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You're the schlager in my gold flakes
hyperlinkopotamus links by Thousand Sons:
Merry Christmas, Bloggie!
Archeologists Make Remarkable Find In Greek Underground Chambers
An inside joke for ex-LFG readers
Dracula's Castle For Sale
The Fayum Mummy Portraits
Its over.
A Lot Of People Are Very Upset That An Indian-American Woman Won The Miss America Pageant
Greek Workers Take Over Factory
Gettin' married today :)
Bloody Friday
Even Terrorists Have To Fill Out Expense Reports
Bridge Collapse in Washington
Dreams of new homes abandoned in Greece
Explosions reported near Boston Marathon finish line
Iain M. Banks posts a sad, brave announcement of his impending death
"The war left them in turmoil. When they found each other, they found peace."
The answer is No
‘My name is Bill Mantlo. I want to go home.’
Ancient grave with gold wreath found in Thessaloniki
I cant believe this actually happened
RIP Gen. Schwarzkopf
Arise, chicken!!
Middle East: Prepare...to Party Hard
Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R): 'Stupid' Comments 'Tainted' Republican Party
Playing World of Warcraft makes you unfit for high office
"Chris Stevens was a friend to all Libyans"
'Sweet Caroline' banned from Penn State football games
Paul Ryan: Rage Against The Machine fan. Wait....what?
Finally, a voice of reason about gun control
Suit says Hebrew National's products not kosher
Violence erupts as May Day protesters flood streets in Seattle
This may be the one and only time I say this phrase: I agree with Rev. Al Sharpton.
Werner Herzog vs. Chickens
Stay classy GOP! Racist stereotype in campaign ad
Defending the Indefensible
Christian Bale roughed up in China!
Obama abandons veto on security bill that will give U.S. military powers to arrest Americans and hold them without trial
Herman Cain Admits Quoting Pokémon
Just one step closer to Sharia!
Supercomputer Nautilus 'Knew Where Bin Laden Was'
Foxy Knoxy: Not Guilty!
A 7-year-old girl responds to DC Comics’ sexed-up reboot of Starfire
You don't want to be a martyr to the Kingdom of Hoon
Bodies hanging from bridge in Mexico are warning to social media users
American Academy of Pediatrics: No, Michele Bachmann, the HPV vaccine cannot cause mental retardation
“Real Names” Policies Are an Abuse of Power
Cheese Thievery!
First images from Great Pyramid's chamber of secrets
Everyday is like Sunday - Morrissey
Debate between a liberal and an islamist in Egypt
Remembering the Challenger disaster, 25 years later
A cure for sleep apnea on the way?
Senate votes to end 'don't ask, don't tell'
Godless pinko commie liberal progressive attacks Sarah Palin!
The Reverse Emma Watson Effect
'Olbermann, O'Reilly and the death of real news'
Cee Lo Green - F**k You
George Takei Calls Out Anti-Gay Arkansas School Board Member
Open your Vote Hole: Voter Intimidation At McDonald's
Rand Paul supporter curbstomps protester
"The Radical Right offers their moral support."
“US Tea Party Should Keep Its Hands Off Hitler”
'Private Wojtek'
Paladino: victim of jewish conspiracy
Slivovice Jelinek
'My War Gone By, I Miss It So'
Bullied to Death
Poll: 1 In 5 Americans Believe Obama Is A Cactus
Oy gevalt! Neo-Nazi Couple Finds Out They're Jewish
Iran unveils human-like robot
Climbing a Broadcast Tower
My latest obsession :)
The Green Police They're coming to arrest me Oh no!
Oh Morrissey. For shame. :(
Muslim soldier refuses deployment
Ohhh, who lives in a rice cooker under the sea?
For Satoshi Kon: Paprika Intro
Shocker of the Day!!
Tea Party Groups Out AGAINST Net Neutrality
"We are treating him pretty darn well, except for the poop."
Bill and Ted's Excellent Inception
19th Century Shipwreck Discovered
"Hey Ayatollah, Leave Those Kids Alone!"
Little Richard - All Around The World
Who is driving? OMG bear is driving! How can this be??
Maddow: The hard choice in Afghanistan
Rahul Parikh to Joel Stein: You're a xenophobic jerk
Drill, baby, drill! (apparently)
The Octopus was, indeed, full of judgment
Rocky remembers Mickey
Obama sings Kick Ass song!
