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The Tailor : a tale of cultural confusion
Isn't this cosy? Hamas and Fatah sign truce deal
Royal Wedding!!1!1!
Trees - The Green Testament (by Dry Bones)
Pipe bomb explodes on roof of Chabad House in LA
Judge Goldstone 'reconsiders' his biased report on Israel
I wonder if zorkie had anything to do with this
Journey to the center of the earth - in glorious technicolour pictures
Over 100 dead in New Zealand earthquake
Iran naval ships enter Suez Canal
How to rebuild IKEA
The best customer service prank ever!
Well, that's a relief! Bit of a shame though
Egyptian Revolution Blues
Memory - for those senior moments
They should have asked my husband
Baruch Dayan Emet. Sonya Peres, wife of Pres. Shimon Peres
The Auschwitz Album
RIP Susannah York
Note quite the Riverdance that you know and love
My Blackberry's not working
Calling on Seattle and NW residents to act against anti-Israel bus signs
Zionist boom-booms make crocs lovey-dovey matey-matey
YouTube takes down Palestinian Media Watch - for hate speech
The Digital Nativity
Amazing baby knows all the capitals - but denies existence of Israel
Huge forest fire in northern Israel
Happy Hannukah!
The forgotten miracle: 29th November 1947
Beauty discrimination in job hiring. Not what you'd think
One Iranian nuke scientist killed, another injured, in Teheran
Judge Kimba Wood, standing up for women
Drilling under the Dead Sea through four Ice Ages
Obama! A very modern US President
Aung San Suu Kyi walks free
How do cats lap liquids so elegantly? Watch and learn
Never before seen: aerial footage of Post-WWI ravaged Europe
I'm a Grandpa!
The lampshade that drives its owners insane
Putin's black eye: facelift or beating? You decide
Vatican body does not believe in the Bible
South Korea's kimchi crisis deepens
Ehr kumt! He's coming. A Rosh Hashanah sermon with a difference
RIP Tony Curtis
What was Bloggie doing in Kenya?!
Shocka. Rock star admits he knows nothing about politics, visits Israel
Segway company owner killed driving his Segway off a cliff
Israel has defrosted
The 10th Man - a short, sweet comedy
Wishing Gmar Hatima Tova to all my friends. May we all be sealed in the Book of Life
Shana Tova to all my friends
7.1 Earthquake hits New Zealand, no serious casualties
The little black dress that is also a phone
Russia in colour a century ago
Crazy Cat Guy and Caboodles of Cats
JetBlue and El Al sign cooperation agreement, El Al gives JetBlue a friendly word of warning
The Iranian bomb
A wonderful person
Satire banned in Brazil ahead of elections
Obama warns Turkish PM over Israel
Israeli "Dubai passport forger" released by Germany, returns to Israel
Some good news out of the UK: Friends of Israel Initiative
Heroic pilot of the hijacked Sabena aircraft has died
Gazal Mall - shocking scenes of Zionist oppression
Otter Pups swim lesson
Quack March! (not a typo)
Knesset revokes MK Zouabi's privileges for taking part in flotilla
Rabbi Yehuda Amital. Baruch Dayan Emet
British ambassador eulogizes the terrorist Fadlallah
Rock the (Hebron) Casbah
UK arms factory saboteurs acquitted by anti-Israel judge
Hilarious accents
Timespeak: The Secret Decoder Ring for understanding the NYT's stance on Israel
Israel launches new spy satellite
Moonbat Oakland lunatics boycott non-Israeli boat
The Three Terrors. Quick! Watch it before YouTube takes it down
Hijacking their way out of tyranny - the forgotten hijack
"If Israel goes down, we all go down" - Spain's former PM
We can haz empier, rooling ur interwebz
Have you heard the one about Hamas?
The Intelligence & Terrorism Information Center - excellent resource
Mazal tov! Aharon Karov becomes a father
Turkeys are convinced by meat-eaters to vote for Christmas
Baruch dayan emet. Former Chief Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu passes away
Israel revokes residency rights of Hamas members
Erdogan ramps up the anti-Israel rhetoric. "Hamas is not a terrorist group"
Daniel in the Lion's Den - one brave lone pro-Israel protestor
The Ship(s) of Fools headed for Gaza
The seagull and the world's laziest cat
Happy Shavuot. Chag Sameach!
The Obama Administration's Middle East disaster (Israel-Palestine being the least of its troubles)
Chomsky denied entry into Israel. Yay!
Yom Yerushalayim (Jerusalem Liberation Day)
Confessions of a Jewish mother (my son has ruined my life)
Ani Yehudi (I'm a Jew)
Baruch dayan emet. Britain's "Lady J", former Chief Rebbetzin, passes away
Cleared by DNA tests - after 28 years in prison
3 people killed in Greek riots
The British journalist who refused to be a stooge for the Iranian regime
Car Bomb Neutralized in Times Square, NY
Gilad Shalit's father's video about his son
St. George's Day Parade, featuring ... a Lamb?
Burning UFO lands on Israeli beach
Israel: Defying the odds. A Happy Birthday thread
Israel's Memorial Day
It's dangerous being a senior
Powerful pictures of Jewish life in pre-War Poland
Eugene Terreblanche, South African white supremacist, murdered by his own workers
The world's shortest bicycle lane. In Britain of course
Dozens killed in Moscow metro bomb blasts
Could this be the first flicker of light at the end of the Middle East tunnel?
Britain expels Mossad diplomat over passport hanky-panky
A Land of Milk and Homer
US anger over East Jerusalem building is excessive
The Hurva Synagogue in the Old City is rebuilt and rededicated more than 60 years after being blown up by the Jordanians
Closing the circle: IDF nabs terrorist; the victim's fiancee is remarrying this week
The true colours of Israel Apartheid Week - language warning
The Israel bashers win at York U, Canada
IDF Field Hospitals to solve Obama-care crisis
Happy Purim!
The return of the Filofax
UN doesn't recognize Jewish heritage sites as belonging to Jews
Israelis invent... The Smell-a-Phone
Dore Gold has a new blog
Israeli non-assassin worried he might have problems abroad
RIP Alexander McQueen, British designer
The IDF's new sooper seekrit weapon (Odourless socks)
Kerfuffle at the JPost - New Israel Fund parliamentarian and author fired
Antisemitic incidents in UK at record high
Obama's State of the Union - the view from this end of the world
And now the bad news
First the good news
BBC (yes! *that* BBC) film debunks war crimes accusations against Israel
Oops. The glaciers are not melting after all
Glug! Flooding in Israel
Woman keeps a blog of her sleep-talking husband's funniest comments
Breaking - Iranian nuclear physics prof killed in bomb blast
Divest this! New website monitoring anti-Israel boycott initiatives
A shoe mystery for Salome - solved!
Is this another reason to avoid Green technology innovations?
The kibbutz that is saving American soldiers' lives
IDF kill 3 terrorists who killed an Israeli in drive-by shooting
Ahmed and Salim celebrate Christmas
A former terrorist speaks out on the Israel-Arab conflict
A slice of British antisemitism
The miraculous story of the Jews of Zakynthos, the Greek Island whose Jews were all saved during the Shoah
Flash mob in Ben Yehuda Street, Jerusalem
Mysterious death of yet another Russian journalist
Iran seizes 5 British sailors (again)
...and why is anyone at all allied with Austria?
Mission, er I mean *Pigeon*: Impossible
Another Vast Jewish Conspiracy (this time in Britain)
Israelis invent New Wound Dressing, Full of Antibiotics, Dissolves When Wound Has Healed
RIP Edward Woodward
Nasty investment bankers abandon kittehs
A computer for Grandma and Grandpa
Israel's hippo baby boom
2 worshippers shot outside Hollywood shul
Fossil Ida, hailed as Man's ancestor is 'not even close relative'
Human Rights Watch founder criticizes HRW for anti-Israel bias
Israeli spy sensors detonated on Lebanese border
Couldn't happen to a nicer fellow
Hope reborn: father who lost 3 children in terror attack, remarries and has triplets
Turkey and Armenia normalize ties after a century of hostility
Nobel shocker: Obama wins peace prize
Mind-boggle of the day: Israeli to buy Al Jazeera?
Another Israeli Nobel prize (chemistry)
Arctic Russia - a new blog
What is the real value of a Palestinian terrorist?
