn notebook of an aircraft inspector-in-training without even a high school education
The Air Force's new helicopter, straight outta 1955
What if English was written like Chinese?
Between Jefferson and Lincoln
Vioxx caused 55,000 deaths? Holy crap!
How To Confuse The Nutroots
Weird Coin
On Israel's "Conceptual Collapse"
7 Highly Disturbing Dog Technologies
Retiree Donald Rumsfeld Deciding What To Order At Denny's
Defense Sec'y Gates in his own words
Webb wins! (Giving Democrats both houses)
Angry Jesus revokes GOP License {Fake Steve Jobs}
The 700 Hobos Project
Shop SkyMaul
3 Candidates for Seattle Port C'mish
Oh my God...no...please...NOOOOOOOO!!!!
A liberal feminist sculptress whines about her encounter with Borat
Grand Theft Mario
Guaranteed Effective All-Occasion Non-Slanderous Political Smear Speech
If you die in Canada, you die in real life!
Pentagon speeds planning for nuclear strike on Norks
Pakistan's RuPaul
One GLARING Difference
Still thinking about not voting? Think twice: Democrats would spend an extra trillion bucks on pointless socialist crap.
Democrats losing their shit, after losing the House and Senate in '94
Saddam verdict coming, around midnight zst
All right, who jammed a thumb up Kerry's butt? That's the only way to explain his facial expression...
Bulletproof textbooks...ha ha.
Fraternities are gay
Rummy no dummy
Arsonist piece of shit facing first-degree murder charges-the fire he started killed five better men than he
The November Surprise: Saddam to be sentenced to death on Sunday?
Why should I be offended? A soldier's rejoinder to John Kerry
An interesting meditation on Christian love, from Gagdad Bob
Wine: it's good for what ails fat mice!
Chinese iPod ripoff
Liberals apoplectic as US arrogantly refuses to sign yet another international treaty
You're soaking in it
Pucker up, girls!
At high risk for Diabeeeetes? Drink more coffee.
Screw Jeeves-Ask Ms Dewey!
Texan invents Fried Coca-Cola
I'm still trying to get used to "airforcewife" instead of "militarybrat", and she goes and springs this on us!
The family that cooks together, fucks together!
Why the Aztek failed: price, not design
Credit Cards: defective by design?
Zionist Saving Time
airforcewife @ SpouseBuzz
Which one of you jokers sent my picture to Onstad.
Sometimes what you're looking for is right in front of your face.
The Infighting Is So Vicious Because The Stakes Are So Low
Arthritis caused by body's inability to dispose of waste DNA?
Super Kim!
Dr. Brown's Baby Bottles
Hitler or Van Gogh?
Scott Adams gets his voice back
How Al Gore killed Kyoto-throw this at the hippies next time they try to blame Bush
Embryonic stem cells cure Parkinsons...at the cost of causing cancer.
Ronald Reagan was the shit.
Bad News: The Economy Is Terrible!
Oops. I'm so sorry.
A descent into Alzheimer's
New hilarious Zucker ad for the Republicans
Don't mess with grandpa, punk.
Venezuela handing out fake IDs to Muslim terrorists; several Pakistanis already busted on US border
Down with Kinky!
Chuck Norris: "Jesus Christ is the real Chuck Norris"
Andrew Sullivan suddenly discovers a passion for veal (V the K alert!)
Beautiful Bjork video (Bachelorette)
American convert to Islam, who wears niqab, blogging to defend her polygamous marriage. Blech.
Letters to Charlie...heartbreaking.
What Happened To Bloggie This Morning
The Ghost Club, world's oldest society for investigating ghosts. Dickens was a member!
WaPo directory of political ads for this election season...great resource.
McCain endorses Chaffee. Is there anything else you need to know about John McCain?
Hilarious Democrat attack ad vs. California's Pombo
Pedo can't be banned from schoolchildren's gym...on human rights grounds.
Muslim Assaults Gynecologist. Sheesh.
Live Action Mario Brothers
3,600 Mile-Long Ant Colony in Europe: World's Largest
This funny money isn't funny.
For faster access to a phone rep, pretend to speak Spanish
Crossroads: Don't Put It In My Sock This Year
"Hello, Ladies!"
Most Dangerous Criminal In UK Caught
Putin is a serious creep!
As phony as a $3 Bill
Judge Orders Cheney's Visitor's Legs Open
This is not safe for work. Or kids. Or anywhere, really. But it's frigging hilarious.
Call Me Big Granny When You Back That Azz up
Harry Reid can't handle the heat. Good thing the MSM isn't putting him on it.
A New Version Of Microsoft's Tool For Downloading Opera Is Out!
Perpetual Free Tuition @ Northwestern: $100. The only catch: you had to buy it 100 years ago.
China getting tense as North Korean agents try to kidnap Chinese intel officer
Retreivr: Doodle a drawing with your mouse to search Flickr
Dead Sea Scrolls lectures available online
Surprise! The data is in, and working moms spend just as much time with their children as moms did 40 years ago.
Will Ecuador elect a pro-American or a Chavez flunky?
Dear Senator Sarbanes: How Can I Become An Illegal Alien?
Dem crybabies whine that voters are being informed of Foley's resignation
Add a scary grungey look to a photo with Photoshop
Arrogant Phytoplankton Refuse To Sign Kyoto
Boxing is now officially dominated by Whites
Television: Autism link found?
Rush Limbaugh on "premortems": a real breath of fresh air
Real-life feral children: there are 100 known examples
Uh oh. Ladies, you may want to sit down before reading this.
Teachers, ever wish you could just zap the crap out of your students?
Sniff, sniff. Too cute!
Epidemic boy-rape by Pakistan's mullahs
Colleges covet home-schooled kids-about time!
Back in the Army, after 20 years
Persian Gulf Naval Build-up
Who are those midgets fishing in the East River? You might be surprised.
50 Most Essential CDs Since 2001
RIP, American Hero: US Navy SEAL Michael Monsoor
Faux Lomo with Photoshop
I Hate Humans
Amazing graphic of the plane crash in NYC
"He's So Unusual" - Helen Kane, the real-life Betty Boop
Samuel L Jackson has had it with these mutha****ing Shrimp on this mutha****ing treadmill!
Drove My Chery To The Leree But The Leree Was Dry
Whoah! Now this is an attack ad!
KJI's Masterstroke?
Do you miss Enplaned? Here's a cobbled-together archive
Muslims Declare Jihad On Apple Computer
Due to Socialism, Airbus is boned.
You WILL run IE7. Microsoft says so.
Spitzer, you're some tough prosecutor huh.
Tsar Bomba did your mom
Reverse Euphemisms
Greenspan optimistic on Housing Mkt
Joe Torre expected to lose his job
The Cult of the Big Lebowski
Who's Chavez scared of? Not Bush...
North Korea in its worst military shape ever
Why the Brazil plane crash happened
How Your Bones Got Their Names
One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
World's Most Patient Cop
Awesome U2 performance with Bono intro speaking against terrorism
Dennis Prager: 5 Non-Religious Arguments For Marriage Over Cohabitation
DVD Rewinder Takes Hassle Out Of Rewinding DVDs
I blame you, YouTube
Do you wanna be the husband or do you wanna be the wife?
Film about India's City of Widows
Chmn. JCS Pace holds a picnic for 150 of his closest friends at his house
A child sex scandal without a child or sex.
Butthole Bear-Now With Interactive Ass Simulator!
Hastert knew as long as three years ago?
Burger King introduces terrifying computer games
He could have fondled Foley's breasts for free.
ABC says some kind of Foley news about to break
Check out this guy's falsetto!
Ass Pennies (classic Upright Citizens Brigade skit)
Foley a Scientologist?
Dirty Little Secrets of the Food Processing Industry
Lee Harris on the Pope: modern Reason's unilateral disarmament; or-how to reason yourself into a corner
Who wants to hear Bob Dylan DJing?
Art De Vany on why Deja Vu is inevitable
A strong defense of waterboarding
Scipio on the "August Chamber"
Phil Greenspun proposes anti-finery laws for teenagers
Who wants T-Rex bone marrow soup?
