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daily archive: 11/17/2004
zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Yesterday Greek Muslims attacked a TV crew near a mosque in Northern Greece. The actors and TV crew are facing charges in court for defiling a religious institution. I thought it was the right decision. Even though the actors had asked for all sorts of permits they never bothered to check with the local Imam. He would have told them that women were not allowed in the mosque without proper attire. The actors claimed they didn't know that. I guess they've been living under a rock.

And before we start judging angry Muslim crowds, let's take a look at some angry non-Muslim crowds. They're all Greek.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
The U.N. Is Your Friend
I grew up with the idea that the U.N. would protect me. I had nightmares about war but my parents would assure me that it would never happen. The U.N. wouldn't let it happen because the U.N. cares.
The price of the United Nations’ procrastination over the genocide in Sudan is revealed today in stark human terms: 35,000 further deaths since the UN Security Council first warned Khartoum to clean up its act.

As the 15-strong Security Council meets in special session in Nairobi today to debate Sudan, the crisis in Darfur is worse than on 30 July when the first resolution was approved by 13 votes to nil. Every five minutes, another person dies.
Genocide out of control yet still the UN refuses to act
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Saddam's Capture
In our LGF Classics, we had featured Breaking News; one night at little green footballs we learned that Saddam was caught before the rest of the world knew. It was a great moment. It also cost justdanny a friendship.
This is how I remember Ali telling me Saddam was found and was being captured.

ALI: Danny. Something is happening. The army is everywhere. They are closing down the whole town.

ME: Ali, are you alright? Are you safe there? Do you hear guns or bombs?

ALI: I think they have captured Saddam.
Deepwoods Hermit: Announcing Saddams Capture
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
The Glimmer Of A Hope To Defang IEDs
Nathaniel Helms writes in "The IED solution":
Two Missouri professors seeking ways to track civilian automobiles for General Motors have discovered a way to detect and conceivably even detonate so-called Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), the bombs that are frequently killing and maiming coalition troops in Iraq.
Whoah! Really?! Awesome! So like, how? With Super Science?
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ev and zorkie in Discarded Lies:
Jack and Holly
We're happy to introduce two newcomers to Discarded Lies, Jack and Holly. They have kindly offered to take over the LGF Watch Watch posts. You know X of LGF Watch, s/he is the boring g(uy/irl) somewhere in Yurp who has an unhealthy fixation on Charles, the overlord of little green footballs. Covering X had become so incredibly boring, it had driven us to doing all kinds of chores in order to avoid writing a post about h(er/im).

i've been cleaning my place like a maniac!

...and I've been calling my grandmother on a weekly basis. It'll be good to get back to normal.

LGF Watch Watch is now a sidebar blog on Discarded Lies, and Jack and Holly will be handling the posting over there on a semi-regular basis. They have a unique format and we think you'll enjoy it, it sure made us laugh. They also have another really fun idea and might be making a regular appearance on Discarded Lies and not just in the sidebar lgf watch watch blog. We're still talking to them about it. Welcome aboard, Jack and Holly!
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Kerry's Plan B?
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Oil For Suicide Bombing
Revelation: Saddam used Oil For Food funds to pay his $25000 bounties to suicide bombers' families.
Iraq had thousands of secret bank accounts throughout the world, including over 1,500 in Jordan. Money from kickbacks on oil-for-food deals, illegal oil payments from the Jordanian government and other illicit funds were paid into accounts held by a Jordanian branch of the Iraqi government-owned Rafidain Bank, investigators said.

According to employees of the Iraqi Central Bank and the Rafidain Bank, the former Iraqi ambassador to Jordan, Sabah Yassen, withdrew money from the accounts to make payments ranging from $15,000 to $25,000 to the families of Palestinian suicide bombers, Hyde said.

Palestinians have said Saddam paid more than $35 million to families of Palestinians killed or wounded in the conflict with Israel that began in September 2000. Since then, Palestinians have carried out 117 suicide bombings, killing 494 Israelis and others.
The United Nations: it's the world's handmaiden of misery, I can't believe people consider it a moral authority anywhere on earth. What an outrage. What a worthless, scumbag organization. Dynamite that glass tower, and move the UN to Ethiopia.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
The Question Of The Barrel
In the WSJ (subscription required) today:
Another point in the Zarqawi recording bears attention: "This war is very long, and always think of this as the beginning, and always make the enemy think that yesterday was better than today." In Israel, this is known as the question of the barrel: Is there a bottom to it or not? Beyond whatever tactics the Iraqi insurgents may employ, their strategy is to convince Americans that there is no bottom; that their cause enjoys huge popular support; that it feeds off the resentments that "occupation" inevitably engenders; and that it can go on undeterred by whatever damage U.S. forces inflict.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Al-Quds Day
The Shi’ite Islamist parade was one of several held around the world to mark the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. The event was begun in 1979 by Iranian Ayatollah Khomeini to condemn Israel’s existence.

Since then, Iran has held its annual demonstration in Teheran; Hezbollah has held military parades in Beirut; and demonstrators around the world — including in London, Berlin and Toronto — have demanded the destruction of Israel.

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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Pacepa: Communism Terror's Midwife; Peters: Huntington's "Clash" Was Right
Frontpagemag held a symposium called The Terror War: How We Can Win. Such personalities as Ion Mihai Pacepa and Ralph Peters participated. Also, two guys I never heard of, but I'm sure they're very nice.
Some thoughts from Ralph Peters:
Finally--for now--I was baffled a decade ago by the outrage over Samuel Huntington's concept of the "clash of civilizations." Clashing is what civilizations DO. It's their inherent mission. There is no example in history of adjacent civilizations cooperating constructively over an extended period. And we not only are experiencing a clash of civilizations, but a situation unprecedented in history: The crash of a major civilization, that of Middle Eastern Islam, before our eyes.
Read on for more from Peters, and some fascinating revelations from Ion Pacepa as well.
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