A very un-PC look at the HRC's Judge Goldstone
Bibi Netanyahu's speech to the UN - rips UN for Ahmadinejad 'disgrace', Goldstone report
Too funny :-). Israeli satire on the organ-harvesting blood libel. Hint: The Swedes did *not* like it
More trouble up Lebanon way? PM-elect Hariri resigns after failing to form cabinet
I'm having an attack of schadenfreude
Curiouser and curiouser: Did Israel "hijack" the Russian ship "Arctic Sea" and tip off the Russians about its illegal cargo?
Saying thank you to Nicholas Winton, the British Schindler, 70 years on
Oy vey. What did we do to deserve *this*?
80 years later - Remembering the Hebron massacre
Woman walks into Sheriff's office and claims she is girl who was abducted aged 11 in 1991
Israeli city to be sued over ... damaging the legacy of Mermaids
Russian power plant disaster death toll could reach 70
"Palestine" gets its own google domain. However...
Israel's incursion into Gaza: The official Israeli Gov't analysis. Please read and distribute widely
An almost Darwin award
"Ive already found my Prince Charming. It's the shoe that I'm looking for"
How the internet began. (Hint: It wasn't Al Gore)
Excellent news for Salomé
The first Jewish broadcast from Nazi soil
Further to the UK's sex advice for teens, now they're advising pensioners
It's that sexy Zionist chewing gum again
KKK man on FBI wanted list found in ... Tel Aviv
Meet the man who has exposed the great climate change con trick
Would you pay to ride this thing?
Israel Aircraft Industries forced out of fighter jet deal by the Pentagon
RIP Mrs. Slocombe of Are You Being Served fame
Yet another Airbus plane crash
The story of Israel in 1951 - wonderful video
Israeli cheeses make Aliya to America
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Moussavi
Shin Bet have solved the murder of Dr. Danny Yaakobi
Netanyahu's policy speech at Bar Ilan University
Why email was invented
New outpost in Samaria: Givat Obama
Amazing video of a miraculous failed suicide by train (in Israel of course)
Well, that wasn't really so scary (our air raid drill, that is)
Baruch dayan Emet. Yona Baumel, father of Zachary, the American-Israeli MIA in Lebanon since 1982, has died
This double standard is blatant and outrageous
First Israeli Phalcon AWACS lands in India
NY shul bombing thwarted
Report: Russia halts plans for Syria fighter jet sale
The art of advertising
Political proverbs for an age of unreason
Israel’s Fears, Amalek’s Arsenal
Only in Russia
Government moves to drop spying case against AIPAC staffers
Happy Independence Day Israel!
Israel's Memorial Day: The Dead in the Library
Israeli security drives away Somali pirates once again
Help the Elder of Ziyon! Important!
The normality of evil - letters exchanged between a German girl and a Jewish girl during the 30s
The painful truth about running shoes: run barefoot
Finally it's been decided: America to boycott Durban II
For the Brits amongst us: RIP Sir Clement Freud
Obama administration considers its surrender to Iran?
IDF Military Academy head protests mis-reporting, praises IDF's morality and religious soldiers
Israeli invention hopes to revolutionize skin cancer diagnosis
Yay Canada! Toronto beats the boycott
Earthquake in Italy - several casualties
Yet more very good news for bloggie ladies!
My goodness! Spanish prosecutors ask Spanish judge to suspend investigation of Israeli "war crimes"
Zionist Googlers strike again
13-yr old boy killed in axe-murder terror attack in Bat Ayin
Meet the Southwest Airlines rapping flight attendant
The Facebook Pesach Haggadah
My own humanitarian crisis
Good news for the bloggie ladies!
Greek neo-Nazi acquitted of Holocaust denial
Only in Israel - Getting engaged on a public bus
Here's a guy Aridog would love - the Israeli animal rescuer
Israeli planes bombed Gaza-bound weapons convoy in Sudan
Do you think this reporter is in the pay of Iran?
An obituary for Ron Silver and an interesting political insight
UK denying entry to Muslim extremist after all
2 Israeli policemen killed in shooting attack in Jordan Valley
Get your Little Red Rabbis here!
Baruch Dayan Emet: Rabbi B. Salomon, Chief Rabbi of Petach Tikva
Great news! Chas Freeman withdraws from Intelligence C'tee chairmanship bid
Delicious irony - Davis Cup: Israel beats Sweden 3-2
Another tractor terror attack in Jerusalem
Newsflash! Elders of Zion to retire
Advanced Grads hit Ashkelon - and my daughter was there!
RIP Wendy Richards, aka Miss Brahms of Are You Being Served?
Jonah Goldberg: Liberals are the true heirs of the Nazi spirit
Ungrateful ingrates
A list of Britain's most unfortunate names
Vladimir Putin faces rising anger from within Russian army
Geert Wilders film to be screened in Congress
New comet visible to the naked eye until early March
Greek media under threat from terrorists
Israel critic appointed to top intel post
Jewish Pentagon engineer falsely accused of spying sues Justice and Defence Depts.
Obama administration *will* assist in planning Durban II after all
Chavez wins "President for life" referendum
"Hatred is turning me into a Jew"
York (Canada) University - anti-Israel threats and riots
Boy of 13 becomes a father (UK of course)
Rainbow's end found - Great photo!
Buffalo, NY plane crash: nearly 50 dead
Hell on earth: Over 130 dead in Australian bush-fires
Ahmed & Salim: a terrorist training video (not)
About time! Israeli Navy boards Gaza-bound Lebanese 'peace' boat
Judea Pearl: Daniel Pearl and the normalization of evil
Kitties and other pets - your Awww! moment of the day
Vladimir Putin faces signs of mutiny in own government
A job for bloggie's pendants: Apostrophes abolished by town council
What is this? The Spanish Inquisition?
Soviet era time-warp apartment discovered in Leipzig
The world's best airline food complaint letter
The best of American inventiveness arrives in Israel
After all that hard work, Al Gore must be so disappointed
Why a non-Jewish Englishman joined the pro-Israel rally in London
Israel discovers hug natural gas deposit!
An eye for an eye - Arab attacker killed by his own rock
IDF get another "rich" target: Hamas interior minister
Prisoner no. 6 has died. RIP Patrick McGoohan
Chavez cuts ties with Israel
Katyushas fall once more in Kiryat Shmona
Bloggie commenter Double Tapper has been called up to IDF reserve duty
At last!!! Arab parties disqualified from Knesset elections
Now *this* is Israel chutzpah!
UN declares ceasefire. Israel says ho-hum
***BREAKING*** Katyushas hit northern Israel
A warning to babysitters everywhere
This is the beautfiul song dominating the Israeli airwaves: Ana beko'ach
IDF Ground op has begun in Gaza
Virgins for Martyrs Checkin Desk
One very sensible Arab
2 Israelis selling Dead Sea products wounded in Denmark shooting
Urgent! Give charity to the needy!
Gaza rockets hit Beer Sheva for the first time
Watch the video and sign the petition against biased reporting about Israel
UK NGOs use Christmas to attack Israel
Over 60 rockets and mortars fired at Southern Israel today
Shaul Ladany: The Israeli Holocaust survivor who has race-walked through the horrors of the 20th century
Israel's Keystone Cops
Killed by a weather rocket, man blows up his own funeral
Well done Microsoft! Yet another reason not to use IE
Outside Eilat: 25 killed in tourist bus accident
That Greco-Zionist Alliance
Guess who's thrown out Amira Hass from Gaza?
British Muslims have become a mainstay of the global jihad
How to not pay your bills
Britain's Occupied Territories
Israeli Gov't approves aliya of 150 Bnei Menashe from India
Stormi, we found your great-grandma's earring!
Just in time for Kristallnacht anniversary: 65 years on, 'Ivan the Terrible' John Demjanjuk faces trial in Germany
IAEA found uranium traces at alleged Syrian nuclear site bombed by Israel
Russia accepts Obama glacially - with a threat of missiles
More than 35 kassam rockets fired at Israel
Even the Guardian has noticed the MSM's bias for Obama and against McCain
Obama stock is overpriced, and a crash could really hurt
Elections for Israel!!!
Shas will not join Livni government. Elections upcoming in Israel too?
There's nothing quite like El Al
Iran exposes pigeon-brained espionage plot, literally
RIP Mr. Blackwell, he of the Worst-Dressed List
Sukkot in Jerusalem - with pictures
Brilliant British satire: How the markets really work.
