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daily archive: 11/07/2004
zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Tempest in a Teapot
First of all, what does this headline mean? San Francisco in No Mood for Tolerance After Bush Win. Tolerance for what? Democracy?
The summer of love has given way to the autumn of fear in San Francisco, a liberal stronghold where residents bitterly disappointed by the Bush victory are in no mood to reach out and mend divisions.
Ooh! The autumn of fear! I like that! I'll wear black.
Rather, they are waving "United States of Canada" maps, redrawn to show Canada extending down to include California, New England and the other so-called "blue states" that voted decisively for Massachusetts Democratic Sen. John Kerry in the U.S. presidential race.
Awright, now listen here. I live in one of those blue states and I have no desire to be Canadian! I've been to Canada. It's big.
"I'm going in on Monday and getting a new passport," said an electronics technician and volunteer at the Green Festival environmental conference who requested anonymity.

"I'm not leaving yet, but I'm getting prepared," he said. "I can imagine that this country is going to get a lot worse before it gets better."
Right, darling. Good bye. Don't forget your lunch!
"Why should we believe we will ever have another fair election in this country?" asked one woman.
Oh, this made me want to say what-the-you-know-what, but I can't on the front page. But really, wtykw? How was it not a fair election?
After the well-publicized electoral chaos in Florida in 2000, the United States invited international observers to monitor the Nov. 2 election. Despite widespread allegations of electoral fraud before last week's vote, they were unable to substantiate the claims.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Basic Human Issues
I can't even imagine living the way Saudi women have to. And I can't even imagine that an ID card would be considered a privilege. From Arab News, Concealed Identities
To some liberals, the idea of a person having an ID is unnecessary and takes away an element of personal freedom. In our society, however, where women’s personal freedom is restricted, having an ID would make a real difference. Women would have a symbol of their own independence; they would not be under the thumb, so to speak, of a male guardian. Having a male guardian is not the solution to all the problems of a woman and for many men, having these obligations and duties is an unnecessary burden. In such cases, an ID for women would be welcome for both sexes; women would be as independent as men and they could carry out their own business without male help, agreement or supervision.

To look at the matter from still another perspective, some men, as we know, abuse their power over women for no other reason than that they have the power. They must approve anything the woman wants to do involving official paperwork and documents. That in itself is a source of power and is often misused and abused by men.

In one of our papers there was an article about male guardians refusing to approve ID cards for their women relatives because they did not want their “women? to have a public identity since that would reflect adversely on tribal feelings of pride and honor. Women belong to the tribe but they are kept in the background, never named in public or openly consulted. The report also told of men who use the family card as a weapon to exercise authority over women.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Arafat's Zombification Process
I was right! Arafat is going to be a zombie!
Yasser Arafat's wife lashed out at his top lieutenants Monday, accusing them of traveling to Paris with plans to "bury" him "alive."

In a screaming telephone call from Arafat's hospital beside, Suha Arafat told pan-Arab Al-Jazeera television that she was issuing "an appeal to the Palestinian people." She accused his top aides — who are traveling to Paris to be with Arafat later Monday — of conspiring to usurp the role her husband has held for four decades as Palestinian leader.

"Let it be known to the honest Palestinian people that a bunch of those who want to take over are coming to Paris tomorrow," she screamed in Arabic over the telephone.

"You have to realize the size of the conspiracy. I tell you they are trying to bury Abu Ammar alive," she continued, using his nom de guerre. He is all right and he is going home. God is great."

A producer from Al-Jazeera said they were confident it was Suha Arafat and that she had called their Ramallah office from Arafat's bedside at a French military hospital.
Arafat's Wife Lashes Out at Officials
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Iran, Iraq and Al-Qaeda
Shocking news: (no, not really)

Extremists Moving Across Iran-Iraq Border
Islamic extremists have been moving supplies and new recruits from Iran into Iraq (news - web sites), say Iraqi Kurdish and Western officials, though it's unclear whether Tehran is covertly backing them or whether militants are simply taking advantage of the porous border.