Gen. McChrystal does interview in Rolling Stone: Hilarity Ensues
Whole Day Of BP CEO Obfuscating In Four Minutes
Twelve Pairs of Legs
At war without an army
Tears in Rain
BP: Stuck on Stupid!
Dio - Holy Diver Live
Adam Carolla Complains About Apple
RIP Frank Frazetta :(
Tonio K - The Funky Western Civilization
iPhone 4g leak probably not staged
Queen - Princes Of The Universe
Turmoil in Kyrgyzstan
Kombatan Arnis - Filipino Martial Art
160 Greatest Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes
Danny Kaye in 'Skokie'
Stay classy Texas
The Five Stages of Death
Heavy Metal in Baghdad
Stop Feeding the Filthy Homeless. They litter!
Just when you thought the Middle East couldn't get weirder...
Gee, thanks a lot France.
Religious Item Feared to Be Bomb Causes Plane Diversion
A Cheap Holiday In Other Peoples Misery
Priest to Congregation: Go ahead! Shoplift!
Your feel good story of the day :)
Ahh leaked secret documents. So pesky!
Snowmen are less offensive than the dreaded xmas tree...aren't they?
Russian soldiers will frighten the enemy using 'skeleton' clothing
'Can I stay in Gitmo?'
'H1Nerd1' Also known as teh PAX Pox
Whaddya you mean I cant sail around the world alone?!
Art Imitates Life in Belarus
911 conspiracy theories 'ridiculous' says al-Qaida
Stay Classy, Roseanne
Mexico takes hard stance against crime, sends in armed troops
Drowning Diver saved by Whale
Your Friday Afternoon OH SNAP moment...
A Hippo Critical Situation!
Schadenfreude Ensues
Poem for the Rooftops of Iran
For Mom: "In Dreams"
Schadenfreude for Specter
Okay, seriously, who thought this was a good idea??
Is anyone else watching Kings?
With Friends Like These...
Bush vs. Zombies
Bullied to Death
The Very Definitiion of Chutzpah
The luckiest man on the face of the Earth
Atlantis in the making
The Curious Case of Hillary's Button
Your tax dollars at work yet again. :(
Alan Parsons was right!
5 Real Life Soldiers Who Make Rambo (and Val Kilmer) Look Like a P*ssy
Robots will fight future wars
Thats Racist!!
Wow! Really?! You dont say!
Le Wrath di Khan
Hubris, thy name is Blagojevich
"Please don't think that this $10 billion was such a great amount that we ought to be eternally grateful..."
Final Score 100-0, but who really lost?
Makes my Starbucks venti carmel latte this morning taste all the sweeter. Take *that*, jerks!
Gaza Conflict Moves to Virtual World
Remember: Its all Israel's Fault
Burglar runs in terror of Thunder God
I was thinking of Franco when I bought this...
"What chutzpah!"
And now...your moment of Zen
Inspired by Yiddish
Have you driven a Cord lately?
Justice is indeed blind...also retarded
"I have a business transaction requiring your immediate attention...:
A Tribute to Seattle's Tuba Man
For Jefe: Fly to the Rainbow
Like Atlantis, but in slow motion
Origin of the Jewish Wolverine
Stories like this creep me the f*ck out. Anyone else?
Manly on a level few can understand
Viva! Sea-Tac :)
False Memories Can Influence Behaviour
Palin apologizes for 'real America' comment
Revenge upon Wall Street
Sad post-script to Brooklyn taser death
The Dark Bailout
‘Jesus was Palestinian’
What planet are these people from?!
Finally! Some *good* news!
Theres no "M" anymore. Its just "TV"
Man, i just *love* noodles! :D
How to punch Oasis in the face
The Battle of Tabouli
They flung martian poop at us! And we didn't mind!
Those cruel, heartless monsters
The Lebanon/Israel War Part II
Judge Milian Tears Dude A New Asshole
Legalize It!
Thousand Sons Galaxy: Not very eco-friendly or green
Awww, the poor babies :(
Bringin' a knife to a court fight!
OMG WTF Global warming killed the dinosaurs?!
Stay classy, Dick.
I'm Not Lovin' It
Hooray for Hellboy!
Who thinks *this* is a good idea?!
Newt Gingrich - Our Phoney War
"Hey Fatty!" "Shut up, Stupidhead!"
The Lord of The Rings
A video, a concept, and a story that hurts my brain and makes me feel ill
Human Flesh Search Engines
Scumbag lawmaker vows to 'rip apart' child rape victims
Internet Argument
Obama Adviser: Pooh Bear, Luke Skywalker Hold Lessons for Foreign Policy
My personal feelings on the current DL/LGF schism controversy
Study: Women in Bikinis Make Men More Impulsive...Well DUH!!