Earth from above. Stunning aerial photographs
Why don't miracles like this ever happen to us?
CK features in an entire JPost article
Free Falafel for the Falafel People! And Tabouleh. And Kubbeh. And Hummus
So we're not doomed after all
Help!! The internet is running out!
Group of tourists kidnapped in southern Egypt
Truck bomb kills 60 in Marriott Hotel, Pakistan
You've got to see this! - The Cat House on the Kings
Mazal tov! I'm a gramma again!
Good news: European Union Ends Funding for anti-Israel NGO
Looking for my wallet and my car keys (and glasses)
Laugh along with baby!
Bad news for Zorkie! The Sad Demise of the Anchovy
Ha! More sweet irony in Gaza
Mercaz Harav Yeshiva attack victim goes back to school
Help! Opera 9.5 freezes my computer but v. 9.27 is playing tricks on me
The true tragic story behind the creation of Superman
Israeli Police arrest Israeli professor Gaza boat protester
Son of Hamas leader becomes a Christian
Sting is top of the misheard pop charts
I really think pigs might fly. "We need to stop being such cowards about Islam" - in UK Independent
Former Egyptian Ambassador to Israel claims he was an intelligence agent
So you want to boycott Israel...
The Israeli athlete who survived Munich
The Human Mirror - cool experiment with identical twins
BREAKING! Olmert announces his forthcoming resignation. Well, sort of...
The anointed one's pilgrimage to the Holy Land - a miracle in action and a blessing to all his faithful followers
Iran test-fires Shihab-3 missile
Terror attack at US Consulate in Istanbul
Large meteor seen in Israel's night skies
The return of the Cold War?
A conspiracy theory bites the dust: hero soldier requested his name be removed from news reports
Terror attack (with bulldozer) in Jerusalem - 3 dead
Britain's Big Brother culture comes back to bite it in the you-know-what
Monkey Business - for all your accessories and home decor (and it's Israeli)
And the doggie shall lie down with the kitteh (and the rat) and shall know no more war
RIP Cyd Charisse
Another UN Human "Rights" Council classic - Britain should abolish its monarchy
Over 60 mortars and rockets in one day pound Israel's south
Israeli TV ad drops laughter bomb on Teheran
"Dead" man wakes just before removal of organs
Meet Cinderella, Pig in Boots
Israel's ambassador to the UK tells the Brits they're (almost) a FJKNSH country
Chag Shavuot same'ach to my bloggie comrades
Top EU official hurt in anti-fence protest in Israel
Kibbutznik killed by mortar fire in south
A lawyer's letter to the British University Union, declares boycott call to be antisemitic
The evil Zionist pigs are back - and smarter than ever
Hizbullah returns soldiers' remains to Israel
Lyndon Johnson, hero and mensch
Twins mistakenly separated at birth, reunited accidentally
Iraqi mothers deny their sick children Israeli heart surgery
Norman Finkelstein is deported... from Israel
Ted Kennedy rushed to hospital after suffering seizure
Who wants to see baby pix? You do!
Mazal tov! I'm a grandma! (again)
Direct hit of Grad rocket on Ashkelon mall
How many camels is your girlfriend worth?
Woman killed by Kassam rocket
Oldest immigrant couple to Israel weds Jewish style - after 70 (!) years of marriage
To be or not to be, innit: Shakespeare gets a chav makeover
RIP Yossi Harel, Skipper of the Exodus refugee boat
20 things to do with your matzo that you would never have occurred to you
Happy and Kosher Pesach to the bloggie comrades!
Attention Bloggie Pedants: Visit the Typo Eradication Advancement League blog
How to defuse an atom bomb in 4 easy steps
400 children rescued from polygamist sect in Texas
Israel to bar UN official who compared Israel to Nazis
Daily Kos and other leftwing bloggers to visit Sderot
Now that's coexistence!
Nationwide emergency drill held across Israel
The Admiral Interview - the best of British humour
Israel? It’s a Muslim country, next to Vietnam
This horse can haz cheezburger!
Just Journalism: A new site promoting accurate reporting about Israel in the British media
Anchor quits Al-Jazeera, cites anti-American tone
Does the Pope keep kosher?!
Pilot refuses to land at new airport, takes plane on 1200 mile detour
Greek singer Haris Alexiou to perform in Israel
Watch out for flying pigs. Al Beeb apologizes for inaccurate reporting on Israel
Happy Purim bloggie!
RIP Anthony Minghella
Log On To The Largest Ever Online Solidarity Rally For Israel on Purim!
Angela Merkel addresses the Knesset in German - and Hebrew
Teheran's police chief caught in a Spitzer moment
Lebanese editor: What's with the Left's lovefest for Hezbollah?
BREAKING! Big terrorist attack at Mercaz Harav Yeshiva, Jerusalem. Many casualties reported
I found a job for Evariste! And Stormi can be his assistant. Srsly!
2 IDF soldiers killed, 5 wounded, 46 Palestinians killed over the weekend
Good news of the day: Louise Arbour to resign from UN "Human Rights" Council
Grad rockets hit Ashkelon
Natan Sharansky to receive Ronald Reagan Freedom Award
Kassam rocket hits Sapir College outside Sderot: student killed
Srsly Bad News for Israeli Bloggie Ladies
Mysterious blast in Tabriz, Iran
I need bloggie's help with an anti-spam filter
Solidarity shopping: an Israeli concept
Windows Vista gets pwned (U tube)
Breaking: Castro resigns as President
5.0 Earthquake hits Israel
Heere Bigynneth the Tale of the Asse-Hatte - Iowahawk (with apologies to Chaucer)
Till 120? This is taking it a bit too seriously
London's Camden street market has gone up in flames
2 brothers seriously hurt in Sderot rocket attack
Melanie Phillips fisks the Archbishop's Sharia proposal
Kadima MK Yitzchaki resigns, calls Olmert "dangerous"
The US follows Canada's lead and boycotts Durban II "antiracist" meeting
Suicide bombing in Dimona - casualties reported
Revealed: Chavez role in cocaine trail to Europe
Arab town plans big celebration for Israel's 60th Independence Day
Paparazzo quits in protest at Britney 'hounding'
Israeli 9/11 victim finally laid to rest today
See the Kotel under snow - live!
Prince Charles in Olympic sized snub to China
1 dead, 3 injured in 2 terror attacks near Jerusalem
PLEASE JOIN THE COUNTERPROTEST! Two planned anti-Israel demos in San Francisco
Mashiach is on his way! Top EU official: Gaza siege not a war crime
Israel launches advanced satellite (from India)
The Palestinian "peace scarf" succumbs to globalization
Identical twin girls, only one with leukemia, lead scientists to secret of childhood cancer
The incredibly lucky escape of Flight BA038
Yisrael Beitenu leaves Olmert's government
Hamas leader's son killed by IDF in Gaza
Palestinian sniper kills foreign kibbutz volunteer near Gaza
2 tons of explosives found in "humanitarian aid" to Gaza
The value of a dog's life: A doggy dilemma
A whole different kind of virgin birth
2 Katyushas fired at northern Israel
Zionists promoting lesbianism in Egypt!
Sderot families file class action suit against Egypt
Mini-tornado in Tel Aviv
The funniest video evah! And totally un-PC!
Hikers' killers were from our 'moderate peace partners' - Fatah
Modern Man - George Carlin
France breaks off ties with Syria
2 Israeli hikers shot dead near Hebron
IDF gets 8 terrorists including Islamic Jihad commander
Breaking: Benazir Bhutto seriously wounded in suicide blast
Do I want or need to download Opera's newest version?
40 Iranian Jewish immigrants arrive at Ben Gurion airport!
Putin, the Kremlin power struggle and the $40bn fortune
Medical myths debunked
More good news! Magic carpets could be a reality
Israel successfully tests New Improved Patriot missile
Roman Catholic leader in Jerusalem rejects Israel's Jewish identity
More complications with Greek Orthodox Patriarch in Israel
Nasrallah is demoted
Jewish students saved by Muslim hero in subway assault
Putin's protege chooses ... Putin! to be his PM if elected
Two huge bomb blasts in Algeria - at least 67 killed
Schindler's secretary makes aliya (at age 92)
The Swan and the Pedal Boat - a True Romance
U.S. Intel Possibly Duped by Iran
Shalom Mr. President
Ethnic cleansing in Israel: last Jewish family leaves Peki'in
The funniest joke in the world (Monty Python)
Chavez defeated over reform vote!
