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I deserve good design!

As most of you know, I've been shopping for a new mattress. That got me to thinking about doing my entire bedroom. For years I've had this ratty wicker furniture, and I've always wanted something beautiful. The problem is, I'm picky, and I could never find a bedroom suite that I liked. Except for one, but it would have taken that shiftless Belgian ten months to deliver the furniture to me, and I was leaving the continent in five months. Math is hard for me, but I knew that just wasn't going to work.

Another problem that I have, besides being picky, is I love so many different things. It's hard for me to conceive of an idea in my head and see it through all the way to the end and have it come out looking like what I originally conceived, especially if the project takes a while to complete. I just can't seem to stop tweaking things, even if the initial idea was a good one. But I am bound and determined to put a stop to that cycle with my bedroom.

I had been insisting on a matching suite made of wood but aside from the Belgian one I've yet to find one I like. I went to a furniture store in downtown Valdosta while mattress shopping and fell in love with a few different chests, including a very clever and interesting corner chest from American Drew, but I did not like the beds that were part of that suite.

Then I had an inspiration. I will do my bedroom in Art Nouveau style! That inspiration came when I saw a bed online. A metal one! Something I had not even considered, but I was very attracted to it, and that's the most important thing to consider when you are purchasing something for your home. I thought about the bed all night, and the next day decided to take the plunge and order it.

The bed:


Yes, the bedding is hideous, but I didn't buy that. I bought this instead:


I'm preparing myself for the purchase of this giant new mattress. If I already have a bed frame and bedding for a king size bed, I can't weasel out at the bed store and buy another queen size mattress. It's easier for me to do it in increments like this, it prepares me psychologically for this huge change. If you've slept in the same bed for many years it's hard to let go of it. No matter how rotten a night's sleep you've been getting.

So now I've got this new bedding waiting, and the new bed frame on order... what else do I need? Oh yes! I need art! Since I've not ever followed through with a theme (due to my constantly changing preferences) I've never purchased art for my bedroom. But once I decided on Art Nouveau, there was only one artist I could think of that I wanted, and that was Alphonse Mucha. He did a series of four pieces: Le Matin (Morning), Le Jour (Daytime), Le Soir (Evening) and La Nuit (Night)

I think they're lovely and perfect for a lady's boudoir. But then I saw the same series only printed in more muted, moody colors, and now I'm not sure which ones I like better! My indecision will be my undoing.

Right now my bedroom walls are green but I'm leaning toward a velvety dark dove color. I'll paint once I can bring myself to walk into Lowe's. The artwork is not framed, but, again, Lowe's has lengths of unfinished decorative trim and moulding that complements the art and conveys exactly the mood I want, and it's not difficult to finish the trim myself and build frames. Measure twice, cut once! There are several places in town that can cut glass for me to fit the frames. Even I'm not brave enough to try that.

I'll still have to hunt for chests and dressers and night tables but I think those things will be easier to find. It's better to tweak with smaller elements of the design than with the big ones, and now I've got most of the major pieces in place.

I'm so excited to have a project that I'm not bored with, and to be inspired again!

Posted by Stormi on Mar 15, 2008 6:30 pm

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