discarded lies: friday, april 20, 2018 9:58 am zst
abnormal is the new normal
hyperlinkopotamus links by RWC:
Best recipe ever!
Usual reaction to 'Five Guys.'
RIP Phyllis Diller
Romney 'affair' sets off boyfriend..
Well he's moving on up....moving on up...
Colorado theater shooting
Action Cat!!! Pics taken at the right moment.
Inside a very sinister induction at the Scientology HQ
Trust me. I'm an engineer!
Hacking Attack On 60 Banks
Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Way to go Sidarov. Over 250k raised for Karen Klein.
Wow. The Shackle Shoe - Marketing Genius.
Awesome Parkour Dog
Fun with chainsaws and swords Down Under.
Guess he hasn't heard of Florida's SYG laws.
The Shut Up gun.
Luka Rocco Magnotta arrested in Berlin
Human....it's what's for dinner.
Priest removed for molesting....now a TSA supervisor.
Zookeeper intent on duty licks monkey's butt to help it poo
Don't piss off a Sentinel.
Christoforo just keeps digging.
WTF? I blame the internet!
RIP Adam 'MCA' Yauch
Occupy Elkton Federal Prison!
Another front in the culture war...Concord, MA wants to control that pussy.
Skydiving from space.
She was a vampire! A vampire I tells ya!!!
Puppy goes Vroom vroom vroom!!!
The ball dropped for the last time. RIP Dick Clark.
Fox News Mole Joe Muto: Hero Or D-Bag?
Black man v. 3 Bhut Jolokia Peppers
Rotenberg Center torture video released.
The many mugshots of Henry Earl.
Charleston, what a great place to live.
Chaz up for parole.
ABERRICAN ME - Ross Capicchioni - Part 1
Google glasses
Bitch loves a man in uniform.
Decisions decisions. Cadbury creme egg or...
Still want those McNuggets Tartuffo?
Ben Franklin's 220 synonyms for 'drunk.'
I wonder what Wooly Mammoth tastes like.?
Wow! Breitbart is dead.
Race car + helicopter jet engine =???
Legalize Everything - Einstein 2012
Revamped movies, revamped awards.
House Bill No. 304: Gender-specific and God-approved Names
I think I'll avoid area code 561.
Slab City aka Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome
The Townsville Mutiny
Un, we barely knew thee.
Behind the scenes with Bolt.
ChiCom Hot Potato!
The President faces a new challenger.
Not a kids movie I guess.
Wow. Hollywood has really run out of ideas.
Canada kicking our as* in the Space Race.
Aborted fetus....now with nacho cheese flavor!
Sh*t Samuel L. Jackson says.
New Jersey embraces 'red light' districts.
The Bark Side
Leave George Lucas ALONE!!
Anonymous goes on the attack.
The day the LOLcats died.
Ohhh Tartuffo, you need an intervention.
How big is Romney's penis.
Rep. Issa - Throw away SOPA
Officer Harless fired...finally.
Iraq....nope, Detroit.
Who's afraid of heights?
'Upside Down' trailer
Hope zorki doesn't get too big with her games.
Matisyahu Beat Box
This is why dogs don't wear pants.
Jib Jab 2011 Year in Review
The Body Farm and Beyond
Angry Birds Christmas light show.
Prepare to experience sexual magic
5 absolutely bad-ass soldiers, who happen to be dogs.
Wartime Propoganda - Techie version
Charles "Scatman" Manson
Ex-chief of Philly schools applies for unemployment after receiving $900K in severance money
Miley Cyrus - the voice of Occupy Wall Street.
Someone's taking care of business.
Another pepper spray incident.
When Groupon bites you in the as*.
Shoppers lining up for Black Friday already.
Occupy Wall Street Favor Fading
Entertainment for the day.
Obama tries to shake off Australian GG's hand
Half-Naked Torch-Wielding Man Delights Hillary Clinton
10 year old Mexican girl gives birth.
20th century castles
Herman Cain-crazier than a shi*house rat.
Another sexual harrassment charge.
Clinton continues whoring for the GOP and displaying his Obamahatred
Splits Deepen in Greece Over Referendum on Euro Debt Deal
US Urged to Press China Over Tibet Self-Immolation
Colbert visits OWS
I feel safer already.
Guide dog for blind dog find a home.
'Anonymous' goes after the Zetas.
5 Real Murderers More Terrifying Than Any Horror Movie
He must have really wanted to get on HOV.
