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daily archive: 10/24/2004
zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Let Me Go
I just finished reading this book and the subject was repulsive. I can't even bring myself to think of the SS as human beings. Yet that was the most evil part about them, they were just like everyone else.

Helga Schneider: Let Me Go
A powerful memoir in which Helga Schneider describes her relationship and final encounter with her mother, a former SS guard at Auschwitz-Birkenau.

In 1998, Schneider is summoned to her 90 year-old mother’s nursing home in Vienna. The last time she has seen her mother is 27 years earlier. Then, she had asked her to try on her treasured SS uniform, and wanted to give her several items of jewellery, the loot of holocaust victims, which Schneider rejected. Prior to that meeting, the last time she had seen her mother was in 1941, when she was four. Her mother abandoned her family in order to pursue her career with the SS.

During the conversation in Vienna, Schneider establishes that from the women’s camp at Ravensbruck, her mother had moved to Auschwitz-Birkenau where she was in charge of a “correction? unit where brutal torture was administered. She was also involved with gas chambers and lethal injections. She was close to the highest echelons of Nazi power and knew all the details of Nazi atrocities, which she considered, and still considers, to be legitimate. Her mother continues to regard her former prisoners as the sub-human inferiors predicated by Nazi ideology. Without self-pity, Helga Schneider skillfully interweaves her family history into the interview with her mother, describing her difficult upbringing and the raising of her own child against the background of the reality of her mother’s past
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Peddling of Bigotry
Some of His Best Friends Are Jewish: The Saga of a Holocaust Revisionist
Holocaust revisionist circles are full of colorful characters, but few could be as unconventional as Santomauro. A Catholic, he grew up in a mostly Jewish section of the Bronx, N.Y., before moving to the heavily Jewish Upper West Side. He calls himself a pacifist and says he is aggressively anti-Nazi, noting most of his fuel comes from the left, not the right. He has promoted books with titles such as "When Victims Rule: A Critique of Jewish Preeminence in America," yet he says many of his friends are Jewish. He insists his Reporter's Notebook e-mails and postings do no more than offer an "objective" view of how Jewish interests operate in the world.

"Jews are the most powerful and dominant group in the political spectrum and have a tremendous effect on how we conduct our foreign policy," Santomauro said.

Santomauro landed in the mainstream media in January 2003 when The New York Times reported that he had been sending his Reporter's Notebook e-mails to his Roommate Finder clients, prompting some salty protests. Santomauro is not hesitant to blur the lines between his business and his obsession with Jewish issues. In discussing his theories on Jewish social psychology, he claimed that of his business clients who express a racial preference in their roommate search, 95% are Jews. "It's a much more cliquish community," he said.

Kenneth Stern, an expert on antisemitism at the American Jewish Committee, said he had been unaware of Santomauro before this week. But after looking at Santomauro's Web site, Stern said: "This is not intellectual inquiry, this is the peddling of bigotry."

Santomauro launched his Reporter's Notebook about four years ago. E-mails go out several times a day, offering press clippings from mainstream newspapers, frequently salted with Santomauro's editorial notes. He also sends out essays that are hostile to Israel and that question the Holocaust. In one recent week, titles included "The Amazing, Rapidly Shrinking 'Holocaust,'" "Miami, Florida: Zionist Occupied Territory?" and "Jewish Discrimination Against Christians."
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Lessons from Lebanon
America's lessons from Lebanon [bugmenot]

US forces were initially deployed to Beirut in 1982 to enable PLO forces to escape from Lebanon. In 1983 they returned, along with French, British and Italian troops to separate the IDF, the Christian, Druse and Muslim militias and the Syrian military forces from one another. The purpose was to enable the incapable, incompetent and corrupt Lebanese Army to assert control, first over Beirut and its suburbs and gradually over the entire country.

Inevitably, things did not work as the policy makers had hoped and the forces on the ground were quickly sucked into the Lebanese Civil War. During the early phase of the Marines' deployment in 1983, they had frequent hostile run-ins with Israeli forces. Informed by the accepted wisdom of the time, the Marines thought the Israeli military presence was the main reason for the violence. After US pressure forced Israel to redeploy IDF forces out of Beirut, however, the Marines suddenly found themselves being attacked by the same Syrian forces and Druse and Muslim militias that had previously been fighting the IDF. Moreover, they found themselves exploited by the Christian militias which shelled the Druse and Muslims from behind Marine positions, using the Americans as cover just as had been the case for the IDF.

After the barracks bombing, the intelligence section of the Marine Task Force on the ground sent a cable back to Washington explaining the situation rather aptly. "This country is at war. There is no cease-fire. Tactics have changed The Multinational Force is not the target of an Iranian madman suicide commando. The Multinational Force is the target of a collective group of Syrian surrogates and Syrian-dependent militias who are conducting a war, a terrorist war, against the French 11th Division paratroopers and the US Marines."

