discarded lies: friday, february 23, 2018 9:50 pm zst
You're the gold flakes in my schlager
hyperlinkopotamus links by airforcewife:
A job for Zeke - Baby Whisperer
Many a time I've considered what this mom did.
Now Accepting Contributions for Legal Defense
I'll bet he won't steal anymore cars...
The Top Ten Bromance Films
Hey, I know! How about you let the man go poo?
Former McCain Strategist Apparently Afraid of Being Banned by... Someone
For once, I thought Obama's remark was well done.
Guest passes out live on Glenn Beck Show
The US Navy forced (and not by the Pirates) to run away from the pirates when the pirates fire on them.
And today the pirates take another ship
I don't want to watch this. But I want to watch this. I'm not sure I can handle watching this.
Assisted Suicide for the Healthy
More Parents Dedicated to Ruining the World
The weekend my son played with the band
And the Queen's gift is... An iPod!
German Homeschool Family Looks for Political Asylum
Stormi will find this link blasphemous
Gitmo was so beautiful and relaxing!
Netanyahu lays down an ultimatum.
This is some scary stuff.
Well. That's disconcerting.
Best and Worst Shampoos
No Hillary, don't do this to me!
Come for the Ballgame, stay for the free Subtle Butt.
Palin's Legal Debts Top 500K
Society's problems stem from too much niceness.
Savings To the Dogs
LOLSheep - pure awesomeness!
Former Nazi Guard deported back to Austria
New Netflix Thread (sort of)
WaPo discontinues the only reason I subscribed
I'm rather enjoying having Joe Biden as VP
The US is a deadbeat in its obligations according to the UN
Bloom Watch!
And I thought Ike was funny when he sleepwalks!
Okay - I give up. Netflix it is.
Um, lewy14? I'm confused.
Hey', I'll give Hollywood credit when due -
It is easier to be gay among conservatives than conservative among gays.
Ten Most Miserable Cities in the US
"My son is dead, someone must pay!"
Flimsy Excuse? F**K you. And I'm being as polite as I can.
ACORN breaks into foreclosed homes, "This is our house now."
Man tries to self amputate penis - for the second time.
Single Moms and NAMBLA
Ramos and Compean released today
Huffington Post contributor comes to the same conclusion I did long ago. At least partly.
Val Kilmer denies idiot veteran quotes. Esquire produces tape.
Anyone want to see The Reader?
Barack Obama is Tired of Your MotherF*ckin Shit!
Colonel's Loose Lips Sink Ships
"Hey, is that a dead body under your van?"
Dude - WHAT? Seriously? The AF no longer gives promotion points for deployments.
David after Dentist
California has a chance to fix its schools. Will probably fail.
Salma Hayek goes to Africa, breastfeeds their infants.
In Search of Wal Mart
Was this abortion murder?
Breast Cancer Awareness Day in Caracas
Chuck Z and Superbowl Golf
These people are awesome. Really awesome.
Another person freezing, Detroit doesn't really care... (warning: graphic picture)
Israel's Top Rabbi Reacts to the Vatican
Holy Sh*t! If true - serious jail time should be sentenced. At federal "pound-him-in-the-ass" prison.
WWII Vet Freezes to Death in His Home
The Root of Our Economic Crisis: "Experts" are Idiots.
The Most Horrifying Dog Video I've Ever Seen
50 Craziest Pop Stars of All Time
I found a place for bloggie's bookshelves and reviews!
The talking cat
Yes, Virginia, sex really is important.
Juan Williams usually just irritates me, but this is excellent.
Social Services visits because family "sends kids to bed too early"
How much of 2008 do you remember?
Steven Crowder on Israel, Hamas, Sarah Palin, and Prop 8
Yet Another Personality Quiz
The Bitch Went Nuts (NSFW by virtue of words, no pictures)
Speaking of Immigration fiascos...
Adolf Hitler and sisters removed from parents' custody.
Who's Who of GLAAD's Anti-Gay Awards
Sex - No Woman Required
Perhaps they should not have bought the Toyotas!
Why is the Media Marginalizing Gen X?
Should those who profited from Madoff be bailed out?
Mommy, did Daddy rape people in the war?
And how many of the prisoners were fat?
Detroit School District - We Need Toilet Paper, STAT!
DADT Comes Up
The current picture on Drudge
Investigating the Birthgasm
Habitat for Humanity Homes Falling Apart
RWC! New Kittie ISO you!
