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daily archive: 12/20/2004
zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Getting Ready to Vote in Saudi Arabia
I guess the famous Saudi reforms are about to start happening with the first municipal elections being held in February. (Don't get too happy with the word "reform" because women are still not allowed to vote). Anyway, people are registering to vote. Or are they?
The newspaper Al-Watan has reported on some confusion about registration. The paper said a woman in her 60s entered a registration center to ask what elections meant, whether participating is rewarded with money, and whether she could register.

Three young men went into a center thinking the election logo was a contest promotion. When they learned the truth, they refused to register, saying they knew nothing about elections, Al-Watan reported.

Hameed Askar, in his 80s, hobbled into a Riyadh registration center with a cane. When asked if he will vote in February, Askar looked around and said: "Oh, do I have to come here again?"
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Genocide is the Proof
The author of this article has served in U.N. peacekeeping operations in Somalia, Rwanda, Haiti and Liberia.
A debate currently rages about whether Kofi Annan enjoys the moral authority to lead the United Nations because the Oil for Food scandal happened under his command. That debate is 10 years too late and addresses the wrong subject. The salient indictment of Mr. Annan's leadership is lethal cowardice, not corruption; the evidence is genocide, not oil.

As the controversy roiled over the past several weeks, I was on a research trip to the two ground-zeros of Mr. Annan's failed leadership while he was head of the U.N. Department of Peacekeeping Operations--Rwanda and Bosnia. We have heard from too many conservative commentators and Republican politicians recently--most of whom reject multilateralism anyway--about Mr. Annan's qualifications to lead. But we have not heard from enough Rwandans or Bosnians. I thought I'd talk to a few.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Stephen Hoath
I avoid the subject of paedophilia. What's to say after all? That paedophiles are sick? That there's no cure for them? That I hold a special, personal hatred for one of them?

I remember reading the first of Colt's posts on this subject and wishing I had Stephen Hoath for a dad or a grandpa. And then Mr. Hoath's granddaughter showed up on Eurabian Times:
Stephen Hoath is my grandad i have now lost him. I am 15 and although i live in london and my grandad lived in Denmark i still saw him as often as i could and although in letters he promises me that he will see me again before he dies i cant be certain of that, this pains me deep inside because my family is the world to me and anyone who knew grandad would know what a lovley kind hearted man he is. And to be honest i idolise him he is my hero. I just wish there could have been another way because now my beautiful auntie has lost her dad aswell as my cousin sister and i have lost our grandad. He does not deserve to die in prison when andersen would have only got a slap on the wrists please help me find out how i can bring Grandad to justice i am BEGGING you.

Thank you for putting on my comment it means alot to me. I want everybody to know i am genuine i am just trying to find all the help i can get and i dont know what else to do really other than let people know how i feel and find out if anyone knows how to help me. I started a petition at school but they stopped it and my family members have written to tony blair to see if he can help but he didnt wite back anyway thank you to anyone who takes time to read this it is nice to know somebody cares. If anybody has any information or views please post a comment because it may help thank you Jerrix
Jerri, love, I'm sorry, I don't think there's very much I can do to help. The only thing I can do is help make your voice a little louder.

Stephen Hoath revisited

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guest author: Sine in Discarded Lies:
Liberal Academia Profits Knowingly from Sweatshop Labor
The same academic leaders who deplore conservative policies and enforce PC-speak show their true colors:

American university apparel continues to be made under increasingly bleak sweatshop conditions despite pledges from academic leaders that they would help improve the workers’ plight.

College officials have largely watched from the sidelines as factory workers in the $3 billion-a-year market have seen real wages decline and are being met with greater resistance than ever when they attempt to organize.

Propelled by passionate student protests five years ago, college administrators promised to pressure manufacturers to improve working conditions.

But a Hartford Courant examination shows that colleges are quietly profiting from worsening sweatshop labor even as the national spotlight has shifted to factories that make clothing for rapper P. Diddy and Wal-Mart.
US college clothing: Sweatshop Conditions Worsen
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Children in Iran
Is this really what God demands? Death by hanging for nine-year-old girls? I don't know, I don't know God. But I'm furious at the people who think they represent him.
As one young woman awaits sentence and another faces death this week, Alasdair Palmer reveals the Iranian legal system's shocking barbarity towards children.

