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daily archive: 10/30/2004
in Discarded Lies:
Osama Speaks
As I watch snippets of Osama’s video, carefully edited by partisan news organizations, I came to an interesting theory on what this video and the video of “Assam the American? mean and what al Qaeda are trying to do. I think that Osama and al Qaeda really are trying to help re-elect President Bush.

OK, OK, I know that may not sound like the Qur’an Pundit you know and love, more like some left-wing/Michael Moore whack-o, but Stay with me here.

Try to understand the thought process of an Islamic terrorist. Osama is completely convinced that Allah will bring him total victory over the crusader President and the Zionist alliance of Americans and the sons of pigs and monkeys. Nothing can stop the will of Allah and nothing will make a difference to Allah in this task. Bringing this victory to Allah cannot be made harder for Allah, nor easier. Given this, Osama is free to pursue his own goals without a conflict with his submission to the will of Allah.

We all know that Osama really hates The President and, for selfish reasons, wants Allah’s certain victory to come while Mr. Bush is in office. A Kerry victory, in his mind (and I agree), would make the will of Allah less of a burden on the membership of al Qeada (certainly not on Allah), thereby reducing the personal glory that is his due. A Bush victory would be just the ticket for his plans. Americans would still be well within his reach in the Middle East and the fighting would continue, this helps him recruit and builds his stature on “the street?. His fame and honor for fighting the Crusaders and Jews will be much greater with a Bush victory on Tuesday.

In order to affect his desired result (again a Bush victory), he adopts the language of Michael Moore in order to inflame the Bush base and turn out the vote. He basically uses this language and themes to appear to pound The President, which gains him support on “the street?, all while helping Mr. Bush’s campaign.

Looking for translations of the video and other resources? Zombie has done the legwork (This post has more).

Belmont club has the full text of Osama bin Laden’s video speech. Wretchard thinks this is an offer of truce, I think it is a Bush campaign commercial.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Iranian Refugees
From Jihad Watch:
Sometimes Muslims come to the West in order to get out from under the full or partial enforcement of the Sharia, and to secularize and live their lives in peace. And sometimes their radical brethren don't allow them to do this
Denmark: Iranian refugees are being followed and threatened by their countrymen
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
The Zombie Quiz: Kerry Or Bin Laden?
Some people are just genuises. LGF's undercover counterculture operative zombie is one. Aided by LGF frequent commenter Thom, zombie compiled this collection of quotes by John Kerry that are nigh indistinguishable from Osama's latest videotaped missive. If I had to guess, I'd guess that in the 22nd century, James Taranto won't be including Kerry's quotes in his "Great Democratic Orators Of The 21st Century" feature. Here's a tasty sample!
Bin Laden: "Even as you enter the fourth year after the Sept. 11 attacks, Bush is still misleading and deluding you and hiding the real reason from you."
Kerry: "Unfortunately, in its desperate attempts to reinvent a rationale for the Iraq war, this White House has repeatedly chosen to mislead the American people."
(CNN quote of John Kerry speaking on 9-12-04)

Bin Laden: "And he moved the tyranny and suppression of freedom to his own country, and they called it the Patriot Act, under the disguise of fighting terrorism."

Kerry: ""We are a nation of laws and liberties, not of a knock in the night. So it is time to end the era of John Ashcroft. That starts with replacing the Patriot Act with a new law that protects our people and our liberties at the same time."