Roland Burris - monument builder
A wikipedia change that made me sad
The Palin Naming Machine Grinds on
Discovery - why the 1918 Pandemic was so deadly
More From Captain Obvious
Another Military Lawsuit
The Shoplifting Dog
Woman exposes sex life to tell media the church was going to expose her sex life.
The 20 Best Booking Photos of 2008
The Answer Better Be, "F**K YOU!"
Scientists Rebut AP's Apocalypitc Version of Global Warming
Adam Walsh case closed
New Christmas Barney Cam
Billy Joel is a POS
We're cooling because we're warming.
Frank Sighted in Yorkstown, NY
Gary Sinise Receives Presidential Patriot Medal
Field Trip to watch a Classmate's Autopsy
New Assisted Suicide Ruling
Geez Louise, Shut UP Already!
Dog rescues buddy - warning: graphic and heart-rending
Stormi Warned Us About Facebook...
Congresswoman Assumes Obama Call is Prank
When You're a Spice Girl, panties are optional at children's award shows.
Nobody Cared
Peter Pan Dude has a Tinkerbelle now
American Teens are Psychopaths
I hope this woman's husband gets a divorce.
Deep Thoughts About Black Friday
A Wife Chronicles her Husband's Recovery from an IED
Somebody forward this to Trillian
Thanksgiving Parade surprise (via Ace)
Thanks, Dr. Spock! You're childrearing advice has created such wonderful children!
When sexy goes sour
No More Hannity and Colmes
The Church wants your sex!
A seriously excellent discussion to have.
To celebrate the return on the seventies finances...
An excellent higher education model!
What my kids have chosen for our Thanksgiving movie this year.
Frank! Leave the Nebraskans alone!
Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz add to the stupid name list
Classic Sarah Palin (NSFKids)
Discardedlies - ESFP (at least that's what it told me)
I totally want to visit this house.
Thank GOD I already have my SmarTrip cards
Update on Haleigh Poutre
The worst names in the world.
Feel free to keep your bailout money. We'll manage on our own.
Ayers and Dohrn interview from 2003
Every word I want to say is obscene and vile and yet not strong enough.
I TOLD you! We're too clean!
Soldier in Jail over Obama Fight
Mel asks, "So Gays, tell me again why you're liberal?"
Murtha called a fat little bastard at a Russell rally.
Franco moves to Florida. Chaos Ensues.
What does this mean to me?
I'm glad I left! AFW's home-of-record has horrific unemployment!
Rally signs from Denver
Why does the emergency room suck?
woman arrested for killing an avatar
But will anyone read them?
I'm pretty sure Stormi already posted this
I don't know about you, but this worries the hell out of me.
Is Murtha going to lose?
Work those boots, Girl!
Cats and Dogs, living together!
Stormi's head will explode: The rhyme and reason of today's baby names
What John Kerry didn't realize...
Arrest the old lady! It's easier than teaching kids respect!
She really did smell like fish (SFW)
Obama votes "present" for World Series
Sex at the IMF
Muslim Immigrants and Habitat for Humanity
Drink coffee? Lose boobies.
When green diapers go bad.
The Results of Diplomacy
What felony are you?
Madonna Can't Handle the Truth
How Quickly Wiki Moves!
Dem storms off Fox and Friends
Hawaii ends universal child health coverage - after 7 months
What do you mean by war weary?
F9/11 okay, but not the McCain film! Electioneering, you know!
Old People rumble
Is this really even necessary?
The Pornification of America
Just because you ACT like a terrorist and HARBOR terrorists doesn't mean you should be CALLED a terrorist! Especially if you're a nun!
I'd rather just die when I'm 80.
Reactions in Europe
World Leaders say, "No Stock Trading For You!"
Road Trip!
Barack Obama's Plane Stinks
What a Classy Lady
Putin is a funny little man
US Warplane forced down in Iran
Sometimes Corporal punishment really is warranted.
Excellent advice, Rabbi!
Could you pass the citizenship test?
It's Your Fault, Barney Frank
While I watch movies, the Senate spends my money.
If you're going to insult people, at least learn how to spell.
Kevin Camia - my new favorite comedian
Interesting Bailout View
It's a Douche Off! (SFW except for the word "douche", which is used as a noun and not a verb)
Go vegan or die!
Bail Out Bill Implodes
That foreclosure? It comes with a person.
Since the Government is buying piles of shit...
