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daily archive: 11/09/2004
zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
The Backlash
What does it take to turn a liberal society into a conservative society? A few hits close to home.

Van Gogh murder backlash begins
IT PRIDES itself on being the beating liberal heart of Europe, but the murder of film-maker Theo van Gogh has convinced many in the Netherlands that the nation’s legendary tolerance has now reached its limit.

Van Gogh’s execution last Tuesday, which has been linked to Islamic extremists, has brought calls for a crackdown on fundamentalists and renegade preachers that would previously have been unthinkable.

Once liberal commentators now want Muslim hardliners to be thrown out of the country, even if they have Dutch passports, and greater surveillance of the wider Islamic community.
The leading liberal Amsterdam broadsheet, The Telegraaf, has led the charge with a hard-hitting editorial that would never previously have been published.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Leftist Jihad-Sympathizing Lawyer Advocates Violent Revolution
Lynne Stewart, who was blind sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman's lawyer and who helped him pass messages from prison to other terrorists, is on trial for supporting terrorism. Here are some of the things she's said in her trial:
A New York lawyer facing charges of supporting terrorism told a federal jury that she viewed violence as essential to dismantling institutions that perpetuate "sexism and racism."

As a federal prosecutor questioned her statements and support for a "people's revolution," Lynne Stewart, 65, testified that her lifelong philosophy included fighting "entrenched ferocious capitalism that is in this country today."

"I believe that entrenched institutions will not be changed except by violence," Stewart said. "I believe in the politics that lead to violence being exerted by people on their own behalf to effectuate change."

Stewart cited the American Revolution and the struggle to end slavery as such examples but emphasized that she did not support terrorism, saying, "I do not believe in civilian deaths or wanton massacres."

Federal prosecutors presented Stewart's statements in an effort to show that Stewart sought to aid a militant group. If convicted, she could face a 40-year sentence.

The case centers on her role in delivering a communique from her client, blind cleric Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman, who is serving a life sentence after a jury convicted him in 1995 of seditious conspiracy in a plot to blow up New York bridges, tunnels and landmarks.

That communication, expressing the sheik's disapproval of a cease-fire between the Islamic Group and the Egyptian government, is at the heart of the government's case.
At times, Stewart sparred with Dember over terminology. She took issue with his suggestion that by signing an agreement to the prison rules she had agreed with their intent. She said she viewed it as necessary to gaining access to her client. When Dember showed the jury a copy of the agreement specifying restrictions over mail, she said she understood the term to mean envelopes delivered by the Postal Service.

Dember asked Stewart to explain her motivation for continuing to visit Rahman in a Minnesota prison after he had exhausted his appeals.

"I think that our legal system reacts differently to people who are paid attention to," she said. "I think the worst thing is the way it treats people who are nobody."
Lock these two lovebirds up together and throw away the key.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Primo Fallujah Bloggy Goodness
The Adventures of Chester has been an excellent resource for the latest news out of Fallujah. If you want to be well-informed, well, bloody go read him. And to understand the ramifications of it all, of course, go look at Wretchard of the Belmont Club.
nbl to FH at History's End, who pointed me at Chester.
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guest author: WriterMom in Discarded Lies:
Keep Plodding On
After Arafat

This is a great article by a very ballsy writer-Caroline Glick. She's got the grapes-that's for sure.

It is encouraging to see people making the link between the death-glory culture of the Palestinians and Nazi Germany. In fact, she could have also used Imperial Japan in the same vein. But there was no real organic, grass roots motivation for the purge of Nazism to begin. It took American resolve -God bless you all- for that purge to begin, and it was the Americans who supervised the rebuilding of all the institutions, who financially supported the post-war construction of a democratic Europe. Surely, we have much to learn by re-reading our history books.

Unfortunately, the re-education of Palestinian society seems very far away. There are so many factors to consider. Do we, the civilized world have the resolve to purge the world, our global dictionary of the coddling of Islamofacism, of a Eurocentric addiction to Multiculturalism, of a reluctance to identify Islam as the primary source of the world's terrorists and terror acts? Who will finally start to say to the Palestinians: let your children live! Do not send them to slaughter Jews in their Zionist pizza parlours and discos. Who will counsel them to value THEIR lives above the murder of others? Who can do this without being murdered themselves?

