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daily archive: 10/04/2005
evariste in Discarded Lies:
Majlis speaker promises to teach Israel an 'Unforgettable Lesson'
Iran responds. The waiting is so infuriating; when will we get down to business and put the mullahs out of commission?
Damascus, Oct 2, IRNA-If Israel goes mad enough to target Iranian nuclear sites as it did against Iraqi installations in 1991, Iran would give it a lesson which it could not forget forever, Iranian Majlis Speaker Gholamali Haddad Adel said in Damascus on Sunday.

He made the statement in his address to members of Syrian parliament in reply to a question on Iranian reaction to US-Israel threats against Iranian nuclear sites if they are translated into practice.

"The Iranian nation will proudly advance the goals of Islamic Revolution and will never surrender to bullying and will proceed with its legitimate rights," he said.

"We have made clear that Iran follows regulations of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Iran is a signatory to Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). Iran implemented Additional Protocol to NPT voluntarily to build confidence with international community and ensure that Iranian nuclear program is civilian," Haddad Adel said.

"We have proved our good faith by opening up Iranian nuclear sites to IAEA inspectors in the past two years."

"Almost 1,200 persons/days from IAEA have inspected Iranian nuclear sites and they said there is no sign of any diversion from civilian nature of the nuclear program," the Majlis speaker said.

He said that the attempts being made to refer Iranian nuclear case to United Nations Security Council is outcome of pressure on Iran adding that Iran will never yield to extortion of the enemy.

Haddad Adel condemned the ominous phenomenon of terrorism and drew distinction between terrorists and those fighting to liberate their homeland from occupation.

He said that both Tehran and Damascus have common views about supporting Palestinian rights and civilian nuclear program.

Haddad Adel said that in his negotiations with President Bashar al-Assad, they reached an agreement to take practical steps for cooperation on international issues.

Winding up his three-day visit to Lebanon, the Majlis speaker arrived in Damascus on Sunday on a two-day visit.

Parliament Speaker: Iran will give unforgettable lesson to Israel if it ventures into targeting nuclear sites
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kianb in Pahlaver:
Israel Reminds The World Again: Atomic-Mullahs can't be tolerable
The political parties in Israel seem to agree on one thing: taking out Iran's nuclear facilities
"Israel will not live under the threat of an Iranian nuclear bomb. We feel we are obliged to warn our friends that Israel should not be pushed into a situation where we see no other solution but to act unilaterally against Iran," said Yosef Lapid, head of the Shinui Party.

Lapid and his colleagues Yuval Steinitz, chairman of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defence Committee and Arieh Eldad, a member of the Israeli National Union Party said conventional diplomacy will not work with Iran. "They won't be stopped unless they are convinced their programmes will be destroyed if they continue," they said.

Steinitz said Israeli officials estimate Tehran is only two to three years away from developing a nucelar bomb and that time is running out for the world to act.

"We see an Iranian bomb as a devastating existential threat to Israel, to the entire Middle East, to all Western interests in the region," he said.

"For us, either the world will tackle Iran in advance or all of us will face the consequences."
Eldad said Israelis across the political spectrum see Iran as the most serious threat to Israel, one that cannot be ignored." Eldad conceded that there could be problems if Israel acted. "If we have to do it, we will do it. If the United States and the world community do it, there is a chance the issue can be contained. If Israel has to do it alone, there is no chance the conflict can be contained."

Further Reading:
- 'What to do if a nuclear disaster is imminent' guide.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
French using stray dogs as shark bait
STRAY dogs are being skewered on hooks and dragged behind boats as live shark bait, The Sun can shockingly reveal.

The cruel practice takes place on French-controlled Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean, where Prince William spent two holidays.

A six-month-old labrador pup was recently found ALIVE with a huge double hook through its snout - like the dog above - and another through a leg.

The pup was found in a coastal creek and is thought to have somehow freed itself from a fishing line.

But other dogs and kittens have been chomped up and swallowed by sharks.

The RSPCA plans to petition the French government, demanding an end to the hideous torture.
from John Hawkins at RightWingNews, with a thimbleful of cognac to Richard at Hyscience.

