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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Iranian media: US foils Mossad plot to bomb NYC subways!
Khorshad at Sarbazekuchak sends this along: سرباز كوچك: Front-page “news�? on the Islamic Republic’s Mehrnews.com:
Front-page “news" on the Islamic Republic’s Mehrnews.com:


It reads:

Effort by the agents of Mossad to bomb New York Subways

US department of national security and U.S. intelligence expert Thomas Heneghan have announced that the American-French Alliance intelligence team have discovered and thwarted an attempt by Israel’s Mossad operatives to blow up the New York City subways.

Mehr News Agency’s source for this news, admittedly, is THIS article in the website TomFlocco.com! The article by Mehr is a summary of the revelations by the source.
Wow. Excerpt from "Tom Flocco", who I never heard of before and hope never to again:
CIA, French intelligence kill 4, capture 5 Israelis in NY subway attack

U.S. media and NY officials called the incident a "significant, specific threat"

by Tom Flocco

New York City -- October 6, 2005 -- TomFlocco.com -- Earlier this evening intelligence members of the American-French Alliance stopped an attempt by Israeli Mossad operatives to blow up the New York City subway, according to national security and U.S. intelligence expert Thomas Heneghan.

The federal whistleblower said four Israelis were killed in the altercation and five more were captured just minutes after virtually all U.S. cable news channels, network TV outlets and New York Mayor Richard Bloomberg were reporting their own version of the incident, saying that New York City was "facing a significant, specific threat" in the city's subway.
It gets even loonier.
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sine in The People's Diner:
DL: Finest Fruit of Blogdom
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Syria preparing to terrorize Lebanon
After years of resting on his laurels, Ahmed Jibril has been ordered by Syria to reactivate his Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command (PFLP-GC) and begin operations aimed at destabilizing Lebanon and the Palestinian Authority. Western intelligence sources said Iran and Syria have cooperated in bolstering the PFLP-GC with recruits and weaponry to carry out major attacks in several Mideast states. The sources said the Syrian- sponsored and Iranian-financed group would be used as an extension of Hizbullah for dirty tricks operations against the new government of Prime Minister Fuad Siniora and regimes in neighboring Israel, Jordan and the PA. "Both Iran and Syria want to provoke a crisis that would ease the Western pressure as well as create a dependency on these countries," an intelligence source said. "That's where Jibril comes in." Jibril is one of the most brutal terrorists in the Middle East. More importantly, Jibril, a captain in the Syrian Army, has been willing to do the exact bidding of either Iran or Syria. Jibril has been directing hundreds of Palestinians to cross the border from Syria to Lebanon, the sources said. Many Palestinians have abandoned their menial jobs for the promise of excellent salaries and the chance to butcher Lebanese. The Palestinians have been bringing weapons, ammunition and explosives in a bid to destabilize Lebanon and turn that country into a base for attacks throughout the region. The PFLP-GC maintains nearly a dozen bases in Lebanon, most of them in the Bekaa Valley along the Syrian frontier. Most of the bases were established during the 1970s as part of the Syrian occupation of Lebanon and have been used for Syrian reconnaissance and sabotage missions.
Hundreds of Palestinian insurgents entering Lebanon from Syria

Lebanese security sources said hundreds of Palestinian insurgents have crossed the Syrian border into Lebanon over the past two weeks. The sources said the insurgents, aided by Syria, have brought large amounts of weapons to their bases in Lebanon. The government of Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Siniora has asked the United States to help secure the mountainous frontier with physical barriers, lethal platforms and sensors. At the same time, Lebanese troops and police have been deployed along the eastern border with Syria. On Sept. 28, an FBI delegation began investigating a series of bombings of prominent Lebanese in the Beirut area. The attacks included the car bombing that maimed a Lebanese television journalist. Lebanese sources said fighters from the Syrian- backed Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command have been streaming into Lebanon. The PFLP-GC, headed by Syrian Army Capt. Ahmed Jibril, is the leading Palestinian ally of Damascus. The group has maintained bases in Lebanon despite the Syrian military withdrawal in April 2005. The Lebanese army established 25 border checkpoints and arrested scores of PFLP-GC fighters entering Lebanon's Bekaa Valley from Syria, the sources said. They said, however, that other insurgents have succeeded in resupplying PLFP-GC bases in Dir Al Asher, Naamah as well as the Palestinian refugee camps of Sabra and Shatilla. In response, Jibril has declared an alert and directed commanders to prepare to mobilize forces. Jibril has appealed to other Palestinian factions to confront the Lebanese military.
Things are about to heat up really fast.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Absurd excuses proffered in Lebanese gang rapists' Australian appeal
Gang rapist's attacks unavoidable, says lawyer-Next, maybe they'll try the Chewbacca defense.
A violent gang rapist should have been given a lesser sentence partly because he was a "cultural time bomb" whose attacks were inevitable, as he had emigrated from a country with traditional views of women, his barrister has argued.

