discarded lies: friday, february 23, 2018 6:11 pm zst
an octopus, full of judgement
hyperlinkopotamus links by Lyana:
Ah, Karma. Shoes thrown at the shoe thrower!
Caption contest, anyone? Michael Steele and the RNC interns
Best Science Photos of the Week
Good riddance
Forget the Collider - World to End in September 2011!
Watch What You Tweet
This Acrobat Act is Stunning...
This sounds like an expedition that someone from Ferkakta would lead!
And Obama wants to bring *more* of these guys onto US soil?!?
Time Traveling Bird Sent From The Future To Sabotage Hadron Collider!
Marketing FAIL
Heh. LOLCatspeak comes to Time Magazine
Natural Art Gallery
The One Man Army
Please tell me they weren't on Twitter
Bloggie Baby Pics!
"God help the sons of bitches who hurt my daughter"
Well, well... a toddler temper tantrum is now a "syndrome"
Does Ferkakta have rules on safe cookie consumption?
Confessions of a Cultural Drop Out
Woman heckled after being first black homecoming queen at previously all-white university
Four hands, one guitar
Cheese Rap for a Cheese Blog
Electric Pickle!
Brought to you by the religion of emlasculating handshakes - a crackdown on "deceptive" bras
Man volunteers to go where no other man wants to go
She shoulda married Crocodile Dundee
Last Country Standing
Micro Pigs!
Cake Car!
Oh, *peachy*! This guy's still on the run?!?
Another day, another ACORN story...
A Representative's Handy Guide to Acceptable Outbursts
Ooooo - I've always wanted to try a chocolate frog!
Can we call it a pattern when ACORN is caught *again*?
Oops, they (ACORN) did it again...
Human Hair - the future of energy production?
Next generation sheepdog
Liver disease from... *fruit juice?!*
83 inches of rain?!?
The real story of the "Inglorious Bastards" of X Troop
This sheep belongs in Ferkakta!
zorkie, you're working on the next game, right?
American soldiers - as you've never seen them before
The Running of the Squirrels
J.R. Salzman wins Log Rolling title at Lumberjack World Championships!
OK, own up - a Ferkaktan HAD to be the brains behind this stunt!
How do you re-pot a 200+ year old tree?
Rest in Pieces
Note to self: Make sure B & E target isn't an amateur boxing champ
Why do people do things like this to their kids?
Koogle the kosher search engine
6 insane discoveries that science can't explain
Stormi's Army
HOW do they do these?!?
This guy is flippin' amazing!
The Case of the Missing Airliner
The Cloud With No Name
First they came for the lightbulbs...
The Best of the Beards
Die, Registry! Die!
What kind of sicko shoots up a *nursing home*?!?
Because the world needs more skating monkeys...
Yes, but did they burn "Z. B." into it?
Predisposition to PTSD?
Bloody BC
Forget the polar bears - save the fishermen!
I take it all back - we need to pull out all the stops to end global warming!
Corporate America joins Aridog on the Old Crank couch
Eight is more than enough!
Pffffffttt - he's not very objective; can't be a *real* reporter
Takin' Care of Business in Tijuana
Horror in Belgium
Well, so much for that idea - Israeli Supreme Court overturned the ban on Arab parties.
The Satelite view of the Inauguration
Something tells me all the "O" keys will be left on the keyboards too...
Verrrry Interesting - Bill Ayers denied entry to Canada.
Militant... Druids?
Please refrain from swallowing any ovaries
Amazing footage of the US Airways ditching and early rescue efforts
Living in a Permanent State of Routine Emergency
A Hippo in the White House?!?
Wow. "Nanny State" doesn't even come close to describing this...
Canada Alone
Palestinian Family Values
The Stolen Children
Florie, I don't know how much of this, if any is in your backyard, but take care of yourself!
I didn't know Joe Biden designed arenas!
Looks like the reports of torture in Mumbai were true after all
"The Night Before Christmas" - Army style
Gee... wonder why she hasn't found Mister Right yet?
Seeing America at 3 mph
Anybody need more proof that poodles are missing something upstairs?
Tea for Two
Life imitates Bloggie - I've got a monkey in my....!
Greece is still in the grips of the anarchists.
Oh ho! The Revhrund Jesse was Senate Candidate #5?!?
“Please pray for him not to suffer from this accident”
Well, now we know why British kids didn't need all those words in the dictonary...