Extreme puppy phobia
Trying all 127 coke flavors.
Qaddafi dead.
Shalit reunited with family.
You can have sex with animals....YOU CAN HAVE SEX WITH ANIMALS!
Japan nixes Obama apology for Hiroshima.
Eric Holder and DOJ subpoenaed.
Occupy Wall Street meets Cragslist personals.
Gotta love Halloween.
Occupy Portl.....wait...what?
Bad Lip Reading:Bachmann edition
Yay for the burglars!
Your house is burning. What do you take?
Teabaggers infiltrate OWS.
Occupy Wall Street.
The best of Rafi
Mourn the OLD GROWTH!!!!
Rick Perry - Bad Lip Reading
Ummmm, just wow.
Way to represent 'Army Wives' Kim
Let's go Bill. LET'S GO BILL!!!
Fashion? I just don't get it.
Fast and Furious - Saudi edition
This is why puppies shouldn't drink.
Denmark: The Happiest Place on Earth
How to make dragon beard candy.
History through hairstyles
266 Rein Marines celebrate repeal of DADT.
Corpse Found in Tub with TV Weatherman
Disaster Pros Look to 'Waffle House Index'
Hungry like a wolf.
Honey, let's go out tonight. NOPE
Bear attacks dog
Yummy yummy toilet ice cream.
Teen gets branded a felon for life for robbing man of 7 cents
Wanna go for a leisurely Sunday drive
The Great Tea Revolt of 2011
3rd times a charm for officer as*hole.
Release the birth certificate!!!
Short story for zorki
The singing, ringing tree.
Liberate the lemons!
Do you want to know about the bump on my elbow?
Should've went a-lootin' there toots.
Riot video from Manchester
The Taqwacores
Felonious Monk for President.
England riots: When is it right to turn vigilante?
Sucks if you're a gephyrophobiac. Awesome if you're not.
New Orleans cops convicted in post-Katrina shootings
Yay! 'The Thing' 2011
All Harry Potter movies in 1 minute....by cats.
Married lesbian couple save 40 during massacre.
Australian teen survives real life "Running Man."
Jack Russell...or worlds smalles mountain goat.
Handcuffed in back of patrol car = Mortal threat.
Wow. 30 years flew by.
5:26 of WTF!!!
To protect and serve...or be a douche.
Still Life
New NASA Data Blow Gaping Hole In Global Warming Alarmism
Winehouse family claims it was alcohol withdrawal that killed her.
Congressman Wu resigns over sex scandal.
Top 50 hated Americanisms.
Binder clips.....like a vulcan neck pinch for cats.
zorki needs a couple of these to decorate her place
Obama chooses Geithners replacement.
Hide your foreskin...the Jews are coming.
'cause stereotypes are funny.
Monkey+AK-47. What could go wrong?
PEPCO ranked #1
After I got shot my training took over....I called my parents.
Odds of clicking a banner ad.
Newscasters....keeping it real SON!!!!
Afghan/Pukhtun homemade gun market.
You can't spray Jesus with Roundup
Soviet war statue gets the Stan Lee treatment
Amish Sexter Sought Buggy Sex With Girl, 12
Man pees,..Eight million gallons released.
Gawd I hope they win
Virginia Elementary School Assistant Principal Arrested on Child Pornography Charges
My midnight wet-dry rant just for franco.
Yes you do Ma'am...yes you do.
Four more years...four more years!
Tonight we're gonna party like it's 2008....without the crowds.
26 pages on how to make a brownie...
So that's why the Dept. of Education needed shotguns.
Booger hook off the bang switch compilation.
More fun with police.
Nancy Skinner - talking head extraordinaire.
Another woman stoned to death...in the Ukraine this time.
Jose Guerena SWAT Raid Video From Helmet Cam
Random musings of everyday people.
The tragic death of Jek Porkins.
The Rapture has been rescheduled for October.
I wonder if Sarah Palin is to blame.
More fun with the police.
36 pictures of AWWWWWW.
This should be some good summer movie fun.
Ted Rall thrown under the bus for criticizing the O
Gaddafi's wife and daughter 'cross border into Tunisia'
Major ATF Phoenix shake-up after "Gunwalker"
Supreme Court gives police a new entryway into homes
Charles Barkley golf swing montage
SEAL Team 6 Members Identiities Leaked.
The Dreamliner nightmare
Court: No right to resist illegal cop entry into home
I will not spike that football..while I'm spiking the HELL out of it.
