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a little down in the mouth


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Mediterranean mentality

A few days ago I mentioned that a 16-year-old student was raped in a small town in Greece, during the student strikes and school occupations.

The victim is a Bulgarian immigrant to Greece and she's a straight A student, the best student in her whole school. She's a quiet girl without many friends, and she worked as a waitress after school to support her mother and herself. She had a crush on one of the rapists, her schoolmate, and he knew it. He asked her to have sex with him and his three friends. She refused and the four boys made a plan: he called her on her cell phone, apologized for his previous request, and asked her to meet him in the school bathroom where they could be alone. She went to meet him, and his three friends barged in, locked the door, and they took turns holding her down and raping her. Three girls were in the bathrooms too, they saw the incident but not only they did nothing to help, they took photos from the next stall. They erased them before the police could get them.

The girl went home shaken and very upset and told her mother what happened. The mother took her to the hospital and the doctors contacted a social worker who contacted the police and the police arrested four 16-year-old boys.

One of the rapists' mother contacted the news shows to express her outrage that her son was called a rapist when "everyone knows that this girl has sexual relationships with everyone! Even with adults! She's a whore! She goes with everyone because she wants to increase her sex skills! Why are you set on destroying a 16-year-old boy's life by branding him a rapist?!"

I wanted to throw up.

Most residents of the small town are outraged - not at the rapists but at the victim. Students from the school were interviewed in groups, their faces blurred on camera, and they said the worst imaginable things about the victim. They said it was voluntary, that she asked to have sex with all four of them and that earlier in the day she had sex with other groups of people in the bathroom. No one has said who those other groups of people were.

People don't believe it was rape and said it was the victim's fault and that she and her mother should leave. Back in 1998 this town's city council had voted that all "foreigners" should be kicked out of town as a means to reduce an increase in crime. The police has let the rapists go free until their case is brought to court and they returned to school today, like nothing has happened. But the victim is not at school; the police told her that it's best to stay away from town for a few days for her own protection. The girls who taped the incident were not even questioned.

People are trying to put responsibility at the school because "this happened at the school!" It's not a school if it's under student occupation, if there are no teachers, no adults, no supervision, no learning. Parents who let their 14-15 year olds to "occupy" the school think they're fostering civil rights and responsible citizenship, but the kids know the truth: they're free to attend a never-ending party with no restrictions and no limitations.

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