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daily archive: 12/30/2004
evariste in Discarded Lies:
Gavage Rhymes With...
People never believe it when I mention that Palestinians are more obese than even Americans. This article doesn't specifically mention Palestinians but every ethnically similar nearby country that it gives statistics for tells the same story.

The belief that rotund women are more desirable as wives helps explain why much of the Arab world -- which stretches from the Persian Gulf in the east to Mauritania in North Africa -- is experiencing an explosion of obesity. About half of women in the Middle East are overweight or obese, according to the United Nations' World Health Organization. In some communities, many of which were nomadic until a few decades ago, oil wealth has dramatically improved living standards. The resulting urbanization has introduced some Western habits: high consumption of sugar, fat and processed foods and more sedentary lifestyles.

In Bahrain, 83% of women are obese or overweight, according to International Obesity Task Force, a London-based think tank that tries to persuade countries to tackle the problem. In the United Arab Emirates the figure is 74%; in Lebanon it is 75%, the groups says. By comparison, about 62% of American women are overweight or obese. The prevalence of childhood obesity in the Middle East has risen rapidly in recent years and diabetes is spreading across the region, according to WHO.

Even predominantly Arab North African countries without oil wealth are wrestling with the challenge, in part because of a traditional preference for larger women. Half of all women in Tunisia and Morocco are overweight or obese -- two standard measures of a person's weight -- according to a 2001 study published in the U. S.-based Journal of Nutrition.

"We thought obesity was restricted to resource-rich countries, but it's also being reported in poor stratas," says Kunal Bagchi, a Cairo-based nutrition expert for WHO.
The true horror of this story isn't people voluntarily getting fat. As Chairman Mao probably didn't say, "To get fat is glorious". No, the true horror is this practice of gavage that is spreading in these countries. Gavage is the barbaric French practice of force-feeding geese to fatten their livers. Mothers and grandmothers are doing it to their daughters in Mauritania to make them more attractive brides.
NOUAKCHOTT, Mauritania -- Jidat Mint Ethmane grew up in a nomad family in this impoverished nation in the western Sahara. When she was 8, she says, her mother began to force-feed her. Ms. Ethmane says she was required to consume a gallon of milk in the morning, plus couscous. She ate milk and porridge for lunch. She was awoken at midnight and given several more pints of milk, followed by a pre-breakfast feeding at 6 a. m.

If she threw up, she says, her mother forced her to eat the vomit. Stretch marks appeared on her body and the skin on her upper arms and thighs tore under the pressure. If she balked at the feedings, her mother would squeeze her toes between two wooden sticks until the pain was unbearable. "I would devour as much as possible," says Ms. Ethmane. "I resembled a mattress."
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Thursday Winds of War Briefing At Winds of Change.NET
He's a superhumanly strong transdimensional Buddhist archaeologist with no depth perception, descended from a line of powerful witches. I'm a genetically engineered skateboarding colorblind Green Beret with a bad attitude, a magic hat, and a knack for trouble. We fight crime!

Okay, he's a Jew and I'm a Palestinian and we blog. Okay? I just wanted to be glamorous for a minute.

Anyway, my ongoing jihad to conquer and take over Winds of Change.NET struck a glorious note today. And by ongoing jihad, of course, I mean a peaceful struggle in the individual. A peaceful struggle...to kill people. I expanded from my terrorist training base in the weekend border region where Winds of Change.NET hostile neighbor Bill Roggio has been harboring me, and made major advances into the middle of the week as I ousted Colt in a fierce gunbattle and took over his Winds of War Thursday briefing. He never knew what hit him! I enticed him out of his secret UK lair and lured the fool out with lurid promises of a really spicy threesome with two "mistresses". My motto for this temporary revolution against Colt's zionist regime is "bringing you Thursday's briefing on Friday, because I'm confused and forgot to take my medicine!" I now surround Winds of Change.NET on both sides of the weekend. Soon the plump, juicy middle of the week will be mine!

