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daily archive: 10/29/2004
zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Silliness Knows No Bounds
Nine Simple Steps to Success:
  • Don't answer the door before fixing your hair
  • Pretend to laugh at your boss' jokes even though he's a bore
  • Always exaggerate how big the one that got away was
  • Never forget to have lunch
  • Avoid hammocks. As soon as you get on one, your whole days is shot
  • Remember, polygamy may sound like fun and games, but you have to navigate an emotional minefield to avoid hurting anyone's feelings.
  • It's nobody's business but their own, what consenting adults do behind closed doors
  • Have a sense of wonderment about it all
  • And above all, be honest

(nbl frank ibc, ny nana, evariste)
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Coming Attractions: Jordan Picks An Old Bone With Syria
Over at the Brothers Judd, Orrin points out a very interesting story in Ma'ariv. Subtitle of the story is

Acting in coordination with Washington, to pressure Bashar Assad to cease ongoing cooperation with Iraqi insurgents and vacate Lebanon
and here's some of the meat:
The renewed Jordanian demand is based on the 1923 map, which delineated the border between what was then the British controlled East Palestine and French occupied Syria. The Jordanians claim the map clearly shows the disputed land belongs to Jordan.

In addition to the map, the claim also includes a subtle hint that force could be used if all else fails, was made at the behest of Washington. The US is angry and frustrated at Syria, which has brazenly flouted promises and commitments to end its clandestine cooperation with the Sunni insurgents in Iraq. In addition Syria has refused to honor a UN demand to live up to its commitment to vacate Lebanon. Instead Assad has acted to increase Syria’s hold over Beirut, replacing former premier Al Hariri with a hand picked stooge.

As reported in Maariv International about a month ago, Syria has also, in coordination with its Iranian ally, allowed al Qaeda operatives to set up base on the Lebanese coast, in an area controlled by Hezbollah.
Washington gave Jordan the go ahead after US intelligence caught wind that Damascus was two-timing it. On September 27, after the military cooperation accord was supposed to have gone into effect, Syrian vice president Abdel-Halim Khaddam paid a secret visit to the Syrian frontier town of Abu Kamal, across from Iraq's al-Qaim. The purpose of the visit was to discuss with the tribes who live in the border region and control the smuggling industry how to continue to allow the Iraqis to continue funneling arms, money and information across the border without being noticed by Uncle Sam’s prying eyes.

The move also hints that the US may be coming closer to accepting Israel’s position regarding the future of the Golan Heights. Syria’s justification for keeping the land is that some 20,000 Syrians currently live there. This is almost the exact same number of Israelis living on the Golan. Golan "linkage" is the last thing Syria needs as tensions with Jordan heat up.
Very tasty stuff. Most interestingly, Arutz Sheva reported on the 18th that the dispute had been resolved! Even more tantalizing details after the jump.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Breaking: Ex Navy Sec'y: Kerry Discharge "Other Than Honorable"
This from the Swift Boat Vets web board:
NavyChief wrote:
Okay, folks.

We got it finally. We have the Former Secretary of the Navy who stated, "Yes, Kerry did receive an Other Than Honorable Discharge".

Stay tuned for more...


Go my brothers and sisters -- spread the news to everyone!!!!

- Chief
nbl to Frank IBC and John Hinderaker at Powerline.
UPDATE: All the content of that page on the Swift Vets' board has been removed.
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kianb in Pahlaver:
Waterproof MP3 Player, Ready For Swim

Finis, a leading aquatic training product manufacturer has released SwiMP3, a waterproof MP3 player for swimmers. Normal earphones don't work well because they need an uninterrupted air channel to function. What makes the SwiMP3 unique is that it uses bone conduction to stimulate the inner ear and deliver sound.
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kianb in Pahlaver:
Waves of Arrests Continue in Tehran
The unimaginable force of terror and repression in Tehran takes its toll again. This time, a popular Iranian dissident inside Iran who was often heard on California's KRSI radio station, reporting from Tehran about the lastest news and demonstrations.

"Student committee for protecting the political prisoners" [كميته دانشجويي د?اع از زندانيان سياسي] reports from Tehran that Mr. Hassan Fazlolahi, [حسن ?ضل الهی] an independent Iranian dissident and radio reporter was arrested 21 days ago.

"The soldiers came to our house and took my father away 21 days ago. In that time, he was in bed just after a difficult surgical operation", says Mr. Fazlolahi's son. "5 days later, they transported my father back to the hospital to take out his surgery stiches, but they didn't let us to visit him or knowing if he is all right and where he is kept", he continues.

In addition to his regular radio reports on KRSI from Tehran, Mr. Fazlolahi was recently featured in a TV documentary broadcast from California's ParsTV. In this documentary, he talks openly with a foreign reporter about the terrible situation of political prisoners in Iran and this is apparently what caused the authorities to arrest him.

