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daily archive: 12/31/2004
evariste in Discarded Lies:
PLO Chief Welcomes Iranian Infiltration, Says Terrorism, Incitement Won't Stop
I recently blogged how Farouq Qaddoumi, the PLO's CTO (Chief Terrorist Officer), visited Iran. And only God knows why, but Israel allowed him back into the country. I bet you any amount of money that he's taking his orders from Tehran now. There are published rumors that he received a five million dollar payout from the mullahs but who knows. Well, here's the upshot, apparently: the incitement will continue. The terrorism will continue and the PLO will continue to pretend it doesn't control or have any ability to curtail terrorist activities, including by such wholly-owned subsidiaries as Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades. Iranian infiltration of the Palestinian movement is welcomed wholeheartedly by Qaddoumi. He also says that the PLO has no intention of reaching a final settlement with Sharon and intends instead to outwait his term in office. Think that'll stop Bush and Blair from pushing Israel to make suicidal concessions and handing the PA billions of dollars? I doubt it. I excerpted the parts of his al-Jazeera interview as translated by IMRA that I'm talking about below the fold...
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Steven Stalinsky, director of MEMRI is highlighting some of the latest conspiracy theories in the Arab world:
...blaming the U.S. for 9/11; accusing "Zionists" of spreading AIDS; claiming that Abu Musab Al-Zarwaqi is an American propaganda invention; saying that the CIA is writing sermons for Egyptian imams and that the Jews are re-writing the Koran; and more recently, accusing Israel of killing Yasser Arafat.

Conspiracy theories surrounding Iraq have been especially popular - in fact, MEMRI has been the subject of several. For example, Hizbullah’s Al-Manar TV broadcast a program about MEMRI’s alleged activities in Iraq, claiming that MEMRI is commanding “Zionist squads specializing in car bombs.? Iranian TV channel 1 claimed that MEMRI was responsible for the bombing of Iraqi oil fields.
At least they're not accusing Jews of organ-trafficking. Europeans used that libel a couple of years ago:
A particularly glaring example of media bias and irresponsibility was the promulgation of a second Arab-born libel that Israelis were trafficking the organs of dead Palestinians and performing medical experiments on captured Arabs. This story appeared simultaneously in three major Greek papers, Ta Nea, Eleftherotypia, and Apogevmatini (the latter as its front-page headline), as “news,? with no questions asked. The papers quoted as their source the state Athens News Agency (Athinaiko Praktoreio Eideision), which received the text, translated from the Arabic by an organization calling itself the Greek Union of Palestinian Doctors and Pharmacists, and, equally uncritically and irresponsibly for a state news agency, distributed it on 2 April 2002. Allegedly, the original article comes from the February 2002 issue of a Palestinian magazine “An-Nasra?, published in Gaza.

The front-page headline of Apogevmatini (2/4/02) blares: “They’ve surpassed Nazi atrocity: THEY’RE SELLING ORGANS of dead Palestinians. Incredible accusation by doctors and pharmacists.? Alongside is a photo of a tiny child wearing Intifada gear with the caption: “Little Palestinian girl mourns the death of her father while holding a grenade in her tender hands,? [note: grenade is pinned to her collar] and another photo of a pair of feet standing on a banner with the Star of David = Swastika. The full-page story inside, complete with a color photo of kneeling Palestinian police captives and one of the Arabic magazine page (as proof of authenticity), carries the headline: “Incredible charges through Athens News Agency: Organ Trafficking by Israelis. They are using Arabs as guinea pigs, says Greek Union of Palestinian Doctors.? The opening line reads: “Athens News Agency reports the incredible charges that Israeli authorities are stealing and selling the organs of dead Palestinians, charges that were made by the Greek Union of Palestinian Doctors and Pharmacists.?

Eleftherotypia (2/4/02) reported, “Charges of theft and sale of human organs of dead Palestinians and the use of Arabs as guinea pigs by Israel occupation forces are made by the Greek Union of Palestinian Doctors and Pharmacists, according to the Athens News Agency.?

