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hyperlinkopotamus links by The Sanity Inspector:
How To Know When To Stop Blogging
"When it came to work/life balance, work came first, life came second, and trying to find the balance came last."
The list of offensive statements included: “America is the land of opportunity”
The Armenian genocide, as told by two rugs
For the longest time, he had no words. Finally, he managed a question.Is this even possible?
“How do you say, ‘Your grandfather is a notorious serial killer’”?
The Golden Age of the Continuation Novel
"No neighborhood or city is an island"
"The spirit of Beethoven has come back to life in first-person shooter games."
"Though her answer was correct, a vast swath of academics responded with outrage."
27 Hilariously Bad Maps
'I look at myself as a reincarnation of Maimonides. I’m an atheist in hiding just like he was.’
Richard Scarry's "Busy Town" updated for modern times
“In their minds, you’re not just paying them to do their job. You’re paying them for the opportunity cost of not becoming Mark Zuckerberg.”
UK Rockers who still have day jobs
Watch the historic Rosetta comet landing live
“The first time I did it, my brain and body said, this is what you’ve been missing your whole life.”
“You would not imagine how difficult it is when you have to import or export rare blood,”
Woman records her own daily street harassment with boyfriend's GoPro camera
The Colonial Human Zoo of Paris
Why haven't hipsters discovered these blogs?
Clown nose on, clown nose off
A new insinuation of the "divided loyalties" smear
"These men were not trained in political theory or in law. Their only skill was the ability to intimidate"
The history of rap, as told to the U.S. Supreme Court
Texas [re]legalizes upskirt photography
Poetry contest prize: a foreclosed house in Detroit
Jihadist schoolgirl is angry at jihadist hubby over lost kittycat
The castaway slaves of Tromlein Island
Long-lost Doors documentary getting wide release
Bizarre gifs of vintage photos
SE Louisiana is losing a football field of land every hour.
Mississippi accidentally bans bird feeders
Swallowing Hong Kong's liberties, slice by slice
“They took me out the gate as if I was being walked to the gallows. The police just stood there.”
“She said she is going to be sold as a slave this afternoon, for $10. What can a father say to that?"
“That was the icing on the cake, getting Howard Hughes involved."
“His brain is Swiss cheese,” his mother said. “It is full of holes.”
Times of London refused to run this Elie Wiesel ad
Scotland's Paedophile Full Employment Act
The Devil's Dictionary of Dating
Astronomers study the heavens--with Flickr
Today's Brazilian Newspaper Covers Are Pure Sadness
An overlooked literary genre: memoirs of rock stars ex-lovers
Crowd-funding the people's drone
I must be a part of the ‘Big Pharma’ industry if I thought polio was a dangerous disease, they said, or just a fool
“If the Taliban tried to come back now, although we don’t have weapons, we have power and we would resist.”
My 1975 'Cooling World' story doesn't make today's climate scientists wrong
What should we be worried about?
“The only evaluation is the numbers. God forbid your crime is up."
“We can get to a cup of coffee dozens of different ways. The worst-case scenario is these pods.”
"After two full days of bidding on tasks, I've made a whopping $52. I've seen panhandlers get more money outside of the 7-11.”
Ten creative elevator ads
Chloe Valdary's gracious yet eviscerating response to an Aunt Jemina smear on Twitter.
Red Army monument is defaced with Ukraine national colors
Crowdsourcing the hunt for North Korea's gulags.
“I’m not embarassed of my son. I was proud of him ’til the last breath he took.”
“She could take any bits of scrap and turn them into a sculpture or robot. She had that mechanical intuition that all good engineers have.”
Newly discovered photos of Spanish American War
Protestant missionaries are the greatest blessing the world has ever known.
“It’s crazy, isn’t it? It looks like another planet here."
Amazon is selling a 5lb bag of gummie bears. It costs nearly $70. There are almost 500 customer reviews of it.
How to clean the back side of your computer monitor screen
The National Department Of Poetry
“They just wanted to ruin my head, it seemed to me,” says Mr. Tritz. “Somebody wanted to.”
“For nearly 30 years I have asked myself this question: Why Richard?”
From the Pentagon to homelessness
Iceland highway construction delayed by elves
Birth Mother Discovers Son Given Up For Adoption Died In Lockerbie Bombing
PolitiFact's Lie Of The Year
‘We bought the right to take over your property. If you want it back — pay us.’
