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The Great Chia Experiment


The following is a record of the top secret "Chia Pet Project" which has been underway for the last few months. Sojo and floranista have selflessly dedicated themselves to this experiment for the good of science and mankind.

Sojourner's results:

Day 1

There’s the box he came in with a pic of what “Godzilla" should look like in his full glory.

Here’s “Zilly" all newborn, naked, innocent…

And so the adventure begins. We start off with a 24 hour soak of both Zilly and the seeds.

Day 2

While Zilly soaks, I bring in the very “elegant�? balcony table which will be Zilly’s own personal “space".

Here Zilly has been lovingly spackled with his “seed paste", soon to grow into a lovely green coat to keep him warm.

Zilly is introduced to his new space on the elegant balcony table.

He likes his new space and especially his “drip tray"!

Day 6

Zilly is moved away from the direct sunlight from the window and placed in front of the state of the art VCR machines. I gave him a cool rock I found at the beach a long time ago. For a little decoration, it just seemed appropriate.

Look, Zilly’s got sprouts! Doesn’t he look proud! (And don’t be trying to read my cd titles. And yes, that’s a towel, to keep the dust off. Might be good if I kept them covered I suppose.)

Sprouts, see!

Day 7

I felt bad for Zilly, being home alone all day, so I got the Amazing Smiling Dog’s toys to come hang with him. Zilly was happy about it.

See how happy he is?!

Day 9

For Christmas 2004 I put plants on the porches of my condo neighbors. Then this last Christmas, I found this fake Orchid on my porch. I put it with Zilly for inspiration.

You see the light shining through his “nameplate�?? That’s from the airsoft “bullets" my darling son SHOT AT HIM!!! The beast. God only knows what torture poor Zilly must have went through when I wasn’t there to protect him.

He enjoyed the new orchid. And his coat continues to progress!

Day 12

Zilly was kind of blocking our view to the tv from the dining table, so we moved him over in front of Couchie temporarily. I know the pic is dark, but you can still see how cushy and cozy Couchie is. I love Couchie.

Look at Zilly’s coat grow!
Oh, and by the way, that Orchid was no “gift", someone “accidentally" left it on my porch table, then came around asking for it. Jeez. Zilly didn’t mind, but I was a bit irked.

Day 16

I thought Zilly would like a change of scenery, so we hung out on the balcony for a while. That’s the cactus I haven’t killed yet. It’s just a matter of time. I hate cactus, but it was a gift…

Zilly had a little “unruly undergrowth", I noticed, so we did a little trim job that day.

He loves to pose for pictures.

See? (Please ignore the ghetto side of the street there…)

We invited the Doberman and the Donkey over and had a party!

Zilly dug it! He had to turn around because his growth was all going in one direction! Notice his undergrowth was trimmed. He was really good about it though and stood perfectly still the whole time. Good Zilly!

You know, a Chia Pet is more demanding than a plant – they have to be filled with water EVERY DAY! Talk about high maintenance!

Day 18

They partied for days, look how great his coat looks!

Day 22

And then…

His time came…

“Death comes to us all…"

Even “moldy" death!

“I was pretty before my mom did this to me."

But look, he’s still smiling, he had a great attitude through the whole experience, and I’m very proud of him.

NOTE: “Chia" herbs are edible, and you can use other herbal seeds to grow sprouts that you can eat and are healthy for you. Weird, but cool too.

Floranista's results:

Here are my 2 best pictures...
Elspeth the Elephant
Anonymous Bloggie Piggy
Anonymous Bloggie Hippo.jpg

I have to say that mine also needed The Hair Club For Men and/or hair weaves.

Posted by floranista on Jan 27, 2006 9:08 pm

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