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Is it good news? Nope, just fucking carrots

Posted by franco cbi on Feb 25, 2013 7:19 am

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#1 evariste at 8:47 am on Feb 25, 2013

What a nothingburger.

#3 franco cbi at 9:02 am on Feb 25, 2013

I like the way he stands on the dais when he greets her. :)

I thought he was short but he's half an inch taller than me. But he's an inch shorter than Michelle.

His body proportions are those of a short person, I guess.

#7 franco cbi at 3:25 pm on Feb 25, 2013

What an asshole. Totally creepy.

#8 zorkmidden at 4:30 pm on Feb 25, 2013

No wonder I don't know who he is, I've never seen any of his films. I don't find this style of humor attractive.

#9 zorkmidden at 4:31 pm on Feb 25, 2013

#2 evariste

I saw the clip, she's great. I love Michelle Obama, she's got a great sense of humor.

#10 zorkmidden at 4:33 pm on Feb 25, 2013

And as an added plus, she makes Republicans' heads explode. What's not to love?

#11 Thousand Sons at 5:33 pm on Feb 25, 2013

The comments section on WP was full of bile. I want an app that automatically obscures the comments section on any page I visit. That way I'm not tempted to read them and see how many shitty people exist on this planet. Yeccch.

#12 zorkmidden at 5:38 pm on Feb 25, 2013

#11 Thousand Sons
The comments section on WP was full of bile.

And stupidity:

Michelle Obama and her far-Left husband are living proof that Joe McCarthy was right. The Hollywood crowd are Marxist/socialist enablers and the Obamas' ascendancy is proof of the scope of their influence.

Thanks, in part, to a complicit and fawning press, a dumbed-down America doesn't know that Daniel Day-Lewis isn't Abe Lincoln and they don't know that communism is pure evil and a threat to all that is the United States of America .

America the Beautiful doesn't need a red carpet and a bunch of self-centered and self-loving leftists to survive.

The oppressive Obama regime will go the same way as the oppressive Ceausescu regime.

#13 franco cbi at 5:43 pm on Feb 25, 2013

I've spent much of the day wallowing through it.

#14 franco cbi at 5:47 pm on Feb 25, 2013

#11 Thousand Sons: If you ever intend to become a regular commenter there, the Post now has an "ignore" feature.

#15 Thousand Sons at 6:47 pm on Feb 25, 2013

#14 franco cbi

#11 Thousand Sons: If you ever intend to become a regular commenter there, the Post now has an "ignore" feature.

\ignore all

#16 packen at 8:16 pm on Feb 25, 2013

#10 zorkmidden
she makes Republicans' heads explode.
If only they loved their children as much as they hate Michelle Obama.

#17 zorkmidden at 8:21 pm on Feb 25, 2013

#16 packen: LMAO.

#18 franco cbi at 4:04 pm on Feb 26, 2013

Chuck Hagel has been confirmed.

Four Republicans voted for him, including Rand Paul.

More head-exploding to come.

#19 franco cbi at 4:21 pm on Feb 26, 2013

Four Republican senators voting in favor: Thad Cochran (MS), Mike Johanns (NB), Richard C. Shelby (AL) and Rand Paul (KY). All 41 no votes came from Republicans.

#20 franco cbi at 4:24 pm on Feb 26, 2013

Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) was absent.

#21 zorkmidden at 5:24 pm on Feb 26, 2013

Obama's presidency will be known as the eight-year Republican temper tantrum.

#22 franco cbi at 5:30 pm on Feb 26, 2013

It will be interesting to see how the Sequester plays out.

#23 franco cbi at 5:40 pm on Feb 26, 2013

Right now Jen Rubin is screaming like Hilly Holbrook in "The Help".

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