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Bachelorette Party Time!

Soon Fay will be Mrs. RadioMattM.

We need to give her a last hurrah...

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Wedding Traditions and Superstitions Quiz

Feast your eyes, Fay.

A little Chippendale's teaser.

The average number of guests invited to a wedding is 178, according to the Association of Wedding Planners International. It only seems like more when you're paying the bills.

The average cost of a wedding is more than $20,000.

Fay Hottie ~
fay hottie3.jpg

The phrase "tie the knot" comes from the multi-knotted girdle young women wore in ancient Roman times to symbolize their virginity. The knots were undone on the wedding night.

Istanbul, Turkey hosts more weddings than any other city in the world. Las Vegas is second in the world - not just the U.S. - with 114,000 weddings annually.

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June is still the most popular month for weddings, but do you know what the preference dates back to? Ancient Rome, when Juno, the goddess of hearth and the patron of wives, was most influential.

The single greatest wedding expense is the reception.

Take the Marriage History Quiz

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Wedding quiz

Longest Engagement ~
Octavio Guillen and Adriana Martinez were engaged for 67 years!

Oldest Brides ~
The oldest recorded bride was Minnie Munro, married at 102 years of age. Minnie, from Australia, wed a spring chicken of 82.

Britain's oldest recorded bride was just one day off her 100th birthday when marrying a man nearly 20 years younger.

Fireman Babes ~
fay hottie4.jpg

Most Expensive Wedding Dress ~
An outfit created by French designer Helene Gainville is estimated to be worth a cool £3.5 million. The dress is embroidered with diamonds mounted on platinum. Not the sort of thing you would want to put in the attic after the wedding day.Fay most expensive gown.jpg

Longest marriage on record ~
Sir Temulji Nariman and his wife Lady Nariman were married for a grand total of 86 years. They were both were aged just five when they got married.

The longest marriage in Britain was 82 years, between James Burgess and his wife Sarah Ann.

Meet the men of Chippendales.

Another Dreamboat for Fay ~
fay hottie6.jpg

Most number of vows taken ~
Richard and Carole Roble, a pair of New Yorkers, have taken their vows 55 times. To add variety they have had ceremonies in different locations, including all 50 states.

Largest Mass Wedding ~
In Seoul in 1992, 21,000 couples from the Moonie cult all got married on the same day. The event was also 'attended' by another 9,800 couples who took their vows via a satellite link.
fay moonie wedding.jpg

Most Expensive Wedding ~
The highest bill for a reception came in at 22 million pounds. It was held in a stadium in Dubai and lasted seven days. It was the wedding of a sheik's son.

Fay Hottie ~
fay hottie7.jpg
Oopsie! How did that get in here?

Largest Wedding Attendance ~
30,000 attended a Jewish wedding in Jerusalem in 1993.

fay -4.bmp

Longest Wedding Dress Train ~
The longest train for a Wedding dress was found in Germany. It measured 515 feet.

Married the most times ~
Glynn Scotty Wolfe, a former Baptist minister, has taken 28 brides - and divorced 27 of them.

How well do you know wedding traditions from around the world?

Another Hunk ~
fay hottie2.jpg

Good luck ~ Bad luck
In times was bad luck if a young man encountered a blind person, a pregnant woman, or a monk while on his way to propose. On the other hand, if he were to happen upon a pigeon, wolf or goat, he would expect extremely good fortune in the marriage.

It is believed to be bad luck for the bride to wear her completed outfit before the wedding day. As an extension to this, some brides leave a final stitch on the dress undone until the day of the wedding for good luck.

Seeing a lamb, frog, spider, black cat, or rainbows on the way to the ceremony is believed to be a sign of good luck!



Only 4% of men asked for the parents' approval for their bride's hand in marriage.
20% of men proposed on one knee.
6% of men proposed to their girlfriends over the phone.
60% of women are involved in picking out their engagement ring, while 3% actually pick it themselves.
The average engagement lasts 13 months.
74% of all brides receive a diamond engagement ring.
The number of marriages in the U.S. has averaged 2.25-2.4 million every year for the past 20 years.
80% of brides plan formal weddings.
In almost half of U.S. weddings either the bride or groom has been married previously.
The most frequent number of bridesmaids is 4 (including the maid of honor).
62% of weddings have a flower girl, while 56% have a ring bearer.

Here's another package for you to unwrap, Fay...
fay hottie.jpg

Wedding Traditions in North America

This has been a blast...but I'm ready for a nap :-)

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