discarded lies: monday, april 23, 2018 12:24 pm zst
It debones your anchovies
hyperlinkopotamus links by Right Wing Conspirator:
Those wacky and crazy tea-party plants.
Top 10 Men Who Were Really Women
Man arrested for threat against Rep. Cantor
British veterinarians four times as likely to commit suicide as the general public
Happy Puppy Day!
Fact Sheet: The Truth About the Health Care Bill
Ummm, sure you can piss in my trashcan mate.
South Carolina, Florida AGs say they'll join Cuccinelli in challenging health-care bill
Of course these bitches are brave when they're in a pack!
Do you just hate yourself for being so stupid
Brian Cox: What really goes on at the Large Hadron Collider
Uhh, bite me Mr. Highly Professional Rail Community Officer.
A grave indictment of the new military rifle.
Don't put burglars in jail
A beach, a jogger, a failing plane, and death
'Mission: Impossible' Star Peter Graves Dead at 83
Great time waster = Man in the Box
4,300: How Labour has created a new crime every day since 1997
I can't WAIT to see this movie!!!!
WalMart really needs to re-visit their "Greeter" policies.
Obama Supports DNA Sampling Upon Arrest
And the KKK wept :-(
Why does Department of Education need 12-gauge shotguns?
Frank...what's this video I found under your mattress.
I can't wait for Sunday.
Appeals for calm after Nigerian sectarian slaughter
Talking, texting, eating while driving...there must be something left to do???
Tag!!! You're it.
Hell, I could've told 'em that.
Where does he get those wonderful toys...
Hooray!! Obama administration encouraged by steady unemployment rate
Details of “Einstein” Cyber Shield Disclosed by White House
Foxes to oversee the wolves guarding the henhouse
Amy Winehouse has a new lover.
Great idea #2879 - Navy says it is ready to end ban on women in submarines
And the streets will run red with blood...
I graduated!
Silly lass, just lay back and bloody enjoy it.
The Lightworker does it again
Another Coakley homerun...Catholics shouldn't work in the emergency room.
Union member? No Tax For You!!!
AFW, author extraorinaire!
Nanny state for thee, not for me.
The Great Karnac says: Obama saved/created 300 million jobs in 2010
Mew DS
Can Hollywood F'up the translation from book to movie more than this.
Sorry Coakley, another 50 bucks down the tube.
"It's the peoples seat."
To Bloogie comrades...
One down...Buh bye Dodd.
The Top 10 Conservative Movies of the Last Decade
Police Shoot Man Attacking Muhammad Cartoonist
Happy New Year all. Be safe.
Sorry packen and Ari, maybe next Christmas.
Big first year leaves Obama tired...awwwww
Former council president wants Colts to refund money....huh?
Phone points illegal border crossers to water - funded by Cali taxpayers.
Hey Janet, so the system worked flawlessly since August, huh.
yes Yes YES!!! WOLVERINES!!!!
Merry Christmas zorki
Merry Christmas - Russia to develop new nuclear missiles and launchers
Ahhhhh....you got me puppies!
Jimmy Carter apologizes to Jews
Rare Exports - Father Christmas
Democrat Compares Health-Care Opponents to Nazis/Klansmen
"Best Parents of the Year." Is going to be a bitch this year.
Cinci Bengals WR dies after domesric
Get in the spirit!!!!!!
I thought my mom went overboard.
Yeah, chickening myself. I can't wait for this!
LOL, the taxonomy of trolls via Snowfakes in Hell.
Christmas has come early Charlie Brown.
Superhot....and charitable to boot.
Giving thanks to our troops once again...f***ers
Israel-Hamas prisoner swap deal near...again
Real life "Johnny got his gun."
FBI - Carry on, nothing to see here
What a birthday!
Yeah, I'm chickening myself. Two days ago, but I don't care.
Couple of days late...but thank you. (Still brings tears)
Muggers Return Wallet After Seeing Army ID
New link...even a bigger smile :-)
Lord Christopher Monckton on Copenhagen Conference
I'm pretty sure this has been posted, but LOL as well as LMFAO
Yeah, this will happen, ever.
Hamas says Obama does not deserve Nobel Peace Prize
LOL. Can you say dumb a**?
Greatest play ever.
This was not the Harry Hay I thought I knew.
George Adamson - Father of the lions.
Heck, I posted this on FB. But I love this man.
Some whiteys can dance :-)
SNL--Obama Accomplishments Jack and Squat
Ahhh, there are where my tax dollars went.
Just gets better and better.
In Roman Polanski case, is it Hollywood vs. Middle America?
ACORN granted 1 million for, umm, fire prevention.
Dance moves kinda suck. But (insert heart emoticon here)
I'll have the crazy burger with a side of WTF, thanks.
Census worker hanged with 'fed' on body
Willing to bet the house zorki has this in the fridge.
Why oh why would people homeschool.
Il Douche speech to the UN
No title, but I know where this is going.
Rivals cooperate on touchdown for player with Down syndrome
Estimated 1.2 million racists converge on DC.
MD prosecutor to go after ACORN...oops, my fault.
Andrew Sullivan, equal, but more equal than others.
What's tomorrow??? Oh, that's right.
Tee heee heee.
'We're pinned down:' 4 U.S. Marines die in Afghan ambush
Another domestic terrorist against the One.
Stay classy lefties
Bringing the country together. Thans Mr.O.
Too funny not to post. Ev and Zorki...apologies. Delete if you want.
Some more kick arse BHO foreign policy.
It's 8pm, do you know where your child is?
Sept. 8th...New national holiday?
Giving myself a semi-chicken. But this still amazes me.
Dissent is the highest form of patriotism, right?
Hope and change! Well, I don't have any change, but...
War on terrorism...that's so yesterday.
RWCs trip to Kennywood
Well, my birthday wish list is complete.
Terrorist in our midst
For Reille?
Iz cn googlz kitty pron. K thx bi.
Yeah, there's an app for that.
More hope and change from SEIU.
Freedom of speech, just watch what you say.
Probably get some chicken...but LMFAO!
Thank you Sgt. Jared Monti.
Report: US Soldiers Executing Gay Iraqis
OMG! U can't be serious???
Thriller of a riot at Staples center. The Smooth Criminals want to figure out who's Bad so they just Beat It. Billie Jean arrested, race depicted as Black or White.
May not be on again before the 4th, so here goes...
Bloggie meetup photos...now with extra awesome.
Wow. Gled Penguinns won. But damn, Ovechkin is a bad as*.
Your daily dose of 'AWWWWWW.'
U.S. Soldier Kills 5 Fellow G.I.s in Iraq Shootout
Any single ladies out there???
What should we get zorki for a housewarming gift?
You better not f*** this up! WOLVERINES!!!!
Thousands flee Pakistan valley as truce crumbles
Breaking: Gay Marriage Opponent Topless Photos Leaked
Get your Pakistani fetish now...while supplies last.
Honey, the new neighbors are here.
Democrats Refuse to Allow Skeptic to Testify Alongside Gore At Congressional Hearing
Israel, Meet the Underside of the Obama Bus
Contra Costa to stop prosecuting misdemeanors.
Hey, look over here!
End the internet tax free loophole.
Well, this is cute.
Obamas fly in chef 860 miles... just to make pizza
Electricity Grid in U.S. Penetrated By Chinese / Russian Spies
Stay classy Barry. As*hole.
Lone Survivor Marcus Luttrells dog killed by punk ass kids.
Gang of villagers chase away Google car
Another mass shooting, at least 13 dead.
Visa Denial Puts Heroic Iraqi Translator in the Crosshairs
Obama bows down to Saudi King
Welfare for Freed Gitmo Detainees?
Since all of Californias other problems are solved.
NBC....New Bigger Cans
Just getting worse and worse.
Obama Plans to Charge Wounded Heroes for Treatment
Well, it IS 'Sir' Ted Kennedy.
Ummmm...well, ummmm, I got nothin'..except WTFFFF
Star of David kafiyah
LOL. Facebook in reality.
The Messiah kicks nuclear energy in the balls.
I can't wait until we get our nationalized health care just like Britain.
Obama Budget Has Contingency for More Aid to Banks - 750 billion
Obama to Seek New Non-Existent Assault Weapons Ban
The Lightbringer bringeth miracles...
NY Post refuses to cave
In depth analysis of various economic models
Father confronts dealer who sold heroin to his family..father arrested. Where do you think?
What...you thought you were an adult???
Well, we're screwed.
I feel sick....S. Taxpayers Risk $9.7 Trillion on Bailout Programs
He didn't do anything THAT bad...
My pride and joy
Buh bye Blago.
Yeah, it's Britain. Police tackle internet knife gangs.
Pfft...I'm a community organizer...what did THEY ever do!
Get this out of your head ;-P
HopeyChangey Stimulus - fail
IDF soldier relies on human shield. Outrageous.
Can you say co*ksucker?!? I thought you could.
Mickey Rourke - " I couldn't believe all these hate-talking fanatics you have over here"
Saturday on Fox News @ 9pm.
HuffPo increases its journalist integrity.
Damn...missed her by that much.
Yeah...basically how my day was...
Christmas comes early for those on the couch.
Go ahead. Hate me. I waited too long to post it.
F*ck this police state bullsh*t. 2 year old Dalmation gunned down.
No cake for the lil' fuhrer.
Monkeys, polar bears, and 'roos committing suicide...OH MY!
Santa, please bring him punji stakes slathered in human exrement. Pretty please.
I'm offended by charity. Shoot me now.
Fine. I'll take my smelly, salty rump elsewhere thank you very much.
Gotta say, these dudes are badass.
Obama to Offer Israel 'Nuclear Umbrella' Against Iran
All the Single Ladies!!
Sandra Samuel: A Hero in Mumbai
All I want for Christmas...
Ok, this is too damn funny.
Multiple terror attacks in Mumbai. At least 80 killed.
What's another 800 billion between friends.
Well, I know what I'm doing this weekend.
The clip that keeps on givin'.
Then I saw Michelle Obama -- and her booty!
Ev, I hope your marriage works out.
Do you like movies about Gladiators? Ever been to a Turkish prison?
Uncle Sam's flaming balls.
Council ranks term 'British' with 'negroes' and bans it
Dissent WAS the highest form of patriotism, cracka!
Obama campaign workers angry over unpaid wages
If Obama loses it will spark the second American Civil War.
Well, that's just cheatin' dammit!
America is just FILLED with greedy bastids.
P.Diddy Obama Blog #6755...actually, have nothing to say but faaaahreeeeaky
HuffPo blogger kills self, after killing lover with screwdriver. 220 stabs.
October Surprise?!? Get it b4 SocialistTube scrubs it.
Cellllebrate good times...COME ON!
Fairfax begins tossing military votes.
PUMAs about to take a bite out Barky?
Stop the presses...MSM finally investigates Obama!!
The unholy trinity forms.
Why are Brit commercials so much better than ours!
Jack "fuc*face slanderer" Murtha continues to win over Pennsylvanians.
Cuba discovers 20 billion barrels of oil.
The Messiah has won Ohio.
BBQ anyone?
The left continues to stay classy.
200,000 questionable voter registrations in OH.
So you say you want a revolution....
'Political Stunt?'..'Racism?' You decide.
John McCain doesn't want to talk about the economy...thanks for update LA Times.
McCain finally grows a pair.
Barack Obama. The Messiah.
