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hyperlinkopotamus links by TalkinKamel:
Concerning those perfidious Dutch, the even more perfidious media and anti-Israel bias!
Progressive melodrama and the 20th Century.
100 Iraqis killed in bombing.
Moslems attack---the Inuit?
The Hmong connection in the Laotian takeover case.
More about the Amnesty mess.
More about the Laotians from the OC, accused of trying to overthrow the Laotian government.
Could this be the ugliest bridsmaid's dress in creation?
Attack of the Giant Squid!
We've had Dr. Death---now we have the chatroom of Death.
Another suspect arrested in the Dhanak murder case.
Intifada at UCI---with the administration's approval!
UCI Chancellor opposes British boycott of Israeli scholars.
You've reminisced about it, dreamed about it, longed for it---now you can share your favorite SPAM recipes!
Here's a good question---who funds CAIR?
White Dudes behaving badly: Timothy Leary, sex, drugs and "Orange Sunshine" in the OC.
Could Greece be next after Yugoslavia? Albanians form paramilitary group there.
Serbs, Jews, and the hijacking of the Holocaust.
George Galloway---thief! (The Prophet Mohammed himself says so!)
Al-Queda's nuclear threat.
Murtaza now officialy a suspect in murder of Hindu family.
"To the Women of Israeli"---a fascinating look at Israeli life.
Anti-semitism at UCI---officials blame outsiders, and bloggers.
Paris Hilton involved in bored, Beverly Hills houswives sex club!
L.A. Daily News attempts bravely to legitimize the porn industry.
A plot to overthrow the government of Laos---hatched in Orange County.
Al Qaeda targeting neutral countries---Switzerland out of Palestine?
OC Register practically plants halo on head of man suspected of killing girlfriend's family.
More proof that Prince Charles is Moslem.
Car Fires in Portland---if the Intifada coming here?
The Forst Dix 4, and Islamic Kosovo.
Metrosexuals---it's all about the advertising!
More about that Moslem student at UCI followed by an FBI agent. . .
More on Islam's stronghold in the Balkans.
From Kosovo with(out) Gratitude. . .
The Al-Queda plot to kill Al Gore
Nora, the piano playing cat!
Baldwin explains rant---it's STILL everybody else's fault.
Baldwin snarled at daughter, because he's been through so much over the past few years.
Lovable Knut murders panda! (Using insidious cultural values.)
The OC going after the piecemakers again!
Another Review of "300"---and the reason the Left hates this movie.
New President of Mexico wants Bush's help!
The Study of Political Islam---why we need to study history as it actually was.
Terrorist attacks on American Schools in our future.
Anti-religious Dawkins favors Eugenics.
How Arafat Got Away With Murder---the State Department Connection.
"How my Grandad invented the Holocause"---a great read for this holiday season. (Hat tip, LGF.)
Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like a Marxist mass-murderer despot dollie!
In the end, it all comes down to oil---any sensible suggetions as to real energy alternatives?
Forced Islamisation in Indonesia.
The worldwide Jihad---we're all in this together.
It's gonna be a long, long war---or, more fallout from the Soviet Union. (Hat tip, Dr. Sanity.)
Why 9/11 conspiracy theories are anti-American (not to mention downright wrong!)
The ACLU goes after Rumsfield!
"The Palestinian Problem is in the genes of every Arab"---or, why the Moslem world just doesn't get it!
Dennis Prager responds to his accusers in the Ellison affair.
I'm becoming increasingly worried over the current tendency of Christianity to try and "reach out" and become more "with it" .
Is anybody really surprised by this?
Kill your T.V. set!
"The Queen of Outer Space, Iranian Style!" Must be seen to be believed. (Hat tip, LGF).
Ubermenschen, Untermenschen and the sorry, sad, 20th Century---a great read from Signmund, Carl & Alfred!
The real reason the imams may have turned against Ahmadenijad---he ogled dancing girls!
Another Johnny Taliban American traitor?
An eyewitness decribeswhy the flying imams were really kicked off the plane.
UCI professor blames Lebanese assassination on the Jews! (Hey, we knew that was coming. Hat tip, Dr. Sanity.)
Hey, the homeless may go hungry, but at least they won't get sick! (Except, maybe, from not getting enough to eat.)
Oh, those wacky imams! (And more about Mr. Omar Shahin.)
. . . And Islam also doesn't Serbs, Hindus, Buddhists or Chinese much, either!
Islam on the warpath against Christians---and---animists---and blacks---and, and, and. . .
More UN hijinks---or what they're up to when they're not bashing Israel. . .
The beginning of the end for France? If the police can't hold back the "youths" will the army try next? And if the army fails, what then?
How those 6 imams terrorized the flight they were on. (It wasn't just praying---hat tip, LGF.)
They hate us! They really hate us! Kos Kid calls America "BS". (Hat tip, "DUmmie FUnnies.)
The utter, laughable incompetence of AP, "Green Zone", reporting.
the biggest battlefront in the WoT is the propaganda one.
an icon of the War in Vietnam. (Hat tip, Shrinkwrapped.)
Ride on the Peace Train---except all you blasphemers of Islam, that is!
It's the attack of the ecosexuals! (Hat tip, Dr. Sanity).
Another front in the War on Terror---Christian Ethopia braces itself for war.
Imams retaliate with "pray-in" at D.C. airport.
Baron Bodissey's depressed, and who can blame him?