"My mother doesn't visit me in prison. If you see her, tell her she promised to bring me cheese curls and chocolate. And she shouldn't forget to bring my red dress."

Those pathetic words may be among the last utterances of a 19-year-old girl, identified only as Leila M, who has been condemned to death in Iran for "acts incompatible with chastity".

According to Amnesty International, Leila has a mental age of eight. What evidence there is of her life so far records an existence of unrelieved misery and brutality. She was sold into prostitution at the age of eight by her parents. She recalls the experience of when her mother "first took me to a man's house" as "a horrible night. I cried a lot … but then my mum came the next day and took me home. She brought me chocolate and cheese curls."

Read it all after the jump.

(with many thanks to writermom)
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Winds of Democracy: A Pan-Arabian Gulf Parliament?
If it's more democratic than the EU, I'll laugh. I bet you anything it is, though. At the same time as a UAE breakup seems to be in the works...

Bahrain will propose an amendment to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) charter to allow the establishment of a Gulf parliament when the leaders of the six-member states meet here on Monday.

Shaikh Mohammad Bin Mubarak Al Khalifa, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, had agreed to "submit a proposal to the GCC foreign ministers to amend the current status and allow the setting up of the parliament", Speaker of the Council of Representatives Khalifa Al Dahrani has said.

He was responding to a proposal from five lawmakers to set up an elected GCC parliament to replace the current consultative commission, which has 30 appointed members from the six GCC states.

The foreign ministers will meet in Manama on Sunday, ahead of the two-day summit which begins the next day.

"It is aimed to widen scope of public participation in the policy making process," Abdul Hadi Marhoun, the Deputy Speaker, told Gulf News.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
The United States Is At War With Tribalism, Not Islam
Read this fantastic article at the LA Times: 21st Century Tribes [bugmenot]

Americans comfort themselves with the thought that no other nation will be able to match our power for decades. But from ancient times to the present, globally expanding great powers often encounter tribes or clans that fiercely resist them, sometimes with dire consequences, as happened to the Roman Empire. The more tribal or clannish the society, the more resistant it will be to change. Reform then has to come from the outside or from above, as in Meiji Japan.

The United States is not at war with Islam. Its struggle is largely with insurgents who behave in the manner of tribes and clans. Some are members of true tribes; others are patched together by radical clerics or jihadist recruiters operating among alienated migrants. U.S. forces are learning this the hard way — on the ground.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Kuwaitis Demand Democracy
I hope this doesn't come to nothing like so many Arab democratic movements have. I'm encouraged that they're trying, I think that the cool breeze of freedom that the Statue of Liberty is blowing down their necks has something to do with this...

A group of young political activists has launched the Justice and Development Movement in the country and are calling for political pluralism and the activation of civil institutions and organisations.

It also called for the country's 42-year-old constitution to be implemented in practice and cautioned against certain influential people who are trying to amend it to serve their vested interests.

Nasser Yousuf Al Abdali, a founder member of the group, told Gulf News, "We are looking for a democracy shaped along the lines of Britain and Spain where the royal families play a very important special role but real power lies in the hands of the people.

"Democracy in Kuwait is a lie. The whole process has been hijacked by the fight between the Islamists and Liberals who are not really looking to the future of the country."

Also, he said, "Our constitutional rights have been taken away from us over the years.

"We don't have political parties, can't establish new newspapers and magazines and we can't really discuss our problems openly. That was not the message of the founding fathers of the constitution."
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Me Fans The Winds of War at Winds of Change.NET
I have an awesome part-time job! I'm working with Bill Roggio of the fourth rail to do the Monday Winds of War briefing at Winds of Change.NET. I join such illustrious company as Colt of Eurabian Times, Andrew Olmsted, and Joel Gaines of No Pundit Intended.
Today's Winds of War briefing is brought to you by Bill Roggio of the fourth rail and evariste of Discarded Lies.
One of us capitalizes his name, the other capitalizes his blog!
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Where Are Those Jewish Neocons When Israel Needs Them?
Caroline Glick wants to know where the Israeli neocons are, and why the best American movement for spreading liberty has such little impact in the Jewish state.