Jeff Harrell is really mad about the Military Commissions act. I mean, really mad.
Disney's delightful Astuter Computer song from Epcot
Muslim Madrassa teacher gets 9 months per pupil he raped
zorkie moves to Northern Spain
Foley resigns Congress, citing inability not to be a creep
Would you hand me my bra please?
Sgt. Clutch of San Antonio: "We Fuck You Over"
If I didn't know better, I'd think this was Air Force Family ;-)
Yellow Jap Bastards Torturing Doggies
"I almost destroyed a life today"
Yes, but does it play "Pop Goes The Weasel"?
Gorgeous NY Post redesign
Breaking hostage situation at a Colorado high school...shit.
Abe Wins!
A New Kind of Review, by Not Stephen Wolfram
Any of Bloggie's DC Mafia want a witty, talented, anti-idiotarian roommate?
Opening beer bottles using nothing more than an ordinary helicopter
Avoid the scammers at Jiffy Lube
Soviet anti-American propaganda posters
This is indeed a tender situation.
Drudge Radio Archives
What is Karl Rove's promised October Surprise?
Good News For People Who Love Bad News For Democrats
Russ Feingold's MySpace...he tried to friend me but I didn't wanna.
84-y.o. former Nazi camp guard, formerly married to a Jew who escaped the Holocaust, deported back to Germany
Rechargeable batteries that just plug into a USB port. LOL!
I like their chances better than the Democrats'...
3 Month USA Average Retail Gas Price Chart
florrie's hearththrob George Allen an MOT
Save the Battleships!
Sleeping Pill wakes PVS patients
Super Mario Cake
A Boy Scout demonstrates Iran's incompetence
Gasoline down 5% more
Boycott HP cameras
Scipio on threats to Pope: Nothing new under the sun
Wikipedia actually has a whole page devoted to "Pederasty in the Muslim World"
A peek inside the NYT's Sausage Factory
Why are they smiling?
The most awful writer in history
Denmark: One Big Animal Brothel
Happy Constitution Day!
Bush hints at use of force in Darfur
Federal judge declares boating illegal
Nurse strangles hubby's hit-man to death
George Washington abducted by aliens and shown the future!
Johnny Law's New Hobby (via pdb)
How the NFL is preparing players for life after football
One Gleeson Plaza. Heh!
Kim Il Sung's niece does world a favor, takes own life
Chinese ties to Palestinian terrorists
Remember Loyal Opposition?
A nice (abbreviated) catalog of Chinese perfidy
Scientology's Goons
Stormi narrowly escapes death
Don't you EVER roast Jamie Foxx, bitch!
Christ, what an asshole!
"Progressives", idiot compassion, and the intellectually crippled population
World fails to end, disappointing bigel, Kenyans
Al Qaeda isn't nuking shit!
SK/USA Alliance drifting apart, thanks to appeaser Roh
DMoT: 4D Mandelbrot Fractals!
"Daisy Dukes" toolbox-bucket
Walid Phares: Syria US Embassy attack was an Assad setup
Old Pak airline ad foreshadows 9/11 attacks
The General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen of the City of New York
Rick Rescorla's mind-blowing story
The Appeal of Manual Competence
airforcewife: Vincent Morello
Burning Man Sucks
Steve Irwin crying over a dead croc
Cats are stupid!
The REAL 7 Habits of Highly Successful People
Photos: the same spots today and 100 years ago in Russia
Don't divorce Chinese chicks
The Aviation Instructor's Handbook
Breaking-English Gerundives Spotted In The Wild
Russia sucks at missiles
Ben Affleck molesting some chick
Shocking scientific discovery of the day: teenagers thoughtless & selfish!
What happens if you masturbate?
Another Saudi slaver faces prison in the US; this one a prince's wife!
Hugo, you're screwed!
The Poincare Project: Math in English
Beautiful Japanese bridges
The best antivirus program for you Windows users (and it's free!)
Not shaving every day? Read this.
Koreans still know what makes a hero tick (and it ain't Brokeback Mountin')
The eponymy is killing me!
God gives the US 50% more oil. FIFTY percent {Steve H.}
Making sense of English legal punishments in the 18th century-very interesting reading
What is a Megillat Esther?
Karl Rove is hilarious
Tired of surreal Amazon reviewer guys? Try Surreal eBay Feedback Guy
A proven way to MYOFO
Amazing photo of a lighter
Yiddish with Dick and Jane
Acoustic guitar/country/hippie cover of Outkast's "Hey Ya"
Aston Martin racecar flying for 142ft
Camping? Better wash up right.
Thomas Lifson is too classy to say it, but I will: rebranding CAIR is like putting lipstick on a pig
Inside a Bolivian jail
My Little Golden Book about Zogg
I have not read this book but.
Timothy Birdnow: Fire Fitz, and send Joe Wilson a bill
Juice protects you from Alzheimer's
France's Aristocracy of Man-Sluts
Who Called Us?
Shoes that literally fit like a glove.
Poor bastard.
Gurkha–Hummer: TNG
Folks just call him Buckethead
They're phishing for you; don't bite.
Munch's stolen Scream found
Men Without Chests
Fitz: Liar
Michael is drafted by the Zionist Occupation Army
Tacobell's Canon
Iraqi government to take control of its military late Sept.
NYT and Nifong: peas in a pod
Mail Delayed Due To War In Afghanistan: the exploits of the Visual Lunacy Society
Betjeman's Love Letter-a delightful literary hoax
Hunt the sleazy Senator
New Shoes
14-lb baby in Brazil
Steven Den Beste analyzes the Lebanon war
Another instructive comparison: Karr v. Duke Lacrosse players
Ancient Jewish coin
Uncle Chuck Had His Eye Removed
What's in season?
Dear man with two penises: too bad you had one removed.
Why is Chinese so hard to learn?
Cool map: McDonald's & Starbucks
Miami Cubans and the Free French: an instructive comparison
Russian tv station sticks Perelman in a photoshopped suit
Armitage's (and Fitzgerald's) fraud: way bigger than you knew
Cool/Funky/Weird Laptop Bags
What a shame; fire destroys domes of St. Petersburg Troitsky Cathedral
Hitch gives Maher's audience the finger, tells them "Fuck you. Fuck you!"
danger of drowning
Uri Grossman-his father's eulogy of him
Alzheimers Disease Memory Damage Reversible?
Mark Steyn is hosting Rush Limbaugh's show today!
Faux Microsoft Training Video with the lads from The Office
Judge to FBI: "Google it, you idiots." This explains much.
The Execution of Johnson
Tesla Roadster: thoughts?
Whiny weatherman throws a snit at an interrupting anchoress
W *is* John the Revelator!
Derb on Perelman
Grizzly or Black? A Quick Poop Inspection Reveals All
F4 Phantom vs. Concrete Wall
beautiful dead girls
How to steal 100 million bucks, using nothing more than ordinary socks
Why Not Keynesianism? {via Marginal Revolution}
HTTP error code panties
A curry a day keeps the headaches away
Good. I hope it metastasizes and spreads to his brain
Jay Tea nails it over @ WILLisms: enough with the magical power of objects. Objects have no motivations.
Liberal Party Jewhating Scandal
Armitage the Plame-Leaker?
People who shouldn't run for office
Yes, but De-Cocking also reduces the spread of AIDS
More of Karl Rove's Lies
Twas the Night before Miraj
Free energy?
Rude Winnipeg goats murder the new guy in front of a little girl on her birthday
Sorry, hippies, dolphins aren't actually smart at all
Angelo Frammartino: why no Rachel Corrie treatment?
How to get an insurance company to pay attention
The BBC: Global Instrument of Zionist Propaganda
The Pantry: Open 21 Hours
ACLU v. NSA: shoddiest legal opinion ever written?