Photo after the jump.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Coup d'Etat

It is time to transform this sorry-ass blog into a strong, fearless blog, a blog that will stand against our enemies and destroy anyone who looks funny at us. These are dangerous times, comrades, and it's at times like these that we need strong leadership and not just plain leadership. Therefore, I have appointed myself as your Great Leader.

As your Great Leader, it is now my responsibility to unburden you of your personal responsibility and to simplify your lives. I will make you happy and you will listen to me and be happy.

I hereby declare:

Freedom sucks. There will be no more freedom on this blog and "freedom" is now a forbidden word. "Platform", "thank you" and "mommy" are also forbidden. A curfew is in place until further notice and a new constitution has been drawn.

No one is allowed to leave this blog and therefore all exit visas are cancelled. If you need an exit visa, too bad.

No one is allowed to enter this blog and therefore all entry visas are cancelled. If you need an entry visa, too bad.

Every smart thing that a comrade has said on this blog, belongs to me now. The stupid things you've said are all yours. The stupid things I've said are also yours.

No more OTs! No more! You understand?! NO MORE!

Frank, if you post that BLT butt again, you will be arrested and sent to the basement for the day.

Drinking while typing is, as of now, outlawed.

Smart asses will be hung.

Dumb asses will also be hung.

General asses will definitely be hung.

Cats are outlawed.

Discussions about religion are outlawed.

Discussions about abortion are outlawed.

Discussions about politics are outlawed.

Discussions about gay people are allowed between 3 pm and 5 pm only.

I will be providing guidance to the people daily between the hours of 10 am and 3 pm. Your presence is mandatory. Comrades avoiding their civic duty will be hung.

General Assembly will be taking place at 6 pm. Your presence is mandatory. Comrades avoiding their civic duty will be hung.

My praises shall be sung daily between 8 am and 10 am. And you better sing them loudly if you want me to be in a good mood. Comrades who don't praise me will be hung.

You are dismissed.


Some comrades pointed out that I should have said "hanged" instead of "hung". The suburb of Queens is now surrounded and we are searching for someone named "levi." We are also on the lookout for someone named Pooh. If spotted, they are both to be hanged on sight. Hung. Hanged. Hung. Whatever.

Okay, you're dismissed again.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Harriet Miers roundup (Updated!)
Betsy's got a few of the conservative blogosphere's more interesting pro-Miers posts in one convenient place, such as this from Patrick Ruffini:
As our picture of Miers comes into clearer focus, the Souter II narrative begins to strain credulity. It requires us to believe that the President who gave us Janice Rogers Brown, Michael McConnell, Bill Pryor, Priscilla Owen – and no RINO that I could name at the Circuit or District Court level, who fought the fight on Miguel Estrada, and who had originally orchestrated the masterful trade of Roberts-for-O'Connor, would suddenly punt at this critical moment. It also requires us to believe that Miers, who has worked with Bush for a decade, who is the White House staffer most intimitately involved with vetting nominees' judicial philosophies, and is one of the people Bush knows best, has been able to hide her true beliefs from her boss until – Ah, ha! – she donned the judge's robe. I'm sorry, but I don't think this is the same thing as an unknown from New Hampshire handpicked by Warren Rudman.
Check out the rest over at Betsy's Place.

On the other hand, Leon H. at Redstate has this caution:
Let us suppose, just for a moment, that you are willing to drink the Bush Flavor-Aid and just automatically assume that Miers is, in fact, the second coming of Scalia. I won't drink it with you, but I respect your right to believe as you wish. I'd only point out that this is STILL a horrible nomination, because of the message it sends. The federal court system is filled with dozens and hundreds of judges, all of whom have a desire to move up in stature and pay grade, and for a judge, being on the SCOTUS is the top of the heap. You can pooh-pooh those considerations if you want, but they're real.

By passing over Luttig, Garza, JRB, and Jones, a clear signal has been sent to the lower judges that judges who rule from a strong conservative perspective will not be nominated to the SCOTUS. It goes without saying that such a test is not applied to liberals.