To Quote TK: Everything Old is New Again
Um, yeah, about Obama's bracelet...
Elections and Risk
Debate thread
Even the Atlantic disputes the Dem meeting reports
Make you smile - Richard Simmons Yoplait commercial
The Scared Awake Face-Butt Plant
Now that the economy is sunk, Bush sets his sites on David Blaine.
McCain Campaign Suspends to Work on Economy
Stop farting around! I'm SERIOUS!
Red State Update on the Bailout
Doesn't the GTMO commander have bigger things to worry about?
WHAT? WHAT? YGBSM! If this is true, and happens, someone is gonna get a visit.
Surprisingly, I Agree With the School!
McCain's Chief of Staff outed, Lefties Seethe About McCain Gay Hating
This Actually Makes a POSTIVE Impression on Me
This was labeled "Democrats on an Escalator"
Cool Aid Hair Makes Appearance in British Government
Ralph Nader using the term "anal flutter"
levi? How about you?
McCain tells Mika she's in the Obama Tank
This Should be an SNL skit, but is actually true
Obama spokesperson tries to defend computer ad (does crappy job)
The Stars Say - Get an Ike!
Pictures of the Pentagon 9-11 Memorial
Radio Show Tonight
New footage of McCain's Repatriation
Have You Forgotten?
No! No! Sarah Palin is the lipstick! John McCain is the pig!
Obama says, "You can put lipstick on a pig, it's still a pig."
Time Magazine Has Interesting Ideas About Shopping
Another Reverend Wright Scandal - Nothing to do with Obama, but Gossiplicious all the same
McCain Campaign rolls eyes at Heart (via Ace)
Is it wrong I have more respect for Hillary today?
Yeshiva University Goes Trans
Social Networking Site Gone a Bit Too Far
Convention thread McCain Night
British soldier refused a hotel room for being a soldier
I have Warm Fuzzy Feelings for Hillary about now
Michael Monsoor Tribute
What AFW and Bristol Palin have in common
Not Media Bias, Media HATRED
diddy is an idiot
Red State Update on Palin
Red State Update on the Convention
Someone should tell stars when the attention whoring gets TOO obvious.
Is it Palin?
Not Kaine, Probably Biden
How many on bloggie are hardened criminals now?
Michael Phelps's new house
Obama says, "I don't know where you're going, but it isn't here General Clark."
Your Penis, Your Health (article only, no pictures)
Ukraine gets into the act - Pre-emptively
McCain commercials during the Obama speech?
Now THIS is funny!
Get Over Yourself, Mark Spitz
freecreditreport.com Guy - as he really is
Take THAT! Homeschooling Legal in CA
LOCK THE DOOR! Oh, and close the windows, too.
Anybody want an Ike?
Heckling a DEMOCRAT????
Could this car be the beginning of our oil solution?
I never would have guessed at the gender issues in the Olympics
Worst Kid Vacation Picture EVAH (NSFW, but not disgusting)
Regulating the sound of commercials?
Suicide at the highest Air Force level
Why isn't Obama winning MORE?
Dick Cheney no longer welcome at vet conference.
The Obama World Tour in Funnies
For the first time in years, I lmao at the Daily Show.
Why don't they elect him president of the furriners? (Red State Update)
Dude! I can't talk! I'm being chased by the police!
That Obama trip to Israel? Yeah, not so "without a hitch" as reported.
One of the worst soccer pictures ever.
Richard Simmons testifies before congress; in a suit and tie.
Why let a few dead bodies spoil our beach holiday?
Flu Pandemic?
Did the NYT REALLY think this would never come out?
Best or Worst Ad Idea Ever?
That's what he said? :blink blink:
I guess I should have read this before the kids came...
The Air Force - the purtiest darn service you ever did see.
Seriously the creepiest picture of a pedophile ever.
Don't hug that child!
Guess Where I Was Today!
$29K is a BUDGET Wedding?
Gee, my home town is having some issues...
The Day Ev's Head Exploded
These videos crack me up!
the best example of poll weighting I've ever seen.
Levi starts a trend! Waiting for Godfather Announcement...
I found Frank's dog!
Is anyone else as absolutely horrified by this as I am?
I found the perfect husband for my MIL.
Reason 5982 why I homeschool.
Guess what I got last night!
On Race in America
I just realized that I'm Latino.
Moment of Thanks
Happy Birthday, America! My Favorite Version of the National Anthem.