"Yankees Win, Despite Having No Transsexual Players"-and other headlines from the NYT
N. Podhoretz: don't worry, we'll win the war on terror in about 40 years
And they lived happily ever after
For the Ladies of Bloggie
Karla Comfort, bereaved Marine mother, paints a Humvee for the troops
Toyota's Quality Problem
The honor of being insulted by Gordon Tulluck
The Mystery Worshipper
Mr Bean gives a sermon on the Amazing Jesus
Mel Gibson! Eat your heart out! [via Jewlicious]
A Bela Karolyi Story
Costa Rica moves embassy from J'lem to TA
Worst Onstage Meltdowns Ever
Rush Limbaugh on George Allen and "Macaca"
XM or Sirius?
Today's word is Spall
What do you think of this?
Madonna-Early Nudes
Bruce Schneier Facts (in the spirit of Chuck Norris)
Cats that look like Hitler
Crazy BDS-suffering author of a (not too good, apparently) book on writing compilers harasses a reviewer
Tickets Please
Germans continue going extinct
Blogger gets a facelift. Nice work Google, now get rid of those spam blogs!
Prof. Bainbridge: McCain? Hell No!
Hilarious, over-the-top German workplace safety video
airforceguy is packing heat!
Calvin's Dad's Scientific Explanations
Now there are TWO things trees can do that women can't...
Suddenly, I find the weather fascinating
The Lady in the Water: has anyone seen this?
We've been panicking about the oil running out since 1925...hmm
TigerHawk: What's it gonna take?
Derb blogs here
Ahmadinejad's blog tries to attack Israeli computers?
China tries to protect its crappy animation industry by banning the Simpsons, Pokemon from primetime
Arianna Huffington: stop fighting Hezbollah, you only push moderates into supporting them
The GM HyWire Concept Car
The 2006 Photojournalism Awards
Wait, aren't you SCARED?
Earl Scruggs & Steve Martin: Foggy Mountain Breakdown
Paris Hilton buys the cemetary plot next to Marilyn Monroe's...for her pet goat
Women are never happy.
Cuban doctor imprisoned in psychiatric ward
Spanish speakers can do no wrong
When the fine Indian tradition of banging the maid goes wrong
Mt. Soledad saved!
A beautiful editorial about Americans, from across the pond
Hezbollah shoots their Waad
Got 3 more of the Egyptians (in Iowa)
Whose side are they on?
The perils of search & replace
Why do Moslems hate Aero-Planes?
Also Sprach Miyamoto
Sensing predicts Peretz for Prime Minister after Olmert's downfall
Rev. Donald Sensing Predicts Olmert's Ouster (One Way Or Another)
Rahel (you probably know her as Shira) interviewed
The oldest folly: kindness to the cruel
Corea Coup?
Buckwheat, or Cynthia McKinney?
The Uncanniness of Racism-interesting idea
Won't Somebody Please, Please Not Think Of The Children
The Art of the Shiv
The Ford Mustang GT Convertible...prrrrrowrr
Dore Gold analyses the disastrous US-French resolution
RIP Master Corporal Walsh, 25th Canadian to die in Afghanistan
Massage students head north to heal what ails ya
3-month-old Pakistani bride
Hendrix @ Woodstock: entire concert
When We Let Them Down: The M-16 Rifle, Killer of Marines, Political Football
Think Again How Far You Wish To Push Israel
Blind Motorcycling
How to make ice in the desert [via MeFi]
The longest-running experiments in science
The stupidest people on earth: audiophiles
Moxie & Steve H: "Can alcohol make you antisemitic?"
Word Dissasociation (new music video from the geniuses behind "The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny") {via Brian Tiemann}
Cpt. Blake Russell, RIP
Prosecution's list of reasons why Yates knew what she was doing
Finally, the NYT finds an evangelical it can love
Leb Army opens fire on Israeli choppers
The story of the Motorola RAZR
A wedding cake you can really sink your teeth into
Russia: Hezbollah, Hamas not terrorists
Rice angry at Israel
I wish I had a job where I could write nastygrams to celebrities
How your children's textbooks are written: it's worse than sausage. Worse than lawmaking.
ASCII art from 1939; everything old is new again.
Steve H nails it: congratulations, brave muslim warriors. Seattle is safe from pregnant Jewish women
The 14 sexiest movie scenes
Chevy Dealership sell man a car, change their mind, STEAL it the next day!
There are only four Shakers left
Lead PHP developer quits...
The Base Is Revolting: Dump Condi!
What's with these nut allergies?
Russia bans saying "Dollar"
Pop! Goes the Bubble
A falafel-eating Monte Carlo
Tell God To Blow The Wind From The West
Maddox: There Is No 9/11 Conspiracy You Morons
The Internet, 1996
Happy Birthday Fidel! [via Steve H.]
Photog Offs Self
Jupiter's Two Huge Storms Nearly Collide
I absolutely love George Michael's new performance art career
The World's Greatest Hole
Who wants a free subscription to Motor Trend mag?
World-Class Asshole
Sword V. Bullet
Great idea-stick flags in dog poop to alert pedestrians
Elvis: Jooooooo
Your Favorite Anti-Virus Sucks
Ethiopia: We Will "Crush" Somalian Islamists
National Review explains why they fired Ann Coulter (old, but interesting)
How Statistics helped win World War II {via Gruber}
Loosen up, lady!
Famous murdered preacher story has "Nigerian scam" written all over it {Steve H.}
A Second Home in Israel?
Ethiopian troops enter Somalia to fight the new terrorist regime
Everything You Need To Know About Writing Successfully. In Ten Minutes. By Stephen King.
Tips for Cheering Yourself Up from 1820
What's hotter than Israeli girls? Israeli girls writing messages on missiles
China's Extremely Meticulous Preparation for War with India
How to play Tetris FOREVER
annie-another Israeli's diary who works at home
The Nansen Passport
Wetlands and government malice
Colorado's "Keg of worms"
Hebrew speakers-can anyone help this guy?
Training your spouse like a dolphin
How Kelo turned out to be a disguised blessing
The folly of treating Russia and China as partners
Murtha the Crook
Somalis prefer sharks and bullets to new Islamist regime
When Graphic Artists Get Bored
Greyhound racers are lowlife scumbags
Bizarre Crime of the Week
Einstein, Himbo
Minutes of work per gallon of gas
Hezbollah Rockets Slam Into Teverya (Tiberias)
Creepy Scientology Attack Midgets Harass Cameraman
Do any of THESE websites think Georgia is girly? Huh zorkie? Huh?
Hezbollah's Overplayed Hand
Another Chinese death-trap/ripoff
Vote: Is Israel's attack on Lebanon justified?
How in the HECK do they do that?!
Phenomenal success for SDI test
Good article about Soviet Jokes
Sophisticated Euros lead world in zombie PCs
Great moments in US bureaucracy: NHTSA orders Toyota to recall cars in order to make them less safe
Czechs to host US SDI station
Fuck Fox & CNN-read Israellycool for excellent liveblogging of the unfolding war
Bob Saget-Illest Mothafucka In A Cardigan Sweata
It's This Bad-Dalrymple's Latest
The Apple Store that wasn't: when "Smart Growth" means NO growth
Iran goes back to the Security Council
Novak fingers Rove (partially)
NK launch was a failed Pearl Harbor?
A NY club bouncer's blog...pretty good reading
How useless is the Shuttle? This useless.
The Movie Theaters' "Pay Us Extra For Nothing" Business Plan
More Peaceful, Pastoral Tribal People
Bose is Crap!
Enormous Brasil Dam Fails...Can 3 Gorges Dam be far behind?
The real reason GM killed the EV1
How to run faster
Photos: Child Brides in Afghanistan
Bush's Top-Secret BMs
Bonobos have a suprising capability for language. Take that, Chomsky!
A drunken chav gets (some of) his just deserts
Frank's Hubby Commutes To Work
Velcro Ultra Close-Up
William Horvath: Definitely Not A Marine
Bush And Clinton IMing on the 4th
Happy Birthday, Les Paul!
Willie Hitler
Video Gaming Bugs
Libertarian Party dumps almost entire platform, has no military policy, no foreign policy, no homeland security policy.
The Worst of the UN Scofflaws
ABC's Tivo Ad-Skip Veto
How to Spot a Jap
The Kama Sutra of Reading
Nice day @ the beach
The Estonian Sport of Wife-Carrying
The Soviet rape of Berlin
Press Button. Receive Bacon. Enjoy Bacon.