Barney Frank...balls deep in the Fannie Mae mess.
Fried? Did someone say fried?
Village of the Damned V.2
Anybody seen 'Village of the Damned?'
The Messiah gets his own gestapo.
Oh how I wish this would happen.
Another 'cold blooded killer' cleared. Plans slander suit.
'Faith' the dog. Grab some tissues.
Ben & Jerry's Rootie Tootie Human Booby
RWC living in the dregs for the next week.
Just keep throwing the sh*t.
Israeli airport security unleashes new weapon in the fight on terrorism.
Sorry Biden. Only the true Messiah can cure the handicapped.
Amazingly...the left sinks even lower.
MSM Strategy - Throw enough sh*t and something will stick.
Stay classy libs...REAL classy. POS.
Zeus...G*d...what should we call him???
Denver Fun
High gas prices...just give federal workers a 3 day weekend.
Cringing jurors watch Duncan torture boy on tape
Family Watchdog - find the criminals in your area
Musharaf gone...jihadis getting their as*es kicked.
McCain to advocate drilling in ANWR.
Hot new Paris fashion - "Jews forbidden from entering the park"
Cease fire...we don't need no stinkin' cease fire!
I didn't know Frank and/or ev were judges.
3 candidates for the Laura treatment.
Sh*t Fu*k Co*k Balls As* Bit*ch.
PETA does a blood dance on Tim McLean's grave.
Doomsday is upon us, and not from the FNJKSH folks. Sorry Bigel.
After 100k..Canadian POS HRT gives in and lets Ezra Levant speak freely.
'Skinny' is the new N word.
How did he NOT win the primaries.
Religion of Peace couldn't even wait for 8/8/08.
Pelosi's Politburo
Another right wing assasination plot uncovered.
Obama employs Breck girl to expand on his energy policy.
The Messiah's energy plan.
IF McCain doesn't run with this he is as stupid as I thought.
So it seems the Messiah did leak his own prayer.
Extreme Makeover: Foreclosure Edition
Salman Rushdie comes out of the cupboard.
The last of Britains backbone...good job sir.
U.S. Super Elite Special Forces To Test New Small Arm!
That's a whole lotta urine you got there.
End of that bastard Murtha...finally..hopefully.
More love from the Revuhhhrunnd Jackson.
Monster Qantar is now free.
Stick a fork in Britain.
Blue light sale at 'Che-Mart.'
Why am I going to get my CCW?
We need to learn Spanish?!? Bite me Obama.
The Messiah's own security force?
Let's give them a state.
Where else but Britain - Toddlers who dislike spicy food 'racist'
There's that steely British resolve.
We're doomed..Doomed..DOOMED!!!
Soul mate for Solus?
Heller yeah. Once a Marine, always a Marine.
Monumental F-up by the French military.
WTF? I wasn't invited either.
Since the government is giving away money...get a hooker and a house.
When good cats go bad.
Here's your chance Bigel.
Bobby Jindal has balls. Rapists won't.
Britain obviously solved all its problems.
You have gotta be fu*king kidding me.
'You're doing a heckuva job FEMA."
Our brave men and women.
It's ok to laugh, right. F' it. LMFAO!
Caged boy 'skinned, eaten by family' - survives.
How much should we charge AP to kiss our as*?
Finally, Military judge dismisses charges in Haditha case (Lt. Col. Jeffrey Chessani)
Team Hoyt - awesome
Galloway to Hamas TV - "I pray for Obamas safety."
Gitmo detainees have the same rights as us. Nice.
Come to Ocean City, while you still can.
"This Jerusalem isn't the same Jerusalem I met 20 years ago."
US, British diplomats attacked in Zimbabwe
DC Checkpoints - “I’m not worried about the constitutionality of it.”
Of course....mistrial in Seattle Jewish Center shooting.
H/T Ace...but if you have any extra scratch laying around.
Nanny-staters take it to the next level. Bastids.
Old and senile endorses young and dipshitty.
Oz troops heading home.
Viaagra spokesman gives it to McClellan hard.
Wow! Reality based community...nuttier than a Tin Roof Sundae.
UK/Canada to issue Airsoft for future conflicts
Oh brother...'Panties for Peace.'
Oh joy. The Messiah may in fact bless the troops in Iraq.
Buh-bye Britain.
Obama's uncle breaks sound barrier; raises flag at Iwo Jima; pilots Enola Gay.
One of many....thank you.
USO really needs to step it up.
Restaurant bombing in Britain. No casualties, thankfully.
U.S. deserter faces deportation from Canada
Another shining Obama endorsement.
The Messiah takes a mustache ride.
Bush to pressure Loshistan to increase oil production.
For the kid that has everything.
HIV-positive man sentenced 35 years for spitting at officer
Afghan plane hijacker is now working at Heathrow
Man survives diving into wood chipper in Roseville
'I want to play with other children and run in the meadow.'
I see Ferkakta Dance Studio is paying off for ev.
I've gotta stop drinking.
Gazans phonebanking for the Messiah.
Leeeeeroyyyyy Jennnnkinnnssss is gonna get some.
Hi. My name is RWC and I.... (NSFW)
Media bias??? Obamas C in jeans make me ***.
Cross dressing Muslim cop killer refused burial at Germantown Masjid.
Photobombers of the day.
Hezbullah to make a move on Lebanon parliament?
Well, the entire US isn't lost.
Released Gitmo terrorist bomber...bombing caused by Gitmo.
Sister Mary Pedantic....disenfranchised.
60years in 60 seconds.
WMD found in Home Depot garden department.
Happy May Day! Dumbas*es.
Political Discourse 2008 - "Did you ever call your wife a cu*t?"
Cowardly prick speaks..(wheelchair attack)
Future shining star of the LLL.
US-contracted ship fires on Iranian boat
Wright Says His Words Were Twisted
Pass the popcorn. This is gonna be fun.
South African dockworkers give Mugabe a big F U.
U.N has it in for Bloggie.
Post-Sept. 11 'comedies' coming soon
American Hunters And Shooters Association endorse Obama.
Osama Bin Bureaucrat
Meet Parental Unit #1 and Parental Unit #2. WTFF?!?
Ooo rah devil dogs, mate!
Hamas endorses Obama...thanks Jimmuh.
Dick Cavett. Emphasis on DICK.
Bill toughens law on visual sexual aggression against children
Advocates of gun control plan lie-in at Virginia Tech
More proud parents...from my neck of the woods.
Minnesota madrassah exposed.
Now, his parents should be extremely proud.
Their parents should be proud.
'We were one' - highly recommended.
Obama was JUST about to leave the church...really, he was.
Molester claims he was victim of Bigfoot
Islamic Call to Prayer - University of Miami edition.
More Obama supporter fun.
Florida apologies for behavior of typical white people
Clinton team releases new Bosnia footage.
Obama sent us up the ethnic bomb.
Paramilitaries open fire on hundreds of monks and nuns at Tibet rally
How Barack Obama learned to love Israel
The Colonel truly has gone tits up.
Anarchists ordering tasers for Republican Convention.
Stuff Asian People Like
The inmates really are running the asylum.
Obama supporters uniting us.
Compares charter calling for murder of Jews to Declaration of Indepence...guess the candidate.
Gimme my money, whiteboy.
Grandma was a typical whitey...scared.
The return of Jesse MacBeth.
Israeli Airport Security Challenged
Goracle is gonna be pissssed.
Big Dog
The Quality of Obama's Character
Arthur C. Clarke, RIP
Live-bloggin the Heller case.
D.C. Seeks Consent To Search for Guns
Food fight!
Good news - Kazemi wins asylum reprieve
Charles Taylor ordered soldiers to eat their victims.
Grandpa...what was 'Google?'
Daily Show visits Berkeley.
Collect call from Gitmo. Will you accept the charges.
Israeli leadership setting the bar high.
More animals rallying in Gaza.
Seven deadly sins to be super-sized.
Cry Havoc: Taking Off The Gloves
Special Report - The lefts ongoing war against recruiters. (Malkin)
FARC Obamaniacs
Microsoft BLEWS....BLOWS.
Arab-American families to be rounded up, detained.
Jewish teen tortured in French town where Ilan Halimi was killed
Cruel and Unusual Punishment in the Phillipines.
Wal-Mart: Arab-America’s Store
Islamic reformation to begin in Iraq?
Affix bayonets....CHARGE!!!
Minigun has a brother. LMAO.
Speculation, but is Zawahiri extra crispy?
Recreate '68. LOL.
Don't worry Solus. I think you're safe.
Prince Harry on the front lines in Afghanistan.
PETA comes out strong in support of victims of terrorism.
Abu Ghraib Photos Part 2.
Witness to Discrimination: What Would You Do?
One last wave of the 'terrible towel' for you sir. RIP Myron Cope.
Bloggie, now is your time to shine! Superstar!
Geert Wilders movie trailer.
Parvis Khan. Father of the Year.
Why politics shouldn't be brought up at the dinner table.
New and improved 'MagLite Mat to Mecca.'
Woman wakes from coma, as doctors were about to pull the plug.
Oh FFS! Now Muslims pissed at Doritos. Yeah, the chip.
Danish MP to Hizb ut-Tahrir: 'Go to hell'
John Kerry awarded new Purple Heart.
LOL. If celebs weren't celebs.
Buddhists, Christians and Jews riot. Muslims, eh, indifferent.
Wow, TSA actually stopped man with box-cutter..
Parents and children...willing to share a flush.
CAIR to go after 'the other place.'
Beta users rejoice with their newfound friends.
Really, just go F yourself. Seriously.
It was Bushs fault...it was research...global warming
Conflict intensifying. All out war imminent.
In election 2008, don’t forget Angry White Man
I guess Berkeley High was giving out extra credit.
In Canada, the Schiavo case with an outrageous twist
Ratty ol' bi*ch has some new friends.
Frank is in Pittsburgh?
Hesham Islam to leave Pentagon post.
More fun at the Chinese zoo.
1.4 Billion for southern border enforcement...well, Mexico's southern border.
Just in time for Valentines Day - Chavez to expropriate Nestle plants.
Missouri shooting - act of God/fault of Bush.
My baby angel ain't done did it. He was part of the Jena 6.
Brit army has run out of machine guns. WTF.
At least SOMEONE is happy with the primaries.
So stealthy...even invisible to the naked eye.
Khalkhin-Gol: The forgotten battle that shaped WW2
Liberian Infantry Tactics
Code Pink has some new friends.
I, for one, find this absolutely amazing.
Female Muslim medics 'disobey hygiene rules'
Another cut cable. Between Qatar and UAE.
20 oz. porterhouse with gravy cheese fries. Make it snappy, a-holes.
Jackie Mason endorses McCain.
Pure fu*king sadistic evil.
NHS could pay surrogates £15,000 to have babies for gays
USMC "uninvited and unwelcome intruders." Iraq? Nope. Berkeley.
New M60 E4...it keeps going. and going. and going.
And again...Iraqi deaths over 1 million.
Nurse Admits Plucking Body Parts From 244 Corpses For Resale
Rebates to stimulate the economy...well, Mexicos.
G*d speed troops.
Haf cheezeburger. No want.
Some of my best friends are Canadian.
LMAO!..h/t Ace.
U.S. Teen Arrested In Plane Hijack Plot
Bono confesses sins to Supreme Priest ManBearPig.