Millennials in the workplace
The Forgotten Souls of London’s Women of the Night
This is how cobalt-60 thieves die.
Not porn, but jewish
“All these London fogs,” he remarked. “They're killers. Bodies just pile up here.”
"Operate on this mother so we can take her baby."
The longest cat video on YouTube
A reporter buries his lede.
"Please look at this letter and tell me in detail in my dreams."
Track a shark
Mega Death
Entire Venezuelan medical system collapsing
Every Colombian in the place has a story. Even when they’re not entirely factual, they’re still true. Magical realism didn’t come from here for no reason.
A court-ordered anal probe for running a stop sign
"You'll go from Hater to Hated and trust me, you'll never want to go back."
Someone had to step out of the pack and say, 'This isn't right.'
Breakthroughs in Urban Farming
"Yes, you can keep your health insurance"
No woman, no drive
"I don't know what I knew."
"The worst part for me is that no one remembers"
"The ocean is broken."
"This is an example of goodness gone viral."
You can skip this ad in twenty-five years
Flemish masters in the airplane restroom
Betteridge's Law Of Headlines in action
"The workload, she’s said with a straight face, is just too much."
“All this mix and balance, we lost it forever”
Now that's a glitch!
Long-lost Dr. Who episodes found in...wait for it...Ethiopia!
One P.O.ed witch doctor customer!
"The European countries don’t give a damn about us.”
"That was my job. But they were lucky it was me on shift that night."
Warren Zevon's Secret
"I am totally ashamed to say it but we do truly hate this boy!"
The Jobless Generation
"Would you believe that a mucosy little jellyfish could cripple three national economies and wipe out an entire ecosystem”?
London skyscraper accused of melting car
Music videos in the Net Art age...
The homeless of silicon valley
Chasing the White House Cezannes
'This is the economics of planned, deliberate extinction.”
All the U.S.'s previous declarations of war
Which Fast-Food Workers Hate Their Jobs the Most?
Globalization increases unemployment; technology increases inequality
“The only bad thing about our Royal Prank is knowing that I will NEVER EVER top this."
“Once you spend more than $100 million on a movie, you have to save the world.”
Captain Obvious to the rescue!
A hi-tech ViewMaster turns your i-Phone into a 3-D camera
“It is, without a doubt, the very worst video game I have ever played.”
How an American manufacturer beats China on price and Germany on quality
"When they work hard and earn their wages, why should they have to pay fees to collect their rightful wages?"
Texas callgirl killer's defense: his wasted time was stolen property
Budget cuts: 'bloated' Greek state TV is shut down in mid-broadcast
“He told my boss to tell me to stop writing computer proposals, because Kodak would never be a computer peripheral company…not on his watch, at least.”
"I also have inverse mentors: people I learnt to not imitate."
Web developer: "You can see why I’m in such good shape. In this particular gold rush the shovel is me."
Scientologists try to photoshop more people into publicity photo, fail.
Stopping guilty rich liberals from making eternal pets of Africa's poor is "promoting evil"
'If the government won’t provide public housing for the people, the people must provide it for themselves.'
They played golf in spikes and nothing else just because they could. Or so goes the story.
“Perversely, the small number of jobs created by tech companies has helped its moguls avoid public scrutiny,"
Redford unified the country in its affection for him when it couldn’t agree on anything else.
Settling personal scores with Wikipedia "revenge edits"
"Are you in your good senses? We have lives here. We have businesses. If we get involved in politics, they will ruin us."
“Everest is big business for Nepal, and they will never turn down the money.”
‘You should know my name. I’m the man who’s going to marry you.’
"Who cares? It's just blacks dying."
“Inappropriate?” No, using the salad fork for the entree is inappropriate. Using the Internal Revenue Service for political purposes is a criminal offense.
Gosnell found guilty of murder
America's first climate change refugees
"The fact that Americans were targeted by the IRS because of their political beliefs is unconscionable."
SC Democrat walks back questionable remarks about state's first minority female governor.
“I couldn’t decide whether I was writing characters or whether the characters were writing me.”
"I was trying to be sensitive. We were all trying to be sensitive back then."
"Why are we being held to this standard, when Hollywood gets a pass, and they are the ones promoting violence?"
“My first editions contain lines from which I have to avert my eyes – horrible!"
Policing the internet, at 20 seconds per dispute
Gulf oil spill disaster not over yet
We Had No Idea What Alexander Graham Bell Sounded Like. Until Now
Being happy doesn't mean...