(New Hampshire Union Leader quote of John Kerry speaking on 12-1-03)
You're gonna have to click that link to read the rest, go on, do it. You know you wanna.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Israel's World-Class Anti-Terrorist System
Over at Russia Profile they have a very interesting piece that analyses the totality of Israel's anti-terrorism system, almost like it's a weapons platform. It is, actually, in a very real sense. It's a large-scale undertaking involving strategic thinking, coordination of thousands of people, doctrines, logistics, policies, decisions implicit and explicit in the system about what levels do the decisionmaking about what matters, and inherited aspects of the system that stem from the society it sprang from, training of the humans involved in implementing the system. As Novelle B DeAtkine wrote in Why Arabs Lose Wars,
As for equipment, a vast cultural gap exists between the U.S. and Arab maintenance and logistics systems. The Arab difficulties with U.S. equipment are not, as sometimes simplistically believed, a matter of "Arabs don't do maintenance," but something much deeper. The American concept of a weapons system does not convey easily. A weapons system brings with it specific maintenance and logistics procedures, policies, and even a philosophy, all of them based on U.S. culture, with its expectations of a certain educational level, sense of small unit responsibility, tool allocation, and doctrine. Tools that would be allocated to a U.S. battalion (a unit of some 600-800 personnel) would most likely be found at a much higher level—probably two or three echelons higher—in an Arab army. The expertise, initiative and, most importantly, the trust indicated by delegation of responsibility to a lower level are rare. The U.S. equipment and its maintenance are predicated on a concept of repair at the lowest level and therefore require delegation of authority. Without the needed tools, spare parts, or expertise available to keep equipment running, and loathe to report bad news to his superiors, the unit commander looks for scapegoats. All this explains why I many times heard in Egypt that U.S. weaponry is "too delicate."
Well, I think his conceptual map of what exactly a weapons system is can profitably be applied to Israel's matrix of antiterrorist measures. Israel's antiterrorist system is a weapons system with one major weapon that isn't manufactured at any defense contractor: human beings. And this article is a big step towards that kind of a holistic view of how to effectively leverage an advanced western society's strengths and advantages to counter the fourth-generation warfare threat that is guerilla action and terrorism. The United States and Russia are both grappling with this in ways that reflect what our societies are like, and Israel is such an interesting case to look at because not only has Israel, for all intents and purposes, successfully answered the question "how do we respond to terrorism?", but it's a hybrid nation that in many ways synthesizes American and Russian influences. Israel has lessons for the United States and Russia both, because as a society it has lot of resonance with both. There is both a huge population of Russian emigrés and a huge population of American emigrés in Israel. Their electoral decisionmaking system is closer to Russia's because the executive has extremely wide latitude, but their governments are far more fragile because of fractious coalition politics. Israel's economy is a mixture of powerful unions and high degrees of government interventionism and taxation, and simultaneously high productivity, resilience (shock-resistance), and competitiveness in the global free market. So Israel's economy, too, has elements of Russianness and Americanness.
Israel has been counteracting the threat of terrorism for about 40 years. Over the past decade, the country has developed what many people consider the world's most effective system for combating terrorism. Dr. Eli Karmon, senior analyst at the International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism attached to the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzlia, describes how this mechanism works.
Our own boy genius friend Matt, who blogs at Eurabian Times and also writes the Winds of War roundup at Winds of Change.NET, is planning to go to school in Herzliya. Maybe he can get an internship there and help Dr. Karmon refine his theories if his other hoped-for internship doesn't happen.
Karmon highlights four main elements in the terrorism-prevention scheme. These elements act as links in one chain, defending society against the threat of terror.
That's why it's a system: interdependent elements interacting to create an emergent phenomenon that could not have been achieved with partial efforts. The desired complex emergent phenomenon here is, of course, the absence of terrorism.

Take the jump and read what the four elements of Israel's world-class antiterrorist system are, and what America can learn from it.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
The New bin Laden Video: A Resource Page
Undercover LGF operative zombie has put together a list of resources relating to the new Osama bin Laden video, including the five-minute clip aired on Al Jazeera, the 3 English translations that have appeared (which conflict in places) and a very interesting article in "Manorama Online" that discusses portions of the tape that were not in fact broadcast.

UPDATE: Heh, simulcast on the LGF Network!

UPDATE: Last night zombie asked me to help account for the discrepancies between the different translations. I finally listened to the video while reading all three translations simultaneously.
my conclusion is that the differences should be ANDed-that is, those long passages that were present in one but not the other two were always present in the OBL video, the other translators were just being lazy or exercising editorial judgment. Any other differences of phrasing were stylistic and inconsequential.

UPDATE: A thought-al Qaeda's playing good cop-bad cop with us, by releasing the threatening video from the one guy, then releasing this more conciliatory one from Osama. Osama must have thought that we would freak out at the new attack video, then blame Bush based on his own tape and vote him out. Big-time ignorance of Americans; we're not scared of him any more. The time to try and freak us out like that was during the fall after the 9/11 attacks when we still thought al Qaeda had the ability to strike us at will and tens of thousands of sleeper cells inside the country. We're not very intimidated by al Qaeda right now, so the videos are nothing but a curious media artifact that we're digesting. Mark my words: there will be no attack, they don't have the means. The videos were their attempt at a decapitating strike on Bush. It won't work because they're so painfully inept and inadvertently comical. Nice try, though, guys.

Update: LGF commenter Kalle (kafir forever) points out a very interesting fact:

Why is Binny not showing his legs and weapons?

he used to walk around or sit on the ground, while displaying rifles and daggers.

I think he's lost one or both legs.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Inside the
Lee Kaplan reports on the PSM hate fest at Duke University:
On October 15-17, in sunny North Carolina, a strategy session for radicals, anarchists, anti-Semites and communists took place in the halls of an elite institution of higher learning, while under the benevolent gaze of university administrators. Billed as an "open dialogue" on Middle East issues, the Palestinian Solidarity Movement Conference proved to be an indoctrination and tactical training session for activists dedicated to the destruction of the state of Israel and the support of Palestinian terrorists engaged in the effort to liberate the Holy Land “from the Jordan river to the sea.?

In previous solidarity gatherings at Berkeley and the University of Michigan, the organizers of these conferences have featured known (and now jailed) Islamic terrorists and led participants in chants of "Kill the Jews!" Duke's Conservative Union ran an ad detailing the organization's violent history and agendas in an effort to dissuade their university from disgracing itself by defending the charade that this event had anything to do with an academic curriculum. But despite the clear evidence as to who the solidarity movement represents and what its agendas of violence and hate may be, the Duke Administration represented by its Vice President for Governmental Affairs, John Burness, ran interference for the radicals and went out of their way to make sure the event would take place exactly as the organizers intended.
Read the whole thing: Inside Duke's Hate Fest

(nbl to all who notified us)
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