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evariste in Discarded Lies:
Judith Miller released; Scooter Libby was her source
NYT reporter Judith Miller was released from prison after obtaining Scooter Libby's permission to reveal that he was her source in the Plame leak case.

Unsatisfyingly, the press has still not been handed a resounding defeat to their dubious claim that the Constitution protects their right to stonewall judges and defy our nation's legal justice system by refusing to testify to the courts.

The media elite's most cherished delusion is that they have a Constitutional right to keep their sources secret just because they promised secrecy to them.

I say there is no such right, they pulled it out of their ass and they should have their asses handed to them by a court over it.

The "Fourth Estate" isn't really a branch of government, however much they'd like to pretend to be. They have no Constitutional right to obstruct a criminal investigation.

I can't even begin to express how sick I am of this pathetic special pleading, disguised as honorable defense of our ancient liberties. There is no ancient liberty to obstruct justice.

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guest author: Marine Momma in Discarded Lies:
What is your favorite comfort food? When things get stressed, my mind is already thinking about chocolate, Lays Baked chips (I'm addicted to them), ice cream (Tofts Vanilla), and during the winter I am always drinking herbal tea.

What about your favorite comfort music? I have several cd's of classical music that I drink my tea with and relax in the rocking chair that's in the kitchen.

What do you like to do to de-stress? I have several flower beds that I love to fiddle around in. There is nothing like seeing something flourish. During the winter I love to snuggle under a blanket on my bed and read.

What's you favorite scent? I love cinnamon and would love to find a way to make my entire house smell like it. After that it's lavender.

Everyone has their own comfort ways, let's hear yours!
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
This Year's Abaya Is Cut On The Bias And...
You do follow Saudi fashion, don't you?
I have finally succumbed to the irresistible pressures of the overruling Riyadhite fashionista population.

Behold blog people, there follows a brand-spanking new form of the otherwise shapeless, nameless black blob-like material woman are required to don anywhere under Saudi sun and on Saudi soil; the Abaya.

Whilst there have been different styles and shapes in the past, none come close to the new fad that's taken Riyadhites by storm. Among the older styles, there first came the "Abaya ala al kitf" (which when roughly translated means: Abaya that is placed on one's shoulders) whereas it was usually placed above a woman's head, anytime before that. At a time around 1995, any girl who dared to wear such a blasphemous Abaya, was surely one who did not fear God. So, as it always goes, only the rich and slutty ventured.
Read the rest here: How Farooha Joined the Riyadhite Elite
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
The Right To Private Arbitration
Stephen Schwartz in Tech Central Station: Sharia Scare in Canada
On September 11, 2005 -- perhaps thinking that on a hallowed anniversary in the war against Islamist radicalism, he was engaged in a courageous defense of Western democracy -- Dalton McGuinty, premier (equivalent to governor) of the Canadian province of Ontario, announced that no form of religious arbitration of family disputes would be permitted in his jurisdiction. McGuinty represents the Liberal party, traditionally standing for a section of the business elite favoring Canadian unity over Protestant particularism, vis-a-vis the French-speaking Catholics of Québec. His presumptive aim, widely applauded and trumpeted, was to curb the infiltration of sharia or Muslim religious law into "the true north, strong and free."

McGuinty declared "there will be one law for all Ontarians." Unfortunately, he seems not to have taken into consideration that religious arbitration courts have long served Ontarian Catholics, Jews, Mennonites, Jehovah's Witnesses, and indigenous (tribal and Arctic) communities. To oppose the alleged Islamic threat, McGuinty announced his willingness to liquidate the family law rights of all significant religious and cultural minorities. A coalition of Canadian female advocates that included the author Margaret Atwood, and which raucously pressed for a ban on Islamic family law, also did not seem to care much about the consequences of their demands.

Ontario has recognized religious arbitration courts since 1991, and their decisions are enforceable so long as they do not contravene Canadian law. This standard is, in reality, the same proposed in Iraq by constitution writers who desire a recognition of Islam as a source of law: coexistence of religious and civil codes so long as they do not conflict, which I have called "the Israeli model". Canadian media were grossly biased in their coverage of the incident, which seemed to have ended, at least temporarily, when McGuinty was smacked by a wave of criticism, with Jews in the forefront. In Ontario as in France -- where a ban on Muslim head coverings among public school girls was protested by French Jews, anxious to preserve the right of their own children to wear head coverings -- the Jewish religious leaders were the first to defend the rights of Muslims.
This is just the intro, you should read the whole thing.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Coming to America
Report: Illegal Immigration Has Increased
Among the report's findings:

_Since 2001, the number of legal permanent residents entering the United States has declined from 578,000 to 455,000, while the number of illegal immigrants has increased from 549,000 to 562,000. Legal, temporary residents account for the remainder of people entering the country.

"We've seen a fairly steady growth in the number of undocumented immigrants living here, and this data shows very sizable numbers coming in," Passel said. "We're clearly not stopping them at the border."

Declines in legal immigration "appear to reflect processing backlogs, security delays and other developments that followed the Sept. 11 attacks," the report said.

_Mexico accounted for about a third of all U.S. immigrants, a percentage that was steady from 1992 to 2004. Other Latin American countries accounted for about 20 percent of all immigrants, Asia accounted for a little more than a quarter, and Europe and Canda combined to account for about 14 percent.

_More immigrants are shunning states with large immigrant communities, such as New York and California, and moving to states with smaller foreign-born populations, such as North Carolina and Iowa.
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
Receiving Minimal Coverage in the Dutch Media
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zorkmidden in Discarded Lies:
A growing resentment
Gazans grow wary of Hamas. Let's hope it lasts.
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zorkmidden in Bloggies Of Our Lives:
MI5 Ladies Auxiliary
evariste and zorkie, still shocked and stunned by the shocking, stunning Ferkakta news, are in the diner drinking cognac--for medicinal purposes--and contemplating the seriousness of the situation, when their contemplation is interrupted by the arrival of...
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kianb in Pahlaver:
Border Controls: A Lost Cause in Holland
The arrival of Papijoe in the middle of Rotterdam, as if out of nowhere, is bringing up some very old national security issues. Several news crews and non-governmental researchers were seen asking questions from local villagers, seaport masters and private airport owners all over the country.

Now according to a recent report published by The Netherlands Court of Audit (NCA), securing the borders in Holland is worse than catastrophic when it comes to the issue of fighting terrorism.

There is no visibility on the traffic flow to and from the borders, controls are limited to some big airports and popular sea resorts and police has neither the budget nor the manpower to control the borders completely. There is also no cooperation between customs authorities and military police.

So a tremendous amount of 'passengers' and 'goods' enter this country with literally no control at all, concludes NCA. They are criticizing the government for leaving the borders wide-open to terrorists.

The government admits to the problems but says that '100% security' is an illusion.
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