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daily archive: 12/28/2005
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Reconstruction vs. Iraq – the Klan vs. Al Qaeda – America lost to the terrorists last time; why won’t that happen again?
In America’s last effort at dealing with terrorism--Reconstruction following the Civil War--the terrorists won. I intend to stretch an analogy here way beyond what I ought.

Following the Civil War, the southern planter class was dispossessed, broke, and badly bloodied. Northern troops occupied the South, and they were needed to protect the former slaves. Like Iraq, there were three major ethnic groups in the south, first the coastal/piedmont planters who traced their forebears to the royalist side of the English Civil War and then back to the Normans. They dominated the pre-war politics of the United States, with 7 of the first 15 presidents born in Virginia, most of the Supreme Court from the South, and with a blocking veto of Congress through control of half the Senate seats. The Scotch-Irish hailed from Ulster and the north of England, lived in the mountains, and were substantially more loyal in the Civil War than the coastal/piedmont people. There were pro-union white people scattered through the south. The freedmen were uniformly staunchly pro-union and made up a majority of many of the southern states; so they could look towards electoral control. There-- you have the Arab Sunni as the Normans, the coastal and piedmont whites, the Shia as the freedmen, and the hill-dwelling Kurds as the Scotch-Irish.

President Johnson, a virulent racist, refused to protect the Freedmen from 1865 to 1868. In the late 1860’s, 20% of Louisiana’s young Black men were murdered (per NPR). The Klan formed as an ostensibly-Christian organization from Confederate veterans and proceeded to terrorize people who got in the way of restoring the old elite’s dominance. It met at night, wore stupid costumes, burned crosses, lynched some people, and murdered others. The Klan however had no suicide bombers and no foreign fighters. The Union occupying army was not gentle and was widely resented. Grant followed Johnson as president in 1868 and was uncompromising in standing up for Black rights.. For a period of time, Blacks participated strongly in southern politics. The 14th amendment intended, among other things, to make certain that Blacks had the right to bear arms in self-defense. Two major civil rights bills passed Congress and became law, one signed by Grant and the other over the veto of Johnson, which, if enforced, would have made the Civil Rights Act of 1964 unnecessary. Grant vigorously enforced them. But by ten years after the war, essentially all of the pro-union southern white people outside of the mountains had either been driven out, become silent, or been killed. Grant did not run for a 3rd term in 1876; and a Democrat apparently barely beat Republican, Rutherford B. Hayes. The Compromise of 1876 allowed Hayes to take office in exchange for removal of the U.S. troops from the South.

At this point, the Klan hit its stride and, over a period of a quarter century, reasserted the dominance of the southern planter class. The southern aristocracy never regained its hold on the White House as it became the home of Ohioans and New Yorkers. But they gained absolute control of southern local and state politics. The Black majorities in South Carolina, Louisiana, Georgia, Mississippi, etc. dissipated as ambitious Blacks took the long bus trip north. The terrorists were absolutely certain that their control was fitting and proper, and that any deviation from it was morally wrong. Jim Crow did not come from the business classes (why would they wish to mistreat customers?), but was forced onto all southerners by legislation, regulation, and terror.

Grant tried for a third term in 1880, but narrowly failed to get the nomination and died a few years later. New immigrants to the north provided a reliable bloc of Democratic votes who were notably less pledged to equal rights for Blacks than the aging Republican Union vets and their children. Black voting in the South steadily fell until it essentially disappeared as literacy tests, poll taxes, and terror destroyed the Black franchise. The southern planter class did dominate Congress through the first two-thirds of the 20th century. They now had more congressional seats than in the ante-bellum as the freedmen counted fully in the apportionment of seats, even if denied the vote. The southern elite also suffered no electoral opposition so they gained enormous power from the seniority system. Anti-lynching laws fell to the filibuster. The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 removed the president’s ability to send the army to enforce the law in most cases absent the request of the governor. The Supreme Court pulled the teeth from the Civil Rights Acts. The one southern-born president, the execrable Wilson, resegregated the national government.

The Klan itself never really became a national force. Two or three times it increased in membership to the millions and seemed on the verge of becoming a national force. Each such time, its treasurer fortunately chose to steal its treasury and run off to Brazil with a mistress. Corruption has its virtues.

