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rootless cosmopolitans


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Fall bulbs for afw's new house!

There's still time for planting fall bulbs and here are some lovely varieties that are easy to grow.

I prefer to plant in clumps or "swaths", as they are described in the more exclusive catalogs :-) Barrels or outdoor resin pots are great for planting because you can move them to a new location later. I like to use several types of bulbs in one pot so that I can enjoy flowers from spring through summer in the same location. For that effect, just start with the bulbs to be planted the deepest and work your way up. Don't worry about crowding, bulbs can be divided when they start to take over! If you have clay, buy a bag of potting soil and mix some in; get a 2#-5# bag of all-purpose fertilizer and roughly mix a bit in the bottom of the hole. Throw away any squishy bulbs. Plant them pointy side up; if you are planting corms, you should be able to see some little roots, put them in the hole roots down. Cover, water and you are done for the next several years!

Most bulbs prefer sun so plant in an area that gets at least 6 hours. Hyacinthoides like shade.

Here are some easy growers that won't cost you too much (click for full size).

Daffodils with narcissus and Galanthus (snowdrops) ~

daffodils.jpg galanthus.jpg

Grape hyacinth or Muscari are a must-have and look beautiful with daffodils PLUS they are fragrant; be sure to include crocuses, they are the first blooms to appear in spring (or winter!)~

grape hyacinth and daffodils.jpg crocus.jpg

You can see a wide variety of hyacinths here.

Hyacinthoides (common bluebells) come in a variety of colors although it's hard to beat the blue ~

hyacinthoides blue2.jpg hyacinthoides campanulata.jpg

Two of my favorites are Allium, a member of the onion family, and Fritillaria. You can find a wide variety of sizes and colors for either one. Some of the larger fritillarias (F. imperialis) keep moles away!! The following are allium, F. meleagris (snake's head), F. camschatcensis (chocolate lily), and the largest, F. imperialis ~

allium.jpg fritillaria snake's head.jpg

fritillaria camschatcensis.jpg fritillaria imperialis.jpg

Iris and scilla are great choices, easy to grow and affordable ~

dutch iris mixed.jpg scilla2.jpg

Last but not least are colchicum (meadow saffron) and chionodoxa, which is deer-resistant! ~

colchicum.jpg chionodoxa.jpg

Have fun, afw!

bulbs for afw.jpg

Posted by floranista on Nov 22, 2008 2:51 pm

2 comments, latest by Sharon at 3:13 pm 11/21

#1 Judy Crane at 3:41 pm on Jul 21, 2013

Where can I purchase the Fairy Umbrella plants

#2 Sharon at 3:13 pm on Nov 21, 2013

Do you plant these with all these with seeds, except the Iris and daffodils?

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