You tell me what kind of incentive that creates for federal court judges at the appellate and trial levels - considering that they hear thousands more cases a year than the SCOTUS does.
And Thomas Lifson is a must-read on Harriet Miers.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
The Voice of The Caliphate
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guest author: mauro in Discarded Lies:
The price of my Idea
And you wake up one morning asking yourself what has been, Scattering thoughts over the past, you pick up that black scarf left in the drawer and hold it in your hands. You are still alive while so many are dead. And tears of rage and regret cutting wrinkles in a rugged face. Nobody should die at 17. Nobody should survive this long.

Everything started that day, that damned and special day joining in the laughter of those different eyes. And a rite of baptism with chocked breath and clenched fists made of punch-ups outside the school gates. Stumbling into a destiny you had in you since childhood, you hold dear that silver symbol that dangles from your neck. Love and Hate to understand the logic ideal, the Idea you believe in before you understand, before you can comprehend but already are in love with…while your mother cries behind the glass of a window. She knows this war does not forgive. She knows this land has not found its peace. An old party. A difficult legacy. Ambiguity, uncertainty and a thread to rejoin. You are a bleeding part of that thread. You are the continuity of the Idea. You are the defeated that never lost its war. You are what your predecessor died for.

And while you despise ignorance, opportunism and elitist power…what do you really, really know of that past made of blood? What do you know of that flag splattered in blood? The stories of your father covered in mud in a foreign land…. The stories of a man in a wheelchair and the glitter of one medal… The stories of a black-shirt, his eyes between pride and pain…. The stories of an uncle and a granny and of that old man down the block…. But you feel your age and your occasion, this is Your time.

Let old men rest in their chairs, let old women look after those old men. This is your time, yours is the face kissed by the sun and yours the yelled No! to the pack of hyenas chasing you. But I will not deny, I will not renegade the blood spilled for me to be here. Beautiful is living your 20s with that sense of occasion. Your Occasion. And give a name to what you feel is your revolution.

Then a cold January evening remains stuck in your thoughts…. Too much blood on the pavements and finally your black scarf rising to cover your face. Air swollen with absurd vengeance without mourning and tears. Torched cars and desperate violence, smoke, sweat, clenched hearts and running battles. A rain of fists over your body.

That’s the day we promised to be nobody’s sons and daughters. That’s the day I promised my blood. And the Idea gave me my reason.

Then jail. A few weeks to re-think….and be called Camerata Presente! Your woman cries, your mother cries, your friends are proud and you have the solitude to chew your anger. Tell me, how do you feel being called extremist? You that had nothing but love for your country? How do you feel being still alive when Alberto ended in the eye of a gun with a badge? A young servant of The State pulling the trigger…some son of a poor family that saw that uniform as the answer to an insignificant life…a boy used to kill another….while fat men roll up bribes and cigars. And Francesco falling to his death chased by a red mob…and Angelo and Mikis and Franco and all the others….

How do you feel being still alive?

But it’s not guilt that run those tears, it’s not revenge that stiffs your face…..it’s love of life. So hundred of roman salutes to salute a coffin, steel resolve to ask Francesco to stay with you, to run with you, to fight with you, to be in you and a yell against the wind “A comrade has died, another one hundred are born!" The silence of an accusation sprayed on a wall…"this time they’ll pay, I swear!" And again in the squares and streets, Guns replace the stones in your hands and that scarf now firmly covers your face. The choice is made. Your dice is rolling. Sirens waking you up at every turn. Sirens as a sound track in your life. All those coffin to avenge, all those wounds never healed. All those hurting memories and the cold feel of a pistol pressed against your cheek. Still you believe in the tears you cry. And your resolve yells a thousand times Communism will never win.

Then the bomb at the station and the most infamous of accusations. It’s the moment they’ve been waiting and the hunt is really on. Infamy and greed and cowardice and hatred. Badges and guns now aim at your face and the pain of a rifle ravaged body, of a suicided comrade, of one thousand imprisoned innocents and of a runaway son is too much to bear. This is the price of that baptism, the price of your love, the price of your Idea. So you run to your death, to your prison or to your exile.