MSK, who, with his three Pakistani brothers, raped several girls at their Ashfield family home over six months in 2002, was affected by "cultural conditioning … in the context of intoxification", Stephen Odgers, SC, told the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal yesterday.

MSK, 26, MAK, 25 and MMK, 19, are appealing against the severity of their sentences after they were found guilty of nine counts of aggravated sexual assault in company - a crime carrying a maximum penalty of life imprisonment - against two girls, aged 16 and 17, in July 2002.

MSK and MMK were jailed for 22 years, with a non-parole period of 16½ years, and 13 years, respectively, and MAK for 16 years (12 years non-parole).

Court orders prevent them being named. They are yet to be sentenced for other rapes.

Mr Odgers said "new evidence" showed MSK had a "mental disorder" at the time of the rapes and had stopped taking his medication - supplied by his father, a general practitioner.

He also said Justice Brian Sully had made a "clear error" in sentencing them to an extra six years on two counts, rather than one - referring to an act in which MMK withdrew his penis and took off the condom and then continued to rape one of the girls.

"It was the same victim, it occurred in the same location, there was no relevant difference in the nature of the act. The time gap between the offences was minimal," he said. Mr Odgers said a forensic psychologist, David Greenberg, had diagnosed MSK with "atypical compulsive obsessive disorder".

MSK said: "When I stopped taking medication, I never had any idea in my mind that I would be committing these problems. If anything happened, it would happen accidentally, but I was commanded to do these things."

After a special hearing, a judge concluded earlier this year that MSK was not mentally ill - the same conclusion reached by pre-sentence psychology reports in 2003.

Mr Odgers said the new evidence showed that he had a disease, which, combined with alcohol and the cultural conditioning of "a society with very traditional views of women", was "clearly a factor in the commissioning of these offences".

"The applicant was a cultural time bomb," Mr Odgers said. "It was almost inevitable that something like this would happen. His culpability is lessened because of that combination."

Professor Greenberg's report concluded the disorder did not lead MSK to commit the rapes. He also said he may be malingering.

The father, who said at the trials that he was with his sons on the night of the rapes, told the court he had diagnosed MSK with schizophrenia.

"He told me … Satan come to him and tell him different things. He told me that sometimes even the green grass whisper to him."

He refused to place his hand on the Koran when sworn in because he said he had not washed.

A spokesman for the Director of Public Prosecutions, Nicholas Cowdery, said he was unable to confirm whether the father would be charged with perjury over evidence he gave at the trials.

The appeal, funded by Legal Aid, follows their unsuccessful appeal against conviction, which failed when they took it to the High Court. The Court of Criminal Appeal has reserved its decision.
Charge the father with perjury and jail him too. "They couldn't help themselves, they're muslims" is what the defense lawyer's plea amounts to.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Syrian regime's mouthpieces attack German prosecutor investigating the murder of Hariri
MEMRI has this extraordinarily funny selection of Syrian media attacks in the past few days on Detlev Mehlis, the German prosecutor who is heading the UN commission's investigation into Hariri's murder. My favorite is the first:
Over the last few days, Syrian government dailies have been publishing articles which include personal attacks on Detlev Mehlis, head of the International U.N. Committee that is investigating the murder of the former Lebanese prime minister Rafiq Al-Hariri. The Syrian dailies quote pro-Syrian Lebanese articles and journalists who accuse Mehlis of spending his time drinking wine on yachts, and state that he has therefore lost his credibility.

The following are excerpts from the articles:

Mehlis Leads a Life of Luxury Drinking Wine on Board Yachts

The Syrian daily Al-Thawra published an article by Lebanese journalist Maria Ma'loof, in which she wrote:

"Since Mehlis began investigating the assassination of Prime Minister Al-Hariri, there have been continuous efforts to provide him with a legal and judicial halo, and to present him as equivalent to the legendary investigators seen on movie screens, such as Kojak, Columbo, and Inspector Gadget*. But the performance of the international investigator [Mehlis], who previously suffered failures and bungled various investigations in Germany, has begun to deteriorate in light of basic questions that he has failed to even raise, let alone answer...

