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let's eat Fiebig, and bury the cow


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A monster Monday Winds of War briefing

It's Monday, which means my Monday Winds of War briefing, a collaboration with Bill Roggio of the fourth rail, is up! This one is humungously big. I mean hugigantinormous. I'll see you in a few hours.

Monday Winds of War: Mar 28/05 topics include:

JI teams up with Abu Sayyaf; US wants India to be a major world power, will sell planes to it and Pakistan; we're running out of oil and the sky is falling!; Individual Ready Reserve called up again, Army desperate for bodies; Israelis want sea-based deployment capability; Iraq's loser looking for an exit strategy; The Army Of The Levant claims credit for bombing various stuff; CIA bungling; Iranian stockpiling; US to weaken Assad; Lebanese politics paralyzed; the Coast Guard arming up; FBI bungling; the Tri-Border area; Portland vs. the Feds; Zimbabweans miss the white man; Nigeria a powderkeg as usual; everyone annoyed with Japanese designs on their islands; Baluchistan chaos; we can assassinate Al Qaeda terrorists says Porter Goss; Harrier jump-jet proves its worth and much, much more...

Posted by evariste on Mar 28, 2005 12:41 am

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