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34% Say - Well, It's Better Than Nothing
Where's Mommy?!
You're A Mean One, Dr Grills.
How Reid Paid Off Nelson
Lileks Closing Down?
Moderate Senator Losing His Future In Increasingly Radical Party?
Thanksgiving Political Cartoons - From All Sides
Is This The Beginning Of Mrs. 'Awkins?
Should I Move To Britain To Take A Job?
The Return Of The Invisible Man
Now, THIS Is Modelling!
Guess The Moratorium On Obama Jokes Is Over
Feeling Hungry?
Stimulus Fraud
Miserable Damned Witch Should Be Burned Alive
BarryO's Shoelace Untied At Yet ANOTHER Inopportune Moment
NY Times Takes another Step Toward The Grave
Economists Category On Jeopardy
Apes In Mourning
Drugs? Who Needs Drugs?
Why The GDP Does Not Reflect The Real Situation
45 Years Ago, Today
Ooooppssssssssss . . .
Poll-Takers Smarter Than Poll-Givers
Eat Your Dog, For Gaia's Sake!
Where I'm Going, Today
No Rest For The Wicked/Weary
Good Bye, Ralph
Health Care Is NOT A Right
Just Feeling Old, Today
At Least 50 Dead In Manila Flooding
Obama supports REAL Growth!
We Doan Need No Steenkin' Constitution!
The Week Of 9/11
Just Another Right-Wing Crank
Well, It's A Start!
Finding Your Age With Chocolate Math
I'm Not Lovin' It!
I've Been Singing To Myself
What, Me Read?
If You're Reading This, I'm already Home
Troofers 'Win' One?
At The First 6 Months, More People See Obama As Failure, Than Bush
Well, So Much For This Garden
Truthfully, This Scares Me
Schiavo's Attorney Working For Barry O
Too Bad Everyone Does Not Do This - Maybe They'd Get The Message
Zelaya's Pre-Stolen Election
For Salome, And fifteen Hungry Friends
Wandering YouTube
Unalloyed Truth From The Ted
Best Ford Commercial Ever
So, I Was Wrong, Obama DOES Have A Plan
How Alice Got Her Name
The Numbers Go Crunch
Judging Books By Their Covers
A Tale Of Two Depressions
CAIR Bears
MOPping Up, Underground
My Latest Read
Community Organizers At Work In The NY Senate
Obama - 'But Math Is Hard!'
Happy 15th Birthday, Mallard Fillmore
Now We Know - WWII Was POLAND'S Fault!
My Latest Read
The Longest Day
A Symposium On The Killing Of Abortionists
Killer Advice
And Now We See Exactly Why Obama Picked Her
Sometimes 'Pravda' DOES Mean Truth
Obama And The Underpants Gnomes
Susan Boyle Without The Benefit Of Surprise
Memorial Day
Why Johhny Can't Teach
For Jefe
Run! It's The Bomber
My Latest Read
My Latest Read
The Foolish Bias Against oil & Gas
The Paranoid style In American Politics
Look To The Future, Not The Past
The Converging Lines
Another Excellent Book - Also Highly Recommended By Me
An Excellent Book - Highly Recommended (By Me)
Anyone Else Heard About This bill?
Wonder If Anyone Has A Tape Of Her From Grade School?
WSJ - The Liberal Hour
Obama Says - You No Longer Have the Right To An attorney
I Know - Let's Offer To Talk To Them!
Fun Rant From Ted Nugent
The Little Red Wagon That Can
Paradise Garage
Steyn - Live Tea, Or Die!
Obamas House Built Upon The Sand?
Obama's Popularity Abroad Just Doesn't Matter
Can Susan Boyle Sing Anything Else?
Economic Heresy In America!?!?!?
Give Up Your Rights To Help Mexico
The Green-Job Snow-Job
Obamaspeak And The Taliban
Somali 'Insurgents' Fire Mortars At US Congressman's Aircraft
Barack The Barbarian
The Shroud And The Resurrection
Clean Air Laws Causing Arctic Ice Melt
American Crew Takes Back Captured Ship
The Axles Of Evil
Damn - I REALLY Need To Move Back West
G20 Decides Where To Shift Blame
Hey, But We Should Talk To Them, Right?
Skidding Or Crashing?
April Fool!
Bailing Out Of The Constitution
No Plan, but Lots Of Zeal
The Vulture Soars
National Public Newspapers?
We Don't Need No Stinkin' Water Heater
Horsing Around With AIG
Tancredo - A Tale Of Two Sanctuary Cities
Independents Beginning to Hedge Their Bets?
What The Predators Are Doing
Dalrymple - Europe Is A Riot
Speaking Of Domestic Terrorists...
A Crisis In Ownership
Who Should Be Fired?
Got Tea?
Do You Think They Know What They're Doing?
'Religion of Peace' Strikes Again
BarryO Realizes He's Lost - Chooses Easier Opponent For Next Round
Is It just Me, Or Is There Something Totally Psychotic Here?
'When Obama Says This Stuff, I Don't think He Really Means It'
Rush Responds To Obama
Rehabilitating LaMarck?
Remember The 60's? Joe Cocker Didn't
Save The Earth - Turn Off Your PC
Gasp! Sob! Chicago's One-Term Wonder?
Iran Getting Bomb Parts From American Companies
Hollywood From The Right
That Culture Of Corruption, Again - Richardson Withdraws
Maybe Down To 30 States By 1/20/09?
Omars Attacks!
Proportional Response? 15 Seconds
2009 - What Not To Expect
NY Times Hit With $27 Million Suit Over Lies About McCain
Iranian Clerical Thugs Signing Up Lesser Thugs To Fight For Hamas
Magic Negro Wishing He Could Disappear?
One Last Chance To Do The Honorable Thing
Defining Britain Out Of Existence
Beating The Bush For A Candidate
Oh, Great Hairy Crap
Creepy, Crawly - Creepy, Crawly
Sad Victims Of The Economic Downturn
Michael Yon - The Iraq War Is Over
Those Knowledgable Phillie Voters, Again
An Ugly Byproduct Of Obama Victory
Was Solus Here?
Mark Steyn On Thanksgiving
Fairness Doctrine With Even Less Fairness
A New Liberal Order?
Worst. President. In. Modern. History.
Dems Pushing Away Youth Vote?
Surely Better Than Doing It Himself
Big O's Gonna Git Mo' Headaches
Hacked To Death By The Chinese
First Strike In The Holiday Wars
A Banner Election For Goofiness
Under The Falling Axe
Campaign Like Reagan - Govern Like Carter?
Planning for A National Obama Holiday
Another Great reason to Do Your Own Home Remodeling
Katy Guest -'May I Kiss Your Ass Again, Please Sir?'
Cowardly Jerks
Department Of BS.com
Never Give Up - Never Sit down
Thos Sowell - Ego And mouth
Stealing An Election - And What Won't Be Done About It
The Future Of American Health care?
Killing Latin, Again
PA GOP Uses The Wright Strategy, At Last
Obama says, 'I'm a Messiah, not A Mathematician'
Obama 2012 - A Look Back
THIS Ad Should Be On TV
Already Starting The Blame Game
How Europe Loves Obama
Geraldo VS Coulter
Another Obama Staffer Comes to The Light
Rashid Khalidi? Just Someone In My Neighborhood
SHOCK! - AP Actually debunks Obama
BarryO -'I'm not Ready'
Bench Sweet Bench
Melanie Phillips - Is America Really Going To Do This?