Winter Soldier version 2.0
Let them chew coca!
The Fred! drops out.
So, McCain will be the nominee. Thoughts?
'Climate Change and Wine Conference' to be headed by ManBearPig.
Hamas Interior Ministry - now with open air offices.
LOL. The downfall of the Cowboys.
Remember the victims of 'anti-Islamic activities.'
Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of man. Bill Gates knows.
'Dragon Skin' must really kick as*.
Uppity infidels starting trouble again.
Former congressman indicted as part of a terrorist fundraising ring - )R-Mich) Mark Deli Siljander
ACLU: Sex in Restroom Stalls Is Private
Bush lied. Shamu died.
Dad anally rapes stepson with wrench...after stepson anally rapes 8 year old sister.
Wow, can Bush really get any shit*ier.
So what's wrong with the F15?
Twins separated at birth get married.
Heads explode...San Francisco's ban on handguns not allowed.
Awesomely good/awesomely bad military patches.
I agree with Jimmy Carter.
Can Spiderman help UN beat evil?
Jimmy, it's getting cold. Go stoke Grandma.
Katrina leeches seek 3 QUADRILLION in damages.
The legend of Cliff Young.
Iranians threatened U.S. ships in Hormuz: U.S. officials
Ron Paul wins the Azeroth caucus!
So, American society IS this shi**y.
We'll haf a bloody good time, Inshallah.
Dragon Skin...enough already.
Final Post
Mandatory birth control for all! YAY Gaia!!
Honor killing....in Texas.
Bloggie Gals....hot anti-military lawyer Grodner is looking for love.
HR 1233 - Burning Thomas Edison in effigy.
Giant Douche who keyed Marine's car can't find the courthouse?
Ummmm, okay then.
9 reasons why RWC doesn't like house parties.
New job opportunity?
Well, theory #572. Bhutto was killed by 5 snipers.
Fairly easy sci-fi sounds quiz.
Hey RIP, how ya doin' ;-)
Bloggie has a new kind of cheese.
Lack of IDF raping Palestinians...obviously a political decision.
Merry Christmas to our boys and girls men and women.
Chuck Norris seemed to have a sense of humor...he didn't.
Dastardly Israelis. Meet the Kitty Cornershot.
Real-life Superheroes: 10 People with Incredible Abilities
Lakota Indians withdraw from US.
Tis the season for child torment.
I haytz u. Kthxbai.
Merry Christmas infidels.
New Life church ousts man who was wounded.
UNICEF photo of the year - Mohammad the pedophile.
9 Absolutely Insane Weapons of War
Uncle Sam gives PLO an early Christmas gift.
I know it's early. But here's Bloggies present.
Pron for girls website, made by girls.
Evs long list of fashion gurus.
Noose. The other 'N' word.
Personal carbon limit for everyone - UK
‘Have the Courage to Do Nothing’
"We're gonna have to slap the dirty little Jap" - recorded Dec. 1941
Hate crime....nah...couldn't be.
Washington Times reporter to Daily Kos - "Get a life pussies."
Canadian Human Rights Commission goes after....Mark Steyn?
SJS? - 9 dead in mall shooting.
Diagrams of Evel Knievels injuries.
NIE - politics as usual?
Brit nurses told to turn hospital beds towards Mecca 5 times a day.
Happy Chanukah...now about that Earth un-friendly Menorah..
'God Save The Queen' to be no more.
Michael Savage to sue CAIR.
Forget the Wii. Now you can have the 'Vii.'
Rare Mummified Dinosaur Unearthed
Happy Chanukah from the Al Qaeda Dancers!
Sudan pardons Infidel
Actually took longer than I thought, but just in time for the holidays....
All of France will burn.
Cue Nelson Muntz...'Japan, Spain, Italy Face $33 Billion Kyoto Payments'
How do we sleep while our globe is warming..♪
Vintage photobooth pictures.
Where's the party?
Just what doesn't global warming cause. HT-Ace
Code Pink: India....kickin' as*
Jewish York students flee from mob - in Toronto.
Bush, Abbas, Olmert quotes at Annapolis conference
The 10 Most Ridiculous Inventions Ever Patented
Democrats support the Veterans....well, not ours, but...
Ize can haf to dinners. Kthxbai. kthxbai.
Zionist Weather Control Division attacking Lebanon.
Filipinos bow down to their Muslim masters.
Easy way to give thanks to those who give so much.
U.S. military bases to become ghost towns.
I have 200 orgasms every day...
Awesomely great ad by Huckabee. LMAO!
Ga. boys ages 8 and 9 charged with rape
Stinky hippy drops baby-shield right on its face.
I can haf pepper spray wif my mices?
Jena 6 must still be a money-maker.
Come Home.
Bushitler Youth banned from supporting the fascist war effort.
Pedophile has to do community service...in a kindergarten. WTF?
Muuwaahaahaa. World’s Most Powerful Rail Gun Delivered to Navy
Lebanese paper: Al-Qaida tried to kill Nasrallah
LMAO. Great job Ace.
Chavez threatens to take Spains ball and go home.
Can we still shoot saboteurs? At least F'ing arrest them?
How do we beat the bitch?
Hezballah working in the CIA/FBI. Great.
Your daily dose of 'ahhhhh.'
I can haf pretentiousness
George Bush doesn't care about Buckwheat.
Sam Donaldson. Anal afficionado.
Now that's just cheating.
Well that's a relief...Ham flavored soda will be Kosher.
I didn't like my adopted daughter so I gave her back
US commander converts to Islam
Top ten most disturbing films.
Steampunk laptop.
NY Times - MSNBC/NBC is pandering to the Left.
Senate Panel Clears Mukasey to Be Attorney General
If it's yellow, save that fellow. If it's brown, flush it down.
This person consistenly walks around pantless.
25 Photographs Taken at the Exact Right Time
95 MPG car announced.
Venezuela OKs President for life Chavez
Nick News/WCW. Indoctrination is kewl.
Fascist HuffPo censors author.
Ize in ur clubz decoding ur genomes
Have a Merry Ramadan luv.
UK Saudi visit. LMFAO at the beginning.
Hello. I am a US politician and need your help moving a vast sum of money....
Robert Fisk: King Abdullah flies in to lecture us on terrorism
Frank IBCs Amazon.com wish list found.
Skynet has become self aware...but still drives like sh*t.
Hamas boy band to bring harmony to Gaza
'Shoot first' laws make it tougher for burglars in the United States
Let's take down Stormis productivity a bit.
Italy Seizes Quran-printed Toilet Seats
Oh FFS! Flag-folding recitation banned at veterans cemeteries nationwide
The 12th Imam sh*ts his pants.
Rare Bill Watterson drawings.
Yon - Beauchamp and the Rule of Second Chances
San Bernardino - Arson suspect killed, another arrested
Obama 08.
Another Bin Laden tape.
Bush Lied!! Less have died.
The 30 Most Unsettling German Halloween Costumes
Ear cheese.....it's whats for dinner.
Blogging the firestorm.
L*rd this is terrible.
Resistance is futile: You will be (mis)informed.
What The Fu*k!! ABC gives Dems credit for Limbaugh charity.
Osama's handling officer was incharge of Benazir's security...no problem there.
Photoshopping pedo arrested in Thailand.
B*tch reporter ambushes 70 year old man who defended his property.
You just know this pissing off the lefties.
Doing the infecting that Americans don't want to do.
Rod trips sux. Kthxby.
7 foot python found in toilet...have fun.
Thank you Prince William County.
Laura has a new idol.
Syria confirms Israel hit a nuke site.
Thankfully, that WAS paste that Jimmy was eating.
But, but....he has Red Lobster gift cards...
October 12th.
Marines Press to Remove Their Forces From Iraq and be sent to Afghanistan
The xenophobics, the racists, those who feel they are a superior race ... USA USA USA!!!!
WTF? Empire State Building to go green for Muslim holiday.
Start of the PETA/Greenpeace civil war.
Bigel writes fortune cookies?
5k per baby. 1k for your 401(k). Thanks Hillary.
British pullout in Iraq leaves Basra in chaos...well, not really.
I'll just say...Bloggie is damned lucky.
A Death in the Family
'Cold Case' show to feature stoning.....by Christians of course.
3Com to be sold to our Chinese military overlords.
Zombietimes coverage of Folsom Street Fair. (NSFW obviously)
I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.
'Supernanny' ain't too damn 'super.'
Beltway sniper Malvo Offers an Apology By Phone
I kan has blesseng. Kthxbi.
UK schools must issue bias warning when showing Manbearpig movie.
Folsom Street Fair...fun for even toddlers.
Obama - stop nuclear terrorism. Get rid of US nukes.
What your Congress is doing today.
They should wait and get $5000 a pop.
Ayaan Hirsi Ali back in the Netherlands.
Veterans Disarmament Act to Bar Vets from Owning Guns
All I can say is stupid stupid stupid.
Well, this just has to suck.
Britain finally begins going after the criminals in their midst.
Boobies....buttocks....now the inevitable penis thread.
Yesterday...boobies. Today...buttocks.
"Umm sir, I need to change my skivvies."
'Rewrite British history to reflect other cultures'
At last......boobies....perfectly perfect boobies.
Will the Bitch be somebody's bitch.
'24'.....GREAT choice!!!
Mahmoud is a hot POA.
Babs's bit*h should ESAD.
WTF? Chinese woman has 26 needles in body.
There is no God but Allah and al-Qaeda is his enemy.
If the ski mask doesn't fit, you must acquit.
What state is this Representative from?
Canine couple together to the end
Tsk tsk tsk....Camera confiscated after claims of Pats spying on Jets
PA: Israel Agrees to Destroy Jewish Towns, Starting in November
LMAO! Oh, you mean I can't 'LMAO!'
MTV doesn't care about black people
Rabbi Stabbed in Germany
Wish it was longer, but..."Va.'s Ex-ACLU Chief Gets 7 Years for Child Porn."
GI Joe !!! A real Global Integrated Joint Operating Entity hero !!!
2 million dollar vacation cut short.
Courting the ninja voting bloc in Canada.
The IVAW...supporting their fellow troops.
'Fear of prejudice' let gay carers abuse boys
Woman dressed like a cheap whore removed from plane by Southwest airlines.
Dog-walking 'can harm wildlife'
Hsu forfeits $2 million bail. On the run again.
Has Mama Edwards proposal not been covered?
You know those eco-friendly hydroelectric dams....yeah, they cause global warming too.
Away with ye o spawn of Man Bear Pit!!
Your Moment Of Schadenfreude For Today: Bush-Mocking Journalist Piers Morgan Gets His
Come in Cledus...we got ourselves a jackas* in the Whitehouse...10-4 goodbuddy.
How persistent can a failed ideology be?
Frank! Just buy the beer like a normal person.
I am not here to play laughing homosexuals with you
Fred! to announce (finally) candidacy today.
Bruce Willis to play Lt. Calley in new Stone film.
Leftists eat their own.
Blasphemous balls make baby Allah cry.
Here we go again....
This past week in Frank IBCs life.
Castro dead....again....
More Hamas cartoon fun.
Top ten of WTF are you thinking?
Probably because of Virginias lax gun control laws.
Wafa Sultan to Bush - "Shut the hell up already."
They don't even rate as animals.
Iraqi citizen sacrifices self. Saves 4 US soldiers and 8 civilians.
