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hyperlinkopotamus links by Trillian:
Anyone else want to watch this with me?
The first meeting of the "I'm so ashamed I had a crush on Michael Phelps" club shall come to order
A worthwhile cause - Ezra Levant is being sued, again, by a civil servant with a bad case of nervous vapors
Speaking of eReaders and electronic books ...
So, Kindle isn't available in Canada
If you don't think this is cute, you have no soul.
Can someone explain Cold Stone Creamery to me?
Finally, for all of us Jew/Scot mixes, an answer to the question: what should I wear?
Something less contentious, and vastly more important, than Auster, LGF, bannings 'n lunacy?
There's a horror novel in here somewhere
Hey, all you Christians on DL, you have lots of tattoos, right?
So, who saw The Happening?
Happy Easter from Mark Steyn
I'm curious to hear what bloggie thinks - Charles Murray on Jewish IQ in Commentary
Who needs military force when you have bilateral talks? say Britons
For those of us who aren't too good for sci-fi ...
A tiny, faint breath of fresh air in Quebec
Extra security screening for Arabs and non-Jews on El Al flights is just tragic, tragic I say
Is this an early Purim joke?
Can one buy PBS shows usually?
Who will be Jewish after Israel is nuked? Part 2
NRO's 2007 predictions
Flava Flav is a white supremacist
And for your frivolous shopping pleasure ...
A Boteach article with which I largely agree
Calling all luggage snobs ... is Briggs and Riley that good?
The two parts of the Hanuka struggle, then and now
Does Rosetta Stone language instruction work?
Oh happy day, Cheese Eating Surrender Stephane Dion
The world is crazy: Padilla "tortured" en route to free dental treatment
Who says modern art sucks?
The first critique of the Bush/GoP 2006 failure about which I have no qualms
Today's celebrity mockery...
Anybody read this Sharon biography?
Maybe she can buy some for LiLo
This tells you all you need to know about the Liberal Party of Canada.
Yet another public figure claims to be Jewish to dodge "antisemitism"
Michael Richards and Jesse Jackson: the increasing Sovietization of public discourse
Hrm, another person I deeply respect flirts with despair
Is Ed a Canadian housewife?
I officially loathe Olmert: "Operation Defensive Shield didn't stop terror, so why bother trying in Gaza?"
Blair's lost his damn mind. MM, want to build a bunker? I
Why do celebrities EVER make sex videos? aka Goodbye, Britney's wholesome image *snicker*
An antidote for post-Tuesday blues
Help - does anybody use a citation manager?
Who spends $100 on knickers?
A la recherche du movies that don't suck
Zaphod thinks this vetoes the Roomba
I can't decide if I like Boteach or not.
I hope this guy feels very stupid now
Do tea cozies work?
Is Effi Eitam an extremist?
Mindless consumer poll of the day ...
Ah, moral equivalency from a Canadian ex-dhimmi-ette
If someone shot Mearsheimer I wouldn't shed a tear
This kid has a regular gig with the Ottawa Sun, apparently
Jewish "just war theory"
Bush wants "swift action" from the UN. What's next, a sternly worded memo?
Yet another reason to be depressed about Olmert
First time in a long time I've been impressed with the Sun
WTF? I thought this guy was on our side. Former Shin Bet head wants to give up Golan...
Does anyone else think "capo" when they read this? Human Rights Watch is objectively pro-Hezballa
Anyone read Blow the House Down?
Protestantizing Judaism
An engineer's take on the liquid explosives thing
Nuke Beirut now!
Jakob Kellenberg- is the head of the ICRC Jewish?
In case you haven't cried yet today
And this is bad because ...?
A shameless bleg - Jewish stuff in Ottawa
Another shameless bleg
Distraction time: what's your favourite poem?
These men are all heroes.
"Morally, there is just so far we can go, and we've gone far enough." I officially dislike this guy.
Why? 8 IDF soldiers are worth more than untold Lebanese casualties.
Am Yisrael Chai will be back
Anybody else like sci fi?
Anyone know where to find a sound file of this?
Israel calls up 5000 infantry reserves
"B'Tselem claims that IDF soldiers used six Palestinians, two of them underage, as human shields" - I may be going to hell but I don't care
"The outpost was originally built by the IDF and abandoned intact
Killed while "racing from his apartment in Nahariya to the nearby bomb shelter with milk for his four-year-old daughter"
"But in this day and age, with all the technology we have, there is no reason to start sending ground troops in."
"Hundreds of Palestinians later gathered at the scene to view parts of the soldier's leg, and many of them reacted with celebratory chants, the witnesses said. "
Oh for pete's sake
Why I love Israel, part 823.
Is one minute really enough time to get to a shelter?
I visited Kibbutz Maayan Baruch
A veteran of Lebanon: moving and sad.
"The next Middle East war has begun."
Flyovers are for weenies.
Shameless bleg: summer reading
Anybody see this? Protocols of Zion
Ivrit min ha-hathala
Is it really the government's job to stop from making a stupid-bad marriage?
My rant o' the week
"The Israelification of European life"
I was wondering about this ...
I'm not proud of this, but I can't help but ask why they arrest these people instead of just shooting them.
Has anybody read this book?
According to jpost.com, the EU sides with Israel all the time.
What's the opposite of "ashamed"?
Some balm, of a sort
Another memo from Insano-World
Oh please, no.
Am I the only person taking crazy pills?
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