Across The Great Divide
Poor Analysis From Ed Stoddard
Palin's Horrifying Racist Comments About The One
American Liberalism - Not Quite As Deadly as Communism
McCain Would Be Outstanding - But The Democrats Lie Better
Biden's 'Generated Crisis' A War Against Israel?
OS Card - Will The Last Honest Reporter Please Turn On The Light?
Damn Those Racist Campaign finance Laws!
Full House Of Fraud
Acknowledging The World's Worst-Kept Secret
An Open Letter From Viscount Monckton to John McCain
Remember That 'Culture Of Corruption?'
Now That Obama Is In Office
Melanie Phillips - Palin & Obama
The Acorn Party
Gripped By Insane Rage
Guilt By Alliance
VDH - Jumping Ship
Yeah, If We Could Only Get Rid Of Philadelphia
Conservatives FINALLY Angrier Thsn Liberals?
NRA Anti-Obama Ad
Barack Hussein Obama - Citizen Of Indonesia
The Coming Thugocracy
Ted, White And Blue
The Bomber As 'School Reformer'
Russia - The Real sick Man of Europe
Steyn - The Doer Beat The Droner
Almost Certainly Too Late To Stop This
Israeli Ex-Officials Lied To About Pro-Obama Video
Getting Down & Dirty
The Guy Sure Looks Like Plant Food To Me
In Living Black & White
Darth Rove - Obama Over 270 Electoral Votes
GOP Fears Virginia Might Go For Obama
Throw ALL The Bums Out!
So, Why Wasn't This Playing All Last Week?
Once Again - Think It's about Damn Time?
Selected, Not Elected, AGAIN?
The Names Have been Changed To defame The Innocent
A Partial List Of Ifill's Questions For The Debate
Obama's Fishy $200 Million
See The Debate Online
Babbitt And The Democritization Of Credit
The Uncertainty Act Of 2008
China Reshaping Its Military On US Model
This Reminds Me Of What Almost Happened Today, For Some Reason
How Allies Of Soros Helped To Kill Wachovia, And What They Plan To Kill Next
Iraq's Latest Milestone
Week-Old, But Still Excellent Commentary, From Thomas Sowell
US Troops Deployed To Assist Israeli Missile Defense
How The Chicago Machine Ground Up Hillary
No Deal - Bailout Plan Breaks down
They Gave Your Mortgage To A Less Qualified Minority
WHY Do Lefty Dolts Get The Best Music?
The BEST Reason I've Seen To Let Them Fail
The Man Who Never Was
Scaring Granny To Death
Fannie & Freddie Buy Lawmakers
So, Let's All Just Freeze In The Dark
Peggy Noonan - More Mean Than Meaningful
The Good side Of The Financial Collapse
Satan Is My Homey
Bush, Or The Chiefs Of Staff?
How Many Faces does A 'Messiah' Have?
The Tree Of Vote Fraud Starts From This Nut
Palin **DID** Say 'No Thanks' To the Porker Bridge
Point Of View - McCain And Obama At Ground Zero
Remembering Hell
Red State Feminism
McCain Should Have Used This Song
American Troops Cannibalize Afghani Civilians!?!?!?!
JibJab - It's Time For Some Campaignin'
Happy Birthday, RWC!!!
Heh. Rube Goldberg's Got Nothing On You!
Slate Plays The Whole Race Deck
ReCreate '68 - They Never Learn
Oleg Atbashian - The Man Behind The People's cube
Back In The USSR
Hag VS Hag - Cindy Sheehan On Ballot Against Pelosi
Moose Calves In A Sprinkler - Cuteness For A Sunday Morning
Republicans 'In The Dark' Over Energy Bill?
Obama's FIRST Big Foreign Policy Mistake
The Future Of Conservative Publishing
What BarryO 'Learned' On His Big Adventure
BarryO - The 'Lost' Years
San Francisco - An American Calcutta
Math IS Hard - For The NY Times
But, My Neighbor Has A Cellphone!
I'd Dearly Love To Embed My Foot In Your Face
Merge With me, Baby
Erased From History?
Cheering Germans Worth More Than Wounded Soldiers?
The Great African-American Awakening. Hopefully, Finally?
Why Iraq Was Inevitable
Nanny's 1043 Rules You Must Live By
Maybe I Really AM Old - I Certainly Know All Her Songs
How Monica REALLY Blew It
Chuck Norris - 'Chop Congress!'
In The America Of The Imagination
UN - Scandal Central
Europeans First Humans In America?
What 'Bomb Iran' Would Really Take
'Can't-Do' America?
TV Bad For Kids, Even If They're Not Watching
Involuntary Volunteerism?
Stone Cries Out, 'There Is A Talib Hiding Behind Me!'
Obama The Shaman
Oh, You Sexy Beast!
For The First Time, I'm Truly Proud Of My Generation
More Racist Bastards!
Take Another Little Piece Of Our Rights, Baby
Saturday Night Special
The 'Q' Is For 'Quality'
Bailing Out The Chinese?
NY Times VS Jesse Helms - Part 529,876
Krauthammer - A Man Of Seasonal Principles
Short On Intelligence And Humor, Too
Obama To Campaign At NASCAR Race?
When FOX News Is The Story
New Twin Towers?
And Now For Something Lighter - Moby Grape
Who Is That Masked Man, And Why Does ANYONE Believe Him?
A Final Salute
China's Lost Children
Pro-Life Black Ministers Wary Of Obama
Birth Certificate Of The USA
1215 US Soldiers Re-enlist Today, In Baghdad
The Few, The Proud . . .
The 50 Billion Dollar Myth
The 'Flipper' Mantle Is Passed To A New Generation
Bush Can Take Pride In Scorn
Top Of The World vs The Bottom Of Science
Iraqi Expats In Cairo
'LEFT" In The Dust
We ARE Winning
One Reason To Vote McCain
Meanwhile, Back In Terrorist-Supporting UK
And God Said, 'Just Do It!'
Lies, Damned Lies And 'Progressives'
OK, So It's NOT Lawrence Welk
Soothing Obama - Tweaking McCain
Hmmm, I Think I Need A Bigger Bus
The Latest Abuse Of Anne Frank
Bosnian Helped Fund 9/11 Attacks
To Be Young And Excited
Western National Flags - Now Available In Shades Of White!
Obama's Anti-Terror Oops
Justice Kennedy - American Idle
The Confederated States of Europe?
Obama's Unanswered Questions - So Far
Amir Taheri - Making A Persian Carpet
A Post-Specieist Running Mate For BarackO
THIS Is Going to Be Unpopular
Barack Obama And The Vast Leftwing Conspiracy
How China Got The Clap
And We Are STILL Paying $130 Per Barrel
American Media Is Obviously Banned Here
It's A Beautiful Day
RIP Bo Diddley
Cap & Squander
Classic Democrat Policies - 'Let's Raise Taxes!'
President Potatoe?
Let You Go Crazy On Me? Any Time You Want
I Forgot How Much I Used To Enjoy Savoy Brown
Et Tu, Scotte?
The Last Doughboy - God Bless Him
Red Skelton - The Pledge Of Allegiance
Israpundit - Obama's Communist Connections
Media Blackout On Iraq?
He Is Still Vile, But I would not Have Wished This On Him
Happy Friedman Day!!
He Was (Possibly) Not A Crook
Wrong Questions, Wrong Answers On Energy Independence
What Do The Saudis Want?