Time hides but not heals and twenty years later you wake up with a song on your lips. Your memory loses itself in that generation, them boys and girls a bit rebellious and a bit warriors, some long dead, some still alive and abroad, some conformed to a society of greed but all, like you, with their dreams stacked deep in that same drawer you left your own black scarf. The same scarf you are now using to dry your tears. Let others pick up that scarf now comrade, let others live their youth. You are their old man now and the stories they want to hear of. And the Idea lives in the eyes of a girl and a boy holding hands in a demo. Holding hands and flags, holding up hopes and living memories.

Dedicated to
Alessandro Alibrandi killed by police 5 December 1981
Franco Anselmi, killed by police on 6 March 1978
Stefano Cecchetti, 19, killed by police on 19 January 1979
Francesco Cecchin, 17, killed by communists on 16th June 1979
Robert Crescenzo, killed by communists on 1 January 1977
Paolo Di Nella, killed by communists on 9 February 1983
Giancarlo Esposti, killed by police on 30 May 1972
Carlo Favella, 19, killed by communists
Alberto Giaquinto, 17, killed by police on 10 January 1979
Franco Bigonzetti, 20 and Francesco Ciavatta, 18 killed by communists on 7 January 1978
Stefano Ricchioni, 20, killed by police on 9 January 1979
Angelo Mancia, 27, killed by communists on 12 March 1980
Mikis Mantakas, killed by police on 28 February 1975
Virgilio ,22, and his little brother Stefano Mattei, 8, killed by communists on 15 April 1973
Nazareno De Angelis, 21, “suicided�? in police custody on 5 October 1980
Giuseppe Mazzola and graziano Giralucci, killed by communists on 17 June 1974
Pierluigi Pagliai, killed by Italian secret services in Bolivia on 5 October 1982
Enrico Pedenovi, killed by communists on 26 April 1976
Angelo Pistolesi, 31, killed by communists on 28 December 1977
Sergio Ramelli, killed by communists on 13 March 1975
Giuseppe Santostefano, killed by communists on 31 July 1973
Martino Traversa, killed by the mafia on 13 March 1980
Giorgio Vale, suicided with 140 bullets by the police on 5 May 1982
Ugo Venturini, killed by communists on 1 May 1970
Mario Zicchieri, 16, killed by communists on 29 October 1975
Maunele Zilli, 25, killed by communists on 3 November 1973
Alessandro Alvarez, 25, killed by communists on 3 March 2000
Diego Maccio, 23, and Enrico Ferrero, 22, killed by police on 24 March 1985.

I truly believe their blood saved Italy from Communism. I truly believe their blood, splattered on 1000 pavements and walls challenged and won over the wind. I truly believe they sit with the rightful and are now telling their story to the men that died before them for what is and always will be our Idea.
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evariste in Discarded Lies:
21-Year Old American Suicide Bomber
The thankfully-dead evil bastard who luckily managed to kill only himself:
What he planned was a terrible crime indeed...this "revert to Islam" reject from America was attaching bombs to the bottoms of buses when he prematurely exploded. This was a major attack in the waiting, folks, not just an attempted suicide bombing but another attempted multi-location mass-murder.
2 October 2005; 11:50 p.m.: Law enforcement sources close to the Northeast Intelligence Network have confirmed that search and seizure warrants were served today upon the residence of the “suicide bomber, 21-year-old Joel Henry Hinrichs III of Colorado Springs, CO, who was a resident of the Park View Apartments on campus. Speaking strictly “off the record," the officials stated that they recovered “a significant amount" of Islamic “Jihad" type literature, some possibly written in Arabic, along with the suspect’s computer. Some of the documentation included material on how to construct bomb-making vests.

Further reports by the same officials indicated that the bomb was detonated prematurely when the suspect was either arming a bomb vest or backpack, which contained TATP, a homemade explosive. TATP (triacetone triperoxide) is a very potent but relatively easily manufactured explosive compound that was used in the July London bombings. It is important to note that TATP has been cited in numerous Jihad bomb-making manuals.

