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I am Greek and I cannot keep calm


Gender, Politics and 9/11

I read this interview with Susan Faludi, Towers Fell, and Attitudes Were Rebuilt, and I don't plan to read the book because the interview alone made me feel to gag.

So, according to Ms Faludi, after 9/11, American men became John Wayne (hear that, ev?) and American women went back into "nesting and baking". Female broadcasters disappeared off the air (hear that, Katie?) and our "founding trauma", that unhealed "American settlers’ vulnerability" that we've suffered through the centuries, was resurrected and bothered us all immensely and that's why we voted for Bush. Even Hollywood went prefeminist, which is very confusing to me because I thought we entered the postfeminist era when Demi Moore starred in Charlie's Angels.

As we move forward into feminism or prefeminism or postfeminism or pre-postfeminism or post-prefeminism, I wonder what Ms Faludi's explanation would be for the Jewish lesbian who's in love with Ahmadinejad while she acknowledges that in Iran she would not exist since there are no homosexuals there and if she did exist she'd probably be imprisoned for being a Zionist spy. And how would Ms Faludi classify women in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan, Kurdistan, Pakistan? Are they pre-prefeminist perhaps? Or maybe they just don't need feminism, they're fine the way they are so we can just leave them alone because we have our priorities: writing books about our national settlers' traumas which are unconscious of course and it takes some brave and smart woman author to point out to us how stupid we are for even reading her drivel.

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