Buying Barack - How Everyday Purchases Send Dollars To Candidates
Si, Me Llamo Carlos Carl Johnson
Open Secrets - Political Funding
Guitar Described As Sex For Your Ears
Newt - No Hope, Or New hope?
Wondering Where Your Money Goes?
DAMN Those Predatory Lenders!!
Obama Seen Far More Clearly From The Other Side Of The World
Strategic Collapse In The War On Terror
Why NPR Is, Now And Forever, OFF My Car radio Presets
White Man's 'Justice'
Something Jeremiah Wright Just Migh Like To Consider before He Opens His Mouth Again
Two More For Obama
President Obama And A Nuclear Iran
Happy People
We Can Rebuild Him, Make Him Better, Faster, Stronger
Voting In Iran - A Silent Dissent?
Trying To Overturn McCain/Fiengold
A Mystery In The Middle East
Predatory Lending, Or Mortgage Fraud?
His Parents Should Be Proud
Simon Wiensethal Center - 2008 Presidential Questionnaire
A Tinfoil Hat for Your Butt?
Newt Gingrich - I Am Genuinely Afraid (Video)
Superdelegates - Another Dysfunctional Democrat 'Fix'
America Has Already Lost The War - An Old, But Prescient Complement To Spengler's Pope Story
A Bargain In Military Spending
Ten Things A Candidate Might Promise
True Liberation - Getting The Job You Want
John McKerry, My Hairy Behind
'Seeker-Sensitive' Conservatism? Very Interesting
Traffic Is One Of The Best Ever
Saturday Night, Anti-Anger Music
Cheese Steak Hate Speech!!
Where Was Code Pink When Berkeley 'Needed' Them?
The Trouble With Europe
Why Do You Seek The Living Among The Dead?
More Scray Obama Stuff - This Time From Israpundit
The Slutty Liberation Movement?
No Flute, But . . .
Another Way To Starve Terrorists
From Al-Queda to Al-Cosanostra?
Obama Being 'Foxy?'
VDH - The Mirror Of Iraq
Obama Drops 7 Points Overnight
How Not To Deal With Iran
Circular Firing Squad
Howard Metzenbaum Dead At 90
Bush, Rice And The Gaza Bombshell
Crude Oppression Of Women!
Tax Rates - Reality Over Appearance
How To Starve Islam
Salsa For The Ganso?
Why Europe Hearts Obama
We're Building A Religion
Shit. Oh. Dear.
Gloria Steinem Shows Her True Class
What Dogs (And Obamaniacs) Hear
How To Beat Obama (Maybe)
End Of The Monroe Doctrine?
'Economic' Stimulus Package?
Kos Traffic Numbers Inflated By 60%?
Blinking Mad - World's First Eyeball Tattoo
Clinton's Failure? Bush's Fault!
Barack Milhous Obama?
More Dem Disarray - Hope It Spreads
Mexican Immigration Laws - Let's Adopt Them
When A Jew Cheers Kosovo
Things That White People Like
Another Bogus Gray Bitch Attack On McCain
Sorry, Solus
Truth-Telling, A Last Chance For Hillary?
Where Is A Suicide Bomber When We Really Need One?
VDH Tells Europe What They Are Doing Wrong
Terrorism Means Never Having To Say 'I'm Sorry'
Mullahs In Space
Ivy League Populism
Repeated Failure Of 'The Politics Of Hope'
Al-Oueda Reads Facebook to Find Soldiers Families?
Obama's Communist Mentor
Where Are All The Rapists?
The Battle For Hue - Marines vs VC, NVA & 'American' Media
NY Law Defends 1st Amendment - In British Courts
Power Struggle In Iran?
All Known, But Well Said
Recruiting Under A Rock
Where We Stand! (Or Maybe Where We Lie?)
McCain On the Pledge Of Allegiance
Teddy's Last Call
The BS Is Passed To A New Generation
Iraq Oil Rush Nets $15 Billion
Where Is Frank Capra When We Need Him?
Taheri - The 'Manchurian Mullah'
Meanwhile, Back At The Reality-Based Community
Requiem For Rudy
3rd Party? What Newt Has Been doing
Now That heath Ledger Is Dead, Is This The Next Joker?
Kung Fu Election
Steyn On The Difference Between The US And Canada
'Pravda' Means 'Truth', Right?
Russian Recidivism?
Just Don't Know How To Title This
Hillary Partially Exposed
Ain't Serendipity Grand?
Now THIS Is Sure To Be A Fair & Balanced Treatment
Best Foot Backward
Jung Typology Test
Gasp. A GOOD Year For Iraq!?!?!?
"Hey, Let's Go Bug The Tiger!!"
Oh, RATS!1!!
'Monkey' Behind US/Iran Ship Incident?
Hard Choice For IOCC
Here Is Where The Story Of Hillary And The Black Panther Murder Comes From
George F. Will - The Phantom Menace?
Fuggedaboutit - 2008 Predictions That Will Probably NOT Happen
What SHOULD Be The Years Top Story
MSM Again Tries To Marginalize Fred
Gobble, Gobble, Gobble, Burrrp!
A Thanksgiving Card For All My DL Friends
I'll Take Turkeys For 200, Alex
Military Desertion And AP Obfuscation
A Response To Zero Rapes Of Blacks By Whites?
Liberals vs The Homeless
Monuments To Nothing
Wonder If They'll Have Pigskin Leather As An Option?
Justification for Genocide
'Fair' But Cloudy
Throwing Truth Out of The Chopper
I'm Feeling Hard, Are You?
Tom Waits For No-One
Bigel In A Previous Life?
'The Kingdom?' or The millenium?
How Bush Blew it In Iraq
What Sort Of Person Calls Himself 'Progressive?'
Collective Insanity Proven
Me, Either
Well, Things Aren't always Dark
Ahh, Look At All The Lonely People
M. Malkin - The Eagles Fly Again
But, Why NOT Let Them Join The EU?
So Easy, A Conservative Can Do It
Gonzales vs. Ashcroft vs. Reno
VDH - Why Study War?
Soros Spreading Deadly TNSTAAL Virus
Paranoia At The 'Party Of Reason'
Ghost Riders In The Sky
Another Liberal Radio Network Sucks Wind
A Great Piece From LindaSOG's Blog
The Media Hall Of Shame
Taming The Tribes
Paranoia Magazine - 'Reality-Based Since 1992'
Urban Terrorism - Truly Scary Article From City Journal
Welcome To Hog Heaven
Newsweak -Global Warming Church Bulletin
Extremely Interesting Poll On The Thoughts Of Iranians
The Legacy Of Slavery, Or Something More modern?
Freeman Dyson On Clmiate Change And Other Things
One Woman's Fear Of Hillary
Iran Is At War, Why Aren't We?
The Battle Of Los Angeles. Yeah, It's Weird
I'll Have Mine In A 44 Short, Please
Not Even 'Useful,' Just An Idiot
Interesting Article on Schumer vs The "Radical' Justices
Sneak Preview of 'Universal' Health Insurance
Pulling The Plug Too Soon
Worry For the Democrats?
Wages Of Ward A Closer Look At Tenure?
Reason To Have Stayed, #3,7001
William Kristol - Bush The Winner
How Not To Run A Spy Agency
Dems Quash Protection For Terror Tipsters
Top Al-Queda In Iraq Leader Captured
RCTV Back Despite Thuggo Chavez
IAF Eagles Over Auschwitz
George Mason U To Host Next Anti-Semitic Rave Party
Our Broken Immigration Promise Record
Lies! Lies! Lies! About Global Warming
A Critique Of The Anti-Islamist Manifesto
Latest Infidel Evil - Giant, Corpse-Eating Badgers
The Centennial Of Robert A. Heinlein
The Founders On Immigration
Coulter; Felons Smarter Than Liberals
We're Just Making It Up
'Campaign Finance Reform' vs Political Freedom
Tired Of Tuna Fish?