Jimmah Carter...moviestar!!
Arabs love Israeli pRon.
No, this doesn't make me think of anyone on Bloggie.
Oh goody. Another UN conference against racism.
British dwarf's penis gets stuck to hoover
Brussels Mayor - "Protest against America and Jews...A-OK"
If life were a comment board. H/T - Ace.
Why do they hate the trees.
Why do they (Pakistani drag queens) hate us? Th
Pentagon Paid $998,798 to Ship Two 19-Cent Washers
Dutch bishop: Call God ‘Allah’ to ease relations
U.S. Immigration agents accused of aiding Islamist scheme
Giuliani opposes immediate creation of Palestinian state
Russian Neo-Nazis now in the beheading video biz.
Michael Vick - terrorist with ties to Iran. Seriously?!
Terrorism suspected in Russian train blast
Oh FFS!!
Chavez laying the pipe to Castro.
"Peanuts" characters as Manga
LM racist AO!!!
Islamic Rage Boy is screwed.
Dubai Ice Bar
Outbreak of Foot and Mouth caused by sabotage?
I caught Bonds historic homerun....sheeeeit!!!
Metal Developed That Explodes on Impact
Yay!! Our border must be secure now!
This is sure to be a hot seller!
NY Times - "If you were a terrorist, how would you attack?"
The Earth fights back duhn duhn du duhnnnn
Get your Badonkadonk Land Cruiser Tank Now!
I'm shocked!! Wanted men 'dupe Israel on weapons deal'
And the perverts rejoiced.
No sh*t - Beauchamp Recants
The Downside of Diversity
But Mommmmmmmmmmm cough cough mmmmmm
'The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog'.
August is National Sandwich Month. Woo hoo.
Can't think of a threadline, so...W.T.F!!
Pick your phobia.
Arkansas couple welcomes 17th child
Three Pulled from Sublike Vessel in NYC River
TNR: A Statement on Scott Thomas Beauchamp
IDF pounds Gaza, the only way they can.
Bosnia Plans to Expel Arabs Who Fought in Its War
Thank you Christopher Walken. You are my hero.
The left would absolutely go batsheeet crazy.
Global Peace Index
We Will Regard Ourselves as Israeli Academics and Decline to Participate in any Activity from which Israeli Academics are Excluded”
Please ban Dihydrogen Monoxide.
Fake Marine Sentenced to Tend Graves
Should I get a .45? Or a 1260mm?
Hai! Ize go fer 20 dollrs day. K bai. Thx.
Sorry for the Paris Hilton story. But HA HA HA you b.t..h
Atlas Shrugs - Sunday in the Park
Bloggie has to work harder dammit!
Silky Pony pounds it hard.
House Moves to Free Border Patrol Agents Ramos and Compean
Sorry if I have offended anyone here. :-P
Great. Now all he needs is a frickin' laser beam on his head!
Flight Returns to SeaTac Airport After Someone Claims Bomb on Board
I told you RIP Ford and solus rex shouldn't play together.
The Scott Thomas affair at New Republic -- maybe a different take
Police roadblocks to remove unlicensed drivers challenged - of course
I thought he was dead?
Noah Schachtman reveals top secret 'A.C.O.R.N.' plan.
John Edwards. The sexiest woman alive.
Rapist (multiple times) of 7 year old walks. Unable to find translator.
Gay Army.
"She's yours ev. You pick it up." "No way zorki!"
Nutroots exploding imminent - Cheney to become President.
Some absolute BS from 'The New Republic."
Joe Rogan vs. Carlos Mencia (NSFW)
Nigerian pupils learn the joys of the internet.
The flying imams have found some friends.
Suicide attacks kill 51 in Pakistan - including Chinese workers.
Why do they hate Frank.
Michael Vick indicted...throw the book at the bastard.
Va. Tech Relatives Seeking Payment
Chastity ring teenager loses High Court fight
Lovitz pounds Dick in the bar.
Who's ready for another civil war?
Nest stop...Nipple Junction and Cleavage Street.
LOL. This song is perfect.
I am a Level 27 sh*tty parent with a +7 in Neglect.
Alright kids. Off to the bar/club. Have a good weekend.
Kaziah cooks!
Dude. Pamplona was like. Awesome.
Abubuka pitches outrageous %99.25 APR loan
Sundance Film Festival announces "Zoo: the Sequel."
"The soldiers cannot be found"
Kostards give Sheehan the boot.
Nobel Peace Prize winner Betty Williams - "Right now, I could kill George Bush"
Dr. Frank IBCs doctoral thesis.
Passing buck on immigration cost teen's life
Eight Al Qaeda fanatics working for the police
Phew...got my kittens just in time.
Video - "The War Against British Jews."
I'll stick with my cardboard 'Monopoly' thank you very much.
Red Mosque leaders goes bye-bye.
Shocker...Where's the ACLU???
Flight 93 Memorial - Call to Prayer Sundial?
Wonder what his DU/Kos screenname was.
NAACP symbolically buries N-word
Al Qaeda Front Group in Iraq Threatens to Go to War With Iran
Extra crispy please. No appeals.
Residency Rules May Tighten in Pr. William
Having a bad day?
The French left is pissed.....about jogging.
I'd like a large pepperoni and Gang Bang #17 please.
Army tournament features chainsaw massacre video game !!!
Oliver Stone gets turned down by Ahmadinejad.
What really happens when the hippo is full.
UN Spanish peacekeepers cut covert protection deal with Hizballah
pipe bomb explodes at Florida Disney.
2007 Freedom Rock
Nice handwriting AFW.
Kremlin lays claim to huge chunk of oil-rich North Pole
Video of Iran mass protests - via Gateway Pundit
Laura...your assistance is needed.
Giant microwave turns plastic back to oil
The dangers of oral hot beef injections.
Amnesty moves forward.
What the hell Virginia?!?
The left doing what the left does best to Fred!.
Beer and pizza....yummy.
"Here I am....rock you like Jerusalem!"
100 hottest women according to women who would bang 'em.
Hey lil' porker...your mom's a beeyotch and your dad's an as*.
The jihadi etiquette for murder.
Stupid beeeetch sent back to the slammer.
Olmert to Assad- "Prepared to return the Golan"
Bush bags another illegal immigrant.
Man in wheelchair takes 50 mph ride on semi's grill
Breaking News - Crisis on Omaha
JFK Airport plot was engineered by Rove (or the Repubs, take your pick)
Aircraft nose art banned so as to not offend, well, guess.
Where's ManBearPig and Ted Turner when you need 'em.
Prison rape declines in California.
Man and Yoko Ono eat dog to protest animal cruelty.
YES!! Thompson to declare candidacy on over 4th of July holiday!!.
Aim High....Air Force
Lebanon government orders army 'Finish off Fatah el-Islam'
And I woulda gotten away with it if it wasn't for this blasted patchouli.
To the people - screw you. Immigrant Rental Rule in Texas Blocked
Hate to clean that breakroom.
Hmmmm....should I???
The price is....fixed by the capitalist warmongers in the Bush junta. Google it.
Rabbi Yonah - UC Intifada Circus
El Presidente didn't go far enough.
Aaaarrrrr matey...Shipwreck yields estimated $500M haul
Peaceful MSU attack FBI agent with cinderblock.
Because it worked sooooo well in Zimbabwe.
Guaranteed Mufti Muzzler
Thursday morning
Murder suspect allegedly kills hundreds of cats
I'll donate an as* beating.
Bush is crazy! Crazy I tells ya!
More torture at Gitmo. The horror...the horror...
'Soviets engineered Six Day War'
Fred Thompson responds to Michael Moore.
Illegal Immigrant coloring books....YAY!!!
Guuuuhhhhrrreeaattttt idea!!!
Plan B for Iraq - Winning Dirty
America's Superior Elite Fighting Forces
Carbon Credit Killers
Past President of VA ACLU Indicted on Child Pornography Charges
Warning: This play features a sugar-roasted chicken
No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy. RIP MsSgt Wert.
Breaking - Police Search for Two Masked Suspects at Boulder High School
Sacre Bleu!!!
Hizballah in Paraguay
Sryian Muslim - Why I admire Israel.
US to offer reparations to Guam for Japanese war crimes.
6 charged with plot on Army post in N.J.- Ft. Dix.
"Busdriver!! Move that, errr, take my drunk as* home!"
Commit a crime...go on vacation.
what did you say...What..WHAT??
Backpack explosion kills 1 at Las Vegas Luxor.
At least Royal keeps her campaign promises.
B R E A K I N G: Fred Thompson's Campaign Ends In Racist Fireball: LAT Discovers Videotape of Him Using Anti-Semitic Smears, "Fondling" Mein Kampf
14k a year can get you in this development.
Virtual rape a crime?
The Future is Here....Today!!
And again....Chavez Threatens to Nationalize Banks and Largest Steel Producer.
Bigfoot risks extinction, says Canadian MP
MIT assesses Israels capabilities to destroy Irans nuclear complexes.
First, Obama came for the bloggers...
With No Body, Al-Masri Death in Question
Get a job you bums!
Mary Jane Watson REALLY loves Spiderman.
Everything that can be, has already been invented.
"Holocaust Memorial Week" Hosted by the MSU, SPJ and WSA
Britain tackling the hard hitting issues of our times.
Playstation throws a helluva party.
Great idea. Iraqi Boy Scouts.
Street Art - sorry, don't know how to sell this thread.
Paris Hilton Autopsy...now with removable innards!! JOY!!
'It' tastes good.
Yay!! Pittsburgh rated 'most livable' once again.
Carlos Hathcock would be drooling.
Greek police detain dozens of Iraqis after US embassy attack warning
Spinal Tap...ManBearPig...together at last.
Teen killers 'just felt right'
Fascist America, in 10 easy steps
Sausage on your pizza, Laura?
Hamas: Truce with Israel at end
Hundreds of Taliban Forces Surrounded
'Good tears' flow after surprise gift
Penis Owners Manual
Islamic group paying criminals to become Muslims
'Cooking's a drag' with Betty Dee Lishous.
Carter urges voters to choose candidates committed to the destruction of Israel.
Jon Voight just went up a notch.
Girl tries to mace teacher.
It was supposed to be a one night stand.
What if....psycho fu*ks 'McBeef' was an actual film.
Chavez' utopia just gets better and better.
Compassion: Students Forgive Virginia Tech Killer
Just some cool advertising.
UK - "I be concubinin', gimme my money fool"
Venezuela might not pay foreign firms in oil takeover
Yum o Yum o Yummy
"I am the only person in here qualified to handle this firearm." DOH!!
Westboro to picket Hokie funerals.
They will really believe anything.
Where was Jimmah Carter?
Federal Officials: At Least 32 Dead After Virginia Tech University Shooting
Which Super Villain are you?
Muslim Brotherhood Muhammad Mahdi 'Akef invited to speak to Congress.
Norwegian Authorities Covering Up Muslim Rapes
Chavez says cement takeovers could be next
Geeks night of epic mounting fetches 'Epic Mount.'
Nappy headed whitey now loses radio show as well.
Judge orders Texas hospital to keep 'Little Emilio' alive
NYPD to wear the blue helmet?
Tehran - British humiliation to be a book and documentary.
Jack Bauer versus Al Gore
U.N.: U.S. offers refuge to 7,000 Palestinians
Maybe there is a reason for the "Big Book of British Smiles."