"The German fox overlooked all these facts, and others. Lately, there have been more and more reports about his indulgent life on board yachts, of his wine drinking, and of his immersion in Lebanese luxury, which make him lose his objectivity. [They] also cause him to lose sight of his earnest endeavor to arrive at the truth, and of the importance of the case that he has undertaken. Hence his strange behavior lately at the Bonita Resort, on one of the beaches of Al-Bathrun, where he embarrassed people by appearing all of a sudden accompanied by watchdogs and several heavily armed FBI personnel, creating a great disturbance in the restaurant and its surroundings. This made people wonder who this important figure was, who has taken over the entire restaurant, making the other diners flee in fear and apprehension."
*lol!!! rofl!!! jumping out of the roflcopter on lollerskates!

Maybe next the Syrian media will allege that Bart Simpson is having sex with Detlev's wife. Nothing is more comical than Stalinist newspapers. Syria is the DPRK of the Middle East.
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guest author: papijoe in Discarded Lies:
Part VIII: ha-Choshen
The first order of business to calm Dave's fiancee down, who was now quite distraught. First she was assured that althought it was understandable that she thought Dave's temper might get him killed someday, he had quite possibly saved two lives with his timely intervention. As far as her concern that she would lose her job, Matt was quite confident that she would find tending bar at the bookstore's corporate functions much more pleasant and lucrative. Finally Dave himself promised that he felt fine and the cosh only grazed him. Truthfully he had a dreadful headache, but the Persian had been thumped far worse from behind as he passed the utility room. The tall man on the other hand was stopped at gunpoint, gagged and had his hands bound behind his back with zip restraints.

Tim explained that the attackers were a neo-Nazi gang from the continent, and that their discretion was needed not to compromise a British intelligence operation. The tall man thanked them both warmly and wished them the best of luck. They would later receive an exquisite antique menorah for a wedding present with no card attached.

"They were very professional, not to pull the gun when attacked. And they have been following us the whole time" Tim said, after his limo had dropped the couple off at home.

Matt was still trying to process the events of the evening. Tim had insisted that they stay at his home. It was out-fitted with a state of the art security system and the contractors he hired to protect him out of the county had sent two former SAS men to watch around the clock. Now that Matt felt the threat subside, shock set in. He had already had a vivid flashback of the fight that caused him to break out in a sweat. The other unsettling thing was the disembodied sensation he had as he parried and struck the driver. He had received a year's worth of Krav Magen lessons from Uncle Allen for his bar mitzvah. He went faithfully but never thought it would ever work in a real life situation.

It this way something based on what seemed to be equal parts adrenaline and luck had earned him entrance into a circle of men who like himself seemed outwardly civilized yet in extreme conditions were capable of absorbing and giving out rough treatment. Part of him was still sickened by the memory of the sound his elbow made when it impacted the driver's skull. The net effect of all of this was to make him feel very alien to himself.

"Some birthday, eh Matt?"

Tim clapped him on the shoulder. "If you don't get some sleep you'll be rubbish tomorrow. And we need your support at the museum."

Matt nodded and slumped of to crash for 14 hours in one of the guest rooms.

* * *

"Perhaps I could be of more assistance if I better understood exactly what you you gentlemen are looking for among Senhor Carvajal's collection." purred the exquisitely (if primly) dressed curator of the British Museum of Jewish History, Ms RC Nieujoux.

"Ah, well you see, that's the rub." countered Tim, "We know that something valuable, most likely information was passed from Menasseh ben Israel to Carvajal, but we are not quite sure what.." They had been assured by Ms Nieujoux that the conversation would be confidential, and it was in her best interests to stay on the good side of patrons like Matt's parents. Still, they told her as little as possible.

"Well as you can see, the catalog of Senhor Carvajal's items is quite extensive" As she passed the document to him, Matt realized with a start he had be wondering what Ms Nieujoux would look like without the glasses and her hair let down from the austere bun. To make matters worse she seemed to acknowledge his attention with a faint smile and puckish arch of an eyebrow.

The size of the catalog was daunting even after dividing the labor by language. And the division wasn't equitable, Tim's load was lighter because he spoke only English and a little Latin. He also had the part of the list that included personal artifacts like artwork and mementos When they finally took a break at tea-time they were red eyed and discouraged.

"Will you be back tomorrow then?" said Ms. Nieujoux as she gave Matt a surreptitious wink.