Amil Imani - Mullah Is Arabic For Parasite
What Does It Mean To Be An American?
Fixing A Broken Society
Nothing Short Of Victory
Even MILITARY Lawyers Suck
Gates To Putin; Drop Dead
Media Cornucopia
Bill Clinton's Memorial Day
How Can You Remember What You've Never Learned?
Selection Of The Unknown Soldier From WWI
Tomb Of The Unknowns At Arlington
Tomb Of The Unknown In Philadelphia
From A Proud 'Restrictionist'
Rusted, Leaky, Decrepit Pot Says Kettle "Worst Ever"
And Don't You DARE Laugh!
Now THIS Is Frightening - The Incredible Shrinking Father
It's The End Of America, As We Know It
Al Gore's Latest Assault On Reason
How Does One Say, "Aawm Poor Ba-aby," In Chinese?
Never Mind The Immigration Bill Being "Better Than I Thought"
Jocelyne The Lioness - Not For The Squeamish
Why Iraq's So Hard
American Soldiers As Their Own Press Agents
It Helps When You're Fighting FOR The Enemy
Put It Out, Schweetheart
Teaching "Social Justice" - In MATH Class?
Clarity On The Hoof - Hillary On Iraq
The History of Mother's Day
Kansas Tornado is Bush's Fault!
Aww, The muslim Brotherhood Ain't So Bad!
Mark Steyn - The Shortest of Honeymoons?
A Disappointment For Thompson Supporters
A Theory Of W
70 Years Ago, Today
Harry Reid's Iraq Compromise Proposal
22% Of Americans Are Nuckin' Futs
The New CIA; Climate Intelligence Agency
The New Know-Nothings
Signs Of Awakening In Europe?
Maybe He Is Dead, This Time
Time For European Adulthood?
Yet Another Troubling Obama Influence
Brit Bombers Convicted
Shooting Spree at Kansas City Mall - Breaking Story
Stupid Lefty Policies - From The Bush Administration
Even Harvard Finally Gets It
Ham Steak - Threat or Menace?
Partial Pro-Life Democrats
Risking A Cluck
World's Smallest Coffin
Rotten Oranges in Kiev?
Podhoretz On The Massacre
Desperately Seeking An islamic Holocaust
Eleven Years Ago, Today
Dinesh D'Souza- Multiculturalism: Fact Or Threat
'Levin' Out The Facts
Victor Davis Hanson's Dream - The Postwest
What's Really Going On With The 'War Czar'
I Ain't Superstitious
Heaven, I'm In Heaven, And My Heart Beats So That I can Hardly Speak...
Capitulation Caucus
More 'Soldiers As Victims' From Time Ragazine
Thompson Tarred With McCain/Feingold Brush
Passover Tip - From Japan
Dealing With Lefties Who 'Support The Troops'
Weather Pron - To The Tune Of 'Let it Snow'
Signs of Intelligence at the Telegraph
Ex-CIA Bin Laden Expert Captured By The Evil
Bottom Up And Top Down In Iraq
To Disagree With Glorious Soviet Government Is Obviously Derangement, Comrade
It's not Just Habla Espanol, Any More
Roosevelt's America or Reagan's America? A Time To Choose
#$%@#$%@!!!!! Vile Son-Of-A!@#$@#$%@#$%
Bad History, Bad Politics
A Dismal Shade of Green
Complete Video of the Cuomo/Gingrich Debate in NY
Tell 'em KGB Is Back
Poetic Justice?
McCain/Feingold For Union Votes?
Murtha's Unparalleled Perfidy
Senator Bill? - Another Reason Not To Vote For Hillary
Iran In Iraq - Hang Tough Against Weasels
The Disenchanted Voter
M. Malkin - Speaking Truth To Coward
Baby Boomers And Playground Politics
Steyn - Slow Bleed Dems And America's Defeat
Charlie Rangel's Daft! err, Draft, That is
Hillary - Clinton Politics As Usual
Am Thinker - Cultural Marxism
Secular Islam Summit Meeting?
Stockholm Syndrome For Millions
Dixie Chicks Win Commie, Er Grammy Awards
Amir Taheri-Arab vs Persian, And The Future Of The Middle East
But Can She Get Her Swelled Head ON The Damn Plane?
New Testament Textual Criticism - Part 2
A Baby Named My Angel
History Rewritten on MSNBC
How To Be A Liberal Blogmaster
Global Warming Unstoppable-Scientists Seek Fast Gov't Action
New Testament Manuscripts: The Basic Facts
A Cancer of Civilization?
NY Times - Defeat Almost Snatched From The Jaws of Victory
UN Sec/Gen or Pro Dancer?
Terror Sleepers In The US & Canada
Milton Friedman's 'Free To Choose' Videos
Never Again? Yeah, Right
How The 'Net & The Media Have Changed War
The Offensiveness of Taking Offense
When Justice Is Dumb as Well As Blind
Mounting Evidence Iran Behind Karbala Murders
An Annapolis Grads Letter To Jim Webb
Liberal Paradise Lost - Why The Left Loves Islam
Representatives Of Which State?
I Looked In His Eye And Saw 'Shoot'
Sam Brownback Targets Orthodox Jews!!
How To Defeat Iran
Taheri- Iranian Moderates, or Political Ploy?
The Unbearable Lightness Of Being Obama
Albert Einstein Says "The World Is Crazy!"
Pelosi Taxes Union Pension Funds?
Seinfeld Anti-Semitic?
Automotive Future Not So Bright?
Iran' Economic Collape Imminent?
Feel Safer Now?
Redeploy or Runaway?
Taheri - Media Missteps In Iraq
Last Week's Second Most Important Speech
Jan 15, 1919 - The Boston Molasses Flood
The Fascists Are Coming!! again
Repealing The "Laws" Of Nature
The Miracle of Baghdad?
Old Europe And Israel
Do Miracles Happen Today?
Go Away, Kid - Ya Bother Me
The Way Forward
Tell Us Something We Didn't Know
Maybe The Americans Aren't Running Away After All
What We're Gonna Do, Now
On The Greasy Slope
Pelosi & Franken's Mangled Truth
Not The Same Battle, But The Same War
Thanks, Judge!
Wild Thing!!
Feeling Good Versus Doing Good
Congress May Veto Aid For South Vietnam
Turning Surge Into Success
US Navy Versus Iran?
The Return of King David
A Bigger Welcome Mat To Mexican Illegals
Iran On The Horizon
They Call Me Mister Judge
O S Card - Honoring Those Who Died
Re-Booting The Iraq Front In The WOT
Obama As Blank Slate
A Twisted Measure of War
Daniel Pipes - How The West Could Lose
Israel To Break Cease-Fire!!!
Terror Threat to Channel Tunnel
Making American Muslims Safer
New Moon Over The UN?
Melt a Penny, go To Jail?
VDH- The Wheel of War Grinds On
Ho' Ho' Ho': dolls To Make You Cry
Mexican Military Versus Drug Gangs
Annan Ends Career With Verbal Diarrhea
WND - Hamas Met With Delegation of Democrats?
Erasing the Second Amendment?