Another part of Old England dies - Farwell to the Black Rod
Concealed Carry now legal in National Parks
This would NOT make me less stressed...
Maybe if they'd renamed it a "holiday" tree it would have been all right...
Kids can't have ketchup at school because there's too much sugar in it, but don't you dare have them do pushups if they're late- even though they suggested it!
Looks like crisis has been averted in Canada...
Barbie vs. Brats - Barbie wins!
Once upon a time...
The Ultimate Jigsaw Puzzle!
"We didn't get the memo about Obama"
All I know is that he better not make any moves on my girls!
"No, sir, those are the wrong type of glasses!"
So when does eye crossing become a competetive sport?
Bah Humbug!
Waste of oxygen wants to keep breathing.
20,000 attacking 1,000... guess why we're not hearing about it on the news?
Hey cba - when you get tired of marathons, go for the Spartathalon!
Those wiley Jews are at it again - so long, stitches!
Slinky Kitteh!
Remnants of the Teddy Bear picnic found
Washington Post: "Yep, we're biased. Oops!"
The sheep dogs do it again...
Landing Blind - Literally!
Sooo... did any of your linguistic pet peeves end up on this list?
John Kerry as Secretary of State?!?
We can do something like this for astronauts in space - why can't we do it for our overseas troops?
The LGF bus
I think Joe Biden's been awake too many hours - or something...
What your blood type says about you
Snakes on a plane doesn't sound so bad after this...
Cave of Crystals
Renaissance painting severely damaged 450 years ago finally restored
73 strikes and you're out?
Horse bites... dog?!?
Joe Biden - Vote for Obama, cause there are a bunch of people just chomping at the bit to attack us and test him!
Now there's a euphemism I wouldn't have thought of - "performance artist"
Tofu the Surfing Rat
It must be a royal pain to be an excavation contractor in Rome...
Well, that's one way to deal with a rapist...
A study in contrasts
A Banjo, Bluegrass and Brain Surgery
The ultimate dream-come-true for a horsewoman
Go Grannie, Go!
Canada goes to the polls
Forget concerns about student eating habits - I think Wales is really trying to get out of the school cafeteria business
Protecting the Dignity of Plants
That's one *very* lost manatee!
ev - *what* did you do to the hippo this time?!?
Forget the barbed wire - they really ought to be banning glass windows; how many poor burglers get cut on *those*?
The Airline Diet
Why dogs bite people
Can this guy (and his enablers) be hung, drawn and quartered? I don't want to think about the hell he's put people through...
Another dad dealing with a naked man in his daughter's room - way to go dad!
Congratulations, sir - you're pregnant!
Oh great - Britain's trying to start another war with the French - they're claiming the invention of champagne!
Leaving behind my combat puppy
Remember that "drop your kids off at the hospital" law?
GUILTY verdict in PM beheading plot!
If they kill moose, what will they do to Jews and Blacks?
Beautiful. *Just* what we didn't need...
Who's more likely to believe in the paranormal?
Lions and Tigers and Ike - Oh My!
Dennis the Peasant chimes in on the Palin tanning bed kerfuffle
Campaign Cola! Get yer Campaign Cola!
No space for Gea
Biden - Pay more taxes! It's not just neighborly, it's Catholic Social Doctrine!
In pain? Seek out the Old Masters
Another question to ask when you're buying a house - "Was this area ever used as a bombing range?"
Common sense raises its head in the aftermath of Ike
Baby Preacher
Yes, your cat just *might* be senile
Sarah Palin's Hair
Let's see - she's OK with making children cry for a picture. I wonder how she feels about waterboarding terrorists?
Pictures from Galveston
Oh, this is rich...
Guess he won't be coming to dinner any time soon...
The Marines and the babies
AFW, look out - Little Guy has competition for Piper!
RIP Ford, I don't know if this is coming near you, but take care of yourself, man
How'd she end up working there in the first place?!?
Constitution? Why bother with that when you've got a "sense of fairness"?
Why isn't our media writing things like this about Palin, hmmmm?
The History of Bounce
World to end on September 10th
"Cat house" takes on a whole new meaning
I'm linking this solely for the picture with crayfish
The hectic pace of a community organizer
Verrrry interesting - did Russia attack Georgia to destroy airfields from which Israel could bomb Iran?