Anyway, I'm covering for Colt this Thursday and possibly the next one too. Go read it! It's much better than Colt's usual crap. Topics this week include: Al Qaeda is a franchise operation;SAM threats to airliners;Congressman vows immigration reform;Should PMOI be considered a terror group?;UFOs, UAVs and satellites in Iran;terrorists sentenced in Syria, imprisoned in Spain, acquitted in Jordan, shot at in Saudi Arabia;FBI can't keep people;CIA can't get rid of people fast enough;How Al Qaeda cases buildings;Hambali sentenced to life;US commander says Al Qaeda has bases in the Horn of Africa and more...
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Capacity to Overcome
The death toll from the Indian Ocean tsunami has climbed past 125,000 and only a fraction of the aid is getting through. India is saying "thanks, but no thanks" to any outside relief, apparently keeping up with tradition, and Sri Lanka...well, you know. Meanwhile, in Iran...
The people of Bam, an Iranian town devastated by an earthquake a year ago, know what's ahead for the survivors of the Indian Ocean tsunami: broken hearts, slow rebuilding and unfulfilled promises of aid. But Bam presents itself as proof of man's capacity to overcome.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Oh, Dear-Clare Short's Mouth Is Issuing Annoying Noises Again
RIP Ford points us to this manufactured news item, basically narcissistic self-promotion by media whore Clare Short with the pliant help of the craven BBC.

United States President George Bush was tonight accused of trying to undermine the United Nations by setting up a rival coalition to coordinate relief following the Asian tsunami disaster.

The president has announced that the US, Japan, India and Australia would coordinate the world’s response.
Nice work, stepping up to the plate, organizing a posse, yeah? Nope. No good deed can be done outside the UN, to sanctimonious twats like Clare Short. And if you do anything like act rapidly to ease human suffering effectively and your competence shows up the UN for the bunch of dithering fiddlers and tossers that they are, you've committed the cardinal sin in people like Clare Short's eyes: you've shown the world exactly how ineffective and downright venal her class of professional dictator-arse-lickers are.
But former International Development Secretary Clare Short said that role should be left to the UN.

“I think this initiative from America to set up four countries claiming to coordinate sounds like yet another attempt to undermine the UN when it is the best system we have got and the one that needs building up,? she said.

“Only really the UN can do that job,? she told BBC Radio Four’s PM programme.

“It is the only body that has the moral authority. But it can only do it well if it is backed up by the authority of the great powers.?

Ms Short said the coalition countries did not have good records on responding to international disasters.

She said the US was “very bad at coordinating with anyone? and India had its own problems to deal with.

“I don’t know what that is about but it sounds very much, I am afraid, like the US trying to have a separate operation and not work with the rest of the world through the UN system,? she added.
Here's the real story behind Clare Short, as told by independent automotive journalist and former Reuters writer/editor Neil Winton:
Short was supposedly a fearsome fighter for the truth, independent minded, and a fabulously successful Minister of International Development. None of this is true.

Short is self-centred and egocentric, chippy and full of bile, craving the spotlight, and, most of all, in love with the limo. She was a socialist who despised us unbelievers. To some of us who have been around the block a few times and read a modicum of history, socialism is a long way of saying “stupid? or another way of saying counterproductive. But when it came to the crunch, Short’s lust for power and position won out over “core beliefs?. Short failed to quit on a point of principle over the Iraq war because she coveted the chauffeur driven life-style of a minister above everything else. The idea that her contribution to aid organisation and distribution was crucial and unmatchable by anyone else is just ludicrous, as I’ll show below. Socialists like Short love distributing huge dollops of our money to third world dictators. It was grist to her out-of-control ego, and this brings us to the other element of failure for Short.

Various leftists MPs and journalists were rounded up by the BBC to make tributes on the day of her resignation, and were united in their lauding of her apparent success as a minister. She might have made a complete fool of herself and betrayed her socialism by not resigning over Iraq, but the apparent success of her ministry somehow made everything OK.

True, the amount of money available to third world aid jumped under new Labour’s largesse. But it was the manner of its distribution which was a scandal and an insult to the needs of the poor in under-developed countries. Instead of making sure that our tax money was actually spent, on the ground, in providing crucial schools and hospitals, Short gave the money to often corrupt ministers who either diverted the money to foreign bank accounts, or spent it on themselves.

Short’s Conservative shadow Caroline Spelman agrees.

“Under Clare Short, an increasing amount of our aid budget went straight to the treasuries of developing counties, where it was difficult to monitor how it was spent. Many of these countries had disturbing records in the area of human rights, and serious problems of corruption and in the lack of the rule of law,? Spelman said in a letter to the Daily Telegraph.

The money should have been given to aid agencies, which are often far better than states at delivering the vital services required.