We regret to inform you that 26 of your classmates are dead....JUST KIDDING!!
Could this be the end of FARC?
Quite possibly the most silly thing i've seen on Fox News in a while...
Mr. Hippo goes to the beach!
Did the Maya Hee Guy get a job at Best Buy??
Ever notice that terrorists call for 'dialogue' only when they are losing?
Thou Shalt Not Suffer a Wytche to Teache
No sex please, we're Iranians
The Suicidal Superpower
Finally! Some good news in the world.
Charlie the Unicorn
Kid VS Mom. Mom *wins*. Flawless Victory!
The New Hotness
Tortured logic: Obama win would stifle racial progress?
Tibetans planning suicide bombs. Wait...what??
Kegger at Frank IBC's house! WHOO HOO!!
Why America is the greatest nation on Gods green earth!
Nepalese Police Beat Back Monks, Refugees
Marillion - Easter
Riots in the streets? Burning shops? Must be those Buddhists again! Oh wait. It *is*.
RIP Gary Gygax :(
Psss, Ev! Time to move to Jamaica, mon!
Chavez took cash from FARC
Mardi Gras 2008!
Snakes on a plane!!
Son Was Bullied To Death
NPR claims that Roast Beef is not an awful man
A drug against...drugs?
Stargate SG1...with puppets
No Hannah Montana tickets for you, lying liars!!
Al-Qaida Claims Responsibility for Bhutto Assassination
Merry Christmas...from Heaven
Ah! Red man DID speak with forked tongue!
Teen dies hours after liver transplant approved
Stay classy Spears Family
You're in the Jungle, baby!!
'Your love of the halflings leaf has clearly slowed your mind!'
Lead in toys? Thats soooo 2006. Asbestos is the new hotness!
Putin Threatens the N-Word
For all you Star Blazers fans out there...
Have you driven Jihad lately?
Cowboy Baby
Casualties of the NFL
Pot Roast... a yankee classic
Spartans!! Tonight we dine on mice!
Holy Moonbat Relic Sells for $100,000, Leftists Wail Inconsolably
Death Star Canteen
The Most Beautiful Girl in the...Room
Biologists aim to wipe out "Rat Island"
Tough old Ballard lady stands up to developers
Vesti La Giubba
Life on Mars
Uchuu Senkan Yamato!
Jamie Foxx = Big Jerk
It's Business Time!
Snow Cake
In which Thousand Sons calls it quits.
Napoleon Meets Karl
Abbas dissolves 'unity' government
The narco-terrorist bastards. Now they're using 'cheese'.
Student arrested for humorous sign aimed at Religious Protesters
17 years since the Tiananmen Square Massacre: The Tank Man
300 - The PG Version
Alert Samuel L. Jackson!!
How To Keep Hostile Jerks From Taking Over Your Online Community
That dog wont hunt!!
'I'm mad as hell...'
Let's lay down our right to bear arms
I feel to scream: WBC to Preach at Funerals of Virginia Tech Dead
Fans From Around the World Interview Bill Watterson
The Racist German Army
Polonium-210 poisoning in 5..4..3..2..
Imus sinking faster that The Titanic
School principal flings poop! Yes, really!
In which a modern nation behaves like terrorist kidnappers...
Ol' Drippy
Smuggler caught smuggling weapons into Gaza
Happy Greek Independence Day! OPA!!
Leonard Cohen -The Future
Ralph Baer, the Father of Video Games
16 things it takes most of us 50 years to learn
Is it just me or does it seem like theres more to this story?
OMG Shoes :D
Can any one beat Chiranjeevi in dance??
Ungrateful Cetacean :(
There oughta be a picture of Mexico next to "hubris" in the dictionary...pt II
All Around My Hat :)
Celebrate: Osama Bin Laden?!
When the Apocalypse comes I want to be hanging out with *this* guy!
The Death of Captain America
'Teodor! You are Jewish guy, yes?'
Tears of the Black Tiger
The Ray Smuckles Decision-Making Flowchart
Man threatens neighbor with sword
Christiane Amanpour fellates Iranian Regime
Another terrorist attack in Iran.
Venezuela threatened by AQ
Rat leaves sinking ship
Americas hidden war with Iran
Thriller: Bollywood Style!
Welcome Back Soviet Union! Pt II
Welcome back Soviet Union!
Iran has cured AIDS!!
