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Bitter Plants For All Seasons!

Borrowing once again from our dear Sine, I invite the bitter literati to partake of a feast of another kind...
Bitter aloe, Aloe ferox Aloe_ferox[1].jpg This South African succulent would do well in the yards of texanista, RIP Ford or Ed.
Bitternut hickory, Carya cordiformis cdot07-54.jpeg Oooh, this one's for you Marine Momma - a deciduous tree from the walnut family, it is found throughout all of Ohio.
Bitter casava, Manihot esculenta 'Variegata' is also known as the Tapioca Plant. tapioca5sm[1].jpg
OK, now this Hawaiian beauty is definitely warm weather so it would do well with zorkie, Sine, Sojo, monkeyweather and Roya!
Bitter rattan, calimus viminalus
dong[1].gif This palm is another exotic tropical - so maybe annie and longwhitecloud could keep it alive.

Bitter cress, Cardamine Pensylvanica Cardamine_pensylvanica[1].jpg This woodland plant from Pennsylvania would make a nice bouquet for Dances With Typos, Siddhartha Vicious and Mr. Loonly!

Bitterroot, Lewisia rediviva, has strappy green leaves and the most beautiful flowers in early summer. This one is perfect for Portia and her alpine surroundings. It likes dry conditions and seems to die off only to sprout back again in the fall! I keep mine in a terra cotta pot with very fine gravel. Lewisia_rediviva[1].jpg

And for those of you who think you are not bitter but suspect you may be sourpusses, I'm proud to present the following:
Sour cherry, Prunus cerasus Prunus_cerasus.jpg These trees originated in Europe and Western Asia, but since they have cherry blossoms they belong with Jefe and Frank.
Sour gum, Nyssa sylvatica main[1].jpg Also known as Black Tupelo, the generic name refers to the beautiful Greek water nymph Nyssa, while the specific epithet, sylvatica, means of the woods. It's found in both Florida and Michigan, just perfect for FloridaHeat, packen and aridog!
Sour sop, Annona muricata annona_muricata2[1].jpg This is scary looking. It is found in rain forests so I guess that means us, Fay and Thousand Sons.
Sour dock, Rumex acetosa rumeace4[1].jpg This plant is also known as sorrel and goes to bigel, AlphaMu, Levi from Queens, and cba as it is found in the Northeastern US and Canada. Also Dave Ray as he will shortly be moving to New Jersey.
Finally, Sourwood, Oxydendron arboreum 102005[1].JPG
This one's for you, lady redhawk. A southern tree that in flower is simply breath-taking. The name lily-of-the-valley tree describes the effect better than a whole paragraph might. The fragrant flowers really are lily-of-the-valley-like, and they appear in sprays so delicate yet so profuse that blooming trees seem to be dressed in veils of lace.

Posted by floranista on Sep 17, 2005 2:16 am

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