Pit Bull Attacks disabled woman... Oh, wait. It was a wiener dog.
Confidence in Congress rates below confidence in HMOs. Yes, really.
Burt Bacharach endorses McCain
AFW Begging For Help Again
JPost on McCain
The horrible Clearblue Easy commercial
What is wrong with this picture?
OMGWTF!!! McCain Talked to GAY PEOPLE!(via Queer Conservative)
Strip Tease Fail
World's Worst Police Sketch
AFG's Shawarma Story
Fox News ED Hill Fired Over Obama Comment
Childhood obesity and Soaring Fuel Prices Meet
DADT discharges rise for women
Kung Fu Baby!
The NYT Actively Seeks the Death and/or Bodily Harm of CIA Officers
Frankie! Yoo Hoo! Here's a condo complex just for you!
Hey! Let's totally blow off any notion of surprise!
As I said, LTC Chessani's persecution is not over.l
General Taguba accuses administration of war crimes
Jealousy on an Army Base
I cannot even begin to understand how this could happen.
The American Medical Association Goes After Ricki Lake!
Obama Campaign Incurs the Irritation of Largest Homeschooling Organization
I just found the most awesome radio show!
LTC Allen West speaking on Vision!
Kosovars in the attic
We're running the most liberal senator... and Barack Obama.
I'm Published!!!
Note to self: Do yoga at home to avoid seeing too much
Taking conjoined twins to a whole new level
What the Hell? Why would they DO that?
I'm sure Jesus Christ could break out of handcuffs. But President Bush??
Red State Update is waiting for Hillary to concede.
American Girl Kit's best friend
The Great Air Force Shake Up
The error message I would get.
At this point, drug abuse has gone way too far.
New poll round up - and it's a scorcher
Cocaine is a hell of a drug
Truth is relative, honesty is subjective
McCain will be the next president!
Why, Qui Gon? WHY??
I got a picture almost just like this.
Warning - do not look at this picture if you have a queasy stomach or are faint of heart. Or eating.
Ghost Picture!
Why do they have to be Drama Queens?
Heroes on the battlefield and off
More Rolling Thunder Posts
But he didn't suggest the military...
Missing Harry Potter? Finished Series of Unfortunate Events? READ THIS!
I guess I'm overly sensitive. It didn't look like "just a scarf" to me.
Immigration Fraud? Infiltrating the FBI and CIA? Related to a Hezbollah money man? That will be a $750 fine, please!
Spike Lee: "Clint Eastwood is a racist!"
A Six Word Memoir
I heard that an arrest warrant was issued for Drew Peterson and got excited... But it's only for a gun charge.
Red State Update on Gay Marriage
Rep Stark Not a Fan of Military Observers (via Ace)
Everyone Knows Homeschoolers are Smarter, but they're social idiots, too.
LTC Allen West vs. Michelle Obama
I'm eager for opinions!!
That exciting press conference,right here.
The Tennessee GOP Proud Ad
Can we please discuss this? I need to flesh out an argument.
Princess Twinkle Uzi
I have no words... Lots of emphatic giggles, though.
I'm buying this shirt for my kids!!!
Whoever has the most rats wins.
Vote For This Man!!!
Will the Mormon Church please excommunicate Harry Reid already?
OHMYGOD! Congress reads bloggie!
Is this true? Have women totally misjudged men?
I don't know what to say about this Mother's Day ad...
If you have to resort to Valerie Plame to stump for you...
Maryland, California, what's the difference?
Code Pink takes Harry Potter too far.
This is what happens when the Aussies lose a Rugby game. [NSFW]
AFG Needs the Gear Whore One
Ever heard of self study?
Guess where I went yesterday!
OMG! Ralphie from A Christmas Story Grew Up HOT!
YouTube Divorce Bitch Auctions Wedding Dress - Giving Money To...
Hillary Clinton Stops Rehashing 90s - Moves Straight Into Reliving the Seventies
Hawk dies due to freak sparrow accident. Global warming to be blamed.
If they took off on time in the first place, I'd applaud this
Not For the Squeamish on FAIL blog
I have figured out how to deal with Iran.
Bill "Maricon" Richardson to be keynote speaker at Equality Forum Philadelphia
Sometimes Pres. Bush is teh funneh
Does anyone recognize this music?
Why parents today stink.
What Revolting Comments From Those Who Never Served So Much as a Cheeseburger.
And I think I might go here on Monday.
Guess Where I'm Going in June!!