If you like more information, please contact "Student committee for protecting the political prisoners" [كميته دانشجويي د?اع از زندانيان سياسي] : komitedefa@yahoo.com

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evariste in Discarded Lies:
IRS Assaults NAACP: Dirty Tricks?
The IRS, continuing to make itself look out of touch and high-handed (by acting out of touch and high-handed), is now taking on Julian Bond, the head of the NAACP. Now, I have no sympathy for the NAACP, which hasn't "advanced" any "colored people" in a damn long time. But this is just as ominous, if you ask me, as the IRS statements to churches yesterday that Stan at Logic and Sanity blogged, which touched my side of the political aisle.

Frances Hill, a University of Miami law professor and an expert on the political rights of tax-exempt organizations, read Bond's speech and said it was indeed critical of President George W. Bush. But she added that Bond was probably on safe legal ground because his speech was broadly conceived, didn't focus solely on Bush and touched on a range of issues that have long been trademarks of the NAACP, such as equality and justice.

"You can be passionate and still have a tax-exempt status," Hill said. "If the IRS thinks that this speech is sufficient to trigger an audit, then I think we have quite a new standard and they must be planning to audit hundreds of other groups."

If Bond's speech is found to have violated federal law, the NAACP could lose its tax-exempt status, which could severely limit its ability to attract donations.

"It would be catastrophic," Bond said. "It would mean that people who give $100 and who write it off their income taxes couldn't do it anymore."

Bond acknowledged that his wide-ranging speech was critical of Bush. But he said the criticism wasn't done in support of Kerry, who accepted an NAACP invitation to speak at the group's convention after Bush turned the group down.

"It is Orwellian to believe that criticism and partisanship are the same thing," Bond said.

The NAACP must respond to the charges by next Friday.
I'd rather never have to hear Julian Bond's name again, I can't stand the cryptofascist. But this doesn't sound right, and even the people I disagree with deserve a fair shake in America. This looks thuggish and lame.

I'm starting to wonder if Democrat civil servants in the IRS conceived this to try to make Bush look bad and galvanize black voters. The Bush administration can't possibly be this inept and transparent. Spare me the snickers, okay? This smells like a huge stinking setup. (nbl: Just Orb)
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
10/29-04 Morning Roundup
  • The IDF sergeant who was killed yesterday in Morag is named Michael Tsizik. He was 21. He will be buried at 9 pm Israel time in the military square in his home town of Tiberias.
    Another mortar shell has landed near a military installment in Gush Katif, causing no casualties.(Guysen Israel News)
  • Israeli security forces arrested 18 wanted Palestinians in Judea and Samaria overnight. (Ha'aretz Flash News)

  • An Israeli government spokesman, Avi Panzer, reaffirmed Arafat will be allowed to return after his treatment is complete.

  • Russian security service FSB indicates that there are eighty foreign-trained suicide bombers at large and preparing attacks in Russia. (Guysen)

  • The calls for Columbia University to fire antisemite and academic bully Joseph Massad continue. The university has announced an investigation.

  • 140 000 muslims attended Islamic prayers at the Temple Mount Friday. Thousands of police officers were deployed to maintain order. The prayers ended without incident. (Guysen)

  • Arabs attacked a Magen David Adom ambulance with stones in Hebron (Guysen)

  • The Arabs in Israel continue to try and duplicate the success that their colleagues in Iraq have experienced with IEDs. A roadside bomb exploded on the passage of two buses full of police on an Athens artery, but there were thankfully no casualties

  • Arafat is at this military "teaching hospital" in France. He was brought in on a stretcher, indicating a possibly serious deterioration since he was at least partially ambulatory yesterday.
    Michele Alliot-Marie, the French defense minister, indicated that security has been reinforced around the hospital. He will meet his 9 year old daughter there, who has not seen him in 3 years. His adviser Mohammad Rashid indicated that the next 72 hours are make-or-break time. French families that have been victimized by Hamas terrorism have asked the French authorities to bring charges against Arafat. Electoral has-been Yossi Beilin predictably said that this was an excellent chance to restart negotiations with the Palestinians. I wonder who, exactly, Yossi Beilin thinks is going to talk to him and risk getting the traitor treatment on Arafat's return.

  • The marines are preparing a major offensive in Ramadi and Falluaja. The Black Watch has just arrived in Mahmoudiya to take over from American troops.

  • Sweden has denied nuclear spy Mordechai Vanunu's application for political asylum.[bugmenot]

  • Egypt's tourism minister suggested that the Taba bombing would cost Egypt's tourism industry 200 million dollars. The Sphinx wept.

  • The highest-stakes poker game in the world continued as an Iranian official estimated that there was a ten percent chance of the Security Council imposing sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program, indicating that Iran doesn't even believe that this threat is a credible one, let alone fearing it. Bluff? I don't think it is one. I think our pathetic threat of sanctions is the real bluff with nothing behind it. They're just calling us on it.