Space harpoon plan to nail orbital garbage
Happy 65th birthday, Israel
"I wonder who I might have been had I stayed in the band. I wouldn't have half the stories to tell."
"When elites rally unanimously to a cause, it can become a kind of common sense."
Where did nearly 30,000 Chinese rivers go?
Most classless paleontology analogy ever
April Fool's stories that weren't but should've been
Year's best longreads
When furniture imitates Photoshop
Why a Mars Comet Impact Would be Awesome
Section 8 housing in Virginia is home to the last king of Rwanda
The cycle of generations
ASJA award winning journalism and books for 2013
Why he burned his encyclopedias
Newscaster bloopers are funny in Polish, too
Why the poor pay sticker price for healthcare
A new mother at 62--for sixth time in a row
150 Year-Old Criminal Mugshots
Boy! I say, boy! Yore doin' it all wrong!
The company helping governments spy on your online communications
Teen activist fights creationism in Louisiana schools
Baffled Time Travelers Don't Know What To Make Of Us
Singularity, schmingularity!
What are you doing here? #2
What are you doing here? #1
Football star's inspiring dead girlfriend never existed
Inexplicably, it is still illegal for communists to be school teachers in California
French Revolution vintage cognac goes on auction:
100 Days of Rejection Therapy
"I still suck at suffering."
Norks treat visiting Google executive "like rock star"
"Non-fiction with a strong takeaway"--How self-help ate America
The Sinister Tentacles of Young-Earth Creationism
Crowdsourcing Amateur Astronomers find 42 exo-planets
To salvage their careers, director Paul Schrader and writer Brett Easton Ellis turn to....
Temple and sacred vessels from Biblical times discovered at Tel Motza
After 40 Years, WWII Vet & Wife Recover Stolen Love Letters
The State of the World According to Bruce Sterling and Jon Lebkowsky
Slimy hoaxer is slimy
Best Long Reads of 2012
The day my inner anarchist lost out to the bourgeois me
World finally discovers something LinkedIn is good for
Apple, Samsung putting away former tech giants
The bearded lady's long-lost son
The Wonderful Contradictions of North Korea
100 Notable Books of 2012
The Taliban's email distribution list
Tycho Brahe mystery death solved
Thracian Gold
"The Republicans' Pauline Kael moment"
Sailor's dog tag, lost during WWII, comes home to his widow
10 Childhood Horror Products
Lost Beethoven liturgical composition performed
Debunking a Creationist Biology Text, Chapter By Chapter
British Muslims protest by praying on grounds of Westminster Abbey
Pentagon considers confiscating guns of suicidal soldiers
Sorry, Jimi....
Bounty on Salman Rushdie's life increased by mullahs
Fair winds and following seas, old salt...
Have we found the bones of Richard III?
The Oldest Message in a Bottle Ever Found Is 98 Years Old
"We got talking about skulls and the next day he turned up with this skull."
The booming business of...creationism?!?
Discovery of Long-Lost Silent Film With All-Indian Cast Has Historians Reeling
Neil Young has not passed away
Al-Shabaab resorts to selling hyena meat to fund military operations
Korea repurchases former empire's legation HQ in Washington DC
He is heavy, he's my brother
You're not such a caveman after all
Photographs of Seoul
"A writhing ghost of a would-be nation"
Camera Found In Creek Reunited With Owner After Photo Analysis
Egyptian Christians Ejected From Village
Self-annnihilating Sentences
Drowning in Debt salt and pepper shakers
Tax money to fund creationism in Louisiana private schools?
Congrats, Gabby Hayes
Death Penalty for Dade Co. Public Library
Islamists attack Syrian Christians
Hackysack in Cambodia
Did feminism abort Asia's girls?
"Our hatred for these people is so intense."
Furry Bond Villain
Old Japanese longhair cheers up tsunami survivors
Pro-Sharia march down Oxford St. in London
Retention dam fails, sewage floods Jeddah
"Misunderstanders of Islam" are first to be charged under UK's anti-gay hate crime law
U.S. government wants to have internet "kill-switch".
A national shortage of exorcists
Current with your mortgage? Own it free and clear? Never had a mortgage? You can still be foreclosed on and evicted.
Revered civil rights era photographer was FBI informant
Punch magazine foresees Twitter, in 1858
'The sonogram's great, we don't need to have baby girls any more.'
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