Another sad side effect of the FLDS lifestyle
I've been lots of these places!
What the hell is going on here?
Earth Day Retrospective (via Miriam's Ideas)
Give Peace a Chance! Punch a Disabled Person! (via ace)
One of the Best Books I've read in a while!
Free Range Kids?
Please Don't Judge All Married Women by This One
Time is for White People. (and she didn't mean the magazine)
What Do You See (NSFW)
Red State Update Analyzes the Dem Debate
Why the corruption in Africa?
The only thing worse than Obama running us down is Hillary Clinton defending us.
Once I figured out this picture, the horror silenced me.
How many 5 year olds could you take on in a fight?
Two Soldiers in DC Area KIA - Soldier's Angels Needs Donations for them
At least no one suggested he watch Stop Loss for ideas.
Ya'll need to click the familiar picture in its new place!!!
Am I the only one who thinks the Dalai Lama has entered sell out territory?
Celebrity Butt Crack
If three children is showing off, what is joem doing?
Why does Criss Angel feel the need to look like Jesus?
This is the BOY SCOUTS memorial?
Can Hillary Clinton talk sexy? And do you want to hear?
AFG is demanding THIS for Christmas
Matt is coming home. He has completed his mission.
Jesus or Barack?
My Book Crush Discusses Fitna
Oldie but Goodie
You can stay at my house
Hillary Clinton Facts
People always assume I'm an Aries. I am, but still...
It's Raining McCain
I know I broke the law, but I shouldn't have gotten PUNISHED for it!
Baby Names of the Last (apparently MSNBC means the LAST last)Century
How can we compare Easter to Abu Ghraib? Slate finds a way.
Ignore that Anti-semitism behind the curtain!
So, I emailed this woman...
What was in that p****y? (via awtm)
When Lanyards Go Bad
New Brad Thor Book!
Soma Nation
Lost Boys Sequel!!!
Reporters Feuding on Air
When Crazy Old Russian People Have Too Much Time to Think
I've used some of these!
An underwear line for ALL sizes. Really! Pretty panties for everyone!
I had no idea!
I likes me a good rant sometimes.
What would be more liberal?
Cris Angel: Emulating Jesus or Osama Chic? Discuss...
I actually liked this!
The Anti-Spurlock
Dear Mother of a Whiny Brat: Don't Blame the Cop that Your kid's a snot
Anyone want to join me on Saturday?
New Reason for Social Service visits -- You have too many kids!
Fistfights and violence erupt at Berkeley demonstration
What a nice house! We should buy this house! AAAAARRRRGH!
Hollywood Wants to Crap on Military Families Even More
Need to be Inspired?
You can teach a man to fish, but someone still has to buy the fish
It's the Vagina, stupid! (SFW)
Security Footage of my MIL doing bad things
My Blood BOILS at this
Cutest Puppy in the World Meets the Most Patient Cat
NYT Wonders When AF Family Will Off Its Young
I told you! I so damn told you!
One of the most FASCINATING blogs...! (next to bloggie, of course)
Dear Frank: With this picture, I win.
Britney News that Might Actually Matter
The Clintons Have Cake and Eat it Too
Why not just hire a mutually agreeable cleaning service?
Things that make my Christmas a seething pit of jealousy
Not everyone who homeschools has chosen their true calling.
How Your Poo Should Be
It's been a long time since we had a thread about a nude male celebrity (NSFW)
Sascha Baron Cohen - Hot When Not Borat
I just love these stuffed animals
I might have felt compelled to get photographic evidence, too...
Keep Santa Fat!
I am officially running headlong away from Huckabee now.
Raising Money to Find Matt Maupin
Poll Says Military Families Hate Bush/War
Sex - Analyzed (NSFW)
The Unexpected Pit Bull
MSNBC really doesn't like chubby women
I still don't like mine
Swift Kids for Truth
Stormi's Radio Show!
The Further Naked Adventures of airforcewife
AFW's kids dance La Cucaracha
Excellent out of the box insurance thinking!
I'm a Bad Person
General Pace - If nothing else, you MUST see this.
That's my Pop
Drug Addicts are overdosing! What should we do?
Oh my God. If you aren't in tears, there is something truly wrong with you.
I've been to two of these places. Three if you sub the Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz for the Oregon thingie.
My horror is reserved for the fact that someone paid over 27,000$ for flowers.
For Joem - Joss Stone's Issues
And here we have AFG in his suit!
