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daily archive: 12/12/2004
ev and zorkie in Discarded Lies:
Discarded Cultcha
So it's come to our attention that some of you have no idea about this whole titles in emoticons thing we do here, not to name names. The title is an html tag attribute. So in a tag that says
<img src='path/to/emoticons/smiley.gif' />
if we add a title attribute
<img src='path/to/emoticons/smiley.gif' title='something very clever' />
then when you hover your mouse on the emoticon, the title will appear. And we're talking in the titles, people. Constantly. So if you're not looking, you've missed out on a lot of conversations here! Also, it's kind of weird to hover on your emoticons and they're silent, like dead gods that no longer speak.
We even prefill the title attribute for you, you lazy bums. Just type between the quote marks! Not allowed: html inside the title, and the same kind of quote as the title is using. So if it's title='something' then you can't use a single quote inside it. If it's title="something else" then you can't use a double quote inside it. See? See? We look forward to speaking in titles with you.
Oh, and about that thing where some of you could only see a blank page for a large part of this evening...uh, sorry. It was a glitch. Where's a disembodied head of Ali G emoticon when you need him? Ah...
We (and by we, I mean evariste) tried something and didn't test the change immediately in IE. In fact, or test it in IE at all till the first one of you complained. Whiner. So please do complain to our email if anything is ever wrong like this, because chances are, we, by which we mean evariste, have been goofing around and stuff. And forgot to test in IE, as usual. And since zorkie should know better than let evariste work in the batmobile without checking for damages in all resolutions and browsers, twenty five lashes to her.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Dial-A-Bomb: Even Terrorists Are Doing Military Transformation Now
UPDATE: Outsider has left a fantastic comment that taught me that once again I fell for Debka's alarmism and should have thought about it a little, and that this story is really not about very much. Oy. Thanks, Outsider!

Debka-Net-Weekly says King Abdullah had some ominous news for Bush when he visited him recently: someone is providing the terrorists with GPS detonators.

What worried King Abdullah and the Bush government most was the discovery in the Iraqi Sunni towns of Fallujah and Baqouba of unmarked, primed-to-explode charges containing global positioning signal receivers. It was the first time a GPS receiver has been found in the course of the global war against terror.
See how this helps terrorists amplify their destructive power inside...also, apparently this is very high quality stuff. Where are they getting it?
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guest author: Sine in Discarded Lies:
Another Red Herring?
Take a blog, remove the immediacy of the content and all the social interaction by putting it in print form. Charge $49 per year for a subscription. Huh?
The new venture, AlwaysOn, will bring one of the Internet's hottest trends -- Web logging, or "blogging" -- to print.

The quarterly magazine, scheduled to debut early next year, will draw heavily from material that has already appeared online at alwayson -- a technology-focused blogging community that Perkins created after Red Herring's collapse.

I don't think so...what do you think?

Red Herring Founder Tries "Blogozine."
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Exercises of Federal Power
Ashcroft v. Raich, the Supreme Court's medical marijuana case, isn't really about medical marijuana. It's about power -- the power of Congress to exert control, and the power of the Constitution to rein Congress in.

The named plaintiff in this case is Angel McClary Raich, a California mother of two afflicted with an awful array of diseases, including tumors in her brain and uterus, asthma, severe weight loss, and endometriosis. To ease her symptoms, doctors put her on dozens of standard medications. When none of them helped, they prescribed marijuana. That did help -- so much so that Raich, who had been confined to a wheelchair, was again able to walk.

Raich's marijuana was supplied to her for free from two donors who grew it in California, using only California soil, water, and supplies. Under the state's Compassionate Use Act of 1996, which exempts the use of marijuana under a doctor's supervision from criminal sanction, all of this was perfectly legal.