Fox's Leftward Lurch Costs Them Viewers
The First, Greatest Generation
My Other House Is A Toyota
The Bristol Stool Scale (with diagrams!)
Most Questionable YouTube Groups
Primitive Paradise
Since you supplied your phone number, I can't help but call...
World War I Rotogravures
Coulter a plagiarist?
They're just doing the jobs Americans won't do
Boston: Renter's Paradise
Failure Rules!
Farewell Jim
What it's like for pregnant girls
Take that, coppers!
Steve H corresponds with a toy dog
US Prison Population v. Rest of World
The Tucker Corporation: a stillborn US auto company
Threads, an old BBC show about thermonuclear war
Holy Dentures! Regrow your teefus...with SCIENCE!
Men Are Not Potatoes
How not to sell cars
2015: Gilette comes out with a razor with ∞ blades
Makeover Mark
What do countries with large current account deficits have in common?
Scientology foe Codebot.org back online!
Parents, warn your children about the dangers of MySpace
This explains everything: L. Ron Hubbard authored China's Moral Code
Acidman dead by his own hand :-(
An interview with a Deadhead...named Ann Coulter!
A note from a daughter to her mother
Sudoku has made Will Shortz (!) a millionaire
The Unfunny Sequel about Scientology
Intro to Scientology video...creeeeeepy
My girlfriend suspects I'm gay. My question is, should I have my schlong, crack and sack waxed?
David Hicks goes apostate, is still a wanker
China's creepy colonialism in Africa
Davy Crockett: Not Yours To Give
W. Singing "Sunday, Bloody Sunday"
For Thousand Sons & Aridog
The Terrible Soviet Music Archive
Friedman on Hong Kong vs. Israel, USA, and UK
Iranian-made precision shaped-charges are killing Brits
Loony left attacking Mt. Soledad War Memorial
Krauthammer: Why I Love Australia (via Tiemann)
The Ern Malley Modernist Poetry Hoax
Bugs, Up Close and Personal
Women parks her car. City paints a disabled parking bay around it, then gives her a ticket.
Who's up for some Chessboxing?
The Joy of Lying
Georges Lemaître: Catholic priest, Scientist
Mark Steyn defends Ann Coulter
Awesome anagrammer
Worked to Death
In the name of the Rock, the Paper, and the Holy Scissors. Amen
Thanks, Comcast!
The Hanging Monastery
Chinese Death Vans
What A Great Hole!
Buzz Aldrin punches a playa-hata in the face
How homosexuality is evolutionarily useful
Interest by any other name...Lloyds TSB assists Muslims in blatant hypocrisy
Fascinating! the Constitution of the Confederate States of America
Opera 9!
The Great Ripoff
A "third way" on net neutrality?
Sorry I sank your boat. Have an iPod!
Jap PM Koizumi really needs to get laid
Cane Toad Leather Purse...With 2 Heads! Just $85
Poon Lim, the man who survived 133 days on a raft
Interesting article about a Bio-fuel entrepreneur
Epidurals kill (because hospitals are full of morons)
LOL...Daily Show on some obscure Democratic race
Julia Gorin: "Our Dad Who Art In Heaven"
The Christian Guide To Fisting
Scott Adams's best gift ever received: a losing lottery ticket
Mexico & Alberta: a comparison
Steve H reviews Takei's book...devastatingly :-D
Rejected Ask MetaFilter Questions
Catholic Church goes PoMo
Extortr-the latest Web 2.0 startup
Time to break up Iran
Finally, proof that 1+1=2!
Matt Stone's memo to the MPAA
Iran: we'll nuke you if you attack us
Euronazis going after Paul Belien for homeschooling now
Questions about North Korea? STFU n00b, read the FAQ!
Why Heinz ketchup is the perfect condiment
Proof that modern art is a friggin' joke
The Earth Sandwich
Scientology is Gay
The amazing thing isn't that it's 5 babies...it's that a man got pregnant at all!
Comic Books Desperately Struggle For Relevancy
Homeland Security: Protecting America's T-Shirt Copyrights
The Unfunny Truth About Scientology
Aww, thank you baby, you know I got a little Spanish in me...Girl, you ain't Spanish!
9 Worst Convenience Foods In The World
If College-Themed Porn Were Real
Eat The Whales
Orwell: A Hanging
Starch is weirder than you can possibly imagine
Japs to cure Alzheimer's
The Simpsons on Soccer
Migraines = High Sex Drive
Lie Bot, What Is The Saddest Thing?
Who loves penises more than Stormi and Throb?
Asparagus Juice: A Review
Beastly Mispronunciations
How To Demand A Little Privacy From Your Cat
Great Giana Sisters: the little-known Amiga & C64 ripoff of Super Mario Brothers
Hadji Girl...ROFL.
And now, Israel boycott campaign comes to HIGH SCHOOLS.
Jordanian intel's role in the killing of Zarqawi: "Operation Hotel Martyrs"
Soccer Players: Why Are They Such Pussies?
The Cat Guide To Humans
Girl On Guy Sexual Harassment
Her People Love Fashion At A Bargain
The Greatest Mimic: the Lyrebird (via Tiemann)
Nat'l Guardsmen on border to be unarmed, with no kevlar...great
Rated PG for suggestive religious language
Cool optical illusion
An innocent mother killed with a bullet to the head, her baby in her arms: just another victim of America's SWAT teams
Russell Crowe's Stooge Explains Why Journalists Are Such Whores
Implanting a magnet in your fingertip gives you a sixth sense
Canada's finest young lads: bring me (the head of) Stephen Harper!
Butt Paste!
Finally, A Bush Administration Policy The Arabs Can Get Behind
Does John Kerry have compromising photos of Bush with a male intern?
Gingrich wins straw poll
The amazing, creepy slime mold
Color Photographs of WWI - The Western Front
Ron Jeremy has a LiveJournal. Okay, NOW the internet is complete.
Insightful, Timely News From MSNBC
Enormous oil reserves remain to be discovered in North America; obstacle is obsolete 50s prospecting techniques
Why the Left hates Jeff Goldstein so damn much
Six Muslim thugs kill and rob a white guy in NYC, yelling "get the white motherfucker". Police shrug, charge only three with murder, none with "hate crimes".
The Adventures of Dr. McNinja...ROFL!!!
MC Hammer Has A Blog
Hundred Thousand Dollar Bill, Yall
Global Tax Misery Index: Texas Doing Good
John Kerry says "blah blah blah"
Psycho little high school bitch spikes competitor's Mountain Dew with Clorox. WTF?
Chinese condom
-Er Or -Or? A semi-explanation that made some sense to me
Insane greedy SOB CEO proposes implanting RFID chips in immigrants to US
15-foot-tall wave of molasses kills 21; Boston has never been the same since
Amazing time-lapse radar track of FedEx planes arriving in Memphis FedEx hub in the middle of a thunderstorm
Crap! Someone Wrote Another Article About Illegal Cheese!
The Apple-Polisher Shows The POW What REAL Courage Looks Like
world's most expensive kitten toy
I can't improve on this brilliantly funny headline
Shiny Mudballs, the craze that's sweeping Japanese elementary schools (via Den Beste)
Guy gets identity stolen, tracks down the thieves and has them jailed. Awesome!
A Belgian Family Thanks American Soldiers
Google's secret plan to fuck your mom!
Finally! Paris Hilton records an album!
Literally, A Pedant
Dildocycle (NSFW)
Teresa Nielsen Hayden: Greetings From The Melting Pot
The Hobo Code
Mysterious Tibet
Ten Things I Hate About Commandments
Think medicine is science? Hah! Think again...
Mexico may not get a Chavez-flunky Prez after all
Denny Hastert Goes Moonbat
Aridog's UK Twin Sells His Van On EBay
Did our product blind you? Here's a coupon for another free product!
Ronald Reagan Went Back In Time To 1930s, Planted HIV In Chimps
Iraqis Love Lionel Richie
Drive Beer: The Beer For People Who Drive
A North Korean Like You Is Easier To Kill Than A Chicken
Dada Vinci Code
Who Owns The US National Debt?