Stormi! I need you!
I think I want to see this movie.
Can you POSSIBLY think of a way more likely to have someone mocked mercilessly?
When bloggie becomes a doctor...
God save us all from litigiousness gone amuk
Enough with the Politics!
He said WHAT?
The wife of a soldier charged with murder speaks
Other countries should apologize to us for sucking so much.
If you're gonna take a pee in a war zone, make sure no one has FLIR handy.
OMG! Who named THAT decorating scheme?
vagina perfume
I WILL be here
The Advocate's Top 40 Heroes List
Shrinks go Freudian on Rosie
Now THIS is an awesome Calendar!
Oh, now he's gone too far! How can you get RID of this guy?
Uh, I do believe that's an Air Force shirt, dudes.
follow up to i'm so screwed hippo post
I am so screwed.
My Montel Show is TODAY!
Baby Bruce Lee
Coming Out at 88
Oh, I WISH we could adopt a doggy again right now!
If it's got Shat in it, I watch it.
Oh, Stormi! Look what the fashion designers came up with NOW!
So cute you'll regret your sinful past.
Dear Bono: Someone Figured You Out
Gene Simmons Loves the Military!
When troubled stars had style
How Women Shower vs. How Men Shower
I'm SO going to be there! In 3D!
Britney Spears first non-train wreck photo shoot
Another "Fog of War" case
You seriously better be there. I joke not.
What kind of difference do you mean?
Ah, yes. The peek-a-thong trick.
You mean, the Bill Clinton that instituted Don't Ask Don't Tell? The One that signed the Defense of Marriage Act into Law? That one?
Best Homecoming Kiss photo contest
Military Wives: Fat, Whiny, Pathetic, Worthless
But when Bill Richardson says F***ot, it's peachy
Tomorrow - 3 PM - AFW and Andi interviewing Drowning Pool. Be there.
Spot the Gay
armywifetoddlermom picks the MOST RELEVANT MOVIE SCENE. Really.
What Air Force Academy cadets do in their spare time
Hey, Florrie, Throb, Jefe, and Stormi! Over Here!
listen to afw live!!!
Military Motivational Posters
The Differential Theory of the U.S. Armed Forces (Snake Model)
Lil Bush Promo
Father Ragheed Ganni - Someone We Should Know
News Anchor Can't Control His Bodily Functions
If the Debates Featured REAL Questions
It's Called Make Your Choice, Woman!
The Secret World of Dog Fighting
The Ruin of a Once Gorgeous Hunk
Clarification: This was not my flight
I didn't realize Jenna Elfman was actually funny
The Kid is trying to do his part! Shut up already!
In Case You Were Wondering What AFW Sounds Like...
The News for Dr. Laura Just Keeps Getting Worse
Don't Cry, Try It. I Dare You
I am intrigued with this place
Prelude to Spousebuzz
The Sluttiest Woman on Earth Awaits 17th Paternity Test
Holy Crap! We Made CNBC!!!
Amazingly Balanced Report on the Dix Six from Al Jazeera
Paris Hilton Judge Given Kudos at Church
And This is the Situation at my Alma Mater
Most Disgusting Toes on Earth
A Problem in Generalship
With Yeltsin dead, the baton for World Leader who dances crazily on stage is passed.
Celebrity Junk
Oh My God! She's Wearing Panties!!!
No Greater Love Has He (Warning - Tissue Alert)
The Dreidel Award
The Most Apt Commentary on the Imus Affair
Angelina Jolie steals daycare
What form of poetry are you?
He's a WILD ANIMAL, people!!
The REAL headscarf question
Pictures of Air Force Kids
He REALLY has an agenda!!!
They're FREE
What the Hell?
More Something You Can Do
Payback for the Son... via Lemon Stand
Update on Stormi - breaking news in comments
We are a sad, vapid society
Something You Can Do
more celebrity vag-tastic fun (NSFW)
airforcewife will be here. With bells on.
I only sort of like this kitchen
You are not going to BELIEVE the comment I got!
Shocker... Koppel Special AWESOME
Oh, SNAP!!
What the hell is this?
Think they'd hire me?
Ooh! Oh! Ohhh!
This movie was as good as the hype
My Favorite Comedian is Dead!
The Fart Game
Soldier's Angels needs help!
CPL Matt Sanchez's Gay Porn Past (NSFW)
Banned in China!
The Nineties
I want this phone. I don't know why.