As if we didn't have enough to worry about: 4th earthquake in Israel in 2 weeks
The French Jewish Lobby
Israeli mineral water company may lose Edinburgh council contract because it 'pillages Syrian resources"
On dreams and nightmares; or: If Israel were not the Jewish homeland
Israeli researchers use adult stem cells in experimental treatement of MS and ALS
Leaked email reveals disparaging comments about Israel by Prince Charles' staff
Earthrise and Earthset as seen from the moon
Exposing France 2 TV's fiction: The Al-Durah Blood Libel
Attention Bloggie Gentlemen: Armani's rules for men
Get out of my bed!
Hamas forces open fire at Fatah rally for Arafat anniversary; 5 dead, 30 wounded
Israeli Rabbis invited to Washington for pre-Annapolis discussions about Jerusalem
Qassam hit causes Sderot blackout, IDF kills 5 terrorists
More good news! Beer is good for you after sport
Further to Arcy's thread on the royal scandal...
EU politician "disappointed" by Syria, concerned about Russia
Australia's WWI Mideast role, part III: A proud day for Australia
Australia's WWI Mideast role, Part II: The return of the Light Horse Brigade
A series of posts about Australia's role in winning the Middl East in WWI: Part I: Writing home for someone who can't
8 dead, dozens wounded, in bus explosion in Central Russia
Police Flushed with Success: Big Relief As Stolen Toilet Found
Sleeping pill Zolpidem awakens girl from coma
PM Olmert has prostate cancer
Yigal Amir's wife gives birth to a son
Google Earth helps Palestinian terrorists pick targets in Israel
Finaly! Barak approves limiting power supply to Gaza
New UK IVF procedure produces its first babies
2 hurt in terrorist drive-by shooting in Ariel
Help for AFW is at hand! How to get your house cleaned with (almost) no effort
After the IDF kill senior Popular Resistance Committees member, 10-rocket barrage hits Sderot. Residence suffers direct hit.
A generation in hell
Bambi, the Israeli midwife who has delivered 3 generations of babies
SAS raiders enter Iran to kill gunrunners
RIP Alan Coren, a Great British humourist and writer
Israeli airliners to replace flares with laser-based anti-missile system
Wedding photos!
It's raining!
Let's make more global warming! It's good for Israel!
UK High Court Judge rules: Al Gore's film "littered with nine inconvenient untruths"
An explanation from Google. And an apology
Warning: don't let your kids overdose on vitamins!
Bloggie is cordially invited to a wedding
Israel Air Force blinded Syria's radar
Israeli Darwin Award candidate
William Tell Overture for Moms
Finally! After 7 years, Israeli Government officially denies responsibiliy for Muhamad al-Dura's death
RIP Miss Moneypenny
UN Human Rights Council Chairman: UN unbalanced towards Israel (yes, really!!!)
The Great British Cheese Festival
Baruch Dayan Emet. Former Chief Rabbi Shapira dies
Bank Hapoalim cuts ties with Gaza
The proof that Ahmadinejad really DID say he wants Israel wiped off the map
Benny Morris, the unrevised revisionist historian: Want electricity? Stop the rockets
A British Muslim writes: "Why are we Muslims so self-destructive?"
Yom Kippur starts tonight: wishing an easy fast and gmar chatima tova to all my bloggie MOT friends
BREAKING: Car bomb in Beirut - at least 5 dead
Israeli cabinet votes Gaza a 'hostile entity'
Lesbian couple sue doctor after one gives birth to twins
British Cops outsourcing themselves to Canada
Corrie Lawsuit Against Caterpillar Dismissed (PDF link)
Thai plane crash - scores killed
Report on attack: Israel spots nuclear installations in Syria, believed to be supplied by N. Korea to Syria, Iran
The Italian Wine Police
Israeli neo-Nazis arrested
Where do all the prayer notes go from the Kotel (Western Wall)?
RAF jets intercept Russian bombers approaching the UK
This book looks like a really good read
Polish murderer's book helps to convict him
Liberals say the darndest things
This is the end of the world as we know it!
Yoomba! Israeli start-up turns your email into a phone
A Diamond for Zorkie!
Excellent analysis by Robert Eisenman on the status of "The Territories" (Judea and Samaria)
You knew this was going to happen. Israelis hack iPhone system
They were *this* close to winning a Darwin Award!
A Brit's view of Israel - funny and positive (for a change)
Here we go again: Iran is chosen by UN to lead anti-racism conference
Britons are emigrating in record numbers
UK is going to the (sausage) dogs: 12-yr old charged with assault with... a sausage!
How addicted to blogging are you?
A warning to the bloggie ladies. Just. Be. Very. Careful.
One not very dehydrated camel nowhere near the Middle East
Hizbollah buys frontier land to attack Israel
Egyptian writer: "The Arabs subsume too much into the Palestinian cause"
150 American youngsters to join IDF
How Moses is getting ready to part the waters around Venice
Man wakes from virtual coma after 6 years
Saudi arms deal "problematic" - Dore Gold
You knew it was coming: Sudan says Jews behind the Darfur conflcit
Report from Lebanon: One of the IDF captives is dead
Three die in Branson's space tourism tests
Victor D Hanson on JWR: Back to the future in the Middle East
Rebuilding after Destruction
Tisha B'Av: A series of links. When G-d Moved Out.
Dr. Danny Yaakobi z"l has a new grandson
ADL's Abe Foxman recounts his story as a 'hidden child' during the Holocaust
UK security forces foil plot to assassinate Boris Berezovsky
Jerusalem's Churches
Of wood and testosterone
Europe's Baby Bust
Tiny tablet provides (yet more) proof for Old Testament
British woman (51) marries Bin Laden's son (27) and wants UK entry visa for him
The Husband Gemach (mutual aid society)
Weather PrOn thread!
UK Bomb docs foiled by dud NHS syringes
Great News!!! Dark Chocolate can lower blood pressure!
Weekend lie-in fails to make up for long hours in the week
Mazal Tov! E & Z (the other ones!) are getting married!
Baseball in Israel at last! And my hometown loses the first match :-(
Waiting until it's safe (to criticise Israel of course)
Mazal tov! Caroline Glick got married
UK trade union backs total boycott of Israel
Terrorists' plot to attack Modi'in synagogue thwarted
2 Katyusha rockets land in Kiryat Shmona
Finally! EU suspends aid to Gaza
BREAKING! Shimon Peres is the new President of Israel
Was Bush fleeced in Albania?
It's time to end the vilification of Israel - from The Independent (!)
New Israeli spy sattelite, Ofek 7, launched successfully
Arkady Gaidamak buys out non-kosher supermarket chain, plans to kosherize it
The tale of a Nazi mascot
Missing American girl found hidden in cupboard
One-on-One Interview with Mayor of Sderot, Eli Moyal. Must read!
Attention Washington DL-ers! Pro-Israel counter-rally for June 10th. Attendance Imperative!
Very moving picture on 40th anniversary of the 6-Day War
Jameel's daughter (at the Muqata) is a hero
Global warming is not the cause of increased hurricane activity
Next up, splitting of the Red Arabian Sea
Mass WWII Jewish grave found in Ukraine
Israel threatens counter-boycott of UK
Kick Russia out of the G-8
What if Israelis had kidnapped the BBC man?
Japanese Priest makes Aliya
The real antisemitism underlying the boycotters
Beijing Olympics has nothing to do with sport
Japanese "Schindler" is honored by Japanese Emperor
Fatah terror mastermind nabbed in Israel
There's a leopard in my bedroom!!!
Syrian Opposition head warns Israel against "peace" talks with Assad
Another person killed in Sderot by Kassam
N. Korea test fires short range missiles towards Sea of Japan
The Wrong War - The Democrats' demands on Iraq have given comfort only to extremists
Geneva synagogue destroyed by fire. Arson suspected
The horrors of flooding in Ireland
Woman killed in Sderot rocket attack
New Israeli invention: an anti-thrombosis airline seat
At least 48 dead in Lebanese-al Qaeda battle
Rocket destroys W. Negev Kibbutz restaurant
He lost his family in a terror attack, now he volunteers in Sderot's MDA
Fields of Gold: a beautiful way to feed the poor
And now for something completely different: Play Revive the Rabbit
Qassam hits synagogue just after celebration
Qasssams ignored abroad
School takes direct hit by Kassam
Russia accused of launching cyberwar against Estonia
The Six Day War website - great new resource
Jerusalem Day events cancelled in Jerusalem because.... of bad weather!