Technorati hooks up with the AP
Et tu, Hastert?
The Empire That Was Russia: really old color photographs of Russia @ the Library of Congress
The rise of organized crime syndicates may mean the Left's days are numbered in Latin America
Barney Frank, Free-Market Ideologue
They Laughed When I Sat Down At The Keyboard
Germans are whiners
Al Qaeda's most brilliant theoretician: intelligence services "identified" and "watched" him, too
Three Gorges Dam Photos
Pill reverses PVS
London's Very Important Rock
French Girly-Men are Terrified of their "Voracious, Predatory" Women
Suckers rush to be fleeced
The Essential Bush
Prince Charles, World-Class Moron
The Moonie-Sushi Connection
Pakistani cuts off bride's nose, lips on suspicion of cheating
CS Lewis's advice to young people: the Inner Ring
QANTAS-Australian for SHIT
What happened to dynamic range?
My dick is bleeding. Should I drink juice?
Backwards Movies-this is fun!
What does the Hebrew here say?
IBM the next GM?
World's Worst Tattoos
Amazing Soviet buildings that never got built
CAIR making shit up again
Enron, chickens, and the problem with eugenics: or why self-referential fitness evaluation doesn't work
A Nobody quits his job over Condi commencement speech
How did ancient Roman music sound?
Henge Discovered. Great Big F'ing Henge.
Some Americans take to scooters in face of high gas prices; other Americans point and laugh
airforcewife: at least THIS isn't your son's haircut
Confirmed from horse's mouth: Ahmadinejad letter was invitation to Islam, precursor to sneak attack
No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy? No, it's not about the Marines...
Which countries' citizens Google "sex" the most obsessively?
A resource for Aridog and Frank
Peggy Noonan: the base is about to teach Republican politicians a lesson
How To Good-Bye Asthma: If You Infect Yourself With Hookworms. Malarkey? Or Effective Way?
The Anus Motion (safe for work)
Story of a mark for the Nigerians
Ben Stein says "Tax the rich!"....and I agree with him!
Ahmadinejad's boring lecture to Bush
Real Life Hamburglar Gang
David Blaine's hands
Friendly Microsoft Sales Practices
Ceiling Cat
Pimp My Ride: President Bush Episode
Hippo innocent of eating dwarf
Dolphins use names
Robber risks life sentence to turn in child molester
Why trees have a rough time thriving in brand-new subdivisions
Friends, Romans, Englishmen: Help!
Manute Bol invented "My Bad"?
Tribe that doesn't understand time or numbers threatens Chomsky's "Universal Grammar" theory
Chavez wants referendum on 25 more years in office. Jimmy Carter has precertified the referendum as a fair and free ballot
Learning a new language without even trying?
Goss forced out over Cunningham hooker scandal?
Fox News makes voters more Republican
Girls are so pretty.
Huygens lands on Saturn's moon Titan: totally awesome video
Israeli hackers have a message for Iran
...and have fun!
Yes, but only a human could invent the Fing-Longer (or the buzzing prayer rug)
Why San Fran is so gay
God holds a Socratic dialog with a mortal on free will
Hell is other people. So is heaven.
The fucked-upness of rape in America
No Wetbacks, No Burritos! [Calling V the K]
Female:English Dictionary
Everyone needs a hug
Trade deficits are bullshit
Critics aghast at movie that shows Castro's evil
That beer belly will kill you
Most "Maryland" Crab is Asian; the decline of Chesapeake Bay
How Norway ended up with two languages
Biggest Oil Find Ever Puts US reserves on par with Venezuela's
Bush & Bizarro Bush @ WH Correspondents' Dinner
RIP Ford: Google SketchUp is now free!
Capitals & Capitols
Filed under "things zorkie is absolutely not allowed to buy"
Democrats search for winning strategy
Save Mom!
The comparison shopper's guide to languages
Why Doctors Don't Do Email
A Portrait of the (Last) Ninja as an Old Man
Ford Moron Company kicks out new Mustang's designer
Debunking the hybrid hype
The ultimate blog commenting experience?
You have got to be kidding me: Nintendo renames upcoming console "Wee"
€11,000, 157 mpg
Linux: the European threat to American computing
ViM 7 approacheth
Douglas Adams on the Ages of Sand
It's like the Daily Show, except funny!
Dana Priest's Pulitzer Rescinded
CafePress bouncing checks to bloggers?
The amazing story of Nauru
Shaving cream is a racket!
Val Bundy
The Object-Oriented Circle of Life
How to find your [goddamn|fucking] keys (or anything else you've lost)
Victoria's secret? Women weaken men.
Cajun food in full recovery
Fish excretes alcohol; can survive 4 months without oxygen
MySpace takes tough measures against child molestors
How Spanish cops dealt with hostage-taking bank robber
Japanese invention: Better Band-Aid
How to turn American students into Nazis
Theodore Tugboat's Miraculous Bridge-Crossing
80,000 Square Miles of Salt
China's Social Security problem
Chertoff to get tough on employers of illegals
Iran's IRG terrorist training camp in Iraq
Sarkozy no conservative
Estranged Greenpeace founder advocates nuclear power
“crack baby” scare a scientist's hoax to generate funding
IDF's Rachel Papo: Serial No. 3817131
Apple makes a little girl cry
Password crack times for various complexities of password
Muslims in B of A shakedown
Wal·Mart stops selling guns in 1000 US stores (1/3rd of total)
Neil Young is a wanker
Oh noes, “Faces of Death” was fake!
US scientists develop amazing new weapon intended for Iran
Evolution vs. Norse Theology
”What crime has my daughter committed?”, he yelled, slapping his daughter
Who the fuck is Mike Gravel?
Desertification of SE UK
12-year-old's original heart successfully restarted, 10 years after transplant
Google CEO Schmidt's pathetic China rationalization
6th Global Hawk joins USAF fleet
That's right, Nazi boys, we ARE more dangerous than Iran. So you better watch it!
DHS conspiracy to bury Chinese nose-hair trimmers in Arizona? Rumsfeld's uncontrollable erections? Read all about it!
Who wants to go to Argentina with me?
The perils of live advertising
American missile demonstration in response to Iran
Saved by his own blog
Abstinence Sucks
Mike Royko @ the Billy Goat, pontificating on softball
The Laser Monks
Donald Sensing on the “Judas Gospel”
Two guys and a girl on a desert island (via Den Beste)
Limitless presidential power? AG refuses to rule out warrantless wiretapping of domestic American phone calls
Reasons to refuse the Breathalyzer
JK Rowling vs. Thin
Chiropractor claims he can travel in time to heal injuries
Free historic photograph of the Kotel
The Right Brothers-“Bush Was Right” [mp3]
And you thought cutting was weird?
The Soccer Globetrotters
Liberal pussies wear “ethical” jewelry
New brain anatomy feature to be named the “Lewis Cortex”
China is even counterfeiting chicken intellectual property
How to have cybersex
Torah cocktail parties!
Pope Benedict: one year later
japs did katrina lol
Print this out, sign it, and slip it in your cable bill this month
Islamonazis attack Dunkin Donuts!
France's most unforgivable sin
All aboard survive crash of military's biggest cargo plane
jews did port arthur lol
“First Goatse”-people's reactions on being shown goatse (SFW)
How to speak sexy English (NSFW, reg req'd)
Hybrids consume more total energy than SUV's
Penn & Teller: gun control is bullshit!
Buy my wife's box! My cock won't fit in it.
The entire Talmud was once banned by the Catholic church
The latest child rapist defense: “she's too skanky for me”
Do the Lynndie!
GM's collapse will be sudden and brutal
The coolest fucking robot ever.
In the future, flying will be...free of charge?
25 high-quality free fonts
Oh noes! Fake breasts are not allowed in outer space. They explode!
The “Berlin Heart” lets second baby with heart damage survive without heart transplant
How do you euthanize a whale?
Nature: endosymbiotic origin of mitochondria questioned
Swede Kennel Owner fined for refusing to sell puppy to lesbian
Debunking “the Flutie factor” in college admissions: big football victories don't have that much effect on entrance applications (sorry alums)
The Soviet role in the founding of Israel...Menachim Begin was NKVD agent?