Coyotes Took Florida Baby To Collect Parent's Debt?
Should Nations Turn The Other Cheek?
6 More Arab Countries Looking For Nuclear Technology
5 Year Countdown?
Seeds of Intellectual Destruction
Caroline Glick - EVERYONE Wake Up
Bush Lied?
Why I Like Deficits
Who We Really Need At The UN
Sometimes I Really Wish For Biblical Justice
House of "Peace" Attacks the House of War
MikeyMoore Catches On First!?!?
Mid-East Peace Obtainable In Our Lifetimes?
Send A Free Printed Postcard To Our Troops
Bypassing Internet Censorship
Amazing See-Through Beetle
Mosque Seeks Police Protection From Bikini Girl Protestors
Pelosi Reneges on Campaign Promises? Gasp!
Ethiopia Is not Enough
Iraq Study Group - "Stay The Course"
In Islam, Rationality Is A Sin
Islam Versus Rationality
Ahmadinejad To America - Convert Or Die
But It's Not A Timetable
Operation Happy Note
A New Way To Defeat America?
Ahmadinejad's Letter To "Thinking American People"
The Right Immigration Argument
Islamo-Dinks Will Believe This
GWB "Pre-Rejects" Iraq Study Group Report?
OS Card - Doonesbury Vs America
Justice Ginsburg Wakes Up!
Lots Of Smoke, But No Fire?
The Old World Marches Again
The Nuclearization of Ancient Pathologies
Iraqis Have Not given Up - how Can We?
The Party of McClellan or McGovern?
NY Times Asks Bader Ginsburg To Save Them From Prosecution
A House Divided - America In 2006
The Fabulous 50s - Learning To Consume
Can America Catch its Second Wind?
100 Years of "Progress"
Podhoretz - GOP Woes Deepening?
Aztlan Rising - Something Not To Be Thankful For
Thanksgiving Recipe For Disaster
CAIR's New Congress
Take the Thanksgiving Quiz
Steyn - War Party VS Small Government Party
Just What I Feared - The "Vietnamization" of Iraq
Our Enemies Have Troubles, Too
Orange Blight in the Ukraine?
A Short History of Islamic Imperialism
Dems Bait & Switch - Again
Only 19 Million Indonesians Want To Kill GWB
Cut & Lose
Iraq-What Do We Do With The Remains?
The Gam Of dISoriEnTaTIon
The Culture of Defeat
Krauthammer - Why Iraq Is Crumbling
Milton Friedman - Clarion of Personal and Economic Freedom
How Far We Have Fallen
Proof That Carter It The Quintessential Jackass
The KittyHawk and the Chinese Sub
A Quick First-Person Shooter
The Worst Case
Iraq Study Group - Looking Ever Worse
Al Queda Allies Romp In Somalia, While US Dithers
What We Could Lose
The Third Reich Salutes Richard Gere
It's The End Of The World As We Know It
Glimmers of Hope, or Grasping at Straws?
The Caring Culture And The Warrior Culture
Washington Stock Exchange - Trade early, Trade Often
I Was Also Wondering
Podhoretz - November Surprises?
How Many Folks in the US Share Your Name?
Between Islam & Ipods
Morals, Movies And Morons
Air Defense And Terror
Iraq Is A Comma, Not A Death Sentence
Muslim Brotherhood and the Taxi Dispute
The Europeanization of the Democratic Party
GOP Ignores Iraqi Vet Candidate
The MSM And Those Wonderful "Moderate Muslims"
A List Of Companies That Deserve Your Strong Support
NY Times Editor Admits, "We Were Wrong..."
"Mistranslated" My Arse
Groupthink, Theoretics, Science, Politics and The Future - OS Card
Let's Get Rid Of The Constitution!
Re-Commission The Monitor!!
Infighting Among the Mullahs
Losing Is The REAL War Crime
Another Carefully-Timed Book
Steyn - A Dark Globalism
Chavez Trying To Buy Seat On UN Security Council
Google, YouTube, And The Liberal Bias Virus
Terror Lawyer To Be Beheaded
Why The GOP Is Still Upbeat
Asylum For Terror? -Dhimmitude in Minneapolis
Kids Friend Home From Iraq
White House Upbeat About GOP Prospects
Santorum Vs Chauncy Gardener?
Berglerizing History
Wake Up And Smell The Hypocrisy
Pakistan Foils Military Coup Plot
M. Malkin - America's Heroes Calendar
Iranian-American View of The Coming Election
Ahhnold Defends The Constitution
Arizona 9/11 Memorial - Even Worse Than We Thought
Blasphemy!! To Democrats, Anyway
Shifting Debate Over Illegal Immigration
VDH - Total Silence
What South Park Character Are You?
Could It happen Again?
M. Malkin Video Banned At YouTube?
A Brief History of Slime
Amir Taheri - How Iran's Nuke Quest Began
Ted Koppel Is Truly A Dolt
How Foley Threatens Our Security
Foley Scandal - Another Double Standard From The Demedia
VDH-Traitors To The Enlightenment
The Correct Way To Bake An NIE
The Washington Stock Exchange
Dumb As A Box Of Stone
Another Falun Gong Member Murdered
Al-Q In Iraq Leader Says"Kidnap Foreigners"
What A Memorial Should Be
Jules Crittendon Smacks the NY Times - The Times Cries
Bill Clinton, Bin Laden And Hysterical Revisions
Fairy Tale Democrats
WF Buckley Gets It Completely Wrong
YMCA - Well, This Explains A Lot
Nat Geo Multimedia - Kurds in Control
ROP.com - Dhimwit Of The Month Awards
Beijing's Bolivarian Venture
Holocaust Survivor Meets Ahmadinejad At CFR
The UN's Hollow Words & Bolton's Meaningful Warning
Unreported Protest at the UN
Podhoretz - Ahmadinejad Versus Bush
A Familiar Cadence
Bush Lied!! People Died!!
Practice Makes Terror
When Atheists & Secularists Quote Scripture
Orson Scott Card - Lies and Catastrophes
9/11 "Truth"er Gets Smacked Down Hard, Good!
14 Characteristics of Fascism - Too Late For America?
Syrian Account of US Embassy Attack Called Suspicious
Some History Behind the Pope's Comments
Art Cars - Sunday Morning Goofiness
Newt G - The American Eleven
Our Friends in Pakistan
Senate (Lack of) Intelligence Committee - 'Bush Lied!'
Moral Vacuity Of The Left
Michelle Malkin Has A Giant Photo-Mosaic of Victims' Faces
Amir Taheri - Osama's Error
Iran Learns At Reuters Film School
Still Angry After All These Years
Legacy.com - Another 9/11 Tribute Site
List of Memorial Tributes From '2996'
Newly Translated Document Shows AP Employee Spied For Saddam
Can The West Defeat Islam? This Author Says 'No'
Scary Tale From Dick Morris
Commemorating 9/10
2996 Is Short Enough Blogs to Honor All Victims
M. Malkin- Nice Compilation of Tinfoil Hat Rebuttal
Documenting Saddam's Ties To Terrorists
Another victim of the Head Choppers
The Islamization of European Anti-Semitism
Ed Koch-WAKE UP We Are At War
DU Sets Up A Google bomb For ABC
Silly Title - Good Article on Dealing With Iran
A Short History of Modern Islam
Employers For Freedom
9/11 For The Post-Literate Generation
America On Sale
Hey, Sister, How About a Vow of Silence?
