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daily archive: 12/23/2005
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
The Avengers
I saw "Munich" today, I went with a prejudiced attitude based on the reviews I read and therefore I sat down with a critical eye. At the beginning of the film I thought everything was muddled, they didn't explain what happened at the Olympics well and I thought that the people that didn't know the events of that time would not get a full perspective on the story. I was wrong. The death of the Israeli athletes was the event that haunted the film and its protagonist all the way to the end.

I didn't think "Munich" portrayed terrorists in a sympathetic light, actually I thought it hardly portrayed the terrorists at all. The film was a note of tenderness addressed to the nation of Israel. It showed people in desperate situations having to do desperate things and still managing to not only maintain their humanity, but to maintain their conscience and their fragility as human beings.

One character in the film said "don't fuck with the Jews". Damn right. Holocaust Survivors Recall Revenge on Nazis
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Media reveals more sensitive national security secrets
It won't be long before military censorship is imposed on the traitorous media. US News and World Report is revealing that the US has a top secret program to monitor radiation levels at hundreds of Muslim-owned properties in DC and at least five other big cities. Once again, the media is making up imaginary civil rights and publishing critical national security information leaked by disgruntled government employees. It's time for the Bush administration to take action. We're in the middle of a war and the media is trying to make us lose, all in the name of bringing down President Bush.

If the US wasn't doing this and a nuclear incident happened, you can imagine what kind of howling US News & World Report would be doing that we weren't monitoring for unusual radiation levels.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
This Christmas, feel free to love being American
Jack Wheeler's muscular, no-nonsense prose style is a delight to read in his A Christmas Letter Addressed To Anti-Christians
Merry Christmas. If that offends you, why should I care? It’s your problem, not mine. Let me explain your problem a little more fully. America is a Christian country. It’s your job to deal with that, because you’re not going to change this fact.

America has always been a Christian country, and - open wide now, because you’re going to have to swallow this - it will continue to be.

It will continue to be because most Americans aren’t Euroweenies. They haven’t lost the moral courage to be proud of their country and their civilization. Notice the “most" - which you are not a part of.

You are anti-Christian because you are anti-American. You are anti-American because you are anti-Western Civilization. You are anti-Western Civilization because you are afraid of and intimidated by the envy of the world’s impotent. Fear of being envied defines your soul.
That describes most urban Democrats that I've known. They're desperately afraid of offending European opinion, and will prostate us upon any available cross to avoid it. Read the whole damn thing! It's brilliant.
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guest author in The Secret Garden:
A Creative Christmas Tradition

One of the few family traditions that we have is that every year I make an ornament for our Christmas tree. This is not something that I planned; it just happened.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Two moans per employee and you better drive a Chrysler
Can they do that? Workplace horrors compiled
The time-honored office tradition of whining at the water cooler just might get you fired, according to a newly compiled list of workplace horrors around the world.

Two workers who exceeded the official limit of two moans per employee at one unnamed German firm were fired this year. Several colleagues quit before their moans could be counted.

Their employer's strict policy tops a list compiled by Challenger, Gray and Christmas. The Chicago-based outplacement firm gave nine notable examples from hundreds of cases.

Most involve petty rules.

Workers at a DaimlerChrysler plant in Kokomo, Indiana, should drive a Chrysler model or they may find their car in Indianapolis, 50 miles away. That's because a rule limits parking space for non-Chrysler cars. Violators will be towed.

"These are things that make you go hmmm," Challenger spokesman James Pedderson said.

Such stories pour in throughout the year and Challenger plans to make the list an annual tradition, he said. The point is to encourage managers and their staff to communicate better.

Some of the worst stories involve discrimination against a worker's religion, ethnicity, or, less seriously, squirrels. A librarian lost her job for devoting too much time to saving a squirrel stuck in a ceiling.

"I think reason has to prevail in some of these instances," Pedderson said.
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They're asking for it
Do you think this is true? A woman who dresses provocatively wants to be sexually harassed by men. A study showed that fifty percent of Israeli men think it's true and I think that a large percentage of Greek men feel the same way.
The study, conducted among 250 women and men aged 18-60 and headed by Dr. Avigail Mor of the Women Studies program at the Tel Hai Academic College, aimed at identifying the gender differences in the perception of responsibility for sexual harassments.

According to the survey, 51 percent of the men believe that a woman who dresses provocatively is "looking to be sexually harassed," and that it is therefore "OK to hit on such women."

The men also stated that in these cases sexual comments, touching or fondling do not constitute harassment.

Meanwhile, 86 percent of the women respondents said that such behavior is equivalent to harassment.

The participants in the survey were also asked for their opinion on a scenario in which a female employee flirts with her boss, later changes her mind but continues to suffer sexual hints and advances by her employer.

Half of the male participants in the study said that this situation cannot be classified as sexual harassment, because the woman's behavior led to the man's actions, while 86 percent of the women claimed such behavior constitutes harassment.

"These alarming findings represent the atmosphere in the Israeli public, and account for the high rate of sexual harassments in the country," Dr. Mor explained.
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