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Can Mehdi Kazemi be saved?

About this time three years ago the world witnessed what I consider a human sacrifice to the idols of secular society. Before this month is out we could see this happen again.

I was outraged at this story from yesterday's post about Medhi Kazemi a 19 year old gay man from Iran. And I learned this morning that there is an Iranian lesbian who is under the same type of death sentence.

Just as the ancient Canaanites sacrificed their children to an idol of Moloch in the hopes of ensuring prosperity and worldly success, the British and Dutch governments seem to believe that occasionally surrendering a victim to certain death will allow them to maintain the status quo of their comfortable lifestyle and avoid angering the evil spririts that clamor for a blood offering.

The success the right to die movement had in obtaining a court ordered execution of Terri Schiavo shows that here in the US we are capable of the same moral algebra that would plug in the value of a human life to an equation that negates conflict, cost, confrontation or hardship. But the solution is of course temporary. And as we euthanize our elderly or disabled or abort a child with Down's syndrome, or who is simply unwanted, the value of our lives decline and buy us less and less.

In the case of the gay Iranians, despite all the pretensions England and Holland have to being free societies, I think it can be argued that the erosion of the value of human life in a post-Judeo-Christian society has created a society that is less free. Holland in particular has so morally de-sensitized itself, that it can't even summon the weakest defense of an asylum seeker who would otherwise be welcome with open arm. But it would seem the specter of Islam can send the Dutch running back to the security blanket of their hedonism. It's a nation that loves the sin, but not the sinner.

My hope for Medhi may be a longshot, and it will test the true moral strength of both religious and secular society. Could a coalition of gays and Christians, liberals and conservatives, proponents of both relative and absolute morality agree that the lives of Medhi Kazemi and Pegah Emambakhsh have value and should be saved from an unjust fate? I will do my best to throw down the gauntlet to my influential pro-life Christian friends and allies and plead for their support to raise awareness of the plight of the Iranian deportees. I run the risk, if I overestimate their generosity of spirit, of becoming even more bitter and disillusioned than I was in the wake of Terri's execution. I hope those in the gay community will do likewise and at least in this instance put aside any differences of opinion we may have. Hopefully for Medhi and Pegah it's not too late.

Posted by guest author: papijoe on Mar 13, 2008 8:33 am

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