And yet, as The Washington Post's editorialist noted on Wednesday, even as the Arab potentates at the Rabat summit were berating the Americans for daring to discuss democracy with them, Arab human rights activists who also participated in the conference insisted that the Americans continue to pressure their governments and that "Palestinian and Iraqi issues should not be used as excuses for not launching reforms."

And what did these people want? They demanded that their governments "allow free ownership of media institutions and sources; allow freedom of expression and especially freedom of assembly and meetings; ensure women's rights and remove all forms of inequality and discrimination against women in the Arab world; and immediately release reformers, human rights activists and political prisoners."

The American neoconservatives, who have been the most visible proponents of democracy in the Arab world and who Barnea, echoing Ashrawi, alleges "control the foreign policy of the Bush administration," have often been accused of working for Israel. Yet, as Israel's Leftist elites' revulsion with democracy and our government's silence on the issue shows, American democracy advocates have almost no one to talk to in Israel. Indeed, Israel's passivity in the face of Palestinian corruption, authoritarianism and hatred indicates that what Israel needs most desperately is for a movement of Israeli neoconservatives to arise and "take control" of Israel's foreign policy.
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guest author: Semite5000 in Discarded Lies:
I Have Arrived in Korea
I woke up today in Korea- second day here, first full day. It is a bright sunny day and I can see mountains from my bedroom.

The Korean Air ("Caring more about you") was long, but the service was excellent. The flight attendants were also all drop-dead gorgeous. There must be a 'good looks' requirement for them. In any event, the airplane food was nice and the plane still looked clean even after the 14 hour flight to Incheon. Compared to the post-frat-party-appearance of an El Al flight upon landing, the KA plane looked fresh and ready to go again.

Anyway, there is more to tell, but I was just phoned by my friend Samara, who set me up on this trip, and I am going to meet her and another guy -- Michael- at the Dong De Moon Market. This is my first adventure alone! I just told my "mom" Ms. Sung Ki-Ok of my plans and she gave me a horrified look, but I have reassured her that I'll be fine. The Koreans are really doting over us, but it is nice because it makes me feel really welcome.

I have to end this first email. Luckily, "John" (Lee Young Joon), my new little "brother" has a computer with Internet access- hence this email so soon.

In any event, I am fine and excited and feel well rested. I can't wait to tell more.

Take care,

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ev and zorkie in Discarded Lies:
What's Happening In The Sidebar Sinister?
In our last revolution, power was finally restored to the people after several weeks of tyranny by queens of every gender, species and social status. The People's Bloggie is now a kinder, gentler bloggie. There are nice smells coming out of the diner. People say "good morning" and "good night" to each other and smile and tip their hats and buy each other pints. little green chef was heard whistling. People are cheerful, comrades! Proof that revolutions work.

As you all know we are determined to spread this revolution and conquer the blogosphere. Eventually everyone will see the wisdom of Bloggie and will be willing to join the masses in involuntary labour and cheap red swill. This is no easy task and it cannot be accomplished by two people alone. (We don't know where kianb is lately, he may or may not be agit-propping). We needed help comrades. So we turned to the gay community who immediately rushed to our rescue, providing us with comfort food and soft drugs.

In Sine's capable hands we entrust the People's Diner. We trust that she will amend her bourgeois tastes and make us the occasional hamburger. We also hope she takes in the nice Syrian guy who's looking for a Jewish American lesbian to live with as punishment for attending Al-Qaeda camp. (Sine, we know you're not Jewish, but have you thought about conversion?)

Throbert locked himself in the Cellar and we noticed a sudden spike in our electricity usage - but do not worry comrades, the extra cost will promptly be passed to the people. He also brings us two gorgeous new homebrewed emoticons!

So, since our comrades will be keeping the people's bellies full and their minds vacant, we will take the opportunity to get secretly drunk and start on Zak's Korean travelogues. A sneak peek involved "sea penises." No, not in the first chapter, what kind of blog do you think we run here? We don't have sea penises till the third guest post!

UPDATE: Throbert sends another homebrew emoticon for the blue family, this one animated along with suggested occasions for use:
* "Your post was so fantastic that I just
jizzed my pants."

* "As we speak, I am doing LaMaze breathing
exercises to prepare for natural childbirth"

* "Boy, am I constipated!"
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