Disaffected Arizonians in the USA
I think we can all agree...this needs to stop.
ATF? Or Nicholas Cage in 'King of War?'
American Pride is Back Out of the Closet!
For your Wednesday WTF viewing pleasure.
The Devils Double
The slippery slope of repealing DADT.
Atheists Seek Chaplain Role in the Military
Butlins bans bumping on the bumper cars
I don't remember vehicular homicide being a constitutional right.
How far do you want us to bend over
Comics with problems.
Blood on the hands of the ATF
Cool and crisp from the Lallana springs.
Ian Murphy is my new hero.
'Get a Little Bloody'
Time to pay the piper
Wisconsin Republicans Try to Lure Back Dems by Moving Controversial Voter ID Bill
Somali pirates execute American hostages.
About those numbers in WI.
Revealed! Superman is a Tea Party supporter.
What? Yatta Yatta didn't teach them a lesson?!?
The US should 'strengthen' the UN, not 'starve' it.
Jedi As*holes
Fort Zverev
Obama agrees to tell Russia Britain's nuclear secrets
Way beyond buring ants now...
Good pics from Egypt.
zorkie tried to go brunette to throw off the stalker...
For what you get on 14th street, Aussie students will do it for free.
6 Famous Movies With Mind-Blowing Hidden Meanings
Your doing it wrong.
Locked up abroad- RWC edition.
Obama Supporter kills seven babies with scissors
Fatas*es....now a national security issue.
Kings Shadow is late for work again.
Retard, Please
How's that Veep doing.
Perry-Normal Activity
really..I mean REALLY?
Hubble spots presumed oldest galaxy: Hot, faint, and 13 billion years old
Steeler Hits
Hawaii Governor Unveils Obama’s Birth Certificate
Phila. doctor indicted for performing illegal abortions..charged with 8 murders.
Sorry ev and zorkie,,,gotta paste this.
Stay classy NPR
The NRA (National Rifle Association) should change their name to the Assassin's Lobby
Hunting Safety Tips
Stewart Slams Congress' 'Quick Fixes' to Ariz. Shooting
Really need to seek help.
2010 Year-end statistics on airport pat-down screening from the TSA
RIP Major Winters
I would beat the sh*t out of these little girls.
Secret Service Visits Jacob Volkmann
Dammit Joe...OK..NO DATES UNTIL I'M 30!
Islamic rage boy got a job, how nice
Worst Job Ever: Video Game Sewer Repair
Government workers at their best.
We pay their salary, can we be their boss???
Muslims wife, Aisha, shoots herself with AK.
This is just amazing...bow and arrow skeet shooting.
Posting this before YouTube takes it down
LMFAO...thankfully they can play ball.
The real reason Fox News is so high in the ratings.
100 assault rifles are passed out to border deputies
Someone must have got coal in their stocking.
Merry Christmas Franco
Seriously, I'll buy the bullet.
FCC Gives Government Power to Regulate Web Traffic
Are candy canes covered by the 2nd amendment?
The soldiers night before Christmas.
Gov. Chris Christie commutes sentence of man convicted of having guns in N.J. illegally
5 revelations from the Post’s ‘Monitoring America’ investigation
The Red Cross bans Christmas
Made Me Feel a Cat Was Trying to Penetrate Me
A social network Christmas
Dems are earmark junkies but GOP goes straight.
How about those false 'death panels?'
Redistribution on steroids
Health Care Law Ruled Unconstitutional
New ABC Show Stages Phony Gay Bullying to Foment Outrage
And the Brady Bunch goes to PSH Code Red..
Hannah Montana would be annoying as hell to get high with.
Net Impact of Stimulus on Jobs = 0
"Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom!"
Animals in War
If you have any faith in humanity, get rid of it now.
Harry Potter must be a DAMN good movie.
Want to stop pirates. Ask the Russians.
Curtis got slapped by a whitey. LMAO.
LOL. Advertising should be more like this.
Well, it is their money, right
RIP Leslie, you funny as* mofo.
I guess Obama will be off the tv for a bit
I feel sorry for the women in his life...
I feel so much safer
Still wish this bastard was dead.
Obamacare theme song
Cool. I wonder if Build A Bear makes a 6.8.
Now what am I supposed to do for lunch....terrorists have won :-(
Your daily dose of nucking futs
zorki...opinions? Seen it yet?
Why should they be able to cast a vote?