Heh - guess she missed the message that you're supposed to go along with what the thug tells you to do
So far, half the FLDS custody cases dropped
Top 20 quotes from the RNC
That was without a teleprompter?!?
Well, well. Another unwed mom - but her mom's not running for VP
The reason to delay Air Force One
The Dead to sing for Obama
Another Marine cleared!
Soooo has NOLA learned its lesson?
Wisdom from... Kid Rock?!?
Co-author of "100 things to do before you die" only made it half way through his list :-(
Lost? Find a cow!
John Cleese's Letter to America
For RWC - a DNC Thread
Revival or Democratic Convention?
Awww, come on, bears! What happened to the "GRRRR - I'm scarry!" gig?
Paging Sister Mary - beauty pageant on line 2!
How to be a lazy goddess
To examine or not examine - that is the question
Interesting - verrrrry interesting...
Grab the popcorn: Who will be more gaffetastic - Obama or Biden?
Holocaust Hero turns 100
Heyyyyy - those wisdom teeth have a purpose after all!
Hundreds of Muslim students forced from classrooms by Christians
Man to give dog treats to make up for wacking the dog when it bit him
An Israeli in Kosovo
Another reason to move to Texas
About that ceasefire...
I've heard of pointers and retrievers...
If this thing can do what they say it does, it really is a Lifesaver
Married by Yoda
Acting skills I don't mind so much, but ME policy?!?
Michael Flatley - Palestinian?
Help post bond for an illegal picked up in a raid!
Youths torching cars in... Montreal
Russia is going for the jugular
Mom goes to Middle School
Women banned from whistling at construction workers
About that "undiscovered" tribe..
25 Snow Whites
McCain or Gingrich - who treated his wife worse?
John Bolton tutors Obama on history and international relations
The Marine's youngest MoH winner called for guard duty
"An Inconvenient Truth" - the Opera
McCain - wants "significantly smaller" force of nukes
Dedicated to AFW - The Sunburn Song
Shocking Sanity in Surrey
What did you do to earn the right to your desk?
Appeals court: Texas had no right to take children from FLDS compound
When cultures collide
Only a Marine...
This made my alergies act up...
OK, so it was the DL Kitty, but Bloggie thought of it first!
The first time ever I saw your face... you served me with divorce papers!
Monsters rig 8 year old girl as human bomb in attack
The Great Organic Myths
So... if it's a strike three, are they out?
Mobile Phones More Dangerous Than Smoking?
Monster Rabbit!
20 tons of waste for 1 wedding ring?!?
Escape from East Germany
WTH?!? Social Services run amok AGAIN!
Only in France: the First Lady is upstaged by... the Justice Minister?!?
Because blogs are so much easier to police than borders
About those horrible killer plastic bags...
A debt repaid
The last of the Doughboys
Wonder if Parisian "youths" will riot over this...
The ghouls are busy today... :-(
The more I read about this story, the more my head hurts...
Our favorite baggage handler gets a medal from the Queen
The eye of Sauron - no, really!
Has anyone seen this?
Having a baby? That'll be $5,000 up front, and $800 yearly.
Police believe two Colorado attacks linked
How Monopoly helped free POWs
"Teddy Bear Syndrome"
Amazing haul of Roman artifacts found in London well
I sooo can't wait to see this movie!
Save Gaia - Stay Married!
And we're all upset at a 15 day sentence for naming a teddy bear...
About all those "weddings" we bombed...
And it's fun, fun, fun - 'till Daddy takes the Mustang away!
Private Battle Hard Bear
Hurricane Hunters are NUTS!
"Tag" outlawed in Colorado school
Solus Rex's racism must be rubbing off on me...
It wasn't all patches, peg legs and parrots!
Surfing's goin' to the dogs, man!
Heads up - Seattle/Vancouverites
Bush defies international pressure to curb emissions
The original LOLCATS Cartoons
Soooo... you say you can't dance?
Wonder if he used the "insult as a pickup line..."
The Poe Toaster - Exposed?
The mask slips farther for "Bomb Pakistan" Obama
Bulletproof vests, booties, and doggles
Silly Mountie - it was just trying to give you a hug!
When Glaciers Attack
Should we send the Bloggie Kitty to the rescue?
For all you Cheezburger junkies...
Felony Assault charges for a food fight involving a... fork?