“The (aid agencies) are subject to strict rules on curruption and are much closer to the reality on the ground,? Spelman said.
She really ought to shut the hell up, I think. A devastating indictment of her, and of the BBC that continues to give her a forum to spew her inane garbage.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Women of the World
We had written about Rana Husseini before, she's an amazing person. I was very happy to see she's getting a richly deserved award for her work.
International women's magazine Marie Claire has declared The Jordan Times journalist and women's rights activist Rana Husseini among the top 10 women of the world for her work in highlighting the plight of women murdered in so-called honour crimes.

The awards, titled “Women of the World,? are for what the magazine calls the unsung heroines of our times, women who fight against the odds in order to help others.

Husseini was given the award in recognition of her efforts to draw international attention to the practice of “honour killing? in which women, suspected of committing adultery or fornication, are killed by male relatives to “cleanse the family's honour.?
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
How Al Qaeda Is Losing the War
From the fourth rail: Osama bin Hamfisted
It is a rare occasion when I agree with Juan Cole, Professor of History at the University of Michigan and Middle East scholar, as he has done much to damage his credibility of late. In the past few months alone he has threatened a lawsuit against MEMRI’s Martin Kramer and Daniel Pipes for compiling his writings and statements (under the pretext of harassment); labeled the assault on Fallujah as counterproductive; misrepresented the history of British action in Fallujah (debunked by Ali of Iraq The Model); insinuated the intrepid bloggers Mohammed, Ali and Omar of Iraq The Model are tools of the CIA and outside of the mainstream (by using an April poll) in the Iraqi political sphere (debunked by Iraq The Model's Ali and Armed Liberal); issued a tepid back down from his accusations against the Iraq The Model bloggers; and advocated setting aside “a generous 25 percent of seats [in the Iraqi assembly] for predominantly Sunni Muslim parties,? even if they boycott the election.

Despite my many disagreements with Professor Cole's views on American foreign policy, Iraq and the Middle East in general, he provides an excellent analysis of the impact of Osama bin Laden’s latest tape calling for a boycott of the upcoming Iraqi elections. He states that Osama bin Laden's admonishment for Iraqis to boycott the elections will backfire badly on al Qaeda.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
It's the world's largest cosmetics firm, it markets billions of dollars of beauty products all over the world, it controls leading laboratories, pharmaceutical plants and research institutes. In France alone, it accounts for 40% of all advertising income. It's also been known as a haven for ex-Nazis.
Like many offspring of Holocaust survivors, Monica Waitzfelder, a Paris opera director, learned only the barest details about her family's history.

She knew her mother, Edith Rosenfelder, had fled the Nazis not once, but twice. She knew her grandmother had been murdered at the Auschwitz concentration camp and that her grandfather had died in a refugee camp.

And she knew her mother believed that L'Oreal, the French cosmetics giant, stole her home in Karlsruhe, Germany.
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guest author: Semite5000 in Discarded Lies:
More stuff
Hi all,

Things here are fine in the "exotic" far east. I'll spare descriptions of my meals, but suffice to say I'm still eating well and I'm not sick of Korean food one bit.

This weekend I met up with the other American English teachers and I thought we were going to go to the Yellow Sea, which is about an hour and a half away. But, once we all met up everybody decided to go check out a part of Seoul that is home to a large university. It was a nice time. There was an open-air market where many of the art students sold their creations.

Later that night we saw "Troy." The movie's main theme was about individuals achieving immortality by making an indelible mark on history. You know, Achilles became so famous he got a tendon named after him! Too bad the movie did not make an indelible mark in my memory (although I am mentioning it now). Also, in Korean movie theaters they assign seats and I was not too happy with mine as I was stuck in the second row, far right. Also, instead of popcorn they sell buckets full of anchovies- just kidding.

I also had a date with a Korean girl!!! Only one big problem- she doesn't speak English and I don't speak Korean. Despite all that we still had a nice time. My host family has an electronic English-Korean, Korean-English dictionary, and that was very helpful. Also, I drew pictures and pantomimed. Beer helped too. After dinner Seung-Eee (her name is Kim Seung-Eee. "Kim" is the family name. Koreans place their family name first and practically every third person here is a "Kim") took me to her after-work hangout place. There we had some beer and were served tiny little dried fish which you dip into a spicy pepper sauce. The fishies were chewy and I was not too crazy about them, but Seung-Eee gobbled them up. We were also served larger pieces of dried fish, basically fish jerky. Let's just say it's an acquired taste. Every culture has their salty food to accompany beer. The Israelis eat olives; we have beer-nuts and the Koreans, well, fish jerky and pepper sauce.