Married People Have Better Orgasms (safe for work)
Thanks, Europe! Taking the Spoiled fat kid on the playground to a whole new level
Best Lawsuit of the Year
I Knew it!
How Aridog amuses himeslf in retirement
farting in freezing weather
The best picture they've ever taken
Come to my House, Sweeties. I'll show you bland.
The Brotherhood in Death
I don't think it looks like a mouse...
Totally wrong, totally NSFW, and suddenly I'm reminded of a shar pei
False Advertising - These are Not Boobs (NSFW)
Way Better Boobs than Mena Suvari
Assraelis - not Kosher! (and possibly NSFW)
What Soldiers Carry
Mena Suvari, what happened to your boobs? (NSFW)
What the Hell is it with stupid anti-war companies?
Shoe size/Penis Size conversion chart
Can we have some fargin' perspective here?
Jean Claude, Not teh Gay
Canadian Spider/Drug Experiment
Found - a Home for Bloggie's Tinpot Dictatorship
Now I Hate Suzanne Summers, too
Supermodel or Super Scary? (NSFW)
Best Bumper Sticker Juxtaposition EVER
Dear News Media: Please Just Shut Up
Sylvia Brown predicts...
I'm enjoying this blog
Weiner Land
The NY Times reveals it's ignorance about the military - yet again
For the Person who Loves Sports but Has Everything
You mean, I have to be a GROWN UP now?
I think Donald Trump hates Rosie O'Donnell
Danny Bonaduce - Smarter than I Ever Imagined
Santa is a Jerk
Get Well, Joe! - please read his story and send your regards to a young soldier
Ever farted on FLIR?
We are ready to win, America. Are you?
George Lucas Presents Singing in the Rain
Now Britney joins the vag-flashers (NSFW)
The Military - So Easy, A Caveman Can Do It
You don't get much more unsafe for work than this.
It's George Bush's fault that more women aren't whores.
A Nation of Wimps
"If I die, have a party."
I think this book might enrage me.
Found my Christmas Card!
HELP! AFW can't choose Christmas cards!
And Then There Was Poo (warning - VERY gross)
And I used to like the Simpsons
The SNL Britney skit
Blowback from the CNN "Sniper" video
Where to poo at NYU
Another LiLo fashion faux pas
To be filed in the "What the Hell Were You Thinking" category...
Voting in Philly
A surprise for Cindy Sheehan
Bad Vacation Idea for Air Force Family
Air Force Cyber Command
God Forbid there be consequences for their actions
I'm buying this shirt for my lefty family members for Christmas
How can one have no boobs, and yet have saggy boobs?
For the Jaded World Traveler
Miriam the Social Pariah
Here's Some Reasons for Ya...
Set the Dog Free!
Bill Maher is a fookin' asshole, looks like he stinks, and has the worst hair I've ever seen (including Donald Trump)
I Hate Republicans
I love Leonid
This totally grosses me out
So, then explain my horde of children...
Oh, shit! Look what I've done!
Why we do it
Intel observations from Iraq
Kevin Speaks to Rosie (VERY well put)
annoying things
I do this
My son is obsessed with this commercial
One of the funniest search terms I've ever seen
You know he planned the picture this way
Two Spank Rule
I hope your wife gets raped
Not as Offensive as Piss Christ... Well, maybe to a Scientologist
The Premier Citizen Journalist Report
So Bad I couldn't even laugh
How Dare I Live Outside Her View of Reality!
What happens with no veggies? Nothing much
The Triumph of American Culture
Funny link from Queer Conservative
RIP Mike Stokely
Iceman! What happened! Oh my GAWD!
The College Thinking Box
Let's Say Thanks from Xerox
What kind of sick, disgusting person would let Paris Hilton in the tub with their child?
Stephen Colbert meets his match (start about 2 minutes in)
The Poop Man knows Everything
Brotherly Love (via Tinkertytonk)
Thank you for presenting the views of Hezbollah, Helen
Wayne Newton ROCKS!
Awesome thank you from an Afghan man
What kind of princess are you?
Ahhhh, memories of Catholic School
Discussing the Birds and the Bees
Where's My Money?
I...I...don't quite know what to say...
Best Palestinian Spokesman name EVAR
The Best Way to Get Rid of a Friend
Which Superhero are You?
Quoting FDR - Still true today
Jake Commando speaks for me.
How New Jersey are you?
The flag that was saved.
