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We can always panic tomorrow.
daily archive: 12/26/2005
guest author: Erbo in Discarded Lies - Hyperlinkopotamus:
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Do you really want a serious post? I don't and I don't think you do either. So what are you waiting for? Go play! Go! GO!
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Bush's pleas fall on deaf ears
The newspapers that endangered national security by publishing illegally leaked classified information are even more obstreperous than I thought! It turns out that President Bush personally summoned the editors of the New York Times to ask them not to publish the eavesdropping-on-terrorists story, and pleaded with the editors of the Washington Post that they refrain from publishing the CIA jails story-as you well know by now, to no avail. The treachery of the media knows no bounds. The President called this insane behavior "shameful", and he's exactly right. This has got to stop. During World War II, these stiffnecked editors would have been run out of town on a rail.

Bush Presses Editors on Security
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guest author: evariste in Discarded Lies - Hyperlinkopotamus:
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guest author: evariste in Discarded Lies - Hyperlinkopotamus:
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guest author: Franco CBI in Discarded Lies - Hyperlinkopotamus:
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guest author: Franco CBI in Discarded Lies - Hyperlinkopotamus:
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Undercover and Overbudget
Here's what the CIA's moron opportunist agents think is appropriate behavior when you're breaking the laws of a country and engaging in a risky covert operation:
First to arrive in Milan was the surveillance team, and the hotels they chose were among the best Europe has to offer. Especially popular was the gilt-and-crystal Principe di Savoia, with acres of burnished wood paneling and plush carpets, where a single room costs $588 a night, a club sandwich goes for $28.75 and a Diet Coke adds another $9.35.

According to hotel records obtained by the Milan police investigating Abu Omar's disappearance, two CIA operatives managed to ring up more than $9,000 in room charges alone. The CIA's bill at the Principe for seven operatives came to $39,995, not counting meals, parking and other hotel services.

Another group of seven operatives spent $40,098 on room charges at the Westin Palace, a five-star hotel across the Piazza della Repubblica from the Principe, where a club sandwich is only $20.


In all, records show, the CIA paid 10 Milan hotels at least $158,000 in room charges.
No wonder these people think Valerie Plame was a "covert operative".
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guest author: evariste in Discarded Lies - Hyperlinkopotamus:
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guest author: Dances With Typos in Discarded Lies - Hyperlinkopotamus:
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guest author: cba γβα גב? ابت вба in Discarded Lies - Hyperlinkopotamus:
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guest author: cba γβα גב? ابت вба in Discarded Lies - Hyperlinkopotamus:
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kianb in Pahlaver:
Playing basketball for Evil
The outsourcing of American sport is taking its toll. Ayatollahs pay more than $15000 a month to every American basketball player in Iran. Currently there are 18 of them. It's all nice and catchy for the TV but the ultimate price is the blood of Iranian people.
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guest author: lady redhawk in Discarded Lies - Hyperlinkopotamus:
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guest author: joem in Discarded Lies:
Chanukah II - The Significance of the Menorah
Are you still in the dark about what the Menorah is all about? Let's try to shed a little light on the matter.

As you can see, illumination is a metaphor for knowledge. Clearly, the Menorah represents wisdom. As the Talmud (Bava Basra 25b) says: הרוצה שיחכי? ידרי?..וסימניך מנורה בדרו? - "one who desires wisdom should turn to the south (Rashi: in prayer) .. and the way to remember: the Menorah was to the South [of the Mishkan/Beit haMikdash]".

Even olive oil seems to have this property. The Talmud (Brachos 57a) says: הרו?ה שמן בחלו? יצפה למ?ור התורה - "One who sees olive oil in a dream can anticipate [perceiving] the light of Torah".

The commentators on the verse ?ל מול פני המנורה י?ירו - "towards the face of the Menorah [the seven candles] should give light" [Numbers (8:2)] say that the Menorah represented the seven branches of wisdom [based on Proverbs (9:1)]; all faced the center, signifying that all are based on the central wisdom of Torah.

Unlike Purim, when Haman threatened physical annihilation of the Jewish people, the war of the Chashmona'im was one in defense of ideas and values. Antiochus and the Greeks would have been perfectly happy if all the Jews had accepted Greek culture, like the rest of the world. Therefore, rather than the festive meals and physical pleasures that mark Purim, the Chanukah holiday is celebrated in purely spiritual ways, as represented by the ethereal flame of the Menorah.

