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daily archive: 11/27/2008
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ev and zorkie in Discarded Lies:
Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!
We wish you all a happy holiday, full of joy and good memories. We have a lot to be grateful about this year. We generally do, but this year, although sometimes difficult, has been a special one, and the next one is going to be even better. We just wish there were more hours in the day so we could do everything we wish we had time to do.

I tend to overcommit myself out of optimism, promising the sun, the moon and the stars to everyone who wants a claim on my attention. Meanwhile, zorkie throws her whole being into every little labor of love she creates in Flash, her greatest storytelling medium yet. She did some great stuff with blogging, like the Terra Nostra and Children of the Stoplights series as well as the first few seasons of Bloggies of our Lives, but her Flash creations are the greatest realization of her talents yet. To anyone whom we've neglected in the past year, the management apologizes for the oversight. May we offer you a coupon for half-off your Bloggie membership fee? Speaking of which, we're introducing a Bloggie membership fee. Think of it as a gym membership for your sense of humor. Just 50 drachmids a month, payable in cash at Ferkakta Central Services on the 32nd of the month. Pay it or we'll start towing your car all the time for no reason. City Hall has no sympathy for your plight, because we are City Hall.

We are very grateful in many spheres of our lives. I'm grateful for my customers who are cheering me on as I ditch them and embark on a new phase of my career. We're grateful for our Bloggie, which is much, much more than the sum of its parts, thanks to the humor and grace and light-hearted spirit of inquiry which you all embrace to varying ;-) degrees. We're grateful for the internet, which suddenly decided to discover zorkie's work and appreciate her genius, and which is the only way over 200,000 like-minded gamers could have had the chance to enjoy her efforts...I take some pride in our zorkie's success because I had the privilege of helping her find her feet. We're both so grateful that she's found recognition. She was just an avid gamer just like the couple hundred thousand people who played her games, and they loved them, and their appreciation gave us both so much personal and professional validation. zorkie's wildest dream came true: she's a point-and-click adventure game developer now. She's making the kind of games that she's always loved to play! We're both so grateful to all of you for supporting her and playing her games and helping her learn what works and what doesn't. You truly helped launch zorkie as a game developer and contributed so much to her growth. I'm thankful for zorkie, who has been such an amazing partner and companion in the midst of all this craziness, and truly my best friend in the whole world in every possible way. I couldn't dream of having a better partner-in-crime than her. I'm grateful for her riding roughshod over my worst instincts and having such good judgement in how we nurture our Bloggie. I'm grateful to her for turning our every potential disaster into a comedy, and for helping me be my best self and encouraging every good idea I've ever had and talking me out of every bad one. I'm also grateful to Sean Gleeson for all the help he's generously offered us in navigating the shoals of Flash game development...he's very much our mentor, both as a businessman and as a computer dork like us. And we're happy to have each and every one of you on Bloggie, even the jerks. We're grateful to you for sticking with us in our foolish, beautiful experiment and for really getting what we're about. Uh, by and large. Thanks for manning the blogo-barricades with us and sticking with us through thick and thin. Vicissitudes, we've had. But we sailed through everything with humor and style and laughter. Our best revenge is laughter. Of course, no good thing ever comes alone, and so happiness also brings pain and heartache sometimes and for that we're not grateful, but we are grateful to the people who love us and who pulled us through some rough times.

So to everyone we love and cherish and to all our friends on Bloggie, happy Thanksgiving to you. May you and your loved ones be blessed, and may 2009 be the best year yet for all of us. Thank you.
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