The same officials, requiring anonymity as the investigation is ongoing, continued to confirm that “other un-detonated explosive devices were found in the area cordoned off by police and federal officials." Those devices WERE NOT DETONATED, but carefully confiscated for further forensic testing. Initially, information provided to the Northeast Intelligence Network suggested that that the so-called “suicide-bomber" was attempting to attach bombs to the buses parked in the area when one of the bombs detonated prematurely. The investigation has expanded into the possibility that others might have been involved.
WorldNetDaily says the explosives stash found in his living quarters was really huge.
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guest author: papijoe in Discarded Lies:
Part III: The Excavation
On the way over to the construction site, the tall man was using the Persian as a sounding board. He had decided at this point to tell his servant what he had learned so far and explain why he thought a further clue to the nature of the "inheritance" if not the thing in itself might be buried under the site of the synagogue on Boompjes.

He hoped understanding the life and ministry of Menasseh ben Israel would provide a clue to the mystery. Menasseh had had many interesting views for his time. He believed that for the Messiah to come, the Jews had to dwell in every country in the world. Historians credit this view for his "Apology for the Jews" where he tries to convince Cromwell to allow the Jews back into England. He based his thesis on the practical successes of the Jews in the countries in which they lived while arguing it was proof of Genesis 12:3, which states whoever blesses Israel will be blessed and who ever curses them will be cursed. Cromwell was swayed and the Jews were allowed back in. Menassah seemed to have a presentiment that the British would play a critical role in the future history of the Diaspora. He also believed that the Native Americans were a lost tribe of Israel and also advocated the emigration of the Jews to the New World.

It was a turbulent time for the Jews. Spinoza was spreading his heretical views in Amsterdam and was eventually excommunicated from the community. Shabbetai Zevi was making Messianic claims in the Ottoman Empire and many believed him. While Jews were settling peacefully in in Holland, the auto de fe was still claiming Conversos in Spain, Portugul and even in the new world. When the Dutch briefly wrested Brazil from Portugal, the Conversos returned to professing Judaism, and then had to flee when the Portugese re-conquered it.

Still there were encouraging signs that the climate in Protestant Europe was becoming slightly more accepting of the Jews. The emphasis on studying scripture as opposed to simply accepting dogma seemed to bring about a stronger sense of identification of some Gentiles with the Jews and Menasseh seemed poised to build closer ties. He was friends with Rembrandt, and had supporters like Sir Henry Finch in England who called for the restoration of the Jews to their homeland and believed they would create a mighty empire. Meanwhile Jews were introducing coffee to England,and sugar cane cultivation to the Caribbean. Conversos from Holland joined those fleeing the Portugese in Brazil to join a small community in New Amsterdam which the the British renamed (apparently coincidentally) for a community that had been well known for its significant Jewish community: York. Rhode Island had also become a haven in the new world.

As the Diaspora fanned out across Europe and the New World, it seemed almost to follow some esoteric timetable that Menasseh hinted at. Was this a Divine Plan that would usher in a Messianic Age that would reconcile Jews and gentiles? Or was it a ruse that hid some other activity or agenda?

The new construction was, like the cheaper edifice that preceded it, flush with the street. The synagogue had been set farther back with a courtyard in the front. So the part of the foundation that was under the Bimah was actually in what now was considered the parking lot in back. This allowed the Persian to place a storage shed over the excavation site that would allow them to work unobserved.

The difficult part was that they had to rely on their own muscle. Neither were strangers to manual work, but care had to be taken to pile the dirt carefully not to have it collapse back into the hole. When the excavation reached chest height the shovels rang on something hard and flat. After another hour of searching a lever like mechanism was discoved which seemed to have been at one time attached to a wooden extention that could be activated from the Bimah. The Persian began chipping and fiddling with a rusted complex of gears and ratchets without warning the tall man. After a loud metal shriek the tall man barely had time to jump clear.

A long metal case leaned upright against the wall of the enclosure. There was a corroded clasp without a lock, and inside were, as expecteded, the Torah scrolls. The tall man handed it to the Persian for closer inspection, and peered into the Jeremiah hole again. Reaching down he produced a small box, also unlocked. This was more heavily corroded, and required ten minutes of prying with a screwdriver before it popped free.

Inside was a large rectangular emerald about the size of a cufflink. Incised on the top facet were three Hebrew letters, resh, bet, and nun.

"Reuben", the tall man whispered.
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