When we see photos of toddlers beside Jihadi murderers, how can we still have faith? Because there is no choice. We must-as Churchill famously said "K.P.O" -keep plodding on. It wasn't long ago that "world opinion" deemed Germans and Japanese people incapable of democractic living. Today-Euroweenies say the same thing about the Arab world. They were wrong. And that is the source of my hope and pride, and more power to those who are not afraid to say it, and say it loud.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
The not so deafening groaning
Heh, the Germans are upset about the Bush victory. I used to laugh about the "Bush Derangement Syndrome," thinking it would go away after the election. But really, someone should do a study on this. And for the record, I haven't heard any deafening groaning. Just from my grandma, but she groans in a deafening manner in general.

From Davids Medienkritik: German Media Reactions to Bush Victory: "Bush Derangement Syndrome" Alive and Well / Reaktionen der deutschen Medien zum Wahlsieg Bushs: das "Bush Derangement Syndrome" in voller Blüte
ZDF Editor-in-Chief Brender (ZDF is one of the two German public tv channels):

The groaning about the outcome of the US election is deafening. Had George W. Bush stood for election in Europe, he would have been blown out of office with drums and trumpets.... Four more years with this man! You Americans, what have you done to us? More brusqueness, more going it alone, more wars? The groaning is deafening.
Us Americans, what have we done to you? Uh... for one thing, you're not Nazis anymore. Sorry about the brusqueness...
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
As the battle in Fallujah rages, from Tech Central Station, Technique and Technology in Fallujah
For the Islamofascists, who for months have held sway in the headlines with car bombs, kidnappings and beheadings, these will not be good days. Or nights. That's guaranteed.

Events in and around Fallujah are tumbling down swiftly, chaotically, right now. It is difficult to sort out what is actually happening, but as all of us, at our computers or our televisions around the world, watch this battle unfolding, here are some miscellaneous points about technique and technology that will "marginalize" the terrorist forces.


The coming days promise to be ugly, confused, rife with rumors. There will be mistakes on the part of Coalition forces -- some possibly costly in casualties. And despite the ascendancy of American battlefield technology, the depths of the Islamic radicals' treachery may still hold surprises. But the "Islamic Republic of Fallujah" is now drowning appropriately enough in its own blood.
Read it all.

(nbl jim russell)
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
The Return Of The Assassins
GRINNING suicide bombers are attacking Black Watch soldiers in Iraq, it was revealed last night.

Their broad smiles are designed to fool troops into thinking they are harmless, said Army chiefs.
The senior source added that in both attacks "the bombers drove slowly and were very relaxed and assured. How they could commit such a cold blooded act in that manner is hard to comprehend."
well, I can guess. The British attitude to this nonsense is heartening:
On Sunday the group put a video of the attack on a website, claiming to show rebels stamping on body parts.

Black Watch Sgt Barry Robertson, 34, said last night: "It's disgusting and cowardly. This video shows them up for the animals they are.

"It has just hardened our resolve. Things like that make you want to go out and get the job done even more.

"If they want to put suicide bombs out like that, OK, but we'll still beat them.

"We are the British Army and it's not going to stop us one little bit."
That's the spirit!
Meanwhile, interesting fact about that video...it seems that Iraqi outrage at wanton slaughters of Iraqis by the foreign terrorists might be starting to have some effect!
A group led by al Qaeda ally Abu Musab al-Zarqawi has posted an Internet video of a suicide car bombing which killed three British troops in Iraq.

The tape showed a dark-coloured car driving down a road and then slowing down, allowing several other vehicles to pass, before it blew up in apparent footage of Thursday's attack.

Plumes of black smoke rose as the man behind the camera, who was taping from a distance, shouted "God is greatest". A script on the video identified the bomber as Abu Suleiman and said he had waited for civilian cars to pass before blowing up his car.
For this guy to do that, you know Abu Suleiman didn't do that out of the goodness of his heart. He was instructed to. They were taping it and they didn't need the bad publicity.
Savvy, sort of.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
The Strategic Value Of Taking The Fallujah Hospital
Over at his blog, M. Simon has a cogent observation. Taking the Hospital in Fallujah:
What ever the tactical reasons for taking the hospital it also has to have a strategic value as well.

The insurgents have no safe place to to take their wounded for refuge. No place to store the bodies of their dead. This has to take a toll on morale.

