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daily archive: 10/20/2004
evariste in Discarded Lies:
Web Hosting For Your Movable Type Blog
I participated in a survey at Elise's excellent Learning Movable Type blog, and the results are in. We host with Hostmatters and I gave them lots of kudos in answering the extensive survey. It was really cool to find out she quoted my survey response! I feel famous. Anonymously famous! The me quote:
"They are just amazing at Hostmatters. Often my support tickets are answered in less than five minutes."
It's true, too. One of my tickets, I filed it, hit send and receive on my email, and the reply from Annette came in saying "fixed"! I don't think it's possible to get any closer to telepathy than that. It was really stunning. If you're looking for a good host, apparently Hostmatters aren't the only good host, there's several, if the survey respondents are to be believed. For us, the amazing level of highly professional support we've received from Annette (including hours spent by her figuring out a bonehead beginner php mistake I made. That's well above and beyond the normal call of duty, for a customer that's paying 11 bucks a month to host two measly websites!) makes it extremely unlikely I'll consider moving. Hostmatters is home. Thank you, Hostmatters.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
The Biggest Blow
So, Spain may not be safe from terror after all. I guess all that appeasement effort was wasted.
A Muslim militant schemed to punish Spain with the "biggest blow of its history" — a half-ton suicide truck bombing of the National Court aimed at killing judges investigating Islamic terror, including the Madrid train attacks, said a police intelligence report obtained Wednesday by The Associated Press.

In the new investigation, police said they had intercepted hundreds of letters from suspected cell members in Spain in which they said they were willing to stage suicide attacks.

The National Police intelligence unit report detailed a plot to blow up the National Court — Spain's nerve center for investigating Islamic terror — on a busy avenue in downtown Madrid.

The report said the protected witness had been in contact with suspected cell ringleader Mohamed Achraf, an Algerian born in the United Arab Emirates.

The plot suggests Spain remains a target for Muslim militants even though the new Socialist government withdrew Spain's troops from Iraq after taking office in April.
Spain Terror Suspect Accused of Huge Plot
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Virtual Voting
Oh, enough already! These people are obsessed. If only they cared as much about their own elections. But fair is fair, next time Turkmenistan holds an election, I demand a say in it.

Virtual vote lets non-Americans pick president

Even non-Americans can cast a vote in the upcoming U.S. presidential election thanks to a website tracking world opinion on the race for the White House.

Surfers clicking on www.globalvote2004.org can tick a virtual ballot for President George W. Bush, Democratic challenger John Kerry, or one of five other candidates fighting to win the real vote on November 2.

Voters are asked to register which country they're from, creating a non-official tally of who the rest of the world would choose to lead the planet's most powerful country.

"It's fun and obviously not constitutionally approved, but it is a serious vote because the U.S. has power over all our lives and the election will affect the world," Ben Carey, one of the site's creators, told Reuters on Wednesday.

"The votes are coming in from everywhere, from places like Armenia, Turkmenistan and Venezuela, and if we have a sizable number we'll release the results 48 hours before the real election," he said.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Who Wants War?
This is such a simple little fact that it often goes unmentioned by people who decry Israel: The Arabs Asked For War
Advocates for the West Bank and Gaza Arabs have accused the Sharon administration of numerous transgressions. Whatever arguments can be made for or against Ariel Sharon, how did he become prime minister in the first place? It took a war initiated by the Arabs to convince the vast majority of the Israeli voting public that Sharon's predecessor was ineffective in his response to that war.

Whatever Sharon did, and no transgressions can be justified, he could not possibly do it without the belligerence of Arab terrorists in the first place.

The Arabs have also claimed the Israelis drove out their brethren in 1948 to create the refugee problem. Israel bears some responsibility for it, though it appears that the Arabs were far worse in this regard.

Let's again assume that Israel was completely responsible for the Arabs' departure. Could they have gotten away with it had not the Arabs tried to destroy Israel at its birth?

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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Palestinian Children
From Palestinian Media Watch

Palestinian children in combat support roles
An article this week in the official PA daily, reported that children are aiding terrorists in the following combat support roles:

“In spite of family members’ warnings, groups of children are spreading around the [Gaza] camp, both to pass on information to the resistance and to bring them water.?
(Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Oct. 11, 2004)

It should be stressed that supplying water and gathering information for terrorists in active combat zones, puts these children in life-threatening situations and has led to the deaths of many children. Note that the term “resistance? is used by the PA leadership and media to refer to all terrorists, including Hamas, Islamic Jihad and others.

