discarded lies: sunday, march 18, 2018 11:29 am zst
It debones your anchovies
hyperlinkopotamus links by Ed Mahmoud abu al Kahoul Martyr's Brigades:
Rain to change to freezing rain, then snow in Liberal, KS
Stadium pal- drink beer all game, and not miss a moment of action do to potty breaks.
LGF Thread- Franks people go Jihadi!
Vanilla Ice divorces his first wife a second time.
Tony Blair: He understands the ME better than Baker, but still believes in a Pali state.
Peruvian leader: The joy of cooking with coca!
Olmert praises Palestinian cease-fire
NBC News reports US military buildup in Persian Gulf.
I had no idea J'lem and Selma had so much in common.
Zucker Video: James Baker as Neville Chamberlain
Husband beater Tawny Kitten enters drug rehab.
Indian runner stripped of her medal after she turns out to be a he.
High budget Egyptian music video.
'American Pie' actress threatens to molest dogs.
From LGF- al Qaeda urges Somali war against Ethiopia, State tells E'pa to try negotiating.
best Hippo Thread Ever- Northeast White Christmas Watch!
'Recovering Republican' says Congress Repubs have 'San Francisco Values' about gays.
World's tallest man saves dolphins!
Nanny State Kill Joy wants to end LIRR bar car
Giant space storm to devastate Earth just as hurricane force storm batters Oregon, Washington and SW Coastal B.C.
Like so many plain ordinary white people, Jenna Bush has got a thing for Latins
Breaking: Dem SEnator suffers stroke, could save United States from Iranian nuclear attack...
More work Americans won't do, at between 8 and 11 million dollars per year.
Ward Churchill calls Bob Kerrey (the Senator with a name like Kerrey that actually was wounded in Viet Nam) a serial killer
More Dalit News: Average condom to big for average Indian man
SPE/IADC 2007 Drilling Conference to be held in Amsterdam
Cool webpage of the day!
I may be bi...
Saudi King Abdullah warns of dangerous Arab flatulence.
Derb discusses lactose tolerance as an example of naturals election at work- guess what- although I don't really like cow milk, I can drink it no problem!
Olmert tells German TV Israel has nukes.
Rather lame home page for potentially mega-cool Navy ship.
Silly String joins the fight in the Global War on Terror
4 year old suspended for sexual harrassment of adult
Klotzbach and Gray say above normal chance I get a multi-colored GA post next Summer
Dr. William Gray discusses Hurricane Season 2006 and believes global warming is about to reverse.
Update on yesterdays London tornado- Labour MP blames global warming
Gates: Iran gets to have nukes because Israel does too.
¡Que lastima! Bigel to miss Rutgers playing in Texas Bowl against Kansas State?
The Last Day of the World
Good op-ed about Muslim hypocricy linked at LGF
Russia's Deadly Atheism
For those with spare time- PDF of Iraq Study Group
Woman attacks American Airlines flight with poison gas.
Attention people with teh gay" Lance Bass is back on the market!
Man charged for punching drunk snowboarder who ran down his daughter.
Navy sailor admits espionage
Olmert orders IDF not to respond to rocket attacks on Israeli civilians (ht: Elric66 at LGF)
California is burning
With no chance of confirmation, Bolton to quit at UN
Roger Friedman says Mel Gibson's new movie sucks.
Eva Longoria to amrry a Phrench dude.
New male 'pill' worthless- works by preventing ejaculation
Sundance Festival to screen doc about man who died after being bu-fu'd by a horse.
Naked crack addict attacked by 4 meter alligator in Florida
Greg Wiggle (The Yellow One) leaving the Wiggles due to illness.
Borat breaks up Hollywood's most perfect marriage
Big Snow Storm for Arkansas and Missouri Friday?
Amazingly boring Atlantic Hurricane Season denies me (Ed) the brightly colored and blinking GA posts I'd been promised.
John McCain not a conservative- so says (correctly) Mitt Romney
The woman of Derek Jeter (all so hot-linkable and lovely!)
Shell Offshore Inc. has awarded a contract to Technip to provide engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) for a spar hull and mooring system for the Perdido Regional Host project.
Juan Pablo Montoya's flaming NASCAR debut.
Seinfeld's Kramer (Michael Richards) uses "n" word on black hecklers at comedy club.
Schembechler collapses, dies at 77
Brokeback Penguins
Democrat Underground celebrates the death of Milton Friedman
Killer orgasms strike Japan.
Killer orgams strike Japan.
Bollgard II will be tough on worms
Happy Thoughts About Israel from the Iran that James Baker looks forward to negotiating with.
