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daily archive: 12/18/2004
zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
The Peacekeepers
I miss the days when I didn't know much about the United Nations. I just had this abstract idea that they were a force of good in the world. I was a much more hopeful person then and more secure in my convictions.
In the corner of the tent where she says a soldier forced himself on her, Helen, a frail fifth grader with big eyes and skinny legs, remembers seeing a blue helmet.

The United Nations peacekeeper who tore off her clothes had used a cup of milk to lure her close, she said in her high-pitched voice, fidgeting as she spoke. It was her favorite drink, she said, but one her family could rarely afford. "I was so happy," she said.

After she gulped it down, the foreign soldier pulled Helen, a 12-year-old, into bed, she said. About an hour later, he gave her a dollar, put a finger to his lips and pushed her out of his tent, she said.

In this same eastern outpost, another United Nations peacekeeper, unable to communicate with a 13-year-old Swahili-speaking girl who walked past him, held up a cookie and gestured for her to draw near. As the girl, Solange, who recounted the incident with tears in her eyes the other day, reached for the cookie, the soldier reached for her. She, too, said she was raped.

The United Nations said recently that it had uncovered 150 allegations of sexual abuse committed by United Nations peacekeepers stationed in Congo, many of them here in Bunia where the population has already suffered horrendous atrocities committed by local fighters. The raping of women and girls is an all-too-common tactic in the war raging in Congo's eastern jungles involving numerous militia groups. In Bunia, a program run by Unicef has treated 2,000 victims of sexual violence in recent months. But it is not just the militia members who have been preying on the women. So, too, local women say, have some of the soldiers brought in to keep the peace.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
A Little Bear
Someone in America showed a little kindness to an Iraqi child and in the process saved the lives of a few Marines.
As the vehicles went around her, I soon saw her sitting there and in her arms she was clutching a little bear that we had handed her a few patrols back. Feeling an immediate connection to the girl, I radioed that we were going to stop...."
From Blackfive via Winds of Change.NET. Read the whole thing.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
A Longer-Range View On The War
James Atticus Bowden says we're not even fighting the same war as the insurgents in Iraq, offers a little perspective and some interesting analysis. The Battle of Fallujah: One Early Battle in a Long, Long World War

“We feel right now that we have, as I mentioned, broken the back of the insurgency," Lieutenant General John F. Sattler, Commanding General, I Marine Expeditionary Force comment on the Battle of Fallujah.

Nonsense. But, a prime example why Marines command tactical engagements and don’t run wars (according to a USMC Command and Staff College graduate). The insurgency is alive and well, just about 1,200 insurgents shorter. The valor of Marines and Soldiers in the battle was significant, but the enemy isn’t near their culminating point – the real beginning of the end.

Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) isn’t about how many insurgents are killed. The center of gravity for OIF is how many people are willing to be insurgents. The fighting, truly, is politics by another means. The election in ’05 is a symbolic exercise. This fighting is the real election.

This election with guns and bombs is about who has the power to rule. It’s different from the Rule of Law. It’s the way of the world. The exception to the rule of ruthless power is the bubble in time called the Great Experiment (Democracy in America), parliamentary rule among English-speaking peoples and in Western Europe – on and off, and flattering imitators elsewhere. History mocks President Bush’s Wilsonian rhetoric of democracy fast flowering in the Islamic desert.

Islamic civilization, once triumphantly ascendant, has declined since the 1200s. Today, Islamic civilization, except for Egypt, Iran (Persia) and Turkey, is a tribal culture stuck in the 13 th Century. Islam is as far behind the West – no Renaissance, no Reformation, no Enlightenment - as the Barbarians were behind Rome in the 5 th Century. There is a 600-800 year gap. Islam produces Islamists and is the identity of Iraq’s culture.

Yet, using demeaning names for enemies in Iraq, like “terrorist, dead-ender, insurgent, foreign Islamist, etc.? is self-absorbed folly. The enemies of occupying Americans aren’t terrorists. They’re using terrorism as a tactic. Why are Iraqis fighting? The Iraqis are struggling for security and stability for their families and tribes.

The real election issue is which group of guys with guns is ruthless enough, willing enough, to win. That is their war.

America’s war is different. Our fight is for the winner in Iraq to not be hostile to the U.S. and go through the symbolism of elections periodically. As long as the successor government is better than Saddam Hussein, like warlord Afghanistan with elections is better than the Taliban, we win.

OIF fits into our World War IV - which may last for centuries. For each phase of the fight, for each location, the U.S. needs the strategic, operational and tactical levels of war to match properly. Metaphors might provide the right framework of understanding.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
To Our Military Families and Their Heroes

Until Then

Via Soldier Works

(jim russell pbuh)
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
A Mass Murderer Capitalizes On His Notoriety
Imam Samudra, who masterminded the Bali atrocity, has written a prison memoir incitement to jihad, a third-rate mein kampf, and it's selling well. He advocates online credit card fraud to finance terrorism and gives tips and tricks for meeting people to help Allah's fearsome nerds learn this stuff.
After Imam Samudra was charged with engineering the devastating Bali nightclub bombings two years ago, he taunted his police accusers in court, then greeted his death sentence with the cry, "Infidels die!"