Yet more taqiya from the Islamic world.
Where CAIR's getting all that money to fund lawsuits, etc.
Another airline, another scandal!
I wish Russia would hurry up and vanish. (We're always hearing it's disappearing, but it never quite goes away.)
Something is rotten in Tuscon, or what the heck were those 6 imams up to, anyway?
More about that tasered student, just in time for Turkey Day! (Now the Islamic Republic is getting involved.)
Imam booted from flight doubts Moslems behind 9/11, admits members of his mosque may have helped Bin Ladin! (But, really, we should let him fly to show how tolerant we are.)
An article showing all the reasons why so many Episcopalians are leaving their church. (Hat tip, Fausta, Fausta's Blog).
And now for something entirely different! Some Kewl Islamic fashions, from Marie Claire!
And yet more about those 6 imams! (Because CAIR is gonna play this as a civil rights case, if we don't keep an eye on it.)
One of the 6 imams kicked off that plane has ties to Bin Ladin, Hamas.
More about those 6 Imams, and the Islamic conference they attended. . .
John Kerry---he's even worse than you thought he was!
Six imams detained at airport----but it's all our fault, 'cuz we don't understand Islam! (And CAIR is looking into this---I'm shocked, SHOCKED!
Breaking story---Middle Eastern men arrested at airport. Refuse to get off plane at first. (Hat tip, LGF).
Here's a moderate Moslem everybody should be supporting!
According to Islam, when something goes wrong in a family, it's all Mom's fault!
Victor Davis Hanson explains it all right here! (Hanson da man!)
Islamic persecution of Christians in Indonesia---WARNING: graphic pictures!
And now he's going to sue!
And more about the tasered student---was he trying to start a riot?
Oh, just shut up and sing, Sir Elton!
More about that tasered UCLA student, and, yes, CAIR is demanding an investigation!
Eugenics, and the utter creepiness of such cultural heroes as H.G. Wells, and Margaret Sanger (Hat Tip, Papijoe!)
And next week, the BBC will give us The Tragycall Tayle of St. Hugh of Lincoln. . .
Gee, aren't you glad now we gave all that money and help to the Palestinians, so they'd love us?
Merry Christmas, from Al-Queda!
You know, it would be nice if the Dems would start responding to some of these threats, instead of talking about the environment, and George McGovern. . .
OC Parakeet man wants to be bin Ladin---what are they putting in the water down there?
Yet more evidence that putting the Dems in charge will not bring about peace.
Something for the Comrades who got caught up in the "Chirac Threatens to Bomb---America?" thread! (You know what I'm talking about.)
The Jews and Perfidious Albion.
Beheading schoolgirls as an act of Islamic charity.
And they can't say they didn't see this coming, either. . .
Nobody can say they didn't see this coming. . .
Ted Rall fears Neo-cons about to send Dems to death camps.
That didn't take long---call for Jihad in the Philippines and Iraq.
But, not to worry, Comrades! The Dems are already getting to work on the important stuff! (Hat tip, LGF).
The Dems have scarcely won, and already Hamas is threatening the USA. (Hat tip LGF)
Eeeeeevil Israeli settlers picking on poor, oppressed Palestinian olive trees again!
Bill Whittle's latest---it's a classic! (Hat tip, the Anchoress)
Idiot college students dress as jihadis, for Halloween.
Iraqi documents reveal Saddam's weapons, ties to terrorists.
Disaffected youths start burning passengers, not just buses. (Hat tip, Fausta)
If a war leader's really coming, I hope he shows up soon! (Hat tip, No Pasaran!)
Looks like we found those WMD's. . .
Richard Gere, and our lovely little war in Yugoslavia.
Okay, can we start calling the Frenchifada WWIV now?
webloggin raises some veeeery interesting questions about Senator Kerry (hat tip, The Anchoress)
Those poor Moslems! How else can they express themselves, other than blowing stuff up?
Sorry, Anchoress, but my job is to mock Joel Stein, and those like him, and mean it!
The French police finally admit they're in trouble.
The coming Londonistan Caliphate---and something else for "From London" to ignore.
Yes, Virginia, Saddam was going to attack us.
Hey, he was from Riverside! Wouldn't this make a cute O.C. skit? "Treason, eeeuuuuuu, GROSS!"
Can you imagine what would happen if they told kids to dress up as Crusaders?
Oh my! Jinns hide in virgins' vaginas, pass out cloth, and naughty notes!
North Korea's Nuke! (Stanley Kurtz--hat tip, Dr. Sanity)
Our splendid little war, in the Balkans. . .
The Intifada arrives in Britain. (Hat Tip, Philomathean.blogs)
The Intifada comes to France.
"Shoot me first!" Courageous Amish girl tries to buy time for her companions.
The Joys of government-mandated eugenics---again, there are no words. (Hat Tip bookroom)
He did it because he was mad at God!
Okay, so he killed some little Amish girls! But he was a swell guy, and, really, a great dad!
Uh, just a question; now everybody's gotten a chance to dump on the mom, what about the father in this case?
Watch out for killer squirrels!
Can't wait for his next show, "Those Wacky Moslems!"
Moslems trying to show us all how peaceful they really are. . .
At last! A little common sense, from Tigerhawk!
And yet again, the Islamic world gets its collective panties in a bunch!
Zorkie, this guy needs to be bitch-slapped too!
A frightening, but honest look at the 20th Century!
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