The intelligence report went on to explain that without an increase in military capabilities, Beirut would be lost. For its part, back in Washington, the Reagan administration realized that it was up against something both new and highly undesirable in Lebanon. Rather than contend with this new terror war, it changed the subject – attacking a Soviet proxy in Grenada and then quietly pulling its forces out of Lebanon in the months that followed.

The failure of US forces in Lebanon was based on a number of incorrect assumptions of policymakers in Washington as well as on an antiquated fighting doctrine for the US armed forces that provided little guidance for troops engaged in a war against unconventional foes.

In 1983 the US viewed armed conflicts through the prism of the Cold War and even through the lens of World War II. The enemy was the Russians and the method of battle was attrition warfare between two large, conventional and well-identified opponents. Policymakers and military commanders alike had next to no understanding of the threat of Arab and Islamic terrorism and little understanding of the military threat posed by state-sponsored terrorism. The US had little cultural understanding of the forces at play in Lebanon and no means of effectively communicating messages to anyone on the ground.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Intellectual Terrorism
From a Jerusalem Post article about the French campaign against anti-semitism:
Meanwhile, on Saturday Hamas strongly condemned France's intention to combat anti-Semitism as "intellectual and political terrorism."

The movement accused the French government of succumbing to Israeli and the US pressure, saying anti-Semitism legislation would turn France into a pro-Israel state.

"Hamas is worried about this law," the statement said. "It is tantamount to political and intellectual terrorism against the opponents of the Zionist entity."

It warned that the campaign "would make Israel immune to criticism and provide it with a political cover to pursue its terrorist aggression against the Palestinians."

Hamas called on the French people to rise against the "terrorist law" which follows a similar bill signed recently by US President George Bush.

The Islamic movement was reacting to a French government report that called for judicial involvement to fight anti-Semitism in schools.

In a 70-page document presented to Interior Minister Dominique de Villepin, the report's author, Jean-Christophe Rupin, said that anti-Semitism and racism are threats to French democracy and called for the creation of a national center to compile details and statistics on anti-Semitism and racism.

Rupin also suggested combating "radical anti-Zionists who were anti-Semitic by proxy" by the creation of new legislation that would outlaw comparisons of Israel to apartheid or Nazism.

Yes! I'm so sick and tired of this stupid, nonsensical comparison of Israel to apartheid. Oh and btw, screw Hamas.

France: Campaigns against anti-Semitism raise hell among Jews, Arabs [bugmenot]
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Hawai'i's Four Electoral Votes In Play?
Jheka, the REAL one, takes a short break from freaking me out to note a very, very interesting development: a recent poll in Hawai'i shows that state's electoral votes are now in play. More good news for the President, more bad news for John Kerry. Of course, he can't help but try and freak us out a little more anyway.
But think about this. Polls in Hawaii will close after the results of most of the country are in. Imagine if one of the candidates is leading the other 268-266 with only Hawaii's 4 electoral votes yet to be decided? Hoo-boy, that will make it a long night ...
I ain't looking forward to that, mang. I wonder what Chomsky-stomping Hawai'ian linguist Amritas thinks about this. Marc, where'd your archives go? I wanted to link to some Chomsky-stompin' but I get nothing but "Page not found" and your archives are very much abbreviated!
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Turn Divestment Against Terror Regimes
Frank Gaffney at the Middle East Forum lays out five principles that can help assure American victory in the war on terror. One of them is financial punishment for terror-sympathetic regimes and collaborating corporations.
The fifth principle is to empower individual Americans is by making them aware that they can economically damage Islamism and regimes that assist in terrorist activities. Many Americans have investments in publicly traded companies that do business with regimes that willingly and openly support Islamic terrorism. Some of these stocks even come through pension funds and other retirement funds.

Unfortunately, most people who hold these investments are unaware of this issue. However, they are entitled to know about this problem so that they can make moral choices and play an assertive role in combating terror. The website www.divestterror.org provides more information about investments. Importantly, from a financial perspective, if a company sells items to a pro-Islamist regime, and that regime uses these items in an attack, then the stock of the company will fall and consequently hurt all shareholders.
The idea has merit.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
The Terror Conference
Here are some of the things that were discussed during the Palestinian Solidarity Movement conference at Duke University.
The PSM/ISM speakers proclaimed that Zionism is a "disease" and that Israel is an "Apartheid" state. They viewed "Palestine" as the "epitome of freedom" and terrorists as freedom-fighters. They called for the abolition of the Jewish state through the use of suicide-homicide terrorism and through the adoption of a "one state" solution in which Jews would be demographically overwhelmed, marginalized, persecuted, and ultimately driven out.

The PSM conference again specifically recruited for the International Solidarity Movement. But they also proposed some startling new strategies.