"I'm afraid so." replied Tim, "Oh, and by the way, I couldn't help noticing that some of the personal effects were missing from the catalog.

"Ah, yes I forgot to mention some are on display in the museum. There was a wonderful painting from the El Greco school by a fellow Converso that is on loan. And on your way out don't forget to see the exquisite ha-Hoshen..."

Within seconds they were staring at a perfect replica of the breastplate.

"How do we know which one it is? Or could they all be real?" Matt whispered.

"At least one of them isn't." observed the Persian.

"It's the beryl that says 'Dan'" said the tall man.

They stared at him until he felt compelled to explain.

"The only two that are in the correct position with the name of the correct tribe are the emerald that we already have, and the beryl. If you like you can prove it with a sample of the vanish that covers the dye used to highlight the incribed letters. It's was made exclusively by boiling the shells of an Egyptian beetle. I had it tested and they should match. But I'm 99% sure it's the beryl."

"Right" said Tim. "Oh Ms Nieujoux, may we have a word with you?"
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Britain turns up the heat on Iran
The British are finally getting fed up with Iranian involvement in killing their troops. It's about time. I expect a punitive Coalition expedition into Iran, to include their nuclear facilities, before the 2006 election season in the US.
Iran is running international "training camps" for bombers who carry out attacks on British troops in Iraq, according to senior British officials.

Last week Britain accused Iran of direct complicity in the killings of British soldiers through the use of sophisticated explosive devices. Yesterday's claims went much further by accusing the Revolutionary Guard, which has close links to the Tehran government, of teaching Shia fighters to make the bombs in Iran.

The charges came after British and Iraqi forces found two unexploded devices for the first time. A forensic examination of the bombs was being made in Baghdad which officials believe will help them devise counter measures and may also yield evidence of an "Iranian signature". The armour-piercing, infra-red bombs have killed eight British soldiers since March.

British officials had claimed that the alleged Iranian involvement in Iraq was in response to what Tehran perceives as "bullying" over the nuclear issue by the West, and also to keep US and British forces tied down in Iraq to avert a possible attack on Iran. Iran has vehemently denied the accusations and has claimed instead that Britain is pressuring Iran over its nuclear programme by publicising the bombing claims.

The account of the alleged Iranian involvement made by defence and diplomatic sources in Iraq yesterday was extraordinarily detailed. One source said: "We are trying to counter the bomb threat by training the trainers and they are doing the same. People are being trained abroad and then slip back into Iraq, 10 at a time, to train others maybe 50 at a time."

The source claimed that camps were being run in Iran and Lebanon, and that there was "some evidence" that there are camps in Syria. The source said that the technology had been "proliferating", leading to a sharp rise in attacks on British troops which are running at three a week. Several large arms caches, believed to be for attacks during the impending referendum, have been found in southern Iraq. In the past eight days British, US and Iraqi forces have found more than 50 rockets, 10 mortars and 64 landmines, as well as the infra-red devices. The devices were found on Route Tampa, the main feeder route for British and American troops to Meysan, a province where coalition forces have faced periodic bouts of intense attacks.

A large quantity of arms and ammunition, including rocket-propelled grenade launchers and heavy machine guns, were found at Az-Zubayr, a militant Sunni enclave south-east of Basra.
Your reckoning will soon be at hand, stink-beards.
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guest author: levi from queens in Discarded Lies:
Letter To The NYPD
Full address telephone and e-mail information

October 11, 2005

Captain Yeager
110th precinct
43rd Avenue
Elmhurst, New York

Dear Captain Yeager,

This is a long and convoluted story.

Last evening, two officers came to my apartment building. My landlord Mu. P. [an obviously Indian Indian name] was trying to convince them to arrest my 23 year old mentally-disabled son for allegedly ringing his doorbell at 2:00 a.m. two days previously. He also alleged that my son, in his distress at being locked out, had tried to climb the fire-escape. I have contacted my son, Nathaniel [deleted], who lives at [deleted], [deleted town in Westchester County]. His telephone number is [deleted]. He is, unlike my landlord, an honest man; and he will truthfully answer any questions which you put to him. If you like, I will bring him to the precinct house the next time he is in NYC.

The real purpose of these allegations was to generally attack me – and here is the reason. I was and am trying to get my landlady to tell Detective W. the truth about what they saw the evening of September the 6th when I was burgled between 6:30 and 7:50 p.m. A burglar climbed the bars of my landlady’s apartment, shredded the screen of my second story apartment window and came into my children’s bedroom. The other two burglars either came in the same way or more likely were let in the front door by the first. They utterly destroyed my apartment throwing drawers and stuff everywhere. The stuff was piled in some rooms waist-high. They took about $3500 worth of stuff, and I have insurance which will cover that. My landlady’s mother saw them leave the building. The way that I know this is that Mu. told me. This is also how I know that there were three of them.