The insurgents may have to kill their own wounded for security/mobility reasons. This cannot be a morale booster either.

Any one taken to the hospital now will cost the insurgents irreplaceable manpower. Both the wounded and the stretcher bearers.
Go read his front page too.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Iran Deal Imminent? China Won't Back Iran In UNSC
This in the Telegraph-Agreement close on atom deal with Iran -two days after China refused to back Iran in the Security Council. Coinkydink?
Iran appeared yesterday to have reached a tentative deal with Britain, France and Germany that would avert the threat of United Nations sanctions over its nuclear programme.

The provisional agreement, hammered out during two days of talks in Paris, has still to be approved by Teheran's clerical leadership as well as by the European governments.
Under the deal Iran would freeze all nuclear fuel enrichment and reprocessing activities until it has reached a final agreement over economic, technological and security incentives.

As part of a final agreement Teheran would abandon any nuclear activities considered to have the potential to be "weapons-related'', diplomats said.

"The discussions were protracted and very difficult, but we reached provisional agreement on a range of issues designed to build mutual confidence and keep measures in place that both sides can develop," a Foreign Office spokesman said.
In other words, this means basically that their nuclear program will continue undergroud, and that the Europeans will reward Iran's nuclear brinksmanship with money (economic guarantees), nuclear fuel and technicians (technical guarantees) and a promise the mean Americans won't invade them (security guarantees).
Why is Iran suddenly so conciliatory, anyway? It could be that it's because President Bush got reelected, and they're scared. Or, it could be because China is refusing to agree to use its veto in Iran's favor at the Security Council, and they're scared because they thought they had a deal with China. Read on for more.

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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Carville: You Can't Deny Reality; Dem Losses No Fluke
Stephen Dinan writes in the Washington Times,
Democratic strategist James Carville said yesterday that the Democratic Party's losses last Tuesday were no fluke, and that they need to rethink exactly who they are and provide something more than a litany of policy proposals.
"The underlying problem here is, there is no call to arms that the Democratic Party is making to the country," said Mr. Carville, the architect of Bill Clinton's 1992 presidential campaign win. "We've got to reassess ourselves. We've got to be born again."
Democrats are debating what went right and what went wrong in last Tuesday's election, in which President Bush won re-election over Sen. John Kerry, and Democrats also lost seats in both the House and Senate. Some have said there is no need for soul-searching, and blamed the losses on a difficult election-year map or a poor candidate at the top of the ticket.
During the Democratic National Convention this summer in Boston, when Mr. Bush trailed in the polls, Mr. Carville said, "It would be the greatest political achievement of my lifetime" if he came back to beat Mr. Kerry.
But yesterday, Mr. Carville said not only was it a great comeback, but coupled with the 2002 congressional-election losses, it shows it's time for Democrats to engage in a major re-examination.
"We can deny this crap, but I'm out of the denial. I'm about reality here," Mr. Carville told reporters at a breakfast hosted by the Christian Science Monitor. "We are an opposition party, and as of right now, not a particularly effective one. You can't deny reality here."
He said the party is desperately in need of a compelling narrative to tell voters, rather than the "litany of issues" the party stands for now.
He can't seem to come up with a compelling narrative, though he floats an idea:
One possibility, he said, was to embrace a reform-oriented, anti-Washington agenda. That would require the ability of members of Congress to reject pork projects for their districts and stake the party's fortunes on fiscal discipline.
Yeah, right.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Interview With God
I thought the premise was cheesy. I wanted nothing to do with an Interview With God. But I gave it a chance and clicked, because it was linked by Reb Lazer (who, in turn, I found thanks to his good friend Joe Katzman).

The first time I watched, it went right to my emotional core. I'm specifically talking about the part where he asks God what, as a parent, God would like to tell His children. It was like a bath of goodness and love acknowledging my own hurts and sorrows and those of a very dear friend to me. I care for this friend like I do for myself. I could barely see it through my tears.

The second time I felt like my soul relaxed and sighed a little and expanded to fill more of my body instead of being contracted. I felt healed, a little. I definitely had more wellbeing after seeing it, each time.

I don't believe in God and I'm certainly too cool for this kind of thing. You probably are too. I don't care, you need it. I didn't know how much I needed it until I saw it, and you won't until you see it. You don't need to believe in God to need to see this, and it wouldn't be fair for the believers to hog it anyway.
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