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A Politburo of Two


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Falwell relents, admits Jews into heaven [Update: no, he doesn't]

Longstanding mainstream Christian opinion is that the only path to heaven is accepting Jesus Christ, plus other gotchas, depending on denomination-such as doing good works and marrying lots of women(Mormons), baptism and not dancing (Baptists), annoying people (Jehovah's Witnesses), avoiding any technology newer than the 16th century (Amish), etc. However, a plucky crew of evangelicals have been putting forth the novel notion that Jews have their own Covenant with the Lord, that the Lord doesn't break his covenants, and that therefore, all good Jews will go to heaven. So have Catholics, ever since Vatican II. Nostra Aetate took the Church back, centuries later, to Paul's insistence that the covenant with the Jews was still valid.

The cynicism of my headline for this story aside, I do believe that Falwell's change of heart is sincere, and that it's a good sign for Christian relations with the Jews, at the behest of a fellow televangelist who lobbied and persuaded him of the "dual-covenant" doctrine. I think it's worthy of respect.

UPDATE: He denies it.

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