By "coincidence", Chanukah comes at the darkest time of the year. As they say, a little bit of light dispells a lot of darkness. May this long dark exile soon end with the coming of the Mashiach - "the anointed".
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Libya cancels death sentences for Zionist Bulgarian nurses (and Zionist Palestinian doctor) who deliberately infected hundreds of children with AIDS
Libya's Supreme Court, bowing to colonial Zionist European pressure, canceled the firing squad and declared a mistrial in the cases of five filthy Zionist Bulgarian nurses and one filthy Zionist Palestinian doctor who stood accused of deliberately infecting Libyan children with the virus that causes AIDS. The death sentence, imposed in absentia, for a Zionist harlot who's been going around shaking hands with men and making their penises vanish is still in the appeals process.
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guest author: levi from queens in Discarded Lies - Hyperlinkopotamus:
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
The Good Nazi
It's very rare that those two words are seen together in the same sentence: China remembers a 'good Nazi'. I wonder if there were any other "good Nazis".
Chinese authorities are drawing up plans for a museum dedicated to the memory of John Rabe, who defied the "Rape of Nanking" - a six-week massacre during which an estimated 300,000 Chinese were slaughtered by Japanese soldiers. Honoring Rabe, who died of a stroke in 1950 at age 67, gives China the chance to draw international attention to Japan's wartime atrocities at a point when relations between the two Asian giants are fragile.

A card-carrying Nazi, Rabe was a China-based Siemens employee in 1937 when the Japanese stormed Nanking, or Nanjing as it is now known. His superiors ordered him to return home, but instead he sent his family back and established a "safety zone" in the city where he offered shelter to terrified Chinese.

Using his Nazi credentials, he and a small group of other foreigners kept the Japanese at bay, at considerable risk to themselves. Some sources say they saved an estimated 250,000 lives.

Rabe wrote a 1,200-page diary that documented the killings and rapes in the city, information that was later used as evidence of war crimes.

The Japanese soldiers "went about raping the women and girls and killing everything and everyone that offered any resistance, attempted to run away from them, or simply happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time," he wrote. "There were girls under the age of eight and women over the age of 70 who were raped and then, in the most brutal way possible, knocked down and beaten up. We found corpses of women who had been lanced by bamboo shoots."

Chinese historians estimate that 80,000 girls and women were raped then.

"One was powerless against these monsters who were armed to the teeth and who shot down anyone who tried to defend themselves," Rabe wrote. "They only had respect for us foreigners - but nearly every one of us was close to being killed dozens of times. We asked ourselves mutually, 'How much longer can we maintain this bluff'?"

Beijing believes Japan has never properly atoned for its atrocities. And Chinese anger is further fueled by Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi's repeated visits to Tokyo's Yasukuni shrine, which honors Japan's war dead, including some of the Class A war criminals held responsible for the massacre in Nanjing.

Recently, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, cancelled a summit with Koizumi because "Japan won't own up correctly to its history". The shrine visits "seriously hurt the feelings of the Chinese people", he said.

When the pair finally met at a signing ceremony of a regional meeting recently, Wen snubbed the Japanese leader by ignoring his request to borrow his pen. Several awkward seconds elapsed in front of TV cameras before the request was loudly repeated and the Chinese premier smiled and handed over the pen.

Also, there were mass protests in March outside the Japanese Embassy and consulates in China after Japan published a history textbook that glossed over the wartime atrocities.

And tensions between the neighbors are exacerbated by other thorny issues, including a territorial dispute over resource-rich islands in the East China Sea and Japan's desire to become a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council. China fears what it sees as a growing nationalistic militarism in Japan.

"Part of the reason to honor John Rabe now is a response to Japan's bad attitude," said Jiang Liangqin, a historian at Nanjing University. "For example, they honor the war criminals and have never properly said sorry. Some Japanese even deny the massacre took place. We know that Japanese often look down on Chinese and don't believe what we say. Well, here is a European who told exactly what happened. We want to bring the world's attention to that."

While the killings were going on, Rabe wrote to Adolf Hitler several times begging him to intervene, but never got a response. He said later that being based in China meant he was unaware of Hitler's heinous plans in Europe.

After the massacre, Rabe lectured in wartime Germany about what he had seen and submitted footage of the atrocities to Hitler, but the fuhrer did not want to hear about Japan's actions. Rabe was detained by the Gestapo for a short period, denounced by the Nazis and barred from giving lectures.

In post-war Germany he was again denounced - this time for being a Nazi - and was arrested first by the Russians and then the British, but was ultimately exonerated following an investigation. He and his family lived in abject poverty, surviving on occasional care packages posted to him by the grateful people of Nanjing.

"The people of China will never forget the good German, John Rabe, and the other foreigners who helped him," said Ma Guoliang, an 89-year-old woman whose parents were killed by the Japanese.

"He saved so many people and yet at any time he could easily have been killed himself. He could have left, but he stayed with us. We called him the living Buddha of Nanking."
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