U.S. Reaction to 9/11 Was 'Overblown' says prof
Gizmodo vs. The Volcano!
David Hasselhoff puts on a dress
Breaking: Chinese Shoot Down Satellite
Okay, I hate George Clooney a little less now
My box in a box :D
A little cheese with that *whine*, CNN?
CNN digs up dirt on a dead man
A special Christmas carol for a certain someone :)
Greek Monks rumble over turf in Zorkies hometown!
More Haunting Music. Dead Can Dance - 'Rakim'
IDF hates D&D!
Un anno d'amore
CNET editor found dead in Oregon Wilderness :(
Madam, your baby is drunk!!
Indigenous peoples evicted by ruthless occupying power and their bulldozers!
Pretty Paris pukes while singing. Quite possibly her best performance!
Top Democrat: Bring back the draft
Dems win, world rejoices. Blech.
Mahir to Borat: Where is being my money?!
Kerry apolgizes. HA!
Alcoholics Rejoice!!
Do you hear the chairman sing?
Tower Records liquidation!
Your daily dose of surrealism: Tribute to Klaus Nomi
Skull scandal 'disgusts' Germany
Drug Raid Yields Los Alamos Documents
Why cultures developed spicy foods
Anderson Cooper: 'Why we are terrorist comforting, anti American douchebags.'
Wesley Snipes is soooo fucked!
Westboro Baptist Church: Amish girls deserved to die
US "invents" software to track press
Russia and Georgia almost on brink of war over spying scandal
W. T. F??! Musharraf on Daily Show?!?
'Jihad' Car Ad offends...what a shocka!
Bill Clinton accuses FOX of carrying out "a conservative hit job"
Greek Police Recover 700-Year-Old Stolen Icon
In Soviet Russia, Road drives You!
White and Nerdy!
Murderer tells victims' families to 'get over it'
Dalai Lama is an idiot.
I think we all knew, didnt we?
Nancy Grace = Hateful Bitch
Music from The Umbrellas of Cherbourg
One night in Bangkok!
Brave Syrians thwart toxic Zionist fruit!!
No. Freakin'. Way.
My god!! Wont someone think of the pigeons?!
Where were you on 9/11/01?
Thousand Sons bought an Egg Boiler!
In Soviet Russia, mouse clicks you!
Matisyahu at Marymoor
President acknowledges existence of secret CIA prisons
Matisyahu! Tonight!
Travesty of Justice in Seattle, what else is new?
Get a Life! A Second Life...
Superdickery...old school style!
Octopus vs. Shark! Octopus Wins! Flawless Victory!
Bumbershoot is Coming! This weekend!
O Brother, Where Art Thou?
I knew it. DNA doesn't match
Megadeth Vs. The UN!
The War at Home
Dedicated to Bigel: Party At Ground Zero!
CNN: We are not biased against Israel! Really!
Its just like X-Ray Specs...but it really works!
Suha: Arafat no more!
Samuel L. Jackson has a message for you...
The Jill Carroll story
2001: A Space Odyssey with Pink Floyd's Echoes
Giant Robot Imprisons Parked Cars
Study: Sexually Explicit Song Lyrics Prompt Teens to Have Sex Earlier
I knew it!! Cats make you crazy!
Rejoice Fatties! A miracle cure is on the horizon!
9/11 Conspiracy dick on Opie & Anthony
Krauts defeat an enemy even America could not
Bruce Dickenson rocks!
The New Fidel? Cold War Pt. II?
Dean Calls Iraqi Prime Minister Anti-Semite
R.I.P Mako :(
Chavez to US: Please come kick my ass!
Meanwhile, The View From Inside Iran
Jaan Pehechaan Ho!
Big Lebowski - The Short Version
CNN - Running through Beirut
CheChe works for CNN.
Respect for Bush!
Dobbs: What a dumbass
From the 'Shut Your Pie Hole' Dept...
The Big Man on Terrorism (NSFW)
Shine On You Crazy Diamond :(
Scared Straight by Supervillains!
What is a nerd? How it differs from a geek?
A Boy Named Sue...Hanoi Style
Meow, Mr Putin!
A travesty of justice
Money Won't Make You Happy
Hooters For Neuters!
Mean ol' Israelis buzz Baby Assad's crib
You Are A Pirate!
Portman m*thaf*cka!!
An absolutely true story from a day in the life of Thousand Sons
George Bush hates eskimo people
WTF is wrong with New Orleans?!