George Hamilton is VERY happy!
'Tunak Tunak Tnu' playing over and over in my head!
Harden the fu** up Australia. (NSFW-language)
Elizabeth Edwards afraid of poor, dirty peasant of a neighbor
Excellent - Navy SEAL Danny Dietz memorial statue to go forward.
Happy Nuclear Day all !!
Karl Rove was obviously NOT involved.
EU looks at potential war crimes by Somalia, Ethiopia
Respected child psychiatrist arrested on molestation charges
The fascist who 'passed' for white
Critical as*
Darn. I thought it was going to start on Good Friday.
Beslan memorial plan angers Russian Muslim leader
Pro-Khomenei Imam invited to pray before Texas Senate.
WTF?! Men jailed for using teen's head as a bowling ball
Mean Merkel hurt the poor lil palestinians feewings.
Iranian Leader Says He'll Free Britons
Once again..thank you ABC..you traitorous ****s
"The man who defied an empire" or "p-whipped sissy boy."
April - Month of the Military Child
Chop down a tree for the environment.
Girl bites Hamburger
Yon, Roggio, Totten,...and now Stillwater.
American citizen kidnapped in Iran?
Go ahead. Try kidnapping 'em.
That is one helluva commission.
Striving for peace, Abbas Warns Israel, Accept 2002 Arab Peace Plan or Face War
EU comes out strong against terrorists who abusively invoke Islam.
Thanks for nothing
Just in time for Easter - anti-Christian 'art.'
Feinstein blazes trail for women...'so why wasn't it reported?'
Evaristes dreams of converting to Judaism....dashed...
Biblical hero Samson - now a suicide bomber.
'John Doe' protection bill passes.
Six-Packs for Soldiers
Madrid bombing widow attends massacre trial wearing Mohammed cartoon
Exclusive Photo Feature: Thousands Return to Destroyed Homesh
Democrat Proposes Making Withdrawal Date Secret
Just some cool MC Escher like artwork.
NY Times botches another story.
You all are just sheeple.
Smarmy pundits bathing in blood soaked underwear.
Sure am glad he's gone.
Git down with you bad-self C3-P0.
$74 million Emergency Peanut Storage bill passes
Illegal immigrants allowed at least five strikes
Mazel Tov !!!
De Gaulles rendezvous with USS Stennis in the Arabian sea.
Real life 'Spiderman' climbs Petronas towers.
George P. Bush Joins Navy Reserve
Evil IDF is oppressin.....ahhhh HELP HELP!!"
Cheetos and Bagel Bites selling out in UK.
Husband rips wife's eyes out after she refuses sex
Iraqi inmate renounces Islam after 'inhumane' prison treatment
"Confrontation at Concordia"
Iraq insurgents used children in car bombing
Zorki family reunion
Tony Robbins visits Bloggie...
zorki, well, third place ain't bad
In honor of the Saturday 'peace' marches - (NSFW - cursing)
CAIR is going to have a whinefest with this.
Big skulled twit is a 9-11 truther.
Plans for the weekend?
Howard Dean - Felon?
Cartman catches teh gay.
Flyin Imams to also sue passengers.
Ummm, okay...Secret Service investigates satanic vampire Presidential candidate.
Surprise--EU backs Syria's aim to regain Golan Heights
I'd like a Big Bite, Slurpee, and a human skull please.
Fred Thompson facts.
We never left baby!
Al-Qaeda versus Hamas and Fatah.
Monday afternoon urinal thread.
That's my babies momma...there's my babies momma..here's my babies momma..etc....
Behold....the cool as* future.
Big mother is watching with new laws in mind
'Day by Day' in Iraq.
DA Arthur Branch for President?
'300' - the 'Eternal Jew' of our time?
Personally, I would go bat-sh** crazy.
Matt Sanchez - "Porn Free"
This is....a TEASER !!!
Trouble in Paradise.
Proof of the un-Holy Bush regime
Canuck tanks roll
Global warming solved by 'flatulence cards.'
'Red' in the red.
Muslim Suspect Committed After Allegedly Driving SUV Into Crowd
BREAKING!! - The 'Waffle House' cheat sheet
Where have you gone, Ali Reza Azkari?
Hillary 1984
Barbie and her incontinent dog Tanner.
Michael Moores wife kidnapped by Ethiopian Minutemen.
Appeal for Courage
New Orleans files $77 billion claim against Corps
Donkey..handcuffs..latex....no, not evs birthday party.
LMAO - John Edwards Second Life Campaign HQ Vandalized
Rescued minors sent back to brothels
From Lego Town to Communist Utoptia
Shocking...Mugabes plan sucks.
'Protocols of Zion'
Oh brother...Iran & Syria invited to help in Iraq.
More bones unearthed....Wile E Coyote, Road Runner....
A Lutheran and Catholic walk into a cab...
F-22 Raptor has a new enemy. The International Dateline.
Mother defends obese child's junk food diet
Senate Democrats writing bill to revoke Iraq war authority
Chavez: "Our crappy economy - Americas fault."
UNIFIL: Lebanon Okays Hizbullah Patrols
JPost interview Michael Totten - Hizbullah strong as ever
Ladies....time to get away from it all.
Long live Israel!
More on the nutroots nut.
My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my.....oh look, p0rn.
Nutroots get nuttier.
Palestinian weapons factory increases production.
Iran must be getting the good smoke.
Bush on Osama: "I will screw him in the a**!"
Stuart Smalley really hates homosexuals.
Happy Fat Tuesday: Top 10 Alcohol & Boobie Related Gadgets
Greer attacks Irwin portrait as simpering and unmanly
Exclusive pic of zorkie at home.
Evariste, your dreams may be realized in 2008.
Storm whips paraglider to heights of 32,000 ft
New highly effective Iranian missile unveiled.
Ladies, and some gents...start the day with Potters booty shot.
Ernst Zundel gets five years in prison.
Home video of Trolley Square shootout.
KKK day at the carnival....woo hoo!!!
Stupid twat - "Can we really support these troops?"
Edwards political baggage goes bye-bye.
.50 cal Austrian rifles sold to Iran...found in Iraq.
Nina Simone - Eretz Zavat Chalav
Thanks for the minimum wage hike. Now, where is the unemployment office.
Gimme my 'Bratz', beeyotch.
The Triumph of Love
Democrats weigh plan to clear out Gitmo
When will it stop - Mothers Day cards banned
Something to brighten your day.
2 French police face pre-riot charges
Ewwww....Girls are gross.
'Charlie Hebdo' wins....Muslims riot in 5..4..3..
Mass Escape at N. Korean Concentration Camp; 120 Escape
Tactical Assault Hand Signals
Another plus for Duncan Hunter.
Ex-Border Patrol Agent Ignacio Ramos Beaten In Prison
Bomb threat in Haifa hospital
Another letter bomb in Britain.
4 Hate-Crime Beating Teens Get Probation
Kadima Minister Says Freeing Barghouti Good for Abbas and Israel
Talk about 7 years bad luck.
Sit...stay..fetch....oh, this is hopeless.
Ummm, no thanks. Dutch gym offers nude workout day.
Need cheat codes.
I won't be happy until I lose my legs
The Jewish school where half the pupils are Muslim
Excuse me....where are the Muslim only restrooms.
Venezuela vows Orinoco oil takeover by May Day
NY Times posts photo/video of dying US soldier.
A fury over 'ex-terrorists'
Truce still going strong -Hamas gunmen ambush Gaza convoy, 4 killed
WaPo supports the troops....cough cough BS cough.
Report: Berlin's Holocaust memorial used as public urinal
Welcome to Quebec...remember, no stoning or acid baths for the womenfolk.
Bush policies driving recruitment numbers down.
First Arab person nominated for recognition as Righteous Among the Nations
Iran threatens to kidnap US troops.
Duncan Hunter...looking better and better.
Exclusive: IAF to buy US smart bombs
Savages...Suicide bomber's family: "We're very proud of him"
Poisonous Zionist Balloons...oh dear...
The race of man is victorious against the evil hobbit race!
Next at Brandeis - Norman Finkelstein.
'bout time - Troops Authorized to Kill Iranian Operatives in Iraq
Another Mohammad Al-Dura?
What is this world coming to???
3 more dead and 169 wounded in Lebanon
It's the year of the *blank* in China.
Baghdad Jane back in the mix.
Rare primitive shark captured on film
Keep 'em coming...you SOB Nifong.
CAIR calls for deportation of ex-terrorist muslim.
My fingerpainting never looked like this.
Boycott Israeli products!!!
LA Times: Bestiality 'Zoo' is "strange and strangely beautiful film "
Pig farmer 'confessed to 49 murders'
Lauras a Romanian doctor. Who knew???
Don't cry Solus....'No-spank bill on way'
US chain pulls 'anti-war' keffiyehs. Che still a hot item.
Ev decorates cakes now?
Lobbying backlash could hit bloggers
Chirac honors French who rescued Jews from Holocaust
Awwwwww - Muslim prayer leaders are leaving the Netherlands because they no longer feel welcome
We're sorry we couldn't accomodate your late Muslim arse.
Convicted Border Patrol agents report to federal prison
'Bonnie and Clyde of Crap' caught
Jimmy Carter Interceded on Behalf of Nazi SS Guard
SHOCKER !! - UK TV uncovers 'Islamic supremacism'
The top 50 ways to get fired.
Bomber's target was baby in a pushchair
Nork Secret Weapon - Giant Nuclear Bunnies!
Get up and get down...999 is a joke in you town.
Custom made deformed/disabled children.
No means no !!
U.S. warns about Canadian spy coins
Protesters Demand Closure of Gitmo in Cuba
Salahaldin Al-Ayoubi Brigades Claim To Have Launched Missiles Loaded With Chemicals
Lacrosse accuser changes story in lacrosse case - again
$100 laptop to be offered to the public.
Somali Brits are not al-Qaeda
The spy who offered to blow up Hitler on a suicide mission
Kids kicked off a bus for speaking English
Deported Ohio Imam does not past go...goes directly to jail.
Momofuku Ando has died.
Bomb squad checks item at Port of Miami
Return of BOOL. Part 4.
Shocking!!! We actually deported an Imam.
The Iranian Threat in the Eyes of a Holocaust Survivor
My world is falling apart...
Very NSFW - It's a Charlie Brown Mothafu*kin' Ramadan.
Bush to Nominate Khalilzad to U.N. Post
Didn't take long - The Hangin Saddam Action Figure
I am the most powerful woman in America!!
Bloggie....time to piss off the French.
Hamas: Video of Shalit for release of women, other detainees
Please...just let them do it themselves.
'Housing' as a right?
New Zionist weapon - 'bullsh*t'.
Nothing new - UN staff accused of raping children in Sudan
Bloggie Mad !!! BLOGGIE SMASH !!!!
In the sky! A bird? A plane? A ... UFO?
Little early...but
Somali/Ethiopian troops prepare to finish the job.
Thankfully - Spain cathedral shuns Muslim plea
Lil Kim scores 11 holes in one. In one round.
Islamists vow to continue fight in Somalia
Click. Print. Here you go honey.
Saddam to be hanged within 48 hours???
Thank you. Now disbar the bastard.
Red Ken plans Trafalgar Square street party to celebrate 50 years of Castro
Olmert Recognizes PA Flag
I thought it was called 'alcohol.'