Woman arrested for not watering her lawn
Butterflies blamed for Global Warming
Paging RIP Ford: Islamic Rage Boy Photoshops!
I wonder if Rugby's surfing in Rat Heaven...
E-mail a Marine
Yeah - those Labs look all innocent...
Forget E-harmony - go see a psychic!
Missing: lost or stolen or strayed - one lake
Hmmmm... wonder how many people would be claim disability for this "medical condition"?
When Cats Attack
Yet another addition to the "My parents are wimps" category
Abbas under influence of Zionist mind-control rays
Rest in Peace - Ruth Bell Graham
I wonder if his name was "Moby Dick"
Sheesh - kids today!
Maybe the guy can't take a hint...
Harper disses Bono
63 years ago today - Operation Overlord
Winnie Mandela barred from Canada
Rutka's Notebook
Those darned kids and their graffiti...
Maybe THIS will push John Bull over the proverbial edge...
Curiosity just might end up killing this cat!
Women In Art
Honest! The cat ate my homework!
The Original G.I. Joe
Very Active Hurricane Season - Take 2
Are 6th graders smarter than Al Gore?
There oughta be a picture of Mexico next to "hubris" in the dictionary...
Irony strikes Global Warming expedition
See Stormi - not all the wacky stuff happens in Germany...
Oh goody. Now I can waste even more time on the internet!
Hans Blix's mouth is making annoying sounds again...
Mistress ordered to pay compensation to lover's ex-wife
Snakes on a Plane!
More Knife Nanny insanity over the pond
Town loses government jobs for being "too white" and "too British"
"Unprescedented surge" - in violence at the US/Mexico border
So now the all-powerful Bush is setting the agenda for international wildlife management meetings...
Writer repressed in Bushitler's America
Move over beer helmet - the engineers have arrived!
Moose 1, Chopper 1
'Ware the Weightless Wasabi!
And more ancestral skeletons get pulled out of closets...
Al Gore's latest contribution to global warming
Those awful, intolerant Christians...
Assassination attempt kills others, but misses Cheney
Wait 'til PETA hears about this... kill a toad, get a beer!
More of Bushitler's oppression
The Downside of Global Warming
An old enemy honors our wounded veterans
Dealing with psychos in space
Just what did civilization do to deserve this?!?
Recognize my facial hair!
PTSD through a mom's eyes
Babies - the latest fashion accessory
The Goricle - terrorizing children
Just for Spiney Norman - St. Tiggywinkles!
Yup, he's a Hero, alright!
Greater love has no man...
Stormi, wanna upgrade to a 'dozer?
They call him "Rambo"
An offer he can't refuse...
What a way to spend Christmas break!
About that quagmire...
Harry Potter 7 has a title!
John Bull yawns, stretches - and buys a gun
Hah! Fred Phelps et al got sued - and lost!
Tracking the heavens - 2000 years ago
Anti-Semitism in Canadian politics
Friday Afternoon Quiz! What American Accent do you have?
Barney's White House Christmas Extravaganza
Is Britain waking up?
Little Mosque on the Prairie
Breaking! Glenn Reynold's Baby Pictures Found!
Forget the Ceiling Cat - the Shower Cat is watching you!
Creative Reporting - from enemy sources?
Yo - Ed abu - Snow in Vancouver!
Perspective (from Some Soldier's Mom)
And you thought seeing mom in night cream and curlers was bad!
Attack of the Giant African Snails!
Beware the Swirling Vortex!
Bloggie in tie-dye
Paging Laura...
Reason 2,834 why you shouldn't get piercings in interesting places...
Can we question their patriotism yet?
Andrew Sullivan - Unhinged!
Not your usual honour killing...
Fixing Iraq
Well, this is one problem my kids don't have...
Dealing with a Disobedient Wife
Open mouth, insert leg...
Prison just might be a wee bit too comfey if...
The Gaza greenhouses - compare and contrast
How long until somebody "questions the timing" and blames Rove?
What love looks like
Guess what? We just delcared war on North Korea...
The War in Iraq Is Going Either Very Well or Very Poorly...
"I left my parts - in Crawford, Texas"
Revolutionary concept - fight back!
The Moderates vs. the Fundamentalists in Canada. Who will win?
John Bolton seems to like him - maybe he'll be OK...
Nanotech gel stops bleeding in seconds
Retraining?!? They're sending them for retraining?!?
