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Farouq Kaddoumi

As you lot have shown so much interest in the coming Palestinian civil war, I thought I'd re-post my profile of one of the key players here:

Farouk Kaddoumi is not a well-known man. He left the Ba’ath party to join Fatah, eventually becoming a bureaucrat in the P.L.O. It was he who worked to get the Europeans and Americans to recognise the P.L.O. as the sole representative of the Balestinian Beoble. Today, he is the Chairman of Fatah. To be chosen as leader, he must have the support of some or many powerful figures, members of Fatah or not.

He broke with Arafat over the Oslo Accords. When Arafat and most of the P.L.O. travelled to Gaza from Tunis, Kaddoumi remained, denouncing the peace agreements as a crime. Since then, he has been rather less diplomatic than in previous years. In April, for instance, he gave an interview with the Jordanian al-Arab newspaper. He told them that the P.L.O. charter had not been altered at all, implying that the destruction of Israel was still their aim. He also said that the Gaza strip would become a base from which to ‘liberate’ the rest of Israel. Kaddoumi even backed terrorists in Iraq, giving special praise to the group that named itself for Ahmed Yassin.

He has consistently spurned the empty promises of dialogue with Israel for open warfare. To my knowledge, he has not once made the empty condemnations of terrorism which we’ve seen from Arafat, Abbas or Queria. Far from it, he is one of those who says the U.N. Charter entitles the Arabs to use “all means�?.

"We must wage war after war against Israel, even for a hundred years if necessary, until Israel is made weak enough to be beaten militarily. This is the only form of contact that we Arabs may have with Israel."

Kaddoumi has long been a rival of the other powerful players in the P.L.O. Back in August 2003, Mahmoud Abbas replaced Kaddoumi with Nabil Sha’ath as representative to the Arab League. This caused a lot of consternation with Fatah, reinforcing my view that he is a potential future leader of the group.

Kaddoumi made his stance clear early in the post-Arafat power struggle. He denied that there was any three-man committee planning to succeed Arafat, even as Abbas, Queria and the parliamentary speaker Rauhi Fattouh were joining in alliance.

Kaddoumi had been working towards reconciliation between Fatah and Syria throughout the 1990s, a process that has led to Fatah offices being opened in Damascus and pro-Fatah demonstrations in Syrian ‘refugee camps’. This indicates two things: one, the Syrians are willing to do Kaddoumi a favour; two, the Syrians are not opposed to helping Fatah – it was only Arafat they would not deal with.

During the same period, especially the last three years, the Syrians (along with Iran and Hezbollah) have played an increasing role in the territories. The reports of Hezbollah buying up Fatah cells in Judea and Samaria date back to mid-2002. That Kaddoumi was working to build a Fatah-Syria alliance during that period does not, in and of itself, mean he was involved in bringing Fatah in to the Syria-Iran sphere.


Meet Ghaleb Abdel Hafiz Abdel Kader Ikbariya.

Captured by the Israelis in September 2002, the Fatah terrorist spilled the beans on the Iranians’ involvement in the territories. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps was building a new organisation to take control of Fatah. It would have a terrorist wing, concerned with attacking Israel, and a political wing to "infiltrate representatives into the PA and the Palestinian security mechanisms" to take over "when and if the current Fatah infrastructure collapses."

It gets juicier here:

Ikbariya claimed that his handlers, Bassem Soudki Ahmad Yassin and Fouad Bilbeisi (both senior Fatah leaders in Amman), reported not only to the IRGC but also to Fatah Central Committee member Mohammad Amouri and Palestine Liberation Organization Political Department chief Farouq Kadoumi.

Kaddoumi was being briefed of the ongoing Iranian attempts to make Fatah their proxy. (Incidentally, I’d bet that Bassem Soudki Ahmad Yassin and Fouad Bilbeisi were among those who protested when Kaddoumi lost his role of delegate to the Arab League.)

Farouq Kaddoumi will likely be a powerful player in the coming struggle for control, and he will likely have the Iranians, Hezbollah, Syria and their cells in Yesha fighting for him.

(Thanks to Outsider for various bits of information.)

Posted by guest author: Colt on Nov 14, 2004 7:00 am

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