For the first time, they suggested that PSM's Jewish supporters "hijack" Project Birthright, and use it to get free trips to Israel. Upon arrival, they could slip into "Palestine" to assist Israel's enemies. They taught a session on how to lie to Israeli authorities and to the Birthright people.

The PSM/ISM announced a plan to use left-wing Jews, Christians, and Muslims to infiltrate and "take over" campus Hillels--precisely because they are, commendably, democratic--as a way of further indoctrinating American students with their ideology of hate.

They called for a program whereby they would use American public schools and libraries as ideal places to disseminate their "educational" propaganda.

The PSM/ISM also announced the need for a boycott of Jewish companies such as Estee Lauder, Clinique, and Bobby Brown because they donate money to Israel and do business there as well.

In addition, the PSM conference called for the co-optation of mainstream Christian groups like the Presbyterians and the Episcopalians to further the various divest-in-Israel movements.
Duke's Terror Conference: A Postmortem

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evariste in Discarded Lies:
A Poacher, Not A Steward
Larry Moore, a true hunter and frequently-published outdoorsman who also helps coordinate for Ohioans for Concealed Carry, complains that Kerry's recent goose hunt was a superficial and unconvincing ploy by a pathetic and transparent elitist. He demolishes any pretense that Kerry's trip was anything but rank opportunistic posturing:
Most of us hunters struggle for access to quality hunting grounds. But because of his status as a senator and presidential pretender, Kerry easily found premium land on which to hunt -- in a state where he knows few people, never mind hunters.

John Kerry did no homework for his hunting trip -- no landowner contacts, no scouting trips, no dog training. He probably did not even buy his own camouflage jacket.

He probably could not recite the laws governing his hunt -- which means he did not read his Ohio Hunting Guide or the federal migratory bird rules.

John Kerry is a poster boy for the Humane Society of the United States and PETA - groups that object to hunters just walking out into the fields and shooting things.

What John Kerry did is not hunting -- it was killing.

John Kerry did not develop landowner relations. Where were the photos of Kerry thanking the family for permitting him the opportunity to hunt on their land? Where were the photos of John Kerry asking the farmer if he needs help with any chores or offering to share some of the rewards of the hunt? Then he says he is too lazy to carry his own game!

As a hunter, I have great respect and honor for the reward of the hunt, which is the game I take. That means carrying out my game, and it means properly cleaning and preserving (freezing) the meat for later dining pleasure.

Beyond hunting, there always must be reverence for the game -- otherwise you don't hunt with me. There is always a special place for the dogs (in my case, beagles) as my hunting partners.

John Kerry was out of sight of the photographers when the actual hunting took place. Did he shoot his geese? To me it is unethical for someone else to shoot part of your bag limit. Depending on the circumstances, it could be illegal. Did John Kerry display respect for the land by picking up his empty shotgun shells?

John Kerry is taking every photo opportunity to convince us that he is a regular guys who loves to hunt. But Kerry is missing the mark with true sportsmen and women of Ohio who understand that hunting is about more than waltzing into a state and killing a couple of animals an sacrifice for your political ambitions.

For me, hunting is about family and friends. I hunt with my children. I am a volunteer Ohio Hunter Education instructor. I have worked hard to teach proper respect and ethics to our young people as they take up hunting.
Charles Hurt at the Washington Times clarifies one piece of the puzzle, why Kerry pretended he was "too lazy" to carry his own game: he was too afraid of offending his traditional constituencies, the ones that will truly drive his agenda if he wins office. His whole pro-gun act is nothing but that, an act.
But as Mr. Kerry removes questions among gun-toting voters, he also is careful not to scare off supporters who might be a little squeamish about seeing their candidate smeared with the fresh blood of a fowl whose only crime was to try landing in the wrong cornfield.
So the event yesterday was tightly choreographed.
"He's going to walk down that line of corn," explained one staffer, describing the candidate's precise movements out of the field. "He'll turn down there and walk up this way."
Campaign officials wanted to convey the image of a hunter without permitting any of the gory details. They refused, for instance, to allow a reporter to join the hunting party in the blind.
After about two hours of hunting, Mr. Kerry emerged. Photographers with long lenses noticed that he had blood all over his left hand. By the time he reached reporters, he had tucked that hand into his sleeve.
After some speculation among reporters over whether he'd been injured, campaign officials said Mr. Kerry had cut his hand, but that it was mainly goose blood.
Mr. Kerry also was careful not to be photographed holding the carcass of a bird he had just killed. Asked why he was the only hunter not carrying his own bird back, Mr. Kerry laughed and replied: "I'm too lazy."
Pathetic. In every single position, Kerry is riding the fence, trying to appease two opposed groups of people and wear two masks simultaneously. Duplicity is his hallmark and personal insignia.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Iran Calls Europe's Bluff
They must be even closer to nuclear capability than previously thought, or they just don't care. Via Guysen:
08:59 Iran disallowed the compromise proposal European, considered to be unacceptable, and decided to continue its activities of uranium enrichment. (Guysen.Israël.News)
This was the European threat:
They have made it clear that if Iran rejects these proposals they will support a motion which will refer Iran's to the United Nations Security Council for possible international sanctions.
No wonder they weren't very scared. Security Council sanctions, that's their big stick! They were so very effective against Saddam, after all. Something tells me this is not going to end well.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
(Slightly) for Bush
I've loved Christopher Hitchens from before Vanity Fair went Graydon, when he was the voice of drunkenness, debauchery and cigarette-smoking in a health-obsessed America. How can I not love him, the guy is brilliant.
I can't wait to see President Kerry discover which corporation, aside from Halliburton, should after all have got the contract to reconstruct Iraq's oil industry. I look forward to seeing him eat his Jesse Helms-like words, about the false antithesis between spending money abroad and "at home" (as if this war, sponsored from abroad, hadn't broken out "at home"). I take pleasure in advance in the discovery that he will have to make, that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is a more dangerous and better-organized foe than Osama bin Laden, and that Zarqawi's existence is a product of jihadism plus Saddamism, and not of any error of tact on America's part. I notice that, given the ambivalent evidence about Saddam's weaponry, Kerry had the fortitude and common sense to make the presumption of guilt rather than innocence. I assume that he has already discerned the difference between criticizing the absence of postwar planning and criticizing the presence of an anti-Saddam plan to begin with. I look forward, in other words, to the assumption of his responsibility.