Saddam/Taliban Connection
Jay-Z calls for Cristal boycott
Fashion Zombies!
Just like Romeo & Juliet! Except stupid.
Shake a tree, nuts fall out
Jedi Breakfast
The man who created 'Conan'
Dipshit girl back in U.S.
What the hell is wrong with parents?!?
Red State Blues
Take off your T-shirt!!
Abbas presses statehood referendum
Man vs Lion! Lion wins! Flawless Victory!!
Our Dark Lord of the Sith
Supersize THIS, bastards!
Batman gets a cousbian!
Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you...The Oozinator. Enjoy.
The first rule of Fight Club...no Hippo Links to Fight Club!!
Legendary Cartoonist Alex Roth Passes Away
Screw those goddam caribou!
Why do these bastards think they're above the law?!
Lets hear it for Milbloggers!
Hix Nix Dix Chix in Stix!
The *real* reason behind Mexico's need for emmigration
Richard, the tribe has spoken...
Bear vs Monkey! Bear wins! Flawless victory!
Tunak Tuank Tun!!
To those aging Gen-X hipsters, I say 'HA HA!!"
Ahmadinejad’s letter to Bush
Lava Shark!!
'Dame Edna' slugs photographer
ROFL! White manager fired by Latino manager...for not working May 1!
Fox News writer goes gooey of Neil Young's Bush hating song
Oh ! Lord, I'm stuck in Lodi again.
Impeach Geena!
Quite possibly the least fun video game ever created
What the hell happened to Fox News?!
I'm carrying out my threat and exposing you to rhythmical dago chants!
When 'Keeping It Real' Goes Wrong
Evil Swedes plan rival moon base! (Lunar IKEA pending)
Godless Commie Bastards plan to rape Moon in bid to conquer Mars!
Worlds Gayest Cellphone revealed!
Fancy a $1000 mint julep?
911 is a joke Part II :(
Domestic Abuse Charges Against Yanni Dropped
Dixie Chicks are dicks
911 Is A Joke
Magical mermaids cure dry vaginas!
'V' for Vacillate
The sourest grapes grow on Brokeback Mountain
Evil jews attack Christian holy site! Its time for jihad!!
Curious George saved from the Nazis!
The Internet is for PORN!
Tiger Poo! Yes! Thats right!
President Bush: State of the Union 2006
Challenger Disaster: 20 Years Later
Gamers and sweet, sweet love...
Richard, the tribe has spoken...
Man says 'spell' won him harem of 10 wives
What a bunch of jerks.
Oh, and by the way, did I say GO 'HAWKS?!?!
Is it Bin Laden??
Weird! The Final Frontier!
A charming piece of race-baiting from Senator Shrew >:(
Gimme some sugar, baby.
The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny
'Fake, but emotionally accurate' says Oprah
So, Mr. Blair...when did you stop beating your wife?
Chronic (what?!) cles of Narnia!
One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve!
CIA Leak Found! Release the Hounds!!
The kid hassled by the Fuzz over Mao?? It was a goddam hoax.
Small town school wages jihad of cultural hatred against the Scots!
Sarah Silverman: Give the Jew Girl Toys!
Protestors Shot Dead in China
Attack of the Blogs!!
Who can find Ev and Zork? Ninja Kittens!
Hollywood's ME Fairy Tale. Guess what? We're the bad guys.Its sure to get an Oscar.
It Puts The Lotion In The Basket...
Since the beginning of time Mankind has searched for sanctuary from Poverty, Sickness, and War. Just recently three young men found it. Welcome to Awesometown!
'Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me' (not *me*, personally, 'cause *I'm* a stone cold pimp! Word.)
Hurricane Katrina special report from Foamy the Squirrel (haraam language, squirrely rage)
Old man take a look at my life, I'm a lot like you...
Peasants Quest!
Happy Canada Day Comic
Exterminate! Exterminate!
Evariste, I hate you for showing me the Unicorn Orgy
A Complete Prick
Passed Out Wookies!
People should not get angry over the Internet. This is a problem people have.
Laughter is the best medicine!
Ali G Adresses Harvard
For Evariste: Ahh Lindsay. Those were the days...:(
Fuck Star Wars
For the gamers out there: Leeeeroy!!!
It takes more than Biz Markie...
Haw Haw! Vive Le Bruce! Vive Le Frawnce!
Tha hardest gangsta math 'round yo. Click on 'Watch this Movie'
Third Panel's for Stormi
The Straw Man
New Gorillaz Video!
Good for NASA!
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