The lies of the Left: how Israel's economic success story is unrelated to "peace"
I think I love Camilla
Couple killed by their lawnmower
Yet another Kassam barrage - with direct hits to school and house
Pro Palestinians riot and protest outside Canadian bookstores
Would this classify as a case of Man Bites Dog?
The lion lies down with the lamb in the Middle East. Well, sort of
Crumbs! I take it all back. European parliament marks Jerusalem Day
USA and Europe to boycott Jerusalem Day celebrations of 40th anniversary of reunification
You've got to feel sorry for the BBC
Serbia wins Eurovision
Divine Punishment?
Tony Blair is resigning!!!
Until they accept responsibility there will be no peace or reconciliation
Mistaken Identity? Prof. murdered instead of Knesset member?
Kramer v. Cole: Israel launches summer wars because of academic summer recess
Dozens hurt in soccer match brawl in Jerusalem
Happy Lag Ba'Omer!
4 Israeli Scientists receive international awards
Over 100,00 at Tel Aviv rally call for Olmert to resign - and your bloggie anarchist was there!
What will you do if you lose?
Blessed are the Cheesemakers? UK gov't accused of being anti-cheese
The US Administration has no sense of timing. "US sets dates for Israeli, Palestinian moves"
Details of Bishara's indictment: he gave Hizbollah locations of Israeli strategic sites
Call the Goracle! Climate Change hits Mars! And guess who isn't to blame?
Won't someone PLEASE help us get rid of our government?
Western hairdos not permitted in Iran
Has You-Know-Who started his Revenge Attacks on England? Earthquake shakes Kent
Putin pulls Russia out of post-Cold War treaty
Revealed: Bishara suspected of aiding the enemy in wartime
Arabs set off fireworks during Memorial Day siren
Hurray! Hurray! The witch is gone!
Oh cry me a bloomin' river!
Mystery of the 'ghost ship' found off Australia
Yahoo! sued over torture of Chinese dissident
‘I found Saddam’s WMD bunkers’ but the report was buried
Is Sec. Def. Gates on Acid?
PowerPointless: New research finds Power Point is a waste of time (in case you didn't know already)
How well do you speak English?
Interview with the father of a child who planned a school shooting
Syria to Israel: Make peace with us or we'll kill you
The extraordinary story of the Israeli pre-State underground armaments factory built within 3 weeks
Israeli innovations will make colonoscopies obsolete
Video clip: Israeli Ambassador interviewed on the Daily Show
Unbelievable! Saudi Columnist: 'The [Palestinian] Right of Return Is an Illusion'
IAF almosts shoots down American airliner
They've obviously never met bloggie
Nuns on the run - with priceless church icons
Baruch Dayan Emet. Rabbi Dunner z"l died on Erev Pesach
Big Bang at the atomic lab after scientists get their maths wrong
Pesach Miracle: Huge terror bombing in Tel Aviv foiled
Good News for once! MK Bishara to resign
Alien abductee leaves mothership and returns to Earth
Your free flushable broadband modem here
China loses "Little Sweetie"
Murder in the Elephant Yard
Bomb explodes outside Montreal Jewish centre
MK Ahmad Tibi marks 5-year anniversary of Operation Defensive Shield in Jenin
IDF sells its dogs for Pesach
Passenger plane in near miss with spaceship
BBC fights to suppress internal report into allegations of bias against Israel
evariste, would you like to be our Pesach goy?
These Arabs got their right of return - back to Egypt
Chavez introduces Communism to Venezuela
This is surely taking Pesach cleaning one step too far
French court rules that Cartoons did not incite hatred
Is a British accent all you need to succeed in America?
Well, thank you very much Iraq! Iraq steps up anti-Israel boycott
Extreme left-wing activist Prof. Tanya Reinhardt dies age 63
For cba and Trillian - an Ode to Winter
Israel to hold nationwide missile attack drill
A whole new meaning to the concept of "doggie-bag"
Palestinian children choose Israeli prison over misery at home
Why the Wizards of Oz Rock
Olmert sees the light
Another UK University is dhimmified
The New York Times disses the BBC!!
The normal way of living - backlash against home makeover shows
Please scrape me off the floor. I just fainted from surprise
Thank Heavens the Russians are only in it for the money
Olmert's government reaches yet a lower level of corruption (if that is at all possible)
U.S. State Dept. lists Borat as human rights victim
The ultimate in-depth Israel trip
RIP John Inman - "I'm free" comedy actor
Israeli rescue device promises a 'safe exit' from world's high-rises
How my eyes were opened to the barbarity of Islam
Mines thrown into Golan Heights
Is this the Happy Purim thread?
Who will they blame when Bush is gone?
Israeli Eurovision entry could be banned
"We are not afraid" - 3 Iraqi children in Israel for heart surgery
Lebanon acquits Israel of using radioactive materials
Airforcewife - you'd better avoid ice cream
British immigrants face hostile welcome in New Zealand
UK Woman who foiled bike thief locked up
Israel's economic boom scores a victory over war
Jewish Man Murdered in Terrorist Ambush
A start to ending Israel's High Court's hyperactivity
Lawrence of Arabia was really a Zionist
Prof. Asa Kasher on Judaism
Dolphin dying of a broken heart after its trainer is killed
Bigel's come to Israel!!!
London Supermosque plans to be blocked
Chávez Threatens to Jail Price Control Violators
Torah scrolls confiscated from Ukrainian Jewish community by authorities
Found: the ice ship that inspired a nation
Cache of letters cast new light on fate of Anne Frank's family
Blood Libel author pulls his book
Marks & Spencer accused of using distorting mirrors 'to make women look slimmer'
Just what I always wanted
Syrian organization: We have missing Israeli
9 killed in Lebanon bus blasts
Revealed: the fate of Idi Amin's Entebbe hijack victim
Israel successfully test-fires Arrow missile at night
EU rules wipe out UK weekend reservists
5000 yr-old skeletons locked in embrace
Broken Windows - Vista is not Hebrew compatible
Apple calls on labels to ditch anti-piracy
Exchanges of fire on the Israel Lebanese border
The 1956 Sinai Campaign - Israel's 2nd War of Independence
Thai woman's 25 year bus journey comes to an end
Olmert does the right thing for a change: picks Supreme Court critic as next Justice Minister
Parking ASBOs
The Times has a revamped website
US media reject campaign against anti-Semitism
Jayce, please be careful. Samaria (West Bank) kidnapping thwarted
The Translator - Non-PC but very funny
The dark lives of Romania's tunnel children
Dirty little secret of who is behind the rise in anti-semitism
Is it possible that people can be so ignorant?
Upgrade rage - for Vista sufferers
More on Chirac's faux-pas
First secular yeshiva opens in Tel Aviv
Iranian agents nabbed in Gaza - by Palestinians!
They wed at gunpoint but renew vows after 30 years
Daniel Pipes addresses leftist crowd in Ken Livingstone's arena - and wins!
I know men don't like to ask for directions but this is ridiculous
When appeasement becomes racism - by David Frankfurter
This Place Called Hope by Daniel Gordis - the loss of hope and how to revive it in Israel
Shoah survivor celebrates his barmitzvah - 64 years late
Maj. Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi to be next IDF chief of staff
Amish food goes kosher
Burma 'orders Christians to be wiped out'
Borat's easy ... being me is odd
The blindness of the anti-war Left - by a recanting leftist
Lebanese newspaper: Don't buy Nasrallah's "victory" claims
A Canadian horror tale of missing women and a pig farm
Israel and the American Interest - a must-read book by Michael Oren about the 200-year history of US interference and influence in the Middle East
RIP Art Buchwald
The writer Martin Amis on white liberals
IDF Chief of Staff Dan Halutz resigns
Now the Syrians too deny negotiations took place
ברוך דיין אמת. MK Yuri Shtern (Yisrael Beiteinu) has died, age 58
Picture series of North Korea
Eat your full fat red meat and stay sane longer!
The disposable culture
Boy kidnapped in 2002 found by US police
Six denominations, one (Jerusalem) church, no way out
Why Olmert is the Prime Suspect
How to be sick the Jewish way
The Samson Option after all?