Woe (for beer drinkers) in Washington
Let me guess... Lutherans?
So... were they or weren't they warned?
Leave it to a Marine...
Fly me to the moon...
A little bit of prison justice...
Reason 6,574 for working from home...
Are you a victim of IAD?
Ready for a blood boiler? They're after Van Gogh's son...
Military Coup in Thailand
Online handwriting analysis
War inside the Wire
Don't mess with women from Oregon!
My Cat Hates You
Judge to Saddam - "You were not a dictator"
IAF hits Ismail Haniyeh's office in Gaza City
Four Yorkshiremen
I wonder if he plays the lottery...
The Toronto Sun is on a roll...
Bush Plans Oppression of Latin American Children
CAIR warns "Hadji Girl" Marine
You are getting verrrrry sleepy...
Support the Sweater Kittenz!
Star Trek vs. Star Wars
Looks like the "Buy Danish" campaign worked...
Support Project Valour-IT
Another girl with mush for brains...
Who got Zarqawi?
Creating Massacres
Michael Yon - "Hijacking Haditha"
D-Day Remembered
"Before You Go" - to the veterans of WWII
Mothers, lock up your daughters! (If you're a guinea pig, that is...)
Nazanin's death sentence overturned... for now
"...this administration gave me practically no choice but to have an unwanted abortion..."
The Lord of the Peeps
17 arrested in Toronto on terror charges
US Army Corps of Engineers takes responsibility for the flooding of New Orleans
Maya-Hee... Girls?
Lovely. We're paying for a La Raza charter school.
"Send a Brick" ships about 10,000 bricks to Congress
The DC Quagmire
There go those Marines again.
German Suicide Bomber Planned to Blow Up Her Own Child in Iraq
Don't Bring a Gun to a Knife ight
Never, Never, NEVER Forget
Boston - hotspot of the "English Only" revolution
Interesting take on Hastert situation
OMG. Iraqi national tennis team killed - for wearing shorts?!?
A Soldier's Art
Australian troops deploying to East Timor
The unsung heros of Katrina
Code Pink vs. Rummy
The sky is falling! The sky is falling!
Paratroopers jump out of airplanes. What are they gonna call these guys?
Go Canada! Defence Minister quashes honorary degree for Zinni!
Those racist ... video cameras?
620,000 evacuated in China ahead of a typhoon
Holland to revoke Ayaan Hirsi Ali's citizenship?!?
This guy is amazing!
No wonder Cindy likes him...
But it's all Bush's fault!
American Soldier
And then there's that "overstreached" Army meme...
About those demoralized soldiers...
Mark Steyn on The Da Vinci Code
"We are brothers"
US Boarder patrol ordered to inform on Minutemen - to Mexico
Under seige in Caldeonia (Ontario)
Hello - UK? You've got a problem: Woman jailed for 5 years - for storing an unusable gun
Purported Atwar Bahjat beheading video was actually of a Nepali man
Ah, the French: Assault and Battery = "Happy Slapping"
Amnesty Int'l is at it again - all I can hear is blah, blah, blah...
Update on woman in Houston Hospital
So why isn't NOW agitating for border control?
The Rescue - 30 years later
Q & A follow up to "Dear USA - please send our husbands home" Letter
What the heck is going on in Houston?!?
And the good news is.... the MSM hasn't quite gotten to the other 60%
Open letter to the USA - Send our husbands home!
35,000 Palestinians expelled from Baghdad?
Happy Birthday, your Majesty!
Parents barred from driving with child in vehicle
Two Mexicans strikers killed in clashes with police
Earth will be hit by an asteroid - and it's Bush's fault!
She said, he said
About that librarian charged with sexual harassment...
Thoughts on Flight 93
States Omit Minority's School Scores
"Illegal alien" is now a racist slur
Sexual harassment charge for recommending conservative books?!?
al Qaeda leaving Iraq?
All clear, RIP Ford - Bottoms up!
Dispelling Myths about American Soldiers
St. Bernard Parish picks a winner
Hey Mauro - how accurate is this as to Prodi's agenda?
No tears in Heaven
I had no idea Brazil has a space program...
And you thought Marines were tough...
MIA in Iraq
Faith the 2-legged dog
I wonder if this is how CNN comes up with poll numbers...
Another mosque bombing...
Are Facts Obsolete?