Iranian involvement with extremist groups in the Iraqi insurgency would be potentially explosive, especially given the history of U.S.-Iranian animosity. Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said recently Iran was engaged in "a lot of meddling" in Iraq but gave no details.
All right, let's stop here for a minute. Potentially explosive? Even our baby blog has been screaming about Iran's involvement for a few months now, do I have to get out old threads?
Iran, which shares a mountainous 800-mile border with Iraq, has confirmed that loyalists of the al-Qaida-linked Ansar al-Islam group illegally entered Iran from Afghanistan after the start of the U.S.-led 2001 war to oust the Taliban and destroy Osama bin Laden's terrorist training camps. But Iran's government has repeatedly denied it is backing the radicals.

A handful of senior al-Qaida operatives who were among those fleeing to Iran after the Afghanistan war may have developed a working relationship with the Revolutionary Guards, a special military unit in Iran linked to Tehran's hard-liners, U.S. counterterrorism officials have said.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Images you won't see in the media
AP and Reuters took these photographs. I guess the NYT or CBS won't show them. We will though. Click on each image for a close-up.

(nbl zulubaby)
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Chilean Army Accepts Institutional Responsibility For Abuses
After years of refusal to admit its responsibility for the abuses of the Pinochet years, Chile's army has officially accepted that it, corporately, institutionally, bears the direct moral and physical responsibility for its past.
The admission is a reversal of the army's previous position, which held that abuses of 1973-1990 were excesses carried out by individual officers.
I don't pretend to know if it can legitimately be said that it was individual excess or institutional policy. The Chilean army's acceptance of responsibility is an important step. The sheer spectacular scale of death and torture visited on Chileans demands an explanation better than "a few bad apples". Not that it has to be true, but it has to be done nonetheless. The institution needed to rejoin the society that it is meant to defend, and from which it recruits its lifeblood, its vital talent, its young men and women.
In a statement, army commander Gen Juan Emilio Cheyre said the decision was "difficult but irreversible".

President Ricardo Lagos called it a "historic step" towards national unity.

In his statement, published in the Chilean newspaper La Tercera, Gen Cheyre said the army accepted physical and moral responsibility for "punishable and morally unacceptable acts of the past".

Under Gen Pinochet's rule more than 30,000 Chilean leftists were tortured, assassinated or simply disappeared.

At least 3,000 are accepted to have died.

Gen Cheyre rejected oft-repeated theories that the effect of the Cold War on Chilean domestic politics in some way excused the army's actions during the military rule.

Current Chilean President Ricardo Lagos, visiting Brazil, described his "satisfaction and pride" that the Chilean army had made it clear that human rights abuses "cannot have an ethical justification for anybody".

"With this step, the army consolidates its integration to today's democratic Chile," he added.

The army admission comes ahead of a government commission report, due next week, that is expected to expose torture as an instrument of military policy during Gen Pinochet's rule.

The report will include testimony from up to 30,000 political prisoners tortured by Chile's army and secret police.
Congratulations to Chile and the Chilean people. While I'm sympathetic to the idea of shooting commies, I'm not sympathetic to torture, it's obviously grown into a huge wound in the heart of their society. I hope this accelerates their healing and recohesion into a vibrant modern nation.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Hezbollah Flies A Kite On Sunday! (To Kill Jews With)
Hezbollah is claiming to have sent its first reconnaissance drone into Israel on Sunday.
In a statement faxed to The Associated Press, Hezbollah said a reconnaissance drone of the Islamic Resistance, the group's military wing, carried out its first flights over "occupied northern Palestine, flying over several Zionist settlements, reaching the coastal settlement of Nahariya and returning safely to its base."

"This qualitative and new achievement by the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon comes as part of a natural response to the Zionist enemy's repeated and permanent violations of Lebanese airspace," the statement said.

The Israeli army did not immediately comment on the claim.

Hezbollah did not describe the capabilities of its reconnaissance aircraft, say how many it had or provide any other details about the drone.