Declassified State Department Document: Arafat Responsible for Storming of Embassy and Murder of Americans in 1973
Blair chuffed as nuts with the Koran.
About time. Bush Signs Law to Bar Military Funeral Protests.
Help. i'm an idiot.
OMG! Urgent. Can't believe it.
LePen - Antisemitism can be funny.
Qassam lands next to Sderot school
Why not DC :-(
Rosie....you're sued.
Investigators report that Sandy Bergler hid Archives documents under a trailer
Qaeda's Zawahri says Palestinian elections futile
3rd ID knows if you've been naughty or nice.
Trans fat ban in all of Mass.
School to children...Santa doesn't exist.
Fantasy Love Hotels
Thanks again Poland.
Vietnam vet to the rescue. We're saved.
Prison justice....please.
B*tch set me up..b*tch set me up...again.
Time for a drive - the most dangerous roads in the world.
Worst album covers of all time.
Ahmadinejad Opponents Leading Elections
Helpful tips to be a successful Japanese whore.
'Apartheid' fence got you down. Register your complaint with the UN today.
Amarilo Texas almost went bye-bye.
Dershowitz makes Carter his beyotch.
Student faces 21 counts of rape....for wrestling.
Hunter bags 7 legged hermaphroditic Bambi.
Kerry, Dodd, and Specter expected to kiss Assads arse.
Ev and Zorkie....my lawyer would like a word with you..
Officer. I just use it to open parcels.
When will the condemnation come from Olmert.
Our allies the Syrians broadcasting propoganda.
Honey, I'm in the holiday spirit. But we're moving.
Another happy story.
Finally a judge with some cojones.
Iggy Pop and The Stooges concert tour riders
I'll be in the bathroom for say, my lifetime...
Man tries to immolate himself on talk show.
Illegal wiretaps? What illegal wiretaps?
Jeane Kirkpatrick, RIP
Confidence booster of the day.
Chicago Terror Plot Foiled
UN seeks USD 450 million in aid for PA
Yay!! Support in France stays strong for Mumia Abu-Jamal
LiLo and ManBearPig....what a team.
The Gym Jihad...and more Muslim special treatment.
66 years ago today.
Fat to fuel. I think I'm gonna be sick.
Water on Mars !?!
Israeli-Arabs Demand National Recognition
Stupid as* 'outrage'
Bush Accepts Bolton's U.N. Resignation
More LLL Freedom from Speech.
Michel Aoun for sale on Ebay. Bid now.
Westboro cowards chased away.
Pregnant worker shot at Jewish Federation gives birth to a boy
"It just didn't taste avocadoey"
It's all your fault Sally Struthers!
YES! Aqua Teen Hunger Force...every episode.
Coalition troops kills 26 insurgents, detain cross-dressing terrorist
The REAL desktop stress reliever.
Another Pelosi buddy bites the dust.
Ariel Sharon wakes up...(satire)
1,400 Terrorists for Gilad Shalit?
Lt. Maithem Abdul Razzaq- The Other Bogus AP Source
Doctors in trouble for not giving man cervical smear
Is this black and white enough for ya?
Judith@KesherTalk vs. Cindy Corrie
Something simple to do to say thanks to our troops.
Yeah baby. Brown University gives in. Nonie Darwish is back on.
Happy Evil Thieving White Man Day kiddies.
Shut up Shut up Shut up!!!
What 34 year old single woman wouldn't want a Dora Aquapet.
Rainslicker stocks shoot through the roof on Dec. 22.
German school gunman strapped explosives to body
Lava the War Dog.
I could have told you that.
zorkie and ev are rich I tells ya!!!
Israeli Muslim to take on Holocaust denial at Iran conference
Frickin hornets that frickin explode!!!!
First Person Shooter on the PS3 is uber realistic.
Real or CG ?
Armageddon is truly upon us!!!
Nutroots have a new hero.
Mmmmm..M&M has eight new flavors.
Pelosis first failure.
Foley bad. Sutton a-ok.
Dammit. My keys are at the bottom of the pool.
Mid-flight sexual play lands US couple afoul of anti-terrorism law
HizB'allah has more missiles now than in July.
Col. Sanders continues his quest for world domination.
Blogging for Bolton.
Shoot some smack. Go to jail. Get paid, baby!
Now this is how you marinate a bird.
Democrats Push for Troop Cuts Within Months
Use the force Luke.
Hooray for bipartisanship.
Britain REALLY has a problem.
And it begins - Germany will seek a criminal prosecution of the former Defense Secretary
MI5: 30 terror plots being planned in UK
Happy Birthday you hard chargin' Devil Dogs!!!
Hey CNN. Wanna see what happens to your sniper buddies.
Hey North Korea and Iran....suck these.
French are getting a little antsy with the IAF.
LOL. Worst.Police.Dog.Ever (the handler as well.)
Rumsfeld resigning?
Exit Polls - Democrats control Senate by 7 seats.
Don't mind the penis...my birth certificate says that I am all woman.
The Only Issue This Election Day
How They Stole the Mid-Term Election
They really do support the troops. Part XXIII.
BREAKING: Philly Fraud
I like Montgomery Burns plan better.
Border problem solved.
Hopefully a new trend.
Naked man arrested for concealed weapon - Use your imagination.
Little late. But Lobsters and Pumpkins :-P
Hey Kanye. STFU and STFD.
Orgies in Wahabi Saudi Arabia: Western culture blamed
Another military vote purge in the making.
The war is won. Bring the troops home.
Sour Death Balls.
Top 100 photos from the Hubble Telescope.
Cause of SIDS uncovered.
Mike Stark gone wild! (what you won't see on CNN)
Kidnapped Soldier Believed to Be Alive, U.S. Says
Kerry has a friend in Seymour Hersh.
WTF is wrong with us? PA Offensive Capabilities Increasing, With US Help
Hey Iran. You sure you want to play "Great Prophet?"
The UN does it again.
UK 'liquid explosive air plot:' Brothers released
The Left does support our troops dammit!
J F'in K - "It was the GOPs fault."
Police arrest man dressed as Bin Laden
People.....who need people.....INCOMING!!!!
What kind of car is this. VW?
80 dead in Pakistan madrasa raid
Florida voting debacle. Again.
500K for a birthday. Must be a narcissistic as*hole.
Voter Rewards Act could make you a millionaire
Dammit. Die already.
RWC gives greenlight for new AFV.
No sh*t Sherlock.
Webb Says His Novels 'Inappropriate' for News Radio
First the black and white cookies. Now black and white twins.
“Next time I send damn fool I go myself.”
Lil' Kim make you not ronery, just hornery
We're #1 We're #1 U.S.A..U.S.A.
Googlebombing the election
NJ Court Stops Short of Gay Marriage OK
China - wall built in weeks. US - nada.
BJ Hall - Barracks Linebacker
Time for a strongly worded letter. Irans installs second cascade.
I bet this guy played tag and dodgeball when he was young.
The Art of Cinema - by Lil' Kim
All those wasted hours earning merit badges.
Chuck Norris on Chuck Norris facts.
Is that an arm in your pants or are you just happy to see me.
About that classified story. Oops..sorry.
'I am outraged that we cannot leak classified information!'
Sheehan addicted to online p0rn ?!?
I solly.
Don't forget to vote! IHRC 2006 Islamaphobia Awards.
Israel forced Hiz'b'allah to use cluster munitions.
Harper does it again. "We won't remain neutral as Israel battles extremists"
Christmas comes early for evariste.
Pussification of children. Part CXIII.
3 more nuke test on the way.
The 20 Scariest Horror Movie Killers
Hillary admits she’s a lying scumbag, blames mom
A Brief History of Computers, As Seen in Old TV Ads
The courts are starting to accept that the war against Iraq is a crime
Confirmed - It was a nuke.
Chinglish must be not told on Racist Park.
Oh sh*t. Someone is definitely getting fired.
Give us your poor huddled masses yearning to live off the government.
Ev, you're needed on the front lines!!!
Laser Gunship !!!!!
Schoolgirl arrested for refusing to study with non-English pupils
Oh dear lawd...Sheehan Nobel Peace Prize finalist.
No elephants or mariachi bands are illegal!!
Canada slams NATO's Afghan role
Cool video - Soldiers play chicken with Harrier jump jet
Columbia thugs winning.
Cartman and the 9-11 Truth Movement.
So, Harpers Bazaar is into photoshop and faux news as well.
David Zucker Made for GOP ad.
Lebanese army confiscates weapons from Hezbollah in south
Woo hoo. One step closer to Firefox.
Suspect in terror hunt used veil to evade arrest
Mexico May Take Fence Dispute to U.N.
Ahhhh....Babs is a wittle gwumpy.
Olbermann sucks in bed.com
Illegal Immigrants Sue Wendy's
Conglaturate Me!
Wow. She sure is easy for my brain to process.
Breaking Sex Scandal News !!!!!!!
Proven - Tests show that Nazis used human remains to make soap
TRUTH TO POWER! Geeze, our protests sucked.
Congrats on the show ev. I guess the camera does put on pounds,
Bullsh*t meter pegging.
It's daytime. So of course it's time for...MUSLIM RAGE!!!
Cool elevator floor illusion.
All great teachers love child prn, torture, and cannibalism.
Prince offers strippers double their wages to stop dancing.
Scientists to create 'frankenbunny' in big research leap
Democratic Organizer Quits After Calling Allen 'Macacawitz'
FZOLs dictionary.
Court says eavesdropping program can continue
BREAKING NEWS !!! Police hunt farting dissident
Break out the Fosters mate! Townsfolk dance as molester's home burns.
Democrats use strategy of ambiguity on Iraq-experts
W. Va. Lawmaker Embarasssed by Photos
C*nt fu*k Westboro plans to protest at Amish funerals.
Thug DMX - "I was raped!"
Oh the humanity!!!
Iraq Sadr City residents insulted by 'Buddy Jesus'
Dow rallying again?!?
Muslim teacher in carol concert tirade is made Ofsted inspector
So ronery...I'm so ronery. Prease pay attention to me.
Kevin Arnold !! What is this under your mattress!?!
Shooting at another school - this one Amish.
Chavez Says He Has White House Informant
My Shofar shoes.
Composer Steve Reich hopes music keeps reporter Daniel Pearl's name alive
Windsor Castle opens Muslim prayer zone
What's with the violence that attracts white folks?
Definition of a dumbas*.
Pig's head dumped outside mosque at start of Ramadan
U.S.-Mexico border fence may harm animal migration
White House gates shut to 'Kazakh reporter' comic
Anyone hungry??? Beijing's penis emporium
The lonely punk Republican.
Gun mounted facial recognition scope. Badas*.
Where was Rove at the time?!?!
7-11 gives Citgo the boot.
The shadow cast by a mega-mosque
I wonder when Oprah will have on Golan Cipel.
Terrell Owens attempted suicide last night.
Boys try to join girls' teams following human-rights ruling
A Marine's Eye-View of Fallujah
Oh my gosh. I can't believe him.
George Michael tour launches with pop at Bush
China Attempted To Blind U.S. Satellites With Laser
Bloggie loses one of its most intelligent, charismatic, handsome members (well, at least for a week)
Great Muslim Adventure Day - closed due to weather
Get you Bobble Head Mohammed.
So that's where Laura has been.
The Dems sure are kicking as* here.
Pope's speech stirs Muslim anger
In which WWII army should you have fought.