The evening of the burglary, my landlady, Mi. P., told me she was sleeping and heard nothing. This is, given the necessary noise of the destruction and the necessary noise in climbing the side of a building, materially less than credible. I could not speak to her mother who speaks no English.

Quite obviously, I cannot live upstairs from people who will cover up for my burglars. I am not saying that they were in cahoots with the burglars; this would be unintelligent behavior. My landlord and landlady are in no way deficient in mind, just in heart and courage.

Yesterday afternoon, I asked my landlady to talk to Detective W. and to translate for her mother so that the NYPD can have all of the available information about the crimes against me. She began to scream at me. I informed her that I would pay no rent and would move unless she would tell the truth. I left to the sound of her voice ringing in my ears. I did not inform her at that time that the reason I was 100% certain that she was lying was information from her husband.

When her husband, Mu., came home he called me downstairs and yelled at me some more about my son. I have no knowledge of their allegations about my son, but they do have surface plausibility. They are also a great deal less than a crime. I again informed my landlady and told my landlord that I was going to move and would pay no further rent. I told them that I did not wish for this; but if they refused to tell the NYPD the truth of what they knew about my burglary that I would have no choice. They screamed at me, so I got up and left.

My landlord (and presumably landlady also) then called the police to complain about me. The officers stood in my hallway and listened first to my landlord and then to me. They called me a scam artist, which I materially resented. To make it clear, the officers evidently believed that I would leave an apartment which I love to save two months of rent. I can afford to live in Greenwich. I came to Elmhurst nine years ago because of financial difficulties in a bitter divorce. I stay here because this is the best place on Earth in which to live. I am deeply attached to this neighborhood. I am on the vestry of St. James Anglican Church. (FWIW, my contributions to St. James are materially in excess of my rent.) I am perfectly prepared and intend to spend $xxx (a big number) on this court case. I will try to get it reimbursed from the Ps, but courts rarely award legal fees.

Let’s go to another reason. Why is Elmhurst the best place on Earth to live? People from all over the world come here and struggle to gain a toehold in the freedom of the United States. They work incredibly hard, and they are unbelievably courteous. The restaurants are magnificent. I love to be among them. According to the U.S. Census, 11373 was the most ethnically-diverse zip code in the United States in 2000. Nothing I see walking down the street suggests that the Census was incorrect.

Let me tell you another story. When my wife, the philosophy professor, went to Calcutta for a conference, we went downstairs to ask the Ps for advice on traveling to India. They told us that the most important thing was to have somebody meet you at the airport. Some of the taxi-drivers there are muggers who will rob you. There are police at the airport. If you ask them for advice as to a safe taxi-driver, they will direct you to a robber because the police of India are in conspiracy with muggers. We were and are grateful for the advice, and my wife did not test it for truth but had somebody meet her at the airport.

The NYPD are not muggers. I am incredibly grateful that you people have made this city so safe. I am incredibly grateful that you guys put your lives on the line every day for me. I am incredibly grateful that you have come to my apartment three times to investigate the burglary. I also believe that the reason that the NYPD has such a glorious record is information. I am prepared to spend huge sums of money and undergo incredible inconvenience for the principle that citizens have a moral duty to tell the police what they have seen. Further the NYPD is absolutely essential to the grand and glorious experiment of Elmhurst. I have seen a neighborhood utterly collapse under the pressure of fewer than ten criminals. (the Forest Hills section of Jamaica Plain in Boston in the 1970’s). If Elmhurst is to be the place that I envision -- a garden for the people of the world--, it is necessary that the Ps truthfully tell what they know about the burglary.

The officers last night were a little snotty. This is not a crime or even misbehavior. I would ask that you suggest to them that they be a little more careful as to whom they believe.

With Best Regards,

levi from queens

P.S. I am appalled that the Ps would attack my disabled son in an effort to get at me. Obviously, he can no longer come in to see me, as I cannot guarantee his safety from my landlord and landlady. My other two sons, the Park Avenue lawyer and the tackle on his high school football team who are capable of defending themselves will still be here from time to time. Nathaniel will have to stay with his older brother the next time he visits Queens.

Cc: Detective W.,
The residents of my building
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