This all paints a pretty gloomy picture for Iraq, suggesting that, if the analogy holds, eventually the Baathist revanchists will win. The most important asset that the Southerners had was their absolute certainty in the righteousness of their cause allowing them to struggle for decades. You have to be really really sure you are the good guy to act like a beast. A major part of this certainty grew out of the rising tide of Darwinism in the late 1800’s, which popularly held that better species succeed by mortal struggle. (FWIW, Darwin himself was probably not a racist and was certainly anti-slavery) The South clearly saw their victory over Reconstruction in Darwinian terms – reasserting the “natural" control of the “fitter" white race. The world-wide zeitgeist of the late 1800’s moved away from the Enlightenment and Christianity and towards racialism, eugenics, and militarism. The civil rights of Blacks were not restored until after these racialist doctrines lost all credibility with the horrific maraudings of the Axis in WWII.

Fortunately, major differences also abide. First the Shia make up a material portion of the new Iraqi army and are well-armed and well-trained. While there were 300,000 freedmen in the Union Army, they all served under white officers. Secondly, the terrorists of Saddam Hussein’s old army never formed anywhere near as fearsome a military machine as the Confederate Army. Third, there is no rising zeitgeist for a return to Stalinism or the Taliban; instead Freedom and Democracy march. The Kurds are materially more hostile to Sunni dominance than were the Scotch-Irish to the planter class. I cannot imagine the Iraqi Shias getting on buses en masse for Teheran or Ankara. The internet permits communications both between anti-terrorist Iraqi loyalists who do not feel as isolated as pro-U.S. people in the postwar South (and also to a lesser extent between terrorists).

On the other hand, the terrorists in Iraq have the advantages of financing from abroad and receiving a steady stream of foreign recruits. The terrorists receive substantial encouragement from the main-stream American/European media, the Arab media, and academia. While in the late 1800’s the newspapers of the North (the MSM of the time) were largely loyal, academia in the late 1800’s- early 1900’s worked to justify slavery.

All of this suggests to me that the trial of Saddam Hussein is crucial to victory through denying to the terrorists and their supporters the moral high ground. It also suggests that the strategy of building a new Iraqi army and police force is both correct and central. And lastly it suggests that the new media’s (Fox, NRO, WaTimes, NYSun, and the blogosphere, etc.) support of both Iraqi bloggers and the liberation of Iraq transcends entertainment to stand as defense.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Worst Brits Ever?
Historians have picked out a list of the ten worst Britons ever. Here's the list:
1900 to 2000: Oswald Mosley(1896-1980)
1800 to 1900: Jack the Ripper
1700 to 1800: Duke of Cumberland (1721-1765)
1600 to 1700: Titus Oates(1649-1705)
1500 to 1600: Sir Richard Rich (Lord Rich of Leighs)(1496/7-1567)
1400 to 1500: Thomas Arundel (1353-1414)
1300 to 1400: Hugh Despenser (The Younger)(died 1326)
1200 to 1300: King John(1167-1216)
1100 to 1200: Thomas BecketArchbishop of Canterbury(c.1120-1170)
1000 to 1100: Eadric Streona(died 1017)
I'd like to nominate Herbert Samuel, the (Jewish, sadly) Briton who limited Jewish immigration into Palestine and appointed the Nazi-Islamist gangster Haj Amin Husseini mufti of Jerusalem.
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Chanukah IV - The Role of Women
Women have a special role in the story of Chanukah. The custom is that women do not do work while the Menorah candles are burning. Women played a big part in both the spiritual battle as well as the military one. Their stories were both heroic and tragic.

Channah and her sons

There is a story told of Channah, who had seven sons, one smarter and more handsome than the next. Antiochus tried to convince them to serve idols or to eat pork, but they refused. One by one, each of the sons was tortured and killed in front of their mothers' eyes.

Finally, the youngest son, only 7 years old, was brought before the King. Antiochus threw down a coin and asked the child to give it to him. The boy realized that this was a ploy; when he would bend down to pick up the coin, he would be bowing to the idol. He refused this as well.

Antiochus turned to Channah and told her to convince her son or he would meet the same fate as the others. Channah whispered to him, "Say to our Father Abraham, ‘Do not pride yourself on having built an altar and offered up our son Isaac. Our mother built seven altars and offered up seven sons in one day. Yours was only a test, but hers was real.’"


It's unclear exactly when this next story took place, but it is part of the Chanukah lore.

One of the decrees of the Syrian-Greeks was that Jewish girls were to appear to the military governor on the night before her wedding. Many married in secret but that wasn't possible for well-known families. Yehudit (Judith), the beautiful daughter of Yochanan the Kohen Gadol refused to submit.