These two combat support roles are precisely the roles taught in PA schoolbooks. A 6 th grade schoolbook teaches PA children to follow the example of a young child, who according to Islamic tradition, fulfilled these combat support roles. According to this tradition while Muhammad and his companion Abu Bakr hid in a cave, Abu Bakr’s young daughter aided them by passing them information about the enemy and giving them water. The schoolbook teaches children to see themselves in similar roles with such language as: “Asma, Abu Bakr’s daughter, was my age when she played a role...? and immediately asks the question: “What role can I play ...??
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Anti-Semitism in France
French Interior Minister Dominique de Villepin (who might be a man, but do we really know?) ordered a report examining anti-semitism in France. Mr. De Villepin was clearly shocked at the unexpected, shocking results of this report, which shockingly indicate that the French, well... um... they really don't like Jews.

Mr. De Villepin sighed deeply and said "Mon dieu! Ce n'est pas vrai! Nous aimons les Juifs!" Ariel Sharon called De Villepin last night and said "Nyah, nyah, I told you so!"

A new wave of anti-Semitism in France is an extremely worrying phenomenon that poses a threat to the fabric of French society, according to a government report published Tuesday.

It said anti-Semitism in France was not restricted to people of Arab origin, Muslims and the far right, and proposed keeping a closer watch on racism in the media and schools and creating a national watchdog to monitor anti-Semitism.

"The new wave of anti-Semitic acts in the last few years is undeniable. The threats and violence against French Jews are an obvious, new and extremely worrying social factor," said the 50-page report, drawn up by writer Jean-Christophe Rufin.
Govt. Report: Wave of Anti-Semitism Threatens France
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Morning News And Rumor Roundup
Scroll down the front page and read the previous entry before you read this one, Breaking LGF Rumor: Major Terror Figures Nabbed? Read it yet? Here's the rest of the news and rumor roundup.

More interesting revelations this morning...a report on Guysen says that
An envelope containing of the white powder was found in a general-purpose college of Galileo. Specialists in the environment were dispatched on the spot to analyze the product. (Guysen.Israël.News)
Interestingly, 200 hippos, waterbucks and buffaloes have died of Anthrax in Uganda.
Is someone testing their biological agents? Hmm...the CIA recently confirmed that Syria recently tested their WMDs in Africa so an Islamist/terrorist connection to the Uganda incident would not surprise me at all.

Also via Guysen, Greece's shonda, the celebrated composer Theodorakis, continues to flaunt his degeneracy:
'' Israel became a super power, Goliat. The Palestinians are David and we are with David '', wrote the Greek musician Mikis Theodorakis, in the newspaper of right-hand side '' Adesmeftos Typos '' on October 10...
and some of the typical suspects (a French state tv journalist and a Palestinian spokesliar) are trying their level best to make Israelis sound like relentless slaughterers of the innocent:
14:07 The journalist Gwenaelle Lenoir insists on '' the significant destruction '' by Tsahal in the camp of Jabalya in a report on the TV France 3, October 16, towards 19. 35. '' the tanks remained 18 nights and 17 days. They leave behind them 106 dead in this only camps, activists and civil... '' (Guysen.Israël.News)
A Palestinian known as: '' what one sees here, it is as if there had been trmblement ground. In fact, not. What the Jews have fact is still worse ''... Haanan Gissin, adviser of Ariel Sharon, known as: '' We will leave behind us a dissuasive effect. They will have to think of twice if they want to fire these Kassam rockets. They will know henceforth which is the price to be paid for these attacks ' '. Mrs. Lenoir Declares: '' En summons, a collective punishment condemned however by conventions of Geneva ' '
Oh, how terrible! They killed activists and civilians! Tell it to someone who doesn't already know what liars you are. And 106? If that's the exaggeration, I'm feeling a little let down. That means the pile of terrorist carcasses must be disappointingly modest. That's not nearly enough dead terrorists to make me happy. Israel. Start TCBing for the love of Christ. Well, for the love of Moses. You know what I mean.
You know who I want to dole out some collective punishment to? France.