However, the statement pledged more such flyovers, saying they would be made "whenever the resistance wants as a means of legitimate confrontation of Zionist violations and attacks on Lebanese sovereignty."
It's hard to know whether this is some pathetic bragging or whether it's an indication of a real, new, ominous capability to strike inside Israel at will with chemical or biological munitions. Because if they can fly something in there, they can arm it, too, and their Iranian paymasters are entirely too willing to provide them with dangerous weapons. I hope Alex Ryan and his team of Aussie blokes at the Defence Science and Technology organization can please hurry up and perfect their "please don't call it a swarm because that's not what we're after" swarms of UAVs.
"Swarm behaviour as such is not what we are after," he says. "Swarms - like the notorious killer bees - concentrate on attacking a single enemy in vast numbers. Our aim is rather to develop an intelligent and communicating network.

"Each 'agent' in the network has its own utility function while there is an over-arching utility function for the whole system. It is vital that the agents don't work at cross-purposes, and they must each be able to react to unexpected circumstances."

Mr Ryan says that many small, simple and inexpensive UAVs, costing less than $20,000 each, are a more practical answer than larger, more sophisticated vehicles costing millions of dollars.

Mr Ryan also says that much work needs to be done to reduce the imbalance between unmanned vehicles, and the people who control them. "At present, each unmanned aircraft needs a ground crew of about thirty people," he says.
Hezbollah. I'll see your cute little kites
Kites of Islam.JPG
designed by this guy
and I'll raise you these deadly menaces, designed by this bloke

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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Iraq Declares State Of Emergency; Kurdistan Exempt
As the Falluja offensive looms, the Iraqi Government has issued a Declaration of State of Emergency.
"Because of the continuation of a pattern of violence and terrorism and the daily operations of mass murder so that even children and women have not been spared, and that are committed by terrorist intruder groups against the sons of our people and in an indiscriminate manner, and because these groups went too far in practicing various malicious methods in their persistent attempt to paralyze the state's activities through their organized criminal practices of murder that reached the sons of our people, and because of these groups' deliberate destruction of the country's infrastructure on daily basis, and to block these groups that are pursuing their goal to hinder the correct democratic process, represented by holding general elections in all the country, and given that the government has exhausted all possible means and has made all the necessary and expansive contacts to include everyone in the peace process, instead of resorting to violence, we decided to declare a state of emergency in all parts of Iraq with the exception of the region of Kurdistan for a period of 60 days starting the date this decision has been issued, based on the stipulations of Article No. 1 of the National Safety Law No.1 for the year 2004.

"The ministers must implement this decision on the basis of the requirements to provide security and to issue the necessary orders in the areas where it has been specified to start implementing the national safety law."
Finally getting close to the day of reckoning for Iraq's internal enemies. I wish the Iraqis well, along with our own troops who will be fighting so bravely. Grimly, the terrorists have stormed a police station and massacred 21 more Iraqi police.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Arafat's Last Death
Arafat is dying, may be dying, might die soon, perhaps is already dead, maybe he's pretending to be dead, or maybe he's in the beginning stages of zombification.
U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan expressed his sympathy to the Palestinian people.

"I have grieved each time Chairman Arafat has died," said Mr. Annan, "and I know the last death will be even harder to take than the previous ones. But I'm comforted that he will go to his rest according to the custom of his people."
Arafat Burial Plans Done in Time for Final Death

Then again, there's another possibility. Maybe he'll never die. Think Elvis.
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guest author: papijoe in Discarded Lies:
Blogosphere Manifesto: Kill your TV
After being kicked off the computer in the bedroom on election night by a pregnant wife who was trying to sleep, I went downstair and put on Fox. I was already upset with the doom and gloom fest earlier that evening when the exit poll rumors came out. It's bad enough that the mainstream media perpetrated another fraud upon the viewing public, but Fox, the only network I trusted, fell for it as well. "Even they on't really get it", I remember saying to myself. The coverage was horrible. Talking heads spouting meaningless conjecture. They kept flashing to results that had already been counted as Electoral Votes, instead of developing events. Whereas before I was able to go out and find the information I wanted, now I was a helpless passive observer.

In the days that followed I had the unshakable impression that despite the miracle of President Bush's political survival in the face of an overwhelmingly hostile media, there was something so wrong with our current information complex that nothing short of a revolution will correct it.
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