  • After a brazen daylight kidnapping of three foreign election workers, foreigners are scared and laying low in Afghanistan. The Afghan government felt 7 scruffy collars, trying to rustle up some leads.

  • Islam's bloody borders turned a new shade of crimson as religious strife found Liberia, because they didn't have enough trouble already. 5 people may have died, and 3 churches and two mosques have been burned down. A curfew was declared.

  • Via Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch, the government-backed jihadi atrocities continue in the Sudan as a government air raid killed 26.

  • Also via Robert: Bosnian terrorists are being directed by Osama bin Laden, and terrorists involved in major attacks in Iraq were trained in Bosnia.

  • Al-Andalus has arrested 13 more people, bringing the total number of people that it alleges were involved in a terror conspiracy to bomb its supreme court to 30.

  • I get results: yesterday I noted that they forgot to shape Arafat's ski cap like Israel.
    Today I note that it's shaped like the top of Israel!

  • iowahawk has a shocking scoop-the masked man in the new Al Qaeda tape is Peter Jennings!
    The controversy broke even wider tonight after Drudge reported that ABC had withheld a further 11-minute tape excerpt that shows the man removing his hood, revealing longtime ABC Evening News anchor Jennings.

    Apparently unaware of the rolling camera, he is joined by Nightline host Ted Koppel and This Week host George Stephanopoulos, and the three are seen debating what appear to be competing weekend attack plans against Bush.

    "I say we carry out the operation during his ESPN interview," urges Stephanopoulos. "The ESPN crew are jackals, but they are owned by the organization. One word from the Disney board, and the deed is done!"

    "Dog!" Replies Koppel. "Why should we heed your feather-cut foolishness? Your ratings are beneath a Windsor Pilates infomercial! I say we lure him into a soft-focus interview with Barbara Walters. He will be within the swath of my scimitar, God willing!"

    After an intense argument with wild gesticulation, Jennings convinces Koppel and Stephanopoulos to adopt a third plan to attack Bush during his scheduled Saturday appearance on Univision's Sabado Gigante.

    "Our brothers in ABC Wardrobe have located three mariachi disguises for us, with matching sombreros," says a gleeful Jennings. "We will approach the infidel pig undetected, during the conga dance."

  • Breaking: Pentagon press conference: US Army Took Explosives From Al Qa'Qaa'!

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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Islamic Reformation
Mustafa Akyol, argues that the repressive and medieval part of Islamic teaching is not based on the Koran but on the over-ruling of the Koran by the hadiths (the secondary sources).
So, in short, hadiths are problematic. And you might wonder why this is so important.

It is extremely important, because most authoritarian, puritan and medieval aspects of the Islamic tradition are based on hadiths and other "secondary sources" of Islam — such as the ijma, i.e. the consensus of Islamic scholars — not the Koran.

Let me give you just a few examples:

According to the secondary sources, apostates from Islam must be killed. There is no basis for this in the Koran and in fact several verses which emphasize religious freedom, such as "let him who please believe, and let him who please disbelieve" (18:29) render such killings impossible.

Secondary sources ban all fine arts, especially painting and sculpture. There is no such commandment in the Koran, and instead, the statues that Prophet (King) Solomon had built for himself are praised. (34:13)

Secondary sources define a very strict dress code for women and this is generally applied to all women under Muslim rule. The Koran orders a dress code only for Muslim women and it is open to interpretation. No verse explicitly orders the headscarf — let alone the all-covering burka.[ii]

Secondary sources favor the seclusion of women from men. There is no basis for such segregation in the Koran. Instead, Koran tells about civilized dialogues between prophets and women. (28:25, 27:44)

Secondary sources try to punish every sin and supposedly immoral behavior. There are, for example, punishments for drinking alcohol or refraining from prayer. These, again, have no basis in the Koran, whose penal code is focused mostly on crime, not sin or immorality. The stoning of adulterers, a brutal command of the secondary sources, is also totally unsubstantiated on a Koranic basis.

My contention is that the extremely puritanical teachings — such as that we can see in the barbaric reign of the Taliban or of the Wahhabi Saudi Arabia — emerged during the centuries-long process of the over-ruling of the Koran by secondary sources. (Wahhabis are in fact the product of a "reform," which made things even worse, and I will explain the reason down below.)

Even the rise of anti-Semitism in Islamic tradition — although less fervent than that of the Medieval Christianity — is related to this process. Prof. Khaleel Mohammed, Assistant Professor at the Department of Religious Studies at San Diego State University notes, "[while] the Koran viewed Judaism as the chief monotheistic religion . . . It was the Hadith, the revisionist interpretation of the Koran from the medieval period, that demonized the Jews and Judaism."
Read the rest: An Islamic Renewal?
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