But under the federal Controlled Substances Act of 1970, the possession of marijuana for any reason is illegal. The question for the court is which law should prevail in this case: state or federal?
(jim russell pbuh)
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
The Interrogator
I know I would never make a good interrogator. Five-year-olds can totally con me into believing anything they say. "I didn't eat the cookie, I don't know where these crumbs came from, the cat did it" and I'm all like, "aww, I'm so sorry I accused you unfairly..."
How does a government gain information from a terrorist? The question is of more than academic interest to the United States- which, in places like Abu Ghraib prison, outside Baghdad, and the Guantánamo Naval Base in Cuba, has been trying to ferret out the secrets of suspected terrorists.

Those who do the interrogating rarely speak about their trade, which has often been shadowed by accusations, and sometimes revelations, of human rights violations. But the New Scientist, a British weekly, recently published an interview with Michael Koubi, who was the chief interrogator for Shin Bet, Israel's security service, from 1987 to 1993. The interview was part of special study by the magazine into the psychological methods interrogators use to extract information and the traumatic effects they can have on their subjects.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Shoah Jews: Active Fighters Not Passive Victims
Go! Read this amazing piece at GlennReynolds.com...

Zionists believed that Jews had become disconnected from the physical world. That the Jews had no homeland was the most extreme manifestation of the disconnection, but the disconnect could be seen on many levels. Often pale and weak, Jewish boys were easy targets for bullies. Usually passive and timid, Jewish communities were easy targets for mobs. The root cause of Jewish physical weakness and of disrespect by gentiles was the Jewish lack of self-respect.

The Zionists set out to restore a Jewish homeland, and they recognized that such a project would require a widespread change in Jewish consciousness.

So in counties such as Russia and Israel (which was ruled as colony by the Ottoman Empire and then by the British), Zionists organized Jewish self-defense groups. Many of the young Jewish men and women who would lead the resistance to Hitler were members of these Zionist self-defense youth groups in the 1930s in Eastern Europe.

Although there is a widespread myth that Jews in the Holocaust were passive, they were actually more active than any other conquered people. In 1942-43, Jews constituted half of all the partisans in Poland. Overall, about thirty thousand Jewish partisans fought in Eastern Europe. There were armed revolts in over forty different ghettos, mostly in Eastern Poland.

In other parts of Europe, Jews likewise joined the resistance at much higher rates than the rest of the population. Unlike in Eastern Europe, though, Jews were generally able to participate as individuals in the national resistance, rather than having to fight in separate units.

For example, in France, Jews amounted to than one percent of French population, but comprised about 15-20 percent of the French Resistance.

In Greece too, Jews were disproportionately involved in the resistance. In Thessaly, a Jewish partisan unit in the mountains was led by the septuagenarian Rabbi Moshe Pesah, who carried his own rifle. The Athenian Jew Jacques Costis led the team which demolished the Gorgopotamos Bridge, thereby breaking the link between the mainland and Peloponnesian Peninsula, and interfering with the delivery of supplies to Rommel’s Afrika Korps.

One of the great centers of resistance was Vilna, Lithuania, which before the Nazi conquest had been an outstanding center of Jewish learning, compared by some to Jerusalem.

Plans for resistance began in January 1942. The Jews’ only weapons were smuggled in from nearby German arms factories where the Jews performed slave labor.
I admit it, shamefacedly: I had no idea, and I wondered why the Jews just went like sheep to the slaughter. They didn't, as it turns out. They fought heroically.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
NSC Wargaming: No Israeli Involvement In Destruction Of Iran Nuke Facilities
In London-based Arab Daily Ash Sharq Al Awsat, a report of recent NSC wargaming that included such figures as David Kay-but excluded Israel (and thank God, because Israel took care of Osirak, and we should handle this one).

Changing the Iran Regime US Plan: No Israel Involvement

The US National Security Council started preparation of a military assault against Iran in order to annihilate nuke potential and change anti-American clerical regime, London-based Arab-language newspaper Asharq al-Awsat has informed.