A General named Holifernus was dispatched to put down the revolt. He laid seige to the city and cut off all supplies. Yehudit went out to "negotiate" with Holifernus. She was able to gain his trust, and he invited her to feast with him. Saying that she only ate kosher food, Yehudit took out some salty cheese, which she nibbled on, and he ate from. When he got thirsty, she gave him strong wine that she had brought, and together with the wine that he had been drinking, he soon fell drunkenly asleep.

Drawing the general's own sword, Yehudit chopped off his head. She wrapped it in cloths and brought it back to the defenders of her city, who hung it from the gates. In the morning, the Jews attacked. When the Greek soldiers saw the decapitated head of their leader, they fled in disarray. Many were pursued and killed and the evil decree was never again carried out.

To commemorate this, there is a custom to eat cheese on Chanukah.

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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
A matter of treason
A Greek newspaper revealed the identities of fifteen Greek intelligence officers and the British M16 station chief in Athens and has now put their lives in danger. The officers supposedly took part in arresting and "torturing" 28 Pakistani terrorism suspects in Athens after the July 7 bombings in London. The torture? They put hoods on the suspects' heads. And for this, 16 people are now in serious danger of being murdered just as Stephen Saunders and Richard Welch and several others were murdered by Greek terrorist groups.

The newspaper editors should be prosecuted. Will they? I doubt it. Everyone is too concerned about the torture allegations to give a damn about the wolves at our door, or the lives of those protecting us from them.
The Greek justice ministry has launched an inquiry into the alleged torture of Pakistani terror suspects after their lawyer announced he would press charges against Greek intelligence officers named by a newspaper.

The weekly Proto Thema (Top Story) revealed on Sunday the identities of the alleged British M16 station chief in Athens and those of 15 Greek officers. They are alleged to have taken part in the arrest and abuse of 28 Pakistani terrorism suspects after the July 7 bombings in London.

Frangiskos Ragoussis, a lawyer representing several of the Pakistanis, yesterday said he would launch a formal complaint against the Greek intelligence officers named in the report. The charges were not specified, but he asked that the officers be called to testify in front of his clients.

The newspaper's decision to identify the officers infuriated Greek authorities, while Britain has banned publication of the British agent's name. The Greek Public Order Minister, Giorgos Voulgarakis, said two of the named agents had been withdrawn from their postings in Kosovo as a result of the report.

The Greek intelligence agency also deplored the naming of the officers. The Greek Intelligence Services employees' union said that it was against the law to give out names of intelligence officers "as they may endanger the physical safety of those who are identified by name".

But Greek public opinion appears to be mainly concerned about the possibility of British intelligence carrying out covert operations on Greek soil. Proto Thema claims that the Greek Prime Minister, Kostas Karamanlis, sanctioned the British-led operation. It named two officials working in his office as taking part in the negotiations over the incident.

Opposition parties and human rights groups have called on the Justice and the Public Order Ministers to appear in parliament on 11 January to give their account of the incident.

Proto Themareported that the Pakistani men had been seized in July, held in secret and hooded in the alleged operation. The Foreign Office has continued to deny vigorously that any British officials or intelligence officers were involved in the alleged interrogation of terror suspects held in Greece, describing the claim as "absolute nonsense".

Jack Straw, the Foreign Secretary, told his officials yesterday that any reports that MI6 were involved in the arrests were false. "There is no UK involvement in the intelligence and questioning of these people. It is all absolute nonsense," a Foreign Office spokesman said.

Earlier this month Mr Straw told a committee of MPs: "No United Kingdom officials have taken part in any alleged mistreatment in Greece of any suspects whatsoever and we were not involved in the arrest or detention of those particular suspects."

The Government has issued a gagging order prohibiting the UK media from identifying the man named as the MI6 station chief in Athens who took part in the alleged torture. The Foreign Office is concerned about his safety.

The Greek government is under severe pressure for its handling of the alleged incident. The popular daily Eleftherotypia, a supporter of the main opposition party Pasok, said the story highlights contradictions in government policy. When initial reports emerged this month, the Public Order Minister denied it had taken place, while the Justice Minister, on the same day, called for an inquiry. Athens chief prosecutor, Dimitris Papangelopoulos, yesterday asked that the case be handed from the police to the prosecutor's office. The prosecutor's intervention, effectively removing the case from the Public Order Ministry, can only exacerbate reported antagonism between the two ministries.
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floranista in The Secret Garden:
Celebrate lazytart!
December 28

Yoohoo! lazytart!
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