That's not your ass. Don't lie.
soldier's family speaks
Not Quite Numa Numa
fishing in a war zone
I know of no one else who looks like a doofus so consistantly in photos
George Bush Forced Me to Abort
The Murtha Book Inscription Contest
Needed at the next church pancake breakfast...
Terrorist Cell leaders captured in Iraq... and they are Palestinian
Sweet Tea
Aussies are so cool! Take that, MSM!
If you're going to sell a broken laptop, take your information off it first, moron!
The New AF Dress Blues... The US Military Merges with Starfleet Command
What country should you REALLY live in?
Great book , interesting blog points
It has happened again
Flirting contest
Lazy Ramadi
How Will You be Described in the Sexual Dictionary?
Jews Don't Want To Run the World Anymore
Why Berkeley Sucks
The Five Most Dangerous Things in the Air Force
Take Back California
laughing babies
look what I found while looking for a study guide for Exodus!
The perils of the genetic beauty of Brangelina
The liberated Jews of Bergen-Belsen sing the Hatikvah
So I Can be Like Dad
Second Place Picture of the Year
Kvetcher Nation
I'll leave you with this final thought.
Email from Iraq
analysis of the beefs of the generals calling for Rumsfeld's ouster
Librarian hit with sexual harrassment suit for reccomending conservative books in a college
No More Dinners for Wounded Soldiers?
Now I feel to bleach my eyes and ears
"Understanding"... What a Crock
The Killer Bunny that Terrorized Jimmy Carter has been Found
This is not normal for pregnant
cynthia mcKinney's donor list
Sharon Stone for Mommy of the Year
There are better ways to remove pubic hair (totally NSFW)
I'll bet he thinks he should be one of the 10%
Will You Go To Prom With Me?
We've got a fire in the studio! We're going to break!
How White Trash are YOU?
Ayatollah Charles
A biblical sign of the end times... The angel broke the seal and the mullet returned.
Aussies flip of Cyclone Larry by having a barbie
It's about the right to Starbucks...
French Women are stuck in the 70's
AirForceGuy Visits the Day Spa
The Code Pink Plan
If college is for everyone, then it isn't college anymore - it's 13th Grade
The Uni-Pee
I do not share
Will Someone PLEASE buy this man a Happy Meal? He's obviously starving!
I suffer from a "pseudo-patriotic delusion"
anti-fart panties
What to bring to a Gun Fight
This is what I would do if I were related to Bin Laden. And totally gorgeous.
When a movie is too pro-terror for Time and Newsweek...
Send a Letter to These Parents
Cindy Sheehan gets Questioned
Lego Brokeback Mountain
My Newest Fashion Accessory
Ask a Mexican
IEATAPETA Day - Mark it!
An instant classic
How Smart are You?
Cow Poltical Science - New updated version
Could YOU Be Destined to Open this Strip Club?
The New York Times reaches out to counteract Muslim anger
One of the many reasons I think the morning after pill should be dispensed by doctors
Karpinski is a disgusting biotch
Shalom...(You won't get it if you aren't up on beer commercials)
Wounded Iraq War Vet Calls Himself a "Bad American"
Even if you don't support the war, you are more than welcome to have the war support YOU.
Watch the K-Fed version first, then the new one
self proclaimed "nice guy" is worried that troop supporters will "beat him up"
The rest of Ricky Martin's shower quote
I, Personally, Prefer Margarita Scented Scrub
Fine. I NEVER say this. And I'll be ready in five minutes to debate the issue.
Twenty Major on the lack of stampedes in Catholicism
There goes my blood pressure again...
Can Someone Tell Me How to Post This on My Blog?
A fitting end to Paris
Milblogger- home from the Middle East - murdered - possibly by his wife
Parents vs. Wife when a serviceman dies
Be happy you don't work near me. I've spent way too much money here.
Fahrenheit 1861
Large, Armed Compounds... Not just for Christian Fundamentalists, Anymore
Kate Moss dancing nekkid with a twist (via the superficial)
Hubby isn't the only one out of the closet
A New Source of Suicide Bombers
hubby speaks re: being in the ISG
This is what a timetable looks like
if you loved me, you'd vote for me
lessons on how to be a civilian
Show some love for the troops-counterprotest in Arizona!
scroll down and read about a new Muslim video with shades of Van Gogh (Theo, that is)
Oh My God. There are no words.
Antonio Banderas has the hairiest arms I've ever seen.
Early for Turkey Day
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