According to the newspaper, a group of the US experts employs former top CIA officer David Kay, former head of an inspection mission to Iraq, retired Gen. Sam Gardner, an author of occupation strategy in Iraq in the eighties Kennet Folk, Washington Strategic Center Rokings leading specialist, former top Pentagon official Kennet Baykon and others.

The plan concludes three major activities: Twenty four hours on bombing and destroying main Iran airbases and concentrated forces of the Islam Revolutionary Guards, missiles and bombs, while then assault nuclear facilities and non-conventional arms plants-125 targets. Occupation of Iran by the US ground forces located in the neighboring Gulf States, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Iraq.

As Asharq Al Awsat noticed, this is one of Iraq-like scenarios to convert Iran into a friendly country, A significant difference is avoiding occupation of Tehran and huge US military presence in Iranian capital. Just a few commandos corps would be needed to change a government.

Two weeks have been supposed to execute a regime change plan.

Information on deliberating possibilities of Iranian military resistance, Iraqi Shiites uprising and deploying Israel to destroy Iranian nuke objects have most recently been discussed at the group working meeting. However, Israel's involvement is much less realistic because of Israelis' understanding of their own munitions shortage to completely destroy all Iranian nuclear objects.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Consulate Attack Mastermind Already Captured
(Geostrategy Direct subscription required) They sure are quick to catch these guys...how do the Saudis know right where to reach out and touch some terrorists, but they can't stop them from infiltrating Iraq?

Saudis capture Al Qaida leader who commanded attack on U.S. consulate

ABU DHABI — Saudi security forces have captured the leader of Al Qaida's network in the kingdom.

Saudi sources said Interior Ministry commandos have captured Salah Al Awfi, the leader of Al Qaida's network Saudi Arabia. The sources said Al Awfi, 39, commanded the Al Qaida attack on the U.S. consulate in Jeddah and was captured in an assault by Saudi forces that ended a three-hour siege.

"There are rumors and nobody is saying anything at this point," a Western diplomatic source in Riyad said on Dec. 7.

Also reported captured was Al Awfi's chief aide, Abdullah Bin Muhsen Al Anzi. The Saudi sources said both participated in the operation to capture the U.S. consulate and had been injured in the shootout with Saudi commandos.

Al Awfi appeared on the Interior Ministry's list of 26 top fugitives sought by the kingdom. Earlier, he was said to have died in September 2004 following a shootout with Saudi security forces, but Riyad has never confirmed this.

In July, Al Awfi was appointed Al Qaida's commander in Saudi Arabia following the killing of Abdul Aziz Al Muqrin. But Islamic sources said Al Awfi was far less experienced and capable than was Al Muqrin and shared responsibility with other Al Qaida operatives.

Three of the five Al Qaida attackers were killed in the shootout with Saudi security forces in Jeddah. The sources identified two of the dead insurgents as Mohammed Khalid Al Awfi, regarded as a senior operative, and Fayed Al Samiri. It was not known whether Mohammed Khalid was related to Al Awfi.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Healing Period Needed
This is so pathetic, it's almost funny. Mr Polite sounds like the kind of person that would cut his ex-wife's face out of all the family pictures.
A Democratic city councilman is demanding that a baker remove photos of President Bush from his stand in Lancaster's farmers market, saying the city needs a "healing period" following the bitterly contested election.

City Councilman Nelson Polite asked baker David Stoltzfus last month to remove the pictures. When Stoltzfus refused, Polite threatened to try to enact a city ordinance that would ban all political material from public places.

"I just feel that since it was a close election and the city's so divided, that we should have a healing period," Polite told the New Era of Lancaster on Friday.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Barghouti On and Off
Fatah is apparently begging Barghouti not to run. I really wish he won't run either. With Abbas there may be some hope. Barghouti just wants to continue the intifada from jail.
The jailed Palestinian leader Marwan Barghouti was poised to withdraw his candidacy for the Palestinian presidential elections last night, leaving the way open for the PLO chairman Mahmoud Abbas.
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