The many flavors of Rice
Freakonomics guy: no difference in IQ between toddlers of different races
Interesting extracts from ex-Mossad chief Efraim Halevy's book
Photos of Trixie Gleeson's baptism
How Dillingham, Alaska blew $200 grand of our money
New toilet seat is saddle-style
Apple In Sex & Drugs Rampage
Leeds prof suspended over black/white IQ remarks
Emerald Bile
How to ruin a delicious oatmeal cookie
Reason mag interview with Norman Borlaug
Bore-O-Meter and Annoy-O-Scope
Giant centipede kills and eats mouse
Danes on strike; demand right to drink 6 beers at work
Katie Holmes must give birth in complete silence
Ur tablet treasure trove found
Dear Moravia: Please send Jews. Love, Canada
Google hires justdanny?
Scientologists remove implanted body thetans
Amazon review: Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor
Unemployment: the French just don't get it
All the billionaires have guns in NYC
Captive CPT'er Loney was homo
Swirling Vortex of Doom: Lake Peigneur
Global warming is globaloney, part XVI
Creepy Nork spectacles
Neurons talk to silicon
Putin plagiarized dissertation
Castro has all his used underwear burned; likes to watch porn tapes of Spanish businessmen with Cuban prostitutes
Cheney invites Helen Thomas to go quail hunting
Depression is easy!
Crazy Woman Creek Bancorp
Seattle chick knits sweater for tree
Incredibly inane attack on Malkin @ RedState
Ruby is Groovy
Guy: If I can't stop ogling boobies, does that make me a tranny?
Proust's Longest Sentence
This is what happens when you ban cockfighting
New outfit for airmen finalized
Eric Johnson + Joe Satriani: My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama
John Podhoretz on the Democrats' “incompetent” angle
CIA guy: it wouldn't be that hard to stop Iran
A little emotion from the Supreme Court
Firefox bug breaks up 5-year couple's engagement
Condi, you big coon!
The paulaBean
Meet A Black Guy
The Wand
A peek at Chomsky's portfolio
In GM's topsy-turvy world, paying $140,000 to get rid of an employee is a bargain
Arise, chicken, arise! Arise chicken!
Goths will rule the world
Prince's NBA landlord is pissed!
Bone crackers are useless parasites shocka
Purim Haikus
Howto: Destroy The Earth
Study: Children secretly enjoy beatings
Unqualified bozo turns down other bozo as unqualified
The New New Bore
People's Power in Byelorussia?
Santana: “You think Sharon Stone is stupid? I can top that...”
Tag to step down, Condi to step up as NFL c'mish?
At least it wasn't his Johnson
Chef had a stroke; he didn't quit, Scientology quit his job FOR him
Vast underground river system in Mexican jungle
Visual demos of sorting algorithms
Like a bottle of ketchup...(Very NSFW)
Corruption explains poverty
Boffins: Republicans are whiny children
Cutting the deficit in half
Why antifreeze is so damned tasty
The Six-Stroke Engine...
More Communist desecration of culture: China bans [unusual|rare|old] names
Sophisticated Europeans can't tell that pornographic money is fake
That's My Boy!
Futurama fans: 26 new episodes coming!
The Museum of Black Superheros
Electronic voting much easier to game than Vegas slot machines
Bono on Christ
Randy Yates remarries (she's cute, too)
Judge lets child rapist free; he rapes two more children before being recaptured
What Dells are good for
Unsafe Situations
What's so special about this picture?
Deep Swiss Freeze
It's not Spore, but it sounds like a reasonably fun game...(probably NSFW)
New Orleans finally admits to gun-grabbing after Katrina
Start Your Own Police Department
How to subvert an NCAA tournament, relying only on IM and hormones
a gamer's dating life
Psychological trick for teachers: Do Not Come Into My Classroom
“Why I got fired from Apple”-hysterical
Saddam's leg sells for €4,400 on eBay
The end of FICO?
Hot sauce inhibits prostate cancer?
Naomi Wolf meets Jesus
New Nissan gas pedal safety feature: bumps your foot when you're about to crash
Imagine (a true story of life under the Nazis in wartime Poland)
Disabled baby “MB” wins right to stay alive in UK
Milosevic had drugs, alcohol smuggled into his cell
Stormi's Secret Identity Discovered!
Too Many Words About The Matrix
Gleesons under attack!
Product manual: version for Liberal Arts majors
Cock-blocking sperm
End of the Line: Shipbreaking in Bangladesh
aridog, you'll like this-on “Vietnamization”
McCain finishes last in straw poll...hee, hee.
Running with the Tarahumara
The Straight Dope on OK
GM's death rattles
Understanding Solomon's “This too shall pass”
Sarah Silverman & female comedy
Adoption demand up for Down's Syndrome kids
Why get plastered on Purim?
Hey DMoT: fractal animations!
The Nazis are keeping me down, man!
I didn't know Pollard was such a class act...
A social worker finally snaps
You gotta go to Kenya for a real fuckin' American who can follow directions
Google News Israel launches
huge solar storms coming; Al Gore will blame global warming
New, kosher lobster discovered; observant Jews rejoice
The Shape of Days returns at 10pm ZST
Status: Clitical
The harder you train, the quicker you recover
Motion Denied, Because You're An Idiot
A Diamond is Forever
we tested this link and found it safe
Real-Life Simpsons
Thanks, Cathy! We really needed to know that!
Iranian press: Helmut Kohl heartily agrees the Holocaust never happened
Really no big deal
learn to pay attention
My Boyfriend Josh
Gary "I like to fuck little girls" Glitter gets 3 years
Intelligent Design, the videogame
Senator to AT&T: you don't own the internet
Squandering our heritage: how the record companies thoughtlessly destroyed American cultural treasures
Alcohol a placebo?
Catholic teacher Pierre to Jewish student: "go to a furnace"
Microsoft i-Pod Human Ear Edition 2005
12 year old boy dramatically improves quality of crappy piece of abstract art
Miami, Third Holiest Port in Islam
The cruelest dishes in Chinese “cuisine?
Hedonics: defining away inflation
US to drop MOABs on the next Katrina?
Preemies more prone to anxiety and depression?
Calvin & Hobbes Search Engine
CBS makes hay at the expense of cops
WHO: "we have no opinion on the future existence of blondes"
How they lived in the Stone Age
Dubai has all the fun
Read the headline.
5 Reasons To Get Cancer
Squirrel in the birdfeeder? It could be worse...
Just give it back, you goddamn nosy hippie
Need hydrogen? Grow it!
What are you thinking about?
Red Ken suspended from his job as mayor for 4 weeks
Blogs For McCain's Opponent
more reasons to join the Democratic freak-out over UAE ports sale
UAE is buying PNO's 18% of one-half of one-seventh of the Port Authority...
Sex with a partner: 400% better
Look in the comments for video of joem's niece's wedding :-)
The left is salivating over a theory that Dick Cheney is cheating on his wife
for joem: the amazing bass page
Moron WaPo columnist says learning algebra unimportant
Americans bearing arms rarely wrong
Be Your Own Therapist-Lama Yeshe
The 50 gayest & manliest things ever
Scientists as drawn by 7th graders, before and after a visit to Fermilab. Cute!
A Farewell to Teflon
Frank IBC, John Dvorak in sinister conspiracy to break up California
Qadafy Ghaddafi Daffy jumps on the Infidoodle bandwagon
Strike on Iran? Bulgaria's in.
neo-neocon on boring, preachy liberal movies
Guided missile systems to the Egyptian navy...why?
SALT-II graveyard of the B-52's
The best way to have a restful powernap? Caffeine beforehand.
Bruce Schneier: why your wallet will always be fat
Cool art: miniature citizens of food
Billy Mitchell predicted the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1924.