So when Samudra published a jailhouse autobiography this fall, it was not surprising that it contained virulent justifications for the Bali attacks, which killed 202 people, most of them foreign tourists.

But tucked into the back of the 280-page book is a chapter of an entirely different cast titled "Hacking, Why Not?" There, Samudra urges fellow Muslim radicals to take the holy war into cyberspace by attacking U.S. computers, with the particular aim of committing credit card fraud, called "carding." The chapter then provides an outline on how to get started.

The primer on carding is rudimentary, according to U.S. and Indonesian cybercrime experts, but they said the chapter provides a rare glimpse into the mounting threat posed by terrorists using Internet fraud to finance their operations.

"The worry is that an army of people doing cybercrime could raise a great deal of money for other activities that terrorists are carrying out," said Alan Paller, research director of the Sans Institute, a U.S. Internet-security training company.

Samudra, 34, is among the most technologically savvy members of Jemaah Islamiah, an underground Islamic radical movement in Southeast Asia that is linked to al Qaeda. He sought to fund the Bali attacks in part through online credit card fraud, according to Indonesian police. They said Samudra's laptop computer revealed an attempt at carding, but it was unclear whether he had succeeded.

Internet crime experts said Samudra's book seems unprecedented as a tool for recruiting radical Muslims into a campaign of online fraud and building networks of fundraisers.

"This is exactly the kind of advice you would give someone who wanted to get started in cybercrime," said Paller, who reviewed a translation of the chapter. "It doesn't focus on a specific technique, but focuses on how you find techniques and focuses on connecting with other people to act loosely together."
Here's the outrageous part:
Titled "Me Against the Terrorist!" the book depicts Samudra on the cover in a now-classic pose from his trial last year in Bali. He is clad in a white shirt and white Muslim skullcap, with his right arm outstretched and a single finger raised as he lectures the judges.

Four thousand copies in Indonesian have been issued by a small publisher and are selling for about $4 each in at least seven cities across the islands of Java and Sumatra, said Achmad Michdan, Samudra's attorney, who wrote the forward. Michdan said the publisher is planning a second run and is considering translating the book into English, French and Arabic. Profits benefit Samudra's wife and children. Samudra remains on death row.

Most of the book is a memoir that tracks Samudra from his early schooling in Java, through his arms training in the Afghan mountains, his exile in Malaysia and his return to Indonesia. It includes arguments for killing Western civilians and bitter critiques of U.S. policy in Israel, Afghanistan and Iraq, including photographs of Muslim civilian casualties.
Why is his family profiting from his slaughters? The money should go to the Australian families of his victims! I find it completely disgusting that he's becoming a media star of sorts even on death row, by virtue of the fact that he killed a lot of people. I don't want his book banned; let it sell. But I don't want his wife and children to eat a single penny of the proceeds.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Rana Husseini
I saw an article about an honour killing in Jordan. It would have been what this post is about until I noticed who wrote it and the real story here is the journalist herself. I don't know if you're familiar with Rana Husseini. I feel ashamed for not featuring Ms Husseini earlier because I've been an admirer for a long time. Hers is an extraordinary and brave voice.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
A Demonstration of Goodwill
A Syrian detained in Canada for links to Osama bin Laden offered, if released, to find a Jewish American lesbian to live with as a demonstration of goodwill.

Hassan Almrei, detained in solitary confinement for three years, is fighting deportation to Syria, where he says he faces certain death. Almrei, who was admitted to Canada as a refugee in 1999, admitted to using fake passports, lying to the refugee board and attending Al Qaida camps, the Canadian Press reported. He made his appeal to be released at a hearing in Toronto on Thursday.

Almrei says he would observe the strictest of bail conditions, saying he even would be willing to live with a Jewish American lesbian.
I'll call all my Jewish American lesbian friends and see if any of them is willing to take this guy in as a demonstration of goodwill towards Al-Qaeda. Who knows, maybe it will be the lesbians who will win us the war on terror. And if that goes well we can enlist them for the war on drugs next.

Single Syrian male seeks U.S. Jewish lesbian
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Divesting from Israel
Not only do I strongly disagree with divestiture from Israel, I think it's an act of intentional malice towards Jews. From Marlowe's Shade:
Right this minute leading universities around the United States are discussing something called divestiture, or divestment. This means that universities doing business with Israel, directly or indirectly, should stop doing so – divest. The timing for all this could not be more perfect as we approach the 60th anniversary of the Wannsee Conference, a meeting held in Berlin to organize and implement the ‘Final Solution.’ Beginning with Reinhard Heydrich, Hitler’s top goons were there, January 20, 1942, to set in motion the murder of an entire people.
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