Ahmedinajihad says Iran almost has nukes, and the world will deal with it.
Environmentally friendly shotgun pellets seasons your bird in your choice of 5 flavors!
Juan Pablo Montoya to attempt to qualify for his first ever NASCAR Nextel Cup Series race at Miami next weekend.
France sucks- example 821- man who wrestles gun from 3 robbers and kills 1 charged with murder
Kazakh bashing in New York City
Loser RINO going home to Demonrats
Culture Club at war.
Evgeni Malkin does something not done in nearly 90 years
New Iranian war games in Persian Gulf promise fun and excitement
Texas Terry Labonte's career to end Sunday in Texas.
Drew Brees to Demonrat Mom: Stop using my image in your ads.
jean Francois Qerie calls US troops idiots.
NBA bans fan for calling African player a 'monkey'
(at LGF) al Qaeda threatens Madrid style attacks against Canada.
Fox sends Federales to Oaxaca after continuing violence claims American life.
Dallas Cowboy coach sues McDonalds over 6 inch rat in take out salad
Mariah Carey Hong Kong concert cancelled due low ticket sales.
3 Lawn Guyland girls sent home for dressing as Captain Underpants.
Hugh Hewitt makes it official: He thinks Sully is a crack baby.
S.E. Colorado Blizzard today
Transgendereds can use whichever bathroom they feel like on NYC subway.
Houston man, Muhammad rafi, kills wife before being shot dead by SWAT team.
Topless women slideshow from Local 6 news in Florida
Al Gore's motorcade to fight global warming (linked at Drudge)
Michael "Savage" Weiner backs Jerry Brown for California AG
Rice University prof: Making Texas schoolchildren pledge allegiance to Mexico is a good thing.
I be a college graduate
Thank You John Mccain- campaign finance reform being used to shut down conservative talk radio in Seattle.
Subway trains collide in Rome.
China considering regime change for Norks?
Lower Tertiary Trend newest hot trend in the GOMEX
10,000th well drilled offshore UK!
New evidence- Navy used Germ Warfare in Viet Nam
You Tube Rocks- Guns of Navarone
Moscow police request list of students with Georgian surnames.
ACLU may sue Illinois on behalf of the Rev. Phelps and his funeral protesting 'church'.
Streisand on Tour!
Zogby poll sees Speaker Pelosi, and all that that entails.
Roman Catholic schools in UK to be forced to admit a quota of non-Christian students (ht- Silhouette at LGF)
Turkish Muslim destroys impromptu memorial to NYPD officer killed on 9-11
El Niño crapped on Hurricane Season 2006- cost me brightly colored borders on a GA post.
NASCAR Busch Grand National series will race in Mexico and Quebec in 2007.
Filipino plant eats French mouse.
Clair Field: Development of a Waterflooded Fractured Reservoir
'Saved By The Bell' Screech sex tape uncovered
Florida Republican Congressman is a Pederast
High school football player hears the beetle that chewed through his ear drum
Weak West Winds at Guadeloupe mean remote chance of Bigel storm in a week!
Tropical Depression #9 forms in open Atlantic- won't even hit Bermuda.
Charles to have 'multi-faith' coronation if he becomes King (HT- Nonic at LGF)
Rocket scientist, and, Houston Texan's cheerleader
West Wind at Puerto Cabezas!
People pop up claiming to remember that Senator Allen used the 'n' word 30 years ago, and Allen forced to admit his mother was 100% Jewish.
PETA Asks Six Flags To Stop Eating Roaches
News Week's Michael Hirsch- al Qaeda is a myth
Paris Hilton in a Dirndl: Oktoberfest Beer & buβen thread here!
Mel Gibson criticizes Bush and Iraq War
Woman finds 1.3 carat diamond on ground in Arkansas state park, gets to keep it.
German experimental mag-lve train crashes, 18 feared dead.
Pakistan only cooperated in war on Taliban because Bush threatened to bomb them to Stone Age
Extra-Tropical Remnants of Gordon to Batter Britain!
Kinky Friedman accused of racism
Bigel can relax, his house is safe from Helene
New York City safest large city in U.S.
90 year old Texas man stung to death by hundreds of bees.
Lajes Field Prepares for Hurricane Gordon Disaster
Despite not a lot of model support, I increase East Coast Helene odds from 33.33% to 40%!
Diary of a Billion-heriress
Just why Diana was in bed with two Down's Syndrome men, or why an actor shaved his pubic hair on stage – or indeed who he was meant to portray – was never made clear.