Janet Reno sings RESPECT (caution: must have a strong stomach)
joke: Salman Rushdie's next book (with cognac to barnstorm)
What you would see if we had Google Adsense ads running on Bloggie
Google attacks Michelle Malkin
Top Gun Brokeback Squadron
funny lotion ad (possibly NSFW)
Kanye West wants to be in the Bible
John Titor, a time traveler from the near future
Iran to women: wear the hijab, or get 72 lashes
Ledeen slams WaPo, Fisks some whiny slobberer called Vick
Larry Elder: The (blue) SOTU Address
72 Canadian potash miners walk out unharmed
Psst-wanna see an Octopus eating a Shark? Of course you do...
Ben Stein: "cars can't run on envy"
Guy pumps oil into couple's basement, renders their home uninhabitable
Republican Congressman's wife ejected from State of the Union for wearing "support the troops" t-shirt
Davos "Global Agenda" fishwrapper disappears vile antisemitic tract
Mozart, hacker.
a 2,000 year old date seed germinates, produces a Jerusalem date palm
Funny Bush impression (quicktime)
Guy dresses up as Stormtrooper, wanders around Japanese subways
How human memory works: "storage size" isn't a problem
Achewood's Chris Onstad: "I might get back into web design"
The Secret Menu @ In-N-Out Burger
Celebrity Deathmatch: Tornado vs. Rainbow
The 30,000 Calorie Sandwich
The Ultimate Guide to the Hottest Women in Classical Music
Hilarious video: Dane Cook doing an impersonation of Tom Cruise
Darleen Click: why are corporations allowed to court illegal immigrants?
Jeff Harrell is blogging at Wizbang now, too!
The craziest scam in history...ever.
General Patton has a message for you maggots from beyond the grave
Hard Sci-fi author James Hogan on HIV, AIDS, and scientific heresy
How to tell Wal·Mart "No"
Doggy Steps!
China ties the knot with Iran to the tune of $100 billion—anyone think they'll vote against Iran in the Security Council?
pentagon bureaucratic absurdity: soldiers ordered to get rid of more-effective private-sector body armor, or lose life insurance payouts to their families if they are killed
Chuck Norris Facts
Neal Pollack doesn't give a flying anal gland about James Frey
Confused about the difference between UK, Great Britain, British Isles, etc? This handy-dandy Venn diagram explains all!
Eat HuFu, the healthy human flesh alternative!
scientology's death contract
This is no game, by Jack Handey
Songs:Illinois-great country, folk, etc mp3 blog
Lazer Brody on Sharon's indisposition
A furious woman scorned is behind the downfall of Scanlon-serves him right!
Toddlers' talking Elmo book: "Who wants to die?"
a beautiful ring for your sweetie
NPR is buying the top listing for the keyword "Israel" in Google
Man f*cks Crab
For those who wondered, Marko had a live-in girlfriend in 1996 :-)
Movie & TV show fonts
what it's like for a disabled man to see a sex surrogate
911-dialing cat saves guy's ass
O! You Jaywalking Jews!
Typographica's favorite fonts of 2005
Least Essential Albums of 2005
Orson Scott Card on training your brain with videogames
The Scourge of Arial
New Scientist: 13 things that don't make sense
A letter from David Cross to Larry the Cable Guy
On the Origin of Race In the Eruption of Some Volcano
Grad student goes to extraordinary, inventive lengths to recover her stolen thesis
Child molester Gary Glitter pays $4k to avoid the Vietnamese firing squad
War of the Hell: super-weird & captivating Japanese Java game
The most hated IP address of 2005
Mystery household sponge can kill superbugs
Did Amazon's price on your purchase drop? Get the difference back!
Playboy in Braille? You better believe it!
Frank: how poor medical industry usability kills patients
How the Pill's inventor got it wrong
If you *simply must* make love to cattle, at least buy your own! Sheesh!
DJ calls Morales pretending to be Mr. Bean Zapatero
RadioMatt, you might like this: The Story of Captain Midnight
Courtney Love on the real piracy...who knew she could write so well?!
Is it really that hard? (via SondraK)
A beautiful steam locomotive: the Pennsylvania Railroad GG1
marine momma thread
You Are Beautiful
non-embryonic stem cells show promise to treat brain damaged children
"Why You Should Continue To Date Me: A Series Of Charts And Graphs"
Amazon innovatively expands "Search Inside The Book" feature to other product categories
Jonah on Ahmadinajad: He's nuts and he's after nukes. So why is TIME treating him with kid gloves?
Management techniques of the bottom 95%
ABC: "We Are The Show"
Boffins: fructose is what makes you fat
Military orders chaplains not to mention Jesus
Hwang's earlier work under scrutiny: his cred goes from bad to worse
Think you're good at Tetris?
fish wif two moufs
Pak earthquake was intel bonanza
new page: active threads since midnight on DL
russian drunk calendar
Airline miles: funny money
the physics of shaped charges
groper killed by mob
Virgin letter to Qantas, and a dare (and a funny picture)
enjoying the bourgeois aesthetic of Westerns
The Economist: the story of wheat
Ledeen agrees with our diffrel: CIA recruited Ahmadinajad
My toilet habits are vindicated by science!
big balls=tiny brains?
Fake Chinese Tamiflu
Faces of Meth
Matisyahu fans: download live performances here!
Frank-truly excellent SQL tutorial (I learned some stuff from it!)
Luke Ford has a fascinating look at an early 90's controvery about Jews and Hollywood
state-of-the-art Chinese police cars
Japs attack Google with Five Year Plan...we're doooomed!
Mentos + Diet Coke = Wow
300+ proofs God exists! #139 is my favorite...
Hwang's computer seized
Henrietta Lacks's immortal cancer is considered a species in its own right
Did the ancients fly?
Desktop Mario action figure! With Famicom-style controller!
Squirreleo & Juliet
weird conspiracy theory about Dave Chappelle's fall from grace
French school lunches
Israelis invent nano-bulletproof vest
Powers of Ten-hokey but charming presentation of inner and outer space.
Medical malpractice crisis a myth?
Steyn on the Democrats' quagmire
Radiohead fans: if you can use bittorrent, download this remix album
Faces of Jackson
Lindsay Lohan has only one facial expression
2006 Jaguar X-Type will only retain 21% of its value in five years.
Stupid Domain Names
Man skydives from a balloon near the edge of space, 30 km up...
Benford's law: why so many numbers begin with 1
Futurama resurrection?
The continuing degeneration of British society: happy-slapping teen becomes murderer
Revirginisation surgery-it ain't just for muslimahs any more...
Very fascinating airline industry weblog
Dr. Hwang: a fungus ate my homework!
Stop sitting on Santa's lap, Amerikkka!
the worst web designer on earth
Fjordman makes FrontPage Magazine!
Yoko "Antichrist" Ono authorizes John Lennon action toy
Blast rocks Russian nuclear plant
Hum me a few bars...
papijoe, check it out. More trouble for Hwang: research breakthrough was faked!
Feed a family of 4 for $40/week
Big. White. Bad.
Hugo's BFF set to win Bolivian presidency; get your boyfriend out, Frank!
Man Sues Dog
Google to buy Opera? Holy Shitcakes!
In the tsunami's wake, the sea is still dead
Early Iraqi voting pictures
Color photos of America in the late 30's-early 40's
Aussie surfers invade Indonesia; military on high alert
Why Harry Potter would make a bad IT pro
Hilarious introduction to sushi (you need Quicktime to see it, via Althouse, via MeFi)
PKD: do we still live in Biblical times?
wikipedia critic hoist by own petard. Daniel, Atta Benzona!
The 500-mile email radius
If you're gonna get mugged, do it in Poland! Hilarious hijinks ensue...
The NYT loves Proust
Google makes machine translation a reality
The Bush bubble-biased, but interesting article
Give peaceful, sweet, gentle Tookie clemency...or ELSE!
A typical IT project
artists are best described as schizophrenic sluts
crazy russian extreme street climbing video
an atheist in the woods
At Les Blogs, another bloggers' mutual wankathon conference, Six Apart's Mena Trott interrupts her lecture on civility to call someone an asshole. (Quicktime)
The Biggest Problem
Fuck everything, we're doing five blades!
dear morons: rejoice!
Al Qaeda claims to have conquered Ramadi
Gullyvornia Supreme Court: No quarter for Tookie. Now it's up to Governor Arnold "Plo Chops" Schwarzenneger
Nagin: Please come back to the plantation? Please?