In other interesting news, major protests are planned in France for November 7th, according to Mr Pol. He characterizes them ominously:
In other news, major anti-semitic 'protests' programmed on Nov. 7th in France...
and explains that the impetus is The Rufin report on French antisemitism. Here's the worthless people who'll be stirring up trouble, according to Mr Pol:
The 'protests'? They're calling them 'marches against hatred of others', but the organizers are: CFDT, CFTC, CGT, UNSA (unions), FSU, G10 SOLIDAIRES, LDH, Ligue de l'enseignement, MRAP, Association France Palestine Solidarité (AFPS), ATTAC, Confédération Paysanne, Fédération Française des Clubs UNESCO, Fédération internationale des Ligues des droits de l'Homme (FIDH), Fédération Protestante de France, France Libertés-Fondation Danielle Mitterrand, Ligue Communiste Révolutionnaire (LCR), Lutte Ouvrière (LO), Mouvement Républicain et Citoyen (MRC), Parti Communiste Français (PCF), Parti Radical de Gauche (PRG), Parti Socialiste, Ras l'Front, Syndicat de la Magistrature (SM), Union Nationale des Etudiants de France (UNEF), Union des Organisations Islamiques de France (UOIF), Les Verts.
What an honor roll! Ugh. Unions, Communists, Socialists (big diff), Palestinian Solidarity groups and Islamic groups, Greens...if I lived in France they would have to keep me away from windows because I would keep trying to jump out of them.

In other Froggy news: A 12 year old and a 13 year old are the first to be expelled over defiance of France's headscarf ban. 72 students in France currently face action over the law, including some Sikh male students because of their turbans. To be clear: I oppose the French ban on religious garb. It's typical French ham-handedness, attacking superficial aspects of freedom while leaving the true danger to society unremedied. Fixing their economy, dispersing the cités, passing and enforcing much tougher laws and building lots of prisons-those are some solutions to start approaching France's existential crisis constructively. This hijab ban is a band-aid, a meaningless line drawn in the sand that will end up being a humiliating climbdown for France and a galvanizing triumph for the jihadis who will take credit when it is repealed. But then, France is accustomed to cosmetic solutions and self-afflicted humiliation these days.

Here's the last item for this impromptu roundup: the military says there's a major rift in the Taliban because Mullah Omar isn't happy with how the Afghan elections went off without a hitch. He was kind of hoping they could ruin those, the way they used to ruin kite-flying and movie-watching and music-playing. Ah, glorious Islam! Let's enjoy the fallout.
Fugitive Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar is facing "serious disagreements" with his commanders because of the rebel group's failure to disrupt Afghanistan's presidential election this month, the U.S. military said Wednesday...there was "significant demoralization" among the Taliban and frustration over Omar's "lack of effectiveness" after Afghanistan's first democratic vote on Oct. 9 passed off largely peacefully.

"There's been serious disagreements between Mullah Omar and some of his lower commanders on the strategy for the follow-up after the election," Nelson told a news conference in the Afghan capital.
Awww! Trouble in paradise! I almost feel sorry for them, whenever I can spare a second from visualising them being aerosolized by US munitions.

Finally, a little comic relief: The inimitable Iowahawk wrote a letter to the Guardian (nbl: Smit). Here's a taste:
Dear England Newspaper Person,

How are you? I am fine. I have to say I really enjoy you're loveable moptop "Rock and Roll" combos like the Beatles. There really groovie, or as you say "fab gear"! I can see why they drive all the "birds" "mad."

Anyhoo, thanks alot for the election advice and stuff. Boy, you made some really good points (even tho I didn't understand all the confusing England-style words) but Reverend Falwell said on the Fox TV that G-d will punish us with commies and terrorist and negros and AIDS, etc., if we don't elect President Bush.

So, I guess I'm pretty much still undecided.
Go read the rest.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Breaking LGF Rumor: Big Terror Figures Nabbed?
It could be big news...
#337 aboo-Hoo-Hoo 10/20/2004 02:08AM PST
Some good news might just be rolling down the pike. Very, very early and a couple of unconfirmed rumor/reports we either picked-up or wacked 2-3 biggies, top-doggy types. Be nice to hear if true.