Now this is the Disney I love
Now this is just sad
And all Kayla does is lay around
For Franco
Must be the right wing militias
Time to move
Focused like a laser beam on, ummm, Fox News.
Gen. Israel Tal, Israeli tank designer
Glad the UN serves some useful purpose.
I hope the screeners get them as well.
Coates Negates a Year of Justice Department Spin on New Black Panther Case
The Astounding Curta Mechanical Calculator
Obama awards living soldier the Medal of Honor
Imagine that, Obamas on another vacation.
Palestinian Authority member charged with trying to buy stolen weapons in Miami
Fiddling while Rome burns
New ROE weapon heading our way?
Whats the 4th amendment again?
Gang members bi*tch about unfair laws.
Armed Man With Bomb Takes at Least One Hostage in Discovery Channel Building
John Cusack Calls for 'Satanic Death' of Fox News, GOP Leaders
For zorki and packen - "The Uninvited"
Sh*t in the waters of Marthas Vineyard
I will not rest
HT AFW...Ali vs. Marciano: the Super Fight simulation from 1970
One percent transaction tax is proposed
Rep. Pelosi calls for investigation of WTC mosque opposition
'Obama won't hit Iranian reactor'
LOL....what a pain in the as*
LOL...Woods thinks he could help US Ryder Cup team...not really bud
Another vacation....I will not rest!
Playing the race card
I love this.... Time for Tiger Woods to Get Off the Grass
Law snuffs out mailing smokes to deployed troops
Bush resurfaces, poses animatedly with troops
Crazy as* Greeks
Michelles Spanish vacation
This is the way to quit :-)
Muslim gay bar by GZ, Now this I'll get behind.
And the house starts to crumble
Mischief in Manhattan
Two crazy black guys jump white kids
Media Matters editors
I will not rest
Cliff diving first...then this.
The Blue State Tax Preference Act
No wonder Ari is so upset :-P
You're the best....around!!!!
As*holes....Mosque Near Ground Zero Clears Key Hurdle
Your daily dose of 'awwwwwwwwwww'
Burn the Quran day...what a great idea.
Ev and zorki...saturday night.
Top ten fighting styles.
MD Synagogue vandalized.
First Black President
Ev should take a seat before watching this.
Cop shot by son loses suit against gun maker
LOL. Comic-con vs. Westboro Baptist
Yay Democracy:-)
Wow. Some people shouldn't be allowed to post.
I think we can all agree this is great.
Gitmo...hell on earth, right?
No bias here.
It's all the fake crying bud
Good morning Eddy Grant :-P
Since all our problems are solved
The 24 types of authoritarian...which one are you?
Think Progress....what a worthwile source.
Mel Gibson as 'The Hamster'
But it's art....The Rape Room
In the heat wave, the case against air conditioning....bite my as* dude.
Consumer Reports Retracts iPhone 4 Recommendation
Oakland just got a lot more fun
'Begane'....can you think of a worse idea.
Has Matisyahu been covered here? Bad as*
Like him or hate him...this is a damn good song.
Because it's slavery dontchaknow
Ugliest group of friends leads to criminal charges
U.S. Plans Cyber Shield for Utilities, Companies
Holy crap this kid is awesome.
Can you say douchebag?
Mike Weinstein for Senate in 2010
The United States of America v. Arizona
What did I do at work today...
Obama tasks NASA with building Muslim self-esteem
Israel army not amused as troops dance on patrol
And you know I'm posting this.
For the bloggie men..take note.
A Shrink Asks: What's Wrong with Obama?
Think of the children!!!!!!!
Screw this....I have a new career
Hippies are dumbshits...episode #23373
Obama aide 'forgot' 37G in union pay
And bloggie offers none of these.
I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure
I think I posted this...but it's too damn funny.
AmberWatch goes batshi* insane.
Used to be Great Britain...Grandmother jailed over WWII 'family heirloom' pistol
Heyyyyy....Get Rhythm
Cartels threaten U.S. law enforcement in Arizona
If only DC would realize what China does.
Just watch it :-P
Will Dear Leader EVER stop campaigning
And the children wept...
WTF? Crude-Sucking Barges Stopped by Coast Guard
Obama unites this divided country
Obama is calling the little Dutch boy to put his finger in the damn.
Big brass balls on this guy
Here...go waste some time. (Seriously, it's pretty cool.)
Obama’s approval at all-time low
Congressman Assaults Student on Washington Sidewalk
Thanks again to all who served and who have fallen.
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