Kiwi Eye for the Evil Guy
Meet the new cause of twisted knickers - Mother Teresa
Grasping the Intricacies of Another Culture: Sharia & Other Things
Imam files suit against the Western Standard
While you were sleeping - the Islamic version
Cheney blasts away - at Democrats
This is considered news?!?
Smackdown! (ht:Dean's World)
Conscientious objector, patriot and hero
Let's see - keys, lunch, briefcase, baby.... Oh s***!
Cindy & Casey
"We have become extinct."
No wonder they liked John Kerry
What's Bush got against Australia?
Guess which side of this the ACLU is on?
Russia and China join to block UN Security Council on Iran statement
Law & Order's Belzer - thinks he knows more about the war the war than troops
What we've gained in 3 years in Iraq
Swastikas are trendy in Cairo
Live from Japan - it's Robo-Carp!
Mardi Gras in Iraq (HT: Dean's World)
The End is Near! (or not)
About that Iraqi civil war...
Perspectives on Dubai
Good news in the Cartoon Curfuffle
Cox & Forkum: Toonophobia! (
"The Lights are going out all over Europe..." (HT:relapsed catholic)
Batman to kick al Qaeda butt!
Undercover Cat
Canadian spine sightings
Paging RIP Ford (and anyone else willing to risk a fatwa) - The Amazing Mohammed Photoshop Contest (via LGF)
Speach Watchers React Favorably to SOTU
Walmart sued for not carrying abortion pill
We won't be nice to Israel and you can't make us!
So - you can "catch" fat?
So - was it the pampering or the opera?
Canadian border guards to be armed ASAP
For those days when you want a warm, cuddly feeling
Interesting times - the Liberals might just get kicked out on their ear...
Oh, but they really do support the troops...
Belsen - a year later...
Pat Robertson - "I was mininterpreted by the AP"
Saddam fires legal team
The Fat Farm Diaries
So much for the "Somebody else detonated them" theory...
Someone you should have known - Spc. Casey Sheehan
All victims died on impact in Cypriot Crash
Steel from the World Trade Towers used in the construction of USS New York
Sense and Sensibility - WOT style
Where's PETA?!?
Cindy Sheehan's "evil maniac"
VJ Day rememberances in Canada
OW, OW, OW, OW, OW!!!
Iraq the Model to Cindy Sheehan
Teens do caesarean on cat
Suicide bombing in China? (via LGF & Jawa Report)
Crew of Russian sub rescued!
Just for MilitaryBrat - "You know you're a military spouse when..."
Rock, paper... Saddam? (via Smash)
The ONE (fits with other link I posted)
I don't know how to describe this - just read it...
UN (t)error alert levels
Suicide bomber was a TA for disabled children (via LSD at LGF)
Birth of a hummingbird (via The Anchoress)
London suicide bombers ID'd
March of the "Jackbooted Nags"
Van Gogh's killer - no defense
007, Soros style
Harry Potter - Iowahawk style
Today is International Kissing Day!
Incredible pictures (via Dean's World)
Deep Space Fireworks (ok, I'll stop now)
George W's Quagmire
Uh - sorry - THIS is the post I meant to link to...
Perspectives on Freedom - from the friend of an injured milblogger
A True Hero
The Durbin Diaries (Iowahawk)
Moore's "Minutemen" targeting female Marines
Deserter apologizes - after 40 years
Hey cba - he started at 65! :-)
Burger commercial - take 1...
An amazing family
Hollywood and Kinsey
The Constitution in 2020
Lileks on the Gitmo "Gulag"
Oprah Feels Islamist's Pain
"Too many" seeking monastic life
The Commanders
Bill Whittle on "Sanctuary"
Another take on Pope Benedict and Buddhism
"My daddy's name is Donor" (via Michelle Malkin)
General Patton on America, men and war
The birds! The birds!
Paging Ed abu Youfillintheblank...
"Never Give Up"
PETA's dirty little secret
Beyond Red vs. Blue
Marines take care of their own - two or four legged
The Vermeer Code
al-Zarqawi loses another "close associate"
This blog is a must-read
Florida's at it again...
Tired of the dating scene? Head to Kyrgystan!
Create your own Super Hero
The Old Negro Space Program
Black hole created in a lab?
800 years of Irish misery? Blame Bush! (via Jheka)
Good news from Falujah
Quiz: Would you survive a zombie attack?
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