The Ever-Stranger Case of Johnny Gosch
"Strong Is Wrong' - The Empty Pinata
The Israel Lobby Revisited
The Tinfoil Hats Are Melting
Wilson, Plame, Armitage, Fitzgerald & Other Liars
Dem Congressman Visits With Tamil Tigers
Utter Stupidity Fom SH Chron
Interesting Follow-Up To Men Without Chests
"Vegetative" Girl Now Smiling and Speaking
Brit Anti-Semitism? Thank Labour & The BBC
Al-Queda In Iraq #2 Man Arrested
The Ancient Internationalist
Iran Successfully Tests Sub Launched Missile
Turks And Kurds Going At It
You Don't Win in Politics By Playing Only Defense
America's strategic Fix and Our New Decision Points
The Lebanon War and What Lies Ahead
Dear Crocodile, Please Eat Me Last
England - Real Crime, Fake Justice
Santayana Was wrong
Dems - Fighting For The Little Guy
'Fake But Accurate Science?
Judge Rules Terrorist Surrveillance Porgram Unconstitutional
Throwing Pinch Overboard
London Terror Plots Academic Connection
Malkin - Update on Dearbornistan
The Other Enemy
Podhoretz - A Grim Wake Up Call
Hard Talk About the War - American Thinker
Signs of Hope - From Canada
Islam's Useful Idiots
Even MORE Adnan Hajj Photos, AND his Loss of A Job
Hezbullah's Psy-Ops
Screw The Truth - I Want A Pulitzer!
Pro-Hezbullah Rally in London
Morning In Vienna
Drive Out The Bush Regime!!
What Part of 'War' Don't We Understand?
The Canary Keels Over- Has Israel Lost in Lebanon?
M. Malkin - Israeli Warning Leaflet
Who Killed The Children of Qana?
Using Innocents as Tools of War
End-Time Panic And The Liberal Ghost Dance
The Iranian Mullah's Aim
Interesting Rebuttal to "Patton vs Montgomery" Thread
Islamists And "Media Manipulation 101"
An Explicit Debt
Kofi's War
Arab-American Group Suing For Cease-Fire
Israel Follows Monty, Not Patton
Why Aren't US Assets Involved in Lebanon?
It IS Our War, Too
Absurdity From the Founder of Air America
Know Who Your Friends Are
Islam is NOT Medieval!
What China Really Wants
Apocalyptic Muslim Jew Hatred
American Uruks Attack Fantasy Land
Religion, Fanaticism And Islam
First To Fall - First Forgotten
Global Warming in the Supreme Court?
Is It Too Late For Star Wars?
Al Gore and His Convenient Lie
They Voted For Hamas For Cleaner Streets
Fates of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence
Forgotten Patriot - Mordecai Sheftall & The Wages of War
Why Obey the Supreme Court?
Calderon Declares Victory in Mexico Presidential Voting
STILL No Consensus on Global Warming
Protest To Be Held At NY Times DC Office
We Hold These Truths...
Cloud Appreciation Society - Gorgeous Pictures
Wrath of The Stay-At-Home Moms
Truth, Justice & All The Stuff
VDH- Winning The Wars In Iraq
US Military - Guilty Even After Proven Innocent?
Paranoia or Terrorism? 270 See TWA Flight 800 Shot Down
Why the Dems Won't Win In '06
NY Times My Be Headed To Trial
Malkin- 10th Anniversary of Khobar Towers Attack
Why The BBC STILL Hates Lady Thatcher - And What it Means To Us
How Al-Queda Is Winning the Media War
More Haditha Innocents?
Blogging For Dollars?
More Things You Won't Hear From the Media
Hazelton, PA Cracks Down on Illegals
"Crudely Drawn Cartoon" About Net Neutrality
More Murtha Mumbles (from Michelle Malkin)
IRS versus INS
Why Some Generals Hate Rumsfeld
Shackles Removed From "Camp Pendleton 8"
What Men Want? Women Who Want Them. Happy Dad's Day!
French Court Upholds Soros Insider-Trading Conviction
Beginning of The End fo rAl-Queda in Iraq?
7 Marines, 1 Sailor Held in Shackles With No Charges
Bush May Halve Deficit 3 Years Early
Haditha in Historical Context
WMD's STILL in Iraq?
Innocent Children at Play in Haditha
Discover Your Inner Dragon
Canadian Terrorists Come From a "Broad Spectrum" of Society
Evangelical Christians and Israel - Some Questions Answered
The Eloquent Dead of the Iraq War
Undersea Volcano Caught on Tape
Calgary Sun - I'm Sticking With Bush
Google News Goes Dhimmi? Or Just Plain Old Lefty?
Howard For President!!
Steyn - To Connect the Dots, You Have to See the Dots
Full (translated) Text of Ahmadinejad's Letter to GWB
White Guilt and the Western Past - Why is America So Delicate With It's Enemies?
Illegals Children Being Smuggled In
NZ Scientists Reject Man-Caused Climate Change Claims
NPR Supports Big Oil - Now I know They're Evil!
First US report on Islamic Terror
More Islamic "Justice?"
Hugo Chavez and the Day Without an Immigrant
Celebrate May Day By Spending
Goodbye Saigon - The Thinking Behind Zarqawi
Life in Iraq - Muslims and the Culture of Lies
More Iraqi Documents Translated - More Proof of Iraqi Terrorist Connections
White House Shifts gear
MSM to Decry Snow Job
The Generals and CDI
Did Saddam Test A Nuke in 1989?
Gen'ls Gone Wild (Pt 2 - What About The Rest?)
Gen'ls gone Wild! (Pt1 - Why Did Zinni Change His Spots)
Iran - Rattling a Paper Sabre?
Time to Fight the Real War
ACLU's Boston Jihad
Another Vicious Lynching - When Will it End?
The World ends at 1;02;03 am (or maybe pm) This Wednesday!
Polls & Presidents, HST & GWB
Anti-Constitution Types Dancing in the Streets?
Walking While Arrogant - More Stupid Race-Baiting
Iran Tests 'Underwater Missile'
4 Out Of 5 Agree - Death Psychic is More Fun Than Actually Dying
Know Your Enemies, Dudes
Earliest Man Found in North America is Caucasian
Welcome To Reconquista
Abdul Rahman Seeks Asylum
US LtCol in Iraq - About That "Civil War"
Libby Prosecutor Stumbles Over His Own Agenda, Lands on MSM
Excellent Article in 3 Parts on the Future of The WOT
Speaking of The Freak Brothers...
Saudis to Educate Imams on Tolerance - No, Really!
Another Very Good Essay From Orson Scott Card
How To Impress Girls!!
Survey Says! - Approval/Disapproval Ratings of Senators
Hillary Says New Immigration Law Would Criminalize Jesus
Bush Presses Afghanistan on Jailed Christian
Real Reasons Behind the "Peace" Movement
Convert to Christianity Faces Execution in "New" Afghanisatan
Mighty mo Can't Even Plaigarize Correctly
Will the 2006 Elections be About Iraq, or the Democrats?
Sudden New Respect for Chris Matthews?
Daniel Pipes - Sudden Jihad Syndrome
CENSURE BUSH!! Oh, Wait, Not Right Now.