Report: US army blocks use of RAFAEL defense system
For Matt: Peretz says he will not harm Merkava production
Why the US and socialism were never friends: or How Neocon became a term of abuse
For Ev, a love letter
The Silence of the Left: Amnon Rubinstein surprises me once again.
Look what those "moderate" "pro-Western" "enlightened" Bahrainis did
Glick: The bitter fruit of corruption
So is he or isn't he? Dead I mean
Teddy Kollek, former mayor of Jerusalem, dies at age 95
American Football Star shot dead
Teenager escapes by inches when lightning hits bedstead as she sleeps
67 year old mom gives birth to twins
Yay! I'll be able to take the Underground at last!
Britain is going to the dogs. Again
Gaddafi: Allow Jews, Christians entry to Mecca
Bangkok explosions leave two dead
EU ends loan freeze to Israel
annie's got snow!!! Well, almost...
Brits blow up Basra "rogue" police HQ
Singer James Brown has died
Mediterraneans uber alles!
Sderot: Qassam lands next to nursery
JPost columnist Uri Dan has died
UN imposes sanctions on Iran!
What?! It wasn't the Jews??
Play the Perfect Parking game
IDF Lesson #7: How to light your Menorah with your handy bomb-disposal robot
No rain in Israel - prayers to be recited nationwide
Israel's Ben Gurion Airport ranks #1 out of 40 European airports
Why the Israel-Palestinian issue is not central to solving the Mideast crisis
Israelis and Palestinians could join British Commonwealth
The new 30-year war brewing in the Middle East
Light a candle of hope this Hannukah
Santa's sleigh seems to have grown somewhat
British PM interferes in the rule of law: Stops fraud investigation into UK-Saudi arms deal
Turkish Airlines gets the hump (camel sacrificed at Istanbul airport)
Baker: Let's have a Mideast Conference but not invite Israel - to avoid Jewish pressure
IDF soldiers captured by Hizbollah were seriously hurt at the time of the abduction
My first antisemite
Please Sir, may I have my bus back?
Church of the Ark found in Shilo, Israel
Obsessed with Iraq, we've lost sight of the rest of the world.
Saudis take hostage British arms industry
Warning to zorkie! Fat dog's owners charged with cruelty
The Guardian's role in exposing British-Saudi dirty dealing
Did British Aerospace bribe Saudi arms dealer with secret millions?
India seeks Israeli help for missile surveillance system
Are there no depths to which these people will not sink?
The Zionist invasion of Britain has begun!
1 dead in Israeli win against France! (Well, in football)
Video of kassam hitting the Sderot factory today
Israel freezes arms deal with Venezuela
Sderot: Man severely hurt by Qassam, UN HCHR driven out
Germany: El Al plane target of foiled bombing
David Mamet's new book: a rebuttal of Jewish self-hatred
Best advice ever: Israeli UN Ambassador advises Olmert "Ignore UN"
Gadgets help Jews in modern world
UK: Jewish journalist (from Jewish Chronicle) infiltrates Nazi party
A new pro-Israel blog (by a non-Jewish liberal)
2 Sderot residents criticially injured in Kassam missile strike
The Outdoor Nursery - for children, not plants
Want a free flight to Israel? Of course you do!
Typical of the French - £18 war chest spent on 'dancing girls'
Say what, Condi?!?! Rice: Better to have Hamas in power than in streets
Venezuela backs off cheap oil deal with London Mayor Livingstone
This is terrible! Call the Bloggie Cheese Police!
Stomach ache? Actually, you've had a baby boy
When the irrational meets the irrational: Outwitting Ahmadinejad
Israeli jets roam Beirut skies
UK town turns into a sticky pudding
Beware of watching non-Muslim women - It could have "vile consequences"
Another terror attack foiled in the north
Great new Israel (English language) blog
heavy rain causes flooding, traffic jams across Israel
MazelMobile: The uniquely Jewish mobile phone
French millionaire volunteers for IDF reserve duty, arrives by private jet
Judology - Is there really a 'Jewish dimension' to Eurovision, facial hair and Britain's hottest TV cook?
Are you a wannabe geek? Are you a nerd? Take this quiz and find out!
UN Spokesman: UNIFIL will not shoot down IAF planes
Apple to Muslims: leave our cube alone
How to end a relationship painlessly. Hire someone to do it for you of course!
Pope John Paul II, cartoon hero
UK zero-tolerance madness: Ban for boy with two snacks in his lunchbox
Is it a plane? Or is it a UFO over Tel Aviv?
Torah scrolls rescued from Ethiopia
Noah's Ark hits flood of troubles
More North Korean human rights abuses included forced abortions and baby killing
Google to buy YouTube for $1.65 billion
IDF's wild-animal project in danger of extinction
Siniora warned Nasrallah: We'll end up like Gaza
Jerusalem builds a Sukkah. Pictures from the 1940s
Couldn't happen to nicer people
Yeah. And I'm a Chinaman
The Arabs Still Openly Call Jews 'Their Dogs,' Even in San Francisco
Hire-a-muslim-mob.com. Organizing violent protests since 1887!
Woman finally cures her 40-year fear of vegetables
Israeli Vietnamese Boat People tell their story
Canada saves the day again for Israel - this time at the IAEA
In case you thought it had all gone quiet in Gaza
This is why there is slaughter in Darfur
Peres is surprisingly sensible in a UK interview
Israel Police join Interpol
Temple Treasures are back in the Holy Land (at least according to the Times)
UK politician: Israeli lobby controls West
Previous Archbishop of Canterbury backs Pope and issues warning on 'violent' Islam
Are the Euros starting to see the light?
Islam's inferiority complex
Bumbling Brit gets lost in the Australian Outback. Twice in one week
US (ex)-Jew joins Al Qaeda
One Arab's Apology. Via Israelmatzav
Hilarious Dominoes Project with Common Household Objects
Attack on US embassy in Damascus foiled
New Zealand's prime minister contending for job of UN Sec-Gen - her anti-Israel bias is already built in
Toronto screeing of 'Borat' satire turns to farce
Palestinians torch YMCA in Qalqilya
Kibbutz Ganiger's 84th birthday thread
Jerusalem in film - via LGF. Just Beautiful
How Israel won on the battlefield against Hezballah and lost in the media and why it's important to America
Will someone please lead this man on a very long walk off a very short pier.
Something's up. Israelis warned to leave Sinai PDQ
Mashiach is coming! Soul searching in Gaza
IDF blows up massive Hizbullah bunker 400 metres from border
More trouble afoot. Iran test fires sub-to-surface missile
Nasrallah: We wouldn't have kidnapped soldiers if we'd have known what reaction we'd get from Israel
Oops. We missed. Sorry.
Israeli tourists killed in bus accident in Sinai
Attention Bigel! Your congressman has found true (Jewish) love
The beginning of the end???
Attention Ed: Freak tornado in Lincolnshire, UK
Is this what we really want?
And now for the good news: I can see!!!
Bang goes the ceasefire
Record number of rockets hit north; 80 hurt
Donations to Israel from British Jews arrive in Israel defaced with Swastikas
Israeli films selectively boycotted by French film festival
24 IDF soldiers killed in Lebanon yesterday
Italian Peace Activist murdered by Palestinian in Jerusalem
Selective Outrage: Another Canadian paper sees the light
Condi sells out Israel (and the US' best interests too) at the UN
Israel recalls its Ambassador to Venezuela
"Israel is fighting for its existence" - great article from the UK Daily Mail
Irshad Manji: Islam's liberals are on the march
video of the Naval Commando raid on Tyre
Moshe Yaalon in the WaPo: The Rules of War
Unlike Hizbollah, Mel, Israel is not trying to kill civilians
IDF Baalbek operation was the 15th such one
Olmert: There will be no ceasefire in the coming days
Photos of Kiryat Shmona after the katyushas
May their innocents die instead of ours.
Oops, we did it again. Kfar Kana building bombed
The tall story we Europeans now tell ourselves about Israel
Hizbollah escalation: Long range missiles fired at Afula
Canadian paper reveals: Hizbollah was using UN as a shield
Alert system for votes and articles about Israel and the Mideast
Send a message of support and solidarity to Israel!