Major, major islami humilation..... poor things. :-)
it could be a false alarm. Debka, Guysen, Google News and Ha'aretz Flash News all show nothing at the moment. But the LGF comments section has broken major world news before. aboo-Hoo-Hoo further clarifies:
#359 aboo-Hoo-Hoo 10/20/2004 02:26AM PST
not ubl, could be zarq level maybe just below. quite iffy but keep your fingers crossed, been pretty damn accurate in past...reason for mentioning.
LGF thread. Again: may be a false alarm.
UPDATE: still not much meat to this, but Mr Pol, often a reliable source, confirms having also heard this rumor.
#411 Mr Pol 10/20/2004 03:19AM PST
#407 evariste
I heard the same rumor, a couple of big shot Jihadniks whacked - totally unconfirmed, though.
UPDATE 5:32 AM pacific: Abdullah Mehsud, released from Guantanamo, appears to be the big fish they heard the rumors about
Helicopter gunships and about 1,000 Pakistani troops on Wednesday raided a suspected hideout of an al-Qaida-linked militant chief, trading gun and mortar fire with fighters in the mountainous region near the Afghan border, officials said.

Abdullah Mehsud, a former Guantanamo Bay prisoner who was released in March, is suspected to be hiding in the area. The one-legged militant commander is believed responsible for the kidnapping of two Chinese engineers on Oct. 9.

The raid came a day after the top military commander in the area said he believed it was unlikely Osama bin Laden was hiding in the tribal region, as U.S. authorities suspect.

Wednesday's fighting began at dawn and was centered on Spinkai Raghzai, a village about 35 miles northeast of Wana, the main town in the South Waziristan region, an intelligence official said on condition of anonymity.

He said the helicopter gunships pounded hilltops where the militants are believed to be. Another intelligence official said both sides were using mortars, while security forces were also firing artillery.

There was no word on casualties.

The official said that while Spinkai Raghzai was believed to be a Mehsud stronghold, the militant commander keeps changing his location.

"You can't be sure where he is," he told The Associated Press.
A senior army official, who asked not to be named, confirmed the fighting but gave no details.

Mehsud's whereabouts have not been known since last Thursday, when commandos raided a house where five of his men were holding the two Chinese engineers. One of the Chinese was freed but the other was killed in the assault. All five of the kidnappers were killed.

Security chiefs then vowed to hunt down Mehsud, who had been hiding in mountains close to the raided house and disappeared after the attack.

The army has also long been hunting bin Laden in the area, but Lt. Gen. Safdar Hussain, the top commander in northwest Pakistan, said late Tuesday his forces have found no sign of the terrorist leader.

"Everything is in our view, if Osama bin Laden was there we would know. He cannot hide there. He is not there," Hussain told reporters in Peshawar city.

U.S. authorities have long said they believe bin Laden is in the rugged tribal region, but there has been no firm evidence of his whereabouts for three years. Pakistani leaders have gone back and forth on whether they believe the al-Qaida chief is in their territory.

Pakistan, a key ally of the United States in its war on terror, has arrested more than 600 al-Qaida suspects, but none of the senior figures has been caught in the border region. They have mostly been nabbed in cities in other parts of the country.

However, Hussain said there are still hundreds of militants, many of whom are suspected to have ties to al-Qaida, in the region.

He said that since March, security forces have killed 246 of them, including 100 foreigners, and arrested 579. About 170 army and paramilitary troops have also been killed in the crackdown, he said.

"Our war against foreign terrorists will continue ... until we are successful. We will rest after the foreign terrorists are eliminated," he said.
dateline on this AP article is 7:34 am eastern so I feel confident this story pertains to the flurry of rumors that preceded it. I also feel confident that there's more to the story than the AP knows, because the LGFers are getting their information from back-channels.
Once again, the Little Green Footballs Weblog scoops the journalism enthusiasts reporting for the AP wire by several hours on a major story! In this case, it was from 2:08 pacific, that is to say 5:08 eastern, till 7:34 am eastern, or 2 hours and 26 minutes. That's the power of distributed direct journalism. Thanks to the power of distributed journalism, LGFers knew that Saddam had been captured a long time before the slow, old, lamestream media heard of it.
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