Chappaquidick Was Whose Chappaquidick
Terror Meets Delusion - The Murder of Tom Fox
The Myth of Incompetence
The Equivalency Myth
Hamas Rejects Al-Queda - Saye it's Philosophy is Moderate(?) Islam
Update on Haleigh Poutre - Moving and Eating Solid Foods
Good Night and Good Riddance - The Real Joe McCarthy
Airhead America Losing it's Flagship Station
Pat Robertson Voted Off Christian Broadcasters Board
Islamists Stifling Debate In Holland
Latest From Jyllands-Posten, Wonder if They'll Riot Over This?
Shiia/Sunni Violence in Iraq Less Than Reported by Media?
Some Philippine Marines Mutiny,Withdraw Support Fron Arroyo
Al=Queda Vows More Attacks on Saudis
Let Her Die - Doctors Say Baby's Life "Intolerable"
Lakota Sioux Tribute to Fallen Marine
N. Korea Threatens "Strong Physical Response" to Japanese Sanctions
America's Greatest Presidents
Al Gore, Liberals and the Islamists
"Creativity" in Dar-Al-islam
America's Biggest Whore in Pakistan
More Than 1800 Dead in Philippines Mudslide
Dubai Takes Over US Ports
Flames of Hate in Alabama
This Was What I Meant By "Dotcom Jihadis"
A Second Iraqi General Confirms WMD's Went To Syria
Saddam's WMD Tapes - A Smoking Gun?
America From An Iranian Immigrant Point of View
Saint Valentine-Hearts & Flowers or Execution & Beheading?
MSNBC Shows It's True Color - Pink, Not Orange
This Has GOT To Be A Parody!!!
Even The muslims Finally Admit It
Happy Birthday to Abraham Lincoln
Saddams Ties to Bin Laden
Qaradawi's Jackass Jihad
For KianB - How Jimmy Carter Betrayed the Shah
Vote For The Best Conservative Sayings!
NBC, WORSE Than Al-Jazeera?
Harry Reid and Abramoff
The Grenade in the School
Cartoon Anger Planned to Intimidate Denmark
When Librarians Protect Terrorists
Origin of One Fake mohammed Cartoon Exposed
Carefully Planned "Spontaneous Demonstrations"
Democrats.com - Moonbattery On Parade
Richard Epstein vs David Ripkin on the NSA Wiretapping Program
VDH - Oil & Nukes
Wiretap THIS!
Libby's Grinch Lawyer Steals Fitz-mas
"Marriage of Figaro" Islamophobic?
Open Letter to Bin Laden & Zawahiri
The Jews in Denmark - WWII
Syriana - Biggest Flop Since Heaven's Gate?
9/11 Family on Patriot Act and NSA "Spying"
Libby's Defense Goes after Antique Media Reporters
A Stoic's View of Suicide Bombing
Nice Analysis of Iraq From Orson Scott Card
Moonbat Dream - Sheehan vs Feinstein for Senate
UK Women Want Laws to Curb Abortion
Funny Bit on "Reverse" Racism
What The Libs Can Learn From GWB
Therapeutic Politics
Newsweak - The Trouble With The Trouble With Boys
The REAL Modern Democrat Party Platform
NY & LA Times Attack Elie & Oprah
JWR - "Cool" Anti-Semitism
US Navy Seizes Pirate ship
Steyn - More on the Defeaticrats
First Decembe Budget Surplus In Three Years
Energy Security and the War on Terror
Oh, Boy! - Let's starve another One To Death!
Farris Hassan - Immersion Journalism, or immersed in Jihad?
The Passion of the Left: Hating Christians
Most Corrupt Administration EVER?
Democrats National Security Wasteland
Communists Sue Over NSA Surveillance
Will The Dems Take The Senate This Election?
Iraqis Meet The Press
NYT-Fake Photo Caption, Why The Times is Dying
Just Checked - Al Gore STILL A Jackass!
Marketing of Evil - Selling Sex and Corruption to Your Kids
Current Islamic vs Former Communist Hatred for America
Sexual "Insensitivity" complaint Against Joe Paterno By Ugly NOW Sow
Triple Traitor? Jay Rockefeller Investigated in NSA Leak
Another Scandal That Wasn't
Harry Belafonte & Hugo Chavez - Match Made in the Toilet?
Vets Confront Murtha at Lefty Town Hall Meet
More Hurricane Katrina Fashion Tips
NYT Sets Up Iraqi Clerics for Murder - no registration
Both NY Times & Wash Post Being Investigated, COOL
Latest Grey hag Hack Job on Administration
A Backward Glance at the Twentieth Century
Disappointing Editorial in WSJ
The Year in Media-Manufactured "News"
Confessions of a Crypto-Conservative
The Dems "Scandal Du Jour" Strategy
The What Planet are YOU From Quiz
Women Who Make the World Worse
Fear, Complexity & Environmental Management - MUCH More Interesting That it |
More Sick Santas on Display
Opening Salvo in the War Against Secularism?
EXCELLENT Article - "Munich" Stands for "Appeasement"
Time To Investigate the Times?
Here's the Scumsuck who sent the "Hope You Die" card to Injured Iraq Vet
Worlds Longest Oxymoron List!! (nuthin' personal)
Top 10 Kos-Sack Comments On Iraqi Election
Saudi/Pakistan vs Iran: Intra-Islamic Nuclear War Brewing?
MSM Loses Power, Goes Psycho
Louis Farrakhan, Friend of Reform Jews?
Victims of Communism Memorial to Open in Washington, DC
Vicious Christian Attempt to Convert Others Through Music
What Would Abe Lincoln Do?
Cool Reportage on Global Warming
Kyoto Fallout - Forest Paying Price For Bio-Fuels
VDH on the Democrats Implosion
More News on Israel's Possiblr Strike Against Iran
Petition To Determine the Fate Of Raoul Wallenberg
How Hot is Your Sex-Life? Or How hot Would Your Fantasy Sex Life Be?
The Mad King ans the Crazy Left
A Wonderful Article - The Christmas Wars
Bill Delahunt - Dem Representing Hugo Chavez
Propaganda vs Propaganda
Follow-Up; Do You Take Too Many Online Quizzes?
A Return to Values is Not Extremism
T Sowell - Tortured Thinking
Copperhead Democrats - What Goes around...
CA Moonbats - Coalition Against Militarism In Our Schools!!
Dhimmitude at Marriott Hotels?
VDH - The Moral War, and The Immoral Anti-
Iran Wants A Space Program
Leaking At All Costs; How The CIA Stabs the Bush Admin
Investigate the CIA
Bush & Sharon on same page? New Dual loyalty Canard
Iraqi Civilian Casualty Fable - Another Lefty Lie Destroyed
John McCain: Heroic, Awe-Inspiring and Wrong
The Truth About Crusades and Islamic Imperialism
Great Article - Syria & Iran, Faster, Confound It!
CENTCOM Reports-Doing The Job The MSM Won't Do
VDH - So Near in Iraq, So Far at Home
MegalomaniaIn The Liberal Jewish Establishment
Green For You, But Not For Me
How "Steel Curtain" is Winning the War in Iraq
Operation Steel Curtain - Erasing the Ratlines and Quashing the "Insurgency"
Chavez Buys Moonbat Shills in the US
Why We Are In Iraq To Stay
The Wit & Wisdom (?) of Cindy Sheehan
Legacy of Jihad in Historical Palestine
Why the Left Fears Christmas
The US Senate Votes To Surrender In The War On Terror
Hillary Throws Party for Rob't KKK Byrd at Home of Frederick Douglass
US Steals Iran Laptop Showing Missile Progress
Shoot The Zombies - A 30 Second Game
France Mirrors the Lefts End-Game for America
Scooter Libby, Joe Wilson and False Memory Syndrome
Grannies On Patrol To Defend The Border
Civil War Among Terrorists in Iraq?