How to Good-Bye Depression: If You Constrict Anus 100 Times Everyday. Malarkey? Or Effective Way?
RIP NYPD Officer Stewart, a hero
The official Mormon position on masturbation. Boys only!
Arnie Does Rio
Don't Be That Guy, Episode 1: "Charlie Wenzel"
This is totally the best Thanksgiving ever!
NZ finds Black Cocks hard to swallow
Real-life Lupin the IIIrd
Xenu TV
Just Land It.
Close Encounters Of The Door Kind
This is ever-so-slightly beyond my competence.
Best. Headline. Ever.
Why 3 dimensions of space?
No justice for Zahra Kazemi
Sun rises in East. Moon revolves around Earth. Water is wet.
Harry Potter's Wand
what's gonna happen when jeff harrell's countdown stops?
Jews for Iran?!
Canada's Governor General giving a drunken speech...anyone know what's going on here? I sure don't speak French..
Stop using AOL Instant Messenger, or a 15 year old in Uzbekistan is going to be your computer's new owner
the DEITY of quarters
sexy (!) classical music
Fed chairman nominee Bernanke's controversial "money helicopter" speech about deflation
typewriter fonts
Free machine translation to English, of both Hebrew and Arabic
Scooter Libby to be indicted?
female circumcision reduces female orgasm risk by 99%, says the prophet (pbuh!)
indonesia's military intelligence behind Bali bombings?
20 best freeware fonts for serious purposes
it's hard to get lipstick off mirrors.
Chinese people are keeping secrets from us!
kianb, I think I've found your soulmate ;-)
Ed-celebrity hurricane boxing for you! Katrina vs. Andrew
Worst. First. Date. EVAR
Mark Cuban has a blog! And it's good!!!
300 essential free truetype fonts
Slow news day, Matt?
How to search the Deep Web
150 tips & tricks on cleaning
Thomas Lifson on Harriet Miers
A Jew, a Hindu and a lawyer walk into a barn...
The pussification of the Israeli man, sorta...
Are yu cawlin' me a Seppo? Them's fahtin' wurds!
France cancels Iranian exhibition to show displeasure
boffins push blob with pure light shocka!
The Childhood Goat Trauma Foundation
For the lady who think sher sh*t don't stank...
For the man with everything except discernment...
Like my friend Shauna, this lady loves to lick balls (video is halal)
Meet Kate Cruise (ugh)
Tabasco is safe from Katrina!
cnn's retard in chief tells it like it is
wag the blog
Did you think Jews for Jesus was a weird idea? Try Gays for Allah!
Chavs go to war with Goths in the UK
Finally, long-suffering cypriphobes can get some relief! (haram)
MIT physicist reconciles Genesis and modern cosmology: The World Is Both Old And Young (thimbleful of cognac to joem).
Lee Harris - The Poetry Of A Simple Creed
Another fine site hosted by Hosting Matters (slightly haram)
Lesser-known use for Lysol (haraam!)
how to photograph flying insects
Al Fayed is truly tasteless
neat photography
blind date with a crack whore! (probably nsfw)
the greatest commercial ever
Custom emblems for your car
This website makes me want to cry
Recreating Pavlov
again, PLEASE hug your kids (very NSFW!)
parents freaking out their kids with a chainsaw
Interview with Mythbusters's Adam Savage
The Life Straw
this is what happens when you don't hug your kids
Sorry, but I don't quite see the humor.
Why you should never post your picture on the internet.
250 a month? I'll take 3!
So creepy, this product: Almost. (NSFW!)
Interview with Michio Kako
Kramerica Online
how to choose gross foods to eat
Ebert hands Rob Schneider his ass
walmart employees administer death penalty
Cool time-lapse vid of cicado eclosing
More amazing hummingbird photography
vomit etiquette for the classy drunkard
Thousand Sons! Bill "Calvin and Hobbes" Watterson in 1989 on the state of comics. Nothing has changed, except now we have the web, especially Achewood :-)
mmm...yummy risotto
Apache chopper vs. Lotus sportcar-wow!
Totally awesome French police dog training clips
The Daily Show explains Scientology
I want to have his baby.
Ladies' letters to their labia (NSFW!1!!1!)
Conservative Blog Taxonomy
Yahoo Adsense?
IDF Dave's IDF Schwag
Sex-Ed for "Trainables" (Long & NSFW)
*NSFW: cheeky* Electric Toothbrush Teenage Girl Shocka!
Monkeys With Man Brains
Whoever said French people don't appreciate ghetto booty was WRONG (probably NSFW)
Why Travis Will Never Have A Girlfriend
He should have strangled her to unconsciousness, then gotten Judge Greer to starve her to death
Mile Tyson to star in porn
I immediately ordered a dozen bottles (NSFW! Watch the movie too, hee hee)
Yakuza strangeness
Queenan reviews Klein's Hillary book-funny
australian butlers
Zero Wing Rhapsody: All Your Base Are Belong To Queen!
ancient dildo discovered
beer price war coming!
sweet wallet
This is interesting-a Catholic take on e=mc²
I am sure you will agree about how totally freaking awesome this is.
Ugly Ripe Tomatoes
real-life smoove b
Pinky, you went too far this time!
Forskae the Troops: Pwn'ed (courtesy of militarybrat)
the fecal fortress: worst roommate ever
Remember that this is all two-dimensional!
A collection of Soviet calculators!
the 70's were TOTALLY AWESOME
omg i want one soooo bad
it's like the hypnotoad, except different
Unicorn Orgy: The Making-Of
Need pregnant animal photos? You're in luck!
The sanitization of Starbucks' raunchy logo
helluva way to get your tongue pierced!
surreality camera
(NSFW!) get this lady a wheelbarrow
Shoplifting for DummiesA reference for the rest of us!
David Hasselhof Paper Airplane!
heterosexual porn improves your sperm
don't mess with secretaries
American Obstetrics Association motto…
Nuanced ≠ Smart
A single brain cell can recognize a face!
music video for Owner Of A Lonely Heart
Man can summon UFOs on demand. Video!
amazing basketball
interview with the guy who sliced his arm off to get out from under a boulder
Phallic Logo Awards
Point-Counterpoint: New Jersey
do you own any of these cds?
the right angle for your dangle. what else could a man want?
Jewhoo. For all your famous Jew needs.
pimp bitchslapped
What European tribes think of one another
dude. you're bogarting the snake venom, maaan
cocaine is a hell of a drug. wtf happened, lindsay? you used to have tits!
100 top war flix ever
Super Mario get angry stupid Japanese old style society
geek fantasies. i think #4 is my favorite
mysterious piano man
boris's testimony
playstation 3-amazing specs!
removing a parasite
Amazing video of a sandstorm in Iraq
you think your mom is crazy?
Wurst. Logo. Evar.
Overheard in NYC
70's style
Gallic gall bladder removed
Performance artist or moron?
look at these beautiful puppies!
let's play turbotanks!
Dionne Warwick's Cosmic Peephole
Sine!!! This is for you!
hello, ladies
best halftime show EVAR
Settled: Tiger Woods is white
Yuck, J-Lo! (NSFW)
Steyn on the Pope (thanks to Photios)
look up sex offenders near you! could it be your neighbor? your boss? you? ME?!
i bet you never expected to read the following sentence: microsoft open-sources anti-pedophile software. kudos, microsoft!
holy schnieke! snake eats roo
oochie woochie, ouchie wowchie
the fountainhead: the skull force parody
Pete wrote a lovely eulogy for Pope John Paul II
lost for 20 centuries, then found: the gospel of judas
"how to look after my (your) balls"
the culling of 300000 seal cubs has begun in canada
dogs love gum
The darker side of ducks
I, for one, welcome our new Mandarin overlords. I'd like to remind them that as a trusted Bloggie personality, I can be helpful in rounding up others to toil in their underground Nike sweatshops.
REVOLUTIONARY t-shirt folding method. your life will NEVER BE THE SAME after you watch this!
get your screen cutely cleaned
Top Secret Google Project: GoogleXP!
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