Later I walked Seung-Eee to her bus stop. As we were waiting for the bus Kevin arrived, a strapping Korean who speaks English and works at my gym. He had just finished a long day of work and was about to go home. [To explain a bit, Kevin introduced Seung-Eee to me. Seung-Eee works at the indoor golf driving range, located in the same building as my gym. He and Seung-Eee are friends and one day he dragged her over to me and said, "You know her?" Having noticed her staring at me before, I said, "Yeah, that is Golf Girl." He said, "She like you. She want know you more." I didn't know what to do since I couldn't communicate with her, but she would occasionally bring me juice, or a piece of fruit, or a rice cake while I'd work out. So, I had a Korean I know write her a letter for me in Korean explaining that I wanted to have dinner and that I'd bring an electronic dictionary ... the rest is history.] Anyway, he said he wanted to buy me a drink and so the three of us went to a nearby pup and had a couple more. I ended up staying up really late, but I had a great time. It was nice to socialize with some natives, even though I love my American friends here too.

Anyway, today is my birthday and as I sort of expected, the Koreans in my life are going all out to make my birthday a happy one. I have oodles of letters from my students, candies and one teacher even bought me a shirt. The card with the shirt read:

Happy Birthday Jackary! (I've given up correcting people and I am now resigned to being called "Jack" or "Jackary") You know that most of Korean people believe in what Buddhist says. According to them, it must be an act of Karma that you teach Korean students. I hope that you love Korea and Korean people. Also, I hope that you have very nice time in Seoul. Happy Birthday to you!! From: Chung.

I really like Mrs. Chung. She is always smiling and very outgoing.

And here are some other cards from students:

Hello Zack
I'm Ho-Jin Happy birthday to you. Maybe you are happy now, and you have many present. I speak English very small. You are best teacher. You are top! Please, -Ho-Jin-

Hello Zack!
It's Yea Na from 6-5. Happy Birthday Zack. I wish you could like this card. You are nice teacher. I don't have gift for you, but this card. Have a nice day.

To Zack teacher.
Ha~~i = Hi, I"m Lee-Ye-Chan. Happy birthday Zack. When I meet I was very happy because before you came I thought "if English teacher is foreign then I'm very happy. But it just my wish?" But, you came and I said Hot Dog!!! (When we were learning about foods I taught them that "hot dog" was a food and an _expression.) Happy birthday to you ~ Happy birthday to you ~ lovely Zack (is it right?) Happy birthday to you ~. Self Introduce: I'm Lee-Ye-Chan. My family name is Lee. I have one sister. My hobby is play computer games. I can speak English just little so I want learn English to you a lot. Happy Birth day (next page) I HOPE YOU LIKE THIS LETTER AND KOREA

HI Jack,
My name is Lee-Jae-Won. Congregation your birthday. I think thunk your study
Thank you.
from Jae-Won

Happy Birthday Zak- look at this card!!
Hi Zack teacher? My name is Eun-Jung Jang. My class name is 6-5. Your class is too funny and interesting and I miss your class becays your class is funny. I'm exciting to your class. Nice to meet you! Don't you think?? However, I wrote this card for you because Today is your Birthday!

Dear Jack,
Hello. I'm Il-in Choi in Six grade. Happy Birthday! I think you're unhappy because you had birthday in other country. First, I'm sorry to you because I can't give you presents. Last, Happy Birthday -From Il-In Choi

Hellow teacher ...
I'm a Taehwan. My English is very bad so I hate English and English is hard. One year ago I'm going English academy Middle score is better I going high school. Bye bye.
-Congraturation your birthday from Taehwan.

Those were just some of the cards from a sixth grade class. They are hilarious and cute, no?

At breakfast this morning my host family had a green tea birthday cake waiting for me, as well as a box of cookies for me to bring for the other teachers. I hope they do not buy me a gift because my host mom already bought me a pair of Giorgio Armani sunglasses recently, and as far as I'm concerned that's more than enough.

Okay, it's a nice warm day and I'm heading off to the gym. This should be an easy week because we have Wednesday off -- Buddha's Birthday -- and Thursdays are my easiest day of the week. Yeeehawww!


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