Ta Nea (2/4/02), under the title, “They steal organs from the dead,? reported accusations of trafficked organs “from dead Palestinians, who fall dead from the fire of Israeli forces during conflicts, as well as other criminal acts such as using Arab detainees as guinea pigs.?
The Organ Trafficking Libel
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guest author: Sine in Discarded Lies:
US Forest Service Biologists Face Lawsuit
I want to be a happy little Republican, but I wish my adopted party would be more protective of the environment.
San Diego businessman Irving Okovita, whose attempt to build luxury condos in a bald eagle habitat near Big Bear has been blocked by a federal judge, wants the court to reconsider. But as he pursued that request, he must also have sensed something in the air, something emboldening in the way the Bush administration is eroding environmental protections. Okovita went to court and accused three U.S. Forest Service employees of engaging in a criminal conspiracy to block his Marina Point development at Big Bear Lake.

Okovita's lawsuit, under a 1970 law designed to help prosecute mobsters, has the feel of using a howitzer to shoot deer. But the government, instead of jumping to offer legal counsel to its employees, has so far offered nothing, inexcusably leaving these civil servants on their own.
What crime did these gangster biologists commit?
Four years ago, as part of a management plan for the San Bernardino National Forest, bald eagle expert Robin Eliason and her botanist husband, Scott, wrote that the dense pine stands at issue were an important wintering perch for bald eagles. Okovita wants to chop down 338 of these trees. Two groups that sued to stop Okovita cited this 2000 federal report, among others, as evidence that the development, with 132 condominiums, a marina and tennis courts on land surrounded by federal forest, would cause irreparable environmental harm.
The Eliasons are essentially being sued for doing their jobs. The USDA (which is the parent agency for the US Forest Service) has asked the Justice Department to defend the Eliasons, but the Justice Department is strangely dragging its feet. Facing hearings soon, the Eliasons have hired a private attorney.
Okovita's lawsuit would be laughable if it didn't seem to fit a larger hostility to the environment. President Bush has reversed or weakened regulations protecting air, water, forests and other resources and starved enforcement agencies. Leaving passionate (and not very well paid)
public employees at the mercy of wealthy developers might even fit with the plan.
Who's Really in Cahoots?
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Terrorist ROI
via Reuters, this interesting tidbit about Osama bin Laden's latest tape:

"Jihad in Iraq is a duty and shirking it is baseless," a voice, apparently bin Laden's, said.

He also called for financial contributions to back the al Qaeda operations of Zarqawi, whose group claimed responsibility for the assassination attempt on the National Guard general.

"Happy is he who takes part in this war with his wealth or his body," he said. "As ... the expenses of al Qaeda in Iraq are 200,000 euros ($272,800) a week, not counting the expense of other groups."
So the deadliest and most effective terrorist component of the insurgency in Iraq, Ansar al Islam/Al Qaeda In The Land Of The Two Rivers (It's snappier in Arabic), is spending a mere $14.2 million a year and getting us to expend, at a rough estimate, nearly ten billion dollars a month to respond. This is a very high return on investment for the terrorists and their financial backers, they're bleeding us nicely. John Robb brings this up a lot in the context of his markets-based analysis of terrorism.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Volunteering in the IDF
New figures made available by the Israel Defense Forces show the number of Muslim and Christian Arab Israeli volunteers in the army is growing.

While Bedouin have been volunteering for the IDF, primarily as trackers, for dozens of years, Muslim and Christian Arabs have been doing so, on a very small scale, only since the 1990s.

The numbers increased slightly prior to 2000, but then fell significantly with the outbreak of the intifada in September of that year and Israel Police's killing of 13 Arab citizens in the October riots.

Nevertheless, partial figures given to Haaretz by the IDF indicate a renewed increase in the enlistment of Muslim and Christian youth over the past two years.

The number of Muslim volunteers in 2003 was 64.5 percent higher than in 2000, while the enlistment of Christians increased by 16 percent over the same period.

A senior source at the IDF's Personnel Directorate notes that incomplete figures for 2004 show a further increase, at a rate of some 20 percent, in the enlistment of youth from both sectors.
Number of Muslim, Christian Arab volunteers in IDF growing
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
The Sisters
I'm in awe of people whose faith is unshakable and their spirit undefeatable.
Two German-born sisters in their 90s, both Nazi concentration camp survivors, began new lives Thursday by settling into an Israeli senior citizens home after spending more than half a century in the United States.

Irma Haas, 97, and Hilde Meyer, 94, arrived at Ben Gurion Airport near Tel Aviv on Wednesday, ending 58 years of residence in New York and New Jersey.