Kinky TV commercials
via LGF: al Qaeda planning dirty bomb attack during 'holy' month of Bombadon
This moonbat's blog got an LGF thread- for good reason.
'Girls Gone Wild' fined millions for not maintaining proof that the girls weren't underage.
LA Times declares there is a God, and his name is Buddha.
106th Anniversary of Greatest Hurricane in US History Approaching
Taliban suicide bombing kills 2 US GIs
Noble semi Amos Runner moors in record water depth.
Communist Bloc Priests spied on Pope JP II for Kremlin
The Patrick Fitzgerald runs a bash Bush blog
ManBearPig lectures MTV audience
Probably Not Goona Happen, but a Boy Can Dream: Tropical Cyclone to Smack San Diego?
Just in- Israeli diplomat arrested by FBI in Atlanta
Watch as Super Typhoon Ioke destroys Wake Island
New End of World Day -6Z GFS says hurricane hits Newark on September 14th.
Ernesto finally getting better organized.
Crummy Deal- Louisiana high school stripped of football title for having Katrina evacuees on team.
Again, another reason the Texans were losers for not drafting Reggie Bush
Olmert facing corruption charges?
Texas Longhorns lead nation in merchandising, as America realizes how much UT rocks.
Dog wrecks car during driver's ed
Although I believe it isn't correct- Tropical Storm Ernesto forecast to hit Chicago per GFDL
It takes a Texan to keep the British streets safe.
Commie simps run wild in Oaxaca, Mexico.
Drunken irish story- Aer Fungus jet evacuated after bomb threat.
Yo, Throbert: "Gays, like Jews, are Chosen People"
Wow, oil company pays DFW Airport $181 millions dollars for right to drill wells.
The "Roe Effect" is working!
Bigel: disaster is coming!
Iran invades Romanian oil rig (ht- Deathwatch the Pasty)
Apocalypse has begun in Northern Greece.
Is it me, or is there a disproportionate concentration of weirdos on Lawn Guyland.
Older white males killing themselves.
Ridicuously light jail sentence given to teen football players.
Israeli commando dies in Lebanon raid.
Its a miracle- hundreds in India drink sewage filled seawater.
Greek police hunt stolen icon.
I question the timing- "Martyr tapes" for UK plane bomber wanna-be's discovered.
Maurice Clarett was carrying guns and running from cops because of, that's right, Jews.
Happy Anniversary- Bigel is welcome
Dem's threaten to boot Liberman out of party caucus.
Mel Gibson avoids jail time for drunken driving in plea deal.
Best Blog Ever (well, best PNJK blog ever)
Russian Coast Guard attacks Japanese fishing vessel- 1 dead (via Drudge)
Mexican fisgerman rescued in WestPac after 11 months adrift.
WaPo gives Hezb'Allah sloppy wet oral sex.
IDF Chief of Staff insider trading 3 hours after soldiers kidnapped (Hat Tip -Golden Jerusalem at LGF)
Mike Douglas dies weeks after suffering dehydration on the golf course.
from al-NYT: Israel asks for anti-personnel rockets for use against the Hezbos, Foggy Bottom objects
Evernham Motorsports fires Jeremy Mayfield.
New Britney video- she belches, rants, says she is ugly, and looks like trailer trash
Texas Penguin Massacre
Bad news for Frank's Aegean Vacation- No scientific excuse for beachside golden showers.
Becks says Posh Spice too skinny
Arlington school district bans cleavage- Solus- this is your chance.
J-Post mentions Little Green Footballs by name.
Gays flee Iraq as Shia death squads find a new target
US Navy (A Job I once had, when I was drunk) holds Petty officer in secret for four months
Newest thread at LGF based on Karuthammer- Olmert not doing a swell job.
Race car driver critically injured by deer.
State Court Rules Miller Genuine Draft Is Actually Beer
Ohio Man Claims Right To Have Sex With Boys
IDF in Ballbek- Arab media reports helicopters inserting troops after heavy air attack.
Goy Borge to start new job as NYC garbageman
Mel sobers up- Says he is sorry- but will it work?
BP's Thunder Horse start-up expected early 2007
Time to bomb Iranian embassy in Beirut. And/or Damascus.
Hurricane Season finally fixin' to start for real?
Darth Vader arrives for meeting with Dark Lord of the Sith
Good News, easing of tensions netween Shia and Sunni in the Global Jihad?
Why are all these teachers around the world doing sex acts on their teenage students while 20 and 30 year old guys are home alone on Saturdays
N'Sync member admist being a homosexual
From LGF- new reason for Bigel to rag on Dutch.
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