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Speaking of Education

Greek students spend the most hours in private lessons to complete needed education not provided by the Greek public school system. In two studies funded by the European Statistical Agency and "OOSA"--let me interrupt myself for a minute here.

One of my gripes about Greek newspapers, is that they don't provide complete information. For example, this OOSA acronym, I have no idea what it means and nowhere in this article in this very popular and well-respected newspaper is it explained what OOSA stands for. Another thing that really bothers me about Greek-style reportage is the lack of background on an event or story. The attitude of "well, everyone knows" is inexcusable--I happen to not know and would it kill them to fill me in with some background of the things I should know but I don't?

Sorry for the rant. Now back to my original rant.

Greek students spend an average of 27 hours a week in school, as opposed to the 22-23 hours considered more than enough in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. In addition to those hours, they spend another 18.5 hours on homework; in the Netherlands, homework takes an average of 7 hours a week, 5 hours in Finland and Sweden and around 6 in Norway and Denmark.

Greek students have to take "extra" lessons, meaning private lessons, to learn music or sports or a foreign language. That takes about 7.8 hours a week. In high school, 56% of the Dutch and 44% of the Germans are taught three foreign languages. That doesn't happen in Greek schools and students learn foreign languages from private lessons.

Private lessons are also necessary if a student wants to go to university. There are individual private lessons given by tutors and group private lessons (frontistiria).

From first grade on, our house had a revolving door for tutors. We had an English tutor (3 hours a week), a Math tutor (3 hours a week and extra twice a year during exam time), an Ancient Greek tutor (oops, never mind, that was my mom, the drill sergeant), a French tutor (a very old French woman who reeked of gardenias and died after she left our house one night but I had nothing to do with it) and I also attended group private lessons through high school.

All this is not cheap, of course; to prepare for university, a Greek public school student has to spend about €3,380 a year in private lessons. Private schools cost anywhere from €2,210 to €8,630 a year.

So you'd think that with all this schooling and all the money we have to spend on it, we'd be successful in getting into university, finishing up and getting a good job, right? Sure. Twenty two percent of Greek university graduates still cannot find a job five years after graduation, as opposed to 4.7% of the Irish and 4.2% of the Dutch, and the "lucky" ones who have a job, it's often not in their field of study.

Posted by zorkmidden on Sep 25, 2005 12:00 pm

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#1 Lorraine neil davison at 2:49 pm on May 16, 2017

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#3 Write My Dissertation at 4:18 pm on Sep 18, 2017

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