GO THE FU*K AWAY!!! Plame Sues Armitage Over CIA Leak
The DMV is owned by the Jooooos!!!
ISM posing with AKs? Say it ain't so.
"Muslims can convert to Christianity here!"
What could go wrong? Iraqi Leader Asks Iran for Help With Security
Germany finally gives back. Woohoo.
I wish I had the power of Karl Rove.
The Man in the Window
Abu Ghraib Prisoners - "Americans, please please please come back!!!"
George Bush let people die on rooftops in New Orleans because they were poor and because they were black
No swastika mittens for NATO leaders
Garfield and Morris are now haraam.
Tehran’s ‘Thunder’ manufactured domestically, ‘should outperform’ US equivalent.
Tens of thousands gather in DC for immigrant rights.
Laura, shouldn't his balls be cut off???
ABC alters 9/11 show under pressure
Blind teen master of echolocation.
Five years after 9/11, question is: Could it happen again?
Inmate #6578876...would you like a bigger penis and a happier sex-life.
Anti-Semitic Hate Wave Rolls Across Britain and Australia
Iran: We've developed AIDS drug
Aargh I hate this.
Cops say grave robbers had sex on their minds
Best defence against terrorism is a split with US, say UK voters
Prediction - Darwin award winner.
David Gregory whines like a little bitc*. Again.
Thanks for the help Pakistan.
Bush, Rove, and Dibold have done it again. President Elect Calderon.
Heard the one about Hitler?
*BREAKING NEWS* IMPORTANT * Finally, Tom and Katie to show off baby Suri to the world
Kos and freinds going nuts over "Path to 9-11."
Nine arrested in Denmark's 'most serious' terrorism case
Yeehaw...Score One for Missile Defense
Imam Guppetto has given me life. Praise Allah.
No mas Miller Lite para mi.
1000 Palestinians to be released
End of an Affair
Nothing to worry about. 'New nuclear find as Iran defies UN'
Byrd placed other secret hold on Coburn-Obama bill.
Karl Rove Stormtroopers arrest woman over video rental.
Bartender Gets $10,000 Tip on $26 Tab
Shame. Sources Confirm Israel Backing Down from Unconditional Release of IDF Hostages
WTF? National Guardsman Brutally Attacked In Pierce County.
Drama in Tel Aviv: Man threatens suicide at UK embassy
You've got mail.......You are fired.
Thursday deadline. Iran stops.
Darwin doesn't care if your a priest.
Meet Grumpy - the nastiest cat on earth
CIA used 'micro nuclear' bomb in Bali: Bashir
Hizbullah: We're arming for second round
Gee, what a fun game show.
Biased reporting? Israels fault of course.
Carter slams 'subservient' Blair
Hitchens to Maher audience - "Fu*k you Fu*k you" with the finger.
FNJKSH Serbia.
Ahmadinejad challenges Bush to TV debate
Geeze your breath stinks.
Celebrate Gilad Shalit.
What did you do in the war, UNIFIL?
Lebanese station to show footage of MIA Arad
Arrrr matey...James Hill for Congress.
Another - American Airlines jet diverted due to security concerns
Something every good ROPer should know - "How to kill a Westerner"
SHOCKING!! Russia rejects sanctions against Iran
Nagin - "That’s alright. You guys in New York can’t get a hole in the ground fixed and it’s five years later. So let’s be fair."
Hey Condi....piss off.
Bush jets caused Katrina. Wow.
Judge to Rule if 'Meowing' Is Harassment
Evolutions Eve has found her long lost twin brother.
Ummm, bomb found at O'Hare.
I swear. The Zionists control everything.
Al-Borz News Service: President Ahmadinejad Expected to Announce Iran's 'Nuclear Birth'
No better friend...no worse enemy.
US plane turned back to Amsterdam
Ummm. WTF is going on.
"There's muthafu*kin' snakes in the theatre!!"
Osamas got a girlfriend....Osamas got a girlfriend.
Moshe "Bogey" Ya'alon intends to join the ranks of the Likud Party
Official: Iran ready to enter negotiations
Maybe you shouldn't give away the Israelis position.
Calls Intensify for Government´s Resignation
Madonna’s magical nuclear waste cure- Kabbalah fluid
The mighty UN gets bit*hed, again.
Eat at Hitlers Cross
Lebanon PM calls UN secretary-general to protest sorties
Warthog turning all weather.
Croatian fans form human swastika in Italy
Wow. The Democrats are just so hip and with it.
Officials: U.S. blocked missiles to Hezbollah
Plane diverted after bomb scare
Water tests positive for explosives at US airport
Oh dear. Man pulled through wood-chipper.
Monks brawl at peace protest
Judge nixes warrantless surveillance
Hollywood stars blast Nasrallah
Airlines set to sue for £300m over terror losses
Alleged JonBenet killers resume
Arrest Made In JonBenet Ramsey Case
Muslims face extra checks in new travel crackdown
London-To-D.C. Flight Diverted to Boston
Bush Says Israel Defeated Hezbollah
Words not allowed on personalized jerseys at the NFL Shop
Poland: Auschwitz martyr Kolbe remembered
Bye bye Pluto.
Nasrallah Claims Victory, Rejects Israeli Demands On Hostages
Iran launches cartoon exhibition on Holocaust
'Peace' rally. - San Francisco, August 12, 2006
So much "all the way to the Litani." Olmert to ask gov't approves UN truce
Three Middle Eastern Men Found With 1000 Cell Phones
Mother gives daughter to boyfriend for sex
Beilin: Widening operation – prize for Hizbullah
IDF ordered to move up to Litani
Thwarting the Airline Plot: Inside the Investigation
Cossacks Express Support for Israel at Meeting
Hizbullah declares victory
Ceasefire Now!
Missing Egyptian Student Arrested At O'Hare
Finnish FM: Israel destroying Lebanon, not Hizbullah
Green helmet guy removes/replaces dead child for a better shot. Video.
Iranian Leader Speaks To Mike Wallace
3 of 11 missing Egyptian students found
Nasrallah Urges Arabs to Leave Haifa
Report: US sailor spied for Israel
Presbyterian Church publishes 9/11 conspiracy theory
Man dies opening grenade with sledgehammer
IDF strafes funeral procession - just kidding.
End the daily gridlock with - 'The Chimera.'
Reuters has 'fraud detection software' for photos.
Lieberman Campaign Says Web Site Hacked
Ooohhh ladies...
Nothing to worry about - Search targets 11 Egyptians in U.S.
I knew he would sound like a dumbass.
New Hampshire Dems love Hillary, the “Lying b**** . . . shrew . . . Machiavellian . . . evil, power-mad witch . . . the ultimate self-serving politician.”
Arafats socks found.
Reuters admits to more image manipulation
NY Bravest head to Israel
Camper sues government over stumble
Beach for Muslim Women Planned in Italy
The Taliban Terminator
Judges in Egypt: Scrap peace deal with Israel
C'mon. Terrorism is funny.
Israel hacks into Hezbollah TV
Thanks Sidney Blumenthal. Now STFU!
Helluva bed-side manner you got there doc.
In the spirit of the nine days I would like to share my father’s story - Entombed
Moroccan Jews ask court to try Amir Peretz for war crimes
Nasrallah: We'll bomb Tel Aviv if Beirut attacked
One Canadian’s “apology”
Theme park calls off "Muslim Fun Day"
Israeli families attacked in Turkey
UNITED CHURCH antisemitism on the loose
Lebanese website - 'Disabled children placed inside building' '
Cabinet approves expanding ground operations
Depeche Mode Tel Aviv concert cancelled.
Qana: A Forensic Simulation
No way. Really. 'Gitmo Guards Often Attacked by Detainees.'
Jameel from "The Muqata" heads North with MDA.
Awww, paybacks a beeyotch.
Iran stops would-be Hizbullah volunteers at border
Anybody want an island?
Man cuts off hand in butcher shop
No more "Free backgammon" from him
Hook Hand Hamza allowed to appeal.
Hamas, Hizbullah not on Russia's terror list
Ahmadinejad - bomb Tel Aviv
UN ambulance picking up fighters in Gaza Strip
Divers find Hitler's aircraft carrier-French surrender.
Bush hates black people. But loves old indian burial grounds.
You are viewed as a fraud risk and it is company policy not to support people whos government kill innocent civilians and children.
United Arab List rally turns ugly
Hillary Clinton Asks Oprah Winfrey to be Running Mate in 2008?
Cabinet decides not to broaden ground operation
Muslims fret over FBI's Hizbullah probe
Lance Bass from NSYNC comes out of the closet.
Karl Braesher, first black Navy deep-diver has passed away.
Female Circumcision - a "Crime of Love."
Canadian-Israeli suspected of spying for Hizbullah
Ahmadinejad wants to 'recarve map' of region with Israel's help
How could Israel have bombed the UN outpost???
Spontaneous Outrage Directed Toward Leftist Protest in Haifa
Hizbullah: Next target – Netanya
French heatwave kills 40
What could possibly go wrong - Rales uses addicts at rally
Peace prize winner 'could kill' Bush
Nasrallah: I Told Lebanese Political
Please get a new hobby - Wank Week looks at the 20-a-day men
Tomahawk Missile Accident on I-95
Palestinians: 'Day of rage' against Rice visit
Canada asks Israel to confirm reports IDF attacked evacuee ship!
Panoramas from Lebanon
Boat trip to Cyprus 'horrible'
Report: Israel to release prisoners for Gilad Shalit
Pilot’s widow: You taught me to love the land
"It's the first insertable music-driven sex toy"
Lebanese defense minister: Army will fight ground invasion
Australian rallies for Israel
Ahmadinejad asks Germany for help on Zionism
The SOB Nasrallah is still kicking.
Bush considering renominating Bolton to UN post
House overwhelmingly backs Israel in vote. 410-8.
Amnesty International does something right???
New immigrants: Hizbullah won’t destroy our dreams
Fighting in Lebanon produces its first conscientious objector
FZOL. Arrested???
Depeche Mode: Show must go on
Lebanon civilian deaths morally not same as terror victims -- Bolton
IDF: Hizbullah preventing civilians from leaving villages in southern Lebanon
Stop the "Elliser 12 Galaxies Prifrogrenial Editorials Liltjrohenikul Reminiscents Fervent Plethoras!"
Get out of my state as*wipe.
List of Pro-Israel Rallies
The greatest mistake Israel could make at the moment is to forget that Israel itself is a mistake.
Ladies of bloggie. How about a rugged, masculine man.
New York: Thousands demonstrate in support of Israel
Great video of IDF and IAF in action.
Bush expresses frustration over ME
Gillerman at UN: Israeli win benefits Lebanon
Peretz says Israel intends to 'break' Hizbullah
DailyKos shows his support for Israel.
IDF Provides Aid in Gaza Even as Fighting Continues
Israel going to war with Lebanon?
Nutballs first WTC debunking experiment
Marine Momma - celebrate !!!
We've lost. "Pentagon promises protection for detainees"
Singing out of the flock.
Rejoice! Silicon Sundays have arrived.
Dark Sun Sizzling
Die you rotten motherfu*kers.
Feel safer?
'Breast ironing' to stunt girls' growth widespread
Passengers subdue man on Delta flight to Florida
Jacko is shocko at his associate's gay porno
Palestinian Authority Interior Ministry: Attack IDF Forces
Subway Rider Sliced in Power Saw Attack
Will George be slayed as England's patron saint?