Should the electors decide for the President, as I would slightly prefer, the excruciating personality of George Bush strikes me in the light of a second- or third-order consideration. If the worst that is said of him is true--that he is an idiotic and psychically damaged Sabbath-fanatic, with nothing between his large Texan ears--then these things were presumably just as true when he ran against Al Gore, and against nation-building and foreign intervention. It is Bush's conversion from isolationism that impresses me, just as it is the parallel lapse into isolationism on Kerry's part that makes me skeptical. You don't like "smirking"? What about the endless smirks and smarmy hints about the Administration's difficulties, whether genuine or self-imposed? The all-knowing, stupid smirks about the "secular" Saddam, or the innocuousness of prewar Iraq? The sneers about the astonishing success of our forces in Afghanistan, who are now hypocritically praised by many who opposed their initial deployment? This is to say nothing of the paranoid innuendoes I don't have to name that are now part of pseudo-"radical" rumor-mongering and defamation. Whichever candidate wins, I shall live to see these smirks banished, at least.
Why I'm (Slightly) for Bush

(nbl Dar ul Harb)
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
The Jewish American Experience
An excerpt from an article on Jewish American history:
As American Jews--numbering around 6 million in 2000, or roughly 2 percent of the total U.S. population (down from a peak of about 3.6 percent in 1940)--became more confident of their place in the larger American society, the American Jewish experience, including its religious innovations, greatly influenced Jews and Judaism worldwide.

In fact, such reciprocal influences have been at work ever since 1654, when 23 Jews arrived in New Amsterdam. They came from Recife, Brazil, where the Portuguese had expelled all Jews who had not at least outwardly converted to Christianity. The director-general of the North American Dutch colony, Peter Stuyvesant, would himself have forced the 23 to move on had not his superiors in the Dutch West Indies Company heeded the petitions of Portuguese Jewish merchants residing in Amsterdam. The success of those appeals was proof of the power of a network through which the Sephardim--as Jews from the Iberian peninsula are known--used family and religious ties to forge reliable commercial relationships linking the old and new worlds. Permitted to live and trade in New Amsterdam, the original American Jews were also allowed to worship "quietly" in their homes and to purchase their own cemetery. But a strict prohibition against public worship remained in place for a time even after the British took the city and renamed it New York in 1664. By the end of the century, however, long after most of the original community had disappeared and had been replaced by a new wave of Jewish families, the British acceded to the creation of a synagogue, Shearith Israel. For the next 125 years, writes Sarna in American Judaism, in New York and other American port towns, "the synagogue and organized Jewish community became one and the same."

Run by lay members on a rotating basis--there would be no rabbis in American congregations until 1840--the synagogues stressed tradition, deference to authority, and solidarity. Although by 1720 Ashkenazic Jews (those with roots in Central and Eastern Europe) outnumbered Sephardic Jews in New York and other Colonies, the custom of precedence meant that Sephardic rites and interior architectural styles prevailed. While there was little such communal coexistence among Sephardic and Ashkenazic Jews in Amsterdam and London, American Jews largely set aside their differences. "Overall," says Eli Faber, author of A Time for Planting: The First Migration, 1654-1820 and professor of history at the City University of New York, "the communities held together."
Coming to America
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