Great game! Bash Nasrallah! Very satisfying :-)
Flying Pigs Moment! UN humanitarian chief accused Hizbullah of 'cowardly blending' among civilians
Jewish, Israeli targets in US put on heightened alert
Radical Imam is turned away from British evacuation ship in Lebanon
2 IDF soldiers killed, 6 wounded, weapons and launchers found in a Lebanese mosque
Israeli Journalists pull out of International Federation of Journalists in protest at their pro-terrorist stance
Life goes on: A wedding in a bunker in Kiryat Shmona
For Hebrew speakers - hear tefillat haderech (the traveller's prayer) said on a tank before entry into Lebanon
2 children killed in katyusha attack in Nazareth
Rockets fired, immigrants arrive
Understanding the Temper of the Times - a good piece by Cal Thomas
Beautiful Chinese ballet
Dennis Prager sums it all up beautifully
And on it goes... 30 hurt in rocket barrages on north
Full text of Olmert's speech to the Knesset (see comment)
"Downed IAF plane" over Beirut was actually a misfired 200 km range missile that could reach Tel Aviv (Hebrew link)
Jerusalem police foil bomber
Rocket hits 3 storey building in Haifa. Building collapses
Pro Israel editorial cartoon in the Times
Bodies of 3 Israel Navy soldiers found
Just in case the news isn't bad enough: Hizbullah has 150 kilometer range missiles
Tel Aviv area residents told to be prepared for missile strikes
IDF's kidnapped soldiers: their details
Islamic Cleric: Flag of Islam to fly from Big Ben
Arabs love their chocolate too much
Just in time for my holiday
Wimbledon has been invaded by Zionists!
Jerusalem Gay Pride parade looks to move to Tel Aviv
Aridog was right! IDF puts his theory into practice
Finally! Israel plans to get tough with the ISM
Iran: Israel is exploiting the World cup
An answer to Reuvan's claim that the UK media are Zionist
Kassam in the heart of Ashkelon
For Floranista: UK woman moves her garden with her house
Just what Israel needs now
We'll take our small victories where we can find them
Montana mother who is fighting al-Qa'eda from her sitting room
More total UK incompetence: Bag holding police anti-terror files lost in street
Breaking: Firefight at Gaza-Israel border
Computer expert warned UK Police of 7/7 attacks 2 years beforehand
Gospel choir singing Carlebach's Pischu Li
Israeli Right wing dog gets compensation
FBI thought Miller and Monroe's marriage was a commie coverup
Israeli-Ghanaian World Cup News
3 Israeli girls lightly injured in shooting near Ofrah
Britain's further descent into liberal madness
Britain sinks even further down the drain
Miraculous escape: 2 teen girls escape from 3 armed Palestinian kidnappers
How many suitcases does it take to fill with $20 million in cash?
You knew this was coming: Egypt bans Da Vinci Code, says it's a "Zionist Myth"
New Israeli ring tone: Sderot Rocket siren
Bad news for Kashrut keepers: Snickers not kosher!
A ring tone audible to kids only
Man critically wounded in 11-kassam rocket barrage
25 years since the Israeli Air Force bombing of Iraq's nuclear reactor at Osirak
Juan Cole is rejected for tenure at Yale
Kassams hit Negev hi-tec area
Qassam lands on child's bed
From London to Toronto: Dismantling terror cells, dodging their ideology
An answer to "Where was G-d during the Holocaust"
The Da Vinci Code as a Dr. Seuss rhyme
Israel's Internal Security Minister Dichter says: Reoccupy parts of Gaza
Israeli court issues Injunction to protect cussing parrot
Clinical kitty: science comes up with the non-allergy cat
Unknown species found in isolated Israeli caves systems
US surgeon gives his own blood during an operation
Zorkie's Retirement Home
IDF makes first ground incursion into Gaza
Israel tightens NATO ties
IDF commander says "next time we'll hit even harder"
UK academic union has approved boycott of Israeli academics
Sleeping drug wakes up coma victims
Amazing speech by Dexter van Zile at the National Christian Leadership Conference for Israel in New York
Jerusalem IS the solution
However we have gained our minds back again: Lawyer who filed war crimes suit against Gen. Almog to be deported
We have finally lost our minds. Israel to arm Abbas' guards
Boycott? What boycott? Brits prefer Israeli hummus
Tuborg to introduce Lemon Beer in Israel
Kassam rocket hits Sderot school
Time to boycott the boycotters
So much for Hamas anti-corruption: Hamas spokesman caught smuggling cash
WTH are they thinking??? Pentagon denying Israelis security clearances
How Europe unwittingly fuels bloodshed in Israel
More good news from Israel: Israel's GDP sees 6.6% growth
Israeli High Court comes to its senses - rules to uphold Citizenship Law
Iran reads Ynet!
The BBC pro-Israeli? Is the Pope Jewish?
US folds on aid to Hamas
Crumbs! Peres finally gets it right! "Iran can also be destroyed" he says
For Zorkie - hats hats hats! Beautiful Israeli hats!
Homeless man drifts from London soup kitchen to a raft in Scandinavian sea
Israel launches satellite to spy on Iran
Britain would have done the same as the French under Nazi occupation
!!! NEWS FLASH !!! Explosions in Dahab in Sinai
Holocaust Day is marked in Israel
Ahmadinejad celebrates Holocaust Memorial Day
For cba - There goes the bride - in a marathon
The Chinese love capitalism, but not elections
Here we go again: UK wants 'normal relations' with Hamas
Lessons of the Disengagement
The hypocritical Mr. Livingstone, I presume?
GM buying more from Israeli firms
Israel's brain breaks world record
The one-minute Haggadah
Train your cat to use a toilet
Cousins seperated by Holocaust reunite after 66 years
Mini-tornado hits Galilee
Floods in Israel
Israeli elections - final final results
Hello Sailor!
Solar Eclipse today in Israel
Israeli Elections - First exit polls out
Mazal tov Beagle on the birth of your son Zachary!
The Muppets Quiz! What Muppet Personality are you?
BOOKMARK THIS! Israeli Elections Live
Palestinians to ask Arabs for more money
Mossad Chief Halevy's new book out now
Let's sell Prince Charles!
Fearful Castro 'has underwear burnt'
My life as a Catholic Jew
Good Heavens! The Guardian criticises Ken Livingstone
A G-R-O-A-N-worthy Golden Oldie from Dry Bones
BREAKING NEWS: 12 American B’nai B’rith tourists killed in Chile
Why bird flu is so hard to catch
Britain pushes for military option to restrain Tehran
American family survives 17 days stuck in snow
Cable car to the Western Wall planned
Grammar is a question of manners
The most immaculate demonstration - Savile Row demo conducted in the best possible taste
Astronomy illuminates the glory of God
So, you thought the European constitution was dead, did you?
Goths are just nice teens with a dark sense of humour
Messy daughter fights back by humiliating dad
Oy! Bird flu found in Israel
Attention Mauro! English football fans stabbed in Rome clashes
The JPost Purim satire edition
And on the same subject - Scientists discover 'super-Earth'
Now you can google Mars
Tel Aviv's first Purim parade - the Adloyada
What would their Jewish Moms have said?
Baltimore school brings Polish Torah 'home' to Israel
For Aridog and Packen - a love story: One man and his deranged dog
Here's one place Zorkie, Stormi and I will not be living in
Israeli hummus gets the Guiness world record
Dozens hurt in high-rise fire in Petach Tikva
RIP: Dana Reeve, Widow of Christopher Reeve, Leading Advocate for Spinal Cord Research
Car wash 'devours' Jag
Crane collapses in Tel Aviv, killing 2
US and Israeli scientists discover new drug to halt Alzheimers progress
Ultra Orthodox Jew murdered in Brooklyn
Oh wow! What a hero! Ice hero saves three sisters and finds long-lost brother
Teenage animal-test supporter starts counter-protest movement
LMAO! I wonder what came over the Times
Measure for Measure: Britain to "inch" towards metrication
D'oh! Dimona workers' identities published accidentally by government!
Anti Semitic Turkish movie slammed
Turkey seeks Israeli PR advice - but look in the next hippolink for contradiction
Would you like olives with that?