They traveled with about 200 other new American immigrants on a special flight organized by Nefesh B'Nefesh, a partnership between donors and the quasi-governmental Jewish Agency that helps U.S. Jews relocate.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Curtains For Terror Priest Wagdy Ghoneim
Thanks to SoCalJustice for forwarding along this PDF describing Wagdy Ghoneim inciting holy war against Jews from 1998 via Steve Emerson.
In Arabic, Wagdy Ghoneim, a militant Islamic cleric from Egypt, mesmerized the members of his audience, with his relentless tirade against the Jews, reminding them of the Jews' "infidelity", "stealth" and "deceit". Known for his folksy deliveries and exhortations to commit violence against the Jews, Ghuneim did not disappoint his crowd, several of whom had come to hear just him. The conflict with the Jews, he said, was not over land but one of religion.
The problem of Palestine is not one of belief...suppose the Jews said 'Palestine-you [Muslims] take it.' Would it then be ok? What would we tell them? No!...it is a problem of belief, not a problem of land
But you know. Just give them a little more of Israel's land and they'll come around. You'll see.

At these rock-star appearances he made to tell muslims to slaughter Jews, he was raising funds for Hamas, as Emerson's article makes clear. As SoCalJustice points out, CAIR sponsored the May 24th, 1998 meeting where he incited the murder of Jews. Now they're "sharing concerns" about the case with DHS officials. Maybe they can be concerned about the Jews he wants to kill and not just his "civil rights"? Here's some of the most pungent whining I've ever read in my life!

Some said Wednesday they worry that if Wagdy Mohamed Ghoneim, an imam at the Islamic Institute of Orange County, could be targeted by the Department of Homeland Security, they, too, might be forced out of the country.
Why? Did they, too, spend much of the 90s crisscrossing the country fundraising for Hamas?
"There's a high level of fear," said Hussam Ayloush, executive director of the Anaheim-based Southern California chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.
Cry me a river.
"Most of the calls I've been getting have been asking, 'Shall we start packing up? Are we next?' "
As Throbert says, "Oh, Mary..."
Ghoneim was arrested Nov. 4 at his Anaheim home for overstaying his visa.

He has remained in custody at the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention facility in San Pedro.

A hearing to determine whether he should be granted bond was held Tuesday. But before the judge issued her written ruling, Ghoneim decided to leave, citing poor health.

Government officials said they believe Ghoneim, who came from Egypt in 2001, may have been giving speeches and helping raise funds for groups with terrorist ties. His attorney denied the allegation, saying there was no evidence to support their claim.

News that Ghoneim agreed to leave the country provoked dozens of calls Wednesday to local Arab American organizations. Mosques in Claremont and Anaheim called the Council on American-Islamic Relations to schedule workshops aimed at calming the community.

Ayloush said many in the Muslim community feel deeply ambivalent about Ghoneim's decision to give up the fight.

"The last thing the community wants to see is for him to have a heart attack and lose his life [in custody]," he said.

"On the other hand, his packing up and leaving is unfortunately a dent in our civil rights struggle."
What is the deal, does anyone here have any shame at all? Raising money to fund terrorists and inciting the murder of Jews is a "civil rights struggle"?
Abdul Rashid, the public relations chairman at Ghoneim's mosque, agreed that it was a wise choice for the imam.

But, he said, "For the community, no. This sends a message in respect to the community that we couldn't win.
Aww. The poor community. It can't win the tough fight to keep a disgusting genocidal scumbag in the country. What an oppressive government we have here.
"Because he is Muslim, it's a different outcome."
"Oh, Mary...please!"
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guest author: Semite5000 in Discarded Lies:
This last week of May ...
Hello y'all, hope everybody is doing fine. I hope the weather is improving. Everybody keeps telling me about the torrential rains flooding Wisconsin. We've had our share of rains here, but also plenty of sunny days. In fact, it's beginning to get pretty muggy- really muggy.

Last week flew by, made all the easier thanks to having Wednesday off for Buddha's Birthday. On Wednesday night we (the American English teachers) were invited to a Buddha's Birthday event at Seocho City Hall. Buddhist monk after monk after Buddhist nun made speech after speech, interspersed with their prayers. It was interesting, but also boring since I couldn't understand what they were saying. Then we were taken on a march around Seocho, which we were told would take about an hour. In reality the march was much longer, and this angered some of the teachers who had told their families that they'd be returning at an earlier hour. It didn't bother me at all though, and I much appreciated the tasty meal that Mayor Cho treated us to after the parade.