'Cannibal' raider bites pieces from pensioner
More than 100 serious or fatal knife attacks were recorded by police during the five-week national knife amnesty
Library cancels NY Times subscription.
Left Equates Kidnapped Soldier with Imprisoned Arab Terrorists
"This nitro is for you Mr. George W. Bush and your Jewish cronies."
New Orleans terrorized by transvestite gangs !
LOL - Anti-War Activist places US Soldiers under (Citizens) Arrest in Co Clare.
Fellas...make your lady climax in 9 months...or your money back.
Saddam ends hunger strike after missing one meal
Former ‘Magnificent Bastards’ react to sniper rifle recovery
Thunder Chickens prepare for lift-off
The chimpanzees !! Won't somebody think of the chimpanzees!!
Die b*tch - Ex tells of HIV nightmare
Study: Coffee counters booze in liver
Haditha. Another bullsh*t story?
The poor Palestinians are suffering from hunger...let's send them some TV's.
Special forces to use strap-on 'stealth wings'
Vacation time is here. Time for the joys of air travel. Enjoy.
Don't fu** with a Devil Dog !
LMAO! Worst. Amusement Park. Ever.
Shots fired at the Capitol. Investigation continuing. Capitol re-opened.
Carter Praises Bush's Immigration Stance
666-6666 phone number sold for $3.65m
Saudi press told to stop printing pictures of women
Fascist Gitmo guards defend themselves against the peaceloving inmates
Plot to down El Al jet in Geneva foiled
Here Kitty Kitty...c'mere Kitty..ROAR!!!!!
The LLL lawyers are salivating now.
Hey ya hozer. Bob and Doug McKenzie join the army.
Senate OKs Border Fence, Mulls Citizenship
Resignation letter of Ayaan Hirsi Magan Isse Guleid Ali Wai’ays Muhammad Ali Umar Osman Mahamud
WTF !! Utah Campground Closed Because of Bubonic Plague
Are you ready for 100 million new neighbors in the next 20 years?
Bad Ass - Marine takes headshot, walks away
Reform bill to double immigration
Oh no!! No one is joing the Bush war machine.
Nothing to see here - More Uranium Reportedly Found in Iran
Well, my plans for Mothers Day are now set.
This kid will have a wonderful life - Pregnant at 11 years old
Penn and Teller vs. 9/11 conspiracy theorist. LOL
Hey American citizens...screw you.
Immigrant-Voter Drive Announced
Israel halts fuel supplies to Palestinians
Solemn beauty.
Scientology nearly ready to unveil Super Power
"I will ban athletes with an effeminate look"
Maybe we can still put him to death - Moussaoui asks for new trial
1st Iraqi to Graduate Army's Ranger School
Woo hoo !! Kaya Optics Makes Your Camera See Through Clothes
Shoot the owner as well.
Communism obviously work.
Whoa boy! DC Sniper's Defense To Include 'Quantum Physics'
Zarqawi blooper reel
Apple doesn't fall far from the tree - KENNEDY CAR CRASH COVER-UP?
Moussaoui Offers Final Diatribe in Court
What would we do without the UN. 'Geena Davis Honored for Role As President'
Palestinian Blames U.S. for Lack of Money
Man weighing 1,200 pounds seeks life-saving surgery in Italy
Dick Cheney lesbian bashing again.
Tackling the tough issues - More 'All-Gendered' Bathrooms Sought At CU
How much BS can you fit in one article. 'Politics wasn't first on list of NY Sen. Clinton's career picks'
Exclusive: Shah of Iran's Heir Plans Overthrow of Regime
Wow. The ZOG sure does get around.
Protesters splash paint on recruiting station
Swedenistan - Muslims Demand Muslim Law
Boy, this Monday is going to be fun.
It's the UN, they won't. - "Russia and China warn UN not to antagonise Iran"
Haa Haa -$450,000 said stolen from PA foreign minister during visit to Kuwait
Our mission: to find the worst-tasting bar drink in the world.
Spanish Socialist Party: Give apes human rights.
Umm, yeah. That's great. In the past year, two New Jersey laboratories have been unable to account for plague-infested mice and vials of deadly anthrax spores.
Girl Dies Looking for Mom in Burning Home
Space. The final kafir.
Today’s barbarians loudly proclaim their intention to kill and subjugate us, and we just turn away.
Hey Rachel Corrie loons...neener neener :-P
Behold Comrades! The glory of the collective state. North Korea may halt food rations next month
Oregon Man Survives 12 Nails to the Head
Israel Preparing to Retake Gaza Strip
The 100 unsexiest men in the world
"We were glad to be rid of her," said one administrative worker. "She talked about her country a lot and about human rights. When I saw her on TV, I thought, 'She's still at it?'"
Arab airline hijacks kids of 'South Park'
London - Muslim students 'being taught to despise unbelievers as filth'
Build the fence, or we will.
'Home-made' bomb found on high speed rail line in France
Yahoo accused of helping jail China Internet writer (again)
No sh*t - "Goth" youths more likely to self-harm
Cindy Sheehan..definitely not.
Yeah, makes sense - Iran becomes UN disarmament leader
OH DO TELL !!! Cindy Sheehan on the meaning of Easter in Crawford, and New York's lousy jails
There would have been no federal budget deficit last year had tax cheaters paid all they owed.
Ahhh...tolerance. Don't ya luv it.
Tehran's Unfriendly Skies
'Skeleton woman' dead in front of TV for years
Where is the debate on this important issue?!?!?
Porn star offers herself to Bin Laden
Indonesia Muslim hardliners attack Playboy building
You have violated my right to not come to work..time to sue!
Ahmadi Nezhad Promised Iranians “A Very Happy News” By Tomorrow
They do the jobs Americans won't do....bullsh*t.
Used sex toys for sale
Worst tech of 2006 (so far)
Attempt to kidnap and burn girl foiled
Wonder if this guy will be charged with assault.
'Star Wars Kid' cuts a deal with his tormentors
POS Fred Phelps at Walter Reed.
Son of a b**ch! Just my luck. (maybe NSFW.)
Iran to use advance weapons in near future – military chief
"I'm going to put your ass in jail. I'm a police officer." "I work for Miss McKinney."
Why Mommy is a Democrat
Capitol police chief faults McKinney for escalating incident
Yeah, right, you NOW know....
Time for Foshata !!
Donkeys better than wives: textbook
Mexican flag burned at Apache Junction HS
Poland Seeks Name Change for Auschwitz - to "Former Nazi German Concentration Camp Auschwitz-Birkenau"
Dad: Son Cried Over Becoming Jew For Day
Cynthia McKinney allegedly slugs a cop
Got an embarassing problem?....Ask me.
U.S. Ends Undocumented Immigrant Stings
No sh*t - 'Dirty' Bomb Material 'Easily' Smuggled Into US in Test
Liberia's Taylor taken to war crimes trial
Democrats Offer National Security Platform
And here I thought that every single flash card I bought was shi**y.
2 more dead dogs found in rural Washtenaw County - find this a-hole please.
Afghan Convert in Hiding After Release
Muslims flock to see 'miracle' fish
Scalia says piss-off to detainees
Vandals Deface Sign Honoring Soldier
U.S. Designates Al-Manar as a Specially Designated Global
Iraq Archive Document Describes Bin Laden Meeting
Suspicious package thrown onto White House lawn
Germany and Italy Defend Afghan Christian Convert
I’ve got yellow fever, she’s got yellow fever
The Islamist Challenge to the U.S. Constitution
Peace just a breath away, says Sharon Stone
Color me surprised - Sarandon to Play Cindy Sheehan in Movie...
The 213 Things Skippy is No Longer Allowed to Do in the U.S. Army
Demonic Tots in Advertising
Happy St. Patricks day - Man severs own penis, throws it at officers
Santorum, Hoekstra secure release of Iraqi documents
Comprehensive list of Superheroes and their faith.
A View From the Eye of the Storm
We are all torturers.
Excuse me sir, what's an Arab?
How Islamic inventors changed the world
Oooh scary! Venezuelans prepare for invasion
Students To Protest UNC's Reluctance To Label Pit Incident Terrorism
Father admits drugging children to boost daughter's tennis career
Madonna eyes Israel house to await Messiah
Senate Approves Patriot Act Renewal - 89 to 10
Bill Clinton helped Dubai on ports deal
Nationals of “Israel? may not enter the U.A.E., but the UAE can run our ports.
Janey, did you bring enough blow for the entire class.
Galloway: MoToons "worse than the 11 September attacks in the US and the 7/7 incidents"
Jihadi Turns Bulldog
Clinton doesn't get to play with his balls..
Orlando Prayer March To 'Shower Love' On Neo-Nazis
German court convicts man for insulting Islam
Mystery blob eating downtown
Sweden increases Palestinian aid
Journalist stoned for not wearing a head-scarf
The Ugly Face of Crime
Oxford holds 'Apartheid Israel' week
Why we're publishing the new Abu Ghraib photos
Man Shot In Accident After Laughing At Cheney
New graphic Abu Ghraib images
Muslim institute dares Iranian leader to visit Auschwitz
Great....U.S. offers Turkey help with nuclear reactors
Senior-citizen causes autobahn shut down
Muslim Rave Party Sensation
Love me Love me Love me - Ebay Cindy Sheehan
Let the screeching begin - John Bolton, Ken Timmerman Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
Ancient Synagogue Discovered in Ramallah Area
NU rips Holocaust denial
Turkey detains student over killing of priest
Cartoons 'part of Zionist plot'
Excellent article - Democracy in a Cartoon
Jordan editor sacked for reprinting Islam cartoons
A Jewish doctor cuts out their organs, which he sells to rich people in New York, London and Tel Aviv.
Bush: US would defend Israel against Iran
WaPo editorial ? By Hamas ? Great.
Iran’s plan for oil cuts is snubbed by Opec
Israel Leaning to Fund Hamas This Week
Hamas: Israel Must Change Flag
Less intelligent people are better equipped for most military positions, and have far less to lose.
Hollywood done ran out of ideas
Israel tried to kill bin Laden in 1996
Bush Says U.S. Won't Deal With Hamas
Like an M-80 in a toilet
My pal the psychopath
U.S. ambassador Bolton not satisfied with response to complaint that U.N. used Palestinian map that ignored Israel
Daughter shut away for three decades in bathroom
"They said I didn't have to worry as long as they didn't see blood in the streets"
Chirac the warmonger cowboy
Electricity shortage in war-ravaged Iraq forces young married couples to have less sex in winter.
Toxic waste creates hermaphrodite Arctic polar bears
Mideast Barbie dolls don Islamic veil
Security Chief: Dramatic Rise in Weapons Smuggling into Gaza
Wash. Woman Suffocates Under House Clutter
Iran sentences teen murderer to death
Cy, the kitten born with only one eye and no nose
Iran's no-show at IAEA fuels tension in atomic row
Gang terrorizes train in France
Iran’s President continues push for “relocation? of Israel
Sniper shot that took out an insurgent killer from three quarters of a mile - 7.62, not a .50.
Islamic Jihad: We're Back - as of they ever left
Italians demonstrate in support of Israel
Bomb components found at San Diego airport
Anyone remember"Minigun" from LGF - think he has his onwn blog now.
Army Officers Stage Coup in Mauritania
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