Really bad news: US antisemitic blizzard cancels record breaking hummus event
Chief Rabbi attacks Church of England for its Israel protest
Indian tennis star refuses to play with her Israeli doubles partner
Springtime for Hitler blossoms in Tel Aviv
What an idiot! Especially because he's Israeli
Snowstorms expected in Jerusalem
El Al Airlines installs anti-missile systems on passenger aircrafts
Ariel Sharon's son Omri is going to jail
Israeli legendary singer Shoshana Damari has died. Baruch dayan emet
We were brought up to hate - and we do. By Nonie Darwish
A writers' guide to ridiculous book titles
Resurrection at last for woman killed by red tape
Why you never hear Muslim jokes
UK Postwoman stole 110,000 letters
Syria says Israel is behind bird flu
Martha Reeves, the Motown councillor in Detroit
Israeli rightist parties unite for elections
Demographic threat against Israel is a myth
Kassam lands in Ashkelon
This is right on my doorstep! 5 hurt in stabbing attack
Llamas joins Israeli troops on frontline
Gay flamingos are both family men
George Galloway refused entry to Egypt
Jerusalem Scrabble Club is the world's biggest
For CBA - A running track on the roof of an apartment building
Lost wallet returned 39 years on
What's the best slogan to "sell" Israel?
£13,000,000,000 wiped off Google shares
French newspaper gets brave: France enters Muslim cartoon row
Pet police. Socialist Britain gone berserk
Kibbutz members in support of settlers
Syrian official: Assad, Bush deal in works
Rav Kadurie has died. Baruch Dayan Emet
Pupils banned from putting their hands up
You were right Evariste! Parliamentary coup in Kuwait ousts Emir
We want to step out of the Shoah shadow, but the deniers haul us back again
Munich widow blasts Spielberg
Israel warned U.S. of Bin Laden in 1988
Israeli Nobel laureate: Gaza pullout won’t bring peace
Salute those unsung heroes of the Holocaust
I feel to scream: Arab MK: Voting for Zionist parties disgraceful
Germany: Israel no excuse for spread of nukes
Hizbullah: Ron Arad dead
'Palestine' was born in Hollywood
When the law is an ancient ass
Smelly socks prompt synagogue attack (in Israel this time!)
Galloway's charity is at the centre of a diplomatic row between Britain, the United States and Israel.
Sharon as the Quintessential Arab leader
Israel shuns Pat Robertson due to his offensive comments about Sharon's illness
Man stabs 7 at Moscow synagogue
2005 Jewish and Israeli Blog Awards - First round voting open! Vote for Jewlicious!
God is in the details of this case. Or is he?
Where is the Arab Sharon?
Israeli explosives-sniffing goat fights terror (for use in anti-pig Muslim countries)
Sharon rushed back to surgery
PETA preaches non-violence in Bethlehem
Florida county is a Jewish place
Palestinian Gunmen Try To Kidnap Rachel Corrie's Parents
Is Sharon in legal trouble?
Iranian Pres: Europe wanted to complete Holocaust by establishing Israel in Muslim neighbourhood
British Chief Rabbi warns of anti-Semitic 'tsunami'
Jewish people still feel ill at ease in Britain
How Jews got their names
Israeli scientists test Ritalin replacement
Israel to sell missiles to U.S.
Have you lost a bomb today? "IDF bomb 100 meters from Hadera residential district "
Chanukah miracle - Rocket lands near kindergarten
Muslims persecuting Bethlehem's Christians
Israelis to build U.S. amusement park
Father Christmas found dead in Essex churchyard
Qassam Rocket hits IDF base; 5 troops hurt
IDF presents: 3 new female pilots
Terrible story of child neglect in UK
Aridog, Packen, your help is needed: IDF dog bites boy in Nablus
Bad news! Israeli chocolate consumption low
Qassam lands near Ashkelon - trying to hit sensitive areas
Got some more in Gaza
Mark Steyn - O come, all ye faithless
G-d is now "cool" in Israel
Crisis in Palestinian Authority: PM Ahmed Qureia resigns
For Matt and Joem: Israel refuses to allow passage of Palestinian convoys from Gaza to West Bank
Jerusalem Zoo trumpets birth of elephant
For Mesh. Max, CBA, Fay: Israeli buys Canadian town
Church of the Nativity needs a miracle
Must read! How the Phillipines saved Jews in the Holocaust
Of crosses, crescents and crystals - They don't like Magen David? Red Cross groups should adopt the 'Red Crystal'
Ukraine University asks UN to "close Israel"
IDF resumes Gaza killings
Algeria vetoes U.N. anti-terror statement condemning Netanya attack
Israelis ordered to leave Sinai immediately because of imminent terror threat
Read this!!! An amazing account of Israel by a Muslim
Carter to supervise Palestinian elections
The 12 days of Kitschmas - tasteless gift ideas
Israeli man sails improvised raft (his car!) to sea
Aipac criticizes Bush approach to Iran nukes
Presbyterians downplay Hezbollah meeting
Israel successfully tests Arrow missile
Pay women not to have abortions, say Italian MPs
For DMoT: The Myth of Jewish Intelligence
Sharon's party may be called 'Forward,' but is really going backwards
Bomber's sister 'told pupils she supported bin Laden'
BBC bias complaint (against Barbara Plett) upheld! The Mashiach must be coming any minute now!
Hebron Arabs Ask Jews For Help in Banishing Leftist Activists
A tale of two cities, London and Rome
Israel's Defence Minister Mofaz OKs Lebanon airstrikes
Even the BBC can't deny that Israel is the best democracy in the Mideast
Sharon to quit Likud!
For Mesh. Max (and Dave Ray?) Arsenal to build bridges in Israel
Israel dismantles itself - world's problems end
The people's Cube - funny spoof commie site
IDF Bulldozer goes AWOL - major embarassment
A world gone mad by Caroline Glick. Israel's security is being compromised
Puns abound at convention of Jewish ritual circumcisers
Puns abound at convention of Jewish ritual circumcisers
Culture shock has an official name: David Syndrome
Beer is good for you
Shard of pottery supports Bible account of David and Goliath
Tutsis who survived the genocide meet 'brothers and sisters' in Israel
Good news: 'Israel to return to US combat plane project'
Attention Monkeyweather, Sojo, Flo and others: Ruins of ‘oldest church’ uncovered
Wow, the Messianic age has arrived! Family of Palestinian boy shot by IDF in Jenin decide to donate his organs to 'the children of Israel'
For Bigel/Meshuganah Max - a Julie Burchill article from the Times: What's not to like about Islam if you're the Prince of Wales
Whine whine again - Muslims march over cartoons of the Prophet
British Paratroops cleared of murder as Iraq trial collapses in £8m fiasco
2 hurt in mortar attack from Gaza - again
sharp rise in conversions in Israel, and Belgian Jews targeted for Aliya
Good news - Father of slain family from Gaza getting married again
3 ‘Qassam engineers’ nabbed on their way to West Bank
Gaza: IAF kills senior Islamic Jihad member
Suicide bombing in Hadera kills 3
Palestinianism’ has become a religion for many
Jihad in Syria ordered Kassam missile strikes on Southern Israel
Letters Q and W forbidden in Turkish
Male circumcision reduces HIV risk by 60%, says study
Dead Jews aren't news
Muslim woman in hijab legal fight - she doesn't want to wear it!
3 killed in Gush Etzion shooting attack - our wonderful "peace" process at work again
The 10 ugliest cars
Israeli wins Nobel prize for economics!
Self-delusion kills - another good one by Nick Cohen in the Guardian of all places
Anti Semitism by Nick Cohen via Melanie Phillips
David Frost joins al-Jazeera
Coma patient wakes after 2 years - he heard everything!
Attention Zorkie: A Strategic Pact between Israel and Greece
Local soccer team in sensational soccer win - my home town team! Yay!
30 Kassam rockets hit Sderot in 24 hours
Zorkie! Greece beat Israel! How could you?!
For CBA - be careful when you go running!
Why do we tolerate intolerance?
Health & safety in ancient Britain
Israel deploys naval-air force shield for new US oil tanker supply route through Jordan for American troops in Iraq (Debkafile)
Gaza synagogues set on fire
Holy Land Christians complain of Islamic violence against them
Zion was praying for divine assistance when his rescue boat came
Anarchy in Gaza - Mussa Arafat murdered
The mystery of the pink cat
Little Israel to help USA with hurricane relief
Huge demonstration in Tel Aviv against Gaza pullout, and I was there!
Huge prayer rally at the
Bibi Netanyahu quits!!!
Gush Katif anti disengagement movie
For Bigel - French Aliya
The Great Hummus Robbery
Maccabiah Games with 7,000 Jewish athletes open in Israel
What would Jesus eat? Biblical diet
Israeli elected as General Assembly VP
Jewish (and general) search engine
Rabbi Solomon Schonfeld, rescuer of Jews - for Floranista and everyone
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