But back to the parade.

There were various floats, decorated with bright colors and lights. Most of these floats were pushed and or pulled by people bedecked in traditional costumes. Buddhism has ancient roots in Korea, but it has been largely eclipsed by Christianity in the last one hundred years or so. Still, some 30% of the country profess Buddhism.

As we marched we carried lanterns made of flimsy lightweight wood and paper. They were lit with actual candles and I even saw two lanterns go up in flame during the march. The candles, interestingly, had little red swastikas on them. In fact, it is not uncommon to see Koreans wearing a necklass with a swastika, or to see swastikas painted on a facade here or there. This is because the swastika is an ancient Hindu and Buddhist symbol that represents life and good luck.

On Friday we were invited by the Mayor's office to attend a Korean and American Friendship concert featuring the music of the 8th US Army Band and Korean university student musicians. I enjoyed the music and we all had a good laugh over the spelling in the program, which advertised "America the Beautifur" and "Other Beautifur Songs ...." Looks like a Korean was spelling things phonetically!

After the concert we waited around in the lobby, surrounded by Koreans, Americans and American military personnel dressed in their finest. Next thing we knew we were being pushed (literally) towards the center of the room where speeches were being made. Mayor Cho was standing there and somebody referred to us as "Angels of peace," as the microphone was subtly pointed towards us. We all played dumb (in my case, I wasn't playing because I wasn't sure if the Mayor wanted one of us or all of us to speak) and then after a few awkward moments we were hustled out to a round of applause. It's very strange because we are treated like celebrities. I've already appeared in two newspapers, one being akin to the New York Times of Korea, the other being the Seocho City newspaper.

The next night, Saturday night following a dinner at a "cold noodle" restaurant, I met up with my "crew" and we celebrated my birthday. I was given a book about Kimche that I had been coveting, and I was very excited about that. They also bought me a pineapple birthday cake and a number of rounds of beer. Then after that we staggered across the street to do something I thought I'd never do: karaoke. And it was a blast! We had our own private room with couches and a wall filled with TV screens. There were two microphones and some tambourines. We sang mostly 80's tunes and it was actually pretty damn fun. So call me a dork, I don't care.

The next day my host family and I went mountain hiking. We drove about 25 minutes outside of Seoul into a rural with mountains that were blanketed in lush, dark green forests. We stopped at a country restaurant whose sliding doors were open, allowing a nice breeze to circulate through the room. Sitting on cushions on the floor, my host family ordered everything on the menu, or so it seemed.

After lunch we began our hike up the mountain. This was not easy to do. In some parts the trail was quite steep and my host siblings and "mother" did not join us- wimps. It was just myself, my "Dad" and a family friend. The air was heavy with moisture and the ground damp. The foliage was incredibly thick and most of it dark green. Between the physical exertion of the hike and the humidity, my shirt was soaked through with sweat. But it also felt great. During steep ascents my legs would burn, but I pushed myself to not only complete the climb, but to complete it at a faster pace than most. This was mainly because all around me were people in much more advanced stages of life than I, which is a polite way of saying there were a lot of old people making the climb. It wasn't enough for me to trudge along next to them; I had to surpass them. My stubborn sense of pride would allow me to do no less.

The strength of these older people who made the climb, both their physical and mental strength, astounded me. Koreans are a tough mountain people. Many Koreans have short and powerfully built legs with highly developed calve muscles.

The descent was hard but not as difficult as the ascent. Once we got into the car and began the ride home I had to fight the urge to sleep. I guess I was tired from the night before. Once I got home, however, I crashed big time. I mean, drool-on-the-pillow-out-cold sleep. I woke up feeling drained and ate dinner. I tutored my "sister" in English and then began reading my Carl Sagan book before finally falling to sleep for the night. It was hot and I really wished my family owned a fan, but they do not. I have been told that Koreans eschew fans, believing them to be bad for your health. Later when I woke up to empty my bladder I noticed that both of my "parents" were sleeping on the hard living room floor. No blankets, no pillows. Maybe their room was too hot? Who knows, but it looked really weird and sort of startled me out of my lethargic, half-awake state.

Well, that's all for now folks. I'll work on making pictures lighter so they don't take up too much mailbox space. Pictures will come some time this week.

Take care,

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