Howard Dean Fails Again - Ska-reem!!
CIA Disinformation Campaign
A Letter From Teddy K to the President
French Citizens Do What French Government Can't
US CENTCOM News - Doing The Job The MSM Won't
Cornyn - But What Are You FOR?
Podhoretz - Who Is Lying about Iraq?
Sen Coleman onUN Control of the Internet
China And World Domination
Robert Bork on Justice Alito
Another NY Times Lie About The Iraq War.
Some Background to Blair's REsponse to Ahmadinejad
Mark Steyn - Confrontation is a Good Thing
Thousands Protest At Summit of the Amreicas
Construction Begins at World Trade Center Site, Finally
Even Worse - Iran Wants To Take On All Western Civilization
Iran Spy Satellite Launched From Russia
VDH - 2000 Dead In Perspective
American Soldiers And The Media
Time For The Administration To Rally
Canadian National Post - School Board Cautions Against Offending Wiccans
SUNDAY QUIZ - What Should You Be For Hallowe'en?
Posted This Once Before, But With The Return of JinndeFaka, It Seems Apt, Again
Suggestions For Finding The Next Supreme Court Nominee
"Two Speeches" from Jewish Current Issues
America's War Song
Plamaquiddick-Too Bad We Can't Indict The Press
The REAL Culture of Corruption
90th Anniversary of the Beginning of The Armenian Genocide - Survivors Stories
The Long History of Non-Judge Justices
Covering Up Iraqs Quest For Nigerian Uranium
VDH-The Folly Of Apology
New Pledge of Allegiance?
Muslims Rule Sweden
Hate Crimes and the Path to Tyranny
CIA vs White House - Possible Deadly Consequences
CIA=Second Leak In The Plame Case?
With A Whimper - How The Violence In Iraq Will End
CENTCOM News - More stuff For The MSM To Ignore
VDH-An American Debacle?
We DO Have Some Friends In France
"Big Box Mart" - JibJab smacks Wal-Mart - Great!!
Times THIRD in circulation in NYC
Senate to Investigate Saudi Hate Funding/ It's About Time
Media Fear Tactics - Funny Stuff
CBO - Federal Deficit Projections
Fact Check.org - Biggest Deficit?
Federal Deficit Charts
Revenue Surge Shrinks Deficit
Murdoch Sells Out FOX News - To The Saudis!?
Stop The War!! Impeach Bush!! Destroy Israel!! Feh!!
Why Iraq Is Like Viet Nam
CENTCOM Report-Doing the Job of the MSM
Katrina/Rita - Lessons Learned
Hillary Meets Cindy Sheehan
Big Labor, Wal-Mart & Hillary
China, Russia, India, Iran et al VS the USA?
Don't Get Stuck On Stupid
Weather Wars - "Sci-Fi Weather Guy"
Defeated by Liberal Taboos?
Nidra Poller on How France Sees Katrina
TODAY is Constitutio Day II
TODAY is Constitution Day
To ABC's Surprise, NO Residents Prais Bush, Blame Nagin
Iran Offers to Share Their Nuclear Toys
Al-Queda in Gaza Makes PLO Legally at War With the USA
Judicial Appointment Process Becomes A Joke?
WaPo oversamples Blacks to get Anti-Bush Headline - Then Tries To Cover up
Judicial Activism vs The Constitution - A Great Read
Government vs Business in a Catastrophe
Pentagon victims on 9/11
9/11 Victims at World Trade Center
The 4th Anniversary of Hell on Earth
The Truth of Jihad and Dhimmitude
C.H.U.D. in New Orleans
Crucifying George W.
Real Numbers About New Orleans
The Battle of New orleans
Race, Class and Baloney in the Big Easy
Madness of the Left - A Sad But Funny Piece
Katrina Exposes Disaster of the Welfare State
American Indians as Slave Owners and Secessionists
Black Slave-Owners in the US pre Civil-War
White Slavery in Pre Civil-War America
We could Lose Everything in the WOT
Full Text of the Iraqi Draft Constitution
The Company of Anonymous Heroes
Attempted UN Power Grab
The Unborn Feel No Pain? Feh!!
Dem Foreign Policy Initiatives (snicker)
Able Danger Blogroll
The Little Engine That Could...Undo Darwinism
VDH - Diplomacy and Terrorism
Welcome to "Camp Reality" in Crawford
Why Intelligent Design Ought to be Taught
Intelligent Design vs The Black Slab
America's Archenemy
OFFICIAL - Leftist/Islamist Alliance Alliance Against the West
David Duke (hearts) Cindy Sheehan
VDH on US/Euro Rift - A MUST READ!!
VDH on Liberal Biteback
John bolton on "Today Gaza, tomorrow Jerusalem"
Attack on Deir Yassin
Speaking Ill of the Dead - Polipundit on Peter jennings
Cindy Sheehan's anti-war "Allies."
VDH on Listening Closely To Radical Islam
Top 10 Reasons Why Sharia Bad For ALL Societies - long article
Warshawsky on the WOT
Cal Thomas on The End Of Israel
Great Piece on Air America Scandal
New think tank to counter Rove/Mehlmen
Thank Allah. True history at last!!
Middle East Times - Muslim Against Muslim
VDH on Islam-reform or civil war?
More of the Plame Game
"Nice People And The Howling Dog Left
Click if you have no hope
Kids as Tools and Targets of Terror
VDH - The Cold War and Terrorism
Ted Lapkin on "Battered-Left Syndrome
Varifrank - Changes, 2001-2005
NYC Police to randomly search bags, but (whew) at least they're not "racially profiling"
The Quranic Concept of War
Take Back The 9/11 Memorial petition
Dems Contempt for American voters
Playing the Plame Game
Last US Spec Forces soldier found-died fighting
WE'RE NOT AFRAID!! Thanks, Mauro
New York Times Sucks Globally
Funny Birthday Card
INCREDIBLE ukelele rendition of "while My Guitar Gently Weeps"
Ronald Reagan named Greatest American
NAMBLA's "Man Of The Decade?"
VDH - The Sorry bunch
American Spectator on Schiavo/Gitmo
WAAAHHH!! We Wanna KEEP NPR Liberal!
Multiculturalism at the University Level
Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership - A Must See Site
Names Doonsbury Will not list
Simon Wiesenthal Online Media Learning Center
Foundation For The Defense Of Democracy
CIS World Fact Book - interesting stuff
"National Review" perspective on PETA vs. KFC
"Jewish Issues" perspective on PETA vs. Kosher slaughter
Hillary's "Cattle Theft"
The Antithesis To That Vile SOB Below
Why Islam is disrespected
A Fun Online Version of "Hangman"
John Kerry's Principaled positions
How hot is YOUR sex life?
50's stuff
A rat is a pig is a dog is a boy
Moody Blues lyrics - poetry and music
Hick-Hop Music. No, really.
1950's Science Fiction "Babe" art - lotsa fun for all (well most of) the guys
Originals of Warner cartoon music - try the clips
Michelle Malkin has a new Immigration Blog
Jeb Buch and Terri Shindler
World Net Daily - over 150 Terri articles starting in 2002
LIBERAL blogs for Terri-I wondered where they were.
Bill Whittles GREAT essays. Read'em and weep for joy!
Dr. Evil Rove
Skullduggery, the movie
The Screaming Skull of Bettiscombe Manor
Castle Grayskull
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