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A Politburo of Two


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The Flecktones - Dancin' in the District

As I've mentioned before, I am something of a Béla Fleck and the Flecktones fan. In fact, I think they are a jaw-droppingly talented set of musicians, playing music that defies genre. And, as a friend once remarked, "none of those guys plays their instruments the way they're meant to be played!"

So, when ev linked to some blog entry that said, in part:

As a recovering banjo player, I can tell you that no matter how many pathetic musicians try to expand the banjo's range, it will never be any good for anything other than bluegrass and possibly ragtime. I've heard of Bela Fleck and Mark O'Connor and all the other goofs who have thrown their time down the toilet, trying to turn the banjo into a versatile instrument. Guess what? It ISN'T. Jazz banjo is shit. Classical banjo is worse than shit. Rock banjo should be a federal crime. Don't get mad at me. I'm just telling it like it is. And time will prove I'm right. It has so far.

I snorted,

And I guess you never actually listened to any Bela Fleck, either. I won't get mad; I'll just disregard all your rantings about music as worthless.

I just so happened to have a Flecktones CD that I had downloaded from here in the car. I put it in the player and couldn't take it out for a week(!) - even listening to it on both legs of several longish trips. Interestingly, the lone reviewer there said

This is a fairly good show. The sound is good--not too distant or muddled, but there is a little too much audience noise at times (i.e., some casual chatting/talking in a few places).
but I thought it was a pretty darned good show, and the audience noise made it feel more like being there.

Anyway, I decided to rip the CDs to mp3s, and upload them here for your listening pleasure, or at least to form your own opinions.

So, without further ado, here's the Flecktones from June 6, 2002 - the "Dancin' In The District concert series" at Riverfront Park in Nashville TN:

Intro - Tuning Jam
Puffy Is Free
Throwdown at the Hoedown
Big Country
Imagine This
Vic Solo
Bela solo
Stomping Grounds
Moment So Close
encore - Flight of the Cosmic Hippo


For all you nerds, here's the technical recording information. :-)
Oh, and I even found album artwork online!

Posted by guest author: Howlin' Wolfowitz on Jul 10, 2006 3:00 pm

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